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East Dean with Friston

Parish Magazine

Volume 75 April 2021 No 885

Special Online Edition – Stay at Home


Back in our


IT is good to be able to tell you if you

have not already heard that we are

returning to our buildings for church

services across our benefice in April.

We have, of course,

been continuing to meet

just as much as before

the latest lockdown (if

not more so in fact) but

via Zoom.

However, for Easter

Sunday we will be back

in our church buildings and you are, of

course, more than welcome to join us for

any of our services.

On Sunday Easter 4 th , Easter Day, there

will be a 9.00 and 10.00 service at East

Dean, an 11.15 service at Friston, and an

11.30 service at Jevington, and you are

very welcome indeed! If you can’t get in

to an earlier service, feel free to try one of

the later ones!

We’re also having a Maundy Thursday

Communion Service on April 1 st at 3pm,

and on Good Friday, an Hour at the

Cross contemplative and meditative

service at 12 noon. Both of these are in

East Dean Church.

‘Church is a hospital for the broken,’ as

the saying goes, ‘not a museum for

saints’. And when we understand the

human condition we realise that in various

ways we are all broken in some

way, shape or form. That’s also

why churches should be a ‘place

of grace’ where people can find

forgiveness and find hope to

become more and more the

people Jesus wants them to be.

Going to church does not ‘make’ someone

a Christian, any more than going to a

garage makes someone a car. But

worshipping with other Christians is

something a Christian always wants to do

– following Jesus is a team sport, not a

solo pursuit. (Indeed, it is pretty

impossible to genuinely survive

spiritually, let alone flourish, in the

absence of regular worship).

We look forward to welcoming you once

again this Easter!

David Baker (Rector)

T: 423266 E: davidbaker1966@gmx.co.uk


Front cover: Spring window, taken by Carol Starr

Digital photographs for the cover are most welcome, vertical format, min.886 x

1181pixels, and may be sent by email to Christine at


Parish Register


East Dean, March 5 th

followed by burial in Jevington


Mark Harley, aged 59

Jesus said, ‘I am the

Resurrection and the Life.’

Janet Johnson

1939 - 2021

Janet lived all her life in the village. She

married Brian Johnson who with his

brothers had moved here as a boy. They

had two daughters, Sharon and Lisa.

Brian’s fishing boat, so long a feature of

Birling Gap beach, was named Sharlisa

after them; Janet never went out in the


For 33 years she was caretaker for the old

Village Hall, the Farrer Hall and the

cricket pavilion and then the new Village

Hall. She kept the diary, took the

bookings, collected the fees and set out

the chairs and kept the kitchen in order,

walking to the halls several times a day.

She retired ten years ago.

She was always friendly and cheerful with

a ready laugh.

Everyone loved Janet.

Camilla Crump.

John Dann reminds us that Janet’s family,

the Martins, was one of the old East Dean

families, like the Fullers and the Danns,

‘’stretching back into the mists of time’.

You can read more about village history in

East Dean and Friston, The Story of Two

Downland Villages’, the comprehensive and

fascinating record produced by John and

Sheila Surtees in 2008. Still available new

and second hand from Amazon.

Joan Harrison

August 5 th 1925 - March 8 th 2021

The family of Joan Harrison are very sad

to announce that Joan passed away

suddenly on Monday March 8 th at the age

of 95.

Joan was active, healthy and independent

right up to the end. She was looking

forward to spring and longer days in her

garden, not to mention the end of

lockdown and seeing more of her

neighbours, friends and family.

Joan (and our Dad John) moved down

from London nearly 40 years ago, first

living on Deneside and then moving to

Wayside in 2005. They were always really

happy living in East Dean with their

various dogs and never regretted making

the move.

We would like to thank all her friends and

acquaintances in the village, especially for

being so kind and supportive since Dad

passed away in 2018.

Christine and Philip Harrison


- Friends of DGH

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TEL: 01323 504190

MOB: 07986 793170


The following is a summary of the main

points discussed at the Council meeting on

March 4 th . Full minutes (and reports) are on

our website or available from the Parish

Clerk (811870).

Items for decision

Business in Progress (Report 4)

a. Notices calling for candidates for the

By-election on May 6 th have been

posted. Closing date for applications is

April 8 th . The PC will not be paying for

poll cards (cost £1258) as these would

duplicate those sent out for County and

P&CC elections.

b. A donation of wildflower seeds has

been received from the Rotary Club.

Location for planting to be decided.

Future Meeting Arrangements

The emergency legislation allowing remote

PC meetings lapses on May 7 th but physical

meetings cannot take place before 21 st June.

So far central government have not acted to

resolve this. As a result the PC have had to

make contingency plans. These include:

APCM to take place on May 6 th .

Clerk authorised to make payments.

Annual Village Meeting cancelled.

PC meeting on June 4 th to be “informal”

Planning meetings also to be “informal”

July 1 st meeting moved to June 29 th to

allow annual accounts to be approved.

If government policy changes these plans

will not be needed.

Cricket Club

New hire agreement approved for 2021. The

Cricket Club will only be charged pro-rata

for the weeks that the season takes place but

will still pay for additional water usage.

Signage for litter and dog waste bins

New signs had been fixed to litter bins to

show that they can also be used for dog

waste. Next step is to move dog waste only

bins to better locations near twittens.

Payments and Receipts

The main expenditure in Feb was £1058 for

contractors to spread bark chippings along

footpaths. A total of seven van loads of

chips were spread and the council have since

received thanks from residents. The chips

were supplied free of charge by Climpsons

for which the PC are very grateful.

Councillor Reports

a) County Councillor

Cllr Shing announced that he would be

standing for re-election on May 6 th .

b) Bank Account – the end of month

balance was £69,308.67.

c) Traffic Management

Arrangements are in hand to begin

Speedwatch training as soon as

permitted so as to begin operations soon

after June 21 st .

d) Rights of Way

Liaison meeting held with ESCC on

March 2 nd . A proposal to site a speed

advisory sign discussed, also traffic

survey in summer and improved signage

during road works. Exceat bridge to

have temporary traffic lights until new

bridge is built.

e) Environment

A safety survey of trees on PC land to

be carried out for insurance purposes.

RA volunteers to sow wildflower seeds

on biodiversity strip in Rec. and carry

out litter picking around village.

f) Recreation Ground

Tennis court to be re-opened on March

29 th . Work has begun on alterations to

the pavilion for the Cricket Club.

Next Meetings

Parish Council meeting: April 1 st

Planning Committee: April 20 th

Visit us at: www.edfparishcouncil.org.uk

Contact us: clerk@edfparishcouncil.org.uk

? ? ?

Who’s missing?

Is it You?

You may be just the person

our village needs.

Would you like to –

Represent the views of local people.

Bring fresh ideas about local

services. Help keep our village a

good place to live in.

On May 6 th there will be the

opportunity to elect three Parish

Councillors to fill the current

vacancies. No prior experience is

needed, just a desire to help our


If you are interested please contact

the Parish Clerk on 01323 811870 or


The Closing Date is April 8 th

Who was "HP"? Can you help?

A wooden bench near the pavilion bears the

inscription "In memory of HP who loved the

Downs". The bench is now broken and

unusable and the Cricket Club would like to

recycle it into a cricket bat stand. Before

this happens, the council would like to

contact anyone who knows the history of

the bench or of "HP". If you can help, please

contact the Parish Clerk on 01323 811870

or clerk@edfparishcouncil.org.uk

Magazine Donations

Many thanks this month to Mrs V.

Field, Mrs J. Thurman and Mr & Mrs

J. Willcocks, as well as an ‘Anon’


If you would like to donate, please

send a cheque, payable to East Dean

& Friston Parish Magazine, to Mrs

B. Boucher, 6 The Link, East Dean

BN20 0LB. If you prefer to pay by

standing order or bank transfer the

details are:

East Dean and Friston magazine


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• Clearing and Replacing of Guttering, Fascias, etc • Slating

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email: mwpyleroofing@mail.com

Update from Maria Caulfield, MP

I am a passionate campaigner for protecting

our green spaces, and in my time as your

Member of Parliament I have worked

alongside many of our local communities to

oppose developments on greenfield sites.

We have heard repeatedly over the past

couple of weeks from some of the District

Councillors that the government is imposing

785 new homes in Lewes. Having requested

an urgent meeting with the Ministry for

Housing, Communities and Local

Government (MHCLG) on the matter, I

have since discovered that these assertions

are simply not true. Any plans to increase

housing numbers were dropped in December

last year, but we do face the possibility of

more houses being built in Lewes should the

council not renew the current Local Plan.

Lewes District’s current Local Plan is now

five years old and will require updating by

May of this year. MHCLG wrote to the

council back in January and then to the

leader in early February, offering support in

renewing the plan from the Government

Chief Planner. Should the Local Plan not be

updated by the council, then the housing

target will revert to this figure of 785. If we

are to avoid this, the council needs to take

action, but so far no response to the

government’s letter has been received. It is

disappointing to say the least that there has

been no communication from the council at

such a critical time.

I have been meeting regularly with the team

at Lewes District Council to resolve this

matter and have made it clear that MHCLG

will look at an application urgently to ensure

that it is approved in time. The council must

act now to update the Local Plan, thereby

protecting our green spaces and preventing

the overdevelopment of our towns and

villages here in Lewes. I would encourage

all residents in the district to get in contact

with their local councillors and make it clear

that action is required as a matter of

urgency. I will continue to do all I can,

working alongside the council, to get this

issue resolved as soon as possible.

This issue will impact on the Wealden side

of the constituency too, where there is also

no local plan in place and we are seeing

speculative developers taking advantage of

this in places such as Polegate with the

Hindsland development. We need housing

but we need our green spaces too and I will

do all I can to protect them.

If your neighbour doesn’t

have the internet, please

print this magazine so they

keep in the picture. The

next edition will be a ‘hard’


Climbing Everest and walking 1000

The M

miles are two ambitious challenges

undertaken by residents with kind


Karen and Roger Trace write:

‘Well, we finished our "Everest" Challenge

by the end of February, as planned.

Mount Everest is 29,032 feet high (it grew a

couple of feet in 2020 following a new

measurement!). Both of us have climbed

29,618 feet over the Seven Sisters, each

walk around five miles and taking an

average 1.5 hours to complete, and both of

us covering 208 miles.

We have really enjoyed the challenge and

more importantly we have raised so far

£1,669 for "Rays of Sunshine”, a children’s

charity formed in 2003 to brighten the lives

of children who are living with serious or

life-limiting illnesses. Thank you so much

from the both of us to all of the Individuals

who sponsored us. It is very much


Roy Payton, alias ‘Roller Roy’ – see

Google and YouTube –is undertaking an

‘Adventure for Dementia’, aiming to walk

1000 miles early

this year in honour

of the late Dame

Barbara Windsor.

If you would like to

support ‘Dementia

UK’, donating is

very simple via



roy-payton3. Money is transferred directly

to the charity and there will be no other

communications. But if you leave your

email address, Roy would like to thank you

with a copy of his poem A Dementia


NHS Parcels of Love Appeal

A huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who

generously donated to the recent Sew

Sussex NHS appeal.

In total we donated twelve large bags full of

gifts, 75 handmade scrubs hats and £200 in


Sew Sussex were delighted with the

donations from the East Dean and Friston

Community (and some from Eastbourne


They have sent these photos to share with

you all.

Karen Wintle

As with most voluntary groups, it’s been a

strange time for the RA members as

everything has been in limbo with

lockdown. Finally we look like we can start

our first project of the year, and the

Residents’ Association environmental and

village volunteers will be working to

prepare and plant a 35 metre strip of wild

flowers on the Recreation Ground in April.

This will be the start of a series of projects

to help protect and enhance the wonderful

natural environment that surrounds us for

the benefit of nature, visitors and residents


In late May our Parish will be taking part in

the Keep Britain Tidy Spring Clean. Look

out for more information nearer the time,

but hopefully many residents will want to

take part in some way. Certainly our RA

volunteers are keen to get involved. Our aim

is to rid the village and the surrounding area

of the litter that has accumulated during the

various lockdowns, and also hopefully raise

the issue of littering of all types and the

detrimental impact it can have on the natural

world. It would be great to think that having

been tidied throughout the area our villages

may be less likely to be littered in the future.

If you wish to get involved, or have any

pressing issues you want us to reflect and

possibly act on, please get in touch on


If you are not already a member, please

think about joining the RA – together we are

a stronger voice that really can make a



Lesley dUrso

Church services in April

Please check our website for further details


East Dean – 9.00 and 10.15

Friston – 11.15

Jevington – 11.30

Tel: 01323 423266 // 01323 370032

Email: davidbaker1966@gmx.co.uk


Church Information

Registered Charity No. 1131638


Rector Revd David Baker, The Rectory, Gilberts Drive, East Dean

BN20 0DL 423266 email: davidbaker1966@gmx.co.uk

Associate Vicar Revd Andrew Spear 422316

Reader Tony Rogers 483967

Churchwardens East Dean: Phillip Hill 423990, Stephanie Carter 422124

Friston: David George 422178, Carl Fillery 423501

Benefice Secretary Carol Hyatt 486648, email: carol.hyatt@nextdirection.org.uk

Church Administrator Christine Jeffery 423311 eastdeanchurch@gmail.com

Verger East Dean: Paul Summers 423143

PCC members Ex Officio: F. Strong; the Churchwardens; Members of Deanery

Synod: to be elected. Elected members: L. Belhriti, G. Carstens,

C. Collins, P. Hewitt, A. Pelczarski, A. Pienaar, P. Porthouse,

F. Richards, L. Sculpher, S. Snelgrove

Treasurer Peter Hewitt 739749

Electoral Roll Officer Linda Keller 422091

Benefice Director of Music Mark Roper 725345

Safeguarding Officers: Jacques Pienaar 423341 and Phillip Hill 423990

Family Support Work Francine Judd 422145

Parish magazine Editor Christine Jeffery 423311 eastdeanfristonmagazine@gmail.com

Co-editor Peter Jeffery

Treasurer: Beryl Boucher 422390 6 The Link, BN20 0LB

Advertising: Bill Hallett 422185 edfmagad@gmail.com

Distributor: Jerry Gottlieb 422004

Deliverers: Mr B. Adams, Mrs J. Anderson, Mrs J. Booth-Clibborn, Mrs A.

Brownlow, Mr B. Childs, Mr M. Delaney, Mrs S. Drury, Mrs R. English, Mrs J. Ford,

Mr R. Franklin, Mr D. and Mrs B. Greaves, Mrs C. Greenwell, Mrs S. Hallinon, Mrs

J. Harms, Miss J. Hewitt, Mrs J. Hicken, Mr C. and Mrs D. Hirchfield, Mrs C.

Holliday, Mr N. Holloway, Mrs M. Honey, Mrs J. Jarvis, Mrs T. Larmer, Mr B.

Mepham, Mrs J. Morris, Mr P. and Mrs J. Olive, Mr C. Pitcher, Mr and Mrs C.

Preece, Mrs R. Robinson, Mrs K. Salmon, Miss R. Shaw, Mrs M. Sharpin, Mrs J.

Smith, Mr A. Sudbury, Mr M. Thomson, Mr and Mrs R. Trace, Mrs J. Warriner


Alpha Course Peter Hewitt 739749

Church Wide Fellowship 2nd Tuesday in Village Hall at 2.30pm

Paul Summers 423143

Home Groups Wed evenings Brian Lea 423226 and Phillip Hill 423990

Thurs mornings Peter Jeffery 423311 and Paul Summers 423143


The Beehive

Supervised Crèche for 0-3s at East Dean Church

9.30am Communion Services only ~ Christine Jeffery 423311

Climbers and Explorers for 3-10 year olds ~ Gillian Carstens 423801

Pathfinders for 10-14 year olds

NSPCC Plant Sale

We will be selling lovely home grown plants

as usual again this year, probably by order

and delivery around the village, at the end of

April. Look out for details – we will be very

grateful for your support as always.

Jan Haydock

The East Dean & Friston Art Group

will be restarting its weekly sessions in the

Village Hall from the first

Tuesday of September,

however we will still be

happy to accept new

members from the village

as we will be having weekly outdoor

painting days at various locations in the

local area as soon as we are allowed. If

interested you can contact me by email on


East Dean & Friston Bowling Club

Lockdown is slowly leaving us and we have

nearly arrived at the start

of the new season, so what

is better than to get outside

and meet other people and

make new friends!

Bowls is a happy healthy activity and our

Greens are set in readiness for the coming

season. Existing members already know the

great pleasure and benefits that the game

provides so why not join our small friendly

club set in a beautiful location in the


We will be having an Open Day, date to be

announced, so do please come along and

have a go. We have experienced players to

coach you and show how easy and what fun

it is. We are offering a discounted New

Membership Rate that includes use of club


Further Details: Membership Secretary

Jackie Florey 01323 423016

East Dean & Friston CC (EDFCC)

would like to make youth

cricket available to local girls

and boys who want to try out

the sport we all love. As such,

we’d like to offer All Stars (5-

8 year olds) and Dynamos (8-11 year olds)

cricket again in 2021.

In the 2019 season we managed to attract

more than 30 children along and whilst we

had hoped to build on this in 2021, it’s

looking unlikely to happen unless 3 more

adult volunteers step forward.

We can’t offer fame nor fortune but if

you’re looking for some purpose in your

life, we offer you the opportunity to make

something great happen here in your local

community. Enjoy being part of a Club once

more and help local children to enjoy sport

in our village.

With the support of the Club committee,

you’ll work with a small team of volunteers

to plan and deliver the All Stars and

Dynamos Youth cricket activities over the

summer of 2021.

If you can tick any one of the following

boxes, you’re ideally qualified for the


I can breathe

I am between the age of 18 and 105

I can organise people

I can motivate children (and / or parents)

I enjoy marketing, promotion and or public


I can use a computer and navigate the


I have health & safety qualifications

I like taking responsibility

I enjoy celebrating my successes over a

glass of beer or wine or coke at the Tiger

If you’d like to be involved, please let me

know asap

via eastdeanandfristoncc@outlook.com or

text 07900 677169 or call 01323 422265

Jason Woodford, EDFCC Vice Chair

High St, Alfriston,


Open May 2021 following

refurbishment, it will

provide 30 bedrooms, an inn

with all-day casual dining,

a more formal restaurant and

will also cater to events and


We are delighted to be

recruiting for the following


Kitchen, Reception,

Restaurant, Housekeeping,

Laundry & Porters

Please send us your CV and

Covering Letter to:


The Anti-Covid Jab, at the Old School



I had the jab the other day, the needle was

so thin, Open May 2021 following

The refurishment, nurse was very gentle, it will I didn’t provide feel it

going 30 in. bedrooms, an inn with

all-day casual dining, a

more formal restaurant and

will also cater to events and

Sharron showed me to a chair, the nurse

told me her name,

I wish I could remember it; it really is a


She entered in my details, we chatted for a


Her face was covered with a mask, I

couldn’t see her smile.

I’m sure that she is pretty, I cannot tell a lie,

But although I couldn’t see her face, she

had lovely eyes.

She was very thorough, knew what she was


I didn’t feel the needle go in, just felt it

coming out.

When I have my second jab, I will not


If I have that gentle nurse, to do the job


I don’t often go to doctors, I try to stay


But, pleased to get my vaccine, to keep the

Covid at bay.

The staff were highly organized, they are a

happy throng,

Although I arrived there early, I didn’t wait

for long.

John Dann


How can this late-born tiny thing

Such virulent misfortune bring?

If we to virus hordes are prey

What over viral swarms holds sway?

We share this planet, you and I

With life unseen by human eye …

And thus, piqued, hapless man defends

His share, 'gainst forces Nature sends.

David Evans

East Dean.qxp_Layout 1 04/11/2019 13:16 Page 1

Modern and Traditional furniture

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as traditional favourites

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Carpentry - Bookcase Shelving

Storage Solutions

Turn the

clock back to

April 2011

From the


articles for

that month here are some snippets that

will remind you of people and events from

a decade ago.

Although it had little to do with the topic of

‘West Dean’, at Church Women’s

Fellowship as it was then known, Christine

Holliday and Mollie Bertin recall ‘Flora

warmed us up by relating how she was

literally thrown in at the deep end when

she first arrived here six years ago: she was

asked to take a 92 year old female resident

of West Dean swimming at Motcombe

baths. This lady, who was an eminent

Doctor, insisted on swimming widths and

Flora had to pacify the irate swimmers

doing lengths who dared cross her path!’

‘The market has of course had its peaks and

troughs,’ reports Sam Stanisstreet, ‘and

when the recession hit in 2009 I was

concerned as to whether our customers

would be able to continue supporting us

and so maintain our viability. The fact that

the market continues to survive throughout

the quieter months and thrive in the

summer is a credit to the loyalty of our

stallholders, the quality of their produce,

the support from the hall trustees, and

most of all our valued customers, many of

whom attend every week.

East Dean & Friston Village Market has

become more than just a weekly shopping

outing. Stallholders and customers alike

have become firm friends and the market

had developed a real community feel.’

In the Village Hall take your pick of two very

different events: There’s the Back to School

Disco Party. ‘Already there is much interest

amongst many residents and the joy of

letting their hair down at one of our more

unruly events. St Trinian’s uniforms are

being prepared, school prefects have been

appointed, the school dinner menu has

been considered, and members of the

teaching staff are reviewing their

equipment and other paraphernalia. We

shall then dance the night away to a Disco

playing music of that era, with an occasional

visit to the bike shed if required!’

And/or accept your invitation to


You are invited to the wedding of

Prince William to Catherine Middleton

on Friday 29 th April at 11am

beamed live from Westminster Abbey to

our Village Hall.

‘… Our celebrations will commence at 10am

and a right Royal Ploughman’s will be

available as the couple leave the Abbey. A

glass of fizz will then be served followed by

Wedding Cake.’

But maybe something more strenuous

appeals. If so, ‘The Players are planning our

Autumn Production “Stepping Out” which

includes a tap dancing routine. We are

looking for ladies who either can Tap Dance

or are willing to learn.’(Many of us will

recall what a triumph this production


Micheldene WI’s speaker is ‘George Rose, a

comparatively young man in his mid-forties

who on arrival seemed a bit reluctant to

enter the small hall: it turned out that he

was expecting an audience of about ten and

was rather daunted to see nearly 50 ladies

sitting in semicircles eagerly awaiting his

talk on the benefits of Tai Chi. … George

had taken up Tai-Chi 26 years ago after

suffering from a curved spine and hip pain,

and since practising he has never had a day

off with back pain again. He explained how

regular Tai Chi exercises help to massage

the organs, loosen up joints and relax

muscles, and stressed that the risk of injury

when practising moves is very low. …

George demonstrated some simple moves

and got everyone to attempt them – and

needing a volunteer to help with a

demonstration he did not hesitate to pick

out one of our youngest and prettiest

members, and an excellent job she did too.’

But maybe what we most enjoy hearing

about is what happens on our own

doorsteps. In April 2011, Betty Hollingdale

recalls –


With Spring fast approaching my mind goes

back to when I was first married. Charlie

was a shepherd and we lived on the farm

here on Beachy Head.

Lambing time was always such a busy time I

rarely saw Charlie as he spent so many

hours at the lambing yard, sleeping in the

shepherd’s hut at night.

I can remember having new born lambs in

the kitchen on sacks to keep them warm

and having to bottle feed them until they

were strong enough to go back to the flock.

Sometimes a lamb whose mother had died

would look a little odd draped in a fleece

taken from a dead lamb before being given

to the dead lamb’s mother. This always

seemed to work well.

Charlie never altered his watch in the Spring

or Autumn during Double Summer Time, as

he said the sheep didn’t know their food

was going to be early or late!

Shepherding has changed so much since the

40s and 50s, but it is still so nice to see the

lambs gambolling around the fields in the

Spring, and I can still see the sheep when I

open my door or look out of the window. I

wouldn’t change that for the world.

At out Thursday home group we are looking

at the 23rd Psalm through the eyes of a

shepherd and now I can see the connection

between how a shepherd cared for his

sheep and how our Lord takes care of all of


Taken by Lloyd Brunt, a magazine cover

photo from April 2016

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leave a LEGACY * make a DONATION

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for all your floristry needs

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Helping older people

to stay safe, well &

connected at home

- Steve Blake

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local domestic and

commercial cleaning

“your local professional oven cleaners”

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Are you fed-up with doing the same

old walks?

Walking in Sussex

www.walkinginengland.co.uk/sussex is the

website for you!

With hundreds of walks to download and

print, free, it also has books of walks,

contact details for all the walking groups in

the county and much more. Whether you

want to walk on your own or with a group

all the information is there in one place.

John said ‘There is so much walking

information on the web but it is difficult to

find. Walking in Sussex (part of the

Walking in England suite of websites

(www.walkinginengland.co.uk) – one for

each county in England) has brought it

together in one place so whether you are

walking from home, or away on holiday,

you will be able to find a walk suitable for


With walks from half a mile to twelve miles

plus long, and a note of suitability for

pushchairs and wheelchairs, everyone can

find a walk to enjoy.

So home or away, check out the websites

and get walking

A Week to Remember

As thoughts turn to holidays after more than

a year of pandemic, I recall an unusual tour

of Britain in April 2011. More than 1500

miles were covered by rail and every inch of

the way the train was hauled by a preserved

steam locomotive. Spread over eight days it

was a marathon which reached scenic lines

in the four corners of the island and the

lucky passengers can say they visited both

Wick and Penzance, though thankfully not

on the same day. It was a leisurely week,

with stops at comfortable hotels and

excellent on board catering in classic style.

The thirteenth such tour was to have taken

place during lockdown but it never

happened and the future of the enterprise is

in doubt due to the crowded nature of the

network and the relatively slow speeds of

steam engines, some of which are now

nearly ninety years old. Nevertheless two of

the remaining Mallard class dealt very well

with a gallop from Kings Cross to

Edinburgh on the first day, passing the

stretch where the world speed record was

set. Photographers were out in great

numbers to capture sights that are a rarity –

express steam on the main line. Ten

locomotives were used during the week and

none failed at any stage, much to the relief

of the organisers. The preservation of

railway lines, locomotives and equipment

may well be a pastime dominated by men,

but the tour was very much a family affair

and included plenty of people who were not

born when British Railways got rid of steam

in 1968. It was a great week, not least

because viewing our beautiful countryside

from a carriage window is infinitely better

that doing so from behind the steering wheel

of a car.

Peter Jeffery

May deadline

April 15 th

Articles max. 300 words


1 Michel Dene Close, East Dean

BN20 0JT

Tel. 01323 423311

VILLAGE DIRECTORY www.eastdeanvillage.org.uk

Beachy Head Chaplaincy team 301200

Coastguard Service Peter Wojciechowsky 301707/ 07989 356604

Old School Surgery, Seaford 890072

Police Emergency 999 Non-emergency 101

Emergency Plan Co-ordinator Mike Keller 422091, (deputy) Paul Seeley 422361

Local MP Maria Caulfield, 01273 513509


Parish Council Chair: Mike Keller 422091, Vice Chair: Paul Seeley 422361

Tim Bryant, Phillip Hill, Simon Thorogood, Daniel Wild.

Three vacancies

Mrs K. Larkin (Clerk), The Old Cottage, Lewes Rd.,

Laughton BN8 6BQ tel 01323 811870


Wealden District Councillor cllr.michael.lunn@wealden.gov.uk, 07894 062727

ESCC Councillor cllr.stephen.shing@eastsussex.gov.uk 07576 261898

Residents’ Association Robert Salmon 423382

E. D. Downlands (Roads) Ltd David Lockyer, 422130. eastdeanroads@hotmail.co.uk

Village Diary

Tina Woodley-Roberts tina@edfvillagehall.org.uk

Village Hall

Tina Woodley-Roberts 423110 Mon.-Fri. 9.00am-5.30pm

Pavilion/cricket bookings Clerk to the Parish Council, as above

St. Anne’s Veterinary Group 640011 2.00pm - 3.00pm, Mon. - Fri.

Art Group Leo Budd 898584

Badminton Club Maurice Horlock 423413

Bowling Club Tim Pontin 422034

Church Churchwardens ED 422124, 423990; F 422173

Community Watch 423311/423101/423736

Cricket Club

Mark Pankhurst eastdeanandfristoncc@outlook.com

Downlands Computer Club Tony Rix 730991

Duplicate Bridge Pamela Eveleigh 422283

East Dean Players Cheryl Veitch 423149

East Dean Village Market Miranda Bearns-Lowles 07791 609177

East Dean & Friston WI Vicki Jansz 423845

Flower Show Cheryl Veitch 423149

Gardening Club Frances Stevens 423529

Local History Group David Lester 423058

Micheldene WI Lynn Thackway 423572

NSPCC Jan Haydock 423920

OpenArt John Dann 423298

Over 50s Fitness Club Frances Mace 423137

Short Mat Bowls Club Frances Mace 423137

Table Tennis Club Stephanie Carter 422124

Village Coffee Morning Rita Laws 422235

Village Flagmaster Cliff Hirchfield 423872

Village Lunch Jan Harms 422450

Village Tea Afternoon Tina Woodley-Roberts 423110

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Specialising in residential properties

in Friston, East Dean and the surrounding

Downland villages for nearly over 50 years





Proud sponsors of the East Dean & Friston Cricket Club and the East Dean annual Village Fete

Town Centre Office 40 Cornfield Road • Eastbourne • East Sussex • BN21 4QH • T: 01323 727527

Meads Office 40 Meads Street • Eastbourne • East Sussex • BN20 7RG • T: 01323 728100

Email: info@emslietarrant.co.uk • www.emslietarrant.co.uk

Four floors of

furniture, sofas,

beds & carpets

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1-3 Station Approach, Seaford (opposite the railway station)

01323 892040 www.vrflowersandson.co.uk

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