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Rise Of Social Media


March 28, 2021





4 Cover: Rise Of Social Media


6 Sexmatics: Make Him Scream

With Pleasure





Fashion : How To Rock Velvet Like A Pro

Beauty : 9 All Day Beauty Products Must-



28 MARCH 2021

8 Instagram Moments


The advent of the social media has,

in many ways, been a blessing and

made life easier. For those who don’t

like to go out too much, the social

media has eased communication and

the way we do things.

With its relevance to our lives came

also men and women who took

advantage of what these platforms

offer and used it as an avenue to not

only project themselves, but did it to a

point that they have become so

valuable that money can be committed

to them and what they bring to the

table. These personalities are called social media influencers!

In recent years, the number keeps swelling and so is their

influence. To the onlookers and fans of these individuals, the

world of the influencer is viewed as paradise that non-influencers

dream to be in.

Brands who wish to reach these teaming fans of influencers

tap into their network to communicate with potential customers

and increase their acquisition.

A survey by Nielsen, revealed that 92% of customers trust

an influencer more than an advertisement or traditional celebrity

endorsement. In other words, consumers tend to trust a product

if it is presented by an influencer. This way, influencers get juicy

endorsements as they help to grow the economy with the

content they create.

As more people become influencers, the competition

between them gets stronger as each try to catch the attention of

brand promoters seeking to drive sales and generate leads.

On this edition, we feature some top Social Media Influencers

who are also famous YouTubers. Pg 4-5. The very luxurious

velvet fabric is making its way back into our wardrobes. See

how to rock it like a pro. Pg 3. Line your dresser with essential

beauty products must-haves. See list

on page 7.

J . E

Peep into the bedroom and find out

Jemi Ekunkunbor

what’s being shared on our columns –

SEXmatics and Design Intimacy.


It’s our last edition for March!

Have a great Sunday.


“Fire is the test of gold;

adversity, of strong men.”

- Martha Graham

“Women who seek to be

equal with men lack


- Timothy Leary

“It is easier to find men

who will volunteer to die,

than to find those who are

willing to endure pain with


- Julius Caesar

“Women will never be as

successful as men because

they have no wives to

advise them.”

- Dick Van Dyke







Josephine Agbonkhese



















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V- neck velvet


Velvet by itself already looks

luxurious. When accessorizing,

apply the ‘less is more’


When wearing a deep v-neck

top, accessorise it with a dainty


Low waist



Team it with

other styles

When wearing velvet, it needn’t be

all velvet. You can team a velvet pant

with a cotton tee, or a velvet top with

a bodycon lycra skirt.

How To Rock


Like A Pro

By - Temitope Ojo

It’s not everyone’s

thing to make a

smashing style

statement in velvet.

The smooth and


fabric is no doubt

very tempting, but if

not done right, can

make you look way

over the top or just

plain untidy. Keep

these basic tips in

mind and go rock

velvet like a pro.



Low waist



Go for intricate

patterns on


If plain velvet is

boring, then add to

its texture and look

by opting for

intricate patterns

on velvet. Be it a skirt,

jacket or even shoes,

the patterns will

elevate your look.


pattern skirt



Pick rich,

deep shades

When you think

velvet, you instantly

think rich! Velvet

alludes luxury, so

picking deep colour

tones like black, navy,

mustard, deep red

would be a smart

thing to do. Colours

with a deeper hue

ensure that you

are doing justice

to this fabric.

Chic ama

March 28, 2021 / 3


Rise Of

Social Media


Erica Nlewedim

Ex Big Brother Naija Lockdown star

Erica Nlewedim is the most marketable

lockdown star at the moment.

Though disqualified from the reality TV

show earlier than expected, Erica’s

profile has continued to rise, thanks to

her die-hard fans who vowed to keep

her going no matter the circumstances.

Focusing more on marketing, travel and

adventure, she has daily post which

documents her life, products and

brands she is promoting, as well as the

places she had traveled to, for the

pleasure of her millions of followers.

Star girl as she is fondly called,

Erica has positively influenced

consumer choices for some top brands

including; Star Radler, Kukus hair,

Swarosvky Nigeria, Legend Nigeria

Travel Beta amongst others.




Owner Laura Ikeji fashion store,

Author and YouTube creator, Laura is

one of the earliest and most

prominent Instagram influencers in

their niche. With close to 3 million

followers, she’s hustling the Instagram

scene with her dance moves and

attractive beauty and fashion photos,

while constantly filling our feeds with

fascinating insights into her life.

Having established her own fashion

store and YouTube channel, her

influence on the social media

platforms is far-reaching, allowing her

to promote her own products as well

as those of her sponsors to millions of

people every day. Laura is author of

the book, How to make Money on


Words By - Yemisi Suleiman

Social media, no doubt, has created

new opportunities for marketers

to expand their strategy beyond

traditional mass-media channels.

It is the era where corporate

organisations and individuals alike use

celebrities or persons with a huge

following on social media platforms,

particularly Instagram (for its visuals and

edge) to create awareness for their

brands. These social media influencers

offer advice on what products or services

to use, and what lifestyle choices to make.

And of course, if the followers trust the

personality, it’s a done deal.

We have listed 7 of today’s most popular

influencers on social media, who became

famous mostly because of their expertise,

and have had the most success at making a

living off the social media scene.

While our list might not be made up of

the most-followed celebrities you can find

across Instagram, there is no denying

that, a few people have succeeded at

hustling the Instagram game.

4 / February 28, 2021




Nengi Hampson is one influencer

who became famous, again, thanks

to social media. Gaining stardom

with the Big Brother Naija

Lockdown edition, Nengi has

managed to maintain her

supporters on Instagram. With

millions of dedicated followers, this

reality star turned actress, certainly

gained the support necessary to

grow her audience. Nengi who is

Senior Special Assistant to Bayelsa

State Government on the Girl

Child, is also a well-known

ambassador for beauty brands and

teams up with a number of other

lifestyle brands, to make the perfect

content for her followers.

Maryam Apaokagi

One of the youngest influencers on this list,

Maryam Apaokagi known professionally as

Taaooma, has worked her way up to becoming

one of the foremost social media comedians to

watch today. Her keys to success have been

showing off her talent with her very creative,

educative and absolutely witty contents. Taking on

multiple characters, Taaoma creates brands

awareness for her clients via short comedy skits,

which are often quite entertaining and informative to

her followers. Her work has earned her about

2million followers on Instagram and, more than a

million on YouTube and still going strong.



Media girl, author and entrepreneur,

Toke Makinwa has become a powerful

influencer thanks to her dedicated 4.3

million followers. Also known as a

fashion influencer, filling our instagram

feed with bold, eye-catching images,

Toke’s feed is the place to be for fashion

inspiration. Bringing on her social

intellect, she created the vlog ‘Moments

with Toke’ where she engages her

followers on different lifestyle issues,

which endeared her to many and

gaining more followers as a result.

Being a versatile woman, she flaunts

her socialite status, and fashion and

beauty line through her Instagram posts.

She also makes good money off

sponsored posts.

Samuel Perry

Dabo Adebayo

Dabo Adebayo, known by his stage name

Mr Macaroni is the definition of internet

success. Before YouTube, Facebook, and

Instagram, no one had ever heard of this

creator. Today he’s one of the most popular

people on social media, best known for his

comedy skits on Instagram and Facebook.

He is also famous for marketing brands,

products and services through his comedy

skits, while passing the message to his

numerous followers across various social

media platforms

Another internet personality who found

fame through his comic videos on

Instagram, Samuel Perry also known as

Broda Shaggi with over 7 million

followers, thanks to his posts that make

people laugh. The University of Lagos

theatre arts graduate, is famous for his

comedy skits and other fun visuals.

Everything he posts is designed to get

you to laugh or smile, making life’s

stresses easier to contend with.

Today, Samuel is a strong influencer

sponsored by many brands, and his

fame has given him success offline, with

him being a part of television adverts for

communications giant Glo Nigeria

amongst other top brands. His hilarious

online antics have also landed him

several movie roles in Nollywood. He is

also known as one of the most influential

personality on Instagram.

March 28, 2021 / 5

with Adesuwa 07052403531 |



en, on a good day are hardly

vocal when busy under the

sheets because they are the

ones doing the stuff that make

their lovers scream. Although

it’s really not impossible for men to scream

too during love making, but it’s women who

naturally moan and groan a lot.

I am sure almost everyone would agree

with me that love making is an essential part

of our lives. So for something that vital, it is

really worth going the extra mile to make it an

unbelievable experience.

Here are some amazing sex moves that

will make him scream and beg for more.

Sex on the couch - You don’t have to go

to your bedroom every time you are horny, just

do it anywhere as it will heighten your adrenaline

level, including doing it in some forbidden places

like in the shopping mall toilet or in a movie

theater. And if you decide to stay at home, do it

on the couch. Imagine the two of you watching a

movie under a duvet and suddenly, you feel his

fingers all over you.

Copulate in front of a mirror - Seeing what

both of you are doing in front of the mirror is enough

for you to climax in the quickest possible time. The

fun here is that, you can see things that you wouldn’t

be able to see if you were just having your normal

regular sex. Just in case you don’t have a mirror

anywhere close to the bedroom, you can make

provision to bring one or put one on the ceiling if

needed, pleasure is 100% guaranteed.

Dirty talk during a blow job - There’s

nothing hotter than a woman who talks dirty

during a blow job while starring into her

mate’s eyes. This move will make every guy

scream and beg for more because, you are

making his fantasy real, and definitely will

not be able to hide how thrilled he is.

Shower sex - Always a first time, in

case you have not tried this kind of sex, you

can give it a try. With the two of you naked

and wet, the water running down your bodies

will make him so horny, so this is something

you can do to spice your sex life up. The

final icing would be when you deliberately

drop the soap, take it from me, it always

works the trick.

Play with his balls - Never ignore this

part of a man’s body. Don’t focus on his

manhood alone during blow job. A little

attention in that area is every guy’s wet

dream come true. The right touche can make

him feel like he’s on cloud nine

Surprise him - Catch him off guard by

indulging in something new and unexpected;

possibly something he has been hinting at,

or something you know for sure he will like.

Whatever the choice, be sure that he doesn’t

see it coming so he is caught


Touch yourself - Very few

things are actually hotter than the

sight of a lady touching herself in

front of her man. The crazy

thoughts that go through his mind

when you do this is hot enough to

make him scream.

Knowing all these secrets, are

you already to make your partner

moan and scream? All in good

time for that man who loves you a

lot and deserves all the sexual


You can use dark accents of

navy blue, hunter green or

pewter grey as well, but for the

most peaceful feel, decorate

mostly in soft colours and white.



The bedroom is designated to calm and comfort you. Bring the

peaceful feeling in and keep the hustle-and-bustle of the rest of your

house out by following these tips to create a relaxing bedroom that

will restore your energies.

TIDY UP: First and foremost, you should make

sure your bedroom is clean. With a clean, fresh

space, there’s less to overwhelm your senses,

plus, it’ll help you appreciate the things you love

about your room.

COLOUR IT CALM: The most relaxing

bedrooms are painted in cool colours that bring to mind a peaceful day.


/ March 28, 2021

PLANTS: Living plants bring a

sense of life, tranquility, and

health that can’t be matched

by other bedroom accents.

Choose one large plant for the

corner, or several smaller plants

grouped on your dresser or



and get rid of unnecessary

things from your bedroom.

Decluttering can help you

decide which items bring actual

value and which do not.


CANDLES: Candles are great

for stressful times because they

can remind us of our favourite

places and memories. Lighting

one you love before you fall

asleep can be very soothing.

Just don’t forget to blow it out!


More than your visual appearance,

your fragrance tends to precede in

adding further context and depth to

your attire and appearance. Smelling

good is a luxury.


The key to a great

makeup look is always

mascara. It opens up

your eyes and makes

you look awake, even

when you’ve put

nothing else on. Always

opt for one that is

both lengthening and

volumizing. It’ll make

your lashes long, thick,

and hold a curl in place

all day long,

All Day




by - Rita Okoye

When it comes to all day beauty products, all a

woman should focus on are products that will

help sort out her basic beauty needs.

We have carefully picked out 10 important

beauty products that shouldn’t be found

missing in your make up bag or on your



Setting powder

A top-notch setting powder is a

non-negotiable must-have in any

makeup kit. Especially when heat

and humidity can ruin a makeup look

before it’s even done.

The Hand


In today’s world

of frequent


and sanitizing

which has

become the

order of the day,

no thanks to

COVID-19 virus

hand creams

help keep your

hand hydrated

and mositurised.

Eye Cream



The under eyes skin is the

thinnest and driest and need

the most help. Get an eye

cream that you can use day

and night. The cream has

to be relaxing, cooling, and


under the


Whether you apply a full

face or the basics, you

need a makeup remover.

The first rule of skincare

is taking your makeup off

and cleansing your face

before bed.




luxury red

lipstick that

has a smooth

texture is also

an essential

beauty item. Red

Lipstick always

comes handy,

even when

you have less

makeup on.

Neutral Eye shadow Palette

Eye shadow palettes have the unique

ability to create both subtle and bold

looks. With a mix of glimmering

shimmers and luxurious matte

shades, you can create looks for day

and night-time.


Mineral sunscreen keeps your

protects your skin from the harsh

rays of the sun, while also giving

it a healthy glow and moisturized

appearance. This is a beauty

essential, all day long.


March 28, 2021 / 7

Stories by -

Josephine Agbonkhese

It’s a silver jubilee

anniversary for the


Nollywood screen goddess, Omotola

Jolade-Ekeinde, and her husband, Captain

Matthew Ekeinde, last Tuesday, marked

their 25th year wedding anniversary,

flooding our timelines with stunning

photos. Interestingly, it was also Captain

Ekehinde’s birthday.

The award-winning actress, wrote on her


“25 years Strong! Happy Marriage

Anniversary to us,” This was followed by

series of posts recollecting how she was

severally told she “wasn’t the marrying

type,” until she was convinced when she

met “this young pilot” that marriage would

be worth it.

Omotola, aka Omo Sexy, is one of

Nollywood’s darlings whose marriages

have survived the test of time as well as

the odds of being a celebrity.

Their marriage is blessed with four

children; Princess, M.J, Meraiah and


Omotola Jolade-Ekeinde,

and her husband, Captain

Matthew Ekeinde



Biological male is one step

closer to winning Miss USA

Kataluna Enriquez, a biological male, last week,

won the Miss Silver State USA pageant, an event

considered the biggest preliminary competition for

the Miss Nevada USA pageant scheduled for June.

Enriquez will automatically now move on to

the state-wide competition in the pageant circuit

that leads to Miss USA and, eventually, the Miss

Universe competition. Transgenderism is actually

gaining popularity in progressive circles with

pressure mounting to avoid even the slightest

appearance of discrimination. Enriquez called

the experience “a celebration of womanhood and

diversity and this celebration of being your true self.

Prof Ibiyinka


She’s A Boss’ debuts in

celebration of womanhood

In celebration of the International Women’s

History Month, She’s A Boss, a television show,

has debuted exclusively on Ogéllé, a video

sharing platform. The show aims to feature

conventional and unconventional bosses, to bring

to reality the other side of the African woman’s

story from various fronts. Anto Lecky, Anchor,

She’s a Boss, expressed her excitement in

leading “such an inspiring show that will explore

our collective and kindred spirit as Africans, while

the Founder/CEO of Ogéllé, Osita Oparaugo, told

Allure the platform will not relent in celebrating

women regardless of class and status.

Prof Ibiyinka Fuwape wins

AU award for scientific


It appears the year 2021 is going to be a

year of global wins for women. Following on

the heels of Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as World

Trade Organisation, WTO, DG, another ground

has been broken by a Nigerian academia, Prof

Ibiyinka Fuwape.

A Professor of Physics, Fuwape, has been

awarded the African Union Kwame Nkrumah

Regional Award for Scientific Excellence, 2020

edition for her outstanding contributions to

cutting edge research in the areas of Climate

Change, Air Quality, and Biophysics

The award, instituted by the AU, honours

African scientists for achievements and

discoveries in science, technology, and


Prof Fuwape, currently Vice Chancellor of

Michael and Cecilia Ibru University, Agbarha-Otor,

Delta State, also heads the Condensed Matter

Research Group, domiciled at Federal University

of Technology, Akure.

Christiana Boluwade unveils

new movie series ‘Retribution

’Rising American-based Nigerian filmmaker and

actress, Christiana Boluwade, has premiered her

new movie series titled ‘Retribution’ (Esan), via her

YouTube TV channel. Boluwade has produced flicks

like ‘Taloloko’, ‘Okun-ebi’ and ‘The Fight’ amongst


Retribution, her sixth movie production, centres

around Tokunbo, an affluent auto dealer who is

married to a successful entrepreneur, Posi, but travels

around the country with all kinds of girls in sizzling

romantic escapades even though at home, he is

known to be a gentleman. The series directed by Ola

Yusuf features Christiana Boluwade, Idowu Akinsade,

Kehinde Olatunji and Mary Akinneye among others.

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