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Six Americans tell the heartbreaking stories of how they ended up on death row for crimes they never committed. In some cases they were minutes away from being executed despite their innocence.The Deprived: Innocent on Death Row provides a rare insight into life on death row. Through compelling interviews the book describes how innocent mothers and fathers suddenly become victims of meaningless violence in a vicious prison environment where their survival often depends on becoming just as brutal as the killer in the cell next to them. However, the book is also a life-affirming tale of how humans can survive even the greatest injustice, and how the innocent death row inmates, after their exoneration, have managed to transform a life in solitary confinement into a life full of love, hope and faith. But despite leaving death row today, death row will never leave them.Derrick Jamison, exonerated after 20 years:When Derrick’s execution was announced, he had already spent more than 15 years on death row living in despair, but as he now sat alone in the cell knowing that his ordeal was about to come to an end, he found no comfort for himself. When he ate his last meal, he had one more wish—that his execution would be quick and painless. Not all of the 18 men who had been execu

The Deprived: Innocent on Death Row

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