Pretoria - April 21

Eat well, feel great

Eat well, feel great


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TIKTOK’S<br />


Millions of likes & counting<br />

Woof-woof<br />

All dressed<br />

up for walkies<br />

SAMMY<br />


A Victorian<br />

wonderland on<br />

your doorstep<br />

EAT WELL,<br />


Plant-based recipes, healthy treats and<br />

a decadent Dalgona ice cream<br />


APRIL <strong>21</strong>


BOOKS<br />

04 A little heartbreak, happy endings, and a great anniversary win!<br />


06 Everything we’re longing for this month<br />

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PEOPLE<br />

08 Chané Grobler’s rise to fame started with lip-syncing and<br />

dancing her way to the feed of her followers. We chat to the bubbly<br />

20-something who has a jaw-dropping 2.3 million followers on TikTok<br />

10 Beautiful home-style food. Pantry staples. And the most indulgent<br />

Dalgona ice-cream recipe we’ve ever seen. Dianne Bibby spills all<br />

HEALTH<br />

12 Hacks and snacks to keep healthy<br />

FOOD<br />

14 Three sweet recipes and a book to<br />

help you embrace a plant-based lifestyle<br />


16 Mirror, mirror on the wall, which style is the fairest of them all?<br />

19 We’re planting white anthuriums for Easter<br />

PETS<br />

20 Tail-wagging treats and really cute accessories for your pooch<br />

TRAVEL<br />

28 A visit to the Victorian-style home of South Africa’s first industrialist<br />

and entrepreneur, Sammy Marks, is a wonderful way to spend an<br />

afternoon. Best of all, it is right here on your doorstep<br />

WIN<br />

07 A whopping R3000 voucher from Under Armour<br />

34 Fragrant Kate Spade goodies and a gorgeous tote bag<br />


Personality: Chané Grobler<br />

Photographer: Jaco Bothma<br />

Make-up & hair: Antoinette de Beer<br />

APRIL <strong>21</strong><br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong> Get It Magazine 03

Book club<br />

A little heartbreak, happy endings, and a great celebratory win!<br />

Rocking<br />

back-to-back<br />

double gold<br />

medals,<br />

including one<br />

in the Rosé Rocks<br />

competition, FAT<br />

bastard ROSÉ 2020<br />

is a gorgeous salmon pink<br />

wine which tastes of fresh<br />

berries. Delicious and affordable<br />

(R95 a bottle), it’s the perfect choice<br />

for these last days of Summer.<br />

Details: fatbastardwine.co.za<br />

04 Get It Magazine <strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong><br />

Romance. Friendship. Joy. And the possibility of happy endings. What more do you want in<br />

a feel-good read? In the latest Katie Fforde (love her) release, Lizzie’s mother is keen for her<br />

to have A Wedding in the Country, to a suitable chap chosen, obviously, by mum. And to<br />

learn how to be a ‘good wife’, she’s sent off to cookery school in London. It’s 1963 … and<br />

London is swinging! Lizzie cuts her hair, buys a mini dress and moves in with two great<br />

friends. All of her mum’s plans are forgotten. She’s going to have fun … even if that entails<br />

falling in love with someone who appears to be engaged to someone else. The perfect<br />

read for a lazy Easter weekend. • Dodging doctor’s orders, 17-year-old Lenni, who’s living<br />

in the terminal ward, joins an art class where she bumps into fellow hospital patient<br />

Margot, a rebel-hearted 83-year-old from the next ward. Their bond is instant as they<br />

realise that together they have lived an astonishing one hundred years. To celebrate<br />

their shared century, they decide to paint their life stories … of growing old and staying<br />

young, of giving joy and receiving kindness, of losing love and finding the person who<br />

is everything. Fiercely alive, disarmingly funny and brimming with tenderness, The One<br />

Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot by Marianne Cronin unwraps the extraordinary<br />

gift of life, even when it is about to be taken away, and revels in our infinite capacity for<br />

friendship and love when we need them most. Keep the tissues at your side. • Was there<br />

a single book club in the late 1990s which didn’t have The Notebook on the must-read<br />

list? Impossible. And now, 25 years after its first release, Nicholas Sparks’ love story to<br />

end all love stories is being released. It’s the story of Noah Calhoun, who returns from<br />

war and, in an attempt to escape the ghosts of battle, sets his mind and his body to<br />

restoring an old plantation home to its former beauty. But he’s haunted by memories of<br />

the beautiful Allie, who he’d met years before … a girl who stole his heart at the funfair,<br />

whose parents didn’t approve, a girl he wrote to every day for a year. When she turns up<br />

on his doorstep, he has a chance to win her back. Small problem … she’s engaged to<br />

someone else. You’ve seen the movie … you may have read the book … but read it (and<br />

weep) again anyway. It’s not called a classic heartbreaker for nothing. And to celebrate<br />

the 25th anniversary edition, we’ve got a special giveaway … three people can win a<br />

copy of The Notebook plus a case of Fat bastard Rosé … your next book club<br />

get-together’s going to be very special indeed. To enter, visit Get It National Magazines<br />

on Facebook and enter on The Notebook’s post.

Forget the romance … we want an<br />

adrenaline rush. And oh boy, do we have<br />

that in these thrilling reads<br />

Oh … we do love a Stephen Leather thriller. And if we put aside the fact that<br />

it centres around billionaire and big game hunter Jon van der Sandt (the book<br />

opens with him killing a massive bull elephant in Botswana), this is one hell of<br />

a read. Van der Sandt is seeking revenge – while he’s shooting big game, his<br />

family is holidaying at a luxury beach resort, where they’re killed by jihadist<br />

terrorists. Van der Sandt wants vengeance, and he’s rich enough to arrange it.<br />

He sends in a team of skilled ex-soldiers to bring the terrorists to him … but in<br />

a case of mistaken identity, British doctor Raj Patel is taken hostage too. He’s<br />

in war-torn Syria to treat the injured, and is only in the terrorist camp to help<br />

some men who were hurt in an accidental explosion. Fortunately, the doctor<br />

was trained as a soldier, and Van der Sandt gets more than he bargained for<br />

when he kicks off his revenge hunting spree. With more than 40 books under<br />

his belt, Leather’s not slowing down … The Hunting is a thrill-a-minute. • Allie<br />

Reynolds is a former freestyle snowboarder, who spent five winters racing down<br />

the mountains of France, Switzerland, Austria, and Canada. She’s taken her love<br />

of snowboarding and made it the focus of her exciting debut novel, Shiver. A<br />

dangerous natural environment, hugely competitive people, mind games and<br />

sabotage make for a thrilling sport … and read. Five friends – all ex competitors,<br />

who haven’t seen each other for a decade – meet for an out-of-season reunion<br />

in a French Alps resort. But an ice-breaking game reveals they don’t really know<br />

who arranged the reunion, or why. Things turn menacing really quickly … and it<br />

appears all have secrets they’d rather not share from their time as competitors.<br />

Including one involving murder. Loads of snowboard jargon, plenty of<br />

suspense. • Another fave (this is turning out to be a smashingly good month for<br />

us) … Gregg Hurwitz, and his hero character Evan Smoak, aka Orphan X. Evan’s<br />

a foster home child, trained off-the-books as a government assassin. He’s been<br />

forced into retirement but then gets a urgent plea from someone unexpected.<br />

His mother needs help protecting a man who’s in the wrong place at the wrong<br />

time. Running from an assassination team, he has no safe place to hide. Evan,<br />

it appears, is his only hope. That’s until the secret group catches on to what<br />

Evan is doing … and now Evan’s life is on the line, too. Prodigal Son is another<br />

gripping thriller you can. not. put. down.<br />

A missing bride. A blood-splattered<br />

wedding dress. A guest list of<br />

A-list celebrities. And a TV crew<br />

documenting every extravagant detail.<br />

Bring in the NYPD’s top team. James<br />

Patterson and Marshall Karp’s NYPD<br />

Red 6 – the sixth book in the series<br />

– sees a bride kidnapped from her<br />

dressing room. Fortunately, Detective<br />

Kylie MacDonald and her plus-one,<br />

Detective Zach Jordan, are guests, so<br />

they’re right there in the thick of all the<br />

drama. It’s all smart, fast writing with<br />

loads of twists and turns – exactly what<br />

keeps Patterson fans returning again<br />

and again, making sure he stays on the<br />

best-selling lists worldwide.<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong> Get It Magazine 05

Wish list<br />

Step up and splash out this <strong>April</strong><br />

A jaw-dropping<br />

prison escape classic<br />

In Escape from <strong>Pretoria</strong>, Tim Jenkins tells how,<br />

by using a series of hand-made wooden keys,<br />

he, Tim, Stephen Lee and Alexander Moumbaris,<br />

got through nine locked doors inside <strong>Pretoria</strong><br />

Central, taking them to Mozambique and<br />

finally to London. It’s a thrilling story … more<br />

so because it’s true! Tim and Stephen, after<br />

training in London, became expert pamphlet<br />

bombers in Cape Town and Joburg, and it<br />

was after several successful years of raising<br />

awareness about apartheid and the ANC that<br />

they were caught and eventually sentenced<br />

to a dozen years in jail. It was after Stephen’s<br />

father visited him in prison, giving him a copy<br />

of the prison escape classic Papillon, that Tim<br />

began to seriously form an escape plan. Months<br />

and months of planning, testing, failing, testing<br />

again and lucky breaks meant that, finally, the<br />

escape was on. And apart from locking the<br />

doors behind them, they never looked back …<br />

R287, Exclusive Books.<br />

We’re drinking ... an elegant Bordeaux-style white<br />

If you’re looking for a fine wine this month, you won’t do much better<br />

than the newly released Constantia Glen TWO 2019, an elegant<br />

white Bordeaux-style blend from the top-tier, family-owned Constantia<br />

boutique wine estate. This vintage has already garnered rave reviews<br />

from leading local and international wine commentators. And no<br />

wonder. It’s a blend of Sauvignon Blanc (67 per cent), which lends acidity<br />

and backbone, and Sémillon (33 per cent) which contributes to the waxy<br />

weight, richness and texture. Winemaker Justin van Wyk suggests pairing<br />

this with dishes like grilled kingklip with salsa verde, or lightly seared<br />

green asparagus and buffalo mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto. It would<br />

also be great with oak-smoked trout with dill and lemon crème fraiche<br />

and a cucumber pickle. Constantia Glen TWO 2019 is available at a cellar<br />

door price of R290, buy online at constantiaglen.com<br />

06 Get It Magazine <strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong>

More than just a scrunchie<br />

… it’s a new way to stay<br />

safe from spiked drinks<br />

It’s not news that the scrunchie trend<br />

is back. And we love it! But there is a<br />

new accessory that’s not only useful<br />

in tying back your hair but that can<br />

protect your drink too. Drinkerbell is<br />

a scrunchie-cum-drink cover. Here’s<br />

how it works. Wear your Drinkerbell<br />

scrunchie in your hair – or around your<br />

wrist (so trendy). When you’re out and<br />

having a (socially distanced) drink,<br />

simply pop open the press stud on<br />

the scrunchie and pull out the<br />

attached liquid-resistant drink cover<br />

and silicone straw. Then, feed the straw<br />

through the eyelet in the drink cover,<br />

stretch the scrunchie around the stem<br />

or base of the glass (it fits glasses of<br />

various sizes and styles), place the<br />

drink cover over the rim of the glass<br />

and voila, your drink’s protected from<br />

spiking. Bonus … it’s fashionable – they<br />

come in lovely patterns, colours and<br />

designs – and you’ll never mistake<br />

whose drink belongs to who again.<br />

R145. Details: drinkerbell.co.za<br />

Need a confidence boost? Shopaholics will agree, there’s nothing like a little retail therapy.<br />

And with Aldo’s Step Into Love campaign, you’re sure to feel your best. The campaign<br />

encourages you to express your true self. Confidently. Aldo’s high-fashion range of shoes,<br />

handbags and accessories – like the gorgeous ones pictured – will enhance just that. Stay<br />

safe and shop online. Details: aldoshoes.co.za<br />

Walk away a winner!<br />

We’ve<br />

got an R3000<br />

voucher from Under<br />

Armour to give away.<br />

To enter, simply like us on<br />

Facebook, Get It <strong>Pretoria</strong><br />

Magazine, find our fitness<br />

post and tag a fellow<br />

jogger. Entries close<br />

<strong>April</strong> 19.<br />

Running has just gone so much more high tech. No longer can you just pop<br />

on any old trainers, do a couple of stretches and hit the road. Nope, now it’s all<br />

apps and traction and strategic support. Which is all you get – and so much<br />

more – when you invest in a pair of Under Armour Trainers. These are from the<br />

Infinite 3 range … and are aimed at pro distance runners wanting energy return<br />

and efficiency. And that, apparently, is exactly what UA HOVR Infinite 3 delivers.<br />

That and real-time Form Coaching. So before you go on your morning jog …<br />

read this. You can connect your shoes to UA MapMyRun for personalised tips to<br />

help you run better. This app tracks and analyses your running metrics to help<br />

make you a better runner.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong> Get It Magazine 07

Lip-syncing<br />

her way<br />

success<br />

Chané Grobler is<br />

your typical bubbly<br />

20-something girl next<br />

door. She’s also the<br />

top female TikTok<br />

star in South<br />

Africa, with a<br />

jaw-dropping 2.3<br />

million followers.<br />

We chat to the real<br />

star behind the<br />

87.4 million likes.<br />

Sounds impressive. But what on<br />

earth is TikTok? we hear you ask.<br />

Well … here’s a quick 101. The TikTok<br />

app is centred on fun clips, each<br />

under 60 seconds long, sometimes<br />

choreographed and scripted, other<br />

times simple and spontaneous.<br />

Popular video themes include<br />

dancing, tricks, skits, acting out South<br />

Africanisms, or, as with most the<br />

videos on the platform, lip-syncing to<br />

songs in sitting rooms or bedrooms.<br />

Chané’s rise to fame started in the<br />

same way as most TikTok stars in the<br />

world … she did it just for fun. Not<br />

for a minute did she expect it would<br />

become her full-time job. ‘Before<br />

TikTok, it was called Musical.ly.<br />

After seeing a lot of the videos<br />

on Instagram, I jumped on the<br />

08 Get It Magazine <strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong><br />

bandwagon and downloaded it. Oh,<br />

I made some really cringy videos but<br />

thankfully never posted them. When I<br />

eventually did post my first video – a<br />

cringeworthy one I have to add – I<br />

barely got any likes or views. But that<br />

didn’t put me off. After all, I was doing<br />

it for the fun of it’.<br />

Then a video of a hand game went<br />

viral and people from across the<br />

world suddenly had a huge interest in<br />

Chané’s content.<br />

‘Wow, I thought. People are actually<br />

following me. And so I kept posting.<br />

I soon got verified by TikTok and<br />

started taking it super seriously. I<br />

planned my videos, making sure to<br />

post the best possible content. This<br />

included getting proper lighting, a<br />

tripod and redecorating my room for<br />

better backgrounds in my videos.’<br />

In 2019 she reached her first million<br />

followers, and, as the saying goes, the<br />

rest is history.<br />

Chané has worked with major brands<br />

like Levi’s, Lamborghini, Warner<br />

Music, Revolve, Samsung, GHD and<br />

Netflix. Then last year, she bagged<br />

a nomination at the Nickelodeon<br />

Kids’ Choice Awards and she is still<br />

crushing it on TikTok, with dance<br />

challenges, lip-syncs, tutorials<br />

and comedy.<br />

Although Chané lives a relatively<br />

public life on social media, there are a<br />

few things about her not many know<br />

… like being a teacher, being handy<br />

in the kitchen, and the fact she’s quite<br />

good at tuning out and turning off<br />

her phone!

Community involvement brings her heaps of joy. ‘I love helping others, simply<br />

because I am a happy-and-grateful-about-life type of person. To help someone<br />

genuinely makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile with my life.<br />

Last year we made soup, buttered some sandwiches and handed it out to the<br />

community. I do have a few things in mind for the future, one of them is to<br />

become involved with Wollies Animal Shelter. Animal welfare is a subject very close<br />

to my heart, so I aim to better their lives, even if it is just a little bit.’<br />

She studied to become a teacher,<br />

and loved every moment of it until<br />

she had to wave her dream goodbye.<br />

‘It was during my first year of practical<br />

studies that I reached my first million<br />

followers. The children at the school<br />

started to recognise me and following<br />

me on TikTok. Teaching them quickly<br />

escalated to questions on anything to<br />

do with TikTok instead of schoolwork.<br />

I tried teaching at another school but<br />

the same happened. As much as I love<br />

working with children, I decided to put<br />

my studies aside during my second<br />

year and pursue a full-time career as a<br />

social media content creator.’<br />

Chané shrugs off haters and<br />

cyberbullies. ‘Although I was often<br />

cyberbullied and body shamed, I had<br />

learnt to block and delete (literally and<br />

figuratively) the hate and negativity.<br />

Being told by a 12-year-old ‘I wish you<br />

will just drown’, I realised some people<br />

don’t have a filter. They say what they<br />

want to say when they want to say<br />

it. And, they think it is okay. I know<br />

myself, what I was all about and wasn’t<br />

going to be bothered by anyone’s<br />

opinion of me, especially those I don’t<br />

know. It is just so incredibly sad that<br />

some people do not want the sun<br />

to shine on you.<br />

Behind the scenes, quite a lot of work goes into creating content. ‘Some of the<br />

biggest misconceptions people have about creating content, especially for TikTok<br />

and Instagram, is that it is quick and easy. Sure, it is fun, but it’s not always simple.<br />

People don’t see the hours you’ve put into creating the content. The assumption<br />

is that it is done quickly and you just post it. Right? Wrong. It takes time and<br />

commitment, and consistent effort. Sometimes a 60-second video takes hours to<br />

do. I have a young following, so at all times I need to make sure that whatever I do<br />

post is suitable, uplifting and not offending. I never want a parent to tell their child<br />

to unfollow me due to my content.’<br />

She’s got the moves. ‘I started dancing when I was three years old … everything<br />

from contemporary to hip-hop, disco to freestyle, ballet to acrobatics. At a stage, I<br />

was amped to follow a career in dancing. Sadly, I had to give up it due to a terrible<br />

fall while perfecting a dance routine. I injured my knees so badly that I couldn’t<br />

continue any more. Nowadays, I live out this passion in my TikTok dance videos.’<br />

Chané’s seven TikTok tips:<br />

1. Follow trends that you see on your For You page.<br />

2. Create quality content and be consistent when sharing content. If you go<br />

too long without posting videos on TikTok, your followers will stop paying<br />

attention and you will end up losing them. At least twice a week if possible.<br />

3. If you find a video that has gone viral, try replicating it and add your<br />

unique twist to it. Remember to use good lighting for your videos. And<br />

hashtags, always!<br />

4. Add videos to your other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter<br />

or Instagram.<br />

5. Search for challenges (where companies or personal brands propose<br />

a challenge with a hashtag to users). If you do it right, you can get<br />

new followers.<br />

6. Dual videos are a type of content available on TikTok where you take a<br />

post from another user, record yourself doing the same thing (or trying), and<br />

it gets published in the split-screen app.<br />

7. Don’t trust everyone, there are a lot of wolves out there. And always be kind.<br />

Details: Follow her on TikTok, @chanegrobler and Instagram @chane_grobler18<br />

Her bae is Roberto de Gouveia (aka<br />

KingBerto), a fellow TikTok star.<br />

They have a combined following of<br />

more than 3.3 million on TikTok and<br />

more than 133 000 on Instagram.<br />

‘We met via TikTok, no surprises here! I<br />

initially thought he was from America<br />

until I realised that he only lives an<br />

hour away from me. We became good<br />

friends, hung out a lot and, of course,<br />

made some content together. Yea, the<br />

‘friends thing’ didn’t last for too long<br />

… we’ve been a couple for a year now.<br />

Our followers even gave us a new<br />

name, Robbiné.’<br />

To relax and unwind she spends<br />

time away from her phone. ‘There<br />

is nothing better than chilling in my<br />

PJs, snacking and watching movies.<br />

Or to do all the girly-girl things – hair<br />

treatments, masks, body scrubs, nails<br />

… the whole kaboodle. And then<br />

relaxing in my bed with some feelgood<br />

music in the background.’<br />

She is quite handy in the kitchen.<br />

’Wait until you try my super creamy<br />

mac and cheese. Or my basil pesto<br />

chicken pasta. Damn, they’re good,<br />

even if I have to say so myself. I<br />

recently joined the ‘TikTok baked<br />

feta pasta’ craze and to my surprise, I<br />

enjoyed every moment of making this<br />

creamy, tomato-y pasta dish. So much<br />

so, I’m considering making more foodrelated<br />

content, trying out and sharing<br />

recipes with my followers.’ Head over<br />

to getitmagazine.co.za/pretoria for<br />

the famous baked feta pasta recipe.<br />

Text: RIALIEN FURSTENBERG. • Photographer: JACO BOTHMA. • Make-up & hair: ANTOINETTE DE BEER.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong> Get It Magazine 09


For some, the kitchen’s been a sweet escape from the reality of lockdown … and<br />

Dianne Bibby has made sure we never run out of carefully-curated homely recipes<br />

Compiled by DANIELLA GRAHAM<br />

If Dianne Bibby’s recipes and photos<br />

make your mouth water, then just<br />

wait until you read how she speaks<br />

about food. It’s practically poetic and<br />

downright droolworthy!<br />

‘Food is a vehicle for cultural<br />

expression,’ says the local food stylist,<br />

photographer and blogger, cookbook<br />

author and recipe developer.<br />

‘It tells the story of origin and heritage.<br />

It merges the old with the new,<br />

evolving into food that’s exciting and<br />

fresh. Food can take you places you’ve<br />

never been to before. It’s magical.’<br />

When many headed for the kitchen to<br />

take a sweet escape from lockdown<br />

last year, Dianne met the demand for<br />

home-cooked meal recipes not only<br />

on her carefully-curated blog, ‘Bibby’s<br />

Kitchen’ and social media pages, but<br />

with an e-book, Beautiful Home Food.<br />

‘The e-book is about homely food,<br />

not too fancy, just a little special. The<br />

recipes are versatile and easily adapted.<br />

Plain Jane store cupboards are<br />

transformed into nourishing bowls and<br />

deceptively easy, yet deeply flavourful<br />

casseroles and soups. There are five<br />

essential chapters to see you through<br />

the day from kitchen staples, breakfast<br />

in pyjamas, sweet and savoury bread,<br />

mains and trendy desserts.’<br />

Some of Dianne’s favourite recipes in<br />

the e-book are the broccoli tabbouleh<br />

with tahini sauce, coconut rusks,<br />

Dalgona ice cream and Swedish buns.<br />

Just as an e-book was ‘the easiest way<br />

to reach both local and international<br />

audiences’, Dianne’s first cookbook,<br />

Bibby’s Kitchen, made its way around<br />

the world. ‘It’s been so rewarding to<br />

see people cooking their way through<br />

the book.’<br />

Even the briefest scroll through<br />

Dianne’s social media and blog reveals<br />

the meticulous attention to detail<br />

she gives to her cooking, styling,<br />

writing and photography … and it’s<br />

somewhat astonishing that these are<br />

all self-taught skills. Dianne studied<br />

fashion design and worked in the<br />

industry for 18 years. After she had her<br />

two daughters, food became her ‘new<br />

creative outlet’. In 2014, she started<br />

her blog. ‘Publishing the first blog<br />

post was immensely daunting. Seven<br />

years on, it feels like my third child.’<br />

When it comes to creating recipes,<br />

Dianne finds she often has ‘too many<br />

ideas, too little time’. ‘I find inspiration<br />

in everyday things – food cultures,<br />

beautiful seasonal produce, an unusual<br />

ingredient and food trends.’<br />

She’s also constantly inspired to cook<br />

with new ingredients. ‘The kitchen is a<br />

bustling place with five or six recipes<br />

going at the same time, testing and<br />

tasting. There is an energy that’s<br />

infectious.’<br />

While Dianne finds it important to<br />

include all food cultures in her recipes,<br />

you’ll find a strong Middle Eastern<br />

influence. ‘Perhaps working on a<br />

kibbutz in my twenties has something<br />

to do with it. I love the uninhibited use<br />

of fresh ingredients and spices used<br />

in Middle Eastern food. It’s vibrant,<br />

colourful and very textural.’<br />

Details: Find Dianne’s e-book on her blog,<br />

bibbyskitchenat36.com for R200, and<br />

follow her on Instagram @bibbyskitchen<br />

10 Get It Magazine <strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong>

Dianne recommends these<br />

top 10 staples for your pantry<br />

1. Tahini – for everything from hummus, salad<br />

dressings, bliss balls, cookies and a honey tahini<br />

drizzle for the best banana bread<br />

2. Homemade basil pesto<br />

3. Spice rubs<br />

4. Harissa paste – a flavourful workhorse that<br />

can transform even the blandest of dishes into<br />

something exotically good<br />

5. Chickpeas<br />

6. Italian tomatoes<br />

7. Peppery green olive oil<br />

8. Maldon sea salt<br />

9. Wild rice<br />

10. Nuts and seeds<br />

Plus, a household essential? Dark chocolate!<br />

Dianne has given us her recipe for this<br />

Moroccan beef and bean casserole with<br />

walnut salsa … and it’s too tasty for us not<br />

to share with you. Find it on our website,<br />

getitmagazine.co.za/pretoria<br />

Di’s Dalgona and hazelnut<br />

chocolate swirl ice cream<br />

Serves 10<br />

Ethereally light and voluptuously<br />

seductive, like a billowy cream-less<br />

coffee mousse, if you will.<br />

Trendy Dalgona coffee has stood<br />

in the gap for stay-home coffee<br />

aficionados. It pairs effortlessly with<br />

chocolate and hazelnuts in this nochurn<br />

ice-cream recipe.<br />

What you’ll need:<br />

Dalgona coffee froth: 30ml (2 Tbsp)<br />

instant coffee granules; 30ml (2 Tbsp)<br />

granulated sugar; 30ml (2 Tbsp) cold<br />

water • Chocolate ganache: 100g dark<br />

chocolate (50 per cent or 70 per cent),<br />

roughly chopped; 100ml full-cream<br />

milk • Ice cream: 300g condensed<br />

milk, chilled; 10ml (2 tsp) vanilla<br />

extract; 500ml (2 cups) fresh cream;<br />

50g hazelnuts, toasted and<br />

roughly chopped<br />

Method:<br />

For the Dalgona froth, place all the<br />

ingredients in a small mixing bowl<br />

and whisk until pale and mousse-like.<br />

To make the ganache, melt the<br />

chocolate and milk together. Whisk<br />

until smooth and glossy.<br />

For the ice cream, place the<br />

condensed milk, vanilla and cream<br />

in the bowl of an electric mixer. With<br />

the balloon whisk attachment, whisk<br />

slowly to incorporate, increasing the<br />

speed once the cream has thickened<br />

slightly. Beat until pale and fluffy. Add<br />

the Dalgona froth and mix on a low<br />

speed to incorporate.<br />

Fold through most of the hazelnuts,<br />

reserving a handful for finishing.<br />

Transfer the ice cream to a suitable<br />

container. Dollop over the ganache<br />

and swirl through. Finish with the<br />

remaining hazelnuts.<br />

Cover and freeze overnight.<br />

Set on the counter for several minutes<br />

to soften before serving.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong> Get It Magazine 11

Flip the script on stress<br />

Seventy per cent of us spend most of our day in a state of<br />

stress. Our nervous systems are in a position of fight, flight or<br />

freeze. With the constant pressure, the weight of perceived<br />

expectations and the drive to be ‘always on’, many of us live with<br />

an energy and nervous system that feels like a tightly clenched<br />

fist, rather than an easeful, gently unfurling hand. And staying<br />

shackled in this state of overwhelm and stress has far-reaching<br />

consequences on our health. We often only pay attention when<br />

illness strikes, having tuned out to all the messages our bodies<br />

were sending us along the way. According to Nicky Rowbotham,<br />

author of 7 Steps to Finding Flow, health whispers until one<br />

day it screams. In the book, Nicky points out that while we can’t<br />

avoid stress, we can deal with it differently and access better<br />

health, energy and balance. And she shows us how to move from<br />

being overwhelmed and ‘locked in’ by stress to a more easeful,<br />

resilient and aligned life. Nicky, who’s worked with many highly<br />

motivated and driven entrepreneurs and professionals looking<br />

to fulfil their potential and live their best life – not just at work –<br />

helps you learn what’s truly behind your stress, how it impacts<br />

your energy, hormones and nervous system, how to move your<br />

nervous system into a state of flow and how to make choices that<br />

support your energy, by living in harmony with your body. Health<br />

whispers until one day it screams. Let’s not wait for the scream!<br />

Tracey McDonald Publishers, R260.<br />

Pop over to the<br />

Corner Market for an<br />

(online) basketful of goodness<br />

We’ve found a new favourite online store<br />

… and we. are. obsessed! Nuts and spreads,<br />

pasta and grains, stocks and broths, healthy<br />

bars and gin botanicals. There are health<br />

options for those exploring anti-inflammatory,<br />

collagen, digestion and detox supplements,<br />

for those searching for vegan and halaal,<br />

low-carb and keto, diabetic and paleo items.<br />

And a brilliant selection of body and beauty,<br />

household and children’s products, too. First<br />

on our shopping list was Jen’s Handmade<br />

“No Nasties” Granola from the Corner Market<br />

Club Exclusive Pantry Range. Made by a<br />

Midlands chef, it’s free from dairy, gluten,<br />

wheat, fillers, refined sugar and peanuts, but<br />

not free from taste … it’s all honey and raw<br />

coconut and cranberries, aromatic spices and<br />

omega seeds, is 100 per cent local, and is part<br />

of the Corner Market Club’s Female Business<br />

Partner initiative. So, ticks all the right boxes.<br />

Have it with yoghurt and berries for brekkie,<br />

pop some into your child’s lunchbox, and<br />

keep some in a bag in your handbag<br />

to snack on during the day. Pop over to<br />

cornermarket.co.za … you can thank us later.<br />

12 Get It Magazine <strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong>

Hello good health<br />

Living our best life, as healthily has we can<br />

A fresh taken on frozen<br />

We’re all trying to eat healthily, and<br />

are massive fans of fresh. But life is<br />

hectic … and there’s an increased<br />

need for convenience, affordability,<br />

and a reduction of waste. Which is<br />

where frozen comes into play. And<br />

really … is frozen not absolutely fine?<br />

There are loads of misconceptions<br />

about the quality and nutritional<br />

value of frozen foods. We chatted to<br />

the folk at McCain and Sea Harvest …<br />

well-known, much loved and trusted,<br />

and our go-to choice when we’re<br />

reaching into the freezer section at<br />

our local supermarket, who share<br />

with us some of the benefits of<br />

frozen options.<br />

Frozen food is harvested at its peak,<br />

sustainably sourced and snap frozen<br />

within hours to maintain freshness<br />

and lock in nutrients. No bacterial<br />

growth, no undesirable chemical<br />

preservatives.<br />

It’s convenient – there’s no way<br />

around it, frozen meals are a win<br />

on a busy weeknight. The cleaning,<br />

chopping, crumbing and portioning<br />

has all been done for you.<br />

It’s healthy … contrary to popular<br />

belief, freezing causes very little<br />

nutrient loss and preserves the<br />

vitamins and minerals in food – so all<br />

those fantastic nutrients end up on<br />

your dinner table.<br />

It’s affordable – frozen vegetables<br />

and fish have a much longer shelf<br />

life than fresh produce so there’s<br />

less wastage, meaning you get more<br />

broccoli for your buck.<br />

It’s constantly available – buying<br />

frozen food means you can enjoy<br />

your favourite vegetables and<br />

fish year-round. And, because of<br />

its longer shelf life, you can make<br />

sure you always have a quick<br />

dinner-time solution in the freezer!<br />

For some fabulous recipes, visit<br />

friendsinyourfreezer.co.za<br />

Beauty from within<br />

There’s no getting away from it … Collagen’s the latest buzzword. Not without<br />

good reason. Beauty from within is what we should all be aiming for. And the<br />

latest product we’ve found (and love) is Futurelife Beauti Food. The Nutritional<br />

Shakes are delicious on-the-go meal supplements which include a combo of<br />

beauty specific anti-ageing collagen peptides and other active ingredients which<br />

improve the overall appearance and health of your skin. Choose from two delish<br />

flavours – French vanilla or caramel latte – both are high protein, low GI and have<br />

no added sugar. Have one a day and after a month you should see a reduction<br />

in wrinkles, an improvement in your skin’s elasticity and firmness and in your<br />

skin’s hydration The range also has Nutritional Protein Bars, which offer the<br />

same benefits. Pop one in your bag for a seriously easy-to-eat-beauty-on-the-go<br />

snack. Flavours? Chocolate brownie and French vanilla. Please. Who wouldn’t<br />

want to eat one? You’ll find them at Dis-Chem for around R149.95 for a pack of<br />

seven shakes, or R27.95 for a protein bar. Oh … and more news on the health<br />

front. We’ve also just heard about the brand new Futurelife Repair Food … a<br />

scientifically-formulated collagen nutritional supplement aimed at the repair,<br />

maintenance and recovery of joints, cartilage, bones and muscles. Available in<br />

shakes and protein bars, in vanilla and chocolate flavours.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong> Get It Magazine 13

Text: Kym Argo<br />

&<br />

We’ve mastered meat-free Mondays. Now let’s take it a step further.<br />


Embracing a plant-based lifestyle<br />

The daughter of a goat farmer, Tammy Fry saw<br />

how, day after day, the goats were sold for<br />

slaughter. But she realised that if she named<br />

the individual goats, they crossed the line from<br />

being ‘units of currency’ to pets. So she started<br />

naming as many of them as possible.<br />

The same goat farmer, many years later, swore<br />

off meat forever, and in the early 1990s, he and<br />

his wife started The Fry Family Food Company,<br />

known internationally for its range of plantbased<br />

food products.<br />

Tammy, recently named as one of the top eight<br />

women changing the world through food,<br />

and founder of Meat-Free Mondays here and<br />

in Australia, knows all too well the challenges<br />

of choosing a plant-based lifestyle … and<br />

discusses them, and the solutions, in her first<br />

book Made with Love and Plants. More than a<br />

recipe book, it’s full of really useful, thoughtful<br />

information … from why you should choose a<br />

plant-based diet to transitioning (don’t go cold<br />

turkey!), answering questions – where do you<br />

get your iron (beans and legumes and broccoli<br />

and dates), and giving essential tips (navigating<br />

the supermarket and decoding labels).<br />

There are nearly six dozen really great recipes,<br />

that quickly dispel the idea that this diet is<br />

boring or restrictive.<br />

There’s a breakfast carrot cake (Carrot cake.<br />

Breakfast. Swoon) and glazed, grilled fruit<br />

skewers with chocolate sauce to get your<br />

day off to a sweet start, the prettiest, tastiest<br />

Vietnamese rice paper rolls with hoisin-peanut<br />

dipping sauce or loaded homemade nachos<br />

for midday Summer snacking, and a West<br />

African coconut curry that’ll have you dishing<br />

up seconds in no time.<br />

Tammy suggests you milk coconuts, not cows,<br />

and so there are recipes for rice, coconut,<br />

almond and cashew nut milk, and a whole<br />

section on treats and lunch box ideas.<br />

If you’re thinking of going the plant-based<br />

route, we bet this book will sway you; if not, it’s<br />

worth a buy for recipes for you to keep meatfree<br />

Mondays interesting. Simple. Delicious.<br />

Healthy. All you want, really. For more from<br />

Tammy, visit seed-blog.com.<br />

14 Get It Magazine <strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong><br />

Vanilla nice cream with cookie crumble<br />

This one makes the nice list. Nice to eat, nice to make, nice ’n’ healthy too.<br />

You’ll need: 3 frozen bananas; 1 Tbsp maple syrup; a few drops natural<br />

vanilla extract; 1 Tbsp cocoa powder (optional for making chocolate ice<br />

cream); quarter cup coconut milk (if necessary); crunchy oat and choc<br />

cookies (recipe in the book, or use any other vegan cookie, crumbled)<br />

To make: Add the bananas, maple syrup, vanilla extract and cocoa<br />

powder (if using) to a powerful blender and blitz until smooth. Add<br />

small amounts of the coconut milk, if required for a smoother texture.<br />

Serve in a bowl or a cone, topped with crumbled cookies.

Breakfast carrot cake<br />

Not all puddings are equal. Take this one for example,<br />

technically a cake, eaten at breakfast, no refined sugar,<br />

no dairy and nutrition in every spoonful. Breakfast<br />

doesn’t get better than this. This makes enough for two.<br />

You’ll need: 1 cup each of coconut milk, water and rolled<br />

oats; 2 cups peeled and grated carrots; 2 bananas,<br />

mashed; 4 Tbsp raisins or dried goji berries; 2 Tbsp<br />

maple syrup; 1 tsp each of ground cinnamon and vanilla<br />

spice/essence; half a tsp each of ground ginger, ground<br />

nutmeg, ground cloves; and half a cup coconut cream<br />

For the toppings, you’ll need: shaved coconut; maple syrup<br />

(to taste); and pineapple pieces<br />

To make: In a small pot over a medium heat, bring the<br />

milk and water to a simmer. Add the oats and bring to a<br />

slow boil, then reduce the heat and allow to simmer for<br />

3 minutes. Add the grated carrots, bananas and raisins or<br />

berries, as well as the maple syrup, vanilla essence and<br />

spices. Cook for another three to five minutes. Pour in<br />

the coconut cream and stir well, allowing to simmer for<br />

approximately five minutes until the liquid is absorbed<br />

and a thick consistency is reached. Add the toppings<br />

and decorate as desired. Enjoy the ‘cake‘ warm.<br />

We admit. We’ve<br />

taken the three<br />

sweetest options<br />

from Made with<br />

Love and Plants.<br />

But trust us …<br />

there are loads<br />

of savoury dishes<br />

that are equally<br />

as delicious.<br />

Yum. Yum. Yum.<br />

Penguin, R290.<br />

Cinnamon not only tastes amazing when added to<br />

desserts, smoothies and savoury dishes, but it’s one of<br />

nature’s superfoods. This spice has powerful medicinal<br />

benefits as a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.<br />

Just a quarter teaspoon a day can lower the risk of some<br />

chronic diseases. Tammy admits she might be trying<br />

too hard here to make muffins look like health food.<br />

But who could blame her? These cinnamon and walnut<br />

muffins take less than half an hour from start to finish<br />

… you’re meant to leave them to cool on a rack before<br />

eating. We didn’t. Get the recipe on getitmagazine.co.za.<br />

You’re welcome.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong> Get It Magazine 15

Reflect your style<br />

There are so many great reasons to decorate<br />

with mirrors. They instantly brighten and<br />

open up a space, they reflect light, they<br />

work in every room of your home. And<br />

if you’re nervous about committing to art,<br />

they’re a safe, timeless option.<br />

And they’re so versatile. Hang them on the<br />

wall, prop one up on the sideboard, or leave<br />

it on the floor leaning against the wall.<br />

When decorating with mirrors, the most<br />

important factor to take into account is<br />

what it’s going to reflect. Facing a window<br />

is our first choice – a great way to bring the<br />

outdoors in, and to add instant light. Similarly,<br />

if there’s something in the room you love<br />

and would like to emphasise – a gorgeous<br />

artwork, a statement piece of furniture –<br />

then simply position the mirror to reflect<br />

it. Double the joy. But the same principle<br />

applies when it’s facing something not<br />

quite as attractive … so beware of placing it<br />

opposite a boring wall or unattractive view.<br />

Mirrors are perfect to give the room a focal<br />

point. Above a mantle or sideboard or the<br />

entrance hall table, all you need<br />

to do is pop a sconce or a piece<br />

of art on either side (measured<br />

to within an inch of their lives …<br />

exact symmetry is everything),<br />

and voila.<br />

Equally eye-catching is a wall of<br />

different mirrors – various sizes,<br />

shapes and finishes – providing<br />

they are all the same style, it’s an<br />

exceptional focus piece. Again,<br />

precise measurement is essential,<br />

and the rooms need to be fairly<br />

uncluttered, or it may all get<br />

a bit much!<br />

In the case of mirrors, size really does<br />

count. So think big, bigger, best. And<br />

don’t be nervous to go oversize in<br />

small rooms or spaces, either … they<br />

create the illusion of space, so a small<br />

room will appear to be much larger.<br />

Long, full-length mirrors are also<br />

great left on the floor and leaning<br />

against the wall … stylish, elegant<br />

and useful. Great in a bedroom, or<br />

in a skinny passageway.<br />

If not being hung – or leaned – at<br />

a particular height for a specific<br />

reason, hang them as you would<br />

artwork … at eye level.<br />

Modern, classic and antique,<br />

crystal-clear glass or a smoky,<br />

moody option … mirrors can add<br />

style, or create one.<br />

Understated,<br />

classic, useful,<br />

this leaning<br />

mirror is a<br />

marvellous<br />

bedroom<br />

option.<br />

R4499 from<br />

home.co.za<br />

Love these two …<br />

loads of charm and<br />

character. The soft<br />

oval mirror and the<br />

wood and bone one<br />

(with each mirror<br />

slightly varied due<br />

to the nature of the<br />

reclaimed wood) cost<br />

R2999 each, from<br />

cecileandboyds.com<br />

If you’re looking to make a<br />

statement, you don’t need<br />

to go much further than this<br />

glam, gold Geneva mirror …<br />

small round mirrors connect<br />

to form an eye-catching,<br />

contemporary showpiece.<br />

R3895, blockandchisel.co.za<br />

16 Get It Magazine <strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong>

Mirror,<br />

mirror<br />

Who’s the most<br />

stylish of them all?<br />

Round, oversized mirror<br />

in gold metal, R1500,<br />

mrphome.com<br />

Old world elegance and glamour … this<br />

Liberty mirror is right up there at the top<br />

of the decor style trends. Oversized round<br />

mirror – tick. R2495, blockandchisel.co.za<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong> Get It Magazine 17

PLANT<br />

Indoor plant of the month<br />

We’re massive fans of the white anthurium, a lovely Easter<br />

flower. As the blooms age, they often develop a soft green<br />

tinge … really pretty. The combination of lush green<br />

leaves and glossy white ‘flowers’ – which are in fact really<br />

coloured leaves – lighten and brighten a room, improving<br />

and purifying the air as well. Anthuriums thrive anywhere<br />

with good light and a little water once a week. A good<br />

plant for beginners, they forgive neglect and are almost<br />

indestructible. And if you feed them with liquid fertiliser<br />

once a month, except in winter, you’ll encourage them to<br />

keep on pushing out flowers. Details: lvgplants.co.za<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO and ALICE COETZEE.<br />

We’re planting…<br />

Osteospermum Serenity Coral Magic is a really wonderful, neat, compact plant,<br />

that’s always covered in flowers and is great for tucking into the front of a border,<br />

and is a breathtakingly beautiful patio plant. With its soft coral blooms with a<br />

glowing inner ring and deeper pink or lilac centre, they’re at their best in Autumn<br />

… and as the flowers mature they change colour, hence the ‘magic’. We like it<br />

alone, but if you want some added colour, it combines well with Osteospermum<br />

Blue Eyed Beauty – which has a purplish-blue centre and yellow petals. Plant<br />

these in a sunny spot, in well-composted soil that drains well. They are not waterhungry<br />

but will bloom better if the soil is kept moist while they are flowering. They<br />

are easy to grow, reliable and vigorous … flowering a little less during the very cold<br />

months but bouncing back with a great Spring flush. Details: ballstraathof.co.za<br />

Take off the<br />

gardening wellies,<br />

kick up your heels<br />

and give your<br />

hard-working<br />

feet a refreshing<br />

dose of moisture<br />

with this Burt’s<br />

Bees Peppermint<br />

Foot Lotion. The<br />

cooling lotion will<br />

revive tired feet,<br />

and the glycerin<br />

and coconut oil<br />

will soften rough<br />

calluses, leaving<br />

your feet smooth<br />

and ready for the<br />

next day in the<br />

flower beds. 99 per<br />

cent natural, it’s<br />

R200 from takealot.<br />

com or Dis-Chem.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong> Get It Magazine 19

Walkies<br />

Time to dress up and hit the neighbourhood<br />

streets for our evening sniff and stroll<br />

Every good boy needs a treat (in our house, aka a bribe). And these<br />

Montego Bags O’ Wags go down … well, a treat. New look, new flavours<br />

(think Juicy Boerewors, Yummy Peanut Butter, Caramel and Condensed Milk,<br />

and 11 more), in Crunchy, Munchies, Squishies and Puppy Trainers. We’re<br />

going to try the Refreshing Mint Flavoured Dental Tubes variety (bye-bye<br />

dog breath). The treats are made from real meat and are an ideal daily treat<br />

to complement a healthy, nutrition-based and balanced diet for all breeds<br />

of puppies and dogs. You’ll find them at pet and vet stores for between R17<br />

and R76, depending on size and flavour. Details: montego.co.za<br />

Compiled by: KYM ARGO<br />

The prettiest mutts will strut their stuff with this turquoise,<br />

lilac and rose gold collar and leash set. It’s high-quality nylon<br />

webbing, completely waterproof and tear-resistant, is for<br />

small breed dogs (sets for larger hounds are available), and is<br />

from Valgray for Dogs … a dog fashion brand with products<br />

designed to elevate your dog from the rest of the pack! Each<br />

collar comes with a free set of accessories – a stylish rose gold<br />

colour plated dog tag and slider broach, with your pet’s name<br />

laser engraved included in the cost of R639. And now that the<br />

evenings are turning a little chilly, pull on Rover’s handcrafted<br />

dog snoods. Locally made, soft crocheted snood scarf, it’s R399<br />

and available in fashion shades like Pistachio Mist, Canary, and<br />

Blush, (and we kid you not, there’s a matching human and dog<br />

snood set, too, for R799). Details: valgrayfordogs.com<br />

20 Get It Magazine <strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong>

There is not a cuter<br />

gift shop for dogs<br />

than Urban<br />

Hound Social.<br />

With African<br />

ShweShwe<br />

collections, as well<br />

as Urban and African<br />

Print designs there are<br />

BlankyBeds (in washable soft<br />

faux rabbit fur or indulgent velvet<br />

fleece – spoilt much?), Cush Covers<br />

(to turn your continental pillow into a<br />

stylish dog bed), Fundanas and Bow-Wow-<br />

Ties (for best-dressed outings) and Happy Bones<br />

puppy toys … all modelled by the lovely Ally and<br />

Rollo rescue pups. Besides visiting the site for really<br />

fabulous pet pressies, there are loads of entertaining blog<br />

posts to read. This purple ShweShwe Fundana bandana comes<br />

in three sizes, is machine washable after rolls in the mud, and costs<br />

from R199 to R<strong>21</strong>9 from urbanhoundsocial.com and superbalist.com<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong> Get It Magazine <strong>21</strong>





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Hands on Frail Care<br />

and Assisted Living<br />

Situated within the prestigious Upper Waterkloof Retirement Village, this clinic<br />

offers round the clock security and access control. Our double story clinic offers<br />

luxury private rooms, shared rooms and two lady wards with an en-suite. Single<br />

rooms may be personalised with your own personal belongings, or alternatively,<br />

you can make use of our standard furniture.<br />

AD Care Waterkloof Frail Care Clinic is close to the Kloof Mediclinic and<br />

Groenkloof Life Hospital with on-call ambulance services available 24 hours per<br />

day.<br />

Services include: 24 hour Nursing Care, Medication management, all meals,<br />

general hygiene, hand, foot and nail care, daily laundry and housekeeping services<br />

7 days a week.<br />

On call Doctor, Ambulance services, therapists and wound<br />

care sisters at additional charge.<br />

Our main focus is to provide a value-added service<br />

to our clients in the following fields:<br />

Alzheimer’s & Dementia<br />

Stroke Patients<br />

Parkinsons disease<br />

Frail Care for elderly patients<br />

173 Regulus Drive<br />

Waterkloof Ridge<br />

liesl@adcarewaterkloof.co.za<br />

071 689 7308<br />

074 034 <strong>21</strong>79 / 084 201 4741<br />



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We love exploring our city ... rich with history and magnificent landmarks.<br />

This month we’re travelling back to the Victorian Age … more especially to<br />

a well-preserved piece of history, the Sammy Marks House, with this excerpt<br />

from the gorgeous coffee book table, Hidden <strong>Pretoria</strong>.<br />

A side view of the house with manicured<br />

gardens in the foreground. Extensions to the<br />

building were in keeping with the family’s<br />

growing stature – the double storey section<br />

contains the firs-floor billiard-room additions.<br />

28 Get It Magazine <strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong><br />

Hidden <strong>Pretoria</strong> by Johan Swart and Alain Proust is an exceptional book, and we’d say a<br />

must own for <strong>Pretoria</strong> residents (as well as those who love our gorgeous city). It highlights<br />

some of our hidden treasures, reminds of the architectural riches and also enlightens visitors<br />

who might think the city only offers the Union Building, with the monumental Mandela<br />

statue and the Voortrekker Monument. There is that but also so much more. Think places of<br />

worship, palace of Justice, museums, bank buildings, arcades, alleys and atriums, hospitals<br />

... just waiting to be explored. R470, Penguin Random House

The story<br />

of Sammy<br />

Marks<br />

is that of a selfmade<br />

man. From<br />

a relatively poor<br />

background in<br />

Lithuania, he came<br />

to South Africa by<br />

way of Britain, a<br />

Jewish trader who<br />

would later become<br />

a businessman, mining tycoon<br />

and industrialist on the Highveld.<br />

Mendelsohn’s 1991 biography on<br />

Marks, titled The Uncrowned King of<br />

the Transvaal, alludes to his influence<br />

in the region. In the Zuid Afrikaansche<br />

Republiek (ZAR), Marks was initially<br />

an uitlander (immigrant) but, being<br />

a close ally of President Paul Kruger,<br />

he gained concessions for a number<br />

of industries that had considerable<br />

impact on the region becoming selfsufficient.<br />

Apart from the infrastructure<br />

associated with his coal, steel,<br />

dynamite, liquor, retail and agricultural<br />

industries, Marks was also the patron<br />

of important civic buildings, including<br />

the Old Synagogue and the Sammy<br />

Marks Fountain.<br />

Marks developed his estate on the<br />

farm Zwartkoppies, on the banks<br />

of the Pienaars River adjacent to his<br />

Eestefabrieken industrial projects on<br />

the Delagoa Bay trade route. Today,<br />

Zwartkoppies is located about 20<br />

km east of the city centre and rather<br />

hidden away alongside <strong>Pretoria</strong>’s<br />

rapidly developing periphery, wedged<br />

between Mamelodi township and<br />

<strong>Pretoria</strong>’s wealthier suburbs. It is one<br />

of a number of heritage sites, all<br />

related to important personalities, that<br />

currently serve as house museums. The<br />

estate shares its Victorian domesticity<br />

with the Melrose House of George<br />

Heys, Jewish financiering with the<br />

Paul Kruger House, and country estate<br />

escapism with the Jan Smuts House.<br />

The house and its associated<br />

domestic rituals are Victorian in their<br />

conception and perhaps reflect<br />

Marks as Anglophile with middle<br />

class English ideals. Construction<br />

materials were imported, shipped and<br />

carted to <strong>Pretoria</strong>. Marks is reputed<br />

to be responsible for much of the<br />

initial planning, and construction<br />

commenced around 1884.<br />

Although<br />

the Marks<br />

house was<br />

not a typical<br />

Transvaal farm<br />

dwelling, the<br />

wrap-around<br />

veranda and<br />

slate floors<br />

were regional<br />

features and<br />

the house<br />

represents an<br />

adaptation<br />

of Victorian<br />

ideals to the<br />

South African<br />

landscape.<br />

The kitchen, with its large imported stove, was an early addition<br />

to the house. ‘Modern equipment and a large staff contingent enabled<br />

Marks to host groups of guests that included dignitaries such as<br />

Paul Kruger and Cecil John Rhodes.<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong> Get It Magazine 29

The initial furnishings were selected by Marks and his wife<br />

Bertha around the time of their wedding in England. During<br />

the latter parts of the 19th century, the house was altered and<br />

enlarged to reflect Marks’ growing ambitions and changing<br />

preferences, while upgrades to the plumbing, electricity and<br />

heating systems kept the property ahead of its time.<br />

By the early 20th century, most of the Marks family resided<br />

in Johannesburg, but the house remained in a family trust<br />

until the late 1980s when the state became the custodian<br />

of the Zwartkoppies property and it was proclaimed a<br />

national monument. Restoration work included revealing<br />

original decorative wall painting hidden behind subsequent<br />

layers and the reconstruction of the missing trelliswork on<br />

the verandas.<br />

The Zwartkoppies buildings are perhaps less architecturally<br />

accomplished than other buildings of the era, such as<br />

Melrose House, but the estate is a unique cultural landscape,<br />

an English country estate vernacularized to its South<br />

African veld. Apart from the house and its additions, there<br />

are outbuildings such as the stables complex, formal and<br />

landscaped gardens in the English tradition and remnants<br />

of former farming activities. Now under the management of<br />

Ditsong Museums of South Africa, the house preserves an<br />

extensive collection of original furniture, an exceptionally<br />

fine billiard room, as well as the Marks family archives. In the<br />

<strong>21</strong>st century, the Sammy Marks Museum serves both as a<br />

unique representation of early pioneer settler history and<br />

as a tangible reference point in reflecting on aspects of our<br />

colonial past.<br />

Visiting info ...<br />

The Sammy Marks Museum is<br />

open Tuesday to Sunday from<br />

9am until 2pm. The entrance<br />

fee inlcudes a guided tour,<br />

which lasts around an hour.<br />

There are regular bird walks,<br />

too, so ring for dates. Entrance<br />

is R50 for adults, R25 for<br />

children, R20 for pensioners.<br />

Savannah Country Estate,<br />

Old Bronkhorstspruit (R104)<br />

Donkerhoek. Details:<br />

012-492-5800, ditsong.org.za/<br />

sammy-marks-museum<br />

The dining room and drawing rooms are filled with<br />

furniture imported from England and a range of<br />

collected objects typical of Victorian homes.<br />

Several items, including the porcelain on display,<br />

bear the family monogram. The large portrait<br />

in the background is of Marks.<br />

The billiard room was seen<br />

as a status symbol and would<br />

have been used by Marks to<br />

discuss business and politics<br />

with his confidants. A unique<br />

feature is the original<br />

coved ceiling with its fine<br />

mouldings and hand-painted<br />

botanical motifs.<br />

30 Get It Magazine <strong>April</strong> <strong>21</strong>

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Spoil<br />

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Gasp. It’s ...<br />

Kate Spade New York.<br />

This may well be our sweetest Spoil ever! We’re dancing<br />

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This modern, fruity-floral fragrance is a joyful<br />

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musical West Side Story), dancing with friends<br />

against the iconic New York City skyline. But<br />

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