Guide to Reporting in R3




R3 has several reporting features to make

it easier to get your data out of the system

and in front of others. These include a set

of user-defined report parameters, built-in

templates of industry-standard reports, the

ability to create custom reports,

customizable charts, and standard and

custom graphs that are available to the




WR3 allows the user to set many report

parameters when generating reports. These

include which report template(s) are

chosen, what time frames should the report

show and at what frequency, the output

format which now includes Excel, Word,

Power Point in addition to PDF, and report

currency that were done with different

international models and currencies, you

can report them with one standard


Also, the economic model runs do not need

to be redone if any of these items change,

simply change the parameters and generate

a new report. If you are reporting on

several assets




The standard before-tax (BTAX)

and after-tax (BATAX) reports are

available in R3, in both portrait and

landscape mode.

Additionally, there are templates

for one-line reports and summary

reports that include more than

one asset.



R3 has a Report Builder that allows users to

customize reports for their company’s

needs. You can add custom headings, add

corporate logos, add columns for additional

phases, create new reports with data that’s

important to you, and include charts and

graphs on your report. We recently

updated to a new open-source report writer

that allows more flexibility in report

formats and styling.


Charts are used often in R3 to

present data to the user, like the

Stochastic Stats results for instance.

We also offer the ability to add

charts to reports. Whether you are

hoping to show a breakdown of data

by field, or look at contributions by

different factories, R3 is here to



R3 offers a diverse selection of graph

templates and functions. You will find the

traditional rate-vs-time, rate-vs-cum., and cutvs-cum.

templates. R3 can graph monthly and

daily historical data, and show multiple

graphs on one template. It’s easy to

customize a template by adding text boxes,

legends and other features to graphs, or to

create entirely custom templates with a

variety of axis/data types, including those

specific to water drive reservoirs.

R3 now provides a new Graphics module that

features a more dynamic user interface,

powerful multi-asset graphing, interactive

multi-graph options and adds the ability to

show data on log-log axis.

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