ESTETICA Magazine USA (1/2021)

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at www.esteticanetwork.com

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at www.esteticanetwork.com


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<strong>USA</strong><br />

the Hair<strong>Magazine</strong><br />


Blonde is for all seasons<br />

and ages - go for it!<br />

HAIR & NOW<br />

Runway creativity,<br />

long locks, and trends<br />


The latest updates on<br />

tools and education

Dedicated<br />

to perfectly toned<br />

blonde hair<br />

BLONDME ®<br />


- pH neutral toner mixture with<br />

integrated Bond Enforcing<br />

HydroLock Technology<br />

- Deep Toning for optical dimension<br />

on previously lightened dark bases<br />

- Versatile application for brush<br />

and bottle

editorial<br />

Recently a word has been rattling around in my brain for what I think are most likely<br />

obvious reasons: zeitgeist - or the defining spirit of mood for a particular period of<br />

history. Certainly the past year and the months that lie ahead will leave their mark on<br />

global culture, societies, and economies. During lockdowns and with limited travel<br />

Hair: Maggie Hancock<br />

Schwarzkopf Professional <strong>USA</strong><br />

Digital Artistic Team<br />

Photo: Vera Maslieva<br />

“Optimism doesn’t wait on<br />

facts. It deals with prospects.”<br />

Norman Cousins<br />

opportunities, we have had to adapt to working at home and online shopping, likely<br />

buying only the indispensable, and learn to rely on digital platforms for information,<br />

and social contacts. So it stands to reason that the pandemic<br />

zeitgeist will reflect a renewed<br />

appreciation for personal contact with<br />

friends & family, as well as services like<br />

hairdressing and beauty treatments.<br />

And now, with several Covid vaccines finally being distributed, this spring is<br />

delivering hope and a sigh of relief for both hair salons and their clients, all of whom<br />

are clambering to return to normal. These are the reasons why this issue contains<br />

trend and salon tool updates, as always, as well as Maggie Mulhern’s special feature on<br />

education – everything salon pros need to successfully reopen.<br />

Marie Scarano<br />

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Estetica n. 1/<strong>2021</strong><br />

contents<br />



Roberto Pissimiglia<br />


Marie Scarano<br />

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Laura Castelli<br />

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Serena Monachesi<br />

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Monica Tessari<br />

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LAYOUT<br />

Manuela Artosi<br />

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Davide Cardente<br />

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Nives Carena<br />

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<strong>ESTETICA</strong> <strong>USA</strong><br />


Maggie Mulhern<br />

ESPAÑA<br />

Bel M. Dolla<br />

Elisabet Parra, Cristina Hernández<br />


Michaela Dee<br />

FRANCE<br />

Marie Coccoluto<br />

UK<br />

Gary Kelly<br />

ITALIA<br />

Lucia Preziosi, Glorianna Vaschetto<br />


Erica Balduini, Ludovica Cavalli,<br />

Erika Marchese, Wilma Sommariva,<br />

Valentina Stella<br />

Photoshoot Cover Story 6<br />

Fashion Catwalks Spring/Summer <strong>2021</strong> 8<br />

Looks Luscious Lengths 14<br />

Education Just do it! 20<br />

Vision Do your own thing! 24<br />

Tools Cool news... 82<br />

Products 89<br />

international trends<br />

Hair now inspired by then 33<br />

How Hime are you? 34<br />

Spring comes with a yearning<br />

for more color and fresh<br />

fashions.<br />

Rétro Inspire 44<br />

Inspired by the classics,<br />

but with contemporary<br />

touches - pure creativity.<br />

Our Schwarzkopf<br />

Professional cover story<br />

and lots of looks for<br />

long locks.

<strong>USA</strong><br />

139<br />

the Hair<strong>Magazine</strong><br />

<strong>USA</strong><br />

Cover Image<br />

Hair: Schwarzkopf<br />

Professional <strong>USA</strong><br />

Digital Artistic Team<br />

Photo: Vera Maslieva<br />


Blonde is for all seasons<br />

and ages - go for it!<br />

HAIR & NOW<br />

Runway creativity,<br />

long locks, and trends<br />


The latest updates on<br />

tools and education<br />

Cover Story<br />

1/21<br />

cover <strong>USA</strong> Spring 21 OK.indd 1 19/03/21 11:14<br />

The Schwarzkopf Professional <strong>2021</strong> Generational Blonde<br />

campaign showcases formulas for blondes of all ages!<br />

There’s a saying that every woman should be a blonde at least once in her life and now it is possible for even those who were<br />

hesitant to make such a big change or were convinced they had just put it off for too long. Thanks to the gen-crossing vision<br />

of colorists Maggie Hancock (@MaggieMH) and Linh Phan (@BeScene), and of course Schwarzkopf BLONDME lightener,<br />

color and care products, stunning results can be created on all hair types! The Generational Blondes campaign will run on

all Schwarzkopf Professional’s <strong>USA</strong> social media channels, starting with a YouTube<br />

documentary that follows four women on their journeys to become blonde and<br />

culminating with step-by-step tutorial videos that teach stylists how to formulate<br />

color for each age range and replicate each of these fashionable look.<br />

“I have used BLONDME products on clients of all ages, and the result is always the<br />

same,” said Maggie Hancock, of Phan Hous Salon in Scottsdale, AZ. “When I spin<br />

that chair around and the client sees her hair in the mirror, I witness a complete<br />

transformation that isn’t limited to just her hair. No matter what her age, the client has<br />

more confidence, feels sexier, and walks out with more swagger. It’s my favorite part<br />

of what I do each day.”<br />

The Generational Blonde campaign is all about making a woman’s blonde<br />

dreams come true while remaining true to her own self and lifestyle.<br />

photoshoot<br />


Bronx Banco PO<br />

Dior<br />

Chanel<br />

Chanel<br />

Catwalks<br />

Fantasy. Culture. Flexibility:<br />

Three keywords to define Spring.<br />

Ready, steady, flourish and go!<br />

Laura Castelli<br />

Bora Aksu<br />

Catwalks Photos: IMAXtree.com/Andrea Adriani<br />

Francesca Liberatore<br />

Hugo Boss<br />

Ports 1961<br />


Chanel<br />

Etro<br />

Etro<br />

Max Mara<br />

Valentino<br />

Everyday life seems all uphill when it’s made<br />

up of lockdowns. But it is “when the going<br />

gets tough that the tough get going”<br />

and hairstylists are winning the<br />

battle. They know how to stay close<br />

to their clients, even from afar,<br />

by offering online advice and<br />

tips. Sometimes it’s just<br />

a scarf, some moisture<br />

to tame unruly hair,<br />

clips or a strategic<br />

ponytail!<br />

Chanel<br />

Drome<br />

Tommaso Aquilano<br />

Ports 1961<br />

Fendi<br />

Versace<br />

Versace<br />

Isabel Marant<br />

Valentino<br />

fashion<br />


Max Mara<br />

Francesca Liberatore<br />

Etro<br />

Milano Moda Graduate<br />

Ethnic is a style defined by its differences and the<br />

beauty of contrasts. This season has seen it<br />

triumph in its textures, super-sized and<br />

mini-braided versions. Beauty is at the<br />

root: to highlight, texturize, enhance.<br />

Even with the emergence of the<br />

hijab, beauty is still there, for<br />

everyone to see.<br />

Valentino<br />

Gauchere<br />

Salvatore Ferragamo<br />

Gauchere<br />

Balmain<br />

Balmain<br />

Maitre Pierre<br />

Ports 1961<br />

Ports 1961<br />

Dior<br />

Koche<br />


Dolce&Gabbana<br />

Valentino<br />

Yamamoto Ports 1961 Dolce&Gabbana<br />

Blumarine<br />

Dior<br />

'<br />

Blumarine<br />

Dolce&Gabbana<br />

When time is on hold,<br />

we always look to the<br />

past, searching for magic<br />

and yearning for the<br />

desire to dream, always<br />

aspiring towards<br />

beautiful hair. The idea<br />

of dedicating time to<br />

crimping or cropping<br />

à la 1930s, or riding on<br />

a whim and wearing<br />

the iconic mullet,<br />

immortalised by David<br />

Bowie but so easy to<br />

update for the present.<br />

fashion<br />


Enfants Deprimes<br />

Enfants Deprimes<br />

Kenzo<br />

Alexandre Mattiussi<br />

Versace<br />

Milano Moda Graduate<br />

Balmain<br />

Completely at ease in their renewed<br />

guise of the metropolitan dandy, men<br />

are the protagonists of the season,<br />

more than eager to test themselves<br />

and gamble in the fashion stakes<br />

after rediscovering themselves<br />

in the lockdown bathroom<br />

mirror, they live and<br />

breathe the<br />

opportunity to<br />

thrive on<br />

change.<br />

Salvatore Ferragamo<br />

Kenzo<br />

12 fashion

Dolce&Gabbana<br />

Max Mara Balmain<br />

Ferretti<br />

Valentino<br />

If hair is the language of choice, then the fringe is a<br />

declaration, a unwritten code for those with courage. Once<br />

done it is irreversible, in substance and in principle. An important<br />

statement, it’s proclamation is made and no discount is offered.<br />

It’s how and why she always knows when to be her own woman; be she<br />

romantic with gentle and soft curls and ringlets, fragmented and broken<br />

by indecision, or resolutely Japanese, clean and super short.<br />

Vien<br />

Vien<br />

Vien<br />

Vien<br />

Valentino<br />

Drome<br />

Drome<br />


Luscious Lengths<br />

The world is embracing longer hair, either by choice or<br />

necessity! Here’s a look at how lengths are trending...<br />

Gary Kelly & Marie Scarano<br />

Long months of on-and-off lockdowns has made it difficult to clinch a hair appointment. So hair has definitely been<br />

getting longer and clients are demanding that those lengths they nurtured through lockdown be kept in absolute top<br />

condition and looking their best. We’ve brought together the hair expertise of salon professionals to take a closer look<br />

at this growing trend.<br />


“I love this look because the embossed detail on the hair it lifts the whole feel of the image, adding an extra dimension without taking<br />

anything away from the simplicity of long beautiful hair shining in the sunshine. The image is about conveying effortless beauty, it’s that<br />

feeling of carefree yet perfectly polished hair.”<br />

Paul Falltrick, GFC Hairdressing (UK) and Artistic Ambassador for Revlon Professional<br />

Hair: Sharon Malcolm<br />


“The inspiration for this image came from visiting the Isabella Blow collection at Somerset House a number of years ago.<br />

She was a true fashionista and I was inspired by her creativity. I love working with long hair and this model already had really<br />

well conditioned hair. This image shows that you can take long, straight hair and turn it into something more glamorous for<br />

a night out or a special occasion. Whether it’s glamorous or casual, long hair looks healthy and beautiful if you always use a<br />

good shampoo and conditioner, regularly use conditioning masks, drink plenty of water and eat your greens.”<br />

Sharon Malcolm (UK)<br />

Hair: Paul Falltrick<br />

14 looks


“The sheer simplicity of this look is what makes me love it so much. Sometimes less is more and<br />

this look epitomizes healthy hair in a classic style. Inspired by the long hair styles of the 70’s and<br />

a nod to Agnetha from ABBA, the look showcases a long, lustrous hair with a face framing flick<br />

on the curtain fringe, which is hugely popular at the moment”.<br />

Tim Scott-Wright @ The Hair Surgery, (UK)<br />

Hair: Tim Scott-Wright @ The Hair Surgery<br />

Hair & Photo: Michael Haase @ Platinum Black by Michael Haase<br />


“This look is from a collection which shows the diversity of the year ahead and the consequential<br />

diversity of the lengths of colours and designs to come. I believe shorter haircuts will not only be<br />

changing, but the technical aspect of hair will change, requiring more cutting methodology for accurate<br />

execution.”<br />

Michael Haase Platinum Black (<strong>USA</strong>)<br />

trends<br />



“The darkness and light of the Old Masters’ paintings have always intrigued me. The extreme texture<br />

on the lengths adds incredible depth and dimension, with heightened chiaro-scuro contrasts.”<br />

Detra Smith @ Olivia Garden (<strong>USA</strong>)<br />

Hair: Detra Smith@Olivia Garden; Photo: Kim Alexander; Make-up: Olivia Sparks<br />

Hair: Louise Jenkins, Kirby Blythe, Maria Vaughan; Make-Up: Sally Rowe; Dress: Joanna Leigh Couture; Photography: Joseph Scanlo<br />


“Ponytails are becoming an increasingly on-trend choice for brides who are looking for something a little<br />

different to a traditional updo. Glammed up versions of undone styles are also perfect for those who want<br />

cool glamour for their big day – and ponytails also provided a perfect way to showcase trending hair<br />

accessories like bows and clips. This textured ponytail was created using Great Lengths tapes, available in<br />

natural, rooted, fashion and limited-edition shades.”<br />

Great Lengths<br />

124 trends trends 125


“This look is sexy yet effortless, with a strong focus on volume and texture. I used the “ghd curl styler” and Oribe styling and<br />

texturizing products to create dramatic curls and exaggerated volume, with a va-va-voom effect. Freedom, movement and confidence<br />

are the key words for this stunning look that is on this season's “Bring back the layers“ hair trend. The modern simplicity of layering,<br />

together with femininity, creates an overtly romantic and sophisticated style. It translates to combine a classic femme fatale look,<br />

seductive but elegant.”<br />

Marco Chan (Hong Kong)<br />

Hair : Marco Chan @marcochanpro; Make-up: Elaw Wong; Photo: Ricky Lo; Styling: Janet Ho<br />

Hair: Daniele De Angelis<br />


“I love long hair, it can be modern and expressive or soft and luxurious. The client should wear their long hair, rather than allow their<br />

long hair to dominate them. It should always be beautiful and the center of attention, and today’s product technology keeps hair soft<br />

and feminine. The great thing about hair is its versatility - you can wear it smooth and straight one day and the next textured and<br />

loose. This image epitomizes the modern women who wants to look effortless but on trend.”<br />

Daniele De Angelis (UK)<br />

looks<br />



“For this look, I really wanted to step outside the box. Typically men’s hair is very tailored and clean. Barbering shows a lot in men's<br />

editorial work. I wanted to express clean, tailored and sexy hair by showing how long hair can still have all those characteristics and be<br />

professional. It’s fashion-forward; it’s taking old grunge looks and making them cool, yet business ready.”<br />

Marilyn Vendittelli (<strong>USA</strong>)<br />

Hair: Marilyn Vendittelli; Photo: Kale Friesen; Make-up: Meaghan Gregory Bell; Styling: David Vendittelli)<br />

Hair/Colour: Sam Villa/Geneva Cowen; Photo: Roberto Ligresti; Make-up: David Maderich; Stylist: David Widjajac<br />


“The blunt ends brought forward in contrast to the rounded volume on top may pay homage to the mullet, but in a version that is<br />

light years ahead of the original 1.0. The ultra-smooth finish adds the right shine while subtle balayage colour gives a sunburst effect<br />

that illuminates the face.”<br />

Sam Villa (<strong>USA</strong>)<br />

18 looks


“Color Space is a new, scientifically driven hair colour line just founded in 2020 by industry veterans,<br />

Ray Civello and Lupe Voss, who dished up a splendid ginger red in a naturally, air-dried wavy texture<br />

for a free-spirit aspiring to Lady Godiva.”<br />

Color Space Hair (<strong>USA</strong>)<br />

Hair: Color Space Hair<br />

Hair: Nicki Ting @K11 Hair Corner Model: Wing Wong<br />

SOFT & SILKY<br />

“It’s all about ‘soft shape’ and ‘silky shine’, so beautify the overall shape with simple, soft, naturally-curled ends.<br />

By having layers through the hair some subtlety is built-in and hair is given an even more flawless look. This<br />

style is the peak of glamour and gives a big boost to confidence. Less is more, so strip away the excesses and<br />

going back to basics. Find a harmonious balance and stick to what is essential in hair, colour and style.”<br />

Nicki Ting (Hong Kong)<br />

124 trends trends 125

Just do it!<br />

Ah! There is a light is at the end of the tunnel! Now that<br />

people are getting vaccinated and heading back to salons for<br />

professional services, it is full steam ahead for everyone. Maggie Mulhern<br />

Fortunately, many salon pros have used this past year to perfect existing areas of expertise or add new skills to their<br />

arsenal. Brands and community leaders have been offering plenty of virtual education throughout this year-long ordeal<br />

and many pros have tapped in. For example, a surprise hit for the Goldwell community was projected virtually from the<br />

Kao Salon Academy in New York. The 3-hour, hands-on Virtual Blonding course, featuring International Goldwell Artist<br />

Rebecca Hiele, sold out in just one day and was so popular the brand is offering it again this spring (visit Goldwell.<br />

com). Charles Elias, Director of Education, Kao <strong>USA</strong> Salon Division, commented, “When salons reopened last summer,<br />

we anticipated demand for Corrective Color classes on our Virtual Education platform[...] We added Blonding as well<br />

because we knew that during these uncertain times, many clients would want low maintenance color services with a<br />

more forgiving grow-out like balayage, partial highlights or a smudged root.” Goldwell, along with other companies, will<br />

continue with virtual programs during the coming year. Check out these pages and just do it!<br />


Schwarzkopf Professional and Alterna joined forces and offered a digital Look and Learn<br />

event called “Reignite Your Passion”. Hosted by Ian Mayer-Marszalek – SKP Senior National<br />

Corporate Trainer, the event was designed to invigorate stylists with new techniques<br />

that can be utilized immediately on their clients. Because of the success of this program,<br />

Schwarzkopf Professional will be offering Look and Learn Technique Driven Digital seminars<br />

throughout the year to feature new products. new techniques, and tricks & tips, taking<br />

their craft to the next level. Seminars are available in English and Spanish, and can be found<br />

at Schwarzkopfprofessionalusa.com.<br />

Goldwell<br />

Schwarzkopf Professional

Photo courtesy of R+Co<br />

Hair: Amber Marie Compian - Photo: Mohammed F.Ghanayem<br />

FAROUK<br />

SYSTEM<br />

Since the beginning of the<br />

pandemic, Farouk Systems<br />

Inc. has been offering a<br />

variety of educational<br />

opportunities including<br />

webinars, Zoom, and live<br />

social media events, reaching<br />

thousands of professionals<br />

from specialty classes with<br />

as few as 15 attendees,<br />

to larger events offering<br />

education to well in the<br />

1,000’s.While color trend<br />

and color correction<br />

education was popular, one<br />

of the greatest hits was the<br />

formulation and application<br />

class called “Karmic Blonde”,<br />

which was taught by colorist<br />

Amber Marie Compian.<br />

R+CO<br />

R+Co offered a very popular<br />

social media VIRTUAL<br />

SALON SERIES course that<br />

they have made available<br />

on demand. This four-part<br />

business course is designed<br />

to help salon owners,<br />

managers and stylists learn<br />

how-to effectively sell retail<br />

and streamline the potential<br />

profit center. Structured<br />

to support a brick-andmortar<br />

salon, the series<br />

offers information to help<br />

create additional revenue<br />

opportunities by establishing<br />

a virtual salon business that<br />

drives around-the-clock sales<br />

— even during non-business<br />

hours.<br />

F L U I<br />

Photo: Cyda King and Larry Wright, courtesy of Andis<br />

D<br />

Above: Alison Alhamed,<br />

R+Co VP of Community,<br />

preparing for an R+Co<br />

Virtual Salon Series session,<br />

which teaches salons how to<br />

create additional revenue<br />

streams, establish a digital<br />

footprint, and maximize<br />

social media by creating<br />

content that drives converts.<br />

,<br />

FF<br />

ANDIS<br />

The most popular virtual classes offered by Andis are techniques<br />

offered in FLUID Volume 2: Embracing Heritage & the Natural<br />

Beauty of Multi-Cultural Textured Hair. Andis Creative Leads and<br />

International Educators, Eric Cheek and Kenny Duncan, featured stepby-step<br />

guidelines to the five looks using classic and new Andis tools.<br />

Professionals have the opportunity to dive into detailed sessions with<br />

smaller class sizes, one-on-one instruction and tailored feedback. These<br />

courses are designed to be hands-on, with mannequins recommended to<br />

maximize the experience during the step- by-step class. Visit andis.com<br />

education<br />


Hair: Keisha Mines - Photo: Lo Garcia<br />


Wella Professionals celebrated Black History<br />

Month this past February by shining the<br />

spotlight on hairstylists of color, offering<br />

content geared towards texture education<br />

and advancement of Black hairstylists, all<br />

culminating in a contest where 5 Black<br />

licensed salon professionals won a scholarship<br />

to the Wella Professionals education course of<br />

their choice. To continue the energy, the brand<br />

announced that the <strong>2021</strong> North American<br />

Beauty Envision Awards is now open to all<br />

beauty pros - at all levels of their careers.<br />

Thirteen categories include Color, Creative,<br />

Natural Texture, Total Transformation, Barber,<br />

Nail Artist, Bridal, Future Star, Editorial, Salon<br />

Team and Elite Artist, and are invited to enter<br />

by May 20, <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

For more info: www.beautyenvisionawards.com<br />

Above: Kevin Hughes,<br />

Moroccanoil Artistic<br />

Director, on set.<br />

Far right: The Wahl<br />

Disruptour team surrounds<br />

National Director of<br />

Education, Lisa Finucane<br />

and includes: Standing:<br />

Zach Ramsey, videographer<br />

Jeo Calero, Josh Carmona,<br />

and Trevor Moots. Sitting:<br />

Creative Consultant Byrd<br />

Mena, Nieves Almaraz,<br />

and Kevin Nguyen.<br />

The Moroccanoil Livestream<br />

Summits have been such a hit that<br />

the brand will continue to offer<br />

them on its academic platform.<br />

Open to the entire professional<br />

salon community, the Spring<br />

Summit, scheduled for April<br />

19, <strong>2021</strong>, will offer a full day of<br />

interactive education, artistry and<br />

business-building techniques.<br />

What makes this summit unique<br />

is that each segment is interactive,<br />

allowing the audience to ask<br />

questions in real time and engage<br />

with the facilitators. Moroccanoil<br />

is offering the Estetica audience<br />

a 50% annual, paid in full<br />

subscription discount (use code<br />

EST100). Visit Moroccanoil.com<br />

“Today virtual events,<br />

contests, and courses<br />

keep you in the loop”<br />

22 education MOROCCANOIL<br />


The Sam Villa brand has bulked up<br />

its team with renowned and<br />

diversified artists, making it possible<br />

to diversify educational offerings<br />

beyond cutting, styling, wellness and<br />

business, to now include barbering,<br />

color, texture, social and so much<br />

more. One of the first brands to jump<br />

on the virtual education bandwagon<br />

- even before the pandemic - Sam<br />

Villa continues to offer weekly LIVE<br />

education for free! A full calendar<br />

of educational offerings can be found<br />

at www.samvilla.com/educationcalendar.<br />


Lisa Finucane, National Director of Education, took this time to<br />

reorganize the Wahl Professional Education Team to support the<br />

different creative needs of the barber and cosmetologist communities.<br />

As more doors open, the members of the Disruptour team will provide<br />

high-end education in intimate settings across the United States with<br />

a combination of a “look and learn” stage presentation followed by a<br />

hands-on experience where attendees will learn the Disruptour Trend<br />

Cuts, styles and creative social media content. Visit wahlpro.com/

Photo: Claudia Paul<br />

MATRIX<br />

Matrix held its first global virtual<br />

trade show, Matrix Synergy <strong>2021</strong>,<br />

featuring 36 classes, 30 Global Matrix<br />

Artists and Ambassadors, 4 virtual<br />

main stages with access to 20 brand<br />

“moments” in the Matrix Playground.<br />

The show offered a variety of courses,<br />

like “Big Blonde Energy”, “Diversity<br />

Matrix” and “Foliage in 30 Minutes”.<br />

One highlight of the show was the<br />

introduction of the brand renovation,<br />

interaction with the “M-Team” and<br />

additional inspiration from artist<br />

network industry superstars like<br />

George Papanikolas, Tabatha Coffey,<br />

Michelle O’Connor and Eric Vaughn.<br />

Visit Matrix.com<br />



Cosmetologists Chicago (CC) is<br />

making mandatory Continuing<br />

Education Units (CEU) easier to<br />

earn during the pandemic. Licensed<br />

beauty professionals, nail technicians,<br />

cosmetology educators and estheticians<br />

can train virtually through CC’s<br />

on-demand education, all found at<br />

AmericasBeautyShow.com. Areas of<br />

education include technical education<br />

in color, cut, texture, skin care and nail<br />

artistry; as well as business including<br />

management, business operations,<br />

leadership and sanitation. Below:<br />

Gunny Hastings, Reverie Salon,<br />

Chicago, IL, perfects her skills through<br />

CC’s Continuing Education program.<br />

Photo: Nicole Strykowski<br />


“Culture. Identity. Hair – Texture Training” was designed by John Paul Mitchell Systems<br />

and Paul Mitchell Schools to update their curriculum for schools and salons, including<br />

education on Black history and culture, the importance of language and terminology, as<br />

well as skill development for cutting, color, styling and barbering on natural texture. Paula<br />

Peralta, Artistic Director, notes, “Whether the format is live or virtual, when educators are<br />

masters at their craft and deliver thorough information, the attendees are engaged from<br />

start to finish and walk away empowered and excited to create.” Visit PaulMitchell.com<br />

EUFORA<br />

Eufora chose to offer specialized education in their “Live Your Art” curriculum, devoting<br />

an entire learning segment to the service in the “Live Your Art” series, focusing on<br />

advanced color placement on highly textured hair. National Trainer, Lisa Vann, tackles all<br />

strong texture in this class, demonstrating the importance of placement for a gentle shift<br />

in color or a powerful finish, and also shares shade selection and formulations for desired<br />

results. www.eufora.university<br />

Hair: Lisa Vann, Assistant<br />

Hair: Aspen Day-Flynn<br />

Makeup: HannahVann<br />

Photo: Duncan Star-Boszko

Don’t fight it... just go with<br />

the flow. Wild and wooly or<br />

elegantly sculpted.<br />

(Left) Color Space Hair Team<br />

(Right) Hair: NAHA <strong>2021</strong> Finalist,<br />

Stephen Moody, Company N.A.<br />

Education Director<br />

Photo: Nick Berardi<br />

Make-up: Eric J. Allen & Collette Silva<br />

Styling: Chase Moody<br />

Do your<br />

own thing!

Best of<br />

<strong>USA</strong><br />

“Texture is key. Curls<br />

are in. Volume’s a must.<br />

The rest is up to you”<br />

25 vision

“Flaxen and honey<br />

mop-top or a spiky<br />

turquoise crest -<br />

poetry in hair”<br />

26 vision

Best of<br />

<strong>USA</strong><br />

A wide range of blond nuances<br />

lend themselves to getting the<br />

contrasts you seek. Warm honey<br />

and earthy tones for him. Icy<br />

platinum and turquoise for her.<br />

(Left) Hair: NAHA <strong>2021</strong> finalist,<br />

Dana Caschetta @ Blonde and Co<br />

Photo: Richard Monsieurs<br />

Make-up: Victoria Ceccio<br />

(Right) Collection by Wahl’s Disruptour<br />

Team Collection

Long and luxurious... or<br />

pointedly chopped? Why not?<br />

Time to be yourself.<br />

(Left) Hair: Maggie Hancock<br />

(@MaggieMH) Schwarzkopf Professional<br />

<strong>USA</strong> Digital Artistic Team<br />

Photo & Make-up: Vera Maslieva<br />

@vera.maslieva.art<br />

(Right) Hair&Photo: Michael Haase<br />

@PlatinumblackaMichaelHaaseSalon.<br />


Best of<br />

<strong>USA</strong><br />

“Gray is the new<br />

black; platinum<br />

is the new gray... ipso<br />

facto: gen-crossing<br />

for any age, length,<br />

or look”<br />

29 vision

30 vision<br />

“Class is not<br />

always synonymous<br />

with classic”

Best of<br />

<strong>USA</strong><br />

Taking texture and style up<br />

a notch... grooming can also<br />

be defined by a distinctive<br />

and personalised style.<br />

(Left) Hair: Marilyn Vendittelli<br />

Photo: Kale Friesen<br />

Make-up: Meaghan Gregory Bell<br />

Styling: David Vendittelli<br />

Products: Goldwell & KMS<br />

(Right) Hair: Andis Creative Lead,<br />

Eric Cheek & Kenny Duncan<br />

Photo: Cyda King & Larry Wright


JAPAN &<br />


26-28 SEPT <strong>2021</strong><br />


MODA<br />

INT’L<br />

HAIR NOW<br />


THEN<br />

Estetica is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year - and the best way of doing so is recognise the constant evolution of beauty. A combination<br />

of passion, research and artistic inspiration, the image is a link between past, present and future. Throughout the following pages, we showcase<br />

those parallels which celebrate current trends - from the hime cut emerging from Japanese origins through to retro-looks with a totally modernist<br />

slant. Every detail, shape and movement remains part of an entity forever in constant transformation.<br />

Il <strong>2021</strong> si apre con un anniversario importante per Estetica: 75 anni... Il modo migliore per festeggiarlo è sottolineare quanto la storia della bellezza<br />

sia in costante sviluppo. Fatta di grande passione, ricerca continua e ispirazione artistica, l’evoluzione dell’immagine è liaison d’autore tra<br />

passato e presente, con lo sguardo rivolto al futuro. Nelle pagine che seguono, i parallelismi estetici che celebrano l’attualità di tendenza. Dall’hime<br />

cut di origini nipponiche al rétro in chiave modernista. Perché ogni dettaglio, forma o movimento è parte di un tutto, in perenne trasformazione...<br />

Estetica feiert dieses Jahr sein 75-jähriges Bestehen - und am besten zelebrieren wir das, indem wir die stetige Weiterentwicklung der Schönheit<br />

begleiten. Eine Symbiose aus Leidenschaft, Forschung und künstlerischer Inspiration gehalten durch ein Band zwischen Vergangenheit, Gegenwart<br />

und Zukunft. Auf den folgenden Seiten zeigen wir die Parallelen zu aktuellen Trends - vom Hime-Cut japanischer Herkunft bis hin zu<br />

Retro-Looks mit einer ultramodernen Note. Jedes Detail, jede Form und jede Bewegung bleibt Teil einer sich ständig verändernden Einheit.<br />

<strong>2021</strong> est une année marquante pour Estetica qui fête ses 75 ans ! La meilleure manière de célébrer cet anniversaire est de mettre en avant l'évolution<br />

de la beauté. Construite autour de la passion et de la recherche en continu de l'inspiration, la beauté est le lien qui unit passé et présent. Avec<br />

toujours un oeil tourné vers le futur ! Dans les pages qui suivent, une célébration de la beauté en lien avec les tendances actuelles. Du Hime Cut,<br />

originaire du Japon, au Rétro, réinterprété en clé moderne. Parce que chaque détail, chaque forme et chaque mouvement constitue une partie<br />

indissociable d'un tout. Pour un ensemble en perpétuelle évolution...<br />

Estetica celebra este año su 75º aniversario, y la mejor forma de hacerlo es reconociendo la constante evolución de la belleza. Una combinación<br />

de pasión, investigación e inspiración artística, la imagen es un vínculo entre el pasado, el presente y el futuro. A lo largo de las siguientes páginas,<br />

mostramos esos paralelismos que celebran las tendencias actuales: desde el corte hime que surge de los orígenes japoneses, hasta los looks retro<br />

con un giro totalmente actual. Cada detalle, cada forma y cada movimiento forman parte de una entidad en constante transformación.

A<br />

R<br />

E<br />

Y<br />

H<br />

O<br />

W<br />

H<br />

I<br />

M<br />

E<br />

O<br />


‘Hime’ is a SS21<br />

style sensation:<br />

rooted in<br />

Japanese royal<br />

tradition but<br />

bang on-trend!<br />

Left:<br />

Hair: Chung-Yang Su<br />

@ Chiseled Hair<br />

Colour: Sanja Scher<br />

Photo: Chung-Yang Su<br />

Make-up: Ann Stevens<br />

Styling: Jessica Jade<br />

On this page:<br />

NAHA <strong>2021</strong> Finalist Haircutting<br />

Hair: Chris Baran<br />

Photo: Babak<br />

Make-up: Marie Laure Larrieu,<br />

Servonne Ku, Frederick Smiths<br />

Styling: Pascal Et Jeremie<br />

Courtesy of PBA

H<br />

O<br />

W<br />

A<br />

R<br />

E<br />

Y<br />

H<br />

I<br />

M<br />

E<br />

O<br />

U?<br />

NAHA <strong>2021</strong> Finalist Makeup Artist of the Year<br />

Hair: Derrick Rutherford<br />

Photo: Ema Suvajac<br />

Make-up: Dejana Pogrmilovic, Callie Cabral<br />

Courtesy of PBA

NAHA <strong>2021</strong> Finalist Student Hairstylist of the Year<br />

Hair: Madison Pollick<br />

Photo: Kristen Correa-Flint<br />

Make-up: Samantha Lemon<br />

Styling: Dallan Flint<br />

Courtesy of PBA

Hair: Chung-Yang Su<br />

@ Chiseled Hair<br />

Colour: Sanja Scher<br />

Photo: Chung-Yang Su<br />

Make-up: Ann Stevens<br />

Styling: Jessica Jade<br />

NAHA <strong>2021</strong> Finalist Haircutting<br />

Hair: Matthew Morris<br />

Photo: Kevin Alexander<br />

Make-up: Katelyn Simkins<br />

Styling: Matthew Morris<br />

Courtesy of PBA<br />

With or without a<br />

fringe, Hime is now<br />

a ubiquitous style in<br />

teen pop culture -<br />

rippling out from<br />

Japan, then Korea.

H<br />

O<br />

W<br />

A<br />

R<br />

E<br />

Y<br />

H<br />

I<br />

M<br />

E<br />

O<br />

U?<br />

Hair & Art Direction: Tom Connell<br />

Colour: Ashleigh Hodges<br />

Hair Assistant: Mathew Gavin,<br />

Grace Gebbie, Giuseppe Stelitano<br />

Photo: Jon Gorrigan<br />

Make-up: Jose Bass<br />

Styling: Steph Stevens<br />

Products: Davines

Hair: Christopher Byrne<br />

@ Sloans of Lane Cove<br />

Photo: Jarred Stedman<br />

Make-up: Chereine Waddell<br />

Styling: Christopher Byrne,<br />

Isabella Holder<br />

Right:<br />

Hair: Viktoriia Vradii<br />

Photo: Tony Le-Britton<br />

Make-up: Evgeniya<br />

Spiktorenko<br />

Styling: Irina Dzhus

H<br />

O<br />

W<br />

A<br />

R<br />

E<br />

Y<br />

H<br />

I<br />

M<br />

E<br />

O<br />


H<br />

O<br />

W<br />

A<br />

R<br />

E<br />

Y<br />

H<br />

I<br />

M<br />

E<br />

O<br />

U?<br />

Hair: Cos Sakkas<br />

@ Toni&Guy London<br />

Photo: Jack Eames

Sidelocks can be feathered<br />

or layered from mouth level,<br />

but the cheekbones always<br />

remain an emphatic feature.<br />

Above:<br />

Hair: Mode Hair Artistic Team<br />

Photo: Richard Miles<br />

Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis<br />

Left:<br />

Hair: Elie Valière<br />

Photo: Pascal Latil<br />

Make-up: Alexandre Gloaguen<br />

Styling: Caroline Bonnin

Photo Getty Images<br />


Hair: Candice McKay<br />

Photo: Justin Dingwall<br />

Make-up: Lynn Kendedy<br />

Styling: Thomas Van Dyk<br />

Courtesy of FPA

If present &<br />

future are only<br />

extensions<br />

of the past, then we<br />

must also look behind us<br />

to uncover the inspiration<br />

to evolve new trends<br />

and creative<br />

opportunities.<br />

[Art Déco,<br />

Nude in Color; 1926]<br />

Photo Getty Images<br />

[Queen<br />

Marie of Romania;<br />

1926]<br />

[Liza Minnelli; 1972]

Hair: Bill Tsiknaris @ Tsiknaris Hair<br />

Colour: Chris Tsiknaris, Anna Dahlin<br />

Photo: David Mannah<br />

Make-up: Pablo Morgade<br />

Styling: Josie McManus<br />

RÉTRO<br />


[Ada May; 1931]<br />

Photo Getty Images

Hair: Joana Neves, Sabrina Dijkman<br />

Colour: Yngve Thon, Monica Dorati<br />

Photo: Jack Eames<br />

Make-up: Sabrina Dijkman<br />

Styling: Mira Uszkureit<br />

Products: Alterna<br />

RÉTRO<br />


Screen to<br />

streetwise<br />

Even the most unconventional<br />

hairstyling vibes can<br />

probably trace their origins<br />

back to somewhere in the<br />

20th Century, with the<br />

golden age of the silver<br />

screen providing a huge,<br />

almost limitless resource to<br />

ensure those creative<br />

juices are free-flowing.<br />

Anche le acconciature<br />

più anticonvenzionali<br />

affondano le loro origini<br />

nel XX secolo, e l'epoca<br />

d'oro del grande schermo<br />

è una risorsa enorme, quasi<br />

sconfinata, che continua<br />

a far fluire liberamente la<br />

creatività.<br />

Selbst unkonventionellste<br />

Hairstyling-Vibes können<br />

ihren Ursprung im 20.<br />

Jahrhundert haben.<br />

Das goldene Zeitalter der<br />

Leinwand bietet eine<br />

riesige, fast unbegrenzte<br />

Ressource, um sicherzustellen,<br />

dass der kreative<br />

Fluss nie versiegt.<br />

Même les coiffures les plus<br />

anti-conformistes trouvent<br />

leurs inspirations dans le<br />

XXème siècle. L'époque en<br />

or du Grand Ecran comme<br />

inspiration, pour permettre<br />

à la créativité de suivre son<br />

chemin en toute liberté.<br />

Hair: Jude McEwen<br />

for Toni&Guy Australia<br />

Photo: David Mannah<br />

Make-up: Chereine Waddell<br />

Styling: Belinda Morton<br />

Incluso los peinados menos<br />

convencionales pueden<br />

tener su origen en algún<br />

momento del siglo XX, ya<br />

que la edad de oro de la<br />

gran pantalla es un recurso<br />

enorme y casi ilimitado que<br />

sigue permitiendo que la<br />

creatividad fluya<br />

libremente.<br />

[Ingrid Bergman, 1948]<br />

Photo Getty Images

Hair: Christopher Byrne<br />

@ Sloans of Lane Cove<br />

Photo: Jarred Stedman<br />

Make-up: Chereine Waddell<br />

Styling: Christopher Byrne,<br />

Isabella Holder<br />

RÉTRO<br />


RÉTRO<br />


Art Director: Juri Coppari<br />

Hair: La Biosthétique<br />

Artistic Team Italia

Photo Getty Images<br />

[The Sisters G; 1925]

RÉTRO<br />


Hair: Salone Firriolo<br />

Colour and Cut: Andrea Firriolo<br />

Hair Styling: Marco Firriolo<br />

Photo: Riccardo Giordano<br />

Make-up: Claudia Zambello

Photo Getty Images<br />

[Marjorie Holmes; 1938]<br />

[Bette Davis; 1939]<br />

The legacy of classic<br />

Hollywood:<br />

Curls, waves & undulating<br />

beauty that is a timeless<br />

spring-board for<br />

contemporarary looks.<br />

[Grace Kelly; 1955]<br />

[Ginger Rogers; 1935]

[Ruby Miller; 1928]<br />

Photo Getty Images

RÉTRO<br />


Art Direction, Photo & Styling:<br />

Magic Owen<br />

Hair: Anne Veck<br />

Make-up: Morgan Defre<br />

:<br />

Hair: Lorem et Ipsum<br />

A. Pistorius. R. Ipsumer<br />

Photo: Austerea Raltiun<br />

Make-up: Makka Palluas<br />

Styling: Imlore Mispst

RÉTRO<br />


Hair: Kapera Team<br />

& Aveda Education Team<br />

Colour: Greg Zakrzewski,<br />

Aveda Color Artist<br />

Products: Aveda

Photo Getty Images<br />

[Mary Pickford; 1925]

RÉTRO<br />


Hair: David Corbett @ David Corbett Hairdressing/Photo: John Rawson<br />

Make-up: James O'Reilly, Lan Nguyen-Grealis/Styling: Jared Green, Marika Page<br />

Tarantino<br />

[Elsa Martinelli; 1966]<br />

Fast forward into<br />

the cool 60s<br />

and ‘transition’...<br />

when fashion went bi-polar<br />

& all the rules were swept<br />

under the carpet,<br />

never to re-emerge.<br />

Photo Getty Images<br />

[Claudia Cardinale; 1965]

NAHA <strong>2021</strong> Finalist<br />

Hairstylist of the Year<br />

Hair: Julie Vriesinga<br />

Photo: Paula Tizzard<br />

Make-up: Florencia Taylor<br />

Styling: Julie Vriesinga<br />

Courtesy of PBA<br />

RÉTRO<br />


[Gloria Swanson; 1934]<br />

Photo Getty Images

RÉTRO<br />


NAHA <strong>2021</strong> Finalist<br />

Styling and Finishing<br />

Hair, Photo & Styling: Keith Bryce<br />

Make-up: Marie Fuentes<br />

Courtesy of PBA

RÉTRO<br />


Hair: Cos Sakkas<br />

@ Toni&Guy London<br />

Photo: Jack Eames

Photo Getty Images<br />

Aimées et admirées pendant<br />

des décennies, les années 20<br />

sont de nouveau remis au<br />

goût du jour en cette année<br />

2020 ! Des égéries, mais<br />

surtout des coiffures. Qui a<br />

dit que l'obsession pour les<br />

Root-lift est un phénomène<br />

actuel ? On le retrouve<br />

depuis des années.<br />

Revuelto y adorado durante<br />

todo un siglo, el 2020 ha<br />

recuperado un elemento<br />

básico de los años 20. No, no<br />

se trata de las chicas guapas,<br />

¡sino de su cabello! ¿Quién<br />

dijo que nuestra actual<br />

obsesión por la elevación de<br />

raíces es algo vanguardista y<br />

contemporáneo? Llevamos<br />

años con ello...<br />

Hair: David Corbett<br />

@ David Corbett Hairdressing<br />

Photo: John Rawson<br />

Make-up: James O'Reilly,<br />

Lan Nguyen-Grealis<br />

Styling: Jared Green,<br />

Marika Page<br />

Spanning<br />

the years<br />

[Hermione<br />

Baddeley; 1926]<br />

Swept up and adored<br />

throughout an entire century,<br />

with a 2020s reprise of a<br />

1920s staple. No, not the<br />

gorgeous gals, but their hair!<br />

Who said our current<br />

obsession with texturised<br />

root-lift is a cutting-edge and<br />

contemporary? We've been<br />

at it for years...<br />

Stravolto e adorato per<br />

tutto un secolo, il 2020 ha<br />

riportato in auge un<br />

caposaldo degli anni '20.<br />

Chi ha detto che l’attuale<br />

ossessione per il root-lift<br />

materico è all'avanguardia<br />

e contemporanea?<br />

È presente da anni...<br />

Ein ganzes Jahrhundert liegt<br />

zwischen diesen beiden<br />

Looks. Die 2020er haben<br />

diesen wunderbaren Style<br />

aus den 1920ern wieder<br />

aufgegriffen. Wer hat gesagt,<br />

dass der Hype um texturierte<br />

Ansätze super modern ist?<br />

Den gibt es schon ewig...

RÉTRO<br />


Hair: Lisa Schoor<br />

Photo: Brian Gould<br />

Make-up: Tannis Legary<br />

Styling: Linda Nelson

Photo Getty Images<br />

[Audrey Hepburn; 1961]

[Woman with Daisy; 1961]<br />

[Claudia Cardinale; 1960]<br />

Photo Getty Images<br />

Just how high<br />

can you<br />

really go?<br />

Tease it up, smooth it down<br />

and... repeat! The bouffant<br />

was THE ultimate<br />

in feminine style.<br />

[Raquel Welch; 1960]

RÉTRO<br />


NAHA <strong>2021</strong> Finalist<br />

Master Hairstylist of the Year<br />

Hair: Matthew Morris<br />

Photo: Alec Tremaine<br />

Make-up: Katelyn Simkins<br />

Styling: Matthew Morris<br />

Courtesy of PBA

[Barbra Streisand, 1970]<br />

Photo Getty Images

Hair: Cos Sakkas<br />

@ Toni&Guy London<br />

Photo: Jack Eames<br />

RÉTRO<br />


RÉTRO<br />


Hair: Thierry Lothmann<br />

Photo: Jules Egger<br />

Make-up: Émeline Marret<br />

Styling: Christelle Santabarara

Photo Getty Images<br />

International Creative Director: Simon Ellis<br />

Cut: Tyler Johnston/Colour: Jack Howard<br />

Photo: Simon Emmet<br />

Make-up: Helge Branscheidt, Lisa Breitfeld<br />

Styling: Lucy Manning, Giovanna Louise Balivo<br />

Products: Schwarzkopf Professional<br />

It's the one hair feature that<br />

really can be taken to excess:<br />

micro, almost non-existent or,<br />

as is the case here, almost<br />

so incredibly long so as not<br />

to hardly be called a fringe at<br />

all. Flatteringly demure, it<br />

can transform Lolita into a<br />

sophisticated lady - all in the<br />

sweep of brush!<br />

È l’unica caratteristica dei<br />

capelli che può davvero<br />

essere portata all'eccesso:<br />

cortissima, quasi inesistente<br />

o, come in questo caso, così<br />

incredibilmente lunga da non<br />

rientrare più in canoni<br />

prestabiliti. Piacevolmente<br />

discreta, può trasformare<br />

Lolita in una signora<br />

sofisticata, grazie allo styling!<br />

Das einzige Frisurenmerkmal,<br />

das wirklich übertrieben<br />

werden kann: als micro, also<br />

fast nicht vorhanden, oder<br />

wie hier so unglaublich lang,<br />

dass man es kaum als Pony<br />

bezeichnen kann. So<br />

schmeichelhaft zurückhaltend,<br />

dass er im Nu aus Lolita<br />

eine edle Dame zaubert!<br />

Hair: Lorem et Ipsum A. Pistorius. R. Ipsumer/Photo: Austerea Raltiun<br />

[Rolling Stones; 1973]<br />

The fabulous<br />

fringe<br />

C'est certainement l'unique<br />

style qui peut être porté à<br />

l'excès. Du très court au très<br />

long, ces coupes cassent<br />

tous les codes existants !<br />

D'un style discret, le styling<br />

peut transformer une jeune<br />

Lolita en une femme<br />

sophistiquée. En seulement<br />

quelques gestes !<br />

Es el único rasgo del cabello<br />

que realmente puede llevarse<br />

al exceso: micro, casi<br />

inexistente o, como en este<br />

caso, tan increíblemente<br />

largo como para no llamarse<br />

flequillo. Es un flequillo muy<br />

discreto que puede convertir<br />

a Lolita en una dama<br />

sofisticada, con un solo<br />


[Stella Stevens; 1965]<br />

Photo Getty Images

RÉTRO<br />


Art Direction: Stéphane Brassart<br />

Hair: Mak Angel<br />

Photo: William Cerf<br />

Products: Wella

RÉTRO<br />


Hair: Giovanni Iovino for Cotril<br />

Photo: Pasquale Abbattista

Photo Getty Images<br />

[Farrah Fawcett; 1975]<br />

[Jane Fonda; 1970]<br />

Seventies girl?<br />

Yes please...<br />

for the sex appeal!<br />

The flick, the feather,<br />

the wedge, the shag:<br />

in demand, always hot<br />

property and totally<br />

en vogue ever since.<br />

[Britt Ekland; 1970]

[Brigitte Bardot; 1960]<br />

Photo Getty Images

RÉTRO<br />


Hair: Claude Tarantino<br />

Photo: Jules Egger<br />

Make-up: Émeline Marret<br />

Styling: Etienne Jeanson


<strong>ESTETICA</strong>EXPORT.COM<br />

A new digital way to enhance<br />

international business is<br />

now available!<br />

An editorial and digital<br />

service supporting hair & beauty<br />

product manufacturers in enterprises<br />

into new international markets.<br />



Art Director&Hair: Geneva Cowen for Sam Villa Photo: Shalem Kitter<br />

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and software being proposed by leading brands and see<br />

how they can make a difference in your salon business.<br />

Hairdressers are living through unprecedented times, when lockdowns and health care regulations have stymied and<br />

complicated the salon business. Yet the hair care industry has been moving forward, developing new trends, products, and<br />

all sorts of innovative tools for optimizing both in-salon services and salon organisation with cutting-edge hardware and<br />

software. Such breakthroughs can make enormous differences in the lives of salon professionals in terms of occupational<br />

ergonomics and comfort while working long hours, facilitating greater precision in cutting, coloring and styling, and<br />

reducing overhead costs through improved efficiency. Marie Scarano


<strong>2021</strong> and this tool can get you the looks your clients are craving. From carefree texture<br />

to Insta-worthy braids and updos, texturize all over or just underlying sections for<br />

hidden lift and volume. Volume and texture are increased threefold! The flexible plates<br />

feature tiny round ridges that compress hair for long-lasting body and texture, and<br />

a ceramic-core with a titanium coated surface to distribute heat evenly for safe and<br />

consistent styling.<br />


CONVERSION technology is a<br />

groundbreaking system designed<br />

to effortlessly translate client<br />

formulas created in one color<br />

brand to a matching formula in a<br />

different brand instantly and with<br />

unprecedented accuracy. Seven years<br />

in the making, Color Conversion<br />

is enabled through SureTint’s LaRu<br />

Color Management Software and<br />

can be used on a mobile platform,<br />

through a salon’s LaRu dispense<br />

station or combined. In seconds,<br />

you have a precise, accurate new<br />

formula in the brand of your<br />

choice! Moreover, inventories are<br />

optimized and formulation errors in<br />

conversions are reduced.<br />

WAHL DISNEY/PIXAR SOUL CORDLESS SENIOR is a limited edition clipper, fruit of a collaboration between Wahl Professional -<br />

leader in grooming products in the salon and barbering industry, and Disney-Pixar to promote the movie “Soul”. The Cordless<br />

Senior is a one of a kind clipper with its metal bottom housing and cord/cordless capabilities. The clipper’s powerful rotary<br />

motor cuts thick hair with ease and its 2191 precision fade blades are adjustable, including zero-overlap capabilities. The 5 Star<br />

Cordless Senior offers a high quality lithium-ion battery featuring an 80 minute run time per charge and it’s ergonomic design<br />

fits comfortably in hand for easy maneuverability. This is just the kind of precision tool you need to create personalised looks<br />

for each and every client.<br />

tools<br />


DENMAN BRUSH continues on their mission to develop and innovate one of the salon professionals’ most basic tools, offering an<br />

impressive range of brushes, each designed for a specific purpose and hair type. For example, the D93M detangling brush (top<br />

left) is now available in either a new sleek monochromatic black or white style that’s perfect for professionals. To help keep your<br />

tools color coded and as colorful accents in your salon, the D83 (right) and D3 (far right) are now available in new fashion colors<br />

– Russian Grey and Nordic Ice. The D83 Paddle Brush is a classic for detangling, blow drying, and styling, especially for longer<br />

lengths, while the D3 Original Styler features 7 rows of pins, making it the perfect option for defining curls, detangling while blow<br />

drying, and even styling hair.<br />

OLIVIA GARDEN a global leader in high-quality,<br />

innovative tools for the professional hairstylist,<br />

has extended their OG Essentials line with new<br />

Thermal and Styling brushes – expanding the<br />

OG Essentials Collection that debuted in 2020<br />

to supply essential PPE to hairstylists who<br />

continued work during the COVID-19 pandemic.<br />

Shown here are the Essentials Thermal Brushes,<br />

including four new diameters: 1", 1 1 / 4<br />

", 1 5 / 8<br />

",<br />

and 2 1 / 8<br />

". Moreover, Olivia Garden is so sure<br />

of their superior manufacturing that a limited<br />

lifetime warranty against defects is included<br />

with all products.<br />

UNIMIX HAIR COLOR MIXER is a revolutionary hair color mixing system that helps reduce<br />

irritation and sensitivity while giving you faster processing times. UNIMIX creates a safe mixing<br />

environment and minimizes ammonia inhalation for both you and your clients, while helping to<br />

achieve evenly blended and perfectly textured color at a comfortable temperature for clients.<br />

One UNIMIX system can be used by 4-6 colorists. Color Space also offers ergonomically designed<br />

custome hair color brushes, aluminum bowls, capes, and other color service accessories.

L'Oréal Professionnel Yelasai<br />

L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL’S STEAMPOD is an innovative flat iron and styler powered by steam. Although we might associate steam-power<br />

with the locomotives of yesteryear, this tool can launch hairstyling into the future. Thanks to the extra power of steam, hair can be<br />

twice as smooth and twice as fast compared to Steampod heating plates alone. Breakage can also be reduced up to 91% thanks to the<br />

integrated comb, which also serves to keep hair in place when waving. Depending on your preference, the comb can also be removed.<br />

These unique features boost the performance of the heating plates to effortlessly glide through hair without tugging or dragging,<br />

helping to reduce split ends for a shiny, healthy looking finish. Perfect for all hair types providing long-lasting hairstyles, from straight<br />

to wavy. Unique integrated steam and comb technology delivers .<br />

Any of these tools can be considered an investment in the future of your business, starting with colorful brushes and combs<br />

for a relatively low-cost easy boost to your morale or colorful accents for your work station. And the more efficient your<br />

styling tools are, the more you can in time and energy, not to mention money on your electric bill. More efficient coloring<br />

systems can help save money on inventory and space at your color bar, all while optimizing color mixes and matches for the<br />

pleasure of your clients and your professional satisfaction. Traditional hot tools are being upgraded with new materials and<br />

systems to keep hair healthier than ever before, with no compromising on beautiful styling. And salon software and apps<br />

can optimise your appointment times and keep you updated on products and education. And while there may be an initial<br />

financial investment to be made, you should also be prepared to take some time for education, learning how to get the most<br />

out of your new acquisitions with a view to getting a quick return on your investments.<br />

tools<br />


CHI<br />

Olaplex<br />

OLAPLEX PRO APP is a completely reimagined and modernized app available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. Designed exclusively<br />

to provide hairdressers with added benefits, including online OLAPLEX certification, a professional tool kit for hair health diagnosis, an Ask A Pro instant<br />

messaging feature and an affiliate program that will transform the way salon professionals interact with the brand globally in real time.<br />

CHI LAVA 2.0 HAIRSTYLING IRON is a unique combination of American Ingenuity and Hairdresser Expertise and German Engineering.that styles hair in just one<br />

pass, featuring tool power increased by 20% and the surface area of Lava increased by 10%. This brand-new ergonomic design also features a touch sensitive<br />

display with 31 different heat settings and an incredible heat up time of just 40 seconds. With the ability to adjust the temperature setting with ease, its Lava<br />

Mineral floating plates will produce ions every time the plate is heated, resulting in healthier stronger hair, reduced frizz, and amazing shine enhancement.<br />

These are the times that try hairdressers’ souls, and many salons worldwide are currently facing unprecedented challenges,<br />

many of which may continue, hopefully not for long, into the foreseeable future. So now is the time for salon professionals<br />

to do the research, analyze needs, and decide which innovations can guarantee the greatest return in your salon business,<br />

depending on your client demographics, current organization, and the skill sets available. Be prepared to welcome your<br />

clients back to your salon with renewed inspiration and expertise. Be ready to show them what they’ve been missing while<br />

under lockdowns and making do with home-made solutions: quality products, personalised pampering, and the expert<br />

hair care only a salon professional can provide.


COLLECTION is available in three<br />

sleek marble finishes: Rockin’<br />

Rosie, Jaded & Judgy, and<br />

Granite so you can pick and<br />

choose which hue best accents<br />

your style. The Shear Xpressions<br />

Japanese stainless steel shears<br />

are marblized on the front, but<br />

chrome-finished on the back.<br />

These 5.75” shears are the<br />

ultimate stylist accessory while<br />

supporting the creating/cutting/<br />

styling hair process. The Amped<br />

Up teashing brushes are perfect<br />

for focusing on detail styling<br />

and perfecting finishing touches.<br />

And the SX Simply Marblelous<br />

Combs come in four must-have<br />

styles to keep your station and<br />

your clients looking their best<br />

even after they've left the salon.<br />

ANDIS has always been a one-stop shopping spree for barbers, offering tools and accessories that keep the work flow running<br />

smoothly and clients in the chair groomed spot-on. For example, the Barber Cape is lightweight and breathable, anti-static and water<br />

repellent, and can be machine-washed. The Spray Bottles deliver an even mist, either as a single pump or a continuous spray, and<br />

in any position! And now Grip Accessories fitted for different lines of Andis clippers and trimmers are available. These little gems<br />

facilitate control of the tool while in use, thereby reducing fatigue and boosting precision.<br />

tools<br />



R+CO<br />

Lighten up! With the On a Cloud family of Baobab Oil Repair Shampoo and Repair<br />

Masque to help repair damaged hair, then finish up with the Baobab Oil Repair Splash-On<br />

Styler that helps rebuild bonds all day and seals the cuticle to smooth hair and fight frizz.<br />

Nioxin<br />

Infused with Aloe Vera,<br />

the Nioxin Scalp Relief<br />

System Kit is a 3-part<br />

hair care regimen that<br />

soothes sensitive, dry,<br />

and itchy scalp and<br />

thickens hair instantly.<br />

Free of parabens,<br />

sulfates, and colorants,<br />

special ingredient<br />

Soothex also reduces<br />

stinging and irritation.<br />

Schwarzkopf<br />

Professional ®<br />

Schwarzkopf<br />

Professional’s SalonLab<br />

Smart Analyzer takes<br />

the guesswork out<br />

of which products<br />

and services best suit<br />

a client’s hair type by<br />

analyzing hair at a<br />

molecular level. This<br />

lightweight, comfortable,<br />

hand-held device<br />

provides haptic feedback<br />

and instant results.<br />

Color Space <br />

This new brand<br />

offers vegan ammonia<br />

and ammonia-free<br />

permanent color lines<br />

and more. All are<br />

scientifically calibrated<br />

on a true color scale,<br />

allowing stylists and<br />

colorists to get the<br />

exact color they want<br />

every time, optimising<br />

precision and inventory.<br />

Goldwell<br />

Goldwell’s NUWAVE is a revolutionary, in-salon semi-permanent shape<br />

change service that creates cascading waves. Goldwell’s Smart Control<br />

Bond System ingeniously stops the waving process once hair reaches its<br />

desired shape so you get the wave you want.<br />

Eufora<br />

Eufora’s Reform Professional Waving<br />

System is a plant based phenom<br />

containing proprietary, naturally derived<br />

technology that utilizes sugar-based<br />

Dimethyglucamine, Hyaluronic Acid, and<br />

Aloe Vera to maintain the integrity of the<br />

scalp and hair during the waving process.<br />

products<br />


Riding out<br />

the storm<br />

Remodelling around<br />

Salon Emotion<br />

principles and<br />

leveraging social<br />

media helped this<br />

business navigate the<br />

pandemic storm.<br />

W<br />

hen Luke Huffstutter<br />

bought a struggling<br />

salon in 2007, he was<br />

floundering to get his<br />

sea-legs. That was until he<br />

stumbled upon the Summit<br />

Salon Business Center<br />

(SSBC) and the consequential<br />

exposure to L’Orèal Professionnel’s<br />

Salon Emotion program. Now<br />

Annastasia Salon in Portland, OR is<br />

going full sail ahead and growing<br />

annually (with the understandable<br />

exception of 2020 when they were<br />

closed for 10 weeks). “Everyone<br />

needs an extra edge right now to<br />

increase the value of the guest<br />

experience without breaking the<br />

bank,” Luke observes. “Salon<br />

Emotion allowed us to re-evaluate<br />

our entire guest experience to<br />

understand what was missing and<br />

what to do about it.” Moreover,<br />

with the points earned from Level<br />

Loyalty Rewards, he was even able<br />

to invest in the tools to take the<br />

experience to the next level!<br />


Luke is convinced that the 4-part<br />

Summit Digital Ecosystem and Salon<br />

Emotion has pushed the digital<br />

As a fourth-generation salon industry<br />

professional, Luke Huffstutter believes in the<br />

power, prosperity and autonomy the salon<br />

business can bring to his employees and<br />

indirectly benefit the community at large.<br />

90 business

footprint to another level. Firstly,<br />

intense focus is on being the first<br />

search to show up online, backed by<br />

strong Google reviews. Then there<br />

is a team content manager to help<br />

increase the staff’s Instagram<br />

presence. Third: each staff member<br />

has their own mini webpage on the<br />

Annastasia site so that their social<br />

platforms link directly to the salon<br />

webpage. making it easy to book<br />

online, buy products, and read the<br />

blog. Finally, Phorest software brings<br />

even more digital enhancements to<br />

the in-salon guest experience.<br />

By having their phones all the time,<br />

staff can text guests directly through<br />

the Phorest App, do online video<br />

consultations, and create beautiful<br />

portrait photo sessions.<br />


Safety, of course. “Tapping into the<br />

essence of Salon Emotion has<br />

allowed us to shout from the digital<br />

rooftops that we are doing<br />

everything to protect our guests and<br />

our staff,” explains Luke. “Note that<br />

SSBC was a leader in producing<br />

systems and support for the salon<br />

owner to get ahead of Covid<br />

regulations and get back to work<br />

stronger than ever. We relied heavily<br />

on their free resource page<br />

https://summitsalon.com/get-<br />

prepared/ to make sure we were<br />

taking every step necessary to thrive<br />

in this unprecedented time.” But the<br />

best is always the Consultation.<br />

“Wow Me!” he exclaims. “The time<br />

we spend with our guests asking<br />

questions, listening to their goals and<br />

concerns, and diving deep into how<br />

we can help them feel their best, not<br />

only locks in the special relationship<br />

a service provider shares with their<br />

guest, but also gracefully sets up<br />

90% of the sales opportunities to<br />

come. Our retention is up and our<br />

average ticket is up. That is genuine<br />

proof that you can have it all in the<br />

salon business.”<br />

“We really see the digital screens<br />

- iPads, LP apps, and TVs - as an<br />

extension of the salon experience”<br />


Lilac Aura<br />

introduced<br />

as Goldwell’s<br />

Color of the Year.<br />

by Maggie Mulhern<br />

There is already<br />

something to celebrate<br />

in this new year.<br />

Goldwell has just<br />

announced its Color of<br />

the Year for <strong>2021</strong>:<br />

Lilac Aura. The modern,<br />

fresh shade of pastel purple is<br />

launching today to colorists and<br />

beauty professionals around<br />

The color of a cluster of flowers that bloom in spring, exuding<br />

a delightful perfume, will evoke a flood of sensations leading to<br />

optimism and the sense of a new beginning.<br />

Lilac-love<br />

for spring<br />

the world. “It’s sophisticated,”<br />

says John Moroney, Global VP<br />

of Creative & Communications,<br />

Kao Salon Division. The midrange<br />

lilac, “has one foot in the<br />

past, and one foot in the future.<br />

There is an inclusion of a blue<br />

element, making it softer rather<br />

than brighter. It is a shade that<br />

speaks to calm and serenity.”<br />

Moroney and the Goldwell<br />

International Artists including<br />

Rebecca Hiele (US), Agnes<br />

Westerman (Netherlands) and<br />

Salome de Wet (South Africa),<br />

met at a workshop in Berlin<br />

(pre-pandemic) with several<br />

Zoom follow-ups and came up<br />

with the inspired formula, which<br />

was refined at a pre-covid<br />

photoshoot. Offering guidance to<br />

the team was Colour Trend<br />

Forecaster Jane Boddy who agrees<br />

with the selection, pointing out<br />

that the shade is “modern, fresh<br />

and electric, adding an element<br />

of comfort. It’s between bright<br />

and pale,” she says, “and gender<br />

neutral. It’s nostalgic, inspired<br />

by the retro shades from the<br />

70’s, with a touch of tech. It’s A.I.<br />

fashion.” There is a sense of<br />

optimism, not just about the color<br />

itself, but about the fact that<br />

Goldwell is even introducing a fun<br />

shade as its “Color of the Year” for<br />

<strong>2021</strong>. “With so many of us on<br />

lockdown, we’ve been confronted<br />

with ourselves,” Moroney says.<br />

“There’s been a lot of<br />

introspection. We have asked<br />

ourselves what is essential, what<br />

is necessary.” This gentle pastel<br />

gives the feeling of peace with just<br />

enough, needed, “happiness and<br />

pleasure. We are all in a new<br />

world,” Moroney adds.” Lilac Aura<br />

is hopeful and uplifting.”<br />

Moroney, his team and Goldwell<br />

are counting on the universal<br />

appeal of Lilac Aura. With an eye<br />

on the international market,<br />

Moroney expects the European<br />

and Scandinavian countries to<br />

start using the color right away,<br />

and anticipates colorists from the<br />

far east to embrace it quickly,<br />

adding that the nano dab of black<br />

in the formulation makes it<br />

“smokey enough for the asian market.”<br />

The shade is part of the <strong>2021</strong><br />

Goldwell palette as a member of<br />

the Essentialism Collection.<br />

“It is a formula for anyone to use<br />

in Elumen Play,” Moroney says.<br />

A true semi-permanent, Lilac<br />

Aura is designed to fade on tone,<br />

with beautiful results as the color<br />

loses intensity after each shampoo.<br />

Moroney is excited to see how<br />

Goldwell colorists plan to<br />

celebrate the introduction.<br />

US based Goldwell International<br />

Artist Rebecca Hiele says,<br />

“This cool nostalgic bright shade<br />

has strength and transcends its<br />

metallic hue from light pearl<br />

violet to cool lavender.<br />

Lilac Aura is the perfect new<br />

cool for my client canvases that<br />

are light and dimensional.”<br />

“The color has so much commercial<br />

potential,” Moroney adds. “It will<br />

look great in just about everyone’s<br />

hair.” To prove the point, Moroney<br />

had his own natural white hair<br />

colored with Lilac Aura to help kick<br />

off the launch.<br />

products<br />


Our time<br />

to shine<br />

Josh Woodman is a London based<br />

hairdresser that works on a number<br />

of leading UK celebrity TV show.<br />

He is also the current Denman<br />

Stage Star competition winner.<br />

Josh Woodman: “The<br />

pandemic has given us<br />

hair professionals a<br />

chance to show off our<br />

value and our skills.”<br />

dressing. So now it’s crucial to show textures only a professional can<br />

94 tools people why they need to ditch the achieve: add some graduation to<br />

home hair dye, stop chopping their a bob; add texture or directional<br />

bangs and get back to the salon. layering to straight bangs. Show<br />

After 5 years of training and them what a good haircut looks<br />

honing my techniques to become like. Third - professionals<br />

a senior London stylist, no home understand base shades, blending,<br />

hair kit or online tutorial can ever skin tones and have a vast arsenal<br />

match my skills and experience. of color techniques to create rich,<br />

And now is the time to prove it by vibrant and natural hair colors<br />

showing our clients what they’ve that you just can’t get from a box.<br />

been missing. First off, nothing in Even a small amount of the right<br />

Covid-19 has impacted the world beats a good shampoo color, in the right place, can really<br />

nearly every hairdresser with quality products and a<br />

enhance and bring a haircut to life.<br />

and salon worldwide with relaxing head massage. Simple Lastly, even with all the mousses,<br />

fewer customers and extras like using a D6 Be-Bop scalp brushes and electrical stylers in the<br />

mandatory closures. brushes to massage the scalp world, your clients can’t make their<br />

Our profession has been during conditioning can really hair shine, move and radiate like<br />

hit hard and now it’s time enhance the experience. Then, after you can. So let’s remind our clients<br />

to show our worth. Let’s get<br />

creative! With clients unable to visit<br />

salons, understandably there’s been<br />

a huge increase in home hairmonths<br />

of making do and chopping<br />

bits off, clients need a good cut,<br />

something much more than just a<br />

‘tidy-up’. Focus on the shapes and<br />

of who we are and what we do.<br />

If you want a good meal go to a<br />

good restaurant; if you want good<br />

hair, go to a salon.<br />

“A lot of clients have grown their hair over the last year, so we’ve been working on creating gorgeous shiny bouncy<br />

curls on longer hair with Denman Head Huggers.” Whether it’s using Head Huggers for creating shapes and textures, a<br />

D81 for finishing, or a D6 for a scalp massage, professionals give people an experience that can’t be recreated at home.

Color as a<br />

dimension<br />

Color Space focuses<br />

on superior product<br />

development, groundbreaking<br />

educational<br />

methods, and unparalleled<br />

precision in hair color.<br />

Ray Civello and Lupe Voss founded a brand featuring ammonia and<br />

ammonia-free permanent color lines, powder lighteners, developers,<br />

a bonding & restructuring treatment, and an oxidization stopper<br />

cuticle sealant.<br />

C<br />

utting-edge scientific<br />

developments, an<br />

immersive education<br />

program and products<br />

specifically designed by<br />

industry veterans Ray<br />

Civello and Lupe Voss<br />

to generate better value for salon<br />

owners and professionals are what<br />

make up Color Space: a brand<br />

that will fundamentally alter the<br />

way salons and their clients<br />

experience color. An in-depth<br />

study by Professor Alessandro<br />

Rizzi at a leading Italian University<br />

identified numerous challenges<br />

faced by colorists every day,<br />

including a lack of benchmarks<br />

for color precision and a distorted<br />

perception of color due to poor<br />

lighting. This research proved<br />

to be fundamental in defining<br />

the Color Space mission.<br />

Color Space is the first line to<br />

be introduced under Collective<br />

Beauty Brands, founded by<br />

Civello, which brings talented<br />

industry notables together to<br />

incubate meaningful brands.<br />

“We believe in doing business<br />

differently,” said Civello, “We are<br />

embracing a holistic approach,<br />

ranging from developing<br />

innovative offerings to looking at<br />

how we can help salons maximize<br />

their profitability. Weathering the<br />

challenging times of 2020, like<br />

never before the industry needs to<br />

band together and support each<br />

other in meaningful ways – a<br />

movement Color Space is excited<br />

to help influence.” Vegan ammonia<br />

and ammonia-free permanent<br />

color lines and more, are all<br />

scientifically calibrated on a true<br />

color scale, allowing stylists and<br />

colorists to get the exact color they<br />

want every time, optimizing<br />

precision and inventory. “Color<br />

Space isn’t just a gorgeous product<br />

– it’s calculated and calibrated,”<br />

said Lupe Voss, Co-Founder of<br />

Color Space. “The quality is truly<br />

unbeatable, and we are so excited<br />

to share this line with the stylist<br />

and colorist community.”<br />

Find more information at:<br />

colorspacehair.com<br />

@colorspace_hair<br />

products<br />


Meet the<br />

ColdBrush<br />

BaBylissPRO’s<br />

The ColdBrush is the<br />

only conditioning<br />

tool applying the benefits<br />

of cryotherapy to hair.<br />

B<br />

aBylissPRO has<br />

launched the innovative<br />

BabylissPRO CryoCare<br />

(“The ColdBrush”).<br />

A cryotherapy hair<br />

tool, that improves the<br />

health and beauty of hair.<br />

The ColdBrush can be used on wet<br />

or dry hair, allowing for easier<br />

styling and blow drying, all while<br />

delivering conditioning, resulting<br />

in an extraordinary finish and shine.<br />

WHY CRYO?<br />

The ColdBrush joins BaBylissPRO’s<br />

current lineup of professional tools<br />

including straightening irons,<br />

curling irons, shaping tools, dryers,<br />

clippers, trimmers, and shavers.<br />

The ColdBrush actually is able to<br />

add moisture back into the hair,<br />

improving the overall look,<br />

feel and condition. By reaching<br />

freezing cold temperatures,<br />

moisture is transferred right into<br />

the hair shaft, while the metal<br />

bristles detangle and align each<br />

strand, making hair smoother,<br />

shinier and softer. The more use,<br />

the more long-lasting results.<br />

Through ongoing product use,<br />

customers will see:<br />

• reduced frizz<br />

• easier styling<br />

• increased hydration, resulting in<br />

noticeably more shiny and smooth hair.<br />

The BaBylissPro ColdBrush retails<br />

for $190.<br />

This sophisticated technology<br />

is designed around a beautiful,<br />

durable, stainless steel housing<br />

that operates with an easy to use<br />

on/off button. A deluxe black<br />

clutch, included with purchase,<br />

ideal for travel and storage.<br />

96 tools

Estetica n. 1/<strong>2021</strong><br />

ad index<br />

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10123 Torino (Italy)<br />

Tel.: +39 011 83921111<br />

Fax: +39 011 8125661<br />

www.estetica.it<br />

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THE ColdBrushTM<br />


HAIR<br />



The COLDBRUSH transfers<br />

moisture from the air into the hair<br />

shaft, conditioning the hair, making<br />

it softer, smoother, shinier and easier<br />

to style with each use.<br />

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