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About The Vegas Voice

In 2020 The Vegas Voice received six national awards from the North

American Mature Publisher’s Association. The awards were for our investigative

articles, front-page design, editorials and columns.

As the judges stated (and we humbly agree): The Vegas Voice gets

credit for pulling no punches, striking hard… with its articles.

It’s unequivocal style leaves no room for readers to wonder where

it stands on senior issues.

Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go!

By: Dan Roberts / Roberts Rules

You do realize that you’ll have to shave


I admit that my Rana’s declaration caught me

by surprise. But although this publisher is now used to “more than a

few days” stubble on his face, those days are over. I will be purchasing

more razor blades in the near-future.

It’s been over one year; a

full 365 + days since the

world has changed. Now

with vaccinations increasing

and the COVID positivity rate

decreasing, it’s time to live


Now, I’m not complaining

– far from it. My Ladylove

and I have cooped up (at

least, I have - as for Rana

being stuck with me…) quite

well in being sequestered,

and we are very aware that it

could have been much, much


As a “triple-threat”

(over 70, diabetic and with

underlying health issues)

Rana was a prime candidate to be a victim of the coronavirus. And yes,

I whispered a prayer (or two) of thanks.

With that said, and as much “joy” it was to be locked in the house

with Rana, I want out… and want out now.

No more Judge Judy or Dateline marathon reruns. Our future

weekends will not be debating what movies to catch on Netflix.

No siree, put a fork in me - I’m done. I have no shame competing

with Rana’s dogs in boasting we’ve “had our shots.” Feet don’t fail me


Rana and I will be heading to shows, events and (so long as she gets

the dog sitter) vacation destinations – be it near or far. In three words

– We’re outta here.

We’ll begin our “new normal lives” with travel editor Stu and wife

Sharon this month heading to Arizona and the Grand Canyon. I don’t

want to say that I’ve been climbing the walls but I’m even looking

forward to being with him again.

And for shameless plugs, our entertainment editor, Evan Davis

is “chomping at the bit” to get those great comedians, singers and

performers back on stage (See pages 11 and 13). For me it’s a perfect

storm - great shows, no hassle driving or parking fees and, best of all

– home by 10 pm.

As for travel plans, I made it very clear to Rana that with whatever

years we have left, and so long as we can physically go – we’re going.

I for one, will not spend my final moments on this earth reflecting, “I

should have gone to…”

With Stu & Sharon. Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go!

I’ll admit that shaving everyday (or perhaps every other) will take

some adjustment but seeing live shows, visiting various places and

meeting new people (and old friends) will make it all worthwhile.

Goodbye Judge Judy. Let’s go, let’s go let’s go!

*Another Shameless Request for Help

For regular readers, what I am about to tell you is not new. For casual

readers however, let me admit, once again, my shortcoming – I am

dazed, confused and lost in the internet world.

Yes, I can use email but

all the other “stuff” – like

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,

(etc., etc.) I avoid like the

plague. And that includes our

newest venture – YouTube.

To make a very long story

short and for reasons that

make no sense to me, I was

told that The Vegas Voice

needs to build up and expand

its “Subscribers.”

Our YouTube channel now

includes regular segments

from (among others) Sandi

Davis’ Women’s World, as

well as spouse Evan in his

Celebrity Corner interviews.

I’m exposing the latest senior

scams and my PILL (partner in love & life) will be publicly expressing

her thoughts and opinions (and you wonder why I’m so thrilled to get

out of the house) in her Rana’s Rants.

And for laugh out loud, my Bronx brother Bill Caserta leads the way

with his Bill Blurb’s. As the photo shows, if you smile over his column,

you’ll howl over his spots.

All you need you to do is visit: and

click the subscribe button. There is no charge to subscribe.

And if successful, I might even figure out how to get on Facebook!

With much thanks and appreciation.


Spring Cleaning

By: Kate Wind / Kate’s Insight

Spring is in the air, so that means it’s time to

get serious about cleaning. I can hear some

of the groans already, so I am here to teach you

how to double down on your productivity.

Mantras, intentions and/or prayer are all used to create and shape

our reality. While these methods seem easy enough, they take practice,

time and focus.

I think we are all shocked at how fast the days can go by, so I want to

share my intentional cleaning hack. Below I have listed cleaning tasks

and corresponding mantras.

The mantras are meant to be said multiple times during the duration

of cleaning. In doing so, you can have a beautiful house while attracting

opportunities, health and fortune! Sounds like a win-win to me.

1. While cleaning the windows and mirrors repeat: My vision is clear

and focused.

2. While sweeping or mopping the floors repeat: I have a strong


3. While organizing drawers/closets repeat: My path is free of


4. While dusting the doors repeat: New opportunities are always

finding me.

5. While cleaning the fridge repeat: My body is healthy & nourished.

6. While cleaning the toilets repeat: I release things that are draining


7. While making the bed repeat: I complete things I put my mind to.

8. While cleaning the tub or shower repeat: I wash away old feelings

that no longer serve me.

These are just a few examples, so feel free to expand on them or create

your own! There is no right or wrong, just make sure your intentions

are said in the positive form, avoiding words like no, don’t or cannot.

Have a housekeeper or someone else to do the cleaning?

Simply place a post-it with the intention on the item so when you see

it, you remember to say it. For example, put a post-it on your bathroom

mirror with the intention, My vision is clear and focused.

Happy Spring Cleaning!


April 2021

You Gotta Laugh

By: Bill Caserta / Bill’s Blurbs

You’re an Extreme Redneck If:

1. You let your 14-year-old daughter

smoke at the dinner table in front of her kids.

2. The Blue Book value of your truck goes up

and down depending on how much gas is in it.

3. You think a woman who is “out of your league” bowls on a

different night.

4. You think Dom Perignon is a Mafia leader.

5. Your wife’s hairdo was once ruined by a ceiling fan.

6. Your junior prom offered day care.

7. You think the last words of the Star-Spangled Banner are:

Gentlemen, start your engines.

8. The Halloween pumpkin on your porch has more teeth than your


9. You can’t get married to your sweetheart because there’s a law

against it.

10.You think loading the dishwasher means getting your wife drunk.

* Two good ol’ boys in a trailer park were sitting around talking over

a cold beer. The 1st guy says to the other, “If I were to sneak over to your

trailer Saturday & make love to your wife while you was off hunting

and she got pregnant and had a baby, would that make us kin?”

The 2nd guy scratched his head and replied: “Well, I don’t know

about kin, but it would make us even.”

Bill Caserta is the Project Director for The Vegas Voice and

has a very “unique” sense of humor. He welcomes all funny

submissions at:


Welcome to The Secrets of Positive Aging

By: Pat Landaker / Positive Aging

Hello new friends! I’m very excited to become

a part of The Vegas Voice family. There’s no

doubt I’m surrounded and supported by so many

talented people who share their creative under the

Vegas Voice brand.

And I’m proud to be one of them. My brands, Living La Vida Senior

and Positive Aging with Pat have found the perfect home.

I’m a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA). What is a CSA? Here’s the short

version. A CSA is a specialist in aging with extensive knowledge of the

health, social and financial issues important to seniors, especially the

issues that significantly impact their aging experience.

However, I’m a bit different than other CSAs. Though we all work

hard to help our clients have a positive aging experience, we have

expertise in a specialized area and general knowledge in many other


Some focuses are financial planning, insurance, medical and

housing needs, caregiver guidance, and government and agency

assistance. I only focus in one area, that is: helping you embrace your

aging process and continue to realize your true potential.

Many of you view the aging experience as negative because you feel

you have no choice in how you age. WRONG! You have all the control;

you make all the decisions; you control the reins, but only when you

decide to embrace your aging experience. I’m here to help!

The aging experience touches every aspect of your life, and they’re all

tied to the selfs: self-love, self-discovery, self-awareness, self-expression

and others that when employed help you shape a positive experience

and replace your negative energy with positive fuel.

As you adapt a positive mindset, realize your value, and understand

that you are empowered. Aging becomes anything you choose it to be.

Positive Aging with Pat is the platform I’ll use to highlight my

unique approach to aging. I’ll provide articles, tips, tools, resources,

creative aging projects and more - all meant to enhance, empower and

help you embrace your aging journey.

Pat Landaker is a Certified Senior Advisor, Empowerment Coach

& Aging Consultant. She also serves on the City of Henderson’s

Senior Citizens Advisory Commission. Please email your questions,

requests, suggestions and thoughts to:

Same-Day Medical Care

in the Comfort of Home

DispatchHealth delivers safe, in-home care

helping you to avoid ambulances, waiting

rooms and expensive ER bills.

Most insurance accepted, including Medicare

and Medicare Advantage. The average

out-of-pocket cost is just $5-$28.

Home is where your health is. TM

What We Treat:

• COVID-19 symptoms

• Urinary tract infections

• Respiratory infections

• Pneumonia

• COPD exacerbation

• Skin infections

• Diarrhea and


• CHF exacerbation

• And much more

Request Care Today:


Open 7 days a week, including holidays. | 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

For life-threatening and time-sensitive injuries and illnesses, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. ©2021 DispatchHealth. All Rights Reserved.


April 2021

Where’s the Easter Bunny?

By: Adrea Nairne-Barrera / Senior Moments

want my Easter basket! Thanksgiving,

I Christmas and Valentine’s Day all came

and went without parties, dinners or watching

everyone open gifts.

The living room should have cluttered with torn wrapping paper

at Christmas, tons of leftovers on Thanksgiving for turkey sandwiches

and flowers with chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

So now it’s time for chocolate bunnies and marshmallow eggs. I

think diabetics should get a pass on holidays, especially when we have

3 to make up for this year.

Las Vegas casinos give you gifts on holidays. One year, they gave

us an Easter bunny

stuffed toy, He’s very

cute but acquired the

nickname “Stoner

Bunny” because he

either got loaded on

chocolate or smoked


But I know where

the Easter bunny

is! He is in my yard

looking sadly at my

dead plants from

this winter. He has

nothing to chew or

tear apart. Even the

coyotes aren’t visiting


I wanted to know

the origin of the

Easter bunny and

apparently it is “clouded in mystery.” It is not mentioned in any

scripture, but one theory is that the symbol of the rabbit stems from

pagan tradition as a goddess of fertility.

It is also noted that the Easter bunny first came here in the 1700s

from German immigrants in Pennsylvania. The children made nests

in which bunnies could lay their colored eggs. Children would also

leave carrots in case they got hungry.

Eggs for Easter also represent new life and the tradition of decorating

them goes as far back as the 13 th century. In Russian high society,

people exchanged ornate and sometimes jeweled eggs.

So as we mark a full year of restrictions and for some, great sadness,

we can see the light shining a bit brighter, visit grandchildren and hide

eggs for them to find as tradition takes center stage once again.

I’m beginning to see the quail scurrying about and some birds

nesting at least. When summer comes, I will be no doubt complaining

about that, but for now, the idea that spring brings hope after a long

winter sounds great.

Adrea likes to opine and find the lighter side of life as a senior.

Old signs. New technology.

This revolutionary art uses sight

and sound to transport you through

time and bring long dormant signs

back to life. You literally have

to see it to believe it.



“What Happens Here, Only Happens Here”

By: Evan Davis / Entertainment Editor

As the entertainment editor I’m making it

“ONLY HAPPEN HERE.” We are starting the

year off in April with our first show of the season.

We have scheduled our first 3 shows (see next

page). And there will be (at least) 8 more!

A couple of shows on the west side of town at the Summerlin Library

and one scheduled in August on the east side at the Clark County


The first show at the Summerlin Library on June 23 rd (see page 13)

will bring back our “Afternoon Affair.” We’ll be highlighting performers

you’re familiar with, and some you’ll want to be familiar with. More

information to come in future issues.

But as that’s in the near future, let’s talk about what venues have

live entertainment NOW. Such clubs as The Mint, The Vegas Room,

Stoney’s and Notoriety, along with restaurants like the Italian

American Club, Proseccos and Siena Italian Restaurant, just

to name a few.

And the performers - oh wow - wherever I start and end, I will

certainly not be able to mention all of them. But I’ll start on the east

side and work my way west with performers such as Jassen Allen,

Kelly Vohnn, Zowie Bowie, The Bronx Wanderers, Rita Lim,

Jonny Bird, Tony Felicetta, Lou Gazzara, Savannah Smith,

Randal Keith, and the list goes on and on and on.

Many of these

performers, (and more)

will be performing at our

“Afternoon Affair” show.

As COVID restrictions

ease up, and many of us

receive the vaccinations,

shows are opening all over

town with at least 50%

capacity. And audiences

are chomping at the bit

for live entertainment.

Our first two shows

Evan before the camera for his

Celebrity Corner segment

in April and May have already been sold out, but with the increased

audience capacity we’ve opened up those shows for more ticket sales.

Don’t get shut out - call and get your tickets now!

*Last but definitely not least, check out our Vegas Voice videos on

YouTube. Between my Celebrity Corner, Bill Blurbs and our Rana Rants,

we have something for everybody!

And help us grow by clicking the Subscribe button. Absolutely

FREE and no other obligation:

You can read Evan’s entertainment blog and sign up to receive

his free email weekly Calendar of Events at www.EvanDavisJazz.

com. Email him at:

By: Sandi Davis / Fashion “Cents”

We are edging back to normal. It’s time

to shed the sweatpants and sweatshirts,

UGGS and ill-fitting work-out clothes.

Last month, I even went for a manicure and

pedicure, as it has been more than two weeks since

my second vaccine shot. And I feel safe - maybe not

invincible, but safer.

Instead of the dark red shades I went in a totally

different direction and got Tiffany blue. I liked it so

much I am getting the same color again!

I feel younger, brighter, and peppier just getting

this beautiful shade. And now I am ready for

clothing changes.

I am setting aside my loose-fitting leggings and

have ordered green and blue. OK, I did not get Kelly

green nor sky blue; instead, a darker forest green

and a brighter navy, but they fit.

My stretched out slouchy black leggings are gone

with the wind. I am opting for brighter colors and more importantly,

things that fit.

We all went the casual way; after all, we were staying at home 24/7

and who would really see us?


Time to Start Living Again

April 2021

But it’s time to perk up and start living like humans again. We still

should wear our masks, and I just bought a tiffany blue and a pale

green mask.

And I find they flatter my eyes, too. Since when did masks become


There are a few benefits I am experiencing from

the pandemic. Mainly that I order most things

online, and when it comes to clothing (including

masks), I order two sizes.

This way I can try on the clothes with my shoes

and accessories and really see which sizes and

colors work best for me. And the stores aver very

accommodating with returns.

I am also excited to seeing good friends again,

and I do plan on wearing bright and cheerful

sundresses and to stop hiding out in unisex outfits.

And if there are any gentlemen reading this article,

how about Hawaiian shirts, or brighter colors?

What are you doing to spruce up your wardrobe?

And that includes your mask wardrobe, too.

Out with the drab, in with the fab!

Sandi Davis is the Fashion Style columnist and Behind-the-Scenes

Research Analyst for The Vegas Voice. She welcomes all questions

and opinions. You can contact her at


About the time most people are slowing

down preparing to enjoy their Golden Years,

the two Jims, Emerson and Lash, shifted into

overdrive providing the sweat, endurance and

bankroll to reopen the iconic Madison Avenue Bar and Grill sports bar

that for over 30 years was a hidden treasure for locals and visitors.

That was a pandemic ago. Then Las Vegas shut down.

Realizing that with all the money invested and no opening date on

the horizon, one of the Jims, the one pegged as the entertainment guru,

Jimmy Emerson, reacted as expected.”Oh God, what have I done?”

The other Jim,

Jim Lash with the


Madison’s Reemerges

By: Sam Wagmeister / People & Places

Jimmy Emerson (L) and Jim Lash

April 2021

casino marketing


thought otherwise,

“We were too far in

it to let it go.”

Emerson and

Lash rolled up their

sleeves and went

to work. As the city

begins crawling out

of the Covid hole, their hard work has begun to pay off.

Coronavirus-restricted crowds began a word of mouth campaign that

has attracted diners, drinkers, revelers and sports fans to the saloon’s

glitter. On April 19th, they’ll host the Miss Gay Sin City America pageant.

Rebranded as Jimmy’s @ Madisons in the historic off-Strip center

that’s home to ethnic-branded diners and Bagelmania, the Broadway

themed venue features bar-top slots, 24-hour kitchen, TV’s tuned to

sports and live entertainment Tuesday through Saturday with a Sunday

Drag brunch.

“On show nights, we’re just packed,” said Emerson, explaining the

nearly immediate need to expand the sparkling showroom. Jimmy’s

has also become a go-to destination for bachelorette parties.

Emerson, a Texas native, brought his mother’s recipes and flamboyant

on-stage personas, Tammy Spraynet and Roxie Starr, to Vegas in 1984,

christening the venue’s cabaret as a tribute to Starr. Among his Vegas

performance credits are stints with FlamBOYant Follies, Bottom’s Up

and touring with Frank Marino in LaCage, including producing his

own shows and reviews.

Lash and Emerson’s friendship began when they performed together

in LaCage.

As Las Vegas re-establishes itself as the entertainment capital,

Emerson’s vision is to provide a home for singers, stand-up comics and

jazz bands.

Emerson’s at Madisons. 855 East Twain Av. Las Vegas. (702)


Sam Wagmeister is The Vegas Voice Nightlife Editor. He loves to

hear from our readers. Please feel free to contact him via email:


By: Dianne Hahn / Back in the Days

On vacation, but we’ve stopped to have the

RV repaired. The steps don’t fold down. We

have to leap out the door.

I don’t do leaping anymore. Hubby repels out

backwards. There was a time I would leap into his arms, but I’ve gained

a few pounds.

Now I use a stepstool attached to bungee cords to exit the RV. I lower

the stepstool with the bungee cords and step down.

We’re going out to dinner tonight. Hubby was ready before me and

decided to wait in the car. I think he thinks I go faster if I know he’s


It doesn’t work that

way anymore. At this age

it takes me longer to get

ready and that’s that.

I gave my hair

another tweak, added

some blush to my

cheeks, and voila, ready

as I’ll ever be.

I lowered the stepstool,

hung on to the railings,

and backed out.

Gingerly inched my

foot around until my toes found the stepstool. I gave it a little shove to

center it. My bad - it collapsed!

I muttered a curse and tried to pull myself back up. My muscles

quivered and I sank farther down - still no terra firma!

Soon my left knee was hovering just under my chin. My right leg

was dangling, and my back and arms were stretched out of proportion.


Donnie had the stereo blaring in the car. He couldn’t see me, couldn’t

hear me. The dogs got up though, wagged their tails and watched me


Should I let go and fall backwards, or just let my body break into


The problem solved itself. My knee hit my chin and slammed my

mouth shut. I bit my lip, groaned, and sank further down.

The good news: my toes finally touched the ground! I limped to the


Hubby smiled. “That wasn’t long,” he said. “I’m starving! How’s

about catfish? There’s a place down the road.”

“Great. Oh, by the way, I might need a knee replacement soon.” I

wiggled my jaw. “Don’t think it’s broken.”

“Huh?” “Never mind…”

P.S. The catfish was delicious!

A former schoolteacher, Dianne also writes for children. Presently

she has six kid’s books available on You can also

see her on SCA-TV.



You Gotta Have Friends

By: Liz Breier / This & That

friend recently reminded me that in the

A many years we have known each other, we

never had an argument. We met at work almost

50 years ago and consider each other sisters,

having been through all of life’s ups and downs together.

That got me thinking about other friends and how we met. Many of

these experiences bring a smile. Where did you make friends?

One of those, we met on a cruise about 5 years ago and we quickly

bonded over religion, politics and a common love of the ship’s casino.

How’s that for a trilogy?


April 2021

Then there is the couple that no one can beat at partying - but when

they come to Vegas, they remember their friends from our trip to Alaska

and we have another excuse to dine on the Strip.

We have friends on the East Coast, that we have known for 40+ years.

Our husbands worked together, passed the CPA exam at the same time

– reason enough to stay connected since they left work in the middle of

the day and hit the local pub to celebrate.

Of course, there is my buddy that shares a love of sushi. So we meet

once a month for our “fix.”

We have friends that used to live nearby but moved away. We are

however, still in touch. And although we left Florida 14 years ago, we

still get calls when old friends come to town.

Speaking of Florida, years ago I was a Brownie Troop leader and

many years later, here in the Vegas Valley, I connected with the parents

of one of the little girls from the Troop. We are now friends and spend

lots of time together.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that even the friends no longer

with us are remembered with fondness and a smile. We appreciate all

our friends, those nearby or far away.

When we recall what prompted the initial bond, it is heart-warming

and sometimes we are reminded of funny circumstances surrounding

those unexpected special connections. Take time to think about the

friendships you have formed, how many years you know each other

and what brought you together initially.

Liz Breier is an ex-New Yorker who retired to Florida for 24 years

before deciding that Nevada means home to her. You can contact

Liz at:

Oh, Grandma!

By: Gayla Kalp / Life is Laughter

was visiting my grandchildren in Colorado.

I During my visit, I was laughing constantly at

what they said.

It reminded me of Art Linkletter’s “Kids Say The

Darndest Things.” I decided to ask my friends to give me quotes from

their grandchildren. I want to share them with you.

If you have some terrific quotes or stories, please write me care of The

Vegas Voice and I will share them in another article.

While visiting my grandchildren, I was taking a shower. My

grandchildren, ages 3 and 5, abruptly opened the shower door and

announced: “Oh, Grandma! You are a Monster!”

Before I could persuade them to shut the door, they proceeded to

point out all my physical flaws and ask why things on my body were

flat, hanging, wrinkled, large, fuzzy, spotted, etc. compared to their

mother. They asked why my body was like that.

I told them that as you get older, your body gets old and looks like

mine. My granddaughter then asked how old was I? I answered, 73.

To this she exclaimed in astonishment, “And you’re not dead yet?!”

My friend, who visits her grandchildren, told me they think she lives

at the airport. That when they want to visit her, they just go to the

airport….pick her up…play with her at their home….and when they

are through playing with her…..take her back to the airport where

she lives!

I raised my

daughter well,

however, every

once in a while,

she said the

“funniest things.”

When she was

four, she received

a gift from a

friend. I asked her

“What do you say to Mrs. Smith for the gift?” She looked very puzzled,

and then blurted out “MINE.”

After blowing out her birthday candles, I asked her what she wished

for and she innocently said, “A mansion and a few servants.” Hey, me


Another friend always blots her lips after applying her lipstick. One

day she was with her grandson and didn’t do this, then started to leave.

Her grandson, in horror, screamed out, “Grandma! You forgot to kiss

the toilet paper goodbye!”

Grandkids say the funniest things!!

Gayla is a speaker, author, psychologist and humorist. She has

been a guest speaker for television and radio programs, plus a

featured speaker for business and charity organizations. She also

happens to be Ms. Sr. California, Nevada and Universe England.

ADA Compatibility

Grab Bars + Ramps

Curbless Showers + More



Let the Games Begin!

By: Liz Palmer / NSG

The registration for the

2021 Nevada Senior

Games is now open. We

have sports, we have venues, we have dates and

times, we have eager volunteers - all we need are

athletes, which means YOU!

Do you have an urge to play pickleball? How about a social game of

bocce? Tennis, anyone? Or you can get into the swim of things by entering

our swimming competition.

Track and Field lets you walk,

run, jump, and throw with your

peers. How about bowling, dance,

archery, pistol shoot, powerlifting,

racquetball, or shuffleboard?

We have something for everyone’s

taste, and it’s all with other seniors

ages 50+ who are ready to enjoy

Fitness For The Fun Of It!

Come find out what all the

excitement is about. Go on our website to see

all the sports that are scheduled for September and October.

We’d love to have you! You’ll take home a NSG t-shirt, lots of

memories, new friendships, and maybe even a gold, silver, or bronze


Email us with any questions –

I look forward to welcoming you to the premier senior multi-sports

competition in our state – The Nevada Senior Games.

Liz Palmer is the Executive Director of the Nevada Senior Games.

For more information on how you can participate, contact Liz at:

702/242-1590 or by email:

April 2021

Preventing Sibling Rivalry

By: Pat Alexander / Art of Entertaining

have two sisters. Over the years, it’s as if an

I elastic band pulls us away from each other

for a short while and then pulls us back together.

We laugh together, we argue together, have similar viewpoints on

some things and are totally polarized on others. We play, we shop, we

dine, and we talk, and, wow, do we talk.

Because of, or despite this, we are extremely close, and I am so

fortunate to have them in my day to day life.

Since I am the middle child, I like keeping everything even. (I don’t

believe in favoritism unless, of course, the favorite is me.) So, since last

month I gave you a recipe from one of my sisters, to prevent a case of

sibling rivalry, this month I’m giving you a recipe from my other sister.

Walnut Tarts are my special Christmas treat. Christmas in April, you

say? Unfortunately, I can’t think of any recipe she makes that says

“April”, and this is my favorite, so here it is.

When my sister makes these, she always makes extra for me. She

started baking them as a young wife many years ago and they’ve been

an absolute family favorite ever since.

I can certainly bake them, but it’s not the same. That’s something

I’ve never understood. No matter how good a cook one is, why does

a person’s signature dish just taste better when that person makes it?

If you know, tell me why (also the words of a favorite old song).

Anyway, here’s the recipe. Walnut Tarts, a taste of glory!

Arline’s Walnut Tarts

Soften 3 ounces cream cheese and 4 ounces butter with one cup flour.

Mix well into large ball. Form into 24 small balls, refrigerate one hour.

Meanwhile, mix one cup packed dark brown sugar, one cup chopped

walnuts, one tsp. vanilla, one tsp. butter and one egg. Press balls on

bottom and sides of greased mini tart pans to form a shell. Fill shells

with sugar mixture until ¾ full. Bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

When cool sprinkle with confectionary sugar. Makes 24.

Pat Alexander writes about all things home. She is well known for

her cooking, parties and interior design, and consults on kitchen

and bath remodels.

Here’s to New Beginnings!

By: Linda Bateman-Gomez / Timeless Beauty

Spring has sprung and it is time to put on our

sandals and get outside! Last spring was cut

short, and summer was almost non-existent due

to the pandemic, but things are finally starting to

open up.

It’s time for new beginnings!

With boots and closed toed shoes ready to be stored away, it’s time

to get your feet ready for your warm weather wardrobe. It’s easy to get

away with less care of our feet during winter but treating yourself to a

pedicure is a great way to kick off the season - especially if you haven’t

done so for a while.

This spring has some fun colors too! Of course, the soft pinks are

back and always a win like OPI’s “I’m An Extra”, a muted beautiful

pink. The range though this year is everything from pastel blues to

bright lime green.

I never stray far from “Bubble Bath” pink but this year I just might.

The colors are too fun to resist.

Once we have pretty Easter egg-colored nails, the dry skin and rough

heels need tending to as well. I recently purchased Epielle Moisturizing

Socks and I love them!

They are inexpensive, about $2.50 a pair on the company website

( and also available on Amazon. They are basically

small plastic booties filled with oils and vitamin E.

You put them on, tape them securely and remove in about 20

minutes. I put socks over mine so I can walk better and leave them on

longer. I thought they did a wonderful job of moisturizing.

You can also get a similar effect using your own favorite foot lotion,

cover your feet in plastic wrap, secure at the ankle and put socks over


Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream also has a wonderful heel

product! I use it before bed with socks and the result is great.

Available at most drug stores and online. I have mentioned this line

before because I just love all their products. They are reasonably priced,

and they smell fabulous.

Here’s to new beginnings! Happy spring!

Linda Bateman-Gomez has an international beauty company

based in Las Vegas that specializes in cosmetics and other beauty

products. Contact Linda at or

through her website




Short Term

Annuities with










Trusts drawn by an attorney.







If you’re being endangered by verbal abuse

you may not even recognize it. It starts slowly

and becomes increasingly commonplace until it

wears away your sense of worth, makes you doubt your own abilities

and crushes your confidence.

One day you suddenly realize you have lost the right to make your

own decisions. You lose control of your

own life!

It can be delivered by a caregiver or

regrettably, someone you love more

than anyone else in the world – one of

your own grown children.

Here are a few examples of behavior

that can strike at the very core of your


1. Blatantly ignoring your wishes

and/or making a commitment you absolutely do not want.

2. Saying “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

3. Making fun of your disabilities or declaring you do not have them.

4. Making so-called jokes that degrade you. If you protest, claiming

“You can’t take a joke.”

5. When you forget something, laughing and saying, “You’re getting


6. Accusing and blaming you for a mislaid item.

7. Whilst you’re talking, viewing a hand-held device and saying, “Go

ahead. I’m listening.”

8. Calling you by a nickname that devalues you.

You may make excuses “S/he doesn’t mean it.” Oh yes! S/he does!

Those are destructive tactics that result in the abuser gaining the

upper-hand in the relationship.

Learn how to cope with the situation, by reading “The Verbally

Abusive Relationship. How to Recognize it. How to Respond.” (ISBN

978-1-4405-0463) by Patricia Evans.


Verbal & Emotional Abuse

By: Heather Latimer / Heather’s Self-Help Tips

Heather Latimer is a nationally recognized specialist in making

difficult subjects easy and author of 17 books. See

heather latimer/how to overcome.

I Got Bingo!

Our own Vegas Voice radio host & comic impressionist Rich

Natole calling out the Bingo numbers (as only Rich can do) at Sun

City MacDonald Ranch last month.

The Vegas Voice was pleased to sponsor the event for this great

Number 1 “age qualified” senior community.

April 2021

Eye of Heaven

By: Ali Guggenheim / Psychic Phenomenon

Until FAST (Five hundred meter Aperture

Spherical radio Telescope 2016), the

Arecibo radio telescope which unexpectedly

collapsed in 2020 in Puerto Rico, was the largest of its kind. FAST,

nicknamed Tianyan (meaning Eye of Heaven), was only accessible to

Chinese scientists that lead projects studying the telescope’s preliminary


However, recently the Chinese announced that in 2021 they would

allow access to International Scientists.

Inspired by Arecibo, and twice its size, this three times more sensitive

radio telescope consists of approximately 4,400 individual aluminum

panels and more than 2,000 mechanical tilting winches that maneuver

to focus on different areas of the cosmos. It is five miles in diameter and

surrounded by a 3-mile “radio silence” zone that disallows computers

and cellphones.

Located in southwest China and five years in the making, this worlds’

largest radio telescope cost $171 million to build.

Using radio receivers and antennas, radio telescopes like FAST can

detect very faint radio wave whispers from various radio sources in the

cosmos, like stars, pulsars, hydrogen, galaxies, black holes, and expoplanets.

These instruments can reflect radio lights and signals from

objects in the solar system (like planets) in hopes that information

might bounce back.

Researchers intend to use FAST not only to explore the Universe but

also to discover and study alien worlds.

“The complex project has not been without challenges. It has a

radical design and initially struggled to attract staff, in part because

of its remote location,” says Zhiqiang Shen, director of the Shanghai

Astronomical Observatory and co-chair of the Chinese Academy of

Sciences. In 2017 Chinese scientists discovered two new pulsars, which

are “celestial objects, generally believed to be rapidly rotating, neutron

stars, that emit pulses of radiation, especially radio waves, with a high

degree of regularity.”

“I’m super excited,” said radioastronomer Maura McLaughlin at

West Virginia University, who wants to use FAST to study and hunt

pulsars in galaxies outside the Milky Way that are too faint to see with

current telescopes.

“Although we still need more funding and are figuring out how to

construct storage for all the current and future data amassed,” Shen

adds, “in the end, it will be worth all the challenges we’ve incurred.”

To contact Ali or for spiritual consultations, coaching, workshops

and readings, email:

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$500 OFF

Tub or Shower Remodel

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April is the Cruelest Month

By: Susan Goldfein / Susan’s Unfiltered Wit

April in Florida can be a bit warm, weatherwise,

which makes a dip in the pool a bit

more tempting. Which makes it necessary to don

a bathing suit.

Up to this point, the weather had been cooperatively cool and not

necessarily conducive to swimming.

Which means I managed to avoid

the heartbreak of too many revealed

body parts.

Oh, I do have a favorite bathing

suit that I tolerate rather well. I

bought it several years ago. It’s a

black, one-piece “miracle suit,”

designed to make you look 10

pounds thinner. Or not.

It manages however, to embrace

my boobs in a manner which does

not make me look like I require

milking and covers enough pelvis to avoid the need for a Brazilian wax

treatment. But to my horror, when I dug it out from the deep recesses of

my dresser drawer, said suit had developed a big, fat hole!

The meaning of this discovery did not escape me. I was in need of a

new bathing suit. One has to be a female of at least middle age to fully

comprehend the trauma inherent in this situation.

How does one choose a bathing suit establishment? We of a certain

age are advised to look for a shop that employs a good “fitter.”

Definition: a bathing suit professional who is experienced in

minimizing muffin tops and other bodily flaws. She will navigate you

past the rows of tankinis (too much midriff reveal), bikinis (too much

everything reveal) and straight down the aisle to the one-piece suits

with magical concealing properties,

and the ability to lift and tuck.

As I perused the racks where no

teenager would be caught dead, I

listened to her helpful suggestions

about necklines, pleats, solids or

prints. I stared at my choices in


I rejected the flowery design

which reminded me of a tablecloth

I once purchased at Bed, Bath

& Beyond, and also decided to

forego the animal print, which I

feared would make me look like a

pregnant cheetah. Thus, as in life, in the world of one-piece bathing

suits, you can’t go wrong with basic black. Again.

I entered the fitting room and after several “what was I thinking”

rejections, I did find a tolerable substitute for the bathing suit I was

forced to discard. Hopefully, it’s durable enough to avoid future cruel


I’m pretty sure that bathing suit shopping was not what T. S. Eliot

had in mind when he wrote “The Wasteland,” the poem that begins

with the title of this essay. But you never know. He was a twice-married


Susan Goldfein’s newest book, How to Complain When There’s

Nothing to Complain About, is available at,,

Read her blog at: Email Susan:


April 2021

Lost Arts

By: Judy Polumbaum / Our View

As we get up there in years, we occasionally

notice all the baggage we’re dragging

along. In my case, it’s voluminous files from work

and life, going back to my teens.

Retiring from my teaching job and shutting down that office was a

great excuse for culling. I reduced a mountain range to a smaller heap.

Moving from the Midwest to the Southwest three years ago gave me

another excuse to throw things out. Now, the arrival of spring after our

long pandemic lockdown has me combing through file drawers once


I’m focused on a period four decades back when I spent three years

working in mainland China as that country was opening up to the rest

of the world. It was a transformational time for US-China relations and

for me personally.

I maintained voluminous correspondence with family, friends and

colleagues, and kept almost all of it, including carbons of my own

writings. It’s a true time capsule and a useful historical repository.

I’m scanning everything I wish to keep and have arranged to donate

much of the trove to an academic library.

I’m also sending selected parcels to people with whom I once

communicated in that old-fashioned manner – via the postal service.

I’ve kept up with some of these folks, but haven’t been in touch with

others for decades, necessitating some internet sleuthing. They are

thrilled to get their old letters back and to reconnect after all this time.

As I engage in this project, I’m struck by what we’ve lost with the

demise of letter-writing. Once upon a time, we wrote carefully crafted

missives, full of humor and pathos and information. Now we e-mail

and text in bits and bytes that nobody will ever look at again.

The digital magic that enables me to compress documents into

electronic form and dispose of the paper has also killed a precious

communicative art. Ahhh, the blessings and curses of technology!

Judy is a professor emerita of journalism and a transplant to

Las Vegas from New England via China, the West Coast and the



Silicon Valley Executive Gets Defrauded

By: Sweta Patel / Scam Alert

Editor’s Note: In our continuing series on

Scams, The Vegas Voice received the below. It

takes a lot of courage to admit that “they” are

victims of a scam.

Hopefully, her heart-breaking tale can be a reminder to all

readers to stay vigilant and alert

at all times.

was excited to start a new

I beginning when I decided

to move to Las Vegas. I worked

extremely hard to climb the

corporate ladder.

It wasn’t easy but I was saving to

buy my dream home. I saved over

thirteen years. In October 2020, I

started shopping for lenders that

would pre-qualify me for the home.

One lender, Habiba Bakous from

Fairway Independent Mortgage

came highly recommended.

She also mentioned that she could get me the best deal in town.

In March 2021, Habiba informed me that the IRS took back all

loan programs and she couldn’t qualify me. This put me in a tough

spot because I only had 15 days before closing and all the other

lenders could not work with me after their February cutoff date.

Habiba mentioned that she had one other option and that was to obtain

help from her partner Albert Peres. She drove me to his house, and he

talked about how he’d be able to help me.

She then had me wire him everything I owned (over $260,000) and

told me I would be ready to move into my home in 10 days.

She mentioned many times that my money was protected, and

that Albert Peres is an honest

man. I thought I could trust

her because she was a licensed

mortgage lender working for

Fairway Independent Mortgage.

When 10 days passed and I didn’t

hear from Habiba, I was concerned.

She told me I should obtain a PPP

loan because the process was taking

longer than expected.

This is when I realized

that Albert Peres and Habiba

Bakous were in this together.

I called the police department,

Nevada Mortgage Division, Attorney

General’s office, FTC, FBI, Nevada Secretary of State office, along with

many other government agencies. I was astonished that someone got

away with defrauding me of everything I owned.

None of these government agencies did a thing to help me. It got

me wondering a lot about how the public is protected… or are they?

Then I interviewed 60 lawyers to find one that would help me on

contingency. I’ve lost everything, and I have come to terms with the

fact that I have to start over.

This can happen to anyone. If I could go back in time I would have

done an extensive background check on all these people. You are never

protected, and you can’t trust anyone.

Deception can happen to anyone and there are many desperate

people out there that would do anything to fool you and take you for

everything you own.


April 2021

Letting Your Auto Insurance Lapse

By: Jim Valkenburg / Insurance Insight

Many years ago, the Nevada DMV gave you

a 7-day grace period to reinstate your

liability insurance once it lapsed or cancelled.

But no more.

Now you cannot let your auto insurance lapse for even one day

without incurring a fine!

The fines for the first offense range from $251 for a lapse of 1-30

days up to $1,251 for a lapse of 181 days or more. For the 2 nd offense the

fines range from $501 to $1,501 and for the 3 rd offense (which includes

driver’s license suspension) the fines can go as high as $1,751.

If you drop the liability insurance on any vehicle for any reason,

you must cancel the registration and surrender the license plates. In

other words, if you have “active” plates on your vehicle, you MUST have

liability insurance - whether the vehicle is driven or not.

I once had a client that was going to be out of the country for 4

months and saw no reason to keep insurance on his vehicle which was

just going to sit in his garage. He cancelled his insurance while he was

gone (without consulting me).

When he returned, he not only had fines from the state, but a lapse

in coverage which prevented him from retaining his preferred status.

Big mistake.

The responsibility rests clearly on you to know when insurance

payments are due and, most importantly, when your policy will renew.

In general, most companies allow you to make monthly payments a

few days late without cancelling your policy.

But on your renewal date, the payment must be made on time. What

most insureds don’t realize is that their policy actually cancels at 12:01

AM (one minute after midnight) on the expiration date.

For example, if your policy expires on April 1, then your policy

cancels the first minute of that date. So, if you haven’t made a payment

before you wake up on April 1, you have a lapsed policy.

Some companies will reinstate with no lapse if you pay that day, but

some do not. The best way to be safe is to pay your renewal premium at

least one day early.

Jim Valkenburg is a retired military officer and insurance executive.

He and his wife owned and operated their own insurance agency for

over 16 years. His primary purpose is to give out real information

that can be used to make intelligent insurance decisions.


I Care a Lot

By: Rana Goodman / On My Soapbox

When the Netflix movie “I Care a Lot” came

out, publisher Dan and I received dozens

of emails and telephone calls from readers,

friends and family. They all suggested we tune in to the new film.

We did and were amazed how accurate the first 45 minutes were. It

truthfully mirrored the situations we found while investigating private

guardians. It brought to life why The Vegas Voice worked so hard to stop

these things from happening to seniors.

Rosamund Pike, the star of the film who played the private

guardian recently won a Golden Globe award for her role. Although

listed as “a dark comedy,” to us it was no laughing matter.

Everything you need to know about the guardian system was

summed up by Ms. Pike when she received the award, “I want to thank

America’s broken legal system for making it possible to make stories

like this.”

For more than 6 years, Dan and I worked tirelessly to inform Nevada

seniors about the guardianship process and what the full impact of

guardianship meant to those victimized by it… and their families.

We were also privileged to assist and were even profiled in an excellent

award-winning documentary called The Guardians. That film is

airing on Amazon Prime.

Just like the I Care a Lot movie and in The Guardians, if a private

guardian went into court and requested guardianship of someone, the

family rarely knew anything about it until it was too late. The deal was

done, and the wards (now called Protected Persons) were no longer in

control of their own lives, property, or day-to-day existence.

If the family did know what was happening and appeared in court,

the guardian would convince the judge that the family member, for

one reason or another, was not fit to care for their relative. The truth

did not matter.

And if the guardian were faced with a family member objecting

to her services - just like in the Netflix movie, the guardian would

Lights, Camera, Action

Rana Goodman reviews her script as she prepares for her “Rana’s

Rants” YouTube segment.

block the family, including

children and siblings from

visiting or speaking with

the “wards.”

The Vegas Voice zeroed

in on the “poster child” of

abusive private guardians

- April Parks. What she did

to her wards went beyond

monetary gain. Her evil in

literally destroying families

knew no limits and her

actions cost her 8-20 years

in prison.

Now, two years later and

last month, she had a court

hearing claiming that her

sentence should be reduced due to ineffective assistance of counsel.

Along with Dan, I attended the “virtual hearing.”

Rana appearing in a scene from “The Guardians.”

Parks objected to us attempting to take pictures of her in handcuffs

while in prison clothes. Although she was able to prohibit The Vegas

Voice from taking and publishing the (rather unflattering) photos, I

admit her knowing that we were watching her was a point of satisfaction.

As for the I Care a Lot

surprise ending? No, we

never witnessed such an

episode, but family victims

sure did fantasized about it.

As for April Parks’ attempt

in getting her sentence

lessened for the crimes she

committed? Stay tuned, but

for The Vegas Voice, the

answer is No, not as long

as we have anything to

say about it.


April 2021

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Delicious or Delirious?

By: BJ Killeen / Down the Road

Hard to imagine that in the 123-year

history of the automobile, over 1,500 car

companies have come and gone. Sometimes just

having a great idea for a vehicle doesn’t

mean it will be successful.

Today, there are about 250 vehicle

manufacturers worldwide, and that

includes cars, busses, and trucks. The

costs associated with building vehicles

is astronomical, when you consider the

millions spent on research, development,

marketing, safety, testing, and more.

Many have tried; few have succeeded.

You need a big bankroll and an even

bigger ego to believe you can bring one to market.

There’s no question that Apple meets those two requirements;

however, even with the Midas touch the company has, can it build a car

that people will buy? Do you want to drive an iCar?

Rumors have been circulating for years that Apple will have a vehicle

on the road by 2024. It’s called Project Titan, and Apple’s goal is to

bring a self-driving EV to market for the masses.

Can Apple do it alone? We know it attempted to partner with Hyundai

and Kia, but that fell through recently.

Perhaps it can pair up with smaller companies. Apple may have

grand ambitions, but it also will need myriad resources, like testing

facilities, manufacturing plants, suppliers and more to turn the dream

into reality.

Who knows what Apple’s underlying

reasons are for building cars, unless it’s

about doing it on a subscription basis. But

we’ve seen the rise - and fall of most of the

subscription services from Cadillac, Audi,

BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.

If Apple is going that route, it will be

interesting to see how it could make a

similar program work. Another rumor

is that there are 5,000 Apple employees

working on Project Titan, and Apple has successfully recruited top

talent from other manufacturers to help make it a reality.

Bottom line: Can a company that makes phones and computers

really build a car? How much will it cost and, most important, will it

come with a free iPhone?

We will keep you posted with any new developments.

BJ Killeen has been an automotive journalist for over 30 years.

She welcomes all questions and inquiries, and can be reached at


April 2021

Staking a Claim

By: Chuck Dean / Vet 2 Vet

Breaking news for veterans. It’s just been

announced that hypertension will soon be

added to the list of presumptive disabilities caused

by the defoliant Agent Orange in Vietnam.

Veterans struggling with high blood pressure will be advised to

submit claims as soon as it is official. This brings me, once again, to

re-visit the process of filing proper claims.

Probably the most frustrating exercise a veteran can do is figure

out how to let the VA know they qualify for disability benefits and

compensation. It can be a tedious task.

Even if you complete the online version of the claim at the VA’s

Online Application (VONAPP) website, it can take a long time to just

fill in all the blanks, gather the required supporting documentation,

and submit it to the VA and hoping it won’t get kicked back because

you didn’t do it correctly.

Here are a few pointers on how to make the process easier, and ensure

you get everything right the first time:

Filing a “Fully Developed Claim” is the fastest way to get a decision

from the VA. This simply means submitting all of your supporting

documentation with your claim for benefits at one time. This

documentation includes:

1. Any and all medical

evidence (doctor &

hospital reports); this

includes both military

and civilian (if any)


2. Attaching copies of

your DD214 or separation


3. Dependency records (copies of marriage & children’s birth


Remember, NEVER submit originals. Make clean copies of

everything. If you have any doubt as to whether or not you should

submit a document always submit it!

To eliminate any confusion, only put in a claim for lingering

conditions that are the result of acute disabilities, or illnesses acquired

during your service; claiming other conditions will only slow down the

decision-making process.

The most effective and surefire way to file your claim is to work with

a Veteran’s Service Organization, (i.e. VFW, American Legion, DVA, VVA,

etc.). These groups know the intricacies of dealing with the VA system,

and will help ensure that your submission is complete and correct.

Their service officer are experts that provide a free and professional

service to all veterans. Good luck!

Chuck Dean served as an Army paratrooper in Vietnam and

through that experience was led to address the many transitional

issues veterans struggle with. He is the author of several important

books for veterans. All can be found on Amazon at: http://www.

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Celebrate a Senior

By: Carol Chapman

I am pleased

to share some exciting news with you. The Foundation is

introducing a new program called Celebrate a Senior.

Seniors play an important role in all our lives, yet they rarely ask for

anything in return. Think about grandparents who joyfully provide


Some are fortunate to know retired people who watch over your

home and take care of things when you must work or need a vacation.

There’s that friendly senior smile greeting you at the office building or

grocery store, as well.

We’re making it easy to show appreciation for the special senior in

your life. We’ve partnered with All Fired Up to provide commemorative

hand-painted tiles to the recipient (50 years old and better) when

someone makes a $100+ donation to FAS in their honor.

A tile will also be mounted to the Celebrate Wall at FAS headquarters

so we too, can celebrate the senior. Beautifully printed and scribed

certificates will be sent to honorees for $25-99 donations.

The Foundation takes care of all the details and mails the tile or

certificate to the recipient. Tell that special senior how much you

love and appreciate them. This would make a perfect birthday or

anniversary gift. What better way to say “thank you” for all you do?

Details are on our website at, or pick

up a brochure at our offices: 2518 Anthem Village Drive, Suite 102, in

Henderson. We’ll email the brochure as well. Call us at 725-244-4200

or email at

When Your Face is


By: Kyo Mitchell / A Healthier You

The two major reasons for facial paralysis are

stroke and Bell’s palsy. And it is important to

be able to distinguish between the two - and know what to do in each


Stroke is due to damage to parts of the brain from either a blood clot

or rupture of a blood vessel. Bell’s palsy is due usually to paralysis of

the facial nerve, the nerve that controls most of the muscles in the face.

There are many potential causes of this nerve paralysis, but it is

believed to be most often caused by a local viral infection.

Many times, the two can be easily differentiated. Bell’s palsy only

affects the face. An inability to smile, frown, raise the eyebrows and

close the eyes are hall marks of Bell’s palsy but no other areas on the

body or functions are affected.

While stroke may also show paralysis of the face, there may be other

signs as well, including visual problems, difficulty speaking, loss of

coordination on one side of the body and mental confusion.

If facial paralysis ever happens, a doctor should be consulted

immediately – not tomorrow, not in a few hours – immediately. If

a person is having a stroke, immediate medical attention can prevent

further degradation to brain tissue and if correct treatment is given in

time, there may be no lasting negative effects.

The treatment of Bell’s palsy is quite different from that of a stroke.

Because this may be due to a viral infection, anti-virals may be given

to the patient.

The person may or may not recover use of the facial muscles in time

without treatment. Most people who are afflicted with Bell’s palsy get

normal function back in a month or possibly up to six months later.

There is, however, a certain percentage of people for whom this facial

paralysis may become permanent if treatment is not given during the

early stages of the paralysis. Acupuncture has been shown to be very

effective at treating Bell’s palsy.

It helps activate the immune system locally, increases local blood

flow and stimulates the nerve. In time, this will help the nerve to



April 2021

Dr. Kyo Mitchell served as faculty at Bastyr University in Seattle

and Wongu University in Las Vegas for over a decade. Dr. Mitchell

practices in Summerlin and can be reached at 702-481-6216 or

Control Your




Learning how to manage your diabetes may

seem overwhelming—unless you know

where to go for help. That’s where comes in!

If you are living with diabetes or prediabetes, keeping your blood sugar in range can

be challenging. Our FREE online diabetes prevention and small group, in-person

self-management classes are designed to help you live healthier.

What you’ll learn:

• The connection between food, activity, and diabetes

• The importance of your ABCs (A1c, Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol)

• How to manage high and low blood glucose

• How to reduce complications from kidney, heart disease, blindness and amputations

Our website also offers additional diabetes support resources, including the

Nevada Diabetes Resource Directory and help to quit smoking or using tobacco!

Are you ready to start living your healthiest life possible?

Visit today!

Funding provided by Nevada’s Division of Public and Behavioral Health by Grant #1NB01OT009322-01-00 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Food Insecurity Surges!

By: Dan Hyde / Call to Action

While the pandemic is showing encouraging

signs of abating, stark reality tells a far

more frightening reality!

Two months ago I wrote about the growing hunger problem in Clark

County exasperated by the pandemic. At that time, the premier food

assistance program THREESQUARE.ORG, was providing desperately

needed food to over 330,000 residents monthly.

Today, that demand now exceeds 450,000 and is growing! That

equals to 1 in every 5 families. The Health District likes to tout that the

“pandemic positivity rate is declining” and that we are on a rapid path

to getting back to a sense of “normalcy.”

Tell that to those families, especially children, going hungry every

day. What’s so “positive” and “normal” about that?

A recent news story paints a heartbreaking picture of what a typical

family in need is dealing with. An 8 year old girl was asked by a reporter

on “Hunger in America,” “What have you eaten today?”

Never Too Late to Try

Something New!

By: Mary Richard / Health Fitness

Have you heard the term “I’m too old to

do that!” Well, that’s not true for many


I knew a lady (in her late 80’s now), who started teaching yoga when

she turned 65! She’s written several books, still teaching and is active

in her community.

I’ve been teaching my Zumba classes for 13 years now and

was licensed to teach at age 63. So yep – it’s never too late to learn

something new!

We need to not only keep our bodies active, but our brains also. It’s

been proven that learning something new - dance, puzzles, languages,

etc. all help to combat Alzheimer’s.

The girl responded, “Nothing! It’s not my turn to eat today!” Before a

follow up question could be asked, she continued, “It’s ok. I’m not the

only one going hungry!”

If that doesn’t tug on your heart strings I don’t know what will. The

solution is surprisingly simple. It depends on YOU!

I encourage all Vegas Voice readers to consider contributing $5, $10,

$15 (or more) every month to THREESQUARE .ORG so that we will

never again have to hear a tragic story of a little girl or anyone else

saying, “It’s not my turn to eat today!”

I chose Three Square because they get far more “bang for the

buck.” Every $1 you contribute provides three nourishing meals!

They can do that because they are so large their purchasing power

is greater than most other food charities in the County. This “food

pandemic” can be quickly eradicated if YOU do your part! Will you?

Dan Hyde is a passionate and effective advocate for the senior

community. He can be reached at:


April 2021

I intend to thwart off any sign of Alzheimer’s by keeping active. Years

ago when I worked as an office manager for several physicians, we had

some very “old” young people and some very “young” older people.

It’s not only chronological age that matters, but also physical age.

Throughout last year’s pandemic, I tried my best to keep active with

online aerobic classes, puzzles, books - anything that would keep my

mind active. It certainly helped to control the doldrums of boredom

that combated many of my friends.

Try to open up your mind to new ways of thinking, new ways of

adventure, new ways of exercise. It certainly does get boring if you do

the same thing day after day.

The body will adjust to the “plateau” and not allow you to advance.

By that I mean if you go on the same treadmill day after day, at the

same pace, you will never advance.

Try a new exercise class - something that may be challenging, but in

the end you may find that you may like it! If you don’t - then you can

try something else new. Challenge and enjoy!


Mary Richard is a long term supporter of senior fitness. She

teaches Zumba, toning and dance classes throughout the Las Vegas

Valley. She can be reached at

This Month’s Gardening Tip

By: Howard Galin / Happy Gardening

April is a good month to get outside and to

address the needs of your garden.

Nevada soil, besides having high alkali content,

lacks organic nutrients. As a result, anything put in the ground faces a

hostile environment when planted.

Therefore, in order to have a beautiful and healthy garden, it is

necessary to first lower the pH level by adding sulfur and enriching

your soil with the needed nutrients for proper growth.

There are various priced “plant foods” for sale so it is important to

know what your particular plants need. Then you can provide them

with the proper nutrients - while not exceeding your gardening budget.

All plant food labels display 3 numbers (#-#-#). The first number

represents nitrogen content which promotes green growth, the second

is phosphorus which stimulates flower, fruit and vegetable production,

and the third is potassium which encourages strong root and stem

growth. Therefore, depending on what you want from your plants,

choose the product having the proper nutrient levels.

Miracle-Gro numbers are: 24-8-16. This product encourages

green leaf/strong roots and moderate flowering/fruiting. If, however,

your goal is profuse flowering as well as an abundance of fruits and

vegetables, you would purchase a product such as Scotts Super

Bloom which has a rating of 12-55-612-55-6; a less expensive

generic Bone Meal (8.5-15-6); or any mid-priced plant food for

vegetables/fruits (8-40-8).

Certain native plants, such as cactus, agave and yucca, do not need

high concentrations of the “numbered” nutrients. They require high

concentrations of calcium.

Therefore, you should purchase cactus/succulent plant food with

high calcium content, such as bone meal, that are usually inexpensive.

I like to use cactus plant food with high concentration of phosphorus in

late February/early March to encourage profuse flowering in April and

May. It is my way of training my cactus to do what I want!

Remember: Apply plant food from February through early June and

then again from mid-September to late October. Do not feed any palm

trees until the soil is 70F or higher (May-September).

Have a question? Contact me at:

Howard Galin, a/k/a: “The Plant Whisperer” is a retired NYC

school administrator, transplanted in Las Vegas who devotes his

time to communicating with and lecturing about our native


See pages 38-41



April 2021

The Cuban Gershwin

By: Yvonne Cloutier / Musical Moments

Ernesto Lecuona’s composing and pianistic

styles were compared to George Gershwin’s.

His compositions influenced recognition of the

Latin American world, raising Latin music to classical status.

This most important Latin/American musicologist, composer and

entertainer of the early 20th century was born in Cuba in 1895. As with

so many composers and musicians, he was a child prodigy.

At age 3, his oldest sister gave him piano lessons; by 5 he gave his

first piano recital; at 11 composed his first song; age 16, graduated

from the Havana National Conservatory with a gold medal for

interpretation; and at

24, composed his first

operetta - eventually

composing 50 staged

musicals. They ran

the gamut of musical


Early on, though

trained classically,

Lecuona’s interest

in pop music led

him to compose La

Comparsita. It was a

beginning of his amalgamating Spanish/European music using Cuban

and African rhythms (similar to ragtime) in blending this music.

He then became a prolific composer of song/music for stage and

film, composing over 600 musical pieces. His greatest hit, Always in

My Heart, was nominated for an Academy Award, but lost to Irving

Berlin’s White Christmas.

Some of his other hits were: Sibone and The Breeze and I. Its

music taken from Andulucia, was made famous by the Jimmy Dorsey

Orchestra. His renowned piano piece, Malaguena, was written in a

Flamenco dance style.

A possible influence on Ernesto’s pop interest was when his father

died. In helping support the family, he worked playing the player piano

at silent movie bistros.

Lecuona founded the Havana Symphony Orchestra; helped set up

a piano roll factory of Cuban music; started a copyright company for

preservation of Cuban music; founded the Cuban Institute of Musical

de la Habana and wrote the magnificent Rapsodia Cubana.

Lecuona became a wealthy man, didn’t drink alcoholic beverages,

never married and owned and maintained a farm in Cuba. He moved

to the U.S. when Castro took over Cuba.

In 1963, at 68, Lucuona died of an asthma attack. He was inducted

into the 1997 Songwriters Hall of Fame. His 1954 Ultimate Collection

album is a collection of his own well-known piano recordings.

Yvonne Cloutier, a former teacher/principal, with a music

background, specializes in ragtime piano. She researches and

reports about music on Alive! You can

contact her at

Get the Care YOU

Deserve From the

Providers Patients









































Learn more about the care we give to

patients at

Call us TODAY to schedule an

appointment at (702) 333-4700.

P3MG_2103 - All Doctors Ad - Vegas Voice - APRIL 2021.indd 1


3/16/21 10:45 AM

By: Beverly Washburn / Hollywood Memories

thought I’d write this month about a strange

I little film I did in 1964 called “Spider Baby.”

It was a very low, (and I mean low) budget

film. Right around eleven dollars. Ok, I’m exaggerating, but it was

about $65,000.00 which in the film world is nothing!

It was filmed in only 13 days. The reason I opted to do this film was

because it starred Lon Chaney Jr. I was a big fan of his and thought it

would be fun to work with him.

Boy, was I right! He was wonderful and I adored him.

There is a scene where he is supposed to cry, and should you ever

see it, those were REAL tears! He was passionate about doing this little

film, but sadly he never got to see it because he died before it was ever


And I kid you not, a couple of weeks ago, they actually showed Spider

Baby on Turner Classic television. Can you believe it?

I would hardly call it a “classic” given the fact that the budget was

so low, the time frame of making it was so short and it was all very

“campy” and “tongue in cheek.” In fact, if you Google “Spider Baby

the movie” you’ll see the trailer and in it, they even left in an “out take”

of me making a face - which they also left in the movie!

The movie sat dormant for many years until Quentin Tarantino saw


A Classic Film?


By: Renee Riendeau / Movie Revelations

Yes, Jessica Bruder’s 2017 book, “Nomadland:

Surviving America in the Twenty-first

Century”, is non-fictional. However the director,

Chloe Zhao, was masterful in including elements and events of real

people along with her fictional


Quartzsite, Arizona (home of the

movie) a tiny desert town, about

129 miles west of Phoenix where

two million RVers, flea market

enthusiasts, ham radio operators,

off-road motorists, rockhounds and

snowbirds gather every year. These

people are referred to as “nomads.”

That term is defined as a group of people who move from place

to place to find food, or according to the seasons, or any person who

wanders or moves around. Director Zhao stated, “Quartzsite is one of

the wildest towns she’d ever been to, it’s special!”

You meet “Fern”, a 61 year old widow who lost her job at a Gypsum

plant in Nevad. She’s taken to living alone in her camper and traveling

north in Nevada looking for work.

You see a lot of beautiful country as she drives along. Many of

America’s 60s-70s generation whose economic future was shattered by

the 2008 crash are in the same situation as Fern.

April 2021

it. He is a friend

of Jack Hill, the


and he was

instrumental in

getting it released.

It now has

a huge cult

following, along

with its own

Spider Baby featuring (left to right) our Beverly, Sid

Haig, Jill Banner and Lon Chaney, Jr.

website. They

have even made Spider Baby t-shirts, dolls, cartoons etc. and to my

surprise, has fans from all over the world! Who knew?

Interestingly, without doubt, one of the most classic and memorable

films of all time “Casablanca” received a Rotten Tomatoes score of 97.

And Spider Baby received just under that, at 92! What?

At any rate, Spider Baby remains one of my favorites, simply because

of working with Lon Chaney Jr. I am blessed indeed.

Until next time, remember you’re not fully dressed without your


Beverly Washburn graced the silver screen as a child actress and

is the author of Reel Tears. You can contact Beverly at: bjradell@

They are the grey haired, middle class reduced to poverty. So they

become “nomads” roaming the country in camper vans in which they


They are looking for seasonal work in bars, restaurants, and in

this film, a gigantic Amazon warehouse in Nevada. The film is a

character study of the forgotten

and downtrodden, and captures the

restlessness left in the wake of the


With artistry and grace, Zhao

includes non-professionals into

an imaginary story built around

a cheerful, resourceful middle

age woman. Bob Wells, a radical

nomadist lectures at the various

campgrounds and is quoted as

saying, “ No final goodbye just; I’ll see you down the road.

Frances Louise McDormand is an American actress and producer

who has won numerous accolades, including two Academy Awards,

as well as eight Screen Actors nominations. Critics (and I join in) in

saying her role in the movie is the performance of her career.

Renee Riendeau is the movie critic for “Renee’s Revelations”

on Anthem Alive SCA-TV. As a dog sitter she operates “ Renee’s

Roommates” out of her home and can be reached at




• Ranked in Top 1.25% of Agents at Simply Vegas

• Inner Circle Award Winner 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

• Top 1% of REALTORS ® in the Las Vegas Valley

• Estate Sales, Moving and Junk Hauling

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• Expert knowledge and experience of 55+ Communities

• Stage it and Sell it -- I offer free staging consultations!

• Trusted vendor referrals for repairs/renovations

• Free Home Warranty coverage for Sellers!

United States Marine Corps

Combat Veteran



“Semper Fi”

Certified Expert Negotiator with over

18 years of experience representing Buyers

and Sellers in Henderson and Las Vegas.








License #S.0055525.PC

55+ Community Expert



April 1, 1946

By: John Beilun / Time Traveler

Within days following the declaration of

war, troop trains began traversing the

country. The residents of North Platte, Nebraska,

population 12,429 received word that their own Company D of the

Nebraska National Guard would be passing through on December 17 th .

When the day arrived, over 500 townspeople gathered at the depot.

Their arms and hands were full of cookies, cakes, candies and pies – all

for their boys who were destined for the Pacific.

They waited for many hours in the frigid cold before a train finally

arrived. It contained Company D. But, it was from Kansas, and not


The disappointed crowd turned to leave. However, before they had a

chance, Rae Wilson, a 25-year-old local drugstore clerk ran up to one

of the cars and began giving away her bundle of treats to the troops.

Within minutes, everyone did the same.

Rae was so moved by the soldiers’ responses – unexpected glee,

thankfulness, tears of joy and a palpable boost in moral – that she

immediately wrote a letter to the local paper recommending that all

future troop trains be treated with equal kindness.

She followed this up with requests for more cookies, cakes, candies

and pies and commandeered part of the station as a canteen. She also

formed a committee and established a rotating group of hundreds of

women to “man” the platform whenever a troop train arrived.

On December 25, the North Platte Canteen officially opened.

Trains began arriving at the rate of as many as 23 times a day – from

five in the morning to as late as midnight.

As the magnitude of the job grew, so did those who volunteered to

help and donate whatever was needed. Besides the initial assortment of

treats, coffee, fruit, and piano playing were added.

As time passed, thousands of others joined the North Platte

contingent. They hailed from over 125 communities in Nebraska,

Colorado and Kansas.

For the next 1,558 consecutive days these volunteers greeted every

member of our armed forces on every troop train that stopped at North


On April 1, 1946, the last train, now homeward bound, came and

went and the canteen was closed. Between then and December 25, 1941,

over 55,000 volunteers had brought a moment of happiness to over

6,000,000 servicemen and women who had left portions of their hearts

in that small Nebraskan town.

All of this happened without a dime from the government, but

instead because of America’s greatest generation.


April 2021








The physicians of Access Primary

Care have over 60 years of combined

medical experience in Clark County,

specializing in senior health care. With

all-new state-of-the-art facilities and the

latest technology, these neighborhood

doctors have never been more

prepared to put patients first.




2870 S Maryland Pkwy, Suite 120

(702) 957-5975



7190 Smoke Ranch Rd, Suite 150

(702) 957-5978

Access Primary Care Physicians accepts nearly

all major insurance and Medicare plans.


Travel Update

By: Stu Cooper / Happy Adventures

It has been a little over a year since our world


Yes, travel has become a bit easier. However,

complete freedom to travel, is still a bit allusive.

First of all cruising in

the U.S. is suspended until

May 31, 2021. And it might

continue even longer.

For example, all cruising is

suspended to Alaska for 2021 since

Canada is not allowing ships to stop there. There is hope that Caribbean

and Mexican Rivera cruising might start over the summer, but this is

still in doubt.

Some good news. River cruising in the U.S. has started up again.

Mississippi River cruising is back in business.

Ship capacity will be limited, and local rules will apply along the

ship’s itineraries. Mask requirements, social distancing and possibly a

negative covid-19 test might apply during the cruise.

Israel, which relies heavily on tourism, is still closed to foreigners.

European travel is greatly restricted, and strict Covid-19 testing

protocols are still in effect for entrance into European countries. Italy

announced a shutdown of a large part of the country for the Easter


In the United States a hodgepodge of rules exist. For example,


China Ranch Date Farm

By: Kathy Manney / Around Our World

Hidden Oasis” reads the sign on Old Spanish

Trail Highway. Undeniably,

China Ranch is an oasis.

After leaving Old Spanish Trail Highway and

rounding the last curve on Furnace Creek Road, the

road abruptly ends. You have reached an extraordinary

haven in the desert where date palms thrive.

Similar to apples, dates come in different varieties. A

single tree bears as much as 300 pounds of fruit a year

and can live 100 years or more.

Date palms have been cultivated for their sugary

fruit since about 6000 B.C. A tree started from seed

takes about seven years before producing fruit. And

one male tree can pollinate up to 50 female trees.

Their pollen is usually carried by wind or insects. However, growers

hand-pollinate their groves to assure a crop.

The ranch is amongst the largest producers of dates in the United

States. Imagine a remote area where you can purchase delicious,

freshly made date milkshakes or buy fresh-out-of-the-oven date-nut


Hiking at China Ranch is not only welcomed, but also encouraged.

March 2021

if you want to go to

With Sharon on St. Martaan/Martin. But which side?

Hawaii you must show

a negative Covid-19 test

result taken within 72

hours of departure. You

will not be allowed on

the airplane without it.

Hawaii is abiding by

strict Covid-19 protocols

with some restaurants

and public facilities still

closed. However, Pearl Harbor is open to visitors.

Florida on the other hand requires nothing whatsoever to visit. Same

is true for Arizona except for the Grand Canyon which is open but

abiding by Covid-19 mask and social distancing protocols.

New York is lifting its quarantine rules as of April 1. No more ten-day

quarantine for visitors to the state. Covid-19 protocols however are still

in effect.

Finally, visiting the Caribbean and Mexico is a real challenge as each

island has their own rules and regulations. Travel to these locations is

increasing but it is essential that you know what the rules are country

by country.

One crazy example is the Island of St. Martaan/Martin. One side of

the island is Dutch, one side is French. U.S. citizens can go to the Dutch

side but not the French.

Hikers will discover hidden surprises along the moderate climbing


Picture a spot where the desert becomes a marshland, and a small,

rustling river cascades to become a waterfall. In

this barren desert, a river runs year-round, despite

scorching temperatures. This waterway ranks among

few rivers in the world that flow below sea level.

Nearby Death Valley is the driest, hottest and lowest

point in the Western Hemisphere. Its name is derived

for being the site of a great deal of adversity during

the early gold rush years. For this reason, the ranch’s

marshland is a vital stop for migratory birds, where

hundreds of different species have been identified.

“How did the ranch get its name?” Supposedly in

the mid-1800s, a man from China arrived there to work in the borax


After working the mines for several years, he acquired some acreage

and developed the area’s water to irrigate the fruits and vegetables he

planted. When crops were harvested, he marketed them to local mining

camps and the place became known as “Chinaman’s Ranch.”

Kathy Manney enjoys visiting interesting places and being an

Adventure Diva. Her “Must See” travel journeys continue - always

with enthusiasm.


Ready, Set, Go!

By: Crystal Merryman-Sarbacker / Out & About

Don’t miss your reunions or dream vacations

just because you’re not as strong or vital

as you used to be.

Today, few people

even notice other’s disabilities.

So, if you’re up to date on your

vaccinations, find a trip that pleases you

and will soon be available.

Touring and cruising companies

encourage making reservations up to

two years in advance. But unless you

currently need medical care, you are less

likely to cancel due to unforeseen health issues if you consider going

as soon as possible.

In fact, last minute availabilities can be great for seniors. A land trip

like one of Collette Vacations “Spotlight” tours has stays of four to seven

days in America’s or Europe’s most exciting cities.

Daily sightseeing is included, and here’s the best part. Each itinerary

uses a single 4-star hotel throughout, so there’s no packing and


Or you might try Globus’ Monogram Tours, which offer private

vacations in very popular locations. Plus you get the services of a local

guide who provides your trip orientation, escorts you to your luxury

Where Atomic Bombs Were Dropped

By: Burt & Dianne Davis / Our Vacation

We visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki when

we were in Japan during the Far East &

Alaska Cruise with Viking

Ocean Cruises. Japan commemorates the atomic

bombings there in peace parks and dedicated


HIROSHIMA – More than 140,000 were

killed or died as a result of the atomic bomb

dropped by the Enola Gay. On Peace Day yearly,

thousands gather at the Hiroshima Memorial

Peace Park and pray for lasting world peace.

The central theme of the park and museum is

Never Again should the world experience the horrors resulting from

an atomic bomb. The photos and exhibits in the Peace Museum are

powerful, depicting the horrors resulting from the bombing.

A focal point of The Park is an arched tomb cenotaph with names

of victims inscribed on the stone chest beneath the arch. An eternal

flame at the end of the arch will continue to burn until all nuclear

devices in the world have been destroyed.

The children’s’ monument is dedicated to a young girl named

Sadako who survived the initial blast but died from leukemia in her

early teens.

hotel, and may even help you with your special needs.

Speaking of special needs, regardless of the trip you select,

don’t be embarrassed to request help with devices necessary to your

health or comfort. Special needs items

are rapidly becoming travel essentials,

so rental companies now provide and set

up the personal health items you need in

your hotel room or cruise ship cabin.

Motorized scooters and wheelchairs

are especially in demand, along with

portable oxygen tanks, raised toilet seats,

and hospital style beds. And the number

of available items and serviceable

locations is expanding rapidly.

One unforeseen complication is hotels and cruise lines have trouble

keeping up with the demand for special needs accommodations, and

regular hotel and cruise ship doors may not be wide enough to allow

wheelchairs or scooters. NCL’s “Pride of America” circles Hawaii every

week with over 1,000 passenger staterooms but only 64 are wheelchair


Guess which staterooms are being booked first?

Crystal Merryman-Sarbacker is a travel agent and the owner of

Vegas Vacationers Inc. She can be reached at:

NAGASAKI - Three days after the Hiroshima blast, following

warnings from President Harry Truman that they must surrender

or experience more bombings, the United States bombed Nagasaki

resulting in 74,000 more deaths.

A 30 foot high Bronze Peace Statue is the

focal point of the Nagasaki Park. One hand of

the man represents a nuclear attack. The other

symbolizes tranquility and gestures for peace and

meditation. His closed eyes express prayerfulness

for those who are victims of the war.

In the Peace Museum a sign reads, “Nagasaki

must be the last place exposed to an Atomic

Bomb.” The exhibit’s numerous photos illustrate

the destruction of the city and death and injuries to its citizens.

The park is filled with poignant monuments contributed by many

nations. Through these excursions, we gained a greater understanding

of the Japanese people and their perspectives on these catastrophic


Japan is a vibrant country which looks ahead to a prosperous

future, but places great importance on remembering and reminding

the world of the heavy price it paid for waging war.

Thanks to Dianne and Burt Davis who continue to travel the world

and share their adventures with our readers.


March 2021


Test Your Knowledge

1. After the Lone Ranger saved the day the grateful citizens would

ask, “Who was that masked man?” Someone would answer, “I don’t

know, but he left this behind.” What did he leave behind?

2. When the Beatles first came to America in 1964, we all watched them

on TV. What show?

3. “Get your kicks, …

4. The story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed


5. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, …’

6. Nestle’s makes the very best?’

7. What takes a licking and keeps on ticking?

8. Red Skeleton’s always ended his television show by saying, ‘Good

Night, and…

9. In 1971, singer Don McLean sang a song about, “The day the music

died.” This was a tribute to?

10. The first satellite placed into orbit by the Russians was called?

11. LS/MFT stood for?...

12. Hey Kids! What time is it? It’s …

13. Who knows what secrets lie in the hearts of men? Only the ______


14. Alka Seltzer used a “boy with a tablet on his head” as its Logo. What

was the boy’s name?

15. The little car with the engine in the back and the trunk in the front

was called the VW. What other names did it go by? ______ or ___.

16. One of the big fads of the late 50s and 60s was a large plastic ring

that we twirled around our waist. It was called the…?


1. A silver bullet 2. The Ed Sullivan Show 3. On Route 66 4. To protect

the innocent 5. The Lion Sleeps Tonight 6. Chocolate 7. The Timex

Watch 8. God Bless 9. Buddy Holly 10. Sputnik 11. Lucky Strike / Means

Fine Tobacco 12. Howdy Doody Time 13. Shadow 14. Speedy 15. Beetle

or Bug 16. Hoola-Hoop


April 2021



So maybe it’s NOT the WORLD CUP!

But in the publishing world




© Cosmin Iftode


Best Banner

First: The Vegas Voice

One of the best banners in the business.

The use of familiar Vegas hotel graphics

blended with the boldness/juxtaposition of

black, red and white make this banner pop.

Front Cover (Illustration)

Second: The Vegas Voice

(8//19 Woodstock)

It only takes a glance to understand the

story. The white bird standing on a guitar

against a backdround of psychsdelic colors

screams Woodstock to anyone from the

Boomer generation.

Self-Promotion - In house

Second: The Vegas Voice

(5/20 Edition, Media Ad)

Nice use of photos to personalize the

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Second: The Vegas Voice

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Third: The Vegas Voice

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Dan Roberts gets credit for pulling no

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condemning the performance of a Family

Court judge caught up in a scandal involving

guardianship cases, and the local newspaper’s


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April 2021

Adam and Eve... and Their Dog

By: Vicki Wentz / Vicki’s Voice

Men and women - the never-ending game.

The mystery…the temptress and the

tempted…the Adam and the Eve…the one who

can dress for a wedding in a minute and the one

who starts laying out

“ensembles” the day after

someone’s proposal is


Two random episodes:

Sitting outside a

restaurant, after leaving

the smoky bar to get some

fresh air. (Who knew

bars were still smoky? I

thought the only place

anybody in the country

could sneak a Camel

now was the basement of

an abandoned tobacco warehouse in Georgia.)

People who smoke, in my humble opinion, are nuts, not to mention

smelly, but I don’t believe in legislating EVERYTHING IN THE

UNIVERSE from leaf-blowers to car seats – don’t you have to ride in a

car seat until you’re, like, twenty-three now?

And if somebody wants to light up, it’s his decision, bless his overtaxed

heart – but back to my tale.

So, I’m sitting on a little stone wall, and about ten feet away are

two girls and a guy, sipping drinks and talking earnestly. One girl had

broken up with her boyfriend “because, God, he is SO not ready to

commit, you know? I mean, I’m like ready to get married and have

kids, and he’s all like ‘What?’ and I just said, God, forget it.”

The other girl says, “Yeah, he doesn’t sound real mature, but you’re

already a Mom. You have Toby!”

The first girl giggles, “Yeah, Toby’s my baby! Same thing!” (Umm…

Fine. Whatever.)

But, the second girl goes on, “No, honestly, I truly believe, like,

walking a dog is the same as, like, changing a diaper, really. When

Dave walks Chester, I think that totally shows he’s ready to take care of

a baby, you know?”

Now, Dave (who has wisely stayed quiet so far) snorts involuntarily

into his beer and almost needs CPR.

This is the younger generation? They think walking a dog is the same

as changing a diaper, which is also, of course, the main prerequisite for

becoming a parent?

I recently visited my son and the new baby. Robby answered the door,

his eyes wide as if he’d been hit with a stun gun.

Behind him, Mommy was bouncing the crying baby, laundry was

piled on the couch, baby equipment had overtaken the dining room,

and dishes, bottles and pots covered the kitchen counters.

His first words to me were not “Hello” or “Hey, Mom”, but “HOW DO


As I remember that, I myself, snort involuntarily and almost fall off

the little stone wall!

The second male-female encounter involved our neighbors, a couple

with three young adult kids, a mortgage, and a great sense of humor.

They came by last night and we talked in the driveway for a few minutes.

The wife then said, “Come on, Pooh (not his real name) you

promised we’d just stop

for a minute and then

take our walk.”

Pooh looked at me,

mystified. “Can you

believe it? The kids are

out, the house is empty. I

say, ‘Snugglebunny (not

her real name either) we

need some quality time.’”

He wiggles his

eyebrows. “And she wants

to take a walk!” She

smacks him playfully on the arm.

Always thinking outside the box, I say, “Why don’t you split the

difference and run really hard from here back home and up to your

bedroom, and then…uh…burn some additional calories for the next

few hours?”

She smacks me on the arm, too, and off they go, still teasing

contentedly after 25 years.

As I watch them go, I wonder when it was that they realized changing

a diaper wasn’t all there was to parenthood. And, I notice, also, that they

don’t have a dog.

Vicki Wentz is a writer, teacher and speaker living in North

Carolina. Readers may contact her - and order her new children’s

book! - by visiting her website at

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Gardens, Parks & Getting Out in Nature is Brain Healthy

By: Jan Fair / A No-Brainer Minute


ature calls. It will lengthen your life! So says neurological researcher Dr. Oliver Sacks

in his book, Everything in its Place. He explains, "... the effects of nature's qualities

on health are not only spiritual & emotional but physical & neurological. I have no doubt they

reflect deep changes in the brain's physiology & perhaps even it's structure." And, LOOK! All

of the books (below) agree! So let's give our brains a boost and go out and enjoy the outdoors.

Books To Help You Live Longer

Your Brain on Nature: Become

Smarter, Happier, and More

Productive, While Protecting

Your Brain Health for Life

by Eva M. Selhub, M.D.

The Nature Fix: Why Nature

Makes Us Happier, Healthier,

and More Creative

by Florence Williams

She suggests we go into nature,

a garden, a park, etc., 5 hours

per month (which could be 2 or

3 times per week for 30 mins..)

Jan Fair is a writer, consultant & public speaker who has published over 40 books PLUS the

No-Brainer Brain Games series. Sign up for her FREE newsletter at

Mental Minutes

“Nature, Parks & Gardens”

1. In one minute, name

gardens, parks and

places of nature to visit.

2. Make an alphabetical list.

A local school garden,

Backyard, …

Zion National Park.

A No-Brainer Pick

I've Decided to Live to

120: The Ancient Secret

to Longevity, Vitality &

Life Transformation


Ilchi Lee

April 2021


April 2021


Speaking to and for Las Vegas

Valley Seniors since 2003

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