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April 2021

Moving in



Promoting great local businesses to those who live here – and those who plan to!


for business!

The best of Food, Fashion,

Events, property,

& lifestyle in our





Whatever event you

had to cancel last year,

Hatch Events can help

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experience for you and

your guests.


A charming collection of 12 unique homes, nestled in the rolling

Leicestershire countryside on the edge of the pretty village of

Wymondham. Each individual home has been thoughtfully

designed using locally-inspired materials to create light-filled,

luxurious living spaces with generous private gardens.


PLOT 3 - £620,000

Bedrooms: 4

Ensuites: 2

Bathrooms: 1

Parking: 4

Garage: Double


The Forest Heath development lies in the delightful Leicestershire

village of Waltham-on-the-Wolds, one of Leicestershire’s most

sought-after locations. Our development of brand new homes is

located between the historic towns of Melton Mowbray and

Grantham. When you visit the area, do take the opportunity to

enjoy the dramatic views across the Vale of Belvoir.

The Banbury

Plot 27 - £489,995

- 3 bedrooms

- Single garage

- Driveway for 2 vehicles

- Stone Built


PLOT 9 - £495,000

Bedrooms: 4

Ensuites: 1

Bathrooms: 1

Parking: 4

Garage: Double


PLOT 4 - £620,000

Bedrooms: 4

Ensuites: 2

Bathrooms: 1

Parking: 4

Garage: Double

The Gloucester

PLOT 9 - £749,995

- 5 bedrooms

- Double garage

- Driveway for 4 vehicle

- Stone Built

The Exton

PLOT 7 - £449,995

- 4 bedrooms

- Single garage

- Driveway for 2 vehicles

Alicia Kearns MP

Let’s get Rutland and

Stamford Moving

It’s a privilege to be MP for Rutland. England’s

smallest, but also most beautiful, county. Multum

in parvo is most definitely more than just a

motto, there truly is much in little here from the

community spirit across our villages and towns,

to the breath-taking beauty of our area, and the

passion and ingenuity of our business owners.

Over the last year our businesses have suffered

the greatest challenges they have faced

since the Second World War, and none of us

underestimate just how great, and heartbreaking,

those challenges have been. As your MP I

have been steadfast in calling for support for

businesses, and I successfully made the case

to the Treasury that we needed a bespoke,

discretionary Government grant scheme to

support businesses who fell out of the original

Government support programmes. I was so

relieved to secure a £617 million national

programme which locally in Rutland has

supported our market traders, independent

shops, breweries, charities, businesses and the selfemployed

with shared offices, B&Bs, nurseries, and

other businesses who don’t pay business rates.

But as we look forward to the re-opening of

beloved local business, our work is not done.

Very soon the doors will open again, and our

towns and villages will be full of neighbours and

residents rightly supporting our wonderful local

businesses. Because throughout the pandemic

residents have left me in no doubt of their passion

for protecting our local businesses, and the time

to support them is now near.

Our businesses need our help, so this April and

beyond, please join me in supporting our local

businesses, and play your part to get Rutland



Uppingham Fine Food have opened a new

shop and it’s a foodie delight.

Boost your wellbeing - the region’s experts

share their tips for a restful night’s sleep.


Sue and Mia were definitely happy

with the care they received at

Stamford Eye Clinic.

The secret to youthful, glowing

skin without the need for invasive

treatments is on page 9!



We all know Facebook and Google

ads work but we don’t know how -

Isaac Twidale does!


Hambleton Bakery

are helping the

new normal taste a

whole lot sweeter.



Fresh new décor, fresh

new labels – what’s

happening at Cavells this


What’s On in spring and summer?



How to stage your

home to help it sell

quickly and for the

right price.

For more information on our new homes or if you’d like us to sell your house to out of area buyers please get in touch:

Oakham: 01572 757979 | Uppingham: 01572 821935 | Melton Mowbray: 01664 491 610 | Stamford: 01780 484555 |

Publisher: Moores Estate Agents

Editorial Design: Elli Dean • Moores advert design: Tom Gill @ GG Designs


Hatch Events

Industry-leading event planning

from the heart of Rutland

Cavells is one of the most successful independent fashion stores in the UK.

Providing stylish & selected shopping for men & women with over

100 brands devoted to fashion, country, footwear & accessories.

Visit for the ultimate shopping experience or buy online 16 Mill St Oakham Rutland LE15 6EA

Hatch Events

Do You Have a

Beautiful Home?

Professional features team urgently seek homes

to photograph for national interior magazines

– Homes & Gardens, English Home,

25 Beautiful Homes, Real Homes,

Ideal Home etc.

Professional references supplied.

We require all kinds of homes in this region

– whilst size or style of home is unimportant,

there must be at least one bedroom,

at least one sitting room, a kitchen and a

bathroom in excellent order.

Great fun to do and an excellent PR opportunity.

Are you an architect, builder or designer

with clients who might be interested?

If so, please contact me for a no-obligation chat.


Specialist in creative PR and marketing

photography, Elli creates beautiful and

commercially-effective images that

enhance your brand and sell your products.

Kerry Walsh and her team offer an awardwinning

service from their Glaston Hall

offices, putting the client at the heart of

everything they do. By Bobby Twidale

Whatever event you are planning -

conference, meeting, product launch,

team building, experience, celebration – at

Hatch, you will find a full-management service to suit

your needs and budget. Their bespoke approach is

flexible and collaborative making your needs, vision

and culture their priority.

You can rely on Hatch to do the heavy lifting. Think

of them as your backroom team, unseen but working

tirelessly to allow you the space to grow the content

of your event. Their team is their biggest strength

- skilled and dedicated professionals with years of

event planning experience.

caterers, florists and speaker agencies

• A rigorously professional approach

• You, your delegates, exhibitors and sponsors will

be at the centre of everything they do

Hatch Events can provide a variety of services

including registration websites, group transfers,

budget management, logistics, stage production,

exhibitor liaison, equipment sourcing, and on-site

management. They can also help you locate

the perfect venue - here or abroad. They pride

themselves on executing flawless events time after


Contact Amander at Freelance Features

Tel: 01572 770506

or email:

Product photography and styling

Food • Interiors and Property

PR & marketing photography

A flexible approach, giving clients their undivided

attention is what sets them apart. Hatch work with

you to create an event that matches your highest


• Your event needs met promptly and efficiently -

exceeding your expectations

• Access to an excellent range of suppliers

including venues, production companies,

Have confidence in Hatch Events

for best-in-industry knowledge and


phone: 01572823829


4 5


Uppingham Fine Food

And so to bed...

Damon and Ellie Le Geyt refused to be beaten by the pandemic – their new

venture is bringing the finest ingredients and inspiration to the foodies of Rutland.

Damon shares their lockdown diary with Bobby Twidale

“I am originally from Jersey where I trained and

worked as a chef, working daily with the finest ingredients,

at the 5-star Longueville Manor Hotel. My wife

Ellie is from Indonesia.

“We met when I was in Jakarta sourcing new food

products for my wholesale business. Sadly, that business

folded during

the first lockdown

when pubs and

restaurants were

forced to close their


“Some might think

us a bit reckless but

last spring we decided to open a shop and where

better for our new venture than beautiful Uppingham?

“Our mission? To bring a new way of shopping to

Rutland, offering original and exciting food products

and customer service that goes the extra mile – all

from our friendly little local fine food store. We will

always be guided by our philosophy – “Fine food at

a fair price.”

“It’s always been hard to define exactly what we are

trying to be - some customers call us a mini-Waitrose

as we stock all the ingredients you normally

have to drive to Stamford or Market

Harborough to find.

“We stock the essentials you need for

everyday cooking as well as those exciting

products you hear celebrity chefs

talking about.

“We also offer the high-end products

you would only find in fine food stores

and our own range which includes preserves,

pickles, pork scratchings, cakes

and biscuits.

“Community is very important to us so

50% of the profits from our own brand go to Uppingham

and Rutland Good causes. Every three months,

we make a donation – last time it was to the Rutland

Fridge Food Bank.

“We import exclusive products like La Mère Poulard

biscuits from Mont St Michel, Pelito nuts and Insta

health food bars from Greece. A big favourite – we

ship them to customers all over the country – are the

famous BN biscuits which we import from France.

“Fresh fruit and veg and Bisbrooke Artisan sourdough

arrive in stock daily and we have a great range of

deli meats and cheeses. It’s amazing how much we

have crammed into our little shop!

“We’re really pleased to offer a food finding service.

We source ingredients and foodie inspiration for our

customers at no additional


“We found the silver lining in the

lockdown clouds and opened our first

shop - Uppingham Fine Food”

“The lockdown has

meant many of our

customers have had

more time to experiment

in the kitchen

and our food finding

service has been a big hit with them. We now have

lots of people making requests and we are almost

always able to find the special ingredients they’re

looking for. For those customers who can’t get to our

shop, we offer free delivery throughout Rutland.

“We’ve got big plans for the future. When lockdown

ends, we are planning regular Try, Taste and Enjoy

events in store. These will feature local and national

chefs, manufacturers and suppliers who will bring

their knowledge, skill and products for everyone to

taste and enjoy.

“We can’t wait to welcome more new customers to

our shop in the coming months and really hope the

people of Rutland will be as excited about our lovely

little place as we are.”

T: 01572842526



We spend a third of our lives asleep and highquality

sleep is vital to our wellbeing. Anyone

who has struggled with insomnia knows how

debilitating it can be. Here’s our quick guide to

make sure you’re giving yourself the very best

chance of a great night’s sleep using advice

from experts across the Rutland region.

Establishing new habits to improve your sleep

might take a little bit of time but persevere –

it’s worth it for the chance to wake up feeling

refreshed, revived and raring to go.

Words by Amander Meade

1Ditch the Devices

Before we even start talking about beds –

are you sabotaging your sleep from the very

start? As difficult as it may be, detach yourself from

your mobile phone or other devices. The National

Sleep Foundation experts advise that you stop

using electronic devices at least 30 minutes before

bedtime and that you place your phone a minimum

three feet away from your bed. If you need to

use your phone as an alarm, turn on airplane mode

to prevent it from sending or receiving calls and

text messages. If you’re worried that you may miss

an emergency call, set your phone to only ring

when certain people are calling, but still place it

out of bed and out of reach — just in case you get


Create the right conditions

Make sure your bedroom is as clean and

clear as possible. Remove any clutter

surrounding your bed so that the space feels calm

and peaceful. Give the whole room a good clean so

that when you enter the room it feels like your own

private sanctuary.

A Dark Place

Controlling the light will also help natural

sleep. Roller, Roman and Vertical blinds as

well as curtains can be fitted with blackout

options. Avoid Venetian blinds though as they will

always allow some light through. Blackout window

treatments can also help keep rooms cool in high

summer and draught free in winter. Try Alpha Blinds for advice.

Perfect Pairing

Beds and mattresses should work together.

Ideally, buy a new bed and a new mattress

at the same time. Spring mattresses are ideal

for spring beds and slat beds are more likely to be

teamed with a foam mattress – buying from a bed

specialist will mean you receive the very best advice.

Invest Carefully

The wrong bed can lead to sore muscles and

a bad back as well as disturbed sleep so make

sure you always try a bed in person before

buying it. Individual requirements for support will differ

depending on weight and build, so you need to be

really comfortable with your decision. A good bed

should respect the size, shape and specific needs of

the sleeper.

British by Design

Lisa Grey of Barefoot Flooring and Beds

in Rutland is passionate about her range of bespoke

beds by renowned British manufacturer Somnus and

recently visited their production base in Yorkshire

to see how the beds are ‘grown’ from scratch. She

visited the woodland where the timber is produced

and saw the sheep whose wool is used along with

home grown hemp and flax in the company’s range

of mattresses. Every Somnus mattress is British by

design and aims to create sleep perfection.

Good Night

If all else fails and you do find yourself awake,

never get up or read. Try lying on your back,

place your hands on your tummy and focus on

a word – REST, CALM, or PEACE work well. Repeat the

word over and over in time with slow breaths and tell

yourself it’s OK if you’re not asleep, you’re resting at

least. Once the pressure is off to actually be asleep,

you’d be surprised how often you drop off.

Damon and Ellie of


6 Uppingham Fine Foods



putting caring into eyecare since 2014

Malvinder Singh


Our eyesight and eye health should always be a priority but in

these strange times, you may have delayed getting an eye test.

Stamford Eye Clinic provides a safe and welcoming environment.

When Sue needed to get a new pair of glasses for her daughter

Mia’s return to school, she knew exactly who to turn to.

the moment - all non-invasive,

quick and entirely painless.

The children’s eye check is tailored

to make it as fun and stress free as


Jane Knight


In a nurturing, rural setting, Jane Knight

Reflexology employs this gentle, holistic

therapy to bring its health and well-being

benefits to her clients. Before lockdown,

Bobby Twidale tried the Zone Face Lift for


Photo of by: David Travis, Unsplash

“I’ve used Stamford Eye

Clinic in the past and

everyone was so friendly

and really put me at my ease, so I didn’t hesitate to

make an appointment for Mia,” said Sue.

“Mia can be nervous, so I was a bit worried –

especially at the moment with social distancing

rules - but I needn’t have been. The staff were so

welcoming, and they had everything in place to

make sure we felt safe and comfortable.”

The practice prides itself on providing professional,

caring and friendly eye care service in a welcoming

environment – all a short walk from the town centre

and with car parking right outside the


Practice owner, Malvinder Singh

Hanspal, a dispensing optician with

over 20 years’ experience, said: “Our

clients are always our priority but

especially at the moment. We do

our best to offer everyone excellent

customer service, whether you’re

having an eye test, buying a new

pair of spectacles or just asking for


Stamford Eye Clinic will carry out

thorough examinations to check

the internal and external health of

your eyes, including checking your eye pressures and

peripheral vision.

They use cutting edge technology to allow a

hospital-standard analysis of your eye health without

the need for a hospital visit – a real advantage at

“Mia was giggling away,” said Sue,

“I actually had a job getting her out

of the chair at the end of the test.

Although,” she added, “when I told

her she could choose a new pair of

glasses, that did the trick.”

Stamford Eye Clinic stock a great choice of

children’s eyewear ranges specifically designed

for their facial characteristics as well as protective

prescription eyewear for children to wear whilst

playing sports. They have frames available for little

ones just a few weeks old up to teenagers – and all in

styles that both children and parents will approve of.

“Mia definitely approved,” laughed Sue, “She even

tried to persuade me to get her a pair of prescription

goggles for her swimming lessons – she doesn’t need

them, she just liked the colour!”

The clinic’s Optometrists take time to

examine your eyes thoroughly

and will recommend the perfect

product for your needs from their

vast range of frames, lenses and

contact lenses.

Sue and Mia were definitely happy

with the care they received.

Sue said: “I really can’t recommend

Stamford Eye Clinic highly enough.”

They collected Mia’s glasses last week,

just in time for going back to school this

week. Mia can’t wait to show them off

to her friends.


t: 01780767403

Reflexology is an ancient therapy that applies

gentle pressure to reflex areas of the feet,

hands or face, stimulating the body’s natural

healing processes whilst creating a deep sense of


It can be employed to treat a range of physical

complaints, can boost the immune system and helps

clear the body of toxins.

It was the lure of the Zone Face Lift - of a natural,

painless but highly effective alternative to Botox -

that got my attention.

Jane’s treatment room had the feel of a fragrant,

calm retreat. The products she used smelled divine

and felt wonderful on my skin, especially the

signature Zone Face Lift facial elixir, a fantastically

nurturing blend of essential oils.

Jane put me at my ease and worked her magic

– a combination of gentle pressure and sweeping

motions as well as more vigorous massage. Nothing

that prevented me from falling asleep on her

treatment couch, though.

The result? I didn’t have time before we locked

down to complete the full programme of sessions but

after only a couple of visits, I could see a noticeable

difference in the texture and tone of my skin and

I came away feeling restored and energised. I’ll

certainly be going back for more.

What better way to relax and

rebalance post lockdown?

With a background in specialist neurology nursing,

Jane is fully accredited by the London School of

Reflexology and a member of the Association of


NEW – Zone Face Lift

Jane also offers this brilliant new rejuvenating

treatment which has been hailed as an effective

non-invasive alternative to Botox and facial fillers.

tel: 07976 458 239

8 9



North Street West

Uppingham - £210,000

- Excellent Town Location

- Fully Refurbished Throughout

- Outbuilding In Garden

- Three Storey Home

- Spacious Living Room

Drakes Court

Grantham - £80,000

- Family Bathroom

- Off Road Parking

- Modern Apartment

- Living/Dining Room

- Viewing Is Recommended

The Old Livery

Oakham - £134,950

- Allocated Parking

- First Floor Apartment


- Lounge / Diner

- Two double bedrooms

The Padstow

Melton Mowbray - £239,995

- 2 Bedrooms

- 2 Parking Spaces

- Underfloor heating

- Move Straight in!

- Beautifully Designed Kitchen

Burrough Road

Somerby - £479,950

- Stunning Countryside Views

- Two En-suites

- Four Bedrooms

- x2 Garage with Utility Area

- Large Garden

Hillside Farmhouse

Croxton Kerrial - £595,000

- Ample Off Road Parking

- Four Bathrooms

- Grade II Listed

- Three Storey Farmhouse

- Six Bedrooms

Belton Mews

Belton - £119,950

- Communal Rear Garden

- Over 55's Complex

- Two Bedrooms

- Sought after village location

- Refurbished Throughout

St. Georges Avenue

Stamford - £115,000

- One Bedroom

- Communal Gardens

- Fitted Wardrobes

- Well Presented

- Sociable Communal Lounge

The Water Front

Grantham - £159,000

- Large Apartment

- Two Bathrooms

- Two Bedrooms

- Secure Parking

- Balcony With Views Out

Waltham on the Wolds

Melton Road - £379,000

- 4 Bedrooms

- Detached Home

- Good Amenities

- Garage

- Parking For 2 Cars

Barfield Street

Uppingham - £500,000

- Detached Almost New Home

- Detached Garage & Driveway

- Four Bedrooms, Two Ensuite

- Open Views To Front

- Under 10 Year Guarantee

Brentingby Chapelry

Brentingby - £575,000

- Four Bedrooms

- Unique Chapel Conversion

- Permission for Self-Contained


- Open Countryside Views

Over the last year, we have been in contact with many people who have seen their quality of life priorities shift as a result of the

pandemic. With far fewer people needing to travel into London daily now, many are considering moving to the country where highly

populated living spaces, congestion on public transport and crowds are less of a problem. Also without their usual London weighted

salaries, we have noticed a groundswell of people registering from the North London suburbs looking to move here in search of ‘the

good life’.

We thought this was the perfect opportunity to highlight to everyone – whether already local or moving into the area - some of the

special businesses and attractions we have to offer. We have been especially keen to highlight businesses affected by the lockdown

as we encourage buyers to come and view all the great things this region has to offer.

When I speak to clients from out of the area who are relocating to Rutland or Stamford, it’s our lively high streets, historic market

towns and unique independent businesses that appeal to buyers. We hope that by shining a spotlight on this region, that newcomers

and local people alike will do their best to help independent enterprise survive and thrive in the months to come – keeping our region

vibrant and successful.

As the area’s premier estate agency, Moores have been championing this region for decades – especially to buyers from London and

the South East who have discovered our secrets in their droves. Not only can our towns offer an attractive rural lifestyle; history,

culture and award winning Michelin starred restaurants but Stamford and Rutland also boast exceptional educational opportunities

and low crime rates. No wonder then that both locations regularly top national ‘Best Place to Live’ polls.

During lockdown 1 we certainly discovered a new way of selling homes. Our skilled teams swiftly created and shared video tours which not only showcased properties

for sale but villages and towns all across the area – helping buyers imagine their lives here. Combined with our VIP home search service, our digital marketing has

proved so successful we are now receiving more enquiries than ever from buyers keen to make their own move to the country.

It continues to be our privilege at Moores to help hundreds of buyers move to Rutland and Stamford each year. Our clients are regularly aiming to establish a new

way of life and many have realised they are able to work from home whilst easily maintaining their links with the capital by road, or by rail in under an hour from

Peterborough or Grantham into Kings Cross.

In this edition you’ll find useful features on local food, fashion and interiors as well as a message of support from Alicia Kearns, MP for Rutland and Melton. If you’d

like to read more about life and business across the region, do take a look at our weekly Rutland Lifestyle blog at and we’d love it

if you’d like to follow us on Facebook @mooresestateagents and Instagram @moorespropertyhub

I hope you find this magazine helpful, if you are moving into our area or are already in the area but are thinking about moving please get in touch today. Vernon Moore

- Founder and Managing Director of Moores Estate Agents Group


Have you ever considered just how much

more home you can get for your money

travelling just an hour north from Kings Cross?

We offer a free VIP Home Search service to

Home Owners that sell or rent via The Kings

Group. We operate throughout the East

Midlands from North of Cambridge to North

Lincolnshire and specialise in properties 15

minutes or less from the A1 and within 15

minutes of the train station towns of Newark,

Grantham, Peterborough, Huntingdon and

Market Harborough.

The perfect central “pin on the map” location

Some of the best private schools in the country

Only 1 hour to London by train

Meet & Greet Service:




























We don’t just give buyers the details of your property, with our Meet & Greet Service we take them TO IT.

We meet relocating buyers from either Grantham or Peterborough Train Station and take them to view

properties on the market with us both fully & discreetly. For those buyers not always that familiar with our

area, it helps us show them just what our areas offer & its amazing what more you learn about a buyer’s

requirements when you are sat in the car with them for a few hours!

The purpose of this magazine

“Every mile travelled

out of Kings Cross

or via the A1, reduces

house prices on

average by £14,400”

Camilla the camel who Vernon rescued.

She was originally trained for TV including

Tresemme’ and the M&S Christmas advert,

when filming starts again she will still be

available as she enjoys the attention!

We are known as the

Undiscovered Cotswolds

where property prices can be as

much as half of

comparable properties there!

We also offer a Meet & Greet Service

from all of the aforementioned train

stations as well as a Meet & Greet

for those that prefer to travel by car

on the A1 at Stoke Rochford. We

are happy to chauffer or travel in

convoy and show you the properties

we have available / know are coming

to the market shortly.

We are the local agent in the know

and can happily help you find the

Good Life with insight into everything

from superfast broadband for

working from home, to an insight

into some of the best state and

private schools

in the country.

Demand for these types of houses has increased with buyers looking to move to the Rutland & Stamford area!

For more information on our home search service or if you’d like us to sell your house to out of area buyers please get in touch:

Oakham: 01572 757979 | Uppingham: 01572 821935 | Melton Mowbray: 01664 491 610 | Stamford: 01780 484555 |

This magazine is very much a paper version of the digital marketing we send out to buyers in North

London, Essex and the Home Counties, showing those looking to move north what our area has to offer.

It is also for people looking to move locally who already appreciate the great place we live in. We are

currently being asked for all types of property, below is just a small selection. If your home might fulfil our

current buyer’s requests or if you would like your home introduced discreetly, then please contact us. All

enquiries dealt with the utmost discretion 01572 757 979

- Family 4 bedroom detatched on the Oakham bypass 400-600k

- Buyer from Essex looking to downsize to a 3 bedroom semi 200-300k

- Couple from Milton Keynes wanting a 2/3 Bed, Village Cottage, close to the A1 400 - 600k



Wear your eco-credentials on your sleeve with Ecoalf’s

menswear – one of the exclusive new labels at Cavells this

spring By Bobby Twidale

The company has created Sea Yarn, a new

100% recycled filament with a luxurious feel

and wonderful versatility, manufactured from

waste collected from the sea floor.

Involving more than 3000 fishermen in 550 sea

trawlers, The Ecoalf Foundation has already removed

500 tons of rubbish from the Mediterranean seabed.

The production of fabrics from recycled thread

has a much lower environmental impact than

when conventional thread is used. Ecoalf’s vision

is a world where natural resources are never used

unnecessarily. Their clothing can be found in leading

stores throughout the world and is now available in

store and online from Cavells.

Louise Lennard, general manager at Cavells, said:

“As a company, we place great importance on

sustainability and try to prioritise green behaviour,

from small actions like not allowing plastic bottles in

our offices through to big decisions like the labels we

choose to work with. We’re delighted to stock Ecoalf

as one of our new menswear ranges. It’s a great,

young label and we think it will really appeal to our

customers and resonate with their eco values.”

Cavells always stay ahead of the curve and this

spring is no exception with an exciting choice of new

labels in ladieswear for you to discover.

Leon & Harper was created in Paris where its timeless

basics with their unique sense of detail rapidly

became a staple of the wardrobes of free-spirited

young women.

Suncoo is a Parisian contemporary fashion brand

for lovers of boho knits, colourful prints and feminine


Lily & Lionel is a British, vintage-inspired luxury brand.

The beautiful hand-produced prints are unique to

Lily & Lionel and each tells a story. The Curious Zebra

design was inspired by a vogue cover from 1926 and

hand-painted in their London studio.

Villagallo is versatile, elegant and playful and offers

a vibrant take on classic tailoring. Each piece is

beautifully cut with luxurious fabric and unusual


Pom Amsterdam is a label founded by two Dutch

sisters, a duo design all their own colourful and

magical prints.

Second Female the cool Scandinavian label with

a chic and modern French touch was founded in


Louise added: “The Scandi labels offer cool, chic

and quirky designs that are really popular with our

customers. These new additions will sit very well

alongside current favourites such as Moliin, Samsoe

Samsoe, Stine Goya and Munthe.”

A new launch last spring was Cavells’ own-label,

super-flattering merino capsule range. Offering the

perfect lockdown option – comfortable and versatile

but chic enough for those work Zoom calls, the new

range has been a big hit.

Louise, who created the range, said: “Merino is a

great fabric. It has antimicrobial properties, built in

stretch for comfort, it keeps you warm, and it can be

dressed up or down. The factory we use is less than

an hour away, so it feels right for our sustainability

values as well as having the added benefit of

supporting local, British business.”

Check out these and the many other popular labels

Cavells stock in store when lockdown ends. Until

then, you can shop online as usual.

All items available on

t: 01572770372


We’ve really missed our customers and can’t

wait to welcome you back in store from April

12 - we hope you love the fresh new look as

much as we do!

For your peace of mind and safety, all staff will

take a lateral flow test twice a week.

We will be offering private shopping

appointments and a remote personal shopping

service with concierge delivery available within

a 20-mile radius - find details on our website.


Tee-shirt: Ecoalf



Spring/Summer 2021

There’s a great selection of fabulous events to enjoy this spring and

summer across the region. Dust off the picnic hamper and load up the

family for some home grown local fun this year.

Harness the power of Google

and Facebook advertising

From Easter Sunday, 4 April

Season Opening of Kelmarsh Hall and Gardens

Family adventures are back on the agenda with a

host of new attractions. The Grade I listed country

house which is surrounded by Grade II listed gardens

is set in the heart of a traditional agricultural estate

and this season sees the introduction of picturesque

woodland and lakeside walks, an enchanting fairy

trail, and the welcoming of Sweet Pea’s Tea Room.

An online booking at, we

recommend booking your visit ahead.

Sunday 11 July from 8am

The Rutland Festival of Food and Farming

The Festival will showcase all that’s best about rural

life in Rutland. Visitors will enjoy an extensive and

unique shopping experience and lots of delicious

locally produced food and drink. Already confirmed

is everyone’s favourite ‘Sheep Show’ where you’ll

get the chance to meet some unique woolly

characters. Get up close to the magnificent gentle

giants of the horse world in the Heavy Horse Village

and watch the farriers get fast and furious as they

demonstrate their skills. Tickets are on sale now at

Thursday 22 July, 2.30pm

Meet the author – Rosanna Ley

Voracious readers should head to Rutland Library

where author Rosanna Ley will be discussing her new

book ‘The Orange Grove’. Rosanna writes romantic

evocative tales of faraway places and her latest

novel is set in sun-drenched Seville.

Email for a Zoom password.

Friday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday

22 August, from 8am


Birdfair, aka the Birdwatching Glastonbury, is jointly

organised by the Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife

Trust and the RSPB. Birdfair encompasses the whole

spectrum of nature, conservation and birdwatching,

whilst at the same time supporting global bird

conservation. Expect hundreds of stalls, events,

lectures and a programme of special events for

younger wildlife enthusiasts. Ticket information and

booking at

Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 September

The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials

This is the premier equestrian and social event in

the international sporting calendar and a focus for

the best horses and riders in the world. The parkland

of Burghley in Stamford provides a perfect setting

for the thrilling 4-Day Event competition as well

as the popular shopping village of more than 600

exhibitors – tempting all ages and tastes.

Booking information at

The age of online advertising means incredible power

at the finger-tips of every small business owner.

You can show your cleaning services to someone googling for

cleaners or get the attention of new mums in the Oakham area

who have recently purchased similar products online.

Facebook & Google advertising is more than just effective – it’s

the most targeted and measurable advertising tool ever.

Google puts your ads in front of people as they search for

products and services. Facebook can target hyper-niche

audiences. People can discover your brand and you can find

new customers.

So why aren’t you using them? Maybe you’ve already tried with

no clear indication of the results generated?

These platforms take expertise, meticulous

monitoring and detailed knowledge.

This is where I come in. I’m Isaac, I live in

Wymondham - near Oakham - and I’m director




I take your vision, goals and expertise and

translate that intuition into online adverts

that resonate with your audience.

Two weeks’


services for free

(Offer does not include

platform fees)

Explore the power of

digital advertising with a no

obligation consultation or 2 week

trial run - call or email today.

With my know-how and your understanding of your customer,

we’ll make digital ads together that turn into profit for your



t: 07909836585


Isaac Twidale, owner and director

of We Do Ads Ltd., is so confident he

can increase your sales with online

ads, he’ll provide his services free for

two weeks.

• Retarget ads just to people interested in your product.

• Only pay for a Google Ad when someone clicks it.

• It works – whoever your customer, whatever you sell.

• On average, 4 times ad spend return on




Vernon Moore:

“I have always been really keen to look at offering a service which is both

personal and professional. Having studied real estate in America and

Europe before starting my career, I have always felt that the English system

needed to become more of a personal service – finding the right buyer for the

right property as opposed to a largely scatter gun approach to matching.

Having also worked in the Cotswolds and Oxfordshire I came to realise that my

home area actually had as much, if not more, to offer, invariably for better value

for money. With more and more people working from home and faster trains on

our doorstep, we have really become a “pin in the map” location.

We have worked hard to connect with buyers from London and the South who

very much see us as the agent “in the know” of anything coming to the market

in the area.”



from moores

Moores have both off-market and openly marketed

more homes successfully around Rutland Water

than any other agent!

Let us know if you’re looking to buy or sell.

Country Homes:

When it comes to marketing country homes, our connections with independent

estate agents throughout London and the South is supported by national

advertising in the likes of Horse & Hound and Country Life Magazine. In addition,

we offer a free home search service for buyers and Vernon also does work for

retained clients regarding investments and private homes at no upfront cost. As

a lot of our country homes are marketed discreetly i.e. without the need for press

or internet advertising, we encourage buyers to register with us. Whilst our

vendors can market with us and take advantage of our high profile on and, many prefer to keep their sale discreet.

Barnsdale, Great Easton

Guide Price: £1,100,000

- High Standard Throughout

- Versatile Living Accommodation

- Six Bedrooms

- Double Garage

- Substantial Stone Country Home

Westwood House, Melton Mowbray

Guide Price: £1,250,000


- Off Road Parking & Garaging

- Private enclosed rear garden

- Six Bedrooms, Six Bathrooms

- Five Reception Rooms

Moores Property Hub

The first purpose built drive through style Estate Agents conveniently

located on the Oakham bypass. A One Stop Shop Property Hub

where you can meet our residential sales team, mortgage advisors,

residential lettings team and commercial team all under one roof!

Arrange to meet your solicitor here, consult with an architect and

even arrange storage!

In recent years Country & Equestrian have achieved as many, if not more,

country homes sales than some of the national agents, often achieving higher

sale prices than the national agent may have quoted. However, because of the

discreet nature of these sales, our presence in the market isn’t always highly


Being delayed by a year with COVID we now have the first hub building up

and hope to be finished before the winter!

Warren Lodge, North Luffenham

Guide Price: £1,600,000

- Tack Room

- Two Self-Contained Apartments

- Approx. 25.5 Acres

- Large Purpose Built American Style Barn

- Outdoor Arena

Foxton Road, Lubenham

Guide Price: £750,000

- Planning For 5 Bedroom Home

- Plot Of Approximately 11.5 Acres

- Total 7400 Sqft

- Planning Ref 17/01307/FUL

- Building Plot / Land

The way in which people search for houses is changing and we

are always innovating – for your success and ours!

Country Home Search:

- Beresfords of Essex (covering 7 towns)

- Kings Group (15 areas of North London )

- Douglas & Gordon (18 district offices in prime London)

- Micheal Graham (covering 7 towns in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Bedfordshire)

Due to our unique no charge Country Home Sourcing Service, we

have many buyers who do not search online or in the press but

leave it to us to find them their dream home; this works hand in

hand with our discreet marketing service and allows people to buy

and sell with complete discretion.

Many of these buyers come from London & The South via our

partner agents, this puts these buyers IN THE KNOW before waiting

for properties to show up on Rightmove and means we can match

the right people with the right home!

You may have received this magazine because you are selling

with one of our partner London agents and have taken up our

unique free move to the country home search. If you are not

already registered with us, we can introduce you to homes

before they come to the open market; matching our little black

book of buyers with our little black book of homes!

Grand Design Home, Wing

Guide Price: £1,290,000

- Opportunity To Build Your Own Grand Design Home

- Square Footage Is Over 10,500 Sq. Ft

- Approximately 9 Acres Of Paddock Land

- Beautiful Panoramic Views Over The Valley

- Popular Village Location

Home Farm House, Colsterworth

Guide Price: OIEO £750,000

- Five Bedrooms

- Grade II Listed

- Substantial Stone Country Home

- Large Drawing Room With Fireplace

- Village Location

Demand for these types of houses has increased with buyers looking to move to the Rutland & Stamford area!

For more information on our home search service or if you’d like us to sell your house to out of area buyers please get in touch:

Oakham: 01572 757979 | Uppingham: 01572 821935 | Melton Mowbray: 01664 491 610 | Stamford: 01780 484555 |



If you’re determined to sell your home quickly and for the best price, you’ll be

interested to hear how one award winning local company is helping their clients

achieve exactly that. Amander Meade chatted to professional home stager, Denise

Cable, about how staging is fast becoming a key element in marketing homes to sell in

Rutland and Stamford. Photography by Elli Dean

Web appeal is the new kerb appeal…

Denise runs The Home Styling Company and is a

highly experienced home staging professional.

Her mission is to spread the word about how home

staging can help sell properties faster and for their

maximum price.

“Home buying habits have changed drastically in

the last couple of decades,” explains Denise. “Gone

are the days of driving around an area clutching

printed house details as 90% of home

searches now begin online. It’s vitally important

that a home for sale stands out from the crowd as

web appeal has replaced kerb appeal in making

that crucial first impression. Impactful and engaging

images of your home looking amazing are your most

powerful marketing tool.”

Selling faster and for more

According to Rightmove, professionally styled

properties typically spend 50% less time on the

market and sell for 8% to 10% more, so whilst a

relatively new concept to UK homeowners, the

statistics around home staging are certainly


“We can help with all kinds of property and include

lifestyle photography as part of our service. Our

job is to help potential buyers imagine themselves

living in your home by showing the lifestyle on offer,”

adds Denise. “We will showcase all the best features

in your home and minimise any negatives. We

maximise space, improve layout and enhance rooms

with props, furniture and accessories to show your

home off at it’s very best. We’ve dozens of ‘before

and after’ images on our website that show really

clearly how staging makes a world of difference.”

Empty Nests

Home staging has a particularly dramatic effect on

viewing engagement for otherwise empty properties.

Denise believes that the old adage around buyers’

capability to imagine themselves in a home has also

changed forever. “We are all bombarded these days

with stunning images on line of beautiful homes and

sumptuously decorated rooms. It’s so much easier

to engage a buyer if you show them how empty

areas might look. In place of cold, featureless, empty

rooms, browsers on line will see how living spaces,

kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms could be used

and how versatile the property could be. Staging is

always a game changer for an empty home.”

Proving the Rule

Whilst The Home Styling Company team were

staging an empty home last year, by coincidence,

an identical home on the same road was offered

for sale during the same week. “The agent for the

property we staged reported ‘phenomenal’ interest

from the first day of marketing and the house sold

within 5 days for the full asking price. The unstaged

home nearby is still for sale over six months later,

despite a price reduction. That’s the power of

staging. Our client was delighted and so were we!”

Contact Denise at

Denise’s team have been

making quite a splash

collecting awards year on year

for their work. The team picked

up ‘Best Bespoke Home Styling

Service 2019 (Build Magazine

Real Estate and

Property Awards):

Best Home Styling

and Staging


East Midlands 2018 &

2019 (Build Home and Garden

Awards) and Bespoke Home

Styling Service of the Year

2020 (Innovation & Excellence





18 19

Hambleton Bakery

helping the new normal taste

a whole lot better

This year has been challenging but in

the Rutland area we have the wonderful

Hambleton Bakery boosting our wellbeing

with their delicious bread, cakes, pastries

and savouries. Bobby Twidale finds out

how we can improve our home breadmaking

and gets a sneak preview of

the lovely things they have planned for


Hot Cross Buns are a popular take on the teacake,

with added spice and topped with the traditional

cross paste. Eat them warmed with lashings of butter.

Every year the team at the Bakery produces a range

of Easter biscuits with different toppings. Colleagues

sample the contenders and the most popular is the

one sold in the bakery shops.

Helping us shop safely during the


This year the Bakery introduced convenient local

delivery hubs to keep communities supplied with

delicious, fresh bread. New ways to shop include

Click and Collect and local at-home delivery

services via their online shop, a big step towards

helping customers to shop safely during the



Julian Carter (middle) and his team at Hambleton Bakery

The Bakery recently broke ground on their new site. Local to the existing bakery, it will ensure future 24-hour

production of breads to meet an ever-growing demand. The popular and beautiful existing location near

Cottesmore will house a café for visitors while maintaining production of cakes and savouries – an exciting

start to 2021.

Visit Hambleton Bakery online here:

In September 2008, Julian Carter and Tim

Hart of Hambleton Hall opened a bakery to

produce top quality traditionally made bread

for their award-winning restaurants in Rutland and

Nottingham. The little shop at the front was almost

an afterthought but soon acquired a cult following,

especially after being named Britain’s Best Bakery in

2012. Hambleton Bakery now has shops in Oakham,

Market Harborough, West Bridgford, Stamford and

Oundle as well as supplying some of the best food

venues in the area.

Hello. I’m Bobby. I’m a writer. I

choose words carefully. Chat

to me about how I can help tell

your business’ story

Complete Dressmaking


Chef’s tips for bread-making success

Julian’s top tip for successful home bread-making is

to add Salt after the first dough rise.

Hambleton Bakery has always been a traditional

bakery, producing breads, cakes and savouries with

no additives or preservatives. The breads and cakes

are all vegetarian and 80% of the breads are vegan.

The Bakery is always seeking out new ideas and

ingredients, ideally sourced locally and seasonal.

They adapt quickly to new trends, bringing the best

to the lucky people of the Rutland area.

Easter treats

Hambleton Bakery has some delicious Easter treats


Simnel cake is a traditional spiced fruit cake and is

decorated with marzipan. If you can’t manage a

whole cake, look out for the individual Simnel tarts

cased in bakery pastry - they make the perfect

Easter gift.



Sewing and craft classes in Oakham


20 21



Top Lock Meadows

An executive riverside development offering beautifully designed four and five bedroom homes, some within gated areas and

riverside views.

Braunston Road

Oakham - £265,000


Church Street

Braunston - £274,950

PLOT 22 - £725,000

Four bed detached stone

house with generous

downstairs living and double


PLOT 26 - £895,000

Five bed detached home built

in Stamford Stone with double



- Carport & Off Road Parking

- Semi-Detached Home

- Three Bedrooms

- Extension Home Office

- Living/Dining Room

- Refitted Kitchen & Bathroom

- Refurbished Throughout

- Two Bedroom Cottage

- Village Location

PLOT 27 - £745,000

PLOT 32 - £1,150,000

Brooke Road

Oakham - £309,000

Bullfinch Close

Oakham - £349,950

Four bedroom detached home

with studio garage and good

size driveway

PLOT 33 - £575,000

Five bedroom detached home

in Stamford Stone within a

gated driveway, double studio

garage with riverside views.

PLOT 34 - £800,000

- Allocated Permit Parking

- Well presented throughout

- Two Reception Rooms

- Original Character Features

- Three Bedrooms

- Detached Garage

- Detached Home

- Five Bedrooms

- Low Maintenance Garden

- Multiple Reception Rooms

Four / five bed detached house

with double garage and

generous off road parking

Four bed detached home built

in Stamford Stone situated

within a gated driveway

The Nook

Whissendine - £499,950

- Annexe Potential

- Detached Home

- Five Bedrooms

- Garage

- Good Sized Garden

Mill Lane

South Witham - £529,000

- Detached New Build

- Enclosed Rear Garden


- High End Finish

- South Facing Garden

Main Street

Empingham - £575,000

Broom Cottage

Barsby - £650,000

Rivers Edge

Rivers Edge is a bespoke gated community of luxury homes

created with meticulous attention to detail, situated in the tranquil

village of Great Casterton just three miles outside the historical

town of Stamford and within easy reach of the A1.

The properties are each designed to a high specification which

briefly includes, Samsung kitchen appliances, Bristan taps and

showers, oak and glass staircase, oak veneer doors, air source

heat pump heating system and a log burner in the front room with

Oak mantel. Externally, there are block paved driveways, turfed

and landscaped gardens to the front and back of the plots,

fencing, stone wall and black metals rails where applicable.

Plot 1 - £950,000

- 5 bedroom stone built

home within a small gated


- Glass Panoramic Sun

PLOT 2 - £925,000

- 6 bedroom stone built

home within a small gated


- Good access to the A1

- Conservatory

- Detached Character Cottage

- Large Rear Garden


- Self Contained Annexe

Orchard Barn

Bulby - £725,000

- Approx One Acre

- Character Features

- Four Bedrooms

- Sought After Hamlet

- Parking For Several Cars

- Detached Cottage

- Five Bedrooms

- Gardens

- Kitchen / Dining Room

- Off Road Parking

Ladbury House

Hamilton Place - £750,000

- Five Bedrooms

- Exclusive Gated Development

- Four Bathrooms

- Substantial Residence

- Private south facing gardens

These are just a selection of some of the new home properties we

have for sale, for more information on these houses or if you’d like

us to sell your house to out of area buyers please get in touch:

OAKHAM: 01572 757979 | Uppingham: 01572 821935

Melton Mowbray: 01664 491 610 | Stamford: 01780 484555 |

PLOT 3 - £850,000

6 bedroom stone built home

within a small gated


Demand for these types of houses has increased with buyers looking to move to the Rutland & Stamford area!

For more information on our home search service or if you’d like us to sell your house to out of area buyers please get in touch:

Oakham: 01572 757979 | Uppingham: 01572 821935 | Melton Mowbray: 01664 491 610 | Stamford: 01780 484555 |


Here are a list of helpful contacts that Moores recommends, useful if you’re

moving into the area or are in need of some local expertise!

General Builders

Boss Stone Masonry Ltd | 01664 474794 |

Healey Build Ltd| 01536 647 558 |

David Cox - T: 01572 722390

Kaybrooke Construction - 07813 838402

Darren Taylor - 07803611744

Rutland Building Services - 07712 669 454

Jamie Duffin - 07891 612 857

Brown & James - 07950 036544

Ben Wood - 07778 782130

Richard Evans - 07778 777999

Will Ashmore - 07710 783389

Shane Warman (Build-It) 07897 517 554

Neil Panchmatia (Benchmark) - 07989 806 324

Joseph Czajkowski - 07749 678011

Mark Porter (Stone Mason) - 07909 907641


Artec Electrical | 01572 504170

Jamie Bottomley | 07854 115217

Gas Services & Plumbing

Kevin O’Brien | 01572 755 535

Independant Shops & Stores

Westmoreland | T: 01664 502602

Freenet Electrical | 01664 502608

sales@freenetelectrical |

Pheasants Roost Food for Thought | 01572 737800 |

Gates Garden Centre | 01664 454309

Somerby Rd, LE15 7QB |

The Coffee House | T: 01733 380093

107A Peterborough Road PE5 7AJ Peterborough

Hamilton Bakery | T: 01572 812995

2 Cottesmore Road, LE15 8AN |

Peachy Belts | 01664 454994 |

INSERT CODE: RUT21 at checkout to receive free P&P

Becky B & C Herbs and Spices |

(Nottingham street, Melton Mowbray every Tuesday)

H20 Leisure Group - 01476 978 137 |

Health & Beauty

The Rutland Health and Beauty Clinic’ | 01572 756589 | Instagram: Rutlandbeauty

Perch & Preen | 07919 568 549

4 All saints street, Stamford, pe9 2pa

Holistic Health Centre | 01572 504024

Main Street Cottesmore, LE15 7DJ |

MyDentist | 01572 770579

The White House, 17 Burley Rd, LE15 6DH

Creme hair and beauty | 01572 723823

8 Mill Street, LE15 6EA |

Gents Grooming | 01664 500060

3 Burton St, Melton Mowbray LE13 1AE


Bargate Holroyd Insurance Brokers | 01572 756711

8-8a High Street, LE15 6AL |

Rumble Live Action Gaming | 01480 592135

Grafham Water Marlow Park, PE28 0BH |

CWH Surveyors LLP | 01476 584190

Rutland Home Staging | T: 07540 492075 |

Store It Stamford | T: 01780 489001 |

Peter Barker Fine Art | T: 07591 472228

Gallery re-opens on Fri 16 th April 11 – 5

Gift Cards 4 Travel | T: 07484 702770 E:


Vernons Top 10 pubs/restaurants

(Where more business is done than in the office!)

Berkeley Arms - Wymondham

The George - Stamford

The Wheatsheaf - Langham

The Castle Inn - Castle Bytham

The Wheatsheaf - Greetham

Hitchens Barn - Oakham

The Nelson - Oakham

The Grainstore - Oakham

The Finch's Arms - Hambleton

The Fox & Hounds - Knossington



We have buyers that are looking across the East Midlands for properties

that are either currently commercial or equine premises with land

required.Minimum of 10 acres but 20-30 acres is preferred. Budget of

£1,250,000 – £2,000,000.

Following our marketing in Country Life, we have two families that are

looking to relocate to Stamford or the Rutland area. Both would be happy

to take on a country house in need of renovation or alternatively, a

substantial new build property. Budget of £4,000,00 if complete, they are

expecting to purchase at £2,000,000 plus.

A family were purchasing a property with water views, but unfortunately this

is no longer available to them. They are now keen to look for properties in

either Hambleton, Edith Weston or Manton. Budget of £1,250,000 –

£2,500,000. Buyers are currently in rented accommodation.

Demand for Country Homes has increased with buyers looking to move to

the Rutland & Stamford area for schooling and now there is not as much

need to live in the south as they can now work from home!

For more information on our home search service or if you’d like us to sell

your house to out of area buyers please get in touch:

Oakham: 01572 757979 | Uppingham: 01572 821935

Melton Mowbray: 01664 491 610 | Stamford: 01780 484555

Peterborough Meet & Greet: 01733 788 888

Grantham Meet & Greet: 01476 855 618 |

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