Adult Education Spring 2021

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Registration for most part-time classes can

be completed online on a secure server.

Our website is www.mcjvs.edu


Medina County Career Center

Adult Education Office

1101 W. Liberty Street

Medina, OH 44256


Mon-Thu 8am – 8pm, Fri 8am – 3pm

Closed December 18, 2021 – January 3, 2022


Enroll by phone with VISA / MasterCard /

Discover Card. Please have all the information

requested on the registration form before calling.

Phones are staffed during business hours.

Call 330-725-8461 or 866-896-6222.




Are you ready to enroll?

For general information on full-time/certification

classes, visit our website at www.mcjvs.edu.

For important information about the educational

debt, earnings and completion rates of students

who attended these programs, please visit our


Dental Assisting




Law Enforcement


Medical Assisting


Medical Office Administrative Assistant



learning community providing students

with a competitive advantage through

career technical education and

academic excellence.

The Medina County Career Center is committed to

equal opportunity for all and does not discriminate on

the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex,

disability, or age in its programs and activities, and

provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other

designated youth groups.


The cover photograph design concept and execution was created by MaryBeth Milchak. Production work

was done by Mercedes Candow and Paige Oppman. All three students are 2021 graduates of MCCC’s

high school Media Production program. This photograph depicts the various medical pathways available at

MCCC including Diversified Medical Technologies and Medical Assisting.


Table of Contents

Career Advancement Classes..................................................................4-12

“Hire” Education.............................................................................................12

Customized Employer Training Programs................................................13

Adult Diploma Program............................................................................... 14

Aspire: Learn More, Earn More...................................................................15

Online Training Courses................................................................................16

Open House Information.............................................................................. 17

Medina County Challenge Course Team Building................................... 17

General Information for Classes........................................................... 18-19

A Message from the

Director of Adult Education

Medina County Career Center Adult Education Programs prepare students

for the job market by helping them upgrade existing skills or prepare for new

careers. Student support services include career exploration, job search support

and guidance counseling, as well as assistance in placement, assessment, and

financial aid.

We are a proud member of the University System of Ohio. Graduates of

our full-time programs receive college credit if they decide to continue their

education. Most of our career development programs include an opportunity for

students to achieve industry-recognized licensure in their program of study.

For easy access to additional information and resources when using our online

catalog, just click the Your College and Career Connection logo (pictured below)

available throughout the catalog.

We proudly serve the needs of business, industry, and the local economy

through public / private partnerships. We look forward to helping you reenergize

your career or begin on a new path!

Janice Kollar

Director of Adult Education



1. Academic Counseling &

Job Placement Assistance

2. Financial Aid

Available to qualified individuals:

• Pell Grant

• Veterans’ Assistance

• Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation

• Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant (IASG)

• Others May be Available



For further information, visit us online or call 330-725-8461 or 866-896-6222.






Dental Assisting

Prepare yourself to work side-by-side

with a dentist. Topics include:

• Patient Education

• Manipulating Cement and Impression


• Dental X-rays

• Dental Terminology/Anatomy/


• Dental Specialties

• Dental Impressions (models) of Teeth

• Sterilizing Equipment

• OSHA and Bloodborne Pathogens



• Resume Writing, Interviewing and Job


• 160 Hours Non-Paid Externship

Qualifying students will sit for the Ohio

Dental Assistant Certification Exam

(CODA) and the National Career Readiness

certification. College Credit is available

through Franklin University and Career

Technical Credit Transfer (CT) 2 .

Classes: 08/23/2021 thru 06/08/2022

740 hours – Mon-Thu 5:30p–9:30p

Cost: $7,359 – Pell Grant & VA Eligible

Included book/supply fee is


Medical Assisting

Do you like working with people? Join

the career that cares; become a Certified

Medical Assistant. Medical Assistants

complete administrative and clinical tasks

in the offices of physicians, hospitals,

and other healthcare facilities. Their

duties vary with the location, specialty,

and medical practice. Medical Assistants

enjoy contact with patients while working

alongside physicians and other healthcare

professionals. Topics include:

• Medication Administration

• Administrative Office Skills

• Electronic Health Records

• Clinical Procedures

• Phlebotomy (Blood Draws)

• Communication Skills

• Patient Education

• Medical Law/Ethics

• Medical Terminology

• Anatomy/Physiology

• Healthcare Math

• First Aid/CPR

• OSHA & Bloodborne Pathogens


• Resume Writing, Interviewing and Job


• Employability Skills

• 160 Hours Non-Paid Practicum

Candidates must be 18 years of age by

January 1 of the current school year. Must

have basic computer skills including

the ability to work with Microsoft Office

Word. Qualifying students will sit for

the Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

(CCMA), Certified Phlebotomy Technician

(CPT), and Certified EKG Technician (CET)

certification exams. All certifications are

through National Healthcare Association

(NHA). College credit is available through

Career Technical Credit Transfer (CT) 2 .

Also available from ACT is the National

Career Readiness Certificate. The Medical

Assisting program is accredited by the

Commission on Accreditation of Allied

Health Education Programs (www.caahep.

org) upon the recommendation of the

Medical Assisting Education Review Board

(MAERB). Commission on Accreditation

of Allied Health Education Programs,

25400 US Highway 19 North, Suite 158,

Clearwater, FL 33763, 727-210-2350,


Classes: 08/23/2021 thru 05/18/2022

910 hours – Mon-Thu 9:00a–4:00p

Cost: $8,995 – Pell Grant Eligible, GIBill®

Included book/supply fee is




Medical Office

Administrative Assistant

Gain the administrative knowledge and

skills needed to work successfully in a

medical office environment. This course

has 500 hours of classroom instruction

and 100 hours in a hybrid format. Topics


• Basic Computer Skills

• Patient Education

• Legal and Ethical Issues

• Patient Registration and Admissions

• Electronic Medical Records

• Electronic Health Records

• Emergency Preparedness and

Assisting with Medical Emergencies


• Financial and Practical Management


• Basics of Medical Billing, Coding and


• Medical Terminology Specific to


• Resume Writing, Interviewing and Job


• Observation Hours

Qualifying students will sit for the

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

(CMAA) Exam and the Electronic Health

Records Specialist (CEHRS) exam,

Certified Billing & Coding Specialist (CBCS)

exam, and National Career Readiness

Certificate. College credit is available

through Career Technical Credit Transfer

(CT) 2 .

Classes: 08/23/2021 thru 06/14/2022

600 hours – Mon-Thu – 2:45p–5:45p;

100 hours online

Cost: $5,995 – Qualifies for Pell Grant

Approved for Adult Diploma Program

Included book/supply fee is







The Phlebotomy Technician program

is a hands-on, comprehensive course

designed for students new to the

industry. Phlebotomy Technicians are

primarily responsible for the collection

and preparation of blood samples

for laboratory testing. Phlebotomists

primarily seek employment in hospital

and clinic settings, but sometimes work

in nursing homes, private home care,

and the insurance industry or research


Students will be prepared to collect,

transport and process blood and other

specimens for laboratory analysis. The

program includes:

• Introduction to Phlebotomy

• Phlebotomy Basics

• Specimen Collection

• Specimen Handling

• Professional Issues

• American Heart CPR Certification

All students will be required to complete

a minimum of 30 venipuncture and 10

capillary needle sticks in order to sit

for the certification examination. Upon

successful completion of the program,

students are eligible to sit for the Certified

Phlebotomy Technician Examination

through the National Healthcareer

Association. Certification exam and

textbook costs are included.

Requirements prior to starting the

course: 1) 18 years of age or older;

2) Recent Physical (within past 8 mos);

3) Hepatitis B Series; and 4) One-Step

Tuberculosis Test Approved

Approved for Adult Diploma Program

88 hours – Mon/Wed 5:30p-9:30p

Classes:............. 09/08/2021 - 11/29/2021

01/10/2022 - 04/06/2022

04/11/2022 - 06/29/2022

Cost: $1,250

State Tested

Nursing Assistant

Obtain employment in a nursing home,

hospital, home health agency or other

related healthcare organizations by

completing the STNA program. Training

includes patient care, communication

skills, and hands-on learning. This course

includes state testing fee and books,

as well as the opportunity to earn your

National Career Readiness Certificate.

Requirements prior to starting the

course: 1) Recent Physical (within past 8

mos.); 2) Two-Step Tuberculosis Test

Approved for Adult Diploma Program

88 Hours – Tue & Thu 8:00a-4:30p

Classes:........... 07/07/2022 - 08/11/2022

88 Hours – Tue & Thu 5:30p-9:30p

Classes:........... 01/11/2022 - 03/24/2022

04/05/2022 - 06/21/2022

Cost: $845 – GIBill®





Law Enforcement

From traffic accident investigation to

firearms training, the Law Enforcement

program prepares students to sit for the

Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy

(OPOTA) Exam and to apply for positions

as Sheriff’s Deputies and Police Officers.

Training includes:

• Legal Issues

• Human Relations

• Firearms

• Driving Techniques

• Subject Control Techniques

• First Aid and CPR

• Patrol

• Civil Disorders

• Traffic

• Investigation

• Physical Conditioning

• Homeland Security

• National Career Readiness Certificate

Candidates must be 21 years of age

by course completion, possess a high

school diploma or equivalent, pass

pre-admissions assessments, clear a

background check and drug test, provide

verification of a recent physical and

provide a certified copy of his/her driving

record. Graduates earn 16 semester/24

quarter hours of (CT) 2 College Credit.

College credit is also available through

The University of Akron, Franklin

University, and Lorain County Community

College. Call for more information.

Classes: August 2021 through June 2022

780 hours – Mon-Thu 6:00p-10:00p &

Sat 8:00a-5:00p

Cost: $7,200 – Pell Grant Eligible, GIBill®

Note: Hours and cost may change due

to OPOTA requirements.



Emergency Medical


This EMT course is 184 hours of classroom

instruction and 20 hours at clinical sites.

This course will prepare individuals to

serve on rescue squads, ambulance

services and fire departments. This

course uses the new National EMS

Education Standards and the National

EMS Scope of Practice Model as adopted

by the Ohio State EMS Board. Instruction

includes cognitive and hands-on skills

training. This class is presented by MCCC

in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic

Medina Hospital under Accreditation #122.

Clinical rotations will be held at Cleveland

Clinic Medina Hospital Emergency Room

and with the Medina Life Support Team.

Students have the opportunity to earn the

National Career Readiness Certification

and sit for the National EMS Registry


Prerequisite: HS diploma/GED, current

Ohio Driver’s License, passing score on

entrance exam.

204 Hours – Mon, Tue & Thu 6:00p-

10:00p, Occasional Sat 9:00a-1:00p

Classes: ..............07/29/2021 - 12/11/2021

01/11/2022 - 06/04/2022

Cost: $1,300* – GIBill®


Page *Additional book fee required. www.mcjvs.edu

36-Hour Volunteer


This class introduces the student to basic

concepts, equipment and techniques.

After successful completion, the student

is eligible to sit for the state certification


Prerequisites: 1) Must be 18 years old

and out of high school or 17 and in the

12th grade; 2) have a valid Ohio Driver’s

License; and 3) clean criminal record to

enroll. Students are required to furnish

their own turn-out gear and SCBA.

The state of Ohio requires students to

have a current physical examination

(physicals are valid for one year from

the date they were performed).

36 hours – Hours and days vary

Sat/Sun 9:00a- 6:00p

Classes: 01/29/2022 - 02/16/2022

Cost: $800*

Additional courses scheduled upon

request; a minimum 10 students


Firefighter I

This course consists of 160 hours of

basic to intermediate instruction. Upon

completion of this course, firefighters will

understand fire, fire suppression and fire

suppression systems, fire behavior, fire

chemistry, fire rescue, firefighting tools

and their uses, appliances, fire equipment,

safety, rescue, and survival. Students

must complete a state of Ohio certified

Emergency Vehicle Operations course

before completion of this course.

Admission Requirements: Individuals

must be 18 years old, except that a

chartered program may admit a student

who is 17 years old, provided that the

student has graduated or is enrolled in

the 12th or final grade in a secondaryschool


Individuals shall meet “NFPA 1001”

Chapter 4 Entrance Requirements:

• 8 hours of basic EMS training, to

include CPR, trauma, stroke and PPE.

• A physician physical. Forms are

available for the applicant to take to

their doctor to assist in this physical.

• Successful completion of the Test

of Adult Basic Education (TABE) or

college transcript.

Students are required to furnish their

own turn-out gear and SCBA.

160 hours – Tue & Thu 6:00p-10:00p &

Sat 8:00a-6:00p

Classes: 01/11/2022 - 04/02/2022

Cost: $1,800*

Firefighter I & II

The Firefighter Level I and II course

is a complete firefighter training

course. During this 244-hour course,

firefighters learn fire suppression basics

and advanced tactics, fire chemistry,

fire behavior, fire rescue, extrication,

ventilation maneuvers, pump operations,

safety, survival and hazardous materials

operations. Must be 18 years old, out of

high school and currently hold an Ohio

driver’s license. Students must complete

a state of Ohio certified Emergency

Vehicle Operations course before

completion of this course.

Admission Requirements: Individuals

must be at least 18 years old, except

that a chartered program may admit a

student who is 17 years old, provided that

the student has graduated or is enrolled

in the 12th or final grade in a secondaryschool


Individuals shall meet “NFPA 1001”

Chapter 4 Entrance Requirements:

• 8 hours of basic EMS training, to

include CPR, trauma, stroke and PPE.

• A physician physical. Forms are

available for the applicant to take to

their doctor to complete.

• Successful completion of the Test

of Adult Basic Education (TABE) or

college transcript.

Students are required to furnish their

own turn-out gear and SCBA.

244 hours – Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu

6:00p-10:00p and Sat 8:00a-5:00p

Classes:.............06/07/2021 - 08/21/2021

06/06/2022 - 08/20/2022

Cost: $2,950*


*Additional book fee required.




PART-TIME (continued)

Firefighter II


This course is an additional 84-hour

course that builds upon the training

received in the Firefighter Level I course.

Advanced instruction is provided in

fire suppression and fire suppression

systems, fire behavior, fire chemistry,

fire rescue, firefighting tools and their

uses, appliances, fire equipment, safety,

survival, and hazardous materials

operations. Must be 18 years old, a high

school graduate, and hold a state of Ohio

FFI certificate.

Students are required to furnish their

own turn-out gear and SCBA.

84 hours – Tue & Thu 6:00p-10:00p

and Sat 8:00a-6:00p

Classes: ............09/07/2021 - 10/28/2021

04/19/2022 - 06/04/2022

Cost: $1,750*

Emergency Vehicle

Operator Course

This course meets the requirements of

the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

Limit 10 students.

16 hours – Sat & Sun 9:00a-5:00p

Classes:............. 09/18/2021 - 09/19/2021

03/12/2022 - 03/13/2022

Cost: $150

Fire EMS Instructor


Updates on current regulator

expectations for Fire and EMS instructors.

6 hours – Sat 9:00a-2:00p

Class: 07/31/2021

Cost: No charge for Medina County

Firefighters & EMTs; Out of County $75

Fire Officer I

This course is designed for the firstline

company officer/supervisor with a

minimum of five years of experience and

meets the performance and cognitive

objectives for the Fire Officer I in current

NFPA 1021 Standard for Fire Officer

Professional Qualifications for Fire

Officer I. Topics include:

• Professionalism

• Team Building

• Decision-Making

• Communication Skills

• Safety and Risk Management

• Leadership Skills and Styles

The state of Ohio requires students to

have a current physical examination

(physicals are valid for one year from

the date they were performed).

48 hours – Tue & Thu 6:00p-10:00p and

Sat 8:00a-5:00p

Class: 06/08/2021 - 06/26/2021

Cost: $600*

“Medina County Career Center

became my stepping stone

when I decided to make a

drastic career change. They

made the process a lot

less intimidating and very

manageable. The instructors

are spectacular and you not

only meet colleagues, but

lifelong friends. I’ve enjoyed

every second at MCCC.”

– Barbara, EMT


*Additional book fee required. www.mcjvs.edu

Fire Officer II

This course builds on the experience

learned in the Fire Officer I class and

is step two in preparing Ohio’s fire and

emergency services leaders for the

challenges facing them tomorrow. The

Fire Officer II program requires teamwork,

group projects, application, analysis and

synthesis. As the officers attain the rank

of Fire Officer II, their responsibilities

include the management and leadership

of multiple projects and companies. It is

essential for the Fire Officer II to be able

to prioritize the multiple demands on the

time of the organization, the companies,

the crews and the teams by working in


The state of Ohio requires students to

have a current physical examination

(physicals are valid for one year from

the date they were performed).

48 hours – Tue & Thu 6:00p-10:00p &

Sat 8:00a - 5:00p

Class: 07/06/2021 - 07/24/2021

Cost: $600*

Fire Officer III

Building off of Fire Officer I and II, Fire

Officer III is the third step in preparing

Ohio’s fire and emergency services

leaders for the challenges they may

experience. Fire Officer III is for the fire

officer at, or preparing for promotion

to, the managerial/administrative level

and/or those who have recently been

promoted to Battalion Chief or Deputy


Fire Officer III course content

includes: Human Resource Issues;

Legal Issues; Budget and Finance;

Strategic Planning; Emergency

Management; Communications;

Personal and Professional Development;

Intergovernmental Relations; and

Managing the Code Enforcement Process.

This 48-hour course meets the NFPA 1021

Standard for Chief Officer.

The state of Ohio requires students to

have a current physical examination

(physicals are valid for one year from

the date they were performed).

Prerequisite: Fire Officer I; Fire Officer II

48 hours – Tue & Thu 6:00p-10:00p &

Sat 8:00a-5:00p

Class: 08/05/2021 - 08/28/2021

Cost: $600*

Fire Service


This 60-hour course introduces the

student to instruction of adult students

and basic teaching techniques. It also

includes four hours of fire-service

training and four hours of live-fire

training awareness. Students must

pass the Ohio Instructional Methods

Examination and complete 10 hours of

supervised teaching. Students must

possess a current firefighter certificate

in good standing, have at least five

years of experience as a certified

firefighter in preceding seven years, pass

instructor knowledge examination at the

Firefighter II level with 80% or higher,

and comply with rule OAC 4765-20-6(A)

(6) to (A)(12).

The state of Ohio requires students to

have a current physical examination

(physicals are valid for one year from

the date they were performed).

PreTest: Required! Contact MCCC for


60 hours – Tue & Thu 6:00p-10:00p

Class: 02/01/2022 - 03/22/2022

Cost: $550*

“The people here are so nice.

They want you to win. They’ll

do anything in their power to

get you to the place you want

to be – they open the gate for


– Tion, Law Enforcement

www.mcjvs.edu *Additional book fee required. Page 13





Summer Safety

Services Training Series

• Auto Extrication – Current Trends

• Flow Path & Fire Supression

• Hydraulic Theory for Fire Service

• Practical Ground Ladder

• Practical Pump Operations

• Aerial Operations

• Fire Investigation for the Company


Sat 9:00a-5:00p

Classes every Saturday from June -


Cost: $75/Session | $500/Series

Auto Extrication –

Current Trends

This class will provide an overview of the

latest trends in automotive construction

and safety systems. Training includes

hands-on time using extrication tools on

late-model vehicles.

8 hours – Sat 9:00a-5:00p

Class: 06/26/2021

Cost: $75/Session | $500/Series

Flow Path & Fire Supression:

Tactical Considerations

Students will leave this class with a

solid understanding of the modern

fire environment. It will cover building

construction, flow paths, fire behavior,

tactical ventilation, and fire attack best


8 hours – Sat 9:00a-5:00p

Class: 07/10/2021

Cost: $75/Session | $500/Series

Hydraulic Theory for

Fire Service

This classroom course covers hydraulic

theories and applies them to fire-service

scenarios. Topics include flow, pressure,

mathematical hydraulic formulas,

properties of water, and distribution


8 hours – Sat 9:00a-5:00p

Class: 07/17/2021

Cost: $75/Session | $500/Series

Practical Ground


This hands-on class is designed to

improve your skills with ground ladders

on the fireground. It includes application,

placement, uses and maintenance of fireservice

ground ladders.

8 hours – Sat 9:00a-5:00p

Class: 07/24/2021

Cost: $75/Session | $500/Series

Practical Pump


Students learn basic pump theory,

methods and techniques for operating

a fire pump. Students will be able

to generate safe and effective fire

streams. This course focuses on in-field

calculations and operations.

8 hours – Sat 9:00a-5:00p

Class: 07/31/2021

Cost: $75/Session | $500/Series



This class will demonstratre the safe and

proper use of aerial apparatus. Students

will demonstrate a basic understanding of

safe aerial operations, positioning, set-up,

rescue options, and operating elevated


The state of Ohio requires students to

have a current physical examination

(physicals are valid for one year from

the date they were performed).

8 hours – Sat 9:00a-5:00p

Class: 08/07/2021

Cost: $75/Session | $500/Series

Fire Investigation for

The Company Officer

This course will cover fire science, fire

dynamics, legal aspects, and cause and

origin determination.

8 hours – Sat 9:00a-5:00p

Class: 08/14/2021

Cost: $75/Session | $500/Series





Learn basic electricity, fundamental

concepts of refrigeration, basic piping and

lubing, basic tools and equipment, forcedair

heating systems, hydronics, and

geothermal heating so that you can work

as a Service Technician and Installer in the

HVAC field. Units of study include:

• Service and Procedures

• Refrigeration Systems and Controls

• Electrical and Electronics

• Air Conditioning Systems and


• Heating Systems and Controls

• Applications of Refrigeration and

Temperature Controls

Qualifying students sit for ICE, EPA and

National Career Readiness certifications.

College credit is available through Career

Technical Credit Transfer (CT) 2 . Tool kit


Qualifies for Pell Grant and VA (3/4

time program); Adult Diploma Program


600 hours – Mon–Thu 5:45p-9:45p

Class: 08/23/2021 - 06/15/2022

Cost: $6,407




Electricity – The

Starting Point

This foundation course covers the

fundamentals of AC/DC, circuit control

and protection, safety, magnetism, and

induction so that you can begin your

career in electrical maintenance.

7 weeks – Mon 6:30p-9:30p

Classes: ............. 09/13/2021 - 10/25/2021

01/10/2022 - 03/07/2022

04/04/2022 - 05/16/2022

Cost: $220*

Residential Electricity

Gain basic knowledge of electrical

theory, safety, and hands-on experience

in residential wiring following National

Electrical Code requirements. A calculator

is recommended.

8 weeks – Tue & Thu 6:30p-9:30p

Classes: ...............09/14/2021 - 11/11/2021

01/11/2022 - 03/08/2022

Cost: $400*

*Additional book fee required.

Industrial Electricity

Learn a systems approach to motor

controls including basic control circuits,

sensing devices, solid-state controls,

variable speed drive, and programmable

logic controllers. Students experience a

series of practical laboratory exercises

that cover installation, testing, and

troubleshooting procedures.

Prerequisite: Residential Electricity or

Electricity – The Starting Point

8 weeks – Tue & Thu 6:30p-9:30p

Class: 03/31/2022 - 05/26/2022

Cost: $410*


Learn to weld, upgrade existing skills,

or develop new skills while focusing

on a specific type of welding. Learn

weld position techniques associated

with fabrication in a manufacturing

environment including flat, horizontal,

vertical, and overhead. Personal safety

equipment required. Class limit 10.

10 weeks – Tue & Thu 6:00p-9:00p

Classes: ............ 09/14/2021 - 12/02/2021

01/11/2022 - 03/22/2022

03/24/2022 - 06/02/2022

Cost: $700*





Excel - Beginning

Analyze, create and develop professionallooking

spreadsheets complete with

formulas. Gain skills for presenting data


Prerequisite: Familiarity with Windows

operating system.

7 weeks – Wed 6:30p-9:00p

Classes: ........... 09/08/2021 - 10/20/2021

04/07/2022 - 05/19/2022

Cost: $230*

“The Career Center has been

extremely supportive in helping

me reach my goals. I am so glad

that I chose to come to MCCC to

become a medical assistant.”

– Katelyn, Medical Assisting


Learn the basics of computerized

accounting while enhancing your

bookkeeping skills. This comprehensive

course will walk students through

the use of each accounting module:

Company, Customer, Vendor, Employee,

Banking, etc. Students will be taught

best practices for proper accounting and

reconciliation processes, as well as gain

an understanding of the basic financial


8 weeks – Mon 6:30p-9:00p

Classes: ..............10/25/2021 - 12/13/2021

04/06/2022 - 05/25/2022

Cost: $245*

Medina County Career Center


The Medina County Career Center can deliver custom-designed sessions

to support your company’s needs and goals. Consultative services and

onsite classes include offerings in Soft Skills, Manufacturing Skills, OSHA

Construction and General Industry Training, and First Aid, CPR, and AED

instruction. Additional classes are available upon request.

For more information, contact the Director of Adult Education at

330-725-8461, extension 158.


*Additional book fee required www.mcjvs.edu



Supervisory Training

Team Building and

Professionalism Training

These custom-designed sessions

support your company’s needs and

goals. Programs are delivered onsite

through interactive one-hour

presentations. Topics can include:

Importance of Good Work Habits,

Building Effective Communication,

Understanding and Assessing Company

Culture, and Email Etiquette. Call to

schedule a consultation.

Minimum Cost (1-Hour Training) – $350

Employer On-Site

Customized Training

Programs are designed in partnership

with you, delivered on your premises

at times determined by you. Group or

individual sessions are available. Tell us

what you need.

• Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, and

PowerPoint (Basic, Intermediate,

and Advanced Levels)

• Time-Saver Tips for Excel

• Windows File/Folder Management

• Windows 10 Operating Systems

• QuickBooks

• Email Etiquette

• Communication and Leadership


• Transitioning from Peer to


• Enhancing Leadership for


• How to Make Effective Decisions to

be More Productive

• Building Leadership Opportunities

into Your Career

• New Trends in Leadership

• Addressing Substandard


• Dealing with Difficult People

• Managing Conflict and Building

Effective Communication

• Setting Company/Department

Culture and How to Create Buy-In

• Five Generations in the Workplace

• Mentor Relationships

• New Rules of Performance Reviews

• Effectiveness of Utilizing Emotional


• Diversity Training

Call 330-725-8461, ext. 155

to schedule training.





Who qualifies?

Any adult age 22 or older living

in Ohio that does not have a

high school diploma, a High

School Equivalence Diploma or


What do participants receive?

Students will earn a HIGH



they meet the WorkKeys score

requirements for their chosen

technical program, complete

the course requirements (both

academic and technical) and

earn the industry credential

associated with their technical

program of study. The High

School Diploma will be awarded

from the Ohio Department of


What is the cost for the Adult

Diploma Program?

Program costs for qualified

Adult Diploma Program students

will be covered by the Ohio

Department of Education.

What is the process?

• Call us at 330-725-8461 to

express interest in the Adult

Diploma Program and register

for the academic pretest.

• Meet with the Director of Adult

Education to review your score

and create a plan, if needed,

to work on refreshing areas of

academic weakness (usually

a 6 to 8-week commitment)

with Aspire or Project Learn.

• Register with Ohio Means

Jobs to discuss academic skill

attainment plans; choose a

technical skill focus.

• Create a SAFE account login

with the Director of Adult


• You will be asked to provide: a

copy of your birth certificate,

state-issued ID or driver’s

license, and a working email.

• Your application will be

submitted to the Ohio

Department of Education for

approval and acceptance into

the program, after all steps

are completed.

• When you have completed

your program, attained the

required WorkKeys score, and

passed the related industry

credential, a High School

Diploma is issued by the Ohio

Department of Education.





Prepare for the High

School Equivalence

Diploma Test with

FREE Classes

To register for classes or for more

information about any of these

opportunities, please

1.) Call us at: 440-891-7647

2.) Visit us online at:


3.) Email us at:


Medina County

Career Center Classes:

Located at:

1101 W. Liberty Street

Medina, OH 44256

Brunswick Library


Located at:

3649 Center Road

Brunswick, OH 44212

Please check our website:


or call the Aspire office at


for the updated class schedule.

Do you want to learn

to speak English?

Free English for Speakers of

Other Languages (ESOL) classes

available through the Aspire


We’re Here to Help!

www.mcjvs.edu 15




Online Courses provide

a convenient and costeffective

approach to

learning! Medina County Career

Center is working with leading online

partners to offer a wide variety

of content with online support

throughout the entire curriculum.

Professional Development

These courses enable you to

expand your knowledge, stay

current with workforce trends and

maintain a competitive edge.

Popular Courses:

• Personal Stress Management

• Photography

• Social Media Marketing

Personal Enrichment

Courses are project-oriented and

may include lessons, quizzes,

hands-on assignments, discussion

areas, supplementary links and


Popular Courses:

• Creating Web Pages

• Intro to Interior Design

• Keys to Effective Communication

For more info and to see

more courses, visit the

Online Training Courses

page online at



“MCCC Dental Assisting Program

changed my life in so many ways.

I always said to myself I would

never go back to school after

making it through college, but

I am definitely glad that I have

pushed myself to further along my

future career path.”

– Ashley, Dental Assisting


Medina County Challenge

Course Offers Team Building

Organizations today are being challenged to do more with less,

stimulate creative thinking, work effectively with others and

react quickly to the increasing pace of change. The Medina

County Challenge Course involves people in a powerful and

integrated “learning by doing” approach. Groups engage in

activities and initiatives that encourage critical thinking and risk

taking. Participants learn to solve problems, make decisions,

set goals and develop communication skills in an environment

that is interactive, challenging, supportive and fun.

Call 330-725-8461 or 866-896-6222 for more information or



Thursday – February 3, 2022 &

Wednesday – February 9, 2022

6pm - 8pm

www.mcjvs.edu 17



Students are required to equip themselves

with the necessary protective clothing and

safety glasses and to adhere to all school and

lab regulations. Certain risks may be involved

in each course described herein. Students

who do not have proper safety equipment, as

deemed by the course instructor, will not be

permitted to engage in activities which will

put them at risk. The Medina County Career

Center shall not be liable for any losses or

injury, whatsoever, to persons or property

arising from enrollment in any course

described herein. By registering for a course,

the registrant acknowledges the assumption

of those risks and releases the Medina County

Career Center from any liability whatsoever.

Specific courses or activities may require

registrants to sign a separate waiver of

liability and release. Students enrolled in

courses offered through the Adult Education

Division are subject to the Medina County

Career Center regulations and policies

including those pertaining to student conduct

and discipline.

Class Cancellations

The Medina County Career Center reserves

the right to cancel, postpone or combine

courses before or on the first night of class.

Courses that do not attain the required

minimum enrollment may be cancelled.

Handicapped Accessibility

The Medina County Career Center is fully

handicapped accessible including physically

impaired automatic access doors at both

the front and rear entrances. Handicapped

restroom facilities are on each floor and an

elevator is at the northeast entrance of the


Withdrawals and Refunds

Registration does not automatically carry

with it the right of a refund or reduction of

indebtedness in cases of inability to attend

class or in cases of withdrawal. The student

assumes the risk of all changes in business or

personal affairs.

Non-Sufficient Fund Checks

Any check, regardless of the amount,

returned to the Medina County Career Center

for insufficient funds will be given to the

proper authorities and an additional $25

charge will be assessed.

School Closing

When school is closed, due to inclement

weather, television stations 3 (WKYC) and 5

(WEWS) are our official TV stations. It is also

broadcast on 8 (Fox), on the school website

at www.mcjvs.edu and many radio stations

which are associated with the TV stations.

Please confirm closings on the website as

Adult Education classes may continue as



Books are extra and not included in

the tuition fee, unless specified. Book

information will be provided following



(Part-Time Classes)

Admission is open to anyone 16 years or

older (unless otherwise noted) regardless of

educational background. Students in a fulltime

high school must have the permission

of their home district and the Director of

Adult Education. Approval for admission

is determined by the merits of each case.

The Medina County Career Center does not

accept credit for experiential learning.


(Part-Time Classes)

Adult Education classes are self-supporting

with all tuition fees applied to the total

operation of the Adult Program. A $10 nonrefundable

registration fee has been included

in the tuition fee for each class regardless

of cost. For those programs requiring a $100

deposit, a $100 non-refundable registration

fee has been included in the tuition fee.

Registration may be done online, in person,

or by phone. All registrations must be

accompanied by full tuition and lab fees

where required. Fees may be paid by cash,

check, money order, MasterCard, VISA, or


Refund Policy

(Part-Time Classes)

Refunds will be issued under the following


1. Full refunds will be issued when a class

is cancelled by the Adult Education

Department or fees may be applied to

another class.

2. Refunds must be requested before the

class begins or before the beginning of

the second scheduled class for a prorated

refund. A $30 fee is deducted from

the amount of each refund. A $100 fee is

deducted from the amount of each refund

for classes requiring a $100 deposit.

3. Books and supplies are not refundable.

Due to the fact that Adult Education classes

are self-supporting, refund policies will be

strictly enforced. Refund checks due to

students who are eligible will be issued from

the Treasurer’s Office. Refunds will be mailed

within three weeks after the beginning of

the class. However, every attempt will be

made to process refunds at the earliest date


Certificate of Completion

(Part-Time Classes)

Certificates of Completion will be issued to

students with 80% attendance and who

meet minimum skill competency and grade




Institutional Accreditations

Medina County Career Center Adult Education

programs are approved by the Ohio Department

of Higher Education and the Division of Career

& Technical Education. Medina County Career

Center Adult Education division is accredited by

the Commission of the Council on Occupational

Education (COE), 7840 Roswell Road, Building 300,

Suite 325, Atlanta, GA 30350, Telephone: 770-396-

3898/FAX: 770-396-3790, www.council.org.

In Case Of Discrimination

The grievance procedures begin with the student

or staff member presenting in writing his or

her alleged grievance to their supervisor or the

Adult Education Director. A copy of the complete

grievance procedure is available upon request from

the Office of the Title IX Coordinator, Janice Kollar,

Medina County Career Center, 1101 West Liberty

Street, Medina, OH 44256. The IX Coordinator may

be reached by phone at (330) 725-8461.

Admission Requirements (Full-Time)

A high school diploma, High School Equivalent

Diploma, General Education Development (GED)

certificate or completed secondary-school

education in a home-school setting treated as

a home school or private school by state law is

required for enrollment in the Career Development

programs. However, students may enroll without a

diploma or GED if they are participating in the Adult

Diploma Program (applies to approved programs

only) or complete a High School Equivalence

Diploma before program graduation. Students that

are foreign nationals and not able to provide proof

of a high school diploma, may graduate if they

attain a composite score of 14 on the WorkKeys

test. Students must pass the TABE assessment test

(see Admissions Procedure.)

Admissions Procedure (Full-Time)

• Review program information, job outlook,

graduation rates, median debt of students who

completed the program and other important

information in the “Full-Time Programs” section of

our website www.mcjvs.edu. Speak with an Adult

Education staff member to answer any questions

you may have; complete the “Hire” Education

Application online.

• Take the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education)

assessment, or provide a score report indicating

college readiness from ACT/SAT or a similar

college placement exam taken within a fiveyear

timeframe. A college degree and official

transcripts may be considered at the discretion of

the Director.

• Complete the Free Application for Federal Student

Aid (FAFSA) application online at www.fafsa.

ed.gov using the MCCC School Code (015612).

Once you have received your Student Aid Report

(SAR), schedule an appointment with a Financial

Aid Coordinator to review your eligibility for

financial assistance. If you do not have access

to a computer or would like help, schedule

an appointment to meet with a Financial Aid

Coordinator at (330) 725-8461, ext. 333.

• Register with the $100 (non-refundable)

application fee in the Adult Education Office.

Law Enforcement registration fee is $125 (nonrefundable).

Students must complete OPOTA

forms and pass the required physical fitness

assessment. Contact Law Enforcement Academy

at (330) 725-8461, ext. 272 for details.

• Schedule a background/fingerprint check. The

cost of the background check is included in the

registration fee.

• Confirmation of your admission into the program

will be verified with an acceptance letter.

Transfer Of Credit (Full-Time)

Accepting transfer of credit for another institution

is at the discretion of the Adult Education Office.

There is no guarantee that transfer of credit is

accepted unless met by the stated guidelines.

Acceptance of a transfer credit for a course

completed in other post-secondary institutions

when comparable in scope to the coursework

offered may be granted, based on meeting the

following factors:

• Comparability of the nature, content, and level

of transfer of credit and the appropriateness and

applicability of the credit earned to programs

offered by Medina County Career Center are

determining factors in the evaluation process for

transfer credit to be awarded.

• The student must also meet the acceptable

standards of educational accomplishment

through a given assessment selected by the

instructor or program coordinator according to

the offered course module (must obtain a 70%

or better). The assessment will reflect a valid

evaluation measure to represent student learning

outcomes applicable to that transfer of credit that

is reflective of the coursework offered within the

Career Development program.

• The course should align with the curriculum,

materials and topics covered in the Medina

County Career Center course.

• Evidence of appropriate academic level may also

be requested showing satisfactory grades for

the course completed as well as a request of the

syllabus or study guide for the course.

• Due to all career development programs

commencing concurrently, the Medina County

Career Center does not permit transfers between

programs once the school year has started.

The decision to accept an academic transfer

of credit may include the Adult Career Center

Administrator, Program Coordinator, and instructors

of Medina County Career Center.

Refund Policy (Full-Time)

Students who begin classes will receive a refund

according to the following schedule:

• A full refund will be given if the class is cancelled

by the school.

• Refunds, when due, are made within 45 days of

last day of attendance.

• The $100 or $125 registration fee is nonrefundable.

• All materials that have been distributed to

students are non-refundable.

• Students withdrawing once class has begun will

be assessed a $100 administration fee.

• Students will be charged for time, which they

were scheduled to be in school, on a per-hour

basis beginning on the fifth day of class.

• Any student completing more than 50% of their

class will be charged their full tuition and must

also pay a $100 administration fee.

• Financial Aid (Pell Grant) refunds will be made

according to the Federal Return of Title IV Funds


• A withdrawn student is responsible for the

difference between the Pell Award earned and

the balance due to MCCC. Financial Aid recipients

who withdraw from a course must be aware that,

according to federal regulations, their financial aid

grants may be reduced and/or they may be held

responsible for repayment to MCCC.

www.mcjvs.edu 19

We are a learning community

providing students with a

competitive advantage through

career technical education and

academic excellence.

“OhioHigherEd” University System Provider

Adult Education

1101 West Liberty Street

Medina, OH 44256

330.725.8461 • 866.896.6222

www.mcjvs.edu • www.twitter.com/mcjvs

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