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Jr. Golf Lessons

Colorado’s Voyage

A journey of Colorado

Raccoon Creek

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Weddings & Events

The Barn at Raccoon Creek

Always immaculate, greens are

fast and true, magnificent

views. With conditions like

these, it is time to enjoy some

memorable golf

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Denver Bronco Greats

Billy Thompson and Floyd Little Than and Now

North American Golf Experience Presents

The best Colorado golf courses & architects

t that makes Colorado a golf destination


Raccoon Creek

7301 W. Bowles Ave.

Littleton, CO. 80123

Dyeing for golf

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Course Designers

Pete and Perry




Colorado’s Best Dining Section


Thomas Bianca

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Home of the Sugar Steak

Spring /Summer Issue 2019

About: Bonaka Blast

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news on Colorado business

and lifestyle. The media

outlets are in Colorado’s

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Program and through

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Awarded Best

Steak House

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3503 E Colfax Ave,

Denver, CO 80206



Voted Best Restaurant by Colorado’s Voyage

8101 E Belleview Ave

Denver, CO 80237


Phone: (303) 770-3100

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Colorado’s Best Dining Section

The Harvest Restaurant

1265 Berry Creek Rd

Edwards, CO 81632

Phone: (970) 477-5353


Check out www.bestdiningshows.com to experience these chefs prepare their

signature dishes, The Harvest “Salmon” and the Buckhorn Exchange “Elk”

4. Senior Care

Concerned about taking care of an aging loved

one or are you a senior who needs products to

make your home more safe. Find out about

companies who do that for you

13. Massage Therapy

Discover the benefits of massage therapy

from Hand & Stone. A company to

improve your health and well being

17. Bandimere

A drag race is waiting for you. We have a Dodge

Challenger at the starting line for you to

jump in and race a quarter mile strip. Win

and receive over $500.00 in prizes

17. Improve your golf game

Practice like the pros. With unmatched

data quality at your fingertips you can

improve your game one in just one session

by using the flightscope launch monitor

18. Fomer Denver Bronco Greats

Billy Thompson and Floyd Little

teamates and friends for life. Where are

they today

26. Need furinture

Just bought a home or about to furnish. We

speak to jake Jabbs of American Furniture

warehouse on what is hot and not

Golf Section

34. Maximize your golf game

through club fitting

Tom Wishon gives his 30 years of

experience to ensure a custom club fit to

optimize your game

34. USGA handicap & game tracker-

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Plus recieve an a handicap card that is

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36. USGA handicap & game tracker-

Keep track of your game like the pros.

Sign up and have a pie chart of how

many eagles, birdies, pars and more.

Plus recieve an a handicap card that is

recognized by the USGA for all your

official golf tournaments all from your

home computer or mobile device

36. Golf Skills Challenge

A fun way for amateur golfers to earn

over $500.00 in prizes

42. Best Golf Holes in the State-

Some of our favorite places to play that

features best go for par 4’s and 5’s, plus

the toughest par 3’s

45. To Dye for- Check out our interview

with Pete & Perry Dye. Find out why

their designs are among the favorites of

the PGA Touring Players

1000 Osage St, Denver, CO 80204


Phone: (303) 534-9505

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58. Favorite mountain get away

Check out two mountain golf courses

that will chllange your golfing abilities

54. Dining

Our favorite restaurants to dine for the

19th hole

Page 3

Home Instead

Colorado’s Best Dining Section

Cucina Colore

Our choice for the best Italian food

3041 E 3rd Ave

Denver, CO 80206


(303) 393-6917

Tom Bianca interviews Bill Dalquist of Home Instead. A company you can count on in time of need

Home Instead

Offers in-home care that focuses on providing support to family

members who need help with the activities of everyday living.

Everything from companionship to bathing, shopping cooking and

using the bathroom, to Alzheimer’s and other dementias care. Plus

many other services to help around the home.

Colorado’s Voyage interviews Bill Dahlquist of Home Instead

Senior Care an In Hone Care provider.

care. These services are in some ways considered gap services so

we’re able to help seniors stay safe in their own homes for as little

as three hours at a time to as much as 24 hours a day seven days a

week here in Denver”.

Tom “Tell us about the employees you hire and how many do you

have. Also, do you offer more than one employee to go out to the

customer if there are different needs”.

Watch our dining show at www.bestdiningshow.com and watch the

chefs of Cucina Colore and Brothers BBQ prepare their favorite dish


Tom “Bill I want to discuss this is a hot issue. Nowadays it’s the

baby boomers who are getting old at this point time and there’s

not enough adequate services out there and you’re kind of fulfilling

a niche because you want to keep the senior in home as long as

possible. So tell us about your business and how do you do to

help fill this void”?

Bill “Home Instead provides non-medical services to help seniors

to stay safe in their own homes and the services include things like

companionship, meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping,

but today even includes dementia car es well as hands on personal

Page 4

Bill “Well every situation is different and so the needs of our clients

often times are different and we at Home Instead have an army of

caregivers to provide these important services. How do we select

these individuals is really important to the peace of mind of families

who call Home Instead. So you’re having someone come into your

home it’s a very personal matter. You want to make sure that you

have a company like Home Instead who are very proud of our

screening process. We require six references, pre-employment

background check, pre-employment drug test along with two

interviews, we also do random drugtests and we do annual

background checks and motor vehicle record checks.so we

Cont. Pg 5

Our choice for the best BBQ Restaurant

Brothers Chris and Nick O’Sullivan love BBQ. They have turned this love into

Denver’s favorite BBQ restaurant.

Pg 55

Colorado’s Best Dining Section

Home Instead

Ya Yas our top choice for our favorite Euro Bistro in Denver

8310 E Belleview Ave

Greenwood Village, CO 80111


(303) 741-1110

Watch our dining show at www.bestdiningshow.com and watch the

chefs of Ya Yas and Pure kitchen prepare their favorite dish

116 Basecamp Way

Frisco, CO 80443

Pg 54

understand how important it is for our

seniors to have the best caregivers

possible and that’s why we take such

extraordinary measures in the industry to

make sure that our caregivers are the

absolute best”.

Tom “What procedure do they have to

do in order to get your service and do

you go out to the home to interview the


Bill “Most often what we find is that

people call us in crisis. There’s been an

event that’s happened with their loved

one and that event has led to the need for

more help in the home. And so we’ll get

calls where care is needed right away and

the typical process is a family member

will call Home Instead and we will take

down some information initially over the

phone, then we will set up an opportunity

to visit the family with the Home Instead

team member. That team member would

gather even more information and provide

a plan of care for that family going

forward. How many days a week, does

the family need or want care and what

care do they want those days of the week

and hours of the day”.

Tom “So when you make that initial

interview and you go out to the senior have

you ever seen a case where you couldn’t

handle and recommend a different service to

go in and help them out”?

Bill “Yes, we will recommend other services

and like I said at Home Instead, what we

offer is non-medical home care and we

believe is that we do it better than any other

home care that you see in the city and state

of Colorado. So there are other services that

fall along the continuum skilled home health

like P.T. or OT, speech therapy, they might

have a nurse come out, so we’re working

hand in hand with our partners in this long

term care continuum”.

Tom “Do you go out to the home multiple

times during the day, so if the customer needs

breakfast you handle the breakfast then leave

and then come back and do some light

housekeeping and get them lunch and various

other things right”?

Bill “You’re exactly right. Most families will

have us come three to five hours a day or

some might need three to five days a week

and if you’re referring to a split shift scenario

where they might have us come out in the

morning and then come back again in the

afternoon we offer that as well”.


As important as it is to feel safe at

home, that feeling shouldn’t end when

you head out the door. That’s why

GoSafe works wherever you are in the

continental U.S. and can even identify

your location, leveraging the AT&T

Wireless Network and 6 state-of-theart

locating technologies.3 GoSafe

features our most advanced medical

alert pendant. It can do it all: send an

alert when you press the button, sense

when you fall and send an automatic

alert, and provide direct, two-way

communication with our 24/7

Response Center. With GoSafe, you

can get out there and enjoy life with

peace of mind

HomeSafe Standard

Get help inside the home with the push

of a button. Things you once didn’t

think twice about — like slippery

bathtubs, countless steps or dangling

wires — now pose more of a threat.

But that does not mean you have to

give up your independence. HomeSafe

gives you the confidence to continue

moving about your home as you

normally would with the reassurance

that help will be there if you lose your

footing or encounter an emergency.

Page 5 Cont. Pg 6

Home Instead


Tom “So for a person that has their parents at home and

you’re handling the situation they have a sense of security

that you’re going out there and checking up on them and I’m

sure they probably have a lifeline and various other things

that if something goes wrong they can get that information

fairly quickly in their hands and take necessary measures


Bill “You’re absolutely right. Home Instead is able to come

in and provide the care with the quality assurance visits to

make sure that the care is provided the way the family wants

it provided and also communicate effectively with the

daughter or son whose working or who has responsibilities

outside of the home. At Home Instead we’re able to come in

and provide the care, communicate the care to the family

and in the case of an emergency we’re able to alert family of

a change in their client’s condition”.

Tom “I found I lost trust with people because it was just one

of those things that I’ve seen so much of bad advice and it

gave me that mistrust. When I was going to different

agencies and then listening to their advice I just kept on

thinking that their advice just didn’t seem like it was touching

the areas I need their help, so with your agency they can

actually come in and talk to your employees and get a

personal interview. They also are probably like to see a

couple of different employees that they feel most

comfortable with and trusting of them coming into their home

and taking care of their loved one”.

Bill “Absolutely, I mean at the end of the day that person and

its family members have to be comfortable and so whatever

it takes to get them to that point if it’s not today they want

service but they might want it down the road. Some of them

are at a different stage in their whole kind of evolution of guilt

and responsibility and what do as a caregiver, so we

understand and I want to go back to something earlier that

you had asked, that you had a bad experience at a time

when you were going through as a family caregiver, some

legitimate reasons why the mistrust had built up due to your

experiences. I understand that you’re not alone; I came from

a background as a prosecutor, my job was to prosecute

among crimes against persons, crimes against the elderly, I

saw that first hand where there were experiences that

Pg 6

families had with neighbors, friends, people they trusted that

didn’t go well and of course, human nature is that you’ve

had a bad experience and the wall goes up, you say no

more I’m not going to go down that road again, so I

understand as a prosecutor having done the work seeing it

firsthand knowing that family’s experience and that part of

the drive that led me to where I am today. I left everything I

knew, my friends, my family, my home, my job, my career

to come to Colorado in 1999 just to take over Home

Instead Senior Care and it’s been my mission to provide

you peace of mind to families and do it with that of a

prosecutor hat on to make sure that we ask the difficult

questions when we’re screening caregivers and we do all

we can to make sure families are safe”.

Tom “Tell us about the future, what do you see going on

within the next 10 years for your agency and the ability for

people to stay in their home and if not in their home what

other options would they have available. For example, when

my mom needed full time care there was only one option

and it was a nursing home and I dreaded it, I did not like the

care or the facility, I heard of boarding homes, but before I

can get her in the facility she died, so can you talk about


Bill “Well there are fantastic nursing homes and there are

some that are working towards that, with options I think

boarding homes will be increasingly popular. It has a home

based living condition with only 5-6 residents and we’ve all

heard the phrase, but the tsunami of baby boomers who are

aging and becoming 65 there will be a growing need for

providers for home care agencies and for the direct care

worker. We’re doing a fantastic job here at Home Instead

and getting the resources of finding those special caretakers

and though we have hundreds of applicants we might only

hire eight of those. Our standards are very high, so I see a

great need for quality caregivers to handle the ever growing

need of home care”.

Home Instead Senior Care is a multinational network of

franchises specializing in non-medical in-home care for the

elderly, in support of aging in place. Headquartered in

Omaha, Nebraska, it is the largest senior care franchise in

the world, with 1150 independently owned and operated

offices worldwide. Bill Dahlquist is located at 2095 S

Pontiac Way Denver CO 80224. Ph #303-389-5700. Web

site www.homeinstead.com.

6827 Co Rd 51,

Tabernash, CO 80478

Phone: (970) 887-9195


50 Lime Park Dr

Eagle, CO 81631

(970) 328-2882


Pg 53



Reaching for the Peak

Shop for the best camping gear

Embracing Lifestyle.com

Fox Hollow Golf Course 13410 Morrison Rd, Denver, CO 80227 Ph#303-986-7888

Homestead Golf Course 11500 W Hampden Ave, Lakewood, CO 80227 (720) 963-5181

All your camping needs


Homestead is perhaps Colorado’s best-kept secret. As a short championship golf course, Homestead creates an accessible bridge

between championship-style play and a shorter overall course length. But don’t let the yardage fool you! This links-style course,

with four sets of tees and two unique nine-hole personalities can create memorable challenges to even the most seasoned golfers.

https://www.lakewood.org/Government/Departments/Community-Resources/Lakewood-Golf/Homestead-Golf-Course Pg 52

Condensation free Bivy Bags

Base Tents

Family Tents

Mummy Sleeping Bags

Plus much more

Pg 7



The Dunes #9 Best Go For It Par 5

13300 Riverdale Rd

Brighton, CO 80602



Tom Bianca of Colorado’s Voyage interviews George

Bentley from Bentley Baths. About the benefits of Walkin


Tom “Well we’ve done so much over the years with dealing with our aging

loved ones. I want to start off with your situation on how you got involved in

the business and I believe it all started with your mom falling in the bathtub”?

George “That’s true, I tell people I wasn’t really looking for this business it

just sort of evolved because of our family’s experiences when my mom fell in

the bath and hurt herself, healthy as a horse when that happened, but that

injury put her on a downward spiral. Medically we ended up losing her in a

nursing home, a year later and the point we were not proactive we had no

idea, we were like deer in the headlights. We had that freeze type reaction as

a family when this happened and we had no idea what to expect, how to

manage it, with that experience it sent me down this path of looking into

Walk-in Bathtubs and safe bathing appliances”.

The Bentley Baths Slide-in / Transition product

line permits full soaking and the relaxing,

healthful benefits of full body water bathing and

it can also include Bentley Baths exclusive

Medical Hydrotherapy® systems! The

previous “chore” of bathing can turn into an

amazing event that is life-altering for our

customers with severe mobility challenges.

Also, you now have a bathroom designed to

support independent living and aging-in-place.

Tom “The technology has evolved significantly over the years to help the physically challenged and our aging loved ones, so

let’s start with when you entered the business and what you seen about the Walk-in Bathtubs that were something for the


Highlands Ranch Golf Club 9000 Creekside Way, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 303-471-0000

6th hole best go for it par 4

George “I walk into a bathroom and saw all of these pieces of equipment. There were two things that were just palpable. The

first one was what an amazing piece of design and technology. I looked at that tub and I can see immediately that if somebody

focuses on quality of the products for bathing appliances it will help folks modify their home for rest of life and it’s not just a

profiteering type enterprise, it offered a huge potential benefit that we could bring to people”.

Tom “Now it’s not just a walk-in bath tubs but also a wheelchair access as well”?

Pg 8


9000 Creekside Way

Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

(303) 471-0000

Pg 51


Lone Tree 10th green

9808 Sunningdale Blvd

Lone Tree, CO 80124



Lone Tree Golf Club is where you will find one of the top rated toughest par 3’s in the Denver metro area. From the back tees it plays a

long 214 yards with a narrow green for your landing area. As you will find out, trouble is everywhere, on your left a big ditch and on your

right a pothole bunker, long or short is no good either, escaping with par you did something special.

Raccoon Creek Golf Course #17

7301 W Bowles Ave,

Littleton, CO 80123

(303) 973-4653


17th green

Raccoon Creek #17 plays 226 yards from the back and with a green that is very well protected, the right side does not much offer

room to bail with a pond, a large sand trap on the left, two deep bunkers if you are short and many hazards wait if your long. Now

if you do hit a good shot good luck many three putts have occurred

Pg 50


George “The Walk-in Bathtubs are great but how about all the

people that are in wheelchairs, double amputees, people that

have severe arthritis or stroke sufferers, they need to be able

to enter and exit their bathing environment safely and over the

years we began to look at engineering and identifying transition

tubs and appliances that were engineered for people no matter

what their mobility restrictions might be”.

Tom “Tell me the process, once somebody comes in and buys

the tub what can they expect and how long does it take for

that tub to actually be installed”.

George “Well it depends on the time and the home, because

there’s a significant amount of construction to do this properly.

We’re basically remodeling a significant part of the bathroom

so the first step is for people to come in and they can see the

different models and sizes and engineering and most

appropriate for each particular individual. The next step is to

install that in their home and we have different levels from what

we call American standard level which is basic level of

plumbing all the way up to fully 88 compliant and very high

end type solutions. So now we need to go through that fit and

finish a process for what’s the best solution. Than the next step

is to make sure that we’re addressing any health issues that

they might have and we’ve trademarked the medical

hydrotherapy because all of my customers are dealing with

pain age related degenerative type conditions. We’re going to

be looking at installing the medical hydrotherapy or doing

something that will improve the quality of their life from that

perspective and then the third thing that we need to go through

with them is the budget, most all of my customers are on fixed

incomes, se need to be able to manage that budgetary process

and fit the right solution based on what a particular family can

afford in their home”.

Tom “How expensive are they to put in”?

George “It depends, but you’re going to be somewhere

between eight and fifteen thousand dollars on the high end

depending on which appliance, how we install it, how much

construction, everything that goes into that, so I basically

convert an existing bathroom into a much safer environment.

I’m still going to be spending a pretty good chunk of money,

but the bottom line is we have to do something and if don’t do

nothing doing nothing then it could cost thousand in medical

expenses if you fall down, so kind of pricey up front and we

Pg 9

have to stretch a little bit, but if I make that home safe and if I

have a therapeutic benefit everyday for the rest of my life it will

be well worth the investment”.

Tom “The Tubs come up fairly high on the individual, so not

only have some privacy but the way the water falls it is hitting

all the right spots”.

George “We can control that entire environment. What I’m

after is a deep soaking environment. I want an individual to be

able to basically float or soak in that tub, so that they can get

the thermal benefits of being in water. They also get the

mechanical benefit meaning the removal of the gravitational

stresses that we deal with, that’s the part of how our skeletal

system ages, the gravity that we’re dealing with really has a

high impact, just to be able to float in water has a huge medical

benefit to us, but then when we add the non aggressive whole

body massage of the medical hydro therapy it will stimulate my

neurological processes immediately. I feel a tingle go through

out my body, it stimulates my circulatory system immediately

and the medical benefit begins to kick in about 15 to 20

minutes, so what happens is it begins to stimulate my lymphatic

system and our lymphatic system is the one system in our body

that doesn’t work automatically, we have to move. Your

doctor says you need exercise and they say that to everybody,

why because it’s good for you and you need to stimulate and

to detox, you have all these lactic acid building because you’re

not moving enough and so our lymphatic system is what

detoxes and cleanses our body. All these conditions we’re

dealing with, if we refer to them as age related or degenerative

The smallest room in the house can be a dangerous


According to the Centers for Disease Control and

Prevention, every year about 235,000 people over

age 15 visit emergency rooms because of injuries

suffered in the bathroom, and almost 14 percent are


More than a third of the injuries happen while bathing

or showering. More than 14 percent occur while using

the toilet.

Injuries increase with age, peaking after 85, the

researchers found. But injuries around the tub or

shower are proportionately most common among

those ages 15 to 24 and least common among those

over 85. People over 85 suffer more than half of their

injuries near the toilet.

Cont. Pg 10


medicine, they’re going to benefit from the medical hydro

therapy and the reason is what medical evidence is showing us

now, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems,

cancer you just go down the list, they’re inflammation based

issues. We have damaged tissues in our body and we have

inflammation in there, we have lactic acid that are building

around those damaged tissues and if we don’t give our body

what it needs to heal, itself the inflammation just increases and

then healthy cells become deteriorated by the information and

it’s degenerative. If I can give my body what it needs to help

support itself then I’ll oxygenate those damaged tissues, flush

out the toxins and help my body heal itself, so exercise is really

it and so your doctor is not saying to go lift weights and be

Arnold Schwarzenegger, what your doctor is saying is move,

just move, do anything to get your body fluids to flush those

toxins out. When you are sitting in this non aggressive whole

body massage for 15 to 20 minutes it has the equivalent of

doing a 5k walk, meaning I am flushing out my body. Well

stop and think about all the people because of weight,

amputation, stroke, injury, illness, can’t move as well and this

is a perfect way to stimulate and purge those toxins. When I

started looking at the product the light begins to glimmer that

this is something that I can be passionate about here and

maybe I can bring more value to the world if I focus on it. I

think most people have these types of experiences and

opportunities in their life, unfortunately, most of our seniors

tend to get in this downward looking mode. It’s like there in

the fourth quarter and they think about themselves and what’s

not going right in their life, well if they all just stand up and look

around and see what is going right they can decide to make a

change to help their health. My dad was on a walker when

we started this process, he’ll do a hydro-therapy every day,

it’s not a magic bullet, but guess what he started sleeping

better, and then he got a little more energy, next thing you

know is I’m going to take a walk or two, three months later,

hey I’m going to walk without my walker now and it was just

that simple, so my dad is younger medically, emotionally,

physically at 95 than what he was at 85”.

The most hazardous activities for all ages are

bathing, showering and getting out of the tub or

shower. (Only 2.2 percent of injuries occur while

getting into the tub or shower, but 9.8 percent

occur while getting out.) Injuries in or near the

bathtub or shower account for more than two-thirds

of emergency room visits.

“Injuries getting on and off the toilet are quite high

in people 65 and older,” said Judy A. Stevens, an

epidemiologist with the C.D.C. and the lead author

of the report. “Having grab bars by the toilet

would be helpful for people in their older years,

and everyone would benefit from having grab bars

both inside the tub or shower and where you get in

and out.”


Red Hawk Ridge 18th tee

Red Hawk Ridge 18th green

2156 Red Hawk Ridge Dr

Castle Rock, CO 80109

(303) 663-7150


Red Hawk Ridge has one of our Best go for it Par 5's. It plays 533 yards from the back with no major hazards

waiting if you take a solid drive from this elevated tee box. However your approach shot must be accurate. If you

are willing to go for it trouble protects all sides, including sand traps on both left and right side of the green. Grass

mounds are in play if you hit it long and if short a pond will catch your ball.

Tom “Do you service all the Denver metro area and the front


George “We actually service the entire United States, but our

headquarters and our focus is here. We are slowly opening up

other markets when we find the right people and that’s the

hard part is finding people that we really trust and want to be

in business with and then we will be expanding into these other

markets around the country”.

Web site Bentleybaths.com Address is 131 Kalamath in

Denver phone number is 303-388-8887.

Pg 10

Fossil Trace #18 our top choice for the best go for it par 5's. It plays to 542 yards from the back tees. Your tee shot

must be spot on as trees line on the left side and a pond protects the right. Depending on Your second shot it is the

epitome of a risk/reward scenario as a 6’ deep bunker awaits you left, 10’ deep bunker grabs you on the right and

it’s all carry over the lake. 3050 Illinois St. Golden, CO. 80401 303-277-8750 www.fossiltrace.com Pg 49


Pete “Well it’s changed dramatically. I’ve talked to Mr.

Finchem many times about trying to control the financial end

of the PGA tour, but he hasn’t changed it. They play and win

a million dollars. In that perspective it’s a change. It’s a

complete turnover of players that are winning and you don’t

have many players winning six or more tournaments in one

year. Now Tiger has won his fair share but he’s gone down

with back problems. This year Dustin Johnson is in there

really good and a lot of rest of them, but there’s a group of

10 or 12 players out there that are unbelievable how they


Tom “It takes so much to compete when you throw in a

bunch of hazards, wind, fast greens and a bunch of other stuff

where only one hole can put you out of the tournament, but

when thay can hit it that far, they can get back into it”.

Pete “Yes, the main change is the ball, the club and the

phisical comdition of these players today, they’re hitting the

ball 300 -340 yards and Nicklaus only used to hit it 265

yards back in his hey day. So it changed dramatically the way

they are playing golf and the USGA hadn’t decided to go

back to 265 or to 270, but someday they will have to

because they can just keep hitting 350 yards, they get older

and do not have the abilities they used to”.

Tom “Tell me what was your considered to be your greatest

design course, what stands out to you and the most

challenging golf course you designed”.

Pete “I went down years ago to the Dominican Republic and

there was no golf courses, except in the capital and the

people I started to work for I found out that they own five

hundred thousand acres of ground. They owned half the

country and I went out there and I said you ought to build a

course here. Well they said nobody would come out there to

play golf. Well little did they know that after I designed the

first golf course and it had success, they decided to build five

more golf courses because business was so good., Today

there’s 3500 to 4000 homes around the courses. The first

golf course I’ve built, it’s called the teeth of the dog because

the natives called the rock along the ocean teeth of the dog

and then the other four golf courses are right next to it.

There’s a lot of people from around the world that have built

big homes, they come from Italy, South America and Europe

and stay there to play golf. So the whole complex has grown

and they not only have golf, but tennis and every sport known

to man and people come in and they participate and it keeps

Pg 48

growing every year. They had all this land in place for a long

time, so when they first asked me to make out what land we

might use for the golf courses, I just said something like seven

thousand acres, so there’s still a lot of land still to develop

and they got all the aspects to make it happen including a big

river and a new airport. People fly in 13 or 14 wide body jets

everyday from around the world. The area known as the

Coast of Punta Cana has developed significantly in the last

few years and in the last two or three months they have

added some major hotels that now offer over 40,000 rooms,

so Punta Cana is dramatically gone up”.

Tom “So tell me what keeps you inspired and motivated to

keep on going”.

Pete “I don’t have any wild idea but right now it’s the work,

some of it is on my own golf courses that I’ve built 30-40

years ago and some of them are new. Now I have one in

Canada, I’ve never worked in Canada before, it is north of

Toronto and has 36 holes. So it’s a whole different story now

and everything changed and the old courses like Columbus

country club has always been rated very high, I went back

and rebuilt that again. So I haven’t been slowed down, so

I’m going okay”.

Tom “So staying busy and looking at new projects. It’s weird

how times have changed from the 70’s and 80’s to today. Did

you ever think you’d be hearing words like tweeting, viral,

selfies, things like that”?

Perry “We hope that this next generation would invent

something besides the Internet and social media to occupy

their time. But going back to golf, there’s no doubt that golf

has changed for the next generations. I mean, my son in law

can book a tee time with one or two buttons and get three or

four of his buddies on that tee within less than five minutes

and when we would make a game back in our hey day it

would take us two days. I want to say in closing, just like my

dad says on designing and remodeling golf courses, makie

tees more acceptable and doing some things to make it a little

bit more fun and accommodating for the shorter hitters and

within our family I think we always have built a challenging

golf course,:

Tom “Pete I remember a quote I remember you said golf like

punishment. What made you say that”.

Pete “They liked to be challenged”.

Pg 11



Kiawah Island #17 PGA West #17

Tom Bianca interviews Bill Rutherford of Hand

& Stone. A company to help improve your health

and well being through massage therapy

TPC Sawgrass #17

Poundridge #15


When you enter you hear calming sounds of music as you lay

beneath a soft blanket, sheltered in relaxing smells and dim

lights. You immediately find your troubles slipping away as

seasoned hands massage your back and shoulders. If you’ve

ever been to a spa to enjoy the relaxing benefits of massage,

you are familiar with this pattern. If you haven’t, or feel that a

massage might not really benefit you, read on and you will think

differently on the health and mental benefits. We interviewed

Bill Rutherford Franchise Owner of Hand and Stone located in

aurora on the major massages that will enhance people’s life

The first we talked about was the Swedish

It is for relaxation the goal is to relax the entire body and the

muscle groups says Bill Rutherford. You are placed on

massage table with a cutout for your face. It Begins on your

stomach, with long, firm brush-like strokes along your back

and eventually over your shoulders, arms, then down to lower

back and legs. Halfway through the massage you will be asked

to turn over, finishing the second half face up for the treatment

of your upper shoulders, arms and fronts of legs. Massage

therapists usually use either the flat palm or heel of their hand

or a grouping of fingertips to deliver pressure to tight spots

and also help loosen and lengthen muscles.

Pg 12

So why is it a popular form of massage

Bill responds “It helps just to relieve the stress of everyday

life and in the Swedish massage it is just for relaxing

Whistling Straits

there’s really no pain involved unless you have tight

muscles or if you have knots in your muscle group, but the

primary reason is to come here for relaxation”

The forms of massage as a therapeutic or holistic health

tool has helped the industry grow. For example, in just a

few short years, Hand and Stone has grown from a few

dozen locations to more than 200 nationwide. Fans of

Swedish massage swear by its overall health benefits and,

in fact, several studies have looked at the technique

benefits for issues other than just stiffness or muscle aches

and pains. Over the past few decades, a variety of studies

have linked Swedish massage to a number of benefits,

such as reduction in knee arthritis, easing the symptoms of

carpal tunnel syndrome, lowering blood pressure, boosting

immune system function reducing headaches and helping

to mitigate the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Pg 47


Tom “When you thought about going into the design business

you actually wanted to get some consultation and you chose

Bill Diddle”.

few rounds with Mr. Hogan at Seminole and I’ve played with

Nicklaus. The last time I played in the United States Open

Championship I beat Nicklaus and Palmer.”


Hot Stone Message Therapy

Pete “Yes I knew Mr. Diddle and he had built several golf

courses around Indianapolis and all around the country and I

went to him and talked to him about it and he said, well if he

knew what I’d done lately you’ll starve and he was pretty

much right”.

Tom “It is still going on today due to economic uncertainty, you

really don’t know how many business opportunities your going

to receive”.

Pete “Well it’s amazing how the business has slowed down

tremendously in the United States, but I have 13 jobs going on

right now that includes the design work and I am doing the

construction and there are three or four more projects coming

towards the end of the year and so I hope are not as hard”.

Tom “So are you still working today you’re not retired”?

Pete “No I go out every day, I’ll be 91 my next birthday, so I

got to stop some day. I don’t know when but it will be


Tom “I notice that some of your projects were small when you

first started and I don’t believe you got an opportunity to build

a championship courses because nobody was hiring you, so

you decided to get a little bit of help from your wife and

designed the famous Crooked Stick where John Daly won the

19991 PGA Championship.”

Pete “I started Crooked Stick as one of my first real jobs and

then I built Harbor Town and Sea Pines, Jack Nicklaus got me

into that job and I’ve been a good friend of Jack’s since then.

From Harbor County, it seemed I just kept growing. Most of

my clients came in the golf resort business and they felt the

design of the golf course should be around nature and since my

most inspiration designs comes from around nature, the resorts

helped build my carreer. I felt that the resorts should be around

nature and enjoy the scenery. I think they’re better then a

housing project you might say”.

Tom “Since you’ve been around the game such a long time, I

wanted to ask, you’ve got a chance to golf with some famous

people, who was your most famous celebrity you played


Pete “Hogan comes to the top of the list, I’ve played quite a

Pg 46

Tom “It was like im 1958 when you did that and that was the

beginning of Jack Nicklaus career”.

Pete “Yes, I knew Jack when he was 15 or 16 and he used to

come over to Urbana Country Club, play nine holes over there

and then eventually when he started college he went to school

with a fellow named Ned Kirby and he’s from Urbana and he

only lived two houses from me. Ned didn’t know how to play

golf, so every time Jack came over to Urbana I ended up

playing with him ay the Urbana Country Club.

Tom “So you competed in quite a few amateur championships,

but were you good enough to get on the tour”?

Pete “No I never played the tour. I played as an amateur and I

played several times in the 40s and early 50s, but I never

played competitively. I just played as an amateur”.

Tom “I remember when John Daly won at Crooked Stick in

1981, he was walking up the 18th hole waving at everybody, a

young John Daly and among the first majors to play on your


Pete “I know John quite well too, John was a good player

when he won the British Open as well, he’s had his ups and

downs since then and has done a pretty good job”.

Tom “Now in the back of your mind did you ever dream that

your designs would host some of the best PGA Tour players

on tour and you made the best fall to their knees”


Pete “Well I never would have thought my courses would be

hosting the top players in the world. It amazes me how the

younger golfers are playing. They changed dramatically in the

last 10-12 years. Now we have players like Rory McIlroy,

Jason Day and Dustin Johnson hitting their drives 330 plus

them competing to being number one, but there are 10 or 12

people out there playing great golf and I am really going to

enjoy seeing them taking on my courses, especially The PGA

Championship at TPC Sawgrass”.

Tom “How would you think the big money changed the game

of golf”?

I asked Bill why is a Hot Stone Massage a benefit?

”The Massage Therapists use the heat of the stones as tools to provide deep penetrating effects. The stones have different sizes

and shapes depending on the part of the body. The heated stones are used as an extension of their hands and with both tools it

can benefit the muscle tissue not only to relax you, but it will help your muscles to flex better and release the toxins out of your

system”. Bill Replied. Hot stone massages can help relieve tense muscles. It is a natural therapy in which warmed stones are

positioned on parts of the body to maximize the therapeutic benefit. The stones used are typically river rocks or other very

smooth-surfaced stones made of basalt. These stones are heated in sanitizing water before use. The high iron content in basalt

helps the stones retain heat during the massage. Hot stone massages are beneficial on both physical and psychological

levels.and lengthen muscles.

Pain Relief

Hot stone massage therapy melts

away tension, eases muscle

stiffness and increases circulation

and metabolism. Each 1 ½ -hour

hot stone therapy session

promotes deeper muscle

relaxation through the placement

of smooth, water-heated stones at

key points on the body. Our

professional massage therapists

also incorporate a customized

massage with the use of hot stones

While all types of massage are beneficial, a hot stone massage may provide greater

relief due to the concentrated nature of the massage. Because the hot stones allow

deeper penetration, you may find that a hot stone massage leaves you feeling

physically better than a Swedish or deep-tissue massage that does not incorporate

heat. It is important to let your massage therapist know if you feel that the heat from

the stones is too much or that the pressure they are using is too harsh.

Muscle Relaxation

The heat from the stones helps your muscles relax, allowing the massage therapist

to manipulate deep into your tissue. If you have tense muscles it can hinder the

massage procedure, so if your muscles are extremely stiff, the heated stones may

provide the relaxation you need in releasing tension and easing sore muscles.

Improved Circulation

Typically, a massage therapist allows the heated stones to rest on trigger points in

your body before beginning the actual massage. As the heat from the stones

penetrates into your muscle tissues, your blood vessels open, resulting in improved

circulation. Poor circulation can lead to exhaustion, which tenses the muscles, and a

buildup of fluid and lactic acid in the muscles. Increased circulation delivers more

oxygen, which can help ease aches and pains.

Pg 13


Cont. Hand & Stone...

Mental Benefits

Massage therapy can result in mental benefits as well as physical ones. You may find that the relaxation from a hot stone

massage will help ease some of your mental stress and tension. A hot stone massage may also help you fight some of the

symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders. If you have a death in the family or just the daily stress it can be a mental and

emotional release being in a dark room with streams of soothing music. While massage therapy is not a substitute for traditional

medical or psychiatric care, it can be an important part of your treatment plan. Always check with your doctor before getting a

hot stone massage; individuals with certain conditions are advised to avoid this type of therapy

Sports Massage

The next form of massage I asked bill about was a sports

Massage” A sports Massage is really beneficial for the

professional and amateur athlete. It is best for pre-event

and post events. It helps prevent injury, keeps you relaxed

and de-stresses the muscles. Plus makes you more

confident and helps mentally” explains Bill Rutherford.

Benefits Of Massage For Athletes

Professional athletes have undertaken massage therapy for

years, going so far as to keep them on the payroll

indefinitely. New studies and some backing by reliable

sources, the benefits of massage are being taken seriously.

And those benefits are not just for the professional athletes.

They’re extended to anyone who participates in regular

sports and exercise program. According to the American

Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), massage acts to

improve functioning, reduce pain, prevent injury, support

focus and shorten recuperation time. It works with two

types of responses: a mechanical response as a result of the

pressure and a reflex reaction where the nerves respond to

the stimulation.

Physiological Effects

As you relax through your massage it affects the

the cardiovascular system. Blood vessels dilate, which

helps promote circulation. With the physical assistance it

heartens the veins to flow blood back to the heart and thus

enhances blood flow. With the increased fresh oxygen and

nutrients to the tissue it promotes the removal of waste

products and toxins. Credit to the relaxed state that the

massage offers your heart rate lowers.

Massage therapy is an effective treatment for the

relief of sports injuries and muscle soreness. Its

benefits are more than just physical – researchers

have studied the effects of massage for many

other conditions, including mental health and even

cancer. Numerous clinical studies and reviews

have also suggested that massage therapy can

reduce pain, promote relaxation, and boost a

person’s mood.

Pg 14


Tom Bianca interviews Pete & Perry Dye

a leading team for golf course architecture

Pete “I was born with the name of Paul Dye four days after

Christmas in 1925. At an early age I was called P.D. and

later P,T. and then I got to Pete and it has stuck till this day.

I was raised by my mother and dad in a little town called

Urbana Ohio. From day one, I’ve been drawn to the game

of golf at an early age, my dad built a nine hole golf course

on land that was owned by my mother’s family. As I grew

older I wanted to play competitive golf and I was fairly

successful. I won the 1958 Indiana State amateur, played in

five U.S. Amateurs and finally finished higher than my friend

Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer in the 1957 open.

Although I didn’t become a professional I still loved being

around white sand and the green grass, like my dad. Golf

course design was my passion. I designed my first golf

course outside of Indianapolis, they called it Eldorado. This

is what I wanted to do. Yet I needed to learn more, so I

decided to go to Scotland in 1963. It would change my life

forever and hopefully forever have an impact on the game

of golf”.

Jack Nicklaus "He's been a great influence to all of us

who've done golf course design. Pete was a great friend 30

years ago or 40 years ago is still a great friend".

Ann Dye "He laughs and says he's retired, his idea of being

retired is working seven days a week or maybe six and a

half, but he loves his business, he loves creating golf

courses. He's as busy now as he ever was and he has no

intention of ever retiring. He's just going to keep going,

building and doing it as much as he can for as long as he


We recently interviewed legendary golf architects Pete Dye

and his son Perry.

Tom “Pete from the beginning of your career have you ever

thought that you would be a legend in the golf business at

your age”?

Pete “No I never did, I don’t know what’s going on, but

here I am”.

Tom “I wanted to ask, you started designing golf courses

because your father was involved in it right”?

Pete “Yes. My dad came back from World War One and

he had to stop in Uniontown Pennsylvania on the way to

Washington with my mother and their car broke down and

there was a nice little nine hole golf course and he hit his

first golf balls in 1923, so my mother’s family owned a lot

of land around a town where I was born Urbana Ohio and

they went out and found the hilliest part they can find and

he built his first nine holes called Urbana Country Club and

my youngest son built the second mine about 10 years ago,

so there are now 18 holes there and they’re doing fine”.

Perry “One of our longer projects, 85 years in the making.

I mean think about our work in the city of Urbana It was a

long time ago with only 6000 people and it’s still going

strong today”.

Tom “So you’re still tweaking the course”.

Perry “My brother P. B. lives there and if you look back in

time and future, you always tweak because things change

fast, the golfer, the technology and nature growing around

the golf course, ask my dad about crooked stick”.

Pete “That’s right Perry, it always changes and we have to

keep up with them. Of course, we have our son living in

Urbana and P.B has been working on the country club ever

since he picked it up and it’s really done well”.

Tom “You didn’t start in the golf course business you were

actually insurance salesman right”?

Pete “Yes, but could not resist to try a new venture in the

golf business. When I was a kid, I worked on that 9 hole

course that my dad built and I worked on it until World

War Two and then I went into the service in 1944. I didn’t

go overseas, but I was with the 13th Airborne Division and

parachute infantry and they were about to go overseas to

invade Korea and Japan on the backside, but Harry

Truman dropped that little present and that stopped the


Pg 45

Tom Wishon Finding Your Sweet Spot


Cont. Hand & Stone...

Your muscular system also benefits. One of them directly

ties to the cardiovascular benefits. The improved blood

circulation helps to relieve muscle stress, reduce pain and

make for a faster healing. “With relaxed muscles you can

start to experience an increase in range of motion and

flexibility. Both of those benefits can lead to better athletic

performance. It is also a good thing to have before going

into any sport, group exercise class or competition” as

explained by Bill Rutherford.

Tom Wishon

Author / Club Maker/ Master Club Fitter

“How to add 28 yards to your drive without

really trying”

Golfers will spend hundreds of dollars on new golf clubs in hopes of

hitting the ball an extra 5 - 10 yards. What they don’t understand is

that you can get that added distance and more with your current clubs

by simply hitting closer to the sweet spot.

The “sweet spot” is a term that’s misused continually by many.

Technically it is called the “Center of Gravity” a point that is about the

size of the sharp end of a pin. It can’t be larger.” It can’t get smaller.”

It just... is.

If you hit the exact center of the golf ball on the surface of the

clubface directly in front this tiny spot, the clubhead will recoil straight

back, and the ball will fly straight ant true. Any deviation from this

perfect contact and the head will start to twist and the ball will begin

to start to slide across the face, imparting sidespin to the ball, making

it curve.

The problem is that the sweet spot on any given club is not directly in

line with where the little mark on the top of the club indicates. Or

sometimes there isn’t an alignment mark on the top of the

woodheads. To hit the ball solidly, you need to know where that

sweet spot is located. Finding that... yea baby if you are focused to

make it

happen. Here is what is needed to find your sweet spot on the club:

1. Hold the club (whatevet the club) by the grip with the fingers of

your left hand with the clubface faceing you

2. Hold the golf ball between the thumb and the first finger of your

right hand and strike the clubface with the ball hard enough to drive

the clubhead back. If the clubhead goes straight back, you are hitting

on the sweet spot. If it wants to twist in one direction or another, you

are missing the sweet spot. Keep pinging until you find it.

Tom Wishon is the author of many books. He has over 40 years of

experience that includes fitting for the PGA Touring Professionals.

Pg 44

The sports massage study in the Journal of Sports Medicine

and Physical Fitness points out that athleticism in

competitive sports, doesn’t rely solely on physical strength.

“Tactical maneuvering in cycling or an ability to focus on a

task can also affect performance. Therefore, the

psychological effect provided to an athlete by an experience

such as massage may be of importance in a nonphysiological

manner.” These benefits include reducing

stress and tension and anxiety while promoting relaxation by

activating your parasympathetic nervous system. So there

will be increase in dopamine and serotonin levels and a

decline in cortisol levels, which are directly linked to


Types Of Massage For Athletes

Anybody who competes in sports or performs in physical

activity will benefit more from a deep tissue or sports

massage than you will a soft massage. The type of Sports

Massage available may not always be comfortable. It often

involves a faster more aggressive massage that involves

stretching and other approaches. Depending upon the sport

in which you par-take in your Massage Therapist will work

your muscles accordingly. It can be customized to be used

as a pre-workout opportunity to warm up the muscles or

used as a post-workout massage designed to reduce pain,

boost flexibility and lead to a spasm-free relaxed muscles.

The main massages offered for the individual who does

physical activity are the Deep Tissue and Trigger Point

massage. It often is recommended by massage therapists

because it works on individual muscle groups you have

problem on. They are applying heavier pressure on the

layers of muscles and other parts of your deep tissues.

Don’t expect to be comfortable throughout this massage.

It’s designed to get into the knots and release stress the

muscles may be holding. But be ready, afterward either type

of massages can leave you feeling sore.

The massage therapists at Hand & Stone specialize in a

wide range of techniques to help heal your muscles

Deep Tissue

I had surgery and experience pain in the scar of the muscle. I

heard about Deep Tissue Massage. So I asked Bill the

benefits from this type of Massage?

Deep-tissue massage focus on the deep layers of muscle by

using deep finger pressure and slow, firm strokes. The

massage is used to care for a range of physical ailments.

Recommended by many doctors as a treatment option.

Improves Blood Pressure

As with the other forms of massages, this also offers stress and

tension release. People who had a deep-tissue massage saw

their systolic pressure drop by an average of 10.4 mm Hg and

their diastolic pressure drop an average 5.3 mm Hg, according

to a study cited by the University of Maryland Medical Center.

The massage can help boost the creation of serotonin, a

hormone that encourage happiness and good feelings.

Reduces Chronic Pain

Deep tissue massage is more helpful and inexpensive for

alleviating chronic pain than conventional medications. The

massage increases the blood flow through the body, it helps

reduce the inflammation that creates pain. It can also help ease

muscle tension by loosening the tense tissue clusters.

Rehabilitates Injured Muscles

When you have injured muscles this can be effective treatment,

because it eases the flow of toxins from the muscles and aids

stretched or twisted muscle mass. The massage helps relax

muscles and can reduce the pain caused by injuries. The

massage is frequently used to recuperate from sports injuries.

Breaks Up Scar Tissue

Over time, the massage therapy can help break up scar tissue.

It does this by improving lymphatic circulation and drainage to

improve flexibility and series of motion in the affected area.

Massage therapy is often suggested for those recovering from


Pg 15


“All men are created equal. I’m just one stroke better than the rest.”

---Golfing great Gene Sarazen, after winning the 1922 U.S. Open

According to a recent survey of 648 American golfers, 21 percent of average

Joes believe thay can beat Tiger Woods if he would spot them one

stroke per hole. Of course, 82 percent confess to some sort of cheating --

such as improving a lie or not counting all stokes --- So Tiger had better

watch out

I asked about the unique form of massage that is a Trigger

Point. Bill responds “It is like a knot, it involves applying

pressure to those tender muscle tissue to relieve the pain

Some people find that they had knots that they did not know

they had until they trigger them off”

Pain is a frequent ailment that affect the muscles. It usually

does not occur in just one area, but can cause aching in areas

away from the source of the trigger point itself. To know if

you need this type of massage (also referred to as trigger site

or a muscles knot) you will feel sensitive spots in the muscles

that will cause shooting pain to other areas of he body when

moved. Trigger points can make themselves evident in

noticeable knots of your muscle fibers. Due to the sensitivity

of these muscle groups, people often feel that the long lasting

benefits this type of massage therapy are worth the temporary

pain from the treatment.

Depending on where the pain is, the therapist will have you lie

down in a way which is both comfortable and not aggravate

your trigger sites . This will provide an easy way for the

therapist to work the area. The therapist will then check the

body to locate the area of where the knots are situated. After

finding the trigger points, the therapist will use many finger

techniques of varying pressure on and around the points to

break down the knots. Depending on the size of the knots, it

may multiple visits in order for the entire knots to be


Once all your knots have been treated it is important for the

guest to remain hydrated. The massage therapy breaks up the

toxins that have built up and releases them into the blood

stream. Drink plenty of water and healthy beverages allows

for the toxins to wash out of the blood stream. Also,

depending if you are allowed to by your doctor an Epsom salt

bath will also help eliminate toxins and muscle discomfort.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy

The final massage we touched on was the Facial.

”Some people love facial massages. When you have many

facial movements during the day and night you get tension in

the muscles. When you get a facial massage it will help work

out the muscles and joints to break up the toxins that have built

up. We also offer a stone cold facial massage, it is very

soothing and relaxing and especially beneficial in the winter

time as It hydrates the skin. It’s like a face lift in a bottle” Bill


When To Schedule A Massage

It’s important to note that the therapists will know from

analyzing your muscle groups how often to schedule a

massage. Like anything, the more often you receive a massage,

the more you’ll harvest their advantages. Ask your Massage

Therapist on the proper scheduling for your individual needs.

Hand and Stone delivers expert Massage Therapist to

accommodate all seven at affordable prices. Additional service

include a total of 14 massages, facial and hair removal services

seven days a week for your convenience. Their expert

Therapists and Estheticians will be delighted to customize any

of their services to meet your specific needs. Our interview

was conducted at Hand and Stone located at 6554 South

Parker Rd. Aurora, CO. 80016 Ph# 720-644-9440


We tested the therapists out when I experienced aches and

pains in the back. Since I never received a

massage before, we had our doubt on the outcome. However

my doubt was overcome within just 15 minutes my aches and

pains where relieved.

Rated 5 stars for customer service and therapeutic benefits by

Colorado’s Voyage

Nobody minded when President Dwight D. Eisenhower bent the rules of golf. Ike had a habit of picking

up the ball, ostensibly to identify it, but often with the result of an improved lie. One afternoon at

Congressioanl Country Club, he massaged the ball so vigorously that it rolled up against a rock. When

the president asked the caddie what happened, The caddie replied, “Sir, i’m afraid you’ve over identified

your ball.”

In the 1800’s, when famed Britsih painter Sir George Reid asked Ol’ Tom Morris to strike a typical golf

pose for a portrait, the famed Scottish golfer put his hands on his hips and gave an impatient expression.

“What kind of pose is that?” Reid asked. Replied Morris, “I’m waiting for the other fellow to hit.”

Golfer humorist Joey West has the following advice for a businessperson eager to set up a golferfriendly

office. Choose an office with a 12- foot ceiling so you can enjoy an unobstructed practice

swing. Select carpeting that allows balls to roll as if they were on a putting green. Buy a desk that is big

enough to hide your golf bag, but not so big as to diminsh your practice area. Have a panic “boss

button” installed so a trustworthy secretary can alert you when a hazard is approaching

John O’Hurley, the actor who played J. Peterman on Seinfeld and hosted Family Feud, is such a golf

nut that he plays nearly every day he can. His best golf buddy? His wife Lisa. “It’s kind of our thing to

do together” he said. “Our first date was on a golf course and we got engaged on the seventh hole at

Pebble Beach. I put the ring in the cup.”

The Yellow Stone Near Big Sky, Montana, is a majestic and audacious beauty that was built at 7,500

fett high and designed by Tom Weiskopf. Besides the stunning vistas, the course sets itself apart from

others because it is so remote and wild that each cart comes with anti-bear spray, just in case.

Justin Rose owes a resurgence in his career to a chatty cabbie, Rose was in a back seat of a Florida cab

when the driver started taunting him about the soft life of a professional golfer. At the time, Rose was

27 years old and had fallen to 126 in the world rankings. “The cabbie said, ‘Some dude gets a big bag

of cash for finishing 11th. What a joke!” Rather than to be offended, Rose used the jibe as a reminder

about how lucky he was to be a professional golfer. He immediately began playing better.

The term “gallery” in golf stems from the custom in British theaters to call the large balcony containg

the cheaper seats a gallery. Over the years, the term was applied to the public in general and golf

spectators in particular.

Birth of the Birdie

Founded 1897. the AAtlantic City Country Club in New Jersey carries the distinction of being known

as the “Birthplcae of the Birdie.” Tke term Birdie is credite to member A.H. Smith who is said to have

remaked after holing out, “Now, that’s a bird of a shot!”

Groaners: World’s Best Bad Jokes and Puns

Why did the golfer wear two pair of pants? In case he got a hole in one

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Kennedy golf course is among our favorites for a great game of golf. It has one of our selections for the best go for it par fours in

the state. The second hole on the creek plays 322 yards from the back tees and is well protected with sand traps in the front. It

will require a spot on drive to make the green

Saddleback #16 tee

Saddleback #16 green

Challenge Drag Race at Bandimere

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Saddleback our top choices to play in Colorado. One of our special holes is the #16. It is our favorites for the best go

for it par 4's in the state. It plays 322 yards from the back tees and 192 from the front. It is well protected with 5 sand

traps surrounding the green and a pond that will drown your ball if you are short

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Date: Thurs. Aug. 27th at 4:00 pm


than Billy Thompson

and now

The Science to

your golf game

especially before, at and after impact.

Most understand that an outside-in swing isn’t the proper

path, but many believe the goal is to swing the club straight

back and straight through or from inside-out. In truth, however,

a swing traveling on the most effective path will work

from the inside to square at impact and then back to the

inside after impact. A way to train your swing is with a

Lsunch Monitor which accurately checks club face at impact

letting you know if face is open or closed.

Life Time Stats

NFL Distinctions

3-Time Pro Bowl selection (1977-78, ‘81)

4 Fumble Recovery Touchdowns (T-3rd)

Bronco Records

61 Takeaways (40 Interceptions/21 Fumbles Recovered) 1st

0 Career Interceptions (3rd)

7 Career Defensive Touchdowns (3 INT/4 FR)

Inducted into the Broncos Ring of Fame in 1987.

3 Career Interception Touchdowns

784 Career Interception return yardage (1st)

157 Career Punt Returns (2nd)

Tom Bianca, host of Colorado’s Voyage radio program took

some time to talk to Billy Thompson, former legend and

Bronco grape from 1967. Ethan stretched on into the early

80s. And get some information about players. This is an

article that we do in Philly about them and what happened to

the great player, who is from that era. And what they’re doing

today is kind of weird on how things progress and you

transition from an NFL career to the real work world. So, I

wanted to ask you. You know it’s so interesting to see what

the odds are of such an athlete making it all the way from

being a kid to being an NFL player and having a career in

football. You know there’s only so many people that make

that. And these kids nowadays, they only dream about it.

And so, tell me how did you rise as an athlete? How did you

get your start when you were a kid?

Billy “Well, you’re right. It was a dream come true for me. I

started as a young kid playing street football and loved it. I

went to the high school and got involved in it in high school

and I loved it. As a matter of fact, my last year I was a

quarterback and a defensive bac.. I loved it and I wanted to

go on to college. I got a story for you as a matter of fact. A

good friend of mine, Art Shell, (who is all pro offensive tackle

that play for the Oakland Raiders) so I will say that Rhodes

will love us. You know the Raiders are but he and I went to

college together and how I got to college was that I was

Pg 18

19.6-yard average (2nd)

1,814 Punt Return yards (2nd)

11.6 Punt Return average (7th)

25.1 Kickoff Return average (3rd)

Highest Average Per Kickoff Return, Season (28.5)

Inducted into the (Maryland State College) Hawk Hall of Fame in


playing in high school All-Star Game in Columbia South

Carolina. And I wasn’t playing quarterback, I was playing

defensive back. And after the game was over, they came

into our locker room and said, “We want to talk to you.”

And I go, “Who are you?” And he said; “Well, we were

down here watching the game and we like the way you

play.” So I said; “OK.” He said; “And, we would like to

take you out to dinner.” I said, “Well, OK.” He says, “Well,

I go to Maryland State College .You know my coach can’t

come in and talk to you because it’s against the rules. I’m

here talking to you.” He said, “So let’s go out to dinner.”

So when I get out to dinner with them.

They told me they would like to offer me a scholarship and

have I talked to any other schools. I told them I talked to

Wake Forest because Wake Forest said they wanted to

offer me a scholarship and they said; “Well, they’re not in

our conference. So you clear on that?” So that’s how I got

discovered in high school and Art Shell. One of the greatest

players ever to play.

He told me that he would take care of me. I mean it was

late in the year- was like late July and the school was

starting early but he said; “Matter of fact- we will come by

and pick you up and take you to school with us and you can

work on it during the summer. And you get to know

everybody.” So I went home and told my mom. She asked,

“Are you crazy? Do you know these people?” I said, “No

When you hear the words;

Ball Speed Vertical Launch Angle Smash

Factor Spin Rate Carry Distance Flight

Time Club Head Speed Face Angle Angle

of Attack Club Path

What does this all mean and how can I become a better

golfer from it. Lets start with

Verical Launch Angle- it is the initial angle of ascent of the

golf ball immediately after impact, expressed in degrees. A

launch angle of, for example, 20 degrees means the ball is

ascending at an angle of 20 degrees relative to the groundline

of the surface from which it was struck.

Many factors affect launch angle, including swing speed,

angle of attack (how the clubface approaches the golf ball)

and clubface position at impact. The loft of the golf club itself

is the single biggest factor, of course. But the same club can

produce very different launch angles in the hands of different

golfers based on the other factors. A club will produce a

higher launch angle with a higher clubhead speed, for instance,

so long as other factors are equal.

Launch angle is a term probably most closely associated by

most golfers with drivers. The advent of oversized, gameimprovement

drivers in the late 1990s, and then the greater

availability to the average golfer of clubfitting tools such as

launch monitors, have increased the focus on launch angle. If

a manufacturer can tweak a driver's clubhead design -

factors such as loft angle, center of gravity location and

moment of intertia - and tinker with the club's overall weight

and aerodynamic design in a quest to boost swing speed, then

the manufacturer can help improve a golfer's launch angle

off the driver.

And an improved driver launch angle often means more

carry, which in turn leads to more distance.

Launch angle does factor in with all golf clubs, however, and

it should be noted that a higher launch angle is not always the

preferred outcome (particularly moving through the set to the

wedges). But to restate the basic definition: The launch angle

is the ball's angle of ascent relative to the flat groundline. The

optimal launch angle for you driver is between 12-16 degrees

Club Path- when it comes to the golf swing, most golfers

are aware that a key ingredient to good ball-striking is having

a swing that’s on plane. What many golfers don’t understand,

however, is what constitutes a proper swing shape or path,

Club Face- is the striking surface of a golf club, that part of

the club designed to strike the golf ball at impact. At address,

the clubface is directed at the ball and pointed down the

target line. The clubfaces of irons have grooves, as in the


Angle of Attack- Conventional wisdom holds that long

drives are mainly a product of your swing speed. The faster

you swing the club, the farther your drives fly. But I watched

PGA Tour player Jeff Sluman add 22 yards to his tee shots

without an increase in swing speed. How do you explain

that? Or why J.B. Holmes' average drive in 2008 (310 yards)

was 16 yards longer than Tiger Woods' (294 yards) when

they produce the same amount of clubhead and ball speed?



Smash Factor- is a relatively new term in the lexicon of

golf gearheads. It is a measurement of a golfer's ability to

translate clubhead speed into ball speed with a given golf

club, expressed as a ratio between ball speed and clubhead

speed. For example, if Golfer Bob swings his driver at 100

mph, and produces a ball speed (the speed at which the ball

travels off the clubface following impact) of 150 mph, then

Golfer Bob's smash factor with his driver is 1.5 (ball speed

divided by clubhead speed).

The higher the smash factor, the more efficient the golfer is

at translating clubhead speed into ball speed - which usually

means making better contact with the ball, e.g., an impact

position on the clubface that is more centered.

As Jack Nicklaus once put it, there are only two ways to hit

the ball farther with the same equipment: swing faster, or

swing better. Smash factor tells us that you can increase

distance by slightly reducing your swing speed if that results

in better control of your swing, i.e., a more centered strike

position at impact by hittmg the sweet spot. To find your

sweet spot read the article on page 44.

Using a launch monitor can gage all these key measurement

accurately. If implemented in your practice regiment it will

improve your swing significantly. To rent a launch monitor,

visit ww.golfexperience.com or call 720-314-2697

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Broadlands Golf Course #18

Our Choice for the Best Finishing Holes

4380 West 144th Ave.

Broomfield, CO 80020

Phone: (303) 466-8285


The 18th hole plays 424 yards from the back tees and from the forward tee 315 yards from the forward. Be accurate

off the tee and favor the right side, but not too far right as sand traps await. For your approach shot, Once again favor

the right side of the green as a pond, creek and two large sand traps protect the left side.

The course is a Par-72 course that can stretch 7,289 yards from the Championship Black Tees, to 5231 yards from

our begineer Silver Tees.

Consistently rated the best golf course in Broomfield, The Broadlands offers superb playing conditions, a large

practice facility and a staff deeply committed to your enjoyment on and off the golf course.

The Broadlands is a fantastic value and a fun, challenging golf course from all of our 5 sets of tees.

The Broadlands golf course opened in 1999 and is managed by Landscapes Unlimited.

Pg 40

Billy Thomspson Cont...

I’m not. I don’t know them. I just met them and but they’re

great people I have good vibes. And so I want to go try

this.” And like a great mom she said to me, “You go and try

and if you don’t make it, you can come home.” So that was

my start and that’s how I got to Maryland State College and

I loved every minute of it. I played baseball there too. I was

I was the center fielder and I caught when we had a double

hitter I went out to the field I saw him practice and coach

said, “Billy, why are you out here? You can’t play baseball

as a coach.” I played a lot of baseball and he said, “Well,

what position?” I said snowfield he said, “Get out of here.

We’ll come out tomorrow and we’ll see.” And I started for

four years of baseball in college”.

Tom “Did you know that there was any recruiters out there

scouting you”?

Billy “No. No. So he had no idea that art shell or any of

those guys were out there. And we’re still friends today.

Great athlete, great person, tremendous friend”.

Tom “You know he was the coach of the Oakland


Billy “Absolutely. You know the story is really funny. You

told me and Al Davis, who I think was one of the pioneers

of the NFL. He was the commissioner. He knew talent”.

He takes great talent from every team and they go to the

Raiders and they will be all stars. Art told me , “Tell Al that

they should get this guy out of Maryland State. He is a good

friend of mine. I know him. You should get him.”. Well they

never got me and Art said it was a huge mistake. Of course

I went to the Broncos and every time I play the Raiders I

had a huge game.

Matter of fact, the greatest game I ever played was the

championship game against the Raiders in 1978. We’ll be in

2017 here for the right to go to the Super Bowl 12. Now I’ll

never get that day

Tom “How was your stats on that game, by the way”?

Billy “I was all over the field. The first I had about 10

tackles I had a pick, but I had a great game. I always play

great against the Raiders. I was motivated. What’s Art shell

doing now? He works for the league. He’s on the rules

committee. You know he hands out fines for you know

players but great guy”.

Tom “And since you mentioned baseball and you said you

had some athletic ability in that sport, how come you didn’t

go with baseball and decided to go with football”?

Billy “Well, the reason why I wonder are reasons why, is

because baseball is going to be a long a route for me to

make it into the big leagues. They were talking to me about

going to the farm league and starting there and worked my

way up to the major league team. And that’s takes too much

time. So the Broncos were saying “You know we want you

now. We think you’ll make a great asset to our team.” And

so I said, “Great coach, I’m going there.” And that’s the

reason why. Because I didn’t want to go through the

process of working my way up through the minor leagues

and I wanted to play pro ball now”.

Tom “Can you imagine if where two people and was able to

play both, I wonder what kind of baseball player you could

have been?”

Billy “Well yes but see, I started playing little league

baseball before I started playing football. I played Little

League ball. I play pony league ball. I play four years of

college. I think I could have played centerfield. I had three

years and four years in the field. We won a couple of

division championships in college. So yeah. But it was a

different processback in ’69. Now the in the major ileagues,

they bring them up soon. They bring their top guys up soon;

back then they didn’t do that, So I didn’t want to go through

that right because the salary is very minimal and you have to

ride on buses”.

Tom “You had a great career for kickoff returns and punt

return turns in the same year in the NFL and I was curious,

what led to you having such a good game. Was it the

opposing teams that left gaps in their defense, was

Pg 19


Billy Thomspson Cont...

it the special teams that created gaps or was it your ability to

see the gaps?”

Billy “I think it was a combination of both. You know I ran

back punts in high school. I ran back a few returns in

college but I never did both. I wasn’t the fastest guy. I

wasn’t the quickest guy. I think I was more intelligent on

which way to make a cut and I never looked back because

they could be gaining on you”.

Tom “Most guys were you in fear of losing your starting job

if they got injured so they will suffer the pain and get in

there, was this a fear that you had?”

Billy “No not really. If I couldn’t help the team and I’m not

physically fit to go in, I won’t hurt the team by staying in”.

Tom “Did you suffer any injuries during your career?”

Billy “I suffered an MCL, it was at the end of the year and

there was only three games left. The surgeries back then

were invasive and I had a cast on for like eight weeks, so I

would do exercises in the cast trying to get my leg strong.

And when it came off, my trainer had me there every day

working to come back “.

Tom “The quarterbacks that you played against some of

them were the greatest. So, tell us, what was the most

famous quarterbacks that come to mind and why are they

such good quarterbacks and are still remembered today?”

Billy “Well, one of the greatest quarterbacks I played

against was Joe Namath, who was a leader. He changed the

game with his throws. He was unbelievable. As a matter of

fact, the first time I met him it was in a college at an All-Star

game. Otto Graham was head coach. And I remember the

night we were playing and I was so excited because we

were playing Broadway Joe. We played a great game, but

the Jets they beat us 22 to 20. That was my first encounter

with Joe Namath and to make a long story short, we played

them again in my rookie year and we beat them at Mile

High. The Broncos at that time hadn’t beaten anybody like

that especially a team that was a Super Bowl champions.

But yeah, Joe namath, Kenny Stabler, Roger Staubach.

Great guys and great quarterbacks. They all had leadership.

It was was an honor for me to play against them”.

Tom “So salaries have changed big time over the years. And

I was curious; with your stats that you had when you were a

Pg 20

player what would you command with those stats in today’s


Billy “Big! I started at corner and five years played eight at

safety, plus I was running back punts and kickoffs too. So, I

had a lot of responsibility and I think having that kind of

responsibility would have commanded a big salary, but you

know I look back and I have no regrets about the salary

because I had a tremendous career. I played for great

organization and I work for a great organization now. I’m a

blessed individual and I’m happy that I was here”.

Tom “So as I mentioned a lot has changed with the salary

from back then and today. But the game has changed a lot

over the years. So, when you played, how much change has

happened over the years for the good and bad?”

Billy “Well there have been a lot of changes good and bad.

But one of the things I like to say is that I the older football

players are left out of a lot of the benefits that these players

have today and some of them are suffering, so that was bad.

But I think the good thing is that the league recognizes it and

are reaching back and helping those guys out and making

them feel good about their time in the league by providing

doctors and whatever things they need to help them. I love it

because I don’t think we can forget those guys.”

Tom “I look at players like Joe Montana when he was

passing to Jerry Rice. In almost everything he was a

dominant player. Now wonder I if Joe Montana wasn’t

there, would Jerry Rice still be a great wide receiver, have

ever wondered if you were on another team with incredible

talent like Joe Montana you would have even been a better


Billy “I think that’s a good question, but no. Because my

philosophy is wherever I go, you’re going to get the best

from me. It didn’t matter where I was going to play but

wherever that was I was going to be the best at it. That’s

how I looked at it from my perspective. I was going to give

you everything I had and so no, I don’t think it would

change my attitude. Maybe I got lucky and won a few more

games but I was still going to be given the same effort no

matter where I was.”

Tom “Fantasy football is big no, if you have your dream

team, who would they be?”

Billy “Well, I’m not a fantasy football fan. I don’t follow it

that much. But if I did put a fantasy team together it would

be full of Broncos and I hope they play well.”


Breckenridge Golf Course The Beaver #8

Our Choice for the Best Par 5

Breckenridge Golf Club

200 Clubhouse Drive

Breckenridge, CO 80424



This par 5 plays 571 from the back tee and 398 yards from the forward tees. This amazing hole will challenge every part of your

game, You come out with par ir better you did something special

Breckenridge opened the Bear nine in 1985. The Bear was the first nine to grace the landscape known to Breckenridge's early day

miners as Buffalo Flats. The miners certainly did not imagine golf in such an environment. What was once a tent city of miners

seeking fortunes of gold, the landscape now is a challenging golf course with players seeking pars and birdies. The challenges for

today’s golfer are quite similar to yesterday’s miners - nothing comes easy. The second nine to open, in 1987, was the Beaver. A

venture to the left of holes 6, 7, and 8 and you will notice rock piles; "tailings" as the miners called them, leftover from the days of

gold mining in the area. The miners were not the only creatures to leave their mark on the topography. The Beaver nine takes its’

name from the beaver ponds that are scattered along holes 6, 8, and 9. Don’t blame Jack Nicklaus for this design work. The beavers

created the habitat and Nicklaus left it in place for your enjoyment. In 2001 the Elk nine opened giving golfers 27-holes to play. The

Elk offers the most elevation change of the three nines, as well as the beautiful panoramic views of the Ten-Mile mountain range.

Come see for yourself what make Breckenridge so special!

Pg 39


Travel is more than the seeing of

sights. It is a change that goes on,

deep and permanent, in the ideas

of living.


Remembering Floyd Little

Miriam Beard

3× Pro Bowl 1970, 1971, 1973)

Second-team All-Pro 1970)

NFL rushing touchdowns leader (1973)

First-team All - AFL (1969)

Denver Broncos Ring of Fame

Life Time Stats

3× Pro Bowl (1970, 1971, 1973)

NFL rushing touchdowns leader (1973)

First-team All - AFL (1969)

Denver Broncos Ring of Fame

Syracuse Orange No. 44 retired

Career NFL statistics

Rushing yards: 6,323 Rushing average: 3.9 Rushing touchdowns: 43 Receptions: 215

Receiving yards: 2,418 Receiving touchdowns: 9

Thomas Bianca of Colorado’s Voyage interviews former

Denver Bronco great Floyd Little along with Billly Thompson

joining in.

Tom “Welcome Floyd, I see you made quite a bit of influence

here in Denver and made the Ring of Fame right”.

Floyd “Yes made the ring of Fame and plus they put a statue

of me here at my Alma Mater Syracuse University. In

addition to the statue Syracuse University just made me an

honorary doctorate degree so things are just really super”.

Tom “Now that people have to call the doctor”.

Floyd “That’s right. I just ordered a white coat and a

stethoscope. I’m going to be handing out some aspirin and if

you need me I’ll make house calls to make sure you’re OK”.

and I just received a message, it was a painting of Billy, Tom

Jackson and myself when we are on the town at the Hall of

Fame. Our friendship has been since 1968-69, so when you

look back at how many years we’ve been friends. It’s been

that way Billy calls me on a regular basis and during the season

maybe almost like three times a month. We did returns and

kickoffs together our entire career and we had a bond. He was

on one side or another side. It was a mutual respect and we

really root for each other on and off the field. I was delighted

when he went into the Ring of Fame. I think the only thing that’s

missing is he’s being totally ignored for the Pro Football Hall of

Fame because he certainly was a player that is worthy of that

kind of recognition. Every year we have a mock vote for the

Pro Football Hall of Fame and it’s like going to Randy

Gradishar he’s at the top of my list that says he belongs in the

football hall of fame and somehow we can’t figure out how to

get him in there”.

Addional Inspiraons

Visit capturethevoyage.com

Pg 38

Tom “We’re doing a segment about Bronco players than and

now and we’re lucky enough to have two former great

Bronco players including Floyd Little and Billy Thompson.

They both played together and they complemented each

other that almost got you to the Super Bowl”.

Floyd “Yeah well I’ve known Billy he’s my oldest living

Cont pg 23

Tom “You said earlier that you are grateful that he came part of

the team because he took some of the load off your feet for a

little bit”?

Floyd “He took a lot of load because he was greedy, he always

wanted to return and get kickoffs, he pushed me aside so he

can get it and then we recruited Rick Upchurch to come back

there, so there was now three of us had the duty and we

Pg 21


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Floyd Little Cont...

returned punts and kickoffs. Back in those days we were

responsible for than one thing, I was on extra point field goal

team, punt protection team, punt coverage team. We had to

do double or triple duty and it was necessary because we

want to help our team win. It’s just not like that today, but

there is not a lot of Billy Thompson in the world and he was a

great player for 12, 13 or 14 years and he started out as a

corner and ended up as a safety and he covered some of the

best receivers and did a great job. That’s why I think Billy is

deserving Hall of Fame consideration”.

Billy “Well thanks Floyd. But it was a different time like you

said and we had to do it if we wanted to win, we had to do

more than one thing. You know it was with you you you and

me me me me”.

Floyd “That’s it.. Who is going to take the kickoff or the

punt. We had a signal that either I or Billy would say you you

you to take it or me me me for him to take it. But I’ve

watched this franchise become one of the top five franchises

in professional football. I mean, we were also rans back in

the day and they thought Denver today still has covered

wagons, I mean do the Native Americans still attack you

when you go to there. There was a time when the Broncos

franchise was in jeopardy of moving and with the likes of

getting a Billy Thompson and Tom Jackson, it really helped

solidify what the city needed and wanted. And they’ve been

one of the winning teams in the league and they’ve gotten a

lot of fans over the years. I am in New York State and I see

people wearing Broncos attire and walk over to them and

ask are you a Bronco fan. They said well yeah. How long

have you been a fan? Well since Floyd Little was playing for

them because he came from Syracuse and I said hey I am

Floyd. They said really. I said of course I am. Are you

kidding me and that’s Bronco fans. So for me to be able to

represent the Denver Broncos at Syracuse and everywhere I

go it’s just an honor to say that I’m a Bronco and we stay a

Bronco our entire career. That says a lot about the kind of

players we were and how loyal and dedicated we are to our


Tom “It’s unusual for a player nowadays to stay with any

team for the entire length of their career. So was it normal

back then to stay with one team”?

It was when some players went from team to team for filling

positions that came open. There was a lot of players who

stayed there entire career with a team like Billy and I mean

the three of us was as you know we’ve stayed with the same

team. We had great careers and all of us in the Ring of Fame.

I worked for NBC Sports for two years to something like 20

to 24 games. I’ve been in most stadiums except that new

one’s in Denver and I would like to have been there with

NBC, there is no better fan that I witnessed than the Denver


Tom “You can see it all the time with the fans. I get a kick out

of this Floyd, is that the media really hypes the Broncos and

when the news comes on the first news is about the Broncos

and even if something really bad happens like an earthquake

kills thousands of people, but first let’s go to the Denver

Bronco locker room to see what’s happening”.

Sign up www.golfexperience.com

Pg 36

Floyd “Well not entirely, we got players from the raiders and

we got players from the chiefs. I remember those fellows

Dave Costa and Rich Jackson they came from other teams.

Pg 23


Floyd Little Cont...

Floyd “Right, we’ll be back with what happened on the

earthquake, but right now it’s the Denver Broncos. I mean

from the Broncos we were able to get the Nuggets and get

the Rockies and able to get a Lacrosse team and a hockey

team. I mean we have representation in all those sports

because of the Broncos. I’m sure because what the players

did during that time they were able to get more professional

teams in Denver. Denver is a great city because they support

their teams unlike other cities who could only support either

the basketball or football team. The Denver Broncos support

other professional sports and that’s unusual”.

Tom “I asked this earlier Floyd, tell me your thoughts about

how the salaries have changed from back then to today and

with your stats, if you are a free agent what would you

command today for a salary”?

Floyd “It’s ridiculous especially if I was playing the special

teams and I was running the ball. There’s no telling. in fact I

think about it from time to time I kind of want to sue my

parents for having me too soon. I should have been able to

enjoy some of the benefits of what these players are making

today. If I was 20 today and same with Billy we would be

making millions. Compared to what we made I signed for 10

grand and I played for Twenty four, twenty six, twenty eight

for a 3 years contract. So it’s way different from today and I

don’t know if the players today can appreciate the guys that

paved the way. I get a little concerned when they’re voting

for opportunities for former players that could play very well.

It’s unfortunate that some have lost touch with reality that

year to year and you’re making millions because of people

like me and Billy. And maybe they should appreciate that we

as former players from the 1960’s and 1970’s had a major

role in the game to allow these players to make the kind of

money they make today. I would like for someone from time

to time thank us otherwise they might not be here and we

don’t have enough of that. I mean, I’m not I’m not

complaining or anything, but when I talk to guys and say well

I only made 20 grand. Well that was a lot of money back in

those days. You know after taxes we all had other jobs. We

had to go to work. Soon as the season was over we all had

to go to work. Today they don’t and they can carry

themselves for a while and some of these guys get bonuses

so they never have to work another day in their life. All I’m

saying is they somehow, some way, they should say these

guys laid the foundation, thank you guys for paving the way

for me to be a millionaire”.

Tom “You are like Arnold Palmer back in the 1960’s after

Pg 24

winning a golf tournament was only a couple of grand, he put

the big money into the game and changed the golf game


Floyd “And it’s not sorry grapes, I’m not mad, but from time

to time I would like to hear, appreciate your sacrifice and

thanks. And that’s all I’m saying”.

Tom “Do you think these athletes that make that kind of

money is hurting the game in some capacity. What are your

thoughts about how the money has changed the game”?

Floyd “I don’t think it’s hurting the game. I think you should be

a paid in a profession that could cripple you for life. If they

risking their lives, I think it should be compensated

accordingly. You know the people who are sponsoring it

certainly are reaping the benefits. I think the players would

make as much as they can make. All I’m saying is that they’re

entitled to it. It changed the game a little bit. They’re all

specialists now. I mean Billy and I weren’t Specialist. We

played every game, we were running to take somebody out if

need be. It’s a structured game today and yes it’s changed.

They get the yards they need to get. I got some of my best

runs broken two tackles and get two yards. It’s not

considered a good run today, you can average four and a half

to be considered a Hall of Famer. So it’s different, but the


Tom Wishon “No question demo day is just another way to take all

the clubs that are sold standard off the rack and move them out to

the driving range. You’re still hitting standard off the rack one size

fits all clubs. The average store today, if I make an analogy, is

walking into a shoe store where the shoe store has all the colors, all

the styles, all the different types of shoes, but all the men’s shoes

are in a size ten and all the women’s shoes are in a size seven and a

half, try to make it work for you and it doesn’t work that way. On

this matter of driver length, I just can’t stress enough how so many

average golfers are really being hurt trying to play these 45 and a

half inch to 46 and a half inch long drivers. I’ll give you one good

example, since 2005 the average driver length on the PGA tour has

been forty four and a half inches, out on the PGA Tour you’re

looking at a collection of players who obviously are very good in

golf athletic ability and very good in their swing characteristics,

these are guys who can handle longer lengths if they choose to but

they choose not to because even at their level they know that

they’re not as consistent trying to use a 45 and a half to 46 and a

half inch driver as they will be using an average driver of 44 and half

inches. So here we are in our golf industry where all the less skilled

lower athletic ability people with swing mistakes are out there been

told to play the 45 and a half inch to 46 and a half inch drivers and it

really is a big mistake. It really is getting in the way of golfers being

able to hit two or three more fairways, get eight or ten more yards off

the tee, be more consistent with their on center ball striking off the


Tom Bianca “I remember in your book you were talking about the

sweet spot on the driver and you mentioned that it was just a pin


Tom Wishon “In technicality it is what we call the actual sweet spot

andl the center of gravity of the club head. If you were to remove the

driver head off the shaft and you were balancing that head on top of

a pin and now the intersection of all those balance points inside the

head is that one little center of gravity, but what we’ve done in the

industry that’s brought about this term sweet spot is by making

driver heads larger, by doing a little bit different in a way that we

designed the face thickness. We can make the driver so that if you

can hit the ball within about a one inch circle around the middle of

the face you’re going to get pretty much the same distance and the

same performance even though you haven’t really made contact yet

in line with that little center of gravity inside the middle of the head

and that’s a good part of modern club technology. Today’s driver

heads really are very well designed from the standpoint of being

able to miss hit them a little bit and still get really good distance and

good performance out of them. However, if that really good design

for a broad and sweet spot is put on a shaft that’s too long, wrong

shaft weight, the wrong shaft flex, the wrong total weight, the wrong

balance of the club, it all goes out the window and it can’t perform

and help you play to the best of your ability”.

Tom Bianca “So if I want to get better and I want to go through a

custom fitting, what is the standard operating procedure to go get

custom fit”.

Tom Wishon “The first thing is to understand that few of the large

Tom Wishon “The first thing is to understand that few of the large

retail golf stores and unfortunately very few of the pro shops really

don’t know how to custom fit properly because they’re just not

taught. The other thing is they don’t have the time to do it and still

be able to make a profit on the sale of the golf clubs that they feel

they need to make. So where do you find a good custom club fitting

is kind of the same way of where you find the best suit or custom

tailor, so this is one of the things since I’ve done a lot of teaching

and training through my writings and in schools that I’ve offered

over the years is to train people how to be really good professional

club fitters. So we’ve maintained a database of people around the

country on our TWgolftech.com. If you go the home page you’ll see

a little highlight there for club maker locator. Click on that and you’ll

find maps of all the states that we have listings of experienced and

certified custom club makers that you can work with to be custom fit

properly so you get the most out of your game. That’s where it

happens. It’s really just like you go to a good swing coach to take

lessons, you need to go to a really good independent custom club

maker to be properly custom fit, because they’re the ones who spent

the years in training to know how to do all the measurements of the

golf swing evaluation and then be able to construct the clubs from

scratch so that they have all the fitting specs matched up to your

size, your strength, your athletic ability and your swing


Tom Wishon web site www.wishongolf.com and twgolftech.com.

Every golfer can benefit from custom club fitting and

reading “In Search for the Perfect Golf Club”.

Club Fitting

Proper club fitting can increase

your chances of hitting the golf ball

square on the face than not having

custom club fitting.

A golf ball is like a clock. Always

hit it at six o’ clock and make it go

toward twelve o”clock. But make

sure you are in the same time zone.

Chi Chi Rodriguez

Pg 35


Tom Bianca interviews

Tom Wishon of the

importance in proper club


Tom Wishon is the author of “In Search of the Perfect Golf Club”

and many other books. He has over 30 years of experience in the

golf club industry. We interviewed him about the importance of

proper golf club fitting.

Tom Bianca “I know it’s your passion when it comes to golf and

your an advocate on educating golfers about what goes on in the

industry. So let’s talk about proper golf club fitting that most people

don’t understand”.

Tom Wishon “I worked in the golf equipment industry for a very

long time and most people are only familiar with the golf equipment

industry as they see it when they walk into a pro shop or they walk

into a big retail store and they see all these clubs put on display for

sale on the rack. The standard business model of the golf equipment

industry is for all the golf companies to develop their technology for

their club head or shaft or whatever and then package that in golf

clubs that are made to one series of standard specifications, same

length, same lofts, same face angle, same weights, same grip sizes,

same for all the fitting specs chosen to be standard in a one size fits

all, so that the clubs can then be sold to the retailers to be put on

the rack and carried out the door by the golfers. Having spent this

much time in the industry I understand some very simple common

sense things, one of those is that the golfers are not all the same.

We all play this game and love it. We come in different sizes,

different strengths, different athletic ability and most of all different

swing characteristics. The golf clubs basically are all made in one

size fits all to be sold conveniently standard off the rack. Quite

simply, golfers will play a little bit better if they’re custom fitted, so

that all the specifications on the clubs are matched to each

individual golfers, size, strength, athletic ability and their swing

characteristics and that’s something that just isn’t brought up to the

golfers because all the big companies are involved in a standard

model of business which says go into the retail store and buy it off

the rack, if it doesn’t work real well, take a few lessons because it’s a

tough game and that’s not exactly how it should be. Golf equipment

does need to be fit individually to each golfer size, strength, athletic

ability and swing for them to play to the best of their given


Tom Bianca “ One of the comments I read from Scott Verplank was

that your book is a must read for beginners and scratch golfers alike.

You know the question I had, is it just as important to get custom

fitted for high handicappers as it is for the professional”

Tom Wishon “Well it’s a really good question, because one of the

biggest myths associated with golf equipment is golfers sit there

and think look I’m not good enough yet to benefit from custom

fitting. They’re aware of the fact that the pros are custom fit and thel

ow handicap golfers are, but they don’t understand that what makes

you an average golfer to a less skilled golfer is either you don’t have

quite the athletic ability and certainly you make mistakes in your swing,

proper fitting can help reduce those swing errors and basically it falls

into the category where average players will benefit far more from

custom fitting than will the real expert low handicap golfers. Really good

golfers have the ability in their swing to be able to adjust to things in

the clubs that may not be perfectly right for them. We the average

golfers don’t have that ability, so we need to be fit with the right length

for our type of swing, with the right waiting for our strength and for our

type of swing, with the right loft, the right angles and all the other

fitting specifications, so that we can reduce some of the effects of the

swing errors we make and we can get more and more out of what we

bring to the first tee every day”.

Tom Bianca “The game is so complicated for the average golfer to

understand and they don’t realize when they go and shop for clubs the

importance of that fact”.

Tom Wishon “Well there’s no question about that. There’s a huge

amount of competition for sales among all the golf club companies.

Unfortunately, over the past 20 years or so that’s been driven some of

the golf companies to make changes in their standard clubs which really

aren’t very good for the average golfers. I’ll give you one good

example, when I started the game and when I was first in the golf

equipment business, the standard length for a men’s driver was 43

inches. Standard for women driver one inch shorter at 42 inches.

Everybody followed that for the standard clubs. Today the averagel

ength for the men’s driver’s that you buy off the rack and the golf

stores is somewhere between 45 and a half and forty six and a half

inches. Well the population of golfers didn’t grow on average that much

and there’s an old adage in club fitting that’s very true, that the longer

the length of the club the harder it is to repeat a consistent golf swing

with that. so there’s a huge amount of golfers who are out there playing

with drivers that are far too long for their ability to control them and

they’re not even coming close to getting the most out of the tee shot


Tom Bianca “Can you tell us about demo days versus custom fitting, I

am really interested in your insights in your book about what the

differences are and they’re not so subtle they’re dramatic”.

Pg 34


Floyd Little Cont...

money hasn’t changed the game. I think the desires still there,

the opportunity there, these guys are bigger, stronger, faster,

because of the equipment they have and because of the

programs they go through. But overall the game has changed

now because the size of a guy. When I was playing someone

who weighed 235 he was a big guy. Today a defensive end is

235 to 300. And they run just fast, it is amazing that a guy at 280

can run that fast, just remarkable. I love the game and I love

seen the opportunities for the athletes, I love that they can get a

healthy start in life financially. Like I said and I think Billy will

agree to say hey guys thanks. It’s all we want. I’m not asking

them for any money or taking any money out of his pocket, but

to say hey we really appreciate you guys, Thank you”.

Tom “Floyd, one thing that I would like to ask you is now that

you are a doctor”.

Floyd “What kind of prescription are you trying for to me to


Tom “How are you enjoying your career as the Special Assistant

to the Athletic Director at your former alma mater Syracuse

University. Is your role in life full filling or was it more enjoyable

when you where a player”.

Floyd “No, I got to think that this my most favorite job I’ve ever

had. I have a chance to help shape and change a life. I have the

opportunity to talk to 17, 18, 19 year olds everyday about their

future and how to prepare for it, How to get ready for the major

challenge in their life. In fact, I’m speaking to the graduating

classes at a number of colleges this year and I talk about what

kind of legacy their going to leave and how they are going to

prepare themselves for the last four years. I talk about the things

that they need to really recognize and face and understand the

challenges that they have to face and the fact that they are

ambassadors of their college now and they need to represent

university the best possible way they can in the pursuit of

happiness and greatness. I have a chance to talk to a student

athlete male and female, just a couple of weeks ago we had a

losing tennis team and tennis coach came to my office, he’s got

about eight players he said can you talk to my team. We’ve lost

three in a row. So I went over and talked with his players

unannounced right in practice set them all on the court. I gave

them a piece of wisdom, It’s not that I’m saying things that they

don’t understand or know, it’s just that they have to apply

themselves a little bit differently. So when I’m able to do that and

affect that, Well both teams went to the final four, our teams

never been to the elite 8 and then a final four and play for the

championship. These are the kids that I influence every day.

And it is just so powerful for me to look at the results of

what I was able to contribute to. So it’s not that anything is

changed other than making the kids have come sit down talk

to me about their concerns or problems and help them look

for direction. During study hall and doing tutoring, I just walk

over to them and says hey C’s and D’s get degrees too. I

was a C student and I’m not ashamed of it. There only three

kind of students in the world those are make things happen

or those who watch things happen and those that don’t

know what happen. You just have to make things happen

every day and you need to make sure you get what you

came here to get. And this is the kind of conversations I have

with a lot of our student athletes and I’m just proud that I am

here and I’ve had some effect on them. So you want to

know what my favorite job has been, it is right here at

Syracuse University influencing and impacting young lives

and I get a chance to do that every day. So I’m very proud

of it”.

Tom “It’s a transition turning to an adult from 18-22. We

don’t have enough emphasis on the huge change going from

18 to 22 and then they’re on. And one last thought, I had a

math teacher as a friend he’s been teaching for 25 years and

kids never forget him. They’re still coming up to him from 25

years ago, Oh yeah I remember going to high school and you

teaching. That’s what kind of impact that you’ll have on these


Floyd “Right, This is what’s great for me. I help them

prepare for the next step in their lives and let them know

how much you care. Help them to start caring and make

others sometimes a priority and don’t just think of yourself

so much. Because you reap what you sow. I tell them how to

deal with bullies and how to get out of that, how to not let

anybody influence them in a negative way. Here’s what you

say. Here’s how you behave, here’s what you do and take

ownership of what you’re doing and how you do it”.

Tom “Do remember Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill those

kind of individuals”?

Floyd “Oh Yes, what the mind can conceive the body can

achieve. That is what you can vividly imagine and ultimately

desire you could make it to come to pass. Sure, I use them

from time to time. I also use Reverend Schuller saying I

rather attempt to do something great than fail, than attempt to

do nothing and succeed. These are good things that you can

grab in and expand on”.

Pg 25


Tom Bianca interviews Jake Jabs of American

Furniture Warehouse.

Doing it his way on furniture


Fox Hollow

Golf Course

13410 W Morrison Rd, Lakewood,

CO 80228

There’s a lot to understand about buying furniture nowadays and when you by a home it can get really confusing when you

go out there so many furniture outlets that you give you many options. So we wanted to find an expert on the subject the

man who knows everything about furniture and has been in the business for so long Jake Jabs. We’re going to go through a

four main rooms in the house on how to furnish a home with a small and large budget and I believe AFW Lifestyle Furniture

offers everything that a person could be looking for the home right Jake”?

Jake “Absolutely, we have starting bedrooms. We have kids bedroom sets, we have adult bedrooms sets and we have

some really nice bedroom sets. Furniture as a whole really on everything not just bedrooms that goes for all products.

Tom “Well it can get confusing for somebody who just bought a home with so many choices. In today’s applications

available on-line it might make life easier, for example you can go to an application and you can add images of how that

room might look with a bedroom set, dresser and night stand, you can add different pieces and prices and flip images so I

can see if I don’t like that furniture or it won’t fit. But there is something’s that you still have to find out in person the best

quality at the best price. So Jake I am sure you have a room planner on your web site”?

Jake “Absolutely. we have what we call room planners, where you can take a bedroom set and put it right in your

bedroom. You to get to see what it looks like inside your bedroom and how it will fit. Sometimes especially the new

apartments and condos are small and so it’ll show you where your bedroom will set and set with a nice standard set.

Maybe you have room for the chest of drawers maybe you wont have room, maybe only have room for one night stand but

that’s all room planner, space planning and we do that can or do it on your app. So we want the furniture to fit, A lot of

people buy too much for furniture for for the room. So this will measure and make sure that it fits and that’s what we like to

do. We like to make sure it will fit in your house”.


11500 W Hampden Ave, Lakewood, CO 80227 Phone: (720) 963-5181

Tom “Does it have pricing on the app as well so if I don’t like that price than just flip right through to the next price”?

Jake “Yes we have a 90 different bedrooms for example. We carry 200 living room groups at all price ranges. We have

living room sofas that start at a $198.00 and go up to a thousand dollars. And of course, normally the lower price it’s a little

smaller too. So go to our web site www.afw.com and click on the Room Planner.”

Tom “The bedroom set featured in the

picture is our number one selling set.

Tom “So there’s different kinds of brands,

there is Gothic, Contemporary, Modern.

So what type of furniture style is it”?

Jake “Transitional set, This will fit I think in

almost everybody’s home. It’s a little little

bit contemporary but also has a little bit of

a transitional flair to it also.

Colorado’s best-kept secret in

the golf world. It offers

accessible an bridge between

championship-style play and a

shorter overall course length

Pg 26

The Porter Bedroom Set by Ashely

Tom “This includes just the set and not the



Pg 33



American Furniture Warehouse Cont...

Jake “Right you have to buy it seperate,

Tom “I like the set, so I can go to your application “Room Planner” and see how it might look in my room with all my other

furniture and decorations”?

Jake “Absolutely, you can put your fireplace in or whatever. It is it’s amazing, because you do it right the first time. The nice

thing about all the technology you do right the first time, you don’t have to try a set and bring it back and try another set. You

can get dimensions and everything. That makes people happy, everybody’s has time restraints today, so by doing it right the

first time it really saves a lot of time and problems.

Tom “So this bedroom set pictured here, how much can I expect to pay for the night stand, the dresser and the high stand


Jake “This one will run about a thousand dollars. So it’s not a starting one, this is one of the nicer sets”.

Tom “ And what can I get away with if I have a small budget or if I have extra cash on the high end”?

Jake “With a queen bed it goes high as a thousand dollars and then you can start as low as $199.00, that includes head board,

foot board, bed and rails”.

Tom “And can we get all the styles not only transitional sets”?.

Pg 32

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Jake “Of course, we offer every style out of the 90 different bedroom sets. So we have contemporary, We have modern, We

have transitionals, plus many more”.

Tom “What do you look for when your set and where do you go to get them”?

Jake “Quality is the reason. This set is made by Ashley, which is the biggest in the business and it’s their number one selling set.

You get quality this is a really well built and will last your lifetime. And it’s a set that won’t go out of style either I think that’s

another reason why this is a good seller. If you’re buying a bedroom set you probably want to buy something that you’re going

to keep for a while. You keep bedroom sets for years and years so this is the type of set you would buy and you would keep

for many years. It’s got a nice rich brown finish so you will not have to change it in the next few years”.

Tom “What other manufacturers for do you offer for bedroom sets”?

Jake “We have 20 different vendors you know from different vendors. We have sets from lifestyle and Lane to name a few”.

Tom “So how do you select those manufacturers. Is it based on their experience and how long you have been working with


Jake “That’s right, you build a relationship with them. And we’ve been in business a long time and we’re the type of company if

a factory doesn’t perform we just we just get to the factory. We’re big enough where we have excellent.credit buying power. If

a factory doesn’t perform and the product doesn’t meet our standards or we get it back from the customer we have problems

with it’s gone, we’ll just drop it, We end up with a really good quality sets with no problems with. That’s really what the furniture

business is about is buying a set you don’t have problems with”.

Tom :So this is one area of the house and ready to buy, so how fast can I get it to my house”?

Jake “It’s in stock so you can take it with you. If you back your pickup truck up at the door you can take it with you or we can

have it delivered in the next day or two depending where you live”.

Pg 17



Pg 28

The Best Colorado Golf Experience Awaits You.

So many choices throughout the

state and you can knock out some

of these golf courses for a nice

weekend trip. Check out our next

sections for news, tips and featured

golf coures

( )

Pg 31


American Furniture Warehouse Cont....

Jake “We have a lot of Italian leather. We carry 13 groups from Italy and all leather sofa’s start at $799 bucks. Leather is very

popular today and we offer that in all styles including sectionals which are very popular and alllow for more seating for guests”.

Tom “So I’m on a budget, so I like the one we featured. How much out the door for these pieces”?

Jake “About eleven hundred dollars if you want the cocktail table with it”.

Tom “okay I’m out about $2,300 - $2,400 with my purchase of bedroom and living room. So I need to set up the dining rooms.

We have a formal dining room and then we have a small dining room for the kids for our every day needs. So what is your

favorite set in the showroom, the prices, the quality and the kind of styles”?

Jake “The set featured in the picture is a five piece set for $178 and good for small

spaces. I has a metal stool with a quality piece of solid wood in the middle and the

stools slide underneath it so you can see this fits in a very small area. So it has five

pieces with a table and four chairs. Ideal for young kids and small spaces, so it’s

perfect. Now we have lots of dining rooms, we have about 120 different dining

room sets. So if you go to something a little nicer like the one featured in the

picture, it has a nicer chair table and will run about $435 for a five piece set. So we

have all kinds of dining rooms including different sizes, heights, brands and styles”.

Tom “So our price for the three areas of the house including the bedroom set.

matress, living room set, small and formal dining room set is around $3,200. So I

am in budget and now can afford a man cave and that would be my office. What

do you have for office furniture”?

Jake “Well we’re selling a lot of right now are the desk that featured in the picture.

the desk lowers down where you can use it regular height with just a regular chair

or you can raise it up if you want to work with your computer standing. This will

come up to any height you

Ferrara 5 Piece Set

Power Height Adjustable

Tom “How many office sets do you offer”?

Napa 5 Piece Counter

Height Dinette Set

Ferrara 5 Piece Set

Jake “Well depending on home or commercial, counting everything around 180

different pieces”.

Tom “Well I’m all set. I got I got my whole house furnished for about $3,800 -

$4.000 and my budget was reasonable, but you can really go crazy and spend high

amount of dollars”.

Jake “Yes, you can get all prices. That’s really what I think what we do different

than a lot of places, we really have all prices and kind of furniture”.

Find a complete our inventory and app to furnish your house on line at www.afw.com”.

•Amazing facts about Jake Jabs and American Furniture Warehouse

• Awarded our choice for private Colorado business • Been in business since 1975

• American Furniture Warehouse moves over 1 million in furniture sales every day

• AFW has 14 Colorado locations and two in Phoenix AZ • Employees over 2,600 people

• Ships around the country

• A fleet of over 500 environmentally friendly trucks


American Furniture Warehouse Cont,,,

Tom “let’s go to the mattress department. When I am tired I want to come home and take a nap so lets take a look at your

favorite mattress.

Tom “How many mattress sets do you offer we offer?”

Jake “The mattress featured in the picture is the one I really

recommend is a memory form it cradles your body and forms

around your body. I slept on this mattress for 12 years. This queen

sized mattress is $289 and this is the mattress that would sell a lot

of stores for thousands of dollars. It’s a beautiful mattress, it holds

up good. It’s made by a company called health care, which is a

premium mattress company. So I really recommend this mattress

for 289 bucks you can buy a queen sized mattress at a good price.

It’s a brand that we actually developed and it’s been a really good

quality product. Some of these name brand mattresses are pretty

high priced. I think you’re paying for the name a lot of times. All

you’re getting is a good value mattress here at a good price.”

Jake “Right now we’re offering about 40 different sets that includes of twins, queen, king size and more. We have starter

mattresses for as low as $98”.

Tom “So I’m set in my bedroom with a great set and mattress for roughly around $1,200. So now I need to furnish my living

room. So what sofa is your favorite to kick back to watch a football game with?”

Tom “How many mattress sets do you offer we offer?”

Jake “Right now we’re offering about 40 different sets that includes of twins, queen, king size and more. We have starter

mattresses for as low as $98.”

Tom “So I’m set in my bedroom with a great set and mattress for roughly around $1,200. So now I need to furnish my

living room. So what sofa is your favorite to kick back to watch a football game with?”

Jake “So the one featured in picture is called Mid

Century Modern. It is a little higher set. It’s got

reversible cushions, it has got two extra pillows

and has it’s very popular. Next to the Sofa featured

in the picture is one of the most proper

chairs in the country. You see this in all of the TV

shows lately. It’s actually a retro style, this was in

style years ago and now is back popular again.

It’s very very comfortable at a price of $278. It is

a nice fabric that last year for years and years. The

sofa $348,

The fabric is textured upholstery and is microfiber

that will last long time.”

Tom “What happened to velvet. I don’t really see velvet too much.

Jake “Well velvet is not popular right now. I think these newer textured type fabrics have taken over from the Velvets. These

are these are more wash and wear, longer lasting. Velvet fine, I grew up with velvet like a lot of us did but you don’t see very

little velvet anymore.

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Tom “And the styles and fabrics you offer for the living room”?

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