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Natural Remedies for Allergy Woes



Simple Ways to Detox Naturally


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Kids Come Alive Outdoors



The Human Costs of a Warming Planet


How to Detoxify a Living Space






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April 2021




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Please keep this handy all year, as it is

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articles. Please support the local advertisers on these pages

as they have made this issue for you possible. These are the

small businesses we must keep in mind, as we collectively

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Throughout our Healthy Living Directory issue, you will

find plenty of pages full of editorials that cover topics of all kinds—from “Climate Change

and our Health: The Human Costs of a Warming Planet,” on page 14, to “Healthy Home:

How to Detoxify a Living Space,” on page 17. We’ll talk “Spring Cleaning the Body,” on

page 10, learn dietary strategies to sweep away toxins as well as filtered water and organic

foods. On page 8, “Breathe Easy: Natural Remedies for Allergy Woes,” looks at some of the

benefits of probiotics, homeopathy and healthy omegas, just to name a few can help you

this allergy season.

There is truly so much to read and learn about in this issue, and it could not have come

at a better time, if you ask me. Our readers will keep the directory issue as a reference

throughout the year. Be sure to pick up copies for your friends and family, as well!

We so appreciate our continued and new supporters, of which we gratefully have quite

a few. Thank you to the Coastal Carolinas community for coming together in these pages,

for shopping local and inspiring others.

Cheers to our first directory,

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April 2021


healing ways

Breathe Easy

Natural Remedies for Allergy Woes

by Ronica O’Hara

As the one in five Americans suffering from allergic rhinitis can miserably testify,

the fragrant breezes of spring aren’t much fun when they bring on sneezing,

coughing, watery eyes and a runny nose. The fifth-most common chronic disease

in the country, allergic rhinitis—also known as hay fever—is aggravated in spring by rising

pollen levels, but can occur year-round from exposure to mold, household dust mites,

pet dander and vehicular air pollution.

Common remedies like over-the-counter

antihistamines and decongestants bring

their own share of afflictions, including

drowsiness, dry mouth, blurred vision and

dizziness. “By undertaking natural therapy

for allergies, however, one can avoid and

mitigate the unpleasant symptoms of allergies

with no need for medication,” says

Carrie Lam, M.D., an integrative and functional

medicine doctor in Tustin, California.

“Instead of loading up on drugs, you

can take care of yourself in a more natural

way and avoid nasty side effects.” Here are

some non-pharmaceutical approaches.

Probiotics: In a 173-person, double-blind

study, a probiotic blend of Lactobacillus

gasseri KS-13, Bifidobacterum bifidum

G9-1 and Bifidobacterium longum MM-2

lowered hay fever symptoms and improved

participants’ quality of life during allergy

season, report University of Florida researchers

in the American Journal of Clinical

Nutrition. (Read labels to locate these

strains in yogurts, kefirs and supplements.)

Sublingual Immunotherapy: To desensitize

the body, small amounts of specific

allergens in the form of tablets or liquid

drops are placed under the tongue, making

it a gentler and safer process than allergy

shots. Numerous studies have shown it to

be safe and efficient in the treatment of

respiratory tract allergies, reports JoAnn

Yanez, ND, executive director of the

Association of Accredited Naturopathic

Medical Colleges (AANMC). After getting

a diagnosis and a first dose from a health

practitioner, the tablets or drops can be

taken at home.

laura negrato/

Quercetin: Found naturally in apples,

berries, red grapes, red onions, red wine

and black tea, this antioxidant inhibits the

release of histamine and hampers the IgE

antibodies formed during allergic reactions.

As a 400-milligram (mg) supplement,

it takes about a month to kick in.

Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica): When

freeze-dried as an extract or used as a tea,

this prickly roadside weed is a nontoxic

natural antihistamine. In one study, 58

percent of participants found that 300 mg

8 Coastal Carolinas

per day relieved their symptoms.

Omega-3s: Anti-inflammatory fatty acids

found in such foods as tuna, salmon,

walnuts and flaxseed oil can help reduce

symptoms, research suggests. In a Japanese

study, eating fish lowered respiratory

symptoms for women, while fast food and

sugary drinks worsened respiratory stress.

Nasal Rinse: Using a neti pot with saline

solution to rinse allergens out of nasal

passages provides quick relief for stuffy,

runny, irritated noses. In one study,

people using them reported a 64 percent

improvement in chronic sinus symptoms

and a better quality of life. An ancient

Ayurveda technique popularized by

Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz, the pots cost

about $20 in pharmacies. Nasal sprays,

although easier to use initially, aren’t as

effective, studies show.

Homeopathy: To stimulate the body’s

natural healing process, homeopathy uses

highly diluted doses of herbs and other

substances. Although it’s best to work

with a homeopath, two helpful remedies

commonly found in health food stores are

Allium cepa 30C, for watery eyes, sneezing

and a runny or irritated nose; and Kali

bichromicum 30C, for persistent sinus

congestion with thick nasal discharge.

Anti-Allergen Cleaning: Simple steps recommended

by AANMC to lower airborne

allergens include using a high-efficiency

particulate air (HEPA) filter in the vacuum

cleaner; replacing AC filters frequently;

changing out of clothes and showering

when coming in from the outdoors to

rinse off pollen; leaving shoes outside;

changing the air filter in the car; and

avoiding toxic inhalants with synthetic

ingredients like perfumes, body sprays,

scented candles, room sprays, air fresheners

and dryer sheets.

Ronica O’Hara, a natural health writer, can

be reached at

Now offering a

Free 30-minute

Deep Dive into Your

Diabetes Reversal

Unpasteurized Honey: “Local honey

contains tiny amounts of pollen from

nearby flowers, which can make you less

sensitive when you’re exposed to them

outdoors,” says chiropractor and nutritionist

Josh Axe, Nashville-based author

of Ancient Remedies. A Malaysian study

of 40 hay fever sufferers found that high

doses of local honey, taken along with

an antihistamine, reduced sneezing and

nasal decongestion more effectively than

the antihistamine alone.

Acupuncture: Based on established

research, the American Academy of

Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Foundation recommends acupuncture

for hay fever patients that want to avoid









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April 2021


conscious eating

Spring Cleaning the Body

Simple Ways to Detox Naturally

by April Thompson

As we shake off the sluggishness of winter, many of us feel an urge to

“spring clean” our bodies with a detox or cleanse. Yet health experts

say such programs should help jumpstart new healthy habits and

not necessarily be seen as a short-term fix.

“The air we breathe, the water we drink, the cosmetics we use, the

materials we build with and most notably, the food that we eat,

are loaded with chemicals that are toxic to our metabolism,” says

Alejandro Junger, a Los Angeles cardiologist, author and founder

of “The systems in the body designed to clear

toxicity are overwhelmed, and this leads to the imbalances and

damage that is at the root of most diseases today.”

Detoxification functions are performed by many different organs

and tissues, including intestinal flora, the immune system, the nervous

system and the liver, so its imbalances can manifest in diverse

ways, according to Junger. “Symptoms of detox imbalance include sleep

and mood disorders, anxiety, rashes, lack of energy and libido,

autoimmune disorders, inflammation and cancer.”

While some health professionals say that detoxes are

unnecessary because the body is capable of cleansing

itself, others make a compelling case for the need to help

it along, given our heightened exposure to manmade

toxic elements. Information of varying repute swirls

around the internet, offering approaches ranging from

juice cleanses to total fasts.

Everyday Toxin Cleaners

Simple dietary strategies can help sweep out toxins,

explains Robin Foroutan, an integrative dietitian and

nutritionist in New York City. She points to cruciferous

vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, collards and kale,

which promote cytochromes P450, a family of enzymes

critical in helping toxins clear the body. She also recommends

foods high in fiber that can bind to toxins and bile,

and transport them out of the body through the stool. Berries,

green tea and turmeric are also helpful for their antioxidant and

anti-inflammatory properties; even water facilitates the excretion

process, supports the lymphatic system and replenishes fluids lost

through sweat. Using a water filter and eating organic foods when

possible also reduces incoming toxins, she says.

Healthy smoothies are a great way to get water, fiber and easily

digestible nutrients into our body at the same time, according


10 Coastal Carolinas

to Junger. “When using a good, clean,

protein powder in addition to fruits and

leafy greens, healthy fats such as nuts, and

coconut or cashew milk, a smoothie can

provide us the nutrients needed to support

our energy for hours,” he says. Adding

herbs like mint or holy basil (tulsi) and

spices like turmeric and cinnamon elevate

both flavor and healing. Liquids such as

celery juice provide highly concentrated

nutrients and hydration, but lack the

fiber of a blended drink. Both juices and

smoothies give overtaxed digestive systems

a needed break.

Deep Detox

Fasting (occasionally for a prolonged period,

such as three days without food) and

intermittent fasting (abstaining from food

for a shorter period, such as 16 hours per

day on a regular basis) are great tools for

deeper detoxification, says Junger. “Digestion

takes energy and resources from the

detox functions, so eating less, eating less

often and allowing time for digestion to

stop so that detox can intensify is crucial.”

For a comprehensive detox, experts

recommend working with a health practitioner

to assess toxic burdens and develop

a personalized plan. Russell Jaffe, a physician

in Ashburn, Virginia, crafts a detox

program based on four self-assessments,

including digestive transit time, urine pH,

hydration levels and vitamin C levels.

Jaffe claims our bodies are burdened by

excess acid, rendering them less resilient

to stress and resulting in fatigue, illness

and infection risks. “When we enjoy a diet

rich in greens, fruits, vegetables, minerals

and antioxidants, our cells become more

alkaline and more resistant to everyday

stress,” he states.

Experts emphasize that a short-term

program must be part of a longer-lasting

lifestyle and diet shift. “It is not enough

to do periodic detoxes if you go back to

old habits. I offer these programs as a

jumpstart in hopes that participants feel

so much better that they never want to go

back to what they were doing and eating

before,” says Junger.

Connect with Washington, D.C., freelance

writer April Thompson at

Sweet Mango Smoothie

for an extra dose


the taste of

Sweet fruit paired with spinach

of fiber, vitamins and superfying

antioxidants won’t change

this beloved fruit smoothie.

Detox Delights

1 cup fresh or frozen mango

1 to 3 cups spinach

¼ cup packed mint

½ cup coconut water

½ cup coconut milk

1 Tbsp chia seeds

1 serving dairy-free protein powder

Handful of ice

Skin and chop mango. Wash spinach. Remove

mint leaves from their stems and rinse them with water. Place all ingredients in a blender.

Blend on high until smooth (30-60 seconds). Pour and serve immediately. Sprinkle chia

seeds on top if desired.

Recipe by Kaitlyn Noble of the Clean Program.

Vegetable Yum Soup

Soups help provide the body with nutrient- and fiber-rich vegetables in an easy-to-digest

format, while soup broths help supply water for detoxification and a sense of satiety.

Yield: 4 to 6 Servings

1 Tbsp vegetable oil

1 garlic clove, minced

2 Tbsp fresh ginger, grated

1 stalk lemongrass, minced

½ tsp crushed red pepper

¾ cup shiitake mushrooms, sliced

2 cups sweet potatoes, peeled and


½ cup green bell pepper, chopped

5 to 6 cups vegetable stock

1 (14-oz) can coconut milk

2 Tbsp low-sodium soy sauce

3 Tbsp cilantro or parsley, chopped

Heat the oil in a large pot and sauté garlic,

ginger, lemongrass and crushed red pepper.

Stir in the mushrooms, sweet potatoes and

bell pepper, and cook for 1-2 minutes. Add

the stock, bring to boil and then reduce

heat. Simmer for 10 minutes until the

vegetables are tender. Add the coconut milk

and soy sauce, and stir. Serve sprinkled with

cilantro or parsley (optional).

Source: Russell Jaffe, The Joy in Living: The Alkaline Way.

photo by kaitlyn noble

photo by kaitlyn noble

April 2021


healthy kids

Nature to the


Kids Come Alive Outdoors

by Ronica O’Hara

As Angela Hanscom of Barrington, New Hampshire, watched her preschool

daughters at play, she realized that a surprising number of their friends had

problems with balance, coordination and muscle weakness, conditions she was

attuned to as a pediatric occupational therapist. Teachers told her that compared to past

years, young children were falling out of chairs and bumping into each other and walls

more often—all evidence of poor proprioceptive skills, the “sixth sense” ability to feel and

position the body in space.

Hanscom also realized that almost none of the children played outdoors, which “fascinated

and scared” her. Nationwide, even before the lockdowns and online schooling

image courtesy of Meraiko

brought on by the pandemic, the average

child spent seven hours per day looking

at screens and only seven minutes per day

playing freely outdoors. Recent studies

show that today’s children have poorer

hand grip strength, slower running speeds

and lower cardiovascular fitness levels

than previous generations. Meanwhile, a

growing body of research finds that spending

time in nature makes kids happier,

healthier and more functional.

Hanscom’s solution was to establish

TimberNook, camps in which children

from 18 months to 14 years of age are

encouraged to explore natural settings in

imaginative, largely unstructured, minimally

supervised play. Now in its eighth

year, 38 TimberNook-affiliated camps are

located in the U.S., Canada, the UK and

Australia. Hanscom’s book, Balanced and

Barefoot: How Unrestricted Outdoor Play

Makes for Strong, Confident, and Capable

Children, has garnered more than 300 fivestar

reviews on

“Children thrive physically, mentally and

emotionally when they are given frequent

outdoor play experiences, especially with

other children. When children do not get

enough of these opportunities, it comes at

a great cost to their development,” she says.

Journalist Richard Louv, author of the

seminal Last Child in the Woods, agrees.

“The scientists who study the human

senses no longer talk about five senses,

they list conservatively nine or 10, and

some believe that humans have as many as

30 senses,” he says. “Yet today, children and

adults who work and learn in a dominating

digital environment expend enormous

energy blocking out many of the human

senses—including ones we don’t even

know we have—to focus narrowly on the

screen in front of the eyes. That’s the very

definition of being less alive. What parent

wants his or her child to be less alive? Who

among us wants to be less alive?”

That dawning realization is motivating

parents and teachers to find ways to

get their children actively involved with

nature in ways that open their senses

while also moving their bodies. This often

means hitting the local trails and nature

12 Coastal Carolinas

preserves, sometimes with binoculars,

bug jars, bird and plant guides and a

scavenger list in hand. “‘Hiking’ can be

a bit of a drag to young children, but

‘exploring’ (while still hiking) helps open

their minds to the beauty and wonder of

the outdoors,” says Tanya Gray of Woodstock,

Georgia, a homeschooling blogger


To improve kids’ hearing, Lilach Saperstein,

an Israeli audiologist who hosts the

podcast All About Audiology, asks children

to close their eyes and describe only what

they hear. “The wind, the rustle of leaves, a

running water stream, crickets, birds, their

own breathing, the swish of their sleeve

or pant—this is a great way to introduce

mindfulness, as well.”

To awaken sight, sound and smell, Boston

plein air artist Diana Stelin hands kids

paper and art supplies out in nature. “Allowing

kids to sit with sounds around them

and with smells of various seasons makes

them truly feel part of our grand universe.

It also allows their minds to quiet down

and reset, making them pay more attention

to detail, to their inner landscapes and to

people around them.”

To engage the sense of taste, Malorie

Thompson, editor of,

takes her children foraging for edible

plants on treasure hunts on a trail or

around their Northern California neighborhood.

She says, “Bonus activity: use the

foraged food to make a meal afterward!”

Most of all, nature should be both

physical and fun. “Point excitedly at the

full moon, shout at it and say hello. Pick

up leaves and chestnuts and rocks and

create beautiful art together. Stop to smell

the twigs and flowers and roll on the

grass—who can make it faster down the

hill? Make sandcastles and animals. Tie

colorful ribbons on tree branches. Look for

the shapes of animals in the clouds,” says

Milana Perepyolkina, of Salt Lake City,

who wrote about forest bathing in Gypsy

Energy Secrets.

“The only way to get your children to

be excited about nature is for you to be

excited about nature first,” she notes.

Health writer Ronica O’Hara can be

reached at

We Kill


Not Your


Unlike conventional lawn care

companies, we only use

organic products to protect

the health of your family.

• Weed Control

• Fertilization

• Mosquito Control

• Pest Control

Organic Lawn Care & Pest Control

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April 2021




The Human Costs

of a Warming Planet

by Sandra Yeyati


Global warming is not just threatening polar bears far away in the Arctic, and its

effects are not somewhere in the distant future. With every new wildfire, hurricane

and flash flood, people are understanding that the warming of the planet

poses dire consequences for human health right here, right now. It’s personal, and while

some sectors of the population are unfairly and disproportionately impacted, we are all

in harm’s way.

This is no time to panic, say climate

and public health advocates, but rather a

moment for preparation, adaptation and

mobilization. Prospects are hopeful as we

tackle new realities together and evolve our

conversations about climate change so we

can build resilient, thriving communities.

The good news is that many of the individual

and policy changes we need to make

are exciting opportunities for positive

transformation and justice.

Health Threats in Our Midst

The warming of the planet is becoming

more noticeable. “That historic two weeks

anywhere in the United States where it’s

the heat wave of high summer is now six

weeks to two months,” says Jay Lemery,

M.D., professor of emergency medicine at

the University of Colorado and co-author

of Enviromedics: The Impact of Climate

Change on Human Health. “There are parts

of the Middle East now where you can’t be

outside and meaningfully cool your body

during certain parts of the day.”

“With warming, we’re seeing drought,

wildfires, hurricanes, extreme precipitation,

flooding and sea level rise, all of

which have health consequences,” says

Surili Patel, director of the Center for Climate,

Health and Equity at the American

Public Health Association. “With rising

temperature and heat waves, we’re seeing

heat stroke, dehydration, diarrheal disease,

cardiovascular distress and respiratory

illnesses. Extreme weather like wildfires,

hurricanes and flooding cause direct injuries,

as well as vector-borne illnesses (Lyme

14 Coastal Carolinas


disease carried by ticks or dengue fever

and malaria by mosquitoes), mold and

harmful algal blooms that happen when it’s

really hot, but also show up in places that

otherwise wouldn’t have because of the

combination of heat and flooding.”

Lemery notes that incidences of mosquito-

and tick-borne diseases are moving

higher in altitude and latitude, affecting

historically naive populations that have

not had levels of disease immunity, the

infrastructure or cultural habits to protect

them. “These are huge killers worldwide,

and we’re seeing more and more of that,”

he says.

“When you have a warmer winter, spring

starts earlier, trees bloom early and pollen

season starts early too, and longer exposure

to pollen increases your risk of having an

asthma attack,” says Professor Amir Sapkota

at the University of Maryland School

of Public Health, adding that the Northeast

is heavily impacted by this phenomenon.

“Here in Colorado, in the summer heat,

we have these huge swaths of wildfire

smoke hanging over Denver, and people

come in to the emergency department.

Their inhalers aren’t working anymore, and

they’re having chest pain and shortness of

breath when they’re on oxygen at baseline,”

says Lemery. “These are people normally

able to walk across a parking lot with their

walker and their oxygen, but now they

can’t. We see this all summer long, and

we admit them for asthma exacerbation,

shortness of breath and COPD (i.e., emphysema),

but what we don’t write down is

that the air quality is the worst it’s been all

year, or that it’s the hottest day of the year.”

“Air pollution contributes to climate

change, but it also gets into your lungs

and irritates them, exacerbating chronic

respiratory illnesses, and can even lead to a

heart attack,” says Jennifer Roberts, director

of the Path of Positive Communities

program at EcoAmerica, noting that the

biggest culprits are carbon emissions from

coal-burning power plants, diesel fuels and

ground-level ozone, which is created when

pollution reacts to heat and sunlight.

“With sea level rise, things are flooding

more often and we get septic tanks

overflowing, sending fecal matter into

our drinking water supplies and expos-


April 2021


ing us to diarrheal diseases. We also see

offices and industrial sites getting flooded

and, whether it’s paint, fertilizers or other

toxins, those get into our water and it’s very

unhealthy,” Roberts says.

The Most Vulnerable Among Us

Certain segments of the population are

more at risk. “Lower socioeconomic groups

are suffering more from extreme heat

events. The urban heat island effect, which

unfortunately correlates very well with

poorer neighborhoods, means that they’ll

have heat waves seven to 10 degrees hotter

in their neighborhoods than surrounding

places with more green space,” Lemery says.

“You see the public health infrastructure less

robust to be able to attend to communities

of color—like you saw with COVID. There

are also physiologic vulnerabilities. Climate

change affects the very young, the very old

and the very sick much more because of

their preexisting vulnerabilities, and then

we have geographic vulnerabilities—people

who live on the coast without sea walls or

in flood plains. As sea level rise proliferates,

and that data is really straightforward,

they’re going to be going under increased

storm surge stress and flat-out flooding.”

Achievable Public

Health Solutions

The experts agree that it’s important to

frame climate change as a public health

issue because it brings a sense of urgency

to act. “If it isn’t a crisis, if it isn’t something

we’re seeing every day on the front page,

then you forget about it. And when you

forget about it, the funding doesn’t come,”

says Patel, whose work focuses on underprivileged

communities that need special

attention and funding.

Sapkota advocates for the development

of early warning systems so that

local health departments can anticipate

and adapt to impending extreme weather

events, directing resources to the most

impacted and vulnerable communities. In

some cases, moving people out of flood

plains and vulnerable coastal areas through

eminent domain might be needed.

Lemery believes that doctors are in a

prime position to counsel their patients

on preventive measures against climate

tomas anunziata/

hazards with “credible messaging repeated

over and over again with clarity and no

hedging: Wear a mask. Stay indoors during

high-heat events. Don’t let children play

outdoors when the air quality index is at a

dangerous level.”

There are many ways to mitigate threats.

As experts point out, we know what to

do, and it’s just a matter of putting our

attention and resources on their implementation.

“One of the biggest ways is let’s

remove the sources of harmful spewing

pollution—move away from coal, oil and

gas—and invest in clean sources of energy,

which will also create jobs in these new

industries,” says Patel.

Another big step would be to promote

mass transit and active transportation—

walking and biking—over individual, gasguzzling

vehicles. Patel advocates for local

investments in bike lanes and sidewalks

that encourage the switch. Both Lemery

and Roberts express excitement about

clean-running electric cars as potential

game-changers in transportation.

Planting trees and vegetable gardens are

easy, community-building solutions. “Trees

are very beneficial to everything from

shade to water filtration to producing oxygen

and taking up carbon,” says Roberts,

who adds that much can be done to restore

and protect streams, ponds and lakes from

the ill effects of pollution and development.

“You get volunteers to clean up the gunk

and increase regulations for developers to

keep stuff out of the waterways.”

Eco-Anxiety and Making

Positive Change

Jessica Schiff, a second-year master of

science student at the Harvard University

T.H. Chan School of Public Health, struggles

with eco-anxiety—the depression,

anxiety or dread associated with climate

change. She says, “It impacts the decisions I

make for my life and the future, just trying

to think about overall impacts. Where is

my food coming from? Do I want to have

kids or adopt? Should I live in the suburbs

or the city because of transportation and

fossil fuel consumption? This all adds a

layer of unease or uncertainty about the

future. Sometimes I look at Greta [Thunberg]

and how far she’s taken things, and

feel guilty about not taking things to such an

extreme. Is it hypocritical for me to care about

climate change but still eat meat occasionally

or take a plane to explore the world?”

Schiff deals with eco-anxiety by taking

action. “We’re not going to reverse climate

change at this point, but that doesn’t mean

that we shouldn’t take steps to slow it down

or reduce emissions. There are many small

things we can each do, like biking or walking

instead of taking a car or bus and reducing

our use of plastic. It’s a process. You

can’t do it overnight, but if you make a lot

of small changes, and if everybody makes

small changes, that has a bigger effect.”

Roberts acknowledges the power of

small, individual actions, but stresses that

we should not let the big polluters off the

hook. “We need to continue to press for

policy changes, holding polluters accountable,

passing regulations based on protecting

human health and climate, requiring

cleaner cars and buildings, and more.

That’s the only way we will get to the scale

of change needed to truly bring global

warming to a halt.”

Sandra Yeyati, J.D., is a professional writer.

Reach her at

16 Coastal Carolinas

green living

Healthy Home

How to Detoxify a Living Space

by Yvette Hammett

As the world moves into its second year of a viral pandemic,

many of us are still spending most of our time

at home—working, exercising, hanging out with family

and as with any other year, cooking and cleaning. There’s no better

time to take stock of these surroundings and purge them of any

toxins—gases, inhalants or fumes—that may be contributing to a

harmful environment.

Start with the air. Research shows that indoor air is two to five

times more toxic than the air outside, due to inadequate ventilation.

This condition, coupled with fumes from synthetic fibers,

makeup, paints, cleansers or even a baby’s plastic toys, can

contribute to health issues and a less environmentally beneficial

abode. A straightforward solution—in addition to getting rid of

the pollution-causing objects—is to open the windows and use

fans to recirculate the air. A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA)

filter can safely remove many contaminants, but don’t spritz a

commercial air freshener: A University of Washington study

found that eight widely used air fresheners released an average of

18 chemicals into the air, some of them hazardous, including the

likely human carcinogen acetaldehyde.

Purge plastics. Perfluorinated compounds PFAS and PFOS, known

as “forever chemicals”, are found in nonstick cookware, water-repellent

clothing, stain-resistant fabrics and carpets, some cosmetics,

and products that resist grease, water and oil. They have been found

to cause a wide range of health problems from kidney and testicular

cancers to endocrine disruptions. Consider doing a clean sweep

of the house to determine which of these can be replaced, paying

special attention to plastics. “If you really limit plastics to a few

things, you are fine,” says Heather Patisaul, Ph.D., a neuroscience

and toxicology expert at North Carolina State University.


Reconsider kitchenware. Eliminate all nonstick cookware, Patisaul

advises. “Use ceramic and other materials that do not have

perfluorinated chemicals.”

Debbie Steinbock, a nutrition counselor at Mindful Family

Medical, in Boulder, Colorado, suggests replacing plastic storage

containers, which can leach chemicals when heated. “Use a cast

iron skillet and use glass jars and mason jars for food storage.”

Chuck out toxic cleaners. Many commercial kitchen, bathroom

and other cleaning products are loaded with chemicals linked

to asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption

April 2021


License #828


680 Swansboro Loop Rd.



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and neurotoxicity. They can be particularly

toxic for children: A recent Canadian

study found that repeated use of a disinfectant

reduced beneficial gut bacteria in

toddlers, probably contributing to obesity.

A good place to start in cleaning out the

cleaners is at the Environmental Working

Group (EWG) website; its Healthy

Living Home Guide evaluates the health

risks of 2,500 cleaning products. It also

advises a simple strategy of using vinegar

and water or baking soda.

Get the lead out. Andrew Rooney, deputy

director at the National Toxicology Program

of the National Institute of Environmental

Health Sciences, sees lead, which

causes brain damage and other serious

defects, as a major risk present in water

supplies and the paint of older homes.

“The thing I want to emphasize is there is

no safe level of lead exposure, so eliminating

exposure sources is the best protection

for your health,” he says.

Drinking water contamination comes

from the distribution lines and plumbing

fixtures, with lead leaching out from

repairs or adjustments. “Having your

household water tested by a certified lab

is the best option to determine if you have

water issues,” he says. Consult state and

local health agencies for guidance on lead

paint or lead in the water lines and how

to remove it. Also consider a water filter: has a comprehensive

rating of models from pitchers to

under-sink setups.

Take it a step further. The new EWG

downloadable Healthy Living app makes

it easy to use a smartphone to check out

120,000 products for toxic ingredients,

including cosmetics and foods. “It has

a barcode scanner to scan your favorite

lipstick or shampoo, and it will pop up

an ingredient list and give it a score,” says

Patisaul. The database includes ingredients

not found on packaging and scores products

on a zero to 10 scale. “It pretty much

has to be water to get a zero,” she says.

Yvette Hammett is an environmental writer

based in Valrico, Florida. She can be contacted


18 Coastal Carolinas



Throughout the year, Natural Awakenings strives to bring you the latest information and resources available

for natural health, nutrition, personal growth, green living, fitness and creative expression.

We are pleased to offer this special edition, including local Wellness

Profiles and our local Healthy Directory, to support you in leading a

healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.


April 2021




Michelle Wells

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington

Access Bars involves gently

touching 32 points on the head

releasing anything that doesn't

allow you to receive. Touching

these points or bars is like hitting

reset on the brain.



Madame Meerkats Cabinet of Curiosities

1001 S. Kerr Ave, Wilmington

Facebook & Instagram: WiseFox Wellness

Over 10 years’ experience treating

pain, muscular issues, hormonal

and digestive imbalances, anxiety,

allergies, insomnia, and

autoimmune diseases.

Acupuncture, herbs, cupping, and

Tuina (medical massage).



Nan Cameron, MSN, RN, LAc

1928 S 16th St, Wilmington

910-342-0999 •

Located at the Cameron Clinic of

Oriental Medicine, The Club

increases your treatment options

utilizing complementary

alternative therapies. We help

you design a program that meets

your health and wellness goals

utilizing cutting-edge technology. Let us be part

of your team!




Dr. Chris A. Pate, MD

265 Racine Dr, Ste 102, Wilmington

910-399-6661 •

Are you experiencing any of the

following: muscle loss, weight

gain, night sweats, vaginal

dryness, low sex drive, memory

loss, mood swings, depression,

anxiety, erectile dysfunction? You

could have declining hormones

and benefit from Bioidentical Hormone Therapy for

both men and women. See ad, page 33.



Debbie Turner

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington

Debbie is a certified Bio-Well

practitioner. The Bio-Well (GDV)

scanning process is quick, easy

and non-intrusive. Get real time

feedback on what factors—

positive and negative—affect

your stress and energy state. Bio-

Well provides many graphic impressions of your

energy states and stress levels in a detailed report.



Walt Fletcher


Try the CBD oil Walt formulated

to manage his own illnesses! Gone

are the days of mind-numbing

opiates, narcotics and seizure

meds, praise the Lord!



Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington

Chakras, energy points,

“wheels” spinning

disks of energy in your

body that should stay

“open” and “aligned”.

Optimizing the flow of

Universal Life Energy through every cell of our

Physical and Energetic Bodies brings Inner Peace

and Physical Well-Being.




1501 Ninth Ave, Conway


We treat the spine

and joints from

ankles, knees, hips

up to the wrists,

elbows, and shoulders. All-Natural comprehensive

care, and custom treatment plans.



Dr. Ada Suter, DC

14886 US Hwy 17N, Hampstead

910-406-1200 •

Dr. Ada Suter is a Max Living

Doctor at Innate Health Family

Chiropractic and Wellness. She

focuses on five essentials of health:

maximizing the mind, chiropractic,

nutrition, lean muscle and

minimizing toxins. Innate Health

is a family-centric practice open to patients of all

ages. Corrective and wellness care programs provide

a primary source of wellness, nutritional support,

immunity and allergy support, education, inspiration

and fitness.



Hillary Carlisle, IIN Health Coach,

Ayurveda Yoga Teacher

North Myrtle Beach


#YogaOFFtheMat Consistency to

your practice will alchemize

ordinary to extraordinary. Expand

your practice OFF the mat. My 1:1

coaching helps yogis ready for

healing discover clarity and

actualize change. Nutrition, yoga,

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GreatLoveHealth on IG/FB. DM, Text, Call, Email.




Emporium Rock Shop

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington

With Specimens.

Lemurian Crystals,

Crystal Skulls, rare

thumb-nail-size pieces,

Tibetan Singing Bowls,

Crystal Singing Bowls, rare and unusual pieces.

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Debbie Turner

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington

A life-long intuitive, Debbie

focuses on bringing you the very

unique divination style of Crystal

Mapping Intuitive Readings.

Genuine crystals are dropped over

a special reading cloth to give you

messages from your guides.

Remote readings are available.

20 Coastal Carolinas



4317 Arendell Street, Morehead City


A large selection of crystals,

healing tools and services to help

you on your spiritual path.



Charlie Robertson

Local to Wilmington


Don’t let your knives and scissors

lead a dull life! Over 40 years of

professional experience. Dull

knives are dangerous and require

more force causing a higher

chance of slipping and missing

the mark! Call Charlie today for

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Gerry Amitrano


Mobile, knife-sharpening

service conveniently

comes direct to your

location and serves the

greater Wilmington area.

Offering cutlery and lawn tool-sharpening services.



4006 Postal Way, Myrtle Beach


We are a nonprofit organization

focused on helping improve

the health of those struggling

with diabetes, prevent

complications, live healthier

happier lives and prevent

diabetes in those who are at risk. Are you passionate

about what weʼre doing? Let us know! We are

always looking for volunteers to help us make our

vision a reality.




1135 Military Cut Off Rd, Wilmington

Additional offices throughout Eastern NC


Our firm can assist with longterm

care planning, asset protection,

trust-based estate planning

as well as basic wills and POA

packages to include Healthcare

directives. Free consultations.

See ad, page 35.



Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington


Everything is Energy.

Using Energetic Frequencies

from multiple

sources, Reiki,

Crystals, Chakra Balancing

and other modalities,

your Personal Energy can be Aligned.

When Personal Energy is Aligned our life experiences

are Optimized.



Serving Greater Wilmington

Offering Access Bars, Facelift and

Body process hands-on method

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Experience healing with Sacred

Soul Shamanic Reiki Master

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One-on-one, group sessions and

certification workshops available.



Yoga Room 27 Massage Therapy

921-B Lejeune Blvd, Jacksonville


Are you experiencing anxiety,

grief, PTSD, addictions? This

non-invasive energy healing

helps balance your energy system

for any emotional, physical,

spiritual issue you may be encountering.

Offering sessions

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132 Government Complex Rd, Whiteville


Locally grown, farm-fresh fruits,

veggies, other local food products,

honey, herbs, eggs, crafts. Open

on Saturdays, 8 am to 1 pm May

to December.


340 Goodman Rd, Leland


Specializing in growing a

large variety of culinary

herbs, and grow seasonal

vegetable plants, heirloom

and native plants; butterfly

and bee plants. Open year-round with seasonal

varieties. Provide fresh-cut herbs, edible flowers

and microgreens to local restaurants, caterers and

home use. Also participate in local farmers’ markets,

garden shows and special events. Farm

tours, workshops and classes available. See ad,

page 5.



7110 Wrightsville Ave, Unit B8

Wrightsville Beach


Discover salt therapy;

100% natural remedy

that helps to alleviate

symptoms of

respiratory issues and

skin conditions and

helps promote deep

relaxation. Come breathe better!

April 2021




Dr. Jessica Shireman, DMD, AIOMT

6200 Oleander Drive, Wilmington


Dr. Shireman is excited to bring

holistic dentistry to Wilmington.

She and her family recently

relocated from Raleigh where she

had a holistic practice for 5 years.

She holds both SMART

certification and is accredited by

the IAOMT in safe-mercury removal and has a

unique, patient-based approach to dentistry. See ad,

page 2.




1501 Ninth Ave, Conway


Holistic Integrative Medicine

that includes: Trigger Point,

Joint, Vitamin and Regenerative

Injections/Infusions. Ozone

Treatment, Platelet Rich Plasma

(PRP) for healing, Cosmetic

Facials, Primary Care.




Destiny Fray

3013 Church St, Myrtle Beach

Intuitive-Integration invites Holistic Healing

Traditional Thai-Yoga Practitioner.

Intuitive massage sessions,

blending many modalities. Softtissue

manipulation using light to

deep pressure. Thai-table

stretches. Energy work.



Rita Marley

3013 Church St, Myrtle Beach

Intuitive-Integration invites Holistic Healing

Intuitive Massage and Reiki

sessions. Subtle Deep Tissue

Therapy. Myofascial Release.

Thai-Table Stretching. Guided

Relaxation and Meditation. A

space for self-healing.



Karen L. Dettore

Certified Nutritionist, Holistic Nutritionist,

Weight Management Consultant, Sports




nutrition is one

of the bases of

living a wellbalanced


joy filled life.

Although the thought of starting the journey to a

healthy lifestyle may seem daunting, the assistance

of a professional, Master Certified Nutritionist, can

increase the probability of achieving and maintaining

your new lifestyle. Do not let doubt stop you from

becoming the best you. Contact me for solutions

that work for you.




Kelly VanNorwick

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Parkway, Wilmington

Kelly is a Spiritual hypnotherapist.

Specializing in Past Life

Regression and Quantum Healing

Hypnosis QHHT Therapy.




Hypnotherapy will help

you release fears, phobias,

and limiting beliefs. It can

also give you immediate

relief from anxiety,

PTSD, and so much more.



Pat Zachry

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington

Natural Stone Jewelry set in

Argentium, Silver, Copper or

14ktgf. All pieces are handmade

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energy. My Stone or yours/

custom available.



Tell your story through customizable

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Kipling “Kip” Godwin

Licensed in NC & SC

Call or text 910-840-6743

Local agent who will make it

simple and easy to shop and

compare the rates for life, health,

dental & vision, and other

insurance needs.



Sensei James Bartee Jr.

9625 Scipio Lane, Myrtle Beach

864-414-7425 •

Offering Classical and Traditional

Japanese Martial Art Training and

Self Defense Training. Bartee

Sensei is a certified USSS Fitness

Coordinator, 5th degree black belt

in Aikido, 3rd degree black belt in

Tae Kwon Do, 1st degree black belt

in Laijtsu and defense training expert. Training

provided for organizations, groups and individuals.

Classes held at Olympia Gymnastics.




1501 Ninth Ave, Conway


Falk Family Total

Health offers


Massages by Susan

(Licensed Massage

Therapist): Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Myofascial,

Hand and Foot Reflexology. Complementing our

Total Body Services.

22 Coastal Carolinas



Kelly VanNorwick Lmbt #04841

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington

Laughing Buddha has an

Integrated style of body

work including Deep tissue,

Swedish, Cupping,

Craniosacral therapy, hot

stones and Reiki.



Nina Frezza, Lmbt #14206

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

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The ultimate




customized to

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Medicupping, and heat.



Kipling “Kip” Godwin

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Here’s a local knowledgeable,

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Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington


One of Wilmington’s

largest rock shops. Rare,

Unusual, Crystals,

Specimens, Metaphysical

tools. Sage, Sweetgrass,

Palo Santo Wood,

Essential Oils, Psychic Readings. Come and share

knowledge and information.


4505 Socastee Blvd STE J, Myrtle Beach


From crystals and organic

herbs, to tarot cards, books

and an array of soul-centered

services, we're here to support

your spiritual growth.



1001 S. Kerr Ave, Wilmington

A community metaphysical

shop supplying crystals,

tarot, incense, and local art

in a welcoming atmosphere

complete with coffee bar,

energy healers, intuitive

readers, and workshops to

help you learn and grow. Facebook/Instagram: @

MadameMeerkat. See ad, page 35.


4317 Arendell Street, Morehead City


Your local place for energy

healing, massage, spiritual tools

and a variety of workshops to

help you connect to your innate

spiritual gifts.



Bonnie Briceno

4712 New Centre Drive, Wilmington


All-natural skin care services and

treatments using unique, naturally

corrective products for all types

of skin and ethnicities to treat all

skin care concerns; including fine

lines and wrinkles, dark spots,

enlarged pores acne and more!

Permanent makeup and lash extensions also

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See ad, page 5.




Neurosculpting® is a 5-step

meditation process that aids in

releasing the grip of old patterns

and training the brain to create

new and more supportive patterns,

habits and behaviors. Classes

offered online and one-on-one,

in-person sessions, as well as corporate and private

sessions. Currently accepting new clients. Mention

Natural Awakenings for discount.



Clinical Nutritionist

843-957-9482 •

The wrong diet can contribute to

many chronic health conditions

like IBS, arthritis, heart disease,

autoimmune disease, and even

anxiety. Call today to learn how

proper nutrition and a healthy gut

can heal your body! My goal is to

help guide you through the steps to find your way

back to a state of health and wellness.




Karen Harum, M.D. FAAP

Robert Nutt, M.D. MPH

Margaret Pietruczuk, RN, MSN, CPNP

The Clinic for Special Children

was founded by Dr. Karen Harum,

MD, FAAP, to provide an accurate

diagnosis, whole child treatments,

specialty care, and consultation

for children with developmental

disabilities and behavioral

problems including ADD, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy,

and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Routine pediatric

care is also provided for those who need a

comprehensive medical home and for typically

developing children.



Kelly VanNorwick

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington


Orgone Energy devices that are

inspired by the ocean. I use

Surfboard resin for the Ascension

Tools and EMF Protectors. As

well as beautiful pieces for your

home. Custom orders are


April 2021




Michelle Wells

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington

Using natural psychic abilities,

Michelle will create a pendulum

chart specific to each client and

their unique circumstances. The

information gained this way is




Lana Buecker, Certified HeartMath Mentor

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington


Achieve clearer

perspectives in

difficult situations.

Have more energy

at the end of the

day. Increase

resilience. Realign

with your Heart and Ignite Your Passion for Life.





Professional photography services

specializing in weddings

engagements, family portraits, pet

portraits, professional headshots,

real estate, products and more. Find

me on the beach doing a photoshoot

or in the studio year-round. Serving

greater New Hanover County.



Madame Meerkats Cabinet of Curiosities

1001 S. Kerr Ave, Wilmington

Facebook & Instagram: The Maiden Minx

Utilizing her gifts of intuition

and empathy to guide, heal, and

empower individuals on their

journey. She offers personalized

card readings, Magick

Manifestation Sessions, and crafts various

metaphysical goods.


Michelle Wells

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington

Using natural psychic

abilities, Michelle

brings a unique skill set

into each of her readings.

A reading with Michelle

is like sitting with an old

friend. A psychic friend.



Eileen Kapler

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington

Eileen is a born psychic who

has been doing readings for

decades. Whether speaking

to the dead for you or simply

answering questions. She

works with the assistance of

her spirit guide Great Oak. Vaccinated for COVID-19.

In person or phone readings.



Remote and In-Person Readings

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1201 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington


My readings are unique, uplifting

and sacred. I have Classical

training and 26 years of experience.

I combine traditional Vedic

Palmistry with Psychic

Mediumship and Tarot. Luminous

Beings we are! Yoda



Prana Salt Cave

7110 Wrightsville Ave, Unit B8

Wrightsville Beach


Certified Integrative Nutrition

Health Coach, Certified Reiki &

Energy Healing Practitioner,

Certified Yoga Teacher. Specializes

in Women’s Self Care & Healing




1270 Surfside Industrial Park Dr

Surfside Beach

843-238-8516 •

Our uplifting mission of

prayer, service and education

enriches and transforms

lives. We are a spiritual

community of individuals

dedicated to knowing Self and knowing God, and

doing our part in supporting the emotional, mental

and spiritual well-being of children, individuals and

families on the Grand Strand. See ad, page 33.


717 Orchard Ave, Wilmington

910-763-5155 •

A positive path for spiritual

living committed to expanding

consciousness and

inspiring transformation,

Unity teaches a culturally

Christian and spiritually unlimited way of life.

Unity is an open-minded, accepting community

emphasizing practical, everyday application of

spiritual principles for more abundant and meaningful

living. Check Facebook and Meetup for

events. See ad, page 3.



Brooke Rowe

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington

Beth is an Intuitive and

empathic card reader that

trained under Susan Hansen,

the Psychic in Savannah.

Readings often include

suggestive ways of healing that

inspire holistic wellbeing.



Shelly Laine


Thermography is a state-of-the-art,

radiation-free diagnostic tool which

creates a digital map of your body,

illustrating heat patterns that may

detect some condition or

abnormality using a scanning-type

infrared camera that measures your

body’s surface temperature. Thermography aids in the

detection and monitoring of many types of diseases

and physical injury. Multiple scanning locations

throughout the Wilmington area. See ad, page 7.

24 Coastal Carolinas




Save 20% Code: Natural 20

Lets Get Checked home thyroid

test will provide a broad picture

of how your thyroid is performing

with online test results in 2-5

days. Biomarkers covered: Thyroid

Stimulating Hormone

(TSH), Free Thyroxine (FT4),

Free Triiodothyronine (FT3),

Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TGAB)*, Thyroid Peroxidase

Antibodies (TPO/TPEX)*. Note: presence

of TGAB or TPEX antibodies can indicate thyroid

damage which can include autoimmune disorders.





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and click-through rates (CTR). See ad, page 40.



Liana Belanich, RYT500

7110 Wrightsville Ave, Unit B8

Wrightsville Beach


Join me in the salt cave for a

restorative yoga class on

Wednesday nights 7pm and

Thursdays for Gentle at 12:30.

Private sessions also available.


3062 Deville St, Myrtle Beach

YOGA in COMMON in the heart

of Myrtle Beach offers yoga

classes for all levels. We offer

classes daily from gentle to

vinyasa flow, yin, and restorative.

Weʼve got what you need, for

any time, any day!




hroughout the year Natural Awakenings strives to bring you the latest information and resources available

for natural health, nutrition, personal growth, green living, fitness and creative expression.

We are pleased to offer this special edition, including local Wellness

Profiles and our local Healthy Directory to support you in leading a

healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.






April 2021


April 2021


Take Your Health to the Next Level


Cameron Clinic of Chinese

Medicine....................................... 27

OM Therapeutics.......................... 27

The Club at CamClinic................ 27



Biosymmetry.................................. 28


Elite Chiropractic.......................... 28


Light Star Healing ........................ 28


Wilmington Holistic Dentist.....29


King Law Firm P.A.......................29


Blue Lagoon Wellness Center...29


Carolina Turf...................................30


Clinic for Special Children.........30


Unity of Wilmington....................30


Beacon Thermography Inc........ 31

26 Coastal Carolinas


Cameron Clinic of Chinese Medicine

Nan Cameron, MSN, RN, LAc

1928 South 16th St, Wilmington

910-342-0999 •

The Cameron Clinic of Oriental Medicine offers the timetested

traditions of Pan Asian Medicine combined with

integrative and functional medicine practices. The initial

appointment involves a comprehensive review of your health

status and recommendations for treatment addressing health

concerns, nutritional and lifestyle issues with individualized

teaching and handouts.

Wellness Services Offered:

Treatment modalities include Japanese-style acupuncture, use of the Acutron for microcurrent

therapy, Tennant biomodulators and biotransducers, cupping and guasha, Biomats,

and nutritional supplements and herbal preparations.

Areas of Specialty:

We offer individualized, comprehensive care for patients of all ages for many health concerns,

including cancer, autoimmune issues, digestive system problems, chronic infections

and other complex issues.

Philosophy of Healing:

Our goal is to help you achieve good health through time-tested traditions of Eastern

medicine and the best of Western science. We help you understand your treatment options

and choose the care you need and want.

OM Therapeutics

Tricia Miller, LAc

217 N. Fifth Ave, Ste 204, Wilmington

910-431-3836 •

OM Therapeutics, formerly Oriental Medical Therapies, has

been practicing in Wilmington since 2005. Based on current

trends of the times, they are rebranding and restructuring

their services this year to better meet today’s patient needs and


Wellness Services Offered:

Acupuncture, medical qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine

and plant-based nutrition education or any combination of the modalities we provide offered

in an integrative approach to your well-being. Therapeutic massage and other modalities in

an overall integrative approach to well-being.

Areas of Specialty:

Changes to how services will be provided include offering virtual classes, podcasts and live

meeting sessions, as well as in-person sessions. “Of particular note and by request, we’ve

added our Healthy Back and Bones for Strength and Vitality video, a modified hatha yoga

practice specifically for those who suffer from back injuries or as a preventive tool to avoid

back injuries. This is also a perfect starting point for anyone new to yoga,” notes Miller.

Philosophy of Healing:

Whether you are seeking acupuncture, medical qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine or any

combination of the modalities we offer, my intent and vision for this endeavor is the creation

and continuing evolution of an online community providing information and solutions for

self-care and planetary-care and where the two intersect with the implementation of this


The Club at CamClinic

Nan Cameron, MSN, RN, LAc

1928 South 16th St, Wilmington

910-342-0999 •

The Club at CamClinic is self-directed

with a focus on bioenergetics utilizing

complementary alternative health therapies.

You do not have to be a Cameron

Clinic patient to take advantage of our

cutting-edge technologies.

Wellness Services Offered:

Use Zyto to evaluate many aspects of your

health and effective holistic therapies including

EVOX, relaxation therapy with the

Life Vessel, LiveO2, NanoVi, MultiLumen,

TheraLumen and the Rife Machine. The fee

schedule has been designed to allow you to

pay for one session at a time or money saving,

four-week package pricing.

Areas of Specialty:

Membership is free. You decide how much

or little you want to do. Schedule a 25-minute

consult to discuss the equipment and

options available for your use and design a

wellness program that works for you. It is

an amazing way to get access to new and

innovative technology all in one location.

Philosophy of Healing:

The longer I work with patients the more

convinced I have become that feeling good

requires a strong energy foundation. Our

batteries need to be fully charged to stay

well. Not enough energy means you do not

feel great and can end up getting very sick.

Good health allows you to enjoy life! We

enjoy life when we feel good. Feel good with

The Club at CamClinic!

April 2021





Dr. Chris Pate, MD

265 Racine Dr, Wilmington

910-399-6661 •

B iosymmetry


to help men

and women

fight the


effects of aging

and age-related


To slow down

the aging

process, Dr.

Pate encourages a lifestyle that is proactive

in hopes of preventing the onset of illness

and disease. As a practicing physician, he

is committed to anti-aging, functional and

integrative techniques to diagnose and

treat his patients.

Wellness Services Offered:

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy,

Medical weight loss, Sexual Health, Cosmetic

and aesthetic procedures, Peptide


Areas of Specialty:

Weight loss, Hormone imbalance, obesity,

diabetes, low libido, erectile dysfunction,

thyroid disease, menopause, vaginal


Philosophy of Healing:

We help our patients get their lives back by

becoming the best version of themselves.




hroughout the year Natural Awakenings strives to bring you the latest information and resources available

for natural health, nutrition, personal growth, green living, fitness and creative expression.

We are pleased to offer this special edition, including local Wellness

Profiles and our local Healthy Directory to support you in leading a

healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.






April 2021



Elite Chiropractic

Dr. Sanya Young, DC

1319 Military Cut Off Rd, Wilmington


As an official Five Essentials Healing Center through Max-

Living, Elite Chiropractic is transforming the health of

hundreds of families in the Wilmington community by teaching

them how to achieve true health and healing through maintaining

a healthy nervous system and living a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Services Offered:

We offer expert chiropractic care, a natural healing art intended to promote your body’s

ability to heal itself, precise corrective spinal manipulation, and correction along with our

whole-body wellness program holistic care approach based on the Healthy Life Essentials and

includes lifestyle recommen-dations that can help to improve your overall health on a longterm


Area of Specialty:

At Elite Chiropractic MaxLiving Partner, we specialize in “structural correction chiropractic.”

Spinal adjustments and state-of-the-art rehab are combined to help you attain the most effective


Philosophy on Healing:

Our goal is to identify the actual cause of your discomfort, not just to treat superficial symptoms.

Once we have clearly identified the underlying cause, we’ll develop a treatment plan

customized to your unique situation and challenges.


Light Star Healing

Kimberly Stroncek

Serving Coastal Carolinas

704-574-0210 •

As a certified energy healing practitioner, third-generation

intuitive and with over 25 years’ experience, I founded

Light Star Healing to offer integrative energy healing for clients

looking to heal on all levels—mental, emotional, spiritual

and physical.

Wellness Services Offered:

Distant energy healing—all matter is energy, with different rates of vibration and energy is

not restricted to time and space. Energy healing works on the subtle energy centers within

and the energy fields surrounding the body.

Areas of Specialty:

Beneficial for all conditions. Recognizing the effects of stress on the body, the importance

of the role of the mind, emotions and our spiritualty that impacts the endocrine, immune

and nervous systems, and the relationship to physical health. Clearing stagnant energy/

blocks that have occurred due to illness, injury or stress.

Philosophy of Healing:

In a healing session, I use intention, spiritual insight, and energy awareness techniques to

connect with the client to promote healing on all levels. Awakening the Mind, Body and

Spirit to our unlimited potential and well-being.

28 Coastal Carolinas


Wilmington Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Jessica Shireman, DMD AIOMT

6200 Oleander Dr, Wilmington

910-777-4020 •

Our practice is dedicated to making dentistry healthy

and pleasant. She is both SMART certified and is accredited

by the IAOMT in safe-mercury removal. The practice

strives to keep up with safe and healthy dental treatment

options for patients.

Wellness Services Offered:

Holistic Dentistry: Airway screening evaluation, 3D radiographs,

Holistic Cleanings, Ozone therapy, Biocompatibility Testing, Zirconia Implants,

Cavitations, Mercury Removals

Areas of Specialty:

Dental disease, infections. Screening and treatment.

Philosophy of Healing:

We want dentistry to be as healthy as possible and evaluate a patient's overall health as

part of their treatment.


King Law Firm P.A.

Ken King

1135 Military Cut Off Rd

Wilmington & other Eastern NC locations

1-800-635-1683 •

Our practice provides legal representation in all areas of

the Law. We have attorneys that concentrate in Estate

Planning, Elder Law, Asset Protection, Family Law, Criminal

Law, Bankruptcy and Auto Accidents. Let our Attorneys ease

your mind and restore your “inner peace” by handling the

difficult life matters that arise. Free consultations are available.

Areas of Specialty:

We handle all areas of legal concern. If it is creating stress in your daily life, we can address

it through legal means when necessary to allow you to worry about the important

things in life.


Through patience and hard work, we will relieve you of the burden of legal concerns. The

invaluable insight we have developed throughout the years has equipped us with the ability

to pursue your best interests aggressively. We can gladly discuss your legal matter by

phone to see if we can help and often can arrange payment plans if necessary.


Blue Lagoon Wellness Center

1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington


Blue Lagoon Wellness Center has been

serving Wilmington and beyond for

more than six years. Blue Lagoon is owned

and operated by sisters, Pat & Jo Zachry.

We have grown from a one-room office to a

Wellness Center with two Massage Therapists,

two Energy Workers, a Metaphysical

Store and a psychic on site five days a week.

Products Offered:

Emporium Rock Shop is our store featuring

some of the area’s finest crystal specimens,

from natural stones to specimens of your

dreams. Our staff is knowledgeable in the

energy and use of crystals We have a large

assortment of pocket stones, Handmade

smudge feathers, sage, Palo Santo wood,

sprays to clear the energy when you can’t

burn (apartments, offices) griding kits, grid/

altar plates, pendulums and more.

Areas of Specialty:

Our massage therapists are trained in

numerous massage techniques, Hot Stones,

Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue, Meddicupping,

Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression

and more. Our Energy Work includes

Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing

and our Signature 5 Element session. Heart-

Math combines science and metaphysics to

teach you techniques and skills to overcome

Stress, Anxiety, Low Energy. And of course,

our Professional Psychic team. Tarot Card

Readings, Psychic readings, Mediumship

– talks to the dead, Crystal readings and a

Vedic Palm Reader.


Blue Lagoon Wellness Center is a source of

Love and Light to our community. Come

and be yourself with No judgement. We

are here to lead by example and to provide

gentle, loving guidance for all who seek assistance

along their spiritual path. We share our

knowledge and experiences with you, and

we enjoy your sharing your experiences with

us. We learn together.

April 2021




Carolina Turf

Serving the Coastal Carolinas


Unlike traditional landscaping companies,

we provide organic lawn care

and pest control services that will keep

your home safe and protect your family

and the environment from toxic chemicals.

We kill weeds, not your family.

Services Offered:

Weed control & Fertilization, Pest control,

Mosquito Control, Fire Ant Control, Tick

Control, Fungicide Treatment, Bed Maintenance,

Aeration & Seeding, Mole & Vole

Repellent, Snake Repellent and Ornamental


Areas of Specialty:

To reach more homeowners, we have created

DIY organic lawn care programs to

help you maintain a beautiful yard that is

safe for your family, your neighborhood

and this planet of ours.


After learning how toxic traditional lawn

chemicals are during a weed control licensing

class, we switched to organic products

to protect the health of our own family, our

employees and our clients.




hroughout the year Natural Awakenings strives to bring you the latest information and resources available

for natural health, nutrition, personal growth, green living, fitness and creative expression.

We are pleased to offer this special edition, including local Wellness

Profiles and our local Healthy Directory to support you in leading a

healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.






April 2021



Clinic for Special Children

432 Eastwood Rd, Wilmington


We believe in treating the whole child by addressing their physical,

emotional, social and environmental needs. This integrative

holistic approach combines modern Western medicine and evidencebased

complementary and alternative healing modalities. By integrating

traditional medical diagnostics and pharmaceutical therapies with

functional medical therapies, we feel that we can provide the best care

possible for your child.

Wellness Services Offered:

Neurological Disorders, Pediatric Wellness and Sick Treatments, on-call physician access,

unrushed office visits, mid-day, same-day sick appointments, routine well-child examinations,

preteen and teen examinations, school and sports physicals, Care management, Routine childhood

vaccinations with full-informed consent, Consultations for chronic illness, Coordination

of hospital and specialist care, Nutritional counseling for kids and their parents, Nutraceutical

therapy, Nutrition and Lactation Counseling.

Areas of Specialty:

Pediatrics, Neurodevelopment, Special Needs, Brain Injury and Restoration, Biomedical, Developmental

and Neuropsychological Assessment, Allergy Treatment, Nutraceutical Support,

Pay Attention and Safe and Sound Programs, Individualized Patient Care and Coordination,

Community Support and Coaching.

Philosophy of Healing:

We recognize your child as a complex and unique person. We believe our job is to go beyond

treating your child’s health. We treat the whole child. We approach your child's health holistically,

paying attention not only to their medical history, but also their nutritional status,

mental development, biological and genetic individuality and emotions. A team approach

is used to provide coordinated services and care.


Unity of Wilmington

717 Orchard Ave, Wilmington

910-763-5155 •

positive path for spiritual living committed to

A expanding consciousness and inspiring transformation,

Unity teaches a philosophy of ancient wisdom

and New Thought as a spiritually unlimited way of life. Unity is an open-minded, accepting

community emphasizing practical applications of spiritual principle for personal wellness.

Services and Classes Offered:

Inspirational Sunday Experiences with dynamic lessons and uplifting live music, Wednesday

Meditations, classes and book groups. Universal Principles are provided which contribute to

elevating the consciousness of each individual and the planet.

Spiritual Principles:

Metaphysics, Application of Spiritual Principle in Responding to Existing Conditions, Prayer,

Meditation, Spiritual Exploration, New Thought, A Course in Miracles, Expanding Capacity

to Live in the Sacred and Know Our Inherent Worth.


We honor the Divine nature of all people and teach the application of universal, spiritual principles

to live in love. We believe each individual can use the power of their mind and heart to

create an authentic and fulfilling life embracing our oneness with all.

30 Coastal Carolinas


Beacon Thermography Inc.

Shelly Laine, CCT

Multiple Locations in

Coastal Carolinas




Thermal Imaging

(DITI) is a


test of physiology

(or function).

It is a

lifesaving procedure

that can

alert you and

your doctor

to changes in your body that may indicate

early-stage breast disease or other abnormal

processes that may be developing in

the body. The benefit of thermography as

an adjunctive breast screening is that it

offers an increased opportunity of early detection.

And the screening is done without

any pain, radiation or compression.

Wellness Services Offered:

Clinical thermal imaging for breast,

thyroid/digastric/carotid, head and neck,

abdomen, trunk and legs.

Areas of Specialty:

Earliest breast cancer detection and other

breast diseases, dental infections, sinus

inflammation, deep vein thrombosis, pain

and inflammation, melanomas, lymphatic


Philosophy of Healing:

As a certified clinical thermographer

and a certified health coach, my healing

philosophy is based on a solid foundation

of natural healing methods, based on the

bodyʼs innate ability to heal itself given a

good chance. Thermography is truly the

best, earliest detection tool for breast cancer

as it may identify potential issues years

before mammograms and ultrasounds,

thereby giving the patient time to make

critical lifestyle changes to enhance healing


Annual Natural Living Directory Glossary

Throughout the year, Natural Awakenings

strives to bring you the latest information

and resources available for natural

health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth,

green living and creative expression. In

order to serve you even better, we offer this

special, convenient directory to keep at your

fingertips all year long as a handy reference

when searching for the things you need to

live a healthier, more balanced life.

Maintaining our health seems to be on

the minds of everyone today. And it’s no

wonder, as the complexities of daily life

consume our attention, that we are also discovering

that our doctor often doesn’t have a

magic pill that can heal our pain and illness.

Additionally, the realization that our booming

industrial, chemical and agricultural

advancements have actually produced many

negative effects on the overall health of our

bodies and environment looms before us

like a massive hurdle to overcome. The signs

show up in our culture everywhere—from

our youth self-medicating with illegal drugs

to our elderly faced with pharmaceutical

bills that easily exceed $1,000 per month.

Yet, Americans are responding. There is

an ancient proverb that says, “When the student

is ready, the master appears.” Research

data claiming that vitamin and herbal

supplements have become a huge, steadily

growing industry along with statistics that

show at least four out of 10 Americans are

using alternative and complementary health

care is a strong indication that we are ready.

We are ready to learn more. We are ready

to take responsibility for our own health.

We are reawakening to the knowledge that

appropriate nutrition, invigorating physical

fitness, and peaceful relaxation integrated

with conventional medicine as practiced in

the U.S., is sound advice.

Listen to your body, feel the flow of

your energy, notice each breath as a breath

of life—and enjoy your journey to good

health. The people and resources you find in

Natural Awakenings stand ready to take this

journey with you.

Active Release Techniques (ART): A

patented, state-of-the-art soft tissue system/

movement-based massage technique that

treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments,

fascia and nerves. Headaches, back

pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints,

shoulder pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, knee

problems, and tennis elbow are just a few

of the many conditions that can be resolved

quickly and permanently with ART. These

conditions all have one important thing in

common: They are often a result of overused


Acupressure: Based on the same system as

acupuncture, acupressure stimulates body

pressure points using fingers and hands instead

of needles, in order to restore a balanced

flow of life energy (qi or chi, pronounced

“chee”). This force moves through the body

along 12 energy pathways, or meridians,

which practitioners “unblock and strengthen”.

Common styles include jin shin, which gently

holds at least two points at once for a minute

or more; and shiatsu, which applies firm pressure

to each point for three to five seconds.

(Also see shiatsu.) Tui na and Thai massage

stimulate qi through acupressure hand

movements, full-body stretches and Chinese

massage techniques. (Also see tui na.) Other

forms of acupressure include jin shin do, jin

shin jyutsu and acu-yoga. Learn more at

Acupuncture: An ancient Oriental technique

that stimulates the body’s ability to sustain and

balance an electromagnetic life-force (qi or

chi, pronounced “chee”) which is channeled in

a continuous flow throughout the body via a

network of “meridians”. Disease is understood

as an imbalance in the meridian system. Diagnosis

of an imbalance is made by “reading”

the pulse, face, tongue and body energy. To

correct it, a practitioner inserts acupuncture

needles at specific points along the meridians

to stimulate or disperse the flow of life force.

Acupuncture principles include the yin and

yang polarities and the associations of the five

elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood

with bodily organs.

Alexander Technique: This awareness practice

helps identify and change unconscious,

negative physical habits related to posture

and movement, breathing and tension. While

observing the way an individual walks, stands,

sits or performs other basic movements,

the practitioner keeps their hands in easy

contact with the body and gently guides it to

encourage a release of restrictive muscular

tension. The technique is frequently used to

treat repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel

syndrome, backaches and stiff necks and

shoulders. Learn more at AlexanderTechnique.


Alkaline Water: Drinking water that has been

treated through the use of a water ionizer.

Proponents of alkaline water believe that high

acidity in the body contributes to a number of

physical illnesses and conditions, from fatigue

and weight gain to more serious disorders.

They believe that drinking alkaline water can

April 2021


help resolve these health problems by raising

the body’s pH level.

Ananda (Yoga): A form of gentle Hatha yoga

with an emphasis on meditation. Ananda

combines classic yoga postures with breathing

and silent affirmations to attune with

higher levels of body sense, energy and silent

inner awareness. As an inner-directed practice,

it has less appeal to those desiring a more

athletic or aerobic experience.

Anusara (Yoga): Anusara means, “Go with

the flow”, and blends spirituality with inner/

outer alignment and balanced energetic

actions. Developed by John Friend in 1997,

this style urges students to think of poses as

artistic expressions of the heart. Individual

abilities and limitations are deeply respected

and honored so Anusara yoga can be helpful

for everyone and is good for beginners.

Aromatherapy: An ancient healing art that

uses the essential oils of herbs and flowers to

treat emotional disorders such as stress and

anxiety and a wide range of other ailments.

Oils are massaged into the skin, inhaled or

added to a water bath. Often used in conjunction

with massage therapy, acupuncture,

reflexology, herbology and chiropractic or

other holistic treatments.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy: Developed

by American Ruthie Hardee, it combines

elements of traditional Thai massage, barefoot

shiatsu and Keralite foot massage (chavutti

thirummal) for the treatment of chronic

low-back and hip pain. Using overhead

wooden bar supports, the therapist employs

body weight and gliding foot strokes to apply

compression massage along strategic points

in the back muscles to relieve irritations on

the spinal nerve caused by inflammation and

swelling. Learn more at

Ashtanga (Yoga): A physically demanding

style that is light on meditation, Ashtanga

yoga employs a fast-paced series of flowing

poses to build strength, flexibility and

stamina. Developed by Indian yoga master

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga’s progressively

difficult postures are synchronized with a

loud breath (called Ujyaii breath in Sanskrit)

and are designed to produce intense internal

heat and purifying sweat in order to detoxify

muscles and organs. The room is usually

heated to warm muscles and increase flexibility.

Preferred by many athletes, this style is too

intense and demanding for most beginners.

Ayurveda: The oldest medical system

known to man and a comprehensive spiritual

teaching practiced in India for 4,000 years. It

focuses on achieving and maintaining perfect

health via the balance of the elements air, fire

and water (illness is considered an excess of

any element). A patient’s body type, determined

according to Ayurveda principles, is

the basis for individualized dietary regimens

and other preventive therapeutic interventions.

Ayurveda prescriptions might include

purification procedures for the restoration of

biological rhythms; experience of expanded

consciousness through meditation; nutritional

counseling; stress reduction; enhancing

neuromuscular conditions; and behavioral


Ayurvedic Massage: One part of panchakarma,

a traditional East Indian detoxification

and rejuvenation program, in which

the entire body is vigorously massaged with

large amounts of warm oil and herbs to

remove toxins. With the client’s permission,

oil is also poured into the ears, between the

eyebrows and applied to specific chakras, or

body energy centers, in techniques known

respectively as karna purana, shirodhara and

marma chikitsa. These treatments, modified

to meet the needs of the West, powerfully affect

the mind and nervous system—calming,

balancing and bringing a heightened sense of

awareness and deep inner peace.

Ayurvedic massage techniques are grounded

in an understanding of the primordial

energies of the five elements—ether, air, fire,

water and earth—and of the three basic types

of energies, or constitutions, that are present

in everyone and everything—vata, pitta and

kapha. A knowledgeable therapist selects

and customizes various ayurvedic massage

techniques by selecting the rate and pressure

of massage strokes and the proper oils and

herbs. Learn more at

Bikram (Yoga): A strenuous style, designed

to make students sweat, taught in rooms heated

to a minimum of 105º Fahrenheit, with

about 40 percent humidity. The superheated

rooms facilitate stretching and allow the body

to release toxins through perspiration. Former

national India yoga champion Bikram

Choudhury developed the style, whose 26

demanding poses are performed in a specific

order, to promote optimal health and proper

function of every bodily system. Bikram yoga

is a good choice for highly fit individuals and

seasoned students seeking a challenge.

Bioenergetics plus Core Energetics: A

combination of physical and psychological

techniques that identifies and frees areas of

repressed physical and emotional trauma in

the body. Deep breathing, various forms of

massage and physical exercises release layers

of chronic muscular tension and defensiveness,

termed “body armor”. The unlocking

of feelings creates the opportunity to better

understand and integrate them with other

aspects of oneself. Core Energetics is based on

the principles of bioenergetics, but acknowledges

spirituality as a key dimension of healing.

Learn more at

Biofeedback: A relaxation technique that

monitors internal body states and is used

especially for stress-related conditions such

as asthma, migraines, insomnia and high

blood pressure. During biofeedback, patients

monitor minute metabolic changes (e.g., temperature,

heart rate and muscle tension), with

the aid of sensitive machines. By consciously

thinking, visualizing, moving, relaxing, etc.,

they learn which activities produce desirable

changes in the internal processes being


Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

(BHRT): The treatment of the symptoms

of menopause (and its male equivalent,

andropause) through the use of hormones

produced using raw materials derived from

plant sources that have the same chemical

structure as those naturally produced by the

body. Many compounding pharmacies have

staff trained in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Therapy (BHRT), which is thought

by its proponents to have fewer risks and side

effects than traditional methods of hormone


Bodywork: Massage and the physical practices

of yoga are perhaps the best-known types

of bodywork; both have proven successful in

relieving tension and stress, promoting blood

flow, loosening stiff muscles and stimulating

the organs. Massage therapies encompass

countless techniques, including Swedish

massage, shiatsu and Rolfing. The same is true

for yoga. Other types of bodywork include

martial arts practices like aikido, ki aikido and

Tai chi chuan. Some others are the Alexander

technique, Aston patterning, Bowen, Breema

bodywork, Feldenkrais method, Hellerwork,

polarity therapy, Rosen method, Rubenfeld

synergy and Trager. Finding bodywork that

improves mental and physical health is a

highly individual process. Several types may

be combined for the greatest benefit.

Chelation Therapy: A safe, painless, nonsurgical

medical procedure that improves

metabolic and circulatory function by

removing undesirable heavy metals such as

lead, mercury, cadmium and copper from the

body. A series of intravenous injections of the

synthetic amino acid EDTA are administered,

usually in an osteopathic or medical doctor’s

office. The EDTA blocks excessive free radical

production, protecting tissues and organs

from further damage. Over time, injections

may halt the progress of the underlying

32 Coastal Carolinas

condition that triggers the development of

various degenerative conditions such as diabetes,

arthritis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

diseases, and cancer.

Chinese Medicine: Traditional Chinese

Medicine (TCM) is one of the world’s oldest

and most complete systems of holistic

health care. It combines the use of medicinal

herbs, acupuncture, food therapy, massage

and therapeutic exercise, along with the

recognition that wellness in mind, body and

emotions depends on the harmonious flow

of life-force energy (qi or chi, pronounced


Chiropractic: Based on the premise that

proper structural alignment permits free flow

of nerve activity in the body. When spinal

vertebrae are out of alignment, they put pressure

on the spinal cord and the nerves radiating

from it, potentially leading to diminished

function and illness. Misalignment can be

caused by physical trauma, poor posture and

stress. The chiropractor seeks to analyze and

correct these misalignments through spinal

manipulation or adjustment.

Colon Therapy: An internal bath that

washes away old toxic waste accumulated

along the walls of the colon. It is administered

with pressurized water by a professional

using special equipment. A colonic irrigation

is the equivalent of approximately four to six

enemas and cleans out matter that collects in

the pockets and kinks of the colon. The treatment

is used as both a corrective process and

for prevention of disease. Colonics are used

for ailments such as constipation, psoriasis,

acne, allergies, headaches and the common


Counseling / Psychotherapy: These terms

encompass a broad range of practitioners,

from career counselors, who offer advice and

information, to psychotherapists, who treat

depression, stress, addiction and emotional

issues. Formats can vary from individual

counseling to group therapy. In addition to

verbal counseling techniques, some holistic

therapists may use bodywork, ritual, energy

healing and other alternative modalities as

part of their practice.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST): The practitioner

applies manual therapeutic procedures to

remedy distortions in the structure and function

of the craniosacral mechanism—the

brain and spinal cord, the bones of the skull,

the sacrum and interconnected membranes.

Craniosacral work is based upon two major

premises: the bones of the skull can be

manipulated because they never completely

fuse; and the pulse of the cerebrospinal fluid

can be balanced by a practitioner trained to

detect pulse variations. CST, also referred to

as cranial osteopathy, is used to treat chronic

pain, migraine headaches, temporomandibular

joint disorder (TMJ), ear and eye problems,

balance problems, learning difficulties,

dyslexia and hyperactivity.

Dance / Movement Therapy: A method of

expressing thoughts and feelings through

movement, developed during the 1940s. Participants,

guided by trained therapists, are encouraged

to move freely, sometimes to music.

Dance/movement therapy can be practiced

by people of all ages to promote self-esteem

and gain insight into their own emotional

problems, but is also used to help those with

serious mental and physical disabilities. In

wide use in the United States, this modality is

becoming established around the world.





I researched this program for months...

I asked questions... I know I burnt up their

email and phone lines. I have tried just

about everything on the market. My entire

life I have been on a Roller Coaster with my

weight. I decided to start 2016 with one Goal

in mind and if was going to be about ME!!

I am so happy about my decision... so far I am

down 40.2 lbs! I’m thrilled!




Dr. Chris Pate is board certified in Obesity Medicine.

Our plan uses REAL FOOD: No shakes, supplements

or pre-packaged foods. Comprehensive testing



265 Racine Dr. Ste 102 • Wilmington 910-399-6661

Affiliated with UnityWorldwide









Sunday Services,11am

Sunday Services, 11am

Prayer24/7 withSilentUnityat 24/7 with Silent Unity


1270 SurfsideIndustrial Park Drive

6173 Myrtle Salem Beach, Rd., SC 29575 Myrtle Beach



Facebook: Unity Myrtle Beach Beach

Decompression Therapy: A nonsurgical

means of relieving pain to the lower back and

neck and is often referred to as spinal decompression

therapy. Decompression therapy is a

spinal disc rehabilitation program that slowly

and gently stretches the area of the spine

while decompressing the discs

Deep Tissue Bodywork: In this method,

stretching and moving the connective tissue

that envelops the muscles (fascia) works

to lengthen and balance the body along

its natural, vertical axis. Distortions of the

connective tissue may be caused by internal

reactions and complications due to accidents,

emotional tensions or past unreleased

traumas. The practitioner uses slow strokes,

direct pressure or friction across the muscles

via fingers, thumbs or elbows. Deep tissue

massage works to detoxify tissue by helping

to remove accumulated lactic acid and other

Sunday December 6 th :

April 7th – Easter Service

Rev. 11am Margaret Facebook Hiller Live and Stream Unity with Music

Team Rev. Dr. – outside RobFulwood service at Salem Rd.

Bring your own lawn/camp chair.

Sunday December 13 th :

April 11am 8th Facebook – Social Live Justice Stream Dialog

begins with Rev. on book: Dr. Rob “The Fulwood Sum of Us ~

What Racism Costs Everyone and



We Can


Prosper Together”

20 & 27:

Unity Myrtle Beach Spiritual











at Can also send

Sunday Message Series

prayer requests to unitymyrtlebeach.

November 15, 22, & 29:

org or call 843-215-0260.

Rev. Margaret Hiller, Spiritual

Leader, Unity Myrtle Beach,

April 2021


waste products from the muscles. The therapy

is used to ease or eliminate chronic muscular

pain or inflammatory pain from arthritis,

tendonitis and other ailments, and help with

injury rehabilitation. Learn more at

Dentistry (Holistic): Regards the mouth

as a microcosm of the entire body. The oral

structures and the whole body are seen as

a unit. Holistic dentistry often incorporates

such methods as homeopathy, biocompatibility

testing and nutritional counseling.

Most holistic dentists emphasize wellness and

preventive care, while avoiding (and often

recommending the removal of silver-mercury


Detoxification: The practice of resting,

cleansing and nourishing the body from the

inside out. According to some holistic practitioners,

accumulated toxins can drain the

body of energy and make it more susceptible

to disease. Detoxification techniques may

include fasts, special diets, sauna sweats and

colon cleansing.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): EFT

is an emotional therapy process based on the

Chinese meridian, or energy system, to heal

diseases and physical ailments. Through the

EFT self-help process, one mentally tunes in

to specific issues while tapping on meridian

points with the fingertips. This tapping

stimulates corresponding areas of the body,

thus balancing disturbances in the meridian

system and allowing non-serving emotions

to be released. View free tutorial at EmoFree.


Environmental Medicine: Explores the role

of dietary and environmental allergens in

health and illness. Factors such as dust, mold,

chemicals and certain foods may cause allergic

reactions that can dramatically influence

diseases, ranging from asthma and hay fever

to headaches and depression.

Enzyme Therapy: Can be an important first

step in restoring health and well-being by

helping to remedy digestive problems. Plant

and pancreatic enzymes are used in complementary

ways to improve digestion and

absorption of essential nutrients. Treatment

includes enzyme supplements, coupled with a

healthy diet that features whole foods.

Feldenkrais Method: This distinctive approach

combines movement training, gentle

touch and verbal dialogue to help students

straighten out what founder Moshé Pinhas

Feldenkrais calls, “Kinks in the brain.” Kinks

are learned movement patterns that no longer

serve a constructive purpose. They may have

been adopted to compensate for a physical

injury or to accommodate individuality in

the social world. Students of the Feldenkrais

Method unlearn unworkable movements and

discover better, personalized ways to move,

using mind-body principles of slowed action,

conscious breathing, body awareness and

thinking about their feelings.

Feldenkrais takes two forms: In individual

hands-on sessions (Functional Integration),

the practitioner’s touch is used to address

the student’s breathing and body alignment.

In a series of classes of slow, non-aerobic

motion (Awareness Through Movement),

students “relearn” improved ways their bodies

can move. Feldenkrais therapy is useful in

the treatment of muscle injuries, back pain,

arthritis, stress and tension. Learn more at

Feng Shui: The ancient Chinese art of

positioning objects according to the laws of

Heaven (spiritual) and Earth (natural) to

create a living and working environment that

facilitates a harmonious and positive flow of

energy to improve one’s life. Proper practice of

feng shui is meant to create and maintain good

health, wealth, relationships, creativity and

more. Consultants can be an asset by assisting

with proper placement of objects within

personal and business spaces, either before or

after the spaces are created.

Flower Remedies: Flower essences are

recognized for their ability to improve wellbeing

by eliminating negative emotions. In

the 1930s, English physician Edward Bach

concluded that negative emotions could lead

to physical illness. His research also convinced

him that flowers possessed healing properties

that could be used to treat emotional problems.

In the 1970s, Richard Katz completed

Bach’s work and established the Flower

Essence Society, which has registered some

100 essences from flowers in more than 50


Functional Medicine: A personalized

medicine that focuses on primary prevention

and deals with underlying causes, instead

of symptoms, for serious chronic diseases.

Treatments are grounded in nutrition and

improved lifestyle habits and may make use

of medications. The discipline uses a holistic

approach to analyze and treat interdependent

systems of the body and to create the dynamic

balance integral to good health.

Healing Touch: A non-invasive, relaxing and

nurturing energy therapy that helps to restore

physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance

and support self-healing. A gentle touch

is used on or near the fully clothed client to

influence the body’s inner energy centers and

exterior energy fields. Healing touch is used to

ease acute and chronic conditions, assist with

pain management, encourage deep relaxation

and accelerate wound healing.

Homeopathy: A therapy that uses small

doses of

specially prepared plants and minerals to

stimulate the body’s defense mechanisms

and healing processes in order to cure illness.

Homeopathy, taken from the Greek words

homeos, meaning “similar”, and pathos,

meaning “suffering”, employs the concept

that “like cures like”. A remedy is individually

chosen for a person based on its capacity to

cause, if given in an overdose, physical and

psychological symptoms similar to those the

patient is experiencing.

Hydrotherapy: The use of water, ice, steam

and hot and cold temperatures to maintain

and restore health. Treatments include fullbody

immersion, steam baths, saunas, sitz

baths, colonic irrigation and the application of

hot and/or cold compresses. Hydrotherapy is

effective for treating a wide range of conditions

and can easily be used at home as part of

a self-care program.

Hypnotherapy: A range of hypnosis techniques

that allow practitioners to bypass the

conscious mind and access the subconscious.

The altered state that occurs under hypnosis

has been compared to a state of deep meditation

or transcendence, in which the innate

recuperative abilities of the psyche are allowed

to flow more freely. The subject can achieve

greater clarity regarding his or her own wants

and needs, explore other events or periods

of life that require resolution, or generally

develop a more positive attitude. Often used

to help people lose weight or stop smoking, it

is also used in the treatment of phobias, stress

and as an adjunct to the treatment of illnesses.

Integral (Yoga): A gentle style of yoga

brought to this country in 1966 by Sri Swami

Satchidananda. Classes are structured to

balance physical effort with relaxation and include

breathing practices, chanting and both

guided and silent meditation. Integral yoga

is suitable for beginners and helpful for more

advanced students who wish to deepen their

physical and spiritual awareness.

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT): A

combination of diagnostic and treatment

methodologies that assess and treat pain,

dysfunction, disease and disability. Developed

by Sharon Giammatteo over 30-plus years,

IMT is intended to address the complex needs

of patients. IMT practitioners identify and

address the underlying causes of dysfunction

using a comprehensive and holistic approach.

34 Coastal Carolinas

While IMT diagnostics and treatment

modalities are predominately hands-on, IMT

also integrates a wide range of diagnostic and

treatment technologies, nutritional programs

(i.e. natural supplements, diet and herbs),

and IMT body-based psychotherapeutic

approaches to develop a customized solution

for a patient’s needs.

Integrative Medicine: This holistic approach

combines conventional Western medicine

with complementary alternative treatments,

in order to simultaneously treat mind, body

and spirit. Geared to the promotion of health

and the prevention of illness, it neither rejects

conventional medicine nor accepts alternative

therapies, without serious evaluation.

Integrative Yoga Therapy: Gentle postures,

guided imagery, assisted stretching and

breathwork help to make this yoga a useful

style for rehab centers and hospitals. Joseph

LePage began this therapy in the early 1990s

to help promote healing and well-being

for individuals facing heart disease, cancer,

AIDS and psychiatric disorders.

Ionic Foot Detox: This machine is a modern

nergy therapy device that balances the body’s

natural energy system. By introducing a high

level of negative ions into the water of a foot

bath, the feet, utilizing principles of reflexology

and the science of ionization and osmosis,

create a positive cellular environment

and enable the body’s natural detoxification

processes to function at their peak.

Iridology: Analysis of the delicate structure

of the iris, the colored portion of the eye, to

reveal information about conditions within

the body. More than 90 specific zones on

each iris, for a combined total of 180-plus

zones, correspond to specific areas of the

body. Because body weaknesses are often

noticeable in the iris long before they are

discernible through blood work or other

laboratory analysis, iridology can be a useful

tool for preventive self-care.

Kinesiology / Applied Kinesiology: The

study of muscles and their movement. Applied

kinesiology tests the relative strength

and weakness of selected muscles to identify

decreased function in body organs and

systems, as well as imbalances and restrictions

in the body’s energy flow. Some tests

use acupuncture meridians and others

analyze interrelationships among muscles,

organs, the brain and the body’s energy field.

Applied kinesiology is also used to check the

body’s response to treatments that are being


Kripalu (Yoga): An integrated practice that

emphasizes breathing and alignment and coordinates

the breath with movement. Amrit

Desai, a long-time student of Kundalini yoga

master Swami Kripaluvananda, developed

Kripalu, also called the yoga of consciousness.

This style incorporates three stages

of development, beginning with postural

alignment and progressing to meditation,

with longer posture holding, finally creating

a meditation in motion, where the movement

from one posture to another happens

unconsciously and spontaneously. Students

are encouraged to honor “the wisdom of the

body” and to work according to the limits

of their flexibility and strength. Kripalu is

suitable for everyone from beginners to

advanced students.

Kundalini (Yoga): A powerful, enlightening

style that incorporates mantras (chanting),

meditation, visualization, breathing and

guided relaxation, with precise postures.

According to Hindu philosophy, kundalini

is a concentrated form of prana, or life force,

represented by a coiled, sleeping serpent

said to reside at the base of the spine. When

breath and movement awaken the serpent

(energy), it moves up the spine through

each of the seven chakras (energy centers)

of the body, bringing energy and bliss. Once

a closely guarded secret in India, kundalini

yoga was first brought to the West in 1969

and has been known to help with addictions

and releasing endorphins in the body.

Kundalini will not appeal to everyone and

should be practiced under the supervision of

an experienced teacher.

LEED: An acronym for Leadership in

Energy and Environmental Design; a green

building certification program developed

by the U.S. Green Building Council. This

nationwide program provides guidelines for

residential and commercial construction

projects aimed at improving energy savings,

water efficiency and indoor environmental

quality, reducing CO 2

emissions and heightening

stewardship of resources and sensitivity

to their impacts. (Visit

Macrobiotics: An Eastern philosophy best

known in the West for its dietary principles.

Macrobiotic theory posits that there is a

natural order to all things. By synchronizing

our eating habits with the cycles of nature,

we can achieve a fuller sense of balance

within ourselves and with the world around

us. Although not a specific diet, it emphasizes

low-fat and high-fiber foods, whole

grains, vegetables, sea vegetables and seeds,

all cooked in accordance with macrobiotic


Call 1-800-635-1683 for a

Free Consultation regarding:

n Family Law

n Estate Planning

n Criminal Law

n Bankruptcy

n Nursing Home

Cost Planning

n General Legal


n Auto Accidents

Ken King, Attorney

10 Locations to Serve You


April 2021



Yoga guide




233i Western Blvd




5725 Oleander Drive, Suite B10




9500 Ocean Highway




222 Carolina Beach Ave. N.



4883 Hwy 501, Suite B



325 Wellness Drive





8809 E Oak Island Drive



13089 Ocean Hwy, Unit D1


Grow your business with us!

To list your studio on

this page, please call


Beach Blanket Yoga

“ ince I began my yoga practice many

Smoons ago, my goal was to share yoga

and its countless benefits with anyone and

everyone I could. I am filled with gratitude

each time I teach my students, and we all

connect through the beautiful practice

of yoga,” comments Gina Mecca, MS Ed,

RYT-200, certified in yin and chair yoga, and

owner of Beach Blanket Yoga, in Carolina

Beach. With more than 20 years of practice,

Mecca has embarked upon a new journey

this past year for both herself and students.

“All are welcome to come and experience

Yoga at the Beach where an openness to the

healing of body, mind and spirit are inevitable,”

she says.

Mecca’s yoga journey started at the

Himalayan Institute with the study of hatha

yoga. With a master’s degree in counselor

education, she provided yoga to her clients

and students for many years. Her goal has

always been to guide others on their paths

of healing and fulfillment. “Yoga is empowering

and a gift everyone deserves in

this life,” notes Mecca. Studying yoga from

coast to coast, including over a decade in

Pacific Beach, California, helped shape her

body and mind with true commitment and

dedication for the practice. “Yoga is a lifelong

journey we take together as we open our

bodies and minds to release blockages and

create openings we may have never known

were possible,” adds Mecca.

With her launching of Beach Blanket

Yoga, her focus will be on both yin and

vinyasa classes, offering new and full-moon

classes, as well as chakra-balancing focused

asanas. “My mission is to share this road of

balance through yoga in our daily lives. Our

spirits truly shine when we incorporate our

yoga principles in all aspects of our lives both

on and off our mats. Let us take this journey

together to connect body, mind and spirit

with nature at the beach.”

For more information and to register for

classes, call 910-368-1047 or email

36 Coastal Carolinas

calendar of events

NOTE: Visit for guidelines and to submit

entries online. Email Editor@ with questions.

Deadline for calendar/events: 12th of the month. Please call ahead to

confirm event times.

Due to COVID-19, events, classes and groups may take

place on modified schedules or in virtual formats. We

suggest confirming details with the host before attending.

Please also regularly visit our online calendar or

the social media pages and websites of your favorite

businesses for their updated schedules.


Saturday Psychic Mystic Karen –

10:30am-3:30pm. Intuitive, Traditionally

trained Vedic Palmist, Tarot Reader and

Psychic Medium. Call to schedule appointment

or drop by for next available. Cost:

$55/$100, 30/60 minutes. Blue Lagoon

Wellness Ctr, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington.



Easter Sunday


Social Justice Dialogue – 6:30-8pm. Rev.

Margaret Hiller hosts dialog based on book

The Sum of Us – What Racism Costs Everyone

and How We Can Prosper Together

authored by Heather McGhee. Cost: Love

Offering. For Zoom details email

or call 843-



Saturday Psychic Mystic Michelle Wells

– 10:30am-3:30pm. Intuitive psychic, healer

and light worker brings clarity and healing

to you. Cost: $55/$75$110; 15/30/60 min.

Blue Lagoon Wellness Center, 1202 Floral

Pkwy, Wilmington. BlueLagoonWellness 910-685-2795.


Check out the latest events at


What’s up, Down Dog? – 10:30am-noon.

Workshop led by Hillary Carlisle live

streamed via Zoom. Find ways to feel

good in YOUR downward facing dog!

Understand mechanics of down dog, adho

mukha svanasana and more. Cost: $25/$30

advanced/day of. Register at MyMovement


Indigo Mom’s – 6:30-8pm. 2nd Tuesday.

With Michelle Wells. Support group. Cost:

$20. Blue Lagoon Wellness Ctr, 1202 Floral

Pkwy, Wilmington. BlueLagoonWellness- 910-685-2795.


Social Justice Dialogue – 6:30-8pm. See

April 8 listing. Myrtle Beach.


Saturday Psychic Mystic Brook Rowe –

10am-3:30pm. RMT, Intuitive Tarot Reader,

CPSS, helps you find purpose by connecting

with your authentic self. Cost: $45/$80

30/60 minutes. Schedule or drop-in for first

available. Blue Lagoon Wellness Ctr, 1202

Floral Pkwy, Wilmington. BlueLagoon 910-685-2795.


Social Justice Dialogue – 6:30-8pm. See

April 8 listing. Myrtle Beach.


Spring Day Market – 10am-5pm. Annual

Spring Day Market featuring local artists,

crafters, psychics, healers and much more. Admission

free. Vendors have own pricing/cash

payments preferred. Blue Lagoon Wellness

Center, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington. 910-



Social Justice Dialogue – 6:30-8pm. See

April 8 listing. Myrtle Beach.



save the date

Bringing Community Together

Through Wellness & Art – 9am-6pm.

2021 Wellness Expo presented by East

Coast Complementary Health. Meet

Wellness Practitioners, Artists and

Authors for a day full of Inspiration

and ways to Cultivate a Healthy Lifestyle.

Free demos & intro classes to a

combined Art/Yoga session, Book signings,

Sacred Living Solutions and much

more. Cost: $5 admission. Holiday Inn

& Suites, 2225 Boundary Str, Beaufort.




Claire Chapin Epps Claire Family Chapin Epps YMCA

Family 5000 Claire Chapin Epps Dr.

5000 Claire Chapin Epps Myrtle Beach Dr. SC 29588

For a better Myrtle us. Beach SC 2958843.449.9622


For a better us.

April 2021


ongoing events


Acupuncture Therapy Plus – 8am-5pm.

Patrick Giguere, LAc., Reiki Master, and

Medical Qigong practitioner offers healing

modalities incorporating the mind’s connection

to health and wellness. Cost: $80/hour.

Healing Leaves Holistic Ctr, 1015 S Kerr

Ave, Wilmington.


Build Your Own Adventure: Earth Day

2021 – Times vary. April 1-30. The Wilmington

Earth Day Alliance is creating a onestop

shop for Earth Day and Earth-friendly

happenings all through April. Visit Wilming to find participating

places and events—some virtual and some

in-person. This year’s Earth Day theme is

“Restore Our Earth.”

Hypnotherapy – 8am-5pm. Amber Law

Inner Guidance Hypnotherapist. Client centered,

Transpersonal, Clinical & Regression

Hypnotherapy. Every session tailored towards

individual. Cost: $80/session. Healing Leaves

Holistic Ctr, 1015 S Kerr Ave, Wilmington. 910-660-8127.

Massage Therapy – 8am-5pm. George

Dorman, LMT, offers deep tissue, Swedish,

trigger points, sports, prenatal and more. Call

to schedule appointment. Cost: $70/$100,

30/60 min. Healing Leaves Holistic Ctr, 1015

S Kerr Ave, Wilmington. HealingLeavesNC.

com. 910-660-8127.

Therapy & Coaching – 8am-5pm. Tomoka

Iwamoto integrates Eastern and Western

therapies. Call to schedule appointment.

Cost: $85/$125, 30/60 min. Healing Leaves

Holistic Ctr, 1015 S Kerr Ave, Wilmington. 910-660-8127.

Spring Day Market – 10am-5pm. Annual

Spring Day Market featuring local artists,

crafters, psychics, healers and much more.

Admission free. Vendors have own pricing/

cash payments preferred. Blue Lagoon Wellness

Center, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington.

910-685-2795. BlueLagoonWellness


Sunday Morning Circle – 9:30-10:30am.

Via Zoom. Unity Minister, Rev. Marilynn

Mattox, facilitates book dialog, “Finding

Yourself in Transition,” authored by Unity

Minister, Robert Brumet. Zoom meeting link, meeting

ID 883 3679 9360, password 066467.


Intuitive Psychic, Oracle & Mediumship

Readings with Anaswara Erica – 10am-

5pm. Natural born intuitive reader, Anaswara

Erica offers readings using her innate gifts

to heal. As a life coach, she can help you

find your highest purpose in life or help you

ground through the difficulties you are facing.

Starts at $35. Madame Meerkat’s Cabinet of

Curiosities, 1001 S Kerr Ave, Wilmington.

Sunday Service – 11am. Live Stream only.

Live stream on Unity Myrtle Beach Facebook

or recorded via YouTube afterwards. For

more information call 843-238-8516 or visit

Heart Math – 1-5pm. HearthMath session

with Lana Buecker/Certified HearthMath

Mentor. Understand the relationship between

emotions, stress, performance, and health.

Cost: $110/60-minute session. Blue Lagoon

Wellness Ctr, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington. 910-685-



BeU Flash Flow – 6-7am. Integrates the

core principles of traditional hot Bikram

yoga with a Vinyasa power flow. Practiced

in 105°F and 50% humidity room. BeUn 910-399-4882.

Yo-Chi – 9:30-10:30am. Work isometrically

for stability in yoga asanas/poses and move

isotonically for mobility in Tai Chi. Cost:

$12 Drop-in. Island Healing Chiropractic,

8809 E Oak Island Dr, Oak Island. Island- 910-278-5877.

Yoga for Moms + Crawlers – 10:45-

11:30am. With Hillary Carlisle. For moms

with little ones this yoga class is designed

just for you. Round up around the little

ones in a circle of yoga flow love. Limited

class size register early. Cost: $15 drop-in.

Movement Works, 9500 Ocean Hwy W,

Calabash. @GreatLoveHealth on FB/IG.


Mat-Based Pilates – 9:30-10:30am. Pilates

improves flexibility, builds strength and

develops control and endurance of the entire

body. Cost: $12 Drop-in. Island Healing

Chiropractic, 8809 E Oak Island Dr, Oak



Psychic Michelle Wells – 10:30am-3:30-

pm. I’ve used my “knowing” and energy

to heal before I ever knew that was a thing.

Cost: $50/$75/$110, 15/30/60 minutes. Blue

Lagoon Wellness Ctr, 1202 Floral Pkwy,

Wilmington. BlueLagoonWellnessCenter.

com. 910-685-2795.

Indigo Mom’s – 6:30-8pm. 2nd Tuesday.

With Michelle Wells. Support group. Cost:

$20. Blue Lagoon Wellness Ctr, 1202 Floral

Pkwy, Wilmington. BlueLagoonWellness 910-685-2795.

Yoga Off the Mat – 7-8pm. Beginning April

13, 4-week introductory series to Ayurvedic

nutrition led by Hillary Carlisle. Cost: Sliding

scale tuition. Visit YogaOTM/Ayurveda.

com for details.


BeU Salty Flow Ocean Side – 7:30-

8:30am. Enjoy BeUnlimited Yoga’s signature

sequence the BeU Flow over crystal

waters with sun kissed, salty skin. Cost: $10

drop-in. Crystal Pier @ Oceanic Restaurant,

703 Lumina Ave, Wrightsville Beach. 910-399-4882.

Psychic Debbie Turner – 10am-3:30pm.

Choose full-hour 10 crystal, 5-stone or

3-stone readings. Cost: $50/$90, 30/60

minutes. Blue Lagoon Wellness Ctr, 1202

Floral Pkwy, Wilmington.


UnityMB Bookgroup – 12:30-1:30pm.

Dialog on Spiritual and Metaphysical books.

Read, dialog, insights, community, and support.

Cost: Love Offering. US02web.zoom.

us/j/88336799360 * Meeting ID: 883 3679

9360 * Password: 066467

Qigong Can Change your Life – 7:30pm.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese energy art that

combines focus, concentration, visualization,

physical movement and specific breathing

patterns to promote the balance flow of

the vital life force which the Chinese refer

to as Qi. For pricing and to register, visit Myrtle Beach.


Unity Conversation Circles – 10:30-

11:30am. Facilitators: Margaret and David

Hiller. Cost: Love Offering. Outside under

the pavilion. Unity Myrtle Beach, 6173

Salem Rd, Myrtle Beach (off Hwy 707,

near St. James High School.) 843-238-8516.

Psychic Mystic Karen – 11am-3:30pm.

Intuitive, Vedic Palmist, Tarot Reader and

38 SE North Carolina & Serving Myrtle Beach


Fee for classifieds is $25 (up to 20

words) + $1 per word over 20 words.

To place listing, email content to


com. Deadline is the 10th of the month.



ING: We are seeking people who are

passionate about health and wellness to

sell advertising for Natural Awakenings

magazine. And, tech- savvy people who

want to help businesses grow with online

target marketing on big brand sites/Impressions

Digital Marketing; a division

of Natural Awakenings. A supplemental

income (commission based). Outside

sales experience preferred. Please call:

609-915-2033 or email:

Try to be a rainbow

in someone’s cloud.

~Maya Angelou

Psychic Medium. Call to schedule. Cost:

$55/$100, 30/60 minutes. Blue Lagoon

Wellness Ctr, 1202 Floral Pkwy, Wilmington.


Rune & Oracle Readings with Roger

Lockshier – 10am-2:30pm. Roger is a Shaman,

Healer, & Ritualist, offering an

array of services. Including rune/Oracle readings,

healing sessions, & so much more.

Starts at $55. Madame Meerkat’s Cabinet of

Curiosities, 1001 S Kerr Ave, Wilmington.


Foundation to Flow – 9-10am. 8-week

course. Whether you have never stepped on

a mat before or you are looking to refine your

current practice, this series is for you. Cost:

$12 Drop-in. Island Healing Chiropractic,

8809 E Oak Island Dr, Oak Island. Island 910-278-5877.

Friday Psychic Eileen & Great Oak –

11am-4:30pm. Ability to speak to your

loved ones who have passed over. Cost:

$75/$110/$160, 30/60/90 minutes. Blue

Lagoon Wellness Ctr, 1202 Floral Pkwy,

Wilmington. Blue Lagoon Wellness Center.

com. 910-685-2795.


Monica the Maiden Minx – 2:30-6:30pm.

Utilizes 4 decks to guide, heal and empower

individuals. Magick Manifestation

Sessions also available and include full

reading, custom carved spell candle and

supplies. Starts at $30. Madame Meerkat’s

Cabinet of Curiosities, 1001 S Kerr Ave,


The Earth is what we all

have in common.

~Wendell Berry




1-800-432-JOIN (5646)

Photo © David Schrichte


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