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IGD Building services is a contractor company that covers Surrey country area. It has a team of builders and home renovators that provides all types of repairs that a house may need. The company offers kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, painting, decorating as well as extension and loft conversion.
Address: 339 Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon CR5 3BZ, UK; Phone: 447706446161
Website: https://igdbuilding.co.uk/

IGD Building Services



IGD Building Services

IGD Building is a UK renovating company

that has been around since 2004. It started

out as a small business serving a single

area. Today, after more than a decade of

operation, it has expanded its reach to

many districts like Banstead, Sutton,

Chipstead, Kenley, Mitcham, Cheam,

Croydon, Coulsdon, Streatham, Epsom,

Morden, Wallington, and Purley. There are

several services available.


Home Renovation

The contractor offers home renovation which covers a wide

range of services for both minor and greater projects. The

team inspects the building and interviews the customers to

get the gist of their goals and expectations. Then, they come

up with an overall plan that they run by the owner to make

sure every aspect of the job is covered.

With that out of the way, the technicians can now lay out the

foundations of the project. Every member follows a strict

agenda that starts with the demolition of walls, getting rid of

old furniture, and prepping the premises for the building


Toward the end of the process, the workers do an ultimate

inspection of the property and any final touch-ups before

handing the keys to the owners.



Kitchen Renovation

IGD Building can enhance the functionality and appearance of

every kitchen by implementing its ideas to the existing layout.

The team writes down everything that the customer wants to

have in the heart of their home and the style they want to

incorporate. Adding in their own ideas, they help homeowners

understand how to make the most of their revamp without

wasting valuable space.

Both small and big jobs are made available such as painting and

decorating, dismantling of old appliances and kitchen units,

installation of drawers and cabinets, laying flooring, and much

more. Other than physical work, the team can also handle the

design of the room.

An essential aspect is setting the budget and complying with it. If

additional work like drywall and plumbing is needed, this will

affect the bill and may require that corrections are made to the

other stages.



Bathroom Renovation

IBD takes pride in its bathroom renovation

service. It includes plumbing and wiring work,

design, painting and decorating, installation of

tiles, cabinetry, and electrical fixtures, as well

as demolition and cleaning. Each job is tasked

to someone from the company who specialises

in the required niche. This ensures that the

entire project is tackled professionally without

any glitches or imperfections.


Extension & Loft conversion

IBD delivers four types of loft conversion to suit

different needs. The professionals first evaluate

the property to find out if the loft can be

converted in the first place. From there, they

assess the extent of the changes that can be

made and see if they concur with the customer's

needs and desires. If an agreement is reached,

the designated team starts working on the

project. This could involve anything from

obtaining the necessary permits to tumbling

down walls and installing insulation.




Painting & Decorating

For all the people who do not want to do any major building work but would

rather refresh their walls with a new coat of paint, IBD is eager to lend a

helping hand with its standalone painting and decorating product. It is not

limited to residential buildings as the company is happy to serve

commercial establishments too. One can have it as part of their bathroom

and kitchen renovation, or as a separate service.

Although some homeowners prefer to do the job themselves because they

want to save some pennies, the majority of fellows don't know how to do it

or don't want to get their hands dirty. Thus, they hire IBD.

IBD always strives to answer individual questions and queries and provide

information about its service in an understandable manner. It gives

customers a heads up about any work that should be executed and the

potential costs it carries. The entire process from planning to putting the

project into action and completing the job is discussed in advance with the

client and also during the renovation on an as needed basis.


339 Chipstead Valley Road,

Coulsdon, UK

7706 446161



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