The Town Common

By Stewart Lytle, Reporter


NEWBURYPORT – It looked like

just another busy day at the Plum Island

Roasters Coffee House last Friday.

A steady stream of coffee lovers

poured in for a better-than-normal

day. Owner Bruce Vogel was behind

the counter, serving coffee, bantering

with regulars and complaining about

the Jack Johnson soft rock songs playing

on the radio.

The casual observer would hardly

know there was a battle raging to

Photo Courtesy of Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson is running from coast to coast.

Join Mike and

The Town Common

On a Run

Across America


keep the popular waterfront coffee

shop from being evicted. The New

England Development Corp. (NED),

which owns that section of the Newburyport

waterfront, told Vogel to vacate

by March 31.

“I am amazed that we are at the

point that I am going to be evicted,”

Vogel said, repeating the word amazed

several times for emphasis.

The notice to leave, after 15 years,

is not for lack of rent payment. The

Roasters is current on its rent and

having its best year in 2020 and well

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 Vol. 17, No. 24

By Stewart Lytle,



Gary Gastman suggested to

his Link House board that the

addiction recovery and treatment

organization should

open its first out-patient facility,

he projected that the

Amesbury Center for Behavioral

Health and Addiction

Treatment Services would

treat about 150 clients in the

first year of operation.

That was a few months in

late 2019 before the Covid-19

Pandemic hit. At the beginning of

2021, the center (CBHATS) has treated

three times the number of patients

and is adding more therapists and another

recovery coach who is accessible

to clients who feel they need some help

not to pick up a bottle.

“It was a logical step forward,” Gastman

said last week, as he looked back

on the decision to open the sixth Link

House treatment facility. “We were in

the right position to help.”

The Pandemic has been hard on

those prone to drink too much or pop

pills. During the last year, people had

to stop going to in-person AA meetings.

Remote meetings may be good

with grandparents, but they are not as

effective for staying sober as is being

By Stewart Lytle, Reporter

there. “They miss their friends,” said

Christine Turner, the Link House Senior

Director of Services.

REGIONAL — Michael Wilson is running 3,250

miles from the Santa Monica, CA pier to the Newburyport

waterfront to raise money for Lucy’s Love Bus in

reached epidemic levels in Massa-

“Substance use disorders have

Amesbury that serves children and adults with cancer.

chusetts, specifically right here in our

Wilson, 28, who lives in Eliot, ME and works as a

neighborhood,” Gastman wrote in the

personal trainer in Portsmouth, NH, expects his Run

current annual report. “We are often at

Across America to take 80 days, running 40 miles per

capacity with waiting lists and are looking

for ways to increase our footprint to

day, mostly on backroads. He said he planned to run at

a slow pace to minimize injuries.

service the growing demand.”

Pick up The Town Common each week to follow

The proliferation of fentanyl-laced

Mike on his heroic effort to raise money for his favorite

charity. To keep his growing number of fans and

heroin has made the addition challenge

far more severe, Gastman said.

supporters informed on his progress, he has offered to

Despite the limitations of remote AA

Run, page 3 for business, government and talking meetings. Turner started a Wednesday Link House, page 3

Plum Island Roasters Fights to Stay Open

ahead during the first quarter, despite

the Pandemic that restricted the number

of customers who can be inside.

NED has announced it will lease

the building at 54-56R Merrimac St.

to the Fleury Group, a New Hampshire

seacoast restaurant and bar

chain, that wants to bring Luchos, a

Mexican food restaurant to the Newburyport


Asked why his month-to-month

lease is being terminated, Vogel said,

Coffee, page 2


Link House On the Front Line

of Addiction Epidemic

Stewart Lytle / The Town Common

Link leaders (from left), Dr. Gary Gastman, Kate Dodge, Diane

Cestrone and Christine Turner.

drop in where about a dozen

women gather on weekly on

what Turner jokes looks like

the old “Hollywood Squares”

television show to work on

keeping themselves together.

The CBHATS is also

working with the Amesbury

Council on Aging to provide

coaching for the elderly who

are even more isolated during

the Pandemic than normal.

“Addiction is a disease

of isolation. The Pandemic

has been challenging,”

Turner said. “Link House

is a safety net.”

The stress of working from home or

not being employed has driven many to

drink or take pills. But Turner worries

that the return to work once the vaccines

protect more people will be just

as stressful.

There is no reliable sales data on

opioids, but the Pandemic has clearly

been good for liquor sales. According

to Nielsen's market data, total alcohol

sales outside of bars and restaurants

have surged roughly 24 percent during

the pandemic. The sales of spirits with

higher alcohol content rose even faster,

a more than 27 percent increase over

last year.

Stewart Lytle / The Town Common

Bruce Vogel at work at the P.I. Roasters Coffee House

Page 2

April 7, 2021

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Bruce Vogel at work at the P.I. Roasters Coffee House

Plum Island

Roasters Fights

to Stay Open

Coffee, from page 1

“It feels personal. They don’t like

Bruce Vogel. Of course, I could be


He believes the planned eviction

may be retaliation again him because

of his role as At-Large City

Councilor. “I shared an opinion

with them about their Waterfront

West project to help them

understand what the community

was saying.” Being recused on the

project from any Council action,

he expressed his opinion directly

to NED.

NED asked the city to approve

Waterfront West, a large mixeduse

development on the waterfront

land it owns. The plans for

the multi-story buildings were

eventually withdrawn when the

project ran into significant opposition.

Vogel said he and NED, which

owns the boatyard adjacent, tied

up over several business issues.

Calling the Roasters a “stepchild,”

he said the issues between NED

and the Roasters involved unattended

closing of the boat yard for

hours, cement-bucketed parking

signs being blown down and denting

cars of Roasters’ customers,

stored boats blocking parking for

the coffee house and trash collection.

“Never once was my request for

a meeting to find a solution answered,”

he said.

Vogel said he was blindsided

with the 45-day notice to vacate

“during the middle of a morning

rush.” At the time, he thought that

Stewart Lytle / The Town Common

community support would change

NED’s mind.

A petition drive to

save the Roasters generated almost

16,000 signatures in support of

keeping the Roasters where it is.

There are only 18,000 residents

in Newburyport. Vogel said, “the

support has come from throughout

the surrounding North Shore,

the Merrimac Valley, the entire

state, the entire country and from

around the world – literally.”

“NED does not care,” he said.

Vogel hoped Al Fleury, owner

of the New Hampshire restaurant

group, might care and work with

him to keep the Roasters open as

part of the new restaurant. But on

Saturday, Vogel said Fleury had

made it clear he had no interest

in incorporating the coffee house

into his new Mexican restaurant.

In what he admitted was probably

a “Hail Mary” pass, Vogel

envisioned having the Roasters

serving coffee in the mornings,

“then transform to a warm and

welcoming ancillary setting in the

evening. The latte bar can remain

open or not, beer; wine and cordials

can be served, and perhaps

a specialty coffee cocktail can be

introduced as part of (the Luchos)

brand - much the same way as

Irish coffee brands The Buena Vista

restaurant in San Francisco.”

In that way, the 3,000 loyal card

holders for the coffee shop and the

rest of the 175,000 people that

come through the doors each year

could readily become Luchos customers,

he said.

That Hail Mary pass was batted


April 7, 2021

Page 3

Link House On the Front

Line of Addiction Epidemic

Link House, from page 1

Quarantine cocktail parties

became an in-thing. States like

Massachusetts left liquor stores

open as essential businesses like

gas stations, pharmacies and grocery

stores, while it closed others.

Some states allowed bars to make

home deliveries or sell liquor off


"I get worried when people

think about alcohol as a tool to

unwind, a tool to cope with stress

and anxiety," Dr. Lorenzo Leggio,

a researcher with the National

Institute on Alcohol Abuse and

Alcoholism, told National Public


Link House, which serves clients

from all walks of life, will soon celebrate

its 50th year helping people

recover from addictions. It has

served more than 6,000 people in

North Shore communities.

The John Ashford Link House

was founded in 1972 by a group of

North Shore residents to help men

at a time when many Vietnam veterans

had come home struggling

with addictions. Link House was

only the fourth licensed residential

treatment program in the state.

It offers treatment in 125 beds

in the Elms and Progress houses

in Amesbury, the Maris Center for

Women in Salisbury and most recently

the Women’s Independent

Sober Housing (WISH) in Newburyport.

The budget has grown

in recent years from $1.3 million

to $2.4 million, Gastman said.

The majority of funding, more

than 60 percent in 2019, came

from state contracts. Client treatment

fees amounted to 27 percent.

Another 8 percent came

from earned income. And 2 percent

from donations.

With the help of the 12-member

board, Gastman is hopeful that

the Link House can increase its

private donations in the next few

years. Last year, the organization

benefitted from two anonymous

donors who backed a matching

campaign that attracted support

from 91 donors, in its Links of

Hope challenge, raising a total of


To support the Link House,

Inc., visit

Join Mike and The Town Common

On a Run Across America

Run, from page 1

send us photos and commentary

along his route.

Lucy's Love Bus, a non-profit

organization, offers free integrative

therapies such as acupuncture, reiki

and massage to help balance the effects

of traditional cancer treatments.

Mike’s efforts are already raising

money. Planet Fitness donated

600 “awesome” t-shirts to help

raise $12,000 for childhood cancer,

Lucy’s Love Bug announced.

“Buy yours today and wear it

proudly knowing that every penny

of your purchase will go to Lucy's

Love Bus and MaxLove Project!”

The shirts can be purchased for

$20 at


The MaxLove Project is a California-based

program similar to

Lucy’s Love Bus.

Mike’s run, which should begin

this week, was delayed a few days

when all of his equipment – his

jogging stroller, shoes, maps and

satellite communicator – were

burned up in a car after it was

involved in an accident in Santa

Monica. The car, driven by Mike’s

girlfriend, Pauline November, was

damaged when two vehicles ahead

of her stopped short, causing the

accident. When the police officer

asked her to turn the car back on

so it could be moved out of the

road, a spark set the car ablaze.

Pauline’s leg was hurt, but she is

otherwise fine. Her brother, Adam

November, started a GoFundMe

page, which raised more than its

$5,500 goal in less than 24 hours

to buy the burned equipment in

time for the run to begin.

“I’m off to REI to replace my

equipment,” Mike said.

Mike, who has been close to

Lucy’s Love Bus since he was a

teenager, started his run with six

local sponsors. In addition to the

Portsmouth Planet Fitness, sponsors

include True North Ale Co. in

Ipswich, Wire By Ryan in Byfield,

Marge Bar and The Juicery in

Newburyport and Vincent Bianco

Custom Catering in Peabody.

To join in supporting Mike’s

Run Across America for Lucy’s

Love Bus, donate at

The Collector’s Eye & Route 1 Antiques

Come support over 100+

small businesses.

Antique & Vintage gifts of all kinds.

Dealers welcome. Tax Free, NH

The Collector’s Eye

132 Portsmouth Avenue,

Stratham, NH


Route 1 Antiques

106 Lafayette Road

Hampton Falls, NH




- Pain Relief for

Common Conditions

- Gentle * Correcting *

State of the Art

25 Years of Experience


To speak with the doctor

» Covered by Most Insurance

» 130 County Road, Ipswich, MA







Page 4

April 7, 2021

Community News



Monthly Fraud

Watch Update

For April

Did you know that someone’s

identity gets stolen every

two seconds? The AARP Fraud

Watch Network provides you

with tips and resources to

help you spot and avoid identity

theft and fraud so you can

protect yourself and your family.

The watchdog alerts will

keep you up to date on con

artists’ latest tricks. It’s free of

charge for everyone: AARP

members, non-members, and

people of all ages. If you can

spot a scam, you can stop a

scam. Report scams to local

law enforcement. Contact the

AARP Fraud Watch Network

by visiting:

fraudwatchnetwork for more

information on fraud prevention.

The AARP Fraud Watch

Network receives real-time

alerts about the latest scams,

tips on how to spot them, and

the inside scoop on how con

artists think so you can outsmart

them before they strike.

The nationwide scam tracking

map gives you access to

a network of people who've

spotted scams and the opportunity

to pass along your own

experiences, so together we

can beat con artists at their

own game. Get connected to a

real live person trained in how

to avoid fraud and advise you

if you or a loved one has been

scammed by calling our fraud

hotline or attending a forum

in your community. Free for

Everyone. Anyone, of any age,

can access the resources at no





A key part of being able to

spot a scam is knowing the

red flags – those signs that

suggest that what you’re confronting

may not be legitimate.

One of the biggest red

flags these days is anyone who

tries to convince you that you

owe some debt or other obligation,

and the quickest way

to address the issue is to purchase

gift cards and share the

information off the back.

Why gift cards? First, they

are readily available. You see

them at your grocery store, department

store, and hardware

store. Second, it’s a way that

criminals can get your money

instantly and the money is

easy to move around. As soon

as a target sends the numbers

to the gift card they’ve purchased,

the criminal is able to

convert it to currency in an

instant. Not surprisingly, the

Federal Trade Commission reports

that gift cards have been

the most common form of

payment in scams since 2018.

Anytime you are directed to

pay a debt or other obligation

with a gift card, it is a scam.




Tax time is here again and so

are the IRS impostors! Scammers

posing as IRS agents or

Treasury Department officials

are out there once again, calling

to convince taxpayers that

they owe back taxes and face

immediate arrest. Know this:

the IRS will initially contact

you through the mail if you

owe back taxes. If you receive

an unexpected phone call, an

email or a text indicating it’s

from the IRS, do not engage.

Report the scam attempt to

the IRS at 800-366-4484 or

visit: If you

receive an email, forward it to

the IRS at,

and then delete it.



2020 was the year of new

twists on scams. There were

COVID testing scams, miracle

cure scams, stimulus scams

and vaccine scams, but one

scam stood out above them

all. The Social Security impostor


Social Security impostor

scams continue to be the most

prevalent in the United States.

In 2020, the Social Security

Office of Inspector General

received well over 700,000

reports of Social Security impostor

scams, and 70% of

the calls to the AARP Fraud

Watch Network Helpline

were related to Social Security

Community Announcements,

page 5

Brighter smiles ...

Where Do You Get Your Dental News?

By J. Peter St. Clair, DMD

In an online report I recently

read in a journal that was forwarded

to me by a patient, they listed

9 “healthy” habits that they claim

are a waste of time. Three of them

had to do with oral health. Let’s

take a look.

The first on the waste of time

list was to see your dentist twice

per year. I have seen this reported

somewhere else in the media recently.

According to the authors,

close to 30 studies have apparently

found no conclusive evidence

supporting a need to see a dentist

every 6 months. They went on to

say, “If your teeth and gums are

healthy, once per year is enough to

catch developing problems.”

I absolutely agree. There are

definitely people who only need

to see a dentist/hygienist once per

year. Most dentists use a classification

system to rate a patient’s

periodontal (gum) health. Type

I patients are the ones that only

need to see a dentist once per year.

They are healthy, they have good

homecare habits and are low risk

for disease. In the average dental

practice, I would say this is about

10-15% of the population.

Type II patients are those with

gingivitis and should be seen twice

per year. This group makes up

about 50% of the typical dental

patient population. Many of these

patients could move into the Type

I group if they had better homecare

habits and technique.

Type III & IV patients are the

remaining 30-35% of the population

who should be seen every 3 or

4 months, and in some cases even

more frequently. Because of genetics

and/or bad habits, this group

has active disease and is at highrisk

for problems.

Let’s also not forget the other

50% of the population who don’t

even visit a dentist once per year.

While I think there are people

who can be healthy and see a dentist

once per year, it is irresponsible

to make it seem that it pertains

to everyone. The only one who

can determine how healthy you

are is your dentist. It should be up

to you and the dentist you trust.

The #7 waste of time reported

was to use a hard toothbrush. According

to the report, a soft one

cleans your teeth just as well and

is less damaging to your teeth and

gums. This is old news and is true.

The next one shocked me. The

#8 waste of time – brushing and

flossing twice per day. According

to the authors, everyone only

needs to visit the dentist once

per year and brush and floss one

time per day. They recommend

brushing for at least 2 minutes

before you go to bed and flossing

one time per day. They also mentioned

that people who did not

floss frequently (whatever that

means) are 3 times more likely to

develop stomach cancer. I am assuming

the author is relating lack

of flossing to getting periodontal

(gum) disease. More recent research

is showing that, “Risk factors

for precancerous lesions and

gastric cancer are being identified,

one of which may be periodontal

disease”. Although lack of flossing

does not automatically cause gum

disease, poor oral health is clearly

a risk factor for other health problems.

Here’s the bottom line:

1. Establish a relationship with

a dentist you are comfortable with

and trust. Determine with that

person how frequently you should

be seen.

2. Use a good quality soft electric

toothbrush. Get instructions

on proper use from your hygienist.

3. Brush at least twice per day,

preferably at least 30 minutes after

meals. Floss at night before you


It is as simple as that.

Dr. St. Clair maintains a private

dental practice in Rowley and Newburyport

dedicated to health-centered

family dentistry. If there are certain

topics you would like to see written

about or questions you have please

email them to him at jpstclair@ You can view all

previously written columns at www.

April 7, 2021 Page 5

Community News

Community Announcements,

from page 4


Remember, the real Social

Security Administration will

not call you unless you are already

in discussions with the

agency on a particular issue.

They certainly won’t threaten

to cut off your benefits or

seek to “help” with an identity

theft problem. Anyone who

does is NOT from the Social

Security Administration.




The ongoing remote world

we’re living in has many of us

getting used to doing more of

our activities virtually. When

we can’t be face to face, it

makes for rich targets for adept


One trending scam is when

a criminal impersonates clergy.

The crook spoofs the

e-mail address of a given faith

leader and sends a message to

a congregant requesting a favor.

They will claim they are

busy or out of town and just

need you to purchase a dozen

gift cards that will be used to

help congregants in need. All

you need to do is buy them

(say, $100 each) and email a

picture of the front and back

of the cards. And of course,

you will be reimbursed.

If you’re ever asked to do a

favor like this, take a pause

and think, “Would this person

really ask me to do this?”

Contact the person yourself

and get validation they are

who they say they are. And if

Licensed & Insured

the request was for gift cards,

you’ll learn it was a scam attempt.

If you can spot a scam,

you can stop a scam. Report

scams to local law enforcement.

For help from AARP,

call 1-877-908-3360 or visit

the AARP Fraud Watch Network


April at The

House of the

Seven Gables

Free Estimates



Home & Office

Home: 978-887-5819 Cell: 617-505-7445

The House of the Seven

Gables officially opened as

a museum and settlement

house on April 30, 1910.

Caroline Emmerton restored

the famed mansion and capitalized

on the fame of Nathaniel

Hawthorne to fund

her settlement house. The

settlement house provided a

slew of services to immigrants

in Salem and specifically the

historic Derby Street neighborhood.

Today, staff and

visitors continue Emmerton’s


In April, the historic gardens

shake the winter away.

The month starts with the

tulips popping from the

ground and buds clustering

on the trees. By the end of

the month, the site is awash

in spring colors set against

the blue backdrop of Salem


Visitors from near and far

also shake off their winter

jackets and find their way to

Salem in the spring. April is

always a reawakening in our

fair city as people dine outside

again, shop in one-ofa-kind

stores, and discover

how Salem made its mark as

a cornerstone of American


The doors opened to

the public on April 2. The

hours for the month are

Friday through Monday

10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Visitors

will be able to choose from

a Grounds Pass [link] or

Semi-Private Guided Tour

[link] to soak up the history

of the National Historic

Landmark District. For

full details about the 2021

experience, learn about

COVID-19 guidelines and

precautions, and purchase

your advance tickets visit:

Career and




transition to

fully in-person


The Massachusetts Association

of Vocational Administrators

share The Department

of Elementary and Secondary

Education (DESE) updated

guidance on April 1 for culinary

and cosmetology programs

as schools statewide

continue to plan for a transition

to fully in-person learning.

"By reopening school operated

restaurants and salons,

students in these programs

once again have the opportunity

to practice not only the

skills they've learned in their

industry, but they also get the

chance to practice employable

skills like service and professionalism.

Those are extremely

valuable learning moments

for young people," Executive

Director Kevin Farr said.

"We're pleased that DESE

has shared this guidance to

support programs prepared to

safely begin serving the public


Essex North Shore Agricultural

Technical High School

Superintendent Heidi Riccio

and Vocational Director Jill

Sawyer, were among multiple

members of MAVA who

participated in the statewide

Community Announcements,

page 6



99 Andover St Georgetown, MA Detached 3 1 9 $345,000 $390,000

7 Moody St Amesbury, MA Detached 3 2 31 $359,900 $362,500

5 Baldpate Rd Georgetown, MA Detached 2 1 20 $377,000 $417,392

5 Lake Attitash Rd Amesbury, MA Detached 2 2 5 $399,900 $440,000

46 Kimball Rd Amesbury, MA Detached 3 2 4 $419,900 $481,000

21 Collins St Amesbury, MA Detached 3 2 4 $469,900 $540,000

34 Farnham Rd Rowley, MA Detached 3 2 14 $489,900 $590,000

2 Dudley Way Ipswich, MA Detached 4 2 20 $559,000 $613,000

7 Everett Newburyport, MA Detached 4 2 42 $599,900 $656,500

180 Main St Rowley, MA Detached 3 2 15 $650,000 $635,000

10 Rivers Edge Dr Rowley, MA Detached 4 3 20 $749,900 $781,000

20 Proctor Dr Topsfield, MA Detached 3 3 36 $774,900 $752,000

3 Doyle Dr Newburyport, MA Detached 3 3 87 $775,000 $789,000

8 Tenneys Court Newbury, MA : Upper Green Detached 1 2 11 $839,900 $862,500

35 Lawrence Rd Boxford, MA Detached 4 4 178 $955,000 $955,000

207 Rowley Bridge Rd Topsfield, MA Detached 4 3 65 $1,049,000 $1,020,000

9 Hawk Hill Ln Ipswich, MA Detached 5 7 172 $1,075,000 $1,025,000

24 Old Rowley Rd Newbury, MA Detached 5 4 163 $1,175,000 $1,175,000

27 Prospect St Topsfield, MA Farm 5 3 107 $1,195,000 $1,095,000

30 Munroe St Newburyport, MA Detached 3 3 14 $1,199,000 $1,250,000

20 Ashland St Newburyport, MA Detached 3 3 29 $1,325,000 $1,315,000

56 Ferry Rd Newburyport, MA Detached 4 4 22 $1,549,000 $1,580,000

101 River Rd Merrimac, MA Detached 4 5 53 $1,575,000 $1,450,000

42 North Ridge Rd Ipswich, MA : Great Neck Detached 3 4 15 $1,850,000 $1,800,000

Keeping You Clean From Floor to Ceiling

Page 6

April 7, 2021

Community News

Community Announcements,

from page 5

committee to provide their

input to DESE as the guidance

was crafted.

The latest updates to the

state's guidance include:

• Culinary programs can

commence serving the public,

fellow students and staff

as long as they are following

state guidelines for restaurants

and DESE's reopening guidance.

Masks will be required

unless one is eating.

• Culinary programs are

also encouraged to continue

offering online ordering services

for curbside pick-up.

• Disinfecting stations must

be available at the front and

back of the dining operation.

• Cosmetology programs

can commence serving the

public, as well as classmates

and staff, as long as they comply

with the state's standards

for close contact personal services

and DESE's reopening

guidance. Services must be

limited, however. Haircuts

and other services are only allowable

as long as people will

not be face-to-face for extended

time periods.

• Students must follow industry

standards including

wearing masks, gloves, gowns

or smocks, and prescription

glasses, safety glasses or goggles.

Patrons will also be required

to wear masks.

Crane Estate


Leads Spring



Caring, Compassionate, Dignified

Service when you need it most.

14 Independent St., Rowley, MA


We Offer:

• Personalized and

Traditional Funerals

• Cremations

• Graveside Services

• Memorial Services

• Advance Planning Options

Jeffrey E. Megna, CFSP


Licensed Funeral Director (Type 3)

The Italian Garden at Castle

Hill in full bloom event.

Crane Estate horticulturist

Beth Walsh will lead an

in-person and hands-on

workshop to learn proper

pruning techniques and the

best strategies to mitigate winter

damage and deer browse.

The workshop will include

discussion of basic pruning,

what to look for when pruning,

tools needed and how to

do the job safely. The workshop

will be held at Castle

Hill on the Crane Estate,

290 Argilla Rd., Ipswich on

Wednesday, April 14, 2021,

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm. Trustees

member: $32. Nonmember:

$40. Advance reservations

and masks are required. Please

visit or

call 978.356.4351 for more


Essex Police

Department Tips

During National

9-1-1 Education


ESSEX - Chief Paul Francis

and the Essex Police share

guidelines and tips to access

help in the midst of an emergency

during National 9-1-1

Education Month.

According to the National

Emergency Number Association,

approximately 240

million calls are made to 911

each year in the United States.

9-1-1 Education Month is

recognized across the country

to conduct outreach and educate

community members on

911 resources and practices.

"We understand that if

you're in a situation where

you need to call 911 for help,

it can be overwhelming, but

the most critical thing to remember

is that you'll need

to be prepared to share your

exact location with the operator

so that first responders can

find you quickly," Chief Francis

said. "We hope the following

tips are useful reminders

for residents, and remember,

we're always here if you need


In order to make sure residents

can access help in an

emergency, Chief Francis is

providing the following safety

tips from the National Association

of State 911 Administrators


Reach 9-1-1 Via Phone OR


Text to 911 is available

across the Commonwealth,

and the Essex Police Department

reminds residents that

911 through messaging is an

alternative to a typical phone


To contact emergency services

by text message, simply

enter 911 in the “To” field of

your mobile device and then

type your message into the

message field. It is the same

process that is used for sending

a regular text message

from your mobile device. It is

important to make every effort

to begin the text message

indicating the town you are in

and provide the best location

information that you can. Individuals

who are deaf, hard

of hearing or in a situation

where speaking is not possible

can benefit from using messaging

services to reach emergency

services, but if possible

a traditional voice call is the

best way to reach 911.

Silent call procedure

If you're unable to communicate

your emergency for any

reason, you can indicate your

need for help by pressing digits

on your telephone's keypad.

If you're unable to communicate

your emergency for any

reason, you can indicate your

need for help by pressing digits

on your telephone's keypad.

Once you've dialed 9-1-1

and an operator has answered,

you can press:

1. if you need police; 2. if

you need fire services; 3. if you

need an ambulance. If you're

asked a question during the

call, you can press:

4. to respond yes; 5 to respond


Know Your Location

With wireless calls, 911 operators

can locate callers, but

more information may be

needed in order for emergency

services to find exact locations.

Be prepared to provide

detailed information on your

location to assist the 911 operator.

Stay Calm and Don’t Hang


Unless instructed to do otherwise,

you should stay on

the line when calling 9-1-1

in order to provide necessary

information to the 911 operator.

Even if you accidentally

dial 9-1-1, you should stay on

the line and inform the operator

that there is no emergency

and that you dialed accidentally.

While on the phone,

please answer the telecommunicator’s

questions. They are

trying to determine whether

or not there is an emergency

or if someone is in need of assistance.



on State


Program for




Georgetown community update

about the state’s homebound

vaccination program,

which launched fully on


The program seeks to ensure

that individuals who

are homebound, and could

not get vaccinated against

COVID-19 otherwise, are

able to receive the vaccine at


To qualify, an individual

must either:

• Require an ambulance or

assistance from two people to

Community Announcements,

page 7

April 7, 2021 Page 7

Community News

Community Announcements,

from page 6

leave their home.

• Be unable to leave their

home for medical appointments

under normal circumstances.

• And/or have considerable

difficulty and/or need significant

support to leave their

home for medical appointments.

This includes people who

are bed bound, have significant

cognitive or behavioral

needs such as dementia or

panic disorder, are frail and

need significant support to

leave the home, and those

who have significant, ongoing

mobility challenges.

The program is not open

to those who are temporarily

homebound or who can leave

their homes with adequate assistance.

Residents are advised that

if they do qualify for the program,

it may take weeks to

receive their first dose of the

vaccine due to limited supplies

and high demand. To

book an at-home vaccination

appointment through the

State Homebound Vaccination

Central Intake Line call


The program is not open to

individuals including those

living in a long-term care facility,

fear leaving their home

due to the pandemic, have a

broken bone, are able to leave

their home with their support

person, or those who

leave home for medical appointments

but are concerned

about visiting a vaccination


Residents can pre register

for an appointment at a

mass vaccination site by visiting:



check for

available vaccination appointments

once eligible by visiting:


gov, and are encouraged to

contact local pharmacies to

learn about vaccination opportunities

as well.

Georgetown residents

can learn the latest about

the COVID-19 situation

in Georgetown by visiting:

Ipswich Shares


on COVID-19


IPSWICH — Town Manager

Anthony Marino and

Director of Public Health

Colleen Fermon provide the

community with information

regarding COVID-19 variants.

As a virus mutates, variants

of that virus will emerge. According

to the Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention

(CDC), there are multiple

variants of the virus that

causes COVID-19 in the

United States and across the


Scientists are currently gathering

and analyzing data regarding

how contagious these

variants are and how severely

ill they can make someone.

"The big takeaway we want

our residents to have when it

comes to variants is they can

be prevented using the same

public health guidance we've

all been following for over a

year now," Director Fermon

said. "Wear your mask, practice

social distancing, stay

home when you don't feel

well and if you're eligible to

get your vaccine, seek out an


Currently, there are three

variants of concern that have

been identified in Massachusetts:

B.1.1.7, which was first

identified in the United Kingdom;

B.1. 351, which was

first identified in South Africa;

and Variant P.1., which

was first identified in Brazil.

It is believed that these three

variants are highly contagious

and spread quickly.

According to the CDC,

in Massachusetts there have

been 712 identified cases of

someone who contracted the

B.1.1.7. variant, 12 people

Community Announcements,

page 8

Prepare for unexpected

power outages with a

Generac standby generator




7-Year Extended Warranty*

A $695 Value!

Offer valid February 15 - June 6, 2021

Special Financing Available

Subject to Credit Approval

*To qualify, consumers must request a quote, purchase, install and

activate the generator with a participating dealer. Call for a full list

of terms and conditions.

Page 8

April 7, 2021

Community News

Community Announcements,

from page 7

who contracted the B.1.351

variant and 58 people who

contracted the P. 1 variant, as

of April 1.

Residents are advised that

they should continue practicing

COVID-19 prevention

measures to protect themselves

from these variants.

This includes wearing a mask

whenever in public, practicing

social distancing by staying

six feet away from those who

do not live in your household,

washing your hands regularly

and thoroughly with soap

and water, and staying home

when feeling ill.

Residents are also reminded

that getting the COVID-19

vaccine once you become eligible

will help protect you,

as well as your family, friends,

coworkers, and community

from COVID-19. According

to the World Health Organization,

COVID-19 vaccines

may not be as effective at preventing

someone from contracting

and falling ill from a

variant of COVID-19, however

they should still provide

some protection.

The general public becomes

eligible for vaccination on

April 19. To find an appointment:

• Pre Register by visiting:


gov/#/ to be notified when

it's your turn to schedule an

appointment at a mass vaccination

site. The closest mass

vaccination site is at the DoubleTree

Hotel in Danvers.

• Visit https://vaxfinder. to search for appointments

at pharmacies,

health care providers, and

other community locations

For the latest COVID-19

updates for the Town of Ipswich,



Yard Waste

Facility open for

the season

The Yard Waste Facility will

be opened on Tuesday, April 6

this year. It will be open Tuesdays-

Saturdays from 7:30

AM -2.30 PM.

• To order your resident

sticker visit: www.Cityof-

Click on the Online Services


Click on Online Payments


Click on Order Now for

Yard Waste stickers.

Stickers will be mailed within

3 to 5 business days. You

can print a receipt or copy the

confirmation number to use

as proof of purchase until the

sticker arrives.

Landscapers with three or

more properties, will need a

Landscaper Permit to use the

facility. This annual permit

(April – December) can be purchased

at Newburyport City

Hall for $250. Please call 978-

465-4410 for an application.

Leaf Pick-up

Curbside leaf pick-Saturday,

May 1 and Saturday,

May 15. Bags with materials

other than leaves will be left

behind. Have leaves in paper

leaf bags, or leaves in labeled

barrels, out by 7 a.m. Please

fold bags over at the top.

Composting Food Scraps

Get your food waste/compostables

picked up or do it

yourself with a discounted

backyard composter. Newburyporters

can choose by

visiting BlackEarthCompost.

com or

to have their food

scraps picked up curbside or

purchase an Earth Machine

($25 for Newburyport residents

only) at the Yard Waste


For additional information

visit: www.cityofnewburyport.

com or call 978-465-4410 Ext.

Ipswich Fire


Awarded $15,000

Grant for Safety


IPSWICH —The Ipswich

Fire Department is one of

nearly 300 fire departments

across the state to have been

awarded a grant as part of the

Department of Fire Services

Fiscal Year 2021 Firefighter

Safety Equipment Grant Program.

The $15,000 grant awarded

to the Ipswich Fire Department

will be used to purchase

a vehicle mounted repeater

system for Engines 2 and 4

which will strengthen and

help better transmit portable

radio communications.

"Concise and clear communications

between the

dispatch center and fire personnel

is key to a successful

outcome," Chief Andy Theriault

said. "The vehicle repeater

system will improve portable

radio coverage in those

areas of Town where it is lacking


This program enables fire

departments to purchase a

variety of equipment that will

make firefighters’ jobs safer.

The $4 million awarded to departments

statewide is part of

a $25 million bond bill filed

by the Baker-Polito Administration

to support firefighter

health and safety over the next

five years.

Fire departments in Massachusetts

were able to apply to

this program for 114 different

types of eligible equipment,

including personal protective

clothing, gear washers

and dryers, thermal imaging

cameras, assorted hand tools

and extrication equipment,

Community Announcements,

page 9

April 7, 2021 Page 9

Community News

Community Announcements,

from page 8

communications resources,

hazardous gas meters, fitness

equipment and more.

“Investing in the short-term

and long-term health and

safety of firefighters has been

a hallmark of the Baker-Polito

Administration,” said State

Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey.

“I am grateful that we are able

to continue supporting this

initiative and make sure that

firefighters not only go home

safe at the end of every shift,

but also that they maintain

their health during and after

their careers. This funding

couldn’t come at a better

time either. With the financial

challenges that COVID-19

has brought to so many Massachusetts

municipalities, this

grant funding will mitigate

critical budget gaps in many



Opens for

Virtual Camp

Stepping Stones


online activities

help children

and families

cope with

the death of

someone close

Danvers – Care Dimensions

will hold its 20th annual

Camp Stepping Stones, a special

opportunity for children

and their families to connect

with other grieving families,

to honor and remember those

who have died, and have some

fun. This year, with COVID

precautions in mind, Camp

Stepping Stones will be a

mostly virtual event with five

days of activities planned.

On day one, families have

the option to participate in a

safe, in-person, outdoor family

activity at Glen Urquhart

School campus in Beverly.

July 17: Families have the

option to meet Camp staff,

participate in an in-person

family activity, and pick up

their supplies for the week.

(Safety measures will be communicated

to families prior to

arrival and we will mail supplies

to those families who do

not attend in person.)

July 19 to 22: Virtual programming

via Zoom

• Monday through Thursday:

Children and teens tune

in from 5 to 6:30 p.m. for

age-appropriate group activities

designed just for them.

• Tuesday and Thursday:

Adults and caregivers can access

programming intended to support

and educate, 8 to 9 p.m.


to register. Camp Stepping

Stones is free for all participants,

limited to residents of

Massachusetts. Please share

this information with families

you know who need the support.

Care Dimensions is the

largest hospice and palliative

care provider to adults and

children in Massachusetts.

As a nonprofit, community-based

leader in advanced

illness care, Care Dimensions

provides comprehensive hospice,

palliative care, grief support

in more than 100 communities

in Massachusetts.

Founded in 1978 as Hospice

of the North Shore, Care Dimensions

cares for patients

wherever they live – in their

homes, in skilled nursing facilities

and assisted living

communities, in hospitals, or

at two inpatient hospice facilities,

the Care Dimensions

Hospice House in Lincoln

and the Kaplan Family Hospice

House in Danvers. Additionally,

the Care Dimensions

HomeMD program provides

in-home primary care to patients

over age 65 in select

communities on the North

Shore and Greater Boston

who have difficulty leaving

home. The Care Dimensions

Learning Institute educates

more than 7,000 health care

professionals and community

members each year on advanced

illness and end-of-life

topics. Visit:

to learn more

about Care Dimensions.


and Merrimack

River herring

migration soon

Join the MRWC on April

Community Announcements,

page 10


165 Main St.,

P.O. Box 101,

Rowley, MA


Phone 978-948-2758

Fax 978-948-2454

The Walk for Hunger

registration continues

BOSTON – The Walk

for Hunger is continuing

to seek participants to join

the community dedicated

to doing good by helping

get food to kids and families

during the pandemic.

A virtual fundraiser that

supports Project Bread’s

work to increase food access

for people of all ages

in Massachusetts, registration

opened in February.

Fundraising continues

until May 2, 2021 with

fun, virtual events taking

place throughout the

day. In its 53rd year, and

its second year as a virtual

event, thousands of caring

community members will

participate in the oldest

pledge walk in the country,

which is expected to raise

over $1 million to help

get food to kids and families

during this crisis. Like

Minded organizations that

fundraise as part of The

Commonwealth by forming

teams can raise money

to support their own work,

while also furthering the

statewide effort. There is

no registration fee this year

or fundraising minimum.

To create a personal or

team fundraising page for

The Walk for Hunger or to

make a donation, visit

or call

(617) 723-5000.

Firearm collections or single

items wanted.

Call 978 356 1908.


Tuesday — Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. | Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Closed Sunday and Monday.

Page 10

April 7, 2021

Community News

Community Announcements,

from page 9

12th at 7pm to learn about

river herring on the Shawsheen

and Merrimack Rivers.

Jon Honea, a professor of

ecology at Emerson College

and a Conservation Commissioner

for the Town of Andover,

will be speaking about the

ecological and historic importance

of river herring, dam

removal, fish monitoring, and

how you can get involved in

local fish community science.

There will be a live Q&A portion

afterwards. This event

was made possible by MRWC

partner Shawsheen River Watershed

Association and sponsor

ReVision Energy. To Register

in advance visit:






After registering, you will

receive a confirmation email

containing information about

joining the event

The Merrimack

River Watershed


Water Quality


Report available

The Merrimack River Watershed

Council (MRWC)

Water Quality Monitoring

Report is now published

on their website.To view

the report visit:



Many water testing volunteers

invested time and effort

collecting data, and sharing

their experiences of the Merrimack

River. Also several loyal

donors funded the work.


Wenham Public

Library Services

The Library

will be closed

Monday, April

19 in observance

of Patriots' Day

The Pickup Window is


Mon. & Fri.: 10-4,

Tue., Wed., & Thur.: 10-7,

Saturday: 10-3.

Please call ahead or place orders

online, window service is

for items already located, processed,

and ready for pickup.

Appointments: Visit the

Children's room, browse

the adult / YA areas, or use


homes and get gifts for your loved ones! Our 2021 Marley

Calendars support The Pittie Stop Rescue and make

perfect gifts.


a computer, photocopier, or


Book online by visiting or

call 978-468-5577 to make a


Appointments start on the

hour and last 45 minutes

Monday - Friday, 10-4, evening

browsing at 5 & 6 on


Ipswich Police




Awareness Patch


IPSWICH — Chief Paul Nikas

announced that the Ipswich

Police Department will be participating

in the Autism Police

Patch Program throughout the

month of April this year.

Through the program,

which seeks to raise awareness

of autism spectrum disorder

(ASD), Ipswich Police will

be offering a commemorative

patch to members of the public

who donate $10 or more

to the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation

for Autism.

This is the department's

first year participating in the


"We're happy to have this

opportunity to support the

Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for

autism and to raise awareness,"

Chief Nikas said. "As a police

department we're committed

to serving everyone in our

community and we feel this

is an important way we can

make a positive difference and

demonstrate our support."

Donors can obtain a patch

by contacting Officer Matt

Bodwell at,

or by mailing

a check of $10 or more made

out to the Doug Flutie Jr.

Foundation for Autism specifying

in the memo line that

it is for the Ipswich Police Department's

fundraiser. Checks

should be mailed to Officer

Bodwell at the Ipswich Police

Station at 15 Elm St., Ipswich,

MA 01938, and those

who wish to receive a patch

should also include a stamped

and self-addressed envelope.

The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation

for Autism provides financial

assistance for families caring

for a loved one with autism

and educates the public about

autism spectrum disorder.

Rowley Public

Library Virtual

Program hosts

The History of

the Merrimack

River & how to

clean it up

Join the Rowley Public Library

virtually on Wed., April

Community Announcements,

page 11








PT, CYT, MHC, Qi Gong


April 7, 2021 Page 11

Community News

Community Announcements,

from page 10

21 at 7pm. Local author and

journalist Dyke Hendrickson

will discuss his new book,

Merrimack: The Resilient River,

An Illustrated Narrative

of the Most Historic River in

New England, in this Zoom

webinar. Visit the calendar at

for more information

and to register. Registration is


This well-researched book

highlights the dramatic life

of the Merrimack River. The

117-mile river runs from

central New Hampshire to

Newburyport, where it meets

the Atlantic. Here the Coast

Guard was born. The Industrial

Revolution was launched

in the riverside mills of Lowell,

and Manchester, NH,

and the first successful labor

action took place in Lawrence.

Thousands of immigrants

worked in mills along

the Merrimack, and this book

tells their riveting stories.

The science of clean drinking

water was also developed

in Lawrence. In the 70s, the

once-filthy "Merrimuck" was

cleaned up to serve again as

one of the most popular waterways

in New England. And

the Merrimack continues to

be an essential resource today,

serving as the source of drinking

water for a half-million

people. You may have seen

part of the Merrimack River,

but this unique book provides

info and images about all sectors

of this great waterway.

Author Dyke Hendrickson

is the outreach historian for

the Merrimack River Watershed

Council. He graduated

from Franklin and Marshall

College with a degree in history,

and he did graduate work

at the University of Maine,

Orono. He is a former writer

and/or editor with the Portland

Press Herald, the New

Orleans Times-Picayune, the

Boston Herald and The Daily

News in Newburyport.

The Cabot

Returns with

Live Music in

2021 as the Porch

Sessions at Hale

Farm Return

Jon McLaughlin,

Livingston Taylor

To Perform in June

Beverly - The Cabot has announced

that The Porch Sessions

at Hale Farm will return

in spring/summer 2021. The

first announced performances

are Livingston Taylor on June

12th for two performances at

2:00pm and 6:00pm and Jon

McLaughlin on June 19th for

two performances at 3:00pm

and 6:30pm. Tickets go on

sale for these performances on

Friday, April 9th at 10:00am

with Cabot Club presale

on Wednesday, April 7th at


The Porch Sessions presented

by The Cabot at Hale

Farm is located at 39 Hale

Street in downtown Beverly.

Hale Farm was home to many

generations of the Hale family

and was once 100 acres that

reached the ocean. It now

stands as a one-acre green

space just steps from Cabot

Street and the waterfront,

and is owned and operated

by Historic Beverly. Proceeds

from the Porch Sessions concerts

will go to support The

Cabot's reopening and Historic


“The response to last year’s

Porch Sessions was fantastic,

and we were very fortunate to

bring in incredible artists like

Livingston [Taylor], Chris

Smither, Chelsea Berry, and

others to great acclaim,” said

J. Casey Soward, Executive

Director of The Cabot. “We

are tremendously grateful to

Historic Beverly for letting us

return to this beautiful space,

and with government restrictions

changing, we will also be

able to welcome more folks to

join us this season. We can’t

wait to see you!”

Jon McLaughlin is a musician

raised in Indiana and

based in Nashville who brings

all of his experiences and beliefs

into each song he creates,

something that is especially

true now that he’s the father of

two young girls. He’s played

shows with Billy Joel, Kelly

Clarkson and Adele, collaborated

with longtime friend

Sara Bareilles, co-written with

Demi Lovato.

Born in Boston, Livingston

Taylor has been playing music

since he picked up a guitar

at the age of 13, kicking off

a 50-year career that has led

him to perform with major

artists such as Joni Mitchell,

Linda Ronstadt, Fleetwood

Mac, Jimmy Buffett, and Jethro

Tull. He maintains a busy

tour schedule both nationally

and internationally, sharing

his varied repertoire with audiences

around the globe.

Those interested in purchasing

tickets prior can gain presale

access through The Cabot

Club. Cabot Club members

at the Turquoise level or higher

will receive pre-sale access

prior to the general onsale.

Memberships recently started

up again earlier this month,

with nearly 90% of members

returning. More information

about Cabot Club membership

can be found by visiting:

New performances will be

announced throughout the



needed for

work on bike,

pedestrian trail


of the Parker River Clean

Water Association (PRCWA)

are seeking volunteers to help

work on improving the Gloria

Braunhardt bike and pedestrian

trail on Saturday from 8

a.m. to 1 p.m, 10 April, 2021.

Volunteers are asked to wear

Community Announcements,

page 12

Mission Statement

The Patriot Riders function is to assist all

American Veterans in addition to those

people in need within and around our

community. Many of our members have a

common interest in riding motorcycles

although having a motorcycle is

not a requirement for membership.

The Patriot Riders encourage rider

participation in many fundraising

events and promote motorcycle safety

and comradery among our members.

We support the Constitution of the United

States, the right to freedom, and our fellow

members. Patriot Riders is not connected with,

or an affiliate of any other organization and we do not

raise funds for profit. All Patriot Riders members donate his/her time to

support veterans and those in and around our community.

Those seeking membership or

further information are encouraged to contact:

Page 12

April 7, 2021

Community News

Community Announcements,

from page 11

• Annuals

• Perennials

• House Plants

• Trees & Shrubs

• Fruit trees

Outdoor Furniture

& Gift Shop

• Berlin Garden Furniture Dealer

• Indoor furniture

• Custom wreaths & arrangements

• Home Décor

• Garden accents


Wolf Hill Ipswich

60 Turnpike Road

Ipswich, MA 01938


• Vegetables & Herbs

• Pottery

• Statuary

masks and to meet at the Hale

Street entrance to the Gloria

Braunhardt Bike Trail. (Trail

closest to Route 95 overpass)

Proper social distancing will

be observed during the work.

The Clean Water Association

received a $40,000

Recreational Trails Program

grant from the Department of

Conservation and Recreation

to make the 1.2-mile trail

handicapped accessible and

upgrade it to proper bike path


The PRCWA, an all-volunteer

organization, must foot

roughly $10,000 as a match

to receive the funds. Volunteer

hours generated by people

working on Saturday can

become a part of those matching


Volunteers are asked to

bring shovels and rakes, hammers

(or a sturdy mallet) and

the Clean Water Association

also will have tools. Volunteers

also should bring gloves.

Water will be available.

The main objective is to

complete the tasks that would

finish the Eagle Scout Candidate

Project that was undertaken

in 2018. The wetlands

are only 30” away from the

600’ south end of the bike

path. Erosion boards need to

be properly seated and then

staked into the ground so the

stone dust in the path does

not seep into the marsh.

Names and hometowns of

volunteers are required so the

organization can log it for

DCR reimbursement.

Due to a worldwide lumber

shortage brought on by the

Pandemic, and a reluctance to

have volunteers exposed at the

height of the lockdowns, delays

have occurred in 2020 to

finish the job. A special thanks

to the Pro staff at Home Depot

and Lowes for persevering.

The boards have come

available, and some have been

put in place ready for seating

and staking.

• Custom Container


• Loams

• Stones

• Mulches

• Compost

• Bagged Products

• Fertilizers



• Daily deliveries

from both Wolf

Hill locations

• Cambridge &

Belgard Pavers and

Wall Stone

Garden Center

• Fox Farm Brand

Potting Soils

• Soil Amendments

• Watering Supplies

• Grass Seed

For more information:


org and

or call Jerry A.

Mullins at 978-618-9154.

Northern Essex


College ArtSpace

Gallery Features

Local Painter

Through Mid April

This month’s exhibit in

Northern Essex Community

College’s Linda Hummel-Shea

ArtSpace Gallery

is a homecoming for Newton,

NH painter Kale Baker,

who graduated from Northern

Essex in 2014, before

transferring to Montserrat

College of Art, where she

earned a Bachelor of Fine

Arts in Painting.

Titled “Vessels”, the online

exhibit includes 11 oil paintings,

capturing a wide range

of subjects from plants in a

• Large Tool


• Organic Seeds,

soils & fertilizers

• Seed starting


Wolf Hill Gloucester

104 Eastern Ave

Gloucester, MA 01930


greenhouse at the Fuller Gardens

in North Hampton, NH

to the Merrimack River and

the New England Coast. It

will be available through April

15, when the NECC Student

Show begins.

The online exhibit (https://

includes an artist vita

and statement, a video interview

with the artist, and the


As a student, Baker “exhibited

an innate understanding

of the use and interaction of

color”, according to Marc

Mannheimer, her former professor

and the director of the

ArtSpace Gallery. While her

work has evolved, becoming

less abstract, that talent for

color continues, he says.

In an interview that is a part

of the exhibit, Baker says that

her work can be viewed in

a larger context, as part of a

statement about climate control

and the vulnerability of

nature, or more simply. “If

people want to see my work as

just a potted plant, that fine,


A 2010 graduate of Newburyport

High School, Baker

earned her Associate Degree

in General Studies: Art

from Northern Essex with

an almost perfect GPA in

2014 and her bachelor’s from

Montserrat in 2017.

Starting at Northern Essex

was a “wonderful experience”,

she says, which prepared her

well for transfer.

Located in the Bentley Library

Building on NECC’s

Haverhill Campus, the Linda

Hummel-Shea ArtSpace

Gallery features exhibits by

NECC students, faculty, and

artists from around the region

and the world. During

the pandemic, the gallery has

closed and exhibits are being

held online.

Northern Essex’s Department

of Art & Design offers

many courses in fine art and

design leading to an Associate

Degree in General Studies:

Art & Design.

For additional information,

contact Marc Mannheimer,

gallery coordinator at




April 7, 2021 Page 13

Buying Young

By John McCarthy, Rowley Realty

Wouldn’t it be nice to go back

and do some things over again?

I remember graduating college

and wondering why my friend,

who had recently graduated as

well, was buying a small dumpy

single family home in the next

town over from where we grew

up. I asked him why and he

said that his mother (a very

successful REALTOR® in town)

told him that real estate was a

great investment. I shrugged

my shoulders and didn’t give it

much of a thought. With my

son graduating college in a few

months I would hope he would

listen to the same advice I will

give him. Buy when you are


Many look at buying a home

as an asset. Some as a liability.

My view is that if you are looking

to secure a measure of financial

security in your future, buy

a home at a young age. Your liability

(rent) is reduced and your

monthly cash flow increases

(rental income) by choosing to

rent out extra bedrooms.

By definition, buying a home

is a liability rather than an asset,

as your home doesn’t make you

money it costs you money (not

talking about a multi family investment

property here). However,

if you don’t own a home

you are probably renting one,

or renting space in one. That is

certainly a liability since you are

paying someone else’s mortgage

not your own. Let's look at everything

involved with buying a

home at a young age.

Investment: You have to live

somewhere right? Buying when

you are young as a form of investment

makes terrific sense. If

you are young and unattached

(no spouse or kids) you can rent

out other bedrooms and potentially

live mortgage free. Can’t

do that if you are renting. Depending

on what is needed for

maintenance, taxes and insurance

on the house, you could

potentially live with little to no

cost due to rental income. Historically

homes have appreciated

much faster than inflation.

As with any investment there is

risk as the market could take a

downturn. However, if it does,

you will still have the same

monthly mortgage payment

and potential rental income (although

taxes go up).

Appreciation: The value of

your home changes constantly.

A home is a terrific investment

when you are young. Historically

over any 10-12 year period

your home will increase in

value. If you live locally and

bought your home when the

real estate market hit bottom,

which was approximately 2006

by 2016 your home will have

recovered at least to the original

purchase price and will

be worth more than what you

bought it for by 2018. You will

also have been paying down the

principal amount of your mortgage

creating some equity.

Bank It: Every financial analyst

will tell you to start saving

early. They will tell you to

take advantage of your company

401k match and put money

away into your retirement. By

purchasing a home you have

another way of saving for retirement.

Building Equity: When you

buy property at a young age, like

putting money in the bank, you

create equity. There are a number

of people that I know who

have used real estate as their

primary retirement savings.

They bought rental properties,

collected rent and watched the

properties increase in value over

time. They weren’t concerned if

there was a dip in the market as

they were in it for the long haul.

Rental Income: There will

always be people who want to

rent. Always. A great way to

earn passive income.

Be Free: By purchasing a

home when young, you force

yourself to save and learn responsibilities

you may not have

otherwise if you were renting.

You learn about the lifespan

of a heating system, hot water

heater, roof and what you need

to do if anything needs to be

fixed or updated. These are all

valuable things you will need

to know at some point in your

life. Knowing these things at an

early age can only help. I have

said many times that I wish I

paid attention during automotive

class in high school, as I

wouldn’t be at the mercy of the

mechanic whenever something

goes wrong with my car.

You are Young: The fact is

when you are older your time is

occupied with a family and children.

When you are young you

have fewer responsibilities and

can dedicate some of that time

to working on your new house.

You may not be able to do that

when you get older.

Creating equity when you are

young makes fiscal sense. It’s an

opportunity to diversify to gain

rental income and positive cash

flow, as well as appreciation that

beats your money sitting in a

bank account making no interest.

Yes, there are risks but if

you are in it for the long haul

you will come out ahead.

When you ask people who are

twenty or thirty years older than

you if they would buy real estate

at a young age, they're more

than likely to say yes. While

there are certain situations

where it makes sense to rent at

a younger age, almost anyone

who didn’t buy real estate when

they were young will probably

tell you they wish they did.

If you have any questions about

these real estate terms, or are looking

to buy or sell a home or real

estate in general, please contact

me, John McCarthy at Rowley Realty,

165 Main St., Rowley, MA

01969. Phone: 978 948-2758,

Cell 978 835-2573 or via email






EST. 1982

Vitamins ▪ Supplements ▪ CBD

The Natural Organic Shop has moved!

Come visit at our new location.

20% off non-sale items

174 Newburyport turnpike, Rowley


Locally Owned/Parishioner








Promo Code: 285


Subject to credit approval. Call for details.


Mon-Thurs: 8am-11pm, Fri-Sat: 8am-5pm, Sun: 2pm-8pm EST


15 %




10 &

+ 5






*For those who qualify. One coupon per household. No obligation estimate valid for 1 year. **Offer valid at time of estimate only 2 The leading consumer reporting agency

conducted a 16 month outdoor test of gutter guards in 2010 and recognized LeafFilter as the “#1 rated professionally installed gutter guard system in America.” CSLB#

1035795 DOPL #10783658-5501 License# 7656 License# 50145 License# 41354 License# 99338 License# 128344 License# 218294 WA UBI# 603 233 977 License#

2102212986 License# 2106212946 License# 2705132153A License# LEAFFNW822JZ License# WV056912 License# WC-29998-H17 Nassau HIC License# H01067000

Registration# 176447 Registration# HIC.0649905 Registration# C127229 Registration# C127230 Registration# 366920918 Registration# PC6475 Registration# IR731804

Registration# 13VH09953900 Registration# PA069383 Suffolk HIC License# 52229-H License# 2705169445 License# 262000022 License# 262000403 License# 0086990

Registration# H-19114







Page 14

April 7, 2021

ARIES (March (March 21 to 21 April to April 19) It isn't 19) always You

easy might for the be rambunctious a bit shaken Aries by to a give friend’s a second

request. thought But to their before often the spur-of-the-moment

Lamb leaps to

choices. conclusions, But aspects insist favor on rechecking a full explanation.

You declaring still it might final. say no, but at least

a decision


you’ll TAURUS know (April what 20 you’re to May saying 20) Information no to.

emerges TAURUS for the (April business-driven 20 to Bovine May 20) who

feels Seeing ready red to restart over those a stalled nasty project. remarks Be prepared

by someone to make adjustments with an ax as to needed grind? at Of any

time course during you the are. process. So get out there and

give GEMINI your (May supporters 21 to June the 20) facts Part of they you

wants need to to complete get the plans truth for out. an upcoming event,

while GEMINI your other (May self wants 21 to to see June how things 20) develop

changing first. Compromise situation should by moving get ahead you with to


your reassess plans while your being vacation open plans to change. and make

any CANCER adjustments (June 21 as to soon July as 22) possible. An unexpected

And change don’t in fret a relationship — the change could open most up

a likely problem will or turn could out lead for to a the much-needed better. and

too-long-delayed CANCER (June reassessment 21 to July of a 22) number Don’t of

matters. put off The dealing choice with is yours any to negative make. feelings

LEO that (July might 23 to August be left 22) over Time from for the a



to total


the plusses and





all is

from recent personal and/or professional decisions.

See what worked, what didn't and why,

resolved, the sooner you can move forward

with fewer complications.

and base your next big move on the results.

LEO (July 23 to August 22) Leos

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) The

and Leonas might feel the urge to

clever Virgo can make persuasion work by presenting

a case built on hard facts. Sentiment

redecorate their dens, and that can turn


into a





heart, but it's




solid in-

family ties by putting the whole pride

to work to make it happen.

VIRGO (August 23 to September

22) Look for the most efficient way to

get a job done quickly and well. Taking

more time than you need to make it

look more challenging is a short-sighted

move possessions, you might career, regret and later business on.

formation that invariably wins the day.

LIBRA (September 23 to October

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) You

22) A pesky problem should be dealt

usually can win over the most stubborn skeptics

on your own. But this time you can benefit

with immediately so you can put your

time and effort into something more

from supporters who have been there, done that

important. Someone from your past

and are willing to speak up on your behalf.

could have significant news for you.

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21)



win admiration


for your

23 to





do the

A workplace

right thing.


Don't be



a lot



that course,


despite the




of tempting



careful that might not to suddenly be pulled turn into up. all that


anger. SAGITTARIUS Look for support (November among 22 to others December

21) also While want you to still avoid need trouble. to maintain control


of SAGITTARIUS a dominant situation, (November a new development 22 to

December emerges, making 21) Cheer the task up, easier lonely and lovers, the outcome

potentially you are. more Just rewarding. when you thought


you’d CAPRICORN been deleted (December from Cupid’s 22 to January database,

New factors the chubby might have cherub a positive proves effect that’s on a


just still-pending not so. Congratulations.

matter, but only if the information

proves CAPRICORN to be credible. (December Trusted colleagues 22 to January

be able 19) to offer A casual needed advice. relationship could


take AQUARIUS a more serious (January turn. 20 Are to February you ready 18)

for The it? week Your favors stars say moderation, you are. especially Paired Sea if a

Goats health problem also will is find involved. a renewed Resist the richness impulse

in to their do more relationships. than might be good for you at this

time. AQUARIUS You can catch (January up later. 20 to February

18) PISCES Meeting (February a collaborator 19 March with 20) new You

ideas could feel seems more to than be a mite dream upset come by someone true.

But or some for people both your who sakes, might be be creating sure all problems your

legal for you. i’s Find are out dotted why and they t’s won't are change crossed their

before ways. Their you reasons start working might surprise together. you.

PISCES BORN THIS (February WEEK: 19 You to know March how 21) to inspire

romantic others to do overture their best flatters by setting the a persua-



ally sive example unflappable of your own. Fish. But since it’s

a sincere from-the-heart gesture, go

(c) 2020 King Features Synd., Inc.

ahead and enjoy it. A minor health

problem responds well to treatment.

BORN THIS WEEK: You have the

warm heart of a Taurean and the sensitivity

of a Gemini. You would make

a wonderful leader. So go ahead: Run

for office.

Tarot Card for Week of April 7, 2021

The Suit of Pentacles represents

matters related to finance, material

decisions. The Page of Pentacles depicts

a young man in a field, holding aloft

a golden coin. The scenery around

him is beautiful and calm - flowers on

the ground, trees and a mountain in

the distance, and a sunny sky above

him. Page cards are often considered

“messenger” cards, signifying the

beginning of a new chapter in your life.

© 2020 King Features Synd., Inc.

This week, it is time to keep your eyes

on the prize. You have the tools and

knowledge to make a good decision

regarding your financial situation, so

continue following the steps you have

already laid out. A positive outcome

with your money or your job is just

around the corner so don’t give up!

The Suit of Pentacles

Readings by Amelia

To book a private Tarot or

Mediumship reading,

please visit:

or call 978-595-2468



April 7, 2021 Page 15

The Town Common

Weekly Community Newspaper

Classified Ads




CARPENTRY - Repairs &

Additions. Interior/Exterior

Painting. Fully Insured.

30 years experience. Free

Estimates. Excellent Referrals.


Gary’s Just Stuff



Repaired! Generators,

Outboards, Lawn Mowers,

Snow Blowers, Tune ups, etc.,

pick-up and delivery available,

Call Gary at (978) 376-4214


EXTERIOR, smoke and

water damage ceilings stain

killed, repaired, or replaced,

carpentry interior-exterior

repairs, windows repaired

and replaced, gutters cleaned,

repaired or replaced, clean

outs and clean ups of all

kinds. General masonry, all

brick work, chimney work,

walkways, etc. (cell) 978-376-

4214, (home) 978-374-6187


Experience with furniture, car

seats and bolt.

Upholstery by Fournier.


Bruni's Shopping Center

36 Essex Road, Unit #2

Ipswich, MA 01938


Specialized in all phases of

professional installation

for new construction

and remodels: Kitchen

backsplash, Bathroom walls,

Showers/Bathtubs, All

floors, Fireplaces, etc. All

types of tile. Residential or

Commercial. Offering custom

design ideas. Call today for

your free estimate: 978-484-



Professional wallpaper

removal. Residential or

Commercial. Call today for

your free estimate: 978-484-



Moving? Downsizing? Need

to liquidate? Full online

auctions or on-site sales

arranged and conducted

exclusively for your

heirlooms. Also, individual

fine art consignments

negotiated. Twenty years

experience. Contact Liz

617-875-7876 or email liz@


S 1D Hill horned mack

saddle, bridle, halter,

etc. Custom made, $400

or BO. 978-465-2283,


Household goods, beds,

chairs, tables, dressers, desks,

lamps, baskets, mirrors,

trunks, porcelain, bookcases,

dish ware, decorative wall

shelving, medical equipment:

walkers, wheelchairs, ramp.

Call Tim at 978-312-6729

for details.


2018 Indian Chieftain

Motorcycle - Black Pearl,

ABS, 6k miles, Pristine

condition, Power windshield,

Cruise Control, 100

Watt Stereo w/ AM/FM,

Bluetooth, USB, Smartphone

Compatible Input, and

Weatherband. $18k. Call Fred

at 978-500-2677


Patriot Riders of America

is a Non-Profit fundraising

organization that helps local

veterans that have fallen

upon hard times. Owning a

motorcycle is not required

for membership. Patriot

Riders' major functions

are to help all American

Veterans, to assist people

in our communities, to

encourage rider participation


Hobby Shop


U.S. Coins, silver, gold,

foreign world money.

Old pocket watches,

wrist watches and costume jewelry

Wheat pennies, Pre-1958


Call 978-352-2234


Gold Scrap, Gold Coins,

Sterling Silver

U.S. Silver Coins pre-1965

.999 Silver Bars

U.S. Silver Dollars

Wartime Nickels 1942-1945

U.S. Clad Half Dollars 1965-1969


Remote Controlled Vehicles

ESTES Rockets & Supplies,

Plastic & Wood Models / Supplies

Autos, Trucks, Planes, Ships,

X-Acto Sets, Paints & Much More

20 E Main St, Georgetown, MA


Closed on Monday, Private

appointments available

Tuesday-Friday 10:30-6

Saturday 10:30-5

Sunday 12-5

Phone: 978-352-2234

in events, and to promote

motorcycle safety. Patriot

Riders usually meet at 7 PM

on the first Wednesday of

the month, at the Rowley

Veterans Associates, Inc., 19

Bradford Street, Rowley, MA.

For more info visit www. or email:






A Fabulously Fun & Funky

Flea, Rain or Shine at The

Dover Elks Lodge, 282

Durham Road. Dover, New

Hampshire, Masks & Social

Distancing Required, Early

Admission, $6 at 9 am,

Free Admission from 10

am to 2 pm, 2021 Season:

April 24, May 22, June

19, July 24, Aug. 21, Sept.

18, Contact info: Joshua

(207) 229 – 0403, Rachel

(207) 396- 4255, www.

Classified Ad Form

Circle A Category

• For Sale

• Wanted

• Services

• Free

• Child Care Needed/Avail.

• Rental Auto

• Boat

• Help Wanted

• Animals

• Rental

• Yard Sale

• Other ____________________

1. ____________ 2. ____________

3. ____________ 4. ____________

5. ____________ 6. ____________

7. ____________ 8. ____________

9. ____________ 10. ___________

11. ___________ 12. ___________

13. ___________ 14. ___________

15. ___________ 16. ___________

17. ___________ 18. ___________

19. ___________ 20. ___________

Name: ______________________

Address: ____________________

Town: _______________________

State/Zip: ___________________

Tel: _________________________

Nr. issues or Dates: _________

How to

Place an ad


1. TEXT Greg at


2. E-MAIL Greg at



3. FILL OUT this form

and mail it in.


Contact Greg and he

will call back shortly.

Cost per

20 word ad

1 - 3 weeks ............$10

4 weeks ..............$7.50

4+ weeks ongoing,

Contact Greg for details

Email: ___________________

Credit Card:

MC Visa Amex Dscvr

Credit Card #:


Expiration Date: ____/____

Mail To: The Town Common, P.O. Box 2, Rowley, MA 01969

Licensed & Insured


6 Deer Run Topsfield, MA 01983


Don't miss



to you!

Sign up for your weekly

email service at

Now pouring:

Good Earth Candles

Buy a local hand

poured pure soy

candle by

Good Earth Candle!

No chemicals.

No Dyes.

A Sample of some current scents:

Rose, Lillac, Lavender, Lilly of the Valley, Dayspa,

Red Hot Cinnamon, Love Spell, and many more.


Saturday 12 noon to 4 PM

6 Ashley Road Rowley

Free local delivery. To order by email:


Local Business

If you would like to advertise,

email us for more information at

The Town Common

Weekly Community Newspaper


Reviews at



Class rings,

wedding sets,




earrings, pins,


watches, dental,



Flatware, plates,

bowls, cups,

candlesticks, coins,



Rings, watches,

bracelets, necklaces,

earrings, pendants

185 South Main St. • Middleton

(Diagonally across from Richardson’s Ice Cream)

(Next to Sounds Safe, parking in back lot)



Rings, earrings,

pendants, bracelets,

necklaces, loose


Broken, Mismatched, Fine Jewelry,

We Buy Any and All Conditions!

Not Sure What You Have??

Stop In and Find Out Today!

Redeem this coupon for up to an EXTRA


50 in CASH!

toward your transaction

Excludes coin and bullion. Not to be combined with any other offer.

One per customer.

The Original &

Authentic Since 1979


$25.00 CASH

on any $100.00



$50.00 CASH

on any $500.00




10:00 AM-5:00 PM


10:00 AM-4:30 PM

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