Natural Awakenings Twin Cities September 2020

Read the September 2020 edition of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities. This month we focus on Emotional Wellbeing and Adaptive Yoga. Includes articles on overcoming anxiety and worry, the health benefits of mushrooms and saffron, achieving eye health and more. Natural Awakenings Twin Cities magazine is your source for healthy living, healthy planet information. Have you visited our website lately? Sign up for our Newsletter and Digital Magazine, read archived articles from local experts, and keep up with local healthy living events. Visit NATwinCities.com today.

Read the September 2020 edition of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities. This month we focus on Emotional Wellbeing and Adaptive Yoga. Includes articles on overcoming anxiety and worry, the health benefits of mushrooms and saffron, achieving eye health and more. Natural Awakenings Twin Cities magazine is your source for healthy living, healthy planet information. Have you visited our website lately? Sign up for our Newsletter and Digital Magazine, read archived articles from local experts, and keep up with local healthy living events. Visit NATwinCities.com today.


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Adaptive Ways Ease

Pain and Mobility


The Sunshine



Self-Care for Tough Times

Sandra Marinella

on the Healing Power

of Writing Our Stories

September 2020 | Twin Cities Edition | NAtwincities.com

2 Twin Cities Edition NAtwincities.com

A Cooperative

of Private Practices

7550 France Ave S. Suite #200 | Edina, MN 55435

612-564-8714 | Bhakticlinic.com

Macular Regeneration

acupuncture and more for degenerative eye diseases

Keep reading, working,

driving and living your

best life longer!

There is hope! Call Today!

Cassandra Rose, L.Ac. | (612) 564-8714


at Bhakti Wellness Center

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612-517-7716 | Mperialhealth.com

Orthopedic Acupuncture

& Bodywork

John integrates Neuromuscular

and Myofascial Therapies with

Acupuncture and Dry Needling

to treat the root of the problem.

Auto insurance referrals are welcome.

A whole-person approach

to chronic pain and injury.

John Montes LAc. CMT


We are committed to being of service

to our community offering:

Online Services

Mental Health

Wellness Coaching


Distance Reiki

In-Clinic Services

Direct Primary Care

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Minimizing unnecessary

Urgent Care visits

Visit BhaktiClinic.com/covid-19 for updates and scheduling or call 612-859-7709

September 2020




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Self-Care Strategies for Tough Times





Adaptive Ways Ease Pain and Immobility







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The Sunshine Supplement


on the Healing Power of

Writing Our Stories


6 news briefs

8 health briefs

10 global briefs

14 diverse


20 fit body

26 wise words

27 calendar

27 classifieds

28 resource guide

September 2020



news briefs

Natural Awakenings Twin Cities

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Stress Management

I’ve always loved yoga because you get to connect to a

deep religious truth while stretching your legs.

~Katya Zamolodchikova

Kari Seaverson DDS

John Seaverson DDS

Tooth by the Lake


1401 Mainstreet

Hopkins, MN 55343



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participate in our

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Experience healthier dentistry

6 Twin Cities Edition NAtwincities.com

All Energy Solar

Midwest Womens Herbal Conference

Functional Art Solar

Project in Uptown


Solar installations on commercial buildings are

more common these days as companies seek

alternative energy solutions, but few are highly

visible and even less make a statement with their

presence alone.

When commercial real estate developer The

Ackerberg Group broke ground on an Uptown

Minneapolis project adjacent to its MoZaic West

development, the team knew it wanted to continue the youthful, creative theme established by

MoZaic West’s bold features, which included installed art and an outdoor art park. Ackerberg

complemented the new building’s artistic features on the exterior by adding an innovative and

unique solar array to the building’s facade.

All Energy Solar, in St. Paul, designed and installed the system, featuring panels angled off

the building’s south elevation at varying degrees, creating a wave pattern. All Energy fabricated

a custom bracket (capable of holding panels in seven different positions) to create the unique,

fluid, three-dimensional and abstract design. In a high profile uptown location, the eight-story

office building announces its identity unmistakably: innovative, future-focused and welcoming.

“Traditional solar projects are likely found in a rural field or on large, flat building

roofs, but this solar project is anything but traditional,” states Mike Munson of Ackerberg

Group. “Contrary to tradition, we instead envisioned an artful, colorful solar demonstration

on MoZaic East’s southern façade. With grant funds for a highly visible and innovative

solar strategy and a creative partner in All Energy, we were able to bring this vision to life.”

Searching for design ways to adjust traditional solar aesthetics to enhance MoZaic East,

All Energy Solar introduced Ackerberg to a new product—SolarSkin—from Boston-based

Sistine Solard. This patented translucent film can be imprinted with graphics and adhered to

solar panels, but is transparent enough to allow the sun’s rays to produce power.

“This was an exciting and creative project that Sistine Solar was proud to be a core part

of,” shares Senthil Balasubramanian, CEO and founder of Sistine Solar. “All Energy Solar

approached us with the task of fully customizable aesthetics designed to last several years,

maintain high efficiency of the solar array and seamlessly integrate onto their preferred choice

of panels. As the world’s only solar technology that is 100 percent customizable in color and

graphics, SolarSkin checked all those boxes.”

For more information, visit AllEnergySolar.com. See ad, page 28.

Annual Mycelium

Mysteries Women’s

Conference Goes

Online This Year



a virtual women’s

conference to be

presented September

25, 26 and 27

by the Midwest

Women’s Herbal

Conference, is intended

to provide

inspiration and

education about

mushrooms for the


Presenter Cornelia

Cho, M.D.

health and healing of people and the planet.

Workshops will be offered at the beginner

through advanced levels on topics such as

wild mushroom skills, fungal ecology, fungi

and human health and ethnomycology.

Fungi are the “grandmothers” of our

ecosystem, silently shaping the soil. The

conference aims to help modern women

connect with the roles and wisdom of their

female ancestors who maintained and shared

their understanding of the role of the fungal

world. This is the only women-run, womentaught,

women-focused mushroom conference

in the world. Midwest Women’s Herbal

is committed to providing herbal education

and opportunities for transformation, immersed

in the Wise Woman Tradition.

For more info or to register, visit Midwest

WomensHerbal.com. See ad, page 15.

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health briefs

Try Foot Reflexology

After Heart Surgery

A brief, hands-on

reflexology treatment

after a major heart

operation can have a

significant impact, scientists

at Iran’s Tabriz

University of Medical

Sciences report. Immediately

following coronary

bypass surgery, 60

of 120 male patients received

a 15-minute foot

reflexology treatment

from nurses. The researchers found that foot reflexology

decreased patient agitation and reduced the average

amount of time spent on a ventilator.

Consider Mindfulness

for Multiple Sclerosis


Oak Wood Extract Can

Lessen Post-Surgical Effects

Hysterectomy surgery

is sometimes

necessary and may

result in postoperative


headache, nausea,


or pain. In a study

reported in the

journal Nutrients,

researchers from

Slovakia’s Comenius


gave 66 women recovering from a hysterectomy either

a placebo or 300 milligrams of oak wood extract. Eight

weeks later, those given the oak wood extract had lower

oxidative stress, better energy and mood, and a greater

ability to perform physical tasks and participate in social

activities compared to the placebo group, which mostly

saw declines in those areas.

Mindfulness training may help the estimated 1 million Americans with multiple sclerosis (MS)

manage their emotions and process information quicker, according to a new study from Ohio State

University. Researchers split 62 people with MS into three groups. The mindfulness group learned

such practices as focusing on the breath and doing mental “body scans”. A second group underwent

adaptive cognitive therapy training with computerized games that focused on skills like paying

attention, switching focus and planning. The third group was a control. After four weeks, those

in the mindfulness group were more likely to report being better able to handle their emotions

than those in the other groups. The mindfulness group also had higher levels of cognitive processing

speed, a reduction in the time it takes to complete mental tasks, along with increased

understanding and response times.


Reduce PFAS Exposure

to Help Delay Menopause

Exposure to perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS)—“forever chemicals”

often found in non-stick cookware, food packaging and contaminated

water—may cause menopause to occur two years earlier in women, according

to a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology

& Metabolism. University of Michigan scientists tracked more than 1,100

women for an average of 17 years and found that those with higher levels

of the chemical in their blood experienced menopause an average

of two years earlier than those with lower levels. “Even

menopause a few years earlier than usual could have a significant

impact on cardiovascular and bone health, quality of life

and overall health in general among women,” says co-author Sung

Kyun Park.


8 Twin Cities Edition NAtwincities.com

Consider Therapy

to Reduce Inflammation

In exploring the mind-body link that is particularly relevant during the current pandemic,

an analysis of 56 randomized clinical studies found that cognitive behavior

therapy (CBT) and similar approaches reduced inflammation and enhanced immunity

in subjects, reports JAMA Psychiatry. University of California, Davis, researchers

reviewed studies that included 4,060 participants undergoing behavior

therapy (which seeks to help patients understand and change problematic

behaviors), cognitive therapy (which teaches patients how to change

negative thoughts or mindset), CBT (that combines elements of both),

bereavement or supportive therapy, psychoeducation and other

therapies such as stress management. Those that received

these psychosocial interventions experienced a 14.7

percent increase in positive immune outcomes such as

lower viral load and an 18 percent

decrease in negative outcomes, including

proinflammatory cytokines,

compared with those not receiving

therapy. The immunity

improvements were strongest among patients that

received CBT or multiple interventions.




Boost Fun Nutrition

with Microgreens

Halfway in size between sprouts and full-grown plants,

microgreens are bursting with nutrients,

but have been mostly relegated to

garnishes at upscale restaurants.

Researchers at

Colorado State University,

exploring their acceptability,

fed 99 people six

separate types of microgreens:

arugula, broccoli,

bull’s blood beet, red cabbage,

red garnet amaranth

and tendril pea. The red-colored

varieties—beet, cabbage and amaranth—received

top marks for

appearance, but broccoli, red

cabbage and tendril pea scored

the highest overall grades. The

subjects found the greens were fun (“funfetti”),

colorful and attractive. Microgreens, which can be

grown quickly indoors year-round with minimal water,

offer a possible solution to sustainably feeding the planet,

the researchers pointed out.

September 2020


global briefs

Planetary Planning

Keeping Half

the Earth Natural

A study led by the National Geographic Society and

the University of California (UC), Davis, published

in the journal Global Change Biology compared

four recent global maps of the conversion of natural

lands to anthropogenic (human activity) land

uses. It concluded that if we act quickly and decisively,

there is an opportunity to conserve about

half of the planet’s ice-free land. The developed

half includes cities, croplands, ranches and mines.

The authors note that areas having low human influence

do not necessarily exclude people, livestock

or sustainable management of resources.

A balanced conservation response

that addresses land sovereignty and

weighs agriculture, settlement or

other resource needs with the

protection of ecosystem

services and biodiversity

is essential. Approximately

15 percent of

the Earth’s land surface

and 10 percent of

the oceans are currently

protected in some form.

Lead author Jason Riggio,

a postdoctoral scholar at the UC Davis

Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology,

says, “The encouraging takeaway from

this study is that if we act quickly and

decisively, there is a slim window in

which we can still conserve roughly

half of Earth’s land in a relatively

intact state.”

10 Twin Cities Edition NAtwincities.com


Drawdown Direction

Nurses Stand Up

Against Climate Change

Nurses, the most numerous and trusted health profession

in the world, have organized the Alliance of Nurses

for Healthy Environments and partnered with Project

Drawdown to significantly impact climate change. Together,

they are working to help decrease greenhouse

gas emissions and create a healthier future for humans

and the planet. Nurses from all specialties and in all

practice settings are encouraged to take action in four

key areas.

Energy: Supporting a clean energy future by promoting

energy efficiency and advocating for a transition to

renewable energy.

Food: Committing to a plant-based diet, use of clean

cook stoves and reduced food waste.

Mobility: Supporting bike infrastructure,

walkable cities and mass transit.

Gender equity: Educating girls and

family planning.

Nature-based solutions: Planting

trees, protecting tropical forests and

forest protection.

Founded in 2014, nonprofit Project

Drawdown seeks to help the world reach

“drawdown”, the point in time when levels

of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere

stop climbing and start to

steadily decline.

For upcoming events, visit


anna shvets fr/ Pexels.com

upset. They also contain chitin, a fiber that

is nearly impossible to digest unless thoroughly

cooked. So grab some onions, garlic,

thyme and plenty of healthy oil and sauté

your favorite fungi. Enjoy.

©Jeremy (Turkey Tail Mushrooms)

Five Reasons to

Include Mushrooms

for Better Health

For those who enjoy

sautéed mushrooms

on their steaks or

grilled portabella as a

source of protein, they

need no convincing to

make mushrooms a

staple in their diet. However,

there are many more

benefits and reasons to

turn to mushrooms for

better health.

Vitamin D - Similar in how humans

convert sunlight on their skin to vitamin

D, mushrooms do the same thing.

Ultimately, you will want to source organic

mushrooms that are grown in filtered

sunlight, but if those are not available,

mushrooms purchased in the store will

benefit significantly from spending time in

the sun. Simply put your mushrooms in a

bowl and set them in a sunny window or

outside for an hour or two to allow them

to convert the sunlight into vitamin D.

In addition, vitamin D is a fat-soluble

nutrient, so cooking your mushrooms in

butter or a healthy oil will help your body

assimilate the nutrients into your body.

Protein - Mushrooms contain all nine

of the essential amino acids required for

optimal body function. The only other

complete source of these critical nutritional

compounds is animal protein.

by Linda Conroy

Mushrooms contain all

nine of the essential

amino acids required for

optimal body function.

The only other complete

source of these critical

nutritional compounds

is animal protein.

Lung Health -

Reishi mushrooms

have an affinity for the

lungs and are used as

a preventative strategy

for supporting lung

health. This is especially

important in this

time of the COVID-19

pandemic and for

people struggling with

asthma. Like many

other mushrooms, reishi is an adaptogen,

helping to support the immune and adrenal

systems during times of stress.

Endocrine System - Turkey Tail

mushrooms have been shown to be helpful

with some types of cancer, specifically

those affecting the endocrine system. It

has been shown to increase the immune

system when given with standard cancer


Brain Health - Lion’s Mane mushroom

stimulates nerve growth factor, a protein

that promotes healthy brain cells. Lion’s

Mane mushroom will help in maintaining

cognitive health and reducing brain

fog brought on by Lyme’s disease. It is also

known as a cognitive enhancer, increasing

memory, creativity and motivation.

Though we often see button mushrooms

sliced on our salads, eating mushrooms

raw can cause severe gastrointestinal

Mushroom Pate


2 tablespoons oil or fat

1 lb. mushrooms of your choice, sliced

2 whole shallots, scallions or onions, peeled

and thinly sliced

2 cloves of garlic, peeled and minced

1 tablespoon fresh thyme

1/4 cup dry wine

1 tablespoon Tamari

1/4 cup of cultured cream or yogurt


Warm oil/fat in a large sauté pan over medium

heat. Add sliced mushrooms, shallots

and garlic and stir to combine, cooking

until mushrooms begin to sweat.

Add fresh thyme and wine and stir to

combine. Let cook until mushrooms are

soft, about 5-7 minutes. Add Tamari and

stir again to combine.

Transfer mixture to food processor and

pulse until a rough purée forms. Add

cream. Pulse until a creamy purée forms,

season with more tamari, if needed.

Transfer to a bowl and serve with baguette,

crackers and cheese.

Linda Conroy is the owner

of Moonwise Herbs in

Stoughton, WI. She is a

practicing herbalist,

providing herbal education

via workshops, apprenticeships

and individual

consultations. Conroy is a community

organizer and the founder of the Midwest

Women’s Herbal Conference. To learn more,

visit MoonwiseHerbs.com. See ad, page 15.

September 2020


Silver Fillings:

Just ugly?

Or harmful too?

This is a picture

of a “Silver”

or “Amalgam”

filling. It is 50 -


If the mercury in

this filling were spilled in a school,

it would be evacuated....

This is a picture

of a “light cured”

composite filling.

They can last as

long or longer

than mercury

fillings with no danger of releasing

harmful heavy metals.

As noted on Dr. Mercola,

Dr. Oz, and 60 Minutes...

Mercury fillings may have a

significant negative impact on your

overall health.

Make 2020 2017 YOUR year

for healthy choices!

Dr. Madelyn Pearson is the

current president of the

Holistic Dental Association and

has advanced training in safe

mercury removal.

Call or visit our website for

more info: (651) 483-9800


Community Members

Seek to Serve

This month, we continue our introduction to community members who are

running for political office. As we face unprecedented times, it is imperative

that we educate ourselves about the people we are asking to serve

as our representatives.

Meet now two local candidates running in the general election. Each candidate

was interviewed by our publisher, Candi Broeffle. The profiles in this article

are extrapolated from the interviews and have been edited for print.

Kristin Bahner, Candidate, Minnesota State

House of Representatives

Bahner is running for re-election as the DFL-endorsed

candidate for state representative in District

34B, which includes the cities of Maple Grove and

Osseo. In addition to serving as the current representative,

she is also an IT consultant.

Affordable Health Care

It’s unfortunate that our healthcare system is not

designed to always give the best possible care. For

example, when we discuss preventative care, we

talk about what we will and will not pay for, in terms of saving pennies. But it’s

penny wise and a pound foolish. Preventative care can not only save money, but

complications down the road.

We need to take a hard look at how we reform the system to do a better job. I

think the government can play a role in making sure that our policies work for real

people. One of the bills I presented, and that was passed, was to remove the gag rule

that prevented pharmacists from telling a patient they could get their prescription

cheaper by buying it off-the-shelf than it would be with their co-pay.

This savings can really add up. For seniors or working families who are on

a tight budget, who might pay $12 for an over-the-counter medication versus a

$20 co-pay, that’s a savings of $8. If this is a monthly medication, the savings is

$96 a year. If the person has multiple prescriptions, that can be a huge savings.

There are also great alternative methods that can be useful and have shown

themselves to be quite effective. As an example, using acupuncture in lieu of prescription

drugs for people managing pain. I think there are practical ways to look at

this, and I see opportunities for us to not only save money but give better outcomes

for patients. I would like to see us take a more critical look at where we can adjust to

give better holistic health care.

12 Twin Cities Edition NAtwincities.com


Funding education is a real issue. For 15 years we have not done a

good job of making sure we were adequately funding what is necessary

for our teachers and school; everything from buildings and

books, to retaining good teachers, to taking care of our students

who are in special education and early childhood education.

Something I feel passionately about is my work on the

Early Childhood Committee. As part of my work, I sponsored

programs like home visiting that helps kids get off to a good

start. We know that brain development in those early years is

off the charts. There are millions and millions of little synapses

developing in their brains, particularly from 0 to 5 years

of age. Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could close the opportunity

gap before there was a gap?

I think funding public education is critical. Making sure

we have informed and educated citizens is important. A good

public education system is fundamental to our democracy.

To listen to the full, unedited interview, visit NATwinCities.com or

“Green Tea Conversations” radio show on AM950Radio.com. For

more information, visit BahnerForHouse.com.

Dori Trossen, Candidate,

Minnesota State House of


Trossen is the GOP-endorsed

candidate for state representative

in District 34B, which

includes the cities of Maple

Grove and Osseo. She is a

small business owner and a

former licensed in-home childcare


Decision to Run for Office

I care about children and am passionate about making sure

everyone has access to affordable childcare. When I was

working outside the home and had my son in childcare, we

were paying nearly $300 a week, which is basically nothing

compared to today’s prices.

It just was not feasible for our family to afford childcare

at that price. So, I decided to stay home with my son

and become a daycare provider myself. I saw firsthand the

regulations that came along with it and how difficult it was

to run a business and stay within the parameters which we

were given.

I feel it is important to look at the regulations and decide

which ones make sense and which ones don’t. It is important

that we ensure regulations are achievable and reasonable

and, of course, that our children are safe. I believe if we

can find a more commonsense approach to regulations in

licensing, we could attract more childcare providers to the

field. More providers mean more competition and, ultimately,

lower prices for families.

In addition, if elected as the representative of District

34B, I am the representative for all the people of 34B. It is

my goal to poll my community about what is important to

them. Having grown up in this district and now raising my

own family here, I know this community, and I know that I

can represent it well in the Legislature. I also plan to always

keep open lines of communication with constituents so that

I can keep learning and growing as a Representative.

Health Care

Health care is a big concern for the people of Minnesota and

across the United States. The cost of health care has dramatically

increased. We need to find the most fiscally responsible

option, while still allowing people to have the freedom to the

provides they would like to work with.


I had the opportunity to work with many children over the years,

and it is fun to watch them learn. They all learn very differently,

but they are each a genius, depending on how they learn.

When children are given the tools they need, they thrive. It

is important to me that we take the time to care for children that

are struggling, find the reasons why, and help them receive the

tools they need to have the greatest chance of success.

For more information, visit VoteForDori.com.

Locally owned and independent since 1968!



EST. 1968

vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs, grocery,

personal care, homeopathy, tcm


T. 651-690-1692 • WWW.MASTELS.COM


Healing for Your Home or Office

Schedule a FREE Intro Evening for 8 or more people

and experience how dowsing can transform your space.




September 2020


diverse conversations

This section is dedicated to educate and celebrate the efforts of

those focused on building equity within our community. It is a place

to share ideas, encourage conversations and learn how to be an

active participant in creating sustainable change.

The Spiritual

Dome Prayer Vigil

An Invitation to Join In

Carole Burton is the founder of

Radiance Resources and the

spirit behind the business. She is a

passionate leader and profoundly

believes in the power of ethics, equity

and accountability in the workplace.

With over two decades of experience

in diverse industries, Burton honed

her craft and found her voice and

today guides mission-focused leaders

to engage and mentor to create

meaningful, residual change.

On Saturday evening, May 30, during the height of the chaos in Minneapolis,

Burton was called to start a prayer vigil. As a spiritual person who practices the

Catholic faith, she is inviting people of all faiths and beliefs to continue to join

her and strengthen this effort, by adding this vigil into their personal spiritual

practice. Below is Burton’s explanation of the Spiritual Dome and how you can

get involved.

This prayer vigil is in the form of a Spiritual Dome originating over the Minneapolis-St.

Paul metropolitan area. It is a space made up of prayers and intentions

that provides waves of positive change, resources, strength, strategy, and lights

of active hope. Along with other ways we spiritually engage, the Spiritual Dome is

an added resource, helping us decide how to urgently become leaders of actionable


The Spiritual Dome is thickening at its core in Minnesota so that it can continue to

grow and expand to cover the world. So far, we are aware of prayers and intentions from

Australia, Canada, Colombia, Germany, India, the UK and the U.S.

As a global community, we are

writing a new book with an original

path and new language.

This prayer vigil is a way for all to

connect, reflect, reconcile, accept and

shift the imprints and impact of the

systemic practices of racism throughout

all facets of life. You can make

personal improvements by using this

same approach. You can participate

in strengthening the Spiritual Dome

into your current personal spiritual

practice. This action can be through

prayer, meditation, setting intentions or

practicing mantras. Keep the prayers in

the back of your mind. Share and invite

others to do the same. This prayer vigil

will be alive for some time as there is

no end date. As a society, we are at a

crossroads, and the Spiritual Dome will

serve as a resource that can help guide

us onto a new path that will not be easy,

but necessary.

Collectively, we will create a new

direction that will have a long-lasting

impact. We are all grieving, facing our

fears and dealing with deep-seated

undesired behaviors. This prayer vigil

can be one of many actions we can

take when we worry about what may

be next, asking ourselves what we can

do. Please join in—we

need each other now

more than ever.

For more information, visit


14 Twin Cities Edition NAtwincities.com

Santita Jackson

AM950 Radio


Santita Jackson

AM950 Radio is proud to announce the addition

of “Morning Drive” with Santita Jackson

to their regular weekday lineup from 6 to 8 a.m.

The Morning Drive is a powerful and compelling

show hosted and produced by women of color

and is focused on issues affecting our communities

both locally and nationally.

Jackson is a multi-talented communicator

on radio, television and stage and her credits include on-air contributor on Fox

News and a social and political pundit on MSNBC. She uses her voice to address

the political, social, cultural and religious issues of our time and effectively

communicates her views while reaching audiences from around the globe.

Born to the Reverend Jesse and Jacqueline Jackson, Jackson was immersed

into a household that was home to the Civil Rights Movement and was a hotbed of

political activism. From a young age, she participated in marches and campaigns.

The Morning Drive makes national and international issues relatable and

connects local stories to international news. From politics and religion to

cultural and platonic, familial and romantic relationships, the show promises

to deliver on issues important to us all.

For more information, visit AM950Radio.com. See ad, page 32.

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A happy family is but an

earlier heaven.

~George Bernard Shaw

September 2020



Emotional Well-Being

in the Pandemic Age

Self-Care Strategies for Tough Times

As the pandemic ravages our

country, we are engulfed by a sea

of challenging emotions, including

fear, loss, anger, disappointment and grief.

Compounding the suffering, past emotional

traumas and pent-up desires are surfacing

and crying for attention. One way to

navigate these treacherous waters is by first

enveloping ourselves in self-compassion.

Next, we can gather the courage to face our

fears and experience unpleasant feelings in

order to heal them and let them go. Then,

we search for and internalize positive

emotional states to rewire our brains for

positivity. This noble voyage promises

immense rewards along the way.

16 Twin Cities Edition NAtwincities.com

by Sandra Yeyati

The Cocoon of


Some of us chase self-esteem like the Holy

Grail, yet it eludes us when we need it most.

Faced with a failing grade or cruel insult,

our self-worth withers. We can’t understand

why we lost it or how to get it back. When

we attach our self-worth to achievements or

comparisons with other people, self-esteem

becomes unstable and unreliable.

Enter self-compassion, the life-changing

perspective of showing kindness to ourselves

in any and all situations—a supportive best

friend that lives within us and can be accessed

any time, every day. A pioneer and

expert in this topic, Kristin Neff believes that

self-compassion has three components: a

decision to be kind to ourselves, a mindful

awareness when we are in pain so that we

can seek some relief and a sense of common

humanity or connectedness.

We already know how to be compassionate,

says Neff, an associate professor of

educational psychology at the University of

Texas at Austin and co-author of The Mindful

Self-Compassion Workbook. “It’s linked to

the parasympathetic nervous system, which

is a natural part of our organism. We’re tapping

into this way of feeling safe, which is

through care, bonding and connectedness.”

Encouraging our friends when they’re

feeling down or hugging our moms in the

morning is hardwired into us. When we

decide to be kind to ourselves, it’s easy to

think of what we would say: “I’m sorry you

failed that test. You’ll do better next time.

How can I help you?” To lend perspective,

add a statement about our common

humanity, counsels Neff. “This is hard for

everybody. You’re not alone.”

We must be aware of our pain before

we can comfort it, and many of us try to

suppress or resist pain, choosing to numb it

with distractions like alcohol addiction or

compulsive shopping. Others may get lost

in the storyline of what’s happening and

succumb to suffering with no apparent way

to obtain relief. Self-pity or self-criticism

may creep in.

Mindful awareness is the antidote to

these emotional extremes, because it helps

us become aware that we are experiencing

pain and to stay with that pain long

enough to make a conscious decision to

take care of ourselves. “One easy thing is

physical touch,” says Neff. “The first few

years of life you have no words, so the body

is programmed to respond to touch as a

signal of care. Put your hand on your heart

or your stomach, or hold your hand. This

changes your physiology, activates your

parasympathetic nervous system, helps you

calm down and helps you feel physically

supported. Sometimes, that’s an entryway

for people.”

Finding Confidence Through

Unpleasant Feelings

Nobody likes to feel sad or embarrassed.

We’d rather have an ice cream cone or

turn on the TV. But for Dr. Joan Rosenberg,

a prominent psychologist and

speaker, uncomfortable feelings present

an invaluable opportunity for people to

transform into confident individuals that

relate to the world around them with

authenticity and resilience.

In her book 90 Seconds to a Life You

Love, Rosenberg offers a formula—one

choice, eight feelings, 90 seconds—to experience

and move through eight of the most

common unpleasant feelings: sadness, shame,

helplessness, anger, embarrassment, disappointment,

frustration and vulnerability.

“The choice is to stay aware of and in

touch with as much of your moment-tomoment

experience as possible and not

get lost in avoidance,” she explains, adding

that there are more than 30 behaviors,

thoughts and emotions that we employ as

distractions, including substance abuse,

social media, pornography, exercise, obsessive

thoughts about body image, humor

and denial.

“Be aware of what you’re aware of,”

she advises. “If we know that we don’t like

feelings, and we know we’ve been engaged

in using ways to distract ourselves, then our

challenge is to be more awake and aware of

those times we do it, and as soon as we start

to do the thing and become aware, that’s

when we make the decision to stop and ask,

‘What’s really going on?’”

Discoveries in neuroscience suggest

that most of us come to know what we’re

feeling emotionally through bodily sensations.

We might feel heat in the neck

and face when embarrassed or a sinking

feeling in the chest when disappointed. As

feelings get triggered in the body, a rush of

biochemicals in the bloodstream activate

these sensations and are flushed out of the

bloodstream in roughly 90 seconds.

“Most people have the impression that

feelings linger a whole lot longer and that

they’re going to be overwhelmed by it and

never come out of it if they start. But when

they understand that what they’re trying to

avoid are uncomfortable bodily sensations

that help you know what you’re feeling

emotionally, and that these are short-lived,

most people will start to lean into them,

and once they do, their life changes,”


Rosenberg says.

To move through bodily sensations,

which may come in multiple waves, take

deep, slow breaths. Try not to tighten up

or clench the jaw and swallow. Notice the

location and nature of the bodily sensations

to help identify which of the eight unpleasant

feelings it might be, and be curious as

to what might have triggered it. All of this

will take a few moments. With practice,

identification will become faster, easier and

more accurate.

“If I have more time, then I can think

about whether this is connected to anything

else. Is it just one thing that triggered it,

or is it like something else that’s happened

before?” Rosenberg says. This level of

awareness leads to a calming effect, clearer

Making Courage a Habit

In her book The Courage Habit, life coach

Kate Swoboda presents a four-part method

for people to face their fears, release the

past and live their most courageous life.

Access the body. Practice any body-centric

activity like mindful meditation, exercise

or dancing every single day to release

stress and anxiety, become centered and

more present, and clear the mind.

Listen without attachment. When your

self-critic offers a warning or criticism,

hear the words, understanding that this

is fear trying to protect you and deciding

that it’s misguided and not true.

Reframe limiting stories or beliefs.

Amend your internalized self-critic’s messages

to be more respectful and supportive.

If it says, “You’re stupid to try that,”

revise it to, “I’m smart because I’m willing

to try.”

Create community. Reach out to likeminded

individuals that are supportive

of the changes you are trying to make.

September 2020




Building Up Our

Happiness Quotient

These exercises are recommended by

psychologist Rick Hanson:

Slow down, breathe and see the big

picture. This simple practice brings us

into the present moment, reduces the

stress activation in the body, disengages us

from verbal chatter and negative reactivity,

and buys us time to see more clearly.

Take three breaths, making the exhalation

longer than the inhalation.

Five-Minute Challenge

Take in the good. It could be a flower

blooming, birds singing or a nice exchange

with another person. Slow down,

take a few breaths and let it sink in for a

minute or two.

Focus on something to cultivate. Perhaps

it’s patience or gratitude. Look for opportunities

to have an experience of this quality

and internalize it for another minute.

Marinate in pleasant feelings. Cultivate

a sense of calm, contentment or warmheartedness

for a couple of minutes.

18 Twin Cities Edition NAtwincities.com

thinking, improved decision making and,

perhaps most importantly, an ability to

speak authentically.

“If we don’t handle the eight feelings,

we don’t feel capable in the world,” she says.

The ability to speak adds to that empowerment.

“From asking someone to stop a behavior

so that you feel safer to telling someone

you love them, asking your boss for a

raise or letting people know about yourself

and your work to garner opportunities and

desired experiences—it cuts across every

aspect of our lives and is absolutely crucial

to our sense of well-being.”

Rewiring the Brain

for Positivity

Discoveries in neuroplasticity have revealed

that the brain changes throughout

life well into adulthood. It’s designed to

learn not just ideas and information, but

skills, attitudes, feelings and moods. Rick

Hanson, a clinical psychologist and author

of several books, including Hardwiring

Happiness and Resilient, contends that

we can develop greater happiness, just

like we can develop greater depression.

“There’s a lot of research that shows

that through deliberate little practices

spread out through the day or sometimes

more formal practices like psychotherapy

or meditation, we can actually produce

physical changes in the brain that are

now measurable with things like MRIs,”

he remarks.

Hardwiring happiness is easy, pleasurable

and doesn’t take a lot of time. “If you

take care of the minutes, the years will take

care of themselves,” says Hanson. “Little

steps gradually move us forward a breath

at a time, a minute at a time, a synapse at

a time. Bit by bit, we grow the good inside

while gradually releasing the bad.”

“Our power to positively influence

who we are in small, genuine ways every

day is really important to compensate for

the brain’s negativity bias, which makes it

like Velcro for bad experiences, but Teflon

for good ones,” he says. “We evolved a negativity

bias over the 600-million-year evolution

of the nervous system. Learning from

negative experiences and mistakes was a

critical survival skill, so we have a brain that

is designed to scan for bad news, overreact

to it and fast-track it into memory. It’s not

our fault, but it is our responsibility to deal

with it by first, feeling the negative without

reinforcing it and second, focusing on the

positive and taking it in. Gradually, you can

give yourself a brain that’s like Velcro for

the good and Teflon for the bad.”

Sandra Yeyati, J.D., is a professional writer.

Reach her at SandraYeyati@gmail.com.


Anxiety, Worry

and Fear

by Joyce Sobotta

The past six months have instilled anxiety, worry and fear into the entire country. Fear

causes chronic stress. Dealing with fear is the same as dealing with any other emotion.

It begins with taking time to be aware of what we are feeling. Then ask if it is real or

not. What is the worst thing that can happen?

Anxiety creates an acidic condition and is stored in the DNA. That emotion then

becomes a predominant factor in our lives from that moment on. Stress affects physical

organs and parts of the body. Generally, all physical unease (stress) has an underlying

emotional aspect.

Focus on What’s Good

Challenges can confront us at any time, and often we are not prepared. We need

to remind ourselves that we live in a human body, and the need for spiritual and

self-care is of utmost importance. We can no longer ignore the darkness that exists

in the world right now. The best way forward is to focus more on the brightness we

can bring to others… but only after we have cleared a path of lightness for ourselves.

In these heavy, dark times of the pandemic, we need to focus on our inner self. Dan

Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior, says, “To ascend to a higher rung on

the ladder of evolution we must go through a period of discomfort, of initiation.”

Self-Care is Essential

Vibrant health and vitality start by taking good care of ourselves. Many people believe

their doctor is the only source of knowledge when it comes to treating or taking care

of their physical conditions. That is not the case. Sometimes the condition may simply

require basic steps such as drinking more water or getting quality sleep.

Our bodies already know how to stay healthy. All we need is to be mindful and

aware of what our body is telling us. Messages come to us with signs, such as indigestion,

diarrhea, itching, feeling tired and other conditions and symptoms. We can tune into our

body’s unique advice by listening to our innate self including what thoughts continue to

appear and what messages are repeated.

How to Activate Innate Wisdom

• Use quality pure essential oils to calm the mind and rejuvenate the spirit

• Learn mind/body techniques such as meditation, relaxation exercises and yoga

• Take a walk outside in a garden, park

or woodland

• Spend time planting or digging in the


• Watch more sunsets; nature is a great


• Listen to the birds; watch a cocoon

transform into a butterfly

• Consume quality food and water, taking

time to relax while eating

• Follow a clean diet by eliminating

sugars and processed food

• Learn food sensitivities that affect

digestion and elimination

• Watch or play with children

• Clear clutter to create inviting space

• Take time to manage finances, work

and play

• Manage time for emails and phone


• Take breaks as needed

• Focus attention on goals and desires;

create a collage

• Make a list of what is most important

daily or weekly

• Take time to connect with a spiritual

source for meaning and spiritual


• Try the Emotional Freedom Technique

(EFT) and other modalities to

understand the cause of any anxiety

These simple actions can awaken

and trigger personal power to connect to

our inner consciousness (intuition) and

healing energy. Take time to try several

of these mindful actions to ease anxiety,

worry and fear.

Joyce Sobotta has a B.S. in

education and certifications

in holistic aromatherapy and

reflexology. She is the

founder/owner of Healthy

Girls Breast Oil, a homebased,


business. She is available for consultations,

personal custom essential oil blends and

classes. To learn more, visit Aromatherapy

NaturesWay.com. See ad, page 22.

Open your eyes, look within.

Are you satisfied with the

life you’re living?

~Bob Marley

September 2020


fit body

published in the Journal of Pain Research

found people with spinal cord injuries that

took sitting yoga classes twice a week for

six weeks were less depressed, more selfcompassionate

and more mindfully in the

moment than those in a control group.

Taming chronic pain, restoring

energy reserves, improving heart

health and relieving symptoms of

depression and anxiety are only a few of the

science-backed perks of spending time on a

yoga mat. However, misconceptions about

this ancient practice can make yoga seem

intimidating for individuals that could

benefit the most from it.

Yoga for Every Body

Adaptive Ways Ease

Pain and Immobility

Adaptive yoga, designed for people

by Marlaina Donato

20 Twin Cities Edition NAtwincities.com

challenged by injury, chronic pain, autoimmune

disease or debilitating conditions like

multiple sclerosis, can foster perhaps unexpected

gains through the use of props, chairs,

wall space and even countertops. From

wheelchair-bound veterans to seniors with

compromised balance, adaptive yoga offers

new horizons for achieving well-being.

Yoga’s gentle influence goes beyond

physical benefits. A 2017 British study



Not Perfection

“Yoga is for any body, no matter the size,

shape or color. It’s not about designer clothing,

athletic ability, talents or perfection in

the pose. Adaptive yoga is a movement to

change this misconception and mitigate the

anxiety to try yoga,” says Mindy Eisenberg,

a Detroit-area certified yoga therapist and

author of Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body:

Created for Individuals with MS and Neuromuscular

Condition and the accompanying

Adaptive Yoga Cards. For Eisenberg, the

focus is about the internal experience, healing

and most of all, “the sense of joy that

comes from a regular practice.”

Ora Ramat, owner of the Wagging Tail

Yoga Studio, in Bethel, New York, witnesses

remarkable, everyday mastery in her students

through adapted poses. “Many of my students

are 40 to 95 years young, and the range

of modification I do with them is endless,”

says Ramat, who underscores the importance

of listening to the body. “I learned the

hard way 17 years ago when I first became

a teacher. I am gentle with myself if I am

unable to do a pose and embrace the modification.

I go deeper in my poses now than

when I was younger.”

Freedom Through Support

“Our students have a wide range of health

conditions including spina bifida, arthritis,

MS, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease,

fibromyalgia, stroke, chronic obstructive

pulmonary disease, paraplegia, epiphyseal

dysplasia, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, chronic

back pain and more,” says Miranda

McCarthy, CEO of Wavelength VR

(WavelengthVR.com), a healthcare company

that produces a library of sciencesupported

content for pain management

without medication. The London-based

creator of Adaptive Yoga LIVE, which offers

seated online classes, knows firsthand how

yoga can change lives.

“Until I found adaptive yoga, I felt like I was constantly at war

with my body,” she says. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at

the age of 2 and the youngest recipient of bilateral hip replacement

surgery in the U.S., McCarthy thought she knew her body inside

and out. After 40 surgeries and decades of rehabilitation and medication,

she went through a radical shift in perspective. “When I

discovered adaptive yoga, I soon realized my relationship with my

body had only just begun.”

Eisenberg highlights the internal process that adaptive yoga can

catalyze: “The energy and sensation that yoga students feel on the

inside is much more important than what the pose looks like on the

outside.” Items such as chairs, blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters

are used to make traditional postures more accessible to those with

physical challenges and to ensure safety. “Using props is not a sign

of weakness or inferiority. We even use ambulatory devices such as a

cane as a prop. Those who require assistive devices cease to see them

as a hindrance. In fact, they become an accessory,” says Eisenberg.

For McCarthy, the biggest takeaway is simple, yet profound

self-acceptance. “I no longer judge myself or compare myself to

able-bodied people. I gained a newfound love for my body and a

love for myself.”

Eisenberg affirms, “It’s exciting to realize that our bodies are so

much more capable than we thought, and we learn that we are not

defined by our individual disease or limitations. As my teacher Jon

Kabat-Zinn says, ‘As long as you are breathing, there is more right

with you than wrong.’”

Marlaina Donato is an author and composer. Connect at


Online Yoga Resources

Free adaptive yoga classes online from Miranda McCarthy.


YogaJP, YouTube chair yoga classes for people in wheelchairs.


Yoga and MS, book from the National Multiple Sclerosis

Society. omsyoga.org

Let us read and let us

dance– two amusements

that will never do any

harm to the world.


September 2020



You are a Powerhouse

of Vision and Health

by Cassandra Rose

Often, after a degenerative eye disease diagnosis, life can

feel overwhelming and scary, so it’s uplifting to know

that you have powerful tools available to support your

eye health. The most powerful tool in your toolbox is you. You

are a powerhouse of possibility and vision.

A wonderful way to bring this into focus daily is to practice

eye massage with visualization. Directly massaging around

the eye can be very beneficial as it increases blood and lymphatic

flow. This allows more nutrients to reach your eyes and more inflammatory

waste to be carried away. Start at the inner corner of

your eyebrow and work all the way around the boney ridge that

surrounds the eyes. You can use small circles or gentle lifting and

pinching of the skin. Close the session by rubbing your hands

together until they are warm and then cup your palms over your

eyes while you picture your health vision and all that you want to

see. Give your eyes some loving energy as the first and last thing

you do for your day.

Nutrition also plays an important role in eye health and

is something you can do for yourself daily. According to a 2002

study by Sackett & Schenning, supplementing with carotenoids,

vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc reduces the risk of macular degeneration

by 25 percent. In a five-year follow-up of this supplementation,

there were no adverse health outcomes reported.

In addition, those taking the formula showed less circulatory

disease-related problems due to the zinc. This supplement is

often called AREDS after the name of this study and is readily

accessible in most stores.

Consider increasing these nutrients through the foods you

eat. Make a simple stir fry with plenty of yellow bell peppers—

they are full of carotenoids, vitamin C and deliciousness. Sprinkle

sunflower seeds on your salad to increase vitamin E. There are so

many easy, nutritious and delicious options to explore.

Another way you can protect or improve your eye health

is with exercise. In a

meta-analysis of nine

studies, it was found that

exercise played a significant

role in delaying the

onset and slowing the

progression of macular

degeneration. A daily

exercise routine can

bring so much benefit

to your life, including vision. The type of exercise most beneficial

to the eyes is cardio. Just like massage around the eyes, it can increase

blood and lymphatic flow and it does that for your whole

body. A good goal is to break a sweat at least once a day. Start

slow and check in with your doctor if you are new to exercise.

Incremental change is powerful and sustainable.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do for yourself

is to be patient and kind. Think of how you would want to

take care of your friends and loved ones. Now, give all that love,

kindness and patience to yourself. There are a whole range of

outcomes that can be considered successful when thinking about

chronic degenerative diseases. The following two cases show the

range of possible success from the very rare to the very common.

Patient number one is a 46-year-old mother diagnosed with

macular degeneration. During her initial consultation, she reported

mild visual distortion in her right lower visual field. Without her

glasses, her acuity test showed that her right eye was 20/320 and her

left eye was 20/250. She experienced a great deal of irritation in her

right eye and it was visibly red and slightly puffier than the left eye.

Holistic Breast Health


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715-828-0117 text or call



Joyce Sobotta

Educator, Aromatherapy, Lymphatic, Consultations

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Empower You on

Your Soul’s Journey

Barbara Brodsho, LLC


612-444-9751 Schedule a free Discovery Call.

22 Twin Cities Edition NAtwincities.com

She has a history of surgery in her lower

right eyelid due to a childhood cyst removal.

Her Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

scan shows drusen in the retina and macula

in both the right and left eye.

This patient received a course, visits and

followed a home program of massage, nutrition

and exercise. In the office, her visual

acuity tests had dropped two lines each. Her

right eye dropped to 20/250 and her left eye

dropped to 20/160. The results from the

Amsler grid showed that she was not seeing

a distortion in her right visual field any

longer. She also experienced significant sleep

improvement and reported feeling more

resilient to her emotional ups and downs.

As recommended, she visited her ophthalmologist

to receive a follow-up OCT scan to

confirm improvement in her eye health. In

a highly unusual outcome, it was found that

she had no visible drusen in either eye.

Patient number two is an 86-year-old

woman. She had been diagnosed with macular

degeneration 10 years before beginning

the macular regeneration treatments and

has been coming in for visits for eight years.

She has also followed the home program of

massage, nutrition and exercise. Her vision

is stable and has shown no signs of degeneration

for the last eight years. The health

marker she chose for herself is her comfort

with reading for long periods. When she

began the program, she was able to read for

only 10 to 15 minutes at a time. She would

experience extreme eye fatigue, mild headaches

and mild temporary visual blurring.

When she follows her schedule, she does

not experience any of these symptoms and

reports that she can read until she is tired

of reading. When she is unable to keep her

regular schedule, she will start to experience

fatigue with reading. It subsides again when

she gets back to her routine. Through this

all, her macula has not shown any degeneration

in eight years. In the most common

outcome, her vision is stable.

Both vastly different patients are successful

at continuing to see, read, drive,

work and live their best lives. You can, too.

Cassandra Rose, L.Ac., is a

licensed acupuncturist

specializing in macular

regeneration, a program that

benefits degenerative eye

diseases such as macular

degeneration, retinitis

pigmentosa, dry eye and more. To learn more,

visit RoseLAc.com. See ad, page 3.

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healthier, happier life.

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We must continue to go forward as one

people, as brothers and sisters.

~John Lewis

September 2020


life coaches and


studio owners


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24 Twin Cities Edition NAtwincities.com

Saffron has been shown

to aid in curbing appetite

to assist in the cessation

of emotional eating and

mindless snacking.



The Sunshine Supplement

by Alina Hornfeldt

Saffron is known to many people as “the spice worth its weight in gold”. The beautifully

red-colored strands are notable for being exotic, expensive and luxurious. But saffron

has been gaining notoriety in the health and wellness industry lately as an addition to

supplementation routines for better mood, increased libido and weight management.

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world—a pound can cost anywhere

between $500 and $5,000. The reason it is so costly is due to the painstaking method

required to hand harvest the delicate strands. Coming from the Crocus sativus flower,

saffron originated in Greece, where its medicinal properties are historically renowned.

The most popular and current use for supplementing with saffron is that it may

improve mood and help treat depressive symptoms. Nicknamed “the sunshine spice”,

saffron has shown in studies to be significantly more effective than placebos at treating

mild-to-moderate depression symptoms. These studies also found that participants taking

saffron reported fewer side effects than those using other treatments.

Another sunshiny benefit of saffron is fewer PMS symptoms. PMS refers to the days

before menstruation when one may experience distressing symptoms that are disruptive

to their daily lives, which may be physical, emotional or psychological. These include

irritability, headaches, pain, cravings and more. Saffron taken at 30mg daily was more

effective than a placebo taken by individuals 20 to 45 years of age in treating the broad

range of PMS symptoms. One study found that just smelling saffron for 20 minutes

helped to lower cortisol levels and decrease anxiety in PMS sufferers.

An aphrodisiac is a supplement that helps boost one’s libido. Saffron has been shown

in studies to have aphrodisiac properties relating to erectile dysfunction, desire, lubrication

and overall satisfaction in individuals taking 30mg daily. A healthy libido has been

shown to improve mood and general wellbeing which can lead to a higher quality of life.

Weight management is an aspect of health that many Americans are interested in

working on to achieve holistic wellness. Saffron has been shown to aid in curbing appetite

to assist in the cessation of emotional eating and mindless snacking. Although

researchers are unsure of exactly how saffron works in the body to curb appetite, in two

individual eight-week studies, taking saffron significantly reduced appetite, total fat mass,

body mass index and waist circumference. It is theorized that saffron works to elevate

mood which in turn aids in achieving weight management goals.

Saffron has been highly prized for

centuries, and we are just beginning to

understand how and why. As well as a potentially

beneficial supplement for depression

and PMS, libido and weight management,

studies are being done to find out

how saffron benefits memory, free radical

damage, fights cancer and reduces heart

disease. Saffron may be difficult to add

into your everyday diet, but quick and easy

with which to supplement. Considered

generally safe and with no side effects,

we will be seeing this super supplement

incorporated into many people’s routines.

After all, everyone deserves some sunshine

in their day.

Alina Hornfeldt is the

marketing manager at

Mastel’s Health Foods. The

staff at Mastel’s is experienced,

deeply knowledgeable

and available to help

you find those supplements

that best suit your needs. Mastel’s is located

at 1526 St. Clair Ave., St Paul. For more

information, call 651-690-1692 or visit

Mastels.com. See ad, page 13.


can do you good

Join the Natural Awakenings

Franchise Family

For more info, visit:


September 2020


wise words

Sandra Marinella on the

Healing Power of Writing

Our Stories

An award-winning


and author

of The Story You

Need to Tell: Writing

to Heal from Trauma,

Illness, or Loss,

Sandra Marinella has

empowered thousands

of people to use

stories, poems and

journal writing to find

greater well-being and

resilience in their lives.

Prompted by a breast

cancer diagnosis and her own journal,

she helps people connect with their truth

and move beyond entrenched negative

emotions and thoughts.

What is the power of story

and personal writing?

We all have stories in our minds that

play over and over again. They define

who we are. In recent years, neuroscience

has led us to this powerful understanding

that we are quite flexible as human

beings. After we become conscious

of our stories and how we’re using them

in our lives, we can rework and reframe

them, and choose to see them in a positive

or better light. We can change and

grow our stories to become better people

with greater well-being.

How do we get unstuck

from playing out stories

in our minds?

A story that keeps looping, one that you

by Sandra Yeyati

26 Twin Cities Edition NAtwincities.com

are obsessed with,

is generally being

replayed in the emotional

centers, or right

side, of your brain, and

you don’t have much

control over it. To get

unstuck, you need to

voice this story and

complete it. Writing

it down and sifting

through it later can

help. Once you do this,

you can be logical and

choose how you’re going

to interpret, frame and live with it.

In the book, I talk about Chris,

whose sister was homeless and died. He

was struggling with that story. It was going

around in his mind, over and over,

all the time. He was in pain and grieving

from the loss of his sister. It took him a

while before he decided to rewrite the

story as fiction, telling it in the way he

wished it had come out. In the process,

he was able to better understand his loss,

make peace with it and set it free.

How do we edit our

stories while remaining

grounded in reality?

We do not want to lie to ourselves. We

want to know our truth, but there is so

much wisdom in what we call “positive

illusions”. If we can choose to take a hard

story and see it in a very positive way,

we can find threads of it that we can

weave through our truth, and let that

help us grow and make our vision of

our story better.

If we don’t tell others

or write our stories,

can they harm us?

Yes. I think they can, but I don’t want to

underestimate the value of silence. When we

are facing trauma, we need space and time

and silence to be able to wrap our heads

around the hard things that are happening to

us. But then, breaking the silence is cathartic.

It releases the pain. It helps us establish not

only that we have the pain, but how we can

bear it. Later, we can come back to those

words and reflect on them—that’s when we

come to understand more about where we

are, what we think, what we feel and how we

can move forward and rewrite and regrow

our stories in positive ways.

Do you have any


for those suffering

in these trying times?

I’ve interviewed many war veterans, and they

said that when they were out in the midst

of warfare, they had to put their thoughts

and emotions on hold so that they could

move forward and be strong. That’s why

many of them were falling apart with PTSD

afterwards. I also interviewed a few soldiers

who carried journals into war and found

it extremely helpful to be able to scream,

yell and release their words into them. We

should be giving all healthcare workers journals

and online support on how to write and

how to take care of themselves. Counseling

and therapy are wonderful, and I wish we

could provide it to everybody all the time,

but we can’t; and journal writing, or any kind

of therapeutic writing, is such a wonderful

backup for a human being to have when they

are struggling. Keeping a pandemic journal

might prove to be not only a healthy choice

for our times, but a treasure historically for

our grandchildren.

Sandra Yeyati, J.D., is a freelance writer.

Reach her at SandraYeyati@gmail.com.

Stand up for what you

know is right.

~Ronald Isley



Sound Healing: Heart-Centered Awareness-Sound

Invoking Silence – 7-8pm. Calm your work week

by coming into soft, relaxing, inner stillness.

Vibration as stress reduction-a peaceful callingin-the-weekend

guided meditation/visualization

going inward, discovering our infinity. $10. Holistic

Gateway, 11 Little Canada Rd E #11, Little

Canada. Holistic-Gateway.com/Calendar.


Cosmic Weather Report – 6:30-9pm. An in-depth

presentation about the major transits that are showing

up in our headlines, and some ways these developments

might find expression in the chapters to come. We’ll

look at some relevant astrological events from history

and explore the evolutionary lessons that are on the plate

for our collective now. $15. Holistic Gateway, 11 Little

Canada Rd E #11, Little Canada. Also offered online via

zoom, email AstrologerSaleem@gmail.com to arrange

this option. Holistic-Gateway.com/Calendar.


Divine Messages with Nea Clare – 6:30-9pm. Nea

Clare is a channel for Spirit and works predominately

with The HAO-a collective, multi-dimensional force

that shares verbal and energetic messages through

her. These events are designed for you to be able

to have a personal audience with Spirit, to receive

teachings that will awaken your consciousness to the

Truth of You. Everyone who attends will receive an

audio recording from the event. $30 in advance/$35

at the door. NeaClareScheduling.as.me/Archangels.


Know Your Body with Natural Family Planning

– 7:30-8:30pm. This virtual workshop teaches you

how to recognize what your body is already telling

you by learning the basics of natural family planning.

Free. NATwinCities.com/events/190079/


ongoing events

Please call or check the websites

to ensure the classes or events

are still scheduled for that week.


Free Online Classes – The University of Minnesota

is among the largest public research universities in

the country, offering undergraduate, graduate, and

professional students a multitude of opportunities

for study and research. Class-Central.com/


GROOVE Movement Class – Various days, times

and locations. A fun, simple and exciting way to

experience dance that nurtures body, mind, heart and

soul. No dance experience required. All fitness levels

welcome. Classes use all genres of music and include

a warmup, dance, stretching, and a brief meditation.


Midtown Global Market – Mon-Sat 10am-8pm. &

Sun 10am-6pm. If you’re looking for a more unique

shopping experience, head to the Midtown Global Market,

where more than 50 vendors sell food and trinkets

ranging from local produce to Somalian pastries, Middle

Eastern olives and Asian spices. There are also cultural

events – from musical performances to Irish stepdancing

lessons. Free. 920 East Lake St, Minneapolis.


Virtual Open House – Online anytime. Stop in to our

YourTube channel to meet our practitioners. Learn

about the services we offer, what you can expect, and

“virtually” visit our new location. Free. YouTube.



Qigong Classes for Health – 10:30-12pm. A fabulous

way to begin each week! Learn how to use the power

of your breathing, mind and simple movements to

enhance and balance the flow of energy in your body.

$15. Holistic Gateway, 11 Little Canada Rd E #11,

Little Canada. Holistic-Gateway.com/Calendar.


Weekly Guided & Silent Meditation – 11-

11:30am. Led by a Prayer Chaplain in the Meditation

Room, this meditation is the same one going

on concurrently at Unity Village. It alternates

affirmative prayer and silence. Donation based.

Online. UnityOfTheValleyMN.org /events-classes.


Meditation and Stress Reduction – 12:30-1:15pm.

Experience meditation and mindfulness directly

through discussion and practice of simple stress reduction

techniques. Discover and activate your ability to

be patient and to truly enjoy. $15. Holistic Gateway,

11 Little Canada Rd E #11, Little Canada. Holistic-


Hatha for Everyone – 6-7pm. Everyone is welcome

to this weekly drop-in class. All levels.

Relieve stress, achy joints, improve balance at

all levels and increase your sense of well-being.

$10. Meditation Center, 631 University Ave NE,

Minneapolis. TheMeditationCenter.org.

Free Meditation – 7-8:30pm. Join us for a free

weekly meditation. Sahaja Yoga Meditation, Eden

Prairie City Hall, 8080 Mitchell Rd, Eden Prairie.

Contact: JPatpatia@gmail or 651-730-2078.



Gentle Yoga for Every Body – 10:30-noon. A

welcoming environment for students of all shapes

and sizes. $15 drop-in. River Garden Yoga, 455 W

7th St, St. Paul. RiverGardenYoga.com.

featured event

Discover Your Highest


Sri Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader

of Eckankar, shares wisdom through

stories and spiritual insights that bring

meaning, connection, and humor to the

workings of Spirit in everyday life.

Fridays at 7pm.

Watch on MCN Channel- 6 TV

For more information, visit Eckankar.org,

TempleofECK.org or Facebook.com/

Eckankar. See ad, page 24.

featured event

Virtual Conference:

Mycelium Mysteries: A

One-of-a-kind Women’s

Mushroom Conference

Theme: Mushrooms as the Grandmothers

of our ecosystem. Workshops offered at

the beginner through advanced levels,

and include topics in wild mushroom

skills, fungal ecology, fungi and human

health, and ethnomycology. Learn and

get comfortable with mycological skills

in a supportive, “fungal” community.

Keynote speakers: Guiliana Furci author

of Fungi of Chile, the Field Guide; Litt

Woon Long, author of The Way of the

Woods on Mushrooms and Mourning.

Sept 25-27

Watch on MCN Channel- 6 TV

More info & to register:

MidwestWomensHerbal.com. See ad, page 15.


Fee for classifieds is $1 per word\

per month. To place listing, email

content to Publisher@NATwinCities.com.

Deadline is the 10th of the month.



THERAPIST to join our supportive, wellestablished

team. Optimal Wellness Solutions is

an independently owned wellness center whose

mission is to help individuals heal physically,

mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We offer

a warm atmosphere, well-run practice, flexible

schedule and generous compensation. Email

Michele.Schramm@comcast.net for details.

September 2020


community resource guide

Connecting you to the leaders in natural health care and green living

in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community

Resource Guide, email Publisher@NAtwincities.com. to request our media kit.




Barb Ryan, LMT • 612-922-2389

Bhakti Wellness Center

7550 France Avenue S, #220, Edina

Specializing in persistent,

chronic pain relief and mysteries

of the body. Serving clients

covered by auto insurance and

worker’s compensation with a

doctor’s referral. Also serving

clients seeking the experience of

deep relaxation and more selfconnection.

Skilled and compassionate

care. See ad, page 3.



Healthy Girls’ Breast Oil

Joyce Sobotta • 715-828-0117 text or call

Holistic breast health consults

with education on the lymphatic

breast self-massage for improved

circulation. Consultations

about pure essential oils for

emotional and physical health.

Custom blends created for you.

See ad, page 22.



Una Forde, DC • 952-922-1478

International Village Arcade Building

220 West 98th St, Suite 7, Bloomington

Quality chiropractic care. Experience

holistic healing and gentle

chiropractic adjustments that allow

the nervous system to relieve

such symptoms as headache, back,

neck pain and numbness which

allow your body to return to a state

of balance and well-being. 25

years’ experience.



Nea Clare


Nea@NeaClare.com • 612-227-3854

You can have a personal audience

with your guides and the Archangels

and Ascended Masters.

Get clarity. Take action. Feel

connected. Book your session

today and save 25%, using code:

IAMWISE17. Or call Nea for a

free consult. See ad, page 20.

28 Twin Cities Edition NAtwincities.com



Candi Broeffle, MBA, CPC




Master your business so you can

practice your passion. Business

coaching for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

to clarify your vision,

build your confidence and create

a soul-centered strategy. Call today

for a free Discovery Session

and get on your path to business

success. See ad, page 23.



Barbara Brodsho, MA

612-444-9751 • BarbaraBrodsho.com

Providing spiritual guidance to

help live your purpose and thrive

utilizing your soul’s Akashic

Record. Discover your soul’s

innate gifts, create a vocation that

aligns with your soul’s passion,

and gain new perspective, clarity

and insight about your life’s

challenges by understanding the

lessons your soul chose to

experience. Schedule a free discovery session to learn

how to create a purpose-filled life. See ad, page 22.




SchaOn Blodgett, CCP, BTAT

93 Little Canada Rd West - Ste. 100

Little Canada/Roseville

612-217-4325 • PsinergyHealth.com

Offering empirical & sciencebased

natural health therapies

including Esogetics/Colorpuncture,

basic Ayurvedic Medicine,

as well as spiritual/energy-based

therapies like Access Consciousness

Bars, I-Ching, reiki

and more. See ad, page 21.



André Thomas - A+ Certified

93 Little Canada Rd West - Ste. 100

Little Canada/Roseville

612-234-7237 • PsinergyTech.com

“Do you have a sick Computer?”

We Keep Computer Repair

Simple. Onsite/In-Home or

Office, Bring-to-Us Computer

Repair Services. 2011-17 Angie’s

List Super Service Award Winner.

Local • Greener • Highly Rated.



N7915-902 St

River Falls, WI • 715-426-7777


Whole Person Dentistry observes

and deals with the mind,

body and spirit, not just your

teeth. This approach to dentistry

encompasses both modern

science and knowledge

drawn from the world’s great

traditions in natural healing.


4700 Lexington Ave N, Suite D

Shoreview 651-483-9800


We’re an integrative

practice committed to

promoting dental wellness

and overall assistance to

the whole person. We

desire to participate in the

creation of healthier lives,

while being sensitive to physical, philosophical,

emotional and financial concerns. See ad, page 12.


Dr. Amy Ha Truong

6230 10th St. N., Ste 520, Oakdale

651-731-3064 • PureDentalMN.com

Pure Dental offers integrative,

holistic, alternative and biological

dentistry for your dental health.

We take pride in providing quality,

holistic dental care and service for

our patients. See ad, page 21.


1815 Suburban Ave, St. Paul



We are a holistic dental practice

devoted to restoring and enhancing

the natural beauty of your smile

using conservative, state-of-the-art

dental procedures that result in

beautiful, long lasting smiles! We

specialize in safe removal of

infected teeth as well as placing

ceramic implants and restorations. See ad, page 14.


1401 Main St, Hopkins

952-475-1101 • ToothByTheLake.net

We build a foundation of trust

by treating our patients as

individuals. Understanding

how uneasy some patients

may feel about their dental

visits, we make a difference

by providing a relaxing and

positive experience. See ad, page 6.



Master Hong

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

9672 63rd Ave N, Maple Grove

763-208-4246 or 914-708-9463

Chronic pain? Suffering from

emotions? Relationship problems?

Life not going as planned? The

Emotion Code is a tool I use to

help you break through any

emotional and spiritual blocks so

you can live your best life. Trial

session only $35.




Annette Rugolo


Children and some adults have the

ability to see the spirits that are

living among us. Others will hear

or see unexplained noises or

movement. Read the first two

chapters in my book for free at

ReleasingLostSouls.com. I share

many experiences that explain

what’s happening and what can be

done. See ad, page 13.



Joyce Sobotta 715-828-0117


Education about pure essential

oils and the lymphatic system

available on my website. I offer

consultations and custom blends

that work synergistically for a

wide range of emotional and

health concerns. See ad, page 22.



Sara Shrode, Graphic Designer

Minneapolis, MN

612-554-6304 • CampfireStudio.net


Ignite the possibilities of

your next project by

having Campfire Studio

design it! Innovative, fullservice

graphic design studio that takes the essence

of a campfire—warmth, stories, community—and

infuses it into every design project we do.

September 2020




1526 St Clair Ave, St Paul

Mastels.com • 651-690-1692

Mastel’s Health Foods is Minnesota’s

oldest health and wellness

store. We carry a full line of vitamins,

minerals, supplements, herbs

and more. We emphasize organic,

biodynamic, biodegradable, holistic

and hypoallergenic products and

pride ourselves on stocking hardto-find

items. See ad, page 13.




License #1102359 • 763-600-6967

8600 Northwood Parkway, New Hope

Providing a caring and supportive

home for adults, no matter

their abilities. With 28-plus

years of experience, we offer a

nurturing and family-like environment

for up to four residents

who are elderly and/or have developmental disabilities.

Residents receive assistance with personal cares, meal

prep and feeding assistance, medication administration,

transfers and mobility, transportation and advocacy. We

treat your loved one like family.



7550 France Ave. S., #220, Edina

612-859-7709 • BhaktiClinic.com

Bhakti provides a holistic

environment where independent

practitioners come together

to offer an integrative

path to wellness; mind, body

and spirit. Our providers offer chiropractic, energy

therapy, massage, microcurrent therapy, acupuncture,

psychotherapy and much more so that you can feel

your best, remain healthy & thrive. See ad, page 3.

Would your clients enjoy

Natural Awakenings




and get free copies

delivered right to

your door.




11 Little Canada Rd. E., Little Canada


763-807-9866 • Holistic-Gateway.com

We are a healing arts collaborative

offering a variety of services like

Esogetics Colorpuncture, Energy

Emission Analysis, Reiki, Qigong,

Acupuncture and more. As a

community-building center, we

offer classes and workshops on

astrology, meditation, reiki and energy healing, as well

as yoga. See ad, page 7.



612-564-8714 • RoseLAc.com

Bhakti Wellness Center

7550 France Ave. S., #220, Edina

Cassandra specializes in Macular

Regeneration, a program using

Acunova and Micro-Acupuncture,

microcurrent therapy,

herbs and supplements to benefit

degenerative eye diseases such

as macular degeneration, retinitis

pigmentosa, Stargardt’s, conjuntivitis, post-herpetic

eye pain, dry eye and more. See ad, page 3.



Theodore Rick

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

International Village Arcade Building

220 West 98th St, Ste. 7, Bloomington

HealingTaj.com • 763-913-6722

“I love massage, but too often it

feels good temporarily and then

the pain and tightness comes back

again. I have found with AIS that

by stretching and lengthening the

fibers, almost like a yoga/massage

that the pain doesn’t come back

again,” Warren King.




612-568-8889 • monteslac.com

Bhakti Wellness Center,

7550 France Ave S., #220, Edina

John is a licensed Acupuncturist,

Medical Massage Therapist and

Herbalist. With orthopedic

acupuncture and body work he

provides a whole-person

approach to pain management

taking into consideration mental

and emotional health. His work

is a carefully crafted balance

between science and intuition. John is fluent in

English and Spanish. See ad, page 3.



Bhakti Wellness Center • 7550 France Ave. S.

Suite 220, Edina

612-564-9947 • FranBieganekTherapy.com

As a Licensed Psychologist and

holistic practitioner, Fran works

with clients to identify areas of

potential growth, obstacles to

growth, and processes that facilitate

healing and transcendence of those

obstacles. She provides traumainformed

therapy that supports

your goals of resiliency, healing

and feeling better. See ad, page 3.





The only Progressive Talk Radio

station in Minnesota. We strive to

provide the best progressive

programming available and

feature national talkers Bill Press,

Thom Hartmann, Stephanie

Miller, Norman Goldman, and

more. We are also dedicated to local programming that

creates a community forum for important Minnesota

Progressive issues. See ad, page 32.



1264 Energy Lane, St Paul

800-620-3370 • AllEnergySolar.com

All Energy Solar is a trusted

leader in the solar energy

industry. We provide clean,

green, solar energy

solutions for residential,

commercial, agricultural, and government clients.

Our team of industry professionals have been

focused on providing long-term, trusted relationships

since 2009. Our industry experience allows us to

confidently handle every aspect of the solar process.

See ad, page 28.



7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen

952-380-2200 • Eckankar.org

Are you looking for the

personal experience of

God? Eckankar can help

you fulfill your dream. We

offer ways to explore your

own unique and natural

relationship with the

Divine through personalized study to apply in your

everyday life. See ad, page 24.

30 Twin Cities Edition NAtwincities.com

We are looking for the next Natural Awakenings publishers—the connectors, the

change makers, the motivated individuals that want to make a difference in their

community. This is more than a job; it’s a life-changing opportunity to inspire

others to make choices that benefit themselves and the world around them.

And you’ll have fun while you’re doing it!

Financing opportunities are available for as little as $15,000 down.

Call us for more information, we would love to talk!

Natural Awakenings is a franchise family of

55+ healthy living magazines, celebrating 26

years of publishing! This rewarding, homebased

franchise opportunity includes training

and ongoing support, following a wellestablished

and proven business model.

Learn more today:



September 2020


is the only Progressive Talk Radio station in Minnesota. We strive to provide the best


programming available. We feature national talkers Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller,


Goldman, Amy Goodman, and Brad Friedman. We are also dedicated to local programming


creates a community forum for important Minnesota Progressive issues.


one of the few independently owned radio stations in the country, we are proud to cover news,


and stories that are not carried by the corporate media. The talk radio format allows us to air


voices and challenge conventional and establishment thinking, all with the goal of creating


change in our community.



- 9AM



- 10AM





- 11AM




Weekend Lifestyle Shows


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