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APRIL 2021


Anthony Lane, Founder/Owner of Lane and Simple

Produced by Prophet Cassettes Productions; Photography by Austin Tate Edited by Patrick Campbell


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Sarah Bramlett,

Mississippi Hummingbird Co.

Written by Dana Setting

Sarah Bramlett accidentally became a serious baker. When her oldest son turned five, the

local bakery’s quote for his cake was so large that Sarah decided she would just bake it

herself. Challenged by her husband to secure all the necessary equipment for under $100,

Sarah rose to the occasion, and the cake turned out perfect. Her friends and family noticed.

Requests began to pour in, and in 2019 the Mississippi Hummingbird Co. of Houston,Texas

was born.

Sarah, a mom of three, a wife, and a full-time teacher, is a self-taught baker. She spends her

limited free time mastering new baking and design techniques and her nights fulfilling

orders. With such a full schedule, those nights can be quite long, but according to Sarah,

“The challenge energizes me. I’m lucky that I get to create things that taste good, but it’s

also so rewarding to see an idea through to completion.” A perfectionist and careful

researcher, Sarah said she likes to stay on her toes, always looking to explore new ideas and

try new things when it comes to her baking.

Part of this is because she likes to expose her three sons to new things. She likes to intro-

duce them to new flavors and encourages

them to broaden their culinary taste buds.

When it comes to baking at home, a family

favorite is almond macarons with almond

filling. She says her sons have become quite

the food critics.

With a degree in Fine Art, and a background

in sculpture, Sarah’s bakery really does produce

masterpieces. She says that it’s a nice

change of pace to have sculptures around that

you can eat and actually enjoy. While the

Mississippi Hummingbird Co. gradually

expands (they recently began offering wedding

cakes), growing a small business amidst

the Covid-19 pandemic has come with its

share of challenges.

Events were cancelled for an initial two-week

period, but it soon became clear that the shutdowns

and delays would last much longer.

For the young bakery, it could have meant the

end, but in challenge, Sarah feels right at

home. “When Covid hit, it forced me to slow

down and re-evaluate my priorities,” she

said. She shared that the biggest challenges

she had to overcome were setting boundaries

and learning to advocate for herself, her

family and her time. She’s accomplished

much of this by streamlining the bakery’s

ordering system and the options offered.

The Mississippi Hummingbird Co. offers a

variety of fully customizable baked goods

from cookies, to macarons, and cakes of all

varieties. Sarah loves trying new things and

says she can accommodate just about anything.

In recent months, as the world slowly

reopens, the bakery has provided full-sized

wedding cakes— a sign that further growth is

on the horizon.

Chef CHEVEN Interviews Christi Hoehn,

Owner of Talk of the Table

Who is Christi Hoehn?

“It depends on the day, some days I feel invincible,

others I feel vulnerable and weak. Thankfully

the invincible days are more often and as the

amazing opportunities have been coming my

way, I’m all that much more driven to reach for

the stars.”

Christi fought illness since she was 15, finally

diagnosed at the age of 20 with an autoimmune

disease, Scleroderma. She didn’t expect to live

past 26-27 but had never accepted that fate - and

here she is at 56 still proving them wrong.

Because of circulatory complications, Christi lost

the left leg below knee in ‘96 and the right leg

below knee in 05. “For me, it was a relief, as pain

was the driving force in my life.” Unfortunately,

she got frostbite on both legs after being outside

at a Christmas market in Germany. “I was in my

wheelchair and didn’t realize how cold my legs

were, despite the many layers I was wearing as

well as my prosthetics. It became too painful to

wear the legs and I accepted that I’d be using the


“I am not defined by the chair or my legs - but

society isn’t as kind.” Says Christi. “More often

than not, I’m invisible.” My experience of Christi

is that her determination and enthusiasm toward

cooking and life as a whole has been enhanced

due to the obstacle's that her life presented– a

mother of three, a Grandmother of three, a

self-taught culinarian. Christi has developed a

passion for the art of cooking and shares her

works with the community she has built around

her. Through Table Grilling (a communal cooking

experience) Christi is no longer “invisible”. In fact,

she is very visible not only to her peers, but to the

large network of professional Chefs that are now

honoring Christi for her creativity, passion, and



“Food has always been a huge part of my life. I have

so many fond memories of cooking with my grandmother

and gardening with my grandfather. Grandma

taught me how to make the perfect pie crusts, always

doubling the recipe so I could roll it out, spread with

butter, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, roll, and

slice into pinwheel “goodies” to enjoy. My grandpa’s

garden was epic, we’d ride the tractor and till the

soil, daily trips to tend to the ripening vegetables.

They canned gallon size jars of spicy pickles -

cucumbers, okra, cauliflower, tomatoes, and more.

Grandpa always ordered the top-quality cheeses and

meats, I was the only kid I knew that had a huge jar

in the refrigerator with feta suspended in brine! He

smoked meats in his hand built monstrous sized

brick smoker/grill.

Growing up Jewish and eating all of those delicacies,

(aside from gefilte fish!). The Manischewitz mixes a

stark contrast to the from scratch cooking from my

other grandparents. Noodle Kugel, Matzo ball soup,

beet borscht, mandel bread, blintzes....ahh the memories!

Christi currently enjoys preparing unique Focaccia

decorated with a mosaic of vegetables and herbs.

Deliciously presented and fascinating to the eyes as

the presentation moves the table talk with awe. Who

needs a flower bouquet on the table when you have

her Focaccia to light up the moment?

How do you think you can impact the world?

“I hope it’s through kindness and the willingness to

share my story, my cooking, and the light that

permeates my being. Sitting at the table together,

learning, sharing, enjoying cooking and spending

time together. I believe strongly that food is a bond

between us all and the more we can come together,

the greater understanding we have of each other.

In my life thus far bringing people to the table

unplugged is such a message that is powerful to

permeate the discomfort of shyness or unwilling to

blossom. Breaking the “Focaccia” (bread) with family/friends/peers

through TABLE GRILLING is the

best way to open minds and remind each other how

precious life can be.” Through this, Christi is not

only recognized as a survivor but also a pioneer of

hope and the endurance of Love, Food, and Community.

What is your favorite dish to prepare?

“A constant crowd pleaser is my delicious cobbler. I

have tweaked a recipe I found many years ago and it

is, in my opinion, the best cobbler ever. I’ve now

modified the recipe and make it ON THE TABLE

GRILL using canning jar lids! Here’s the oven


Here's a recipe I tweaked years ago that is a favorite

of this house, you can use sour cherries, peaches, or

nectarines for a delicious cobbler. I don't care for

super sweet desserts so the sugar has been significantly


Christi’s Cobbler

In a 7x11 baking dish (screw the baking dish, use a

cast iron skillet) melt 1 stick of butter at 325 until

sizzling. Keep in oven until you're ready to pour

batter or make batter ahead.


1 c flour

3/4 c sugar

1/4 t salt

2 t baking powder

3/4 c milk

1/2 t vanilla

cinnamon to taste

(put a lot, it’s delicious)

Mix until smooth, set aside.

Combine 1 qt fruit and 1/2 cup sugar.

Pour batter into sizzling butter, mixing slightly. Pour

fruit over batter and bake for 1 hour or until brown

at 325. Serve warm or cooled with vanilla ice cream.

I like to put this in the oven right before we eat so

that it's hot out of the oven for dessert.


Chef CHEVEN interviews Chef Joseph Yoon, Owner

and Founder of Brooklyn Bugs

What defines Brooklyn Bugs, and what is your motivation

and inspiration?

I am an Edible Insect Ambassador, Chef, and

Warrior—we work closely with universities, museums, Chefs,

and thought leaders to raise awareness and appreciation for edible

insects. Our work helps to explain why the UN’s Food and Agriculture

Organization (FAO) endorses them to address food security

and sustainability. The fact that we can disrupt the system to

address such important matters, and help to provide innovative

solutions to how we can sustainably reimagine what the future of

food can look like is of great inspiration and motivation to me.

How did you source/find your vendors?

I’ve been very fortunate to work with a close group of

vendors who have been extremely supportive of my mission from

day one. There have been events where I’ve fed thousands of

people at Purdue University, Montana State University, or the

American Museum of Natural History where we shared upwards

of a dozen unique samples to thousands of people throughout the

day. Through all this, my vendors have graciously donated their

products for our programming. We luckily found one another

through the web or “buzz” we generated

What’s the business model?

People tend to think of edible insects in terms of extremes

because they think of insects viscerally as a pest or an undesirable

that causes disease or ruins their garden. Our work focuses on

outreach and education to redefine and reimagine that *edible*

insects are sustainably farmed or harvested specifically for human

consumption, are nutrient dense, and most importantly, can be

prepared deliciously. We also offer business to business consulting

and R&D, and are looking to find partners to expand our operations

to include consumer packaged products in the near future.

How have you succeeded, and how has it “maninsectated”


It’s been incredibly rewarding to receive numerous grants

to tour across the nation, be invited to share my work internationally

(sadly postponed due to covid), work with renowned artists

and scientists, and see our work validated with a tremendous

amount of global press (thank you guys)! As a chef, I never

thought I’d have an impact on global initiatives, and it has been

incredibly rewarding and humbling at the same time.

Why is this important for the culinary world to embrace?

We are already depleting our natural resources to feed the

current population, and will have to find solutions for how we can

sustainably feed the burgeoning global population. I don’t like to

emphasize the doomsday scenario though, but prefer to focus on

the fact that there are over two thousand types of edible insects

that over eighty percent of the world’s nations already consumes

with vastly different flavor profiles, textures, and functionality.

Imagine if we were able to tap into the wealth of talented chefs to

help us define and understand how we can best incorporate and

utilize edible insects, and be part of the solution towards a sustainable


How will it redefine culinary arts from day-to-day to Michelin

starred restaurants?

Think about how excited chefs are to work with new

ingredients, and as this practice becomes more widely accepted

amongst chefs, this would truly be a dynamic and exciting new

frontier. I’m not suggesting that we give up everything else, but

only to consider adding insect protein as another ingredient to a

chef’s arsenal. The possibilities to create everything from comfort

food to haute cuisine would virtually be endless, with our

imagination being the only limitation.

Chef Take:

Interviewing Chef Joseph, I found him to be extremely passionate about

curving the mindset of the globe to better understand the diversity and

creativity of insects as a major source of protein. Sustainability is prominent

in today’s preservation of food resources. Through this direction,

Chef Joseph has held introducing and educating the industry with the

“need to know” on edible bugs to the highest professional standards.

I am fascinated by Chef’s passion and knowledge. In today’s industry, it

seems that we are struggling to source new ingredients and creatively

present them, whether in a recipe or presentation. I feel that chefs today

are reverting back to classic techniques and redefining the foundation of

cuisine from culture to culture. With the introduction to insect protein,

Joseph has opened a door to new-age techniques, flavors, and art of


In the coming weeks, Chef Joseph and I will host a live video tasting and

crash course educating about edible bugs. This will be followed with a

hands-on cooking demo of what I have learned. Stay tuned!

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A sweet introduction to the toughest diet you’ve never

heard of

Written by Ross Jason

A new diet is emerging out of the medical literature and into

wider society. Its rules are constantly changing, you won’t

know what’s safe to eat without an app, and you can’t have

garlic, onion, or celery. Allow me to introduce you to the

Low FODMAP diet, a niche medical diet for the digestively

distraught. It’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise.

Developed by Monash University in Melbourne, Australia,

FODMAP is an acronym for Fermentable Oligo-, Mono- and

di-saccharides And Polyols. In plain English, the 4 types of

sugars naturally present in all kinds of foods. A low-FOD-

MAP diet is one that eliminates your exposure to these

sugars. They’re special because of their tendency to ferment

in your small intestine, an environment that should be nearly

sterile. If you have severe digestive issues like IBS, SIBO,

Crohn’s, or Ulcerative Colitis, FODMAPs likely set off your

symptoms. Avoiding them might be your first step towards


FODMAPs only exist in carbs, so anything without them,

like meat or fish, is safe. Alliums like garlic and onions

(fructans), berries like blackberries (sorbitol), other fruits

like apples (fructose), cheese (lactose), mushrooms (mannitol),

peas (oligosaccharides), and hundreds of other foods are

off the list. To keep everything straight, you need to use the

Monash FODMAP App—it uses a red/yellow/green light

system to show you what safe ingredients and serving sizes

look like. The diet has three phases: complete elimination,

supervised reintroduction, and a long-term personalized plan

based on your reintroduction results.

Why Low FODMAP? While growing in popularity, the Low

FODMAP diet isn’t something you just hop on yourself. If it

sounds helpful to you, investigate your gut health deeply

with your doctor first.

Despite the intense limitations, some of us are eating exceptionally

well on the low-FODMAP diet and feeling much

better. FODMAPs are everywhere, if you can’t control

what’s on your plate, you won’t know if it’s safe. This is

forcing dieters like me to get busy in the kitchen and to hone

our skills. If you want to make yourself a gut-friendly treat,

try out my low-FODMAP coffee cake (It’s also gluten, dairy,

and soy free).

Holy Fodmap Coffee Cake


1/3 Cup gluten free breadcrumbs

2 Cups gluten free all-purpose flour

1 Cup beet sugar

1 tsp salt

10 Tbsp Butter Flavored Coconut Oil (BFCO)

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp baking soda

¾ cup (1 small container) vanilla coconut yogurt

1 egg

1 tsp vanilla

¾ cup pecans, blended

½ cup maple sugar

1 tsp ground cinnamon


10-inch Springform Pan

Food processor


Allow all ingredients to come to room temperature. Preheat oven to 350°.

Blend your pecans in the food processor until finely chopped, set aside.

Grease your springform pan and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Turn pan to

coat the sides and tap out excess. In a large mixing bowl, whisk to

combine flour, beet sugar, and salt. Add BFCO and cut in with a whisk

until your mixture resembles small chunks or crumbs. Be careful not to

overmix. Add yogurt and continue whisking, crumb formation will

intensify. Pause here and remove one cup of crumbs, set aside. Continue

whisking, add baking powder and soda. Add egg, vanilla and whisk

aggressively for 1.5-2 minutes until batter is smooth. Pour batter into the

pan, scraping the sides of the mixing bowl and smoothing the top with a

spatula. For the topping, add leftover batter crumbs in bowl with chopped

pecans, maple sugar, and cinnamon. Whisk together with a fork until

mixture is homogenous. Sprinkle crumbs over the batter. Bake for 40-45

minutes. Remove from oven and let cool for 5-10 minutes on a wire rack.

Run a thin knife around the edge of the cake to release it from the sides of

the pan and remove the sides. Let cool for 1.5hrs, serve.

Ross Jason is the founder of

Fearless FODMAP. He regularly

posts recipes on YouTube and his

Blog, fearlessfodmap.com/blog.

Water & Lemon

1½ oz Tito’s Handmade Vodka

4-8 oz water (to taste)

1 lemon slice, garnish

Just add Tito’s Handmade Vodka and water to

a glass with ice. Garnish with a lemon slice.

Pro-tip: This is Tito’s go-to cocktail,

so feel free to stir up seconds.

Per 1.5 oz serving: 98 calories, Carbohydrates 0 grams, Protein 0 grams, Fat 0 grams.

WSWA Educational Foundation, Tito’s

Handmade Vodka and Southern Glazer’s

Wine & Spirits Join Forces to Establish

the Robert Qualls Scholarship Fund

$100K in Scholarships Will Be Awarded to Undergraduate

and Graduate Hospitality Majors In Memory of Industry

Veteran Robert Qualls

The WSWA Educational Foundation (the charitable arm of Wine

& Spirits Wholesalers of America), Tito’s Handmade Vodka and

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits today announced the launch of

the Robert Qualls Scholarship Fund in memory of Robert

Qualls, an extraordinary hospitality and spirits industry veteran.

The scholarship fund will award a total of $100,000 in scholarships

to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a hospitality

degree over the next five years, which will be funded

equally by Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Southern Glazer’s Wine

& Spirits. Four students per year pursuing studies in the hospitality

space will be awarded $5,000 each to help fund their

education expenses.

“The WSWA Educational Foundation is proud to play a part in

establishing the Robert Qualls Scholarship Fund, helping the

next generation of hardworking and determined students make

contributions to the hospitality industry for decades to come,”

said Michelle Korsmo, WSWA President and CEO. “Service and

education can be the keys to success for so many like Robert.

This educational program generously funded by Tito’s Handmade

Vodka and Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits will make

many more dreams possible.”

“Robert started at Glazer’s in San Antonio as a route salesman in

1982 and spent 36 years with Southern Glazer’s until finishing

up his career at Tito’s,” said Bennett Glazer, Executive Vice

Chairman of Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. “He was a leader

from the beginning and rose to senior management quickly. He

was also the initial contact in 1998 to bring Tito’s to Glazer’s. At

that time, he developed a special relationship with Tito Beveridge

that lasted the rest of his life. Robert was a loyal, committed,

dedicated team player with great leadership skills and will

always be remembered for his infectious smile.”

The Robert Qualls Scholarship Fund strives to honor and uphold

Robert’s legacy of hard work, generosity and selflessness by

empowering students to follow in his footsteps. As a proud

University of Texas at Austin alum, Robert started his career in

the hospitality industry as a distributor sales representative.

Throughout his forty-year career, which included impactful

leadership roles at Southern Glazer’s and Tito’s Handmade

Vodka, Robert helped to build brands, manage complex

businesses and mentor the next generation of spirits industry


“Robert was the kind of genuine, loyal friend that most people

are lucky to meet in their lifetime,” said Tito Beveridge, founder

of Tito’s Handmade Vodka. “Smart, optimistic and perpetually

beaming, Robert was a true gentleman with a heart bigger than

the state he was born in. His commitment to making Tito’s better

every day was an inspiration to not only me, but every single

person he worked with. Robert was a one-of-kind mentor, and

this scholarship not only serves to honor his memory, but also to

help jumpstart the studies and careers of students nationwide

who seek to follow in his footsteps.”

Full-time or part-time students with an eligible connection to an

alcohol producer, wholesaler or retailer may apply for the scholarship

starting today through May 31 via the application link at

https://www.wswa.org/scholarships. Details on eligibility are at

the link. Winners are slated to be announced in August 2021 and

will be selected by an independent panel of judges through a

competitive application process.

Please help us provide more hospitality scholarships by contributing

to the Robert Qualls Scholarship Fund. You can donate at

https://www.wswa.org/scholarships and choose the Robert

Qualls Scholarship Fund button - or use the QR code below.

For more information about the Robert Qualls Scholarship Fund

and submission guidelines, visit https://www.wswa.org/scholarships.

QR Code to donate to the Robert Qualls Scholarship Fund:

Lane & Simple showcases the true meaning

of success in the F&B industry.

By Debbie Hall

The award-winning Lane & Simple sweetens the

soul with unique wedding cakes and desserts.

Anthony Lane, chef and owner of Lane & Simple,

started his Houston-based business over five years

ago and is experiencing tremendous growth

despite the pandemic and current economic challenges.

“It was a love of chocolate chip cookies that started

it all,” he laughs. “The nuance of cookie dough is

such an art. People think cookie dough is just

putting ingredients in a bowl and mixing it. There

is so much more. First, there is the creaming of the

butter and sugar for a very extensive period of time

to get a nice and chewy cookie with a subtle crust.

I have to thank Christina Tosi for the tip. There are

so many variations in texture and taste, depending

on the ingredients and how the dough is made.’’

His business then expanded into bespoke wedding

and celebration cakes with savory catering options

as well.

“Find me a kitchen and I can make it happen”

could be his motto as Anthony has delivered cakes

to locations in many southern states. He is an

active participant on the social app Clubhouse and,

through that app, has found new clients with destination


When Lane first started his company, one of his

goals was to foremost serve people and serve them

well while giving back. He lives by the saying,

“People over profit,” and, while he understands

that this might not be taught in a traditional business

school and may not be a popular opinion, this

is how he chooses to operate his business. His

philosophy has been proven successful as he

continues to care for his clients as Lane & Simple


“I try to provide awesome customer service and

really listen to people about what they want. I work

hard to be able to create their dream wedding cakes

and desserts by going the extra mile—even with a

full time job.”

The name Lane & Simple is a combination of his

last name and the simplistic yet elevated style of

his wedding cakes and desserts that are simply

ready to serve. He enjoys the artistry of creating

beautiful cakes and pastries. Part of his success is

that Lane is proficient in many areas, not just

pastry. Lane competed in a competition against

some of the finest restaurants and chefs in Houston

and won awards with his special gumbo and simple

pound cake, adding to his expertise with savory

foods. He has also worked under an executive chef

as a pastry chef at a restaurant in Houston. Lane

credits some of his development as a chef and business-owner

to participating in and leading conversations

on Clubhouse.

During his time on Clubhouse, Lane connected

with James Beard Award winning journalist, Jennifer

English or as he nicknamed her, Momma J, who

hosts several podcasts for Food and Beverage

Magazine along with other amazing minds in

different spaces on the app. Lane has met many

chefs, foodies, and content creators with similar

interests, which curated more Clubhouse “hallways”

for food and entertainment content.

“It has just exploded and I see the platform

continuing to expand it’s reach,” says Lane.

He experienced a change in how he interacted with

Clubhouse after spending more time in the Food

and Beverage Magazine club rooms. He was able

to take part in connecting several people with the

network they needed in order to be successful in

both life and business. This is one of the goals of

the social app— to provide real and genuine

networking relationships through the medium of

Local Chefs set to open an hourly rental commercial kitchen for womxn. Their goal is to create opportunities with a

new share kitchen, local residents and Chefs, Kiah Gibian, owner of the food truck, Wilde Thyme, and Catina Smith,

Founder of Just Call Me Chef, have purchased a building in the Old Goucher neighborhood.

Our Time kitchen’s mission is to support minority womxn* who want to build food

businesses by lowering systemic barriers and creating access to resources in a

supportive environment.

“My partner, Kiah, and I are committed to providing a viable commercial kitchen option for women with small food

businesses to thrive. We look forward to creating a space that will initiate increased revenue streams for women who

previously did not have access due to a lack of capital.” - Cat

About Our Time

Our Time is a minority run business, whose owners have a proven track record in creating commercially successful

businesses, applying entrepreneurial know-how and overcoming the challenges that come with building sustainable

brands in the Baltimore food space. As individual owners, we have separately had to innovate and problem solve how

to sustain our creative and mission driven cooking. We know from first hand experience where there are cracks in our

local food economy and how to create an alternative approach to both feeding our community and building assets for

minority owned food businesses. Our target market is the growing number of minority owned food enterprises that

are operating on a scale that prohibits access to large commercial kitchens that traditionally have been associated with


“We’re not creating something new, we are addressing access issues. Offering hourly rental options and childcare will

allow more people to be able to benefit from our commercial kitchen, and that’s our goal” -Kiah

Our Time is now! We have acquired the building we plan to operate in but we still have a great deal of work before

we can open doors. Part of our mission is that our collective of owners and the clients we work with build their

personal wealth and assets. Ownership of our kitchen and building is vital to being able to accomplish some of our

businesses goals. We will be on the hunt for funding via; grants, crowdsourcing, and investors and we welcome any

and all support along our way.

“Now more than ever it is our time to create a commercial kitchen space that is safe, efficient and affordable. Now

more than ever it is our time to create and build sustainable businesses for us and by us. Now more than ever it is our

time to come together to build a future for our community and our city. Are you with us?” -Cat and Kiah

To follow along with us on our journey to opening day, be sure to follow us on social media @ourtimekitchen, and

newsletter as we conquer our milestones. Check us out at www.ourtimekitchen.com.

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PepperHeadz 2021 Tournament

24 GRAND PRIZE trips plus much, much more.




Marie Sharp's world-famous recipes start in Belize with

hand-harvested, sustainably farmed whole fruit & vegetables,

certified pesticide-free, used within hours of picking. Marie’s products

are 100% Gluten Free, ideal for the VEGAN and Ketogenic lifestyle.




The PepperHeadz Culture Club Project is Co-Founded

with the Maya Mountain Research Farm.





Info@Mahalofoods.com www.Mahalofoods.com 1(800) 331-3582

Our economy has seen a huge rise of food entrepreneurs who

operate their businesses under the cottage food model. During the

pandemic with so many people losing their jobs or having their

finances tested, many people began to turn their passion for baking

into a profit right from their home.

A cottage food business is defined as a producer or maker who

prepares their items from a residential kitchen. With overhead being

a little lower than the traditional retail model this is an amazing way

for baking enthusiasts to start a business. While laws vary from state

to state this is a perfect way for bakers to begin to sell their items

within their local communities.

To most; baking is second nature as many bakers have tried and true

recipes on hand. Common cottage food items range from bagels to

jams, pickled vegetables, and cakes. Finding an item to produce for

a lot of business owners is relatively easy. However, the real test

comes from finding ways to make the business grow and thrive.

Baking a product can be common; but selling, marketing, and

raising awareness for those products is an area that most cottage

food operators struggle with. Since most business owners who

recently started did so as a way to generate income into their household;

it can be hard to invest a ton of money if the resources just

aren’t originally there.

Due to its ease of accessibility social media is often the general route

for attracting sales that most business owners choose in the beginning.

Because social media platforms are common people begin to

advertise within their own network of close associates as a means of

sharing their goods.

However, the online arena is filled with equally wonderful sites

which can help you showcase your business and market your goods.

Listing yourself on a wide range of sites is not only good for increasing

your online presence but it can lead to new connections and

potential clients.

The following resources are dedicated to helping cottage food

operators grow and market their business so they can stand out in

their communities and generate more sales.

Many have heard of the popular review site Yelp but very few know

of its role in helping food lovers gain new reach. Yelp is an online

review directory dedicated to promoting local businesses. Patrons

can rate their items that they have purchased from community

owners and include pictures as well. These social aspects make the

app very user-friendly and tailor the experience. For business

owners, they also offer social pages which have dedicated staff who

help showcase locally owned businesses. Each city has a community

manager which usually facilitates the page and shines new light on

businesses. It is highly recommended for new business owners to

reach out to the community manager within their local state. From

page features to having a business owner host community

baking/cooking classes; this is a wonderful way to raise brand

awareness for your cottage business.

If your cottage food operation needs a business plan then

Bplans.com is a perfect site. Bplans.com provides business documents

and free business plans also. Their website also contains tips

and tools to help a business owner develop their elevator pitch.

Having a business plan and pitch is perfect for helping cottage food

owners to present themselves to banks, investors, or crowdfunding

sites. This will help raise additional capital needed to market their

business and grow.

Another directory site for cottage food owners to try is Nextdoor.

Nextdoor is a site that is centered around connecting you with

people directly within your local neighborhood. Nextdoor provides

free business page listings which allow you to present your cottage

food business and upload imagery.

The Nextdoor platform provides resources to help with branding,

sales, and more for business owners. Using the Nextdoor site is a

great way to gain new customers and stand out. Many business

owners see great success on this platform.

The above sources are all wonderful additions to add to one’s

marketing strategy.

Altogether with any marketing plan, the main ingredient will always

be consistency. While operating a business can sometimes be tough,

marketing a business doesn’t have to be. Try incorporating one of

these new resources into your business for cottage food success.

Chef Bio

Chef Amanda Schonberg is an

award-winning baker and speaker.

Chef Schonberg is the founder of

Baking For Business. Baking For

Business is an online platform

dedicated to providing business

classes and resources to helping

cottage food producers run

successful businesses.

Chef Schonberg has spoken for

brands such as Facebook, Louisiana

State University School of

Business, and International Cake

Exploration Society.

Zen of Slow Cooking

Blends More than Spices

Like many small businesses, the Zen of Slow Cooking—which

creates gourmet slow cooker and Instant Pot

spice blends—started as an effort to solve a problem. How

does a busy mother of three juggle schedules, homework

and family time, yet serve delicious, healthy dinners?

For Meg Barnhart of Lake Forest, Illinois, the answer was:

get a slow cooker. She did meal prep during the school day,

freeing afternoons for the kids. Meg found her chopping

time Zen-like, and the blissful aromas worked magic on her

family. Realizing she was on to something, Barnhart

partnered with Jane McKay, a young mom with a

background in food science/recipe development. Immediately

clicking, they launched a food blog in 2012, which

then blossomed into a business. They started by mixing

spice blends for their recipes, quickly selling out at the

local farmer’s market. Leveraging the growing “speed

scratch” home cooking trend, they expanded into wholesale

and retail markets. From the beginning, their intention

was three-fold: to simplify family dinner…to create

healthy, wholesome products…and to use their business as

a force for good. While COVID has hurt many small

businesses, Zen sees its customer base growing—as

parents homeschooling their students and college students

living off-campus look for fast, tasty cooking options.

Business as a Force for Good

From the start, Zen was a social-impact business. Committed

to creating an inclusive economy, Zen of Slow Cooking

partners with a social enterprise to provide employment for

adults with developmental disabilities. They outsourced

their packaging to Planet Access Company, which employs

adults with developmental disabilities. (Search, Inc.—a

not-for-profit that helps such adults live full lives—awarded

Zen its Trailblazer Award for community job creation).

In addition, Zen supports a wide range of causes close to

their mission—health and wellness, cancer research, Fair

Trade, sustainable business practices—as well as numerous

local charities.

In 2017, Zen was granted B Corp certification. Certified B

Corps are for-profit companies that meet higher standards

of social and environmental performance, transparency and

accountability. And in 2020, they became a Certified

Women Owned Business.

Creating Healthy, Mindfully sourced Products

They currently offer six “Zen Blends,” including Smoky

BBQ (their best-seller) and Coq au Vin (their most widely

searched recipe) and three whole spice infusions. Zen

sources its ingredients meticulously, starting with non-irradiated

spices, free of additives and no/low salt. It purchases

saffron from Rumi Spice, a Certified B Corp that’s bringing

economic stability to Afghanistan by sourcing spices

from native farmers.

Zen Blends have earned Non-GMO Project Verification,

reaffirming the company’s mission to produce clean,

high-quality products. Their ground spice blends are sold

for $3.50 per pouch online. All ingredients are listed on the

packaging, along with a shopping list and recipe.

A True Business Partnership

Although Barnhart and McKay are separated by more than

a decade and now, an ocean (McKay who is British,

returned to the U.K), their partnership continues to

flourish. “When I met Jane, I knew she was the right

person,” says Barnhart. “A shared work ethic, vision and

value system are key to a strong partnership—and those

were our guiding principles from the beginning.

Meg’s focus is bringing Zen to more

home cooks; mine is bringing

more innovation into the

kitchen,” adds McKay, who is

continuously developing the

new recipes found on their

website. “We complement each

other’s skills—and we share a

passion for great food and social


Spice Pack Trio

The duo continues to attract new opportunities. For example,

in 2017, their Sichuan blend won the Specialty Food

Association sofiTM award for best seasoning/spice

product. In 2018, Barnhart won the association’s Leadership

Award. And in 2019, they won over Walmart, bringing

Zen blends to 1,200 stores nationwide.

Zen of Slow Cooking keeps spicing up mealtime—helping

home cooks as well as those in need. Zen Blends are sold

at Whole Foods, Walmart, and grocery and specialty stores

nationwide—plus on Amazon and thezenofslowcooking.com.

Recently, a trio of Zen blends were added to WW

(formerly Weight Watcher’s) Love Collection available


Meet the Queen

of Habanero

Belize, the tiny Caribbean nation located in the Yucatan Peninsula, is known for

it’s lush jungle, excellent scuba diving, historic Mayan archaeological sites, and

friendly locals. Formerly a colony of Britain, Belize was known as British Honduras

until 1973 prior to independence in 1981. The multicultural nation is home to

people of Creole, Mestizo, Maya, Garifuna, East Indian, Mennonite, Middle Eastern,

Chinese, and European descent. Although a small nation with a population of

just about 400,000 people, it’s fertile soil is perfect for farming, creating a bounty

of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables, sometimes almost too much for locals.

Marie Sharp noticed this and saw opportunity.

Now known as the “Queen of Habanero,” Marie Sharp’s empire had very humble

beginnings. Based in Dangriga in the Stann Creek Valley, a more southern region

of Belize, Sharp was commissioned to grow habanero peppers for a customer in

Belize City who was making his own pepper sauce. In 1980, she began to experiment

with ingredients from her farm at Melinda Estates making varieties of habanero pepper sauce with a carrot base from

her home with a small kitchen blender. Sharp’s customer’s pepper small scale sauce operation was left with a ton of raw

product and pails of pepper sauce mash. Friends and family members who had tried her sauce concoction believed she should

bring it to market and that is what she did.

Sharp hit the road with a variety of pepper sauces and tortillas to test her product at local markets. Soon she realized that

people needed a balance of heat and sweet. On her walks around the farm, she would see many fruits going to waste and she

knew there was another opportunity for her budding company to step into tropical fruit jams. Along with her hot sauces, she

would bring jam and crackers to her tastings whilst doing all of her own marketing along the way to build her customer base.

From 1980 until 1994, Sharp's sauces were sold under the brand name Melinda's.

No stranger to adversity, Marie lost her brand name, almost went out of business,

and had to rebrand as Marie Sharp’s. Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods Ltd., supplies her

100% plant-based condiments and jams, from the Stann Creek district of Belize,

Central America.

The woman-owned & led company, helmed by Ms. Marie Sharp (82), supplies

Culinary Institute Academy graduates and Michelin starred chefs with ingredients.

The company’s original carrot-based habanero pepper sauce bolsters great

acclaim. In 2016 she was inducted in the “Hot Sauce Hall of Fame.”

The family-owned business, with leadership across generations, is a shining star

in the consumer packaged goods category creating premium quality products to

more than 30 countries.








• 200 grams 찹쌀가루

(Chapssalgaru – Korean sweet rice flour)

• 30 ml Water

Throw bag of Chapssalgaru in the freezer the

night before as starting with the sweet rice

flour frozen is preferred.


• 100 grams Honey

• Rose & Lavender petals

• Sift and mix flour with water thoroughly using fork

• Place dough in a steamer for 20 minutes

• Cubeb or Long Pepper

• 인절미

(Injeolmi – Sweet Soybean Powder)

• Sesame oil

• Once out of the steamer, cool slightly until workable room


* Or try my grandma’s trick, wear knit gloves, put disposable

plastic gloves on top, use elastics bands on your wrist, and

drizzle lightly with sesame oil

• Knead on a well-oiled cutting board or bowl until it comes

together. Roughly 5-6 minutes. It should be a sticky, chewy

dough at this point.

• Cut dough in 3 and roll into index toe size log

• Cover tray with injeolmi and roll logs in powder

• Heat up honey until it comes to soft simmer

• Add flower petals and a crack of cubeb or long pepper

• Let steep

• Keep sauce warm while you cut your toe sized tteok logs

into bite-sized pieces

• Drizzle honey sauce all over and enjoy

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with your phone for

an exclusive behind

the scenes video

(limited time!)


healthy products that provide the nutrients and

vitamins needed to maintain a busy lifestyle.

As the brand continues to build, the ROAR team is

constantly fine-tuning what it means to be a ROAR

consumer, a global citizen, and a “complete” human

being. ROAR has a clear mission to celebrate the

whole consumer by providing clean, hard-working

beverages that make wellness convenient, effortless,

and empowering. According to Galindez, this mission

statement is the brand’s guiding light and serves as the

brand’s ethos.

“I’ve always believed that consumers become loyal to

brands with a strong sense of purpose,” says Galindez.

“We’ve all seen fad brands come and go, but the ones

that last are the ones that have a clear intention. Ours is

to empower individuals to be their ‘whole and complete


Galindez has been building beverage brands since

2001 when Red Bull created the energy category in the

U.S. At the time she was hired, Red Bull was not available

anywhere. The brand was the first of its kind and

essentially created the energy drink category. Building

on her experience as a marketer at Red Bull, she developed

strategies for other products and used the expertise

she built at the Red Bull brand throughout her


Working at Red Bull taught Galindez the power of

disciplined brand strategy. As a rising brand, Red Bull

had an edge that needed to be preserved; her team

clearly defined how the brand would show up in the

marketplace and stringently evaluated sales and

marketing opportunities to determine if they would fit

the Red Bull brand. Even if the opportunity was the

“shiniest,” most “quick-win” type of opportunity, it

was turned down if it did not pass the Red Bull brand


“That discipline made Red Bull what it is today,”

confirms Galindez.

Eventually, she would join the launch team at Vitamin-

Water and SmartWater, developing their stories and

marketing programs that would compel customers to

try an enhanced water beverage, an entirely new beverage

category at the time.

“We’re just scratching the surface with the hydration

and wellness support ROAR can offer its consumers,

and I’m excited to see where we’ll go next,” says

Galindez. “Above all, we are looking to create

delicious, effortless products to help our consumers

feel whole. Our goal continues to be to provide clean,

hard-working beverages that make wellness convenient,

effortless, and empowering.”

ROAR is sold at 7-Eleven, Safeway, Albertsons, and

Wegmans, as well as natural grocery stores such as

Sprouts, Natural Grocers, and The Fresh Market.

ROAR can be purchased online at ROAROrganic.com

or Amazon. To learn more and find a local retailer, visit

www.roarorganic.com and follow-on Facebook &

Instagram at @roarorganic.

efreshing Cucumber Watermelon; juicy and sweet

Georgia Peach; and tart and mellow Blueberry Açai.

Each bottle of ROAR is made with premium,

USDA-certified organic ingredients and pairs familiar

fruits with more exotic flavors for a unique drinking

experience. Additionally, each bottle of ROAR

contains only two to three grams of sugar per bottle,

measuring only 20 calories per bottle. ROAR contains

no artificial flavors or coloring.

“We’ve seen consumers really gravitate toward the

various benefits ROAR offers,” Galindez points out.

“Some love the hydration potential, while others are

looking for an organic treat. Just as many use ROAR as

a way to supplement their own wellness routines,

relying on the product’s vitamins and antioxidants as a

natural boost for their bodies. It’s been remarkable to


The reformulated beverage is now the perfect complement

to a busy lifestyle as a one-stop hydration and

wellness solution,

“The usage occasions really grabbed us as we dove

into the data. Some people use ROAR to rehydrate

after a workout, but others use it as an on-the-go solution

or something to sip throughout the workday. It’s

really a one-size-fits-all beverage,” she says.

In looking deeper at the data around ROAR’s consumers,

the brand found its target market was comprised of

about 70 percent women. Feedback from its consumers

indicated that they are most interested in drinking

ROAR Organic’s brand restage gives consumers the

complete package.

By Debbie Hall

Consumers have enjoyed ROAR Organic beverages for

over eight years as an organic hydration solution, and

ROAR has quickly become a favorite in households

across the country thanks to the hydration beverage’s

delicious taste, low-calorie and low-sugar health proposition.

This year, the brand will showcase its new direction

under the guidance of Alexandra Galindez, the brand’s

CEO and leader.

Galindez, an industry veteran plans to bring heart, soul,

and hydration to consumers nationwide with a new brand

direction. She is a powerhouse with a rich background in

beverage brands and brings her expertise and unique

background to ROAR Organic beverages as their RTD

beverages and powder sticks hydrate the world.

Upon joining the brand, Galindez recognized that ROAR

had a unique opportunity to give customers a beverage

that more closely matched their lifestyles as a complete

solution in a bottle. She had a vision for what ROAR

could become: a beverage that not only provided a

delicious, low-calorie hydration option but also supplied

the essential vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that

many Americans were missing in their daily diets.

Galindez led the team in reformulating the ROAR

brand’s promise of “Complete Hydration” to encapsulate

her new vision. Under her new direction, the ROAR

formula remains gluten-free, vegan, and keto-friendly but

also now offers 100 percent daily value of energy

vitamins B5, B6, and B12; 100 percent daily value of

antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E; and electrolytes from

coconut water. What was once a beverage focused

primarily on low-calorie hydration now filled multiple

roles for consumers.

Ready-to-drink ROAR beverages come in four delicious

flavors: sunny, tropical Mango Clementine; crisp and

Complete Hydration

APRIL 2021


Alexandra Galindez, CEO of ROAR


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