The Status Quo- Issue 2

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Topical/Current Affairs

Experience of Completing Work and Online Learning

The Rise of Netflix During Lockdown

Mental Health During Lockdown

The Importance of Exercise Whilst Learning Remotely

Student Perspective on the Cancellation of Exams

The Storming of the Capitol

Trumps Ban Across Social Media Platforms


How Climate Change has led to Extreme Weather Conditions

The True Environmental Cost of Drilling in the Arctic

Our Effect on the Animals of the Arctic

Why Thrifting is Ethical

Think…Who Made That?

Raising Awareness 36

Uyghur Issues

The ‘Little Man’

Online isn’t Real

Breaking Down Patriarchal Barriers

Patriarchal Barriers

Ending Period Poverty: Breaking the Taboo


A Beginner’s Guide to the Wonders of the Universe

Happy News you may have Missed

Meet the Team!

The magazine would not be possible without all of the

wonderful writers and artists listed below:

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Joshua John-Nice

Elaine Abu

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Jaimin Betts

Lana Norton-Berry

Ruby Decent

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Olivia Barber

Ellie Sharp

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Nia Fennelow

Freya Stevenson

Evie Howes

Alec Robertson

Thank you for all your hard work!


Elaine Abu

Digital Editors

Emma Akhaei

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Thank you, especially, to Mr Wragg as Staff Supervisor to

The Status Quo, who always guides all the students to

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status quo



1. the existing state of affairs, especially

regarding social or political issues.

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