3556 Magazine Edition 40

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3556 magazine

Julia Hunt—Youth Council | Modern Day Treasure Hunters

Dan Cliff—Scout Leader Extraordinaire | Leon Scott—Legendary Rotarian


Disclaimer: all articles were produced adhering to covid-safe guidelines.

Here at 3556 Magazine we cannot believe that we are already a third of the

way through 2021. This year has provided substantial changes for the 3556

Magazine. We now have Sarah Bugeja joining the staff, working alongside

Danielle Duval, Michael Watson and the student team.

The 3556 Magazine will now be printed three times a year to allow for a

more comprehensive publication and to allow our students to further

refine and improve their article writing skills.

We are at another milestone at 3556 with this edition being our 40th print!

To commemorate this momentous occasion, we have a fantastic variety of

interesting articles for you to indulge in that illustrate all the amazing

people, places and things that are happening in our wonderful


Within this issue you will learn about a local modern day treasure hunter,

the accomplishments of a legendary ex-Rotarian, a scout leader

extraordinaire, the 75th wedding anniversary of some local eaglehawkians,

a new Hampton-styled homeware store, a young Eaglehawk Youth

Councillor and so much more!

The 3556 magazine is about our community and we would love your

feedback! If you have an interesting story to tell or know someone who

does, please don’t hesitate to email us at:


The White Dahlia

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to sharing more

of the fantastic stories from our 3556 community with you throughout the

year. Thank you and take care.

Michael Watson

Homewares & Gifts


• 02: Modern Day Treasure Hunters

• 04: Julia Hunt

• 06: BVSPS Update

• 07: Whipstick Ward Update

• 08: Empowering Eaglehawk History

• 09: Mystery Photo (Q)

• 11: EPS Update

• 12: 75 Years of Love

• 14: White Dahlia

• 16: Councilor Dave

• 18: Sonya Kilby

• 21: CGPS Update

• 23: ENPS Update

• 24: Great Scott!

• 27: Lisa Chesters

• 28: Dan Cliff, Scout Master

• 31: St Libs Update

• 32: LRPS Update

• 33: Peppa Puss

• 35: 40th Ed Competition Winnner

• 36: Mystery Photo (A)

“I feel like I’ve settled in pretty well,

there’s lots of stuff to learn”.

Dave feels that it’s like going from

primary school to high school when

suddenly you have to learn a whole

lot of new things that you haven’t

come across before. And lots of


“The other counsellors are really

good value. Everyone’s there

because they want the best for

Bendigo which is great”.

Dave sees the highlights as going out

and talking to people who aren't on

Council and asking them what they

want for Bendigo.

We asked Dave about the decision

making process.

“Essentially, if there’s a decision to be

made it will come before the nine

councillors. We discuss it and debate

it at a monthly meeting and then vote

on it”. “Sometimes agreement is not

always reached. The issue may be

discussed beforehand to try and

understand it in more depth. But

still, even then, even when we’ve got

all the information, people still

disagree. And that’s part of being in

a democracy—people have different





“In every decision, there will

be people who think it should

happen and people who think

it shouldn't”.



25B Peg Leg Road, Eaglehawk m: 0418 372 865

promotes literacy in schools





e: cazmcg1988@gmail.com



On the corner of High and Napier St, there was a grocery store

operated by Mr H. A. Hart. Photo from the 1940s. Courtesy of

Eaglehawk Heritage Society.

Connect with us:



(03) 5446 8099


Cover: Julia Hunt with ESC Students at the Neangar Playspace

Students: Alex Uhe, Alistair Barton-Grace, Alivia Hanson,

Amanda Podoluch, Charlie Worthington,

Daniel Houston, Eva Riseley, Gorja Colliver,

Isabella Mayer, Jade Jaques, Kayla Mather, Len Steel,

Levity Camilleri, Makai Johns, Maleah Lawry,

Paige McMahon, Piper Downing-Mooney,

Ricky Cunningham, Ruby Stirling, Samantha Campbell,

Shakaya Radovic & Zach Henderson

Staff: Danielle Duval, Michael Watson & Sarah Bugeja

This is a non-profit publication. All advertising pays

for the printing. If you would like to support this

community project with an ad please contact us.

1 | 3556 Magazine



Darby Lee is a local Eaglehawk gold prospecting enthusiast. He runs Gold Finger

Historic Tours and takes people out on tours to learn how to prospect for gold!

The team met with him and his friend Stew for a chat all about prospecting.

Darby believes there’s

nothing better than

going out to search for

some gold. It is one of

the best hobbies you can

have: ‘It gets you out and

about for a few hours, you

get some exercise, you’re

able to breathe some

fresh air and get to

experience God’s

country… while being

able to find some gold

– it doesn’t get any better

than that’.

‘I begun prospecting

when I was 8 years old.

I was at the Tarnagulla

mine where I learnt how

to pan and how to run a


You can find all sorts of

things when you’re out

prospecting. Old relics,

bottle caps, musket

bullets, coins and buttons!

Buttons are really

interesting to discover, as

you can trace them back

to their origins – some

can even be traced back

to England from the


‘10% of prospectors

find 90% of the gold’

‘When I was in high

school, we would go out

camping and pan for the

whole weekend. I was just

a teenager and I was

finding gold!’

‘My great-great-greatgrand-father

was a

Chinese man who came

over in 1850 for the gold

rush, so I have had

generations of miners in

my family all the way up

until the Central

Deborah Gold Mine

which was closed in

1954. My grandfather was

the last miner there to

clock off’.

‘Perseverance and

patience are key in

successfully prospecting.

It’s like fishing, you can go

out and not find

anything. But that doesn’t

stop us from going back

out another day!’

2 | 3556 Magazine

The technique shown on

most television programs

is all wrong. You must

‘vacuum the ground’

with the prospector.

After hearing a beep,

you remove the top soil

and try again. If there’s

still a reading, then it’s

time to dig!

Darby informed us that

there is still a lot of

opportunitities to find

some gold! ‘We only

mined around 10% of

the gold during the rush.

After the deepest

companies went bust,

they stopped pumping

all the water out, which

washed out other

companies due to the

water levels rising. All the

gold is still there, it’s just

under water’.

A misconception with

prospecting is for

people to search near

rivers. The problem here

is that most rivers have

changed since the rush,

so it is hard to find where

the tracks of the old ones


‘A few weeks ago,

I went out to the same

spot I first ever went to

when I was a kid, and I

found some gold!’

‘It’s a luck of the draw,

sometimes you’ll get gold

the first attempt, others

it’ll be the 50th attempt,

and unfortunately sometimes

not at all for the

whole day’.

‘In total, I have found

around 15 ounces of

gold. I try to move 30 to

50 targets an hour.

When I am out there,

I go as hard as I can,

it gives me more odds

of having a successful


The largest nugget Darby

has ever found was 14

grams. However Stew was

very lucky one day and

unearthed a massive 61

grams nugget!

If you are interested in

learning how to prospect

or to go on a tour,

don’t hesitate to contact

Darby through his

Facebook page: Gold

Finger Historic Tours:

Bendigo & Eaglehawk


Daniel, Makai & Piper

3 | 3556 Magazine

4 | 3556 Magazine

5 | 3556 Magazine

Alivia & Charlie

At Bendigo Violet Street Primary School, students and

teachers have been working hard to improve their

gardening skills, and develop the current garden space.

Every day, classes tend to different areas that they

have committed to focus on and improve throughout

the year. Sarah, our gardening teacher and plant

expert, works hard every day, and is very passionate

about ensuring that we all contribute to this fantastic


In the garden we have a variety of different plants and

vegetables that we care for. We harvest them and

sometimes replant them so we can keep the cycle

repeating. Each year we are able to benefit from the

fruits of our labour by using the fresh produce to make

salads and other delicious foods, when in season,

students are also able to take home fresh fruit and

vegetables to share with their families. We are working

towards becoming sustainable so all of our weeds go to

our chickens so that none of the scraps to go to waste.

Written By Jack Williams and Cooper Firli



Our school prioritises literacy, numeracy and social skills to build strong

children, in partnership with families and our wider Bendigo community.

Bendigo Violet Street Primary School offers a wide range of educational programmes.

There is a strong love of community and outdoor spaces, which provide our students with

opportunities to be hands on learners. There is also a unique cooking and gardening

programme that promotes sustainability and food awareness.

Be your best

at Bendigo

Violet St PS

In the Early Years classrooms, students

explore their individual passions through

Investigation Time using the Developmental

Curriculum. An Inquiry approach to learning

is used in all Grade 3- 6 classes.

We have strong specialist Music and Art

Programme, including a choir which

regularly performs in the community.

We also prioritise the P.E curriculum, to

instil a love of fun and fitness in all children.

Students also learn Chinese Mandarin

(LOTE) during weekly lessons.

The school has a strong focus on developing

Literacy and Numeracy skills. Our social

competencies philosophy is based on Wilson

McCaskill’s Play is The Way. It is founded

on the idea that children learn best through

play, one of our main goals is helping

develop Empathy in all children.

Our school motto is: Be Your Best!

Contact: Principal- Mandy Costello Ph: (03) 54436411 0418 892 486

Facebook: bendigo violet street primary


Website: www.benviolet.vic.edu.au

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7 | 3556 Magazine


T h E 3 5 5 6 C O m m U N I T y

a short history by Peter Cox

8 | 3556 Magazine

Jade, Len & Ricky

9 | 3556 Magazine

Welcome to

10 | 3556 Magazine


House Inspections

Central Victorian House Inspection

& Building Consultation Service

0418 367 644




11 | 3556 Magazine

75 Years Of Love

Former Eaglehawk residents, Allan and Joan James (nee Butler) both

celebrated their 96th birthdays in the middle of 2020 and on 6 November

they celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary.

Allan was born in

Eaglehawk on 6 August

1924, the son of Eddie

and May James (nee

Flett). He attended

Eaglehawk Primary

School and Bendigo High


Joan, the daughter of

George and Ethel Butler

(nee Hurst), was born in

England on 30 July 1924,

and came to Victoria with

her parents in 1927 and

settled in Mildura.

Allan and Joan both

enlisted in the navy

during World War Two,

Allan on 12 January 1942

and Joan on 9 February

1943. They met in August

1943 at HMAS Cerberus

naval base, Flinders,


Image of Allan and Joan

Initially, Allan saw service

as a coder on the HMAS

Bundaberg, one of the

corvette escorts battling

the Japanese submarine

threat to shipping on the

East Coast and protecting

troop and supply ships

between Australia and

New Guinea. In August

1943, the unescorted

Hospital Ship Centaur

was torpedoed and

Allan’s former Eaglehawk

scout master, Rev

Laverick was one of those

who died.

Allan’s ability to read

morse at a fair speed was

quickly recognised by the

Telegraphist on HMAS

Bundaberg who trained

him in the Navy’s

operating procedures.

The Bundaberg captain

recommended to the

Naval Board that he be

re-rated as a telegraphist

and this was successful.

Joan joined the Navy as

a WRAN and was initially

stationed at HMAS

Cerberus naval base,

Flinders, Victoria, as a

Leading Writer in the

Signal School and later in

the Torpedo School.

12 | 3556 Magazine

Allan and Joan met at

HMAS Cerberus following

Allan’s transfer there in

August 1943. At the time

of Allan’s arrival, Joan had

the job of selecting sailors

to attend a dance held by

the WRANs every Friday

night – and here is where

luck and good fortune

played a role. – Allan had

already made friends with

two other seamen – Barry

Downs and Keith Eckert...

As Barry and Joan had

attended Mildura High

School together, Joan

gave passes to the three

friends - Barry, Keith and

Allan - to attend the


A friendship sparked

between the two, and

over the next three

months spent weekend

leave in Melbourne with

Barry and Keith.

The friendship between

Allan, Barry, Keith and

their wives-to-be was

to last a lifetime.

After Allan departed

Cerberus, the romance

between he and Joan

continued by mail.

In October 1945, as

fortune would have it,

Allan was posted to

HMAS Penguin in Sydney

where he worked in the

Commander’s Office.

Joan, now a WRAN Petty

officer, was stationed at

HMAS Rushcutter, also in

Sydney. They were

married at Sydney Central

Mission on 6 November


Keith Eckert ‘gave away’

Joan at the wedding.

Allan and Joan were both

discharged in May 1946.

Allan then rejoined his

former employer, the

State Savings Bank of

Victoria, Bendigo Branch,

later working at

Provincial Motors,

Bendigo and Myers,

Bendigo. He was a

member of Eaglehawk

Football Club

premiership teams of

1946 and 1953.

Allan’s Grade 6 class at Eaglehawk State School in 1935 (back row far left)

In the latter part of 2020 both Allan and Joan became residents

of an aged care facility in Camberwell.

13 | 3556 Magazine

The White Dahlia

Homewares & Gifts

Gorja, Isabella & Kayla

25B Peg Leg Road, Eaglehawk m: 0418 372 865

e: cazmcg1988@gmail.com

14 | 3556 Magazine





11am - 9pm

3 / 8 9 V I C T O R I A S T R E E T E A G L E H A W K

Phone 5446 7495 eaglehawkkebab@gmail.com

Mancel Davies in his grocery store

which is now The White Dahlia

15 | 3556 Magazine

S e t t l e s i n t o h i s n e w r o l e

“In every decision,

there will be people

who think it should

happen and people

who think it


Eva, Levity & Paige

16 | 3556 Magazine

Supporting our community.

Proudly partnering with Empowering


Commitment to our local

community is a fundamental part

of who we are.

We understand the significant

role that clubs, projects and

community groups play in

building the fabric of a local

community and in bringing people


That’s why we’re delighted to

support our community in

conjunction with Empowering

Eaglehawk and their contribution

to our community.

Banking is about more than just

profits. It’s about helping to

create vibrant, thriving

communities. And that’s

something that benefits all of us.

Drop into your nearest branch at

Cnr High & Church Streets,

Eaglehawk or phone 5446 8511

to find out more.


Eaglehawk branch

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited, ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237879. S56158-8 (370474_v1) (8/09/2017)

17 | 3556 Magazine

Spotlight on



18 | 3556 Magazine


Alex, Alistair & Zac

19 | 3556 Magazine



Managed Networks

Phone Systems

Mobile Services

Business NBN



We are 100% Australian Owned & Operated

All our staff are located within Australia, including our

Customer Help Centre.

We Promise the Best Customer Experience

Our customers are our number one priority and our

commitment to our customers is embodied in our

Platinum Service Promise.

Support Your Local Community

We offer very competitive Products and outstanding

Customer Service. However, it's so much more than that!

We want to keep all our profits local, to spend locally.

Support the Telco that supports your Local Community.


1300 228 123

Mon - Fri, 8.30am - 5.30pm


23 McLaren Street, Bendigo





Bendigo Telco have been a proud partner of Empowering

Eaglehawk since 2006.

We believe helping to build vibrant, strong and resourceful

communities is a win for everyone.

When you connect with Bendigo Telco we pledge to

continuously donate a portion of the spend from your

services every month back into the community you care


With your help, we can continue to invest in Eaglehawk

to create a thriving community with long term benefits for



20 | 3556 Magazine

1300 228 123

21 | 3556 Magazine


22 | 3556 Magazine


Eaglehawk North Primary’s

School Captains

Keratin treatment


Oh So Sleek

156 Eaglehawk Road, Long Gully

0400 994 399

Bree has 20+ years in ladies and men’s

hairdressing. Specialising in keratin treatments

and perms for our older community.

To make an appointment or enquire on services

or prices please phone or drop into the salon.


Keratin treatment


Foils starting from $75

Keratin treatments from $119

Seniors perm, trim & set/blow wave $95

Kids cuts $12 up to 12 years, $15 up to 15 years

Products used

RPR MyColour

Prime BioTanix Brazilian Keratin

23 | 3556 Magazine



Alex, Amanda & Maleah

24 | 3556 Magazine

25 | 3556 Magazine

At H & V Pearce we are your

one stop shop for all your

automative needs.


We specialise in full engine

reconditioning, machining and car




We are Eaglehawk’s only place to

go for spare parts for your car,

truck, tractor and 4wd.

80 Wood Street

California Gully

Ph 5446 9000


Come and see Reidy and the team today!

Proudly part of your community!

Matt Gretgrix

5441 4555

0438 911 688


26 | 3556 Magazine

promotes literacy in schools

27 | 3556 Magazine






28 | 3556 Magazine

29 | 3556 Magazine

Daniel & Sam




St. Liborius Catholic Primary School services the educational needs of families within Eaglehawk and

surrounding areas. The Sister of Mercy founded the school in 1904 and in 1920 the Sisters of St. John

became responsible for the school until 1978. Today the school continues to maintain the strong

commitment to the values and ideals of both these religious orders.

St. Liborius Primary is committed to implementing innovative and contemporary learning programs to

ensure students are well equipped to become effective learners, able to work co-operatively with others

and to live effectively in a changing world. The school believes the pedagogical theory of the Walker

Learning Approach : providing a developmentally appropriate approach to the individual’s learning within

the school community.

The school understands the importance of providing students with a supportive learning environment

that has up to date resources and facilities.



30 | 3556 Magazine



Pick up a program at Eaglehawk

Library or view it online







31 | 3556 Magazine

Lightning Reef


Who’s Included In Our

3556 Community:

California Gully

Campbells Forest


Eaglehawk North

Jackass Flat

Myers Flat

Sailors Gully




The 3556 Magazine is

about all these areas! If

you have a story for us

please don’t

hesitate to contact us.

We would love to hear

from you!

32 | 3556 Magazine



B.O.B 18th January 2021

Loves Playing with her toys…. All day

Habits Clawing the furniture with my

razor sharp claws

Dislikes Nobody puts Peppa Puss in the


Dating Are you kidding, I'm too young


My owners don’t give me a

choice, mmm fishy fishy fishy

Siblings Shadow the cat, Jessie the dog,

Zen the bird and one little fishy

nom nom nom

Goals Playing with shadow’s and

Jessie’s tail till they snap

Warning Super cute and adorable

All me Crazy, fast, wild and free

Facts *Cats can rotate their ears

180 degrees

*All cats have Aspergers

*Cats walk like camels and


cute and

fluffy by day


by night

Eaglehawk Pet of the Issue

33 | 3556 Magazine

34 | 3556 Magazine



Sports and Cycles

For all your BMX and scooter needs

Get out in the garden

this autumn!

At ASQ Garden & Landscape, we can give you the advice

and products you need to get your garden looking great this


Now is the time to freshen up your plants after a dry

summer and give your entire garden a feed. Make sure you

supply your lawn with a bit of love too!

25 High Street, Eaglehawk

(03) 5446 8263

www.asq.net.au | Where your great outdoors begin!

a 187 Upper California Gully Rd, Eaglehawk

p 03 5446 1292 | e nursery@asq.net.au |

35 | 3556 Magazine




Lake Neangar

BMX Track


Lake Neangar


Lake Neangar

Scout Hall

Above the op shop,

Victoria Street

Victoria Hotel

Above the op shop,

Victoria Street

Peter Krenz


Lake Neangar


Train station,


Near the

train station,





Lake Neangar

Skate Park

On the corner of High and Napier St, was the State Savings

Bank, built in 1882, and demolished in the 1970s. This is now

the Commonweath Bank!

Courtesy of Eaglehawk Heritage Society.

36 | 3556 Magazine

For all your financial

planning needs

Flack Advisory Services Group Pty Ltd (ABN 63 151 039 986)

• Insurance

• Estate Planning

• Retirement Planning

• Aged Care

• Redundancy Planning

• Superannuation

• Lifestyle Planning

• General Investment

• Government Assistance

“ Proudly

supporting the



George Flack



47 Napier Street, Eaglehawk

T: 5446 3463 F: 5446 2199

E: info@fasg.com.au


Corporate Authorised Representative of

Charter Financial Planning Pty Ltd

(ABN 350 029 762 94) AFSL - 234665




Enrolment enquiries welcome | 03 5446 8099 | Reserve St Eaglehawk | www.eaglehawksc.vic.edu.au

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