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A word from the Principal...


It has been lovely to have all our children return to school following the Easter break, and what a

positive and enthusiastic start they have made. Classes have been calm and focussed with a real

desire to make the most of the remaining time this year.

As we enter the final term, we are constantly awaiting the latest changes in Government guidance

which may allow us to relax certain restrictions on our return to ‘normal’. The current road map

suggests that we will be able to run many of our regular events such as class residentials (based in

school), sports day and our leavers assembly, although it is impossible to know how exactly these

will look at this point. We will run as much of our additional provision as possible and will update you

as these plans develop.

You may have seen that Logan and Lloyd in Y6 are planning a triathlon to raise money for some

outdoor equipment for the school. This is a fantastic show of initiative and you can find out more and

support them through the following link:

In today’s Friday assembly, Mrs Wherry introduced ‘The Road to Tokyo’. This is a fantastic, interactive

competition which encourages physical activity in order to further your class’ journey to Tokyo for the

Olympics. Children have seen today how they can log their activity minutes or miles online and this

will contribute to their class journey. The children are already very excited and each class is confident

that they will win! Information will be sent to you so that you are able to support your child in recording

their activity on line.

Kind regards,

Mr Adam Anderson


Useful information...

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs from 0730 - 0840 every day.

Fees are as follows:£5 before 0800 and £3.50 after 0800. All fees include a range

of breakfast options and drinks as well as covering our staffing costs.

Concessions. If your child is eligible for Pupil Premium, you only pay 50% of the

stated fees. If you book in one child, places for further siblings only cost 50% of

the stated fee.

Please book your child’s place and process payment on our ‘schoolmoney’ portal.

This is the same platform that we use for school dinners and residential trips.

Term Dates

Our term dates for the rest of the academic year are as follows:

Summer Term: 19th April - 21st July

Half Term: 31st May - 4th June

Inset Day: 7th June

School Gate

Please be reminded that our school gate will be closed between 0830-0900 and


This is to create a safe environment for our children to enter school. Thank you for

your support.

Health Eating and Drinking

Please be reminded that healthy lunchboxes, snacks and water to drink can really

have a positive impact on your children’s ability to learn well in school. Everyone

enjoys a treat, but a lunchbox full of chocolate which follows a packet of crisps for

snack is not allowing your child the best chance to learn effectively. You can find

more information about healthy lunchboxes here:


Community Centre Parking

For those of you who are new to Ludgvan School, you may not be aware that you

are able to park at Ludgvan Community Centre to drop off and collect your children.

From there, it is only a short walk along the path we have had built across

the field to the school. It is an easier and safer alternative that enable you to avoid

the traffic and congestion at the front of the school.

Make-up and Jewellery

Please be reminded that children should not be wearing makeup in school and any

jewellery should be kept to a minimum and will need to be removed for PE. Thank


Exciting and Engaging...


It has been lovely to welcome the children back to school after the Easter

break. We enjoyed hearing what they had done in their time off; it was lovely

to hear them talking so excitedly about the time they spent with family and


We started our new topic on Monday with a walk about the village to help the

children become more familiar with our local area. They had to follow a map

to find the X. They did a brilliant job of this and were very pleased when they

found out that the X was the park where they were allowed to play! They then

enjoyed a picnic on the field followed by some parachute games and running


For the rest of the week, we have been looking at the story of The Tiny Seed.

The children drew maps of where they wanted to plant their seeds and they

followed them to the raised beds where they planted their mystery seeds. We

have also looked at different homes across the world and compared them to

the houses in our local area. The children have been learning about the lifecycle

of a plant so they planted bean seeds which they need to nurture and

(hopefully) watch them grow!

Exciting and Engaging...


This half term Class 1 will be learning all about Cornwall and what makes it a

special place to live. Our focus for this week has been ‘tin mines ‘. We explored

how tin mines worked and discovered that lots of children worked in the mines.

They listened to a story about Johns first day working at Geevor mine. He was

only 8 years old!!

The children used pencils to sketch pictures of old tin mines. We also learnt

about the history of the Cornish pasty and the children are very excited to

make their own pasties next week!

In RE the children are learning about the world. They had to work with a partner

to find and collect lots of natural resources. They then had to make a picture

using these objects. There was lots of discussion about how we should

care and look after things that are special to us.

Well done Class 1 you have had an amazing first week back.

Exciting and Engaging...


At the end of the last term, Class 2 earned their class reward of a picnic.We

had a fun day enjoying all the treats and even managed a trip to the park.

Our return to school has been really positive with lots of happy children pleased

to be back with their friends. They enjoyed some friendly competition during an

afternoon of cricket this week. We certainly seem to have some budding cricketers

in year 2!

Exciting and Engaging...


Year 3 have had a great start to the Summer term. They have already been working

hard to achieve to the best of their abilities and have been amazing with their Maths

and English skills this week. To launch our new topic about Cornwall and St Michael’s

Mount the children have been learning about myths and the Giant that lived on the

Mount. They used their orienteering skills to find parts of the text around our school

grounds and then had to use ‘word of mouth’ to create the mythical story. The children

had a lot of fun doing this! Over the next half term Year 3 will be going to Penzance

Gymnastics Club for some gymnastic sessions. Group 1 had a super time at the

club on Monday.

Well done Year 3, keep up the good work!

Exciting and Engaging...


Class 4 have begun the fascinating topic of Ancient Greece. We have, so far, been introduced

to the gods in history and learnt about their family tree and the relationships

between the 3 groups: Primordial, Titans and Olympians.

In art, we have learnt about the 3 eras of artistic style during Ancient Greek times

(geometric, black figure and red figure) and created our own.

During English, class 4 have read the story of the Trojan Horse and created a simple

story map. We have also begun to write this story into Book Creator in order to design

our own version of events.

Exciting and Engaging...


Year 5 have had a busy first week back immersing themselves into our new

topic with our essential question, ‘What do you know about Cornwall?’ In English

we have been exploring the legends of the many giants who were believed

to once roam our county. We have been retelling different legends and have

also taken on the role of Cormoran the Giant or Jack to delve deeper into the

stories. Our history has seen us exploring the life of a tin miner, learning about

how tin was mined and the conditions the miners had to endure. Our computing

has taken us away from Cornwall, instead visiting Mars via the Mars Rover.

We have been exploring how images are sent to Earth via the Mars Rover

through binary code and pixels, which led to us creating our own pieces of art

using pixels trying to create detailed images.

Exciting and Engaging...


Class 6 have had a fantastic week back after Easter! They have worked extremely

hard and we have been so impressed by the excellent work they have

produced. We moved onto converting units of measurement in Maths and a few

of the children had a go at physically measuring the capacity of some liquids

and the mass of some food. We have also started our new class novel ‘Treason’,

which the children were very excited to start reading. This will teach us lots

about our new Topic, which looks at the Monarchy in Britain over time. They

recognised King Henry VIII on our book straight away and have already shared

a lot of knowledge that they have on the subject. Well done for such a positive

and hard-working week Year 6!



Starting Saturday 24 th April at St. Uny School

£5 each, boys and girls, and all abilities welcome!

Ages: 4 – 6 yrs

Ages :7 – 9 yrs

Ages: 10 plus

Time: 9 – 10am

Time: 10 – 11am

Time: 11 – 12pm

Sessions are outside, weather permitting, so please bring

a coat and a drink.

Each session is limited to 15 spaces so booking is essential.

To book a place, call or text

Scott Goodchild with your child’s name and age to


Covid - 19

Vaccine FAQs

Apart from clean water, vaccination

has saved more lives and prevented

more serious diseases than any

advance in recent medical history

around the world. If we want to

get back to normal as quickly as

possible, we all need to have our

vaccines, and remember to keep

following guidance on Hands, Face,

Space and Fresh air.

Getting the vaccine means that you

are doing everything you can to

protect yourself and your loved ones.

The vaccine means that if someone

does get Covid-19, they are much

less likely to get really sick or end up

in hospital.

We know that you might have some

questions, worries about the vaccine

or getting to an appointment – but

we’re here to help.

You can visit



to watch a range of videos

about the vaccine, what to

expect at your appointment

and more of your questions


Is it safe?

Yes. The three vaccines on offer are

very safe. You could be offered one of

three vaccines at your appointment.

The Pfizer/BioNTech, the Oxford/

AstraZeneca or the Moderna vaccine.

They have all been through the

full safety sign off process for this

country and millions of people have

already received theirs.

How has it been

developed so


Because of the global emergency,

developing this vaccine has been

prioritised by scientists, drug

companies and governments, and

a huge amount of collaboration

has helped this to happen as fast

as possible.

How much does it


Nothing. The vaccine is completely

free for everyone and always will be.

Why should I have

the vaccine?

Having the vaccine means you are

much less likely to become ill from

Covid-19, which can cause serious

illness and death.

Having the vaccine could also

benefit those around you. Although

it doesn’t mean you can’t spread

the virus, it may make it less likely.

And if more people are vaccinated,

that also reduces the potential for

the virus to form new variants that

might stop a vaccine from working

in future.

What if I have


If you have any allergies and are

concerned, then you can speak

to your GP to ask for advice.

When you are at the vaccine

appointment, make sure you tell

the team and they will monitor you

closely afterwards. All the nurses

are trained and know what to do if

you need help.

Will it affect me if

I’m trying to get


No it won’t. There’s nothing that

hangs around in your body after you

have had the vaccine that will affect

you trying to get pregnant. It’s likely

to be safe to have the vaccine if you

are pregnant and have other health

conditions. We suggest you speak to

your GP to decide if it’s right for you.

You can also have the vaccine if you

are breastfeeding.

Will I get ill after I’ve

had the jab?

Some people might feel a bit achy,

or have chills, or feel a bit under

the weather the day after they

have the vaccine. This is absolutely

normal. Your body is getting used

to something new and learning

how to work if you actually get the

virus. Some paracetamol and fluids

will help you feel better.

I’m too busy

When your time comes to book

the COVID-19 vaccine you can go

through the National Booking

Service (NBS) online at: www. or

by phoning 119 for the large

vaccination centre at the Stithians

Showground or the Royal

Showground, Wadebridge, which

are open until 8pm every evening.

Your local vaccination centre will

offer weekend appointments, or

you can book through the NBS

for a vaccination at a community

pharmacy at Roche, Truro and

Redruth. GPs are also running

vaccinations. People are reminded

not to contact the NHS, they will

contact you when it is your turn

for your first and second doses.

I can’t use public

transport and I don’t

have a car to get to an


Volunteer Cornwall are providing

transport door to door to help

people access a vaccination

appointment. Call them on

01872 265300 or visit their

website: www.volunteercornwall.

Can I take children to

the appointment?

You can take children with you to a

vaccine appointment if you don’t

have childcare. You will need to

let people know when you arrive

that you have your children with

you. As the centres try to keep the

number of people to a minimum,

they might need to fill out a form

when you arrive, and you may have

to wait a little bit when you arrive

for a quieter gap.

What if I’m afraid of


Methods of coping with needle

phobia can vary from person to

person, with treatments including

cognitive behavioural therapy, and

clinical hypnotherapy.

There are also self-help methods.

Anxiety UK has a range of free

support tools you can access

to help you manage/ support

someone with needle/ injection

phobia and is worried about

getting the vaccine at:


It can often be helpful to tell the

first staff member you meet when

attending your appointment

that you are afraid of needles

and advise what might help

you - for example - lying down,

having someone with you, being

vaccinated away from people. Staff

will do what they can to help.

I’m worried about

blood clots

There have been reports in some

countries of a small number of

people having blood clots after

the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19

vaccine. This has been reviewed

and it is clear the benefits of having

the vaccine far outweigh any risks,

which are extremely rare. Those

under age 30 won’t get the Oxford/

AstraZeneca to be on the safe side.

They will be offered either the

Pfizer or Moderna.

Can I still take my

medication and get

the vaccine?

The vaccine should not have

any interactions with other

medications. However, it’s always

best to discuss your concerns with

your GP when the vaccine becomes

available to you.

Do I need to be

registered with a GP?

You do not need to be registered

with a GP to receive a vaccination.

If you are in one of the groups that

are being asked to get the vaccine

you can book it on the national

booking website at:



We encourage you to register with

a GP if you are considering it as

there are many benefits. If you lack

proof of ID, address or immigration

status you will not be turned

away from a GP or a vaccination

appointment. Find out more at:


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