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Spring Summer


Dear Rowan Knitter,

As we embark on the new Spring Summer season, we reflect on the events of the past

year and our thoughts continue to be with friends, family, colleagues, working partners,

as well as the wider knitting community. We wish everyone well and continued hope for

safety and wellbeing and here at the home of Rowan, we continue to follow public health

guidelines and government advice to keep everyone as safe as possible.

The Spring Summer season is well under way and in this edition of our seasonal

newsletter, we bring you a round-up of the new collections, plus news and stories from

the world of Rowan. Rowan Magazine 69 is packed full of wonderful design and there

are two stories - Cotton Classics by Martin Storey uses the versatile and much-loved

Softyak DK and Nostalgic Style is influenced by the vintage trends of the 1950’s with

playful knits for both women and men worked in a variety of techniques and yarns.

There are also new collections from Lisa Richardson, Martin Storey, Chloe Thurlow

and Quail Studio, plus the fourth collection from MODE at Rowan.

Our regular yarn store focus drops in on ‘The Orry Mill’ in Scotland, Flagship store

‘Fleece & Harmony’ in Canada, plus South Korean store ‘The Knit Café’.

We also hear from Rowan Flagship ‘Ewe’ in Cambridgeshire who recently

upped sticks and moved to a new location.

We have a brand-new collection launching soon ‘bloom at ROWAN’ and

we catch up with Erika Knight to find out more about this new concept which

includes a brand new yarn and beautiful design. The Rowan Ambassadors share

their Autumn Winter 2020 makes with us and we also chat with Martin Storey

about his next Knit Along which launches very soon!

We hope you enjoy this issue of your digital newsletter and the added benefits

that the digital newsletter brings, such as videos and links to more information

about the topics being covered and the stories being told.

Happy reading, happy knitting and stay safe.

With best wishes from

The Rowan team


Cover Image | Alexie

by Martin Storey from Rowan Magazine 69

Image | Kathy

by Lisa Richardson from Rowan Magazine 69


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Spring Summer 2021

Spring Summer Review

12 | Round up of the Spring Summer Season


6 | Contributers

8 | Retailer Focus - United Kingdom

18 | Retailer Focus - Canada

24 | Retailer Focus - South Korea

28 | NEW Rowan Website

30 | Bloom at ROWAN

34 | Rowan Ambassadors

46 | Rowan Knit Along by Martin Storey

50 | MODE Collection Four: The Designers

58 | Ewe on the Move

60 | Knitrowanbyme

62 | Moordale

68 | MODE Weekend Retrospective

74 | All Wrapped Up

78 | Rowan Learn to Knit: The Basics

80 | Rowan Accessories




4 May 2021 | Spring Summer





Knitting is fun and creative, it’s easy to learn and makes you feel great!

In a few short steps, you’ll have stitches on your needles and be ready to

try one of our 12 beginner patterns, all knitted in Rowan Big Wool. These

gorgeous accessories knit-up quickly, building your confidence with an

immediate sense of achievement.


learn to knit:

the basics

We’ll get you started with our clear and informative step-by-step guide

to the essential skills. Fully-illustrated instructions take you through

the basics, from how to choose the right yarn and needles to casting

on, making knit and purl stitches, creating simple shaping, and finally,

casting off.

Also included are helpful tips to ensure your knitting success and easy

fixes to common stumbling blocks. With all you need to know in one

helpful guide, it’s the perfect companion to keep in your knitting bag as

you start your knitting journey.

follow us

@quail_studio / # quailstudio


5 060758 480030

learn to knit: the basics A Complete Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners


learn to knit:

the basics


A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

+ 12 Patterns for Beginners


Rowan_Learn_to_Knit_COV.indd 1 29/10/2020 14:21

May 2021 | Spring Summer



EST 1978

Arabella Harris

Arabella is a design consultant and writer with an innate

knowledge of all aspects of the hand knitting industry.

She proudly learnt her colours from the Rowan shade

card as a child, and has experience of running a brand and

collaborating with designers.

Chloe Thurlow

Chloe Thurlow has a background in machine and hand

knitting. As well as working day to day in the Rowan design

office, you can see her designs published by Rowan and

MODE at Rowan. Her debut collection, Daydreamer,

was released earlier this year.

Kerry Kimber

Rowan’s Education Manager, Kerry Kimber, is also Founder

and Director of Knitting For All. Through her online courses,

Kerry trains and supports knitting teachers around the world

to deliver knitting and crafting classes in their local areas.

6 May 2021 | Spring Summer




Eaglesham, Glasgow UK


Owner Tilde Olsen talks to us about her delightful store,

The Orry Mill, and how it all started.

Craft has always played a big part of my life. I have been crafting

from a very early age, my mum taught me to knit when I

was 4. It is second nature in my family to knit and sew in

groups after lunch and dinner (partly where the Danish term

‘Hygge’ comes from) and my mother and grandmother were

enormously influential in passing on a passion for crafting,

mending and recycling fabrics and yarns.

I attended a Steiner School near where I grew up in Odense,

Denmark. At a Steiner School, students are encouraged to

develop their art and crafting skills. I feel lucky that I got to learn

different types of knitting and weaving, even becoming quite

good at traditional book binding! I came to Scotland as I was

determined to study fine art at Glasgow School of Art, and it was

during this time I really developed both creatively and technically

as an artist. I also fell in love with the city and its history and spent

a lot of time at art exhibitions and concerts in the city centre.

8 May 2021 | Spring Summer

May 2021 | Spring Summer


During my time at Glasgow School of Art I met my husband

Stephen and we moved in together. After Art School I managed

Stephen’s mum’s shoe shop and it was there I got the idea

that I could run my own shop - buying stock and managing

staff and providing a service to customers. However, retail was

tough at the time as more and more independents seemed to

be disappearing from the high street and it was difficult to

compete with the big chains who could afford to keep prices

really tight - in my view what was being lost was a personal

touch and it was here that I had the idea of a shop and crafting

space dedicated to building a community of crafters who could

learn and develop their skills, meet and share ideas and projects

and buy good quality yarns and materials. The shoe shop was

forced to close around the same time as the credit crisis in

2007 as it was no longer competitive, and I had to put my little

dream of my own crafting shop away as I needed to get a job

to pay the bills!

I took a job in an accounts team for a large corporation which

also happened to make use of my first language. It was nice to

go to work and talk to group of Danish people in the centre

of Glasgow!

This job was always intended to be a ‘stop-gap’ role so I could

develop my photography and crafting, but life got in the way!

During the time I was working in my corporate role, Stephen

was building his career, and my two wonderful children came

along. After 9 years I was made redundant and had enough

money to take some time to think about my next move. I had

been photographing a lot and was lucky to get some work as

a freelance photographer, but I still had my acorn of an idea

about creating a crafting space and shop.

Retail had changed a lot in the past decade, and I felt that now

was the time for a specialist shop focussed on providing a place

for people that love to craft. Somewhere you could come and

browse yarns and discuss new projects. Amazingly, a little shop

came up for let in the village within walking distance of our

house. My husband encouraged me to follow my heart and

lifelong passion in art and crafts and finally I opened a yarn shop.

The name of the shop ‘The Orry Mill’ refers to the 19 th

Century cotton mill which the village of Eaglesham was built

around, in the shape of an ‘A’ for Lord Alexander Eglinton.

The green space in the middle of the A shape is known as ‘The

Orry’ (Old Scots for ‘area’. The cotton mill sat in the middle of

the ‘Orry’ and today you can walk through the remains and sit

by the burn that powered the mill wheel. It is a beautiful place

to live, and we are lucky to live in this conservation village with

so much history.

10 May 2021 | Spring Summer

The Orry Mill shop is forward looking and contemporary

but continues crafts that have been going for generations. My

daughter and son both work in the shop and I am teaching

them to knit, weave and sew. My shop is a true family business,

and we want to continue traditional crafting and its many

benefits of being creative and learning new skills which I

believe are an important part of good mental health. The shop

is also a community space to meet and learn from other crafters.

During the pandemic, the community have been amazing, we

have had online knitting sessions and I take phone calls every

day from people looking for new projects. The website is being

developed to provide a wider range and to book video sessions

with me for knitting advice. It has been tough of course, but it

has made me and my family even more determined to build a

community space and champion handmade crafts.

Due to the current global situation and the ever-changing retail landscape,

please check with the store for current trading arrangements and services.

May 2021 | Spring Summer




EST 1978




by Rowan

Nostalgic Style & Cotton Classics

The Rowan Magazine is the foundation that each Rowan season is built

on and Magazine number 69 has all the hallmarks of a becoming a true

favourite. Telling two stories – Nostalgic Style and Cotton Classics - this

latest edition delivers a wide range of techniques including colour work,

texture and lace. Packed full of design and inspiration from well-known

Rowan designers, find out more over the following pages.


12 May 2021 | Spring Summer





May 2021 | Spring Summer




EST 1978




by Rowan

Summerlite 4ply, Fine Lace, Handknit Cotton,

Kidsilk Haze & Cotton Glacé

With a palette of ice cream colours and striking monochrome,

the Nostalgic Style Collection for men and women re-visits

those golden moments of the 1950s, adding a playful, modern

twist to the vintage fashion trend. The past meets the present

with easy-going, textured cardigans and chic, short-sleeved,

cropped sweaters. Knitted in light summer yarns, Nostalgic

Style features cables, geometric colour work and pretty lace

details. Find out more about some of these techniques in our

special 'How To' on page 66.


14 May 2021 | Spring Summer

May 2021 | Spring Summer




EST 1978




by Martin Storey

Softyak DK

Martin Storey's exquisite cotton capsule collection for women

blends comfort and wearability with understated luxury.

This is the perfect trans-seasonal capsule wardrobe, featuring

longline cardigans with deep pockets, sweaters and ponchos.

Martin's beautifully textured cables are captivating to knit,

while Softyak’s excellent stitch definition adds delight to the

knitting experience.


16 May 2021 | Spring Summer

May 2021 | Spring Summer





Prince Edward Island, Canada



Fleece & Harmony, owned by sisters Kim and Jennifer, is a

yarn shop nestled on a 100-acre sheep farm located in beautiful

Belfast, Prince Edward Island, Canada. In addition to being

sheep farmers, the sisters operate their own woollen mill where

they spin and dye yarns made with fibre sourced from local

Prince Edward Island farms. Their farm retail shop opened in

2017, with a successful online shop following shortly thereafter.

As avid knitters, they loved to knit with their own yarns, but

also appreciated knitting with high-quality yarns from other

manufacturers, and this led them to begin an extensive search

for a yarn company that could complement what they do with

their own brand. That search led them to Rowan, and they were

very proud to become a Rowan Flagship in 2020, which made

them the first and only Rowan Flagship in Atlantic Canada.

Jennifer mentions, “With their beautiful yarns, affiliations with

great designers, and their wide variety of publications and pattern

support, Rowan was the perfect fit for Fleece & Harmony.”

Once they found their perfect match, the sisters decided they

would exclusively carry Rowan in addition only to their own

house made yarns and they have never looked back.

18 May 2021 | Spring Summer


20 May 2021 | Spring Summer

While still adding to the selection of Rowan yarns that they

carry, the sisters make a concerted effort to carry every colour

offered in the bases that they stock. This makes for an enjoyable

online shopping experience when customers are looking to

make some of the more complex Rowan designs that show off

the wonderful range of Rowan colours and textures. Customers

are also welcome to reach out to them via e-mail to request

any yarns that are not listed in the online shop yet. Fleece &

Harmony also has an extensive selection of books and magazines,

and they consistently stock many back issues of the iconic

Rowan Magazine.

The Fleece & Harmony farm and shop is in a rural area of a small

island which is a world renowned tourist destination. This keeps

the shop bustling during summer months, and during the quieter

times, the sisters enjoy engaging with their growing community

via their YouTube channel and other special online events. They

launched the Fleece & Harmony YouTube channel in 2018 and

produce all its content themselves from the farm. Kim and Jennifer

are passionate about sharing their love of creating garments by

hand, and they publish a new video every second Friday. The

videos feature knitting, of course, but also stories about their farm

life, and about life living on an Island on the Atlantic coast. They

offer tips and tricks for successful projects and do not shy away

from the challenges of learning new techniques. “We don’t mind

sharing our mistakes and how we fix them!” says Kim. Many of

their projects are, of course, Rowan designs, but they also have a

regular Rowan segment where they feature detailed reviews of

Rowan yarns and books.

Out of all their knitting accomplishments to date, the sisters are

most proud of the comments they receive about how they have

inspired knitters to try new things and to stretch themselves with

challenging projects. Most recently, they are also working on a

suite of video tutorials to support new knitters, and those more

experienced while they learn techniques that may be new to them.

Fleece & Harmony, both online and in-store, also offers a well

curated collection of needles, accessories, and notions for the

pleasure of hand knitters and crochet enthusiasts.




EST 1978


by Lisa Richardson

Kidsilk Haze, Fine Lace, Denim Revive & Creative Linen

Lisa has combined beautiful and varied textures with easyto-wear

hues of Kidsilk Haze, Fine Lace, Denim Revive and

Creative Linen. This relaxed-fit collection of fifteen designs for

women includes tops, outerwear and accessories. If you like

to try out new techniques whilst you knit, there is plenty to

choose from in this collection.




22 May 2021 | Spring Summer

May 2021 | Spring Summer




Seoul, South Korea



This small knitting studio started out in 2009 near a university

in Seoul, South Korea. It was founded by Jung Sun, whose love

of colour from a previous career as a web-designer led to a

new passion for yarns and knitting. Stumbling across a Rowan

Magazine by chance led Jung Sun to want to find out more

about knitting, yarns and Rowan. This ultimately led to her

opening her own business and she has been running The Knit

Cafe ever since.

Jung Sun says “We mainly stock products from Rowan, Cama

Rose, Knit Pro, French hand-dyed yarns, plus some Japanese

brands. We have a wide range of customers who visit the

store – our regular customers, students from the University,

plus overseas visitors, some of whom are working here in South

Korea and want to shop for their crafting supplies”.

“Rowan’s products are very popular - Korean knitters are

discerning to recognize the high-end yarns and gorgeous

colours. The most popular patterns are designs by Marie

Wallin, Kim Hargreaves and Kaffe Fassett and some of the most

popular yarns are Felted Tweed, Alpaca Classic, Kidsilk Haze

and Fine Lace”.

Jung Sun also creates her own designs which her customers

love to knit. The most popular designs are ‘Blum Cardi’ made

using Kidsilk Haze mixed with Fine Lace, and ‘Top-down

Blue Haze Sweater’ knitted using Alpaca Classic. Jung Sun says,

“The yarns I use are the ones that I knew when I first got to

know Rowan. I create lots of my own designs inspired by the

yarns. We make a lot of effort to throw into relief the good

quality of the yarns by relatively simple designs”.

24 May 2021 | Spring Summer

The Knit Café offer workshops and classes including a

professional course class that helps participants to open their

own stores and they also offer a hobby class where students can

knit a project of their choice.

“There are more people who are interested in knitting since

the time to stay home has increased because of the pandemic.

We plan to sell our designs on Ravelry as we continue to grow”.

Due to the current global situation and the ever-changing retail landscape,

please check with the store for current trading arrangements and services.

May 2021 | Spring Summer




EST 1978


by Martin Storey

Denim Revive, Softyak DK & Island Blend Fine

Combining quirky personality with fashionable sophistication,

Martin Storey's Union Collection for men brings both fun

and style to Spring Summer 2021. This perfect wardrobe of

sixteen designs is knitted in Denim Revive, Island Blend Fine

and Softyak DK.




26 May 2021 | Spring Summer

May 2021 | Spring Summer



EST 1978




The brand new Rowan website is brimming with inspiration

and design - everything that you could possibly want to know

about your favourite yarn brand, all in one place!

Read the stories behind our yarns and what makes them so

special. Uncover more about the design collections, including

the iconic Rowan Magazine and find out more about the

designers behind them. Discover what’s new and catch up on

all the latest stories in our new regular blog, and of course you

can browse the pages of the latest digital newsletter too. Visit

our comprehensive store locator to find your local yarn store

and learn more about the Rowan Flagship stores on our special

dedicated pages.

Whether you want to find out more about a certain yarn or

design, or simply want to discover more about Rowan, there

are many different ways to navigate around the site. So, what

are you waiting for? Pour yourself a cuppa, get comfortable

and browse!

28 May 2021 | Spring Summer

May 2021 | Spring Summer



EST 1978




Interview by Arabella Harris

bloom at ROWAN is a new

dedicated space for mama and baby.

Blossoming from the heart of the Rowan brand, this new concept

is about celebrating the journey from announcing a pregnancy, to

the arrival of new baby and beyond with beautiful projects made in

soft, tactile and comforting yarns.

Launching in May 2021 with a brand-new yarn ‘Cotton Wool’, new

colours of ‘Baby Cashsoft Merino’ and ‘Summerlite DK’ and two

pattern booklets with designs by Erika Knight, bloom at ROWAN

is an eagerly anticipated new arrival that we can’t wait to welcome

to the Rowan family.

We chatted to designer Erika Knight about her ideas and inspiration

for this new Rowan concept.

30 May 2021 | Spring Summer

Where did the idea for bloom at ROWAN come from?

Knitting for baby has always had a place within Rowan and

is such an important genre of making for so many crafters.

I think it’s something to do with that nurturing instinct; the idea

of creating something by hand to gift to a new baby is fairly

universal. When a friend or someone in the family announces

they are expecting a baby, that urge to knit is an expression of

love and the excitement surrounding the new arrival. In fact, it’s

often cited as the reason people take up knitting for the very

first time, and a wonderful introduction to the craft through

irresistibly cute, miniaturised garments or simple accessories and

blankets. Creating a space within Rowan dedicated to all things

baby is something that we have wanted to do for a long time.

And indeed, bloom itself as a concept has had a long gestation

period, of well over nine months, with inevitable delays

caused by the pandemic. But this time has allowed the ideas to

germinate and grow and I am grateful for the slowing down of

the process to refine the designs. Against the backdrop of this

hugely challenging period of global anxiety and uncertainty, the

optimism of new life and the opportunity to celebrate this with

a humble handmade project feels very comforting.

How is bloom different from other baby pattern

booklets within the Rowan range?

Much like MODE at Rowan, bloom will have its own identity

within Rowan and create a warm and cosy nest for everything

to do with baby to sit within. This means that when you want

to make something for baby, bloom should become the go-to

space to look for inspiration – from cute and practical designs

to soft, and comforting yarns in colours designed with baby in

mind. In addition, we really want to celebrate the journey that

mama goes on too and ensure that they are not overlooked in

this precious time. I have designed modern classic shapes to

accommodate a changing body with practical details that will

work to fit and flatter both with and without baby bump. If you

are taking the time to make something by hand you want to be

sure that it will last, so these pieces are not just about maternity,

but relaxed, casual sweaters, cardigans, wraps and vests great for

layering and destined to become old friends.

May 2021 | Spring Summer


How different is it designing for maternity garments to

accommodate a bump?

I think that most people are put off by the thought of buying

or making new clothes just for a few months of maternity wear,

and really need hardworking garments in their wardrobes that

can be dressed up or down and don’t require too much effort,

but that they will still wear years after baby is born. Drawing on

my experience of knitwear design for ready-to-wear fashion,

there are some shapes that I always return to as classic, flattering

pieces for all body shapes. ‘Blush’ is a great example of this,

with a soft v neck collar, and elliptical hem. Wrap over “ballet”

style cardigans, such as ‘Serendipity’ also work really well, as

the integral tie belt can be adjusted and pulled in around the

waist as required. Simple finishing techniques such as button

openings, and high side vents allow for greater flexibility and

make for easy to wear “throw on” garments that are reliable

and timeless.

Do you think that baby garments follow fashion?

There are so many truly fabulous baby brands out there

offering really stylish pieces to dress baby as a little “mini me”,

but as we are all now more conscious of the size and true

costs of our own wardrobes, tiny dresses and jackets that last no

longer than a “photo op” don’t feel very sustainable. Clothes

swaps, hand me downs and the second-hand re-sale market

are all growing for baby clothes (and the other inevitable

baby paraphernalia!), which really helps to extend the lifespan

of barely worn little garments, whilst reducing their carbon

footprint too. Handknits have often been seen as heirloom

pieces, passed down the generations, and I think that this is part

of the reason that very traditional baby knits have never really

gone out of fashion. Each new recipient adds their memories

to the item. There is an emotional value imbued in the knitted

textile made with love for a new baby that transcends style, and

sometimes even practicality! Making something by hand is an

investment in materials and time, so when I design a garment,

I know that it has to not only look great as a finished piece

but be a pleasurable experience to make as well. For the baby

patterns in the new bloom at ROWAN books, I have used

simple stitches and shapes that are easy to knit, with finishing

details such as outside seams, button shoulder fastenings and

turn back cuffs to be comfortable for baby.

32 May 2021 | Spring Summer

Where does your inspiration come from for baby designs?

Ultimately it has to come from the baby, as if it’s not comfortable

to be dressed in and to wear then it won’t last long! These new

books launching for Spring are concise collections of what I

believe to be modern baby classics, including top down, seamfree

cardigan ‘Little Lamb’, sweater ‘Buddy’ and little leggings

‘Snuggle. Styles that I know work for baby, and those patterns

that hopefully become “go to” projects knitted time and time

again for each new baby that arrives, with notes scribbled in

the margins much like a favourite recipe. One of my favourites

is garter stitch, wrap over cardigan ‘Cutie Pie’, which is a great

piece for a beginner knitter, and easy to layer over soft cotton

basics for warmth and style! Hopefully these are all basic

patterns that can be adapted, customised and embellished, to be

personalised for you and your family.

bloom at ROWAN is launching with a new yarn,

Cotton Wool, can you tell us a little more about it?

What could be better than wrapping baby up in cotton wool?

It’s the ultimate in cocooning comfort and protection that we

all wish for. Cotton Wool is made from 60% organic cotton

and 40% organic merino wool, both fibres known for their

naturally breathable, hypoallergenic and soft qualities, making

this a perfect blend for the delicate skin of bump and baby. It’s

a lightweight yarn, spun in Italy, and launching in a palette of

12 colours all carefully considered to be appropriate for all skin

tones and for both mama and baby. There are more traditional

pastel shades such as ‘Dolly’ and ‘Cuddle’, beautiful warm

neutrals ‘Milky’, ‘Mushy’, ‘Naptime’ and ‘Tiny’, and some

stronger contemporary colours such as ‘Pickles’ and ‘Nutkin’

that reflect current nursery trends.

You have also used Baby Cashsoft Merino and

Summerlite DK, what was the reason for this?

As an organic yarn ‘Cotton Wool’ is handwash only, and whilst

I do think more people are choosing to wash by hand and less

frequently now to save energy and increase the lifespan of their

knits, we wanted to ensure that bloom at ROWAN had a diverse

offering for different needs and also for different climates and

seasons. So, I have selected a colour palette from tried and trusted

core Rowan yarns ‘Baby Cashsoft Merino’ and ‘Summerlite DK’

and also introduced new colours into these yarns to tone with

the Cotton Wool palette. There are designs for these two core

yarns for both mama and baby, as they knit to the same tension

the yarns are interchangeable in the patterns, so you can choose

to knit with either depending on your fibre preference.

When is bloom at ROWAN launching and where can

we find it?

Much like a baby, the launch of bloom has been eagerly

anticipated and despite a couple of false due dates, it will be

available from May 1 st and so please check with your local

Rowan bricks and mortar stockist or online retailer. I can’t

wait to share this exciting new arrival with you!

May 2021 | Spring Summer



EST 1978



Several years ago we launched the Rowan

Ambassador programme which saw us

joining forces with a very talented group

of knitters and crocheters from around

the world who share our love of yarn,

the craft and all things Rowan.

The beautiful projects that they create

each season provide inspiration for those

of us who read their blogs or follow their

stories on social media. We love to see

the personal interpretation of Rowan

designs, plus their own designs created

using Rowan yarns. Inspiration is always

aplenty and we caught up with some

of the Ambassador team to find out

what they had on their needles in

Autumn Winter 2020.

34 May 2021 | Spring Summer


Esther Hartley, West Sussex UK

The Fair Isle jumper, Kellie, designed by Kristen TenDyke and

knitted in Rowan Alpaca Classic is one of my favourite designs

in Rowan’s Knitting and Crochet Magazine 68. It is definitely a

style that is popular at the moment, but a style that will always

be favoured by me. However, the main shade of Kellie is a rusty

colour called Copper Clay, and I know that it just wouldn’t suit

me. So, I changed the main shade to a blue called Blue Haze, the

pale pink to a slightly stronger pink called Hyacinth and the Dark

Burgundy to Purple Rain. The only shade I didn’t change was

Snowflake White.

It’s been fairly cold here in England for the past few weeks with

some beautiful morning frosts. So lovely to get out for a walk and

see the faint winter sun’s rays shining over a glistening landscape.

You have to wrap up warm though, with gloves, scarves and

a hat. But, I find my ears get really cold, unbearably so. I need

something to cover my ears, not just my head. This motivated me

to do something with two of Rowan’s newest yarns – Soft Boucle

and Merino Aria. Using one ball of each, I decided to make a

bobble hat but one with ear flaps.



36 May 2021 | Spring Summer

Jen Geigley, Iowa USA

One of my favorite designs from my book Modern Women’s

Knits is Frances, a modern colorwork pullover. The original was

worked in Island Blend in Jet and Lemon, two of my favorite

colors. But I decided it would be fun to knit a multicolored

version in Felted Tweed as well. I chose gray as the main color

for the sweater and used tons of fun colors in the yoke, and it

looks almost like a completely different project than the first twocolored

version, which is so much fun. I may also add a few bands

of the colorwork to the bottom of each sleeve.

Another one of my favorite projects from this book is the Corinna

Wrap, which I designed at the beginning of the pandemic/

lockdown last year. I knew I wanted to design a piece with lots

of color, but with simple stitches to knit. Some knitters reached

out after this pattern was released, saying this was a comforting

project to knit during these months of staying home. Worked in

Felted Tweed, knitters can grab any of their favorite colors and

just start knitting. This wrap is finished with an i-cord edge, which

is simple to add but gives it a finished look.

You can’t have too many hats, and my favorite yarn of all time is

Big Wool in the shade Glum. Trip from Modern Family Knits is a

simple ribbed hat that works for almost anyone, and is my go-to

hat for myself but also for gift giving. It’s quick and easy to knit

and looks great with everything.


May 2021 | Spring Summer


Anne Featonby, Ontario Canada

The Homeware story of Magazine 68 really spoke to me.

The Marram Throw in Creative Linen and Brushed Fleece make

a luscious fabric that is so warm! I love it! The Fiction sweater in

Brushed Fleece looked cosy for “stay at home” wear.

Ponchos are still very popular and I decided that Kincardine

was a refined poncho style garment....and I loved the idea of

the neckline embroidery. Knitting the scarf/wrap size version of

Kaffe’s Paint Daub design was a challenge for me as I’m not fond

of intarsia....but I hope to develop my intarsia skill in 2021!

While waiting for the Spring Summer release, I started Palladium

by Martin Storey in Felted Tweed, French Mustard....I love that

new shade......and I think Palladium will be a perfect cardigan

to wear in the Spring here in Canada, maybe with my Paint

Daubs Scarf!



38 May 2021 | Spring Summer

Dayana Knits, Maine USA

Whenever I look through Rowan patterns to decide what to

knit, my eye is always drawn to two types of projects: colorful

or one-of-a-kind! Last season, the colorful design I chose was

the Oversized Zig Zag Wrap by Kaffe Fassett. I’ve knit quite

a few Kaffe-designed garments in the past, but never a wrap. I

was inspired by the simple intarsia (each color moves over only

one stitch every row) and the chance to explore an incredible

new color palette that Kaffe had designed for Felted Tweed! I

definitely recommend this wrap for intarsia beginners or anyone

who wants to mix and match Felted Tweed shades to decide what

color combination you could use in your next garment.

The ‘one-of-a-kind’ project I chose were the 003 Trousers by Lisa

Richardson from Mode at Rowan’s Collection Three. “Wait…”

I thought while paging through, “...are those knitted pants?!” At

first, I thought that they were part of the model’s styling, but then

I realized that these 100% Rowan Alpaca Soft trousers could be

mine. Not only could they keep me super warm during this odd

year of at-home remote work in Maine, USA, but they would

look pretty cute under tunics or oversized sweaters, too. The deep

ribbing gives them great elasticity and the boot cut look works

great with heels. I seriously love them!!



May 2021 | Spring Summer


Konrad Siebenhüter, Augsburg Germany

I have seen Birk by ARNE & CARLOS and I’ve known that

I will make this garment for myself. I got intrigued by this

bold pattern on the front and the shocking Electric Green

of Rowan Yarns Felted Tweed. I also love the inspiration

behind this collection New Nordic Unisex Collection. Using

the wood carvings and paintings of ancient Norwegian

churches, deconstructing them and reconstructing them as a

garment design. And as I do not have much v-neck sweaters

and do like to knit with Felted Tweed it was slight choice.

Also only the front is knitted using the intarsia technique,

whereas the rest of the sweater is knitted in plain stockinette

stitch. Therefore there is some challenge but not too much.

I was thrilled, Jen Geigley has designed a collection of Modern

Men’s Knits and I loved the idea of casting on at New Year’s

Day for a #modernknitsnewyearKAL. It wasn’t easy to choose

the one design from this collection for this KAL, but looking

through the designs of Jen’s collection I decided to knit Horan.

Reason one: it uses Rowan Valley Tweed. I do love this yarn,

wearing a garment knitted with this yarn is like wearing a soft

cloud, if you know what I mean. Reason two: it is knitted top

down in the round in stockinette stitch throughout. So it is

soothing knitting this design, especially after a long day at work.

(Maybe I do some embroidery on this design, but I haven’t made

a final decision yet.)


40 May 2021 | Spring Summer

Ute Rehner, Sindelfingen Germany

I was in a quite comfortable situation during the lockdown(s)

because I live in my own house with a garden. The spring was

very warm, so I could finish some house renovations already

early in the year and therefore I could spend the long summer

evenings with knitting and crochet. During the summer I made

several new garments from the Rowan Spring Summer 20

publications. Here I would really like to highlight my crochet

swancho ‘Sorrento’ by Lisa from the Mag 67 and the Ashmore

Cardigan by Martin from the Island Blend Fine Collection.

But my main focus was on finishing UFO’s, use up my stash

and left-over yarn and muck out the closet (I do not have much

things which I do not use, but over time you fill up some boxes).

So I used the opportunity of the Elder Throw KAL to use up

my Felted Tweed remnants and integrate some well-maintained

Felted Tweed sweaters. This was so satisfying, that I made a

second blanket for my son from a grey UFO, a seldom worn

black sweater and black and grey stash yarn .

I was really well organized when the Autumn Winter season

was launched and I could start from scratch. I really had fun

making several new projects from these great AW21 collections!

Erika’s seakale blanket (Mag 68), Kaffe’s Contrast Zig Zag Scarf,

Martin’s Shaftesbury Cardigan (Mag 68) and this really gorgeous

Tunic from Soft Bouclé and some accessories (which went to

my daughter, as soon as they left the needles, therefore, they are

not shown on my pile).


May 2021 | Spring Summer




EST 1978



by Quail Studio for Rowan

Creative Linen

The cool, relaxed fibres of Creative Linen are perfect to both

knit and wear in the warmer months of the year. These soft and

flattering designs by Quail Studio are versatile pieces, ideal for

summer evening strolls along the beach, or dressed up for special





42 May 2021 | Spring Summer

EST 1978





by Quail Studio for Rowan

Island Blend Fine

Island Blend Fine is the epitome of summer luxury and easy

style. In this collection of four beautiful designs, Quail Studio

have incorporated simple knitting techniques to create relaxed,

easy-to-wear garments.




May 2021 | Spring Summer




EST 1978


by Chloe Thurlow

Pure Wool Superwash Worsted

We all experience times indoors where we use our imagination

to escape into another world and can often find comfort in

daydreaming. This beautiful collection by designer Chloe

Thurlow is inspired by bringing the outside world in.

The Daydreamer collection has been created using eight shades

of Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted. Click on the video

opposite and watch as Chloe talks us through this wonderful

new collection.




44 May 2021 | Spring Summer

May 2021 | Spring Summer



EST 1978






We are very excited to announce that Martin

Storey has designed a brand new Knit Along

for Spring Summer 2021. ‘Knitted with

Love’ launches in May and we catch up with

Martin to find out more about this exciting

new project, including the inspiration

behind it and what we can expect.

46 May 2021 | Spring Summer

Your latest Knit Along is called ‘Knitted with Love’

– what was the inspiration behind the project?

My inspiration for the Knit Along formed during the first

lockdown, back in March 2020. I wanted to design a range

of cosy and comforting homeware projects that could provide

any self-isolating knitter with a happy place to immerse oneself

in. And, for those who are missing their families, children and

grandchildren a gift giving theme was important too. For this

reason, I’ve designed a personalised square that will be revealed

as we go along.

What techniques are covered and are there different

projects to choose from?

Four of the eight squares cover the stranded colourwork technique

in various motifs and worked in two colours. The remaining four

squares demonstrate lace, cable, bead and unusual increase and

decreasing methods.

The project is knitted using Island Blend – what do you

like most about this yarn and can you tell us more about

the colours you have chosen to use?

Island Blend is a beautifully soft and luxurious merino, alpaca and

silk blend of yarn that is perfect for home accessories, blankets,

cushions etc. I’ve gone with the brights ie; the lemon yellow &

routemaster red, combined with the marine blue, moss green and

neutrals. A palette that will blend in with most home interiors.

What are your hopes for this latest Knit Along?

That knitters will be inspired to knit not only for themselves

but for their loved ones – the special people in their lives – and

hopefully, learn some new techniques along the way too.

Is the project suitable for beginner knitters or those with

some experience?

I would say the project is suitable for those with some experience

but for beginner knitters there will be a series of accompanying,

technique videos which I hope will encourage those with less

experience and confidence to join in!

You have created several successful Knit Alongs – which

have you most enjoyed working on and why?

My first Knit Along back in 2013 was a great success and one

that I particularly enjoyed working on. It introduced old and

new knitters to simple to knit but interesting textured techniques

as well as presenting them with a great colour palette in our

popular, Pure Wool Worsted yarn. Similarly, designing this new

Knit Along I was very much in my happy place and the designs

and photography all look stunning too.

The shopping list for Martins’s Knit Along will be released on the

7 th May in anticipation for the first pattern release on the 14 th May.

Needles at the ready!

May 2021 | Spring Summer







by Rowan

Summerlite, Cotton Glacé, Cotton Cashmere,

Kidsilk Haze & Handknit Cotton

With simple styling, relaxed tailoring and tempting textures,

Mode Collection Four is the very essence of chic comfort and

versatility. Natural hues of green, cream and white provide the

perfect colour palette for this all seasons capsule wardrobe,

knitted in light, airy yarns. You will be captivated by the

stitch combinations across the collection, which feature subtle

geometric textures, lace and cables.




48 May 2021 | Spring Summer

May 2021 | Spring Summer








Spring Summer 2021 is the fourth MODE

at Rowan collection. We catch up with

the designers behind the collection and

invite them to share the inspiration

behind some of their designs.

50 May 2021 | Spring Summer

Juniper & Greenbay

by Lisa Richardson

"I always love receiving my Mode design briefs with their

ethos of capsule dressing with pieces that work well together

or as separates. So, for this summer ensemble I had the wishful

thinking of a lovely tank that you could wear on summer days

or layer over a lightweight shirt along with this light but so

warm wrap cardigan for those cooler evenings or days."

March 2021 | Spring Summer


Sage & Olive by Chloe Thurlow

"Sage and Olive are a perfect pairing when you want to be

comfortable on those warmer days. I wanted to use Rowan’s

Cotton Cashmere yarn as it is a lovely breathable yarn which

works well with the Olive Wrap Cardigan to add a layer of

warmth for cooler evenings and the Sage Shorts are great

for days when you want to relax and feel comfortable. I love

designing co-ords as they solve a summer styling conundrum

straight away, you can mix and match the pieces with other

summer staples, dress down with a t-shirt and the Sage Shorts

or wear the Olive Wrap Cardigan with jeans to dress it up."


Powder by Martin Storey

"The new lace trend in knits is here to stay. It’s no wonder as it looks

ultra-feminine and chic. We are going to see lace knits updated

in more relaxed, casual and sporty silhouettes like my hooded,

Powder design knitted in Rowan’s crisp, Cotton Glace cotton."

May 2021 | Spring Summer


Pepper & Dijon by Georgia Farrell

"When designing both my ‘Pepper’ cardigan and ‘Dijon’ top,

I wanted to create a sense of movement through the stitches

and the fabric, whilst still maintaining my usual style of clean

graphic lines. For ‘Pepper’ it was in the form of diagonal lines

of lace holes that reflect and rebound at staggered intervals, and

this loose, boxy silhouette is the perfect canvas for this fabric.

‘Dijon’ developed a little differently; I had an idea to create a

neat little sleeveless top that would work well dressed up or

down, perfect for layering, and I had this travelling slip stitch

over garter stitch pattern that worked up so beautifully in the

Cotton Glace, which turned out to be exactly the kind of fabric

I needed to create the top I had in mind. The stitch pattern has

this beautiful sense of movement through the stitches travelling

back and forth that I just loved, making the two pieces work

just as well together as they do separately."

54 March 2021 | Spring Summer

Summer White Wrap

by Annika Andrea Wolke

"I enjoy creating textures by playing with knit and purl stitches.

The Summer White Wrap is an interplay of these two stitches

that creates a reversable and very versatile wrap. I wanted

this accessory to be an easily accessible pattern to all levels of

knitting experience."

March 2021 | Spring Summer


To view the whole of the

MODE at Rowan SS21

collection, click here

Honey & Ecru by Jen Geigley

"Honey is a modern drop-sleeve pullover with a boat

neck and side slit. The all-over honeycomb pattern gives

this sweater a modern texture and beautiful fit. This

pullover is knitted using Cotton Cashmere, one of my

favorite yarns because it is so soft, lightweight and versatile.

Honey is a soft, classic layer for spring which would be

lovely worn over a dress, with shorts or a long flowy skirt.

Ecru is a shawl with an elongated triangular shape, just right

for spring layering over any outfit. This piece plays with lots

of patterns including a section of rib, eyelets and textured

triangles, making it enjoyable to knit and wear. Knitted in

Cotton Cashmere, it adds an element of classic style with

modern texture to your wardrobe.

These designs were a joy to work on because I love simple,

modern knitwear and really connect with the whole concept

of MODE at Rowan. I love designs that are easy to wear with

anything in my closet with classic lines and modern details."

56 May 2021 | Spring Summer

Khaki by Quail Studio

"Khaki was designed to have a statement piece in Mode 4.

We loved combining Summerlite DK and Kidsilk Haze

together as it creates such a gorgeous blend. It is an investment

piece, however it can be worn all year round and you can also

adapt the length to suit you."

March 2021 | Spring Summer






The last twelve months have been a turbulent time for Ewe as

it has for many small businesses.

During the first lockdown we utilised our time wisely -

I wrote a few patterns which are available as kits on our website,

all in Rowan yarns, and my husband, who luckily is a graphic

designer, created the Ewe website and lockdown gave us the

time to do it. It was something that we had planned to do from

when I first opened, which is almost 10 years ago. The website

has grown in less than a year and we now have regular web

customers along with a local customer base.

It has been a challenging time to fit everything in, working

every day to keep up. I have three children who have all been

home learning - luckily they are all teenagers so apart from

constant food and drink they have pretty much got on with

studying themselves - but it’s harder with five people being

home 24/7. The website offers postal orders, home deliveries

and in store click and collect since the second lockdown.

Whilst doing all the doorstep deliveries I have discovered so

many lovely streets and villages that I never knew existed!

58 May 2021 | Spring Summer

New Store

Ewe wool shop, if you haven’t visited, is part of a beautiful old

stone hotel which my landlords are converting into apartments,

so Ewe is now moving into the old stone stables just around the

corner in the courtyard behind my existing shop. We have been

in our existing shop for six years but have really outgrown it in

the last year. This is the perfect move for us as we have grown

since building the website last spring and the new shop has two

floors with a dedicated Rowan shop and workshop space along

with additional storage for online stock.

We became a Rowan Flagship in 2016 as I have always been

a Rowan fan since the first magazine which came out when

I was about 16. My mum knitted me the skirt from it and it

inspired me to knit garments for myself. I am re-knitting a

cable jumper from the first magazine in Alpaca Soft, it just goes

to show how classic design is timeless.

We are a friendly helpful shop and are able to offer help and

support to all our customers through their projects, due to

our extensive knitting knowledge. I can’t wait to re-open to

welcome all my regulars and new customers into my new shop

- it feels like a new chapter for Ewe looking forward to the

next 10 years.

May 2021 | Spring Summer


Pascal the Frenchie

Nina Knitzzz

Knitty Gritty UK


We love seeing what everyone’s up to and your beautiful knitting projects.

Chic Knits

Nica Knits Alot

60 May 2021 | Spring Summer

Jen Geigley

Knit A Lotte

Follow @knitrowanbyme and share your beautiful

projects, yarn stashes and more by tagging

@knitrowanbyme in your instagram posts or send us

your WIPs directly by messaging us on Facebook.

Make sure to share your Rowan pictures to be in with a

chance of being featured in the next Rowan newsletter.

Instagram Facebook Website

Penrose Knits

Olia Lemon

May 2021 | Spring Summer



EST 1978


by Martin Storey

In the new year of 2019, a very exciting new yarn – Moordale

- was introduced to the Rowan range. A blend of British Wool

and British Alpaca, we were absolutely thrilled and very proud

to welcome this truly British yarn to the Rowan family.

With Martin Storey at the design helm of the first Moordale

Collection, it was an instant success, with designs such as

Skylark and Sundew becoming firm favourites with many

Rowan knitters. We are therefore delighted that Martin is at the

helm once again and to accompany his brand new collection

he also introduces us to six stunning new shades.




62 May 2021 | Spring Summer

May 2021 | Spring Summer







by Rowan

Alpaca Classic, Soft Boucle, Cotton Cashmere, Alpaca Soft DK,

Brushed Fleece, Handknit Cotton & Big Wool

Why should the grown-ups have all the wardrobe fun? MODE

at Rowan bring you some of their favourite designs from

the first three MODE collections, resized for ages 3-12 years.

10 garments and five accessories, all worked in that instantly

recognisable MODE palette.




64 May 2021 | Spring Summer

May 2021 | Spring Summer








by Quail Studio

Handknit Cotton, Summerlite DK, Cotton Cashmere, Kidsilk Haze

Fashion forward to summer evenings with these stylish coverups,

including relaxed sweaters and a fabulous go-to-cardigan

which combines Cotton Cashmere and Kidsilk Haze to a truly

sumptuous effect.


66 May 2021 | Spring Summer

May 2021 | Spring Summer






Events have always been such a big part of the knitting

community. We love to meet up, share inspiration and to chat

about what we are currently working on and what the next

exciting project might be. During the past year many of us

have embraced technology as a means of staying in touch and

virtual meeting platforms very quickly became part of all our

day-to-day lives.

Here at Rowan it has enabled us to keep in contact as a team,

with yarn stores and with our wider working partners. We have

even been able to keep in touch with yourselves by sharing

videos of our collections and hosting and also being part of

some fantastic online events.

Our recent MODE Weekend on the 27/28 th March was a

celebration of the Spring Summer collections. Featuring

a global live event including a presentation of the season, a

Q&A with some of the designers and some exciting MODE at

Rowan giveaways, it was attended by over 200 of you. Thank

you so much for joining and we hope you enjoyed the evening!

68 May 2021 | Spring Summer

Hosts Sharon Brant, Rowan Brand Director and Georgina from

Quail Studio give the audience a close up look at the lovely ‘Olive’

wrap designed by Chloe Thurlow and knitted in Cotton Cashmere.

Whilst Chloe shares her inspiration for the design, we can’t help

but notice the lovely designs from Daydreamer in the background!


An animated chat with Senior Designer Lisa Richardson about

her wonderful Greenbay lace tank top which uses Summerlite 4ply.




Georgia Farrell explains the inspiration and techniques

behind her lovely Dijon vest top, knitted in Cotton Glace.

Martin Storey joins the chat to talk about his beautiful design called

Powder – the white hooded top on the mannequin in the background.

70 May 2021 | Spring Summer



Jen Geigley talks to hosts Sharon and Georgina about the interesting honeycomb

texture that she’s used on this very flattering summer sweater called Honey.


May 2021 | Spring Summer




EST 1978



by Quail Studio

Kidsilk Haze, Fine Lace, Cotton Glace,

Summerlite DK & Handknit Cotton

With a youthful pop of joyful colours, Essential Summer

Brights will bring a renewed vitality to your summer knitting!

Featuring relaxed-fit multi-coloured jumpers and cute, cropped

tops, this energetic collection of ten designs oozes positivity

and confidence. Making the most of the bold bright shades in

some of your favourite Rowan yarns, this collection can’t fail to

put a smile on your face this season.




72 May 2021 | Spring Summer

May 2021 | Spring Summer



EST 1978



Accessories that can be wrapped,

layered or draped either for warmth,

style, or indeed both, are a key factor

in our summer wardrobes.

The classic shawl is such a useful

go-to garment that we think it deserves

to be celebrated! Here are some of our

favourites from the archive, plus new

designs for Spring Summer 21.

74 May 2021 | Spring Summer


by Quail Studio

4 Projects

Creative Linen

Creative Linen


by Quail Studio



Kidsilk Haze


by Jen Geigley


Collection Four

Cotton Cashmere


by Martin Storey


Magazine 69

Softyak DK

012 Shawl

by Martin Storey


Collection Two

Summerlite DK

& Kidsilk Haze



by Lisa Richardson



Summerlite 4ply


by Lisa Richardson


Magazine 67

Summerlite 4ply


by Lisa Richardson


Fine Lace


by Lisa Richardson


Magazine 67

Fine Lace

76 April 2021 | Spring Summer


by Georgia Farrell


Magazine 67

Fine Lace

Earth Stripe Wrap

by Kaffe Fassett


Magazine 42

Kidsilk Haze


by Quail Studio

Wrap Your


Kidsilk Haze


by Lisa Richardson

Cotton Crochet

Summerlite 4ply



EST 1978



by Kerry Kimber

For those new to knitting, our ‘Learn to Knit:

the basics

The Basics’ contains all you need to

know in one helpful guide.

Fully illustrated instructions take you through the essential

casting off.

skills from how to choose the right yarn and needles to casting

on, making knit and purl stitches, creating simple you start your shaping, knitting journey. and

finally, casting off. We also provide helpful tips to ensure your

knitting success and easy fixes to common stumbling blocks.

In a few short steps, new knitters will be ready to try one of the

beginner patterns included in the book, all knitted in Rowan

Big Wool. These gorgeous accessories knit up quickly, building

confidence with an immediate sense of achievement.

Rowan_Learn_to_Knit_COV.indd 1

Knitting is easy to learn and makes you feel great! This is the

perfect companion to keep in your knitting bag as you start

your knitting journey.

View our accompanying video tutorials here:

learn to knit:

Knitting is fun and creative, it’s easy to learn and makes you feel great!

In a few short steps, you’ll have stitches on your needles and be ready to

try one of our 12 beginner patterns, all knitted in Rowan Big Wool. These

gorgeous accessories knit-up quickly, building your confidence with an

immediate sense of achievement.

We’ll get you started with our clear and informative step-by-step guide

to the essential skills. Fully-illustrated instructions take you through

the basics, from how to choose the right yarn and needles to casting

on, making knit and purl stitches, creating simple shaping, and finally,

Also included are helpful tips to ensure your knitting success and easy

fixes to common stumbling blocks. With all you need to know in one

helpful guide, it’s the perfect companion to keep in your knitting bag as

follow us

@quail_studio / # quailstudio


5 060758 480030

learn to knit: the basics A Complete Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners


learn to knit:

the basic

A Complete Step-by-Step Guid

+ 12 Patterns for Beginners


Looking for a knitting class? Visit Knitting For All and see if

there’s a teacher near you.


78 May 2021 | Spring Summer



29/10/2020 14:21



EST 1978



Our growing range of Rowan accessories

recently welcomed crochet hooks to

the fold! Like our needles, the Rowan

Birchwood hooks are manufactured from

FSC certified wood sourced from sustainable

forests. They are a delight to work with -

extremely light, with a smooth finish and a

warmth and softness to the touch. The hooks

come in a range of fourteen sizes from 2mm

through to 10mm and you can purchase

them individually or as a full set.

These hooks are a great addition to our developing assortment

of crafting essentials which already includes straight and circular

knitting needles. Our premium range of hand-sewn accessories

by della Q provide the perfect storage solution and includes

needle wraps, projects bags and a handy notions pouch.

To find out more about the craftmanship and the making of

Rowan knitting needles and crochet hooks visit our website.


Store Locator

80 May 2021 | Spring Summer



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