LPM Racing Pigeon Stud - Central Cumberland Racing Pigeon ...


LPM Racing Pigeon Stud - Central Cumberland Racing Pigeon ...

LPM Racing Pigeon Stud


Son of “Thunderbolt”


Silver Shadow Van Loon

Sire & GSire & GGSire of over 100 club and fed positions 8 x 1st fed winners

in 2009 season, 11 club and fed prizes in CCF and SRPF Feds grandson of this

pigeon CTN-08-1153 was clocked on 30-9-2009 winning 1st club, 1st fed flying

2009mpm fastest bird flown in two feds on the day.



Smeulders Janssen

Son of CU-91-36737 Champion 02 Smeulders Cock, this would be the best

Smeulders Janssen Cock in Australia, sire and grandsire of over 100 club and fed




Staf Van Reet

Inbred to Staf Van Reet cock BELG-80-6835702 the sire of “Red Daniel” 19 x 1st

prizes. The late Keith Saggers told me she was one of the best Stafs he imported.


Staf Van Reet


bred by Dean Pallet

A double grand daughter of “Donkere Witpen Daniel” winner of 17 first prizes, a hen

like this only comes along once in a life time grandsire and granddam bred direct

by Staf Van Reet.


bred by Dean Pallet

Reference Birds of Paul Gibbs

“King’s Ransom”

Blue Bar Cock PMPC-09-4164

Bred for Stock

Full Brother to

6 x 1st Prize Winners

“Lenny’s Girl”

Blue Bar Hen PMPC-07-1675

Mid North Coast Pigeon Federation

2008 National Winner from Mungindi 464km

“Ada’s Delight”

Pencil Blue Bar Hen PMPC-08-1531

Winner of: 1st Club, 5th MNCF National 2009

from Gympie 578km, also winning 1st Federation

Two Bird Championship from Cleveland 433km

“River Queen”

Blue Bar Hen PMPC-06-1555

Winner of: 1st Yamba 223km,

2nd Club Tweed Heads 364km,

1st Club, 8th Fed “All Age National”

Gympie 560km Vel.1059mpm

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