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May 2, 2021


Stylish Looks

For Your








Climbing Higher







4 Cover: Oluwakemi Areola:

Climbing Higher

6 Sexmatics: Satisfying Your Lady

In Bed (2)




Fashion : 3 Stylish Looks For Your

Pencil Skirt

Beauty : DIY Lip Scrub Recipe

02 MAY 2021

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Gracing our cover this week

is the vivacious and

adventurous, Oluwakemi

Anne- Melody Areola, the

Special Assistant on ICT and

Corporate Relations to the

Minister of Youth and Sports

Development. Beside this

appointment that she booked,

she is a woman with her hands

in many pies; modeling, fashion,

ICT, Public Relations and recently, publishing.

In all of these, though a true “Jack”, but trying to

be a master of all. Always taking the next step and

making the next move, she inspires many through

her life’s journey, which she captured in her

autobiography- 40 Going on 80. She opens up to

Josephine Agbonkhese, and shares insights on how

government functions. Pgs. 4-5

With many under financial crunch due to the

corona virus pandemic, time to take a look at the

wardrobe to see how some staples can be reworked

for our good. See three creative ways to style the

classic pencil skirt. Pg. 3

Make your own lip scrub from common

ingredients in your kitchen. Pg. 7

What’s hot and what’s new?

Look it up on Billboard, Pg. 8. J . E

Jemi Ekunkunbor

It’s public holiday tomorrow!

Enjoy the day and have a great 08052201126



“Earth provides enough to

satisfy every man’s need,

but not every man’s greed”.

- Mahatma Gandhi

“Never close your lips to

those whom you have

already opened your heart”.

- Charles Dickens

“To be successful, you have

to have your heart in your

business and your business

in your heart”.

- Thomas J. Watson

“Do not compare yourself

to others. If you do so, you

are insulting yourself”.

- Adolf Hitler







Josephine Agbonkhese



















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Stylish Looks

For Your

Pencil Skirt


by - Temitope Ojo

Look 1



A pencil skirt is a slim-fitting skirt with a

straight, narrow cut that women everywhere

can’t get enough of. It’s easy styling a pencil

skirt for both casual and dressy occasions. This

classic skirt works for all shapes and sizes and

when paired with the right blouse and

accessories, will always look stylish.

The beautiful thing about a pencil skirt is that it

can be worn anywhere. You can decide to wear

a sultry sequins skirt or a well-tailored floral

skirt to your event and slay!

Wondering how to get three looks from

that favourite pencil skirt of yours?

Here are ideas that will give you

that slay look you so





Black satin

clutch bag

Pair your pencil skirt with

an elegant romantic blouse

for a date night.

pencil skirt

Look 2

ini edo

Look chic and work-ready

by pairing your skirt with a

classic white or blue skirt.

Look 3

Get into the

weekend mood

by pairing your

pencil skirt with

a cropped denim

jacket and a pair

of sneakers.



white shirt

Cropped Jacket





black pumps

pencil skirt

pencil skirt

May 2, 2021 / 3


Oluwakemi Areola :

Climbing Higher

Words By - Josephine Agbonkhese

Oluwakemi Anne-Melody Areola is a woman of many parts; an Engineer, Public

Relations Expert, a Tactical Social Development, Specialist and Business Support

Advisor. Added to the mix, she also runs a modeling agency at the side and holds

sway as CEO/ PR Consultant of Vivacity Public Relations.

The product of London Metropolitan University, UK and Cisco Certified Network

Associate (CCNA), is the Special Assistant on ICT and Corporate Relations to the Minister of

Youth and Sports Development. The widely-traveled Oluwakemi who turned 41 in February,

marked the new age with her autobiography - 40 Going on 80.

In this interview, the well-driven author, talks about her work, life in government, her

aspirations and more.

You hold many portfolios, how do you

combine them all ?

It isn’t easy to combine them all; there are

some days when it feels like my head is about to

explode. What makes it easier for me is the fact

that I don’t have family here in Nigeria. So, I have

a lot of free time on my hands. I also have a to-do

list that I work with so it’s easier for me to tick off

tasks that I have completed. I also have an

amazing group of people that work with me.

From which of these engagements do you

derive greater fulfilment?

I love assisting people, so putting a smile on

someone’s face is just it for me. Whenever I work

on a project, I look to always put a smile on

someone’s face. My underwear shop (Vivacious)

as much as it is a business I try to have as much

fun as I can when marketing. It is one thing I do

that I can say I let my hair down, because in all

the other projects I have to be a lot more serious.

I enjoy helping young people change their lives

on the Glocalize events. Watching them take

nuggets from my story and after the events, when

they come to me for advice, it just gives me all

the fulfillment I need. One of the things I also do

is, pay school fees for students, I get a lot of calls

from their parents praying for me and thanking

me, this just gives me the greatest joy.

What can you highlight as your biggest

achievements as Special Adviser on New Media

to the former Minister of Communications?

It was the setting up of social media for good

governance, it happened once a year for a period of

two years. What we did was to bring together social

media handlers from every single MDAs in Nigeria

including the state MDA’s, and taught them how to

use social media effectively in governance. On the

first day of each event, we sensitized the top level

i.e. Governors, Ministers. On the second day, we

brought in trainers to train the handlers on the best

way to use social media in governance.

What is the most tricky part of being a special

adviser to a Nigerian politician?

It is the fact that everybody thinks you are

making a huge sum of money and they keep

requesting. People also assume that I am always

available and when you are not available, you come

across as being rude and that too is not true. How

many phone calls can I take in one day or how

many whatsapp messages can I answer in one

day? So, the money and time is really hard, but it is

a labour of love and the reward comes from heaven.

How do you ensure that your research and

recommendations do not end up as mere paper


Luckily for me, I work with a proactive minister,

so most of the things that we work on, there is

always a memo that goes to him both; hard and soft

copy. And every memo has recommendations and

next steps which he acts on, and advises the

internal ministry accordingly.

Where things are not moving as fast as it should

be moving, I will normally ensure that there is a

reminder memo, that contains the same next steps

that were profferred in the beginning, I will then

proffer new or additional next steps; because,

situations might probably have evolved like a

change in national circumstances; anything might

have altered the initial memo. But I have been lucky

to have a very proactive minister. Every time you

say or give something to him as long as he’s okay

with it, it is going to fly.

How do you successfully brand a public officer

who grossly under-performs?

I like the word under performs. I don’t think

anybody is completely useless. Do a SWOT

analysis of who you are working with, to understand

them a lot better. Try to block all the leakages and

any area of weakness, find how you can assist them

in getting somebody that is strong in that aspect. So,

it is good when you have somebody who even

when he is under performing, he is still ready to


But if you are faced with someone that is under

performing and not ready to listen, focus on

amplifying the good works. That way, the general

public is still positioned to gain something from him.

When he goes, they will still have one thing that can


/ May 2, 2021


stand as a legacy for him.

You’ve just clocked 41; what has life taught

you these past 41 years?

The biggest lesson life has taught me is to put

God first over everything. I would be dead today

without God. God is my source and every other

person is a vessel He uses. If anything happens

to those vessels, your source can never cease

to exist. It doesn’t mean you need to be fanatical

about it, it just means he needs to reside in your

heart, and to be involved in everything you do.

You may make mistakes, you may take the

wrong turn, but you will always get back on the

right path because God is your source. Never

make anybody your alpha and omega. Nobody is

more significant or important than God and with

God comes humility.

Briefly, tell us about your recently released


My book, 40 Going on 80 is a book I actually

wrote this year, to reflect on what I have been

through, what I am going through, and what I am

going to go through. It was time to tell a little bit of

my story and some of the things that shaped me.

I was born with a silver spoon and privileged

for which I bless God. But my boss always says

that, we can only create opportunities and it is left

for you to tap into them. I have seen an

opportunity and I want to utilise it to the best of

my ability, so that the universe can conspire to

give me back as much as I deserve. So, I

needed to tell people a little bit about my journey

and my struggles.

Holding two portfolios with the erstwhile

Minister of Communications and now, the

Minister of Youths and Sports, didn’t happen

because I am from Oyo or because a family

member introduced me to the minister. It

happened because I volunteered for an event, I

was because of hard work

My book is more about telling my story, telling

people that it is not luck, it is not beauty, it is not

nepotism, it is none of these things that got me to

where I am today. I just hope that my story

inspires someone not to give up; because it is

not about light being at the end of the tunnel,

there is light inside that tunnel, you just need to

find it. My book is about trying to help people find

the light while they are inside the tunnel.

If you were to start allover again, what would

you be doing differently?

I really wished I went to school more, I am still

trying to get my Ph.D now. I would have loved to

have five degrees; one in Psychology, one in

Engineering, one in Mathematics, one in English

Language and one in International Relations. I

am someone that loves learning but now, I think I

am a bit too tired, and too old to learn. I am going

to finish that Ph.D by his grace but I wished I

studied a lot more and got more accolades or

certificates to my name when I was younger and

be at a top position in the World Bank at the age

of 23. That would have been fantastic.

I am not so sure about marriage; I would have

preferred to be married when I was younger. I am

too aware of myself now to settle for mediocre so

to speak. When you are younger, you can so

easily be blinded by love and even these faults

you don’t see them.

When you are not working, what takes your


I love cooking, I love reading, I really love

going to a spa for a massage, and being

pampered. But the truth is that, I am literally

always working because I do have other things

that I do, my underwear store in Abuja, my Public

Relations company and a lot of other things that I

am involved in, that I volunteered for, even

though sometimes, it doesn’t feel like work

but it is work.

Who inspires you locally or


I have a few ladies that inspire me; Dr.

Jumoke Oduwole. I admire her carriage, her

poise, her charisma and for her knowledge.

Michelle Obama inspires me because I like

the way she is able to be a fine lady, well

educated, and an amazing mother and wife.

We don’t see her issues come up to the

surface as much as we see of many other

women in the limelight. She is always

wearing a smile.

I also like the former Minister of

Communications, Omobola Johnson. She is

well spoken with good carriage

Can you describe your personal style?

l like to stand out but blend in. I’m not

really a fan of exposing parts of my body

even though I do wear a lot of mini skirts. I

won’t expose the top region and I won’t be

provocative or overly different. That, for me,

is blending in. I also like the boss lady style.

Sometimes, I prefer maculine clothes so I’m

an eclectic mix of styles. I don’t like to drive a

female car. I prefer masculine cars. But

whatever it is, let it ooze class and let it be of

quality. I love clothes and fashon. So my

style is as fashionable as possible.

What is your most cherished fashion


I don’t think I have any, but maybe a wrist

watch and bracelet I got on my birthday last

year from people I cherish. I don’t think I

could ever throw away those accessories

because I cherish the people who gave them

to me.



lesson life

has taught

me is to

put God

first over


May 2, 2021 / 5


with Adesuwa 07052403531 |



Bring in the element

of oral sex - Give her a

surprise by introducing oral sex

which is far more enjoyable. It is

seen as the best way to satisfy a

lady in bed. Do this by licking, biting, grabbing

and playing with her skin; there is so much to do

with that body. Tease her, lick her, love her, use

your hands to play with her body, touching

everywhere. Massage her boobs, stimulate her

down there, use your tongue for teasing and a

bit of licking will do wonders, and she will

respond by being an active participant to these

moves. A soft bite on her folds of skin will make

her groan with pleasure.

Always ask her what she likes or

desires - Do not impose your moves, ask

her how she would like to be loved. Make her

needs and desires a priority. Give importance to

what she prefers and how she prefers it, which

will help in shedding her inhibitions on sex and

also answer your own basic questions on how

to fully satisfy sexually.

Make out at different places in your

home - Never restrict yourself to the bedroom;

explore other spots in the house like the kitchen,

library, staircase, study or even bathroom. You can

use public places if you are the adventurous type, to

experience that rush of adrenaline. This will add new

memories and every time she is at these places, it

will make her smile and more importantly, she will

long to relive those moments.

Try using sex toys to spice up

things a little bit in the

bedroom - You may have mastered the

art of sex but if you want to be the Don in

the game, use sex toys. The use of a

vibrator along with actual sex can turn your

lovebird on big time, as it not only heightens

pleasure for women in bed, it’s also good for

your relationship.

The most important tip is to let her achieve

orgasm before you do. If you reach an

orgasm before her, chances are, she will

have to make do without one. Get to control

your erection, let her have the first high point

in your lovemaking session.

Fingering - Is another way of pleasing

your lady. The fingers can do a lot more

than you think when it comes to giving

sexual pleasure. It can help your woman get

ready for sex and even lubricate her vagina

naturally. For those women who find sex

painful, start with fingering before

penetration to make her comfortable. Begin

with a finger, as things heat up, use two and

once she’s at arousal state, blow her away

with great sex.

Praise her - Nothing boosts

one’s confidence like a genuine

compliment. If you love something

about her body, tell her. Praise her

figure, give her a compliment

about how good a kisser she is, or

when you love something she

does to you. This will not only

make her happy, but she will be

willing to try new things with you.

So, the best way to make her feel

special is to pamper her sexual

desires as they help to get her

aroused. Once you light the fire,

she’s ready to roar.



Not everyone can afford a full living room makeover, but there are some

creative and inexpensive ways to use colour so it feels like it was one big


Paint One Wall

Paint a wall in your living room one colour.

Make it an accent wall. Choose a vibrant,

contrasting colour from your living room’s


Toss in a Few Pillows

Add a touch of colour with strategically placed

and carefully chosen throw pillows.


/ May 2, 2021

throw pillows

Experiment with solids and pops of

pattern, and add in a solid to soften the

look if you prefer.

Add Nature

Choose greenery that’s meant to thrive in

your indoor space; so, you can embrace

your living space with nature’s most

vibrant hues.

Spread Colour Underfoot

Area rugs soften up a room and add

warmth, but a dense rug strategically

placed under a coffee table or in front of a

chair, can add colour and texture to a

living room.

Light Up a New Lamp

Lamps add colour and personality to any

living room. Whether you buy a new

lamp, revamp an existing one, or just

update the shades.

Bring in Bold Art

In a large space in a living room, one

colourful piece of art, introduces hues and


Throw on the Colour

Warm, cozy quilts, throws, or blankets

can now be added to the living room

instead of being kept confined to

bedrooms. A handmade quilt or oversized

faux fur blanket adds colour and texture

to a neutral sofa or armchair in the living


add nature

bedside lamp

bold art


DIY Lip Scrub


By - Yemisi Suleiman

If you are a lip licker or have naturally dry skin that

always seems to be shedding, then you need a

strong lip balm to the rescue. However, if you find

that your favourite lip balm is not doing its job of

keeping your lips flake-free, then it’s time to bring

in an exfoliator.

Unlike most lip balms which work to hydrate and

soften lips, a lip scrub can totally remove dead

skin, clear out any uneven texture left behind, and

give your lips a great base to add moisture back


Do It Yourself (DIY) lip scrubs made at home are

usually more gentle than a store-bought product.

DIY lip scrubs are very easy and economical to

make at home with ingredients in your kitchen.

These ingredients are safe for your health and fine

if you end up eating some by mistake, as they

have no side effects, plus they taste good.

In store-bought scrubs on the other hand, can

include synthetic fragrance and

flavours that are not good to

ingest and they are

unnecessarily expensive.


coconut oil



Below, is a DIY lip scrub list that is created to gently

exfoliate your lips without major irritation.

What you’ll need:

A. 1 tbsp organic cane sugar

B. ½ tbsp organic coconut oil

C. ½ tsp organic cacao powder (optional)

D. A small bowl

E. A spoon


1. Add organic cane sugar, organic coconut

oil, and organic cacao powder (if you like the

taste of chocolate) to a bowl and mix

into a paste with a spoon.

2. Massage into lips and rinse off.

3. Behold soft and hydrated lips and if

you end up eating some, we won’t tell!

4. With your leftovers, you can scrub

your hands, feet, and body, or save for next time.


Scrub lips





cane sugar

May 2, 2021 / 7

Valentino to

launch first line

of cosmetics

Stories by -

Yemisi Suleiman

Burna Boy’s Mother

Makes Billboard

Power Players List

Burna Boy’s mother and manager,

Bose Ogulu, has been named as

one of the 2021 International Power

Players by Billboard. The American

Billboard Magazine famous for its

top music charts, recognizes leaders

in the music industry on a global

level. Honourees are nominated

by companies and peers in the

business, and then selected by the

editors, with primary responsibility

outside the United States.

On this year’s list is Bose Ogulu

Nigerian talent manager and cofounder,

Spaceship Collective, which

represents Afrobeats superstar and

Grammy award-winner Burnaboy.

Describing Bose Ogulu, also

known as Mama Burna, Billboard


“Amid the pandemic, Ogulu coexecutive-producer,

released and

promoted the “Twice As Tall” album

from Nigeria’s breakout global star,

Burna Boy (aka her son, Damini

Ogulu). He is signed to Bad Habit

and Atlantic in the United States

and Warner Music International for

territories outside of Africa. “Twice As


bose ogulu



global music

album at this year’s Grammy

Awards. Ogulu has set up a

publishing company through

Spaceship Collective to enable

Africans to own their own catalogs

“so that the authenticity of our

stories, our glory, our culture is

sustained,” she says.

Responding to the recognition,

Ogulu shared the news on social

media saying, she is honoured to

have made it to Billboard’s 2021

international power player list, and

she looks forward to breaking down

more doors.

Also on the list are; Obi Asika,

co-head of U.K. office, and cofounder

of Afro Nation as well as

Chinedu Okeke, MD, Universal

Music Nigeria.

Regina King

Major luxury brand,

Valentino is set to launch

its first line of cosmetics

for its brand lovers. While

many of its competitors,

like Chanel, Dior and

Givenchy have been in

the cosmetics game,

Valentino is one of the

major luxury brands

without a beauty

line. In the coming

weeks, Valentino is

set to launch a line

of cosmetics including

lipstick and foundation in

multiple shades.

The cosmetics launch

will also be accompanied

by the launch of a new

cosmetics clutch bag, big

enough to hold a lipstick

and face powder.

According to a

statement by

the brand



in Armani


on social media, the new

Valentino beauty collection

will feature fourteen core

products, and the brand is

also planning limited beauty

drops to coincide with their

runway shows.

The luxury brand is

betting on a beauty rebound,

as the world works on

emerging from the COVID-19


Zikel Cosmetics

launches Bregha


It was an exciting week

for young makeup artists in

Lagos as leading cosmetics

brand, Zikel, threw a fun party

to announce the launch of its

new ‘Lipglaze’ in collaboration

with Bregha, a beauty

influencer and professional

makeup artist.

The new Lipglaze by Zikel,

comes in six luscious variants

of pigmented, ultra shine,

super hydrating, and metallic

lipglazers to complement our

skin tone.

Speaking via his handle

on the choice of Bregha for

the collaboration, CEO of Zikel

Cosmetics, Kelvin Ezikiel noted

that Bisola Omoregha (Bregha)

is one of the best makeup artists

in Nigeria who has distinguished

herself in what she does. Again, a

lot of our clients have yearned for

Bisola Omoregha

this collaboration which is why we

decided to do this.”

The Zikel Bregha lipglaze,

he says, is specially formulated

with unique mineral complex

that provides a glossy seal

of conditioning colour, which

moisturizes, hydrates, and plumps

the lips.


Bassett in



Andra Day in

Vera Wang

4 great looks from

the Academy Awards

The 93rd Academy Awards which

held last Sunday may have looked

very different (no thanks to the

pandemic); however, one thing that

remained constant was the parade of

stunning creations on the red carpet.

From a blue duchess satin gown by

Louis Vuitton on Regina King, which

obviously stole the show, and a gilded

Vera Wang dress on Andra Day to

Angela Bassett in a 1980s-inspired

moment by Alberta Ferretti, the ladies

brought on their A-game for the night,

and took some chances along the


Here are four stars who stood out

at the 93rd annual Academy Awards,

and took home an Allure best-dressed

nod for their efforts.

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