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Mum's the winner


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Marvellous giveaways & great gift ideas


MAY 21



04 Gripping reads to thrill, inspire and entertain bookworms



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06 Bright. Bold. Very beautiful. Gorgeous gifts for mum


08 A lot changes when you become a mum, and according to

actress Nadia Beukes, it is only for the better. We chat to her

about her favourite role … as a mother


14 Just in time for Mother’s Day … five fabulous fragrances

16 Rejuvenate, and immerse yourself in any one of these four luxe

non-surgical aesthetic tweakments


20 Who says veggies need to be boring? Brighten up your plate with

scrumptious rainbow salads and tasty tapas


22 It’s getting chilly … cosy up with throws and textured cushions

24 Plant gorgeous calla lilies to add a dash of colour to your home


11 A marvellous pampering prize worth more than R11 000

16 Get your glow back with a facial analysis, facial and chemical peel

18 A hamper overflowing with stylish goodies for mum

34 A bottle of the luscious new perfume from Guess – Bella Vita


Personality: Nadia Beukes

Photographer: Willem Botha

Make-up & hair: Adelle Jung

Hair colour: Gary Rom Hairdressing, Brooklyn

MAY 21

May 21 Get It Magazine 03

Book club

Mothers. Daughters. And a handful of thrilling reads.

500 pages of pure adrenalin rush ... if you like thrillers that keep you guessing,

you’re going to love Lindwood Barclay’s Find You First. The possible heirs of a

tech billionaire, who’s recently discovered he has a terminal illness, are being

killed off one by one. With enough twists and turns to make you giddy, red

herrings to keep you on your toes and a killer twist in the tale, this is our thriller of

the month. Could not put it down! • She wanted a child, so she took one. Call Me

Mummy (another debut novel, this one by Tina Baker) kicks off as Mummy – a

glamorous, uptight woman who has everything except a child, kidnaps

five-year-old Tonya (Mummy’ll have to change that name, so common). But

Tonya’s not the perfect child Mummy was expecting … in fact, she’s a

foul-mouthed mini version of her real mum, Kim, who’s been labelled ‘scummy

mummy’ by the media, and thinks she deserves to have her other children

removed from her care too. Thrilling, harrowing, bleak … and unputdownable.

Both available from exclusivebooks.co.za

Glen Carlou Gravel Quarry Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

is a sophisticated and powerful wine ... all layers of ripe

blackcurrants, dark berries, dark chocolate and hints of

bramble and cedar. It’s full and complex ... like a few of the

books on this page. You’ll find it for R440 at glencarlou.com

04 Get It Magazine May 21

We need at least one book this month

where mums and daughters love,

comfort and support. Hello Danielle

Steel. The Affair revolves around a family

of successful women (typical DS …

it’s all designers and TV stars, a fashion

magazine editor and a court judge) …

and life’s perfect and glam. Until one is

heartbroken and humiliated when news

of her husband’s affair is splashed over

the pages of the newspaper. Mum and

daughters come together to heal …

and all five realise family is what matters

most in life. • You’ve seen the series on

Netflix … Kristin Hannah’s Firefly Lane

kicks off in the early 1970s, when an

unlikely friendship is formed between

two girls, one that lasts through 30 years.

They’ve been through a lot, but one act

of betrayal may be the hurdle that tears

them apart. Read it, then share with your

best friend.

Oh, joy! A new JD Robb. Not so joyful

for successful young sculptor Arial

Bryd, who’s found murdered in her

studio. At first glance, it looks to Lt

Eve Dallas and her partner, the lovely,

wacky Peabody, to be the outcome

of an argument with a jealous

partner but it soon becomes clear

that there is much more to this case

than a lovers’ quarrel turned fatal.

White supremacy, misogyny and

religious fanaticism … Eve and her

team delve into the dark world of a

secret order … and find more than

just Arial’s murderer. We love this

series … and Faithless in Death’s

the latest bestseller.

Twelve years is a long time to wait

when you’re planning the perfect

revenge. A dozen years after her

best friend died under mysterious

circumstances, Lizzie finally feels she

can move on. At the time, Alice’s

friends and family suspected Lizzie

played a part in her death. She was,

after all, with Alice when she died. But

Lizzie has no memory of the accident

… all she knows is she would never

have hurt her. Now moving into a

new home with her fiancé, she’s going

to get on with her life. But someone

has other ideas! Lesley Kara’s The

Dare is another stay-up-all-nighter …

brilliantly thrilling.

Natalie is called to jury duty and she,

along with 11 others, need to decide

if a young man accused of a crime

is guilty. The verdict, eventually, is

not guilty. And although Natalie

was foreman, and pushed for the

decision, she’s not convinced it

was correct. And when she bumps

into the accused at a store one day,

she decides to investigate further.

CJ Cooper’s The Verdict is a dark

thriller, with a good twist, but neither

Natalie nor the accused are likeable

characters … she’s deeply unhappy,

bitter and vengeful, he’s deceitful …

you can’t help but feel they deserve

everything they get.

May 21 Get It Magazine 05

Wish list

Wishing our mums a day that’s bright and bold and

brave and beautiful … just like they are!

Botanical art … this

antique French botanical

print comes in five sizes

(from A4 to A0), is printed

on canvas, and can be

framed in natural, white

or black. From R480 from


Glam jewelled Alice bands in

glorious shades of aqua and

lavender, lime and orange,

peach and yellow. R280 each,

from elizabethsummer.com

Compiled by: KYM ARGO

Shower mum with love. And

apricot oil. And energy (after

all, what mum doesn’t need

a little extra energy?). We’re

all over this Clarins Extra-

Firming Energy Day Cream.

It nourishes your skin, leaving

it feeling comforted, and

assists in reflecting light for

a more radiant complexion.

R1095 from clarins.co.za

06 Get It Magazine May 21

Mum’s going out with the girls. Credit card. Keys. Phone.

And a rich regal blue, soft lux feel velvet Rona Jessie fold over

clutch. R390 from ronajessie.co.za • And if she’s more a

hands-free mum, she’ll be as besotted as we are with

this navy quilted crossbody bag. And really, it’s R179 from

miladys.com ... gorgeous and amazingly affordable.

If there’s a more glorious range of home and fragrance products, with packaging that simply makes you happy, we’ve yet

to find it. Glasshouse Fragrances has delightful oversized soy candles and elegant diffusers and lovely little travel-size

fragrances with joyous scents like passionfruit and lime (One Night in Rio), amber and orchid (Rendezvous),

camellia, lotus and pineapple (Kyoto In Bloom). From R499 to R999 from Woolworths.

May 21 Get It Magazine 07

Actress Nadia Beukes has played a lengthy list of roles - from a sport psychologist,

sophisticated lawyer, a match-making middleman and vlogger, to a cynical-about-love

single mom. And the role she loves and enjoys the most? Her role as a mother.

adia Beukes is no newbie

to the entertainment

industry. She took it by storm

as a finalist in Zing, a reality

duet singing show, almost two

decades ago. Since then, she

broke so many barriers … as

a presenter, singer, actress and

voice-over artist, and today, she is a

massively sought-after entertainer.

Aside from this, she is also mom to

two-year-old Davey and 10-monthold

Joshua. A role and task she has

embraced with the same contagious

enthusiasm and positivity she approaches everything else.

Juggling a career and two busy boys. She makes it look

easy. Is it? Or is Nadia just a master juggler? Well, as cool,

calm and collected she appears, she admits she does drop

the balls sometimes. But tries to not drop the ones that

can break.

‘Rolene Strauss did a talk on juggling and mentioned that

we all have many balls that we need to keep up. It is up

to you to decide which of those balls are rubber balls that

can bounce back and which are glass balls that will break

if they fall. My boys and husband, David, are the glass balls

– the ones I choose to prioritise.

‘Most days I feel like I’m not balancing anything at all!

However, I’ve realised that their childhood will go by in a

blink of an eye, so spending time with them is a privilege,

something I don’t take for granted. If that means that I

spend less time on TV and more time with my kids, then it

is fine. It doesn’t make me less ambitious or driven.’

Her hopes and dreams for her boys? ‘I hope they start

a boy band and become international superstars! Just

kidding … although it would be pretty awesome to see

their faces on billboards and their names in big lights.

My only hope is that they have a happy and fulfilled life.

To have the courage to pursue their dreams passionately

and, ultimately, to be kind towards themselves and others.’

So who is the fun parent? According to Nadia, most

definitely David. ‘I do play with them, take them on

adventures and generally entertain them, even if it is by

singing songs while putting away their toys after playtime.

But, I’m the planner, organiser and cleaner, who loves

structure, routine and ensures everything is sorted. David

on the other hand is social, spontaneous, and loads of

fun to be around with. He makes sure our life together is

a glorious adventure, while I make sure the suitcases are

packed with everything we might need on our way.’

In between driving the kids to nursery school, pyjama

drills and settling the boys down at night, she heads

over to her small home studio to record voice-overs for

TV and radio platforms, with clients including kykNET,

Time Square, DStv, Fitgen, Plantland and a couple of

e-learning platforms.

Not only can she do hard-sell voices, but sings a jingle or

two, and also does spot-on impressions and quirky voices.

‘Voice-overs are such fun. I get to be super creative within

30 seconds and work with a team that makes it sound

amazing by the time it airs. I always get such a thrill when

I hear my voice on the radio and TV. My ultimate goal

would be the voice of an animated character in a movie

or series. Or to book a massive corporate campaign that

runs forever and pays all my bills. Hey, a girl can dream!’

A few years ago she also brought out a book, Paaie van

Hoop (available from loot.co.za), a collaborative effort

between Nadia and author Jana van der Merwe, about

her thoughts on life and lessons she has learned over the

years in and out of the spotlight. She is currently helping

her father, opera singer and actor Rouel Beukes, with

another book, this one on Afrikaans poetry.

‘After many years touring the world as a performer in

Phantom of the Opera, my father is back. During his tour

last year he was ‘stuck’ in South Korea for months and

was inspired to start writing poetry for his grandchildren.

These poems are just so beautiful that we are planning

on publishing them. We really hope that these poems will

result in lots of smiles on little faces.’


Skoenlapper Skoenlapper jou

vlerkies is so mooi.

Jy vlieg van blom tot blom en

almal staan verstom.

Gister nog ’n ruspe toegespin in ’n kokon.

En nou ’n daggie later sweef jy oor die water.

Met kleure rooi en bont

vlieg jy die hele wêreld rond.

Nadia shared one of the poems, written by her father,

from the new book they are working on together.

- Rouel Beukes

08 Get It Magazine May 21




May 21 Get It Magazine 09

Nadia’s delicious

teatime cake recipe that has

been passed down from her gran to

her mother and now to her.

You’ll need: 375ml cake flour; 250ml sugar;

45ml soft butter; 1 egg; 20ml milk; a pinch of salt;

10ml baking powder; Bovril; butter; cheese

Method: Beat the butter and sugar until it turns

creamy, light and fluffy.

Add the egg and milk to the mixture and whisk

until the smooth.

Sift flour, baking powder and salt together and fold

into the egg/butter mixture.

Spoon mixture into a greased, ovenproof tart dish.

Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for about 40

minutes, or until done. Remove cake from oven.

Topping: First spread Bovril and then

butter over the hot cake. Sprinkle

some cheese, then it’s ready

to serve!

10 Get It Magazine May 21

Four things Nadia wishes someone

told her about being a mom:

1. It’s okay to not be okay all of the time. Sleep

deprivation is a real thing but it will get better.

2. Not every superhero wears a cape. Being a mom is a

superpower – embrace it.

3. Don’t stress yourself to get things done perfectly

– your kids will love you anyway, just because you

love them.

4. The days are long, but the years are short – be in the

moment, give yourself grace and enjoy the (sometimes

bumpy!) ride.

Fun facts:

• She has not outgrown her addiction to biscuits and cookies.

• Her hidden talent is gift wrapping.

• When she eats a Zoo biscuit, she starts with the biscuit part

first. Then the white icing, leaving the sweet colourful bit

for last. Also, you don’t only eat one. You eat at least three

because each compartment of the packing holds three and it

wouldn’t make sense to leave one or two behind.

• Her secret indulgence is reality TV shows, giant

speckled eggs, loungewear, trips to the hair or

beauty salon and making sure her eyebrows are

well-groomed #hidethetweezer

• Her favourite place to eat is in front of the TV with a plate

of food prepared by David (who is apparently a whizz

in the kitchen).

• She and her mother Eureke shares a few similarities. They

both take a long time to make decisions, drink tea when they

are stressed or when they want to celebrate something and

both suffer from JOLO (the joy of missing out).

Swoonworthy spoils

WIN ... a pampering prize worth more than R11 000

Who doesn’t love being spoiled or treated every once in a while? Especially if it is the

kind of spoil that can make you look and feel rejuvenated. We have four marvellous

treats packaged up in one great hamper, which one very, very lucky reader can win.

PS ... if you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas, these would be perfect!


1We all know we should really invest in the health of

our skin, starting with regular skincare. And there is

one brand we swear by. Lamelle. Which are our fave

products? The Dermaheal Foaming Cleanser (R270)

removes make-up and deeply cleans without impairing

the function and balance of the skin. Then there is the

Dermaheal Renewal Cream (R1140), a rich, restorative

moisturiser that stimulates tissue regeneration, collagen production

and all-around skin remodelling. You’ve heard it ample times before

… apply sunscreen every. single. day. Helase 50+ (R540) is a DNA

repair sunscreen that prevents sun damage and repairs damaged

DNA. Finally, the Skin Essence Corrector (R410) is a topical probiotic

lysate essence that helps to keep the skin microbiome balanced

and strong, preventing premature fine lines and wrinkles. All of

these are in our hamper! Details: lamelle.co.za, or follow

@LamelleResearchLaboratories on Facebook and @lamellersa on Insta.

2 4

A Vampire Facial. No, it

is not something from

a bad horror movie, but

actually a simple, effective,

and safe procedure that

boasts big-time results. In

short, this treatment uses your own

platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to improve

the elasticity and health of your skin.

A needle is used to draw blood, which

is spun in a centrifuge to separate it

from its platelets. This plasma is then

extracted and applied to the face

using micro-needling. And because

the PRP is coming out of your own

body, there is no risk of side effects!

Some of the benefits include increased

collagen production, reduced fine

lines and wrinkles, tightening of skin

pores, enhanced skin tone and texture,

improved moisture retention … and so

much more. We’ve got one treatment,

worth R2500, to give away.

Details: 082-373-2206, mellowclinic.co.za

Having more bad hair

days than good these

days? Well, you are in

luck! You can win a

hair makeover with the

brilliant Gary Rom at the

Brooklyn hairdressing salon. We all

know he can create mind-blowing

transformations, so you can be

sure to look and feel like a million

bucks. The makeover is valued at

R6000 and includes a consultation,

colour and/or highlights, cut and

styling with a treatment (the prize

does not include styling tools

or products). Details: Brooklyn

Design Square, Middle Street, Nieuw

Muckleneuk, 012-346-3374.

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit! And if you’re still struggling

to shake off that extra lockdown weight, then Slender You’s 21 Day

Kick Start Challenge is just for you! It is a very low-calorie diet that

combines meal replacement products, delicious smoothies, healthy

meal introduction, intermittent fasting and support supplements to

achieve rapid weight loss results. Remember … Summer bodies are

made in Winter, so now’s the perfect time to start! How does losing between

4–6kg in three short weeks sound? Absolutely doable. Win your very own

21 Day Kick Start Box valued at R799. Details: slenderyou.co.za

You’ve read what is up for grabs and

we’re sure you’ll agree this is a pretty

awesome giveaway ... worth more than

R11 000. To enter, visit our Facebook or

Instagram page (getitptamagazine),

find the competition post, and follow

the instructions. Entries close May 28.

May 21 Get It Magazine 11

EASE into


and save on style

Start the season on the right foot with easy to

wear and pair essentials that give you the comfort,

femininity and style you love. Shop your favourites up

to size 50, in-store and online.

When you need easy winter looks, reach

for comfort with soft knits, cosy tracksuits

and tees that you can layer with ease.

BUY 2 & SAVE R100 ON


Offer valid 23 April - 9 May 2021.

While stocks last. Ts and Cs apply.



from only




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from only




While stocks last. Ts and Cs apply.

Open a Miladys account

& get R1000 in vouchers

3 easy ways to apply: 1. Visit www.miladys.com 2. Apply at

your favourite store 3. Call us on 0861 066 639

Ts and Cs apply.


from only



Spoiler alert. Your favourite

fragrance is about to be replaced.

We’ve found five of the most

desirable scents on the beauty

shelves. Spritz away!


and pear. Whipped

cream and marshmallow.

Frangipani and vanilla. All our

favourite scents wrapped up in

one floral, fruity, pink package. Ariana

Grande Sweet Like Candy is perfect

for anyone who boasts of having a

playful, sweet, fun personality, and

who loves gourmand scents. It’s

flirty and fabulous, and you’ll

find it at takealot.com

for R599.

Berdoues Collection Grands Crus

Somei Yoshino is a delicate perfume

inspired by cherry blossoms … a

noble blend of shiso from Japan,

jasmine sambac from India and

patchouli from Indonesia, which all

meld into a harmonious balanced,

floral bouquet. It’s light and delicate

and utterly feminine … much like the

amazing Yoshino cherry tree. R1595

online and in select Foschini and

Truworths stores.

14 Get It Magazine May 21

Honestly, one spritz of Giorgio

Armani’s glorious new fragrance My

Way and you just waft around on a

cloud of joy all day! This bright, white

flowers fragrance (with bergamot

and orange blossom, tuberose and

jasmine, vanilla and Virginian cedar)

not only celebrates femininity, but is

also designed with a commitment

to sustainability, with the use of

recycled and recyclable materials

and sustainably sourced ingredients,

as well as an innovative bottle refill

system. The fragrance starts at R1240

for the 30ml bottle, and is at Edgars,

Woolies, Foschini and Truworths. It’s

already a firm new favourite!

Lab. Laboratory. Eau. Water. Beau.

Beauty. LaBeau Rose is fresh,

minimalistic, pure … with top notes of

bergamot orange, mandarin orange,

lemon and rose with core notes of

raspberry, blackcurrant, coriander,

cedar, pepper, yerba maté and iris. The

base notes include talc, vanilla, amber

and wood, bringing the full body of

the fragrance together. Imported from

Spain, it’s vegan, costs R599 and you’ll

find it at poetrystores.co.za

My Voice. My strength. So who better to

be the ambassador of Valentino Voce Viva

than Lady Gaga. This new floral woody

fragrance is based on Valentino creative

director Pierpaolo Piccoli’s three codes:

colour, cool and couture. Colour from

Calabrian bergamot top notes, which has

been infused with hints of juicy mandarin

and spicy ginger. Cool is embodied by

the woody and mineral facets of the

scent’s crystal moss, milky sandalwood

and Madagascan vanilla base notes.

Couture is expressed through a

bouquet of sunny orange blossom,

golden gardenia, and morning

jasmine grandiflorum heart

notes. You’ll find it at Edgars and

Truworths stores from R1300.


of fragrances

Compiled by: KYM ARGO

May 21 Get It Magazine 15


All the stress of the past year making you look and feel much older than you actually are?

Dr Zama Tladi has rounded up the biggest non-surgical aesthetic tweakments that have

gained huge popularity due to the pandemic. Best of all? It can be done during

your lunch hour, so you’ll have your va-va-voom back in no time.


A minimally invasive facelift where areas of the face and neck

are lifted and tightened, to look younger and healthier. Threads,

which have small cones, are passed under the skin via a needle,

and latch onto the skin from beneath the surface, giving the

face and neck a rejuvenated and smoother look that is semipermanent.

And … results are instant. The ‘fox eye thread lift’ is

currently a major trend amongst celebs which simultaneously

lifts and elongates the upper eyelid, pulling the eye into a more

almond shape, creating more emphasis on youthful-looking

eyes. Aside from lifting the skin, the thread also stimulates the

body’s healing process and initiates collagen production to the

treated areas.


A tear trough is a deep crease between the lower eyelid and

the cheeks. It can cast a shadow below your eyes, resulting in

a tired look. Luckily, tear troughs can be easily and effectively

treated with a non-surgical treatment that can significantly

reduce or eliminate them. By using hyaluronic dermal fillers,

the area around the eye and the eye socket can be plumped

up and smoothed out. The result? Fresher, more youthful eyes

that take years off your appearance.


One kind of botulinum toxin treatment that is tipped as a

major trend is masseter Botox. It is used to slim and contour

and deals effectively with stress-related teeth grinding, jaw

clenching and tension headaches. The masseter muscle is

on the side of your face and connects the cheekbone to the

lower jawbone. Botulinum toxin is injected into the masseter

to target the muscles at the back of the jaw which can give

your face a square shape. With this treatment, a square jaw can

thereby be remodelled and balanced. As the botulinum toxin

weakens the masseter, it relaxes the jaw. This stops the jaw and

teeth from involuntarily clenching, reducing symptoms from

these afflictions.


Does your skin need some much-needed TLC? Well, you’re

in luck. Nubian Medical Aesthetics in Menlyn is giving away

a facial analysis, facial and chemical peel to one very lucky

reader. To enter, head over to getitpretoria on Facebook, find

the competition post and tag your bestie in the comments

section. Entries close May 21.

Dr Zama Tladi, founder

and chief aesthetician at

Nubian Medical Aesthetics.


Intravenous vitamin therapy is the latest health and

cosmetic obsession, which does everything from

supporting the immune system, boosting glow and

increasing energy levels.

IV treatments can correct intracellular nutrient

deficiencies and support the immune system with

vitamins that are absorbed immediately. IV infusions

are supplied to the body directly through veins. Since

digestion and absorption stages are cancelled out

in intravenous therapy, it is a quicker method when

compared to oral and topical treatments. Only 60 per

cent or less of the vitamins are absorbed if taken orally,

and if taken intravenously, 100 per cent is absorbed

by the body. The effects are fast-tracked, and higher

levels of nutrients are absorbed, which makes it an

effective and efficient treatment for enhanced immunity,

overall wellness and plumper more youthful-looking

skin. Details: nubianmedicalaesthetics.co.za or follow

@nubianmedicalaesthetics on Facebook and Instagram.

16 Get It Magazine May 21





with QMS Medicosmetics

Why exfoliate?

Because it really is one of the most important steps

in any skincare system, forming the foundation to

prepare your skin for subsequent skincare. It should

be done regularly, consistently, and safely. Regular

treatment with fruit acids is one of the best ways to

exfoliate the skin and is the key to skin regeneration.

It provides multiple benefits to the skin without

negatively impacting the deeper layers of the skin.

With age, your skin toughens, and when you exfoliate,

you remove the dry, scaly, dead skin, which allows for

stimulating cell regeneration and production. Fruit

acids also assist with the increase and stimulation of

collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production. So,

new life is bought to the skin by increasing oxygen,

nutrients, and moisture. The result … your skin is

immediately firmer, smoother, softer, and more radiant.

Is it possible to over-exfoliate?

As it turns out, when it comes to your face and

exfoliation, you can have too much of a good thing!

Over-exfoliating is one of the biggest mistakes you

can make … it can leave your skin feeling irritated,

dry, and flaky. It can also cause a burning sensation,

breakouts, and increased sensitivity to other products

in your routine. Your skin may develop a tight,

wax-like texture, which you could mistake for a glow

but in reality, your skin’s been stripped of essential oils.

A healthy glow will always look plump and hydrated

not dry, thin, or waxy.

Why QMS?

Fortunately, peeling with QMS is safe and effective.

The brand’s fruit acid complexes are combined

with anti-irritant and hydrating ingredients … so no

downtime, no undesired side effects and no trauma to

the skin. They are safe for all skin types and conditions,

even sensitive and problematic skin, can be used

all-year round because there is no sensitivity to the

sun, and don’t make the skin thin with a waxy ‘glow’.

Instead, your skin will appear firmer, plumper, more

even with improved radiance.


New Gentle Exfoliant Lotions

The new QMS Gentle Exfoliant Lotions are made up of a

specially balanced fruit acid complex that has an exfoliating

effect, dissolves cornification, and stimulates cell division in the

epidermis without irritating the skin. The effective ingredients in

this dermatologically tested lotion provide a radiant, hydrated,

and smooth complexion. So you’ll experience

an increases cell renewal rate, your skin will be

left feeling silky smooth, your skin structure

will be improved – shine, firmness and

elasticity. Plus you’ll notice it reduces fine

lines, refines your complexion and reduces

enlarged pores.

Who should use it?

Everyone! There is hardly a skin type or

condition that is not helped by fruit acid

treatment. Oily skin returns to normal,

rough skin is refined, dry skin becomes

soft and supple, dull complexions

are made to glow, wrinkles and lines

smoothed out and pigmentation

spots fade away.

There’s a trio of QMS Gentle Exfoliant

lotions to choose from … one of oily and

acne prone skin, one for sensitive skin

and one for all skin types. R1500 from

futurethis.co.za or your local QMS salon




www.futurethis.co.za • 086-001-8022

Instagram: qmsmedicosmetics_sa • Facebook : QMS Medicosmetcis SA

Compiled by: KYM ARGO

Well. Mum certainly is the word this month … with our massive Mother’s

Day giveaway hamper. It’s crammed – overflowing – with everything

we think would make our mum very happy indeed. And it’s valued at

a whopping R7220. Just look what we’ve got … • An on-trend Kubu

rectangular basket (R299) from Biggie Best, , which is great for storage in

your home, and to store all these goodies. Biggie Best has also added

a white orchid (R79), from their particularly exceptional collection

of faux flowers and plants. Details: volpes.co.za • From Lou Harvey,

SA’s homegrown designer and decorator, a Gusset Vanity (R435)

and Long Tom Cooler (R460) in the brand new Python print

(which is giving the ever-popular Leopard a run for its money). It’s

one of the new collection of designs … which also includes iconic

paisleys and florals so loved by LH fans. Details: louharvey.co.za • A

duo of Densitium Skin Care essentials. This anti-ageing range from

French skincare brand SVR is dedicated to slowing down and treating

ageing skin (not, Mum, that we think you’re ageing … you’re beautiful!).

There’s a Densitium Bi-serum, formulated for the face and neck for the

treatment of sagging skin, wrinkles and dryness (R954) and Densitium

Crème Riche, which targets dryness, thinning skin, lack of elasticity

and loss of definition (R424). Details: info@filorga.co.za, or buy online at

absoluteskin.co.za / riekiemedaesthetic.co.za • Sunnies for the coolest mum

on the block. Our hamper includes a pair of Baker Eyewear sunglasses

(R1499), which is exclusively available at Execuspecs … it’s a

quality, stylish range for people who see the world differently. • Staying with the non-alcoholic theme (homework

Details: execuspecs.co.za • Kids have their school packs. Mum

nights!), there’s also a bottle of Abstinence (R229) in the

needs a stylish Thule Achiever Backpack 20L (R1399). It has basket. Locally produced, sophisticated and showcasing

much-needed organisational solutions for mums on the go, some of Cape Town’s finest indigenous flora, there’s

protects your laptop, loads of space for your other daily gear, not only no alcohol but also no sugar, no colouring,

great colours (think Asphalt Camo, Black, Burgundy or Seneca no flavouring, so it gets full marks from us. Details:

Rock), and is really durable and tough, so built to last in the urban available from takealot.co.za • Friday night … so no

jungle. Details: thulestore.co.za • A bottle of Fluere (R269) … a school lifts in the morning. Time for a G&T. Mum’ll love

distilled ‘spirit’ without a trace of alcohol. It’s a blend of botanicals, Bloedlemoen (R395). Pronounced Blue’d Le Moon, it’s an

based on essential oils of juniper, lavender, coriander and lemon award-winning handcrafted, small-batch local gin made

peel, and is perfect to create non-alcoholic long drinks and

from 10 natural botanicals; a quintessentially South

mocktails. For mum, we’ve got the Spiced Cane option,

African gin made from the delicious Tarocco blood

lovely notes of chocolate and coffee with a sweet, complex,

orange, and proudly boasts as the first blood orange

earthy palate. Details: available from takealot.co.za

gin in the World. The fruit is sourced locally from our

growing partners in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Details: Available at takealot.co.za • Mum will think you’ll

have whisked her off to a tropical island with this one.

She can imagine sitting on a beach, sipping on her

Don Papa rum (R499) cocktail. This premium, smallbatch,

single-island, aged rum from Negros in the

Philippines, is aged for seven years to produce a

light and fruity, amber coloured rum that is perfect

for sipping alone or as the key ingredient in epic

cocktails. Details: available from takealot.co.za

• And at the end of a long day … a soft, fluffy towel to

wrap around you after a long, scented bubble bath.

From Volpes, we’ve got a set of Indulge White Towels

(R329) … 100 per cent cotton, highly absorbent, super

luxurious and with a double-stitched hem for durability.

Heaven. Details: volpes.co.za • Whether your mum’s a

homemaker or a board member, stressed from no sleep

with a toddler or a teen (both, we know, cause sleepless

nights), a young new mum or an experienced gran, a careful

teetotaller or a lover of exotic cocktails … we know one

thing – she’ll be a jolly spoilt mum if you win this hamper for

her. To enter, simply visit our Facebook or Instagram page

(getitnationalmagazines), find the Mother’s Day post, and

follow the instructions. Entries close May 28.

18 Get It Magazine May 21


There’s no-one quite like mum. And there’s nothing

quite like this month’s give away. We’ve got a hamper,

overflowing with stylish goodies from our favourite

brands, worth more than R7000, to give away.

Happy Mother’s Day, with

love from Get It.

May 21 Get It Magazine 19

Compiled by: KYM ARGO

Falafel salad bowl & a glass of Shiraz

Here’s a vegetarian feast, packed with flavour and

texture, that’s the perfect dish for late Autumn

lunch. Make the falafel mix ahead, roll into balls

and refrigerate until you’re ready to drop them

into hot oil. The herby yoghurt dressing provides a

cool, creamy coat that ties everything together in a

bright yet comforting way. Enjoy this with the sleek

Spier Seaward Shiraz.

Note: The chickpeas and beans need overnight

soaking, so prep a day ahead. If you prefer not to

use a mixture of chickpeas and beans, use two cups

of chickpeas. This recipe serves four to six people.

For the falafels, you’ll need: 1 cup dried chickpeas; 1

cup dried beans (split broad beans, butter beans

or heerenbone); water, for soaking; half an onion,

roughly chopped; 30ml (2 Tbsp) lemon juice; 20g

each parsley and coriander leaves; 3 garlic cloves;

5ml (1 tsp) each of ground coriander, ground cumin

and salt; 1ml (¼ tsp) each of ground nutmeg and

ground cinnamon; 2.5 ml (½ tsp) baking soda;

vegetable oil, for frying

Method: Place the chickpeas and beans in a bowl

and cover with water. Leave to soak overnight (8 to

12 hours). Drain, then add to a food processor with

the onion, lemon juice, parsley, coriander leaves,

garlic, coriander, cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon, salt

and baking soda. Process until you have a relatively

smooth paste, scraping the sides. There should still

be some texture — you don’t want a complete

mush. Refrigerate for 15 to 30 minutes, then roll

into balls with a diameter of about 4cm. Heat the oil

over moderate heat. Fry the falafels in batches until

golden brown. Remove with a slotted spoon and

drain on kitchen paper. Serve immediately with the

salad bowls and yoghurt dressing (see below).

For the herbed yoghurt dressing, you’ll need: 3/4 cup

Greek yoghurt; 15 to 30ml lemon juice; handful

each of fresh parsley and fresh chives; 5ml Dijon

mustard; salt and pepper

Method: In a blender, add the yoghurt, lemon juice,

herbs and mustard. Season with salt and pepper,

then blend until smooth. Refrigerate until ready to

use then serve with the falafel bowl.

For the salad bowls, you’ll need: a bunch fresh

salad leaves; shredded carrot and/or beans; some

roasted vegetables of your choice (like cauliflower

or aubergine), optional; pickled onions; freshly

fried falafels; yoghurt dressing; sesame seeds

for sprinkling

Method: Arrange the leaves, vegetables, pickled

onions and falafels in bowls. Top generously with

yoghurt dressing and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

Serve with a glass of Spier Seaward Shiraz – a

tall, dark and handsome Shiraz which also cuts a

delicious dash when served with grilled meats or a

charcuterie platter. Details: spier.co.za

Boxed wine. Now with snob-appeal!

Remember when we scoffed at boxed wine. Hmmmm … not any

more. Premium wine in a bag-in-box is now a (good) thing …

with two more premium ranges launching theirs this month. It’s all

about the need for value without compromising on taste or quality

… and the award-winning Fleur du Cap and Zonnebloem

two-litre slim boxes certainly offer that, and more. Look out for

the Fleur du Cap Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc, and the Zonnebloem

Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in the new format. With stylish

boxes and reasonable pricing (R150 to R190), these store easily in

the fridge, allowing you to have just a glass or two without wasting

the rest of a bottle, and they also keep the wine fresher for longer

(up to four weeks in the fridge) and can travel where glass can’t.

So they tick all the wine boxes (see what we did there?) perfectly.

20 Get It Magazine May 21

A month of


You know the brighter the vegetable,

the better it is, right? Pack some power

into your meals with deep purple

and orange and green choices. With

rainbow salads and tasty tapas, it’s

going to be a delicious May.

Tapas. Small, tasty dishes packed with big flavours and

designed to share with friends, passing plates around

the table for a little taste of everything. Local author

Chantal Lascaris was inspired by her trips to Spain, and

the bustling Spanish tapas bars and pintxos bars of San

Sebastian. In All Sorts of Tapas, you’ll find delicious

dishes that bring to life the richness of Spain’s flavours,

with a few from South Africa, too. There’s everything

from breakfast tapas (salami, egg and chips pintxos) to

gazpacho shooters (served with tiny cheese toasties

on the side). From delicious stuffed artichokes with

caramelised onions to bite-sized cheesy herb muffins

with peppadew cream. From arancini with truffle dip

(could well be our best recipe in the book!) to raspberry

chutney ostrich slices. Obviously, sweet little tapas too

… it’s worth buying the book for the churro chips with

chocolate sauce recipe alone. R240

Rainbow nation slaw

This is one of the recipes from The Flexitarian Foodie – Real

Food – Conscious Living by Jax Moorcroft, a collection of

proudly South African, budget-approved and family-friendly

recipes which proves that eating and living an eco-friendly

lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive, but

it does improve our health and that of the planet. Oh … and

there are plenty of dishes for meat eaters too … this book really

does have something for everyone. R290.

If you have a food processor lurking in the back of a cupboard

somewhere, now is the time to dust it off and use it. This

salad is super easy and quick if you can just whizz everything

through the chute and save yourself some elbow grease.

Otherwise a grater will work just fine, doesn’t use electricity and

gives your arms a great workout! Serves four.

You’ll need: 1 red cabbage, outer leaves removed, and grated; 3

carrots, peeled and grated; 1 broccoli head, grated; 1 red and 1

yellow pepper, grated; 1 pineapple, peeled and grated; 2 cups

baby spinach, finely chopped; 1/2 cup dried cranberries; 2/3

cup no-nasties mayo; 1/ 2 cup fresh blueberries

Method: Combine all the ingredients in a large glass bowl,

adding the mayo and blueberries just before serving otherwise

the pineapple juice might affect the texture of the mayo.

May 21 Get It Magazine 21

Compiled by: KYM ARGO

Small changes for big impact

Soft, textured cushions and warm throws … such an

easy way to zhoosh up a tired room. Velvet scatter

cushion in warm taupe. R549 from woolworths.co.za

• Faux fur cushion in palest butternut. R799 from

woolworths.co.za • Textured rust cushion R980 from

blockandchisel.co.za • Snow-coloured wool bobble

cushion, made in India, R699 from Country Road at

woolworths.co.za • Use as a throw for your bed or the

sofa, or keep to wrap around your shoulders when the

weather really turns nasty … Olive Herringbone and

Salmon throws, R920 each from cecileandboyds.com

22 Get It Magazine May 21

It’s beginning to feel a lot like


Gentle hues and touch-me textures …

ring in the decor changes as the cooler weather rolls in.

If you’re looking for a dramatic change, cover a wall for an instant wow

factor. There’s a sensational range of wallpaper designs at ORMS.

And the team has made it so easy. Browse through the ranges from nearly

four dozen local artists, select your favourite, enter the image

reference number on the quote form and voila! Everything will be

taken care of … from print to installation. Details: ormsprintroom.co.za/


This antique bronze Sherman Metal Pot has ribbed

detailing and an aged look, adding texture to your

room. R895 from blockandchisel.co.za

May 21 Get It Magazine 23

Indoor plant of the month

Colourful calla lilies (Zantedeschia sp)

are guaranteed to brighten up a room …

just what is needed as the days get cooler.

The mini trumpet-shaped flowers come

in a wide range of colours, standing out

against the glossy, dark green leaves.

Use them as table arrangements, to

brighten a corner of the room or as a

centrepiece on the coffee table. Display

plants in a warm room with bright light;

they’ll even be happy with some

morning sun, but keep away from heaters

or air conditioning. Water lightly to keep

the soil moist, but not soggy. Remove

dead flowers to encourage growth.

Details: lvgplants.co.za



24 Get It Magazine May 21

Garden tasks for May

• There is still time to plant Spring bulbs

If you have ordered tulips, plant them

as soon as possible after they arrive.

• Water Winter annuals at least once a

week and give them a weekly feed with

a liquid fertiliser to keep them flowering.

• Train climbing sweet peas up their

supports and check for aphids. Use an

organic insecticide or soapy water (but

not too strong a mixture).

• Trays of pansies, violas and primulas

can all still be planted out.

• Pelargoniums, succulents, cacti, ferns,

agapanthus, and day lilies can receive

less water but don’t let camellias and

azaleas dry out or their Spring flowers

will be affected.

• This is a good time to plant flowering

shrubs like abelia, buddleia, Cape

honeysuckle (Tecoma capensis),

Calliandra, escallonia, may (Spiraea),

Mackaya bella, and viburnum.

• If you are in a frost belt, stock up on frost

cloth and watch the weather report.

• Pot up some of your favourite

perennial herbs and pop them in a

sunny sheltered area.

• Go on a snail blitz and get rid of

snails that are overwintering in

old pots or among the clumps of

perennials. Put out snail bait or traps

to protect young seedlings.

We’re planting … Calibrachoa Cha-Cha

Diva Hot Pink, which is exactly

the kind of showstopper

that the name implies.

A great performer in

containers, hanging

baskets and in

sunny raised

garden beds,

which, for all its

star quality,

is a plant

that is really

easy to grow

and care for.

Plant it in


soil or good quality

potting soil, water

regularly (especially containers) and fertilise

once or twice a month to keep up the quality of

flowers. Containers and baskets do best with

morning sun. Details: ballstraathof.co.za

Veggie of the month - broad beans

One of the easiest Winter crops to grow is broad beans, and

it likes the cold, which encourages it to set pods.

Broad beans are sturdy upright growing plants, about 1m

high, which are rarely bothered by pests or diseases. From

seed sown in May you should be able to start harvesting

from the end of July or early August through to late

September or October.

They may be easy, but they’re heavy feeders, needing wellcomposted

soil with additional fertiliser (2:3:2 or 3:1:5). And

while they grow in all kinds of soil, they do need full sun and

shelter from the wind.

Sow seeds directly into the soil where the plants are to

mature, keep them moist during germination and then

water regularly once the seedlings have germinated. As they

grow, the plants will need to be staked.

Beans should be ready for harvesting within 12 to 16 weeks.

The pods are ready for picking when they have filled out

and before they burst open.

Fresh beans have a delicious earthy flavour that fits in well

with Winter cooking, in stews, casseroles and soup. And

being a legume, the broad bean is an excellent source of

high-quality plant protein.

May 21 Get It Magazine 25


While the coronavirus pandemic has changed what

gatherings are like now, some timeless wedding

elements can’t be replaced – like the cake.


With trends changing every year, the overarching theme influencing

what marriage celebrations will look like in the next year is

intentionality and personality. As couples trade large parties for

more intimate minimums and micro weddings, cake is one wedding

element that offers some semblance of normalcy.

While 2021 won’t necessarily see large, tiered confections like in

previous years, cake aficionado Zolita Harper of Zolita’s Couture Cakes

& Confectionery, says you can expect to see pre-packaged desserts,

thoughtfully designed cutting cakes, new creative techniques and

personal details that truly put the emphasis on the newlyweds. She

breaks down wedding and cake trends that are unlike anything we’ve

seen before.


The tiny wedding is popular right now. With fewer guests than 80,

weddings are being held in more intimate settings allowing for a

larger budget to be spent on more opulence in areas like flowers,

food and cake, and allowing couples to really spoil their guests.

With many weddings having been postponed, bridal couples have

had extra time to save, some are adopting the ‘go big or go home’

approach by hosting large weddings (province and protocol

permitting) in excess of 150 people.

These two trends have had a marked effect on the wedding

cake industry.

Micro weddings

Slimmer, multi-tiered cakes with a distinct theme of modern art

and geometric design. We are seeing taller, smaller cakes as well as

floating tiers.

Non-cakes, such as doughnut cakes, croquembouches or

macaron towers. These are becoming increasingly popular with

brides opting for something different, that doesn’t include cake alone.

This also works well for the smaller guest list as portioning items like

doughnuts, French macarons and profiteroles is much neater than

cutting up cake. Even cheese wheels and large pies are being tiered

and displayed as cake. These are used either before the reception or

late at night as an alternative to a sweet treat. Brides are opting for the

kinds of treats that are really tapping into the true patissier’s talents.

Mixed or alternate tiers of cakes and treats. We are also seeing the

combination of these treats with cakes. Doughnuts, with cake bases

or top tiers. Cakes with French macarons or profiteroles. This is quite

creative and can be displayed very elegantly or have a funky, fun twist.

Plated desserts or mini cakes are particularly popular at micro

weddings, adding a personal touch that is being created with plated

meals and individual servings.

Macro weddings

While macro weddings also incorporate some of

the trends mentioned, we are seeing the trends in

larger cakes mostly at larger celebrations, where

brides and grooms want to make a statement.

Tall buttercream cakes are being commissioned

in pale colours, or white with buttercream palette

flowers and other subtle embellishments, making

them very magical and whimsical.

We are also seeing the return of watercolour cakes,

with beautiful sugar flowers being commissioned.

This is a real treat for the true sugar artist.

There are definitely trends that are making a

comeback, and some that are relatively new, but

all of these emerging trends are making for a very

interesting 2021 wedding scene.

26 Get It Magazine May 21



Fall in love with the House of Agrie Couture’s gorgeous

handcrafted garments, made with only the finest fabrics

and craftsmanship. Synonymous to luxury, House of Agrie

Couture caters to discerning clients who are looking for

personalised services and clothing made according to

top-class couture standards. The House of Agrie has also

expanded into an atelier, dedicated to product design

that has seen them successfully launched personalised

interior items. Aside from this, they offer a successful event

concept for their wedding clients to ensure an experience

of a lifetime. House of Agrie Couture is based in Pretoria

East, Mamelodi Section D5. Details: 078-091-8209 or email




Three must-visit businesses to help you take

the stress out of planning your dream day



Give yourself the gift of good tailoring and alterations by

visiting Tip Top Tailor for your custom-made suits. Over the

years they have maintained a high product quality standard

due to their dedication to quality and customer service.

They only use highly skilled and very experienced tailors

and cutters for your custom-made suits and only the best in

linings, canvas and buttons are used in their products. Since

they are manufacturers and do not subcontract production

to third-party manufacturers, Tip Top Tailor can control all the

aspects of construction and quality to achieve an extremely

high degree of consistently top-class workmanship. They

also offer custom-made clothing to serve specific religious

requirements. Tip Top Tailor have branches in Menlyn,

Centurion, Brooklyn, Forest Hill City, Mall of Africa, Cresta,

Belfour Park, Lakeside and East Rand Mall.

Details: 078-222-2278 or visit tiptoptailor.co.za


Olivelli Bridal Boutique truly loves everything to do

about brides. From helping them find their dream dress to

playing with veils, jewellery and shoes … until the wedding

day becomes a dream come true. Let them spoil and faff

around you to bring you exquisite dresses and beautiful

accessories. Feel the excitement yet? Bring your support

team. Let’s do this together, beautiful bride-to-be! So,

whether you’re on the hunt for a wedding dress, bridal

accessories, bridesmaid dresses or evening dresses, contact

Olivelli straight away and let them help you transform your

wedding day into your most memorable day ever. Visit

Olivelli at any of their two branches, 25 Lily Ave, Northcliff

or 5 Cambridge Office Park, 5 Bauhinia Street, Techno Park,

Centurion. Details: 082-852-6285 (Northcliff ) or 072-606-1915

(Centurion) or visit olivelli.co.za for more information.


Download the West Pack Lifestyle app

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Would you like to...

be your

own boss?

Start your business

part time…

If you are a hard

worker with a great

attitude, you could

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more! You could also

qualify for overseas

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Call me now

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Hands on Frail Care

and Assisted Living


Situated within the prestigious Upper Waterkloof Retirement Village, this clinic

offers round the clock security and access control. Our double story clinic offers

luxury private rooms, shared rooms and two lady wards with an en-suite. Single

rooms may be personalised with your own personal belongings, or alternatively,

you can make use of our standard furniture.

AD Care Waterkloof Frail Care Clinic is close to the Kloof Mediclinic and

Groenkloof Life Hospital with on-call ambulance services available 24 hours per


Services include: 24 hour Nursing Care, Medication management, all meals,

general hygiene, hand, foot and nail care, daily laundry and housekeeping services

7 days a week.

On call Doctor, Ambulance services, therapists and wound

care sisters at additional charge.

Our main focus is to provide a value-added service

to our clients in the following fields:

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Stroke Patients

Parkinsons disease

Frail Care for elderly patients

173 Regulus Drive

Waterkloof Ridge


071 689 7308

074 034 2179 / 084 201 4741



Download the West Pack Lifestyle app

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Petzone by West Pack Express Lynnwood Lane

Lynnwood Lane Retail Park, Cnr. Lynnwood & Highway road,

Equestria, Pretoria | 010 005 0016

Visit www.petzone.co.za for more


Kolonnade Retail Park,

Near Westpack Lifestyle





Online courses that give you the competitive advantage

The Perfect Event Planner:

Business proposals and Securing events

Creating a portfolio

Budgets and Forecasting

Etiquette and protocol

Design, decor, dress code and mood setting

Project management

Marketing, sponsorships and advertising

The Art of Visual Personality


Learn the 'unfair' advantage in business:

Visual Personality Profiling

Body Language and Powerplay

Time/Stress Management

Decision making and Getting your way

The influence of colour and style

Become a Make-up Artist:

Online Beginner Makeup Course

Start a new hobby or career

Face analysis and contouring

Professional makeup tips and tricks

Bridal Makeup techniques

Glam Makeup techniques

Matric Farewell / Other Special Events

Cost: R3 800

No of modules: 6

Masterclass Presenter: Adri Bouwer

Contact: adri@thebrandclub.co.za

Cost: R3 800

No of modules: 7

Masterclass Presenter: Lydia Muller

Contact: lydia@evestige.com

Cost: R3 800

No of modules: 9

Masterclass Presenter: Chante Smit

Contact: info@stiled.co.za

www.thebrandclub.co.za www.evestige.com www.stiled.co.za

With over 40 years experience

in the business, Adri Bouwer is

renowned for her event

planning. From international

launches with Hollywood stars

to intimate wine pairings. Her

ability to create The Perfect

Event preceeds her in the


Lydia is a well-known

international public speaker,

author, philanthropist and

corporate consultant with over

40 years experience in the

industry. Lydia is also the

founder of the worlds first

Visual Personality Profiling tool

which redefines the way we do


Chante is an International

ITEC Qualified and LISOF

Qualified Makeup artist.

Taught further by Mario

Dedovanovic, Hrush and Sir

John in the USA with

celebrities such as Kim

Kardashian and Beyonce




At what stage in the transfer

process must a gas certificate,

electrical fence certificate

and an electrical compliance

certificate be issued?

We would advise that compliance

certificates be issued as soon as

a bond has been approved. The

reason for this is to avoid any

delays with the bond attorneys

receiving their proceed to lodge.

Once compliance certificates are

received, same is immediately

sent to the bond attorneys,

who then in turn, can once the

client has signed, submit the

documents together with the

compliance certificates, to the

bank to obtain their proceed to


If the compliance certificates

have not yet been issued once

the purchaser signs with the bond

attorneys, the bond attorneys

cannot submit their documents

to the bank to obtain a proceed

to lodge.

Therefore, to avoid any delays, it

is advisable to have same issued

on bond approval.

Gas Certificate & electrical

compliance certificate period of


There is confusion regarding the validity of a Gas certificate and

same is a grey area. We contacted The Liquefied Petrolium Gas Safety

Association of South Africa and was referred to Robyn O’Reilly,

who deals with a queries.

He advised as follows:

1. There is no time frame for the validity of a Gas Certificate.

2. If no amendments were done which altered the installations, no

new Gas Certificate needs to be issued.

3. He however advised that all Sellers should be advised that it is

advisable to have a new Gas Certificate issued when selling a property

to cover the Seller.

An electrical compliance certificate is valid

for a maximum period of 2 years , provided no

electrical alterations or electrical modifications

have been done since it being issued.

Mariana Pera Attorneys can be

contacted at 012 460 1068 or 012 346 6272

Galata GetIt Halfpage.pdf 1 4/20/2021 8:00:36 AM






New feminine fragrance

from Guess – Bella Vita

Inspired by Southern California

and the Mediterranean, the truly

luscious new Guess Bella Vita scent

is all Italian lemon, black cherries, and

blackcurrant, blended into a floral heart of

jasmine, tuberose, and vanilla orchid, with a

warm amberwood, tonka bean, musk, and sweet

praline finish. The fruity floral gourmand fragrance

is glamorous and feminine and sexy … and you’ll

find it at all leading retail outlets from R899. We’ve got a

bottle to give away. To enter, pop over to our Facebook page

(@getitpretoria), find the Bella Vita competition

post and follow the rules. Entries close May 28.

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