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7 Reasons Why Sant Atulanand Residential Academy Is Best

CBSE School In Varanasi

SARA- Sant Atulanand Residential Academy is set up away from the city crowd to offer

peaceful learning to their student. SARA is the best CBSE school in Varanasi, situated in the

Holapur village. With a dream to give quality learning & the correct qualities to each youngster,

Dr. Raj Singh founded this in 2001.

The school has been effective in making a specialty position inside a time of its activity. The

school endeavors to give each youngster horde freedoms to learn, envision, make, team up, and

develop. The mindful and skilled educators at SARA, Varanasi, establish a warm and glad

climate in study halls that urge students to endeavor to be all that can be expected.

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Well, here are seven great reasons that will tell you why SARA is the best CBSE school in


1. Campus

The best CBSE school with the most innovative campus spread across 30 acres of green and

serene land provides the perfect setting for children's holistic development. It gives space to

students to build & shape their mindset in the green environment. The school is the perfect

combination of science & spirituality, where the Holy Ganga's contribution is very evident in

providing harmony. There are 3 separate buildings for junior, secondary & intermediate. Each

section has its name like-

Vidya Bhawan for the Junior section

Pranav Peeth for the Senior section

Sanskar Bhawan for the Intermediate section

Apart from that, SARA also provides hostel facilities to students who can not go up & down

regularly or to someone who wants to shape their future with SARA & lives in a different city or

state. The hostel wings are entirely different from the school wings.

2. Utilization of Interactive Teaching Practices

SARA Varanasi goes all out to enable understudies and fortify instructors. The school utilizes

instructing rehearses that effectively include youthful students in good errands, contributing to

building their abilities. This interaction encourages them to make their own choices and sets

them up for capable parts of the rest of the world.

3. Cutting edge English knowledge

SARA, Varanasi has a best in class English language sessions to improve the talking/listening

abilities of the students. This technique creates elocution, jargon, and semantics of discourse in a

climate without territorial impacts. As English is a global language, students must get evolve

with it & being confident in it so they can be 100% ready to face the English-speaking world.

4. Sports:

SARA wants its students to learn sportsmanship because it considers as one of the best noblest

qualities in life. In this school, students will get dedicated arenas for both outdoor as well as

indoor games such as basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, and lawn tennis outdoor stadiums,

for indoors games has stadiums like shuttle badminton, table tennis, carom, chess. Every year, an

annual sports day is also conducted to make them participative & competitive.

5. Cultural Activities:

Well, no school is complete without cultural activities. From tour & excursions, visual arts to

events & celebration, this campus offers everything. On tour, your children can visit & see parts

of India along with some education trips. In visual arts, learning of different interests is provided

to students like music classes (vocal+ instrumental), painting, meditation & theatre.

6. Parental Involvement

SARA centers around parental inclusion. Guardians are made mindful of what is happening in

class which causes them to comprehend how they can deal with a guarantee that their youngster

is learning and developing each day. Each & every report & status of students from time to time

inform their parents. With this involvement, both parents & mentors can work together to make a

student sharp.

Notwithstanding this, the Sant Atulanand Residential Academy, Varanasi, is being guided the

correct way under fruitful school initiative. The school leaders comprehend the significance of

making a local area and utilize the accessible assets to drive constant improvement inside the

school premises so students can get everything at its best.

So, these are some excellent reason that makes Sant Atulanand Residential Academy the best

CBSE school in Varanasi. You can provide the best education to your children wherewith

wholesome knowledge they can learn extra-curriculum activities to be ready for their future in

true sense.

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