The Luxury Network International Magazine Issue 24

Features Bonham on the cover, America's Cup by Air, the all-new McLaren Arturo, Roger Dubuis, Chaumet, Prada, and events from The Luxury Network offices and our official members around the world.

Features Bonham on the cover, America's Cup by Air, the all-new McLaren Arturo, Roger Dubuis, Chaumet, Prada, and events from The Luxury Network offices and our official members around the world.


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BONHAM<br />


ISSUE <strong>24</strong> | MAY - JUN 2021

Described as “<strong>The</strong> next generation of marketing for luxury brands” by the British media,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> is the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing group. <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> is a private membership club, established in luxury capitals or countries<br />

around the world, within which premium companies work closely together<br />

at senior director level for mutual business and client development.

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>’s objective is simple: To facilitate co-operation and exciting new<br />

business development activities between top-end companies. New business partnerships<br />

are created via strategic alignment, joint collaborations, product placements,<br />

endorsements, media sharing, B2B and B2C networking, sales and luxury<br />

showcase events and numerous other affinity marketing activities.

A Message<br />

From <strong>The</strong> Editor<br />

Dear Valued Readers,<br />

We truly hope that this year is starting off well and that you are ready to crush it as the pandemic slows down<br />

globally.<br />

When people label something as ‘luxurious,’ we automatically equate it as ‘too expensive.’ That may be true,<br />

however, luxury itself is not defined by ‘expense’ alone. <strong>The</strong>re are so many more elements that truly and correctly<br />

identify an item as luxury and we will be discussing more of this soon through an online platform and a<br />

series of webinars at <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Academy which will be launching this month.<br />

Despite the global difficulties that the current situation has presented to the luxury industry and continues doing<br />

so, Bugatti has successfully delivered more vehicles in the first quarter of 2021 more than ever before in the<br />

first 3 months of any year. Hermès also saw luxury demand recover from the ‘pandemic freeze’ and returning to<br />

growth, while LVMH shares are also reaching a record recently after the unexpected Louis Vuitton rebound in<br />

fashion and leather sales.<br />

<strong>The</strong>refore, no matter what happens, people will still spend on luxury goods and I believe that there will be a<br />

higher growth since people are now more excited to dress up again and enjoy the luxuries of life - from travel,<br />

cars, jewelry, and all different industries, more than ever. I always say we only live once!<br />

Please enjoy our latest edition as we have featured the highlights of some of the exclusive events that our global<br />

offices and official members have hosted.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Fares Ghattas<br />

Global CEO,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong><br />

Editor-in-chief,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

@faresghattas<br />


110<br />



highlights<br />

ISSUE <strong>24</strong> | May - Jun 2021<br />

14<br />

All-New McLaren Arturo<br />

22<br />

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express: All Aboard to a <strong>Luxury</strong> Train Journey<br />

26<br />

Branded Residences - the Future of <strong>Luxury</strong> Living?<br />

35<br />

Jewels can be Man’s Best Friend too<br />

36<br />

World Premiere Excalibur Glow Me Up<br />

42<br />

Bvlgari Allegra, the New Personalized Fragrance Experience from Bvlgari<br />

52<br />

Hermès<br />

62<br />

Prada Linea Rossa Reveals Spring / Summer 2021 Collection<br />

70<br />

<strong>The</strong> New Collection Automobili Lamborghini by Zambaiti Parati<br />

76<br />

<strong>The</strong>se are Hennessy’s Must-Try Cocktails<br />

96<br />

An Evening of Precious Stones and Champagne

<strong>The</strong> romantic train made fa<br />


Take the classic route<br />

from London to Venice,<br />

the gateway to the Orient.<br />

This breathtaking<br />

journey through rural<br />

French farmlands and<br />

Swiss Alpine valleys<br />

can be travelled in either<br />

direction or both.<br />

Go further afield with<br />

Paris to Istanbul, an authentic<br />

adventure over<br />

six days to the edge of<br />

Europe. Delve into the<br />

culture with stops in<br />

Budapest and Bucharest<br />

before arriving in<br />

soulful Istanbul.<br />

2021 brings new Grand<br />

Tour routes crisscrossing<br />

through Europe.<br />

Embark on a thrilling<br />

voyage c<br />

of the c<br />

vibrant<br />

Explore<br />

canals<br />

taking<br />

class m<br />

day an<br />

Dutch c<br />

before<br />

train fo<br />

adventu<br />

<strong>The</strong> Ori<br />

added<br />

routes t<br />

ID sche<br />

current<br />

restrict<br />

Express<br />

their jo<br />

uled in<br />

Visit be<br />

more in<br />






S<br />

tep aboard the<br />

historic carriages<br />

of the Venice<br />

Simplon-Orient-Express<br />

and uncover a<br />

hidden jewel, glittering<br />

and timeless.<br />

An uncontested icon<br />

of the rails, this train<br />

has long captured<br />

the hearts and imaginations<br />

of glamorous<br />

guests. Three elegant<br />

dining carriages exude<br />

culinary sophistication,<br />

from Lalique<br />

glass inlays in<br />

Cote d’Azur to black<br />

lacquer panels in<br />

L’Oriental.<br />

A steward in blue and<br />

gold livery waves with<br />

a white-gloved hand,<br />

welcoming you on<br />

board with a knowing<br />

smile. Settle into<br />

your cabin, adorned<br />

with art-deco details<br />

and French-polished<br />

cherry wood, and sit<br />

back as a grand voyage<br />


“Find your special<br />

niche and pursue<br />

your aspiration<br />

wherever<br />

you are.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Academy is an educational initiative<br />

to individuals who are interested in joining the growing<br />

community of the luxury industry. In times of downsizing,<br />

global unemployment, and never-ending quality pressures,<br />

the need for protecting high standards in marketing<br />

sectors is being compromised.<br />

<strong>The</strong>refore, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong> is launching<br />

a world-class digital application to bring to its members<br />

and public, training videos from iconic professionals<br />

who contributed to putting standards in their field and<br />

entrepreneurship in all sectors.



• Most driver-focused convertible of the Continental GT range<br />

• Highly advanced chassis – with four new technologies – inspires<br />

confidence through increased grip and accuracy<br />

• All-wheel steering and electronic rear differential enhance vehicle<br />

agility and stability<br />

• New carbon ceramic brakes for incredible stopping power<br />

• Revised version of renowned 6.0-litre W12 TSI engine delivers 659<br />

PS (650 bhp) and 900 Nm (664 lb.ft)<br />

• 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.7 seconds); top speed 208<br />

mph (335 km/h)<br />

• Unique interior and exterior detailing includes badging, interior colour<br />

splits, forged 22” Speed wheels and sports sills<br />

• New introduction of Dark Tint Engine Turned Aluminium optional<br />

technical finish to the centre console<br />

• Seven roof colours available, including tweed<br />

• Roof improvements deliver a convertible as quiet inside as the previous<br />

generation coupe<br />

Bentley Motors has introduced<br />

a new flagship version<br />

of the ultimate, open-top<br />

Grand Tourer – the Continental<br />

GT Speed Convertible. <strong>The</strong> performance-orientated<br />

Speed model is<br />

the most powerful, driver-focused<br />

interpretation of the benchmark<br />

convertible Grand Tourer.<br />

<strong>The</strong> third generation Continental<br />

GT Speed Convertible features an<br />

enhanced version of Bentley’s renowned<br />

6.0-litre W12 TSI engine,<br />

delivering an outstanding and increased<br />

659 PS (650 bhp), 0-60<br />

mph in 3.6 seconds (0-100 km/h in<br />

3.7 seconds) and a top speed of 208<br />

mph (335 km/h). <strong>The</strong> new open-air<br />

Grand Tourer joins its coupe sibling<br />

– the Continental GT Speed,<br />

unveiled last month – at the pinnacle<br />

of the Continental family<br />

Designed, handcrafted and engineered<br />

in Bentley’s carbon neutral<br />

luxury automotive factory, the new<br />

GT Speed Convertible offers enhanced<br />

chassis technology, including<br />

All-Wheel Steering, an electronic<br />

rear differential and the option of<br />

carbon ceramic brakes. This helps<br />

deliver superior vehicle agility and<br />

confidence without impacting on<br />

the Continental GT Convertible’s<br />

acclaimed ride comfort.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Continental GT Speed Convertible<br />

is fitted with a tailored,<br />

‘Z-fold’ roof that can be deployed<br />

or stowed in just 19 seconds, transforming<br />

it from a luxurious coupe<br />


Need for<br />

Speed<br />

to an open-top Grand Tourer at the<br />

touch of a button.<br />

Distinguishing this Grand Tourer<br />

as a pinnacle performance model,<br />

the Continental GT Speed Convertible<br />

offers unique exterior and<br />

interior detailing, including Speed<br />

sport sills, dark tint grilles and<br />

Speed badging. Customers can also<br />

choose from three finishes to the<br />

unique 22” forged Speed wheels.<br />

Inside a luxuriously-appointed cabin,<br />

the new Continental GT Convertible<br />

model includes Speed badging<br />

on the passenger fascia, an Alcantara<br />

steering wheel and a unique colour<br />

split trim in hide and Alcantara.<br />

Chris Craft, Member of the Board<br />

for Sales and Marketing at Bentley<br />

Motors, comments:<br />

“<strong>The</strong> new Speed is the most driver-focused<br />

Continental GT Convertible<br />

available and unique in its<br />

ability to offer extremely refined,<br />

all-season open-top Grand Touring<br />

with the added edge of astonishing<br />

performance and dynamism.<br />

“Combined with exquisite, handcrafted<br />

interior details, the Continental<br />

GT Speed Convertible exemplifies<br />

all Bentley knows about<br />

creating the world’s most stylish<br />

and elegant cars for roof-down<br />

motoring.”<br />

New Technologically -<br />

Advanced Chassis<br />

Cutting-edge chassis technology<br />

gives the third generation GT Speed<br />

Convertible unrivalled control and<br />

accuracy, and inspires confidence<br />

even further.<br />

Maintaining Bentley’s philosophy<br />

of the vehicle feeling progressive<br />

and secure, yet still be dynamic,<br />

this approach rewards drivers of all<br />

abilities. To achieve this philosophy<br />

in BENTLEY and COMFORT mode,<br />

overall grip is balanced between<br />

the front and rear wheels, in SPORT<br />

this mode has been calibrated with<br />

a more rear-biased torque–split in<br />

all driving scenarios.<br />

Improved cornering dynamics and<br />

the extra grip provided by the new<br />

systems allows the driver to exit<br />

any corner with an increased level<br />

of precision and confidence. In<br />

turn, the vehicle is able to extract<br />

the maximum performance from<br />

the available traction to deliver<br />

stunning acceleration and composure<br />

from the apex. In SPORT<br />

mode, the traction management<br />

system sends a greater proportion<br />

of power to the rear axle to allow<br />

for even greater on-throttle control<br />

of cornering line.<br />

Working alongside these systems are<br />

the key chassis technologies that deliver<br />

body control and ride comfort<br />

with no compromise to one another<br />

– namely Bentley’s three-chamber<br />

active air suspension with adaptive<br />

damping, and Bentley Dynamic Ride<br />

– the 48V active anti-roll control system<br />

that Bentley pioneered on the<br />

Bentayga and third-generation Continental<br />

GT.<br />

This innovative system features<br />

powerful electric motors within<br />

each anti-roll bar to resist body<br />

roll. In their firmest setting, the<br />

motors can deliver 1300 Nm in 0.3<br />

secs to counteract cornering forces<br />

and keep the body level.<br />

A Carbon Ceramic Brake system<br />

has also been introduced as an<br />

option on the Speed. Using the<br />

high-performance material reduces<br />

the brake force required for<br />

high-speed deceleration and lowers<br />

the risk of brake fade.<br />

Featuring Active All-Wheel drive,<br />

the traction control and torque distribution<br />

has been recalibrated in all<br />

driver modes to provide a noticeable<br />

character shift relative to the standard<br />

Continental GT convertible.<br />


Need for<br />

Speed<br />



All-electric compact SUV<br />

with up to seven seats.<br />

Whether a large nuclear family or<br />

a small extended family: as a seven-seater,<br />

the new EQB offers space<br />

for many family configurations and<br />

a wide variety of transport needs.<br />

This gives it an exceptional position<br />

not only in the compact segment,<br />

but especially among electric cars.<br />

<strong>The</strong> two seats in the third row can<br />

be used by people up to 1.65 metres<br />

tall, and child seats can also be fitted<br />

there. <strong>The</strong> new EQB will make<br />

its debut at Auto Shanghai 2021.<br />

Following the EQA, it is the second<br />

fully electric compact car from<br />

Mercedes-EQ. <strong>The</strong> powerful<br />

and efficient electric drive,<br />

clever recuperation and predictive<br />

Navigation with Electric<br />

Intelligence are just some<br />

of the features that link it to<br />

the EQA. <strong>The</strong> market launch<br />

in China is scheduled for this<br />

year. After Europe, the international<br />

version of the EQB,<br />

produced in Kecskemét,<br />

Hungary, will be launched at<br />

the end of the year, followed<br />

by the US market launch in<br />

2022.<br />

Electro design aesthetics<br />

with corners and edges.<br />

<strong>The</strong> EQB interprets Mercedes-EQ’s<br />

Progressive <strong>Luxury</strong> in an edgy and<br />

particularly characterful way. It<br />

features the typical Mercedes-EQ<br />

black panel grille with central star.<br />

A further distinctive design feature<br />

of the all-electric world of Mercedes-EQ<br />

vehicles is the continuous<br />

light strip at front and rear. A<br />

horizontal fibre-optic strip connects<br />

the daytime running lights of<br />

12<br />

the full-LED headlamps, ensuring a<br />

high level of recognisability both in<br />

daylight and at night. <strong>The</strong> inside of<br />

the headlamps is finished to a high<br />

level of quality, detail and precision.<br />

Blue colour highlights within<br />

the headlamp reinforce the signature<br />

Mercedes-EQ appearance.<br />

<strong>The</strong> function-oriented greenhouse<br />

with upright windscreen makes the<br />

comfortable interior possible. Circumferential<br />

and protective cladding<br />

elements structure the overall<br />

proportion. <strong>The</strong> muscular and sensuously<br />

modelled vehicle shoulder<br />

dominates the side view, which<br />

is further enhanced by the rise of<br />

the beltline. Outwardly positioned<br />

wheels give the EQB a powerful<br />

character and confident stance on<br />

the road. Exclusive to this model are<br />

light-alloy wheels in a bi- or tri-colour<br />

design, up to 20 inches in size,<br />

in some cases with rosé gold-coloured<br />

or blue decorative trim.<br />

Efficient driving with Electric<br />

Intelligence.<br />

ECO Assist offers a recuperation<br />

process optimised to the particular<br />

situation. It incorporates navigation<br />

data, traffic sign recognition<br />

and information from the vehicle<br />

sensors into its efficiency strategy.<br />

Anticipatory driving saves power,<br />

thereby extending the range.<br />

<strong>The</strong> standard Navigation with Electric<br />

Intelligence also contributes to<br />

the effortless handling of the EQB<br />

in everyday life. It calculates the<br />

fastest route to the destination,<br />

including any necessary charging<br />

stops. On the basis of continual<br />

range simulations, the system<br />

makes allowance for any necessary<br />

charging stops as well as for numerous<br />

other factors, such as the<br />

topography and the weather.<br />

It is also able to react dynamically<br />

to changes, for instance<br />

in the traffic situation<br />

or personal driving style. In<br />

addition, the Navigation with<br />

Electric Intelligence ensures<br />

that the high-voltage battery<br />

is brought to an optimal<br />

charging temperature before<br />

a planned charging stop, if<br />

required.<br />

Sophisticated charging<br />

technology.<br />

At home or at public charging<br />

stations, the EQB can be conveniently<br />

charged at up to 11 kW with<br />

alternating current (AC) using the<br />

onboard charger. <strong>The</strong> charging time<br />

required for a full charge depends<br />

on the available infrastructure and<br />

the country-specific vehicle equipment.<br />

Charging at a Mercedes-Benz<br />

Wallbox is considerably faster than<br />

at a household socket.<br />

And it is of course even faster at<br />

direct current (DC) fast-charging

stations. Depending on the SoC<br />

(State of Charge) and the temperature<br />

of the high-voltage battery,<br />

the EQB charges at a corresponding<br />

charging station with a maximum<br />

power of up to 100 kW. <strong>The</strong><br />

charging time is then just over 30<br />

minutes from 10-80 percent SoC.<br />

For AC and DC charging, the EQB<br />

is equipped as standard in Europe<br />

and the USA with a CCS (Combined<br />

Charging Systems) connector in the<br />

right-hand side panel. In China, a<br />

country-specific charging solution<br />

with sockets on the right and left in<br />

the side wall is used, and charging<br />

times may also vary compared with<br />

the European version.<br />

Mercedes me Charge.<br />

Via Mercedes me Charge, EQB<br />

drivers will be able to use what is<br />

currently the largest charging network<br />

in the world: this currently<br />

comprises more than 500,000 AC<br />

and DC charging stations across<br />

31 countries. Mercedes me Charge<br />

allows Mercedes-EQ customers<br />

convenient use of the charging stations<br />

of various providers, while<br />

they also benefit from an integrated<br />

payment function with simple<br />

billing processes.<br />

By means of high-quality certificates<br />

of origin, Mercedes-Benz<br />

guarantees that energy from renewable<br />

energy sources is fed into the<br />

grid for charging current sourced<br />

via Mercedes me Charge. With Mercedes<br />

me Charge, customers can<br />

charge at more than 200,000 public<br />

charging stations across Europe,<br />

where Mercedes-Benz ensures<br />

subsequent compensation through<br />

green electricity.<br />

Intelligent driving assistance<br />

systems.<br />

<strong>The</strong> EQB features intelligent driving<br />

assistance systems with cooperative<br />

support for the driver. Active Lane<br />

Keeping Assist and Active Brake Assist<br />

are fitted as standard. In many<br />

critical situations, the latter has the<br />

ability to prevent a collision or reduce<br />

its severity with autonomous<br />

braking. <strong>The</strong> system is also able to<br />

brake for stationary vehicles and<br />

crossing pedestrians at typical city<br />

speeds. <strong>The</strong> enhanced functions of<br />

the Driving Assistance Package include,<br />

for example, the turning manoeuvre<br />

function, the emergency<br />

corridor function, the exit warning<br />

function alerting the driver to approaching<br />

cyclists or vehicles, and<br />

a warning when pedestrians are detected<br />

near zebra crossings.<br />

Exceptional crash safety.<br />

<strong>The</strong> EQB is also a true Mercedes-Benz<br />

when it comes to passive<br />

safety. Building on the robust<br />

bodyshell structure of the GLB, the<br />

body of the EQB was adapted to the<br />

special requirements of an electric<br />

car. <strong>The</strong> battery sits within a frame<br />

made out of extruded sections.<br />

This takes on a structural function<br />

which until now was maintained by<br />

the cross members in the underfloor.<br />

A battery guard in the front<br />

area of the battery is able to prevent<br />

the energy storage unit from<br />

being pierced by foreign objects.<br />

Of course, the EQB had to pass the<br />

brand’s usual extensive crash test<br />

programme. Stringent requirements<br />

for the battery and all components<br />

carrying electrical current<br />

also apply.<br />



High-Performance Hybrid powertrain sets new supercar<br />

standards; amplifies McLaren driving experience<br />

• High-Performance Hybrid powertrain<br />

of McLaren Artura sets new<br />

standards for the supercar sector<br />

• All-new, ultra-compact 3.0-litre<br />

twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine<br />

with unique 120-degree ‘hot<br />

vee’ configuration<br />

• Lightweight, compact Axial Flux<br />

E-motor enhances driving experience<br />

with torque in-fill, as well<br />

as providing option of zero-emissions,<br />

electric-only running for up<br />

to 30km*<br />

• Compact hybrid battery uses liquid<br />

cooling technologies developed for<br />

the McLaren Speedtail<br />

• Artura acceleration figures now<br />

confirmed as 0-100km/h in 3.0 seconds,<br />

0-200km/h in 8.3 seconds<br />

and 0-300km/h in 21.5 seconds,<br />

with standing ¼ mile in 10.7 seconds<br />

• Artura comes with comprehensive<br />

warranty package of 5-year vehicle<br />

and 6-year hybrid battery as standard,<br />

plus 3-year service plan**<br />

With acceleration<br />

figures now verified,<br />

the all-new<br />

High-Performance Hybrid<br />

powertrain in the McLaren<br />

Artura sets new benchmarks<br />

for performance, building<br />

on the levels of high-performance<br />

hybrid excellence set<br />

by the pioneering McLaren<br />

P1TM – the world’s first<br />

hybrid hypercar – and the<br />

Speedtail Hyper-GT.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Artura’s advanced petrol-electric<br />

powertrain delivers<br />

an unrivalled combination<br />

of throttle-response,<br />

acceleration and electric-only,<br />

zero-emissions<br />

capability. It has been engineered<br />

to ensure the all-new<br />

McLaren supercar excels<br />

across the full spectrum of<br />

driving experiences, from<br />

everyday urban journeys to<br />

track day sessions.<br />

“<strong>The</strong> McLaren Artura’s allnew,<br />

super-lightweight electrified<br />

powertrain is at the<br />

cutting-edge of high-performance-hybrid<br />

technology,<br />

engineered to offer all of the<br />

advantages of internal combustion<br />

and electric power<br />

in one package and establish<br />

new benchmarks for combined<br />

performance and efficiency<br />

in the supercar class.<br />

<strong>The</strong> ‘clean-sheet’ design of<br />

the Artura has allowed us to<br />

focus on how to make this<br />

power accessible to the driver<br />

and deliver the levels of<br />

engagement expected from<br />

a McLaren.”<br />

Geoff Grose, Chief Engineer,<br />

McLaren Automotive<br />

Minimising weight was key<br />

to the design of the all-new<br />

powertrain. This is hugely<br />

important in an electrified<br />

supercar, as well as being<br />

absolutely aligned with<br />

McLaren’s philosophy of<br />

super-lightweight engineering<br />

that is fundamental<br />

to the performance,<br />


Need for<br />

Speed<br />

agility and driver engagement inherent in every<br />

McLaren.<br />

Breaking with the V8 convention established with the<br />

first supercar from McLaren Automotive, the 12C, at<br />

the heart of the Artura is an all-new, 3.0-litre V6 internal<br />

combustion engine. <strong>The</strong> 120-degree, twin-turbocharged<br />

M630 unit not only delivers unrivalled performance,<br />

it also allows the most compact packaging<br />

possible. A 180-degree angle was considered but dismissed<br />

because it would raise the height of the crankshaft<br />

and therefore the centre of gravity of the car.<br />

<strong>The</strong> wide angle of the V6 cylinders allows the turbochargers<br />

to sit within the banks in a ‘hot vee’ configuration,<br />

which also benefits efficiency as they sit within<br />

a straighter - and therefore less restrictive – exhaust<br />

layout. Generating 585PS and 585Nm of torque, the<br />

all-new V6 engine is 190mm shorter and 220mm narrower<br />

than McLaren’s twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 – and<br />

also 50kg lighter.<br />

While the configuration of the all-new engine is key<br />

to the Artura’s powertrain packaging, it is the innovative<br />

technology within that provides the biggest gains<br />

in lightweighting and performance. <strong>The</strong> cylinder head<br />

and block utilise 3D printed cores, allowing uncompromised<br />

precision cooling, including a micro-compact<br />

2mm cooling passage between the cylinders. <strong>The</strong><br />

block has directly coated parent bores rather than<br />

separate coated liners, into which fuel is injected at<br />

350bar pressure.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Artura’s V6 engine is designed not just for compact<br />

packaging and efficiency, but also to increase driver<br />

engagement. Shared crank pins enable a very short<br />

and stiff crankshaft that allows the M630 to redline<br />

at a thrilling 8500rpm. It’s also a very refined engine,<br />

designed with the chain drive at the rear and with ancillary<br />

noises reduced so that the occupants only hear<br />

the V6’s distinctive intake and exhaust note, routed via<br />

Gasoline Particulate Filters to reduce emissions†.<br />

<strong>The</strong> V6 engine powers the rear wheels via an all-new<br />

eight-speed seamless shift transmission that has also<br />

been design for optimised packaging. <strong>The</strong> length of<br />

the gear cluster has been reduced by 40mm, helped<br />

by use of a nested clutch rather than a parallel unit<br />

and also the removal of a reverse gear, this function<br />

now achieved by the Artura’s E-motor spinning in the<br />

opposite direction. <strong>The</strong> ultra-compact motor is fully<br />

integrated within the transmission bell-housing, delivering<br />

torque in-fill and linear acceleration via an<br />

E-differential to the rear wheels.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Axial Flux design of the E-motor is another<br />

Artura benchmark. It is similar in size to a<br />

McLaren brake disc and at just 15.4kg it is only<br />

a little heavier than a conventional iron rotor<br />

component, yet it can generate up to 95PS and<br />

225Nm as well as enable journeys of up to 30<br />

kilometres in near-silent pure EV mode* , attributes<br />

that are ideal for city driving or early-morning<br />

starts.<br />


Need for<br />

Speed<br />

Providing the electric-only capability is a 7.4kWh<br />

Five-module Lithium Ion energy dense battery pack.<br />

Fully-integrated into the Artura’s McLaren Lightweight<br />

Architecture (MCLA) chassis, the battery pack<br />

is positioned low-down in the car behind the driver,<br />

incorporated into the floor and protected on three<br />

sides by the main carbon fibre structure and from behind<br />

by the engine. This positioning also helps to optimise<br />

both centre of gravity and the polar moment of<br />

inertia, benefitting dynamic agility.<br />

<strong>The</strong> hybrid battery sits on a cooling manifold, which is<br />

shared with the new electric heating, ventilation and<br />

air conditioning system also used to control air temperature<br />

in the cabin. Incorporating technology first<br />

developed for the McLaren Speedtail, the batteries are<br />

thermally controlled using dielectric oil – a technology<br />

also used to keep the E-motor at operating temperatures<br />

that deliver the highest level of performance.<br />

True to the Artura engineers’ determination to optimise<br />

packaging and weight, the battery management<br />

unit sits alongside the modules, with the power distribution<br />

unit (PDU) integrated into the battery. An integrated<br />

Power Unit (IPU) acts as a DC/DC converter<br />

for the vehicle’s 12v system, further reducing weight<br />

by removing the need for a separate alternator and<br />

on-board battery-charger.<br />

Taking just 2.5 hours to charge from zero to 80% using<br />

an EVSE socket, the battery is carefully managed<br />

so that it never truly runs out of power; there is always<br />

something in reserve for reversing or starting the<br />

engine, even when parked for extended periods. This<br />

management process also ensures that the battery<br />

remains in peak condition and accordingly the unit is<br />

warranted for 6 years or 75,000km.<br />

An Artura driver can adjust how the electric motor is<br />

deployed to prioritise range or power, or choose to<br />

shut off the internal combustion engine for silent running.<br />

Energy harvesting is achieved purely from the<br />

combustion engine in order to maintain brake pedal<br />

feel, yet the battery can be charged from low to 80%<br />

full within minutes under normal driving conditions.<br />

This ensures that the Artura is always ready to switch<br />

to electric-only mode, an option that adds discretion<br />

and enhanced economy to the driving experience, as<br />

well as reduced CO2 emissions at just 129 g/km*.<br />

Additionally, the Artura’s High-Performance Hybrid<br />

powertrain contributes to significant ownership<br />

benefits above and beyond the performance and<br />

driving engagement it delivers: a comprehensive<br />

5-year vehicle and 6-year hybrid battery warranty<br />

are standard for Artura customers, as is a 3-year<br />

service plan.<br />


Winter<br />

Escape<br />

Panorama House. Property QBS11550.

As providers of the largest selection of premium holiday<br />

homes, villas and apartments in Queenstown, <strong>Luxury</strong> Rental<br />

Homes offer you the opportunity to experience unique<br />

accommodation options for your next holiday escape.<br />

Just imagine you and your family relaxing in luxury this Winter.<br />

Sam Skipper<br />

+64 3 450 0489 | luxuryrentals@nzsir.com<br />

www.nzluxuryrentalhomes.com<br />

Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Browns Real Estate Limited (licensed under the REAA 2008) MREINZ.



Mount Cook Ski Planes & Helicopters<br />

Aoraki / Mt. Cook, New Zealand<br />

Experience the Breathtaking views of flying over the southern alps & the Aoraki/Mt Cook<br />

National Park with a once in a lifetime experience on New Zealand’s Longest Glacier<br />

www.heletranz.co.nz<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />






Step aboard the<br />

historic carriages<br />

of the Venice<br />

Simplon-Orient-Express<br />

and uncover a<br />

hidden jewel, glittering<br />

and timeless.<br />

An uncontested icon<br />

of the rails, this train<br />

has long captured<br />

the hearts and imaginations<br />

of glamorous<br />

guests. Three elegant<br />

dining carriages exude<br />

culinary sophistication,<br />

from Lalique<br />

glass inlays in<br />

Cote d’Azur to black<br />

lacquer panels in<br />

L’Oriental.<br />

A steward in blue and<br />

gold livery waves with<br />

a white-gloved hand,<br />

welcoming you on<br />

board with a knowing<br />

smile. Settle into<br />

your cabin, adorned<br />

with art-deco details<br />

and French-polished<br />

cherry wood, and sit<br />

back as a grand voyage<br />

begins.<br />



Take the classic route<br />

from London to Venice,<br />

the gateway to the Orient.<br />

This breathtaking<br />

journey through rural<br />

French farmlands and<br />

Swiss Alpine valleys<br />

can be travelled in either<br />

direction or both.<br />

Go further afield with<br />

Paris to Istanbul, an authentic<br />

adventure over<br />

six days to the edge of<br />

Europe. Delve into the<br />

culture with stops in<br />

Budapest and Bucharest<br />

before arriving in<br />

soulful Istanbul.<br />

2021 brings new Grand<br />

Tour routes crisscrossing<br />

through Europe.<br />

Embark on a thrilling<br />

voyage connecting some<br />

of the continent’s most<br />

vibrant cultural hubs.<br />

Explore the elaborate<br />

canals of Amsterdam—<br />

taking in the worldclass<br />

museums by the<br />

day and sampling the<br />

Dutch cuisine by night—<br />

before boarding the<br />

train for your overnight<br />

adventure.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Orient Express has<br />

added new five new<br />

routes to its post-COV-<br />

ID schedule. Due to the<br />

current government<br />

restrictions, Orient<br />

Express will not run<br />

their journeys scheduled<br />

in March 2021.<br />

Visit belmond.com for<br />

more information.<br />

Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />

Belmond/Venice Simplon-Orient-Express©<br />

<strong>The</strong> romantic train made famous by Agatha Christie © Belmond/Venice Simplon-Orient-Express<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />



Considered a property of great significance in<br />

the heart of Mount Macedon’s Golden Mile yet<br />

only 50 minutes from the Melbourne CBD and<br />

40 minutes from Melbourne’s <strong>International</strong> Airport,<br />

this private oasis set on more than six acres (2.4 ha<br />

approx.) of lush ornamental gardens is on the market<br />

for the first time in 25 years.<br />

Presenting a once-in-a-generation opportunity to<br />

secure one of the great hillside estates known for its<br />

world-class gardens, Tieve Tara, whose name comes<br />

from the Celtic meaning “side of the hill”, has evolved<br />

from its 19th-century origins into the illustrious property<br />

that it is today.<br />

Privately located among spectacular gardens, its luxurious,<br />

architect-designed two-storey brick and stone<br />

main residence offers mountain vistas and stunning<br />

outlooks from every room.<br />

Perfectly proportioned spacious interiors include<br />

multiple living areas, two bedrooms with ensuites,<br />

and an upstairs living area with a home office capturing<br />

magnificent treetop and garden vistas. In short,<br />

a perfect “work from home” environment. Featuring<br />

a large conservatory with a heated indoor swimming<br />

pool and a croquet lawn, Tieve Tara offers abundant<br />

opportunities for health and leisure without even<br />

leaving the grounds.<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />

In addition, a two-bedroom, self-contained<br />

cottage with a private garden presents exciting<br />

possibilities, including the option of guest<br />

accommodation, a caretaker’s /gardener’s<br />

cottage, an artist’s studio, or potential for additional<br />

income. This compelling property includes<br />

two driveway entrances, multiple garages,<br />

a workshop, and spring-fed mountain<br />

stream frontage.<br />

Highly acclaimed by the media, Tieve Tara’s<br />

unique botanical paradise is a treat for nature<br />

and garden lovers alike. It juxtaposes native elements<br />

of towering eucalyptus, ferns, and a creek<br />

with the carefully planned and designed landscape<br />

that allows residents and visitors to meander<br />

along winding paths, admire Monet-like<br />

scenes of bridges and lakes while marvelling at<br />

majestic trees and rare plant specimens.<br />

Offering complete privacy and tranquility,<br />

Tieve Tara is just an easy stroll to Mount Macedon’s<br />

township and Hotel, with hiking tracks<br />

and Mount Towong Vineyard nearby, proving<br />

the adage that “having it all” is possible.<br />

For more information, please visit<br />

gardensoftievetara.com.au<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />






Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />

<strong>The</strong>y originated because leading hotel brands<br />

were looking to offer their high-net-worth<br />

(HNW) clients the privacy of having a private residence<br />

with the services and convenience of a<br />

hotel.<br />

Branded residences are becoming ever<br />

more popular. But what are they, how did<br />

they originate – and what will they be like<br />

in the years to come? In this article we look at<br />

all the key aspects of this style of luxury living.<br />

<strong>The</strong> first branded residence was created in a<br />

New York hotel in the 1920s and in recent years<br />

the number of hotel-based branded residences<br />

has grown apace. But so too have other types<br />

of branded residence. In this article, we’ll look<br />

at what’s behind this phenomenon, the benefits<br />

these properties can bring, and particular considerations<br />

that go into creating them, especially<br />

in the light of the current pandemic.<br />

What are branded residences?<br />

Today, branded residences generally refer to<br />

residential properties rather than hotels, allowing<br />

investors to buy into the luxury and status<br />

associated with a particular brand. <strong>The</strong>y are essentially<br />

partnerships between the brand and a<br />

developer, working closely in conjunction with a<br />

designer – as, for example, with our work with<br />

Four Seasons on their branded residences in<br />

Kazakhstan.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se residences were created within hotels and<br />

were also useful for quick recouping of some<br />

of the substantial investment involved in hotel<br />

building.<br />

While many of these properties are still set<br />

within hotels, branded residences have now<br />

also developed into stand-alone developments.<br />

Many are still run by hotel groups. However,<br />

non-hospitality brands such as Armani, Baccarat<br />

and Porsche have also branched out into<br />

creating branded residences in order to capitalise<br />

on the strength of their brand and to<br />

forge a deeper connection with their audience.<br />

So, what explains this phenomenon?<br />

<strong>The</strong> benefits of branded residences<br />

<strong>The</strong> main reason for the growth of branded residences<br />

is that the developer, the brand and the<br />

owner or occupier all stand to gain in multiple<br />

ways.<br />

A developer can charge a premium price for a<br />

branded residence. <strong>The</strong> visible brand and its associated<br />

high status also serves to increase trust<br />

in the developer. In some instances, they can<br />

access the existing customer base of the brand<br />

in a way they would otherwise have been unable<br />

to do.<br />


As for the brand owners, they can generate income<br />

from management fees and short-term sales. <strong>The</strong><br />

brand can also generate wider and deeper customer<br />

loyalty by diversifying in this way.<br />

Those who buy or rent the residences love the level<br />

of luxury and convenience they bring. Thanks to high<br />

levels of servicing, they also gain from having almost<br />

everything they may require under one roof. Owners<br />

can also benefit from a no-hassle turnkey service,<br />

whereby they can just move in.<br />

<strong>The</strong> brand association often appeals to HNW individuals,<br />

who see them as trophy homes. <strong>The</strong>y also appreciate<br />

the increased levels of security that are commonly<br />

associated with branded residences, and the fact that<br />

everything is managed on their behalf.<br />

serviced residence, everything is always there ready<br />

for you, resulting in lower costs and easier logistics.<br />

Must-haves when designing branded<br />

residences<br />

Maintenance, management and staffing aren’t the only<br />

issues when it comes to living space for HNWs. Rive<br />

Gauche has been designing their homes for years and<br />

we know how to match both individual expectations<br />

and wider trends.<br />

As well as reflecting the aesthetic , values and ethos of<br />

the brand, we create a sense of place by making sure<br />

that the design is representative of the locality. We engage<br />

local artists and craftsmen, as well as reflect regional<br />

architectural styles and materials throughout.<br />

Global trends in branded residences<br />

Significant numbers of these HNW individuals can now<br />

be found in most of the world’s major cities, but some<br />

locations are becoming particularly significant.<br />

For example, while American cities such as Miami and<br />

Los Angeles are seeing more branded residences, the<br />

real growth is coming in Asia. In particular, the UAE<br />

and wider Middle East, plus countries such as Thailand<br />

and Vietnam, are witnessing big increases. Dubai is expected<br />

to become world capital of branded residences,<br />

overtaking New York, with Phuket also becoming a<br />

major destination.<br />

That said, wherever in the world one is or plans to be,<br />

Covid-19 has heralded major changes, with more set to<br />

come. <strong>The</strong> trend towards working from home has accelerated<br />

and many HNW individuals can now do business<br />

from almost anywhere in the world. All the same,<br />

most will need to travel at some point for work and will<br />

wish to for leisure; once travel restrictions are lifted,<br />

owners will rarely live full-time in one place. Serviced<br />

residences are well-placed to meet this new reality.<br />

Previously, you had to worry about ongoing maintenance<br />

and management. You might also have sent your<br />

staff to your residence overseas a week in advance<br />

to prepare the property for your arrival. But with a<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />

Any branded property should also be designed<br />

with service comparable to a luxury hotel in mind.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re would therefore normally be a separate entrance<br />

for services. This would be linked with a utility<br />

area and/or serviced kitchen and staff quarters,<br />

all kept away from the main part of the residence.<br />

Maintenance or emergency visits would also be kept<br />

apart so as not to disturb the occupants.<br />

<strong>The</strong> audio-visual and smart home system should be<br />

state of the art, not just to control what’s within the<br />

residence but to connect with services such as concierge.<br />

It should naturally be operable remotely as<br />

well. Most importantly, security should not be an afterthought<br />

but fully integrated into the overall design.<br />

Moving into a new COVID - influenced<br />

world<br />

Other design trends have been introduced or intensified<br />

in the face of the COVID pandemic. For example,<br />

the adoption of advanced technology for filtering and<br />

treating ambient air. This refreshes the room more often<br />

and filters out germs and pollutants. Technologies<br />

to reduce unnecessary physical contact points are also<br />

more prevalent, including voice recognition, contactless<br />

passes and keys in communal areas.<br />

inside and outside of their living spaces can promote<br />

wellbeing. Spa bathrooms are now commonplace, as<br />

are gyms in the highest-end residences.<br />

All aspects of living are now embraced. That includes<br />

nursery and childcare facilities, both within the residence<br />

and in a safe and secure part of the wider development.<br />

Dedicated personal offices are also the<br />

norm within branded residences, moving far beyond<br />

the days of just having a desk in the corner. And whatever<br />

is being built and wherever it may be, sustainability<br />

is now at its heart, reflecting a genuine desire<br />

to have positive impact on the environment and the<br />

local community. Refreshingly, developers, clients and<br />

brands are generally of one mind on this.<br />

rivegauchelondon.com<br />

In a wider sense, the trend towards health and wellbeing<br />

has accelerated in the face of the pandemic.<br />

People are becoming more conscious of how both the<br />


Do you remember? when every part of us longed to wander —<br />

born movers, life isn’t long enough to stay in the same place.<br />

Remember when we realised we could have it all —<br />

All those little bits we’ve missed.<br />

When we took life's ever-changing invitation,<br />

picked up our feet, said come on<br />

let’s do it<br />

Let’s run.


Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />


WEEK 2021:<br />



Zenith joins Bvlgari and Hublot<br />

for the second edition of<br />

LVMH Watch Week with both<br />

digital presentations and one-toone<br />

meetings in 15 countries to let<br />

watch aficionados discover the latest<br />

creations from the Zenith manufacture.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Chronomaster Sport,<br />

Chronomaster Revival A385, DEFY<br />

21 Urban Jungle and Pilot Type 20<br />

Chronograph Silver are all emblematic<br />

of Zenith’s exceptional expertise<br />

in high-performance timepieces.<br />

For 2021 Zenith is showcasing the<br />

Chronomaster, unveiling an evolved<br />

version of the celebrated El Primero<br />

movement during LVMH Watch<br />

Week, able to measure 1/10th of<br />

a second, with an ultra-readable<br />

display. “<strong>The</strong> Chronomaster Sport<br />

sets a new standard of precision,<br />


performance and design for the<br />

Zenith automatic chronograph. We<br />

can’t wait to show you this watch<br />

in your markets very soon, so that<br />

you can touch, feel and experience<br />

one of our most significant launches<br />

for 2021 in person,” says Zenith<br />

CEO Julien Tornare.<br />

With its signature tri-color dial,<br />

the Chronomaster Sport has a<br />

41mm steel case and a polished<br />

black ceramic bezel. <strong>The</strong> watch is<br />

powered by the newest version of<br />

the legendary calibre, the El Primero<br />

3600, the fruit of 50 years of<br />

research and perfections. Thanks<br />

to its high frequency of 5Hz (36’000<br />

VpH), the remarkable timepiece offers<br />

precision of 1/10th of a second<br />

in an easy-to-read display, plus<br />

an extended power reserve of 60<br />

hours. Visible through the sapphire<br />

display back, the new architecture<br />

reveals a blue column wheel and an<br />

open rotor marked with the Zenith<br />

star. NFL football star Aaron Rodgers,<br />

named Most Valuable Player in<br />

the league, is the new face of Zenith<br />

and a fitting ambassador for<br />

the Chronomaster Sport.<br />

Other new creations presented<br />

for LVMH Watch Week include the<br />

Chronomaster Revival A385, a reinterpretation<br />

of the original 1969<br />

timepiece with an eye-catching<br />

brown gradient “smoked” dial, a first<br />

in the watch industry. <strong>The</strong> latest<br />

addition to the DEFY collection of<br />

1/100th of a second chronographs<br />

is the DEFY 21 Urban Jungle, with a<br />

khaki green ceramic case matched<br />

to the exploits of urban explorers.<br />

Lastly, the Pilot Type 20 Chronograph<br />

Silver celebrates the history of<br />

Zenith and its long affinity with the<br />

world of aviation. <strong>The</strong> limited edition<br />

of 250 pieces has a case sculpted<br />

from sterling silver. <strong>The</strong> oversized<br />

Arabic numeral hour-markers<br />

and “cathedral” hands feature white<br />

luminescent paint for maximum<br />

legibility. A broad leather strap with<br />

a rivet and polished steel pin buckle<br />

with a distinctive table recall vintage<br />

pilot helmets from the early<br />

20th century.<br />

Guided by innovation, Zenith has<br />

challenged time since 1865. With<br />

its “time to reach your star” philosophy,<br />

Zenith inspires individuals to<br />

excel, accompanied by the watch<br />

on their wrist.<br />

Discover the brand’s novelties unveiled<br />

at the LVMH Watch Week on<br />

lvmh.com.<br />


Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />



A modern-day Empress Joséphine, Chaumet ambassador Song Hye Kyo fearlessly<br />

celebrates the many facets of her femininity and personality.<br />

An inimitable woman of today, true to the Empress’ spirit of Grace and Character.<br />

Like Song Hye Kyo, mix and match the emblematic Joséphine creations to create<br />

your own jewellery composition revealing your unique style.<br />


From jewels revisiting the collection’s iconic pear-cut to High Jewellery pieces infused with<br />

a couture spirit, and a unique watch, discover the multiple facets of the Joséphine collection.<br />


Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />


BE A MAN’S<br />


TOO<br />

An elegant man is never as you<br />

expect him to be: sophisticated<br />

on his own time when<br />

he dons an XXL panther ring with<br />

an exceptional sapphire on his pinky<br />

finger. It is an exercise in style for<br />

an open-minded spirit who mixes<br />

Clash and Love with abandon. Always<br />

in touch with both extravagant<br />

and classical sides of his style lexicon,<br />

this is a requirement dictated<br />

by his sense for detail. This is how<br />

his style is defined: inventive both<br />

in the way he looks and his state of<br />

mind. Meet the man of elegance.<br />


Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />




Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />

<strong>The</strong> Excalibur Glow Me Up is the first timepiece<br />

to feature luminescent diamonds<br />

at night in different hues. <strong>The</strong> latter<br />

is possible thanks to a patented process<br />

which is to add luminescent material<br />

underneath the diamonds, in the<br />

grooves that are holding the stones<br />

into place. In addition to that, another<br />

patented process allows the<br />

timepiece to have the calibre glow!<br />

<strong>The</strong> chamfers of the calibre are<br />

painted with luminescent material<br />

enhancing the iconic star-shaped<br />

bridge by night. <strong>The</strong> Excalibur<br />

Glow Me Up! is also featuring the<br />

new RD512SQ calibre, a reengineered<br />

calibre with improved power<br />

reserve up to 72 hours and increased<br />

durability thanks to a new lube. <strong>The</strong><br />

case is made of EON GOLD, a non-tarnishing<br />

alloy of pink gold.<br />

Description<br />

<strong>The</strong> skeleton calibres manufactured<br />

by Roger Dubuis in Geneva are the<br />

essence of the expressive singularity<br />

of the Excalibur collection.<br />

Complying with one of<br />

the most respected certifications<br />

of Haute Horlogerie,<br />

the Poinçon de Genève, the<br />

Excalibur watches are designed<br />

like contemporary<br />

works of art. Every single<br />

component being finished<br />

by hand, the watches<br />

are symbols of passion.<br />

<strong>The</strong> work of hyper-skilled<br />

craftsmen is at the forefront<br />

of each watch with a direct<br />

view on the creative mechanics<br />

making these pieces more alive<br />

than ever.<br />

Boutique exclusive<br />

Limited edition of 8 pieces<br />


Wherever you’re Wherever flying you’re to, travel flying to, there travel with there confidence. with confidence. Every Every Etihad Etihad Airways<br />

ticket includes ticket COVID-19 includes COVID-19 global wellness global wellness insurance insurance cover cover - just - just one one of the of the<br />

ways we promise ways we to promise keep you to keep protected you protected with Etihad with Etihad Wellness. Wellness.<br />

If you’re diagnosed If you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 with COVID-19 whilst whilst you’re you’re away. away. we’ll we’ll take take care care of of<br />

your medical your expenses medical expenses and quarantine and quarantine costs. costs. You’ll You’ll be covered be covered from from the the<br />

first day of first your day trip, of giving your trip, you giving extra you peace extra peace of mind of mind as you as travel you travel the the world.<br />

Choose Well. Choose Well.<br />


Beauty<br />

Diaries<br />




Bvlgari creates an Italian sensorial<br />

experience with its new Bvlgari<br />

Allegra fragrance collection. With<br />

five eaux de parfums and five magnifying<br />

essences, Bvlgari Allegra offers myriad<br />

combinations to create a uniquely<br />

personal scent. From the composition<br />

to the bottles inspired by colored gems,<br />

this fragrance collection is both joyful<br />

and precious.<br />

“All roads lead to Rome, all magnificent<br />

ingredients lead to Rome, and all<br />

fragrances lead to Rome,” says Jacques<br />

Cavallier about his creations for Bvlgari.<br />

Inspired by the history and lifestyle of<br />

Italy, the master perfumer put his passion<br />

and art into crafting the five Bvlgari<br />

Allegra eaux de parfums and five Magnifying<br />

essences. <strong>The</strong> multiple combinations<br />

are the fruit of superb creativity.<br />


Beauty<br />

Diaries<br />

For the fragrances, the citrus notes of<br />

Riva Solare evoke an endless Italian<br />

Riviera holiday, while the roses of Fiori<br />

d’Amore are like kisses in the eternal<br />

city. <strong>The</strong> gourmand amaretti and orange<br />

blossom in Dolce Estasi are inspired by<br />

the attachment to family and childhood<br />

memories. <strong>The</strong> cocktail of fruity notes<br />

in Rock’n’Rome echoes a spritz aperitivo<br />

shared at sunset. And the chypre accord<br />

of Fantasia Veneta with patchouli, peach<br />

and vanilla is an invitation to extravagant<br />

Venice masked balls.<br />

<strong>The</strong> glass bottles are inspired by the<br />

sculptured elegance of Roman columns<br />

and the colors of precious gems, like the<br />

ruby red and purple amethyst of Fantasia<br />

Veneta. Each of the fragrances can<br />

be combined with an essence to create<br />

a truly personal scent. <strong>The</strong> five Magnifying<br />

essences have white bottles, symbolizing<br />

the purity of the ingredients:<br />

musk, bergamot, rose, patchouli and vanilla.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se natural gems echo Bvlgari’s<br />

celebrated jewelry expertise. <strong>The</strong> Roman<br />

Maison pays the same meticulous<br />

attention to the gems and plants it uses,<br />

and to the planet. <strong>The</strong> Bvlgari Allegra<br />

collection is made entirely in Europe<br />

and protected by packaging that uses<br />

recycled materials. <strong>The</strong> glass bottles are<br />

designed to facilitate recycling.<br />

Bvlgari chose artist and model Solange<br />

Smith to embody the different facets<br />

of the new fragrance collection. From a<br />

dip in the Mediterranean in Capri to a<br />

café terrace in Rome, Solange embraces<br />

the eaux de parfums and essences in a<br />

whirlwind of joy, love and exuberance, a<br />

perfect ode to Italian dolce vita.<br />


Beauty<br />

Diaries<br />



Brioni Eau de Parfum is<br />

the ultimate signature<br />

of effortless Roman<br />

chic accompanied by an<br />

irresistible temptation. It<br />

is the ideal complement to<br />

Brioni’s sartorial universe,<br />

the last, invisible, touch to<br />

the perfect outfit.<br />

A unique formula<br />

Created in collaboration<br />

with the renowned Master<br />

Perfumer Michel Almairac,<br />

the Brioni scent is a perfectly<br />

tailored formula. Accurately<br />

cut from superior<br />

ingredients, both natural<br />

and man-made, the fragrance<br />

is well-balanced and<br />

effortless.<br />

Infused with a sense of quiet<br />

confidence and understated<br />

elegance, the perfect<br />

finishing touch created<br />

with a few ingredients only,<br />

championing ease as the<br />

ultimate sophistication.<br />

An elegantly fresh opening<br />

by a modern ozonic accent –<br />

cool pink peppercorn and<br />

crisp green apple.<br />

<strong>The</strong> gentle warm heart carries<br />

a soft powdery violet<br />

that contrasts with the silky<br />

warmth of ambroxan.<br />

<strong>The</strong> sophisticated drydown<br />

bares the clean scent<br />

of naturally grown cedarwood<br />

infused by smooth<br />

tonka bean and cashmere-soft<br />

musk.<br />

<strong>The</strong> main ingredients, cedarwood,<br />

and hand-picked<br />

peppercorn are both sustainably<br />

sourced.<br />

“Our new fragrance, like<br />

all things Brioni, perfectly<br />

balances between sophistication<br />

and charisma. A per-<br />

fume that does not shout yet<br />

envelops the wearer with an<br />

irresistible presence, a com-<br />

fortable caress, and magical<br />

charm.”<br />

Norbert Stumpel,<br />

Brioni Design Director<br />


• <strong>The</strong> bottle, a timeless shape, is inspired<br />

by the Brioni navy blue tailored<br />

suits.<br />

• <strong>The</strong> Italian glass with a curved base is<br />

square-shouldered and slightly slimmer<br />

towards the bottom to adds to its<br />

elegance.<br />

• <strong>The</strong> label is soft black satin with a<br />

golden cross-stitching, reminiscent<br />

of the one inside the Brioni suits.<br />

• <strong>The</strong> cap is magnetic with the iconic B<br />

logo on the top, also featured on the<br />

pump and inside the cap as special<br />

hidden detail.<br />


Beauty<br />

Diaries<br />

LA MER<br />





1<br />

Crème de la Mer<br />

1<br />

Beauty<br />

Diaries<br />

This luxuriously rich cream<br />

deeply soothes, moisturizes<br />

and heals away dryness.<br />

Skin looks naturally vibrant,<br />

restored to its healthiest<br />

center. Miracle Broth –<br />

the legendary healing elixir<br />

that flows through all of La<br />

Mer – infuses skin with seasourced<br />

renewing energies.<br />

Ideal for drier skin.<br />

2<br />

2<br />

3<br />

3<br />

<strong>The</strong> Hand Treatment<br />

Intensely hydrating, this silky<br />

cream helps restore skin’s<br />

natural moisture on contact.<br />

<strong>The</strong> nourishing emollient<br />

touch helps heal even dry,<br />

vulnerable hands while the<br />

proprietary formula improves<br />

radiance.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Treatment Lotion<br />

This super hydrator preps<br />

skin for the rest of your La<br />

Mer regimen. Like “liquid<br />

energy”, this fast-absorbing<br />

treatment delivers an instant<br />

rush of hydration to visibly<br />

soften, nourish, and<br />

improve texture.<br />

4<br />

4<br />

5<br />

<strong>The</strong> Treatment Lotion<br />

Hydrating Mask<br />

This innovative sheet mask<br />

is infused with almost a full<br />

ounce of <strong>The</strong> Treatment<br />

Lotion’s energizing vitality<br />

in each application. With<br />

Japanese skin-hugging<br />

technology and millions of<br />

micro-fibers that deliver<br />

a concentrated surge of<br />

healing hydration, this mask<br />

visibly plumps and energizes<br />

for a healthy-looking glow in<br />

minutes.<br />

5<br />

<strong>The</strong> Body Crème<br />

This rich body cream instantly<br />

comforts and renews<br />

by saturating skin with<br />

long-lasting, deep hydration.<br />

Dry skin feels cushioned and<br />

smoothed as it is enveloped<br />

in the therapeutic effects of<br />

the sea.<br />


Beauty<br />

Diaries<br />





<strong>The</strong>se Dumbbells have a striking aesthetic and<br />

sporty appeal. <strong>The</strong>y are an ideal gift for those<br />

who wish to exercise in style or elevate their<br />

home gym with exclusive Louis Vuitton details. Each<br />

weight, made from lustrous metal, is finished with an<br />

eye-catching Monogram Eclipse canvas handle and<br />

House signature engravings.<br />

Detailed Features<br />

16 x 16 x 7 cm<br />

(Length x height x width)<br />

• 6.7 lb/3 kg<br />

• Metal<br />

• Monogram Eclipse canvas<br />

• Louis Vuitton signature<br />



Revisiting steel, glass, stainless steel and copper through the<br />

eyes of a master craftsman, De Dietrich has transformed raw<br />

materials into breathtaking results, marking this as a uniquely<br />

sophisticated collection at the cutting edge of technology.<br />



Waking up<br />

to sleep<br />

Hyoumankind Founder,<br />

Steph Wyborn<br />

It’s rarely easy to find good restorative<br />

sleep in the 21st Century, yet it’s so<br />

integral to our wellbeing and energy.<br />

Steph Wyborn, the entrepreneurial<br />

founder of Hyoumankind Pillows,<br />

is on a mission to help people harness<br />

the power of their sleep.<br />

Steph was struggling to get a restorative<br />

night’s sleep. Determined to find<br />

answers, she studied the science of<br />

sleep, and its impact on physiology,<br />

beauty and wellbeing.<br />

With plenty of scientific evidence<br />

to support the power of sleep – but few<br />

specialised pillow solutions – Steph<br />

knew she would need to design her<br />

own. Ergonomic design and aesthetics<br />

were paramount, as was material<br />

selection – a high-grade, advanced<br />

memory foam for exceptional support<br />

and comfort.<br />

<strong>The</strong> result of almost 10 years of<br />

R&D, the Hyoumankind range is<br />

now available. A commitment to<br />

manufacture in New Zealand means<br />

quality control meets Steph’s exacting<br />

principles. It’s these standards that<br />

see Hyoumankind pillows used and<br />

loved by elite sportspeople, aesthetic<br />

specialists, physical therapists and<br />

people who are embracing the luxury<br />

of deep, restorative sleep.<br />

“Our intention is that your<br />

Hyoumankind pillow – like the reusable<br />

water bottle – will become an integral<br />

part of your everyday life, always with<br />

you, offering luxurious support and<br />

comfort wherever you go.”<br />



Advanced memory foam,<br />

patented compact design,<br />

and a comprehensive<br />

range of accessories make<br />

Hyoumankind’s Go Pillow<br />

supremely supportive and<br />

luxuriously comfortable.



2021 COLLECTION<br />

Objets Hermès<br />

Compiled by Narges Raiss<br />









Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />




Following his first haute couture show in January, Kim<br />

Jones presented his vision of Fendi women’s ready-to-wear<br />

for Fall/Winter 2021 on February <strong>24</strong>. Alongside Silvia Venturini<br />

Fendi for accessories and her daughter Delfina<br />

Delettrez Fendi for jewelry, <strong>The</strong> new Artistic Director<br />

paid homage to the women of the Fendi family. <strong>The</strong>ir allure,<br />

their legacy and their Italian origins all inspired a<br />

collection celebrating family.<br />


<strong>The</strong> monochrome silhouettes<br />

imagined by Kim Jones<br />

walked a runway framed<br />

by references to ancient Rome in<br />

F-shaped glass boxes. In this contemporary<br />

museum décor, the<br />

vestiges of antiquity focused a<br />

spotlight on contrasts between<br />

heritage, savoir-faire and ultra-modernity.<br />

Kim Jones found inspiration<br />

in the wardrobes of the five<br />

Fendi sisters, “a powerful dynasty”<br />

that energized the development<br />

of the family house by recruiting<br />

Karl Lagerfeld in 1965. A palette of<br />

camel, powdery pink, taupe, olive<br />

green and marble white referenced<br />

the different generations of Fendi<br />

women. <strong>The</strong> final silhouettes in<br />

sophisticated black were a nod to<br />

Delfina Delettrez Fendi, who wore<br />

a black tuxedo at her first meeting<br />

with Kim Jones. A fourth generation<br />

member of the family, she<br />

embodies the Maison’s creative future.<br />

For the show she introduced a<br />

new range of Fendi O’Lock jewelry,<br />

an update on the iconic logo in the<br />

form of padlocks that can only be<br />

opened by dialing FENDI.<br />

“<strong>The</strong> Fendi family are women of<br />

intellect who work hard – and<br />

that’s what I wanted to celebrate,”<br />

said Kim Jones. In an ongoing dialogue<br />

with them, the artistic director<br />

gave Silvia Venturini Fendi the<br />

idea of reappropriating the family<br />

“F” to create a bag. With its tilted<br />

initial “F”, the Fendi First bag was a<br />

highlight accessory, presented in<br />

myriad variations, from a jewelry<br />

micro pouch on a chain to a clutch<br />

in different leathers and exotics.<br />

This new classic joins the Peekaboo<br />

and Sunshine Shopper. Kim Jones’<br />

new Roman empresses showcase<br />

the savoir-faire of the House with<br />

these luxurious accessories.<br />

<strong>The</strong> spectacular quality of the materials<br />

– from mink and leathers to<br />

silk – impart an exceptional touch<br />

to the women who wear them. Fendi<br />

workshops meticulously embroidered<br />

delicate organza and applied<br />

exquisite embossed Selleria stitching<br />

on leather accessories, as well<br />

as the collars of garbardine trenches<br />

and cashmere coats. Listening to<br />

the needs of women, Kim Jones said<br />

he wanted to create chic and timeless<br />

pieces. <strong>The</strong> show had an air of<br />

sensuality with plays of bare skin<br />

at the shoulders and midriff. Legs<br />

stood out in Karligraphy stockings<br />

and ankles were lifted by heels with<br />

an inverted Fendi logo inspired by a<br />

Karl Lagerfeld archive sketch.<br />

To cap this first ready-to-wear collection<br />

for Fendi, Kim Jones took a<br />

bow to the captivating song by Carl<br />

Abrahamsson & Genesis Breyer<br />

P-Orridge titled “S/He Is Her/E”, a<br />

powerful echo of the artistic director’s<br />

vision, exhorting viewers to<br />

“change the world” and “embrace<br />

the future with a kiss”.<br />

<strong>The</strong> runway show and behind the<br />

scenes videos of the décor and<br />

backstage are posted on fendi.com.<br />


Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />



2021 COLLECTION<br />





Prada’s Linea Rossa reveals<br />

its Spring/Summer<br />

2021 activewear collection<br />

inspired by the skate<br />

parks of Los Angeles and<br />

Shanghai.<br />

Prada’s iconic “red” line<br />

specializing in modern<br />

metropolitan activewear<br />

launches Spring/Summer<br />

2021 collection designed<br />

for BMX riding and skateboarding.<br />

<strong>The</strong> brand’s<br />

campaign shot by the Los<br />

Angeles-based visual artist<br />

Martine Syms featured<br />

multiple celebrities and<br />

influencers that epitomize<br />

these sports skills.<br />


<strong>The</strong> celebrities featured<br />

in the campaign are: Chinese<br />

singer-songwriter<br />

and record producer Cai<br />

Xu Kun; skateboarder,<br />

model, and community<br />

organizer Briana King; actor<br />

and skateboarder Rachelle<br />

Vinberg; and L.A.-<br />

based skater Le’Andre<br />

Sanders.<br />

Linea Rossa as usual<br />

shows the perfect balance<br />

between design and functionality.<br />

<strong>The</strong> dominance<br />

of whites and greys in the<br />

collection’s color palette<br />

adds a futuristic vibe to<br />

the design and the fabric<br />

makes the silhouettes<br />

light-weight and easy for<br />

motion.<br />

Discover the collection on<br />

Prada.com<br />




Paris Fashion Week and LVMH Maisons once again<br />

amazed and delighted with striking women’s readyto-wear<br />

collections for Fall-Winter 2021/2022.<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir reinventions were generous and resolutely positive,<br />

echoing their vision for the future.<br />

This season once again spotlighted exquisite<br />

savoir-faire and excellence.<br />

Loewe: “<strong>The</strong> Loewe Show Has Been Cancelled”<br />

Jonathan Anderson introduced an entirely new format<br />

for the Loewe Fall-Winter 2021/2022 collection. <strong>The</strong><br />

designer reinvented the runway show, presenting a<br />

Patou: la vie en rose<br />

For Fall-Winter 2021/2022, designer<br />

Guillaume Henry created a poetic<br />

universe, inviting virtual visitors into<br />

a winter garden composed of colorful<br />

and blooming silhouettes. A breeze of<br />

70s-flavored freedom infused the Patou<br />

collection, crafted from recycled<br />

materials and imagined as flowers<br />

to compose a flamboyant floral bouquet.<br />

Guillaume Henry proposed elegant<br />

looks in perpetual motion with<br />

exaggerated blooming volumes. <strong>The</strong><br />

pieces adapt to our whims, attaching,<br />

detaching and superposed to create<br />

new pop compositions. Versatile silhouettes<br />

for liberating fashion.<br />


Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />

broadsheet newspaper headlined “<strong>The</strong> Loewe Show<br />

Has Been Cancelled”, with original writing by American<br />

novelist Danielle Steel. Conceived as a knowing<br />

mélange of fashion and culture, the newspaper is a<br />

perfect symbol of the current period. <strong>The</strong> creative<br />

director wanted fashion with switched on hedonism,<br />

saturated in therapeutic colors, creating an<br />

electric collection with bright hues juxtaposed in<br />

geometric prints for an architectural result. Comfort<br />

is once again celebrated with fluid curves and<br />

draping. Jonathan Anderson’s collection is as joyful<br />

as it is generous.<br />

Dior: a modern-day fairy tale<br />

For her new collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri invites<br />

us into a territory where the time-space dimension<br />

has been erased. Dior immerses us into a<br />

dreamlike world straight from fairy tales, and the<br />

Hall of Mirrors in the Château de Versailles provides<br />

the perfect backdrop. <strong>The</strong> designer revisits<br />

iconic Dior codes with essential black, permeated<br />

by a through line of red, setting the theme for the<br />

season. Colorful evening gowns seem to evaporate<br />

in marvelous colors, transforming women<br />

into modern-day princesses while recalling the<br />

world of childhood with plastrons in broderie<br />

anglaise. <strong>The</strong> Fall-Winter 2021/2022 collection<br />

celebrates a feminine sensibility that magically<br />

blends memories of past and maturity.<br />

Givenchy: identity wardrobe<br />

Matthew Williams’ Givenchy is a striking mix of comfort,<br />

protection and intimacy. <strong>The</strong> collection by the<br />

designer, who became Givenchy creative director<br />

during the health crisis, reflects the intensity of the<br />

past year. A mix of lavishness and austerity, the silhouettes<br />

are about a constant tension between two<br />

worlds. Micro and macro lines contrast extravagance<br />

and taut cropping, and an architectural approach to<br />

tailoring, creating an urban style with materials that<br />

envelop and cocoon, emphasizing freedom of movement<br />

and the liberation of the body. Matthew William’s<br />

dramaturgical show perfectly showcased the<br />

ethos of this Fall-Winter 2021/2022 collection.<br />

Louis Vuitton: time travel<br />

With an empty Louvre providing a stunning set,<br />

Nicolas Ghesquière presented a Women’s Fall-Winter<br />

2021/2022 collection teeming with life. To a<br />

soundtrack from duo Daft Punk, Louis Vuitton<br />

embarks us on an extraordinary odyssey. <strong>The</strong> collection<br />

features a collaboration with Italian design<br />

atelier Fornasetti. Nicolas Ghesquière created a<br />

liberating and bold collection, incorporating Fornasetti’s<br />

distinctive visual world. Colorful silhouettes<br />

playing with volumes were matched with antique<br />

motifs drawn by Fornasetti, a subtle blend of<br />

timeless modernity and history. <strong>The</strong> Louis Vuitton<br />

wardrobe tells a story of body, heart and mind.<br />




Your time is precious – if you’re going to invest time<br />

in something, you want to come out with a winning<br />

result. So, if you’re thinking about visiting a tailor for<br />

the first time, it’s great to know ahead of time what<br />

to expect.<br />

So here’s what to ask your tailor – so you walk away<br />

with the suit that you really want.<br />

1. Which colours suit me?<br />

Because it’s not just about finding a colour you like.<br />

You may love magnolia and it may look great on your<br />

walls, but it might not be such a good match for your<br />

skin tone.<br />

Plus, it isn’t just a matter of being dark skinned or<br />

light skinned or somewhere in between. Everyone<br />

has an undertone to their skin, too.<br />

Generally, those with a light complexion should<br />

avoid grey suits as they can be draining. Those with<br />

olive toned or darker skin have a little more flexibility<br />

when it comes to suitable hues. However, it’s always<br />

advised to avoid tone-on-tone looks. Just like<br />

pastel shades wash out paler skin, brown won’t provide<br />

enough contrast for medium skin tones.<br />

Your tailor will offer a professional colour consultation<br />

to guide you when selecting the final fabric.<br />

2. And what about pattern?<br />

A good tailor will only suggest patterns to complement<br />

or enhance your size and shape.<br />

Shorter guys can look to pinstripes, which help to<br />

elongate the frame. If you’re larger or oval shaped,<br />

it’s best to stay away from unflattering horizontal<br />

stripes. <strong>The</strong> windowpane check looks smart and stylish<br />

on most, whilst also helping extra-slim frames look<br />

larger.<br />

If it’s your very first suit, we’d recommend starting<br />

classic in a universally flattering colour such as navy.<br />

As your tailored arsenal grows, you can begin to experiment<br />

with herringbone or chalk stripes for a confident<br />

stance.<br />

3. Which style works for my body shape?<br />

This question is imperative so you can walk out of your<br />

tailors feeling confident in a suit you love – that’s suited<br />

to your individual height and size.<br />


Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />

If you’re on the shorter side, look to a smaller trouser<br />

break that can help you look a little bit taller. Narrow<br />

shoulders? Peak lapels can help broaden this area.<br />

For tall men, make sure the leg length and sleeves are<br />

long enough so it’s clear the suit was professionally tailored<br />

and not bought off the rack. And while the double-breasted<br />

blazer works well on certain body frames,<br />

larger men should usually stick to single-breasted designs<br />

for a slimmer take.<br />

4. And how can I make sure my suit stands out from the<br />

crowd?<br />

Your final question… and one that means your tailor is<br />

intent on creating the very best suit around. Of course,<br />

the cut, fit and the quality of fabrics used all have a<br />

part to play in giving your new suit the ‘wow’ factor.<br />

You’re looking for the perfect blend of your personal<br />

style preferences with something that will stand the<br />

test of time.<br />

Those with a sartorial eye know that it’s all in the details.<br />

Nothing gives away bad quality like poor stitching,<br />

for instance. Remember, there’s a deep heritage<br />

to tailoring so ask where your tailor trained in his<br />

craft and the background of the company – if you hear<br />

words like ‘Mayfair’ then you know you’re joining distinguished<br />

clientele.<br />

So now it’s time to meet your tailor, armed with these<br />

four key questions that are going to result in a superlative<br />

suit.<br />


Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />



2021 CAMPAIGN<br />

House Ambasador of Brioni Brad pitt is<br />

framed amongst the cinematic interior<br />

of legendary Chateau Marmont in<br />

Hollywood. <strong>The</strong> softly tinted images and video<br />

evoke a relaxed atmosphere which perfectly<br />

captures his natural energy and charismatic<br />

presence.<br />

It is a laid-back mood in which Brad Pitt portrays<br />

the Brioni man, radiating a modern yet<br />

timeless magnetism and charm, a self-confidence<br />

rooted in being comfortable in one’s<br />

own skin. This campaign provides a softer angle<br />

of the Brioni man, in a more intimate setting<br />

beyond the spotlight.<br />

<strong>The</strong> images feature two present-day icons of<br />

the Brioni wardrobe, the “Vagabond” overshirt<br />

in double splittable cashmere and the feather-light<br />

silk blouson in washed silk. <strong>The</strong>y are<br />

deliberately pure, emblematic of the House’s<br />

sophisticated notion of refined simplicity and<br />

style.<br />



Casa<br />

Goals<br />



<strong>The</strong> collaboration between Zambaiti Parati, creator<br />

of Italian high-end wallcoverings and Italian<br />

super sports car manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini,<br />

has produced a new collection of wallcoverings<br />

and decorative panels. This second collaboration<br />

also draws on the iconic aesthetic characteristics of<br />

the Sant’Agata Bolognese car manufacturer, to create<br />

an evocative 2021 collection in gray, shades of copper<br />

and different tones of green with a natural effect.<br />

<strong>The</strong> two brands’ relationship is based on the shared<br />

principles of modernity and strong design, reflecting<br />

tastes and trends found in both the furnishing and automotive<br />

industries for new materials, such as carbon<br />

fiber and metals with different finishes. Zambaiti Parati’s<br />

study of the aesthetics and lines of the distinctive<br />

Lamborghini super sports cars started in 2017, working<br />

closely with Lamborghini’s Centro Stile (design<br />

center), with the first wallpaper collection presented<br />

in January 2019 and the second in February 2021. Both<br />

collections draw on details from Lamborghini models<br />

such as the carbon fiber materials and even specific<br />

car parts: the Centro Stile’s idea to scan pieces and<br />

translate their lines into graphic effects on the wallpapers<br />

is a perfect illustration of the competence and<br />

creative teamwork of the two brands’ collaboration.<br />

solidity and thickness of its wallpaper products: qualities<br />

that reflect the technical materials used by the<br />

prestigious car brand. <strong>The</strong> wallpapers are offered in<br />

rolls of seven square meters on a non-woven support<br />

that allows direct gluing and quick and easy replacement.<br />

<strong>The</strong> materials are fireproof and thus suitable for<br />

dining and hospitality applications. Digitally-printed<br />

decorative panels are also included in the 2021 collection,<br />

featuring decorative motifs on a larger scale<br />

drawn from Lamborghini design, and enhancing the<br />

range’s aesthetic dynamism.<br />

As in all collections from Zambaiti Parati, three-dimensional<br />

and tactile effects are distinctive of the<br />


Zambaiti Parati, like Lamborghini,<br />

embraces the vision of Made in Italy,<br />

standing for the technological innovation<br />

and Italian creativity that<br />

stands out worldwide. <strong>International</strong>ly-oriented<br />

collections combine<br />

modern tastes with classic heritage,<br />

appealing to an established clientele<br />

as well as younger consumers. <strong>The</strong><br />

project with Automobili Lamborghini<br />

fits perfectly with Zambaiti Parati’s<br />

innovative internal culture as well<br />

as helping develop its proposition to<br />

customers.<br />

<strong>The</strong> first collaborative collection was<br />

chosen for the lounges of Automobili<br />

Lamborghini around the world, appealing to different<br />

cultures as well as a diverse Lamborghini clientele including<br />

younger consumers: visitors to the international<br />

fairs where the collection was presented were<br />

equally intrigued by the presence of a Lamborghini<br />

super sports car on display at Zambaiti Parati booth,<br />

such as at the Mosbuild in Moscow. <strong>The</strong> new 2021 collection<br />

is created to appeal to markets throughout Europe,<br />

America and Asia with a product equally suitable<br />

for residential and commercial applications, and designed<br />

for a demanding and refined clientele.<br />

zambaitiparati.com<br />


Reservations +64 9 366 1234 or auckland.park@hyatt.com<br />

99 Halsey Street, Auckland Central, New Zealand, 1010



195 ROOMS & SUITES<br />

4 EATERIES<br />




Overlooking Waitemata Harbour, Park Hyatt Auckland is a sophisticated,<br />

waterfront residence that enriches guests with authentic and intimate<br />

experiences. Stylish and spacious guest rooms incorporate Maori artwork<br />

such as custom designed tukutuku panels and rugs, made from<br />

New Zealand wool.<br />

<strong>The</strong> hotel’s dynamic culinary spaces are purposefully designed for guests to<br />

socialise, dine and relax alongside panoramic water views. After a busy day<br />

of exploring, guests can relax and unwind at the spa and 25m infinity pool<br />

with sweeping views of Auckland Harbour.


If you are looking for a cocktail that’s sure to impress, dive into the world of shaking,<br />

flaring, and pouring by creating one of their most loved ones at home.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Hennessy Old Fashioned<br />

A cocktail as powerful and complex as flavourful, with rich<br />

aromas of cardamom, clove and bitter orange. It is equally<br />

enjoyable when sipped alone or with company. Created in<br />

1881, this cocktail is the choice for you if you are looking to<br />

encapsulate your old-fashioned nature!<br />

• 50 ml Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège<br />

• 20 ml simple syrup<br />

• 2 dashes Angostura Bitters<br />

• 1 orange zest<br />

Put bitters into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice cubes.<br />

Add a splash of water and the syrup. Pour in the Hennessy<br />

V.S.O.P Privilège slowly. Garnish with a twist of orange.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Manhattan Cocktail<br />

If you’re looking for an unusual, yet intriguing cocktail combination,<br />

this is the cocktail to have in hand at your next encounter.<br />

<strong>The</strong> sweet vermouth adds extra depth, making this<br />

beautiful red pop of colour undeniably sophisticated.<br />

• 50 ml Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège<br />

• 20 ml sweet vermouth<br />

• 2 dashes Angostura Bitters<br />

• 1 orange twist<br />

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with 8 ice cubes.<br />

Stir for 10 seconds. Strain into a chilled champagne coupe.<br />

Garnish with an orange twist and serve immediately.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Hennessy Ginger Cocktail<br />

Awash with ginger, the addition of Hennessy V.S steers this<br />

classic cocktail into one with more flavour – the fusion between<br />

these two great aromas is like the fusion between two<br />

well-suited humans.<br />

• 40 ml Hennessy Very Special<br />

• 100 ml ginger ale<br />

Pour the Hennessy cognac into a highball glass. Add ice cubes<br />

to fill the glass. Top with ginger ale. Garnish with a lime wedge<br />

or slices of fresh ginger.<br />


Gastro<br />

Gusto<br />

<strong>The</strong> French 75<br />

A tribute to art de vivre and the French practice of enjoying<br />

life to its fullest, this cocktail is about as French and delightful<br />

as it gets, ideal for a cocktail rendez-vous at home. Blend it<br />

and enjoy the fizzing sound of the bubbles.<br />

• 40 ml Hennessy Very Special<br />

• 15 ml simple syrup<br />

• 25 ml fresh lemon juice<br />

• Top with sparkling wine or champagne<br />

• Garnish: lemon twist<br />

Build directly in a flute glass. Top with champagne and garnish<br />

with a lemon twist.<br />



<strong>The</strong> Mule<br />

Being its biggest hit among cocktail-fans<br />

from all over the world, <strong>The</strong><br />

Mule is as easy to make as it is to<br />

drink. Hennessy V.S and ginger beer<br />

form a sought-after alliance, with a<br />

refreshing taste that intensifies with<br />

every sip and that lingers long after<br />

the drink is gone.<br />

• 45 ml Hennessy Very Special<br />

• 100 ml ginger beer<br />

• Garnish: lime wedge and or fresh ginger slices<br />

Pour the Hennessy and ginger ale into a Rocks glass with ice. Garnish with a wedge of lime or fresh ginger slices.<br />

Or both!<br />

Hennessy Very Special (V.S) is one of the most popular cognacs in the world. Matured in new oak<br />

barrels, Hennessy V.S is bold and fragrant. Its beguiling character is uniquely Hennessy, a timeless<br />

choice with an intensity all its own. Hennessy V.S offers toasted and fruit notes, with a rich, clearly<br />

defined palate and a welcoming exuberance.<br />

Hennessy V.S expresses its vibrant and dynamic personality through unique artist partnerships<br />

and annual limited editions. Easy to enjoy, it’s a perfect cognac for high-energy occasions and<br />

sharing the moment.<br />

<strong>The</strong> round and robust flavours of Hennessy V.S make it very versatile and ideal for any cocktail<br />

possibility, from classic recipes and sophisticated cocktail creations to easy mixed drinks.<br />


Bianco<br />

Statuarietto<br />

Bianco Statuarietto.<br />

Visit Signorino to find your natural stone.<br />

Pamper yourself in luxury. Bianco<br />

Statuarietto is a classic looking<br />

natural stone, perfect for those who<br />

like the finer things in life.<br />

Whether it’s in a palatial bathroom,<br />

or a gourmet kitchen, Signorino<br />

stone adds a touch of elegance<br />

to any space.

A spectacular platinum and<br />

diamond ring featuring a<br />

square emerald-cut diamond<br />

weighing 25.02 carats.<br />

Sold for AU$1,125,000 IBP<br />

Thinking of Selling?<br />


JEWELS<br />

—<br />


ENQUIRIES | Hamish Sharma, Head of Important Jewels<br />

+61 422 157 497 | hamish.sharma@leonardjoel.com.au<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />





<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> New Zealand is pleased<br />

to announce a new member, Des Harris Private<br />

Chef.<br />

Des’s career to date has spanned over 20 years working<br />

in New Zealand’s finest restaurants. He was Executive<br />

Chef for almost 9 years at Clooneys, a fine dining<br />

establishment in Auckland which received numerous<br />

accolades and awards during his time. He has been a<br />

Gaggenau Brand Ambassador since 2015 and is currently<br />

Executive Consultant Chef at Tantalus estate,<br />

which is also a member of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> New<br />

Zealand.<br />

Des Harris is available as a private chef for any special<br />

events and can be found on desharrischef.co.nz.<br />




Muse is an Auckland-based fashion<br />

boutique and online store<br />

renowned for its curated lineup<br />

of sought-after local and international<br />

brands. From Christopher Esber<br />

and Lee Matthews to Victoria Beckham,<br />

Diane von Furstenberg, and Tibi,<br />

Muse is not only the exclusive stockist<br />

for a number of lauded labels, but has<br />

cultivated a stellar reputation for the<br />

way it works closely with its customers<br />

to carefully build and sustain their<br />

seasonal wardrobes. A bastion of contemporary<br />

fashion, Muse is more than<br />

just a store.<br />

An exclusive viewing and champagne<br />

experience is available to <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> members and their guests.<br />



NEW<br />

Member<br />




Established in<br />

1919, Leonard<br />

Joel is Australia’s<br />

most dynamic auction<br />

house; a marketplace<br />

for the rare,<br />

the beautiful, and the<br />

extraordinary.<br />

Leonard Joel offers<br />

specialist expertise<br />

and regular, curated<br />

auctions in jewels<br />

and timepieces,<br />

fine art, decorative<br />

arts, Asian works of<br />

art, modern design,<br />

prints and multiples,<br />

luxury, and more.<br />

In addition to their<br />

regular curated category<br />

auctions, Leonard<br />

Joel specialises<br />

in the auction of Private<br />

Collections, and<br />

in their 102-year history,<br />

they are proud<br />

to have been entrusted<br />

with some of<br />

the most important<br />

and interesting collections<br />

in Australia.<br />

Leonard Joel is also<br />

renowned for <strong>The</strong><br />

Auction Salon; a<br />

long-running and<br />

popular auction offering<br />

over 1,000 lots<br />

of furniture, jewellery,<br />

art, and objects<br />

every week. <strong>The</strong> Auction<br />

Salon attracts a<br />

broad range of sellers<br />

and buyers, from<br />

interior designers to<br />

seasoned collectors.<br />

Leonard Joel looks<br />

forward to welcoming<br />

you to their Melbourne<br />

or Sydney<br />

salerooms soon.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />




Pindari Capital is the<br />

Funds Management<br />

platform of the Mulpha<br />

Group, with substantial experience<br />

and a strong track<br />

record in the management<br />

of complying investments<br />

under the SIV program, as<br />

well as extensive capabilities<br />

in Wealth Management,<br />

Direct Property, Real Estate<br />

Debt, and Equity Funds<br />

(both listed and unlisted) as<br />

well as alternative investment<br />

opportunities.<br />

Mulpha Group is one of Australia’s,<br />

most experienced<br />

real estate and hospitality<br />

investors with highly specialised<br />

operational management<br />

and development capability.<br />

<strong>The</strong> group also has<br />

an extensive portfolio of real<br />

estate, property development,<br />

hospitality, education,<br />

retirement, private equity,<br />

and debt assets and invests in<br />

some of the fastest-growing<br />

and most vibrant economies,<br />

in Australia, New Zealand,<br />

the UK, and Malaysia, and is<br />

part of the international affiliate<br />

group including SHK &<br />

Co in Hong Kong and Tian An<br />

in Mainland China.<br />

In addition to Pindari<br />

Capital, Pindari Private<br />

Wealth provides<br />

Wealth Management<br />

services to high-networth<br />

clients, business<br />

owners, and<br />

family groups. Pindari’s<br />

approach ensures<br />

that our client’s<br />

goals and objectives<br />

are the cornerstones<br />

of the strategies that<br />

we implement. <strong>The</strong><br />

business offers a<br />

broad range of strategies<br />

in a bespoke<br />

package, tailored to<br />

your needs. Services<br />

include Asset Protection,<br />

self-managed<br />

super fund<br />

advice, portfolio<br />

management, retirement<br />

planning, tax<br />

minimisation strategies,<br />

risk management,<br />

Estate Planning,<br />

and succession<br />

planning.<br />

Lead by Managing<br />

Director of Fund<br />

Operations, Edward<br />

Hewitt-Taylor and<br />

Director, Mark Morcos<br />

the Pindari team<br />

collectively has decades<br />

of investment<br />

experience gained<br />

both in Australia and<br />

around the Asia-Pacific<br />

region, including<br />

China, Singapore,<br />

Malaysia, and Hong<br />

Kong. As well as the<br />

United Kingdom, Europe,<br />

and the USA.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />


*Marine Bean XL and Ottoman in<br />

Marine Fern.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Original outdoor beanbag TM . Made in New Zealand and designed to last.

NEW<br />

Member<br />





Established in 1976, Webb’s is New Zealand’s longest-running<br />

multi-departmental auction house,<br />

specialising in Decorative Arts, Fine Art, Jewellery,<br />

and Fine and Rare Wines.<br />

For more than 42 years, Webb’s name has been a highly<br />

respected and successful brand with an extensive and<br />

loyal client base.<br />

Webb’s offers clients high-quality service, unrivaled expertise,<br />

and excellence in marketing and client services.<br />


Webb’s is New Zealand’s longest<br />

running multi-departmental auction<br />

house, specialising in Art, Asian<br />

Art, Decorative Arts, Fine Jewels &<br />

Watches, Fine Wines & Whiskies<br />

and Collectors’ Cars & Motorcycles.<br />


Art<br />

Asian Art<br />

Decorative Arts<br />

Fine Jewels & Watches<br />

Fine Wines & Whiskies<br />

Collectors’ Cars & Motorcycles<br />

Auctions<br />

Private Sales<br />

Valuations<br />

+64 9 529 5600<br />

webbs.co.nz<br />

33a Normanby Rd<br />

Mount Eden<br />

Auckland, 10<strong>24</strong><br />

Art<br />

Charles Ninow<br />

021 053 6504<br />

charles@webbs.co.nz<br />

Asian Art<br />

Tom Pan<br />

021 045 0118<br />

tom@webbs.co.nz<br />

Collectors’ Cars<br />

Caolán McAleer<br />

027 929 5603<br />

caolan@webbs.co.nz<br />

Decorative Arts<br />

Ben Erren<br />

021 191 9660<br />

ben@webbs.co.nz<br />

Fine Jewels & Watches<br />

Kassidy Hsieh<br />

027 929 5607<br />

kassidy@webbs.co.nz<br />

Fine Wines & Whiskies<br />

Marcus Atkinson<br />

027 929 5601<br />

marcus@webbs.co.nz<br />

Defining <strong>Luxury</strong> Through Narrative

TLN<br />

News<br />




<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> New Zealand members<br />

and guests celebrated the annual<br />

harvest with lunch at Tantalus Estate<br />

Vineyard on Waiheke Island.<br />


18 MAR 2021 - Arriving in style,<br />

courtesy of Heletranz, landing<br />

among the vineyards at Tantalus.<br />

Guests were greeted with<br />

glasses of Tantalus Méthode<br />

Traditionnelle Brut upon arrival<br />

at the helipad where the<br />

Tantalus chief winemaker<br />

talked them through the various<br />

styles of grapes used for<br />

each wine and the unique ecological<br />

landscape of the property,<br />

allowing for sustainable<br />

wine production.<br />

Guests were then treated to<br />

a delicious 3-course harvest<br />

lunch under umbrellas while<br />

admiring the tranquil gardens. A<br />

viewing of the cellar and private<br />

dining room completed this leisurely<br />

afternoon before being<br />

whisked away in the waiting<br />

helicopters for a scenic view of<br />

the Hauraki Gulf.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />



23 FEB 2021 - <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> New Zealand<br />

guests were invited<br />

to a health lunch<br />

presented by Dr. Ula<br />

Heywood and Rich<br />

Tangney of Edison.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y discussed the<br />

importance of living<br />

life to the fullest<br />

through a personalized<br />

approach to healthcare,<br />

including the latest in<br />

DNA testing and NAD+ infusions,<br />

which are the latest power<br />

tool in rejuvenation medicine.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />

Guests dined on a delicious<br />

3-course lunch<br />

prepared by private<br />

chef Des Harris in the<br />

private dining room<br />

at the recently completed<br />

and exclusive<br />

apartment building,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>International</strong>.<br />

Guests then toured<br />

two of the apartments<br />

on offer in the building<br />

by New Zealand<br />

Sotheby’s <strong>International</strong><br />

Realty.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />




30 MAR 2021 - A small group of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> guests<br />

attended a precious stones workshop at Sutcliffe Jewellery<br />

being served canapes and Perrier-Jouët Champagne while<br />

Brent Sutcliffe explained the difference between the cut, colour,<br />

and sizes of gemstones, allowing the guests to personally<br />

model the beautiful jewels.<br />

<strong>The</strong> guests were challenged with guessing which was the “real”<br />

diamond from a box of stones that looked identical to the naked<br />

eye. Guests were then taught how to identify the real from<br />

the fake diamonds and dined together at a local restaurant.<br />

Sutcliffe also has a Blossom Range which is perfect for a smaller<br />

treat for yourself or a daughter’s sweet sixteenth.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />




25 FEB 2021 - <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> New Zealand’s latest member, Muse<br />

Boutique, welcomed guests to their first event – An evening of mastering<br />

your wardrobe-essentials.<br />

Olivia Vincent-Healy, the perennially stylish owner of Muse, and her<br />

team showed off key wardrobe-essentials. Guests were treated to<br />

champagne and canapes as they browsed the beautiful clothing and<br />

were educated by the MUSE team who showed how complementary<br />

pieces can transform and elevate a look from smart casual to luxe and<br />

be cross-seasonal.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />



23 MAR 2021 - <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Members and<br />

Guests experienced “An Evening at <strong>The</strong> <strong>International</strong>”<br />

hosted by New Zealand Sotheby’s <strong>International</strong> Realty,<br />

Des Harris Private Chef, and Pyramid Valley Wines.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />

Members and guests had a wonderful<br />

interactive evening exploring<br />

the special spaces of <strong>The</strong> <strong>International</strong>.<br />

<strong>The</strong> evening started with<br />

canapés and a Pyramid Valley wine<br />

tasting in the wine cellar, moving<br />

into the private dining room where<br />

chef Des Harris showcased his culinary<br />

skills.<br />

<strong>The</strong> guests were then transported<br />

back in time when they entered one<br />

of the apartments and had dessert<br />

on the beautiful heritage balcony.<br />



Affairs<br />



Cartier brought its greatly anticipated High<br />

Jewellery collection to Australia for a limited<br />

time and <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Australia<br />

and their guests were fortunate to experience<br />

this one-of-a-kind opportunity to see the stunning<br />

pieces in the Sydney boutique.<br />

Many of the creations from the Parisian Maison<br />

have never travelled to Australia before and are<br />

usually only visible through invitations to international<br />

events.<br />

Brimming with incredible pieces, the impressive<br />

collection boasts vintage jewellery from the last<br />

century which has been brought back and restored<br />

in Cartier workshops under the Maison’s<br />

expertise, with most of the pieces coming from<br />

the 1920s, ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘60s.<br />

TLN and their guests were grateful for this incredible<br />

and exclusive opportunity to see this<br />

stunning collection up close and personal.<br />



Members<br />

Affairs<br />




Penfolds hosted an<br />

exquisite lunch with<br />

award-winning<br />

wines from the<br />

Penfolds 2020<br />

Collection at a<br />

private residence<br />

on the Mornington<br />

Peninsula.<br />

On Friday, April 16th, Fine<br />

Wine Director George Samios<br />

curated a selection<br />

of Penfolds most celebrated<br />

wines including<br />

2016 Grange (scored 100<br />

points by Ken Gargett,<br />

<strong>The</strong> World of Fine Wine)<br />

and 2017 St Henri Shiraz<br />

(scored 98 points by Tony<br />

Love).<br />


Guests enjoyed a magnificent lunch<br />

with each course paired by Finesse<br />

Catering Group showcasing local<br />

and seasonal produce.<br />

Thanks to Giannarelli <strong>International</strong><br />

and Lusso Event Hire for the superb<br />

styling, and to John and Lisa Zeigler<br />

for hosting the event.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />




Zenith exists to inspire individuals to pursue their<br />

dreams and make them come true – against all<br />

odds. Since its establishment in 1865, Zenith became<br />

the first watch manufacture in the modern sense<br />

of the term, and its watches have accompanied extraordinary<br />

figures that dreamt big and strived to achieve<br />

the impossible – from Louis Blériot’s history-making<br />

flight across the English Channel to Felix Baumgartner’s<br />

record-setting stratospheric free-fall jump.<br />

Last month, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Australia and their<br />

guests had the privilege of attending the launch of the<br />

new Chronomaster sports collection, capable of measurements<br />

with an accuracy of 1/10 of a second at one<br />

of Sydney’s hottest venues, <strong>The</strong> Cat’s Meow. Whisky<br />

tastings, entertainment, and a sport-chic chronograph<br />

collection created the perfect environment for a memorable<br />

and enjoyable evening.<br />


Our People. Your Property.<br />

Contact us for access to curated professional<br />

and trade service providers for your home<br />

Our suite of service providers includes tradespeople, renovation<br />

project managers, wine consultants, landscape architects, pet<br />

concierges, home lending providers and conveyancers.<br />

+61 (0) 3 9825 2000 | kayburton.com.au/concierge

Artex kitchen collection and Westside sofa.<br />

Artex kitchen collection and Westside sofa.<br />

25 Nugent Street, Grafton Auckland 1023<br />

+64 9 523 2105 www.studioitalia.co.nz<br />

25 Nugent Street, Grafton Auckland 1023<br />

+64 9 523 2105 www.studioitalia.co.nz

UNDER <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />


CUP BY AIR<br />

10 MAR 2021 - <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> New Zealand<br />

members and guests enjoyed a wonderful day experiencing<br />

‘America’s Cup by Air’ on the 10th March,<br />

watching the first races of this prestigious event. <strong>The</strong><br />

day was hosted by <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> members<br />

Heletranz, Des Harris Private Chef, and Mumm Champagne.<br />

Guests sipped Mumm Champagne and dined on exquisite<br />

canapes by private chef Des Harris in the new<br />

VIP Hanger at Heletranz. Remy Jaboulet, Champagne<br />

ambassador for Mumm Champagne, impressed guests<br />

with his champagne sabrage skills, toasting the new<br />

VIP hanger and lounge.<br />

Throughout the day, guests were treated to scenic<br />

flights over the Hauraki Gulf taking in the racing action<br />

of the 36th America’s Cup between Emirates Team<br />

New Zealand and the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team.<br />


Under <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />


112<br />

Under <strong>The</strong><br />


Global 7500<br />

<strong>The</strong> New Industry Flagship<br />

Longest range | Largest cabin | Smoothest ride<br />

Bombardier, Global, Global 7500 and Exceptional by design are registered or unregistered trademarks of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries. All information above is true at the time of publication. © 2019 Bombardier Inc.

Why Join <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>?<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> has been recognized by the British media as ‘the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing group’ and one<br />

of the most innovative formulas for the development of new businesses between luxury brands which share the same values,<br />

customers and target audience. We build meaningful business relationships and connections in the HNW and UNHW space<br />

with over 28 global offices and 500 exclusive member brands worldwide.<br />

With over a decade of experience in the international luxury industry facilitating access to new high-net-worth individuals, our<br />

team has developed thousands of strategies for countless companies. <strong>The</strong> importance of top-end strategic alliances for<br />

financial success is indisputable and yet most companies don’t have the time or the resources to create such ongoing business<br />

relationships.<br />

We are armed with the right connections to help you form new business alliances with many other luxury brands, to reach each<br />

other’s HNW pre-qualified private clients, and showcase your brand’s services and products at our luxury B2C sales or private<br />

client events. You will get the opportunity to entertain your clients and invite your prospects to our of B2C luxury events.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>’s team will perform as your extended marketing arm to orchestrate successful collaborations by working<br />

closely with your own personal <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> account manager to develop your business and identify your targets.<br />

For more reasons to join <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>, please visit our website testimonials and success stories section. You may join<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> by filling in the form at www.tlnint.com/contact-us or email us at info@tlnint.com and we will take care of<br />

the rest for you.<br />


Brands Directory<br />

Ascots & Chapels<br />

ascotsandchapels.com<br />

AV One<br />

av1group.com.sg<br />

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A secret hideaway in an old forest by the river just steps from the real<br />

world; to breathe, to bathe, to be.<br />


Explore with on-site river & bird walks,<br />

river rafting cruises, fly-fishing lessons<br />

and scenic tours nearby.<br />


Only 7 self-contained villas within our<br />

500-acre nature estate for a truly<br />

tranquil escape.<br />


A culinary experience woven from<br />

the freshest, closest, most nutritious<br />

ingredients, to tantalise your taste buds.<br />


Soothe with yoga sessions, the<br />

chromatherapy and Finnish dry saunas,<br />

Stoked hot tub and massage therapies.<br />

EAT. YOGA. LOVE.<br />

29 July - 1 August, 2021<br />


With Rachel Grunwell | 16 - 19 September, 2021<br />




Available Now<br />

Complimentary nightly drink per person at<br />

the Bar & Lounge: choice of local craft beers,<br />

region’s best house wines and chilled juices and<br />

Little Biddy Classic Gin & Tonic.

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