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Kulae Lookbook.

The Kulae tpECOmat

has been designed with all

styles of yoga in mind. It is

constructed using closed

cell technology, which

means that germs,

bacteria, and odor cannot

penetrate the mat surface

-- you and your mat will

stay safe, sterile, and


mo% Photodegradable

mo% Recyclable



PVC- and Latex-free




Superior grip in all



Weighing less than 2 lbs, this

tpECOmat can easily be folded up

and flattened into a square for easy

transport. This mat is best for people

on the go as well as those who have a

harder time with balancing -- the

3mm depth makes this tpECOmat

especially stable!

At 5 mm thick and weighi ng

less than

2.5 lbs this is the most versatile of our

tpECOmat collection. This mat is

best for people with varied practices

as well as those who may have minor

aches and pains -- the 5 mm depth

cushions your most temperamental


The tpECOmat Ultra is a complete

joy to use! At 8 mm thick and

weighi ng

4 lbs, this is the cushiest of

our tpECOmat collection. This mat

is best for yogis who have the desire

to pamper their bodies duri ng their


The Kulae STUDIOmat combines world-class comfort and durability with next-level eco-responsibility.

This yoga mat is a true all-around performer that is perfect for all levels of yoga as well as Pilates, HIIT, Sculpting and

Toning. Compare to mats costing twice as much and you have the peace of mind knowing this biodegradable mat is

truly eco-friendly (not like those "eco-PVC" options out there)!

100% Recyclable I 100% Biodegradable | 4mm

This yoga mat towel combines the function and support of a traditional mat with the absorption of our thirstiest towel.

Machine-washable with cold water and dryer friendly on low heat, this mat will simplify your yoga practice ... and your life.

Now in a new thickness, 5mm, for optimal comfort and stability.

100% Recyclable I 100% Biodegradable



The Sanskrit translation for zuSKa is dry.

Our PREMIUM Yoga Towel provides

superior grip + traction, ensuring proper

positioning on your mat without slippage.

It's made of resilient, non-fading,

supeabsorbent microfiber with the

highest quality knitting structure available.

The zuSKa Yoga Towel is latex-free +

silicone-free (no 'nubs' needed), roo%

recyclable + completely machine washable.

The Zuska can be used for several

activities outside of yoga as it is reversible.

Highest Quality Knitting

Extra Support

roo% Recyclable

Silicone-Free and Latex-Free


Machine Washable


This is the ultimate yoga towel for grip, hygiene and comfort, and also is used commonly as a hot yoga towel. It is an antibacterial,

roo% recyclable, super-absorbent yoga towel. Whether you are practicing Bikram Yoga and need a hot yoga towel or you practice

another style of yoga, these extra long and extra wide yoga towels will be a great addition to your practice.

Part of our ECO yoga series, this full length towel is 74 inches long and 25 inches wide, making it the best yoga towel on the market.

For best results, wash all yoga towels before first use.

Antibacterial I roo% Recyclable I Silicone-Free and Latex-Free I Ultra-Absorbent I Machine Washable

Our Kulae Sport Towel has all the same great features as our mat-sized version. It can be used for extra traction

under your hands in any yoga pose, or to gently wipe sweat during any physical activity!

It's made of resilient + non-fading, super absorbent, anti-bacterial microfiber. It's latex free + silicone-free, 100%

recyclable + completely machine washable.

25" x 18"

kulae.com I 941.281.3399 I info@kulae.com

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