MAGZOID - Leading Art Magazine of MENA | May 2021

MAGZOID is one of the Leading Premium Art Magazine of the MENA region which has it’s presence Online as well as on the Print Media. Leading Art Magazine for all the Art News, Art Exhibitions, Artist Feature, Art Knowledge, History in Arts, Recent findings in Art world, Global Art Facts and many more.

MAGZOID is one of the Leading Premium Art Magazine of the MENA region which has it’s presence Online as well as on the Print Media. Leading Art Magazine for all the Art News, Art Exhibitions, Artist Feature, Art Knowledge, History in Arts, Recent findings in Art world, Global Art Facts and many more.


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MAY <strong>2021</strong><br />

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APRIL <strong>2021</strong><br />

“<strong>Art</strong> is unquestionably one <strong>of</strong> the purest and highest<br />

elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through<br />

the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colors<br />

flowers, so does art color life” – John Lubbock<br />

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International <strong>Art</strong> Exhibition<br />

Everyone has a desire to express themselves and art<br />

provides a medium for it. When you deeply engage<br />

yourself into art, your mind starts churning out new ideas,<br />

thoughts and imagery, all in a positive way keeping you<br />

happy and content.<br />

We are so excited to bring this edition <strong>of</strong> the magazine to you.<br />

It covers stories <strong>of</strong> some remarkable artists from across the globe<br />

and we are familiarizing our readers with NFT, the hottest and most<br />

lucrative topic <strong>of</strong> the industry. Events like 100 Million Meals charity<br />

art auction, some glimpses <strong>of</strong> World <strong>Art</strong> Dubai, Ramadan and Eid<br />

getaways featuring Hotels and Restaurants with their amazing <strong>of</strong>fers<br />

have been included. There is a showcase <strong>of</strong> artworks by talented<br />

artists in addition to art news, art facts, crossword and trivia for our<br />

readers to engage themselves and win amazing gifts.<br />

We look forward to our readers joining us in our passion for art.<br />

Whatever art is to you, immerse yourself in it. Let it feed your soul and<br />

bring joy to your world!<br />

Ramadan Kareem and Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones!<br />


mergeteam<br />


<strong>Art</strong>works from Around the World<br />

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WHAT IS NFT?<br />

4 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


MAY <strong>2021</strong><br />

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Ronny and Marcus a.k.a<br />

Ron Miller<br />




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Hermanni Pellinen<br />

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Eid & Ramadan<br />

Retreats<br />

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ART NEWS<br />






TRIVIA<br />

and much more...<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 5

INSPIRE &<br />


featured artist Luciano Cian<br />

- Exclusive to Magzoid<br />

6 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


Having been inspired by this maestro, Luciano Cian, the Brazilbased<br />

artist attempts to communicate phenomenons like ‘power’<br />

and ‘beauty’ through his work, as the colours in his paintings seem<br />

to embrace your contemplation<br />

Chuck Close said,<br />

“Inspiration is for<br />

amateurs. The rest <strong>of</strong> us<br />

just show up and get the<br />

work done. If you wait<br />

around for the clouds to part and a<br />

bolt <strong>of</strong> lightning to strike you in the<br />

brain, you're not going to make an<br />

awful lot <strong>of</strong> work.” <strong>Art</strong> is something<br />

we all connect with. <strong>Art</strong> is inspired<br />

by nature. <strong>Art</strong> is unquestionably one<br />

<strong>of</strong> the purest and highest elements<br />

in human happiness. <strong>Art</strong> transforms<br />

everything into marvellous pieces.<br />

<strong>Art</strong> that is created from the heart is<br />

aesthetically appealing.<br />

Joan Miro says, “I try to apply<br />

colours like words that shape poems,<br />

like notes that shape music“. Having<br />

been inspired by this maestro,<br />

Luciano Cian, the Brazil-based<br />

artist attempts to communicate<br />

phenomenons like ‘power’ and<br />

‘beauty’ through his work, as the<br />

colours in his paintings seem to<br />

embrace your contemplation .<br />

Cian started painting at the age<br />

<strong>of</strong> 18 and through his career <strong>of</strong> 29<br />

years, he is proud to have reached<br />

a very diverse audience and being<br />

able to do what he truly believes<br />

in. While he believes his career<br />

has developed through several<br />

influences, he specialises in painting,<br />

drawing and urban intervention. The<br />

current art trend he follows is mixed<br />

art. If one starts looking at his works,<br />

they can simply get lost in it. He is<br />

a fine artist with incredible skills and<br />

experiences. His artistry suggests<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 7

INSPIRE &<br />


featured artist Luciano Cian<br />

- Exclusive to Magzoid<br />

peace and power together forge<br />

meaningful connections in the world<br />

around us. Many <strong>of</strong> us struggle with<br />

communicating our emotions and<br />

through his artistry he sends a very<br />

strong message.<br />

The pandemic had a significant<br />

impact on all <strong>of</strong> us. For Cian, the<br />

pandemic has directed him to<br />

dedicate more time to art. Given<br />

the subjectivity that is inherent to its<br />

subject, Cian is famous for holding the<br />

view that art is essential to broaden<br />

the understanding <strong>of</strong> things. He says<br />

just like poetry, art is fundamental to<br />

activate new feelings, new thoughts<br />

and above all, new horizon.He wants<br />

other artists to know that they must<br />

insist on what they believe in and<br />

strive to produce more and more<br />

artworks because in art there is<br />

no right or wrong, beautiful or ugly,<br />

political or non-political – nothing is<br />

binary; everything is possible and<br />

there is only one person capable <strong>of</strong><br />

producing your art – and that is you.<br />

The message he wants to send to<br />

his fellow artists is, “insist on what<br />

you believe and produce more,<br />

more and more“. According to him,<br />

“<strong>Art</strong> is important to broaden the<br />

understanding <strong>of</strong> things. Like poetry,<br />

art is fundamental to instigate new<br />

feelings, new thoughts and, above<br />

all, new horizons.”<br />

-feature@magzoid.com<br />

8 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


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Chinese Archaeologists dug up a 3000 year<br />

old gold mask<br />

function <strong>of</strong> silk has been elevated to<br />

a spiritual level.”<br />

The recent discoveries at<br />

Sanxingdui are not the oldest<br />

archeological finds, as some have<br />

dated back to the 12th and 11th<br />

centuries B.C.E. More than 50,000<br />

ancient artifacts have been found at<br />

Sanxingdui since the 1920s, when<br />

a local farmer accidentally came<br />

upon a number <strong>of</strong> relics at the site.<br />

A major breakthrough occurred<br />

in 1986, with the discovery <strong>of</strong> two<br />

ceremonial pits containing over<br />

1,000 items, including elaborate and<br />

An archeological site in<br />

southwestern China<br />

yielded new trove <strong>of</strong><br />

some 500 objects, with<br />

many dating back 3,000<br />

years. Among the most significant<br />

new finds is a gold mask that<br />

weighs just over half a pound and is<br />

estimated to be made <strong>of</strong> 84 percent<br />

gold.<br />

The finds were made at Sanxingdui,<br />

a 4.6-square-mile area outside the<br />

provincial capital <strong>of</strong> Chengdu. Some<br />

experts say the items may shine<br />

further light on the ancient Shu state,<br />

a kingdom that ruled in the western<br />

Sichuan basin until it was conquered<br />

in 316 BC.<br />

In addition to the gold mask,<br />

archaeologists uncovered bronzes,<br />

gold foils and artifacts made from<br />

ivory, jade and bone. The six pits, <strong>of</strong><br />

which the largest has a footprint <strong>of</strong><br />

19 square meters (205 square feet),<br />

also yielded an as-yet-unopened<br />

wooden box and a bronze vessel<br />

with owl-shaped patterning.<br />

Another major find in the recent<br />

discovery is silk that dates back to<br />

the Shu Han era. Its find supports<br />

theories that silk was an important<br />

part <strong>of</strong> spiritual rituals to the<br />

community and could prove that<br />

Chengdu was major production<br />

site <strong>of</strong> silk and a stop along the<br />

southwestern portion <strong>of</strong> the Silk<br />

Road.<br />

“Although the silk found at the<br />

Sanxingdui site is not the oldest,<br />

such a discovery is still very exciting,”<br />

Zhou Yang, a researcher at the China<br />

National Silk Museum, said in a<br />

statement. “This time we found silk in<br />

the sacrificial pit. We are very happy<br />

to see that through archaeological<br />

excavations, we found that the<br />

“This time we found<br />

silk in the sacrificial<br />

pit. We are very<br />

happy to see that<br />

through archaeological<br />

excavations, we found<br />

that the function <strong>of</strong> silk<br />

has been elevated to a<br />

spiritual level.”<br />

well-preserved bronze masks.<br />

In a statement provided to the<br />

Chengdu government accompanying<br />

the recent finds, Xu Hong, the leader<br />

<strong>of</strong> a different archeological site<br />

looking into the ancient Erlitou culture<br />

said, “This excavation can further<br />

clarify the nature <strong>of</strong> the sacrificial pit<br />

at Sanxingdui site, understand the<br />

religious life and sacrificial tradition<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Sanxingdui people, and get<br />

closer to the truth <strong>of</strong> history.”<br />

-news@magzoid.com<br />

10 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />



featured artist Deeksha Rao<br />

- Exclusive to Magzoid<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 11

INSPIRE &<br />


featured artist Deeksha Rao<br />

- Exclusive to Magzoid<br />

<strong>Art</strong> is principally suitable for<br />

conveying ideas. Whether<br />

artwork is in writing, painting<br />

or sculpture; it can<br />

transform complex concepts<br />

into understandable symbols,<br />

and in certain instances, it can cross<br />

the boundaries <strong>of</strong> language and culture.<br />

When art gains symbolic value,<br />

it can become the focal point <strong>of</strong> the<br />

movement. Through the ages, art has<br />

typically been created from valuable<br />

materials. Gold, ivory, and gemstones<br />

adorn medieval crowns, and even the<br />

paints utilized by Renaissance artists<br />

were made <strong>of</strong> rare materials like lapis<br />

lazuli, ground into pigment.<br />

Deeksha Rao is an Indian <strong>Art</strong>ist,<br />

who specializes in CD artworks, pink<br />

aesthetics, and landscape art. Her<br />

social media feed is filled with pink<br />

and purple aesthetics, calling out to<br />

all the pink and purple lovers. Her<br />

videos and artworks are so calming<br />

and aesthetically pleasing to watch<br />

12 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


Her artwork has a strong intention to portray.<br />

Through her gorgeous artistry she wants<br />

to spread the importance <strong>of</strong> following one’s<br />

passion, and also wants to share the message<br />

that one doesn’t have to be perfect.<br />

that it makes one want to keep<br />

watching and looking for more.<br />

Her artwork has a strong intention to<br />

portray. Through her gorgeous artistry<br />

she wants to spread the importance<br />

<strong>of</strong> following one’s passion, and also<br />

wants to share the message that<br />

one doesn’t have to be perfect. <strong>Art</strong> is<br />

meant to be creative and alluring, it is<br />

not meant to be perfect.<br />

Her message to the fellow artisans<br />

is, “Your art is beautiful, don’t<br />

compare yourself to other artists out<br />

there, everyone has their own style,<br />

and everyone has their own pace <strong>of</strong><br />

learning.” Everyone is different and<br />

has a different sense <strong>of</strong> creating art.<br />

Her greatest inspiration is herself.<br />

She believes if she can’t motivate<br />

herself, nobody can motivate her.<br />

Rao’s favorite idol is Noor, who is<br />

also known as @artsypeach who<br />

also creates very aesthetically<br />

pleasing pieces. According to her the<br />

importance <strong>of</strong> art for a student is the<br />

positivity that fills up when you do art.<br />

Often students are pressurized into<br />

so many things and she believes art<br />

is a solution to alleviate one’s way <strong>of</strong><br />

thinking.<br />

- feature@magzoid.com<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 13


featured artist Jose Cacho<br />

- Exclusive to Magzoid<br />

14 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


<strong>Art</strong> adds attraction and wonder to<br />

anything we can explore. Conjointly<br />

art reflects us the mood and the<br />

feelings <strong>of</strong> the creative person.<br />

Someone said, “<strong>Art</strong> is the only way to<br />

run away without leaving home”. <strong>Art</strong> assists one to<br />

forget about everything that made them feel low<br />

because their mind turns into a flying bird, from<br />

tree to tree, checking out an area wherever they<br />

will feel safe from the dangers <strong>of</strong> life.<br />

Jose Cacho is a Mexican <strong>Art</strong>ist who aims to<br />

promote the strength <strong>of</strong> femineity through his<br />

artistry. Although, he eventually introduced other<br />

elements, the women across the globe are his<br />

greatest source <strong>of</strong> inspiration. Through women,<br />

he captures beautiful, fantastic, and metaphorical<br />

visions <strong>of</strong> life. His current works are based on the<br />

mixture <strong>of</strong> the development <strong>of</strong> his techniques,<br />

taking elements <strong>of</strong> creation. Taking inspirations<br />

from artists like Gustav Klimt, Banksy, Rafael<br />

Cauduro and some sparks <strong>of</strong> things he finds in his<br />

daily life, whether in an exhibition, in a museum or<br />

just walking down the street.<br />

He started to draw since he was very young,<br />

without realizing it or having it as a goal. He<br />

continued to do so until he became interested<br />

in the use <strong>of</strong> art materials. Jose likes to produce<br />

artworks without any specific aim or goal. He<br />

likes to go with the flow and enjoys as<br />

it’s takes a shape. The pandemic has<br />

opened a door to refocus the way he<br />

lived his daily life. The confinement<br />

has represented the possibility<br />

<strong>of</strong> having more time to carry out<br />

his productive activities. It has<br />

given him the space to develop<br />

and fundamentally improve<br />

two techniques; Deep<strong>Art</strong>, a<br />

technique in which he worked<br />

by adding layers <strong>of</strong> resin and<br />

artistic materials alternately until<br />

he achieved an unprecedented<br />

depth and luminosity and FastRust,<br />

another technique which is based<br />

He started to<br />

draw since he<br />

was very young,<br />

without realizing<br />

it or having it<br />

as a goal. He<br />

continued to<br />

do so until<br />

he became<br />

interested in<br />

the use <strong>of</strong> art<br />

materials. Jose<br />

likes to produce<br />

artworks<br />

without any<br />

specific aim<br />

or goal.<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 15

INSPIRE &<br />


featured artist Jose Cacho<br />

- Exclusive to Magzoid<br />

on mixing <strong>of</strong> mineral, acrylic and<br />

oxidizing materials to achieve the<br />

appearance <strong>of</strong> the passage <strong>of</strong> time<br />

and deterioration, which plays a<br />

fundamental role.<br />

When asked what makes him feel<br />

proud, he adds that his family is his<br />

greatest support and something he is<br />

proud <strong>of</strong>. There is no space in which he<br />

feels more satisfied and comfortable<br />

than when he is accompanied with<br />

them. Pr<strong>of</strong>essionally, his family is<br />

now all-around art together, creating,<br />

managing and promoting what they<br />

do as a team is simply fantastic,<br />

sharing their time, energy and<br />

dreams is the most powerful engine<br />

that he has found not only in his<br />

artistic career but also in the holistic<br />

model <strong>of</strong> his life.<br />

His greatest inspiration is<br />

women. He has lived surrounded<br />

by incredible, strong, intelligent,<br />

exemplary women. They have been<br />

his guide in this journey. In his work,<br />

women play a central role in the<br />

representation <strong>of</strong> the most valuable<br />

in life, far beyond the aesthetic,<br />

which is undoubtedly beautiful.<br />

The feminine represents not only<br />

the creative capacity but also the<br />

integration <strong>of</strong> a solid and lasting way<br />

to society. He is convinced that the<br />

role <strong>of</strong> women in our environment<br />

has a potential that men hardly<br />

imagine. He says, “In my work, the<br />

woman is the center <strong>of</strong> the universe”.<br />

His message to the fellow artists<br />

is, “I have always thought that we<br />

are born artists. From childhood<br />

we human beings enjoy music by<br />

listening to lullabies that calm us, we<br />

scribbled throughout the house, we<br />

danced moving to the rhythm <strong>of</strong> what<br />

our parents listen, we made figures<br />

with plasticine and castles in the<br />

sand. As we grow up, we become<br />

serious people who do important<br />

things in the opinion <strong>of</strong> adults and<br />

most cases art is not seen as one <strong>of</strong><br />

them. In my opinion, the importance<br />

<strong>of</strong> promoting art during childhood<br />

and adolescence lies in giving<br />

people the opportunity to continue<br />

to enjoy their childhood forever, to<br />

continually return to our origin. <strong>Art</strong> is<br />

a space <strong>of</strong> joy, meditation, and inner<br />

development that is worth exploring<br />

from a young age.”<br />

- feature@magzoid.com<br />

16 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


MARCH <strong>2021</strong><br />

WWW.<strong>MAGZOID</strong>.COM<br />

and much more...<br />

and much more...<br />

Price: AED 90 / USD 25<br />


NOW<br />

For Every <strong>Art</strong> Enthusiast<br />

FEBRUARY <strong>2021</strong><br />




Iconic photo <strong>of</strong> His Late<br />

Grandfather Sheikh Rashid<br />

Recreated by Sheikh Hamdan<br />


MUSEUM<br />

Painting Museum Opens<br />

its Doors to Visitors With<br />

More Than 3,000 Works<br />


KEN KUNG<br />

Hongkong<br />




UAE’S MARS<br />


UAE's Mission to Mars<br />

(HOPE) will enter into orbit on<br />

9th Feb, 2020<br />

Cover Picture Courtesy<br />

Carla Grace Original Painting<br />

© Carla Grace <strong>Art</strong><br />

JANUARY <strong>2021</strong><br />

FEBRUARY <strong>2021</strong><br />

MAY <strong>2021</strong><br />



Tessa Nicole<br />

Lesya Guseva<br />

Murat Yildirim<br />

Lucy Wu<br />

Raj Shahani<br />

Sebastian Merk<br />

Vera Jochum<br />

ART NEWS<br />

14-year-old Dubai Boy<br />

appreciated by Indian PM<br />

Mr. Narendra Modi<br />

Even after 18,000 years,<br />

Ancient Shell Horn Can<br />

Still Play a Tune<br />

UAE<br />

TOUR<br />





21-27 FEB <strong>2021</strong><br />





and much more...<br />

APRIL <strong>2021</strong><br />

Connecting Minds,<br />

Creating the Future<br />






$62 MILLION<br />

is what the World's<br />

Largest Canvas Painting<br />

by Sacha Jafri got sold for<br />

Price: AED 90 / USD 25<br />


MARCH <strong>2021</strong><br />

ART NEWS<br />






TRIVIA<br />

and much more...<br />





www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 1<br />

Price: AED 90 / USD 25Dasha<br />

Price: AED 90 / USD 25<br />






TRIVIA<br />

APRIL <strong>2021</strong><br />

Chaos is a blink <strong>of</strong> an eye<br />

NASSIM<br />

MAY <strong>2021</strong><br />

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ARTIST<br />

PC<br />



“Work on your skills persistently, let money and fame<br />

follow you”, says Smitha S Nair<br />

- Exclusive to Magzoid<br />

Passion is the energy that<br />

comes from bringing<br />

more <strong>of</strong> you into what<br />

you do. It’s being who<br />

you are and doing what<br />

comes naturally, says Smitha S<br />

Nair, a Bachelors in Computer<br />

Engineering graduate who worked<br />

as an engineer in a reputed firm<br />

in Dubai. Even while working, she<br />

was always searching for a way to<br />

explore her creativity. Colors and<br />

its blends in all forms has been<br />

something she has ardently loved<br />

since a very young age.<br />

For Smitha, both creativity and<br />

passion reinforce and accentuates<br />

each other and brings out the<br />

best art form. Getting attracted by<br />

the hidden patterns and making<br />

connections between things that<br />

aren’t normally related is her way <strong>of</strong><br />

coming up with new ideas.<br />

Though being an engineer by<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>ession her passion always<br />

remained for art. She is currently<br />

pursuing a career as a creative<br />

content artist for an Arabic<br />

knowledge and culture content<br />

startup named ‘Wadeh Wasareeh’<br />

which means ‘clear and candid’,<br />

currently in its launching process.<br />

“ The pre launch support activities<br />

itself challenged the artist in me<br />

and I am thoroughly enjoying every<br />

bit <strong>of</strong> it, showcasing my artistic<br />

18 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


PC<br />


ARTIST<br />

Exploring art in all<br />

forms without limiting<br />

herself is her mantra.<br />

Be it an acrylic canvas<br />

art work, a wall painting<br />

to decorate the living<br />

space, a piece <strong>of</strong> art<br />

work on a glass bottle<br />

or a small art work<br />

done on a stone, all <strong>of</strong> it<br />

unleashes her creative<br />

energy.<br />

vision and drawing skills as to<br />

suit the given content. Getting to<br />

work with such a passionate team<br />

brings the best out <strong>of</strong> me”, she says.<br />

When asked who her inspiration is,<br />

she says that she finds inspiration<br />

everywhere. In her short career<br />

period she has exhibited her art<br />

work with solo galleries at various<br />

local and International platforms<br />

like World <strong>Art</strong> Dubai, Aayam <strong>Art</strong><br />

Exhibition New Delhi etc. with many<br />

more exciting events coming up in<br />

the future.<br />

According to her, creating a<br />

strong customer connection is very<br />

important for any successful artist.<br />

She makes sure to try and connect<br />

with her customers by sharing the<br />

inspiration and the creative process<br />

behind the piece. For her, it’s not<br />

just about a sale. She stays up to<br />

date with what’s happening in the<br />

art industry all over the world which<br />

helps her to reach out and identify<br />

her clients and stay on their radar.<br />

Making it in the art world isn’t<br />

merely a game <strong>of</strong> luck. It takes vision<br />

and determined effort. Smitha<br />

consciously keeps her thoughts,<br />

words and actions aligned to her<br />

goals, and works with confidence<br />

and positivity. Every time her art<br />

piece finds a new home, or every<br />

effort that she puts in to be a part<br />

<strong>of</strong> an artwork she is ecstatic and<br />

makes sure to give it her best.<br />

“Trust yourself. You are worthy<br />

<strong>of</strong> whatever height you’ve set for<br />

yourself.”, Smitha says. To know<br />

more about her work, head on to her<br />

website: https://simpli-said.com and<br />

Instagram @simiaero.<br />

-feature@magzoid.com<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 19

t r i v i a<br />

1.When is World <strong>Art</strong> Day celebrated?<br />

2.Who is Deeksha Rao’s idol?<br />

3.Where is Jose Cacho from?<br />

4.How much was Large Typerwrite by William Kentridge sold for?<br />

5.What does Nikola Ćuljić specialize in?<br />

6.Who is Uday Ganesh Mohite’s greatest inspiration?<br />

7.Where is Luciano Cian from?<br />

8.How much did ‘100 Million Meals’ live charity art auction raise?<br />

9.Which was the one painting Vincent van Gogh sold while alive?<br />

10.Where was Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s statue unveiled?<br />

11. What is the full form <strong>of</strong> NFT?<br />

WIN<br />



Answers <strong>of</strong> April Edition Trivia<br />

1. Australia<br />

2. Photoshop Composition and Manipulation<br />

3. Could only have been painted by a madman<br />

4. Michael Carson and Gabriel Moreno<br />

5. K.<strong>Art</strong> studio<br />

6. Kangaroo painting<br />

7. Creative Mafia<br />

8. Pablo Picasso<br />

9. 600<br />

10. Rembrandt van Rijn<br />

RULES:<br />






<strong>MAGZOID</strong>.GLOBAL<br />


<strong>MAGZOID</strong><br />

20 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />



<strong>of</strong> valuables donated by H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid<br />

Al Maktoum, Sacha Jafri, Henri Matisse, Nelson Mandela, Pablo<br />

Picasso, Salvador Dali, David Hockney, Joan Miro, Henry Moore<br />

and many more<br />

Raised AED 36.6 Million<br />

To distribute 36.6 Million meals in 30 countries across the globe

Humanity for Humanity:<br />

Charity art auction in Dubai raises Dh36.6 Million<br />

H.H. Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed Bin<br />

Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairperson <strong>of</strong> Dubai<br />

Culture and <strong>Art</strong>s Authority (Dubai Culture)<br />

Varsha Sureka<br />

The ‘100 Million Meals’<br />

Live charity art auction<br />

held in Dubai on Saturday<br />

was an extraordinary<br />

exemplification <strong>of</strong><br />

Humanity supporting Humanity.<br />

It recorded an amazing sellout<br />

<strong>of</strong> valuable items under the<br />

humanitarian initiative by His<br />

Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin<br />

Rashid Al Maktoum.<br />

Dubai’s largest charity auction <strong>of</strong><br />

artworks was held in the presence<br />

<strong>of</strong> leading artists and celebrities,<br />

from the private collections <strong>of</strong> world<br />

leaders. It raised Dh 36,673,000,<br />

which will help provide 36,673,000<br />

meals to the needy in 30 countries<br />

across the globe during the Holy<br />

month <strong>of</strong> Ramadan. The biggest<br />

charity art auction was organized by<br />

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum<br />

Global Initiatives (MBRGI) in-line<br />

with the Global Initiative to curb<br />

hunger from the world by 2030.<br />

The live in-person event on<br />

Saturday (24th April, <strong>2021</strong>) night<br />

featured a bit <strong>of</strong> the Kiswa, the quilt<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Kaaba structure in Mecca’s<br />

grand mosque, from the private<br />

assortment <strong>of</strong> His Highness Sheikh<br />

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum,<br />

Vice President and Prime Minister<br />

<strong>of</strong> UAE and Ruler <strong>of</strong> Dubai. A piece<br />

<strong>of</strong> Kiswa was sold for $2.7 million.<br />

There were different works <strong>of</strong>fered<br />

by eminent personalities like the<br />

late South African President Nelson<br />

Mandela, artists Salvador Dali, Henri<br />

Matisse, Joan Miro, Pablo Picasso,<br />

David Hockney, Henry Moore and<br />

British creator Sacha Jafri, who<br />

recently created the world’s largest<br />

painting on canvas in Dubai for<br />

charity in the ballroom <strong>of</strong> The Atlantis.<br />

A part <strong>of</strong> Jafri’s ‘The Road to Journey<br />

<strong>of</strong> Humanity’ painting sold-out for<br />

$4.2 million, the largest amount that<br />

was raised at the auction.<br />

The auction took place at the<br />

Mandarin Oriental Jumeira in Dubai,<br />

and was attended by H.H. Sheikha<br />

22 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


Varsha Sureka(left) and Marjorie Harvey(right)<br />

100 Million Meals’ Live charity art auction held<br />

at the Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah in Dubai<br />

Sacha Jafri’s painting ‘The Journey <strong>of</strong> Humanity’<br />

being signed by H.H. Sheikha Latifa bint<br />

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum<br />

Kiswa, the quilt <strong>of</strong> the Kaaba structure in Mecca’s grand mosque<br />

donated for auction from the private assortment <strong>of</strong> His Highness<br />

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum<br />

Latifa Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid<br />

Al Maktoum, chairperson <strong>of</strong> Dubai<br />

Culture and <strong>Art</strong>s Authority (Dubai<br />

Culture); Florian Picasso, the greatgrandson<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Spanish creator<br />

Pablo Picasso; Omar Sultan Al<br />

Olama, Minister <strong>of</strong> State for <strong>Art</strong>ificial<br />

Intelligence, Digital Economy and<br />

Remote Work Applications; Sima<br />

Ved, Founder & chairwoman <strong>of</strong><br />

Apparel Group; Vikram Shr<strong>of</strong>f,<br />

Director UPL Group; Mona Kattan,<br />

Co-Founder <strong>of</strong> Huda Beauty &<br />

Kayali Fragrances; German Tennis<br />

personality Boris Becker; Boxing<br />

legend Amir Khan and Marjorie<br />

Harvey, wife <strong>of</strong> American TV host<br />

Steve Harvey, additionally to many<br />

philanthropists, artists, high-pr<strong>of</strong>ile<br />

personalities, and businessmen to<br />

support ‘100 Million Meals’ aid efforts.<br />

Meals parcels’ distribution has<br />

already begun in several countries<br />

including Jordan, Egypt and Pakistan.<br />

To create positive swift and inherent<br />

distribution, the MBRGI is functioning<br />

with variety <strong>of</strong> worldwide and native<br />

companions in each beneficiary<br />

nation to ship the parcels, alongside<br />

the United Nations World Meals<br />

Programme. The main purpose <strong>of</strong><br />

the event was to raise money and<br />

also encourage everyone across the<br />

globe to do their bit, no matter how<br />

small or large the amount is. The<br />

UAE, via its humanitarian initiatives,<br />

is devoted to providing assistance to<br />

those in need.<br />

The auction hosted by Jonny Gould<br />

in the presence <strong>of</strong> Highnesses,<br />

Excellencies, industry leaders,<br />

artists and celebrities was a pr<strong>of</strong>ound<br />

humanitarian act <strong>of</strong> people coming<br />

together to help remove hunger from<br />

the world.<br />

-event@magzoid.com<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 23

Audience at the Live Charity <strong>Art</strong> Auction<br />

H.H. Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al<br />

Maktoum, Chairperson <strong>of</strong> Dubai Culture and <strong>Art</strong>s<br />

Authority (Dubai Culture)<br />

As estis pere sequuntis atinvel loreiundam<br />

estrum quis santianditia dolut <strong>of</strong>ficat<br />

Host: Jonny Gould<br />

The main purpose<br />

<strong>of</strong> the event was to<br />

raise money and also<br />

encourage everyone<br />

across the globe to do<br />

their bit, no matter<br />

how small or large the<br />

amount is.<br />

LIVE Auction in action<br />

Boris Becker(left) Kris Fade(right)<br />

24 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


Amir Khan(left) Sacha Jafri(right)<br />

Marjorie Harvey(left) Sacha Jafri (right)<br />

Sacha Jafri addressing the audience<br />

Noor Shilbaya(left) Elijah Long(right)<br />

Sacha Jafri(left) Boris Becker(right)<br />

Sacha Jafri (left) Florian Picasso(right)<br />

H.H. Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al<br />

Maktoum’s signature on Sacha Jafri’s ‘The Journey <strong>of</strong><br />

Humanity’ painting<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 25

Read more at www.magzoid.com<br />

Sisters Grimm to auction 50 artworks<br />

marking UAE’s Golden Jubilee Year<br />

In celebration <strong>of</strong> the United Arab<br />

Emirates 50th anniversary,<br />

Grammy-nominated composer<br />

Ella Spira MBE is for the first time<br />

auctioning a collection <strong>of</strong> 50 UAE<br />

landscape paintings. The paintings<br />

are a culmination <strong>of</strong> Ella’s travels<br />

across the UAE sharing personal<br />

discoveries, unearthing places which<br />

she feels truly represent the region<br />

and show people the rich, captivating<br />

and nuanced history <strong>of</strong> the Emirates.<br />

Sisters Grimm, the Dubai<br />

production company Spira founded<br />

with ballerina Pietra De Mello-<br />

Pittman in 2009, will drop their first<br />

NFT artwork, celebrating the unique<br />

diversity and beauty <strong>of</strong> the seven<br />

Emirates.<br />

Most <strong>of</strong> the NFT and art auction<br />

proceeds will go into the Pietra and<br />

Ella Theatre Production Shows<br />

UAE company, that is developing<br />

Sisters Grimm, the Dubai production<br />

company Spira founded with ballerina Pietra<br />

De Mello-Pittman in 2009, will drop their<br />

first NFT artwork, celebrating the unique<br />

diversity and beauty <strong>of</strong> the seven Emirates.<br />

the Sisters Grimm Performing <strong>Art</strong>s<br />

Programme in line with their resident<br />

and world touring Arab World show<br />

and other arts initiatives for young<br />

people in the region.<br />

Sisters Grimm was founded by Ella<br />

and former Royal Ballet Ballerina <strong>of</strong><br />

13 years Pietra De Mello-Pittman<br />

MBE in 2009 with the mission to use<br />

dance musicals to tell stories which<br />

impact individuals into cultural and<br />

social change through transforming<br />

the way people treat each other and<br />

their environment with a focus on<br />

mental and physical wellbeing and<br />

ecological awareness.<br />

More than 1,000 artistic<br />

submissions were received from<br />

over 100 schools across the UAE,<br />

and these have been turned into<br />

3D imagery used in the video for<br />

new single Windows <strong>of</strong> the Mind,<br />

which features the vocals <strong>of</strong> Madyan<br />

Hamza, who sings in Arabic, and DB<br />

Gad in English.<br />

-news@magzoid.com<br />

26 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


WORLD ART DAY <strong>2021</strong><br />



When is World <strong>Art</strong> Day?<br />

World <strong>Art</strong> Day is celebrated on 15th April every year,<br />

to promote the enjoyment <strong>of</strong> art and the pleasure it<br />

provides. The day brings together artists from the<br />

world in all fields and marks the celebration <strong>of</strong> any<br />

creative activity worldwide.<br />

How and why was this date selected?<br />

Becky Mate, who was an ‘<strong>Art</strong>ists for A Better World<br />

International’ member, founded an international holiday<br />

for the <strong>Art</strong>s in 1998, called World <strong>Art</strong> Day. For many<br />

years, the second Friday in August was celebrated<br />

as World <strong>Art</strong> Day. But later in 2017, Mate announced<br />

the move <strong>of</strong> the holiday from August to April 15th, in<br />

a gesture <strong>of</strong> solidarity with a like-minded group that<br />

established World <strong>Art</strong> Day on Leonardo Da Vinci’s<br />

birthday. World <strong>Art</strong> Day's yearly observation formerly<br />

commenced in April 2012.<br />

Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci’s areas <strong>of</strong> interest<br />

included invention, drawing, painting, sculpture,<br />

architecture, science, music, mathematics,<br />

engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy,<br />

botany and more. He is widely considered one <strong>of</strong><br />

the greatest painters <strong>of</strong> all time, with two <strong>of</strong> his most<br />

widely known works including Mona Lisa and The Last<br />

Supper. This day brings together artists from the world<br />

in all fields and marks the celebration <strong>of</strong> any creative<br />

activity worldwide.<br />

What is the significance <strong>of</strong> World <strong>Art</strong> Day?<br />

Each year, World <strong>Art</strong> Day is celebrated to encourage<br />

awareness about how diverse artistic expression is.<br />

The contribution <strong>of</strong> artists to the society is highlighted<br />

on this day. It is also an occasion to shine a light on<br />

arts education in schools.<br />

<strong>Art</strong> comes in numerous forms but the <strong>of</strong>ficial<br />

categories were Architecture, Painting, Sculpting,<br />

Music, Literature, Dance and Cinema. There are many<br />

events that happen across the World <strong>Art</strong> Day all across<br />

the globe honoring the artists and their creativity.<br />

www.magzoid.com 27 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

www.magzoid.com 27


PC<br />

Al Hathboor Group’s <strong>Art</strong>yst organizes its<br />

Award Ceremony for the Online <strong>Art</strong> and Photography<br />

Competition powered by ARTOZE Gallery and Exhibition<br />

Exclusive to Magzoid<br />

Al<br />

Hathboor’s<br />

online<br />

<strong>Art</strong> and Photography<br />

competition for its<br />

premium fine arts<br />

showroom, <strong>Art</strong>yst in<br />

collaboration with <strong>Art</strong>oze Gallery and<br />

Exhibitions announced on March 08,<br />

<strong>2021</strong>, and concluded its submissions<br />

on March 28, <strong>2021</strong>, with over 170<br />

artists across the UAE showcasing<br />

their artworks & photographs. The<br />

award ceremony for the competition<br />

was held on April 12, <strong>2021</strong>, in<br />

collaboration with Hotel Radisson<br />

Red, Dubai, as the venue partner.<br />

21 Finalists were recognized during<br />

the ceremony and 8 winners among<br />

them received accolades at the<br />

hands <strong>of</strong> the Jury – Dr Najat Makki,<br />

Mr Khalil Abdulwahid and Mr Ashok<br />

Verma in the presence <strong>of</strong> Al Hathboor<br />

Top management and <strong>Art</strong> enthusiasts<br />

from the field. The finalists got a<br />

platform to showcase their artworks<br />

at the Hotel overlooked by the art<br />

influencer Ms. Varsha Sureka. Each<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Participants featured on the<br />

28 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


PC<br />


selected after a grilling process <strong>of</strong><br />

mediums, concept, finishing and<br />

several other factors contributing to<br />

the final choice <strong>of</strong> winners. It is lovely<br />

to see Al Hathboor introducing a<br />

concept that encourages <strong>Art</strong> & <strong>Art</strong>ists<br />

and I am delighted to be a part <strong>of</strong> the<br />

same as Jury. I must emphasize that<br />

one must surely participate no matter<br />

what the outcome. Eventually, with<br />

persistence, you will find success as<br />

the key is to keep trying. Participation<br />

matters more for an artist to improve<br />

& eventually awards follow.”, said<br />

Mr Khalil Abdulwahid, an Emirati<br />

<strong>Art</strong>ist and Director <strong>of</strong> the Fine <strong>Art</strong>s<br />

Department, Dubai Culture & <strong>Art</strong>s<br />

Authority.<br />

UAE Emirati <strong>Art</strong>ist, Dr Najat Makki,<br />

founding member <strong>of</strong> the Emirates Fine<br />

online Virtual Gallery showcasing<br />

<strong>Art</strong>s & Photographs at www.artoze.<br />

com that has garnered over 25k<br />

views & is still ongoing.<br />

Honouring the guests, jury and<br />

participants, Mr Jaiganesh V, CEO,<br />

Al Hathboor Group, said “It is Al<br />

Hathboor’s first event & we are<br />

happy to receive the overwhelming<br />

response. We plan several more<br />

such concepts to encourage<br />

participation & provide recognition to<br />

the deserving artists. We are thankful<br />

to our esteemed Jury for guiding<br />

us through the process. In this new<br />

world due to the pandemic, we seek<br />

more ideas and see newer avenues<br />

& opportunities concerning ART in<br />

the coming months & will pursue<br />

the same based on suggestions we<br />

receive. On a social awareness note,<br />

I encourage you to get vaccinated<br />

as that is the only way forward in the<br />

New Normal.”<br />

“The process <strong>of</strong> selection was<br />

gruesome since we received a<br />

variety <strong>of</strong> submissions and each<br />

better than the other. However, we<br />

“It is Al Hathboor’s first event & we are happy<br />

to receive the overwhelming response. We<br />

plan several more such concepts to encourage<br />

participation & provide recognition to the<br />

deserving artists. We are thankful to our esteemed<br />

Jury for guiding us through the process."<br />

- Mr Jaiganesh V, CEO, Al Hathboor Group<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 29


PC<br />

<strong>Art</strong>s Society, shared her experience<br />

stating, “I was mesmerized by the<br />

beautiful & competing artworks<br />

received by all our gifted participants.<br />

It was difficult to choose as each<br />

<strong>of</strong> them was distinct in their way.<br />

Mr Khalil & I thoroughly reviewed<br />

& discussed several times before<br />

finalizing the winners and are glad to<br />

be here today as such an opportunity<br />

encourages young & brilliant artists &<br />

provides them with a platform for their<br />

gift.”<br />

Mr Ashok Verma, senior<br />

photojournalist for Emirates Today<br />

and Emarat Al Youm – Dubai Media<br />

Inc. Dubai Government, added that “I<br />

am glad that the photographers took<br />

the first step by participating. Taking<br />

the first step is the mantra for future<br />

victories. I am thrilled to see such a<br />

competition being organized and<br />

“I was mesmerized by the beautiful & competing<br />

artworks received by all our gifted participants.<br />

It was difficult to choose as each <strong>of</strong> them was<br />

distinct in their way." - Dr Najat Makki<br />

30 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


PC<br />


boosting talent here in UAE.”<br />

“All the artworks displayed in the<br />

gallery were mesmerizing. It was<br />

an amazing experience to converse<br />

with the artists and learn about the<br />

inspiration behind each piece. The<br />

event put up by ARTOZE Gallery<br />

and Exhibition and Al Hathboor<br />

Group was a treat to watch and I am<br />

extremely glad that these artists and<br />

photographers got an opportunity to<br />

showcase their talent.”, Varsha Sureka,<br />

an art influencer stated.<br />

In the photography competition,<br />

the Grand Prize was awarded to<br />

Salem Alsawafi. The other top<br />

three finalists for photography<br />

were – Ferdinand Bedana, Roudha<br />

Mohammad Alsuwaidi and Crisencio<br />

Bernabe. In the art competition –<br />

kids category, the 1st Prize went to<br />

Anaishaan Sidhwa, the 2nd prize<br />

went to Carys Bridget D’souza and<br />

the 3rd prize to Muhammad Sandila.<br />

The other top four finalists were<br />

Shashank Balajiprasad, Rawan Abdul<br />

Fattah Malha, <strong>May</strong>a Fareed and<br />

Hana Fayez.<br />

In the art competition – adult<br />

category, the Grand Prize went to<br />

Cresencio Bernabe. The 1st Prize for<br />

the same category went to Gomathi<br />

Shiva, the 2nd prize went to Onareen<br />

Ferdinand and the 3rd prize went<br />

to Mirna El Osta. The other top 6<br />

finalists were Inga Butkute, Ji-Hye<br />

Kim, Lena El Amin, Miriam Koki,<br />

Muhammed Moazam and<br />

Wafaa Jamil.<br />

The ceremony concluded by the<br />

finalists being awarded the prizes<br />

and a chance to showcase their<br />

artworks throughout the day at<br />

the venue.<br />

-event@magzoid.com<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 31

Read more at www.magzoid.com<br />

Street artist JR unveils a towering<br />

optical illusion in Florence, Italy<br />

As half <strong>of</strong> Italy heads<br />

back into lockdown,<br />

the French artist<br />

JR has unveiled a<br />

major installation on<br />

the façade <strong>of</strong> the Palazzo Strozzi<br />

in Florence that stresses the<br />

importance <strong>of</strong> maintaining access to<br />

culture during the public health crisis.<br />

The 91-foot spectacle, titled “La<br />

Ferita” or “The Wound”, scales the<br />

Palazzo’s Renaissance façade and<br />

simulates a giant gaping hole in<br />

the front <strong>of</strong> the building. Inside the<br />

architectural tear is an imagined<br />

vision <strong>of</strong> the Palazzo’s interior,<br />

made real by a black and white<br />

photographic collage. The museum’s<br />

director, <strong>Art</strong>uro Galansino, says<br />

that the symbolic wound references<br />

the suffering <strong>of</strong> cultural institutions<br />

that have been forced to close or<br />

otherwise restrict access to their<br />

collections.<br />

“What all these lockdowns have<br />

shown us very clearly is that people<br />

are hungry for culture. They want<br />

to access exhibitions, museums,<br />

libraries, theaters, cinemas, to have<br />

culture back as a fundamental part<br />

<strong>of</strong> their lives,” Galansino tells <strong>Art</strong>net<br />

News. “We want this work to be<br />

seen as an invitation to rediscover<br />

a direct relationship with art and to<br />

explore new forms <strong>of</strong> sharing and<br />

participation—a call to action for art<br />

and culture in this difficult moment.”<br />

JR began his career at age 13<br />

as a graffiti artist in France. His<br />

work, which has been exhibited on<br />

staircases, train carriages and even<br />

atop the Louvre, is a fusion <strong>of</strong> street<br />

art and photography. In his 2015<br />

book “Can art change the world?”<br />

“The beauty <strong>of</strong> our city is an important<br />

legacy which must be experienced and<br />

activated by the people,”<br />

JR writes, “Images are not special.<br />

It is what you do with them.” JR’s<br />

readiness to place context above<br />

content has brought him international<br />

acclaim.<br />

The illusory gash across Palazzo<br />

Strozzi symbolizes the wound all<br />

cultural sites have sustained due to<br />

ongoing pandemic restrictions. The<br />

art industry has been devastated by<br />

the ongoing shutdown <strong>of</strong> museums,<br />

galleries, libraries, theaters and<br />

cinemas — with even the most<br />

revered institutions struggling to<br />

get back on their feet. “(“La Ferita”)<br />

makes visible the deep impact <strong>of</strong><br />

Covid-19 on culture,” says JR.<br />

With the intention to support<br />

the creation and promotion <strong>of</strong><br />

contemporary art in Italy, the<br />

installation also launches the<br />

Palazzo Strozzi’s new Future <strong>Art</strong><br />

Programme. The director hope to<br />

be able to reopen the museum’s<br />

doors as soon as possible. In the<br />

meantime, Galansino speaks <strong>of</strong> a<br />

quiet city that has been denuded<br />

<strong>of</strong> the domestic and international<br />

tourists that are usually part <strong>of</strong> the<br />

fabric <strong>of</strong> daily life. “The beauty <strong>of</strong><br />

our city is an important legacy which<br />

must be experienced and activated<br />

by the people,” he says, adding that<br />

the successive shutdowns have<br />

damaged “not only the economy <strong>of</strong><br />

our territory but also our identity and<br />

our lifestyle.”<br />

“Florence is an extraordinary city<br />

and no lockdown can change that,”<br />

he stresses. “But we need clarity on<br />

the future to be able to properly move<br />

forward and develop plans to work<br />

with artists, cooperate with cultural<br />

partners, and fundraise in the most<br />

effective way.”<br />

-news@magzoid.com<br />

32 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


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Large Typewriters by William Kentridge sets record<br />

in London<br />

Large Typewriters (2003),<br />

a large-scale drawing by<br />

William Kentridge sold for<br />

£682,750 ($935,000) at an<br />

auction in London, setting a<br />

new record for a drawing by the South<br />

African artist. The drawing is made<br />

using charcoal and pastel, which<br />

depicts two vintage typewriters.<br />

5 bidders competed for the work<br />

during a contemporary art sale at<br />

Bonhams in London. The drawing<br />

was estimated to fetch £350,000–<br />

£550,000 ($480,000–$755,000). It<br />

went to a buyer in Asia.<br />

The drawing features one <strong>of</strong> the<br />

recurring motifs in Kentridge’s oeuvre,<br />

which comprises mainly black<br />

and white drawings. Ralph Taylor,<br />

Bonhams global head <strong>of</strong> postwar and<br />

contemporary art, said in a statement<br />

that the drawing is “a perfect example<br />

The drawing is<br />

made using charcoal<br />

and pastel, which<br />

depicts two vintage<br />

typewriters. 5 bidders<br />

competed for the work<br />

during a contemporary<br />

art sale at Bonhams<br />

in London.<br />

<strong>of</strong> Kentridge’s practice.” The drawings<br />

has appeared at the auction for the first<br />

time. . Before the seller acquired it, it<br />

was in the art collection <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Melbourne-based oil and gas<br />

company BHP Billiton.<br />

Kentridge’s bold artistic vision has<br />

seen him become one <strong>of</strong> the world’s<br />

most sought-after artists by museums<br />

and collectors alike. His work can be<br />

found in the collections <strong>of</strong> some <strong>of</strong><br />

the most prestigious museums in<br />

the world, including the MoMA, New<br />

York, Tate Modern, London, and<br />

the Museum <strong>of</strong> Contemporary <strong>Art</strong>,<br />

Chicago among many others.<br />

-news@magzoid.com<br />

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34 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


What's an NFT?<br />

What do you even do with a $69 million artwork that doesn’t<br />

physically exist? This was a question asked to the Singaporebased<br />

investor calling himself Metakovan, who made headlines<br />

buying the digital artwork “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” by<br />

the American artist Beeple at Christie’s.<br />

How, Why, What, Seriously?<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 35


What's an NFT?<br />

NFT stands for non-fungible<br />

token. Non-fungible is an economic<br />

term that one could use to describe<br />

things like their furniture, a song<br />

file, or their computer. These things<br />

are not interchangeable for other<br />

items because they have unique<br />

properties. Fungible items, on the<br />

other hand, can be exchanged<br />

because their value defines them<br />

rather than their unique properties.<br />

NFTs are tokens that we can use<br />

to represent ownership <strong>of</strong> unique<br />

items. They let us tokenize things<br />

like art, collectibles, and even<br />

real estate. They can only have<br />

one <strong>of</strong>ficial owner at a time and<br />

they're secured by the Ethereum<br />

blockchain – no one can modify the<br />

record <strong>of</strong> ownership or copy/paste<br />

a new NFT into existence.<br />

Some NFTs can mechanically<br />

pay royalties to their creators<br />

once they are sold. This is<br />

<strong>of</strong>ten still a developing concept<br />

however it’s one <strong>of</strong> the foremost<br />

powerful. Original owners <strong>of</strong> Euler<br />

Beats Originals earn an 8%<br />

royalty every time the NFT is<br />

sold on. And a few platforms,<br />

like Foundation and Zora, support<br />

royalties for his or her artists.<br />

This is totally automatic therefore<br />

creators will simply sit back and<br />

earn royalties as their work is<br />

sold from person to person. At the<br />

moment, reckoning out royalties<br />

is extremely manual and lacks<br />

accuracy – plenty <strong>of</strong> creator’s don’t<br />

get paid what they deserve. If their<br />

NFT features a royalty programmed<br />

into it, they’ll never miss out.<br />

<strong>Art</strong>ists can move from one<br />

blockchain to another blockchain<br />

platform with less ambient impact.<br />

They already find ways in which<br />

they can bend NFT technology in<br />

different yet helpful ways. Some,<br />

for instance, are fixing their tokens<br />

so they’re compensated whenever<br />

their work is resold, like an actor<br />

obtaining a royalty cheque when<br />

their show airs as a rerun. And<br />

artists, who are a part <strong>of</strong> NFTbased<br />

social media sites, receive<br />

fragmental possession within the<br />

platform and may receive direct<br />

compensation for the work they<br />

produce through the network,<br />

in sharp contrast to existing<br />

tech giants like Facebook and<br />

Instagram.<br />

How does NFT relate with art?<br />

Digital art has been underrated<br />

for a long time; as a result <strong>of</strong><br />

it’s so freely available. To assist<br />

artists create monetary worth<br />

36 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />



Someone creates a piece <strong>of</strong><br />

art<br />

This is the first step: the art<br />

in question could be a digital<br />

painting, a piece <strong>of</strong> music, a<br />

short story, or really anything<br />

you can trade and sell via the<br />

internet.<br />

The deal<br />

A buyer agrees to purchase the NFT, and they will be the sole<br />

owner <strong>of</strong> the original. The artist will retain copyright. The original<br />

NFT an be copied, like a 2nd edition <strong>of</strong> a novel or a reprint <strong>of</strong><br />

a work <strong>of</strong> art, but there will always be pro<strong>of</strong> that it’s not the<br />

original, and the art may be lower quality than the original NFT.<br />

Re-printing<br />

From here, the NFT can<br />

be copied and sold as a<br />

non-original piece without<br />

the exclusively, and will<br />

be worth less based on the<br />

amount <strong>of</strong> times they’ve<br />

been traded.<br />

The Middlemen<br />

The piece <strong>of</strong> art is turned<br />

into an NFT, or a Non-<br />

Fungible Token. It’s the digital<br />

equivalent <strong>of</strong> an original<br />

Monet, or the first edition<br />

<strong>of</strong> a novel, and turning it<br />

into an NFT acts as pro<strong>of</strong> <strong>of</strong><br />

authenticity.<br />

Why are they<br />

controversial?<br />

There is some evidence that the<br />

production <strong>of</strong> an NFT can use<br />

as much electricity as it would<br />

take to power a standard house<br />

in the EU for a day, meaning<br />

the greenhouse gas emission<br />

from creating an NFT are huge.<br />

NFTs will be accustomed purchase and sell<br />

possession <strong>of</strong> physical properties in a digital<br />

marketplace because they are a digital archive <strong>of</strong><br />

a real-world asset.<br />

for his or her work, NFTs add the<br />

crucial ingredient <strong>of</strong> scarcity. For<br />

a few collectors, if they grasp the<br />

initial version <strong>of</strong> something exists,<br />

they’re more doubtless to crave<br />

the “authentic” piece. Insufficiency<br />

explains why baseball-card<br />

collectors, for example, are willing<br />

to pay $3.12 million for a chunk <strong>of</strong><br />

cardboard with an image <strong>of</strong> Honus<br />

Wagner, a legendary Pittsburgh<br />

Pirate. It can be more durable to<br />

understand why digital art, or any<br />

other digital file, has value. Some<br />

digital-art collectors say they’re<br />

paying not only for pixels however<br />

additionally for digital artists’ labor–<br />

in part; the movement is an attempt<br />

to economically countenance<br />

associate rising art form.<br />

How are NFTs created?<br />

Are you interested in learning to<br />

make and sell NFTs? The process<br />

<strong>of</strong> creating an NFT is known as<br />

“minting,” which refers to how a maker<br />

creates a physical coin. NFTs are<br />

generated in an NFT marketplace,<br />

where a creator uploads a digital file<br />

and decides whether it is a unique<br />

item, has many copies, or is part <strong>of</strong><br />

a series, for example a painting or a<br />

sculpture.<br />

The owner <strong>of</strong> the NFT will sell it in<br />

an auction on the marketplace after<br />

it has been produced. While the<br />

majority <strong>of</strong> NFTs are currently run<br />

on the Ethereum blockchain, other<br />

blockchains, such as WAX, can mint<br />

digital tokens on which developers<br />

can connect files.<br />

How to buy and sell artworks on<br />

NFT?<br />

If one is an artist or content creator<br />

<strong>of</strong> some kind, looking to make a<br />

buck (or potentially several million<br />

bucks) <strong>of</strong>f <strong>of</strong> work that is otherwise<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 37


not inherently monetizable? One<br />

could make their piece an NFT. Say<br />

if an artist has a doodle and they<br />

want to turn into an NFT, or a comic<br />

strip, or something like Nyan Cat,<br />

the animated cat with a Pop-Tart<br />

body and a rainbow trail, which just<br />

sold as an NFT for about $580,000.<br />

The process differs from site to<br />

site, and some charge a fee (to<br />

cover the computational "gas"<br />

needed for the transaction on<br />

platforms like Ethereum). But<br />

they can start on platforms like<br />

Nifty Gateway, where one can apply<br />

to create a project to be sold as an<br />

NFT on their marketplace. There are<br />

a variety <strong>of</strong> marketplaces on which<br />

to buy and sell NFTs : Nifty Gateway,<br />

Makers Place, and Rarible are just<br />

a few <strong>of</strong> many. For NBA highlight<br />

collectibles, check out NBA Top<br />

Shot - where $230 million has<br />

already been spent trading tokens,<br />

or "moments."<br />

How do NFTs work?<br />

NFTs have some special properties:<br />

Each token minted has a unique<br />

identifier.<br />

They're not directly interchangeable<br />

with other tokens 1:1. For<br />

example 1 ETH is exactly the same<br />

as another ETH. This isn't the case<br />

with NFTs.<br />

Each token has an owner and<br />

this information is easily verifiable.<br />

They live on Ethereum and<br />

can be bought and sold on any<br />

Ethereum-based NFT market.<br />

Ethereum is an open-source,<br />

blockchain-based, decentralized<br />

s<strong>of</strong>tware platform used for its own<br />

cryptocurrency.<br />

In other words, if one owns<br />

an NFT:<br />

One can easily prove one own it.<br />

No one can manipulate it in<br />

any way.<br />

One can sell it, and in some<br />

cases this will earn the original<br />

creator resale royalties.<br />

Or, one can hold it forever,<br />

resting comfortably knowing their<br />

asset is secured by their wallet<br />

on Ethereum.<br />

And if one creates an NFT:<br />

One can easily prove they're the<br />

creator.<br />

One determines the scarcity.<br />

One can earn royalties every<br />

time it's sold.<br />

One can sell it on any NFT market<br />

or peer-to-peer. They're not locked<br />

in to any platform and one doesn’t<br />

need anyone to intermediate.<br />

Benefits <strong>of</strong> Non-Fungible Token-<br />

Digital interactions have been<br />

transformed by NFTs. Let’s talk<br />

about some <strong>of</strong> the advantages <strong>of</strong><br />

this cryptocurrency.<br />

Limited- The value <strong>of</strong> NFTs<br />

comes from their scarcity. NFT<br />

developers have the ability to create<br />

an infinite number <strong>of</strong> non-fungible<br />

tokens, and they <strong>of</strong>ten change the<br />

tokens to maximize interest.<br />

Indivisible- Most NFTs are<br />

indivisible into smaller units. If you<br />

pay the full price <strong>of</strong> a digital item,<br />

you will not be entitled to access it.<br />

Unique- NFTs have a strong<br />

information tab that explains their<br />

uniqueness. This information is<br />

completely safe and accurate.<br />

Easily Transferable: NFTs are<br />

purchased and sold on unique<br />

markets. The use <strong>of</strong> NFTs is based<br />

on their uniqueness.<br />

Trustworthy: Non-fungible<br />

tokens are used in blockchain<br />

technologies. As a result, you<br />

should be certain that your NFT<br />

is correct since counterfeiting is<br />

difficult for a decentralized and<br />

permanent record.<br />

Maintain Ownership Rights:<br />

This refers to a network <strong>of</strong> shared<br />

platforms the size <strong>of</strong> an NFT,<br />

where no buyer can change the<br />

data later.<br />

This is <strong>of</strong>ten still a developing concept<br />

however it’s one <strong>of</strong> the foremost<br />

powerful. Original owners <strong>of</strong> Euler<br />

Beats Originals earn an 8% royalty<br />

every time the NFT is sold on<br />

38 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


What are the risks associated<br />

With NFTs?<br />

NFTs, as any modern quality<br />

within the early stages <strong>of</strong> growth<br />

and acceptance, bear some risk<br />

as a result <strong>of</strong> they are quite a great<br />

distance from thought adoption. If a<br />

customer decides to get an NFT and<br />

competition in commercialism them<br />

eventually stalls or even declines,<br />

rates can fall, exploit the client with<br />

giant losses. Non-Fungible Tokens<br />

(NFTs) aren't exempt from fraud.<br />

NFTs purporting to be the work<br />

<strong>of</strong> well-known artists have sold for<br />

many thousands <strong>of</strong> greenbacks<br />

solely to be discovered to be<br />

fraudulent. NFTs, together with bit<br />

coins, perhaps hacked supported<br />

how they are stored.<br />

What is the importance <strong>of</strong> NFTs?<br />

NFTs will be accustomed<br />

purchase and sell possession <strong>of</strong><br />

physical properties in a digital<br />

marketplace because they are a<br />

digital archive <strong>of</strong> a real-world asset.<br />

This has the ability to launch the<br />

NFT revolution in rare and valuable<br />

item shopping for and sale.<br />

One might be interested in NFTs<br />

because it gives one a way to sell<br />

work that there otherwise might<br />

not be much <strong>of</strong> a market for. If one<br />

comes up with a really cool digital<br />

sticker idea, what would they do<br />

with it? Where would they sell it?<br />

Also, NFTs have a feature that<br />

enables one the opportunity that<br />

will pay them a percentage every<br />

time the NFT is sold or changes<br />

hands, making sure that if their<br />

work gets super popular and<br />

increases in value, they would get<br />

some <strong>of</strong> that benefit.<br />

One <strong>of</strong> the obvious benefits <strong>of</strong><br />

buying art is it lets one financially<br />

support artists they like, and<br />

that’s true with NFTs (which are<br />

way trendier than, like, Telegram<br />

stickers). Buying an NFT also<br />

usually gets one some basic usage<br />

rights, like being able to post the<br />

image online or set it as their<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>ile picture. Plus, <strong>of</strong> course,<br />

there are bragging rights that they<br />

own the art, with a block chain<br />

entry to back it up.<br />

Ah, okay, yes. NFTs can work like<br />

any other speculative asset, where<br />

one can buy it and hope that the<br />

value <strong>of</strong> it goes up one day, so one<br />

can sell it for a pr<strong>of</strong>it.<br />

So yes, if you have any<br />

photograph, artwork, designs that<br />

you own digitally, you can actually<br />

start making crazy money out <strong>of</strong><br />

it. NFTs could be an option you<br />

can explore as enthusiasts have<br />

already started trading everything<br />

on NFT which also includes<br />

virtual real estate properties which<br />

doesn’t even exist. Yes, you heard<br />

it right!<br />

- ib@magzoid.com<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 39

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Bronze statue <strong>of</strong> Ruth Bader Ginsburg<br />

unveiled in Brooklyn<br />

A<br />

bronze statue honoring<br />

Ruth Bader Ginsburg<br />

was unveiled in her<br />

native town <strong>of</strong> Brooklyn.<br />

The date was chosen<br />

to commemorate the 88th birthday<br />

<strong>of</strong> the late U.S. Supreme Court<br />

Justice, who died Sept. 18, 2020,<br />

after serving 27 years on the nation’s<br />

highest court.<br />

The work <strong>of</strong> Gillie and Marc, the<br />

statue is the latest in the Australian<br />

artist duo’s “Statues for Equality”<br />

series, launched near Rockefeller<br />

Center. The initial project honored<br />

Oprah Winfrey, Pink, Nicole Kidman,<br />

Jane Goodall, Cate Blanchett,<br />

Tererai Trent, Janet Mock, Tracy<br />

Dyson, Cheryl Strayed, and Gabby<br />

Douglas with life-size bronzes.<br />

The artists hope to draw attention to<br />

the lack <strong>of</strong> monuments honoring real<br />

“The statue<br />

reflects her wish<br />

to be depicted in a<br />

dignified manner,”<br />

life women in New York. Until recently,<br />

there were only five civic sculptures<br />

<strong>of</strong> historic women, compared to<br />

145 <strong>of</strong> men. Last summer, Central<br />

Park unveiled the Women’s Rights<br />

Pioneers Monument, honoring<br />

Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady<br />

Stanton, and Sojourner Truth. It was<br />

the first new permanent sculpture<br />

in the park in 70 years, and its first<br />

honoring a historic woman.<br />

Gille and Marc got Ginsburg’s<br />

approval for their statue before her<br />

death. “The statue reflects her wish<br />

to be depicted in a dignified manner,”<br />

they said in a statement. “With the two<br />

steps on its large base representing<br />

the Supreme Court and the climb<br />

she made to get there, the work is<br />

designed to provide the public with<br />

an opportunity to stand at her side,<br />

and gain inspiration from her journey<br />

fighting for equal rights.”<br />

-news@magzoid.com<br />

40 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


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Banksy exhibition comes to Dubai<br />

<strong>Art</strong>work by the British<br />

graffiti artist Banksy<br />

is set to go on display<br />

at Dubai’s Mall <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Emirates from April<br />

5 to June 30. The exhibition will<br />

feature 120 original works brought to<br />

Dubai by The World <strong>of</strong> Banksy – The<br />

Immersive Experience.<br />

This exhibition is said to be the<br />

largest Banksy exhibition. Visitors will<br />

be able to view <strong>of</strong>ficial reproductions<br />

<strong>of</strong> some <strong>of</strong> Banksy’s most inspirational<br />

creations, including frames and<br />

murals such as Girl with a Balloon,<br />

Flower Thrower and Mobile Lovers.<br />

Tickets for the public exhibition will<br />

be available for sale soon. The exhibit<br />

will be open to the public, with tickets<br />

costing Dh75 for adults and Dh45 for<br />

those under the age <strong>of</strong> 12. There will<br />

also be a Dh110 VIP ticket that allows<br />

for queue-jumping and another VVIP<br />

pass, with a guide on demand, is in<br />

the works, but the price is yet to be<br />

confirmed.<br />

It has also been said that The<br />

Banksy may be one<br />

<strong>of</strong> the art world’s<br />

most famous names,<br />

but his identity<br />

remains unknown.<br />

<strong>Art</strong> <strong>of</strong> Banksy is the world’s largest<br />

touring exhibition <strong>of</strong> the mysterious<br />

street artist’s work, with more than<br />

110 original works, prints on different<br />

kinds <strong>of</strong> materials, photos, sculptures<br />

and more. The artist himself is not<br />

affiliated with either <strong>of</strong> the exhibitions.<br />

Banksy may be one <strong>of</strong> the art<br />

world’s most famous names, but his<br />

identity remains unknown. Banksy<br />

is known for using his graffiti to<br />

make political statements and has<br />

produced a number <strong>of</strong> pieces in<br />

the occupied Palestinian territories,<br />

including satirical drawings on the<br />

Israeli barrier wall built through the<br />

West Bank.<br />

-news@magzoid.com<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 41


Thomas Löffler in conversation with Magzoid.<br />

250+ artists from over 27 countries, presenting more than 2000 artworks, with<br />

great sales marked an immense success <strong>of</strong> the World <strong>Art</strong> Dubai, <strong>2021</strong><br />

World <strong>Art</strong> Dubai<br />

returned for<br />

its seventh<br />

edition bringing<br />

contemporary<br />

art from all over the world to the<br />

increasing art demand <strong>of</strong> the Middle<br />

East. At World <strong>Art</strong> Dubai, the buyers<br />

connected with exhibitors and bought<br />

affordable and stunning artworks.<br />

The exhibition united galleries and<br />

artists from around the world, each<br />

with their distinctive strive against<br />

art. There were 400+ artists, 150+<br />

exhibitors from the 5 continents.<br />

From rising Emirati artists, pop-art<br />

icons, and fashion art disrupters,<br />

to experimental expressionists<br />

and photography practitioners, the<br />

exhibition was an eclectic melting<br />

pot <strong>of</strong> artistic style. World <strong>Art</strong> Dubai<br />

embraced an expansive array <strong>of</strong><br />

cultures and magnificence.<br />

Thomas Löffler, the Vice President<br />

<strong>of</strong> World Trade Centre during an<br />

exclusive interview with Magzoid<br />

says,<br />

What is your vision?<br />

World <strong>Art</strong> Dubai is the most<br />

accessible and affordable art fair in<br />

the region and our vision is to support<br />

the emerging artists and their careers<br />

from the start by providing them a<br />

platform to grow. We hope to create a<br />

platform to invite a new generation <strong>of</strong><br />

art buyers who start appreciating art.<br />

In the last seven years, many <strong>of</strong> the<br />

artists who started here have grown<br />

into international renowned artists.<br />

Therefore, focusing on emerging<br />

artists something that is very close<br />

to our hearts.<br />

Despite covid, an event at this<br />

scale must have a lot going behind.<br />

Would you like to comment on<br />

that?<br />

In line with Dubai government<br />

guidelines, we have taken a lot <strong>of</strong><br />

precautions and safety measures<br />

42 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


taking place. We had wider aisles<br />

so that people can appreciate art<br />

from a distance and also have social<br />

distancing measures in place. Hand<br />

sanitizers were placed everywhere.<br />

We knew how many people were<br />

present in the gallery at any point in<br />

time as the entry points <strong>of</strong> the venue<br />

were equipped with technology. A<br />

contactless registration process was<br />

ensured. All the visitors bought their<br />

tickets online and scanned a QR<br />

code to get into the venue. We also<br />

had partnered with a service called<br />

fine art where people can scan the<br />

artworks through their phones and<br />

get all the information about the art,<br />

the artists and the price <strong>of</strong> the art<br />

pieces all on their mobile phones.<br />

All the guidelines given by Dubai<br />

Government were strictly followed to<br />

keep it safe for everyone and make<br />

the event a great success.<br />

How do you see this exhibition<br />

to be?<br />

Last year in October, we had a<br />

three-day event. But because <strong>of</strong> the<br />

strong demand by our exhibitors and<br />

the visitors we decided to open the<br />

event for an additional day. We could<br />

already see plenty <strong>of</strong> visitors coming<br />

in on the first day and we believed<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 43


that the show is going to be slightly<br />

busier on the weekends. Overall, we<br />

got the guidelines in place and were<br />

very confident that it is going to be a<br />

successful event same as it was in<br />

October 2020.<br />

How many artists and galleries<br />

are you housing this time?<br />

In 2020, we had more than 125<br />

artists and galleries. Now 7 months<br />

later, we have over 250 artists from<br />

over 27 countries, presenting more<br />

than 2000 artworks at the event.<br />

What message do you have for<br />

the exhibitors, artists, and the art<br />

fraternity?<br />

Come and enjoy the event,<br />

and enjoy the art. The show has<br />

developed over the last 7 years.<br />

We would like to invite everybody to<br />

come and enjoy the show and speak<br />

to the artist. This is one such event<br />

where one can meet the artists and<br />

understand the story behind the<br />

artworks.<br />

-event@magzoid.com<br />

44 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


Unite<br />


Listen us on:

Inga Butkute<br />



PC<br />

Black & White Mountain<br />

Oil on canvas, 120×100cm<br />

It's about Mountain at night, at very cold weather. The only<br />

light comes from the Moon, which illuminates its slopes. Clouds<br />

like a smoke dispersed over its peak...sound as if you hear<br />

whistling <strong>of</strong> a wind <strong>of</strong> a high altitude.<br />

Towers <strong>of</strong> Paine & Milky Way<br />

Mix media on canvas: 90×120cm<br />

It's about mountains Tores <strong>of</strong> Paine in Chile. They portraid from far away<br />

spreading over horizon. Above is vastness <strong>of</strong> the sky covered with Milky Way.<br />

Together with glow <strong>of</strong> multiple colours it brings tranquility and happiness, as if<br />

you can breath the fresh air enjoying appearing dawn.<br />

Colours I have been waiting for<br />

A colourful sky that we all love to see<br />

especially in the times <strong>of</strong> covid when<br />

everything seems full and gloomy. Painted<br />

on scrap wooden plank.<br />

Advay Sureka<br />

Emirates<br />

International School<br />

- Jumeirah<br />

Student <strong>of</strong> Year 2<br />

Even they have<br />

a life<br />

The eyes <strong>of</strong> the<br />

giraffe looking<br />

numb as the<br />

humans have been<br />

destroying their<br />

habitat by cutting<br />

down trees<br />

46 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


Read more at www.magzoid.com<br />

Twin <strong>of</strong> Michelangelo’s David unveiled as a stunning<br />

centrepiece <strong>of</strong> Italy’s Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion<br />

A<br />

spectacular 3D replica<br />

<strong>of</strong> Michelangelo’s worldfamous<br />

David sculpture<br />

has been installed at the<br />

centre <strong>of</strong> the Italy Pavilion<br />

at Expo 2020 Dubai – a cultural<br />

highlight <strong>of</strong> the next World Expo and<br />

an exciting addition to the UAE’s<br />

vibrant and thriving artistic scene.<br />

The unveiling follows months <strong>of</strong><br />

painstaking work by artists and<br />

innovators, which included 40 hours<br />

<strong>of</strong> digital scanning <strong>of</strong> the original<br />

16th-century marble artwork in<br />

Florence; the creation <strong>of</strong> a threedimensional<br />

digital model with a<br />

resolution <strong>of</strong> 146 thousandths <strong>of</strong> a<br />

millimetre; production by one <strong>of</strong> the<br />

world’s largest 3D printers; and hours<br />

<strong>of</strong> finishing touches by hand.<br />

It was revealed at a ceremony to<br />

mark the completion <strong>of</strong> the exterior <strong>of</strong><br />

the Italy Pavilion, attended by Luigi Di<br />

Maio, Italian Minister <strong>of</strong> Foreign Affairs<br />

and International Cooperation as well<br />

as His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan<br />

Mabarak Al Nahayan, Cabinet<br />

Member, Minister <strong>of</strong> Tolerance and<br />

Coexistence, and Commissioner<br />

General <strong>of</strong> Expo 2020 Dubai; Her<br />

Excellency Reem Al Hashimy, UAE<br />

Minister <strong>of</strong> State for International<br />

Cooperation and Director General,<br />

Expo 2020 Dubai; Her Excellency<br />

Noura Al Kaabi, UAE Minister <strong>of</strong><br />

Culture and Youth; and Her Excellency<br />

Hala Badri, Director General <strong>of</strong> Dubai<br />

Culture and <strong>Art</strong>s Authority; as well as<br />

Dario Nardella, <strong>May</strong>or <strong>of</strong> Florence;<br />

and Paolo Glisenti, Commissioner<br />

General <strong>of</strong> Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai.<br />

The David replica will be a highlight<br />

among the many rich and diverse<br />

cultural experiences that Expo<br />

2020 and its 190-plus participating<br />

countries will showcase during the<br />

six-month celebration <strong>of</strong> human<br />

creativity, innovation and ingenuity.<br />

Her Excellency Noura Al Kaabi said:<br />

“The original David has captivated<br />

the world for centuries and is an<br />

iconic symbol <strong>of</strong> the Renaissance,<br />

and <strong>of</strong> Italian culture, heritage and<br />

artisanship more widely. As the<br />

region’s hub for arts and culture and<br />

with its own vibrant and dynamic<br />

artistic scene, the UAE is excited<br />

48 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


Read more at www.magzoid.com<br />

As the region’s hub for arts and culture and with<br />

its own vibrant and dynamic artistic scene, the<br />

UAE is excited to welcome this most accurate<br />

and sophisticated replica <strong>of</strong> the masterpiece ever<br />

created and share it with millions <strong>of</strong> visitors to<br />

Expo 2020 Dubai.”<br />

to welcome this most accurate<br />

and sophisticated replica <strong>of</strong> the<br />

masterpiece ever created and share<br />

it with millions <strong>of</strong> visitors to Expo 2020<br />

Dubai.”<br />

During the ceremony, attended by<br />

Dario Nardella, <strong>May</strong>or <strong>of</strong> Florence<br />

and Paolo Glisenti, Commissioner<br />

General <strong>of</strong> Italy at Expo 2020 Dubai,<br />

the Italy Pavilion’s three overturned<br />

hulls that form the country’s tricolour<br />

flag were also revealed.<br />

Based on the theme ‘Beauty<br />

connects people’, the Italy Pavilion is<br />

located in Expo’s Opportunity District.<br />

From 1 October <strong>2021</strong> to 31 March<br />

2022, it will invite visitors from across<br />

the world to discover an engaging<br />

story that touches upon the nation’s<br />

achievements in diverse fields<br />

including art, technology, engineering<br />

and sustainability.<br />

-news@magzoid.com<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 49


PC<br />



"Give me your shoes and I’ll paint the world for you", says Dasha Lapushka<br />

Exclusive to Magzoid<br />

50 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


PC<br />


Fashion and art are two<br />

disciplines that revolve<br />

around the same sphere<br />

that is creativity. The two<br />

worlds share a bridge<br />

that links them together. Dasha<br />

Lapushka, born in Belarus, has<br />

always had a spark for art with a<br />

particular interest in drawing. From<br />

her modelling career in Italy, she<br />

also started exploring her passion<br />

for arts after moving to Malta in 2019.<br />

Starting with creative pieces by<br />

using the luxurious shoes <strong>of</strong> famous<br />

designers instead <strong>of</strong> brushes, Dasha<br />

was set to explore a completely new<br />

genre <strong>of</strong> art which were pretty much<br />

unexplored till then. Being an ardent<br />

lover <strong>of</strong> shoes with a huge collection<br />

<strong>of</strong> over 400 pairs from various<br />

designers, the idea <strong>of</strong> using shoes<br />

for painting erupted, while looking at<br />

her shoes that she no longer wore<br />

or used. During the interview with<br />

Magzoid, this is how Dasha explains<br />

her magnificent journey towards<br />

making a mark in the industry.<br />

How did your artistic journey<br />

begin?<br />

Drawing has always been<br />

something I’m passionate about<br />

since I was 6. <strong>Art</strong> teachers at school<br />

adored me and have admired my<br />

sketches. Though I had hindrances<br />

from my family to pursue arts as<br />

my majors, I stood firm on my will<br />

to follow my passion and arranged<br />

for my studies independently at<br />

the Gianfranco De Meo Academy<br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>Art</strong> in Rome. During that, I won<br />

my first exhibition in Rome in 2018<br />

which boosted my confidence and<br />

marked as a turning point. Since that<br />

point, till today, I do not leave any<br />

stone unturned to make the best by<br />

Made for Miralem Pjianic,<br />

Barcelona football player<br />

creating opportunities and making<br />

the best out <strong>of</strong> them. “Uniqueness”<br />

is the mantra for any artist to stand<br />

out. It is quite difficult to find that<br />

uniqueness in the saturated market<br />

<strong>of</strong> today, but still it’s not impossible.<br />

I found that “uniqueness” when I<br />

defined my shoes as my brushes.<br />

What was the inspiration behind<br />

merging two <strong>of</strong> your greatest<br />

passions – <strong>Art</strong> and Fashion?<br />

During my modelling career in<br />

Italy for years, I began collecting<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 51


PC<br />

www.dashalapushka.com<br />

@dasha.lapushka<br />

Used by Dasha<br />

to make the<br />

cover artwork<br />

The story behind naming the first abstract canvases<br />

“Squirshoes” is an interesting one. There is a Pokémon<br />

character named ‘Squirtle’ who sprays strong jets <strong>of</strong> water,<br />

whereas, I immerse shoes in buckets full <strong>of</strong> color and spray<br />

them from the shoes and hence the combination came out<br />

to be “Squirshoes”.<br />

Made in memory <strong>of</strong> Kobe Bryant and his daughter after helicopter crash<br />

shoes as one <strong>of</strong> my passion. My<br />

craziness started when I first entered<br />

Christian Louboutin and wore their<br />

red-soled shoes for the first time. I<br />

then combined art and fashion by<br />

painting with shoes from popular<br />

brands when I moved to Malta. That<br />

was possibly the birth <strong>of</strong> this concept<br />

<strong>of</strong> painting with shoes which I named<br />

as “Squirshoes”.<br />

“Squirshoes” is a very unique<br />

form <strong>of</strong> art that we have come<br />

across! How did you come up<br />

with the name “Squirshoes” and<br />

what’s the story behind it?<br />

The story behind naming the first<br />

abstract canvases “Squirshoes”<br />

is an interesting one. There is a<br />

Pokémon character named ‘Squirtle’<br />

who sprays strong jets <strong>of</strong> water,<br />

whereas, I immerse shoes in buckets<br />

full <strong>of</strong> color and spray them from the<br />

shoes and hence the combination<br />

came out to be “Squirshoes”. To mark<br />

the difference and showcase the<br />

uniqueness, I place the shoes that<br />

I have used for the artwork, next to<br />

the canvas or glue onto the canvas<br />

itself, such as the one I made for<br />

footballer Miralem Pjanic with his<br />

soccer shoes. I never repeat any<br />

shoes for any other artwork as each<br />

<strong>of</strong> them have a complete different<br />

story that they showcase.<br />

With the kind <strong>of</strong> work that you are<br />

doing, you are creating a different<br />

league in the art industry. How<br />

do you plan on making your<br />

“Squirshoes” concept reach far<br />

and wide?<br />

<strong>Art</strong>, like all things, needs evolution<br />

and it does modify itself with time.<br />

My artform is a new idea that I<br />

want to gift it to the art fraternity. I<br />

hope that my journey with art will<br />

contribute to artistic innovation. I'd<br />

like to continue my vision <strong>of</strong> painting<br />

52 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />



Subject to Terms and Conditions<br />

Subject to Terms and Conditions<br />

11 Unite<br />

11 FORMATION<br />



Unite<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 53


PC<br />

Made for Mr. Monther Darwish Managing Director <strong>of</strong> Palazzo Versace, Dubai<br />

What is that one quote that you<br />

abide by in your life?<br />

Once Marylin Monroe said, “Give<br />

a girl the right shoes and she<br />

can conquer the world!” and I say:<br />

"Give me your shoes and I’ll paint<br />

the world for you." Well, jokes apart,<br />

the artistic quotation that reflects me<br />

a lot is that <strong>of</strong> Pablo Picasso; "There<br />

are painters who paint the sun like a<br />

yellow spot, but there are others who,<br />

thanks to their art and intelligence,<br />

transform a yellow spot into the sun".<br />

with shoes, and hope to collaborate<br />

with brands in the future. There’s a<br />

lot that is possible with this concept<br />

<strong>of</strong> mine and I’m on it to make it reach<br />

far and wide.<br />

Each <strong>of</strong> your pieces <strong>of</strong> artwork<br />

has a very unique and different<br />

story behind it. What message<br />

does your work aim to portray?<br />

You are absolutely right! Each<br />

artwork carries a different story, an<br />

emotion and is highly personalized.<br />

I feel that we can learn about a<br />

person's personality traits from the<br />

shoes he or she wears. With shoes<br />

on the canvas, I tell stories. A bride<br />

wears her shoes to the wedding<br />

and then puts them in the closet<br />

may never look at it again. But<br />

with my artwork, the same shoes<br />

will be on a canvas in their home,<br />

making it a one-<strong>of</strong>-a-kind memory.<br />

One artwork <strong>of</strong> mine was for a boy<br />

who miraculously survived a car<br />

crash. His blood-stained shoes from<br />

the accident hangs on the wall in<br />

his bedroom. Whenever he looks<br />

at that artwork, he feels blessed<br />

to have been gifted a second life.<br />

Such pieces <strong>of</strong> works are just<br />

priceless and I’m grateful that I can<br />

create such moments for people.<br />

Out <strong>of</strong> all your extraordinary<br />

artworks, which are the ones that<br />

you are immensely proud <strong>of</strong>?<br />

I am connected to all <strong>of</strong> my<br />

artworks because they are like my<br />

children. It is always tough for me to<br />

let go <strong>of</strong> them when someone buys<br />

them from me. Undoubtedly, the<br />

first three canvases I made in Rome<br />

on the theme "fetish" shortly after<br />

graduating from the Academy are the<br />

ones to which I am most attached to.<br />

They are realistic oil paintings that<br />

have little to do with my method <strong>of</strong><br />

painting with shoes. They are the<br />

ones that embarked the stepping<br />

stones to my journey as an artist.<br />

What are the best resources that<br />

have helped you in your way?<br />

Surely my instincts, being there<br />

at the right time and with the right<br />

people who believe in me.<br />

What message and advice do you<br />

have for our readers?<br />

My message would be to always<br />

believe in one’s ideas and not to be<br />

influenced by people’s judgments. To<br />

fight for one’s dreams and to never<br />

give up.<br />

How do you feel being featured in<br />

the <strong>Magazine</strong>?<br />

I am very excited and grateful for<br />

this opportunity that you have given<br />

me. The cover is significant, but the<br />

material is what matters most, and<br />

I hope you enjoyed it. This feature<br />

means a lot to me. To know more<br />

about my work, please head on to<br />

my website and my Instagram.<br />

-feature@magzoid.com<br />

54 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


Guest <strong>of</strong> Honour<br />

Read more at www.magzoid.com<br />

Eric Dailey<br />

The Louvre’s entire art collection goes online<br />

What is Eric Dailey Up To?<br />

Basketball event at Walt Disney<br />

“Today, the Louvre<br />

is dusting <strong>of</strong>f its<br />

treasures, even the<br />

least-known,”<br />

Basketball Competition on a cruise<br />

The Louvre museum in works on display, those on long-term advances in research”. The Louvre<br />

Paris has just put its entire loan and even works in storage. says its main website, Louvre.fr,<br />

collection online. The “Today, the Louvre is dusting <strong>of</strong>f received 21 million visits in 2020.<br />

entire Supporting collection youth consisting its treasures, even the least-known,” By comparison, the Louvre, one<br />

<strong>of</strong> more than 482,000 its president, Jean-Luc Martinez, <strong>of</strong> the most visited museums in the<br />

pieces will be on display online which<br />

makes it available for art lovers all<br />

over the world to view it from any<br />

where around for free.<br />

said in a statement. “For the first<br />

time, anyone can access the entire<br />

collection <strong>of</strong> works from a computer<br />

or smartphone for free, whether they<br />

world, welcomed about 10.2 million<br />

visitors in 2018. The new website<br />

has three main sections, including<br />

the explore section, which delves<br />

The Louvre launched a new are on display in the museum, on into the history <strong>of</strong> various parts <strong>of</strong> the<br />

website where digitized, highresolution<br />

loan, even long-term, or in storage.” museum and the artworks housed<br />

versions <strong>of</strong> the artworks<br />

can be viewed. Of the 482,000 items<br />

in the collection, more than three<br />

quarters have already been labelled<br />

To browse through the entire<br />

collection online, visitors can use<br />

simple or advanced search features<br />

and look through themed albums.<br />

inside. The Louvre closed to visitors<br />

at the start <strong>of</strong> the pandemic and<br />

briefly reopened over the summer<br />

with new COVID-19 precautions. The<br />

with information and pictures. The There is also an interactive map museum remains closed to visitors at<br />

database contains World works Basketball from Competition the that allows them Always to move supporting from his this son, time Eric due Dailey to Paris’s lockdown and<br />

Louvre and Musee National Eugene- one viewing room Jnr. to another. In is currently undergoing renovation<br />

Delacroix, as well as sculptures from addition, the Louvre said the website like adding new security systems,<br />

the Tuileries and Carrousel Gardens. is “updated regularly by museum cleaning sculptures, and reorganizing<br />

Follow Eric Dailey<br />

Follow us on Instagram:<br />

In a press release, the museum experts”, which means the database entrances.<br />

@daileytrainings<br />

@magzoid.global<br />

stated that the collection ranges from will continually expand and “reflect -news@magzoid.com<br />

www.magzoid.com | Page 40<br />

www.magzoid.com 56 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> www.magzoid.com 56

www.artoze.com | Page 41<br />



ARTIST<br />

PC<br />



“There is a creative flow in which both <strong>of</strong> us know what<br />

to do, without even communicating with each other”, says<br />

Ronny and Marcus a.k.a Ron Miller<br />

- Exclusive to Magzoid<br />

58 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


PC<br />


ARTIST<br />

Two people with two distinct<br />

sense <strong>of</strong> aesthetics,<br />

backgrounds, agendas,<br />

and visions coming<br />

together to create a single<br />

piece sounds intriguing when one<br />

hears about it. Similar is the case with<br />

Ron Miller. Being an artist duo has its<br />

own perks and excitement.<br />

Ron Miller is a Berlin-based<br />

artist duo formed by Ronny Kindt<br />

and Marcus Klüh, both self-taught<br />

artists. Their main focus is on<br />

creating original 2D & 3D works<br />

inspired by urban and conceptual<br />

art, with references to pop art and<br />

culture. Ronny and Marcus operate<br />

together as two complete opposites<br />

that complement and enrich each<br />

other. Their art benefits as a result<br />

<strong>of</strong> an extra pair <strong>of</strong> eyes, hands, and<br />

hearts, furthering their collective<br />

vision, enhancing their storytelling,<br />

deepening their understanding and<br />

ability to move and inspire.<br />

What is the story behind your<br />

friendship and how did you come<br />

up with the name ‘Ron Miller’?<br />

We know each other since daycare<br />

because our mothers were friends<br />

and used to spend a lot <strong>of</strong> time<br />

together. As a result, our friendship<br />

not only survived but thrived through<br />

all the stages <strong>of</strong> life: including growing<br />

up, going to school, and becoming<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essionals in our chosen fields,<br />

settling down, and becoming parents.<br />

A decision to start making art together<br />

was a very natural continuation <strong>of</strong> our<br />

life-long friendship and has brought it<br />

to the next level in the process. The<br />

name Ron Miller includes both <strong>of</strong> our<br />

names: RON for Ronny and MILLER<br />

for Marcus. A fictional ‘stage’ name<br />

was created to have the liberty <strong>of</strong><br />

immersing ourselves fully into our art.<br />

Two artists, one canvas is generally<br />

unheard <strong>of</strong>.<br />

What made you decide to create<br />

art together as a duo and how do<br />

you go about it?<br />

Having duos or trios may not be<br />

very common in the more ‘traditional’<br />

art world environment, but it is normal<br />

to have them. Our work process is<br />

such that one <strong>of</strong> us starts a work,<br />

and the other comes and works on<br />

top <strong>of</strong> that. Depending on our time,<br />

energy levels, and other pr<strong>of</strong>essional<br />

and family-related commitments the<br />

work is done taking turns. There<br />

is a creative flow in which both <strong>of</strong><br />

us know what to do, without even<br />

communicating with each other.<br />

What was the whole idea behind<br />

'The Trip' series?<br />

‘The Trip’ series was born out <strong>of</strong><br />

our longing to travel and discover<br />

the world, while not being able to do<br />

so physically. We both have families,<br />

work, and other commitments that<br />

prevent us from just picking up<br />

a backpack and going on some<br />

trip for an indefinite amount <strong>of</strong><br />

time. The series has this universal<br />

message rooted in a deeply personal<br />

experience. It seems to us that a lot<br />

<strong>of</strong> people might be relating to our<br />

feelings and thoughts, especially<br />

now in the times <strong>of</strong> the covid-19<br />

pandemic where travel for leisure is<br />

not happening.<br />

Mechanical Installations is an<br />

innovative and unique idea. How<br />

did you come up with the concept?<br />

The Mechanical work was<br />

created for an art fair (ARTMUC)<br />

where the main goal was to<br />

present our works in a more fun<br />

and interactive way, appealing to<br />

the general audience. Our aim was<br />

to bring in people and make them<br />

engage with artworks in the most<br />

physical way possible, instead <strong>of</strong><br />

just passively observing.<br />

Please tell us a bit about an artwork<br />

<strong>of</strong> yours that you are immensely<br />

proud <strong>of</strong>?<br />

Well, the creational process is such<br />

that it ‘gives birth’ to projects that<br />

have their meaning and importance,<br />

in any <strong>of</strong> the given points in time. For<br />

a parent, all the children are beloved<br />

and have equal merit in the eyes <strong>of</strong><br />

the parents. In that sense, there isn’t<br />

any specific series or paintings that<br />

we feel specifically strongly about,<br />

which reflect on our way <strong>of</strong> perceiving<br />

our work and the value behind it.<br />

What are the best resources that<br />

have helped you in your way?<br />

Being self-taught, we had to be<br />

resourceful in our ways and on our<br />

terms. What helped us in our artistic<br />

journey is the support <strong>of</strong> friends and<br />

family, as well as one specific patron<br />

who has been the key to providing us<br />

with some guidance and, occasionally,<br />

resources to continue creating<br />

and developing as artists. We feel<br />

extremely lucky and grateful for this.<br />

What are your plans for the future<br />

and what do we have to watch out<br />

for in the coming months?<br />

A new project with the code name<br />

‘Hope <strong>of</strong> Tomorrow’ that is meant to<br />

infuse our lives with more positivity<br />

and art, is on its way. As the pandemic<br />

is dragging on much longer than<br />

expected and the issue <strong>of</strong> vaccination<br />

is very much a current one, our motive<br />

is to address this through art on both<br />

local and international levels.<br />

What message and advice do you<br />

have for the readers?<br />

Thank you to everyone for taking<br />

the time to read about us. To know<br />

more about our work, check our<br />

website, https://ronmiller.de/ and our<br />

Instagram @ronmillerart.<br />

-feature@magzoid.com<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 59

INSPIRE &<br />


featured artist Nikola Ćuljić<br />

- Exclusive to Magzoid<br />

Saul Bellow, in his Nobel<br />

lecture on science and<br />

art in 1976 once said,<br />

“Only art penetrates<br />

what pride, passion,<br />

intelligence and habit erect on all<br />

sides – the seeming realities <strong>of</strong><br />

this world. There is another reality,<br />

the genuine one, which we lose<br />

sight <strong>of</strong>. This other reality is always<br />

sending us hints, which without art,<br />

we can’t receive. Proust calls these<br />

hints our “true impressions.” The<br />

true impressions, our persistent<br />

intuitions, will, without art, be<br />

hidden from us and we will be left<br />

with nothing but a ‘terminology for<br />

practical ends’ which we falsely call<br />

life.” <strong>Art</strong> is usually perceived as a<br />

means <strong>of</strong> detachment from reality,<br />

a key to unlocking some hidden<br />

means in the world that surrounds<br />

us. This is <strong>of</strong>ten not utterly true<br />

for art genres like Hyperrealism,<br />

wherever the road between reality<br />

and art is much erased in paintings<br />

and sculptures these artists create.<br />

Many branches <strong>of</strong> realism are<br />

targeted on manufacturing design<br />

that resembles a real-life image, a<br />

number <strong>of</strong> them even going more<br />

and beyond.<br />

Hyperrealism is also known as<br />

Photorealism, would not have been<br />

as big as a movement without some<br />

60 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 61

INSPIRE &<br />


featured artist Nikola Ćuljić<br />

- Exclusive to Magzoid<br />

A person can hardly differentiate between his drawings<br />

and the inspired pictures; it is completely astonishing to see<br />

how someone can be so accurate.<br />

notable photorealist that helped<br />

it move forward with its individual<br />

touch and Nikola Čuljić is specialized<br />

in realism and hyperrealism. During<br />

the pandemic, when everyone was<br />

a little overwhelmed, he didn’t<br />

get carried away and dedicated<br />

himself more to drawing and tried<br />

to come up with new content every<br />

single day.<br />

His message to the fellow artists<br />

is, “if something fails from the first<br />

attempt, you will succeed from<br />

the tenth”. With just one sentence<br />

he has put forward such a strong<br />

message.<br />

This Serbian artist developed<br />

his career as an artist 7 years ago,<br />

where he has reached the level <strong>of</strong><br />

world artists from simple drawings<br />

with a graphite pencil. He says,<br />

“Inspiration is everywhere but not<br />

every day. Sometimes you will find it<br />

in music, in nature, sometimes you<br />

will be inspired by another artist.<br />

It's relative”.<br />

He wants to prove that a pencil<br />

can create what at first glance<br />

seems to be a photograph<br />

or a living object through his<br />

aesthetically pleasing artistry. A<br />

person can hardly differentiate<br />

between his drawings and the<br />

inspired pictures; it is completely<br />

astonishing to see how someone<br />

can be so accurate. According to<br />

him, the most important thing is to<br />

find your direction. Find something<br />

you are the best at and go<br />

that way.<br />

-feature@magzoid.com<br />

62 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />



Pablo Picasso Didn’t Steal<br />

the “Mona Lisa,” But….<br />

Pablo Picasso was many<br />

things during his prolific<br />

career – painter, sculptor,<br />

and playwright – but<br />

there’s one occupation<br />

that historians leave <strong>of</strong>f<br />

that list: accused art thief.<br />

On August 21, 1911,<br />

Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona<br />

Lisa” was stolen from the<br />

Louvre. Eight days later, a<br />

man named Joseph Géry<br />

Pieret revealed to the Paris-<br />

Journal that Picasso and<br />

his friend, avant-garde<br />

poet Apollinaire, were<br />

in possession <strong>of</strong> Iberian<br />

sculptures that had also<br />

been stolen from the<br />

Louvre. This made Picasso<br />

one <strong>of</strong> the top suspects<br />

in the theft <strong>of</strong> Leonardo’s<br />

painting.<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 63


ARTIST<br />

PC<br />



“The brain stroke was more <strong>of</strong> a brain reset<br />

for me. I was determined to be an artist and<br />

here I am” - says Hermanni Pellinen<br />

- Exclusive to Magzoid<br />

How did your journey as an artist begin?<br />

My father and grandfather were both artists and that’s where<br />

my first lessons began. Practicing every day made me realize<br />

my love for it. As I grew older, I started painting. Started with<br />

practicing landscapes, then some portraits and animals. When<br />

it was time for me to choose a career, everyone advised that as<br />

an artist I would not earn enough to support myself. So, I studied<br />

to be a practical nurse and was in that pr<strong>of</strong>ession for 20 years.<br />

It was in 2020, after the brain stroke that I began to be<br />

understand the importance <strong>of</strong> life, love and family. I painting<br />

named ‘heal’ and tried to connect to the whole universe with<br />

this painting. Three <strong>of</strong> my works called Heal, Defending Healer,<br />

and Brain reset were posted online I and got to participate in the<br />

Milan International Virtual <strong>Art</strong> Exhibition at the same time. The<br />

art exhibition has strengthened my artistic development and selfconfidence<br />

which resulted in the artist finally peeling <strong>of</strong>f his shell<br />

after 20 years <strong>of</strong> waiting!<br />

Born in Finland, self-taught artist Hermanni<br />

Pellinen started making paintings and<br />

portraits as a teenager. He decided to pursue<br />

art taking inspiration from his father’s abstract<br />

art. But it was in the year 2020 when things<br />

took a drastic turn. He was spending his honeymoon at<br />

the lighthouse when he had a brain stroke, after which<br />

he had to spend seven months at home. Not losing the<br />

will power, he trained back to life.<br />

Hermanni then took a paintbrush and started to paint<br />

all about his past life, frustrations, and sorrows. He<br />

says, "I consider my art as a tool to put sorrow away,<br />

let go fears and phobias. I want to heal people with my<br />

art and put caring and love in every artwork! My art<br />

contains powerful emotions!”<br />

What does art mean to you?<br />

For me, art means freedom, joy, energy, love, self-expression,<br />

comfort, and understanding. <strong>Art</strong> makes it possible to dispel pentup<br />

traumas and fears. Through my art, I wish to communicate joy,<br />

hope, love and care. <strong>Art</strong> can be done by anyone and is a universal<br />

way to bring out yourself and your own deepest feelings.<br />

Who was the strongest influence you had when in<br />

your growing up days?<br />

I have had strong influences in my life. Firstly my dad got<br />

me excited about the whole thing! Secondly, all the great artists<br />

in the world: Dali, Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, etc.<br />

Also, great musicians have influenced my art and life very<br />

much! Finnish musicians: Pelle Miljoona, Andy Mc Coy, Dave<br />

Lindholm, Ismo Alanko etc. World musicians/Bands: Nirvana,<br />

Red hot chili peppers, Ramones, Queen, David Bowie, Bob<br />

Marley, Madonna, etc.<br />

64 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


PC<br />


ARTIST<br />

I have had strong<br />

influences in my life.<br />

Firstly my dad got<br />

me excited about the<br />

whole thing! Secondly,<br />

all the great artists in<br />

the world: Dali, Van<br />

Gogh, Michelangelo,<br />

Rembrandt, etc. Also,<br />

great musicians have<br />

influenced my art and<br />

life very much!<br />

Are there any specific subjects<br />

or themes you use regularly in<br />

your art?<br />

I see myself as a versatile artist and<br />

don’t want to compartmentalize myself<br />

into any single mold. My intention is<br />

to make all kinds <strong>of</strong> art like abstract<br />

art, portraits, landscapes, oil paints,<br />

photographs, charcoal drawings.<br />

Sometimes while waiting for the bus,<br />

I draw something on the ground with<br />

my shoe and <strong>of</strong>ten take a photo <strong>of</strong> it<br />

and put it on Instagram. Whenever<br />

I see anything interesting, I want to<br />

make it a work <strong>of</strong> art.<br />

Out <strong>of</strong> all your extraordinary<br />

artworks, which are the ones that<br />

you are immensely proud <strong>of</strong>?<br />

I am proud <strong>of</strong> every artwork. They all<br />

are very important to me, all the first<br />

ones, they are naive, but contain some<br />

deep stuff inside. From my latest ones<br />

Heal, King Eagle, Black Fire are the<br />

ones I like very much.<br />

Ever since you had the brain stroke<br />

how has it affected your art?<br />

After the stroke, I was pretty<br />

paralyzed at first. But when I<br />

realized I survived, I wanted to take<br />

everything out <strong>of</strong> myself! I wanted to<br />

show the world how one person can<br />

struggle, fight, do their best, believe in<br />

themselves and their dreams. I always<br />

wanted to be an artist, and I am one<br />

now because I chose to be. I push<br />

forward and do not give up. This is<br />

what the stroke caused. It did a brain<br />

reset for me.<br />

What is that one line <strong>of</strong> quote that<br />

you abide by in your life or you<br />

would like others to follow?<br />

"Love yourself, so you can<br />

love others".<br />

Where can the art enthusiasts buy<br />

your artwork?<br />

My studio is called Hemart <strong>Art</strong>works<br />

is located in Jyväskylä Finland. To know<br />

more about my work, please head on<br />

to my website: www.he-mart.com and<br />

my Instagram @hermannipellinen.<br />

What message and advice do you<br />

have for the readers?<br />

Be grateful for your life, and don’t<br />

take it for granted. No one is you and<br />

that is your power. You are special,<br />

Trust yourself. Do things now, life can<br />

end anytime, we don't know when.<br />

Love and respect everyone.<br />

-feature@magzoid.com<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 65

ACROSS<br />

3. Term for an artistic process <strong>of</strong><br />

splashing ink on a blank piece <strong>of</strong> paper<br />

4. Blue, Green, Violet are this type<br />

<strong>of</strong> color<br />

7. The term for brightness and dullness<br />

<strong>of</strong> a color<br />

8. The number <strong>of</strong> versions <strong>of</strong> ‘The<br />

Scream’ Edvard Munch created<br />

9. Another word for color<br />

10. Main visual element in<br />

Impressionist painting<br />

DOWN<br />

1. The artist who was struck in<br />

his face with a mallet by an<br />

envious disfiguring him form life<br />

2. The art movement Yoko Ono was<br />

associated with in 1960s<br />

5. A principle <strong>of</strong> design in<br />

which the repetition <strong>of</strong> elements<br />

or combination <strong>of</strong> elements<br />

forms a recognizable<br />

organization<br />

6. Vermillion is a shade <strong>of</strong> this color<br />


1.Michelangelo<br />

2.Fluxus<br />

3.Bulletism<br />

4.Cool<br />

5.Pattern<br />

6.Red<br />

7.Intensity<br />

8.Five<br />

9.Hue<br />

10.Color<br />

66 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />



Da Vinci’s other most famous work—which can be seen in the Convent <strong>of</strong> Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy—originally<br />

included Jesus’ feet. But in 1652, while installing a doorway in the refectory where the painting is on view, builders cut into the<br />

bottom-center <strong>of</strong> the mural, lopping <strong>of</strong>f Jesus’ feet.<br />

Michelangelo’s David<br />

The marble slab that was<br />

eventually turned into the<br />

sculpture <strong>of</strong> David by Michelangelo<br />

in 1504 was cut 43 years earlier for<br />

an artist named Agostino di Duccio,<br />

who planned to turn it into a statue<br />

<strong>of</strong> Hercules. Di Duccio abandoned<br />

his sculpture, which was originally<br />

to be installed in a Florentine<br />

cathedral, and the marble<br />

was unused for 10 years until<br />

another sculptor, named Antonio<br />

Rossellino, decided to work with<br />

it. Rossellino also abandoned his<br />

work because he found marble too<br />

difficult to sculpt, and eventually<br />

Michelangelo began work on his<br />

sculpture in 1501.<br />

www.magzoid.com 67 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

www.magzoid.com 67

INSPIRE &<br />


featured artist Uday Ganesh Mohite<br />

- Exclusive to Magzoid<br />

While we examine our world today, we see an<br />

insurmountable wave <strong>of</strong> apprehension, prejudice and<br />

animosity expressed through societies <strong>of</strong> humans in<br />

opposition to every human being who is unique to<br />

them. While we take a glimpse into the past, we<br />

see artists have made sketches, cartoons, paintings, squiggles<br />

and many other forms <strong>of</strong> art to challenge these beliefs and<br />

came forward to support causes and explore these deep-rooted<br />

intimated questions. When you create artwork, you share your<br />

view, your history, your way <strong>of</strong> life, and yourself. When we look<br />

at the artwork from different cultures, convictions, orientations<br />

and perspectives, and study every difference, perhaps we<br />

eventually see a sense <strong>of</strong> togetherness.<br />

Uday Ganesh Mohite is an Indian illustrator, who specializes<br />

in cartoon art, caricature, and portrait making. His artistry<br />

aims to portray social enlightenments. He follows the trends<br />

<strong>of</strong> simplicity and style to convey his message. He developed<br />

his career by getting inspired by artists from across the<br />

globe, reading books, watching inspirational movies, and<br />

sharing ideas.<br />

Uday is proud <strong>of</strong> the fact that he can share his creations to a<br />

good number <strong>of</strong> audiences through social media. He appreciates<br />

and feels proud that people can relate to it and share his work. His<br />

message to fellow artisans is, “We must learn over time and keep<br />

learning new things. It is very important to keep learning and moving<br />

forward as an artist”. According to him, an artist is a lifelong learner<br />

and they must keep practicing and getting better day by day. An artist's<br />

biggest competition should be themselves.<br />

68 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 69

INSPIRE &<br />


featured artist Uday Ganesh Mohite<br />

- Exclusive to Magzoid<br />

During the pandemic, the work from home opportunity helped him<br />

to focus a lot better on his artwork, and with the help <strong>of</strong> his artistry.<br />

During the pandemic, the work<br />

from home opportunity helped him<br />

to focus a lot better on his artwork,<br />

and with the help <strong>of</strong> his artistry, he<br />

could initiate social awareness. His<br />

greatest inspiration is R. K. Laxman,<br />

who was an Indian cartoonist,<br />

illustrator, and humorist, and mostly<br />

worked for local newspapers<br />

and magazines. He is also an<br />

ardent follower <strong>of</strong> Jack Davis, an<br />

American cartoonist and illustrator,<br />

known for his advertising art,<br />

magazine covers, film posters, record<br />

album art and numerous comic<br />

book stories and one <strong>of</strong> the founding<br />

cartoonists for Mad in 1952.<br />

-feature@magzoid.com<br />

70 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />



Vincent Van Gogh only<br />

sold one Painting – On<br />

Record<br />

Van Gogh <strong>of</strong>ficially<br />

sold one painting,<br />

“The Red Vineyard<br />

at Arles,” before<br />

committing suicide in<br />

1890. This is backed<br />

by authenticated<br />

documentation that<br />

shows the painting<br />

was sold to fellow<br />

painter Anna Boch in<br />

early 1890.<br />

Pierre-Auguste Renoir<br />

Painted Despite Crippling<br />

<strong>Art</strong>hritis<br />

Pierre-Auguste Renoir,<br />

one <strong>of</strong> the founders <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Impressionist movement,<br />

suffered from rheumatoid<br />

arthritis starting in 1892.<br />

Amazingly, Renoir continued<br />

to paint for the last 20<br />

years <strong>of</strong> his life despite<br />

the pain and limitations he<br />

suffered. Renoir could still<br />

hold a brush in his hand,<br />

but required an assistant to<br />

place it there first. With his<br />

brush in place, Renoir had an<br />

assistant stand by to arrange<br />

his palette as he painted. He<br />

also worked with a moving<br />

canvas so he could create<br />

larger works.<br />

www.magzoid.com <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong> 71

Serenity is a work <strong>of</strong><br />

charcoal inspired by<br />

the beauty <strong>of</strong> statues<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Buddha, carved<br />

out <strong>of</strong> stone. The style<br />

was experimental with<br />

the aim <strong>of</strong> achieving and<br />

evoking the texture and<br />

beauty <strong>of</strong> both the stone<br />

and the expression <strong>of</strong><br />

peace on the face.<br />

PC<br />

Onareen Ferdinand<br />

Pensive is a portrait <strong>of</strong><br />

my cat, who is rarely<br />

ever in a pensive state.<br />

When he does go into<br />

a state <strong>of</strong> stillness,<br />

I am left in awe <strong>of</strong><br />

his beauty and also<br />

amused by what he<br />

might be thinking <strong>of</strong>.<br />

The work is charcoal<br />

on s<strong>of</strong>t pastel paper.<br />

Feel the difference<br />

Larder Restaurant, Radisson Blu<br />

Hotel, Dubai Canal View.<br />

Modern and tastefully themed<br />

restaurant decoration for the best<br />

family gathering indulging in an array<br />

<strong>of</strong> cold mezze, salads, main courses,<br />

grills, Lamb Ouzi & Shawarma, from<br />

our a la carte menu served to your<br />

table, not to forget all your favorite<br />

delicacies & your best Ramadan<br />

juices & tea.<br />

Immerse yourself in the traditions <strong>of</strong><br />

Ramadan at the Larder Restaurant in<br />

Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Waterfront<br />

or the Larder Restaurant and Dhow<br />

Ballroom in Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai<br />

Canal View, and enjoy in a modern and<br />

tastefully themed atmosphere providing<br />

the perfect Ramadan venues.<br />

Larder restaurant, Radisson Blu<br />

Hotel, Dubai Waterfront.<br />

Welcome drinks, dates and small<br />

mezze board on the tables giving a<br />

unique Iftar experience. Full GCC and<br />

Levantine Live Grill Station, Roasted<br />

Lamb Ouzi, Shawarma, Salads &<br />

Desserts, exquisitely displayed for you<br />

to lavish the best <strong>of</strong> what you desire.<br />

Dhow ballroom, Radisson Blu<br />

Hotel, Dubai Canal View.<br />

Gather your friends and family or your<br />

colleagues at work and ask us about<br />

our special group Iftar rates in our<br />

beautifully decorated Dhow ballroom.<br />

Price:<br />

169 AED per person including<br />

Ramadan juices.<br />

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai<br />

Waterfront, Business Bay, Dubai<br />

Email: reservations.waterfront.<br />

dubai@radissonblu.com<br />

For reservations and more<br />

information, visit https://www.<br />

radissonhotels.com/blu<br />

- <strong>of</strong>fers@magzoid.com<br />

72 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


Eid & Ramadan Retreats<br />

<strong>of</strong>fers@magzoid.com<br />


Much like the renowned curation <strong>of</strong> tales from the Islamic golden age, the<br />

team at Four Seasons Dubai has put together a collection <strong>of</strong> experiences<br />

that evoke the anecdotes from Arabian Nights. Guests can break their fast<br />

at Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach and feel as if they have<br />

been welcomed into a sultan’s quarters within a lush traveller’s oasis.<br />

Iftar at Suq for AED 290 per person inclusive <strong>of</strong> s<strong>of</strong>t beverages; AED 145<br />

for kids aged 6 to 12 years old; complimentary for kids aged 5 and below.<br />

For more information, visit https://www.fourseasons.com/<br />

dubaijb/dining/restaurants/suq/<br />


Spring has sprung at Jumeirah Beach Hotel with the launch <strong>of</strong> a brandnew<br />

promotion for the whole family to enjoy: Spring Staycation<br />

– Kids Eat Free. Through this new package, families can save<br />

up to 40% on the best available rate while enjoying exclusive<br />

privileges and further discounts on dining. Furthermore, kids<br />

aged 11 and below eat for free, and selected benefits continue<br />

even after guests have checked out. Guests will take home<br />

a voucher for the award-winning Talise Spa, valid for six<br />

months, a complimentary one-week J Club Membership<br />

with personal training and fitness assessment valid until<br />

31st December <strong>2021</strong> and 15% discount on the hotel’s Family<br />

Beach Day Pass, valid until Thursday 30th September.<br />

For more information on Spring Staycation-Kids Eat<br />

Free, visit jumeirah.com/jbhspringstaycation to play and<br />

save on your staycation.<br />


Designed to make you pause, reflect and reconnect, Jumeirah Group is<br />

launching a series <strong>of</strong> unique curated Modern Majlis events across its<br />

properties and online this Ramadan. Enjoy the delightfully socially<br />

distanced experiences including virtual Ramadan masterclasses<br />

hosted by much-loved Jumeirah chefs, traditional ‘Hakawati’ children’s<br />

storytelling sessions, a spoken word poetry recital, stargazing<br />

beachside, sunset yoga workouts and much more. Both paid and free<br />

events happening from 16 April to 11 <strong>May</strong>.<br />

To find out more about Jumeirah Group’s Modern Majlis series,<br />

please visit https://www.jumeirah.com/ramadanevents<br />



This Ramadan, take advantage <strong>of</strong> the serene atmosphere<br />

and peaceful surroundings <strong>of</strong> the resort, and embrace<br />

the true essence <strong>of</strong> the holy month! Choose one <strong>of</strong> the<br />

exclusive room <strong>of</strong>fers at The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery<br />

by S<strong>of</strong>itel starting from AED 549 for 2!<br />

Beach Staycation starting from AED 549 for 2 includes:<br />

Accommodation in Deluxe Room, Balcony<br />

Healthy breakfast, Lunch or dinner<br />

Ramadan staycation starting from AED 649 for 2 includes:<br />

Accommodation in Deluxe Room, Balcony<br />

Suhoor served in the comfort <strong>of</strong> the room<br />

Iftar at Vibe restaurant<br />

For more information or bookings visit www.<br />

theretreatpalmdubai.com<br />


As the sun descends each evening, the JW Marriott Marquis<br />

Dubai invites diners to break their fast at the world's<br />

tallest 5-star hotel. This Ramadan, take time to reflect<br />

on what matters most with the people who mean the<br />

most and let a team <strong>of</strong> award-winning chefs<br />

create a memorable Iftar experience for you.<br />

Experience six succulent live cooking stations<br />

at the multi-award-winning buffet restaurant<br />

Kitchen6. Ideal for marking the occasion with<br />

family and those nearest and dearest, Kitchen6<br />

<strong>of</strong>fers a<br />

range <strong>of</strong> aromatic dishes, ranging from Asian woks to European breads, Indian<br />

tandoors and an extensive Middle Eastern station. Savor traditional hot and<br />

cold mezzes, mouth-watering kebabs, traditional desserts and much more daily<br />

from sunset until 9pm. AED 215 per person.<br />

For information please visit www.marriott.com<br />


This Ramadan, transport yourself to an enchanting world<br />

as you enter OUMSIAT for a signature experience set<br />

amidst the stunning green Courtyard surroundings <strong>of</strong><br />

The Meydan Hotel, a vibrant destination <strong>of</strong> contemporary<br />

luxury and exceptional dining with a hint <strong>of</strong> equestrian<br />

class. AED 190 per person inclusive <strong>of</strong> Iftar buffet and<br />

local bottled water, Ramadan Juices, s<strong>of</strong>t beverages,<br />

Arabic c<strong>of</strong>fee and Moroccan Tea.<br />

For restaurant reservations mail to TMH@<br />

meydanhotels.com<br />

www.magzoid.com 73 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

www.magzoid.com 73



PC<br />

Manal Al Dhuhoori<br />

Sunrays<br />

I have been always fascinated by photos <strong>of</strong> the sky creating<br />

sunrays penetrating through the clouds. It was a winter evening,<br />

where the breeze was cold and the sky was cloudy, I went for<br />

a walk and there it was, a master piece created. I seized the<br />

opportunity and captured the moment.<br />

"The Ancestors"<br />

Every secret <strong>of</strong> life I know, I learned at their knees.<br />

The wisdom they left in me<br />

swirl with love and all I ever need.<br />

Mahfuzur Rahman<br />

Alia Bin Ali<br />

King <strong>of</strong> birds<br />

This painting from my art<br />

work collection showcases<br />

in all his/her glory.<br />

With its wings spread,<br />

the bird symbolises<br />

absolute freedom and<br />

independence. By using<br />

acrylic colors, the falcon<br />

stands out against the sky,<br />

and is almost protruding<br />

from the canvas.<br />

Size : 120X90 cm<br />


<strong>Art</strong> TIPS<br />



The idea <strong>of</strong> Impressionism drives<br />

my imagination to another level, the<br />

visual outcomes <strong>of</strong> breaking forms<br />

into small brushstrokes, which creates<br />

a visible mixture <strong>of</strong> colours. There is<br />

an immediacy and serenity I found<br />

in impressionism painting; with each<br />

brush stroke I seize the fleeting<br />

moments. I have found my inspiration<br />

for doing impressionism painting from<br />

“Vincent Van Gogh”. My fascination with<br />

landscape impressionism is because my<br />

soul and feelings are the mirrored image<br />

<strong>of</strong> every fleeting second I paint on my<br />

canvases.<br />

74 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


mergeteam<br />


Simple yet powerful employee productivity boosting and work<br />

tracking with screenshots, timesheets, billing, in-depth reports,<br />

attendance, project and task management and more.<br />

Register for you Priority Access now at<br />

www.mergeteam.com<br />


AD SPACE<br />



Stealing wasn’t easy I<br />

guess<br />

The painting “The Scream”<br />

was stolen the same<br />

day as the opening <strong>of</strong><br />

the 1994 Olympics; the<br />

thieves left a note saying<br />

“thanks for the poor<br />

security”.<br />

Michelangelo hiding<br />

during Political Turmoil<br />

Michelangelo hid under<br />

the Medici Chapel in<br />

Florence for 3 months<br />

during a period <strong>of</strong> political<br />

turmoil, occupying his<br />

time by sketching on<br />

the walls with charcoal.<br />

His whereabouts were<br />

a secret for almost 500<br />

years until the museum<br />

director stumbled upon<br />

the drawings in 1976.<br />

www.magzoid.com 77 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

www.magzoid.com 77

GO<br />




www.zdegreetech.com<br />

customercare@zdegreetech.com<br />

78 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />



Hospitality<br />

Where the Middle East’s hospitality community meets<br />

live and in-person to source great products, network<br />

and get inspired.<br />

31 MAY - 2 JUNE <strong>2021</strong><br />

dubai world trade centre<br />

Visit The Hotel Show Dubai, live and in-person<br />

Register online for free entry<br />


80 <strong>May</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


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