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A word from the Principal...


The past couple of weeks have been really exciting at Ludgvan, as in-line with the national relaxation

of COVID restrictions, we have been able to return to some of the most engaging aspects of school

life. We have once again begun school trips; welcomed visitors in to work with our classes and have

finalised plans for some residential trips to take place before the end of the year. From Monday, I am

delighted to inform you that you do not need to wear a face covering when outside on the school

grounds, but you may of course continue to wear one if you wish. Whilst it is brilliant that we are

able to continue on our journey towards normality, we will still be continuing with our full range of

precautions in school, including additional handwashing and sanitising; year groups remaining in

bubbles and staggering the start/end of the school day as well as playtimes and lunchtimes. If you

have any questions about the restrictions, please contact me on a.anderson@ludgvan.cornwall.sch.


Well done to our school football teams, who despite not being able to practise at school clubs have

played their first matches of the season. The County Cup competitions have resumed and our boys’

team have played twice in recent weeks against Mount Hawke and Parc Eglos. The Parc Eglos match

in particular was a real nail-biter with our boys coming out on the wrong side of a 3-2 golden goal

defeat, despite playing some great football. Our girls played against Truro Learning Academy this

week and were incredible, romping to a resounding 3-0 victory and earning a quarter-final match

against the favourite for the competition, Parc Eglos! Well done all.

I am delighted to welcome Miss Wheeler and Miss Basset to our school team. Both have joined us on

initially short term placements, but are already providing much appreciated additional support across

Y3, Y4 and Y6.

Kind regards,

Mr Adam Anderson


Useful information...

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs from 0730 - 0840 every day.

Fees are as follows:£5 before 0800 and £3.50 after 0800. All fees include a range

of breakfast options and drinks as well as covering our staffing costs.

Concessions. If your child is eligible for Pupil Premium, you only pay 50% of the

stated fees. If you book in one child, places for further siblings only cost 50% of

the stated fee.

Please book your child’s place and process payment on our ‘schoolmoney’ portal.

This is the same platform that we use for school dinners and residential trips.

Term Dates

Our term dates for the rest of the academic year are as follows:

Summer Term: 19th April - 21st July

Half Term: 31st May - 4th June

Inset Day: 7th June

School Gate

Please be reminded that our school gate will be closed between 0830-0900 and


This is to create a safe environment for our children to enter school. Thank you for

your support.

Health Eating and Drinking

Please be reminded that healthy lunchboxes, snacks and water to drink can really

have a positive impact on your children’s ability to learn well in school. Everyone

enjoys a treat, but a lunchbox full of chocolate which follows a packet of crisps for

snack is not allowing your child the best chance to learn effectively. You can find

more information about healthy lunchboxes here:


Welcome to the team

I am delighted to welcome Miss Wheeler and Miss Basset to our school team. Both

have joined us on initially short term placements, but are already providing much

appreciated additional support across Y3, Y4 and Y6.

Competition Time

You can enter a fantastic competition here to win £50 of Frugi clothing! https://

Exciting and Engaging...


This week, the class have started to learn all about the countryside around us,

including the farms, animals and vegetables.

On Tuesday, they visited a local dairy farm to learn about where milk, cheese

and other dairy products come from. They looked at the sheds where the cows

go in the winter; saw the cows in their field; visited the milking parlour; and

saw where the milk is stored once the cows have been milked some of them

were very lucky and even got to stroke a cow! We loved learning about the

cows and the farm. Did you know that cows drink more than 150 litres of water

a day? When we were back at school, we talked about what we had learnt,

made thank you cards and wrote sentences about what we enjoyed the most

about our trip. The children can’t wait to go on some more trips in their local

area, especially if that means another ride on the minibuses!

Exciting and Engaging...


The children really enjoyed making their pasties last week and we were very

impressed with some of their crimping skills!! They have worked hard learning

two Cornish songs and they sound great.

Our focus for Science this half term is all about growing. There was lots of excitement

this week as the sunflower seeds are now starting to grow. We have

been busy planting potatoes, spinach, carrots and beetroot in our outside

growing area.

The children have been looking at different ways to stay healthy. They explored

a healthy balanced diet and looked at different ways to exercise.

Exciting and Engaging...


Yesterday, Class 2 were lucky enough to have a visit from Sensei Mark and his

daughter Daisy. We were treated to a complete karate experience. We learnt

about which area of Japan karate originated from. A few new words were

learned such as yame, which means stop! It was explained that karate is used

for self-defence and not play because when practised properly, some of the

moves can be extremely painful! Class 2 were enthusiastic and raring to have a

go. Everybody finished the afternoon red faced and smiling. Mark runs a club in

Four Lanes which should be restarting soon if anybody is interested

Exciting and Engaging...


Year 3 have been looking at the Cornish myth linked to St Michael’s Mount for the last

couple of weeks. They have rewritten the story and heard a variety of other versions

of the same myth. They have now started turning this myth into a play script and

will start creating a stop motion animation for the myth in the coming weeks. The

first gym group have now completed their gymnastic sessions and group 2 are excited

about their turn next week. The children have also been enjoying playing tennis

and their racket and ball skills are improving each week. In Science the children have

been focusing on plants and have set up several investigations, as well as planted

their own flowers and tomato plants.

Well done Year 3, keep working hard, you’re doing a great job!

Exciting and Engaging...


Year 4 have continued our exploration of Ancient Greece and begun creating an opening

paragraph for the story of the Trojan Horse. We have focused on making expanded

noun phrases to create vivid imagery for an opening paragraph.

We have also extended our learning of Greek artistic styles in 3 periods (geometric,

black figure and red figure). We then designed our Greek pots and also made our own

pots from clay, using cross-hatching and slip to glue our handles and other attachments.

Exciting and Engaging...


What a busy 2 weeks in year 5! In English we have been writing our own Cornish

legends based on the many local tales we have read, full of giants, knockers

and mermaids! The quality of the writing produced has been absolutely

amazing! Our history and geography has seen us exploring what life was like

as a tin miner throughout different points in history as well as exploring what

caused Cornish miners to emigrate around the world and where they ended up.

In science we have been continuing with our topic of Earth and Space, learning

about the orbit of the Earth, Sun and the Moon and how this creates days,

months and seasons.

Exciting and Engaging...


Year 6 have been busy learning all about the British Monarchy. They worked

as historians and created timelines of significant British events and then linked

these to the reigns of certain Monarchs. There was a lot of excitement when

we were able to draw on the tables in order to create our timelines. We even

learnt about one king whose stomach exploded during his funeral, which was

very exciting! In PE, Year 6 have been developing their athletics skills and have

demonstrated great strength and agility across a number of activities. They

have also worked brilliantly on their Maths, learning all about area, perimeter

and volume, impressing us all with their hard work and understanding. Well

done Year 6!

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