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Volume 93 Issue 4 Senior Edition The Redbird Word

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Opinion Page 2

In the End, It's the Memories that Matter

By Autumn Lengemann

This year is my senior year, and although it didn’t go as expected, I still tried to make the most of it.

Growing up I had always looked up to the seniors and seeing how they “run the school,” and I always

admired how all of their hard work finally payed off.

I would have never imagined my senior year to go this way, spending it online in my bed. Missing out

on finally being the “big dogs” in the school. From yelling “freshman suck” at pep rallies and sporting

events, to sitting in the front row at football and basketball games and telling the underclassmen to

“cheer” or “move up” on the bleachers.

The Class of 2021 got their senior year ripped away due to the global pandemic. Your senior year is

supposed to be the best year of high school and fly by like a breeze. The school has tried to make our

senior year as special as they can by hosting events for us such as a keychain drive thru event, a Chic-

Fil-A drive thru lunch, T-shirt drive thru, senior yard signs, a parade and morp, in place of prom. I’m

sure most seniors are as appreciative as I am for all the little things the school is putting together to

try to make it our best year possible.

Not only is the school creating special recognition for seniors, but the moms of my friend group are

also doing an amazing job. My mom, along with my friends' moms, have been doing many little things

throughout this year to make it special.

First, since the school was not able to host a homecoming, my friends and I threw our own! We all got

ready like we were going to homecoming, took pictures, ate dinner and threw the dance in my friend's

basement. We crowned the homecoming king and queen and danced the night away.

The parents of my friend group have also been putting together little gift bags that get delivered to our

houses every 21st of the month. And they put together a little Saint Patrick's Day scavenger hunt

around the town for us and it turned out awesome.

They even rented out a place to throw our own little “mask-uerade ball'' in May as a replacement for

prom, but sadly not all seniors can come due to Covid restrictions. And after graduation, my friends

and I will be taking our senior trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Thanks to our parents for renting us out a

house on the beach to celebrate all we have achieved and lost during our senior year.

Although we have lost a substantial amount of events during our last year of high school, we have not

lost the memories we have made throughout the past years. To me the hardest part is thinking about

graduation and how it's not going to be normal. But, at the end of the day, it’s not about the ceremony;

it’s about the memories you've made and the struggles you’ve faced that got you to the ceremony.

The 2020-21 school year has been defined by constant caution and so many unknowns.

But it has also been defined by the reinvention of old traditions and immense

resiliency. This Senior Edition is dedicated to the Class of 2021, and all high schoolers,

who have shared in this journey. Keep on growing!

Vol. 93 Issue 4 The RBW Senior Edition Page 3

A Letter From Our Principal


Congratulations! You have made it to the end of your four year journey at Alton High School.

You probably remember several happenings from your freshman year, or I’ll at least bet you

have one incident that still sticks in your mind. If you conjure up that memory, don’t think of

the good or bad of the moment, but think of how far you have come. Think of the friends you

have made. Think of the fun you have had. Think of the memories you have created. Think of

how much more mature you are now than then.

The pandemic affected all of us, but you have come out stronger and more prepared for the

challenges you will face in the future. We could dwell on how many things you missed out on,

and would be right to travel down that path, but let’s don’t. You handled it like champions and

we couldn’t be more proud of you.

I hope you can recognize your strength in making it to this point of your high school career. As

you head to graduation, remember how far you have come since that freshman year.

Remember the friendships and fun you have had over the past four years and know the

memories created at AHS will last your lifetime.

On behalf of the faculty and staff, may I be among the first to congratulate you on your

graduation from high school. You have completed one of the biggest steps of your life. And

now, you’re off to start another journey where your options and potential are unlimited.

You’ve made it! You have heard it said over the years, and now you’ve earned the distinction,

………………………..”Once a Redbird, Always a Redbird”!

Michael Bellm

Principal, Alton High School

Vol. 93 Issue 4 News Page 4

Seniors Anticipate Graduation

By Ameerah Clanton, Reporter

On April 28, seniors received an email with updated graduation information based on feedback

from the graduation survey. This year Alton High School is planning two separate graduation


One ceremony will be on Friday, May 28 at 7 p.m. and the other will be on Saturday, May 29: at

11 a.m. If the weather does not permit outdoor ceremonies, graduation will be moved indoors

to the Alton High School Gymnasium.

Seniors have mixed emotions about graduation. “I am very excited about the graduation

ceremony this year, especially if there’s a chance it’s going to

be outdoor. I have no problem with the set up,” said senior

Antonio Newby.

Some seniors were hoping graduation would be like past

years. “I don’t like how they set up the ceremonies this year

because I would have loved everybody in my class at the

same ceremony together,” said senior Emily Jones.

Even though the ceremonies are structured differently than

previous years, seniors will still receive four tickets for family

and/or friends.

An email sent to seniors on April 6 acknowledged the

difficulties of graduating during a global pandemic. “We

know this year has been difficult and never how we

envisioned our seniors ending their high school careers but

we are still trying to create some lasting memories in these

last few weeks.”

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Congrats Class of 2021! Page 6

If you had told my freshman self

what my high school career was

going to be like, I probably would

not have believed you, especially

my senior year. It has been a wild

four years, each as different as the

next. Though as stressful as it

might have been, I don't think I

will ever forget it. I am very excited

for the next step of my life.

I hope to complete my associates in arts at

Lewis and Clark within a year, then complete

my bachelors in photojournalism at

a four year university, hopefully in a

city (crossing fingers for Pittsburgh). My

dream job is working for National

Geographic, but we will see.

I wish all my classmates a very happy life.

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Congrats Class of 2021! Page 8

Over these last few years of high school,

I've learned a lot about myself, good and

bad. And through all of that, my mom was

there right beside me... so shout out to her

because she got me to this point, and I

wouldn't want to share it

with anyone else.

-Tamiyah Evans


Vol. 93 Issue 4 Congrats Class of 2021! Page 9



Class of 2021

Whew, has this year been one heck of

a roller coaster! The past two and a half years I

have been going to Alton High School have truly been

the best years of my life. I have learned so many new

life skills and have created friendships that will last a

lifetime. I am excited to start my next journey in life

and pursue my dreams. After high school, I plan on

going to dental school to become a dental hygienist,

but as of right now my college is undecided.

Senior Bio

"What feels like the end is often just the beginning"

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Congrats Class of 2021! Page 10

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Congrats Class of 2021! Page 11

Senior Bio

Gabriel Watt


Covid-19 made 2020-2021 a year to remember

for years to come, especially for the seniors.

These last four years have been a mix of good

and bad, but in the end, I am so glad for

everything that happened.

Little Gabe

(6th Grade)

I'm planning on

going to a trade

school to

become an


Big Gabe

(Senior Year)

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Congrats Class of 2021! Page 12

Senior SZN!!

Ja'bien Winn,Reporter

"If they don't like it, I

don't care, I like it."

-Lil' Tecca

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Features Page 13

By Germayia Wallace and Autumn Lengemann, Reporters





Schools seniors are attending

Chamberlain University

Greenville University

Henderson State University

Illinois College

John Wood Community College

Lewis and Clark Community College

McKendree University

Missouri State University

Missouri Western State University

North Carolina A&T

Ole Miss

Ranken Technical College

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Spoon River Junior College

University of Missouri

University of Health Sciences

University of Tennessee

University of Illinois Springfield

University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana












Vol. 93 Issue 4 Features Page 15

College can be expensive. Check out these

special offers for college students to save.

By Kayla Rochelle, Social Media Manager

Amazon Prime - Students can get six months free, after that it's 50% off

Spotify Premium - 50% off

Apple Music - $4.99/month instead of $9.99

Amtrak - Students get 15% off

AMC - Theaters have a college ID night and also a discounted ticket price

Adobe Creative Cloud - It’s $19.99/month instead of $52.99/month

HP- HP gives between 10 and 35% off of all products

Apple - Apple has different student discounts for college students throughout the year

Best Buy - has different discounts throughout the year

Sam’s - You get a $15 gift card when signing up for a Sam's card

Sirius XM - 50% off

Local museums- Most museums have some kind of discount for students

Free bank checking accounts - Bank of America, US Bank and Chase Bank, which also comes with a

$100 bonus


Adidas – Up to 15% off (UNiDAYS confirmation)

ASOS – 10% off

boohoo – up to 80% off (UNiDAYS confirmation)

Champion – up to 20% off online as an actively enrolled college student

Club Monaco – 15% off online and in-store

Dockers – 20% off (UNiDAYS confirmation)

Dr. Martens – 15% off online (UNiDAYS confirmation)

Hanes – Up to 20% off online

J. Crew – a 15% discount for teachers and college students in-store

Journeys – $10 off of a $75+ online order (UNiDAYS confirmation)

Goodwill – Check your local store for the promotion day (ours have 30% off on Wednesdays for

students, teachers, and seniors)

Levi's – Up to 25% off full-price items (UNiDAYS confirmation)

Madewell – 15% off for teachers & college students

ModCloth – 25% off online

Nike – Up to 20% off on most items

PacSun – 10% off online (UNiDAYS confirmation)

Rue21 – 15% off online orders

Sunglass Hut – 15% off online (UNiDAYS confirmation)

The North Face – 10% off online or in-store

Topshop – 10% discount (UNiDAYS confirmation)

Toms – 10% off to students and teachers

Vineyard Vines – 15% off in-store (military too) and online

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Features Page 16

Seniors' Favorite Moments

By Leah Pohlman, Features Editor

"The highlight of my senior year was doing school

from the comfort of home. I could use the restroom

without all the fuss at school. My favorite high school

experience was going to the U of I with Symphonic

Orchestra." -Eva Schwaab

"The highlight of my high school experience was

becoming National Honor Society President and

helping many organizations within our community."

-Ainsley Fortschneider

"High school experience: spirit weeks!; senior year:

making food during school on online hybrid days."

-Olivia Spangler

"The highlight of my high school experience was

getting to be on the soccer team all four years."

-John Griffin

"Probably being able to go to dances and football

games because they were so enjoyable."

-Hannah Hughes

"For senior year it has to be not being in school

physically, really makes for an interesting school year

to look back on." -Dasha Caruthers

"Being in art classes creating and making stuff that I’ve

been passionate about since I was in kindergarten."

-Ciara Good

"I do not have a specific one, but I would say just

making memories with my friends and making the

most out of my senior year." -Hallie Gebelin

"I loved going to the Homecoming matches at West!

And playing varsity tennis was also a highlight to high

school." -Lydia Criveau

"The highlight of my high school experience would be

all of the friends I have made throughout the years."

-Gracey Watson

"Meeting a lot of new people throughout the 4

years." -Katie Castelli

"The highlight of my senior year was the NHS

activities where I got to see my peers."

-Kayla Shobe

"The highlight of high school for me was

getting to meet new students and teachers."

-Danika Cook

"Knowing I will graduate has been the

highlight. All my work has finally paid off."

-Lily Crader

"Becoming the Arts and Entertainment

Editor for The Redbird Word."

-Jordan Linville

"Food Court Fridays, I always looked forward to

getting food with my friends,"-Brianah Voss

"My highlight of my high school career was being

a part of the parade for varsity soccer my junior

year."-Bryan Richardson

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Features Page 17

Seniors' Favorite Teachers

Here's the top 10ish (in no particular order), but check out all

the teachers who got a shout out for having made an impact.

By Delaney Curran

"Mrs. Browning. She is always easy to talk to and

a very caring woman teacher. She also cares

about students doing their work and helping

whenever necessary."

- Wava Meadows

Mr. Fortschneider

"Each year I had a favorite teacher, but all-time

favorite would have to be Mr. Fortschneider

because he made a really boring class super fun

and interesting. Every day was new and hilarious."

- Lydia Criveau

Mrs. Browning

"Honestly super hard to answer because I have

more than one - Ms. Gray for always having the

best advice. Mrs. Palmer for never giving up on me

when I struggled the most. Ms. Nemec for being

there for me during a rough time in my life."

- Jordan Linville

Mrs. Thomas

"Mrs. Thomas (Psychology) because she's really

nice and excellent at what she does. Very open

and makes the class fun for everyone."

- Dasha Caruthers

Ms. Gray

Mrs. Hackethal

"Mrs. Hackethal. She always the first person I think of

when someone asks me this question. I always keep in

touch with her during the summertime. She really

taught me values and not just the type you find in

math, but in real life. She has connected with me and a

lot of students more than any teacher I’ve met


- Ciara Good

Mrs. Palmer

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Features Page 18

Seniors' Favorite Teachers

"Mrs. Plummer, Ms. Gray, and Mr. Hurley. Overall

just amazing teachers that made my high school

experience so much better."

- Caroline Hussey

Mr. Hurley

"Mrs. Giertz, she taught me for 3 years and her

accounting classes helped me understand that

I wanted to get my degree in accounting."

- Phillip Peden

Mrs. Giertz

"Mrs. Nemec, She was true to herself

and to me. She was my favorite

teacher because she gave advice but

also was a friend and a teacher."

- Dylan Petty

Mrs. Nemec

"Mrs. Plummer or Mr. Spainhour

because I have been with Plummer for

the past 4 years each year and she made

me learn a lot and Spainhour because he

has a great personality and made it so I

didn't drop Physics."

- Hannah Hughes

Mr. Spainhour

Mrs. Plummer

"Mrs .Plummer is my favorite teacher

because she works so hard to make

orchestra great. I have learned a lot

from her."

- Eva Schwaab

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Congrats Class of 2021! Page 19


You are one talented group of students! I'm

proud of you and I am an email away if you

ever need anything. By Spanish IV, we started

to feel like a 'familia'. Congratulations!

- Ms. Hammond

Advice from Ms. Thomas:

1. Speak YOUR truth.

2. Travel every chance you get.

(Experiences and not "stuff" = happiness!)

3. Vote. (It matters.)

4. Love is love.

5. FIGHT racism.


So Proud of the Class of 2021! All of you

have endured many unprecedented times

as upperclassmen, and have overcome the

obstacles in your path. You are true

examples that "Circumstances don't

determine our outcome... Choices Do!"

Congratulations Class of 2021!!!

- Mrs. Douglas

Congratulations Class of 2021!! You

overcame more challenges than any class

before. Remember the important facts you

learned in my classes and FCCLA. I will miss

you dearly for you will always be a little

Birchling in my heart.

- Momma Birch

Congratulations Class of 2021!!! It’s been a

hard year but you made it. Good luck in

your future endeavors!

- Mr. Davault

Hold tight to the dreams you have today,

and walk boldly in their direction! May the

path lead you to happiness.

- Mrs. Golley

2021 Senior Class,

I know this has been a challenging year for

most of you, but guess what, you made it.

Think of it as a box of chocolate, you don't

know what you are going to get, but the

challenge was worth it. Congrats on your

next chapter.

- Paula Shelby, ASA/Truancy Clerk

Congratulations, Seniors!

You have persevered and learned to adapt

to what life throws at you.

Focus on your goals. Working through any

bumps along the way will

strengthen you and help to pave your way

to success!

- Mrs. Mathus

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Congrats Class of 2021! Page 20


To all AHS Senior graduates,

I just want to encourage you to go out into

the world that has approach us during this

difficult time with courage, enthusiasm and

determination. I encourage all not to be

Fearful but Faithful to your belief that this too

will pass. I encourage all to enter your college

careers with an attitude of gratefulness and

an attitude that you will be successful in all

that you attempt to achieve. From me to all of

you, acknowledge that God has your back.

Thank you.

-Mrs. Connors

Congratulations! I hope you're as proud of

yourself as I am of you. You've been through

an insane, crazy time in history, and look at

you, graduating high school and starting the

next chapter of your life. Always remember

how amazing you are. Remember how strong

you are. Live your truth and don't be afraid to

be you. You got this! :)

-Ms. Prott

Class of 2021,

You have experienced a year like no

other...memories were made, maybe not the

kind you wanted, but you have persevered to

make it to the end of the school year. Take

the lessons learned (both inside and outside

the classroom) and press on to be the best

person you can be wherever you are. Be kind

to yourself and others, be humble, take a risk.

And to my theatre family, take an umbrella,

it's raining.


Congratulations to the class of 2021. It has

been a pleasure working with you, and I wish

you all the best in the future.

-Mrs. Hart


I know it has not been the type of year you

expected for your senior year but you all

made the most of it. I wish you much success

in the future and hope you reach your


All the best to you!

-Mrs. Giertz


Class of 2021, I am proud of you. Despite the

challenges brought on to you as we teachers

continued to adapt our classrooms to the

pandemic, you managed to overcome these

challenges and make it to graduation. Be

proud of your resilience.

-Mr. Sautman


I know this has been a very challenging year

for you. I admire your tenacity and I am so

proud of you getting through this difficult

time. Have a great summer! I wish you well

with your future endeavors.

-Mrs. Angela Gray

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Congrats Class of 2021! Page 21


Dear Seniors,

You have all demonstrated a great deal of

moxxy and resilience over the past four

years! I am beyond proud of you and your

class, you have some of the best and

brightest that AHS has ever witnessed. I wish

you nothing but greatness and happiness in

all of your future endeavors, and it has been

such an honor for me to be your teacher. My

advice to you is to treat everyone with

kindness, stay humble, and don't stop

wearing your retainers. You will go on to do

such phenomenal things, and we are all here

rooting for you! Congrats and go out into this

crazy wild world and make us all so very

proud, force us to look up your Tatler

photograph because of the incredible feats

you have accomplished rather than the

opposite. Much Love

- Miss Heck

Congratulations, everyone! We all know this

year has been anything but normal. But you

made it through, even though I’m sure for

many of you it hasn’t been easy. Best wishes

for a wonderful future!

- Mrs. Bachman

"Congratulations are in order. You've

made it to the end. You're looking to the

future and saying so long to friends. I

hope you learned a lot here and have the

greatest of success. Of all the Freshmans

that I taught, that first year was the best.

Congrats Class of 2021."

-Steven Munie

I'm Cat-not say enough how much I love the

Class of 2021! Stay engaged and informed,

never turn down a donut, and always pick a

good song. Step outside your comfort zone

every chance you get and realize your

potential is unlimited.

Stay true to yourself and leave the world

more interesting because of you.

Love, Mrs. Hilgert

To the Class of 2021,

It has been a joy to watch you grow from

being a Freshman to your Senior year. While

your Senior year was not exactly how you

imagined it would be, you should be proud of

all that you have accomplished. Your

perseverance proves you are strong and

resilient! Your future is bright and I can not

wait to see all that you will achieve!


Amy Hall

Freshman/Sophomore Clerk

I am so incredibly proud of what you have

faced to stand where you are today!

Remember to always seek the truth, treat

others the way you want to be treated, and

push yourself outside your comfort zone.

Way to go Class of 2021!!

-Ms. Gray

Thank you all for allowing me to be a

part of your high school journey! I can't

wait to see all of the great things I know

you all will accomplish.

-Mr. Bannister


Vol. 93 Issue 4 Features Page 22

How to Survive High School

Seniors Share Tips for Underclassmen

By Paxton Metz, Reporter

“Do not take high school for granted and do

not take it too seriously, make memories

and enjoy your life.” -Hallie Gebelein

“Try your hardest even, if you don’t feel

like it. There will be days that wanna kick

you down a flight of steps. Don’t let it

break you. It’s not as bad as it may seem.”

-Dylan Petty

“Get your required classes out of the way

before senior year, and don't be afraid to

reach out to teachers when you need help!”

-Emma Hagerty

“It's so important to just live in the moment

and appreciate the time you have in high

school because it goes by super fast, and

although it's challenging, high school can be

the best years of your life.” -Danika Cook

“The advice I have for underclassmen is to

never give up. If it gets too hard to handle,

there are people you can go to.”

-Gracey Watson

“Don't pretend to be someone else just to

impress people, because if you have to

change for someone to like you, then they

aren't worth your time.” -Jordan Linville

“Stay on top of your work and try your best

your freshman year; don't slack off. You

think it's easy to get your gpa up but it

isn't.” -Lynna Fischer

“My advice for any underclassmen will be

to make sure to pass all of your classes and

try not to fail any credits. Also, make sure

fees are paid and not wait until senior

year, because senior year is very expensive

already.” -Jaylah Crawford


GIVE UP.” -Trinity Ingram

“Take school seriously, but in the same

token, make sure you’re doing it for you!

Nobody has to sit in school all day but YOU.

Nobody has to do the work but you. Also

LIVE; you don’t want to look back on these

years wishing you did so much more. Be a

little rebellious and free, but not too free,

you’ll end up with kids (NOBODY WANTS

THOSE).” -Shakira Pigee

“My advice to underclassmen is to keep up

with your work because your assignments

will quickly catch up to you and it will feel

really hard to make them all up.”

-Grant Lockhart

“Don't slack on school work, because one

missing assignment will turn into 30 very

quickly. But also have fun with it. Don't take

it for granted, and it is okay to disagree with

people.” -Savannah McMurray

“The advice I would give to underclassmen

would be to never use the main staircase!

But also to try new classes and have fun with

it. Not everything has to be super hard or

super easy.” -Lydia Criveau

Get involved! Join a club that you find

interesting,” -Olivia Spangler

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Features Page 23

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Sports Page 24

Taking It To The Next Level

Seniors Sign to Play for College

By Ja'bien Winn, Reporter

Ainsley Redman committed to Kaskaskia

College for soccer.

Tim Johnson committed to Truman State

University and Ja'Markus Gary committed to

McKendree University for football.

Photo courtesy of Ainsley Redman

"As a college athlete, I hope to get better at the

sport and also help other people."

Jackson Brooks committed to Henderson State

University for baseball.

"I'm going

to work

hard to be

an All-



Gary said.

Photo courtesy of Tim Johnson

"I plan on finishing all five years and getting my degree in exercise

science, and also furthering my athletic career, whether it’s NFL,

CFL or any of the many leagues offered today," Johnson said.

Addison Miller committed to University of Illinois-

Springfield for soccer.

Photo courtesy of Advantage News

"I want to make a name for

myself at a new school. By

the time I graduate, I want

to be remembered there."

Photo courtesy of Addison Miller

"I plan to be All-GLVC

Conference, break some

school records and maybe

become an All-American."

Alyson Haegele committed to

Aurora University for softball.

Photo courtesy of Alyson Haegele

"As a college athlete, I plan on

furthering my skills while making

new connections and continuing to

play the game I love."

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Sports Page 25

Seniors Sign to Play

Lynna Fischer committed to Spoon

River Junior College for softball.

Lawson Bruce committed to John

Wood Junior College.

Photo courtesy of Lynna Fisher

"I plan on learning time management

and discipline skills and gaining

leadership experience, along with

going as far as I can with softball

because of how much I love it."

Eleni Kotzamanis committed to the

University of Kansas for swimming.

Photo courtesy of Lawson Bruce

"I plan on working hard and

becoming the best athlete that I can


Joab Tobin committed to Missouri Valley.

Photo courtesy of Eleni Kotzamanis

"As a college athlete, I want to become a more wellrounded

person, while pursuing a degree in marketing

to eventually work in a sales field."

Photo courtesy of Joab Tobin

"I'm looking forward to having the

experience to compete at a higher level.”

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Sports Page 26

Seniors Sign to Play

Lydia Criveau committed to Illinois

College for tennis.

Ainsley Fortschneider committed to play tennis

at University of Health Sciences & Pharmacy.

Photo courtesy of Coach Macias

"I didn't think I was going to get to play in

college as a freshman. Some athletes train

most their lives for that and I didn't even

make the decision until this year. It's nerve

wracking. I really don't know what to

expect or what I'm up against."

Photo courtesy of Ainsley Fortschneider

"As a college athlete, I hope to represent my school

in both athletics and academics. I hope to be a role

model to my teammates and other students.

Brooke Wolff committed to LCCC for


Owen Macias committed to Illinois

College for baseball and soccer.

Photo courtesy of Brian Bergin

Photo courtesy of Brian Bergin

Vol. 93 Issue 4 Entertainment Page 27

Senior Playlist

Seniors shared their favorite songs with us and now we're sharing

them with you...

No more parties - Coi Leray

Good Days - SZA

Come and Go - Juice WRLD

Kaleidoscope Eyes- Panic! At The Disco

Love - Finding Hope

My Wish - Rascal Flatts

Vienna - Billy Joel

Don't Stop Believing - Journey

It Dance - Michael Aristotle

Two Birds - Regina Spektor

America's Sweetheart - Elle King

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

Dynamite - BTS

Better Together - Luke Combs

Ugh! - BTS

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk

Pluto Project - Rex Orange County

Homecoming - Kanye West

She's Country - Jason Aldean

Pearls in Her Hair - Omega

Sum 2 Prove- Lil Baby)

Where Is My Mind - Pixies

Fireflies - Owl City

My Way Soon - Greta Van Fleet

Octahate - Ryn Weaver

Isabelle - Zach Hood

Genius - LSD ft. SIa, Diplo, Labrinth

Bue - CLAY

When I Grow Up - NF

Tombstone - Rod Wave

Your Gonna Miss This - Trace Adkins

Finer Things - Polo G

Amour Plastique - VideoClub

Sensitive - Serena Isioma

Golden - Harry Styles

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Popular Loner - Rod Wave

Good Time - Owl City

Kids - MGMT

Kiss From A Rose - (Dan Avidan and Super

Guitar Bros Cover)

Sand In My Boots - Morgan Wallen

2009 - Mac Miller

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