Partners‘ View 1 | 2021 by swisspartners EN

ePaper on the main feature of digital living: blockchain technology, digital assets, smart homes and others. swisspartners – The art of reading.

ePaper on the main feature of digital living: blockchain technology, digital assets, smart homes and others. swisspartners – The art of reading.


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The art of reading.<br />

PART<br />

NERS‘<br />

VIEW<br />

01|<strong>2021</strong><br />

May <strong>2021</strong> Edition<br />

Focus<br />


LIVING<br />

THEMES<br />

< Blockchain<br />

< Smart Homes<br />

< Digital Services<br />

< Who is?

PART<br />

NERS‘<br />

VIEW<br />

01|<strong>2021</strong><br />




T<br />

The first Partners’ <strong>View</strong> was created<br />

on a vintage Olivetti typewriter in<br />

1995 and covered all the latest topics<br />

relating to economics and politics as<br />

well as the stock exchange and<br />

financial markets. At the time, it took<br />

the form of a double-sided newsletter<br />

that was copied onto yellowed paper.<br />

It was delivered <strong>by</strong> post to its recipients<br />

– a few dozen customers and acquaintances<br />

– in a stamped envelope. That<br />

was 26 years ago now and the world<br />

has changed dramatically since then.<br />

We are delighted to present the first<br />

edition of our new-look Partners' <strong>View</strong>.<br />

The publication will now appear<br />

quarterly as an online magazine and<br />

provide information on the latest topics<br />

and trends in the fields of finance,<br />

economic policy and global living.<br />

The content of each digital edition will<br />

feature a main theme and related<br />

specialist topics. In the “Who is”<br />

section, we will continue to introduce<br />

members of staff at <strong>swisspartners</strong><br />

Group.<br />

In the leading article of the latest<br />

Partners’ <strong>View</strong> on the main feature of<br />

digital living, blockchain expert Mathias<br />

Ruch provides an insight into the future<br />

potential of blockchain technology<br />

and digitalisation, including in the field<br />

of digital investment.<br />

A lot of what we do and experience in<br />

our daily lives is still analogue – but<br />

digital activities are increasingly taking<br />

over our personal and working lives.<br />

Our article on smart homes explores<br />

the take-up of intelligent solutions for<br />

the home in Switzerland to date.<br />

<strong>swisspartners</strong> is also making great<br />

strides towards digitalisation: with two<br />

digital service innovations and a new<br />

collaboration in cryptocurrency, you<br />

can rest assured that we are acting in<br />

your interests as our valued customers.<br />

I hope you enjoy reading the new-look<br />

Partners’ <strong>View</strong>.<br />

Yours sincerely<br />

Markus Wintsch<br />

CEO of <strong>swisspartners</strong> Group<br />

PARTNERS‘ VIEW | Editorial 3


GROWTH POT<strong>EN</strong>TIAL FOR<br />

G<strong>EN</strong>ERATIONS TO COME<br />


1989<br />

In 1989, the internet as we now know it was invented at the<br />

prestigious CERN Institute in Geneva. However, Switzerland<br />

itself has little to show for this historic development, as not a<br />

single Swiss or even European internet company of any global<br />

significance has evolved as a result of this opportunity. As we<br />

all know, the big business went to tech giants from the US and<br />

China.<br />

But Switzerland is now returning to the fore as the epicentre<br />

of a technology that has the potential to generate growth over<br />

several generations: blockchain. The potential offered <strong>by</strong> this<br />

new technology is being hailed as similar to that harboured <strong>by</strong><br />

the internet 30 years ago. After the phase of information<br />

sharing in the 1990s and commercialisation in the form of<br />

e-commerce and the dotcom boom, blockchain technology has<br />

become the facility for the internet of value – or in other words<br />

the secure exchange of assets.<br />

Blockchain technology and its close affiliate, Crypto Valley,<br />

which is the collective name for the Swiss blockchain ecosys tem<br />

comprising almost 1,000 companies and more than 5,000 staff,<br />

represents not only the biggest opportunity of my entrepreneurial<br />

life, but also a historic opportunity for Switzerland.<br />

What motivated us as our guiding principle when we founded<br />

CV VC three years ago is becoming ever more apparent: the<br />

areas in which blockchain will be used will extend far and wide<br />

beyond cryptocurrencies. Every market that involves the digital<br />

transfer of assets and shares information on ownership will<br />

use this technology. Blockchain is already attracting huge<br />

interest, which will continue to rise at a rapid pace. In line with<br />

the famous saying from André Kostolany – "in a gold rush, don't<br />

invest in the gold diggers, but in shovels” – we have answered<br />

the question of what comes after bitcoin <strong>by</strong> creating an investment<br />

approach to meet the growing demand for alternative and<br />

digital assets.<br />



Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of<br />

things (IoT) or blockchain are precisely the ones that are<br />

attracting new generations of founders and could trigger the<br />

next tech revolution. Cryptocurrencies have spearheaded this<br />

revolution and made it ubiquitous due to the explosion in<br />

bitcoin prices. However, they are just one of many possible<br />

applications for blockchain technology. There is far greater<br />

potential to be tapped in the use of this technology across all<br />

sectors of the economy – from the protection of logistics chains<br />

in the global transportation indus try, to cross-border data<br />

exchange in pharmaceuticals research and the transfer of<br />

digital assets in the finance sector. I firmly believe that we are<br />

on the verge of a blockchain revolution.<br />

4 Main Feature – Digital Living | PARTNERS‘ VIEW

„<br />

Blockchain<br />

technology is not<br />

just the biggest<br />

opportunity of my<br />

entrepreneurial life –<br />

it is also a historic<br />

opportunity for<br />

Switzerland.”<br />

Photo CV VC © Loris de Minico<br />

The surge in digitalisation as a result of the coronavirus<br />

pandemic has led to disproportionately high growth in techdriven<br />

markets and applications. Our venture capital investment<br />

approach and the start-up portfolio of CV VC, in which investors<br />

can participate via our investment certificate, are defined <strong>by</strong><br />

six core areas relating to the theme of technology for tomorrow<br />

(T4T): future of work, lifestyle & health, education & science,<br />

security & identity, e-commerce & logistics and – the issue that<br />

is most relevant to <strong>swisspartners</strong>’ activities – finance & inves ting.<br />

This trend goes hand in hand with the new blockchain<br />

legislation that was recently passed in Switzerland, which will<br />

be the most advanced of its kind in the world when it comes<br />

into force this summer. In this setting, given the fast-growing<br />

sector of alternative investments and the fact that traditional<br />

asset classes are generating ever-decreasing returns, institutional<br />

investors are making the move towards a private equity<br />

approach that involves riskier investments in assets over a<br />

longer period, such as venture capital in the technology sector.<br />

There is a huge amount going on in the field of digital assets<br />

at the moment with many innovative topics that we have yet<br />

to explore. It is not too late to get involved – on the contrary,<br />

we are just at the beginning of this new phenomenon.<br />


Mathias Ruch is the founder and CEO of CV VC, an<br />

early-stage venture capital investor based in Zug. The<br />

company focuses on investments in blockchain-based<br />

start-ups. As a co-founder of the Swiss Blockchain Federation,<br />

he is actively involved in promoting the appeal of<br />

Switzerland as a location for blockchain-based activities<br />

and supporting the development of a secure and competitive<br />

legal framework. Mr Ruch lives with his family in<br />

Zurich.<br />

PARTNERS‘ VIEW | Main Feature – Digital Living 5

L<br />

Photo CV VC © Jehona Abrashi<br />



OF A GROUND-<br />


DEVELOPM<strong>EN</strong>T<br />

Mathias Ruch was interviewed<br />

<strong>by</strong> Kathrin Meister.<br />

Mr Ruch, what opportunities do digitalisation and blockchain<br />

offer to private investors?<br />

The technology sector as a whole is generally benefiting<br />

from a global surge in digitalisation on an unprecedented scale.<br />

This is a ubiquitous trend, affecting everything from the federal<br />

government in Switzerland to start-ups and SMEs.<br />

Based on past experience, the technology stocks listed on<br />

the public markets have benefited extensively from this<br />

movement – especially in the US. Given the demand for<br />

alternatives in the tech environment, we expect to see a shift<br />

towards private markets. In terms of specialist technology<br />

investments such as blockchain, there are a variety of options<br />

available to institutional and private investors.<br />

The most obvious of these are listed companies. For example,<br />

if I invest in IBM, I will also have some degree of exposure<br />

to blockchain. Another option would be to invest via a venture<br />

capital fund. However, these funds are often difficult to access<br />

and don’t necessarily specialise in blockchain as they are more<br />

broadly based. Well-informed investors can also invest directly<br />

in start-ups. Another option is to invest in cryptocurrencies as<br />

a private individual. I think that bitcoin will remain an important<br />

player as we have seen over the years that it works. However,<br />

the cryptocurrency repeatedly attracts criticism because, for<br />

example, as the first generation of blockchain technology, it is<br />

pretty energy-intensive.<br />

What are the alternatives to bitcoin?<br />

When talking about alternatives to bitcoin, I don’t necessarily<br />

mean alternative cryptocurrencies, but products that we can<br />

currently only imagine.<br />

Examples of some of the topics on trend are decentralised<br />

finance (DeFi) or investments in the art market using non-<br />

6 Main Feature – Digital Living | PARTNERS‘ VIEW

fungible tokens (NFTs). Digital artwork has been fetching record<br />

prices recently thanks to blockchain-based NFT technology.<br />

Paintings, or to take another example, the first tweet in history,<br />

are attracting bids in the millions in some cases – and all in<br />

cryptocurrency of course. It’s all sheer hype that attracts<br />

attention, but also potential investors who are showing<br />

increasing interest in these areas of investment.<br />

But it’s not just about digitalising processes – we’re talking<br />

about completely new types of products and services, aren’t<br />

we?<br />

Yes. If we move away from existing infrastructures com -<br />

pletely and use new ones, we can represent payment flows or<br />

make automated interest payments via tokens. We can<br />

structure products so that a particular event is triggered only<br />

if condition A and condition B are met, for example. These are<br />

areas in which it is currently impossible to make any accurate<br />

predictions of what direction their development will take. An<br />

initial phase such as this obviously always entails risks – such<br />

as in the whole DeFI space, which is a focus of major attention<br />

at the moment. What it shows is that this is just the start of a<br />

ground-breaking development.<br />

What do you think is the biggest trend for private investors?<br />

Digital assets without a doubt – for both investors and the<br />

sector as a whole. As well as enabling the infrastructure to be<br />

modernised, blockchain technology and digitalisation will pave<br />

the way for completely new products to be launched. New<br />

regulatory legislation will come into full force from summer<br />

onwards in Switzerland. This will create the backdrop – which<br />

does not yet exist anywhere else in the world – for innovative<br />

products to break into the institutional market. As far as I’m<br />

concerned, this will be the hot topic in the years ahead.<br />

Looking ahead, another aspect of digitalisation that is likely<br />

to come to the fore is the ability to enhance the efficiency of an<br />

investment product. Having a verified digital identity will allow<br />

me to process investments on a completely digital basis, from<br />

subscription to settlement. In equity trading, for example,<br />

settlement can take several days. But <strong>by</strong> using blockchain<br />

technology, the actual exchange will coincide with the settlement<br />

as it is one and the same process.<br />

When and how did your fascination with blockchain technology<br />

begin?<br />

I’m not an early bitcoin adopter who bought bitcoins back<br />

in 2009 – unfortunately (laughs). In 2015, I analysed the rapidly<br />

growing crowdfunding market. During the course of the analysis,<br />

we became aware of the first major fundraising event via<br />

blockchain in 2016: “The DAO” raised over US$ 150 million in<br />

cryptocurrencies within a few weeks. Of course I wanted to<br />

know exactly how that works and decided to investigate<br />

blockchain technology more closely.<br />

I am also very lucky to be living in Switzerland: I realised<br />

„<br />

Blockchain technology<br />

and digitalisation enable<br />

completely new products<br />

to be launched.”<br />

one day that Silicon Valley has relocated – it’s now called<br />

Crypto Valley and is right on my doorstep (laughs). We already<br />

had our companies in Zug at that point and a connection with<br />

this ecosystem from the very beginning. We thought: something<br />

big is happening here and we would like to be part of it.<br />

How much does digital living feature in your daily routine, Mr<br />

Ruch?<br />

It varies. In some areas, I think not enough, while in others,<br />

it’s already excessive. My children, aged four and six, are used<br />

to seeing their dad spending a lot of time on a smartphone or<br />

laptop. And they copy me of course. It’s difficult to resist the<br />

pull of these devices and that’s something that has to be<br />

managed properly – this is the challenge I face as a father.<br />

I would describe myself as a very digital person. I’m always<br />

keen to try out digital innovations as soon as possible. If I find<br />

something I like, I’ll keep using it. For example, I have been<br />

buying groceries online for more than ten years. When using<br />

online grocery providers quickly became impossible in Switzerland<br />

during the first lockdown in spring 2020, I had to revert<br />

to shopping in stores. When you realise you have no cash on<br />

you at the bakery, that can be a problem. It was a reminder of<br />

how digital I have become in my everyday life.<br />

What do you do to find a balance in your analogue life?<br />

I try to be more mindful in my non-digital activities. Nature<br />

is very important to me as a counterbalance to digital living. I<br />

am also passionate about cooking. I don’t follow a recipe when<br />

I am cooking – I like to use my imagination. I also do a lot of<br />

exercise, I find that very enjoyable. However, I do use digital<br />

gadgets to measure my performance when exercising. So even<br />

as I speak, I realise that my life is very much defined <strong>by</strong><br />

digitalisation.<br />

PARTNERS‘ VIEW | Main Feature – Digital Living 7




WH<strong>EN</strong> IT COMES TO DEPLOYING<br />


“Alexa, play some jazz!” The robot vacuum cleaner swishes<br />

around the room to the relaxing sound of Herbie Hancock.<br />

When someone opens the door to the balcony, the heating<br />

automatically lowers the temperature setting to save energy<br />

costs.<br />

The smart home has now become a reality for many tenants<br />

and homeowners alike. Not only that, digitalisation is set to<br />

prompt further changes to the way we build and live in homes.<br />

The focus is not just on intelligent devices featuring smart<br />

voice control, but above all on networking automated solutions,<br />

otherwise known as the internet of things (IoT). But how willing<br />

are the people of Switzerland to embrace the digital transformation<br />

within their own four walls in the shape of smart home<br />

technology?<br />


According to a survey conducted <strong>by</strong> Ofri, the Swiss platform<br />

for tradespersons, in 2019 just 57% of those surveyed in<br />

German-speaking Switzerland were familiar with the term<br />

“smart home”. Just 20% of Swiss citizens use a networked<br />

device in their homes; <strong>by</strong> contrast, in neighbouring Germany<br />

half the nation would like to link up all their technical devices<br />

as part of a network so that they could control them digitally.<br />

Meanwhile in the US, around 70% of the population would be<br />

reluctant to part with their smart home devices.<br />

Alongside televisions, networked lighting and sound systems<br />

are the most popular smart home features as far as the Swiss<br />

are concerned. Apple HomeKit is the number one smart<br />

solution in Swiss homes, followed <strong>by</strong> Amazon’s Alexa. Greater<br />

convenience and quality of life are the reasons most frequently<br />

cited for using smart home devices, followed <strong>by</strong> considerations<br />

such as security and energy efficiency.<br />

8 Smart Homes | PARTNERS‘ VIEW

„<br />

Demand for smart home solutions<br />

is still a niche issue on the Swiss real<br />

estate market.”<br />


Fiduciary Services | Real Estate<br />

monika.bieler@<strong>swisspartners</strong>.com<br />

EVERY TR<strong>EN</strong>D INSPIRES A COUNTERTR<strong>EN</strong>D<br />

The push towards digitalisation that has been accelerated <strong>by</strong><br />

the pandemic has made all our lives far more digital: spending<br />

hours on screen working or learning from home can be tiring<br />

and awaken a yearning for analogue alternatives. Trends that<br />

run counter to the digital transformation include a more<br />

pronounced appetite for nature or the pleasure taken in making<br />

things <strong>by</strong> hand – it is no coincidence that topics such as DIY,<br />

slow food and mindfulness are enjoying huge popularity. It<br />

remains to be seen to what extent smart home solutions hold<br />

their own or even tap into further market potential amidst<br />

these competing trends. Ultimately, the key issue will be<br />

whether smart home applications are sufficiently user-friendly<br />

to appreciably improve the at-home experience and to provide<br />

clear benefits in terms of security, the environment and cost<br />

savings.<br />


Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, online:<br />

https://blog.hslu.ch/diginect/2019/05/09/iot-und-smart-home-heutiger-stand-in-der-schweiz/<br />

Fintech News, online: https://fintechnews.ch/iot/smart-home-schweiz-studie/26019/<br />

Netzwoche, online:<br />

https://www.netzwoche.ch/news/2019-02-26/schweizer-lassen-die-finger-vom-smarthome<br />

Bitkom Research 2020: https://www.bitkom.org/Bitkom/Publikationen/Smart-Home-Studie-2020<br />


Property management, buying and selling properties or<br />

support during the construction process – <strong>swisspartners</strong><br />

is a companion you can trust with all aspects of real<br />

estate – and not just for property owners, but also for<br />

tenants and service providers.<br />

We offer our clients the following services:<br />

▪ Property management – full administrative and<br />

technical management service<br />

▪ Buying and selling properties – from owner-occupied<br />

apartments to single-family homes and land for<br />

building<br />

▪ Fiduciary services for building owners – support<br />

across all phases of the build from planning to<br />

completion<br />

PARTNERS‘ VIEW | Smart Homes 9




Our lives have changed dramatically in recent months. The<br />

coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the process of digital<br />

transformation. Remote meetings, the boom in online shopping<br />

and homeschooling in digital classrooms – the future has<br />

finally arrived.<br />

To enable us to respond even more flexibly to the needs of<br />

our clients, we at <strong>swisspartners</strong> have developed two forwardlooking<br />

services:<br />

ONE <strong>by</strong> <strong>swisspartners</strong> and the stress-free package. These<br />

are both digitally supported solutions that guarantee<br />

security and transparency, while enabling clients to relax<br />

and focus on what’s most important to them.<br />


Featuring six building blocks, the stress-free package takes<br />

the pressure off clients across all aspects of wealth, financial<br />

planning, taxes, forward planning & inheritance, property and<br />

lifestyle services. Diverse service modules can be combined to<br />

deliver maximum flexibility. Interested clients can make a<br />

preliminary selection of the stress-free services on the<br />

<strong>swisspartners</strong> website. In the next stage, <strong>swisspartners</strong><br />

specialists work with clients to put together a bespoke package<br />

of services – remotely <strong>by</strong> video call if required.<br />

Float off and relax into a stress-free, digital future.<br />

Your contact: Christian Dietsche<br />

christian.dietsche@<strong>swisspartners</strong>.com<br />

Click here for more information:<br />

<strong>swisspartners</strong>.com/das-sorglos-paket (in German)<br />

10 Innovative Services | PARTNERS‘ VIEW



The comprehensive ONE <strong>by</strong> <strong>swisspartners</strong> service digitally<br />

consolidates and structures all your assets, from equities and<br />

foreign currencies through to property, works of art, vintage<br />

cars and antiques. Not only does ONE enable the transparent<br />

documentation of how assets are structured and owned, it also<br />

offers digitalised performance and cost analyses as well as<br />

macroeconomic assessments. The encrypted, blockchain-based<br />

client portal with cloud servers in Switzerland meets the<br />

hi ghest demands in terms of data security.<br />

Your wealth at a glance.<br />

Your contact: Marco Di Canio<br />

marco.dicanio@<strong>swisspartners</strong>.com<br />

Click here for more information:<br />

one<strong>by</strong><strong>swisspartners</strong>.com<br />

„<br />

Here at <strong>swisspartners</strong>, we are<br />

constantly developing innovative<br />

products and services. Even in<br />

these eventful times, our clients<br />

should be able to relax and focus<br />

on the things that are really<br />

important to them.”<br />

Christian Dietsche<br />

PARTNERS‘ VIEW | Innovative Services 11






As one of the largest external asset managers, for many years<br />

now <strong>swisspartners</strong> has developed and distributed individual<br />

solutions in conventional wealth management and wealth<br />

structuring. Our services encompass the areas of capital<br />

preservation and capital growth, tax optimisation, succession<br />

arrangements and bequeathing wealth alongside changes of<br />

domicile, taking account of complex structures in respect of<br />

fiduciary and insurance issues.<br />

Owing to the push towards digitalisation, for some time now<br />

we have seen growing demand on the part of our wealthy<br />

private clients for innovative services such as cryptocurrencies<br />

or digital assets.<br />

In forming our forward-looking working relationship with<br />

Sygnum Bank, we are responding to our clients’ requirements<br />

and adding the custody of digital assets to our extensive<br />

portfolio of services. This enables us to support our clientele<br />

across all aspects of financial services with immediate effect.<br />


The partnership with Sygnum, which is a regulated Swiss bank,<br />

will enable our private clients to hold digital assets – securely<br />

and in accordance with the relevant regulations – directly with<br />

us as asset managers.<br />

„<br />

Digital assets are now part of<br />

holistic wealth management.”<br />

Christian Dietsche<br />

Alongside efficient trading in cryptocurrencies, the collaboration<br />

also simplifies the safekeeping of digital assets. Furthermore,<br />

it enables additional services such as tokenisation and<br />

Lombard loans to be provided. Sygnum is available to clients<br />

of <strong>swisspartners</strong> as a new custodian bank.<br />

“More and more of our clients are asking us about digital<br />

assets. These assets are now part of holistic wealth management,”<br />

explains Christian Dietsche, Head of Wealth Management at<br />

<strong>swisspartners</strong>.<br />

“In Sygnum, we have an acknowledged partner at our side<br />

that is able to offer first-class and secure crypto services,” he<br />

adds.<br />

Martin Burgherr, Chief Clients Officer at Sygnum Bank, is<br />

delighted about the forward-looking cooperation agreement:<br />

“<strong>swisspartners</strong> is another company that will be making active<br />

use of our expertise in the digital assets space. The firm can<br />

now offer its clients a range of digital asset services with<br />

institutional backing and confidence.”<br />


Sygnum is the world’s first digital asset bank. Using the<br />

Swiss banking licence of Sygnum Bank AG and the<br />

licence for providing capital market services of Sygnum<br />

Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, Sygnum enables institutional and<br />

private qualified investors, corporates, banks and other<br />

financial institutions to invest in digital assets with<br />

confidence. The company is rooted in the traditions of the<br />

Swiss and Singapore financial centres and operates<br />

worldwide.<br />

www.sygnum.com<br />

12 SYGNUM Collaboration | PARTNERS‘ VIEW



IS WHERE WE PRES<strong>EN</strong>T TAL<strong>EN</strong>TED<br />


WHO IS?<br />


began her career in accounting. She<br />

obtained a BSc in business economics<br />

at the University of Applied Sciences<br />

and Arts Northwestern Switzerland<br />

(FHNW), specialising in accounting and<br />

financial controlling. On leaving<br />

university, Ljiljana took the plunge into<br />

tax advisory, which was a new field for<br />

her, working for KPMG in Zurich until<br />

end-2012. After taking four months out<br />

to travel the world – Ljiljana describes<br />

herself as a globetrotter – she became<br />

head of the tax department at a Swiss<br />

fiduciary services firm. The birth of her<br />

daughter in July 2017 marked a major<br />

milestone in her life. Alongside her<br />

main career, she is currently studying<br />

for the Swiss tax expert qualification.<br />

Ljiljana has been working part-time for<br />

<strong>swisspartners</strong> Wealth Services since<br />

September 2020. Her role involves<br />

providing tax advice to legal entities<br />

and individuals. For Ljiljana, it is a<br />

privilege to have found a balance at<br />

<strong>swisspartners</strong> between the passion<br />

she has for her profession and her<br />

role as a mother. “I’m delighted that<br />

<strong>swisspartners</strong> has entrusted me with<br />

the opportunity to build on my tax<br />

expertise, to tackle new challenges<br />

and to grow professionally.“<br />

Ljiljana Weibel<br />

Tax Advisor<br />

ljiljana.weibel@<strong>swisspartners</strong>.com<br />

5<br />


To be honest, I still prefer physical books.<br />

But there are some apps that I’m really enthusiastic about, one<br />

of which is the payments app Twint. Looking a little further<br />

ahead, I’d eventually like to live completely paper-free and<br />

gradually scan in all the documents I need.<br />

Five questions to Ljiljana Weibel<br />



I trust my clients and greatly appreciate our personal working<br />

relationship. It’s important to me to always put the individual<br />

first. The biggest part of my role is to take the pressure off<br />

clients so that they can take care of their core business.<br />

WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST STR<strong>EN</strong>GTH?<br />

I always give my best. After all, my motto in life is: “Persevere,<br />

believe in yourself and never stand still!”<br />


1. An end to the Covid madness<br />

2. For the world to become healthy and safe again...<br />

3. … and then to travel the world with my daughter<br />


As a working mum I have virtually no time for hobbies. But I<br />

really do enjoy the time I get to spend with my daughter, who<br />

is three and a half. We like going to painting lessons or for<br />

walks, or we work together on little craft projects. And if I can<br />

find the time, I enjoy mountain biking or running.<br />

Interview <strong>by</strong> Simone Töllner<br />


The art of reading.<br />

<strong>swisspartners</strong> Group<br />

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swiss.partners<br />

<strong>swisspartners</strong><br />


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