The Luxury Network International Magazine Issue 12

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Aviation Group<br />

Image courtesy of Dassault<br />


ISSUE <strong>12</strong> | MAY - JUN 2019

Described as “<strong>The</strong> next generation of marketing for luxury brands” by the British media,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> is the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing group. <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> is a private membership club, established in luxury capitals or countries<br />

around the world, within which premium companies work closely together<br />

at senior director level for mutual business and client development.

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>’s objective is simple: To facilitate co-operation and exciting new<br />

business development activities between top-end companies. New business partnerships<br />

are created via strategic alignment, joint collaborations, product placements,<br />

endorsements, media sharing, B2B and B2C networking, sales and luxury<br />

showcase events and numerous other affinity marketing activities.

A Message<br />

From <strong>The</strong> Editor<br />

Dear Valued Readers,<br />

Please enjoy this edition as we feature <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Summit 2019. We look forward to hosting this successful<br />

event once again soon to create and offer exciting experiences that deliver priceless value to our high<br />

net worth clients and members.<br />

Our team is dedicated to serving the luxury business in this changing world and we continuously work on following<br />

through the constant evolution of technology and products.<br />

This issue features various categories of luxury lifestyle which include travel, adventures, fashion, home interiors,<br />

real estate, and technology.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Fares Ghattas<br />

Global CEO,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong><br />

Editor-in-chief,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

4<br />

@faresghattas<br />




SUMMIT<br />

Page 102


Heavenly Heavenly Abyss Abyss<br />

by by<br />

Ari LankinAri Lankin<br />

2018, 71 x 2018, 71 inches, 71 x 180 71 inches, x 180 cm, 180 oil, x 180 acrylic cm, on oil, canvas acrylic on canvas<br />

RL Fine RL Arts Fine 39 West Arts 19 39 Street West 19 Suite Street 6<strong>12</strong> Suite New York 6<strong>12</strong> New NY 10011 York NY 10011<br />

www.rlfinearts.com www.rlfinearts.com info@rlfinearts.com info@rlfinearts.com


Paradise Paradise<br />

by by<br />

Ari LankinAri Lankin<br />

2018, 71 x 2018, 71 inches, 71 x 180 71 inches, x 180 cm, 180 oil, x 180 acrylic cm, on oil, canvas acrylic on canvas<br />

RL Fine RL Arts Fine 39 West Arts 19 39 Street West 19 Suite Street 6<strong>12</strong> Suite New York 6<strong>12</strong> New NY 10011 York NY 10011<br />

www.rlfinearts.com www.rlfinearts.com info@rlfinearts.com info@rlfinearts.com

highlights<br />

ISSUE <strong>12</strong> | May - Jun 2019<br />

18<br />

26<br />

31<br />

36<br />

42<br />

48<br />

58<br />

74<br />

79<br />

97<br />

102<br />

Rolls-Royce ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ Fabergé Egg<br />

Buben & Zorweg Grand Connoisseur XL Bar<br />

Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul<br />

Baselworld 2019<br />

Bugatti “La Voiture Noire”<br />

Villas Edenia<br />

Rocco Forte New Italian Hotels<br />

TLN Launches in Saudi Arabia<br />

TLN New Zealand at the Urban Polo<br />

Bella Flora<br />

TLN Summit 2019

18 26<br />

31<br />

36<br />

42<br />

48<br />

74<br />

asseria Torre Maizza, Puglia<br />

58<br />

79<br />

97<br />

<strong>The</strong> Roman sky is the limit<br />

Launching May 23rd, the Hotel d<br />

a Rocco Forte hotel, is the mos<br />

opening of the year in Rome and<br />

the ultimate views over the ete<br />

Indeed the historical structure artfu<br />

over several levels means that the<br />

large terraces are quite unrivalled

Delfi Orchard #01-<strong>12</strong> T(65) 6736 3383<br />

Takashimaya Department Store Fine Jewellery Level 1 T(65) 8501 5226

A l w a y s S o m e t h i n g B e a u t i f u l a t T h e C a n a r y D i a m o n d<br />


DAWN<br />

Act on inspiration<br />

© Copyright Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited 2019. <strong>The</strong> Rolls-Royce name and logo are registered trademarks.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Sydney<br />

75-85 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria, NSW 2015, Australia<br />

Tel: +61 (2) 8892 8167<br />

www.rolls-roycemotorcars-sydney.com.au<br />

MD032535<br />

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Melbourne<br />

420 Swan Street, Richmond, VIC 3<strong>12</strong>1, Australia<br />

Tel: +61 (3) 8866 3188<br />

www.rolls-roycemotorcars-melbourne.com.au<br />

LMCT9479<br />

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Brisbane<br />

800 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, Australia<br />

Tel: +61 (7) 3853 0200<br />

www.rolls-roycemotorcars-brisbane.com<br />

LMCT1019745-5<br />

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Perth<br />

354 Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park, WA 6017, Australia<br />

Tel: +61 (8) 9231 5999<br />

www.roll-roycemotorcars-perth.com.au<br />

DL2061<br />

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Auckland<br />

11-15 Great South Road, Newmarket, Auckland 1051, New Zealand<br />

Tel: +64 9524 3314<br />



Creators of luxury travel experiences and personalised concierge services<br />

Let our travel<br />

concierge guide<br />

you to your next<br />

destination…<br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> travel concierge service for private and corporate clients<br />

24/7 concierge support<br />

Award winning agency<br />

0844 809 0917 | +447974 479931<br />

Sandie@HPA<strong>Luxury</strong>Travel.co.uk<br />


<strong>The</strong> new Ωmega Grill provides a better and more consistent and<br />

homogenous oven to the corner of the cavity.<br />

www.asia.de-dietrich.com<br />





From Kings and Queens to entrepreneurs, many of the most prominent and wealthy collectors of the 20th<br />

and 21st century have been beguiled by the lure of a Fabergé Egg. With just 50 pre-1917 Imperial Eggs completed,<br />

these exceptionally precious creations are some of the most valuable and coveted objects ever to<br />

have been made. Now, in a contemporary fashion, a new Fabergé Egg has been created. Two of the world’s most<br />

esteemed houses of luxury have joined forces to create one unique objet d’art, for one discerning patron. Rolls-<br />

Royce Motor Cars and Fabergé proudly announce the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ Fabergé Egg.<br />

For the first time in history, an iteration of the Spirit of Ecstasy, the enigmatic mascot that has adorned Rolls-<br />

Royce motor cars since 1911, is cocooned in an exquisite, contemporary, Fabergé Egg. <strong>The</strong> design, conceived by<br />

Rolls-Royce Designer Alex Innes and rendered by Fabergé Lead Designer Liisa Talgren, has been brought to life<br />

by Fabergé workmaster Paul Jones, creating a contemporary interpretation of one of the world’s most fabled<br />

and prized possessions.<br />

<strong>The</strong> commissioning of a Rolls-Royce motor car is often a seminal moment for the patron, so too is the commissioning<br />

of a Fabergé Egg.<br />

Indeed, this ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ Fabergé Egg, the second to be commissioned in the ‘Imperial Class’ since 1917 – a<br />

category reserved only for Fabergé’s most illustrious creations – celebrates the history, heritage and legend for<br />

which both Rolls-Royce and Fabergé have been revered for over more than a century. Both brands have navi-<br />



gated the vicissitudes of time and continue to produce the apogee of modern, highly sought after, true luxury<br />

items. <strong>The</strong> Egg is destined for the residence of a great collector of both brands.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Egg connects the elements that lie at the very core of each marque – the Spirit of Ecstasy, the illustrious<br />

muse that has guided each Rolls-Royce motor car for over a century, and the form of a Fabergé Egg, the pinnacle<br />

of ornamental expression. <strong>The</strong> masterpiece resulting from this distinguished collaboration reflects the extraordinary<br />

attention to detail and the consummate craftsmanship for which both brands are renowned to this day.<br />

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, commented, “’<strong>The</strong> Spirit of Ecstasy’<br />

Fabergé Egg was born from an intrinsic desire to further the realms of Bespoke personalisation. Responding to<br />

the continuing demands of patrons in search of unique and cherished possessions, a designer at the House of<br />

Rolls-Royce sketched an egg, igniting a fascination that will undoubtedly become one of the most collectable<br />

items of modern times.”<br />

A team of seven craftspeople from Fabergé undertook the challenge of fabricating the design using the finest<br />

materials married with their extraordinary skill as artist jewellers. At first glance, the Egg is unmistakable in its<br />

character. Design cues from Fabergé’s heritage are masterfully woven into the intricate design which stands at<br />

160mm and weighs just 400g, with the Egg harnessing the ‘surprise and delight’ attributes for which Imperial<br />

Eggs are celebrated.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Egg rests on an engine-turned, hand-engraved, purple enamel guilloché base of 18 karat white gold. Arms<br />

of rose gold define the shape of the egg, acting as a protective chamber for the Egg’s precious inhabitant. Upon<br />

operating the movement via a discreet lever at the base of the stand, a sense of theatre ensues as the boughs<br />

open to present the fine figurine of the Spirit of Ecstasy, hand-sculpted in frosted rock crystal, standing nobly<br />

in her opulent surrounds. <strong>The</strong> rose gold vanes, embellished with nearly 10 carats of round white diamonds, resolve<br />

into swathes of natural amethyst weighing over 390 carats, specially selected for its colour saturation and<br />

quality. <strong>The</strong> purple hue of the enamel and amethyst provide a playful nod to the use of colour found in Fabergé’s<br />

heritage.<br />



<strong>The</strong> technical mastery of Fabergé prevails. <strong>The</strong> ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ Fabergé Egg adopts a highly complex operating<br />

mechanism, conceived through computer aided design and animation, developed with micro engineering. <strong>The</strong><br />

success of this mechanism, and in turn the piece as a whole, can be attributed to the goldsmiths’ art as craftspeople<br />

and their ability to meld this skill with technology, creating a work of art that could not be created by<br />

man alone. <strong>The</strong> piece embodies both the artistic design and engineering skill that one expects from a collaboration<br />

between Rolls-Royce and Fabergé, and has probably the most complicated opening of any Fabergé Egg<br />

to date.<br />

Sean Gilbertson, Chief Executive Officer, Fabergé said, “A unique moment in both our companies’ history, the<br />

creation of the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ Egg represents the meeting of two masters of unrivalled quality and design,<br />

showcasing two globally recognised symbols – the Fabergé Egg and the Spirit of Ecstasy.”<br />

Josina von dem Bussche-Kessell, Business Development and Global Sales Director, Fabergé added, “Two years in<br />

the making, we are very excited to unveil this special piece to our clients and partners across the globe together<br />

with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and are proud to continue making history by creating bespoke and unique pieces<br />

such as this. <strong>The</strong> ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ Egg marks a demonstration of the reputation that Fabergé proudly carries<br />

today.”<br />

Fifty Imperial Easter eggs were created for the Russian Imperial family between 1885 and 1916. <strong>The</strong>se creations<br />

are inextricably linked to the lives of the Romanov family. Ten eggs were produced from 1885 to 1893 during the<br />

reign of Emperor Alexander III; a further 40 were created during the rule of his dutiful son, Nicholas II, two each<br />

year – one for his mother the dowager, the second for his wife. If we explore the great archives of Rolls-Royce,<br />

we find that Tsar Nicholas II was indeed also a patron of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.<br />

<strong>The</strong> ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ Fabergé Egg was premiered at the House of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, West Sussex, England,<br />

to a host of distinguished guests and venerable patrons of the marque on 23 October 2018. <strong>The</strong> Egg will<br />

be on public display in Fabergé’s London window, 1 – 31 December 2018.<br />






In a perfect world, one should be<br />

able to savour the finest things<br />

in life directly at their original<br />

locations. Bars, the drinks they<br />

serve and the flavourful cigars you<br />

can smoke there, should be no exception.<br />

Following the example of the worldclass<br />

writer and “puros” lover, Ernest<br />

Hemingway, the best Daiquiris<br />

have to be flavoured at the Floridita,<br />

in the heart of the Cuban capital<br />

of La Havana, and the best Mojitos,<br />

just a few blocks away, at the<br />

La Bodeguita del Medio. Both these<br />

drinks demand to be accompanied<br />

by an exquisite Arturo Fuente,<br />

Montecristo or Cohiba cigar. A few<br />

thousand miles away, in charming<br />

Paris, the same Hemingway would<br />

have certainly recommended the<br />

fabulous martini served at the bar<br />

of the Ritz Hotel in Paris. <strong>The</strong> same<br />

drink, so the legend goes, he helped<br />

popularise in the States after the<br />

war.<br />

At Harry´s, in Piazza San Marco, the<br />

best choice could only fall on the<br />

remarkable Bellini cocktail, named<br />

in honour of the work of Venetian<br />

painter Giovanni Bellini.<br />

Not far from the famous canal city,<br />

Ferrara is home to the Al Brindisi<br />

Bar that traces its history back<br />

as far as 1100 AD. Titian and Cellini<br />

drank here in the 15th century,<br />

and Copernicus lived above the bar<br />

while studying at Ferrara University<br />

in the early 1500s.<br />

However, that would be in a perfect<br />

world. In a near perfect world,<br />


BAR is the right alternative. Handcrafted<br />

in Germany with precious<br />


high-gloss Macassar inlays, the<br />

opening of its doors reveals beautifully<br />

presented holders for wine,<br />

spirits and glasses. A central drawer<br />

acts as a functional humidor for<br />

approximately 60 cigars, and below,<br />

a climatic wine storage cabinet<br />

keeps your best vintages at the correct<br />

temperature.<br />

So, once home from a day full of<br />

meetings, the owner of a BUBEN<br />


SEUR XL BAR can open its doors,<br />

pour a drink and light up that special<br />

“puro”, while enjoying the best<br />

quality sound coming from the inbuilt<br />

HiFi system.<br />

You only have to lean back, close<br />

your eyes and listen to the suavest<br />

Buena Vista Social Club tune you<br />

ever heard, and reflect that in a<br />

near-perfect World, this bar is the<br />

closest to perfection!<br />

<strong>The</strong> new GRAND CONNOISSEUR<br />

XL BAR from BUEBN & ZORWEG<br />

will be exhibited “live” at the Salone<br />

del Mobile in Milan. Purchasing this<br />

masterpiece will probably represent<br />

the nearest one can come to<br />

having a piece of a perfect world.<br />










Istanbul, Turkey, April 2019 –<br />

Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul<br />

launches new, exclusive Rolls-<br />

Royce experiences for guests to explore<br />

the dynamic city in complete<br />

luxury.<br />

<strong>The</strong> first hotel in Istanbul to have its<br />

own Rolls-Royce, Shangri-La Bosphorus,<br />

Istanbul complements the<br />

comfort and style of its Ghost limousine<br />

with a professional chauffeur<br />

and carefully crafted outings<br />

to explore the city.<br />

Highlighting the stunning views of<br />

the Bosphorus from historic sites,<br />

the history and culture of the capital<br />

of empires that spans two continents,<br />

the extraordinary craftsmanship<br />

and elegance of Turkish<br />

design and the centuries-long<br />

tradition of shisha in the city, the<br />

Shangri-La Rolls-Royce experiences<br />

will unlock the best of Istanbul<br />

for both first-time visitors and<br />

travellers returning to the city.<br />

Lunch on the Bosphorus<br />

With a one-hour drive in the Rolls-<br />

Royce Ghost, guests will explore the<br />

beautiful coastline from Beşiktaş to<br />

the medieval Rumelihisarı fortress,<br />

a perfect spot to capture photos of<br />

the famed Bosphorus Strait. Following<br />

the visit to the historic site,<br />

guests will enjoy a traditional seafood<br />

lunch at one of the popular<br />

restaurants in the neighbourhood<br />

offering beautiful water views.<br />


Tour of Two Continents<br />

Unique to Istanbul, travellers can<br />

drive between continents, crossing<br />

the Bosphorus from Europe to<br />

Asia. In the unparalleled comfort<br />

of a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce,<br />

guests will enjoy spectacular scenery<br />

while crossing the 1,704-metre-long<br />

Bosphorus Bridge.Once in<br />

Asia, a stop will be made at Çamlıca<br />

Hill on the Asian side.<br />

On this highest hill in Istanbul,<br />

guests can enjoy a traditional Turkish<br />

coffee or tea. After a drive<br />

along the Asian side of the city,<br />

guests will return to Europe to visit<br />

the 600-year-old Rumelihisari<br />

fortress. A final stop will be made<br />

at the highest hill on the European<br />

side, Ulus, before returning to<br />

Shangri La Bosphorus, Istanbul.<br />

Shop in Comfort<br />

Handwoven textiles, traditional<br />

homeware, exquisite jewellery and<br />

luxury fashion are just some of the<br />

beautiful items that travellers to<br />

Istanbul can shop for during their<br />

time in the city.<br />

Long a centre of trade and commerce,<br />

traditional Turkish craftspeople<br />

are among the best in the<br />

world and their items are sought<br />

after by travellers from around the<br />

globe. Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul’s<br />

concierge has created a<br />

bespoke itinerary to let travellers<br />

discover the best of both old and<br />

new Istanbul design. Guests will<br />

travel in the comfort of the Rolls-<br />

Royce to the famed Grand Bazaar<br />

and then on to the newer luxury<br />

shopping districts.<br />

Shisha Hopping Tour<br />

Shisha is a traditional pastime of<br />

Turkey with a history which goes<br />

back 500 years. Istanbul has many<br />

shisha cafés ranging from humble<br />

shops to luxurious settings, and<br />

visiting the best locations in the<br />

comfort of a Rolls-Royce is a truly<br />

exceptional experience. Travellers<br />

will enjoy VIP treatment at three<br />

of the city’s best cafes along the<br />

Bosphorus: Huqqa, Ulus Café and<br />

Hezarfen Café.<br />

Special Occasions<br />

For memorable birthday dinners,<br />

anniversary celebrations or other<br />

special occasions, the hotel’s concierge<br />

recommends dinner along<br />

the Bosphorus with a stunning view<br />

of the water and city.<br />


Guests will be picked up by the hotel’s<br />

chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce<br />

and driven to one of the city’s best<br />

restaurants. Upon arrival, guests<br />

will be greeted with a complimentary<br />

welcome cocktail followed<br />

by an exquisite meal.<br />

Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul’s<br />

Rolls-Royce Ghost limousine awaits<br />

guests who wish to have an unforgettable<br />

experience in Istanbul.<br />

Each package has a 4- to 6-hour<br />

duration, with prices starting from<br />

EUR500.<br />

For more information or for reservations,<br />

guests may contact the hotel<br />

at concierge.slib@shangri-la.com<br />

or call (90 2<strong>12</strong>) 275 8888.<br />

Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels<br />

and Resorts currently operates over<br />

100 hotels with a room inventory of<br />

over 41,000.<br />

Shangri-La hotels are five-star deluxe<br />

properties featuring extensive<br />

luxury facilities and services.<br />

Shangri-La hotels are located in<br />

Australia, Canada, mainland China,<br />

Fiji, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia,<br />

Japan, Malaysia, Maldives,<br />

Mauritius, Mongolia, Myanmar,<br />

Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Sri<br />

Lanka, Sultanate of Oman, Taiwan,<br />

Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab<br />

Emirates and the United Kingdom.<br />

<strong>The</strong> group has a substantial development<br />

pipeline with upcoming projects<br />

in Australia, Bahrain, mainland<br />

China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia<br />

and Saudi Arabia. For more<br />

information, visit www.shangri-la.<br />

com.<br />


Per for m a nce,<br />

style and space.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Sunseeker Manhattan 66<br />


36 Davies Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 4NF<br />

Tel: +44 (0) 2073 550 980<br />

Fax: +44 (0) 2073 550 985<br />

Email: info@sunseekerlondon.com<br />

www.sunseekerlondon.com<br />

London<br />


Travel that<br />

moves you<br />

Wherever your path leads, Niquesa Travel<br />

can take you there. With insider access to the<br />

globe’s most exclusive people and places,<br />

we tailor bespoke itineraries for those<br />

seeking enrichment and enlightenment.<br />

Be inspired at niquesatravel.com<br />

or call +44 (0) 203 829 80 80

Baselworld is the world’s foremost show for watches, jewellery, precious stones and<br />

related industries. It interconnects the industry’s top brands (including Rolex, Patek<br />

Philippe, Chopard, TAG Heuer, Hublot and Breitling), the most influential media and<br />

the world’s most important buyers. Baselworld is the exclusive platform on which the major<br />

watch and jewellery brands present the year’s innovations to an eagerly curious international<br />

audience. Everyone who wants to know what the latest trends are and how 2019 “ticks” will<br />

find the answers live and firsthand at Baselworld.<br />

Baselworld 2019 has opened its doors, find here some of the latest creations that the Swiss<br />

Exhibitors present from March, 21st to 26th.<br />

ZENITH has been showcasing its Defy collection as a platform for<br />

the brand’s renewed emphasis on advanced technology and materials,<br />

including its single-piece oscillator that beats at an extremely<br />

high frequency of 18Hz or <strong>12</strong>9,600 vph, compared to the usual 4 Hz<br />

or 28,800 vph. This year, the watch with the super-oscillator is no<br />

longer a limited edition concept and will be produced in a run of<br />

several hundred pieces. <strong>The</strong> revolutionary single-piece oscillator<br />

replaces the traditional 30-piece standard regulating organ, and is<br />

made of silicon. <strong>The</strong> case is made of lightweight titanium and the<br />

textured bezel is made of Aeronith, an aluminium-polymer composite<br />

that is three-times lighter than titanium. <strong>The</strong> dial is openworked<br />

to resemble a stylised propeller, with blades evoking the ZENITH<br />

star.<br />

PATEK PHILIPPE’s manual-wound CH 29-535 PS chronograph calibre,<br />

originally introduced in a ladies’ watch in 2009, has been used<br />

in the men’s 5170 series since 2010, and the new 5172G-001 is the<br />

fifth iteration. <strong>The</strong> movement has six patented innovations that optimize<br />

the chronograph function, including refined tooth profiles,<br />

blocking lever and hammers, and an optimized split seconds wheel.<br />

<strong>The</strong> result is ultimate precision, improved amplitude and a greater<br />

element of self-adjustment. <strong>The</strong> white gold case of the 5172-001 has<br />

vintage-style three-tier lugs and a sapphire box glass crystal, as well<br />

as guilloched chronograph pushers. <strong>The</strong> sporty blue dial with large<br />

baton-style luminescent hands has a matching navy calfskin strap<br />

with top-stitching.<br />


BVLGARI’s signature motif is the serpent, and its driving force is a<br />

fearless sense of design. <strong>The</strong>se two elements combine in the Serpenti<br />

Seduttori (“seduction”) is a bold new interpretation of the<br />

design. It interprets the iconic drop-shaped watch case, but it is<br />

thinner than previous models, and it is set provocatively with diamonds<br />

on the side bezels. It has a sinewy new bracelet that is flexible,<br />

inspired by the original Serpenti watch, with links that mimic<br />

the shape of the case, and a serpent’s head. <strong>The</strong> crown is topped<br />

by a pink rubellite cabochon, a nod to Bulgari’s roots as a jeweller.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are several options, including rose, yellow, white gold and two<br />

diamond pavé options.<br />

In an elegant nod to the world of GT racing, Hublot’s new warhorse,<br />

the Classic Fusion Ferrari GT, was imagined and designed in partnership<br />

with Flavio Manzoni, Head of Design at Ferrari. For the first<br />

time, Hublot and Ferrari decided to combine their passion for aesthetic<br />

creativity and mechanical innovation to create a Classic Fusion<br />

timepiece, which features a watchmaking chassis that is both<br />

classic and contemporary, and perfectly in keeping with the stylistic<br />

codes of ‘Gran Turismo’ racing. This noble, high-tech watch is<br />

dressed in Carbon 3D fibre, a three-dimensional woven composite<br />

with polymer matrix that is new to the world of fine watchmaking.<br />

<strong>The</strong> highly resistant Carbon 3D fibre provides unyielding protection<br />

for the Manufacture UNICO HUB <strong>12</strong>80 movement with column-wheel<br />

flyback chronograph. <strong>The</strong> Classic Fusion Ferrari GT is<br />

available with a choice of three cases: Carbon 3D fibre, King Gold<br />

(limited to 500 timepieces) or titanium (limited to 1,000 timepieces).<br />

<strong>The</strong> Manufacture Slimline 50-Hours Power Reserve contains the new<br />

in-house automatic calibre FC-723, with a 50-hour power reserve.<br />

This new complication represents FREDERIQUE CONSTANT’s 28th<br />

in-house caliber. <strong>The</strong> power reserve indicator is displayed prominently<br />

at the 10 o’clock position on the dial, including a highlighted<br />

red sector that indicates when it is time to either wind or wear<br />

the watch. <strong>The</strong> watch is being launched in four references, with 40<br />

mm cases made of either stainless steel with a choice of silver, dark<br />

grey or navy blue dials, as well as rose gold plated steel with a silver<br />

dial. <strong>The</strong> dial is classic and minimalist in design, with elegant Roman<br />

numerals on the centre dial and Arabic numerals on the subdials,<br />

all without hash marks. <strong>The</strong> hand-polished leaf-shaped hands are<br />

either white or black.<br />

<strong>The</strong> newest interpretation of the iconic Happy Sport has curvy<br />

oval proportions and a supple, updated version of the original galet<br />

(pebble) bracelet that adorned the first watch in the collection back<br />

in 1993. <strong>The</strong> bracelet is masterfully constructed using polished<br />

rounded pebble-like links, and while made of steel, it is as flexible<br />

as knitted mesh. It thus follows the curves of the wrist. This combination<br />

of fine construction, along with the use of both steel and<br />

diamonds, makes the watch accessible and wearable in the spirit of<br />

the easy-going charm at the heart of Happy Sport. In addition to the<br />

seven bezel-set diamonds dancing between sapphire crystals over<br />

the dial, there are diamonds set into the curved bezel of the stainless<br />

steel version.<br />


<strong>The</strong> Octo Finissimo collection has been the venue for BVLGARI’s<br />

expression of modern high watchmaking, with innovation designs,<br />

complications and world records. <strong>The</strong> latest interpretation is the<br />

Tourbillon Carbon, which combines the world thinnest ultra-thin<br />

flying tourbillon with an innovative case material. <strong>The</strong> case and<br />

bracelet are made of carbon CTP (Coal Tar Pitch). <strong>The</strong> movement,<br />

a technical marvel at only 1.95 mm thick, thanks partly to an innovative<br />

peripheral rotor. It is showcased in an openworked dial with<br />

black finishing, and can also be seen through a transparent caseback.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Carbon is the thinnest-ever automatic<br />

carbon watch. It is a limited edition of 50 pieces.<br />

CHOPARD embraces the basics of traditional fine watchmaking with<br />

the classic L.U.C Quattro. <strong>The</strong> satin-brushed dial is an extraordinary<br />

greyish-green shade, evoking private gentlemen’s clubs and a formal<br />

air of elegance, yet with eccentric details, including the dial’s<br />

satin-brushed finish, Arabic numerals at 3 and 9 o’clock and the Super-LumiNova<br />

covered Dauphine fusée-type hands. <strong>The</strong> movement,<br />

caliber L.U.C 98.01-L, has two pairs of stacked barrels for an incredible<br />

216-hour (nine-day) power reserve.<br />

Despite this Quattro mainspring power, the movement is still ultra-thin,<br />

and the case is only 8.84 mm thick. This is a 50-piece limited<br />

edition in 18k white gold, with a 43 mm case. It is finished to<br />

Poinçon de Genève standards.<br />

Now in its 14th year of creating collaborative works of audacious<br />

horological art for the wrist – and sometimes for the tabletop –<br />

MB&F has finally created a timepiece dedicated exclusively to women.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Legacy Machine FlyingT is a three-dimensional creation,<br />

with a steeply cambered bezel and slender, beveled lugs on a round<br />

case that is fully set with diamonds. <strong>The</strong> high, convex domed sapphire<br />

crystal hovers over a curved dial plate.<br />

An asymmetric opening frames a raised flying tourbillon escapement,<br />

the carriage of which is topped by a single large diamond. A<br />

dial of white or black lacquer with blued gold hands sits on a 50° tilt<br />

at the 7 o’clock position. <strong>The</strong> watch is set with either round-brilliant<br />

or baguette diamonds.<br />

This dazzling jewellery version of the Maximus Royal, the world’s<br />

largest tourbillon, is now completely set with diamonds. This creation<br />

contains 453 invisibly-set baguette-cut diamonds totalling<br />

18.47 carats. It is part of a 14-piece edition of made-to-order jewellery<br />

versions of the Maximus Royal Tourbillon that will be set with<br />

gems, including emerald, jade, ruby and aventurine. <strong>The</strong> movement<br />

is a marvel of precision, with an astounding 27 mm tourbillon carriage<br />

made of 73 components that rotates once every 6 minutes instead<br />

of the conventional 60 seconds. In addition to the accuracy<br />

ensured by the tourbillon itself, an 18k gold flyweight was added<br />

to fine-tune the balance of the cage. <strong>The</strong> use of titanium keeps the<br />

tourbillon cage lightweight, ensuring that despite its size, it can rotate<br />

without losing precision. A fixed balance-spring stud prevents<br />

any changes in position due to shocks, further ensuring precision,<br />

and the balance wheel can be finely adjusted.<br />


Fen Chiew Chocolate made by<br />

William Curley<br />

William Curley, who has won the title of ‘Britain’s<br />

Best Chocolatier’ four times, has incorporated Fen<br />

Chiew baijiu into his special edition chocolates,<br />

which will be available from luxury department<br />

store Harrods, London.<br />

@ cheng_international<br />

Fen Chiew Classic/Thyme & Honey/Chocoalte<br />

Caramel<br />



ORCHID<br />


Covering all aspects of Security<br />

and Risk Management<br />

Orchid Risk Management Ltd<br />

enquiries@orchidrisk.com | +44 (0) <strong>12</strong>02 692250<br />









CAR FOR A BUGATTI ENTHUSIAST. <strong>The</strong> successful<br />

continuation of their heritage poses a challenge<br />

for traditional companies. once again, the french luxury<br />

brand bugatti has shown that it can transform these<br />

challenges into unique models. with its one-off car “la<br />

voiture noire1“bugatti has again proved that it makes<br />

the world’s most powerful, most luxurious and most<br />

exclusive hyper sports cars. “the true form of luxury<br />

is individuality. ‘la voiture noire’ is now at the cutting<br />

edge of automobile production. it is a sculptural beauty<br />

with unique technology, the ideal grand tourisme,” says<br />

bugatti president stephan winkelmann. this is a coupé<br />

with the comfort of a luxury limousine and the power of<br />

a hyper sports car.<br />

A pioneering spirit, a passion for perfection and the<br />

desire to continually redefine its limits have been the<br />

key characteristics of Bugatti since the brand was established<br />

110 years ago. “Our history is both a privilege<br />

and a responsibility – the responsibility for continuing<br />

the Bugatti heritage into the future. With “La<br />

Voiture Noire”, we are paying homage to our heritage<br />

and bringing speed, technology, luxury and aesthetics<br />

forward to a new era,” says Stephan Winkelmann. <strong>The</strong><br />

new hyper sports car reflects Bugatti’s French heritage<br />

and its French identity – elegance through minimalism<br />

and refinement through intensification. This is<br />

a tailor-made creation only comparable with the haute<br />

couture of exclusive Paris fashion designers.<br />

“La Voiture Noire” - more than a reinterpretation<br />

“La Voiture Noire is a far more than a modern interpretation<br />

of Jean Bugatti’s Type 57 SC Atlantic. It is a<br />

feast of aesthetics,” says Stephan Winkelmann. With its<br />

extended front end and the distinctive Bugatti C-line,<br />

the “Voiture Noire“ creates an elongated impression<br />

with the elegant waistline defining the contours of the<br />

coupé. Purism and elegance are reflected in the surfaces<br />

and the clear lines. <strong>The</strong> bumpers are smoothly<br />

integrated into the body and the windscreen seems to<br />

flow seamlessly into the windows at the sides like the<br />

visor on a helmet. Without any irritating lines, the surface<br />

is “all of a piece” and there is nothing to disturb<br />

the optical flow. This means that the hyper sports car<br />

has changed its attitude and become a grand tourisme<br />

– ideal for comfortable travel on long trips.<br />

“Every single component has been handcrafted and<br />

the carbon fibre body has a deep black gloss only interrupted<br />

by the ultrafine fibre structure. This is a material<br />

that has been handled perfectly,” says Bugatti designer<br />

Etienne Salomé. “We worked long and hard on<br />

this design until was nothing that we could improve.<br />

For us, the coupé represents the perfect form with a<br />

perfect finish.<br />

<strong>The</strong> heart of the new creation is the iconic 16-cylinder<br />

engine – unique in the automotive world and the peak<br />

of the engineer’s art. “This is not only an engine but<br />

the heart of the vehicle and a technical masterpiece.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re is no other car in the world with such an engine.<br />

It is not only extremely powerful but also beautiful to<br />

look at,” Stephan Winkelmann enthuses. <strong>The</strong> 16-cylinder<br />

engine with a displacement of 8 litres develops<br />

1,103 kW/1,500 PS and 1,600 Newton-metres of torque.<br />

Six tailpipes at the rear bear witness to its incredible<br />

power and are also a tribute to the 16 cylinders.<br />

For €11 million (before tax) this unique car has already<br />

been sold to a Bugatti enthusiast. It is the most expensive<br />

new car of all time. <strong>The</strong> car enthusiast is fascinated<br />

by the Atlantic; with the “Voiture Noire“, he has<br />

acquired a vehicle that takes up the legend and carries<br />

the idea forward to the present day. In its exclusiveness,<br />

style, quality and performance, “La Voiture<br />

Noire” is an unprecedented and unique car that continues<br />

a long tradition in the history of the automobile.<br />

A long tradition of coach building<br />

Only a few months after the presentation of the Divo2,<br />

designed for even stronger lateral acceleration, Bugatti<br />

has once again shown that it has a perfect command<br />

of handcrafted coachbuilding and has reached another<br />

pinnacle in the history of the automobile. In the first<br />

few decades of its existence, the French luxury brand<br />

had considerable success not only with the design of<br />

engines and chassis but also with its own bodies installed<br />

on existing chassis. <strong>The</strong> most famous example<br />

is the Type 57 and the Atlantic GT model which was<br />

based on it – this grand tourisme could already reach<br />

a top speed in excess of 220 km/h over 80 years ago.<br />

Jean Bugatti designed the Type 57 for various body and<br />

engine configurations including the Galibier (fourdoor<br />

saloon), Stelvio (convertible), Ventoux (two-door<br />

saloon), and Atalante (coupé) as well as the Atlantic.<br />

Ettore’s son Jean Bugatti was a visionary who was<br />

ahead of his time. He was the eldest son of company<br />

founder Ettore Bugatti, a gifted automobile designer<br />

and natural talent who was only matched by very few<br />

people in his understanding of proportions and aerodynamics.<br />

From the late 1920s onwards, he influenced<br />


the development of the company with his own ideas<br />

and designs, before assuming responsibility for management<br />

in 1936 at the age of 27. With his pioneering<br />

designs for bodies, engines and chassis, he created<br />

some extraordinary vehicles until his tragic death in<br />

an accident in 1939, securing a place in the history of<br />

the automobile. His most beautiful and most famous<br />

design is the Atlantic. Like the company itself, Jean<br />

would have been 110 years old this year.<br />

<strong>The</strong> exclusive new “Voiture Noire“, the black car, is a<br />

reminiscence of “la Voiture Noire“ a Type 57 SC Atlantic<br />

that was Jean Bugatti’s most famous creation. <strong>The</strong><br />

outstanding design feature was a dorsal seam running<br />

from the hinge in the split bonnet through to the rear<br />

end. <strong>The</strong> Type 57 SC Atlantic was one of the most extraordinary<br />

grands tourismes and a timeless creation.<br />

Nowadays, it is one of the most valuable classic cars<br />

in the world. Only four Atlantics were made between<br />

1936 and 1938, each of them with detailed differences<br />

created individually for a customer. Three of these<br />

extraordinary coupés are still in existence. <strong>The</strong> second<br />

car built was used by Jean Bugatti himself as well<br />

as some of the Bugatti grand prix drivers among his<br />

friends. <strong>The</strong> world has been searching for this Atlantic<br />

for more than 80 years – it is one of the great mysteries<br />

in the history of the automobile. <strong>The</strong> car probably<br />

disappeared before the German invasion of Alsace,<br />

when it was to be dispatched to a safe region.<br />

<strong>The</strong> most elegant way of travelling<br />

<strong>The</strong> new “Voiture Noire“, the perfect grand tourisme,<br />

is just as exclusive, powerful and luxurious as Jean<br />

Bugatti’s historic car. “Bugatti arouses passion and<br />

emotions throughout the world. Customers expect us<br />

to continually surprise them and to raise the goalposts<br />

beyond the limits of their imagination. We have just<br />

succeeded in doing so with ‘La Voiture Noire‘,” says<br />

Stephan Winkelmann. Bugatti will continue to work<br />

hard to shape the future of the brand. This will be a future<br />

full of beauty, passion and surprises. <strong>The</strong> “Voiture<br />

Noire“ is a modern interpretation of the spirit of gran<br />

turismo vehicles, a tribute to perfect technology and<br />

perfect design. It is also the most elegant and fastest<br />

way to travel with a vehicle. Bugatti President Stephan<br />

Winkelmann: “With our automotive haute couture, we<br />

have shown what Bugatti is capable of.” Now and in the<br />

future.<br />


Recharge + Explore<br />

Recharge and explore with a stay at <strong>The</strong> Westin Brisbane. This new urban lifestyle retreat spans the city<br />

block between Mary and Margaret Streets in the heart of Brisbane’s dynamic CBD, a short stroll from Queen<br />

Street Mall, Eagle Street Pier restaurants and bars and the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. Escape to one<br />

of our inviting 299 guest rooms and Suites each featuring the signature Westin Heavenly Bed ensuring<br />

restful nights and blissful mornings. To further enrich your stay, experience one of our 80 Westin Club<br />

Rooms or 39 Suites, each including Westin Club benefits and access. Take a dip in the resort style pool and<br />

enjoy cocktails from the swim-up pool bar. Relax and rejuvenate with a treatment at <strong>The</strong> Heavenly Spa<br />

and be pampered from top to toe.At <strong>The</strong> Westin Brisbane, we take care of the most important elements of<br />

your stay to ensure each visit leaves you exceptionally well rested, well-nourished and well cared for.<br />

RATES FROM $249<br />


westinbrisbane.com | 07.3557.8888<br />

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branding guidelines<br />

“ we like the fact the platform<br />

has been developed bY a team<br />

which has invested over<br />

£100m into 200 companies.”<br />

John kingdon, bladetec<br />

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own envestry platform;<br />

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envestry is wholly owned by envestors limited which is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority (fca) in the uk. firm reference number (frn) 523592




Setting sail for the first time in October 2019, the HANSEATIC inspiration will take you on fascinating expeditions to<br />

the Polar Regions of the Arctic and Antarctic and to warmer regions like the Amazon, South and Central America<br />

and the Caribbean. <strong>The</strong> 17 on-board Zodiacs will allow you to come face-to-face with nature and to land on<br />

untouched coasts.<br />

To learn more about our expedition cruises and to receive exclusive offers, sign up for our newsletter at<br />

www.hl-cruises.com/newsletter<br />

Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten GmbH<br />

Ballindamm 25, 20095 Hamburg, Germany<br />

service@hl-cruises.com<br />

free phone 08000 513829<br />


Y O U R E X P E R T S<br />

I N C O R P O R A T E<br />

H O S P I T A L I T Y<br />

www.redeyeevents.co.uk<br />

Formula One hospitality specialists, & providers of VIP packages<br />

for sporting & cultural events world-wide.<br />

Join us in Monaco for the jewel in the F1 crown, the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. Experience this unique event in<br />

VIP luxury, from either the deck of a trackside Super Yacht or from one of our exclusive terraces. Enjoy lavish<br />

hospitality including premium Champagne & catering from Lush by Tom Kerridge.<br />

23 rd - 26 th May 2019. Please contact us for further details.<br />

T: +44 (0) 207 078 0299 | E: info@redeyeevents.co.uk<br />


and related marks are trade marks of Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula 1 company. All rights reserved.



Experience the Traditional Charm<br />

of the Holy Month<br />

at Al Bait Sharjah<br />

Recreating the quintessential charm of a 1950s historic village, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> UAE member<br />

Al Bait Sharjah is harmoniously integrated into the historic fabric of the Emirate of Sharjah.<br />

<strong>The</strong> five-star boutique resort is celebrating its first Ramadan in the Emirate’s heritage district<br />

with a special menu, available from the first day of Ramadan 2019.<br />

Ushering in the holy month of Ramadan, the culinary team at Al Bait has created an elaborate menu<br />

that perfectly highlights the significance of the holy month observed across the UAE. Guests at Al<br />

Bait can break their fast with the special Iftar menu, available at <strong>The</strong> Arabic Restaurant. Just as traditional<br />

heritage harmoniously co-exists with modern luxury at Al Bait, the unique Iftar menu offers a<br />

generous mix of traditional delicacies of the region with culinary masterpieces inspired by international<br />

cultures. Boasting of an impressive open kitchen rolling out a selection of Levantine delights,<br />

international favourites and mouth-watering desserts, the Iftar is priced at AED 235++, while kids<br />

below 10 years dine for free. Also on offer are Iftar bookings for a group of guests as well as Suhoor<br />

at <strong>The</strong> Arabic Restaurant.<br />

<strong>The</strong> distinct Arabesque flair and sophisticated ambience set the perfect mood to enjoy an assortment<br />

of Ramadan delicacies at <strong>The</strong> Arabic Restaurant at Al Bait Sharjah.<br />




SELECTED 1 & 2<br />






To book your exclusive appointment<br />

call Christian on +61 420 102 208<br />




Create Unforgettable Memories<br />

at the World’s Finest <strong>Luxury</strong> Villas<br />

edgeretreats.com | London +44 203 355 6077 | New York +1 646 918 8230

Th<br />

Masseria Torre Maizza, Puglia<br />



Love is the soundtrack of Puglia<br />

Puglia was first associated with ultimate<br />

romance in 1958 when Domenico Modugno,<br />

an Apulian native, won two Grammy Awards<br />

for his timeless global hit “Blu dipinto di<br />

Blu” better known worldwide as “Volare”.<br />

Over 50 years later, Masseria Torre Maizza,<br />

a Rocco Forte Hotel launching on May 1st,<br />

embodies the colours, the nature, the charm<br />

and exoticism which inspired Modugno’s<br />

famous song.<br />

Set off the beaten track, in Puglia’s<br />

picturesque area of Savelletri di Fasano<br />

only minutes away from the Adriatic coast,<br />

Masseria Torre Maizza is a renovated 16th<br />

century farmhouse, typical of the area,<br />

lavishly draped in ivy and surrounded by<br />

centuries old olive trees resembling natural<br />

sculptures.<br />

<strong>The</strong> intimate 40 rooms and suites resort<br />

has been entirely renovated by Director of<br />

design Olga Polizzi blending her colourful<br />

prints with local white linens and terracotta<br />

for a light and elegant feel with rustic tones.<br />

Heavy carpets and wicker furniture have<br />

been used throughout the suites, many of<br />

which have their own private patios and<br />

original fireplaces for an added touch of<br />

romance on chillier evenings. Typically, Olga<br />

Polizzi has personally sourced the best local<br />

craftsmanship and artefacts giving each suite<br />

and room an entirely personal character and<br />

sense of place.<br />

At the heart of the resort is the local cuisine,<br />

artfully interpreted by Rocco Forte’s Creative<br />

Director of Food, Maestro Fulvio Pierangelini,<br />

as if it were a grand local home using a feast<br />

of natural products from the Masseria’s own<br />

gardens and orchard. Pierangelini’s artful<br />

menus are served by candlelight in the<br />

vaulted dining room or open air, whether in<br />

the gardens or under the stone colonnade<br />

surrounding the 20 metre pool. Gourmet<br />

guests with a particular passion for cooking<br />

will be able to book private lessons and take a<br />

taste of Puglia home with them.<br />

<strong>The</strong> resort offers a wealth of local tailor<br />

made experiences and excursions to coastal<br />

villages and historical towns, including the<br />

extraordinary Matera which is this year’s<br />

European Capital of Culture. <strong>The</strong> lazier<br />

romantics can stay at the resort and relax<br />

at the spa, play the 9-hole golf course, head<br />

down to the private beach club or simply<br />

enjoy each other and the heady feel of the<br />

Masseria.<br />

<strong>The</strong> resort may be booked as a whole,<br />

becoming the dream location for a small<br />

wedding, a renewal of vows celebration or<br />

simply a wonderful multi generation family<br />

occasion. For the more frequent individual<br />

bookings of Masseria Torre Maizza’s<br />

Celebration Experience, guests will be<br />

treated to Champagne, chocolate truffles and<br />

a romantic breakfast in bed starting from 357<br />

Euro per night.<br />

La<br />

a<br />

op<br />

th<br />

In<br />

ov<br />

lar<br />

of<br />

th<br />

Ar<br />

wi<br />

br<br />

se<br />

Gr<br />

Th<br />

pe<br />

th<br />

th<br />

Th<br />

Si<br />

th<br />

sch<br />

tac<br />

of<br />

fu<br />

an<br />

se<br />

its<br />

th<br />

Th<br />

Ne<br />

lav<br />

ar<br />

siz<br />

wi<br />

co<br />

of<br />

th<br />

Si<br />

58<br />

RFH_Germany_Advertorial_New Rocco Forte Openings_May2019.indd 1

Hotel de la Ville, Rome Tommaso Ziffer, Architect<br />

ly<br />

e<br />

e,<br />

ll<br />

or<br />

ly<br />

al<br />

’s<br />

e<br />

d<br />

7<br />

<strong>The</strong> Roman sky is the limit<br />

Launching May 23rd, the Hotel de la Ville,<br />

a Rocco Forte hotel, is the most awaited<br />

opening of the year in Rome and promises<br />

the ultimate views over the eternal city.<br />

Indeed the historical structure artfully spread<br />

over several levels means that the suites and<br />

large terraces are quite unrivalled in town<br />

offering a totally unique high rise angle and<br />

the grandest of panoramas.<br />

Architect Tommaso Ziffer has collaborated<br />

with Director of Design Olga Polizzi in<br />

bringing to life the aesthetics and cultural<br />

sentiments of the 18th and 19th century<br />

Grand Tour of Europe in a contemporary key.<br />

<strong>The</strong> result is a bold and vibrant feel which<br />

pervades the building offering a sumptuous<br />

theatrical set reflective of Roman intricacies<br />

throughout the ages up to modern days.<br />

<strong>The</strong> creative atmosphere culminates in the<br />

Signature Suites, soon to be unveiled as<br />

the most panoramic in town. Strong colour<br />

schemes with soft and bright tones are<br />

tactfully combined with an eclectic collection<br />

of local contemporary craftmanship, bold<br />

furniture, large digital representations of<br />

ancient art and rich tapestries. “A room is a<br />

set for people’s lives, a true work of art in<br />

itself” states Ziffer whilst commenting on<br />

the suites at the Hotel de la Ville.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Canova Suite, named after the famous<br />

Neo Classical sculptor, blends high art and<br />

lavish style to elegant effect. Spacious living<br />

areas, featuring a sitting room and a king<br />

sized bedroom combine light colour shades<br />

with luxurious furnishings and a curated<br />

collection of objects of art. <strong>The</strong> Roma Suite<br />

offers an elegant apartment in the heart of<br />

the city and a perfect solution for families.<br />

Sitting on the 8th floor and reached by private<br />

elevator, the Suite De La Ville is the hotel’s<br />

crown jewel, offering extraordinary space, a<br />

curated art collection and antique furniture<br />

presented in contemporary flare. <strong>The</strong> private<br />

dining room and the two large terraces with<br />

panoramic views over Rome make the Suite<br />

De La Ville ideal for memorable evenings and<br />

entertaining. It is also perfect for families,<br />

with the option to connect with the Roma<br />

and Canova suites on the seventh floor to<br />

make a lavish multi-bedroom residence.<br />

<strong>The</strong> three Signature Suites at Hotel de la<br />

Ville are fully equipped for entertaining and<br />

are served by a private butler and a dedicated<br />

View to Hotel de la Ville on top of the Spanish steps<br />

concierge who will tailor unique Rocco<br />

Forte Suite Experience benefits and unique<br />

adventures to match the guests’ wishes.<br />

Be one of the first to enjoy the newly designed<br />

rooms and suites and receive a 30% discount<br />

on published rates, including breakfast and<br />

„aperitivo“ on the spectacular roof top bar.<br />

Guests staying in one of our suites will also<br />

receive complimentary limousine transfer<br />

from the airport or the train station.<br />

For more information please visit our website<br />

www.roccofortehotels.com<br />

59<br />

05.04.2019 09:49:39


3 DAYS AUTOMATIC - 47m m<br />

(REF. 616)<br />



PANERAI.COM • 800 -726 3724<br />


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A smooth flight experience isn’t achieved by chance, it is designed with intention.<br />

Bombardier’s relentless pursuit of innovation brings forth a family of aircraft<br />

that meticulously balance performance and ride quality.<br />

<strong>The</strong> result is one of the smoothest rides in business aviation.<br />

Something only found on a Bombardier business jet.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />

Bagatelle Joins <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> UK<br />

Bagatelle London contemporary<br />

French restaurant<br />

recently joined the<br />

world’s largest affinity marketing<br />

and partnerships group,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>.<br />

It opened its doors in May<br />

2018, bringing the exclusive<br />

New York dining destination<br />

to the heart of Mayfair. Bagatelle<br />

London menu combines<br />

French Mediterranean cuisine<br />

with local ingredients and<br />

taste that takes customers to<br />

the heart of Bagatelle’s culinary<br />

identity.<br />

Combining chic and daring<br />

with its classic decor and architecture,<br />

lively music and relaxed<br />

atmosphere, still keeping<br />

a touch of sexy; a combination<br />

that gives you the impression<br />

of having landed in France for<br />

a day.<br />

Full Venue Hire<br />

Bagatelle London boasts an impressive restaurant space set across two floors,<br />

with two fully equipped bars and a large professional kitchen, and a luxurious<br />

basement lounge.<br />

• Seated capacity: 160<br />

• Standing capacity: Varied up to 210<br />

• Hire fee: Minimum spend dependent on group size, time of year and service<br />

requirements<br />

This space houses beautiful chandeliers to create a classic Parisian Bistrot<br />

feel, complete with unique art pieces, classic ceiling patterns, velvet banquette<br />

seating, state of the art LED lighting, and two striking bars & DJ booths<br />

Private Lounge<br />

<strong>The</strong> Bagatelle Lounge, located on the lower level of the restaurant is adorned<br />

with beautiful pieces of artwork and plush velvet club chairs, a stunning displayed<br />

bar and DJ booth.<br />

• Seated capacity: 50<br />

• Standing capacity: 65<br />

• Hire fee: Minimum spend dependent on group size, time of year and service<br />

requirements<br />

This space houses classic décor with impressive hand painted ceiling patterns,<br />

and features beautiful velvet couches and mood lighting that creates<br />

the ambiance of chandeliers to create a classic Parisian Bistrot feel, complete<br />

with unique art pieces, classic ceiling patterns, velvet banquette seating,<br />

state of the art LED lighting, and two striking bars & DJ booths.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />

Seba Jamal Joins <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> UAE<br />

Contemporary jewellery designer Seba Jamal is<br />

the latest member of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> UAE.<br />

Seba Jamal concept for luxury cars features two<br />

pieces, a ring and a bracelet. Both pieces were created<br />

eyeing the high profile consumers that strive for high<br />

jewellery and status, combined with the life long pursuit<br />

of the fast, the practical, and the new.<br />

<strong>The</strong> luxury car logo acts as the centre of the design<br />

itself, paved with a diamond on a structure that opens<br />

to incorporate the chip, giving its user the commodity<br />

of not having the constant search of the key.<br />

<strong>The</strong> pieces will be customised, engraved with the plate<br />

and chassis number. <strong>The</strong> luxury car logo will be surrounded<br />

by an enamel surface in the colour of the car.<br />

Seba Jamal works stand out because of the designer’s<br />

distinctive details in her jewellery collection, crafted<br />

in several complex parts fitted together to form an exquisite<br />

jewellery line inspired by the dynamic life of the<br />

high luxury consumer.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />

Contemporary<br />

Hotels join<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> Australia<br />

Contemporary Hotels curates and manages<br />

over one hundred of Australia’s finest<br />

luxury properties for short term holiday<br />

guests and corporate opportunities. Primarily<br />

property focussed Contemporary Hotels also<br />

assists to create bespoke on-ground experiences<br />

for all guests from intimate in-villa dining to<br />

larger multi-day itineraries.<br />

Contemporary Hotels was founded twenty years<br />

ago with the development of the award winning<br />

Medusa and the Kirketon hotels in Darlinghurst<br />

building a pure hospitality based, bespoke experience<br />

on the back of intimate guest service. In<br />

more recent years under the leadership of Romayne<br />

and Matthew Fleming a large focus has<br />

been placed on sourcing luxury homes for short<br />

term accommodation and corporate hire.<br />

Based in Sydney the company manages properties<br />

all over Australia and a select few international<br />

destinations with the largest saturation<br />

around Sydney’s East, beaches and Palm Beach<br />

with Byron Bay growing. <strong>The</strong> company welcomes<br />

thousands of guests each year in the luxury to<br />

ultra-luxury holiday market in properties ranging<br />

from one bedroom apartments to enormous<br />

harbour front mansions.<br />

“We’ve grown tremendously in the last few years<br />

but I never want to lose touch on what made us<br />

successful. I believe that our ‘boutique’ hospitality<br />

background, maintaining our service levels<br />

to the highest standard and powerful marketing<br />

engines are a great driver for success. But, most<br />

of all, keeping things fun is vital; we are fortunate<br />

to build lifelong memories for our guests<br />

and welcome them to some of Australia’s best<br />

destinations. <strong>The</strong>y’re here to enjoy their experiences<br />

and we need to help them do that!”. Matthew<br />

Fleming – CEO Contemporary Hotels.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />

Mercedes-Benz Sydney Joins<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Australia<br />

Mercedes-Benz was founded<br />

in 1993. Lei Shing Hong<br />

Limited’s Auto division is<br />

a premium automobile group engaged<br />

in the wholesaling and, particularly,<br />

retailing of automobiles.<br />

<strong>The</strong> purchase of a Mercedes-Benz,<br />

to many of our customers, is both<br />

the realisation and culmination<br />

of a lifelong dream. A dream that<br />

we are delighted to be part of. We<br />

understand that there is very little<br />

that can compare to the feeling of<br />

achievement and pride that comes<br />

with owning the brand that leads<br />

the way for luxury, innovative intelligence,<br />

comfort, quality and<br />

unrivalled performance dynamics.<br />

As the nature of mobility continues<br />

to evolve in today’s radically<br />

changing environment, for example<br />

autonomous driving, connectivity,<br />

digital and electric mobility,<br />

we understand that there is one<br />

thing that will never change – the<br />

people. We are in the relationship<br />

business above all else and rely<br />

the on-going support and loyalty<br />

of our customers.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />

Huriya Private Joins as the Latest Member<br />

of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> UAE<br />

Huriya Private was established to provide specialist<br />

advisory services to a select number of families and<br />

private individuals. <strong>The</strong>ir team brings decades of<br />

professional financial services experience with an international<br />

network of contacts, and a deep understanding<br />

of the needs of the modern day high net worth client or<br />

international family.<br />

Multi-Family Office<br />

Do you have the correct vehicle to manage your assets?<br />

At Huriya, they understand the importance of protecting<br />

your assets and wealth, not just in this lifetime, but also<br />

for generations to come. <strong>The</strong>ir professional multi-family<br />

office service ensures that the right people benefit from<br />

your wealth through well-planned and carefully designed<br />

succession and inheritance planning methodologies.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y implement detailed preventive measures to ensure<br />

that your personal information is not compromised at any<br />

given time, which facilitates the effective preservation of<br />

your family’s legacy.<br />

Residence & Citizenship<br />

Your place of birth should not determine nor limit your ability<br />

to travel<br />

<strong>The</strong> fundamental principles of Huriya Private revolve<br />

around one simple truth: Borders are not barriers, rather<br />

opportunities waiting to be explored. For an individual to<br />

experience true freedom, the freedom of capital needs to<br />

assimilate with the freedom of movement.<br />

66<br />

Investing in a Second Citizenship or alternate Permanent<br />

Residence has several key attributes such as better tax<br />

management, improved healthcare, education and security<br />

for you and your entire family.<br />

Private Fiduciary<br />

Huriya Private is committed to equipping all their clients to<br />

make financial decisions that will help them achieve their<br />

goals and objectives.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y provide expert counsel on asset management, corporate<br />

structuring, cross-border transactions and international<br />

tax planning.<br />

Having the correct vehicle above your trading or holding<br />

companies is of great importance. However, they do believe<br />

that there is no single formula that applies to fulfil<br />

the requirements of all clients and hence they celebrate<br />

the diversity of each client and provide custom-designed<br />

solutions for each individual.<br />

Trustee Services<br />

<strong>The</strong> objectives of a Trust are intended to protect, manage &<br />

regulate the succession of your family wealth.<br />

As an independent service provider, Huriya Private work<br />

with your lawyers, bankers and advisors without creating<br />

any conflict of interest or regulatory restrictions.<br />

Huriya Private have a highly qualified team of trustees that<br />

help ensure that your intergenerational wealth and assets<br />

are preserved and protected. Focusing on the long-term<br />

dynastic security for you and your family.

NEW<br />

Member<br />

Mastani Joins <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Australia<br />

With respect for the past and an eye to the<br />

future, Mastani is melding tradition with<br />

vision for slow fashion with a social conscience<br />

within the luxury market. Mastani is the vision<br />

of Founder and Creative Director, Kudrat Makkar.<br />

Through Mastani, she wants to take customers on a<br />

journey into the world of the hands that made it and<br />

the culture that shaped it. By using hand-made traditional<br />

techniques which are inherited by the artisans<br />

from their ancestors, her aim is to preserve and revitalise<br />

her cultural heritage, while introducing the world<br />

to the ultimate in luxurious, speciality fashion.<br />

With the ideology that embraces cultural heritage and<br />

contemporary fashion influences, Mastani aims to inspire<br />

confidence and empower women to express the<br />

multifaceted modern female identity. <strong>The</strong> essence of<br />

Mastani is the concoction of age-old craftsmanship<br />

and modern design excellence with a focus on sophistication,<br />

superior quality and uniqueness.<br />

Our artisans are masters in embellishment, hand-looming,<br />

structure and contemporary silhouettes. <strong>The</strong>y<br />

bring to life the design ethos while creating ‘forever<br />

pieces’ of the finest quality. All garment construction<br />

is performed in-house at our Mastani atelier. Already<br />

featured in ELLE, Vogue Australia, InStyle and Harper’s<br />

Bazaar, Kudrat has a bold vision for Mastani with the<br />

brand already showing in Milan and Paris earlier this<br />

year.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />

Wealth-X Joins<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Singapore<br />

Wealth-X provides unique intelligence about<br />

the world’s wealthiest individuals, partnering<br />

with prestige brands across the financial<br />

services, luxury, not-for-profit, and higher-education<br />

industries to fuel strategic decision-making in sales,<br />

marketing and compliance.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y have developed the world’s most extensive collection<br />

of records on wealthy individuals and produce<br />

unparalleled data analysis to help their clients:<br />

· UNDERSTAND GLOBAL WEALTH – Learn the global<br />

wealth landscape, forecast your target market, and<br />

gain intelligence most relevant to your sector<br />

· UNCOVER QUALIFIED LEADS – Screen your data,<br />

identify relevant prospects, reveal wealthy connections<br />

and identify patterns in your database<br />


roadmap, save time and resources and identify wealthy<br />

prospects to attend events that match their interests<br />


on your clients, personalize your interactions<br />

and enrich existing relationships to maximize client or<br />

donor retention<br />

· MITIGATE CLIENT RISK – Receive a comprehensive<br />

analysis, ensure prospects meet regulations and onboard<br />

clients confidently<br />

<strong>The</strong> suite of data-driven products and services provide<br />

clients with access to the world’s most robust collection<br />

of curated research and intelligence on ultra high<br />

net worth (UHNW) and very high net worth (VHNW)<br />

individuals. Wealth-X provides clients with database<br />

access through three distinct options:<br />

· PROFESSIONAL – Instant online access to the<br />

Wealth-X Database<br />

· SALESFORCE APPLICATION – Seamless access to the<br />

Wealth-X Database through Lightening or Classic experience<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />

· API INTEGRATION – Fully customizable access to the<br />

Wealth-X Database within your organization’s CRM<br />

In addition, Wealth-X leverages our global database to<br />

provide customized services that inform and empower<br />

development strategies:<br />

· SCREENING – Screen your data more accurately and<br />

with greater results across the globe<br />

· DILIGENCE – Meet regulatory requirements and mitigate<br />

reputational and commercial risk<br />

· ANALYTICS – Bespoke data solutions that inform<br />

strategic decision making<br />

For well over a decade, the world’s wealthy population<br />

has experienced exceptional growth. This trend, combined<br />

with the increased globalization of goods and<br />

services, has created intense competition to capture<br />

the interest of individuals in the highest tiers of wealth.<br />

Analyzing the landscape of this highly valuable audience<br />

provides insight into where, when, and how to<br />

engage them most effectively.<br />

To uncover unique insights into this demographic, the<br />

Wealth-X team of global researchers regularly produce<br />

exclusive pieces of content designed to inform and enlighten<br />

those who seek to do business with the wealthy.<br />

Among this content, Wealth-X produces three distinct<br />

flagship reports every year to examine these different<br />

populations.<br />

· <strong>The</strong> Billionaire Census – analyzing global wealth at its<br />

highest tier, this report focuses on the 2,000+ individuals<br />

who have crossed the billionaire threshold, globally.<br />

<strong>The</strong> report examines who global issue are driving<br />

wealth creation or reduction among this exclusive<br />

population.<br />

· <strong>The</strong> World Ultra Wealth Report – analyzes the state<br />

of the world’s ultra-wealthy population or those with<br />

$30m or more in net worth. <strong>The</strong> report reveals information<br />

on the “typical” UHNW individual and compares<br />

this profile to other ultra-wealthy archetypes.<br />

· High New Worth Handbook – provides unique analysis<br />

on the global state of those individuals with between<br />

$1m and $30m in net worth. This unique report<br />

examines the population based on their asset holdings,<br />

gender, industry focus, wealth source, education, and<br />

hobbies with a special breakdown of sports interest by<br />

wealth tier.<br />


Bring Your Dreams to Life<br />

www.aji.co.uk +44 (0)20 7887 7604 alexanderjamesinteriors

TLN<br />

News<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

international Awards<br />

after-party<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong> invited all<br />

TLN offices and members to enjoy an afterparty<br />

filled with entertainment and a luxurious<br />

dinner at the Phantom House Dubai following<br />

TLN Awards hosted by TLN Global CEO H.E. Fares<br />

Ghattas.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Launches<br />

in Saudi Arabia<br />

<strong>The</strong> world’s leading luxury affinity marketing and<br />

business networking group, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>,<br />

keeps expanding its global growth by officially<br />

opening a new office at the Kingdom of Saudi<br />

Arabia. <strong>The</strong> expansion agreement was signed between<br />

TLN <strong>International</strong> Global CEO, H.E. Fares Ghattas and<br />

TLN Saudi CEO, Mr Abdullah Fakeeh today, February<br />

26, 2019. Mr. Abdullah is currently the Managing Director<br />

of Al Taqdeer Co.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> have high hopes with this current<br />

opening since the economy of Saudi Arabia is one of<br />

the top twenty economies in the world. <strong>The</strong> Saudi Arabia<br />

luxury market reached a value of US$ 13.5 Billion<br />

in 2017. Looking forward, the market value is further<br />

expected to reach US$ 20.8 Billion by 2023, exhibiting<br />

a CAGR of 7.5% during 2017-2023. Driven by rising income<br />

levels, the country’s luxury market has exhibited<br />

a continuous growth.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> was launched in London in 2007.<br />

It covers areas of the luxury market such as private<br />

jets, yachting, motor concierge, health & beauty,<br />

wealth management, premium real estate, exclusive<br />

travel, golf, jewellery & watches, entertainment, fashion,<br />

and many more. Having built up quite an impressive<br />

reputation with more than 20 years of experience<br />

and offices across Europe, Australia, Asia, the Middle<br />

East, America, and parts of Africa, their membership<br />

portfolio boasts the world’s leading brands including<br />

Ferrari, Bentley, Cartier, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bvlgari,<br />

Porsche, Bang & Olufsen, Sunseeker, Azimut Yachts,<br />

Panerai, Etihad Airlines, Rolls-Royce, Zenith, Sothebys<br />

Realty, and Tom Ford amongst others.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Australia<br />

at the Races with the ATC<br />

What a fabulous day at the Races with the Australian<br />

Turf Club. <strong>The</strong> ATC hosted <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> and some of its members in the<br />

exceptional Moet and Chandon Executive Suite, which<br />

overlooked the racing finish line. With the champagne<br />

flowing and beautiful catering, guests enjoyed creating<br />

relationships, having fun and of course – placing their<br />

bets.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Australia were lucky enough to<br />

be able to sponsor the final race of the day and showcase<br />

their showreel on the big screen. Before the race<br />

commenced, antendees were given the opportunity to<br />

view the horses with their jockeys, an extremely fun<br />

and unique experience.<br />

After the race had taken place, attendees were able<br />

to enter the Winners Room for celebrations with the<br />

winning horses owners and sponsors. <strong>The</strong> room was<br />

filled with laughter and appreciation for the winning<br />

teams hard work during the racing season.<br />

Thank you to Luke and the team at the ATC for their<br />

hospitality. It truely was a day to remember.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />

An Evening of Opulence<br />

Hosted by <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> Singapore<br />

On March 6th, 2019, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Singapore’s<br />

valued member brands, KWANPEN, <strong>The</strong><br />

Canary Diamonds, and AV One joined forces to<br />

host Mercedes-Benz owners and their friends at a ladies-only<br />

networking evening.<br />

An initiative by Mercedes-Benz, She’s Mercedes is a<br />

platform dedicated to connecting and empowering<br />

women to unleash their best. It is where women can<br />

connect and exchange ideas, share experiences and<br />

learn from one another. <strong>The</strong> event was indeed a great<br />

opportunity for professionals within the luxury industry<br />

to connect with the exclusive database of Mercedes<br />

Benz.<br />

Hosted at the KWANPEN Flagship Boutique in Marina<br />

Bay Sands, the event offered guests an opportunity<br />

to explore the finest collection of KWANPEN crocodile<br />

leather bags with prestigious jewelry collection<br />

showcase from <strong>The</strong> Canary Diamonds. <strong>The</strong> party then<br />

kickstarted, where guests immersed themselves in the<br />

vivid ambience of the lounge!<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />

KWANPEN seized the opportunity to exhibit the meticulous<br />

care and expertise absolutely needed to perfect<br />

their handmade bags. Craftsmen from the KWANPEN<br />

workshop demonstrated the saddle stitch and edge<br />

inking processes that go into making a handbag, and<br />

attendees could try their hand at inking their very own<br />

crocodile leather keychain to bring home with them as<br />

a memento of their experience. This interactive experience<br />

was popular among ladies and gentlemen alike!<br />

<strong>The</strong> Canary Diamond’s enchanting display of bespoke<br />

jewelry was overseen by the brand’s very own designer<br />

and founders. Guests had the privilege to admire these<br />

esteemed collection of colored gemstones and they<br />

also gained insight into identifying and valuing these<br />

precious stones.<br />

<strong>The</strong> spread of food and drinks on offer was a gustatory<br />

pleasure for the palate. Alba 1836 successfully<br />

charmed the guests yet again with their catering effort,<br />

creating stunning Italian-inspired canapés, such<br />

as Basil Ricotta Mousse with Olives Powder; Arancini<br />

with Taleggio Cheese; Homemade Cured Salmon with<br />

sour cream; Parma Ham with Rock Melon and Tiramisu<br />

as dessert, were served up butler-style. And of course,<br />

with the continuous support of our Italian beverage<br />

importer including Peroni, our guests indulged in bottomless<br />

Bisol Belstar Prosecco, Tenute San Guido Le<br />

Difese wine, and chilled Peroni Premium Beers.<br />

AV One made sure to satisfy our auditory senses by<br />

bringing in Burmester sound systems. Burmester traces<br />

its origins back to Germany and is reputed for its<br />

unparalleled sound quality and technological innovation.<br />

With their aesthetic designs, the speakers rendered<br />

the perfect complement to the lounge’s deluxe<br />

décor.<br />

We are honored to be part of this She’s Mercedes initiative.<br />

We look forward to witnessing this platform<br />

flourish and are thrilled for future collaborations!<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

Australia Members<br />

Host an Evening of<br />

Fashion, Boating &<br />

Champagne<br />

78<br />

Sydney Harbour was<br />

the perfect backdrop<br />

for <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

Australia members,<br />

Victoria & Maude, event<br />

onboard <strong>The</strong><strong>Luxury</strong> Boat<br />

Syndicate’s boat, Riviera<br />

6000.<br />

Guests enjoyed a sunset<br />

cruise whilst sipping on<br />

French Vine’s exquisite<br />

artisanal Champagne and<br />

indulged in Simon Johnson’s<br />

delicious cheese<br />

platter.<br />

Attendees had the privilege<br />

of meeting with the<br />

talented Victoria Maude,<br />

CEO and designer of Victoria<br />

& Maude, to discover<br />

the new definition of<br />

luxury travel with Ostrich<br />

leather, Merino wool and<br />

certified eco leather travel<br />

goods – handcrafted in<br />

Sydney and Melbourne.<br />

Fashion, Boating and<br />

Champagne was the perfect<br />

recipe for a delightful<br />

sunset event.

TLN<br />

News<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong><br />

New Zealand<br />

Attends <strong>The</strong><br />

Heineken<br />

Urban Polo<br />

Members of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> New<br />

Zealand and their extended guests<br />

recently enjoyed an exclusive experience<br />

at <strong>The</strong> Heineken Urban Polo on Saturday,<br />

16th March.<br />

With the City of Sails putting on a stunning<br />

weather, guests were amiably greeted upon<br />

arrival with flowing champagne, deliciously<br />

crafted canapes, and the lively Heineken Urban<br />

Polo premium sporting atmosphere.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Polo itself was played on a significantly<br />

smaller field, which allowed guests to be<br />

as close to the action as possible. Inclusive<br />

of several fast-paced games; guests enjoyed<br />

watching internationally recognised players<br />

in true <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> style.<br />

Members and guests networked underneath<br />

a botanic masterpiece that exhibited floral<br />

genius; in combination with white loungers,<br />

a photo booth station, and a luxurious light<br />

palette of interior styling infused with vibrant<br />

greenery curated Lily and Louis.<br />

Heletranz Helicopters ‘Eurocopter EC130’ aided<br />

as chosen backdrop of the day with guests<br />

posing for quick snaps aside one of the finest<br />

in the fleet.<br />

As a day to be remembered, <strong>The</strong> Heineken Urban<br />

Polo doted true style, sophistication and a<br />

premium experience for <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

New Zealand.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong><br />

Australia X<br />

Ahoy Club<br />

X Ferrari<br />

Australasia<br />

Event<br />

On Thursday night, Ahoy Club,<br />

Ferrari Australasia and <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Australia invited<br />

guests to the Ahoy Clubhouse in<br />

Double Bay to celebrate the start of the<br />

2019 Grand Prix Season.<br />

Whilst Ferrari showcased some of their<br />

exclusive sport cars, including a GT-<br />

C4LUSSO and a Portofino, Ahoy Club<br />

introduced guests to the incredible selection<br />

of yachts available for charter<br />

around the globe.<br />

A prize draw concluded the night<br />

where one lucky attendee won an unforgettable<br />

experience – to watch the<br />

2019 Monaco Grand Prix aboard the<br />

Superyacht, MISCHIEF, and four nights<br />

accommodation at the incredible 5 star<br />

hotel, La Reserve.<br />

What a great evening where guests socialised,<br />

networked and danced well<br />

into the night surrounded by sports<br />

cars and superyachts.<br />



TLN<br />

News<br />

Al-Johara:<br />

A <strong>Network</strong> For<br />

Extraordinary<br />

Saudi Women<br />

On March 27th, two weeks after<br />

the <strong>International</strong> Women’s<br />

Day, Al-Johara hosted its<br />

inaugural event: a formal dinner at<br />

the Four Seasons in Riyadh, Saudi<br />

Arabia. Both the location and timing<br />

of the foundational dinner was central<br />

to its goal of bringing influential<br />

Saudi women together to build a<br />

network where they can share their<br />

expertise on wealth creation, their<br />

experience in bridging wealth and<br />

philanthropy, and their understanding<br />

of how women can make a social<br />

impact globally.<br />

Al-Johara emerged from a need<br />

for international connection. <strong>The</strong><br />

founders, Katie Partridge and Nada<br />

Bundakji, recognize the strengths<br />

and value of female leadership in<br />

education and business sectors, and<br />

together, they created Al-Johara to<br />

empower women and address social<br />

issues perpetuated by global gender<br />

imbalances through education<br />

and mediation, philanthropy and<br />

giving, and wealth creation. <strong>The</strong>se<br />

three pillars form the foundation of<br />

the organization, and they were the<br />

principal focus of the event. Founders,<br />

Katie Partridge and Nada Bundakji,<br />

opened the evening by introducing<br />

the Al-Johara concept and<br />

how the three pillars define the organization’s<br />

mission. Following the<br />

introduction, inspirational women<br />

from around the world shared their<br />

stories and expertise relating to education,<br />

philanthropy, and wealth<br />

creation.<br />

82<br />

H.H. Princess Noura bint Mohammed<br />

bin Saud Al Saud the Guest of<br />

Honour for the event and Princess<br />

Awatif bint Abdullah Al Sheikh supported<br />

the initiative and was in attendance<br />

for the evening. Princess<br />

Noura applauded Al Johara for all<br />

their efforts and commitment to<br />

inspire Saudi women through this<br />

international initiative which enables<br />

them to become truly global<br />

citizens. She expressed how she was<br />

“very pleased to meet all the initiative<br />

partners and looks forward to a<br />

continuous relationship”. Her Highness<br />

is personally an active sponsor<br />

and contributor to initiatives<br />

and programs supporting women’s<br />

professional and personal development<br />

and empowerment; the latest<br />

of which has been the event in celebration<br />

of the Saudi National Women’s<br />

Day. She has also pioneered<br />

efforts to elevate educational and<br />

cultural support of Saudi women<br />

across growth sectors, particularly<br />

in their early education stages.<br />

<strong>The</strong> UN Secretary-General’s High-<br />

Level Panel on Women’s Economic<br />

Empowerment identifies one of<br />

seven drivers of women’s economic<br />

empowerment as “strengthening<br />

visibility, collective voice and representation”.<br />

Al-Johara’s board of<br />

advisors include some of the most<br />

influential women from the UK, US,<br />

and Canada. By growing a network<br />

of inspiring women from the Middle<br />

East, Europe, and North America,<br />

Al-Johara has the transformational<br />

potential to re-write narratives on<br />

international female leadership to<br />

include powerful Saudi women.<br />

Much of the success of this event is<br />

due to Al-Johara’s corporate sponsors:<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong>,<br />

Irwin Michell, Almacantar,<br />

Saphira Group, Corinthia Hotels,<br />

Lightfoot Travel, and Desert Technologies.<br />

Currently, Al-Johara is<br />

planning its next event, which will<br />

be held in London later this year.<br />

www.aljohara.org<br />

Nada Bundakji:<br />

nada@saudigulf.com<br />

Katie Partridge:<br />

kp@saphiragroup.com<br />

Written by: Riley McNair

TLN<br />

News<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

Australia Members and<br />

Guests Experience the New<br />

Silversea Silver Muse<br />

On Monday February 4, <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

members and their guests<br />

had the unique opportunity to experience<br />

the Silver Muse. Guests enjoyed<br />

canapés and drinks in the Dolce Vita and<br />

Panorama lounges followed by a tour of the<br />

ship.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

Australia X Aspen<br />

Snomass on board<br />

Superyacht Vegas<br />

On Wednesday February 27 <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

members and their guests enjoyed a superb<br />

evening on board LK Group‘s Superyact Vegas.<br />

Guests were treated to Champagne and canapés<br />

whilst sailing to Williamstown and back. Aspen Snowmass<br />

provided an overview of their resort and the<br />

#giveaflake initiative.<br />



Affairs<br />

Love and Other Crimes<br />

Maddox Gallery is delighted to present ‘Love and Other<br />

Crimes,’ an exhibition of love-themed works by some of the<br />

world’s most successful and instantly recognisable artists<br />

including Banksy, <strong>The</strong> Connor Brothers, Damien Hirst, Harland<br />

Miller, Mr Brainwash, Robert Indiana, Tracey Emin and more.<br />

Coinciding with Valentine’s Day, ‘Love and Other Crimes’ celebrates<br />

the raw vibrancy of humanity’s most powerful emotion. Expressed<br />

through a variety of different mediums, from painting to<br />

prints to sculpture, the exhibition will be comprised of over forty<br />

arresting works, including Banksy’s ‘Girl with Balloon,’ Tracey Emin’s<br />

‘Wanting You’, Mr Brainwash’s ‘Love Is <strong>The</strong> Answer’ and Robert<br />

Indiana’s ‘Four Panel Love.’<br />

Presented at our flagship Mayfair townhouse, the exhibition is a<br />

nuanced meditation on the theme of love and all it signifies, interpreted<br />

by some of the world’s greatest artists.<br />

Drawing attention to the sentiment and symbolism of the word<br />

‘love,’ the abstract conventions of romance, and the impact of<br />

cultural icons and couples, from Charlie Chaplin featured by Mr.<br />

Brainwash to Damien Hirst’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the exhibition<br />

details our complex relationship to love, both in an historical<br />

sense and also a personal one.<br />

Kick-starting Maddox Gallery’s exciting programme of events and<br />

exhibitions for 2019, ‘Love and Other Crimes’ is a playful examination<br />

of the universal feeling of love, and the joy and wit it injects<br />

into our lives.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

Motorclassica – Melbourne’s Grand Pageant<br />

For Australia’s Automotive Elite<br />

Paul Mathers is one of a small<br />

team which every year brings<br />

together one of Australia’s<br />

most prestigious and beautiful<br />

events. As the Director of Motorclassica,<br />

his remit is clear – to bring<br />

to light in Melbourne’s iconic, world<br />

heritage-listed Royal Exhibition<br />

Building – the very best and most<br />

covetable examples of “rolling art”<br />

Australia has to offer, for its most<br />

discerning, high end collectors.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Australian <strong>International</strong> Concours<br />

d’Elegance, or Motorclassica<br />

for short, is the southern hemisphere’s<br />

biggest and most important<br />

beauty pageant for classic,<br />

vintage, veteran and exotic automobiles,<br />

and second only to the<br />

Australian Grand Prix as the glamour,<br />

society event of the year for<br />

Australia’s elite.<br />

Celebrating its 10th year in 2019,<br />

it’s no mean feat pulling together<br />

the elements of Motorclassica’s<br />

annual festival of motoring for its<br />

small team of event professionals<br />

and motoring enthusiasts. Nevertheless,<br />

every year they succeed in<br />

surprising their audience and the<br />

event continues to prove a valuable<br />

soapbox for brands like Mercedes-Benz,<br />

Ferrari, McLaren, TAG<br />

Heuer, Longines, Pommery and<br />

Mitchelton Wines to promote their<br />

brands and entertain new and existing<br />

customers in a unique and<br />

rarified environment.<br />

Over $80 million worth of cars and<br />

motorcycles form a backdrop for a<br />

range of sponsorship and corporate<br />

hospitality options for those<br />

who wish to engage with an Australia-wide<br />

audience of business leaders,<br />

entrepreneurs and captains of<br />

industry all united by a common<br />

love of exquisite design and engineering<br />

marvels. Paul and his team<br />

work very closely with potential<br />

new sponsors to create tailored,<br />

bespoke opportunities which offer<br />

“money can’t buy” cache.<br />

“From sponsorship of the popular<br />

opening night cocktail party<br />

for over 500 guests, to the more<br />

intimate 10th anniversary dinner,<br />

our offerings are only limited by<br />

your imagination”, he says. “And for<br />

those companies looking for promotional,<br />

lead generating or direct<br />

sales opportunities, our expo provides<br />

an opportunity to meet our<br />

high-value audience face to face.<br />

For destinations, apparel, watches,<br />

antiques and lifestyle brands, exhibiting<br />

is an ideal way of interacting<br />

with this hard-to-get-to consumer<br />

market”.<br />

Motorclassica might be seven<br />

months away, but it’s all systems<br />

go for Paul and his team. With anniversary<br />

celebrations for Bentley,<br />

Citroen, Alvis, Abarth and Mini, and<br />

with a special first-time tribute<br />

to the history of Japanese sports<br />

cars featuring the $1 million+ Toyota<br />

2000GT, this 10th anniversary<br />

event is sure to be unmissable.<br />

Motorclassica will be held at the<br />

Royal Exhibition Building from 11th<br />

to 13th October with opening night<br />

on Thursday 10th October. For<br />

sponsorship or exhibitor enquiries<br />

please contact Event Director, Paul<br />

Mathers at pmathers@etf.com.au<br />

or visit www.motorclassica.com.au<br />


86<br />

Members<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> Boat Syndicates Provide Cost<br />

Effective, Time Efficient Boat Ownership<br />

Smart People Share..<br />

Introducing luxury boat ownership in the share<br />

economy. <strong>Luxury</strong> Boat Syndicates provides cost<br />

effective, time efficient boat ownership. Most boat<br />

owners use their boats for an average of 14 days a year<br />

– their boats sit idle for 351 days. <strong>The</strong>y also need to<br />

find a berth and arrange servicing, maintenance, fuelling<br />

and cleaning which all require significant time<br />

and effort.<br />

At <strong>Luxury</strong> Boat Syndicates you pay an eighth of the<br />

boat purchase price and have 43 days a year (plus<br />

standby days) to enjoy your boat. We look after berthing,<br />

servicing, maintenance, cleaning and fuelling and<br />

your boat is ready for you when you need it. Skippering,<br />

catering and even corporate entertainment can be<br />

arranged to make owning your boat immensely enjoyable<br />

and stress free. Buy a boat with <strong>Luxury</strong> Boat Syndicates<br />

to minimise the fuss and cost of boat ownership<br />

and maximise the enjoyment!<br />

For more information visit: www.luxuryboatsyndicates.<br />

com.au<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

<strong>The</strong> Big Red Group and the Experience Economy:<br />

Trading the Currency of Human Connection<br />

<strong>The</strong> Big Red Group (BRG) operates<br />

in the experiences industry,<br />

and is parent company to<br />

businesses RedBalloon (Australia<br />

and New Zealand), Adrenaline,<br />

Marketics (Albert AI), and Redii.<br />

com. BRG delivers the framework,<br />

platforms and services to each of<br />

the separate businesses, which allows<br />

us to invest capital in our people,<br />

technology and growth. Each<br />

business benefits directly from the<br />

combined resources of the group,<br />

and this management structure allows<br />

them to focus on delivering<br />

great experiences. It is our shared<br />

sense of purpose that unites our<br />

teams. Our businesses shift the<br />

way people experience life.<br />

Our world is changing, and where<br />

people choose to spend their time,<br />

money and energy is shifting. More<br />

people are doing more experiences<br />

than at any other time in history.<br />

Experiences as a sector of the<br />

economy is talked about in the media<br />

and researched extensively, as<br />

you will see throughout this document.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re is a natural progression to<br />

everything; economies are no exception.<br />

From Agrarian to Industrial,<br />

Service to Experiential – the<br />

global economy is changing. Focus<br />

has shifted from delivering goods<br />

and services, into the space of creating<br />

and staging experiences that<br />

elevate the customer experience<br />

beyond a mere transaction, and<br />

into the realm of true value exchange<br />

between consumers and<br />

business. Similarly, for business:<br />

Cash bonuses and branded stress<br />

balls simply don’t create a commu-<br />


nity or culture – it is connection<br />

that creates engagement and engenders<br />

trust, with both customers<br />

and employees.<br />

This shift to experiences is being<br />

driven by a number of macro factors:<br />

<strong>The</strong> continued growth of online<br />

retail; an increase in Millennial<br />

purchasing power and Baby Boomer<br />

expenditure on travel and experiences;<br />

consumer expectations of<br />

personalisation and engagement;<br />

the further proliferation of technology,<br />

including a continued shift<br />

from desktop to mobile ecommerce;<br />

alongside the ever-growing<br />

trend to shareable social content.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are also a number of large<br />

global players who are educating<br />

consumers about the power of experiences,<br />

which is creating a halo<br />

effect – not only on the ‘things to do<br />

industry’, but as a thread impacting<br />

the very nature of how retailers operate<br />

and engage with consumers.<br />

How does Nike bring its brand to<br />

life? Just do it. Not, ‘Just buy it’.<br />

So the notion of an ‘experience<br />

economy’ urges me to reflect on<br />

the inherent value of doing something<br />

over owning something. <strong>The</strong><br />

former being far more valuable.<br />

This is why the Big Red Group has<br />

produced a white paper, looking at<br />

the impact of experiences on the<br />

global and local economy. From everyday<br />

activities to truly luxurious<br />

experiences, there’s no doubt that<br />

the progression of economic value<br />

we see manifested in the demand<br />

for experiences is here to stay.<br />

Members<br />

Affairs<br />

“I think of the moment an experience creates – the<br />

memory, the emotional connection. No one recalls<br />

with a thrill the parking, the queues or the soggy<br />

burger in the rain they ate at Disneyland. But they<br />

do remember the parade, the music, the smells,<br />

the sights; that moment on top of the rollercoaster<br />

where everyone was wide eyed and smiling…<br />

Experiences create connections and bonds like<br />

nothing else. And that is what the ‘experience economy’<br />

trades – it’s the currency of connection,”<br />

David Anderson<br />

Big Red Group CEO and Co-Founder.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

Two of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Australia’s Members<br />

Celebrate their Partnership<br />

What a truly exceptional<br />

evening on-board the impressive<br />

103ft Superyacht<br />

Oneworld to celebrate the <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong>’s exciting partnership<br />

between Australian Superyachts<br />

and Aspen Ski Company.<br />

Following on from January’s successful<br />

winter apres event in snowy<br />

Aspen, guests were invited to enjoy<br />

a summery evening of elegance,<br />

cocktails and canapés onboard Superyahct<br />

Oneworld at the Jones<br />

Bay Wharf dock.<br />

Guests were indulged by Simon<br />

Johnson and Cafe Sydney ex-chef<br />

Matt Bates Grazing Table and Capanes.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Beluga VodkaMartini<br />

and Pommery Champagne Bar<br />

were also a big success with all who<br />

were onboard.<br />

<strong>The</strong> seamless and impeccable night<br />

was definitely one to remember.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />


92<br />

Members<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

<strong>The</strong> Speakeasy Group Launches Crowd<br />

Funding Campaign<br />

In a super exciting announcement<br />

for our loyal guests and<br />

fellow fans of all things cocktail,<br />

whisky and good times you can<br />

now own your very own piece of<br />

<strong>The</strong> Speakeasy Group!<br />

In this Australian hospitality first,<br />

<strong>The</strong> Speakeasy Group is selling<br />

off 10% of the company (Incl. the<br />

Groups 6 venues) through a crowdfunding<br />

campaign.<br />

Funds raised will go towards new<br />

exciting venues and collaborations<br />

already in the pipeline for our expanding<br />

boutique hospitality group<br />

including the opening announcement<br />

of Nick and Nora’s Melbourne.<br />

Come along for the ride as co owners<br />

with Owners Privileges and<br />

Yearly Dividends for investments<br />

for as little as $500 and up to<br />

$10,000 including a VIP invitation<br />

to Nick and Nora’s Opening night in<br />

early 2020.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

B2B <strong>Network</strong>ing<br />

Hosted by<br />

Rolls-Royce and<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> UAE<br />

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars AGMC welcomed the official<br />

members of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> UAE to<br />

<strong>The</strong> Rolls-Royce Boutique for an afternoon of<br />

engagement & boutique networking.<br />

Mamdouh Khairallah, General Manager of Rolls-Royce<br />

Motor Cars AGMC, took guests on a tour of the boutique<br />

and showcased some of Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke<br />

capabilities.<br />

Some of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> members who were<br />

present during the afternoon were XXII Carat, Ascots<br />

& Chapels, Sobha, Masterpiece <strong>International</strong>, Seba Jamal,<br />

Huriya Private, and Evoke <strong>International</strong>. An exquisite<br />

choice of canapés and drinks were served to the<br />

attendees. Everyone appreciated the initiative made<br />

by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars AGMC and <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> team to present a successful B2B networking<br />

event.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />


96<br />

Members<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

Bella Flora, A world leading Flower supplier and designer for mega events and royal weddings. Mr. Chafik<br />

Noureddine is a Lebanese business man who moved to Qatar in 2004 to establish his business in the field<br />

of flowers and plantation nurseries and growers which is a family business since 1952 in Lebanon till today.<br />

In 2005 Bella Flora shined in the local market of Doha as one of most luxurious<br />

and prestigious flower supplier.<br />

With more than 40 royal and Vip weddings and events on monthly basis, Bella flora is considered the leading<br />

flower importer, distributor and supplier in Qatar.<br />

Working with all Famous wedding organizers and events planners in Qatar, like Le Mariage, <strong>The</strong> planners and<br />

many more. Bella flora imports more than 250 tones of flowers per year from Holland, Ecuador, Colombia,<br />

Kenya, Sirilanka, and Thailand.<br />

With a strong vision and determination, Mr. Chafik is expending his business to partner in a new market<br />

in Dubai and to establish a new Bella Flora headquarter in Paris by Mid 2019.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

Chafik Noureddine, Bella Flora Owner<br />


A world of options<br />



Sisko Chocolate Studio | 330 Auburn Road Hawthorn VIC Australia<br />

Sisko Chocolate | Eastland Shopping Centre Ringwood VIC Australia<br />



<strong>The</strong> new Continental GT.<br />

Be Extraordinary.<br />

Discover unmatched design, craftsmanship and technology.<br />


Please contact on BOO-BENTLEY [800 236 8539]<br />

or visit us at www.dubai.bentleymotors.com, www.abudhabi.bentleymotors.com for more information<br />

<strong>The</strong> name 'Bentley' and the 'B' in wings device are registered trademarks. © 2019 Bentley Motors Limited. Model shown: Continental GT.



Under <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Summit 2019<br />

Commenced with Success<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Summit is yet another project<br />

created by <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>’s Global<br />

CEO, H.E. Fares Ghattas. Following the official<br />

launch of the network’s Turkish office, the first edition<br />

of the annual summit was victoriously celebrated last<br />

April 26-27 in Istanbul, Turkey.<br />

Ghost courtesy of Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul,<br />

and Maserati Ghibli displayed on-site, a one-of-akind<br />

fashion show by the Moroccan fashion designer<br />

In the morning of April 26th, the first day of the summit<br />

started with a networking breakfast at 8:30 am at<br />

the Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul. After having<br />

their breakfast, all of the lucky guests were taken by a<br />

stunning yacht to Beykoz Kundura.<br />

To sum up the first day of the event, a 6-course menu<br />

private dinner was prepared for the guests by <strong>The</strong><br />

Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul, at their elegant meeting room,<br />

Cam, while they got mesmerized with the amazing<br />

view of Bosphorus.<br />

Some of the memorable experiences prepared for<br />

the attendees during the summit were unique B2B<br />

networking activities, private dinner in a historical<br />

mansion, photo opportunities with a Rolls-Royce<br />


Under <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />

Meriem Belkhayat, an informative forum presented by<br />

some of the world’s most affluent names, and a showcase<br />

of luxury products and services by Mesa Mesken<br />

and Gilan Jewelry. A fragrance workshop was organized<br />

by MG <strong>International</strong> Fragrance Company for an<br />

olfactory journey for <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>’s guests.<br />

A day prior to <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Summit, an exquisite<br />

private dinner was graciously hosted by Demet Sabancı<br />

in her beautiful mansion that was magnificently<br />

built during the 1700s. <strong>The</strong> whole TLN global executives<br />

were invited to the mansion, together with some of the<br />

esteemed guests of the summit.<br />

During the second day of the summit, the impeccable<br />

fashion talks were hosted at the Sait Halim Paşa Mansion.<br />

Several topics about the latest trends in fashion<br />

and media during this digital era were discussed during<br />

the forum. <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> did a spectacular job<br />

in putting together a group of powerful forum panelists<br />

that include: Meriem Belkhayat, Amal Almeen, Ezra<br />

and Tuba Çetin, Nihat Odabasi, Sophie Hussein, and<br />

Alia Alhamed.<br />

<strong>The</strong> agenda of the summit focused on the opportunities<br />

that can arise in the luxury industry in Asia and<br />

Europe. A strong list of high-profile speakers, moderators,<br />

and presenters delivered during the event:<br />

• Adel Aref: Director of Cabinet of the Paris Saint Germain<br />

FC<br />

• Ahmad Sabra: RTS Investments Group, Board Member<br />

103<br />


Under <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />

• Ahmad Sulaiman: CEO of AS Hair Experts<br />

• Alia Alhamed: Founder of IT Creative Group<br />

• Amal Ameen: Fashion Tycoon & Buyer<br />

• Anand Vengurlekar: INSEAD Business School CCO<br />

• Andreas Dripke: Diplomatic Council CEO to the United<br />

Nations<br />

• Angelo Bucarelli: Artist<br />

• Anna Kalashnikova: Artist<br />

• Aylin Gözen: Diamond High Council Jewellery Consultant<br />

• Ayşe Ege: Dice Kayek Fashion Designer<br />

• Cemalettin Akgül: Maestro Global, Founder<br />

• Cynthia Wee: Senior Partner of Vision Advisory<br />

• Demet Sabancı Çetindoğan: Demsa Group Chairman<br />

• Diana Verde: Positive <strong>Luxury</strong> CEO<br />

• Dilek Hanif: Fashion Designer<br />

• Erdem Akcıl: <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Turkey CEO<br />

• Erhan Boysanoğlu: Chairman of Mesa Holding<br />

• Esmer Erdem: Design Connection Founder<br />

• Ezra Çetin: Fashion Designer<br />

• Ferhan Geylan: Gilan Jewellery Founder<br />

• Fflur Roberts: Global <strong>Luxury</strong> Manager for EuroMonitor<br />

UK<br />

• Güvenç Kiliç: Hiref Co-Founder<br />

• H.E Fares Ghattas: <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Global CEO<br />

• Karen Boustany: Writer, TV Host, Owner of Eyestrategy<br />

• Leah Tedrow: Evoke Int. CEO<br />

• Marriam Musalli: Niche Arabia Founder<br />

• Meriem Belkhayat: Fashion Designer<br />

• Nihat Odabaşı: Photographer and Director<br />

• Seda Domaniç: Vogue Turkey Editor in Chief<br />

• Sedef Senar: Stratejist Communications Agency Founder<br />

• Simge Fıstıkoğlu Tavukçuoğlu: NTV News Anchor<br />

• Tamer Ceylan: Artist<br />

• Thierry Bayle: Global Fashion Management Founder<br />

• Tuba Çetin: Fashion Designer<br />

When asked about the purpose of the summit, <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Turkey General Director, Erdem Akçıl<br />

said:<br />

“In the new economy of luxury, we create great<br />

opportunities and collaborations, including medium-sized<br />

brands. We are capable of bringing together<br />

a hotel and a car brand, a jewel and a brand<br />

of cosmetics, and many more. We strongly believe<br />

that Istanbul has more share in the cake of luxury<br />

summits globally. Our summit can produce a number<br />

of unique partnerships and it will be the meeting<br />

point of VIPs in various luxury sectors. That’s why,<br />

we brought together the giant personalities of fashion,<br />

retail, arts, entertainment, and yachting industries<br />

to Istanbul.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> 2-day summit was wrapped up through a boat<br />

tour around Bosphorus and a dazzling celebratory after-party<br />

especially prepared for the wonderful guests.<br />

104<br />


According to Mr. Fares:<br />

“Turkey is a nation with a strong and vibrant cultural<br />

heritage. Its most populous city, Istanbul, is<br />

nothing but a perfect destination for <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> Summit 2019. Istanbul offers the most<br />

beautiful views of Turkey, finest Turkish cuisine,<br />

and the most upscale experiences. We will always<br />

be thankful to each brand and individuals who supported<br />

us in every new venture we present to the<br />

world, our goal is to maintain the good relationship<br />

we have with our offices, member brands, and collaborative<br />

partners, that believe in our vision and<br />

support us in every possible way. We hope to exceed<br />

the expectations of our valued followers by creating<br />

more unique events in the future such as <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> Summit.”<br />

Under <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />

105<br />


Under <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />

106<br />


Under <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />

107<br />



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Members Directory<br />

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Vimed Cell<br />

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ISSUE <strong>12</strong><br />

MAY - JUNE 2019<br />

Editor-In-Chief<br />

Fares Ghattas<br />

Managing Editor<br />

Garz Bumanlag<br />

Assistant Editor<br />

Nour Ghattas<br />

Creative Department<br />

Reine Nehme and Chris Wood<br />

Production Manager<br />

Firas Al Turah<br />

Print and Production<br />

Printing Group<br />

Jnah, Embassies Street, Amira Building, Beirut - Lebanon<br />

Tel: +961 1 823 720 I info@printingroup.com<br />

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info@tlnint.com<br />

+44 (0) 330 133 1661<br />

www.tlnint.com<br />

At 2017, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> was published as a bimonthly supplement for <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong>. All materials are strictly<br />

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individual or company, legally, financially or physically, as a result of any statement, fact, figure or expression of opinion or belief appearing in <strong>The</strong><br />

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Why Join<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>?<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> has been recognized by the<br />

British media as ‘the world’s leading luxury affinity<br />

marketing group’ and one of the most innovative<br />

formulas for the development of new businesses<br />

between luxury brands which share the same<br />

values, customers and target audience. We build<br />

meaningful business relationships and connections<br />

in the HNW and UNHW space with over 28<br />

global offices and 500 exclusive member brands<br />

worldwide.<br />

With over a decade of experience in the international<br />

luxury industry facilitating access to new<br />

high-net-worth individuals, our team has<br />

developed thousands of strategies for countless<br />

companies. <strong>The</strong> importance of top-end strategic<br />

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yet most companies don’t have the time or the<br />

resources to create such ongoing business<br />

relationships.<br />

We are armed with the right connections to help<br />

you form new business alliances with many other<br />

luxury brands, to reach each other’s HNW<br />

pre-qualified private clients, and showcase your<br />

brand’s services and products at our luxury B2C<br />

sales or private client events. You will get the<br />

opportunity to entertain your clients and invite<br />

your prospects to our of B2C luxury events.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>’s team will perform as your<br />

extended marketing arm to orchestrate successful<br />

collaborations by working closely with your<br />

own personal <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> account<br />

manager to develop your business and identify<br />

your targets.<br />

For more reasons to join <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>,<br />

please visit our website testimonials and success<br />

stories section. You may join <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

by filling in the form at www.tlnint.com/contact-us<br />

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take care of the rest for you.<br />


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OR MR SACHS?<br />

At London & Capital, our partners<br />

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To speak to a member of<br />

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