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May 9, 2021



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Enlarged By Creativity







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Fashion : Rules to Wearing Shoes

09 MAY 2021

6 Sexmatics: Spouses That Sleep

Together Stay Together


Beauty : 8 Common Skin Care Mistakes

To Avoid

8 Instagram Moments


The plumetting unemployment

situation and lack of job creation by

government, which has become our

stark reality, has led many Nigerians

especially the youth to look inwards for

the way out.

The youth which make up a chunk

of the nation’s population, have had to

turn to the creative industry, taking

advantage of digital revolution to

advance their skills, and to create and

distribute contents.

Of the 13 distinct industries making

up the creative industry, Nigerians have

excelled in crafts, design, designer fashion, film, music,

performing arts, contributing to national wealth and international


A 2016 report by the International Monetary Fund, IMF,

revealed that the Nigerian Film Industry is estimated to account

for almost 1.4% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) i.e. over

USD 7 Billion, providing employment for over 1 million people

and releases over 2,500 films a year.

What has become clear is that, there is an abundance of

talent in Nigeria that can bring about structural economic

transformation as well as socio-economic progress.

Tara Fele-Durotoye, Kelechi Amadi Obi, Mudiaga Enajemo,

Jeremiah Ogbodo, Tina Ugo are top drivers in the fahsion and

beauty industries, whose “coasts” have been enlarged by

creativity. The value they created over time, have also brought

them fame and fortune. Read their inspiring story as compiled by

Yemisi Suleiman on page 4-5.

If you love shoes and like to flaunt a nice pair, then follow the

rules. And yes, those rules matter. See what they are on the

opposite page.

To earn a glowing skin like that of

Rita Dominic, then you must avoid

J . E

some common skincare mistakes. Flip

to page 7 to find out what they are.

Jemi Ekunkunbor

Our sex coach is on standby for

some between-the-sheets tips. Pg 6.


Enjoy the edition and have a great



“Husband is the HEAD of

the family and wife is the

NECK that turns the head


- Payal

“I don’t know what the key

to success is, but the key to

failure is trying to please


- Bill Cosby

“You know you are on the

road to success if you would

do your job, and not be paid

for it”.

- Oprah Winfrey

“Holding on to anger is like

drinking poison and

expecting the other

person to die”.

- Buddha







Josephine Agbonkhese



















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Rules to Wearing



By - Jemi Ekunkunbor

A great pair of heels is a powerful thing-it

can change your mood, your posture and

your attitude. It can make a boring outfit

instantly remarkable. Your legs look better

in hells. heels. So you see how much power

the high heels have? When dressing up,

start by choosing your shoes first. This way,

it will inspire your whole dressing process.

A great pair of shoes is further enhanced by

following the rules below.

Rules For Wearing

A Pair Of Shoes






Get a pedicure

Don’t even imagine wearing a pair

of peep toe shoes if your toe nails

are not in good shape chipped toe

nail polish and cracked heels are

not acceptable.

Invest in a good pair

A few names stand out when it

comes to shoes. Manolo Blannik,

Christian Louboutine, Miu Miu

Show two cracks


Toe cleavage does not get the

attention it deserves but it

matters. Show some toes but not

more than two.

Don’t go too high

Note that if shoes go beyond four

inches, you will not be able to

walk well. also, your posture will

shift and you will not have a good

gait. No matter how good you are

with heels, there is a point where

it gets too high and struggling to

walk correctly will make you look


Watch your


Hardly anyone can pull off a short

skirt with very high heels without

looking like a hooker. Ensure

your hemline is not too

far up your legs.



folake kuye

May 9, 2021 / 3


Enlarged By


Words By - Yemisi Suleiman

The creative industry has emerged

as one of the world’s most

dynamic economic sectors,

offering vast employment

opportunities for today’s youths.

From the very first innovators to the

current boom of fashion entrepreneurs,

there have been incredible individuals who

have paved the way for others in the creative

industry to excel, through their excellent


Feel inspired by some of the incredible

achievements of these personalities who

have changed the face of the creative

industry over the last ten years and beyond.



CEO, House of Tara


Think of Tara Fela-Durotoye and you think of make-up, the first international standard makeup

studios in Nigeria and Africa’s first indigenous makeup brand that caters to women of colour. The

CEO, House of Tara International is credited with bringing glamour and panache to makeup

artistry, making it an attractive career for graduates and well-groomed ladies to feast on.

With a huge interest in beauty and making people look good, Tara Fela-Durotoye started

House of Tara International in 1998 while studying Law at the Lagos State University. She came

to limelight when she was featured in Ovation Magazine as the make-up artist for then TV girl,

Jumobi Adegbesan’s wedding to Richard Mofe-Damijo. Over the years, the brand has grown to

be one of the biggest in the beauty industry in Nigeria and Africa, with about 270 products, 23

stores, 14 beauty schools and 10,000 representatives all around Africa. She is the founder and

CEO of House of Tara International and creator of the Tara Orekelewa Beauty range, Inspired

Perfume and the H.I.P Beauty range.

Her strong passion for female empowerment gave birth to the ‘Beauty Entrepreneur

scheme’, which has helped a number of women to own their own beauty businesses. Mrs.

Fela-Durotoye has also created thousands of jobs, having trained over 7,000 professional

Makeup Artistes (MUA) both at home and abroad. All of these professional MUAs have gone on

to start their own beauty businesses and excelling in them.

Recognising her hard work and giant strides in the industry, Mrs Fela-Durotoye has received

a number of notable awards and accolades. In 2007, Tara Fela-Durotoye was awarded the

Africa SMME Award and the Entrepreneur award in South Africa in 2013. In 2013 also, she was

listed by Forbes Africa as one of “20 Young Power Women in Africa”. A list which illuminated the

brightest stars and Africa’s most outstanding female game changers aged 45 and under.

Mudiaga Enajemo

CEO Mudi Africa

The brand, Mudi Africa is famous for its unique Afrocentric style. Founded in 1993 by Clement Mudiaga

Enajemo, simply known as Mudi, the brand has over the years proven to be one of the most formidable names

in the fashion industry in Africa. Setting out from a humble background, Mudi Africa, which berthed from a

single room at Ikosi-Ketu, now has various branches within and outside Nigeria. Living up to its brand name

Mudi Africa, Mudi as he is fondly called, was the first Nigerian designer to take his products abroad by opening

stores in other African countries; Senegal, South Africa, Kenya and Accra Ghana where he has become

popular. Known to offer top-notch quality to its customers, the brand has over the years assembled a wide

clientele base which cuts across the African continent, among which are Presidents, State Governors, CEOs,

celebrities, models, actors, amongst others. The native of Delta State has received a number of awards for his

sterling craftsmanship including: the Most Influential Person in Fashion (2012), Elegance and Style Award

(2011), Fashion and Style Digest Award (2010), Entrepreneurship Business Development and Innovations by

PILAS, (2017), amongst others.

Interestingly, Mudi does not believe in fashion shows, and you might never see his outfits on the runway.

The designer is of the view that your work should speak for you, as he continues to beautify other parts of the

continent and beyond with his designs.

4 / May 9, 2021

Jeremiah Ogbodo

Fashion Stylist


Jeremiah Ogbodo also known as Swankyjerry, has carved a niche for himself as the go-to

stylist in Nigeria. Since his debut with the launch of his brand Swanky Signatures Styling in

June 2012, his brand has since grown to become one of the most popular and influential

brands in the industry. Creative director, celebrity stylist, Image Consultant designer, social

influencer and consultant are just a few titles under his stylish belt.

His avant-garde style endeared him to many; top celebrities, government officials, including

presidents and CEOs.

Aside from styling clients for red carpet appearances and video shoots, coverage of his

work has appeared in numerous magazines and online publications. In 2014, Swankyjerry

won Fashion Stylist of the Year at the Lagos Fashion Awards.

His work was recognised by Forbes Africa at the first-ever Global Citizen Festival in South

Africa late 2018, while accompanying D’Banj, who he styled, and who performed before

the thousands present that day. Amongst other awards, Swankyjerry was listed as Forbes

Icon 2012, and Forbes 30 under 30 class of 2020. Jerry’s love for fashion started at a

young age as he and his family traveled a lot from city to city, wearing clothes of the locals

they visited. He was, however, driven to turn his passion into a career in order to make

money and fend for himself after the death of his father.

Though he came on the scene at a time when fashion styling wasn’t very popular or

respected in Nigeria, he, however, took the risk, turned it into a money-spinner, and today,

he’s very grateful for how the industry has grown and where it has led him.

Kelechi Amadi-Obi

Artist and Photographer

Ace photographer, artist, and publisher of Mania Magazine, Kelechi Amadi-Obi is a major force to reckon with in the creative scene

in Nigeria. He has been described as one of Nigeria’s groundbreaking celebrity photographer, who paved the way for today’s

young photographers to thrive. His work in photography and visual art has earned him international recognition, and he has been

credited with putting Nigerian photography on the world map. A lawyer by profession, Mr Amadi-Obi abandoned the wig and gown

for the arts. Later, he grew more interested in the art of photography and eventually, after long years of practice, became a

founding member of the Nigerian photography collective, “Depth of Field.”

A lot of his works have been featured in exhibitions within and outside Nigeria, some of which include; 2006 “Snap Judgment”

New Position in Contemporary African Photography, International Centre of Photography, New York, USA, 2005 “Depth of Field”

amongst others. With a long list of enviable clients, such as Guiness Nigeria Plc, MTN Nigeria Plc, PZ Nigeria Plc, Ogilvy, SO&U,

InsightGrey, etc. the arts and fashion photographer has also taken shots of some of the biggest faces in Africa including President

Buhari, Aliko Dangote, Former Miss World Agbani Darego, Genevieve Nnaji, WizKid and more. His works have been exhibited at

the Lagos Photo Festival, Didi Museum, South London Gallery, UK, 2004, “Lagos” Ifa Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany, 2003,

“Transferts” Africalia, Brussels, Belgium. He has a number of awards under his belt including the St.Moritz Style Award for

Photography in 2004. Amadi-Obi’s works have been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices.

Amadi-Obi has been in the photography industry for over two decades. He is internationally renowned for both his photography

and paintings, and continues to stand out with his dynamic and result-oriented photography for his clients.

Tina Ugo

CEO Didi Creations

Proudly flying the country’s flag on the international scene is Nigerian-born,

UK-based accessory designer, Tina Ugo, CEO of Didi Creations. A luxury

fashion brand famous for its luxurious hand-crafted handbags designed mostly

with African fabric mixed with fine leather, it also has other models which come

in glass beads with an African edge. Tina who holds a Bachelor of Arts degree

(combined honours) in Philosophy and Political Science from The University of

Ibadan, and an MBA from Edge Hill University, Lancashire, United Kingdom,

set up her fashion business in 2005 after a brief stint in the corporate sector.

Since its Launch Didi Creations have been featured in British Vogue, Elle,

Glamour, Harpers Bazaar, Tatler, BBC Radio 4, Capital FM, Yahoo News,

Reuters, Black Hair and Beauty, Pride Magazine, Working Moms, Genevieve,

Today’s Woman, Complete Fashion, This Day Style, Guardian, etc. Didi has

also showcased her Collections in some of the Worlds fashion Capitals

including London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Lagos and Nairobi. She has

won several awards including Super Star Entrepreneur at the Ebony Business

Recognition Awards (London) 2013, and Fashion Designer of the Year Awards

at the Women 4Africa Awards (London) 2014, amongst others. The Brand is

currently incorporated and based in the United Kingdom, with a flagship store in

Lagos, and plans for more stores across the Globe.

A dedicated and result-driven professional, Ms. Ugo is also the founder of

Didi Creations kids, VVIP lingerie limited, Deluxe home and Didi textiles


May 9, 2021 / 5

with Adesuwa 07052403531 |




ouples going to bed together allow

room for pillow conversation; thus,

fulfilling the three C’s –

connection, clarity and

communication within the


Making headway to bed together, allows you to

stay on the same schedule. If a partner goes to bed

at a later time, there is the possibility of waking the

sleeping mate and when this becomes a habit,

there is the tendency that anger and resentment

can build up and cause tension in the marriage.

Retiring for the night in unison promotes

intimacy. God wants married couples to be intimate

regularly. So, when you are not in the same place at

the same time, it makes it difficult to do so. Do not

make love and run to the kitchen to wash plates,

watch television or go to read. Know that the time

after copulation is to be used to build the emotional

and relational side of your relationship.

A number of couples take the advantage of

going to bed together, to pray together which is a

great habit to develop. Once in bed together, it

gives you time to talk about your successes in the

day, give thanks to God for what he has done and

entreat him for the day ahead.

One of the common struggles that married couples

face is going to bed together and this process can

actually reinforce good sleeping habits and positive

influence when it comes to keeping reasonable

bedtimes. On the other hand, women who go to bed

earlier or later than their partners, reported lower

relationship satisfaction, the study found.

When spouses don’t sleep together, they may be

losing on the benefits of a shared sleep schedule, one of

which is touching. Studies have suggested that

physical touch between lovebirds releases

oxytocin that helps to promote and maintain

healthy relationship and bonding. Also,

closeness with your partner leads to better


Partners who have the same sleep pattern

are more likely to have regular sex than those

who don’t. Going to bed together gives room

for spontaneous cuddling and touching that can

lead to intercourse not to mention bonding

through physical intimacy.

Sleeping together for couples has a number

of health benefits- You tend to fall asleep faster

and deeper when you sleep as a couple. It

de-stresses you and even protects your heart

and keep it healthy, as sleeping with your mate

allows your brain to tune out quickly and you

sleep off immediately.

You feel safe and secure when you sleep

together; this in turn, affects the quality of your

sleep as it has been discovered that couples

sleep longer when they sleep and huddle

together. It promotes warmth which helps you

to sleep more deeply than you normally do.

If you sleep so well and in such comfort,

you will definitely wake up refreshed. Sleeping

together ensures that you are more energetic

when you wake up and you are ready to take

on the world, all of which begins with sleeping

with your partner.

Although going to bed at the

same time might not always be

practicable, you can try to make it a

regular occurrence as often as

possible. This will introduce a new

level of intimacy to your marriage

So,, if you desire a strong and

flourishing relationship, you will have

to develop those habits that can

empower your marriage to be

greater, of which going to bed

together is one.

Couples who get better sleep are

actually creative and better at

keeping their goals.



Tips for making your living room the ultimate destination.

Start with a plan, not pillows

Before starting a design, some people buy pillows and other accessories for

their rooms, only to discover later that these items don’t fit in the space.

In order to get the most out of the living room, users must consider how they

are going to use the space. “Do

you need media? Should it be a

place where you use your laptops?

How many people are you

expecting in your living room?”


/ May 9, 2021

living room

Have fun with pillows

Bringing color, pattern, and texture into a

room through pillows is another great way

to do it. Go for bold designs.

Invest in Sofa

After functionality is figured out, the first

thing you need to buy is the sofa. It’s

crucial to make sure you buy a longlasting

quality piece.

Put rugs on the floor to

define the space

The rug should be much larger than the

seating area, making the room appear

bigger. Since there are going to be a

number of other elements, it’s imperative

that the rug’s color, texture, and pattern

blend with the entire scheme.

Add personality

A person’s accessories can tell more than

just a story about their personality and

lifestyle. By weaving these elements into

the design, it will feel like your home.

Use lighting to punctuate

Prioritize natural lighting when planning

the room’s furniture layout and window

treatments. Also, make sure that you

have high and low lighting for this side of

the design. After that, select lamps. Invest

in some beautiful lamps and you’re going

to have them forever in your collection.


area rug





Your Face


Get your friends, coworkers or

sisters to call you out when they spot

you touching your face and don’t

pick at your blemishes in the mirror!

Also, don’t pop your pimples. Just

don’t. This might lead to a major

break out.



Skin Care Mistakes


Sleeping on a dirty


by - Rita Okoye

Nowadays, self-care seems to be more

important than ever. While the world

around us continues to go through some

health challenges, it’s really vital that we

do things right to take care of ourselves,

especially our skins.

Here are some of the most common

skincare mistakes you’re probably making,

and how to fix them to get glowing skin.

Your pillowcase has a build up of oils, dirt, and sweat from daily use.

This means they can harbor bacteria and cause allergies. In some cases,

pillowcases can even damage your hair or skin. Experts suggest washing

your pillowcase at least every four days or less.

Not wearing SPF


Ask any dermatologist, esthetician, doctor

or skincare expert, wearing daily Sun

Protection Factor (SPF) is non-negotiable

for skin health. It’s the best protection

from skin cancer, and one of the easiest and most

effective anti-ageing products to use.



Forgetting to

Wash Your

Makeup Brushes

Wash your makeup brushes every two weeks

with baby shampoo. Makeup brushes hold on

to a lot of things besides your makeup, like

bacteria and dead skin cells. And if you use a

beauty blender- clean that even more often!


Not Drinking

Enough Water

Health experts commonly recommend eight

8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters,

or half a gallon a day. So, you have to make

conscious efforts to have a bottle or cup of

water by you at all times, especially during

long days at work! Also,2 have a glass or two

of water before bed.



Too Much

Over exfoliation can damage your

skin’s moisture barrier, which in turn

can result in a whole host of problems

- like inflammation, acne, irritation

and sensitivity. If you’re already using

a retinoid regularly, you don’t need to

be using a chemical exfoliant on top.

And if you’re using a physical exfoliant

like a clarisonic brush, you don’t need

to follow that up with a glycolic acid toner. Pick

your favourite form of exfoliation, and do it a

maximum of three times a week.

Sleeping with

Makeup On


One of the most common and most harmful skincare

errors is not taking your makeup off at night time.

There really is no excuse for forgetting to take off

your makeup. A great trick to help fight this is by

keeping some makeup remover wipes next to your

bed. That way, you see it right before you go to bed

so you don’t forget, or if you had a little much fun

after a night out, the makeup wipes are right there

waiting for you.

Changing Products

Too Quickly

If you’re going to incorporate a new product into

your routine, ease it in. Similarly, if it ain’t broke

don’t fix it when you do. your skin, most especially

your face will suffer the repercussions.

May 9, 2021 / 7

Stories by - Yemisi Suleiman

It’s time to work for my

father says

Chidinma Ekile

Nigerian musician,

Chidinma Ekile who

recently switched from

secular music to gospel,

has revealed the real

reason why she decided

to turn to gospel.

At a church service

in Lagos, the ‘Kedike’

crooner told the

congregation that she

decided to switch not

because she wants

to make money or for

fame, as she has all that

already, but because,

“this is the time to work for my father who called

me here. As a matter of fact, I didn’t want to be

here, but Mr. EeZee stood by me throughout this


The new gospel singer who revealed that she

started singing in her church choir when she was

six years old says, God is very intentional bout

her. Chidinma said, “this is a new dimension, new

system and I am going into it with full force. So

most of the time, you may not understand my ways

because you do not know where I am coming from,

and that is because we have wasted so much time

and I need to catch up with time. So as I move,

please move with me because it is your loss if you

do not follow me.”

Chidinma, on Sunday, announced that she

is now a gospel singer and the announcement

coincided with her 30th birthday. She is now

signed to Eezee Concepts, the same label

that signed gospel star, Mercy Chinwo. Under

the label, she has released a new single titled

“Jehova Overdo” which has over two hundred

and twenty seven thousand views on youtube.

Chidinma rose to fame in 2010 after she won

the Project Fame West Africa as a 19-yearold.

Afterward, she released her debut single,

‘Jankoliko’ featuring veteran star, Sound Sultan.

Chidinma’s rebrand took the Nigerian social

media space by storm and was the trending

topic last week.

Omowunmi Akinnifesi gets new

deal with Lasaco

Former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Omowumi

Akinnifesi has landed a new business deal, as she was

recently unveiled as the new Corporate Ambassador

for Lasaco Assurance.

The new brand ambassador, who is also a former

Miss Tourism International and a lifestyle influencer,

is expected to use her popularity and networks in real

life and on social media, to promote the image and

products of Lasaco Assurance with the objectives of

increasing brand awareness, and driving sales.

For the management of Lasaco, the engagement

of Omowunmi signifies a new resolve of the company,

to widen its scope to attract younger, hardworking


Sharing the news on her social media handle, the

beauty Queen who has been in the UK for further

studies, stated that she is excited “to announce that I

am now the brand ambassador for Lasaco Assurance


WARIF Releases

Document to

Combat Sexual


Following the spate of sexual

and gender-based violence in

the country and the need to curb

this horrific trend, Women at

Risk International Organization

(WARIF), in partnership with the

Joint EU-UN Spotlight Initiative,

as well as the Lagos State

University, has developed a

protocol document to foster the

prevention of sexual and genderbased

violence in tertiary institutions across

the country.

The document which has its preface

written by Ms. Comfort Lamptey, the UN

Country Representative to Nigeria, covers

prevention, response mechanisms as well

as the important duties and responsibilities

of management, as well as students in the

prevention of sexual violence.

A presentation of the document was

made to the Lagos State Commissioner of

Education, Mrs. Folashade Adefisayo and to

the Federal Ministry of Education through its

Deputy Director; Gender – Mrs Abukar Janigo who

commended WARIF on the incredible work being

done in the educational space.

Speaking on the importance of the document;

WARIF’S Founder, Dr. Kemi DaSilva-Ibru, said: “with

the rising rate of rape and sexual violence in tertiary

institutions across Nigeria, a document like this is

necessary to educate students, staff, and governing

bodies about the steps to follow when faced with

these situations.”

WARIF is a non-profit organization, established

to raise awareness and address the prevalence of

rape, sexual violence and trafficking of young girls

and women.

Maryjane Orji Wins Beauty

Ambassadors Contest 2021

Miss Maryjane Orji has emerged winner of the maiden

edition of the Beauty Ambassadors Contest held in

April 2021. The online photogenic contest, organised

by Melanin Pride Concept Limited, owners of the Black

and Beautiful Group, is aimed at appreciating the beauty

of the black woman, through a periodic photogenic

contest, with winners chosen by registered voters on the

company’s website.

The platform is dedicated to informing, inspiring,

and celebrating the black woman and her numerous

achievements in various spheres.

Though focused on the black woman, the Black

and Beautiful concept has demonstrated a crossdemographic

appeal, as the beauty, intelligence;

challenges, and successes of the black woman are

equally appealing to men and women of all races.

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