The Luxury Network International Magazine Issue 16

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Last Frontier<br />

Heliskiing<br />

Conquer from within<br />

ISSUE <strong>16</strong> | JAN - FEB 2020

Described as “<strong>The</strong> next generation of marketing for luxury brands” by the British media,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> is the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing group. <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> is a private membership club, established in luxury capitals or countries<br />

around the world, within which premium companies work closely together<br />

at senior director level for mutual business and client development.

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>’s objective is simple: To facilitate co-operation and exciting new<br />

business development activities between top-end companies. New business partnerships<br />

are created via strategic alignment, joint collaborations, product placements,<br />

endorsements, media sharing, B2B and B2C networking, sales and luxury<br />

showcase events and numerous other affinity marketing activities.

A Message<br />

From <strong>The</strong> Editor<br />

Dear Valued Readers,<br />

On behalf of TLN <strong>Magazine</strong>’s editorial team, we wish you a very Happy New Year! May 2020 bring you, our network,<br />

and your family great joy, good health, and more blessings.<br />

On the cover of our <strong>16</strong> th magazine issue is our member in our Australian office, Last Frontier Heliskiing. Since<br />

the inception of the Last Frontier Heliskiing in 1996, they have been a pioneering force in Canadian Heliskiing.<br />

In this wild place up in the mountains, far away from four walls, routine and repetition, their team is dedicated<br />

to the craft of producing one-of-a-kind heli-skiing experiences for their guests.<br />

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our office in Saudi Arabia, you will find the story of the inauguration<br />

and more news about our spontaneous events happening all over the globe inside.<br />

Our network in Thailand is going to hold its grand opening this month,<br />

please stay tuned in to our publication’s next issue for more updates.<br />

Enjoy the <strong>16</strong> th edition of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong> magazine.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Fares Ghattas<br />

Global CEO,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong><br />

Editor-in-chief,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

4<br />

@faresghattas<br />


highlights<br />

ISSUE <strong>16</strong> | Jan - Feb 2020<br />

12<br />

A Life of Unequivocal <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

82<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> New<br />

Inside Serenia <strong>The</strong> Palm’s<br />

Zealand Exclusive Gucci Trunk<br />

Presidential Penthouse<br />

Show and Italian Lunch<br />

<strong>16</strong><br />

Art Adorned: Christie’s London<br />

Collaboration with Dolce&Gab-<br />

89<br />

Superyacht Sahana Sunset<br />

Cruise<br />

bana Alta Gioielleria<br />

91<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> LA Hosts<br />

24<br />

Prada for Adidas Limited Edition<br />

Brunch with Aston Martin<br />

Beverly Hills and Nobu Malibu<br />

32<br />

Havana Club <strong>International</strong> S.A<br />

Celebrates 500 Years of Havana’s<br />

Epic History with the Launch of<br />

Havana Club 1519<br />

92<br />

CEO <strong>Luxury</strong> Evening, Grand Terrace<br />

Opening and <strong>Network</strong>ing<br />

Event at Hakkasan Abu Dhabi<br />

34<br />

<strong>The</strong> Homestead at Lake Hayes<br />

112<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Welcomes<br />

TLN Saudi Arabia to its Portfolio<br />

39<br />

Last Frontier Heliskiing<br />

120<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Awards 2020

12<br />

<strong>16</strong><br />

24<br />

32<br />

39<br />

34<br />

89<br />

91<br />



82<br />

<strong>The</strong> Homestead is a 15-acre, 5-bedroom private estate<br />

on iconic Lake Hayes, Queenstown, New Zealand. Ideally<br />

situated between Queenstown and Arrowtown, it is<br />

in the perfect location from which to explore the lake,<br />

local mountain trails, golf courses, and vineyards.<br />



92<br />

112<br />


Pablo Avendaño, No Matches Found #4 Lizzy, 2019, 200 x 140 cm, oil on canvas

Victor Rodriguez, Red Beret Heroin, 2017, 96 x 68 in, acrylic on canvas

What began with a spark...

...emerges as an icon.<br />

<strong>The</strong> difference is Gaggenau.<br />

We have been perfecting one oven for 30 years. Our latest rendition<br />

accentuates its distinctive design: the door is now created from one<br />

imposing 90 cm wide sheet of 3 mm high-grade stainless steel.<br />

It represents one vast entrance to culinary potential.<br />

This remodelled, hand-crafted work of art is the culmination of our finest<br />

principles, skills and ethos. We’ve christened it the EB 333 in recognition<br />

of our 333 years of working in metal. This has always been more than<br />

an oven; it is a promise to create masterpieces.

A Life of<br />

Unequivocal<br />

<strong>Luxury</strong><br />

Inside Serenia <strong>The</strong> Palm’s<br />

Presidential Penthouse<br />

<strong>The</strong>re is no question Serenia<br />

<strong>The</strong> Palm, is a cut above<br />

the rest. Located between<br />

Dubai’s finest five-star properties<br />

on the Eastern crescent of <strong>The</strong><br />

Palm Jumeirah, it is in a glittering<br />

company. <strong>The</strong> residential haven is<br />

touted as an exclusive and unique<br />

beachfront complex with one, two<br />

and three-bedroom apartments,<br />

accommodating an affluent clientele.<br />

Serenia <strong>The</strong> Palm also hold the<br />

keys to some of the world’s finest<br />

full-floor Presidential penthouses<br />

across its three plots, taking<br />

the concept of luxe living to new<br />

zeniths.<br />

Upon entering one of the fully<br />

furnished 15,127-square-foot<br />

Presidential penthouses your jaw<br />

drops at the striking composition of<br />

glass, offering sweeping sea views.<br />

If you didn’t know any better you’d<br />

think you were on a luxury cruise<br />

liner, for you don’t see anything but<br />

an expanse of brilliant blue waters<br />

ahead.<br />


<strong>The</strong> penthouse boasts soaring<br />

ceilings. You’re struck by its column-less<br />

design – the lack of internal<br />

structures offer unobstructed<br />

views, giving a feeling of openness.<br />

This was key to architect Hazel<br />

Wong’s vision, whose landmark<br />

project includes Emirates Towers.<br />

Wong also created more green<br />

space than real estate at Serenia<br />

<strong>The</strong> Palm. Around 70% of Serenia<br />

<strong>The</strong> Palm is made up of manicured<br />

lawns, giving it a pavilion-like presence.<br />

In fact, the plot can hold four<br />

buildings however Wong and Palma<br />

Holding, the developer, purposely<br />

kept to three plots to maximise the<br />

luxurious and peaceful aspect of<br />

Serenia <strong>The</strong> Palm by engulfing it in<br />

nature.<br />

<strong>The</strong> four-bedroom Presidential<br />

penthouse’s design elements<br />

whisper, rather than shout. With<br />

furniture from Meridiani and Arca<br />

Horn, the interiors, worth upwards<br />

on AED4million (USD$1.1million),<br />

appeal to today’s tastes and preferences.<br />

While there are sharp<br />

accents and punchy palettes, they<br />

are maintained within clean lines<br />

and well-positioned minimalism.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re is simplicity in the form and<br />

quality of the decorative ornaments<br />

– which all nod to the zeitgeist of<br />

intuitive and intelligent design.<br />

<strong>The</strong> upholstery, too, captures the<br />

minimalist moment of the now with<br />

a number of sofas from Ulivi Salotti.<br />

Of course, there are suitably<br />

statement features dotted around<br />

like the Brand van Egmond pendant<br />

lighting in the men’s cave – which is<br />

particularly attention-grabbing, as<br />

is the Il Pezzo Macante chandelier<br />

in the dining room.<br />

Further afield in the bedrooms,<br />

they each come replete with exceptional<br />

furnishing, so tantalising and<br />

tactile, you can’t help but stroke<br />

every corner. And any woman<br />

would appreciate the Gliss Master –<br />

Molteni walk-in closet, which lends<br />

itself to a vault of fashion, allowing<br />

you to move through your sartorial<br />

options with space and ease.<br />

<strong>The</strong> bathrooms come with rose<br />

gold accents courtesy of the Antonio<br />

Lupi bathtub and rose gold<br />

faucets by Hansgrohe. You’ll also<br />

notice the well-positioned Hermès<br />

accoutrements in every bathroom,<br />

too. A very modern touch is the<br />

phone-controlled A/C via the Nest<br />

app. It allows you to control the<br />

temperature for any room, wherever<br />

you are in the house, simply by<br />

adjusting it on your phone’s screen.<br />

Terraces jut out of every corner of<br />

the penthouse as if floating. But<br />

nothing comes as impressive as<br />

the outdoor living area. <strong>The</strong> living<br />

room’s retractable panel doors<br />

open fully, blurring the boundaries<br />

between the interiors and the exteriors,<br />

creating a deck-like illusion,<br />

once more. This space can hold up<br />

to 100 people and comes with key<br />

features such as a jacuzzi, bar area<br />

and sunbeds. For those who work<br />

hard and party harder, this space<br />

will speak to your extravagant sensibilities<br />

– and the acoustic floor<br />

matting for noise reduction will<br />

ensure your neighbours won’t be<br />

disturbed.<br />

Keeping true to form, the penthouse’s<br />

kitchen(s) keep within<br />

ultra-luxe parameters. <strong>The</strong> chef’s<br />

kitchen comes with high spec features<br />

including two industrial-sized<br />

fridges – a refrigerator and freezer<br />

– as well as a sparkling Miele<br />

dishwasher and oven. Naturally,<br />

there are two kitchen spaces – the<br />

aforementioned and then the openplan<br />

DADA kitchen which sits in the<br />

penthouse’s entertainment section,<br />

with beautifully marbled countertops<br />

and sliding doors to mask the<br />

sink for when guests are present.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Presidential Penthouse isn’t<br />

simply real estate, it’s a way of life.<br />

It’s a luxurious lifestyle for clients<br />

who live between continents and<br />

want the reassurance of an oasis.<br />

With equal amounts of warmth,<br />

texture and glamour, the Presidential<br />

penthouse inspires you to live<br />

your best life.<br />

For more information contact Palma<br />

Holding or call: +971 4452 2202<br />


Bombardier and Exceptional by Design are registered or unregistered trademarks of<br />

Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries. © 2018 Bombardier Inc. All rights reserved.<br />

A smooth flight experience isn’t achieved by chance, it is designed with intention.<br />

Bombardier’s relentless pursuit of innovation brings forth a family of aircraft<br />

that meticulously balance performance and ride quality.<br />

<strong>The</strong> result is one of the smoothest rides in business aviation.<br />

Something only found on a Bombardier business jet.<br />


Art Adorned:<br />

Christie’s London<br />

collaboration with<br />

Dolce&Gabbana Alta<br />

Gioielleria<br />

Dolce&Gabbana announces a special<br />

collaboration with Christie’s.<br />

<strong>The</strong> world’s leading art business,<br />

Christie’s is a name and a place that speaks<br />

of extraordinary art, unparalleled service<br />

and international expertise.<br />

With decadent curation and design, Art<br />

Adorned will celebrate important Old Master<br />

Paintings and Decorative Arts, curated<br />

alongside couture garments and jewels from<br />

Dolce&Gabbana’s Alta Moda, Alta Sartoria<br />

and Alta Gioielleria Collections, tracing<br />

the enduring influence on fashion of centuries-old<br />

canvases and sartorial flourishes<br />

inspired by history.<br />

Fine art has been an enduring influence on<br />

the Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda, Alta Sartoria<br />

and Alta Gioielleria Collections, their homage<br />

to unabashed luxury and Italian craftsmanship.<br />

Art Adorned presents a seductive and opulent<br />

immersion into the influences of the<br />

Renaissance, the Baroque, Rococo and Florals,<br />

with garments and jewels shown together<br />

with a selection of works celebrating<br />

master painters, sculptors and craftsmen<br />

from the 14th to the 18th century.<br />

<strong>16</strong><br />



James Vincent Milano Partners<br />

with <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Italy<br />

Established in Milan, the brand’s strengths reside<br />

in the deeply rooted cultural background<br />

of the founders – the Italian artisanal and<br />

visual savoir-faire, Maria, and the ambitiousness<br />

of the American Dream, Zachary.<br />

James Vincent occupies its own space, bridging<br />

specific design features with expert Italian<br />

craftsmanship.<br />

<strong>The</strong> result is a unique product that connects a<br />

defined aesthetic to peculiarities that usually<br />

belong to the bespoke world.<br />





Travel, sleep, work and relax – the Go Pillow<br />

by Hyoumankind is scientifically designed in<br />

tune with the human body, to give you the extra<br />

comfort and support you need to rest easy.<br />

Wherever your next adventure takes you.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Go Pillow is available for purchase<br />

on our website hyoumankind.co.nz<br />

made in<br />

New Zealand<br />

lightweight advanced<br />

memory foam<br />




A<br />

partnership to begin a partnership.<br />

<strong>The</strong> first release<br />

- Prada for adidas Limited<br />

Edition - is an homage to adidas,<br />

championing an emblematic adidas<br />

Originals shoe - the Superstar<br />

sneaker, originally launched in 1969<br />

and still a lynchpin of adidas Originals<br />

style. It also introduces a new<br />

bag silhouette, the Prada Bowling<br />

bag for adidas, which echoes the<br />

Prada Bowling bag as well as the<br />

adidas gym bag, in and of itself<br />

referencing the world of sports, a<br />

style that serves to illustrate the<br />

shared narratives and intersecting<br />

heritages of Prada and adidas.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Prada Superstar and the Prada<br />

Bowling bag for adidas are proposed<br />

together; every piece is<br />

Made in Italy by Prada, indicating<br />

the superlative quality synonymous<br />

with the brand and its inimitable<br />

expertise in accessories and 106-<br />

year history as a luxury leather<br />

goods house. A partnership about<br />

manufacturing, a salute to the 50<br />

years of the Superstar, an impeccable<br />

style icon - which does not<br />

require being re-designed - having<br />

crossed boundaries and challenged<br />

definitions through five decades.<br />

This pair of styles - each with a<br />

fundamental duality at their core<br />

- have been evolved from their<br />

sports and subcultural roots into<br />

modern luxury. Clean simplicity<br />

and timeless lines are constants:<br />

the Superstar sneakers are translated<br />

using Prada’s Spazzolato Rois<br />

full-grain leather for the upper with<br />

the signature adidas Originals rubber<br />

shell toe, finished with a herringbone-pattern<br />

rubber cupsole,<br />

serrated triple-stripe and a Trefoil<br />

logo-pint on the heel, alongside the<br />

Prada logotype. <strong>The</strong> Prada Bowling<br />

bag for adidas is executed in City<br />

Sport calf leather with a sports<br />

nylon strap, the chassis of the bag<br />

bearing the twinned logos of Prada<br />

and adidas Originals. Both are offered<br />

in optic white with black detailing:<br />

sharp, simple, immediately<br />

recognisable, outlining the genesis<br />

of Prada for adidas.<br />

Prada for adidas Limited Edition -<br />

an homage to timeless classics that<br />

transcend generations - is offered<br />

in exclusive limited editions of 700<br />

pieces, both footwear and accessories<br />

numbered with a unique serial.<br />

<strong>The</strong> duo will retail online through<br />

adidas.com and prada.com, and at<br />

selected Prada stores worldwide<br />

from December 4, 2019.<br />

Subscribe to the Prada newsletter<br />

for a preview of new products and<br />

the latest collaborations and projects.<br />

prada.com<br />



SEE YOU<br />

ON THE<br />

MOON<br />



Setting sail in August 2020, Silver Moon will usher in a new era of luxury at<br />

Silversea. Maintaining small-ship intimacy and spacious all-suite accommodation,<br />

Silver Moon will feature the all-new Sea And Land Taste (S.A.L.T.) programme –<br />

an immersive culinary concept that will enable guests to travel deeper through<br />

a range of destination based gastronomic experiences. From market trips and<br />

special restaurant dinners, to cooking demonstrations with local guest chefs in<br />

the cooking lab, S.A.L.T. takes travellers further than ever before.<br />


Intimate ultra-luxury ship for no more than 596 guests<br />

Spacious suites, most with verandas, all with butler service<br />

Eight restaurants on board, diverse cuisine and open seating<br />

Premium Champagnes, wines and spirits served throughout<br />

Complimentary WiFi and gratuities always included<br />




Trieste<br />

Zadar<br />

Split<br />

Monte Carlo<br />

Marseille<br />

Livorno<br />

Civitavecchia<br />

Dubrovnik<br />

Civitavecchia<br />

Kotor<br />

Barcelona<br />

Sorrento<br />

Sorrento<br />

Piraeus<br />

Sarande<br />

Giardini Naxos<br />

Valletta<br />

Giardini Naxos<br />

Santorini<br />

Valletta<br />

11 DAYS, SILVER MOON, 06 – 17 AUGUST 2020<br />

11 DAYS, SILVER MOON, 12 – 23 SEPTEMBER 2020<br />



La Dame, Sliver Moon<br />


Save 10% if booked and paid in<br />

full before 31 October 2019.<br />


<strong>International</strong> return flights and<br />

overseas transfers included. Upgrade<br />

to Business Class from au$3,998pp.<br />

Fares shown in AUD, per person, twin share in lowest suite category and include Mediterranean Air Offer and 10% Early Booking Bonus. Air offer available on select Australian/NZ gateways only.<br />

Silversea reserves the right to select the air carrier, routing and departure airport from each gateway city. Promotional air offer is only available to the first and second full-fare guests in a suite.<br />

Air offer valid until 30 September 2019. All fares, savings, offers, programmes and itineraries are subject to change without notice. Additional restrictions may apply. Silversea reserves the right<br />

to correct any errors or omissions. Visit silversea.com for full offer details and complete Terms and Conditions.



Knowing the time determines your location. This fact has been<br />

proven throughout the history of high-sea navigation thanks<br />

to its close ties to watchmaking. Dual time zones are central to<br />

Arnold & Son’s history, with the marine chronometers of yesterday<br />

and today’s two iconic models, the DTE and DBG Skeleton.<br />

Before the advent of marine chronometers in the 18th century, a captain<br />

was able to determine the position of his ship on the northsouth<br />

axis, i.e. its latitude. However, as the Earth turns on an eastwest<br />

axis, the traditional points of reference (the sun and stars)<br />

could not be used to determine its longitude. <strong>The</strong> problem was<br />

solved with watchmaking. A highly accurate clock was taken<br />

on board and kept at the time at the starting point. As<br />

the ship advanced, the captain measured the time specific<br />

to its position by looking for noon. <strong>The</strong> difference between<br />

the local and original times allowed him to assess<br />

progress across the seas. <strong>The</strong> marine chronometer was<br />

born.<br />

In the wake of these inventions, John Arnold (1736-<br />

1799) proved himself to be one of the most inventive<br />

watchmakers of his generation and of the golden age<br />

of timekeeping. Indeed, Arnold worked ceaselessly<br />

to perfect, miniaturise and enhance the reliability of<br />

his marine chronometers. By helping to popularise chronometer<br />

technology, his name became indissociable from<br />

the history of maritime navigation and the conquests made<br />

possible by the very concept of dual time.<br />

Duality<br />

To pay homage to its founder, Arnold & Son has always treated<br />

dual time with a particular degree of sophistication and accuracy.<br />

Instead of the traditional GMT system where an hour hand in the<br />

centre indicates the secondary hour, Arnold & Son chose to give<br />

each of the two time zones a dedicated regulating organ to recall the<br />

duality of the measurement methods – one horological, the other astronomical<br />

– used aboard English frigates.<br />

DTE, Double Tourbillon Escapement<br />

<strong>The</strong> DTE model combines Dual Time with two tourbillons. In the<br />

A&S8513 calibre, they are connected by a common motor organ, a pair<br />

of barrels providing a running time of 90 hours. <strong>The</strong>se barrels<br />

then supply each of the separate gear trains, which each<br />

end in a tourbillon. <strong>The</strong>se independent components in-<br />


the dials. <strong>The</strong> local time zone is indicated by hands<br />

with a skeletonised tip and Roman numerals, while<br />

the reference time zone is distinguished by solid-tip<br />

hands and Arabic numerals. <strong>The</strong> day/night indicator<br />

at 12 o’clock uses the same hand design to differentiate<br />

between the time zones. To add to the symmetry of<br />

the DBG Skeleton, two crowns sit opposite each other<br />

at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. This makes it possible to<br />

adjust each time zone independently, while the double<br />

barrel is wound simply by the crown at 3 o’clock.<br />

dicate the hours and minutes and<br />

ensure an exceptional level of timekeeping.<br />

<strong>The</strong> symmetry of the indications –<br />

an Arnold & Son signature – is particularly<br />

evident on this DTE model.<br />

<strong>The</strong> two time zones – local time in Roman<br />

numerals and reference time in Arabic numerals<br />

– are superimposed at 12 o’clock and 6<br />

o’clock respectively. <strong>The</strong> tourbillons mirror each other<br />

at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock and appear to float in mid-air<br />

thanks to their hand-chamfered 18-carat gold bridges.<br />

<strong>The</strong> mainplate on the dial side presents a vertical<br />

Côtes de Genève finish. To add to the balance of this<br />

timepiece, the crowns are positioned at 2 o’clock and<br />

8 o’clock, allowing each time zone to be adjusted independently.<br />

<strong>The</strong> DTE is housed in an 18-carat red gold or white<br />

gold case with a sapphire crystal case back that reveals<br />

the entirely decorated movement, the mainplate<br />

with its radiating Côtes de Genève finish, and the circular<br />

satin-finished wheels.<br />

DBG Skeleton, Double Balance GMT<br />

Meanwhile the DBG Skeleton model uses two traditional<br />

regulating organs. <strong>The</strong>y have been constructed<br />

using the same principle of independence as the DTE<br />

but taken even further. <strong>The</strong> A&S1309 calibre has two<br />

complete and independent kinetic chains. Each time<br />

zone has its own barrel, gear train, escapement and<br />

balance-spring assembly. <strong>The</strong>y are positioned side<br />

by side on the same mainplate. <strong>The</strong>y share a central<br />

seconds hand and a day/night indicator. This indicator,<br />

located at 12 o’clock, is fitted with two concentric<br />

hands, each referring to one of the time zones of this<br />

one-of-a-kind timepiece.<br />

Particular attention has been paid to the time display.<br />

A tinted sapphire disc has been selected for each of<br />

Housed in a rose gold case measuring 44 mm in diameter,<br />

the entirely skeletonised A&S1309 manufacture<br />

calibre is meticulously<br />

worked, with chamfered and<br />

polished rhodium-finished<br />

bridges complete with<br />

satin-finished surfaces.<br />

On the back, the mainplate<br />

reveals a rhodium<br />

treatment decorated<br />

with Côtes de Genève,<br />

while the wheels are<br />

satin-finished to add a<br />

noticeable contrast.<br />

Accuracy<br />

While most GMT-style watches<br />

have two distinct hour indications and<br />

shared minutes, the Arnold & Son DTE and DBG Skeleton<br />

each have two distinct sets of minute hands. <strong>The</strong><br />

local time hand can be adjusted to the nearest minute<br />

and is indexed to the other minute hand for the point<br />

of origin. <strong>The</strong> latter hand can also be set separately in<br />

quarter-hour intervals to accurately adjust to certain<br />

time zones. This is because some areas of the world do<br />

not use the same minutes, such as India (UTC +5:30)<br />

and Nepal (UTC +5:45).<br />

Symmetry<br />

<strong>The</strong> duality of the A&S1309 and A&S8513 manufacture<br />

calibres also influenced the design of the movements,<br />

taking the form of complete symmetry along the 12<br />

and 6 o’clock axis. <strong>The</strong> dials of each time zone therefore<br />

face each other both on the DTE and the DBG<br />

Skeleton. <strong>The</strong> two tourbillons of the DTE adopt this<br />

same principle. This symmetry reflects both mechanical<br />

order and a particular vision of the world.<br />

Indeed, in a GMT watch, there is a hierarchy between<br />

the two time zones. <strong>The</strong> local time dominates, while<br />

the original time serves as more of a reminder. Due to<br />

its influence on the history of marine chronometers,<br />

Arnold & Son places the two times on an equal footing.<br />

<strong>The</strong> two are inseparable, as their difference is what indicates<br />

a ship’s position on the sea. This functional and<br />

historical vocation takes on a contemporary form in<br />

these two timepieces to reflect a past that is still alive<br />

to this day.<br />






To mark the 500th anniversary of the founding of<br />

the city of Havana, Havana Club’s Maestros del<br />

Ron Cubano (Masters of Cuban Rum) have created<br />

an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime release made<br />

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So exclusive and old are the rums used in this unique<br />

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been released; one for each year of the city’s official existence.<br />

It has been named Havana Club 1519 in honour<br />

of the year the city of Havana was founded.<br />

Havana Club 1519 is the result of a highly complex<br />

blending and maturation process which has taken place<br />

over many decades. This exceptionally long maturation<br />

has created a very intense rum with rare notes of wood,<br />

honey and tobacco. It has been expertly crafted to be<br />

sipped slowly on its own, or on the rocks.<br />

Its story began many years ago, when back in 1999 Havana<br />

Club’s Masters of Cuban Rum were already planning<br />

to create something extremely precious to honour<br />

the 500th anniversary. <strong>The</strong>y thus started selecting,<br />

blending and laying down again in barrel very special<br />

rums from their reserves.<br />

Over the subsequent two decades, with the most skilled<br />

expertise, the Masters of Cuban Rum then re-blended<br />

these rums every five years with other exceptional bases<br />

and re-aged them again. This has ensured that the<br />

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Bottled in an individually numbered mouth-blown decanter,<br />

Havana Club 1519 comes presented in a spectacular<br />

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<strong>The</strong> Havana Club Primer Maestro Juan Carlos González,<br />

said: “Havana Club 1519 is a product I feel deeply proud<br />


Product description and tasting notes:<br />

Wooden box:<br />

- Dark wooden and golden iron doors, inspired by<br />

wrought iron of Old Havana<br />

- A carefully crafted letter (in English and Spanish),<br />

including an authenticity certificate written by Dr.<br />

Eusebio Leal Spengler, Historian of Havana City and<br />

signed by the four Masters who created Havana<br />

Club 1519.<br />

Decanter:<br />

- Design inspired by the city’s architecture - Engraved<br />

Giraldilla. - Numeration showcased<br />

Tasting notes:<br />

- Havana Club 1519 has a bright amber color as a<br />

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- In the nose, it begins with a complex, intense and,<br />

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- <strong>The</strong> palate begins with a dry impression evolving<br />

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- Its exceptional aromatic balance makes it an exclusive<br />

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of. It is the outcome of decades of a long development<br />

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Christian Barré, CEO at Havana Club <strong>International</strong>,<br />

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<strong>The</strong> exceptional taste of Havana Club 1519 will add<br />

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Havana Club 1519 will be available for purchase worldwide<br />

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<strong>The</strong> Homestead is a 15-acre, 5-bedroom private estate<br />

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PERONI NASTRO AZZURRO is an intensely crisp and refreshing lager, with an unmistakable touch<br />

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Cabasse UK distributor, Connected Distribution, is installing<br />

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Working with the renowned and multi award-winning French<br />

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La Sphère is being demonstrated and sold as a complete<br />

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Standard finishes are pearl, black pearl<br />

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ALL<br />

STOPS<br />

Many people travel the world to go skiing without<br />

ever knowing that it is not skiing they are after.<br />

Skiing is a great excuse to go somewhere, but<br />

maybe it gets a little too much attention?<br />

To travel is to notice the world as it turns. Let<br />

skiing be your guide, but not your master.<br />

Loosen your grip, put down that itinerary,<br />

ignore Google, take a moment to look around,<br />

and don’t rush, because the surest way to<br />

catch a train is to miss the one before it.<br />

Chris Booth<br />

5<br />



or finding<br />


on the Alaskan Frontier<br />

By Chris Booth<br />

Photos Reuben Krabbe<br />

“Me and a couple of buddies, we had<br />

a syndicate for years. <strong>The</strong>n in 2008 we<br />

won $34.1 million dollars.” I’m sitting at<br />

the Bitter Creek café in Stewart, a small<br />

Canadian town on the Alaskan Frontier.<br />

Sitting across from me is Mike, a semibald,<br />

heavy-set guy from Kelowna.<br />

Wearing an old BC Hydro jacket, he<br />

kind of looks like a logger. Mike finishes<br />

his beer, looks at it, then looks at me and<br />

says, “When I found out I tried calling<br />

my parents to tell them, but I couldn’t<br />

get through. So I put on a Chuck Berry<br />

record and danced around my house in<br />

my underwear.” He orders another pint<br />

of Honey Brown, “I didn’t blow it all<br />

though like most people. I still have my<br />

share, I still work, I still have the same<br />

house and everything, but now I can<br />

afford to go heli skiing every year.”<br />



Mike is not the kind of guy I expected to meet<br />

at a heli ski operation. But then again, none<br />

of this is what I expected. When I was given<br />

the chance to go on a Heli Safari with Last Frontier<br />

Heli, located up in the far reaches of Northern<br />

BC, Canada, I had figured it would be the classic<br />

Canadian heli/lodge experience, the experience<br />

the Canadian reputation is built on. But from the<br />

moment I arrived in Stewart – the first stop on our<br />

Safari – I had to rethink all of it.<br />

Stewart is a town built to support a mining industry<br />

that no longer exists. Situated at the end of the<br />

Portland Canal, Stewart sits about a half-mile<br />

from the border. A clear-cut through the forest<br />

separates it from neighbouring Hyder, Alaska,<br />

population 87.<br />

<strong>The</strong> wheels of industry turned here for almost 100<br />

years. <strong>The</strong>re was a time when the town swelled to<br />

many tens of thousands and business was good,<br />

a time when men from all over Canada flocked<br />

to work the silver mines, drink whisky and make<br />

more of themselves. But the landscape was harsh<br />

and unyielding. Giant glacial plateaus plunged<br />

into icy ocean fjords. Avalanches engulfed teams<br />

of men working the valleys below. Man, they must<br />

have tried. <strong>The</strong>y carved tunnels through rock, they<br />

shored up massive slipping hillsides, they cut trails<br />

through deep pine and hemlock forests, and they<br />

laid tracks along the shorefront to set up a goods<br />

line down south. But this was rough country,<br />

nobody got rich, and when the mines closed<br />

down and moved to more profitable locations the<br />

workers left with them.<br />

Today the town is all but dead. But the spirit of<br />

frontier life remains in the buildings that continue<br />

to line Main Street. Some are artfully restored in<br />

Pastel timber, like the Ripley Creek Inn and the<br />

Bitter Creek Café, with their cosy kitsch interiors<br />

and bric-a-brac from the silver rush, others less so.<br />

Down the road an original ‘57 Chevrolet Bel Air in<br />

jet blue sits in an old warehouse. It looks like it’s<br />

been driven once and then just left to sit.<br />

But where most would see only history, two<br />

salty old Swiss skiers and an Englishman saw<br />

something else. Like the miners of the early 20 th<br />

century, George Rossett, Franz Fux and Mike<br />

Watling saw opportunity where others saw nothing<br />

but wilderness. For the miners it was the rich silver<br />

veins in the upper Salmon River Basin, for Rossett,<br />

Fux and Watling, it was the 9,500km 2 of available<br />

tenure, packed with expansive glaciers, steep fallline<br />

forests and epically skiable peaks, making it<br />

the biggest single heli ski operation on Earth. In<br />

the middle of this skiing Nirvana, Last Frontier<br />

Heli was born.<br />

My arrival coincided with an Arctic outflow<br />

causing sub-arctic temperatures starting at minus<br />

25 degrees. Tundra-like conditions made the first<br />

two days unbearable. It was cold, it was dry, and it<br />

was hard. But then it snowed. After being sucked<br />

into the slipstream of the outflow, this low pressure<br />

dropped 50cms of the driest snow imaginable<br />

in a single night, lighter than Utah, lighter than<br />

Hokkaido, lighter than anything. I’ve never seen<br />

anything like it. I figured being a heli operation<br />

we couldn’t fly during a storm system, and that we<br />

would have to wait for the next blue bird to go up,<br />

but that very next morning we were out there in the<br />

field. What we saw was a landscape transformed;<br />

from an empty frostbitten Yukon to a deep winter<br />

wilderness. Pow.<br />

We couldn’t believe it. None of us, not even<br />

Watling himself had ever skied snow like that.<br />

It was all there in front of you, but there just<br />

wasn’t any resistance, there was no feedback, you<br />

couldn’t feel a single flake. It was so deep and yet<br />

so fast that even making simple turns through it<br />

was strange; less like skiing and more like moving<br />

through a medium, like being a ghost.<br />

“Having good tree line skiing is so important for<br />

a heli operation,” said Watling as we waited to<br />

drop the next run, “Otherwise you just don’t get<br />

to ski days like this.” I wasn’t at all accustomed<br />

to flying around in a helicopter in the middle of a<br />

42<br />




55<br />






OUT. IF YOU GO<br />





56<br />

56<br />



8<br />

46<br />





We’re flying at treetop elevation and the windows are thick with<br />

condensation. It’s minus 22 degrees outside and dumping.<br />

storm system, but at Last Frontier you average four<br />

out of five days on the hill. That’s an unbelievable<br />

strike-rate for a heli ski operation.<br />

With each lap it seemed we would ski into snow<br />

that was even drier and even deeper than the<br />

last. At one point we skied the left side of a long<br />

bending bowl. I watched as the others dropped<br />

into the bowl and disappeared somewhere into the<br />

tree line, long-veiled ghosts leaving monochrome<br />

vapor trails lingering in the frigid white air before<br />

me. I filled my lungs with cold air, and dropped.<br />

<strong>The</strong> next part was something I’d never experienced<br />

before. All you could really do was just point<br />

your skis fall line and let the snow – now up<br />

to your chest just below armpit level – engulf<br />

you completely. It was like being at the eye of<br />

your own personal snowstorm, catching only<br />

momentary glimpses of the run before the next<br />

turn washed over you. And with snow so light it<br />

got in everywhere; in the seams of your hood, in<br />

between your goggle lenses, through the powder<br />

skirt in your jacket and up your back and up and<br />

inside your beanie – while you were wearing it. It<br />

was just unbelievable.<br />

“You think you have something to write about<br />

yet?” said Watling as he handed me a sandwich<br />

and a cup of coffee back at the helicopter. I sort<br />

of nodded and smiled. I wasn’t settled and didn’t<br />

really have anything to say. I had only just stopped<br />

and I hadn’t caught my breath. Part of me was still<br />

up in that bowl somewhere. I took the sandwich<br />

into my hands and saw that it was squishy and real.<br />

I spilled some coffee onto my gloves, pulling me<br />

back into the present. “You ready for Bell 2 now?<br />

It’s completely different all over again, you’ll see,”<br />

Watling said as he piled the backpacks into the ski<br />

box. “<strong>The</strong> weather’s really coming in so it’s time to<br />

move.” And so it went, feeling like I had only just<br />

returned to Earth, now it was time to leave it again.<br />

We’re flying at treetop elevation and the windows<br />

are thick with condensation. It’s minus 22 degrees<br />

outside and dumping. Visibility is low. Through<br />

the front window I watch as the Alaska Highway<br />

files out ahead, trucks carrying natural gas and<br />

logs pass underneath. It’s our map from Ripley<br />

Creek to Bell 2 Lodge. “We go by the IFR<br />

principle here,” yelled Mike over the drum of the<br />

heli, “I Follow Roads.” Roads (and rivers) are the<br />

lifelines when the weather gets bad in the area;<br />

they are what the pilots use to stay oriented when<br />

the clouds really come in.<br />

We soon land at Bell 2 Lodge, located 360km<br />

north-west of Smithers and deep into the Canadian<br />

Wilderness. Originally a service station for<br />

travellers of the Stewart-Cassiar Highway on their<br />

way to Alaska and the Yukon, Bell 2 Lodge is now<br />

the beating heart of Last Frontier’s Drop City – a<br />

smattering of log chalets surrounding the main<br />

lodge. While I spent the day skiing, the crew at<br />

Last Frontier were busy transporting my luggage<br />

from Stewart to Bell 2, and it was already packed<br />

away in my cabin by the time we landed.<br />

Bell 2 is remote but with satellite communication<br />

and state-of-the-art environmental facilities, it offers<br />

the comforts of a first-class hotel with a rustic touch<br />

of the Canadian wild. <strong>The</strong> dining room, lounge and<br />

bar act as the focal point for skiing stories to be<br />

shared, while the hot tub, massage rooms and yoga<br />

studio offer all those other modern comforts one<br />

would expect from a fancy hotel.<br />

But it’s no hotel. It’s much more personal than that.<br />

Because Last Frontier is foremost about skiing, the<br />

lodge looks like it’s been tinkered on over time.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re is no overall design scheme, it’s not like a<br />

designer rolled out a floor plan and went, “Let’s<br />

build a customer experience.” Each room in the<br />

lodge is different. When you walk in through the<br />

entrance the first thing you see is a sign that reads,<br />

What would Johnny Cash do? I’m not sure what it<br />

means, but I like it. Bell 2 has something distinctly<br />

personal about it, perhaps a materialisation of who<br />

Watling is as a person. “This has been my life, this<br />

place,” he said. “I’ve put everything into it.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> next day there isn’t a cloud in the sky. <strong>The</strong><br />

early sun shines bright, blocked only by crisp<br />

white peaks casting soft morning shadows<br />

across the valleys. As the helicopter lifts off from<br />

our first drop it whirs cold snow into a cloud above<br />

us, glittering in the morning sun. We are feeling<br />

humble after yesterday, and today the mood is pure<br />

gratitude. This is a harsh and unrelenting part of<br />

the world, but today the mountains are kind. We<br />

ski bluebird pow till dusk, stopping only to collect<br />

a chunk of glacier ice for the bar – it’s Watling’s<br />

thing. “It’s dense so it lasts incredibly long in the<br />

glass,” he says with a grin as he shoves it into the<br />

rear hatch. I guess he who owns the place can do<br />

what he wants. But before we head back, Watling<br />

has one last run he wants to show us.<br />

“This isn’t a place we usually take guests,” he says,<br />

“but it’s the coolest area I’ve seen around this whole<br />

place.” We land atop a long, steep ridge where the<br />

alpine meets the treeline. <strong>The</strong> early evening light<br />

catches it beautifully, casting everything in a pinkish<br />

alpenglow. “I’d usually let the guide and guests<br />

drop first, but it’s my birthday today,” says Watling<br />



59<br />


as he pushes off, quickly disappearing over the<br />

rollover. I crank my boots then take a brief moment<br />

to look around. What a place.<br />

I make a few turns into the rollover but can’t see much<br />

below, it seems to keep rolling. So I go a little further<br />

and track right around an island of trees. And then it<br />

reveals itself – the full enjoy, a 2000ft apron of pow<br />

that ran steep down off the ridge all the way to the<br />

heli below, bathed in the last light of the day. I ski<br />

a few turns into it then stop, I think to myself, turns<br />

are nice and everything but I’m just going to let go<br />

here. This is the moment you spend all year working<br />

for, the moment you picture in your head at 3pm on<br />

a Wednesday when you’re wondering why you are<br />

in an office surrounded by grey plastic electronics<br />

responding to emails. This is the reason you get up<br />

every day and wade through the abrasiveness of life<br />

and all its vicissitudes; the monotony, the subservience,<br />

the inescapability of gravity and the whole stupid,<br />

ridiculous everything. This is the moment you keep<br />

in your head to help you through that. Now that I<br />

was finally there I threw myself into that moment<br />

completely. I put everything on autopilot. I could<br />

feel my skis turning and moving, but relinquished<br />

all control over them. I stopped bothering with pole<br />

plants and let my arms go wherever. Snow was flying<br />

up everywhere around me, terrain was coming at me<br />

quickly, trees were flying by, but in the middle of it<br />

was calm. I started to breath. I became entranced in<br />

my own motion, allowing every movement to occur<br />

naturally, to respond to what the mountain gave me,<br />

but without a single thought as to its existence. And in<br />

that moment, that little moment just there, I began to<br />

discover paradise.<br />

I was on a one-man party-wave of emotion,<br />

ghosting through magical frozen ether on my<br />

orange hover planks. With arms stretched out, I<br />

pointed straight down the mountain and, lifting<br />

my head to the sky, I thanked the Universe. I had<br />

entered a transformational vortex into a visceral<br />

infinity. I had become Pow Jesus.<br />

Later in the Base 2 Lodge bar the mood is lifted. <strong>The</strong><br />

guests are at the tail-end of their week and making<br />

the most of it; too early to think of the real world that<br />

awaits them, and still tucked far enough away from<br />

the world to pretend that it doesn’t exist, they toast to<br />

a week without compromise. I’m still in my ski boots.<br />

My feet are wet but I don’t care. I toast the week with<br />

them. Watling comes over and pours me another glass<br />

of Forty Mile. “You think you have something to<br />

write about yet?” he says again. Watling and I cheers<br />

glasses. <strong>The</strong>re’s an Aussie chick behind the bar. She’s<br />

from Myrtleford and plays mandolin. When she later<br />

pulls it out and starts playing everyone stops what<br />

they’re doing and watches. She’s impressive. One of<br />

the guides picks up a guitar and plays along. Watling<br />

pours me another glass of Forty Mile. I notice that the<br />

glacier ice in my glass hasn’t melted. “So what’s the<br />

deal with this place?” I ask. “Why would you come<br />

here to heli ski instead of other places?” He takes a<br />

sip and gestures closer to me, “Stuff the heli skiing,”<br />

he says, “You know what it’s about? It’s about F-U-N.<br />

That’s what we do.”<br />

I finish my drink and gesture my thanks to Watling<br />

across the bar. He’s over pouring someone else a<br />

drink and entertaining some guests and doesn’t see<br />

me. I let it go. On the way out I pass the Johnny<br />

Cash sign at the entrance. I stop there for a moment.<br />

“What Would Johnny Cash do?” it reads. Now I<br />

think I understand.<br />




<strong>The</strong> Ultimate<br />

Driving Machine<br />



A panel of 12 expert judges with 240 years’ combined<br />

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<strong>The</strong> ‘King of Whisky’ encapsulates<br />

the stunning wintery setting<br />

of Snow Polo in first-ever blended<br />

grain Scotch Whisky, revealed as a<br />

new tribute to the Sport of Kings.<br />

<strong>The</strong> “King of Whisky,” Royal Salute<br />

– known for its exceptional portfolio<br />

of rare and precious whiskies –<br />

has unveiled the highly anticipated<br />

third expression of its annual Polo<br />

Collection and the first-ever blended<br />

grain whisky in the Royal Salute<br />

collection; the 21 Year Old Snow<br />

Polo Edition.<br />

Drawing inspiration from the stunning<br />

wintery backdrops of the snow<br />

sport, the all-new limited-edition<br />

Scotch has been expertly developed<br />

by Royal Salute Master Blender<br />

Sandy Hyslop and endorsed by<br />

former England Polo Team Captain<br />

and Royal Salute World Polo Ambassador<br />

Malcolm Borwick, paying<br />

the perfect tribute to the graceful<br />

spirit of the game and the beauty of<br />

the snow-capped mountains in the<br />

background.<br />

50<br />

Taking an innovative approach to<br />

the art of blending is at the heart of<br />

Royal Salute, and this new expression<br />

is no exception, being the first<br />

blended grain whisky in the entire<br />

Royal Salute portfolio. <strong>The</strong> all-new<br />

Scotch is carefully crafted at a special<br />

strength, resulting in a higher<br />

ABV than all others whiskies in the<br />

Royal Salute collection, at 46.5%<br />

which is fittingly the latitude coordinates<br />

of St Moritz – the birthplace<br />

of snow polo. <strong>The</strong> delightful<br />

blend is distinctively sweet and<br />

rich with elegantly layered flavours<br />

of vanilla and toffee, followed by a<br />

long, smooth finish, best enjoyed<br />

over fresh ice to release its depth<br />

of flavour.<br />

This limited edition comes as a new<br />

celebration of the ‘King of Whisky’s’

longstanding affinity with polo, the Sport of Kings.<br />

Dating back over a decade, Royal Salute continues<br />

today to support a global programme of polo events<br />

spanning four continents, and snow polo is no exception,<br />

making for a contemporary take on the traditional<br />

sport. Started 35 years ago on the frozen lakes of St<br />

Moritz, Switzerland, snow polo is now enjoyed around<br />

the globe from Aspen, USA to Cortina, Italy and Tianjin,<br />

China. Playing in such unique locations requires<br />

heightened dexterity, courage and concentration from<br />

elite players, in addition to the core values of honour,<br />

integrity and respect – characteristics that are in the<br />

very DNA of Royal Salute.<br />

Commenting on the new expression,<br />

Royal Salute World Polo Ambassador<br />

Malcolm Borwick said: “Snow polo is<br />

a spectator sport like no other with<br />

each match delivering an undeniably<br />

thrilling atmosphere, set in the<br />

breath-taking scenery of immaculate<br />

snow-peaked mountains. Royal Salute<br />

understands polo and the lifestyle it<br />

represents both on and off the field so<br />

well, it’s an honour to be able to help<br />

open up the world of polo through the<br />

Royal Salute Polo Collection and the<br />

global partnerships it has formed over<br />

the last ten years. With this collection,<br />

we’ve been unveiling a new facet of the<br />

polo world with each limited edition,<br />

and the Snow Polo Edition is one of our<br />

boldest yet.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> limited-edition is presented in a vibrant and stunning<br />

gift box inspired by vintage Alpine scenes, and<br />

once again features Malcolm Borwick’s signature red<br />

helmet. Inside, the liquid is elegantly housed in Royal<br />

Salute’s iconic porcelain flagon, freshly dressed in<br />

white and silver tones that evoke the style and grandeur<br />

of the winter sport.<br />

Royal Salute’s Master Blender Sandy<br />

Hyslop added of the new blend: “Each<br />

of the existing blends within the Polo<br />

Collection has their own personality,<br />

and the Snow Polo Edition is a standout<br />

new addition with an extensive depth<br />

of flavour and fresh new look. Being at<br />

the helm of the blending team behind<br />

Royal Salute, I’m always looking for<br />

new inspiration, and Snow Polo has<br />

proven to be one of the richest sources<br />

yet for creativity and innovation. To<br />

capture the apposition of the intensity<br />

of the game against the graceful elegance<br />

of the backdrop associated with<br />

Snow Polo, it felt like the perfect opportunity<br />

to craft the very first blended<br />

grain whisky in our portfolio and I<br />

couldn’t be prouder of the result.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> Royal Salute 21 Year Old Snow Polo Edition will be<br />

released for a limited time in November 2019, available<br />

at select luxury retailers worldwide at an RRP $155<br />

USD.<br />

royalsalute.com<br />


Lakefront <strong>Luxury</strong> within cork popping distance of<br />

Queenstown, New Zealand<br />

<strong>The</strong> Elms at<br />

Lake Hayes<br />

By Touch of Spice<br />

Comprised of three separate apartments nestled on the shores of Lake Hayes,<br />

overlooking Coronet Peak and the Remarkables mountain range, <strong>The</strong> Elms at Lake<br />

Hayes Collection serves up privacy, elegance and space in equal measure.<br />

Only a 10-minute drive from Queenstown Airport, these lakeside residences are<br />

the perfect spot to rest your head after exploring downtown Queenstown and<br />

neighbouring Arrowtown – a lakeside retreat to soak up those rare moments with<br />

those closest.<br />

Stay with lake views<br />

Whether it’s just the two of you, the whole<br />

family or a celebration with friends, <strong>The</strong> Elms<br />

at Lake Hayes has options to suit all groups.<br />

Choose from one, two or all three apartments<br />

and let us take care of the rest.<br />

Choose Villa One for relaxed indulging for<br />

two of you (or up to six friends across three<br />

sumptuous bedrooms), Villa Two is perfect<br />

for a family getaway with three double<br />

bedrooms, a bunk room with four beds and<br />

a dedicated media room. Host your friends<br />

and family for a proper get-together in Villa<br />

Three which hosts large expanses of open<br />

plan living space (alongside three bedrooms).<br />

Why this lakeside property?<br />

Each apartment oozes finesse and flare, open<br />

plan living areas, multiple bedrooms (sleeping<br />

24 in total), alongside unique quirks like the<br />

cinema room or a hot tub waiting for you to<br />

sink into with a glass of bubbles. With floor to<br />

ceiling windows lining the front of the whole<br />

building, let the interior seamlessly blend<br />

with the picturesque landscape, giving a real<br />

sense of living in a water colour painting.<br />

Feel like it’s too good the leave? Let dinner<br />

come to you with a private chef on hand to do<br />

all the hard work for you. From a simple family<br />

brunch, to a long lunch on the top terrace,<br />

or relaxed ground floor BBQ with friends,<br />

each apartment serves up the perfect spot to<br />

indulge in a feast.<br />

<strong>The</strong> taste of New Zealand<br />

With award-winning restaurants and wineries<br />

on your front doorstep, <strong>The</strong> Elms at Lake<br />

Hayes is the ultimate spot for foodies and<br />

wine lovers alike.<br />

Start your day with a walk around the stunning<br />

Lake Hayes Track, directly accessible from the<br />

property. Work up an appetite before heading<br />

to Akarua Kitchen by Artisan for a bite of<br />

well-deserved lunch. Sit in the blossoming<br />

gardens and sample some of Central Otago’s<br />

finest produce, served in one of the best<br />

spots in town.<br />

Sample Central Otago’s finest cellar doors<br />

Afternoons’ were made for a journey of<br />

discovery through the valley of vines;<br />

Gibbston Valley. Join a private and<br />

knowledgeable local guide from Alpine<br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> Tours and experience the region like<br />

no other. Meet the winemakers themselves,<br />

squeeze the grapes and gain access to some<br />

of the regions most exclusive cellar doors,<br />

sampling and sipping your way through the<br />

world-renowned Pinot Noir region. Share<br />

stories with your guide, enjoy an epicurean<br />

seasonal platter and most importantly, take<br />

their advice on the best bottles to take home!<br />

Indulge in a degustation delight<br />

Finish the day with a short stroll to nearby<br />

Amisfield Bistro and Winery and indulge in<br />

Vaughan Mabee’s (voted Cuisine Chef of <strong>The</strong><br />

Amisfield Bistro<br />

Year 2019) nine course gastronomic<br />

degustation dinner. Paired perfectly<br />

with a selection of their famous wines,<br />

this taste sensation will be one you<br />

won’t forget – a seasonal menu using<br />

the finest local produce on offer.<br />

Celebrate in style<br />

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary,<br />

intimate elopement or just an excuse<br />

to get everyone together, celebrate<br />

the good times at <strong>The</strong> Elms at Lake<br />

Hayes. With the option to host in one<br />

apartment and stay in another, there’s<br />

no need to think about transport,<br />

driving or distance.<br />

Whatever the occasion, <strong>The</strong> Elms at<br />

Lake Hayes is the ultimate spot to<br />

create memories with friends and<br />

family. Let us set the scene for your<br />

story and enjoy a slice of lakeside<br />

luxury like never before.<br />


Crafting moments rare to find<br />

and impossible to forget<br />

At Touch of Spice we believe time is one of life’s<br />

last true luxuries – so spend more time enjoying<br />

those rare moments in life with those that<br />

matter most. Experts in crafting luxury stays,<br />

bespoke experiences and unique celebrations,<br />

our passion is crafting your story, your way.<br />

With 14 years’ experience redefining luxury<br />

stays throughout the South Pacific, we uncover<br />

the hidden gems and perfectly pair them with<br />

exclusive private homes in unique destinations.<br />

With us it’s more than just a stay, it’s the ultimate<br />

experience.<br />

info@touchofspice.co.nz<br />

www.touchofspice.co.nz<br />

0800 100 444<br />


Master the trade with<br />

Pepperstone, now part<br />

of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>.<br />

Seize opportunities and take on the world’s<br />

financial markets with Pepperstone, a global<br />

FX and CFD broker, with an award-winning<br />

premium client offering like no other.<br />

Elevate your trading portfolio with our tight<br />

spreads and lightning-fast execution.<br />

Explore our suite of high-quality financial<br />

instruments, including forex, shares, indices<br />

and commodity CFDs.<br />

Regulated by ASIC and FCA with client funds<br />

segregated in tier 1 banks, we’re trusted by<br />

traders all around the world.<br />

Begin your quest for trading mastery and<br />

explore our premium client offering today.<br />

Pepperstone Premium<br />

premium@pepperstone.com<br />

Risk Warning: trading derivatives is risky. It isn't suitable for everyone and you could lose substantially more than your initial investment. You don't own or have<br />

rights in the underlying assets. <strong>The</strong> information on this material is general in nature and doesn't take into account your or your client's personal objectives,<br />

financial circumstances, or needs. Visit pepperstone.com for more information.© 2019 Pepperstone Group Limited | ACN 147 055 703 | AFSL No.414530

Celebrate our new home with a toast, and enjoy<br />

a complimentary glass of Champagne * upon arrival.<br />

Visit us at 625 Chapel Street, South Yarra.<br />

Enjoy classic European dishes celebrating the best quality produce<br />

in Australia from award winning chef Stephen Nairn, carefully paired<br />

with wines from Australian artisan producers, rockstar winemakers<br />

from around the world and bespoke, floral-inspired cocktails.<br />

Book your table at omniabistro.com.au<br />

or call 03 8080 8080<br />

LUNCH 12-3PM<br />

DINNER 5:30PM-LATE<br />

OPEN 7 DAYS<br />

625 Chapel Street, South Yarra<br />

Cnr Chapel St & Toorak Rd<br />

03 8080 8080 – omniabistro.com.au<br />





Spanish luxury skincare brand Natura Bissé bring<br />

sophistication and expert precision to the latest<br />

beauty trend as they mark their 40-year anniversary<br />

<strong>The</strong> beauty industry has become just as woke as the<br />

fashion industry has been over the last couple of years.<br />

For fashion, sustainability has been at the top of the<br />

agenda recently, where the world has held the industry<br />

to account on its best practices. Now, the beauty<br />

industry is joining the cause and turning attention to<br />

one of the most pernicious threats and biggest beauty<br />

woes we are face today: Pollution.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re’s no way around it, it’s everywhere. And as imperceptible<br />

as it may be, the effects it’s having on our<br />

skin is far from invisible. Dermatologists are on high<br />

alert, with research findings showing that most pollution<br />

particles are 20-40 times smaller than our pores,<br />

so it’s very easy for them to settle deep down and<br />

wreak havoc on our skin’s health. Pollution is also one<br />

of the biggest culprits for redness, dullness and fine<br />

lines – but beyond the traditional forms of pollution<br />

– you’ve got modern day iterations from UV radiation<br />

and blue light from digital devices. So, how does all of<br />

this get combatted in an easy-to-apply and sustainable<br />

way?<br />

True beauty game changers are few and far between<br />

with the exception of Natura Bissé, the Spanish luxury<br />

skincare brand, who have created a revolutionary<br />

range: Diamond Cocoon Collection to mark their 40-<br />

year anniversary – its first global pollution-protection<br />

treatment as an antidote to the effects of 21st century<br />

life.<br />

<strong>The</strong> range has been three years in the making and is<br />

packed with innovative ingredients like intensive prebiotic<br />

complexes that help to block pollution particles.<br />

<strong>The</strong> products, which include Sheer Cream and Sheer<br />

Eye, imitate the same functions as your epidermis by<br />

working as a dual-action smart defense system, which<br />

means your skin develops a natural block to outside<br />

grime. Not only are you going to have that all-too-important<br />

dewy look (courtesy of the high molecular<br />

weight hyaluronic acid) the creams have a medley of<br />

powerful antioxidants as well as clever colour pigments<br />

to adapt to your skin tone – essentially Diamond<br />

Cocoon is that multitasking skincare hero you<br />

never knew you needed.<br />

And bringing those sacred elements of the products<br />

to life, is the Diamond Cocoon Experience spa facial,<br />

giving your skin a new lease of life. After bathing and<br />

lathering it in a host of exfoliating and creamy products<br />

from the range (which are separate from the retail<br />

range), patrons are treated with a proprietary cocooning<br />

‘cocooning’ massage strokes and techniques.<br />

Every Natura Bissé therapist has been trained to follow<br />

the institution’s renowned standards of expert knowledge<br />

and care, therefore you know you are in the best<br />

hands – literally.<br />

But as anyone knows, home routines are essential for<br />

maximum and sustained results. Natura Bissé’s retail<br />

range from the Diamond Cocoon range – including the<br />

Diamond Cocoon Daily Cleanse, <strong>The</strong> Diamond Cocoon<br />

Hydrating Essence and <strong>The</strong> Diamond Cocoon Ultra<br />

Rich Cream – can be easily inserted into your daily<br />

skincare routine, to really amp up the natural barrier<br />

between your skin and pollutants in the air and your<br />

skin’s luminosity – because dull and dehydrated skin is<br />

not a good look.<br />

With all that, Natura Bissé have securely positioned<br />

themselves as the cornerstone of pioneering and innovative<br />

beauty – combining a feminine intuition and<br />

an unwavering commitment to empowering the skin.<br />


1A<br />

506-8 FILM NATURA BISSÉ 1B<br />

506-8<br />

1C<br />

506-8 FILM 2A 506-8<br />



Indulge yourself in one of our exclusive spas<br />

naturabisse.com<br />



SUMMER<br />


Experience luxury and chase the sun around New Zealand<br />

this summer with Heletranz Helicopters.<br />

Offering New Zealand superyacht owners VIP transfers to their private yachts, Heletranz is the perfect addition<br />

to your experience out on the water this summer. Meet your superyacht in the stunning Bay of Islands, rest easy<br />

around the serene shores of Great Barrier, or perhaps indulge in a long lunch at Waiheke Island’s finest vineyards.<br />

If work whisks you away from time out on the water, Heletranz will transfer you to your duties and back in no time.<br />

To enquire visit www.heletranz.co.nz



Getting the perfect suit is one thing but then you’ve<br />

got to add all the finishing touches to pull your<br />

outfit together. Worried you’re going to ruin your<br />

look at the final hurdle? Well, we’ve got you covered with<br />

our latest handy guide.<br />

Here’s how to accessorise your way to success.<br />

1. Cufflinks<br />

Both ornamental and functional, cufflinks are the ‘formal<br />

jewellery’ to your formal or semiformal wear.<br />

Cufflinks can be worn as a single cuff or double cuff –<br />

the single cuff is perhaps the most common and works<br />

for both casual and business. A double cuff (or French<br />

cuff) has a more formal, or luxurious feel, and is twice<br />

the length of a regular cuff, folded back over itself.<br />

Your cufflinks should match the mood of the occasion,<br />

meaning what you select for a board meeting will be<br />

different to what you choose for a family celebration.<br />

At a reunion or birthday party it may pay to wear novelty<br />

cufflinks; just remember, even if you go for rugby<br />

boots or coin cufflinks, make sure they’re silver in<br />

colour and good quality. Watch out for sub-standard<br />

cufflinks that cheapen your ensemble. This is not the<br />

look you’re going for, no matter how casual the event.<br />

You may be able to get away with a more casual look<br />

but you can’t get away with cheap cufflinks.<br />

If you’re looking to reflect a more sophisticated, dapper<br />

air, then choose elegant solid silver squares or invest<br />

in engraved cufflinks for an exquisite touch.<br />

2. Pocket square<br />

Surprisingly easy and undeniably stylish, the pocket<br />

square is a solid bet when it comes to menswear accessorising.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re’s the elegance and sophistication<br />

it brings and there’s also the dash of personality and<br />

individual style it can inject. It can update a suit from<br />

good to great with that perfect splash of colour.<br />


As English clothes designer and Savile Row hero, Hardy<br />

Amies, once said, “To achieve the nonchalance which<br />

is absolutely necessary for a man, one article at least<br />

must not match.”<br />

Take his bold statement on board. For instance, you<br />

can wear a dark blue suit and tie with a pale blue shirt<br />

and navy socks, but then add a patterned handkerchief<br />

in perhaps dark red or a traditional paisley design.<br />

Otherwise, you could stick to blue for your pocket<br />

square and choose dark red socks.<br />

Whether you go for a one-point or two-point pocket<br />

square, or you fold a puff or reverse puff pocket<br />

square, it’s an excellent accessory to complete your<br />

tailored look. For the smartest effect, always pick a<br />

handkerchief made from pure silk.<br />

3. Tie<br />

“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” Or so<br />

said Oscar Wilde.<br />

From the easiest to learn four-in-hand knot, to a full<br />

Windsor tie knot or Pratt knot, there are so many ways<br />

to wear (and indeed tie) a tie.<br />

Ties can really make an outfit your own because you<br />

can be as safe or as daring as you wish. On the one<br />

hand, some men prefer to wear a collegiate tie and<br />

others opt for conversation-starter tie styles.<br />

<strong>The</strong> rules of matching your clothes to your frame are<br />

sometimes forgotten when it comes to ties. A broad<br />

man should consider a slightly wider tie, while slimmer<br />

guys can go for a narrow design. No matter what,<br />

when it comes to the tie’s length, it should always hit<br />

your waist or belt. We recommend ties in navy and<br />

burgundy silk, as well as classic prints such as paisley,<br />

a Macclesfield Neats pattern, polka dot and check.<br />

4. Belt<br />

All tailors will tell you that the tell-tale sign of a<br />

well-tailored trouser is that you don’t need to wear a<br />

belt. Your suit should fit like a glove – a bespoke one<br />

that is – rendering the belt obsolete.<br />

However, if your trousers have belt loops and you favour<br />

this look, make sure you invest in a belt crafted<br />

from quality leather – most designers offer a variety<br />

of options including full-grain and brushed leathers.<br />

Ensure you select a belt with a classic, fuss-free buckle<br />

and that the colour goes well with the shoes you’re<br />

wearing.<br />

So there you have it – your accessories 101. Now you<br />

know the four key accessories and how to style them<br />

to perfection.<br />

What’s your favourite piece to add the final flourish to<br />

your suited look?<br />

Author: Gary Sweeney<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />



Acquired by Bill and Belinda Pulver in January<br />

2018, Mona Farm is a unique curation of contemporary<br />

art, country life and Australian history.<br />

<strong>The</strong> 124 acre property is located in Braidwood in rural<br />

New South Wales and offers luxury accommodation<br />

and bespoke weddings and events.<br />

<strong>The</strong> property’s connection to the past is powerful, dating<br />

back to Australia’s first European arrivals. Beautifully<br />

restored heritage buildings and award-winning<br />

gardens pay homage to this history, while Mona Farm’s<br />

present custodians embrace the contemporary. A diverse<br />

collection of modern Australian and <strong>International</strong><br />

art and sculpture have been introduced throughout<br />

the historic houses and gardens, creating a collision<br />

of art, nature and luxury unlike anywhere else in the<br />

region.<br />

<strong>The</strong> unique English heritage entwines with the stunning<br />

Australian landscape to create a rural sanctuary<br />

for guests to escape to and explore.<br />

”It was love at first sight with Mona Farm. As custodians<br />

of this magnificent property from February 2018,<br />

our vision was to develop a unique curation of contemporary<br />

art, country life and Australian history. Today<br />

our clients take over the entire estate, enjoying luxury<br />

accommodation, acres of heritage gardens, an extensive<br />

art collection, fly fishing, platypus and other farm animals.<br />

With superb food and wine and our fabulous team,<br />

headed by Romy and Julien Besnard, we do everything<br />

we can to ensure your event exceeds all expectations.”<br />

– Bill Pulver, Owner<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />


<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> UAE is very proud to welcome its latest member, Saxo Bank. As leaders in online trading,<br />

the Danish-based investment bank brings fresh innovation to <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> UAE, offering a wealth of<br />

affinity marketing opportunities with like-minded members.<br />

Saxo Bank Group (Saxo) is a leading Fintech specialist focused on multi-asset trading and investment and delivering<br />

‘Banking-as-a-Service’ to wholesale clients.<br />

For more than 25 years, Saxo’s mission<br />

has been to democratize investment<br />

and trading, enabling clients<br />

by facilitating their seamless<br />

access to global capital markets<br />

through technology and expertise.<br />

As a fully licensed and regulated<br />

bank, Saxo enables its direct clients<br />

to trade multiple asset classes<br />

across global financial markets<br />

from one single margin account and<br />

across multiple devices. Additionally,<br />

Saxo provides wholesale institutional<br />

clients such as banks and<br />

brokers with multi-asset execution,<br />

prime brokerage services and trading<br />

technology, supporting the full<br />

value chain delivering Banking-asa-Service<br />

(BaaS).<br />

Saxo’s award-winning trading platforms<br />

are available in more than 20<br />

languages and form the technology<br />

backbone of more than 100 financial<br />

institutions worldwide.<br />

Founded in 1992 and launching its<br />

first online trading platform in 1998,<br />

Saxo Bank was a Fintech even before<br />

the term was created. Headquartered<br />

in Copenhagen Saxo<br />

Bank today employs more than 1500<br />

people in financial centres around<br />

the world including London, Paris,<br />

Zurich, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai,<br />

Hong Kong and Tokyo.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Dubai office recently celebrated<br />

its 10th-anniversary doing business<br />

in the UAE and wider MENA region.<br />

In fact, Saxo Bank A/S operates in<br />

the UAE under a representative office<br />

license issued by the Central<br />

Bank of the UAE and services the<br />

whole Middle East region.<br />

We look forward to seeing Saxo Bank<br />

leave an indelible mark through<br />

their journey with <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

UAE.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />




Brent Sutcliffe of Sutcliffe Jewellery is a master craftsman<br />

and internationally awarded jeweller producing<br />

world class jewellery in New Zealand.<br />

Sutcliffe Jewellery is a boutique store in Parnell, offering<br />

the very best personal service, their quality stones<br />

are handpicked and conflict free, and the attention to<br />

detail is second to none.<br />

We are thrilled to have Sutcliffe Jewellery as part of<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> New Zealand.<br />

More about Sutcliffe Jewellery<br />

In 2003, Brent competed against 700 British jewellers<br />

in the British Goldsmiths Craftsmanship and Design<br />

Awards. He walked away with the industry’s top honours:<br />

Diamond Mounter (Jeweller) of the Year and the<br />

Gold Award for Small Works. In addition to these prestigious<br />

honours, Brent was also awarded a specifically<br />

created Special Council Award, as further recognition of<br />

his high-quality work.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths is one of twelve<br />

great Livery Companies of the City of London, receiving<br />

its first Royal Charter in 1327. For seven centuries,<br />

the Goldsmith’s Company has been responsible for testing<br />

the quality of precious metals and for regulating<br />

the craft and trade of the goldsmith. In 1908, they commenced<br />

an annual competition, awarding prizes to encourage<br />

design in gold or silver. Ninety-five years later,<br />

Brent Sutcliffe won three of the Goldsmith’s Guilds’<br />

awards, adding him to the annals of distinguished jewellers<br />

of Britain.<br />

Brent’s violin took 170 hours to complete. It is 18ct white<br />

gold and weighs a total of 39 grams. <strong>The</strong> case took a further<br />

200 hours and weighs 83 grams (although this was<br />

not submitted as part of the competition). <strong>The</strong> violin<br />

measures 7.5cm in length and has over 1000 diamonds<br />

over the body at a total weight of 20.5 carats, and 2.5<br />

carats of sapphires along the stem. <strong>The</strong> hair-thin strings<br />

are also white gold and can be turned on the dial of the<br />

violin.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />



Sitting within a heritage listed building, Pier One<br />

was originally built over 100 years ago as a working<br />

cargo wharf and passenger transit point before<br />

becoming a hotel in 1999, and opening as Pier<br />

One Sydney Harbour in 2014.<br />

Pier One Sydney Harbour, Autograph Collection is<br />

Sydney’s premier lifestyle hotel – nestled alongside<br />

the Sydney Harbour Bridge and offering panoramic<br />

Sydney Harbour views. Built on, and over, the water<br />

Pier One features a private pontoon for guests to arrive<br />

by sea if they choose<br />

.<br />

189 newly renovated rooms and suites each offer<br />

unique vantage points of the local area and Sydney<br />

Harbour. With a $15M refurb completed in November<br />

2019, each room follows a marine-inspired theme and<br />

features original timber and ironwork that were the<br />

centrepieces of the historic Pier One Wharf, with the<br />

latest in chic interior design and state of the art facilities<br />

and amenities.<br />

Enjoy an al fresco dining experience by the water<br />

whilst you dine at our One- Hatted restaurant, <strong>The</strong><br />

Gantry, experiencing the freshest seafood and seasonal<br />

Australian produce whilst overlooking the<br />

breathtaking Sydney Harbour.<br />

Sit back and relax on the pier or enjoy a front row<br />

seat at Bar One while sipping cocktails made by our<br />

expert bartenders. Enjoy a more casual dining experience<br />

with a range of fresh seafood, share platters,<br />

burgers, tacos, pizza and salads with our own food<br />

truck on the Pier.<br />

“With the completion of our total rooms’ renovation, Pier One Sydney Harbour truly is Sydney’s premier lifestyle<br />

hotel. We offer guests an authentic Sydney experience with the best aspects of harbour side life – in 5 star style. From<br />

hatted dining, to crafted cocktails on the Pier, our signature events, breathtaking balcony suites, plus one of Sydney’s<br />

best sunset views – Pier One Sydney Harbour is a destination in itself” – Kim Mahaffy, General Manager.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />



InterContinental Hayman<br />

Island Resort<br />

unveils a new era of<br />

immersive luxury in the<br />

heart of the Great Barrier<br />

Reef, inviting guests to<br />

immerse in the breathtaking<br />

beauty of the<br />

Whitsundays, iconic private<br />

island experiences<br />

and sacred moments of<br />

connection with family,<br />

friends and themselves.<br />

From the moment guests<br />

step off their helicopter<br />

or luxury yacht, they will<br />

discover an idyllic destination<br />

of privacy and pampering; where diving the<br />

Great Barrier Reef, basking in private pools, sailing the<br />

Coral Sea, dining in private poolside cabanas and soulful<br />

wellness treatments are but the beginning.<br />

Nestled at the northernmost point of the Whitsunday<br />

archipelago, Hayman Island is the nearest Whitsunday<br />

Island to the outer reef with direct access to<br />

nearby islands including Langford, Arkhurst, Hook and<br />

Blue Pearl Bay. Meanwhile exclusive partnerships with<br />

Ocean Dynamics and Helireef see guests’ journey to the<br />

region’s most iconic sites including Whitehaven Beach<br />

and Heart Reef via luxury charter and helicopter.<br />

Australia’s most iconic private island resort presents<br />

<strong>16</strong>8 beautifully-appointed rooms, suites and villas<br />

across three distinct wings with the newly-built Three<br />

Bedroom Hayman Beach House considered the halo<br />

residence, gracing Hayman’s exclusive beachfront with<br />

stunning open-plan living design, two plunge pools<br />

and one show-stopping infinity pool gifting views<br />

across the Coral Sea.<br />

Meanwhile, the resort is home to five restaurants and<br />

bars including Grove Boutique & Cafe, a spa and hair<br />

salon, state-of-the art gym facilities, a recreational<br />

centre that offers luxury tennis camps, two iconic<br />

swimming pools, dedicated kids club and babysitting<br />

services, and an unforgettable collection of meeting,<br />

event and wedding opportunities.<br />

Discover a place of visual and visceral beauty so deep,<br />

it will leave you transformed.<br />

“Designed to be discreetly private, welcoming to families<br />

as well as couples, with a meaningful connection to<br />

its surrounds, Hayman Island by InterContinental is the<br />

embodiment of a luxury resort experience reimagined<br />

for the modern traveller.”<br />

– Arpad Romandy, General Manager<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />



We are very excited to welcome new member Hyoumankind.<br />

Hyoumankind is helping people rediscover the natural restorative benefits of sleep.<br />

Its premium range of pillows has been developed to support optimum sleep,<br />

wellbeing, recovery, and rejuvenation. Each one is made in New Zealand from<br />

advanced memory foam and non-toxic materials. Harnessing the latest sleep<br />

science, Hyoumankind pillows are used and loved by elite sportspeople,<br />

appearance experts, postural practitioners and those looking for a little extra<br />

support – as more and more people wake up to sleep.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />





We are happy to welcome Croatia Sotheby’s <strong>International</strong><br />

Realty as our new member.<br />

“Uniting extraordinary homes<br />

with extraordinary lives.”<br />

Operating in the world-leading real estate brand network,<br />

Croatia Sotheby’s <strong>International</strong> Realty is the only<br />

real estate agency in Croatia, specialized precisely for<br />

luxury real estate and properties. <strong>The</strong>y truly believe that<br />

luxury is conceived as an experience, not a price point.<br />

In the time of growing interest in the Croatian market,<br />

they have recognized the right moment to open their office<br />

in order to enable domestic and foreign investors to<br />

leave their desires and future projects in the most experienced<br />

hands. <strong>The</strong>ir team of highly qualified experts<br />

with excellent knowledge in local opportunities offers its<br />

expertise in sales, development, investment and administrative<br />

affairs.<br />

Croatia Sotheby’s <strong>International</strong> Realty desires to unite<br />

unique real estates and properties with unique clients<br />

who will consider them as a canvas to create new projects<br />

or their oasis for relaxation. Personal approach to<br />

each and every client is also one of their strengths.<br />

<strong>The</strong> network within which we operate, Sotheby’s <strong>International</strong><br />

Realty® represents worldwide clients with the<br />

impeccable taste and it has been the most striking brand<br />

in the luxury real estate market since 1744.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />







Seize opportunities and take on the world’s financial markets with<br />

Pepperstone, a global FX and CFD broker, with an award-winning<br />

premium client offering like no other. Elevate your trading portfolio<br />

with their tight spreads and lightning-fast execution. Explore their suite<br />

of high-quality financial instruments, including forex, shares, indices and<br />

commodity CFDs.<br />

Regulated by ASIC and FCA with client funds segregated in tier 1 banks,<br />

they’re one of the largest MetaTrader brokers, trusted by traders all around<br />

the world.<br />

Since 2010, they’ve grown beyond 140 employees across their Melbourne<br />

and London offices, with a focus on their clients and passion for the trade.<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir premium clients receive unparalleled client support, exceptional<br />

pricing, invitations to exclusive events, premium access to advanced market<br />

insights and new products before they launch. Begin your quest for<br />

trading mastery and explore their premium client offering today.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />



<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Adria is<br />

pleased to welcome Discover<br />

Montenegro, the premier<br />

destination management company<br />

in Montenegro. Discover Montenegro<br />

successfully entangle land, sea<br />

and air services into one exclusive<br />

unit, giving their guests a truly oneof-a-kind<br />

perspective of Montenegro.<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir main focus and expertise<br />

lie in planning custom-made events<br />

and personalized holidays. Discover<br />

Montenegro team assists their clients<br />

to the furthest extent in creating<br />

memorable, magical celebrations,<br />

events and holidays that will,<br />

usually, exceed expectations.<br />

When it comes to a country so diverse<br />

in what it has to offer, Discover<br />

Montenegro stands firmly by the<br />

belief that one of the best ways to<br />

truly breathe in all that Montenegro<br />

is – is by air, and by helicopter specifically.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y can proudly name numerous<br />

celebrities that were their<br />

helicopter passengers. Discover<br />

Montenegro is proud of the country<br />

and is increasing Montenegro’s<br />

brand value and prominence by introducing<br />

this destination to a new<br />

class of tourist. Discover Montenegro<br />

will continue to work toward<br />

seeing Montenegro become a true<br />

year-round tourist and investment<br />

destination.<br />

Discover Montenegro welcome<br />

aboard!<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />


In 1898, Robert Todd (RT) Forsyth, a young real estate<br />

agent, opened a humble wooden office in Willoughby.<br />

Seeing a tremendous need for honest,<br />

knowledgeable real estate people, RT Forsyth founded<br />

his company with a revolutionary philosophy: the client’s<br />

best interest above all. Since 1898, Forsyth Real<br />

Estate has forged a tradition of integrity, exceptional<br />

service and customer satisfaction that has become the<br />

agency’s hallmark.<br />

Today, Forsyth is one of the most successful and respected<br />

real estate agencies in Sydney.<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir sales team draws together a wealth of real estate<br />

experience to provide our clients with the highest level<br />

of sales expertise and market knowledge, supported<br />

by a dedicated marketing and administration team.<br />

Each of our sales consultants has achieved exceptional<br />

success and built a strong reputation as a top achiever<br />

at every level of the market. An ongoing program of<br />

professional development ensures they’re up-to-date<br />

with changes to legislation, while training in the latest<br />

marketing and sales negotiation techniques means<br />

we’re always at the top of our game.<br />

With an unmatched depth of real estate experience,<br />

the Forsyth Property Management Team offers their<br />

clients a unique level of knowledge and expertise to<br />

provide outstanding service in managing your property.<br />

“At Forsyth, we believe selling your home should be<br />

a positive experience. We are committed to making<br />

the sales process simple and stress-free, to working<br />

for your best interests and to achieving the maximum<br />

price in every market.<br />

We understand that you need to feel comfortable about<br />

what’s happening at every stage of the sales process.<br />

We understand that you want accountable value and<br />

visible results from the money you invest in marketing.<br />

And we understand that the most important thing for<br />

you is to get the price you expect, so you can move on<br />

to the next stage of your life.<br />

We will provide you with all the information and professional<br />

advice you need to make the initial decision<br />

on how to market your property and at what price.<br />

From that moment onwards, you can relax in the<br />

knowledge that our highly experienced team is dedicated<br />

to marketing, communicating and negotiating<br />

on your behalf until we achieve the best possible result<br />

for you.<br />

Forsyth’s are known for innovation, results and for<br />

selling many of Sydney’s best properties. We achieve<br />

all this by attracting some Sydney’s best Estate agents.<br />

When you appoint Forsyth to market your property,<br />

you can be confident you’ve got a professional team on<br />

your side, working with you, and for you, to achieve a<br />

successful sale.”<br />

– James Snodgrass Director of Forsyth Realty<br />


*Cushions in<br />

Marine Tuscan, Sea, Rust, Sunflower Yellow, Ginkgo and Little Barrier Ottoman in Blend Lagoon




Wealth-X data goes far beyond uncovering an individual’s net worth by detailing<br />

their interests, passions and hobbies. This comprehensive wealth intelligence<br />

provides insight into the characteristics and pursuits that inspire your wealthy<br />

clients and prospects, building a pathway to successful engagement and sales.<br />

Philanthropy<br />

Family<br />

Sports<br />

Travel<br />

Aviation<br />







Real Estate<br />

Outdoors<br />

Technology<br />

Education<br />

Public Speaking<br />

To learn more about the ultra wealthy population and their interests, passions<br />

and hobbies, download our World Ultra Wealth Report 2019 at wealthx.com.<br />

Contact us for a customized demo: contact@wealthx.com

TLN<br />

News<br />






<strong>The</strong> exclusive Gucci Trunk Show which travels the<br />

globe arrived in New Zealand for three days in<br />

October. <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> NZ members and their<br />

guests were invited to the tranquil Parnell<br />

showroom of Orsini Fine Jewellery for a private viewing<br />

with champagne and canapés. Each piece<br />

of the exclusive Gucci collection was handled with<br />

white gloves and explained to the group,<br />

with guest trying on the beautiful creations.<br />

Guests were then treated to an intimate lunch at<br />

Gaggenau where Chef Des Harris created an Italian<br />

inspired menu to celebrate the Italian jewellery, all<br />

guests left with lovely Gaggenau gift to enjoy at home.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Gucci Trunk then left the shores of New Zealand<br />

for Australia and Asia.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />






On Thursday, November 26th, 2019 <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> members and their guests enjoyed an<br />

evening of networking and an exclusive preview<br />

of the six-star Capitol Grand development and LK<br />

Hospitality’s new restaurant Omnia. Guests enjoyed<br />

private tours of the apartments and luxurious amenities<br />

at this superb new development.<br />

Guests enjoyed grazing plates by Simon Johnson and<br />

chocolate gifts by Sisko Chocolate.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />





<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Adria was officially presented to the cream<br />

of the leading Croatian companies on November 7th at the official<br />

Residency of H.E. Andrew Dalgleish, Ambassador of the<br />

United Kingdom and Northern Ireland to Croatia.<br />

Guests arrived at the venue by chauffeur service Bee.Ride in two<br />

beautiful models of Range Rover: Velar and Discovery. In front of the<br />

Residency, guests also had the chance to admire a particularly popular<br />

model of Range Rover Evoque, displayed by Auto Benussi, the<br />

exclusive distributor of Jaguar and Land Rover in Croatia.<br />

Ambassador Andrew Dalgleish welcomed the esteemed guests and emphasized<br />

the importance of business contacts between the UK and Croatia:<br />

“<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong> was founded in London and<br />

I am pleased that there is such interest of Croatian companies to participate<br />

in the work of such valuable and global network. Britain is a<br />

sophisticated market in which a lot of luxury brands operate and this<br />

kind of economic co-operation between the UK and Croatia is extremely<br />

important for the promotion of both countries,” Dalgleish said.<br />

Ana Rončević, Managing Director of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Adria, emphasized<br />

that this is the first time that a large world group has opened<br />

the doors to the networking of luxury brands in Croatia. “We can proudly<br />

say that <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>, founded in London back in 2007. now<br />

operates in 37 countries on 5 continents around the world and Croatia<br />

is now being one of them. This is an enormous opportunity for regional<br />

companies to promote themselves internationally, as well as for international<br />

brands and high-end service providers that are interested to<br />

start their operation in this region.”<br />

Guests were served with delicious canapes while savouring the official<br />

drink of the evening – Chivas Regal. In the pleasant atmosphere<br />

of the Residency, new business contacts were made, opinions exchanged<br />

which successfully concluded this networking evening and<br />

demonstrated to all guests what <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> is all about:<br />

Creating Unique Partnerships.<br />

All honoured guests of the evening left with gift bags containing the<br />

newest issue of Yachts Croatia magazine, Chivas 18, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

branded cigar by Cigar Club Mareva, home-made Montenegrin<br />

souvenirs provided by Lustica Bay and delicious artisan chocolates<br />

hand made in Croatia by Vrsna Chocolates.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />


LUXURY<br />



Guests of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

New Zealand were treated<br />

with an overnight stay at the<br />

Muriwai Estate, the luxurious Mediterranean<br />

inspired home nestled in<br />

the hills of Muriawi overlooking the<br />

Pacific Ocean supplied by <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> Australian and New<br />

Zealand member Touch of Spice.<br />

Executive Chef Des Harris created<br />

a taste sensation of local seafood<br />

paired with wines grown in the<br />

nearby Hunting Lodge which were<br />

enjoyed al fresco.<br />

Steph Wyborn of Hyoumankind<br />

gave a talk on the importance of<br />

sleep and introduced her new Hyoumankind<br />

pillow range to the<br />

guests. Each guest was gifted an Ultimate<br />

Go Pillow and had a peaceful<br />

night sleep in the Estate.<br />

Waking to ocean views, a personal<br />

yoga instructor from Next Gen<br />

greeted guests for a morning yoga<br />

session before returning recharged<br />

to a busy Auckland holiday season.<br />

Photography by Tatiana Skorik<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />




On Thursday, December 5th, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

and Gaggenau invited members and<br />

guests to experience a French inspired evening<br />

at the Carr-designed Heyington display suite where<br />

modern living has been designed with consideration to<br />

context, form, materials and thoughtful landscaping.<br />

During cues from Heyington’s ‘Refined by Nature’<br />

theme, guests were served Highballs and canapés<br />

alongside special guest French Chef, Romu Oudeyer.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />



Last week <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> members<br />

were invited to our engaging member networking<br />

event – An Inspired Pairing.<br />

Guests were invited to experience the<br />

newly renovated Studio Neon Head Quarters<br />

warehouse for a bespoke evening<br />

sampling a unique menu designed by Studio<br />

Neon who specialise in local, seasonal<br />

and sustainable produce in Australia. Studio<br />

Neon’s reputation is built on providing<br />

unique, out-of-the box culinary adventurers.<br />

Studio Neon Headquarters would like<br />

to exclusively offer the <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

Members 15% off their venue hire fee. Use Code #LUXU-<br />

RYNETWORK19 when booking with their friendly events<br />

staff. Offering will be valid for bookings made up until<br />

July 2020 – Events may continue to operate hereafter,<br />

however deposits and event hire must be secured by the<br />

30th June 2020. All bookings will be subject to Studio<br />

Neon Headquarters Terms & Conditions. Bookings may<br />

be made via their website or email Alice and their Events<br />

team at hello@studioneon.com.au.<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir delicious canapés were paired with an outstanding<br />

mystery wine list curated by Langton’s, Australia’s leading<br />

fine wine marketplace, including an Astralis Shiraz<br />

2009 that was certainly a crowd favourite! Langton’s has<br />

market leading access to not only Australian wines, but<br />

also the best of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Piedmont<br />

and more.<br />

As a very special offer for <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> members,<br />

Langton’s are delighted to extend attendees a $100<br />

credit on their next $500 acquisition via brokerage. To<br />

make this personal wine acquisition, or open a discussion<br />

around strategic partnership opportunities with<br />

Langton’s, please directly email Langton’s Partnerships<br />

Manager: Jacob Duffin, jacob.duffin@langtons.com.au.<br />

Together, Studio Neon and Langton’s made quite the<br />

pairing on the evening and I’m sure they will continue to<br />

partner for many future events.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />


<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Australia Members<br />

were treated to an evening<br />

harbour cruise on board Sahana to<br />

kick off the summer superyacht season<br />

on Sydney Harbour.<br />

Onboard, guests indulged in the finest<br />

caviar at the Simon Johnson caviar station,<br />

which was beautifully paired with<br />

the newly released Pommery Apanage<br />

Blanc de Blancs Champagne.<br />

Thank you for all of you who joined us.<br />

We look forward to seeing you all again<br />

at the next member event.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />




<strong>The</strong> Melbourne Cup was celebrated<br />

by <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> New Zealand<br />

with a long lunch at Paris Butter<br />

adored by exquisites jewels hand crafted by<br />

Sutcliffe Jewellery.<br />

Members and their guests were treated<br />

to champagne and canapés on arrival, followed<br />

by a degustation menu and a few<br />

special treats from head chef Nick Honeyman<br />

at Paris Butter in Herne Bay.<br />

Brent Sutcliffe spoke about his passion for<br />

hand crafted jewellery produced in New<br />

Zealand from ethically sources gemstones<br />

and had an exclusive pink Argyle Diamond<br />

for guests to view.<br />

Precious examples of Sutcliffe Jewellery were worn by<br />

members, including a 9 carat emerald, pink and yellow<br />

diamonds, a 5 carat flawless diamond, aquamarines, tennis<br />

bracelets, and other handcrafted pieces. We were<br />

lucky enough to have the delicate violin on display which<br />

Brent created to win British Jeweller of the Year award<br />

in 2003. <strong>The</strong> Melbourne Cup was live-streamed from<br />

Flemington Racecourse and our guest participated in a<br />

sweepstake with two lucky punters leaving with Perrier<br />

Jouet Belle Eopoque 2011 Champagne.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />




On Saturday, 9th November,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

invited guests to<br />

join them at Nobu Malibu to<br />

experience the newest vehicles<br />

offered by Aston Martin<br />

Beverly Hills.<br />

Guests enjoyed a one-on-one<br />

driving experience with product<br />

specialists, along with<br />

brunch at the spectacular private<br />

dining patio at Nobu Malibu.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>’s objective<br />

is simple: To facilitate<br />

co-operation and exciting new<br />

business development activities<br />

between top-end companies,<br />

under the umbrella of<br />

affinity marketing, providing<br />

direct access to each other’s<br />

pre-qualified, high net worth<br />

private clients.<br />

Through <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>,<br />

new business partnerships are<br />

created via strategic alignment,<br />

joint collaborations,<br />

product placements, endorsements,<br />

media sharing, B2B and<br />

B2C networking, sales and luxury<br />

showcase events and numerous<br />

other affinity marketing<br />

activities.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />




Bringing together the cream of<br />

the ‘CEO crop’ from the region<br />

as well as internationally, the<br />

CEO <strong>Luxury</strong> Evening, Grand Terrace<br />

Opening and <strong>Network</strong>ing Event at<br />

Hakkasan Abu Dhabi set the bar high<br />

on this quarter’s <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

UAE events. <strong>The</strong> essence of the evening<br />

was built on the premise of forging<br />

relationships between corporate,<br />

government and agency leaders with<br />

luxury brands in a non-competitive<br />

environment. Brimming with CEOs<br />

and key industry players along with<br />

their VIP clients and guests, everyone<br />

had a chance to explore the variety<br />

of showcases and build on their<br />

knowledge across luxury sectors.<br />

Being that it’s also al fresco season,<br />

it was the perfect opportunity to<br />

meld the <strong>Luxury</strong> CEO event with the<br />

Grand Terrace Opening at Hakkasan<br />

Abu Dhabi, the site of the event –<br />

making full use of the outdoor space<br />

against Abu Dhabi’s glitzy skyline<br />

while engaging in a smorgasbord of<br />

luxury experiences.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />

<strong>The</strong> event saw luxury brands come<br />

to life in a series of activations from<br />

Etihad Airway’s First Class Cabin to<br />

Saxo Bank’s leading online trading<br />

platform experience via a demo account,<br />

Ascots & Chapels’ tastefully<br />

displayed suit collections, Annoushka’s<br />

stellar range of one-of-a-kind<br />

jewellery pieces, Bentley Motor’s entrance<br />

display of its beautiful cars,<br />

tasting experiences from<br />

Maison Berger Paris chocolate,<br />

intoxicating scents<br />

from Loutah, Huriya Private’s<br />

invitation to become<br />

a citizen through investment<br />

in nation’s across the<br />

globe, Voss Water keeping<br />

guests hydrated, Chivas<br />

Regal greeting guests with<br />

welcome beverages and<br />

Mancini providing guests<br />

with sommelier tips.<br />

<strong>The</strong> evening unfolded<br />

with an opening speech by<br />

Evoke <strong>International</strong> – the<br />

exclusive PR agency for<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> UAE<br />

– officially commencing the event<br />

while introducing every participating<br />

brand and acknowledging key<br />

partners and sponsors.<br />

Towards the end of the evening,<br />

the luxury Business Card Draw<br />

took place whereby brands such<br />

as Seba Jamal, Natura Bissé, Al Bait<br />

Sharjah and Saxo Bank generously<br />

donated gifts worth $20,000 USD<br />

which included exclusive perfumes,<br />

world-renowned beauty treatment<br />

products, luxury items from TUMI<br />

and a blissful weekend hotel stay.<br />

Guests were satiated with a rich array<br />

of delicious and artfully presented<br />

canapés from the world-famous<br />

Hakkasan Abu Dhabi menu.<br />

With thanks to the following<br />

partners of the event:<br />

Voss Arabia, Ivan Perfumerie,<br />

Seba Jamal, Dukes<br />

<strong>The</strong> Palm, Royal Hideaway,<br />

Annoushka, FND, Palma<br />

Holding, Serenia <strong>The</strong> Palm,<br />

Absolute Elyx, Evoke <strong>International</strong>,<br />

Maison Berger<br />

Paris, Natura Bissé,<br />

Huriya Private, <strong>The</strong> Black<br />

Concierge, Al Bait Sharjah,<br />

Luxhabitat, Ascots &<br />

Chapels, Bentley, Matetic,<br />

Etihad Airways, Saxo Bank,<br />

Mancini, Hakkasan Abu<br />

Dhabi, Chivas Regal, Gray<br />

Mackenzie & Partners and<br />

Loutah.<br />


Telling the<br />

stories of the<br />

best in hospitality,<br />

design & travel.<br />

A lifestyle PR agency,<br />

Reymond Communications<br />

are passionate about crafting<br />

intelligent and captivating<br />

stories which connect new<br />

and considered audiences to<br />

their clients and their businesses.<br />

reymond.com.au<br />


Air Conditioning<br />

Jet Ski<br />

Deck Jacuzzi<br />

Inflatables<br />

Kneeboard<br />

Stabilizers<br />

Towable Toys<br />

Wakeboard<br />

Wi Fi<br />

Water Ski


Affairs<br />



Professionally crewed<br />

with a skipper, engineer,<br />

deckhand, 3<br />

stewardesses and an onboard<br />

chef, guests at your<br />

special event will never be<br />

unattended.<br />

Whether impressing potential<br />

clients, hosting<br />

a business party or just<br />

cruising in the tropics<br />

with your significant<br />

other, Vegas meets every<br />

imaginable luxury criteria.<br />

For further details, please<br />

visit our website<br />

www.vegasmy.com.au<br />


KINNON<br />



Members<br />

Affairs<br />

Founded in 20<strong>16</strong>, Kinnon is a<br />

contemporary leather brand<br />

creating innovative and uncompromising<br />

products that stay<br />

the course. <strong>The</strong>y are made to be by<br />

your side; whether you’re travelling<br />

the world, heading to the office or<br />

out on the town.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are three elements inherent<br />

in every Kinnon piece – functionality,<br />

durability and style. <strong>The</strong> entire<br />

Kinnon collection is designed<br />

in Melbourne, from high-quality<br />

Nappa or Italian pebble leathers<br />

that are sustainably sourced from<br />

around the world. Each piece is<br />

elevated with the addition of YKK<br />

zippers and durable, high-quality<br />

hardware, lining and trims. Beautiful<br />

and thoughtfully designed pieces<br />

are at the heart of the Kinnon<br />

brand. Our carefully considered,<br />

fashion-forward and solution-driven<br />

range will ensure you step into<br />

every situation organised, and in<br />

style.<br />

Kinnon is thrilled to have joined the<br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> and looks forward<br />

to creating meaningful and lasting<br />

partnerships with fellow members.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />




With Spring Racing and the<br />

start of summer entertaining<br />

just around the<br />

corner, it was the perfect time for<br />

Champagne Pommery to unveil its<br />

newest Blanc de Blancs NV in Sydney<br />

at <strong>The</strong> Champagne Bar, Sofitel<br />

Hotel Darling Harbour.<br />

Some of our <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

Australia members had the privilege<br />

of meeting Madame Vranken,<br />

the owner of the prestigious Champagne<br />

house, who flew in especially<br />

from Paris for this momentous occasion.<br />

<strong>The</strong> New Blanc de Blancs NV is<br />

made from 100% Chardonnay<br />

grapes from the northern terrain<br />

of the Montagne de Reims and the<br />

hills of Nogent l’Abbesse, this harmonious<br />

combination of terrains<br />

allows this Cuvée to express an astounding<br />

freshness and maturity<br />

worthy of an Apanage.<br />

<strong>The</strong> newly released Pommery Apanage<br />

Blanc de Blancs has a strong<br />

Spring freshness on the nose with<br />

subtle floral notes of jasmine, as<br />

well as acacia, linden and citrus<br />

fruit. <strong>The</strong> initial taste allows the<br />

fresh apple to takeover with the<br />

balance of the final notes being the<br />

subtle flavour of yellow grapefruit.<br />

This new release continues in the<br />

Pommery tradition of excellence,<br />

innovation and a gastronomic selection<br />

of fine Cuvées, perfect for<br />

enjoying now. Pommery is known<br />

for its avant-garde spirit, Champagne<br />

Pommery is the Maison that<br />

introduced Brut Champagne to the<br />

world in 1874.<br />

A widely loved label around the<br />

world, Champagne Pommery is renowned<br />

for combining innovation<br />

and tradition to produce a signature<br />

collection of unique champagnes.<br />

With champagnes spanning<br />

an array of bodies and tastes,<br />

Pommery is the perfect match for<br />

any occasion.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Champagne Pommery cutting-edge<br />

collection promises<br />

to delight Champagne lovers en<br />

masse – from the dry, velvety body<br />

found in Champagne Pommery Cuvée<br />

Louise that evokes a sense of<br />

elegance and celebration, to the<br />

fresh, full taste in the POP Collection,<br />

a perfect companion for a casual<br />

brunch or a lively night out.<br />

Pommery Apanage Blanc de Blancs<br />

NV is available from select David<br />

Jones stores nationwide as well as<br />

selected independent outlets.<br />

RRP: $99.95 per bottle<br />

Thank you to all who joined us on<br />

the evening. We look forward to seeing<br />

you again soon.<br />





Members<br />

Affairs<br />

Under the motto UNKNOWN WORLDS – A SONG<br />

OF ICE AND FIRE, this glamorous evening was<br />

all about Game of Thrones. TLN members BONT<br />

ART Management and KAMEHA SUITE hosted a Hollywood-based<br />

staging of one of the most successful<br />

television series of all time.<br />

<strong>The</strong> exhibition opened with previously unpublished<br />

works by Oscar and triple Emmy award winner SVEN<br />

SAUER, which captivated over 600 HNW guests.<br />

<strong>The</strong> best food and good conversations at the NESPRES-<br />

SO Coffee Bar also helped to inspire, among other<br />

things, the noble EDELVION products. Both brands<br />

contributed as TLN cooperation partners to the perfect<br />

success of this evening.<br />

Rounded by a charity initiative, a great evening full of<br />

exciting impressions and new acquaintances came to<br />

an end well past midnight.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />





In Geneva, on the 7th of this month, <strong>The</strong> Grand Prix<br />

d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) awarded the “Innovation”<br />

prize to Vacheron Constantin’s Traditionnelle<br />

Twin Beat Perpetual Calendar. An authentically<br />

innovative model unveiled at the SIHH 2019, it reflects<br />

Vacheron Constantin’s two-fold technical and aesthetic<br />

expertise. This perpetual calendar watch is capable of<br />

beating at two different frequencies, thereby extending<br />

the four-day power reserve to at least 65 days.<br />

minutes, date, month, leap-year cycle and power reserve.<br />

When the watch is not being worn, its owner<br />

can reduce the energy consumption of the in-house<br />

developed calibre 3610 QP by pressing a pusher, thus<br />

endowing the watch with an extended power reserve of<br />

at least 65 days.<br />

“<strong>The</strong> pride taken by our Maison in designing timepieces<br />

stems from a vocation, a mission: to create beauty, to<br />

combine the excellence of Haute Horlogerie and horological<br />

complications with the magic of innovation, by<br />

pushing the limits of feasibility.<strong>The</strong> Traditionnelle Twin<br />

Beat Perpetual Calendar is a perfect illustration of collective<br />

intelligence and the incentive to express ideas<br />

characterising our workshops. We are proud that it is<br />

thus recognised by our peers and rewarded here this<br />

evening. This prize belongs to our watchmakers, engineers,<br />

developers and artisans, the men and women<br />

who work in our Manufacture to bring La Belle Haute<br />

Horlogerie to life”, said Louis Ferla, CEO of Vacheron<br />

Constantin, during the GPHG evening.<br />

During its 265 years of existence, Vacheron Constantin<br />

has never ceased to innovate on both technical and<br />

aesthetic levels. 2019 will go down in history as the year<br />

of a launch that will undoubtedly open whole new horizons<br />

for Haute Horlogerie, with the Traditional Twin<br />

Beat perpetual calendar, a smoothly user-controlled,<br />

manual-winding dual-frequency watch.<br />

When worn, the Traditionnelle Twin Beat Perpetual<br />

Calendar beats at a high frequency that is aligned with<br />

modern active lifestyles, while displaying the hours,<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />



Create memories that last<br />

beyond the journey home,<br />

receive 10% off stays with<br />

Touch of Spice throughout New<br />

Zealand.<br />

At Touch of Spice they believe time<br />

is one of life’s last true luxuries – so<br />

spend more time enjoying those<br />

rare moments in life with those<br />

that matter most.<br />

As New Zealand’s leading luxury<br />

stays and experience specialists,<br />

Touch of Spice’s Residence Collection<br />

and Private Villa Collection<br />

guarantees to find something to<br />

suit every need, style and location.<br />

Whether it’s a full family escape,<br />

weekend getaway, celebration or<br />

romantic anniversary – they have<br />

something to suit every occasion<br />

and a team on hand to find the perfect<br />

setting for your story.<br />

This summer, Touch of Spice have<br />

added stunning new properties to<br />

<strong>The</strong> Residence Collection by Touch<br />

of Spice – their collection hosts the<br />

most exclusive private residences<br />

throughout New Zealand;<br />

Ataahua Lodge – A touch of Amalfi<br />

in the Bay of Plenty<br />

Sink into tranquillity in the spa or<br />

smash through the silence and<br />

bomb in the pool – this private<br />

Italian-inspired oasis is all yours.<br />

Lined with world-class artworks,<br />

104<br />

antiques and venetian furniture,<br />

fall into an Italian inspired world<br />

where family, food and beauty form<br />

the heart of the home.<br />

Only 25 kilometres from Tauranga<br />

Airport or a short heli ride from<br />

Auckland <strong>International</strong> Airport, enter<br />

through the wrought iron gates<br />

and drive the palm lined drive towards<br />

the villa. A natural oasis to<br />

unwind, relax and accept carpe<br />

diem.<br />

Ataahua Lodge has a total of six<br />

Venice-inspired bedroom suites<br />

spread between two floors as well<br />

as the separate Pavilion. Sink into<br />

the plush beds that all feature views<br />

of the luscious grounds. Separate<br />

from the main villa is <strong>The</strong> Pavilion<br />

– a private sanctuary with ocean<br />

views where rolling out of bed will<br />

feel better than ever.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Elms at Lake Hayes – Lakeside<br />

apartments at Queenstown’s Lake<br />

Hayes<br />

Take a short stroll through the gardens<br />

from the gated driveway to<br />

find the grand entrance to <strong>The</strong> Elms<br />

at Lake Hayes apartments. <strong>The</strong><br />

stunning interior design this apartment<br />

hosts is equally mirrored by<br />

the lake views that surround you at<br />

every turn. Finished with luxurious<br />

gold and naturally warm and comforting<br />

tones, you cannot help but<br />

feel instantly relaxed, as you can<br />

sink into the plush armchair with<br />

a good book and glass of Central<br />

Otago wine.<br />

Active days followed by chilled evenings.<br />

With space for the full family,<br />

a multi-generational getaway<br />

to Queenstown will keep everyone<br />

craving more. Discover the adrenaline<br />

capital of the world, the quaint<br />

streets of closeby Arrowtown and<br />

the wineries of Gibbston Valley<br />

before an evening soaking up the<br />

panoramic views from your private<br />

hot tub with a glass of bubbles.<br />

Dancing on Moonlight – A New<br />

Level of <strong>Luxury</strong> in Christchurch<br />

15 minutes (25 kilometres) from<br />

Christchurch’s <strong>International</strong> Airport,<br />

a long-gated driveway welcomes<br />

you to the ultimate private<br />

sanctuary, Dancing on Moonlight.<br />

Wake up in one of the three sumptuous<br />

bedroom suites. Enjoy a coffee<br />

in bed as you watch the sun<br />

rise over the stunning gardens. Roll<br />

out of bed and start each morning<br />

feeling relaxed, refreshed and<br />

ready to seize the day. Each suite<br />

has its own ensuite bathroom and<br />

walk in wardrobe. A working horse<br />

stud farm, with its own private<br />

golf course, orchard and luxury<br />

lodge. <strong>The</strong> best part about it all?<br />

<strong>The</strong> whole place is energy positive<br />

thanks to its innovative solar power<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

Call or email Touch of Spice today to talk to one of their Travel Designers,<br />

find out more and save 10% being a part of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>.<br />

E: Info@touchofspice.co.nz<br />

Ph: + 64 (0)3 450 0855<br />

(Terms and conditions apply: offer valid for stays in Touch of Spice exclusive<br />

villas only, valid until the end March 2020. To receive the discounted<br />

rates, please use discount code FESTIVESPICE10 )<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />




When most people think of chartering, Motor Yacht’s<br />

come to mind and often neglected are Gulets. Ahoy<br />

Club has a soft spot for Gulets – spacious decks, luxurious<br />

comfort and serious value for money.<br />

What are Gulets?<br />

Originating in Turkey, Gulets were built for traders to<br />

carry fresh produce from marina to marina. During<br />

the 1920’s Bodrum was an isolated fishing village, fisherman<br />

sailed along the coast moving goods, which is<br />

today the infamous “Blue Cruise”. Today, Gullets have<br />

glamorously transformed into luxury sailing vessels<br />

tailor-made for the indulgent traveller.<br />

Why Choose a Gulet for your next Charter?<br />

When most people think of chartering, Motor Yacht’s<br />

come to mind and often unconsidered are Gulets.<br />

Ahoy Club has a soft spot for Gulets; with spacious<br />

deck space, luxurious comfort and serious value for<br />

money, it’s time to consider a Gulet for your next charter!<br />

Some modern Gulets are now offering jacuzzi’s,<br />

theatres and beach clubs, there’s no change in the authentic,<br />

unique and importantly luxurious sailing experience<br />

on deck.<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />

Did you know?<br />

• <strong>The</strong> average cost of a Gulet is 50% cheaper than your<br />

average Motor Yacht.<br />

• Ahoy Club’s largest guest Gulet can accommodate a<br />

massive 36 Guests.<br />

• Gulets can boast as much as 30% more sundeck space<br />

than a Motor Yacht, making them ideal for maximum<br />

for sun-tanning and entertainment.<br />

• Most Gulets stretch across just one exterior deck, increasing<br />

safety for families with young children as you<br />

can keep your eyes pealed at all times.<br />

• Gulets have shallow drafts meaning they can get extremely<br />

close to shore and beaches.<br />

Gulets in the East Mediterranean<br />

No better to charter a Gulet than where it all began –<br />

Turkey. Sail along the coast viewing stunning ancient<br />

cities and historic ruins. With its glittering waters and<br />

tiny coves, Turkey is also the perfect backdrop for<br />

snorkelling, scuba diving and many other water sports.<br />

With a plethora of amazing islands, visit a new blue<br />

water beach each day on your Gulet in Greece or Croatia.<br />

Both regions remains a luxury wonderland for<br />

high-flyers seeking an evocative mix of island parties,<br />

boutique beach bliss, and sailing splendour.<br />


43m (141 ft)<br />

12 guests | 6 cabins | 7 crew<br />

FROM €50,000 P/WEEK<br />



45m (148 ft)<br />

<strong>16</strong> guests | 8 cabins | 7 crew<br />

FROM USD$45,500 P/WEEK<br />



34m (112 ft)<br />

12 guests | 6 cabins | 4 crew<br />

FROM €27,000 P/WEEK<br />

LESS MEMBER DISCOUNT: €2,<strong>16</strong>0<br />


Members<br />

Affairs<br />




September has always marked the comeback of<br />

event season in the UAE after a summer away in<br />

ultra luxe destinations such as Monte Carlo, Geneva<br />

and the south of France. And when it comes to<br />

networking events, <strong>The</strong> Macallan know how to put on<br />

a show, setting the bar high on luxury experiences in<br />

and amongst Dubai’s finest.<br />

For <strong>The</strong> Macallan, educating their clients is just as important<br />

as entertaining them. As the first £140 million<br />

state-of-the-art distillery opened its doors in Scotland’s<br />

Speyside last year, it serves as a look into the<br />

whisky making process and <strong>The</strong> Macallan’s unrivalled<br />

commitment to the mastery of wood and spirit since<br />

1824.<br />

<strong>The</strong> art of tasting whisky is something the team at <strong>The</strong><br />

Macallan are profoundly passionate about – not only<br />

to honour the brand’s historical legacy, but to create<br />

a level of responsibility and awareness on <strong>The</strong> Macallan’s<br />

story, diversity and complexity.<br />

Set in the atmospheric and sophisticated Cigar Room<br />

in Fairmont <strong>The</strong> Palm, the night unravelled with members<br />

of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> and their clients who<br />

were privy to a first-class presentation helmed by<br />

Jodie Moir, <strong>The</strong> Macallan’s Regional Brand Ambassador<br />

for the Middle East.<br />

Jodie took guests on an intensely rich tasting journey,<br />

allowing for an immersive and interactive experience<br />

for all to be had.<br />

Moir first introduced the 12-year-old <strong>The</strong> Macallan<br />

Triple Cask which is a delicate and elegant expression<br />

using a marriage of Ex American Bourbon casks, European<br />

Sherry Oak casks and American Sherry Oak<br />

Casks. It had a floral and fruity taste with a hint of<br />

spice.<br />

Between rounds of delectable luxury canapés, the<br />

15-year-old <strong>The</strong> Macallan Triple Cask was brought<br />

out. This is known for its smooth, oily and rewarding<br />

feel on the palate, using the same three casks as the<br />

previous expression but focusing slightly more on the<br />

Sherry style casks. Chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon<br />

linger on the palate, giving you a full and immersive<br />

taste overall.<br />

<strong>The</strong> evening ended on a high with <strong>The</strong> Macallan Rare<br />

Cask. This is a 100% Sherry seasoned expression from<br />

<strong>The</strong> Macallan using less than 1% of the casks on <strong>The</strong><br />

Macallan estate – some of which are from Sherry<br />

Bodagas which are no longer in business, thus this was<br />

a rare treat. <strong>The</strong> Macallan Rare Cask is heaped in expression,<br />

beautifully rounded with dried fruits, caramel<br />

and vanilla notes – a fitting finale to a night filled<br />

with character in both atmosphere and whisky.<br />


Equipped with all the most cutting-edge features and exclusive<br />

cooking modes, this unique and elegant oven enables users to<br />

take full advantage of the wealth of culinary excellence that is<br />

synonymous with the De Dietrich name,

UNDER <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />






<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> KSA<br />

Grand Opening Gala took<br />

place at <strong>The</strong> Ritz-Carlton,<br />

Jeddah in December 2019 to a rave<br />

reception with a fleet of dignitaries<br />

and brimming with world-class entertainment.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> KSA is the<br />

latest office to join <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong>’s burgeoning portfolio of<br />

global markets leading the way in<br />

affinity collaborations through luxury<br />

events amongst ultra-high net<br />

worth individuals and companies.<br />

<strong>The</strong> delightful evening at <strong>The</strong><br />

Ritz-Carlton, Jeddah was opened by<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> KSA Director,<br />

Mohamad Doughan who served as<br />

the main event organizer and master<br />

of ceremonies throughout the<br />

gala event - presenting <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> to new guest, brands and<br />

partners alike.<br />

<strong>The</strong> night unfolded with a red carpet<br />

arrival with dazzling welcome<br />

drinks in the venue’s outdoor area.<br />

After guests and VIPs were better<br />

acquainted with each other, they<br />

were ushered to take their seats for<br />

a round of welcome speeches by<br />

TLN KSA CEO Abdullah Fakeeh and<br />

TLN KSA Executive Director Leah<br />

Tedrow, introducing them to <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> KSA and its member<br />

brands such as Royal Greens<br />

Golf Course and Country Club, Lamasat,<br />

<strong>The</strong> Saudi Art Council, Saxo<br />

Bank, and many more. Leah, who<br />

is also the Managing Director of<br />

Evoke <strong>International</strong>, the exclusive<br />

PR agency for <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

KSA, presented all that awaits in this<br />

exciting venture for the Kingdom.<br />

Ahead of the live entertainment,<br />

guests and VIPs were treated to a<br />

cutting-edge Rolls-Royce display<br />

wherein they got to experience its<br />

slick features and engineering up<br />

close and personal. Adding to that, a<br />

spectacular artwork by HRH Prince<br />

Saad Al Saud was displayed, highlighting<br />

the Kingdom’s deep artistic<br />

and cultural prowess. In line with<br />

the Kingdom’s vision for 2030, HRH<br />

Prince Saad Al Saud’s work speaks to<br />

the founding pillar of the nation’s di-<br />


Under <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />

versity, bringing forth its creativity<br />

and eclecticism to the world’s stage.<br />

Guests were also surrounded by the<br />

spectacular flower and crystal candlelight<br />

chandelier displays on each<br />

table by Bloemen, and each treated<br />

to a glass box with an infinity rose<br />

in each of their luxury gift bags.<br />

Prior to the dinner, the Jeddah Ballet<br />

Academy performed classical<br />

and contemporary dance pieces<br />

showcasing the talent of the Kingdom’s<br />

youth as well as its capacity<br />

for high art and prestige. Revered<br />

and legendary musician Elie Mattar<br />

– whose longevity as an artist,<br />

singer and composer is a testament<br />

to his enduring gift – followed with<br />

a beautiful expression of music for<br />

guests and VIPs to indulge in.<br />

After <strong>The</strong> Ritz-Carlton, Jeddah’s rich<br />

array of fare was served, the night<br />

was crowned with a cake-cutting<br />

ceremony to officially inaugurate<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> KSA. Towards<br />

the end of the evening, the luxury<br />


Under <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />

business card draw took place whereby<br />

brands such as Rolls, Royce, Royal<br />

Greens Golf Course and Country Club,<br />

Lamasat, Omega, Seba Jamal, Lomar,<br />

Bloemen, AS Hair Care, and <strong>The</strong> Ritz<br />

Carlton, generously donated extraordinary<br />

gifts and experiences including<br />

a full luxury Rolls Royce weekend experience<br />

where the lucky winner was<br />

awarded a car and luxury experience<br />

for 3 days, a full golf and spa day at Royal<br />

Greens, luxury jewellery from Seba<br />

Jamal and luxury hair and spa treatments<br />

from Lamasat and AS Hair Care.<br />


Step into the world of high-octane<br />

sporting excitement with<br />

Great British Racing <strong>International</strong><br />

GBRI is the British horse racing industry’s designated first point of<br />

contact for overseas individuals interested in becoming part of<br />

the world’s leading racing and bloodstock industry.<br />

Should you wish to enquire or become involved<br />

please contact: Amanda Prior<br />

aprior@greatbritishracing.com +44(0)7471 2<strong>16</strong> 075

Brands Directory<br />

Arnold and Son<br />

arnoldandson.com<br />

Heletranz Helicopters<br />

heletranz.co.nz<br />

Qatar Airways<br />

qatarairways.com<br />

Aroha New Zealand Tours<br />

arohatours.co.nz<br />

Hyoumankind<br />

hyoumankind.co.nz<br />

Reymond Communications<br />

reymond.com.au<br />

Ascots and Chapels<br />

ascotsandchapels.com<br />

InterContinental Hayman Island Resort<br />

ihg.com<br />

RL Fine Arts<br />

rlfinearts.com<br />

AV One<br />

av1group.com.sg<br />

James Vincent Milano<br />

jamesvincent.it<br />

Royal Salute<br />

royalsalute.com<br />

Bombardier<br />

bombardier.com<br />

Cabasse<br />

cabasse.com/en<br />

Canary Diamond<br />

thecanarydiamond.com<br />

Champagne Pommery<br />

champagnepommery.com<br />

Coast New Zealand<br />

coastnewzealand.com<br />

Croatia Sotheby’s <strong>International</strong> Realty<br />

sothebysrealty.hr<br />

De Dietrich<br />

dedietrich-asia.com<br />

Discover Montenegro<br />

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ISSUE <strong>16</strong><br />


Editor-In-Chief<br />

Fares Ghattas<br />

Managing Editor<br />

Garz Bumanlag<br />

Assistant Editor<br />

Nour Ghattas<br />

Creative Department<br />

Reine Nehme and Chris Wood<br />

Production Manager<br />

Nour Assi<br />

Print and Production<br />

Printing Group<br />

Jnah, Embassies Street, Amira Building, Beirut - Lebanon<br />

Tel: +961 1 823 720 I info@printingroup.com<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong><br />

12 Hay Hill, Mayfair, London, W1J 8NR<br />

info@tlnint.com<br />

+44 (0) 330 133 <strong>16</strong>61<br />

www.tlnint.com<br />

In July 2017, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> was published as a bimonthly supplement for <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong>. All materials are strictly<br />

copyrighted, and all rights are reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without the prior written permission of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong> is<br />

prohibited. All content is believed to be factual at the time of going to print and contributors’ views are their own derived opinions and not excessive<br />

that of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong>. No responsibility or liability are accepted by the publishers or editorial staff for any loss occasioned to any<br />

individual or company, legally, financially or physically, as a result of any statement, fact, figure or expression of opinion or belief appearing in <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>. <strong>The</strong> publisher does not officially endorse any advertising or advertorial content for third party products. Photography and<br />

image credits, where not otherwise stated, are those of Getty Images and/or Shutterstock; each of which restrains their individual copyrights.

Why Join <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>?<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> has been recognized by the British media as ‘the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing group’ and one<br />

of the most innovative formulas for the development of new businesses between luxury brands which share the same values,<br />

customers and target audience. We build meaningful business relationships and connections in the HNW and UNHW space<br />

with over 28 global offices and 500 exclusive member brands worldwide.<br />

With over a decade of experience in the international luxury industry facilitating access to new high-net-worth individuals, our<br />

team has developed thousands of strategies for countless companies. <strong>The</strong> importance of top-end strategic alliances for<br />

financial success is indisputable and yet most companies don’t have the time or the resources to create such ongoing business<br />

relationships.<br />

We are armed with the right connections to help you form new business alliances with many other luxury brands, to reach each<br />

other’s HNW pre-qualified private clients, and showcase your brand’s services and products at our luxury B2C sales or private<br />

client events. You will get the opportunity to entertain your clients and invite your prospects to our of B2C luxury events.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>’s team will perform as your extended marketing arm to orchestrate successful collaborations by working<br />

closely with your own personal <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> account manager to develop your business and identify your targets.<br />

For more reasons to join <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>, please visit our website testimonials and success stories section. You may join<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> by filling in the form at www.tlnint.com/contact-us or email us at info@tlnint.com and we will take care of<br />

the rest for you.<br />


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