The Luxury Network International Magazine Issue 20

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ISSUE <strong>20</strong> | SEP - OCT <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong>

Described as “<strong>The</strong> next generation of marketing for luxury brands” by the British media,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> is the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing group. <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> is a private membership club, established in luxury capitals or countries<br />

around the world, within which premium companies work closely together<br />

at senior director level for mutual business and client development.

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>’s objective is simple: To facilitate co-operation and exciting new<br />

business development activities between top-end companies. New business partnerships<br />

are created via strategic alignment, joint collaborations, product placements,<br />

endorsements, media sharing, B2B and B2C networking, sales and luxury<br />

showcase events and numerous other affinity marketing activities.

A Message<br />

From <strong>The</strong> Editor<br />

Dear Valued Readers,<br />

I hope you are all lucky enough to spend time with people who impress and inspire you. We’ve been fortunate<br />

this month to interview some uplifting and amazing women.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> is a perfect example of connecting like-minded people and we will keep doing so. This<br />

year, <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> readership increased dramatically to add more than thirty thousand subscribers in<br />

just two months.<br />

TLN <strong>Magazine</strong> now provides a really exciting opportunity to consider the truly interdisciplinary nature of tourist<br />

destinations at a time of great change across the wider tourism landscape.<br />

Lastly, we’re launching in October the first of its kind luxury educational platform ‘<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Academy’<br />

a world class digital training platform with iconic professionals who contributed into putting standards in<br />

their luxury fields.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Fares Ghattas<br />

Global CEO,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong><br />

Editor-in-chief,<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> <strong>International</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

@faresghattas<br />


something<br />

Magnificent<br />

is coming<br />

your way

highlights<br />

ISSUE <strong>20</strong> |Sep - Oct <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong><br />

18<br />

New Bentley Bentayga - <strong>The</strong> Definitive <strong>Luxury</strong> SUV<br />

30<br />

Woman of the Hour: Amal Ameen<br />

42<br />

Rich Heritage Leads to the Creation of a New “Al Fresco” Experience, Ideal<br />

for Current Times<br />

46<br />

10 Things You Can Do With Your Aircraft to Make the Most of the Downtime<br />

48<br />

Lady Rubellite Necklace<br />

54<br />

Gucci Off <strong>The</strong> Grid<br />

58<br />

How to Dress Like a Boss<br />

82<br />

<strong>The</strong> Glendronach Set to Release Second Expression Fit for a Kingsman<br />

106<br />

An Interactive Evening with Bonham Architecture & Interiors New Zealand<br />

114<br />

A Special COVID-19 Update from <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Nigeria






At Bonham we craft international bespoke interiors for our discerning clients in New Zealand and abroad.

Need for<br />

Speed<br />


Need for<br />

Speed<br />


MARKS 50 YEARS<br />






Range Rover is the most desirable SUV in the world, combining<br />

peerless design and supreme all-terrain capability with sophisticated<br />

refinement and luxury<br />

• <strong>The</strong> Original: Range Rover was the original luxury 4x4; half a<br />

century after it made its global debut, it remains the benchmark for<br />

design, refinement and engineering innovation<br />

• Family of SUVs: Now 50 years on, the original luxury 4x4 has<br />

evolved into the world’s most desirable family of SUVs – Range<br />

Rover Evoque, Range Rover Velar and Range Rover Sport<br />

• Special Edition: Range Rover celebrates half a century of design<br />

and engineering excellence with a special edition Range Rover Fifty<br />

model<br />

• Celebratory model: Limited to 1,970 units globally to mark the<br />

1970 birth year of this iconic model, options include three heritage<br />

colours from Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations<br />


Need for<br />

Speed<br />

Range Rover today celebrates<br />

50 years of pioneering innovation,<br />

peerless refinement<br />

and unparalleled all-terrain capability<br />

with the introduction of the<br />

new Range Rover Fifty.<br />

12<br />

<strong>The</strong> original luxury SUV has defined<br />

the market since 17 June 1970 and,<br />

five decades on, the Range Rover<br />

has evolved to become a family of<br />

desirable and capable luxury vehicles.<br />

Its compelling blend of design,<br />

refinement and engineering innovation<br />

has ensured its place as the<br />

benchmark for all luxury SUVs.<br />

Over its 50 year lifespan, the Range<br />

Rover has achieved many world<br />

firsts and completed numerous impressive<br />

feats. It was the first SUV<br />

to feature a permanent 4WD system<br />

when it was launched, and in<br />

1989 was the world’s first 4x4 to be<br />

fitted with ABS anti-lock brakes.<br />

Later in 1992 it became the world’s<br />

first 4x4 to be fitted with electronic<br />

traction control (ETC) and automatic<br />

electronic air suspension<br />

– ensuring the refined driving feel<br />

Range Rover is so famous for, both<br />

on and off-road. In <strong>20</strong>12, the latest<br />

generation Range Rover became<br />

the world’s first SUV to feature an<br />

all-aluminium lightweight construction,<br />

making it lighter, stronger<br />

and more efficient.<br />

It has crossed the notoriously impassable<br />

‘Darien Gap,’ was the first<br />

vehicle to ever be displayed at the<br />

Louvre Museum in Paris, and has<br />

even won the Paris-Dakar rally –<br />

twice. No other vehicle combines

Need for<br />

Speed<br />

the levels of luxury, comfort and<br />

sophistication with off-road capability<br />

and on-road performance<br />

like Range Rover.<br />

With its clamshell bonnet, distinctive<br />

floating roof, split tailgate and<br />

trademark front fender vents, the<br />

Range Rover of today can still trace<br />

its roots back to the 1970 original.<br />

In its golden anniversary year it is<br />

now the most efficient, connected,<br />

luxurious and capable yet.<br />

To celebrate 50 years of a motoring<br />

icon, the limited-run Range Rover<br />

Fifty will be restricted to just 1,970<br />

vehicles globally, in recognition of<br />

the year the original Range Rover<br />

was launched.<br />

Building on the luxuriously appointed<br />

Autobiography, the Range<br />

Rover Fifty features a number of<br />

bespoke exterior accents in Auric<br />

Atlas as well as two unique 22-inch<br />

wheels. <strong>The</strong> badging features a ‘Fifty’<br />

script created personally by Prof<br />

Gerry McGovern OBE, Land Rover’s<br />

Chief Creative Officer, which will<br />

appear on the exterior of the vehicle<br />

and throughout the interior on<br />

the unique “1 of 1970” centre console<br />

commissioning plaque, headrests,<br />

dashboard and illuminated<br />

treadplates.<br />

Prof Gerry McGovern OBE, Land<br />

Rover Chief Creative Officer, said:<br />

“In the world of luxury vehicles,<br />

the Range Rover has always stood<br />

apart as peerless and enduring. Its<br />

unique and pioneering sensibilities<br />

together with an unrivalled engineering<br />

approach have been the intrinsic<br />

values which our customers<br />

have admired since the first of the<br />

breed was revealed in 1970.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> Range Rover Fifty will be available<br />

in both standard and long<br />

wheelbase body designs with customers<br />

able to choose from four<br />

carefully curated exterior colours;<br />

Carpathian Grey, Rosello Red, Aruba,<br />

and Santorini Black. In extremely<br />

limited numbers, Land Rover<br />

Special Vehicle Operations is also<br />

offering the Range Rover Fifty in<br />

one of three Heritage exterior solid<br />

paints reproduced from the original<br />

Range Rover paint palette; Tuscan<br />

Blue, Bahama Gold and Davos<br />

White. A range of powertrain options<br />

will be available; petrol, diesel<br />

and even a plug-in hybrid P400e<br />

version.*<br />

Now in its fourth<br />

generation with over a<br />

million sold in its<br />

lifetime, the Range Rover<br />

is the ultimate<br />

expression of luxury. It’s<br />

unmistakable,<br />

sophisticated design and<br />

class-leading all-terrain<br />

capability has ensured the<br />

Range Rover is as peerless<br />

and relevant today as it<br />

was in 1970.<br />


After three decades at the top of the<br />

luxury SUV sector, the Range Rover<br />

became a family in <strong>20</strong>05 with the<br />

launch of the Range Rover Sport, a<br />

vehicle which combines the luxury<br />

and capability of the larger Range<br />

Rover with a sporty and engaging<br />

driving character. In <strong>20</strong>10, the<br />

compact Range Rover Evoque made<br />

its debut, aimed at a younger and<br />

more urban customer base. In <strong>20</strong>17,<br />

the family grew once again with the<br />

introduction of the Range Rover<br />

Velar, filling the space between the<br />

Range Rover Sport and Range Rover<br />

Evoque. Taking its name from<br />

the first Range Rover prototypes,<br />

the Range Rover Velar broadened<br />

the Range Rover portfolio with a<br />

statement reductionist design and<br />

a technology-rich interior.<br />



Today marks 50 years since the<br />

first Range Rover was revealed, but<br />

the story goes back even further.<br />

During the mid 1960s, in a bid to<br />

revolutionise the growing 4x4 leisure<br />

market, the Rover car company’s<br />

engineering chief for new<br />

vehicle projects, Charles Spencer<br />

‘Spen’ King (nephew of the founders<br />

of Land Rover), hatched a plan<br />

to combine the comfort and onroad<br />

ability of a Rover saloon with<br />

the off-road ability of a Land Rover.<br />

Development of the first 100-inch<br />

station wagon prototype began<br />

during the late 1960s, with the first<br />

model being released to the world’s<br />

media to critical acclaim in 1970. Its<br />

blend of ability – motorway cruising,<br />

off-roading, and even towing<br />


Need for<br />

Speed<br />

in style and comfort – ensured its<br />

instant popularity. <strong>The</strong> original<br />

Classic model was cited as an ‘exemplary<br />

work of industrial design’<br />

when it became the first vehicle to<br />

be displayed at the world famous<br />

Louvre Museum in Paris in 1971.<br />

<strong>The</strong> first generation Range Rover<br />

(1970-1996) was originally only<br />

available as a two door when it<br />

went on sale in 1970. During its 26<br />

year lifespan the Classic continued<br />

to evolve with the introduction of<br />

the four-door model in 1981 and an<br />

automatic gearbox in 1982. <strong>The</strong> first<br />

diesel Range Rover arrived in 1986.<br />

<strong>The</strong> second generation Range Rover<br />

known as the P38A arrived in<br />

1994 and was instantly recognisable<br />

thanks to its familiar silhouette,<br />

floating roof, clamshell bonnet,<br />

practical split tailgate and continuous<br />

waistline; all of which continue<br />

to this day. <strong>The</strong> vehicle also<br />

displayed an even more luxurious<br />

interior without compromising on<br />

its on-road ability and off-road capability.<br />

It also featured enhanced<br />

height-adjustable suspension as<br />

well as a 2.5-litre diesel and 3.9 and<br />

4.6-litre versions of the V8 petrol,<br />

providing greater performance<br />

than ever before.<br />

<strong>The</strong> third generation Range Rover<br />

(<strong>20</strong>01-<strong>20</strong>12) delivered a wealth of<br />

improvements on all predecessors<br />

during its 11 year period. Engineering<br />

innovations included a stiffer<br />

monocoque body (replacing the<br />

traditional 4x4 ladder frame) and<br />

fully independent suspension with<br />

interconnected air springs (at the<br />

time nearly all 4x4s had rigid axles).<br />

<strong>The</strong> interiors of these vehicles<br />

were inspired by high-end yachts,<br />

fine furniture and first class airline<br />

seats, providing more space and<br />

luxury.<br />

In <strong>20</strong>12, the fourth generation and<br />

most recent Range Rover debuted.<br />

It was the first SUV to feature lightweight<br />

all-aluminium construction,<br />

saving 4<strong>20</strong>kg in weight compared to<br />

its predecessor. Featuring a wealth<br />

of new off-road innovations such<br />

as automatic Terrain Response<br />

2 and All-Terrain Progress Control,<br />

it has evolved to include efficient<br />

new electrified Ingenium engines, a<br />

plug-in hybrid electric version and<br />

innovative infotainment and safety<br />

technologies. For the last five years<br />

the Range Rover SVAutobiography<br />

has been at the pinnacle of the<br />

model line-up, with the most powerful<br />

and refined vehicles in Range<br />

Rover’s history. Produced by Land<br />

Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations<br />

division, customers can also choose<br />

from the Range Rover SVAutobiography<br />

and SVAutobiography Dynamic<br />

– which feature powerful V8<br />

engines and finely crafted cabins.<br />


Ninth Degree Experiences<br />

UAE’s leading supercar<br />

events company,<br />

providing selfdrive<br />

supercar tours<br />

and rallies for UAE<br />

residents, tourists and<br />

corporate groups.<br />

Founded in <strong>20</strong>15, Ninth Degree<br />

Experiences has hosted over<br />

170+ successful driving events. By<br />

using their experience and vast<br />

knowledge of the United Arab<br />

Emirates, their expertly planned<br />

driving routes provide unforgettable<br />

experiences. Tour packages<br />

include mountain, desert and lake<br />

drives, adrenaline filled add-on<br />

activities such as zip lines and dune<br />

buggies, track events and overnight<br />

multi-day tours. <strong>The</strong>ir customizable<br />

supercar marketing packages also<br />

make for unique brand activations<br />

and incentives, with supercar<br />

branding and high quality videos<br />

available for all events.<br />

Ninth Degree are also renowned<br />

for their bi-yearly supercar rally;<br />

Catch the Camel. October <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong><br />

will see the 6th edition of this<br />

luxury UAE based event, which<br />

features 50 supercars travelling<br />

the Emirates to stay at 5-star<br />

hotels and experience the most<br />

exciting activities the country has<br />

to offer. Supercar enthusiasts<br />

travel from around the world<br />

to attend the region’s largest<br />

supercar rally, to spend 4 days<br />

surrounded by some of the most<br />

sought after, high end supercars<br />

in the world.<br />

Ninth Degree’s success has<br />

attracted leading brands as<br />

corporate partners such as<br />

Lamborghini, Lotus and Trade X /<br />

Xpel. <strong>The</strong> expertly planned events<br />

offer opportunities for businesses<br />

to interact with HNIs and promote<br />

their brand through a variety of<br />

platforms such as marketing<br />

collateral and event media.<br />

If you would like to find out more about Ninth Degree Experiences, please get in touch with Rebecca on:<br />

+971 56 939 9960 or e-mail us at info@ninthdegreeexperiences.com<br />

Ninth-Degree-Experiences @ninthdegreeexperiencesuae Ninth Degree Experiences Ninth Degree Experiences<br />


Need for<br />

Speed<br />






Here’s what’s new:<br />

<strong>The</strong> freedom to travel anywhere is critical to Tesla’s<br />

mission. Since the introduction of its 265-<br />

mile Model S in <strong>20</strong>12, they’ve continued to revisit<br />

every aspect of the design to deliver the longest-range<br />

and highest-performance electric vehicles on the road.<br />

Starting last June, all North American Model S Long<br />

Range Plus vehicles have an official EPA-rated range of<br />

402 miles, representing a nearly <strong>20</strong>% increase in range<br />

when compared to a <strong>20</strong>19 Model S 100D with the same<br />

battery pack design.<br />

This significant achievement reflects Tesla’s obsession<br />

with efficiency and energy frugality and is realized<br />

through several changes, both iterative and transformational,<br />

in core hardware and system architecture<br />

development by the Tesla engineering, design, and<br />

production teams. <strong>The</strong>se changes went into production<br />

earlier this year when they first started manufacturing<br />

Model S Long Range Plus at their factory in Fremont,<br />

California. All Model S Long Range Plus vehicles<br />

will receive the new 402-mile rating.<br />

16<br />

Significant Mass Reduction<br />

Mass is the enemy of both efficiency and performance,<br />

and minimizing the weight of every component is an<br />

ongoing goal for their design and engineering teams.<br />

Several lessons from the engineering design and manufacturing<br />

of Model 3 and Model Y have now been carried<br />

over to Model S and Model X. This has unlocked<br />

new areas of mass reduction while maintaining the premium<br />

feel and performance of both vehicles. Additional<br />

weight savings have also been achieved through the<br />

standardization of Tesla’s in-house seat manufacturing<br />

and lighter-weight materials used in their battery pack<br />

and drive units.<br />

New “Tempest” Aero Wheels and Tires<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir newest 8.5 inch-wide aero wheels reduce aerodynamic<br />

drag compared to the previous wheels on Model<br />

S Long Range, and when paired with a new custom tire<br />

specifically engineered to reduce rolling resistance, add<br />

a 2% improvement to overall range.<br />

Increased Drive Unit Efficiency<br />

In its rear AC-induction drive unit, they replaced the<br />

mechanical oil pump with an electric oil pump that optimizes<br />

lubrication independent of vehicle speed to reduce<br />

friction. Further improvements to the gearbox in<br />

our front permanent magnet synchronous reluctance<br />

motors shared with Model 3 and Model Y have resulted<br />

in a further increase of 2% more range while driving on<br />

the highway.

Need for<br />

Speed<br />

Maximizing Regenerative Braking<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir newest drive feature, HOLD, blends the motor’s<br />

regenerative braking with physical brakes to bring their<br />

cars to a stop by easing off of the accelerator pedal. To<br />

bring the car to a stop smoothly, regenerative braking<br />

now works at a lower speed and deceleration rate,<br />

sending more energy back to the battery pack while simultaneously<br />

enabling a driving experience like no other<br />

car.<br />

Continued Investment in Supercharging<br />

<strong>The</strong> freedom to travel anywhere is enabled by both range<br />

and charging, and their Supercharger <strong>Network</strong> now<br />

encompasses over 17,000<br />

Superchargers worldwide.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y’ve deployed V3 Supercharging<br />

on three continents,<br />

enabling up to a<br />

50% decrease in charging<br />

times compared to V2<br />

technology. Tesla owners<br />

can travel incredible distances<br />

– from the Everglades<br />

to Vancouver, the<br />

Arctic Circle of Norway to<br />

southern Portugal, Hong<br />

Kong to Harbin, China – all<br />

for a fraction of the cost of<br />

gasoline. Put simply, families<br />

spend less time than<br />

ever charging.<br />

While each of these changes is relatively small in individual<br />

impact, their unique ability to introduce them<br />

into active manufacturing lines enables significant gains<br />

in efficiency, range, and overall value when combined.<br />

Model S Long Range Plus has also recently received a<br />

price reduction of $5,000. Paired with these range improvements<br />

and gains in efficiency, customers now receive<br />

more value than ever when purchasing a new Tesla,<br />

and as with their other products, all of their vehicles<br />

will continuously improve over time with over-the-air<br />

software updates. Order today at Tesla.<br />


Need for<br />

Speed<br />



• Bentley raises the bar again with<br />

sector-defining luxury SUV<br />

• New Bentayga is the ultimate in<br />

power, luxury and usability<br />

• New exterior designs to front and<br />

rear adopt latest Bentley design<br />

DNA, creating a stance both muscular<br />

and elegant<br />

• Interior features all-new seats and<br />

trim, and increased rear legroom<br />

• Next generation infotainment system<br />

with 10.9-inch screen, super<br />

high-resolution graphics and dramatically<br />

increased connectivity<br />

• Dark tint diamond brushed aluminium<br />

finish trim a first for Bentley<br />

• Wireless Apple CarPlay now standard,<br />

together with Android Auto<br />

• Expanded suite of My Bentley connected<br />

services using embedded SIM<br />

• 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8<br />

petrol engine develops 542 bhp (550<br />

PS) and 568 lb.ft. (770 Nm) of torque<br />

• New Bentayga V8 to be followed by<br />

Hybrid and performance-orientated<br />

Speed models<br />

18<br />

Bentley has today announced<br />

details of the new Bentayga<br />

– the definitive luxury SUV,<br />

and the first car launched under<br />

Bentley’s Beyond100 business plan.<br />

With more than <strong>20</strong>,000 Bentaygas<br />

handcrafted since the car’s launch<br />

– more than any of its competitors<br />

– the new Bentayga is set to build on<br />

an incredible success story to date.<br />

A new exterior design adopts the<br />

Bentley design DNA now prevalent<br />

across the entire model range, giving<br />

Bentley the freshest and most<br />

modern product family of any luxury<br />

car company. Introducing the<br />

very latest onboard technology and<br />

an even more cosseting cabin, the<br />

new model is significantly revised<br />

both inside and out.<br />

Combining the abilities of a performance<br />

grand tourer, a luxury limousine,<br />

a spacious family car and<br />

an off-roader, the new Bentayga<br />

follows its predecessor’s mantle of<br />

having the broadest brief of any car<br />

on sale today.<br />

<strong>The</strong> car that established the luxury<br />

SUV sector has been enhanced to<br />

create the ultimate in power, luxury<br />

and usability. Designed, engineered<br />

and handcrafted in Crewe,<br />

England, the extraordinary new<br />

Bentayga builds further on the outstanding<br />

success of its predecessor.<br />

Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and<br />

Chief Executive of Bentley Motors,<br />

comments:<br />

“From its moment of launch nearly<br />

five years ago, the Bentayga has<br />

been the very definition of the luxury<br />

SUV. Like the Continental GT,<br />

the Bentayga created an entirely<br />

new part of the market, and since<br />

we set the benchmark many others<br />

have joined the sector, but no other<br />

car can offer a breadth of ability to<br />

rival the Bentayga.<br />

“With the new Bentayga, we’re repositioning<br />

the pinnacle of the luxury<br />

SUV segment to be even higher,<br />

even further away from the compe-

Need for<br />

Speed<br />

tition. We’ve listened to our customers and made improvements<br />

to the areas most important to them, and<br />

the new Bentayga is a thoroughly modern and beautiful<br />

extension of the original car’s abilities and achievements.”<br />


Key to the new Bentayga is its strikingly dynamic look,<br />

which draws inspiration from the marque’s new design<br />

language, introduced by the third-generation Continental<br />

GT and all-new Flying Spur. Together, the three<br />

cars form a new family that are more visually connected<br />

than ever before. <strong>The</strong> bold styling offers an imposing<br />

road presence, with every panel at the front of the<br />

car redesigned for a cleaner, modern look.<br />

<strong>The</strong> larger, assertive matrix grille is now more upright,<br />

while new, intelligent LED matrix headlamp technology<br />

includes the signature Bentley design inspired by<br />

cut crystal glassware. A more aggressive front bumper<br />

emphasises the performance characteristics of the car.<br />

Heated, wet-arm windscreen wipers are introduced<br />

for the first time, with 22 washer jets in each arm.<br />

At the rear, the new Bentayga has undergone a major<br />

transformation, with a total redesign of the rear<br />

surfaces including a new full-width tailgate with new<br />

encapsulated lamps, while the licence plate has been<br />

moved down into the bumper for a cleaner appearance.<br />

Wide, split tailpipes leave no doubt that this<br />

is a powerful performance car. A <strong>20</strong> mm increase to<br />

the rear track width brings dynamic benefit and repositions<br />

the wheels in their arches to improve the<br />

car’s stance. <strong>The</strong> wheels themselves are a new design,<br />

unique to Bentayga.<br />

A next generation infotainment system is integrated<br />

seamlessly into the handcrafted, Bentley ‘wing’ dashboard<br />

design and features a 10.9-inch display screen<br />

with edge-to-edge graphics. <strong>The</strong> all-new digital display<br />

includes super high-resolution and dynamic<br />

graphics which are configurable to suit driver preferences.<br />

<strong>The</strong> latest hardware and software bring all-new navigation<br />

with satellite maps, online search and other<br />

features. Wireless Apple CarPlay is standard for the<br />

first time, alongside the existing wired system, along<br />

with Android Auto (market dependant). Rear seat occupants<br />

benefit from the introduction of a new, larger<br />

touchscreen remote control tablet, similar to that introduced<br />

in the all-new Flying Spur.<br />

Connectivity around the car has been significantly improved,<br />

with USB-C data ports and a wireless phone<br />

charger now standard. New Bentayga is now provided<br />

with an embedded SIM, as with the latest Continental<br />

GT models, meaning My Bentley connected car<br />

features no longer require customers to provide their<br />

own data connection. My Bentley in-car and remote<br />

services is a continually developing range of services<br />

available to customers through<br />

a dedicated app, available<br />

both on Apple<br />

iOS and Android<br />

mobile platforms.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Bentayga’s highly praised interior has been significantly<br />

revised in the latest model. Among the major<br />

changes are a new centre fascia and steering wheel,<br />

new door trims and all-new seats – now available with<br />

ventilation in the rear of the five-seat cabin option.<br />

Passengers in the rear also enjoy significantly more<br />

space, with legroom increased by up to 100 mm depending<br />

on configuration.

Need for<br />

Speed<br />

RUSH 1000,<br />


<strong>The</strong> MV Agusta will be starting the<br />

production of its Rush 1000 “drag<br />

strip-inspired” bike in June this<br />

year. <strong>The</strong> first bikes will be rolling out<br />

of the Lake Varese hangars towards the<br />

end of the same month, ready for the<br />

privileged owners who pre-ordered<br />

their Rush 1000 online and through MV<br />

Agusta’s worldwide dealers network.<br />

<strong>The</strong> mean looking Rush 1000, with its<br />

4-inline-cylinder engine, <strong>20</strong>8 HP (212<br />

HP with the Racing Kit) and a top speed<br />

of over 300 km/h, is a model aimed<br />

at those who do not fear to stand out<br />

from the crowd, as the style and components<br />

are appropriately focused on<br />

emphasizing the concept of a hyper<br />

naked “beast”. <strong>The</strong> aerodynamic rear<br />

wheel cover, a technical solution used<br />

in drag races to reduce the coefficient<br />

of drag, represents a clear statement<br />

of this attitude. All of MV Agusta’s engineering<br />

know-how is packed into the<br />

Rush 1000 and draws on Formula1 and<br />

MotoGP technology, offering a thrilling<br />

out-of-this-world riding experience,<br />

with hair-raising true MotoGP replica<br />

performance. <strong>The</strong> 8-level traction control<br />

and “launch control” systems help<br />

managing the bike’s beastly acceleration<br />

and rocket-like starts. Together with<br />

the EAS 2.1 Up & Down for clutch-free<br />

changes and the wheelie control system,<br />

they contribute to making the Rush 1000<br />

easy and fun to handle with maximum<br />

safety. <strong>The</strong> Rush personality is further<br />

enhanced by the Öhlins EC suspension<br />

units with electronic control and the<br />

aluminum and steel trellis frame, both<br />

adopted from the Brutale 1000 RR along<br />


Need for<br />

Speed<br />

with the Brembo Stylema calipers and<br />

the Bosch 9 Plus Race ABS. <strong>The</strong> design of<br />

the Rush 1000 lives up to everything one<br />

would expect from an MV Agusta limited<br />

series, starting from the many unique<br />

details such as the specially designed<br />

headlight unit, spoke front wheel, the<br />

minimalist rear subframe and passenger<br />

seat as well as the unique side exit<br />

exhausts. <strong>The</strong> livery of the MV Agusta<br />

Rush 1000 is a pure statement of style<br />

and elegance, with dark metallic matt<br />

grey, Mamba red matt carbon and metallic<br />

bronze. <strong>The</strong> optional Rush Racing<br />

Kit is composed of an extremely light<br />

weight titanium dual exhaust silencer<br />

system with a dedicated carbon fiber<br />

cover with billet CNC machined inserts<br />

as well as a engine ECU with a specifically<br />

developed engine control system<br />

map to increase and optimize the power.<br />

Also included is a unique carbon fiber<br />

passenger seat cover. Timur Sardarov,<br />

CEO of MV Agusta Motors S.p.A. commented:<br />

“With the production of the<br />

Rush 1000 starting this coming June,<br />

we are right on track with respect to<br />

our 5 year industrial plan announced a<br />

few weeks ago. As we are breaking new<br />

ground in our expansion journey into<br />

new segments and new markets, MV<br />

Agusta will continue to produce amazing<br />

works of exclusive motorcycle art<br />

from its headquarters in Italy, remaining<br />

true to its heritage of performance, elegance<br />

and state-of-the art technology. I<br />

am sure this incredibly attractive model<br />

will meet the enthusiasm of the proud<br />

new owners.”<br />



BEST OF NZ<br />

Ski Planes & Helicopters<br />

Aoraki / Mt. Cook, New Zealand<br />

Experience something truly magical in Aoraki / Mt. Cook, New Zealand.<br />

In December <strong>20</strong>19 Heletranz Helicopters merged with Mt Cook Ski Planes and Helicopters<br />

as part of the INFLITE Group bringing extraordinary experiences thoughout New Zealand.<br />

Land on a glacier, heli-ski or snowboard, hike the Tasman glacier or explore the ice caves are<br />

just a few of the many incredible experiences available a short 1hour flight from Queenstown.<br />

www.heletranz.co.nz<br />


Fallen Angels<br />

Fallen Angels is a magnificent, intense work<br />

that is exquisitely composed and technically<br />

brilliant. Angels, throughout various<br />

traditions, are believed to be celestial beings<br />

that constantly serve God with devotion,<br />

passionately fulfilling his wishes and guidance<br />

for human life. Roberto Custodio is a master of<br />

placing beautiful elegant works of art in such a<br />

way that they comment on the central motif. In<br />

Fallen Angels, the angels have<br />

themselves become objets d'art, being watched<br />

silently by the other objets. <strong>The</strong> romantic<br />

emotion of Love suffuses the composition with<br />

the sublime and divine blessings.

Roberto Custodio, Fallen Angels, <strong>20</strong>18, 55 x 52.5 cm, 22 x 21 inches, collage and mixed media on board<br />

Image credit - Olivier Dengis

Follow the<br />

Leader<br />


Follow the<br />

Leader<br />

JASON<br />

BONHAM<br />

Jason Bonham is the Principal<br />

and Founder/Design Director<br />

of Bonham Architecture<br />

& Interiors. He founded the firm<br />

when he returned to his native<br />

New Zealand after an international<br />

career spanning more than<br />

<strong>20</strong> years. Jason honed his craft<br />

alongside interior design industry<br />

leaders in London, San Francisco<br />

and New York City and has<br />

added a unique New Zealand perspective<br />

to it, creating a holistic<br />

design philosophy based around<br />

dynamic, stylish and timeless interiors,<br />

and architecture.<br />

Bonham Architecture & Interiors<br />

collaborate with their clients to<br />

create timeless, bespoke architecture<br />

and interiors that reflect<br />

their clients’ style and taste. <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

living, leisure and entertainment<br />

spaces like no other.<br />


Follow the<br />

Leader<br />


Follow the<br />

Leader<br />


Amal Ameen<br />

Amal Ameen is one of Qatar’s<br />

most influential personalities.<br />

She is a Creative<br />

Visual Artist, a bona fide Interior<br />

Designer and a Fashion Executive.<br />

Over the years, Amal has<br />

been awarded by local and international<br />

award-giving bodies. She<br />

is the Founder & CEO of Triple<br />

Trend Design House,<br />

La Boutique Blanche,<br />

Amici Di Moda, Voute<br />

Business Solutions, and<br />

Hair Couture. She is a<br />

leader who conquered<br />

the fashion world with<br />

her undisputed glamour<br />

and determination.<br />

For the last few years,<br />

Amal´s presence has left<br />

an impression in major<br />

fashion cities like Paris,<br />

Milan, New York, London<br />

or Madrid among<br />

many others.<br />

Amal has collaborated with <strong>The</strong><br />

<strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> by co-hosting a<br />

couple of affluent events and projects<br />

and this interview was organized<br />

remotely by the TLN <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

editorial team.<br />

Follow another achievement of<br />

Amal as she was appointed to be<br />

one of the upcoming <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> Academy’s Expert.<br />

“ I would like to<br />

assure ambitious<br />

women<br />

everywhere that<br />

it’s never too late<br />

to develop their<br />

knowledge in any<br />

field they are<br />

passionate about”<br />

A lot of young women look up to you, what kind of<br />

encouragement do you usually share with them?<br />

Above anything else, I encourage them to follow their<br />

dreams, [and]their hearts. To do whatever it is they’re<br />

good at, only with passion. As the saying goes, “Choose<br />

a job you love, and you will never have to work a day<br />

in your life”.<br />

Also, I would like to assure ambitious women everywhere<br />

that it’s never too late to develop their knowledge<br />

in any field they are passionate about, even if it’s<br />

not what they originally majored in. We live in times<br />

where anyone can read, take online courses, research,<br />

and be self-taught.<br />

One last thought on this, your only obstacle is you. Get<br />

over your fear, dive in, learn from your mistakes, keep<br />

an eye on the details, and watch yourself achieve. At<br />

the end of the day, ask yourself, “Have I completely depleted<br />

my options before I give up?“<br />

How do you set priorities for the different projects<br />

you manage?<br />

<strong>The</strong> size of the project plays a major role in prioritizing<br />

it. A profitable project will help my business flourish and<br />

afford catering for the smaller size projects that I never<br />

neglect. No project is too small, the real investment<br />

is in the long-term relationship with my clientele. It’s<br />

only a matter of successful business planning in order<br />

to achieve continuity and sustainability, along with the<br />

security of my employees.<br />

Commitment would be another factor. Once we commit<br />

to a deadline, we are ready to move mountains to<br />

deliver on time.<br />

That being said, an avant-garde concept can get me<br />

and the team too excited to see it come to life, that<br />


Follow the<br />

Leader<br />

we channel loads of efforts towards<br />

it. This kind of projects<br />

puts us on the map, as pioneers<br />

in our field. Hence, they<br />

deserve to get prioritized.<br />

How do you handle criticism?<br />

Constructive criticism is always<br />

welcome. It is what draw<br />

your attention to details you<br />

might have neglected. As long<br />

as it’s coming from a loving<br />

trusted source, criticism is<br />

well received from my end.<br />

Otherwise, it’s not even detected<br />

on my radar.<br />

How do you support your<br />

team to take on new responsibilities?<br />

My team must be in harmony.<br />

<strong>The</strong> energy in our office needs<br />

to be light and clean even when<br />

we work under pressure. Time<br />

management is the key since a<br />

delay from one member of the<br />

team can and will affect the<br />

rest, and the project overall. In<br />

return, I make sure they know<br />

they’re my partners, working<br />

hard on a project pays back for<br />

the whole team both financially<br />

and morally.<br />

What do you think is the importance<br />

of “Thinking outside<br />

of the box”?<br />

Traditional ways stem from a<br />

lot of experience, and they’re<br />

vital for any successful business<br />

inevitably. ‘Thinking outside<br />

the box’ is what I consider<br />

the ‘icing on the cake after<br />

you’ve baked it to perfection.’It<br />

always derives from being<br />

open to listening to new ideas<br />

from people around you, also<br />

not shying away from adventure,<br />

cautiously, of course.<br />


Follow the<br />

Leader<br />

In what way do you demonstrate leadership qualities<br />

outside of your workplace?<br />

<strong>The</strong> personality of a leader cannot be concealed<br />

even if you try. It would translate into coming up<br />

with most of the plans amongst a group of friends,<br />

creating atmospheres at home and outside of it, doing<br />

things in one’s own way, all while staying flexible<br />

and giving other people the chance to lead when<br />

they want to.<br />

How do you gain the trust of the brands you represent?<br />

I choose the brands I represent very carefully. I personally<br />

purchase their products first, and only agree<br />

to represent them once I’ve had a satisfactory experience.<br />

‘Prioritizing quality over quantity’ earns me<br />

the trust of my partners.<br />

How do you deal with people who disagree with you?<br />

With utmost respect. <strong>The</strong>re is no right or wrong in<br />

the abstract. It’s about the perspective you’re looking<br />

at the issue from. I listen, and if I get convinced,<br />

I will give my stance another thought.<br />

How do you stay productive during uncertain<br />

times such as today?<br />

<strong>The</strong> last couple [of] months have been traumatizing<br />

for us all. We went into surviving mode, using<br />

our existing resources, letting go of any luxuries and<br />

controlling the factors that can be controlled.<br />

We also planned a lot. We got ready to boom as soon<br />

as things started to go back to normal and we are<br />

now amongst the first companies to implement our<br />

post-COVID-19 plans successfully.<br />

Complete the sentence: “When in doubt, _______.”<br />

I choose faith.. in God, in myself, and in others.<br />






A secret hideaway in an old forest by the river just steps from the real world;<br />

to breathe, to bathe, to be.<br />


Explore with on-site river & bird walks, river<br />

rafting cruises, fly-fishing lessons and scenic<br />

tours nearby.<br />


Only 7 self-contained villas within our<br />

500-acre nature estate for a truly tranquil<br />

escape.<br />


A culinary experience woven from<br />

the freshest, closest, most nutritious<br />

ingredients, to tantalise your taste buds.<br />


Soothe with yoga sessions, chromatherapy<br />

and Finnish dry saunas, Stoked hot tub and<br />

massage therapies.

38<br />

Destination<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />




Automobili Lamborghini and <strong>The</strong><br />

Italian Sea Group present the<br />

worldwide premiere of ‘Tecnomar<br />

for Lamborghini 63’, the Tecnomar<br />

fleet’s new motor yacht available in a<br />

limited edition in reference to Lamborghini’s<br />

1963 foundation.<br />

Performance, driving pleasure, attention<br />

to quality and details, emotion:<br />

these are the emotive features combined<br />

within the Tecnomar for Lamborghini<br />

63, thanks to innovative engineering<br />

solutions and a distinct design unique to<br />

shared Italian style and tradition.<br />

This motor yacht project, developed by<br />

<strong>The</strong> Italian Sea Group, started with several<br />

collaborative sessions with the contribution<br />

of Lamborghini’s Centro Stile<br />

and inspiration from the Lamborghini<br />

Sián FKP 37: the hybrid super sports<br />

car incorporating benchmarking new<br />

supercapacitor and materials science<br />

technologies, that anticipates the future<br />

with an unmistakable design and completely<br />

customizable colour and details.<br />

Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and CEO<br />

of Automobili Lamborghini said: ”This<br />

yacht represents the significance of creating<br />

a valuable partnership, at its best:<br />

our co-operation allows the essence of<br />

both organisations’ style and expertise<br />

to be transferred to different worlds,<br />

sharing in their diversity to interpret<br />

and add value to the final product in a<br />

new environment. If I had to imagine a<br />

Lamborghini on water, this would be my<br />

vision. I’m delighted to celebrate this<br />

successful collaboration.”<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />




GTT 165<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />

Dynamiq Yachts are proud to present the<br />

renewed GTT 165, the flagship model in<br />

the Dynamiq range. <strong>The</strong> latest updates<br />

made to the GTT 165 follow the successful unveiling<br />

of the renewed GTT 160 model in March<br />

this year, bringing the GTT range in line with<br />

Dynamiq’s signature lines and unique design<br />

language.<br />

With modern technology and unique design at<br />

her core, the GTT 165 is an innovative 50-metre<br />

(165’) superyacht. Designed for those seeking<br />

ultimate relaxation she comfortably accommodates<br />

12 guests across six luxurious staterooms<br />

including an impressive owner’s suite. <strong>The</strong> two<br />

side structural balconies are a particular highlight,<br />

providing the owner with private moments<br />

on board, while a desk, seating area and large<br />

ensuite bathroom with a freestanding bathtub<br />

complete the space.<br />

<strong>The</strong> GTT 165 boasts a unique interior style with<br />

an exclusive selection of furnishings and accessories<br />

from renowned Italian fashion house<br />

Bottega Veneta. <strong>The</strong> chic interior is designed in<br />

a relaxed Maldivian style, utilising a calm palette<br />

as well as natural woods and stone.<br />

From indulging in a day of relaxation in the onboard<br />

spa to enjoying cosy family meals by the<br />

open galley, the GTT 165 is a superyacht that<br />

has it all. Large sliding doors on the upper deck<br />

allow guests to transform the area from a spacious<br />

indoor-outdoor space to a sophisticated<br />

dining area, with the upper salon fireplace creating<br />

the perfect intimate ambience. In addition<br />

to flexible dining and entertainment spaces, the<br />

aft sundeck is dedicated to wellness, featuring<br />

360-degree views from the gym as well as plenty<br />

of space for a tranquil yoga setup. <strong>The</strong> stateof-the-art<br />

spa centre is found on the lower deck<br />

with direct access to the swim platform.<br />

Engineered in the Netherlands by the experts<br />

at Van Oossanen Naval Architects, the GTT 165<br />

has a robust, fast-displacement hull built from<br />

aluminium alloy, making her a super-efficient<br />

ocean-going yacht. She is capable of a maximum<br />

speed of 19 knots (23 knots with a Sport package),<br />

and a long-distance autonomous range of<br />

4,000 nm resulting in the ability to undertake<br />

multiple cruising seasons. At the owner’s request,<br />

a hybrid propulsion system can be chosen<br />

for ultimate efficiency and silent operation.<br />

Prospective clients can browse the full offering of<br />

custom solutions for the GTT 165 on the Dynamiq<br />

online yacht configurator. <strong>The</strong> only application of<br />

its kind, the online yacht configurator provides<br />

comprehensive information to visitors: from the<br />

latest water toys to underwater light systems.<br />

<strong>The</strong> GTT 165 has a starting price of €24,750,000.<br />

<strong>The</strong> GTT 165 is built in compliance with the<br />

strictest commercial regulations (LY4 and Tier<br />

III). Not only does this ensure impeccable comfort<br />

and safety at sea, but presents owners with an attractive<br />

option of commercial charter operations.<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />





As the world continues to take<br />

shelter, an intimate luxury<br />

lifestyle product creates new<br />

opportunities for “al fresco” experiences.<br />

Brand new, yet rich in heritage,<br />

the world’s first FABRIQ structure<br />

is set to be unveiled at the former<br />

American Idol producers’ palatial<br />

Villa San-Juliette Vineyard & Winery<br />

in San Miguel, California next<br />

year. This momentous occasion will<br />

celebrate 40 years of preparation,<br />

specialty manufacturing, and relentless<br />

persistence.<br />

What began as a temporary church<br />

design that was commissioned by a<br />

church in San Francisco, but never<br />

built, became a quest to create a<br />

sublime tensile architectural structure.<br />

Prominent tent designer, Bill<br />

42<br />

Moss (1923-1994), whose work graces<br />

the Louvre, the Smithsonian, and<br />

the Museum of Modern Art, did not<br />

have the honor of seeing his church<br />

design brought to life. Inspired by<br />

his vision, modern-day disciple, Bill<br />

Wesnousky, is now working with a<br />

global team to ensure this happens.<br />

When Wesnousky first set eyes on<br />

a Moss design he was just 33 years<br />

of age and accredited that happenstance<br />

viewing with a calling that<br />

has since spanned much of his life.<br />

Years later, in 1999, Wesnousky<br />

purchased the Moss church design,<br />

with a vision to transform what<br />

was intended to be a temporary<br />

tensile structure into a permanent<br />

architectural structure of equal<br />

beauty and functionality. To make<br />

this transition, yet simultaneously<br />

retain the cathedral-like, spiritual<br />

qualities of the original design,<br />

Wesnousky enrolled a team of top<br />

architects, engineers, and glass designers<br />

to create an architectural<br />

wonder like none ever seen before.<br />

<strong>The</strong> organic, modern structure that<br />

features a translucent, curvilinear<br />

fabric roof using the same fabric<br />

as the Wimbledon Tennis Center<br />

Court Roof, a curvaceous Douglas<br />

Fir glulam beam, triangular frameless<br />

side window walls, stainless<br />

steel spider fittings, a tempered<br />

glass entryway, two stately floorto-ceiling<br />

pivot panels, and a ceramic<br />

glass cathedral window that<br />

invites in a stream of natural light<br />

from high overhead. Intricately detailed<br />

and meticulously constructed<br />

using only the finest materials,<br />

the otherworldly structure pro-

Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />

vides cocoon-like shelter, while<br />

embracing all that surrounding nature<br />

has to offer.<br />

Unobstructed 180-degree views,<br />

customizable finishes, and climate-controlled<br />

convenience make<br />

the majestic FABRIQ structure a<br />

unique and timeless property investment<br />

and an opportunity for “al<br />

fresco” entertainment in the safety<br />

and sanctuary of a residential estate.<br />

Also soon to be available in a<br />

larger size that is ideal for commercial<br />

use, the one of a kind structure<br />

offers an unparalleled connection<br />

with the outdoors, while creating<br />

a sacred space for a quiet private<br />

retreat, a luxurious poolside haven,<br />

unrivaled yoga, and massage treatment<br />

areas, irresistible guest quarters,<br />

a place to host private parties<br />

beneath the stars, wine tastings<br />

overlooking estate gardens, weddings<br />

unlike any other, and corporate<br />

events that are sure to make<br />

memories.<br />

Now, 73 years of age, Fabriq Pavilion,<br />

Inc. Founder, President, and CEO,<br />

Wesnousky shares that the structures,<br />

which range in price between<br />

$800,000 and over $1,000,000,<br />

“possess beauty, sensuality, spirituality,<br />

and a dream come true quality.”<br />

Adding that “FABRIQ is personal,<br />

social, and cultural—a safe haven, a<br />

private place to entertain, and a signature<br />

architectural showpiece ideal<br />

for our unprecedented times.”<br />

Camilla Carboni<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />





Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />

Have you ever wondered<br />

about having a luxurious vacation<br />

in a place that offers<br />

classical history and natural beauty,<br />

in equal measures, including plenty<br />

of experiences, various adventures,<br />

and aesthetically pleasing view?<br />

<strong>The</strong> Aegean region of Turkey will<br />

surely satisfy that dream of yours!<br />

Steadily, tourism in Turkey started<br />

recovering after the 3-month lockdown<br />

caused by the global spread<br />

of COVID-19. That is thanks to a recent<br />

healthy tourism certification<br />

program launched in collaboration<br />

with Turkey’s Foreign, Culture and<br />

Tourism, and Transportation Ministries.<br />

For instance, <strong>The</strong> blue flagged hotels,<br />

certified as safe stays, reached<br />

301 resorts in the city of Antalya,<br />

which is known as the tourism<br />

capital in Turkey, while Mugla, the<br />

beating heart of luxurious resorts,<br />

has 105, and Izmir, the third-largest<br />

city in Turkey, has 52.<br />

<strong>The</strong> certification program is designed<br />

to measure 33 rigorous environmental,<br />

educational, security,<br />

and accessibility criteria. Such organized<br />

criteria led Turkey to earn the<br />

Blue Flag award for more than 485<br />

eco-friendly beaches in May <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong>.<br />

Take advantage of the perfect summer<br />

weather in Turkey and experience<br />

the superlative luxurious life<br />

in the most amazing resorts in the<br />

Aegean region.<br />

Awarded as the best resort in Europe<br />

and Mediterranean in Andrew<br />

Harper’s Grand Awards <strong>20</strong>13, the<br />

resort located in a rich-heritage<br />

ottoman village, surrounded with<br />

the turquoise crystal water of the<br />

Aegean, will surely provide you<br />

with the pleasure of experiencing a<br />

slice of paradise.<br />

<strong>The</strong> village-themed resort enhances<br />

your stay with a secluded spot<br />

featuring an abundance of space<br />

and privacy. Each stay, of the total<br />

36 pavilions, has a private heated,<br />

open-air pool, boho-styled<br />

pergola, featured with traditional<br />

façades, and modern interiors<br />

with four-poster bed. <strong>The</strong> luxury<br />

resort is encompassed with UN-<br />

ESCO-protected ancient cultural<br />

sites including Ephesus, Priene,<br />

Miletus, Didyma, and <strong>The</strong> ruined<br />

Temple of Artemis which was one<br />

of the Seven Wonders of the ancient<br />

world.<br />

More modern experiences are within<br />

your hand grasp, for instance,<br />

Sailing the Aegean, Amanruya’s<br />

well-planned sailing adventure differs<br />

from full-day excursions and<br />

island-hopping picnics to romantic<br />

sunset cruises.<br />

Amanruya’s neighbour villages are<br />

enriched and known for specific<br />

unique activities; Pottery crafting<br />

in Mumcular Village, Carpet weaving<br />

in Etrim Village, and Horse riding<br />

from Ortakent are expected to<br />

maximize your journey pleasure to<br />

the most.<br />

Sarah Abdelhadi<br />


Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />



Restrictions on air travel, as part<br />

of efforts to contain COVID-19,<br />

has meant some aircraft are<br />

grounded. But there are things that<br />

you can do to keep your aircraft in<br />

top condition and ready to fly again.<br />

ExecuJet spoke to some team of<br />

experts within their continuing<br />

airworthiness management organisation<br />

(CAMO) and came up with<br />

these tips. When it comes to aircraft<br />

maintenance, always refer to the<br />

aircraft and engine manufacturer’s<br />

procedures specific to your aircraft<br />

type – as each aircraft type is different<br />

– but here are some general<br />

points on what you can do to make<br />

the most of the current situation.<br />

1. Start your engines<br />

<strong>The</strong> engine is the most valuable system<br />

on the aircraft, so to maintain<br />

the value of your aircraft it is crucial<br />

to maintain your engines. Having an<br />

aircraft engine idle is never good.<br />

<strong>The</strong> engine will deteriorate unless<br />

proper storage measures are taken.<br />

For example, engine parts need to<br />

remain well-oiled otherwise internal<br />

components can corrode. Engine<br />

manufacturers will prescribe<br />

the frequency that engines should<br />

be operated based on the environment<br />

the aircraft is being stored<br />

in. Failure to adhere to the engine<br />

46<br />

manufacturer’s recommendation<br />

may cause you to inadvertently fail<br />

to comply with terms set out in<br />

warranties, maintenance service<br />

plans, or insurance policies. <strong>The</strong>refore,<br />

it is very important to start<br />

those engines at least every 30 days<br />

and let the oil in the engines come<br />

up to temperature.<br />

2. Check your fuel tanks<br />

If the aircraft is on the ground for a<br />

long time, the fuel tanks can suffer<br />

from water contamination caused<br />

by condensation or, worse, a contaminated<br />

fuel source. It is recommended<br />

to drain the water from the<br />

fuel tanks every seven days.<br />

Once the water is drained, inspect<br />

the fuel for smell and clarity and do<br />

a contamination detection test. Microbiological<br />

organisms growing in<br />

the fuel tanks and fuel lines, if left<br />

undetected, will be detrimental to<br />

aircraft systems.<br />

A preventative approach to microbiological<br />

contamination is highly<br />

recommended. Even in the event<br />

that the contamination test results<br />

are negative, it is still recommended<br />

to proceed with an anti-fungal<br />

treatment at a low dosage to mitigate<br />

microbial growth. Many operators<br />

choose to do this, especially if<br />

their aircraft is located in a tropical<br />

region with high humidity.<br />

If the result of the contamination<br />

detection test is positive, then you<br />

need to speak to the original equipment<br />

maker (OEM) and maintenance,<br />

repair, and overhaul (MRO)<br />

company to determine the most effective<br />

method to completely eradicate<br />

the infestation. This will often<br />

require entry to the fuel tanks,<br />

physically removing the growth, and<br />

using an anti-fungal treatment at a<br />

“shock” level to eliminate spores.<br />

3. Check that the flight control<br />

surfaces are moving correctly<br />

Ensuring that all primary and secondary<br />

flight control surfaces are<br />

operating and functioning correctly<br />

is vital prior to the start of the<br />

daily operation so why would you<br />

skip it while the aircraft is parked<br />

on the ground? During the ‘engine<br />

runs’ are the perfect time to operate<br />

these systems and identify any<br />

defects and rectify these before operations<br />

restart.<br />

4. Do landing gear ‘swings’<br />

<strong>The</strong> aircraft’s landing gear is an incredibly<br />

sophisticated and complex<br />

piece of equipment that needs to<br />

withstand the impact and full force

Destination<br />

Unlocked<br />

of the aircraft landing.<br />

As is the case with engines,<br />

landing gears<br />

deteriorate when left<br />

idle. For aircraft on the<br />

ground, for extended<br />

periods of time, we recommend<br />

doing ‘landing<br />

gear swings’ – extending<br />

and retracting the<br />

landing gear. To perform<br />

that, we need to<br />

jack up the aircraft, so<br />

the wheels are clear of<br />

the ground. But it is well worth it,<br />

as a well-maintained landing gear<br />

will help protect the residual value<br />

of your aircraft.<br />

5. Turn on the avionics and environmental<br />

control systems<br />

It is also a good idea to turn on these<br />

systems as well to make sure they are<br />

working well during the engine runs.<br />

6. Update the logbooks<br />

<strong>The</strong> mainstream news media, in<br />

their coverage of COVID-19, are<br />

writing a lot about the importance<br />

of ‘traceability’ and ‘track-ability’ in<br />

helping to contain the virus. Well,<br />

‘traceability’ and ‘track-ability’ are<br />

concepts that we are very familiar<br />

with in the aircraft MRO industry.<br />

Every part that is installed on an<br />

aircraft has a unique number, that is<br />

traceable, and needs to be recorded<br />

in the logbook. Any work done on<br />

the aircraft needs to be recorded in<br />

the aircraft’s logbooks. Every run,<br />

including ground runs, also needs<br />

to be recorded in the logbooks.<br />

Now is a good time to make sure<br />

the logbooks are up to date because<br />

when it comes time to trade-in your<br />

aircraft, those logbooks are going to<br />

be scrutinized by potential buyers.<br />

Incomplete log books adversely affect<br />

the sale price of your aircraft.<br />

Aircraft buyers are also going to be<br />

looking very closely at the logbooks<br />

to see that the aircraft was well<br />

maintained and not kept idle during<br />

the <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong> pandemic.<br />

7. Do the upgrade work<br />

Aircraft upgrades, such as installing<br />

a new avionics system or new<br />

cabin interiors, are often bundled<br />

with scheduled heavy maintenance<br />

checks, so as to reduce the downtime.<br />

But now that there is no getting<br />

away from the downtime, best<br />

to do the aircraft upgrades now.<br />

<strong>The</strong> added benefit of doing upgrade<br />

work now is your aircraft will be<br />

in the hangar, so you save money<br />

on aircraft storage and know your<br />

aircraft is protected from the elements.<br />

8. Care For <strong>The</strong> Aircraft’s Exterior<br />

Taking care of your aircraft’s exterior<br />

is very important. This includes<br />

routine tasks such as installing the<br />

covers and pins, to prevent moisture<br />

and insects or animals from getting<br />

in; and washing and polishing the<br />

airframe and surrounding areas.<br />

Having the aircraft in a hangar is<br />

the best way to protect it from the<br />

elements. But if the aircraft must<br />

be parked outside, we<br />

recommend doing a full<br />

aircraft wash. This will<br />

remove debris and particles<br />

from the surface,<br />

helping to prolong the<br />

life of the paintwork.<br />

For longer airframe<br />

protection and longevity,<br />

we recommend<br />

applying a polymer –<br />

such as Teflon or Permagard<br />

– and polishing<br />

it to create a nice protective layer.<br />

Protecting the aluminium polished<br />

surfaces – such as the wings’ leading<br />

edges – is also very important. Protection<br />

with a polymer compound<br />

and subsequent polishing increases<br />

the longevity of the surface and also<br />

makes your aircraft look good.<br />

9. Detail your interior cabin<br />

Now is the time to really make your<br />

aircraft interior feel like new by doing<br />

all the time-consuming detailing<br />

work – shampooing the carpets,<br />

getting the grey out of the seats,<br />

etc. Take the time to do the deep<br />

cleaning. Also, get rid of the built-in<br />

grime that can accumulate, over the<br />

years, on the pilot’s yoke, levers, and<br />

switches in the cockpit.<br />

10. Develop your knowledge<br />

base<br />

This is a good time to read maintenance<br />

manuals. Take the time<br />

to do some in-depth reading and<br />

complete online courses you have<br />

been meaning to do, but never got<br />

around to doing. <strong>The</strong>re are also<br />

webinars that you can sign up for<br />

that are free. <strong>The</strong>se are usually organized<br />

by business aviation media<br />

organisations and relevant industry<br />

associations.<br />

Richard Porter<br />


Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />



Bvlgari revisits its iconic sautoir from the 70s in<br />

a contemporary key. <strong>The</strong> perfect whiteness of<br />

the pearls (a staple of Baroque jewelry) combines<br />

with the bright colors of amethysts and rubellites<br />

endowing the necklace with a playful and extremely<br />

feminine rhythm. <strong>The</strong> precious melody culminates in<br />

the pendant featuring a magnificent Jaipur rubellite of<br />

60,79 carats whose intense color seems to conceal a<br />

seductive and mysterious fire.<br />


Bits of<br />

Glitz<br />

1. PINK WONDER<br />

Supreme transparency and an incredibly deep colour<br />

make the stunning 60,79 ct drop-shaped rubellite a<br />

true wonder of nature. An absolute rarity only Bvlgari<br />

could have dared to glorify with an unconventional,<br />

extravagant design.<br />


Venturing into unforeseen combinations, Bvlgari daringly<br />

matches the exotic beauty of lustrous pearls with<br />

the vivid colours of its signature gemstones, amethyst<br />

and rubellite.<br />


An ultra-glam piece with easy-going appeal: to be<br />

worn straight along the décolleté, looped around the<br />

neck or cascading on the back, the versatile sautoir offers<br />

endless styling options.<br />

Reimagining the classic string of pearls into a piece<br />

of pure exuberance and colour, Bvlgari crafts an ultra-modern<br />

sautoir around a showstopping 60.79 ct<br />

rubellite. Smooth amethyst and rubellite beads of various<br />

dimensions give the piece an exquisite sense of<br />

movement, while the swaying tassels and the sophisticated<br />

diamond decorations testify the synergy between<br />

the expert hands of the Maison’s craftsmen and<br />

the creative vision of its designers.<br />

Driven by their curiosity and passion for beauty, Baroque<br />

artists and thinkers explored the world far and<br />

wide. Firmly rooted in its Roman heritage, Bvlgari has<br />

always been open towards distant cultures, integrating<br />

their fascinating designs, ancient artisanal techniques<br />

and exotic materials into its own savoir-faire. <strong>The</strong> wide<br />

world, the joy for life, the impassioned desire to explore<br />

the unknown were and are the Maison’s greatest<br />

source of inspirations.<br />


Welcome to <strong>The</strong> Pacifica<br />

Super Penthouse.<br />

New Zealand’s premier metropolitan residence<br />

and a gateway to new experiences.<br />

Rising high above the sparkling waters of the Waitemata harbour, <strong>The</strong> Pacifica Super Penthouse<br />

offers 360 degree views and a premium luxury previously unseen on these shores.<br />

Crowning this iconic piece of architecture sits <strong>The</strong> Pacifica Super Penthouse, presenting a<br />

one off and perhaps not to be repeated opportunity. Never before has such an expansive,<br />

spectacular apartment been available in New Zealand. Designed to meet the exacting standards<br />

of elite buyers, <strong>The</strong> Pacifica Super Penthouse provides a grand sanctuary and immediate access<br />

to the not so far reaches of this magnificent country.<br />

Explore, play and indulge. Make New Zealand your playground and live your life above all others.<br />


Jason Gaddes<br />

+ 64 21 994 921<br />

jason.gaddes@nzsir.com<br />

Scarlett Wood<br />

+64 21 686 856<br />

scarlett.wood@nzsir.com<br />

Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Browns Real Estate Limited (licensed under the REAA <strong>20</strong>08) MREINZ.

Beauty<br />

Diaries<br />


with CAITLYN CHASE<br />

Caitlyn Chase is a blogger-turned-entrepreneur<br />

who is based in Los Angeles, California. She has<br />

collected an extensive number of online followers<br />

of affluent lifestyle lovers since the launch<br />

of her blog in <strong>20</strong>11, Caviar & Cashmere. At the age of 18,<br />

she started her career as a fashion and beauty writer for<br />

highly-acclaimed publications in the USA.<br />

Caitlyn thrives on exploring the world of luxury lifestyle.<br />

Her initiatives include sharing the things she discovers<br />

and loves with her readers, aiming to inspire them to<br />

lead a well-lived life.<br />

This month, TLN <strong>Magazine</strong> had an opportunity to conduct<br />

a digital interview with Caitlyn Chase. Let’s discover<br />

more about the brain behind the successful American<br />

skincare brand, Caviar & Cashmere.<br />

1. What motivated you to launch your skin care brand,<br />

Caviar & Cashmere?<br />

My skincare brand, Caviar & Cashmere, which is named<br />

after my luxury lifestyle blog, was born out of necessity.<br />

As a writer and blogger, I had been sent countless<br />

skincare products from brands all over the world to<br />

review over eight years. While I loved skincare, I did<br />

not love the skincare process.<br />

Most skincare brands I was sent touted 10+ step routines<br />

with products that were not only confusing, but<br />

also contained toxic ingredients I could not pronounce.<br />

I searched for a skincare line that had less products<br />

and more simplicity, but could not find one. I asked my<br />


Beauty<br />

Diaries<br />

to become popular, but were not yet mainstream. I had<br />

to explain that my blog was more like an online magazine<br />

rather than a personal journal. From my years as a<br />

journalist, I was able to further explicate that my blog<br />

allowed me to share and expand upon my personal<br />

views and opinions, instead of remaining neutral. I was<br />

able to gain readership by being authentic and having<br />

a voice which people grew to trust. It did not happen<br />

overnight, but once I gained their confidence, they became<br />

loyal readers.<br />

<strong>The</strong> same goes for my skincare line. At first, and still<br />

to this day, I have to explain why my line is better and<br />

how it is different from others. A lot of education goes<br />

behind marketing and sales, and I have learned that it<br />

takes endurance and patience to see things flourish and<br />

grow. <strong>The</strong>re is no such thing as an overnight success.<br />

3. How do you deal with people who disagree with you?<br />

One of my favorite books is, “<strong>The</strong> Four Agreements.”<br />

One of the agreements is to never take anything personally.<br />

When someone disagrees with me, I remember<br />

that it is not about me; it is about them. I value<br />

others’ viewpoints and do not shy away from healthy<br />

debate. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.<br />

4. Have you ever had bad reviews? What did you learn<br />

from them?<br />

followers for recommendations, and no one seemed to<br />

have the answer. So I decided to create my own.<br />

I formulated a line of streamlined skincare that simplifies<br />

the skincare routine, dwindling it down into just<br />

three steps: a cleanser, a serum, and a moisturizer. All<br />

of my products are non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free,<br />

with ingredients you can actually pronounce and a<br />

straightforward regimen you can actually stick to. I<br />

helped choose the product categories, ingredients,<br />

and packaging with the help of my loyal following who<br />

had a hand in the brand-building process. It paid off,<br />

as I built a solid customer base before the products<br />

even came to market.<br />

2. How do you get people on board with a new or unusual<br />

idea?<br />

When I first launched my blog, it was <strong>20</strong>11, and at the<br />

time, it was pretty unusual. Blogs were just beginning<br />

I have been fortunate enough to have a very loyal and<br />

respectful community of readers on my blog and followers<br />

on my social media. I have built a zero tolerance<br />

policy for hate, so any time I’ve had an unwarranted<br />

bad review or someone coming after me unrightly, I<br />

delete and block. As I said previously, I value and respect<br />

others opinions, but I do not tolerate hatred or<br />

negativity.<br />

5. How do you help your team grow and develop in their<br />

craft?<br />

Having a team I trust is of utmost importance to me.<br />

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in business is<br />

to know how to successfully delegate. But you cannot<br />

do so without trust. I love a collaborative workplace,<br />

where team members can bounce ideas off each other<br />

in a place of non-judgement. I encourage them to<br />

test those ideas and see if they work. If not, I encourage<br />

them to quickly pivot and learn from what worked<br />

and did not, and share the feedback with the team. I’m<br />

all about supporting a team with whatever they need,<br />

while giving them space and freedom to go after their<br />

individual ideas and own their work.<br />


Beauty<br />

Diaries<br />

6. What do you think the importance is of being organized?<br />

Being organized is one of the most integral qualities<br />

of a successful person. When I was a child, my parents<br />

knew I had the character of an entrepreneur. I would<br />

color-coordinate my toys, pick out my school outfits<br />

the night before, and alphabetize my books, all before<br />

the age of five.<br />

Organization is the keystone of a small business. As a<br />

small business owner, you often wear many hats, and<br />

have to balance many things at once both effectively<br />

and efficiently. Time is money, and if you are not organized,<br />

you can waste a lot of it by merely looking for<br />

things you did not initially organize properly.<br />

7. Can you give us a tip on how to maintain sovereignty<br />

as a brand?<br />

I started my brand with consumer sovereignty, as I<br />

took my audience along with me in the brand building<br />

process. From the actual category of products, ingredients,<br />

to the packaging they are in, the consumer was<br />

invested in the final outcome. To date, I have listened<br />

to the customer and let them guide the business due<br />

to demand and necessity. For instance, I created Caviar<br />

& Cashmere caps as a marketing asset, to gift at<br />

events and to VIP clients as an extra-added level of<br />

sun protection for their skin. Customers then began to<br />

see those caps on people, and wanted to know where<br />

they could purchase them. Although not initially in the<br />

business plan to produce and sell caps, we listened,<br />

and put them up for sale on our website.<br />

9. What do you think is the best homemade skincare<br />

regimen for you?<br />

All of the Caviar & Cashmere Skincare products have<br />

a clear and simple purpose. <strong>The</strong>y are meant for daily<br />

use, both morning and night, for a healthy skincare<br />

maintenance routine. While the products are formulated<br />

for all skin types and are suitable (and recommended)<br />

for daily use, everyone’s skin is different and<br />

may need supplemental products and/or help to address<br />

specific skin concerns. For example, some may<br />

experience breakouts due to hormonal changes and<br />

there are add-on ingredients at home that you can use<br />

to address that concern, such as natural tea-tree oil or<br />

witch hazel.<br />

10. How do you define a ‘modern woman’?<br />

A modern day woman is fearless and confident. She<br />

goes after what she wants and knows that she deserves<br />

it. She is independent, sophisticated, fiercely<br />

passionate, unapologetic, and multi-faceted.<br />

8. Why do you think having a skincare routine is important?<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are countless reasons why having a skincare<br />

routine is important, and why both males and females<br />

should start young. Your skin is the largest organ on<br />

your body and it works hard every day to protect<br />

us from harmful elements, so it is more than a surface-level<br />

concern.<br />

Investing early in the health of your skin, with a quality<br />

and consistent skincare regimen, will not only better<br />

protect it, but also keep you looking and feeling your<br />

best. And when you look good, you feel good.<br />


Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />


A vision of circularity promoting the regeneration<br />

of materials and textiles<br />

Gucci is establishing new ways of how sustainability can<br />

power creativity and underline the House’s values, moving<br />

away from fashion’s traditional, linear model. <strong>The</strong>y<br />

are supporting a new vision where circularity is not the<br />

exception for design and creation but integrated as part<br />

of the process.<br />

As the first collection in Gucci Circular Lines, Off <strong>The</strong><br />

Grid champions the regeneration of materials and<br />

textiles, wasting less and minimising the use of new<br />

resources. <strong>The</strong> five product ranges covering accessories,<br />

ready-to-wear and travel pieces are made of recycled,<br />

regenerated, organic, bio-based, and sustainably<br />

sourced materials.<br />


Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />

<strong>The</strong> collection’s main material is ECONYL® regenerated<br />

nylon 100% obtained from pre and post-consumer<br />

waste, such as abandoned fishing nets and carpets – including<br />

plastics that harm marine life and old materials<br />

that will likely end up in landfills which will be regenerated<br />

into new high-quality yarn.<br />

To support a continuous cycle, the ECONYL® offcuts<br />

are recovered from Gucci Off the Grid’s manufacturing<br />

and then recycled to create new ECONYL® materials as<br />

part of the “GUCCI-ECONYL® PRE CONSUMER FAB-<br />

RIC TAKE BACK PROGRAM”. Leather scraps from the<br />

collection are also recovered and upcycled as part of<br />

the Gucci-Up programme.<br />

Other components of Gucci Off <strong>The</strong> Grid are made from<br />

recycled materials and more sustainable alternatives<br />

such as metal-or chrome-free tanned leather, recycled<br />

polyester thread and linings, recycled brass, recycled<br />

gold, and palladium hardware coating, and solvent-free<br />

adhesives.<br />


Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />

AIR DIOR<br />


For the Men’s Fall <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong> Runway<br />

show in Miami, Dior and Kim<br />

Jones partnered with Jordan<br />

Brand to unveil the limited-edition<br />

Air Jordan 1 High OG Dior sneaker. A<br />

collection of ready-to-wear and accessories<br />

completes the collaboration,<br />

and a low version of the Air Jordan<br />

1 OG Dior rounds out the range.<br />

A palette of gentle shades brings<br />

together the House’s exceptional<br />

tailoring expertise with a 1980s<br />

American sportswear feel, inspired<br />

by the legendary Michael Jordan.<br />

<strong>The</strong> collection balances timeless<br />

silhouettes from the Jordan and<br />

Dior vaults while bringing new life<br />

to classic sport styles. Relaxed,<br />

minimalistic wool suits reflect the<br />

art of detail according to Dior.<br />

Punctuated with buttons signed<br />

with the Air Dior logo, the blazers<br />

sport subtle blue and white striped<br />

linings. A bomber jacket reprises<br />

the emblem on its back and displays<br />

the Jumpman logo – recognized<br />

the world over - on its sleeve.<br />

It is paired with silk shorts decorated<br />

with a graphic motif featuring<br />

the “CD” initials. A gray suede<br />

hoodie also sports these new logos<br />

in perforated or embossed versions<br />

created using precise, meticulous<br />

techniques. <strong>The</strong> Dior Oblique motif<br />

– a powerful, timeless code – for<br />

the first time adorns the linings of<br />

the designs, made in Italy. Cashmere<br />

or sleeveless sweaters, shirts<br />

and polo shirts as well as pants affirm<br />

a new look, inspired by the NBA<br />

champion’s style and his sensitivity<br />

to twists of audacity coupled with<br />

elegance. Four leather goods pieces<br />

– including a pouch and a wallet<br />

– as well as bob hats, necklaces and<br />

jacquard ties complement these<br />

must-have looks, while square silk<br />

scarves subtly combine the toile de<br />

Jouy and Wings prints.<br />


Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />


Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />


A BOSS<br />

Whether you’re a CEO – or aspiring to be one<br />

– there are always workplace dress codes<br />

to consider. <strong>The</strong> good news is it’s becoming<br />

more acceptable to wear suits in different ways. So, if<br />

you want to know how to dress like a top business leader<br />

while staying true to you, we’ve got you covered.<br />

1. Dress for (future) success<br />

It’s not enough to consider your role and dress<br />

appropriately; you should also be dressing for the<br />

role you’re dreaming of getting. Of course, there’s<br />

the practical nature of what you do for a living and<br />

where you do it. But if you’re dressed like a leader,<br />

you’ll be treated like a leader.<br />

Look at Ralph Lauren – the American fashion designer<br />

and business executive, responsible for a<br />

global multibillion-dollar enterprise. Rarely is he<br />

seen not wearing a brilliantly tailored suit and when<br />

he mixes it up for more laidback moments, his shirts<br />

are pristine and his jeans smart and bespoke-fit.<br />

Back in the office, keep an eye on what your colleagues<br />

are wearing – whether that means getting<br />

inspiration and tips, or even learning from someone<br />

else’s style faux pas.<br />

2. Be client-ready<br />

If you’re out and about meeting different clients, it’s<br />

imperative to consider how you present yourself.<br />

Your clients and customers may not appreciate you<br />

turning up with an ‘end of the week’ jeans and a casual<br />

shirt look – especially if they’re from a more formal<br />

company.<br />

First impressions are key, as is the fostering of an ongoing<br />

collaboration. So make sure they see you as a<br />

trusted business partner with the smart wardrobe to<br />

match.<br />

Even when Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, attends<br />

store openings and meets customer service staff, he is<br />

always in a flattering slim-cut silhouette suit and tie.<br />

Take note and don’t let appearances drop, no matter<br />

how busy your schedule gets.<br />


Passion for<br />

Fashion<br />

3. A good fit means a good job<br />

<strong>The</strong> best way to give off a professional air?<br />

Well-fitted tailored suits and tailored separates.<br />

Make it obvious that you’ve taken the initiative<br />

to visit a tailor and not settled for an ill-fitting<br />

off-the-rack ensemble. Make it clear you take<br />

pride in your appearance. This in turn says a lot<br />

about your serious approach to work and life.<br />

Ryan Reynolds knows something about dressing<br />

well – and making Hollywood movies like Deadpool:<br />

“A well-tailored suit is important […] it<br />

should be tailored to your body.” Listen to Ryan.<br />

4. Be yourself<br />

Finally, don’t forget that your uniqueness is your<br />

greatest strength. <strong>The</strong>re’s no other you so let<br />

your personality and flair come through. While<br />

a tailored suit is super-important, you can accessorise<br />

in your own way, whether that’s a bold<br />

tie or some designer glasses.<br />

Keep things practical and don’t fall for the latest<br />

trends, however. A leather backpack may look<br />

cool on the catwalk but may not be a suitable<br />

alternative to a structured briefcase to take to<br />

your desk in the morning.<br />

Land Rover’s design director, Gerry McGovern,<br />

favours a striking look such as a checked blazer<br />

and silk pocket tie in memorable colours. He’s<br />

clearly a businessman who takes his wardrobe<br />

as seriously as the company’s balance sheets.<br />

Meanwhile, the chief creative officer of the<br />

Communication Store, Daniel Marks, is an accessorising<br />

king with statement glasses and designer<br />

watches offsetting his streamlined suits.<br />

Today, you don’t need a stuffy ‘chairman of the<br />

board’ look to show off your success – but you<br />

do need to take tailoring seriously. Dress for<br />

your career, your customers, and your future<br />

aspirations as a leader.<br />

Make sure it fits you like a glove.<br />

Gary Sweeney<br />


P E R S O N A L A N D L U X U R Y. . .<br />

L U X U R Y<br />

G I F T I N G<br />


Whether you would like to send a<br />

personalised silk scarf as a gift to one<br />

successful woman or reward your VIP<br />

clients, DELPHINE GENIN has a<br />

corporate gifting ooer that will suit you.<br />


We know what our clients like when it<br />

comes to rewarding an employee or<br />

showing appreciation for a long-term<br />

relationship with a client or friend.<br />


GIFT<br />


GIFT<br />



Using the most expensive and<br />

rare fabrics in the World.<br />

Custom your scarf to include<br />

your client or friend’s initials.<br />

Limited-edition pieces to reflect<br />

the theme of your company.<br />


القطرية لطائرات رجال الأعمال

25 Nugent Street, Grafton Auckland 1023<br />

+64 9 523 2105 www.studioitalia.co.nz

Casa<br />

Goals<br />

70<br />



Casa<br />

Goals<br />

Passionate about delivering<br />

beautifully aromatic fragrances<br />

for the home, Candalia’s<br />

range of candles and diffusers<br />

is inspired by a love of travel.<br />

Bursting with carefully considered<br />

flora and spice from around the<br />

world, each scent is meticulously<br />

considered to build an ambience<br />

that enhances wellbeing.<br />

Forming part of Candalia’s collection<br />

of luxury home fragrances<br />

are the wonderfully floral Soie<br />

Lavande and Oud Rose. Offering<br />

homeowners peaceful aromas and<br />

delicate floral delights, each fragrance<br />

is designed to complement<br />

the home.<br />

Oud Rose<br />

Opulent notes of treasured oud are<br />

wrapped around a backdrop of Persian<br />

rose petals, vetiver and raspberry.<br />

Complemented by a note of<br />

soothing cedarwood, the blend of<br />

rose is completed with a patchouli<br />

base to provide a heady and exotic<br />

twist to this classic scent.<br />

Soie Lavande<br />

Soft, delicate layers of lavender<br />

enriched with pretty lily of the valley,<br />

white tea and a touch of sweet<br />

crushed vanilla result in a fragrance<br />

with a calming floral touch.<br />

Hand-poured using 100% natural<br />

wax, each candle and complementing<br />

reed diffuser made by<br />

Candalia is created from the finest<br />

sustainable materials to ensure<br />

wonderfully long-lasting aromatic<br />

fragrance for the home.<br />


Casa<br />

Goals<br />



With a long-standing reputation as a symbol<br />

of luxury, the freestanding bath acts as<br />

a statement centrepiece and often ties a<br />

whole bathroom design scheme together. Offering an<br />

exclusive range of handcrafted freestanding baths, the<br />

exquisite collection from leading bathing specialists<br />

Clearwater, features designs from traditional roll-tops<br />

to contemporary profiles which are guaranteed to offer<br />

homeowners and interior designers the versatility<br />

of choice and style.<br />





19-22 NOVEMBER <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong>, KAI TAK RUNWAY PARK PROMENADE<br />




@hkyachtshow<br />

hkyachtshow.com<br />

@hkyachtshow<br />





A Cultural Immersion in World Class Art, Landscape,<br />

Food and Wine<br />

Carefully curated to amuse, inspire and delight, more than 750 works of<br />

art from masters throughout history fill gardens and galleries bursting<br />

with colour and creativity.<br />

Inspiring Head Chef Joshua Hazel, the care of these artistic masters finds<br />

its way to the menu of one of Auckland’s Top 50 Restaurants in Rothko,<br />

and even has a hand in naming Sculptureum Vineyard’s Art Series wines.<br />

This internationally unique experience allows visitors to be the curators<br />

of their day.<br />

Choosing the decadence of a premium Sculptureum grown wine tasting,<br />

the leisure of an extensive dining experience, or the tranquillity of a garden<br />

and galleries stroll, the culture on exhibit can truly fulfil more than one<br />

itinerary.<br />

Matakana, New Zealand<br />


Britain’s world-famous racedays continue to take place behind closed doors as the<br />

racing industry remains focused on supporting the national effort against<br />

Covid-19 and taking care of its people and horses.<br />

With pilots for sporting events with crowds planned for the coming weeks,<br />

however, we at GBRI are now looking forward to welcoming back our partners’<br />

clients to our nation’s historic and much-loved racecourses, stables and studs.<br />

When the time is right, we will be on hand once again to deliver bespoke<br />

experiences for your most valued clients.<br />

We will treat your clients to unforgeeable behind-the-scenes encounters right at<br />

the beating heart of British racing, to help you create the meaningful moments<br />

that underpin the most solid of client relationships.<br />

In anticipation, we would like to take this opportunity to invite our fellow<br />

members of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> to get in touch and find out more.<br />

Most importantly, however, we would like to wish you continued good health for<br />

the coming months.<br />

Should you wish to enquire,<br />

please contact:<br />

Minty Farquhar<br />

+44 (0) 7493 869 240<br />

mfarquhar@greatbritishracing.com<br />

GBRI provides a bespoke service for individuals seeking to<br />

become an integral part of the prestigious and intricate sport<br />

of thoroughbred horseracing and breeding.<br />


Equipped with cutting-edge features and exclusive cooking<br />

modes, this unique and elegant oven enables users to utilise the<br />

wealth of culinary excellence that is synonymous with the<br />

De Dietrich name.

Gastro<br />

Gusto<br />



CHRISTMAS GIFTING <strong>20</strong><strong>20</strong><br />

With Christmas only months away, Simon Johnson realises that the current situation<br />

will limit our ability to get staff together for a traditional Christmas party<br />

to celebrate and reflect on what has been a very challenging year.<br />

With this in mind, Simon Johnson has put together a selection of festive<br />

hampers that your staff can enjoy at home.<br />

Along with their curated Christmas hamper range, they welcome<br />

enquiries to create your own bespoke gourmet Hampers, tailored<br />

to your requirements and Budget.<br />

Hampers can include a bottle from our selection of Australian<br />

and imported wines, sparkling and Champagne by HW Speak<br />

and Moet Hennessey.<br />

For your convenience, they can arrange personalised<br />

greetings and include your company logo.<br />

All hampers include metro delivery.<br />

For further information and quotes please contact<br />

caviar@simonjohnson.com<br />

Gastro<br />

Gusto<br />


Gastro<br />

Gusto<br />





<strong>The</strong> GlenDronach Distillery is pleased to announce the exclusive release<br />

of <strong>The</strong> GlenDronach Kingsman Edition 1989 Vintage, the second<br />

expression created in collaboration with Matthew Vaughn, to<br />

mark the upcoming release of “<strong>The</strong> King’s Man” by <strong>20</strong>th Century<br />

Studios and MARV, coming to theatres soon.<br />

<strong>The</strong> GlenDronach Kingsman Edition 1989 Vintage has been<br />

expertly crafted by Master Blender Dr. Rachel Barrie, in collaboration<br />

with the Kingsman film franchise director Matthew<br />

Vaughn, from a selection of just six of the finest casks<br />

from this rare vintage year. Matured in Oloroso sherry casks<br />

with a final maturation in Pedro Ximénez casks from Spain,<br />

this twenty-nine-year-old Single Malt has an exceptional<br />

depth of character, truly befitting a Kingsman.<br />

“<strong>The</strong> King’s Man” is set during World War 1 and invites audiences<br />

to discover the origins of the ‘very first independent<br />

intelligence agency’. As a collection of history’s worst tyrants<br />

and criminal masterminds gather to plot a war to wipe out<br />

millions, one man must race against time to stop them. Like<br />

the Kingsman creed, <strong>The</strong> GlenDronach’s values of dedication<br />

and integrity have remained constant, passed down through<br />

the generations; impossible perfection built on unshakeable<br />

tradition.<br />

This exceptional 1989 vintage is inspired by the oldest bottle<br />

of whisky housed at <strong>The</strong> GlenDronach Distillery – a twenty-nine<br />

year-old whisky bottled in 1913, just before the outbreak<br />

of the first World War. Three friends had each purchased<br />

a bottle before leaving for war, vowing to open them<br />

together on their return. Tragically, only one of them returned<br />

home. Having never opened his bottle, his family later<br />

gifted it to the distillery, where it remains unopened and<br />

displayed in remembrance of fallen friends.<br />

Kingsman Film Franchise Director, Matthew Vaughn said:<br />

“<strong>The</strong>re is an important line which says, “Reputation is what others<br />

think of you, character is what you are”. Strength of character<br />

and dedication to upholding the highest values perfectly encap-<br />


Gastro<br />

Gusto<br />

sulates the true spirit of both the Kingsman agency and <strong>The</strong> Glen-<br />

Dronach Distillery. I hope Kingsman fans around the world will<br />

enjoy this Single Malt as much as I enjoyed partnering with Rachel<br />

Barrie and <strong>The</strong> GlenDronach to create it.”<br />

Dr. Rachel Barrie, Master Blender at <strong>The</strong> GlenDronach Distillery,<br />

commented:<br />

“Working closely with Matthew, I have selected casks of the most<br />

exceptional character for this rare 1989 Vintage, with smouldering<br />

aromas of dark fruits and sherry-soaked walnuts, vintage leather<br />

and cedar wood. On the palate, dense autumn fruits meld with<br />

date, fig and treacle, before rolling into black winter truffle and<br />

cocoa. In the exceptionally long finish, notes of blackberry, tobacco<br />

leaf and date oil linger to conclude the rich tasting experience.<br />

This expression is deep in meaning, paying homage to fallen<br />

friends who bravely fought during WWI, and the depth of character<br />

and integrity shared by both <strong>The</strong> GlenDronach and the Kingsman<br />

agency. This is none other than a whisky truly fit for a King’s<br />

Man.”<br />

All 3,052 bottles have been labelled, numbered and wax-sealed by<br />

hand, each adorned with an iconic, bespoke Kingsman insignia.<br />

<strong>The</strong> luxurious gift box also bears the signatures of both Dr. Rachel<br />

Barrie and Matthew Vaughn.<br />

<strong>The</strong> GlenDronach Kingsman Edition 1989 Vintage will be highly<br />

collectible for both whisky connoisseurs and Kingsman film fans<br />

around the world. This limited edition bottling will be available<br />

from specialist retailers worldwide from 1st September at the recommended<br />

retail price of £775.<br />

It draws all of its exceptionally deep colour from the casks in which<br />

it has rested for twenty-nine years.<br />


Gastro<br />

Gusto<br />

A Taste of the ‘Pacific Ring of<br />

Fire’ through your Letterbox<br />

Firetree chocolate takes you on a taste journey around the Solomon<br />

Islands, Madagascar and the Philippines<br />


Gastro<br />

Gusto<br />

Over the past few months restrictions on<br />

travel has led to grounded airlines, closed<br />

airports, and shut borders. As appetite for<br />

travel slowly returns, but with many of us cautious<br />

about travelling too far from home, Firetree chocolate<br />

has found a new way of transporting you to<br />

an idyllic island setting, all from the safety and<br />

comfort of your home.<br />

Previously only offering 65g bars, Firetree, the<br />

British super-premium chocolate brand is delighted<br />

to announce the launch of their new Firetree<br />

25g set, containing all seven of their single-estate<br />

chocolate bars – ranging from 69% to 100% cocoa.<br />

Available to order as a letterbox pack, the set will<br />

enable you to go on a taste journey through the<br />

remote, far-flung islands of the Pacific Ring of Fire,<br />

Madagascar and Philippines – home to the cocoa<br />

trees, or “our firetrees”, which bear the best quality<br />

cocoa beans. <strong>The</strong> 25g bars will also afford the<br />

brand the opportunity to be stocked by the finest<br />

bars, coffee shops and restaurants as this smaller<br />

iteration will be suitable for serving with coffee.<br />

<strong>The</strong> unique flavour of Firetree chocolate is due to<br />

the volcanic soil of these island estates, where the<br />

cocoa tree or “our firetree” thrives in uniquely rich,<br />

porous, volcanic soil. Our Firetrees are immediately<br />

identifiable by their flame-hued cocoa pods, that<br />

give the chocolate its distinctive flavour which<br />

changes, develops and lingers on the palate. <strong>The</strong>se<br />

super-premium cocoa beans are expertly selected<br />

by Firetree farmers and masterfully crafted by<br />

skilled chocolate makers to enhance, develop and<br />

bend the taste and create smooth, rich chocolate<br />

which is known for its depth and complexity. <strong>The</strong><br />

outstanding farming practices and craft manufacturing<br />

processes include fermentation, drying in<br />

the tropical sun, slow conching and whole bean<br />

roasting to lock in the flavour.<br />

Since Firetree began in <strong>20</strong>17, the team has worked<br />

hard to set the standard across their different<br />

stages of production – from spending years nurturing<br />

relationships with farmers and paying them<br />

significantly more than the mass market rate, to<br />

enlisting Berlin-based artist Andreas Nicolas<br />

Fischer to design the beautiful packaging inspired<br />

by volcanic magma flows.<br />

With a combined 85 years of chocolate industry<br />

knowledge, the founders David Zulman, Martyn<br />

O’Dare and Aidan Bishop were drawn to one another<br />

due to their shared interest in producing<br />

first-class tasting chocolate with the best inherent<br />

flavours and aromas on the market. <strong>The</strong>ir aim is to<br />

bring a sense of wonder and discovery back into<br />

the chocolate industry.<br />

David Zulman Firetree’s Managing Director and<br />

Co-Founder comments: “All good things come in<br />

small packages, and we are excited to be able to<br />

launch Firetree’s 25g bars at a time where many<br />

people are spending so much time at home. We are<br />

offering a taste of amazing chocolate which arrives<br />

through your front door.<br />

<strong>The</strong> new pack offers customers a chance to create<br />

a tasting experience of their own. Whether you’re<br />

hosting friends for a socially distanced catch up or<br />

looking to entertain the kids, the range has something<br />

for everyone. Additionally, we will also have<br />

the 25g gift pack available to buy in the coming<br />

weeks.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> natural range is made up of seven 25g bars<br />

and contains no additives or flavourings. It is available<br />

to buy at £17.50 from the website. <strong>The</strong> bars<br />

are dairy-free, suitable for vegans and lactose-intolerant<br />

people, as well as being halal and kosher<br />

certified.<br />


Gastro<br />

Gusto<br />




Anna Haugh has spent the past four months delving<br />

into the menu at her restaurant, Myrtle.<br />

Working with Irish based small-scale farmers,<br />

to create dishes that revere the land’s produce and<br />

explore reflections of nostalgic memories from her<br />

childhood spent in Dublin. Drawing on almost <strong>20</strong> years<br />

working in places such as Phil Howard’s <strong>The</strong> Square,<br />

Pied a Terre and Paris’ Hotel Lotti, Anna invites guests<br />

to join the celebratory journey of then and now. Anna,<br />

alongside cousin and General Manager, Daniel Haugh,<br />

have now reopened Myrtle’s doors, with seven courses<br />

of A Taste of Ireland and new a la carte.<br />

To keep diners safe, seats will be reduced to less than<br />

half, the full front of the restaurant’s floor to ceiling<br />

windows will be retracted and dining space is available<br />

in the sunshine (see notes for full safety regulations).<br />

<strong>The</strong> new menu at Myrtle celebrates Irish produce<br />

sourced from each county, its history, and memories<br />

from people met and places visited in Anna’s past. A<br />

Taste of Ireland begins with Bia Beag (Gaelic amuse<br />

bouche), followed by plates of clonakilty black pudding,<br />

wrapped potato from Cork and smoked scallop,<br />

Taylors of Lusk garlic, crispy Gubeen Chorizo from a<br />

Irish charcuterie producer in Louth. For a celebration<br />


Gastro<br />

Gusto<br />

of one of Ireland’s most loved pies, guests are taken<br />

to Kerry, with marinated lamb, dingle pie chervil and<br />

broad bean purée, before stopping off in Wexford, with<br />

a sea buckthorn granita and ending in Clare, with the<br />

ancient Gaelic Carrageen moss pudding, made with<br />

seaweed and Guinness chocolate sponge, surrounded<br />

by a chocolate Irish mist.<br />

Each dish at Myrtle tells a tale; Anna’s paté cherries with<br />

hazelnuts and toasted potato bread is an ode to her<br />

days living in Paris, roaming early morning markets in<br />

spring, picking at cherries and thinking of family back<br />

home. Stories of homes across Ireland sharing brown<br />

bread pudding around dinner tables inspired Anna’s<br />

brown bread soufflé with hints of peach and treacle,<br />

served with an ice cream sandwich. <strong>The</strong> banana bread<br />

petits fours with walnut cream and candied walnuts<br />

is a nod to Anna’s father; as a boy living in Rigsend, he<br />

came across a boat filled with unripe bananas; a coveted<br />

item in 1960s Irishtown, he nicked the bananas<br />

and ran home, to hide them in his mammy’s hot press.<br />

Panicked that his secret would be revealed, he roped<br />

in his brother (Daniel’s dad), and they proceeded to eat<br />

all the green fruit, only to be discovered rolling around<br />

the banana peels by Anna’s grandmother, Annie.<br />

Anna works with Irish based hand crafters for crockery<br />

and glassware, from Dublin based Brookwood pottery;<br />

Galway Crystal and Mullingar Pewter, used for<br />

their wine goblets.<br />

At lunchtime a special three course chef’s menu is<br />

available, Tuesday to Saturday made up of three daily<br />

changing courses, decided by Anna and what produce<br />

is available on the day. To celebrate the arrival of dining<br />

out once again, Myrtle’s lunchtime chef’s menu is<br />

£22 Tuesday & Wednesday and £32 Thursday - Saturday.<br />



One of Australia’s oldest family-owned wineries,<br />

established in 1868, has been awarded the prestigious title<br />

of <strong>20</strong>21 Halliday Wine Companion ‘Winery of the Year’.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se coveted annual awards recognise the best of the best<br />

from across the wine industry and celebrate the release of the<br />

<strong>20</strong>21 edition of the Halliday Wine Companion. <strong>The</strong> awards<br />

were broadcast online for the very first time, showcasing the<br />

resilience and strength of Australia’s wine community, in a<br />

year plagued with fire, drought and virus.<br />

“Henschke is the foremost medium-sized winery in Australia,<br />

and its recognition as Winery of the Year is long overdue.<br />

Whether you consider the winery’s history, the number and<br />

quality of list present wines, or its future, the answer is the<br />

same: it has no equal,” said James Halliday AM.<br />

Fifth-generation winemaker Stephen and his viticulturist wife<br />

Prue are recognised around the world for their exceptional<br />

quality wines, innovation and sustainability in the vineyard.<br />

<strong>The</strong>ir <strong>20</strong>12 Hill of Grace was named ‘Wine of the Year’<br />

in the <strong>20</strong>18 Halliday Wine Companion.<br />

In recent years Stephen and Prue have welcomed<br />

sixth-generation family members Johann, Justine and<br />

Andreas into the business. Johann has carried on the family<br />

winemaking tradition in his capacity as winemaker and<br />

viticulturist since <strong>20</strong>13, and Justine joined in the role<br />

of marketing and public relations manager in <strong>20</strong>15.<br />

“It’s a great honour to be named Winery of the Year and we<br />

are overjoyed to share this award with our fantastic, loyal and<br />

hardworking staff. We celebrated 150 years of family<br />

winemaking in <strong>20</strong>18 and we couldn’t be prouder to receive<br />

this accolade, in a year that our oldest Hill of Grace vines,<br />

the ‘Grandfathers’, turn 160 years of age. As we reflect on<br />

our own journey as Henschke custodians, we pay tribute to<br />

the trailblazers who laid the foundations for our Henschke<br />

story,” said Stephen.<br />

Each generation has added to the Henschke philosophy of<br />

making exceptional quality wines that speak of a true sense<br />

of place. Fourth-generation Cyril Henschke pioneered<br />

single-variety, single-vineyard wines in the 1950s, with his<br />

greatest legacy being the creation of Mount Edelstone and<br />

Hill of Grace; old-vine shiraz wines from the Eden Valley<br />

region that have become an integral part of Australia’s<br />

fine wine history.<br />

“<strong>The</strong>re are no tricks of equipment or practice in the winery,<br />

just attention to detail. For many years now, they have been<br />

using organic/biodynamic practices in the vineyards, though<br />

the Henschkes have not sought certification. Quite apart from<br />

the application of the bio sprays and compounds, no<br />

herbicides or insecticides are used. Prue has added her own<br />

signature with a continuous thick layer of straw mulch<br />

running along each row, enhancing worm and microbial<br />

activity and preventing loss of moisture. Great wine made<br />

in the vineyard? Absolutely,” said Halliday.

T<br />

P<br />

b<br />

v<br />

r<br />

t<br />

A<br />

y<br />

s<br />

i<br />

F<br />

t<br />

S<br />


Escape to <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

Throw off the shackles of an ordinary hotel stay with the Private Villa<br />

and Exclusive Residence Collections by Touch of Spice<br />

More than just a place to rest your head<br />

Throw off the shackles of an ordinary hotel stay and book a stay in a fabulous Touch of Spice<br />

Private Villa - where you can run down the hallway and dive in the pool, eat breakfast in your<br />

boardshorts and dinner in your bathrobe. Going far beyond a place to rest your head, <strong>The</strong> Private<br />

Villa and Exclusive Residence Collections by Touch of Spice are destinations in their own<br />

right – featuring private golf courses, in-house spas, private wine cellars, heli-pads, international<br />

size tennis courts and art collections that rival some of the best art houses in the world.<br />

Go above and beyond<br />

At Touch of Spice, we understand that everyone’s luxury is different. So, tell us, what does it mean to<br />

you? A private chef prepared feast, a champagne picnic on top of the world or perhaps a helicopter trip to<br />

stand up paddle board on a mountain top glacial lake? Whether it is something you have been dreaming<br />

of, or something yet to enter your imagination, we can create exclusive experiences just for you.<br />

Save on luxury stays<br />

For Touch of Spice, being able to explore New Zealand means celebrating two things – the freedom<br />

to travel again and being able to spend quality time with family and friends. Now offering multiple<br />

Stay, Pay Deals on selected Villas throughout New Zealand, you can get away for 7 nights and pay for<br />

only 5 – that’s two nights for free, or stay for 10 nights and pay for only 7 – meaning three nights free!<br />

Let Touch of Spice do all the hard work for you.<br />

You don’t need to lift a finger, so you can raise a glass instead.<br />

info@touchofspice.co.nz<br />


Sports<br />

League<br />



Many of you won’t consider<br />

golf as an active sport as<br />

we have an image of someone<br />

exuding minimal effort to hit<br />

a ball or put into a small hole, but<br />

golf is much more than what many<br />

may think and portray it as. It takes<br />

much more muscle strength and<br />

effort. It’s famous for bringing people<br />

together and many don’t know<br />

that it can be really healthy for us<br />

as well. It’s one of the few sports<br />

that are suitable for all ages and<br />

all abilities. You can exercise while<br />

socializing, focus on your score<br />

while relaxing, and can challenge<br />

your opponent while enjoying the<br />

outdoors. It’s a sport that is one<br />

of its kind and if you are planning<br />

to make it your hobby or passion,<br />

you should know its beneficial for<br />

a healthy life as well. Golf players<br />

enjoy physical fitness and mental<br />

fitness both at the same time and<br />

it can be a life-changing sport for<br />

many.<br />

1. Up Your Cardio<br />

It’s an amazing cardiovascular exercise<br />

that brings numerous physical<br />

and mental health benefits. While<br />

you swing your golf club and carry<br />

your golf bag instead of opting<br />

for a comfortable buggy, you get an<br />

extra workout and build muscle but<br />

along with it, it helps you increase<br />

your heart rate. It helps you in lowering<br />

the risk of heart diseases, decreasing<br />

the levels of cholesterol,<br />

and preventing chronic diseases<br />

like type II diabetes, stroke cancer,<br />

and many more. It has been found<br />

impressive in reducing the effects<br />

of dementia as well. When you are<br />

playing golf, you have to walk a lot<br />

from the tee to hole and have to<br />

follow your ball, and a bonus point<br />

you have to find it too. <strong>The</strong> constant<br />

movement and walking ensure<br />

healthy blood flow and actives<br />

different muscles. Walking itself is<br />

a good cardio exercise and in golf,<br />

you have the benefit of activating<br />

your upper body as well as getting<br />

a full workout.<br />

2. Be Stress-free<br />

If you are stressed, frustrated, or<br />

even burned out, the best remedy<br />

is to go out and take a walk to clear<br />

your mind of all your problems and<br />

worries. You walk a lot when you<br />

are planning to play a round of golf.<br />

As the golf courses are large open<br />

spaces with fresh air, you can enjoy<br />

the stroll in between your strikes<br />

and breathe in the fresh air. Golfing<br />

is a great escape from the hustle<br />

and bustle of city life, going out<br />

and enjoying a beautiful sunny day<br />

and the scenic beauty can improve<br />

your emotional and mental health.<br />

Golfing gives you time to enjoy the<br />

fresh air while exercising and relaxing,<br />

hence alleviating your stress<br />

it’s also an incredibly easy sport<br />


Sports<br />

League<br />

to pick up with cheap equipment<br />

costs. <strong>The</strong> beautiful surrounding<br />

and the soothing fresh air is a part<br />

and parcel of golfing, helping you<br />

to release the endorphins, which<br />

results in making you feel happy,<br />

stress-free, and relaxed. It helps<br />

in reducing anxiety and improves<br />

self-esteem and confidence. <strong>The</strong><br />

fresh air and the beautiful nature is<br />

the key to a relaxed mind and you<br />

will end up sleeping like a baby.<br />

3. Burn your Calories<br />

Walking a lot helps to burn calories<br />

and will be a successful milestone<br />

on your road to weight loss. Golfers<br />

cover the ground to follow the<br />

ball and according to researches<br />

golfers cover about 6 miles during<br />

an 18-hole game. <strong>The</strong> golf course<br />

isn’t flat and it can help you burn<br />

more calories faster while walking<br />

the ever-changing terrain. Bending<br />

and swinging while playing golf<br />

contributes further to the calorie<br />

burn. If you carry your bag yourself,<br />

you are adding some more calories.<br />

Many golf players, irrespective of<br />

their genders remain in good shape<br />

all through their lives if they follow<br />

a healthy lifestyle as well. Golf is an<br />

extraordinary sport that will lead<br />

you towards the road of success<br />

in your weight loss journey. Just as<br />

golf improves physical well-being<br />

increasing the muscle strength and<br />

fitness level, it helps burn calories.<br />

If you are looking for some healthy<br />

and easy weight loss tips, prioritize<br />

golf in it.<br />

4. Social Interaction<br />

We find golf is a game that people<br />

prefer playing alone, but you should<br />

seek out some people for some<br />

friendly competition. Give yourself<br />

the chance to socially interact as it<br />

makes a huge impact on the mental<br />

well-being of a person. Due to the<br />

low intensity of the game, it’s quite<br />

easy for the players to converse<br />

and socialize while playing the<br />

game. <strong>The</strong> high level of social interaction<br />

and the new friends help you<br />

ease your mind from the worries of<br />

this modern world. It can enhance<br />

communication skills. It can boost<br />

your emotional control level. Social<br />

interaction with different people<br />

makes you happy and you will forget<br />

what you are worried about. It<br />

helps flourish relationships, which<br />

bloom even outside the court. You<br />

can even hang out with your family<br />

members on the golf course.<br />

5. Live Longer<br />

Golf players live longer and the<br />

easiest reason for it is that they<br />

have better physical and mental<br />

well-being. According to many<br />

pieces of research, it is proven that<br />

the people who are into playing<br />

golf have increased life expectancy.<br />

According to the <strong>20</strong>16 pieces of<br />

research, it adds five more healthy<br />

years to your life. Having fun reduces<br />

stress, making new friends<br />

increase the social interaction and<br />

you can share your problems with<br />

people and it also keeps you young<br />

and youthful. A relaxed and happy<br />

mind and a healthy body along with<br />

good interaction and friends let you<br />

pave the way to some healthy and<br />

extra years. Playing golf increases<br />

the quality of life and you will not<br />

be dependent on anyone. So, play<br />

golf and live longer!<br />

Bobby Hurst<br />


Kay & Burton Concierge will help<br />

take care of you and your property.<br />

It’s what we do.<br />

Whether you require a stylist, single tradesperson, removalists,<br />

wine cellar advice and/or a renovation project managed,<br />

Kay & Burton Concierge will help take care of it at no additional cost. You<br />

do not need to be an existing Kay & Burton client to access Concierge<br />

nor is there any obligation to engage with our recommended partners.<br />

Our Preferred Partner services include, but are not limited to:<br />

Arborist & Tree Services<br />

Art Consultancy<br />

Carpet Cleaning<br />

Cleaning (including one-off<br />

vacate cleans)<br />

Conveyancing<br />

Downsizing<br />

Flooring (Natural Sisal)<br />

Garden Maintenance<br />

Home Lending Solutions<br />

Insurance Services<br />

Interior Design & Architecture<br />

Landscape Gardening<br />

Personal Butler Services<br />

Pet Concierge<br />

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance<br />

Pool Safety Inspections<br />

Property Styling/Staging<br />

Removalists & Relocation<br />

Renovation Project Management<br />

Tradespeople<br />

Utility Connections<br />

Window Cleaning<br />

Wine Cellar Consultancy<br />

Window Furnishings<br />

Contact us: +61 3 9825 <strong>20</strong>00 | concierge@kayburton.com.au<br />

kayburton.com.au/concierge<br />

Our People. Your Property.

96<br />

Tech<br />


Tech<br />

Trends<br />




Continuing our policy of<br />

creating exclusive, all-encompassing<br />

experiences on<br />

board, Dynamiq has partnered with<br />

Montegrappa – the 108-year-old<br />

Italian maker of high-end writing<br />

instruments – to create a special<br />

edition rollerball pen that takes<br />

its design cues from the latest<br />

Dynamiq superyacht in build, the<br />

41-metre GTT 135.<br />

Destined to become a collector’s<br />

item, the custom-edition GTT 135<br />

pen features a beautifully balanced<br />

metal body with a silky satin finish<br />

in champagne silver, engraved<br />

with elegant curves recalling the<br />

yacht’s exterior profile. Alongside<br />

red accents and a gold pocket clip<br />

embossed with the Dynamiq name,<br />

the base of the pen is capped with<br />

real wood to resemble teak decking.<br />

<strong>The</strong> option to select this special<br />

Montegrappa pen is available immediately<br />

for the new GTT 135<br />

via Dynamiq’s unique online yacht<br />

configurator. Other models will follow<br />

later this year. https://www.<br />

bedynamiq.com/models/configurator.htm<br />

“Montegrappa began as a manufacturer<br />

of gold nibs and fountain<br />

pens using a pool of local talent to<br />

produce high quality writing instruments<br />

with precision and panache –<br />

just like the next-generation yachts<br />

Dynamiq designs and builds for its<br />

discerning owners.” says Giuseppe<br />

Aquilla, owner of the family company<br />

that makes pens for connoisseurs<br />

and devotees around the world. “I<br />

visited Dynamiq’s yacht earlier in the<br />

year and was impressed. We realised<br />

Montegrappa and Dynamiq share<br />

many of the same values, like an insistence<br />

on quality, craftsmanship<br />

and innovation. And like Dynamiq<br />

we even have an online configurator<br />

for customising your own pen!”<br />

“We keep on expanding our network<br />

of the world’s finest suppliers,”<br />

says Dynamiq founder Sergei<br />

Dobroserdov. “It’s an honour for us<br />

to collaborate with a brand such as<br />

Montegrappa – makers of the pens<br />

of choice for popes, presidents and<br />

royalty, including Pope John Paul<br />

II, King Juan Carlos of Spain, King<br />

Hussein of Jordan, Queen Sirikit of<br />

Thailand and the Sultan of Brunei.”<br />

Other renowned partners Dynamiq<br />

has recently partnered with<br />

are Fürstenberg porcelain from<br />

Germany, Germany’s second-oldest<br />

porcelain house, and Carter &<br />

White, a high-end Emirati bedding<br />

manufacturer.<br />


Invest in Portugal and get your<br />

family EU citizenship<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are many reasons you may be considering investment immigration.<br />

Fewer travel and trade restrictions, for instance, and the personal and business opportunities attached. Fairer taxation<br />

allowing you to better provide for your family. Or perhaps better education, or wider distribution of essential medical<br />

services. In reality, you want a more prosperous, safer future.<br />

Many countries worldwide offer such investment programs but Europe is considered by many as the undisputed<br />

champion.<br />

Keep reading to find out why, and discover which European program makes the most sense if you’re looking for<br />

affordable citizenship with guaranteed financial returns.<br />

Why European citizenship is so desirable?<br />

Every year many international passport ranking systems ranks the best (and worst) passports in the world, generally<br />

according to five factors: visa-free travel; taxation; perception; dual citizenship rules and personal freedom.<br />

In <strong>20</strong>19, all ten of the top ten – and 80% of the top thirty – were European.<br />

That’s testament to Europe’s enduring popularity as a place to live, work and raise a family. Education and healthcare<br />

systems across Europe are typically top-tier, and citizens enjoy high levels of personal freedom and a fantastic quality<br />

of life.<br />

Europe is also the ideal base for global travellers and businesspeople. Exceptional global links make Europe a<br />



productive business hub and European passport holders find doors open to them, with few visa issues and minimal<br />

bureaucracy.<br />

Some of the most popular European investment immigration programs include:<br />

· <strong>The</strong> Irish Permanent Residency Program. For a non-refundable donation of EUR500,000, or an investment of<br />

EUR1,000,000, global investors can take advantage of Ireland’s exceptional educational facilities, tax landscape and<br />

preferential trade conditions.<br />

· <strong>The</strong> Cypriot citizenship-by-investment Program. Investment into Cyprus starts from EUR2.15M held for at least five<br />

years. <strong>The</strong>re are various investment vehicles including Cypriot business and government bonds, but the real estate<br />

option is enduringly popular. It’s a high capital outlay, but citizenship can be approved in 6 months.<br />

· <strong>The</strong> Malta Residence and Visa Program. Investors gain Maltese residency by giving non-refundable donation of<br />

EUR30,000 to the Maltese government, plus EUR250,000 into government stocks or bonds, and EUR300,000 into real<br />

estate. (Malta also has a citizenship program which comes to about EUR1.2m including a EUR650k donation to the<br />

Maltese Government).<br />

· <strong>The</strong> Greek residency-by-investment Program. Investors secure super-fast permanent residency through a<br />

EUR250,000 investment into government-approved real estate. While the Greek real estate sector isn’t as<br />

well-developed as counterparts across Europe, early indications suggest strong similar growth. One to keep an eye on.<br />

Of all the European immigration investor programs though, there has been one clear standout over the last 7 years : the<br />

Portuguese Golden Visa program.<br />

Portugal’s Golden Visa program<br />

Portugal is one of the most popular European countries. Ranked as the 6th best passport in the world in <strong>20</strong>19,<br />

Portuguese citizens are welcomed the world-over, able to travel to 170 countries visa-free or on visa-on-arrival terms.<br />

Portugal is also an EU member country, so Portuguese passport holders can also work, live and travel across any of the<br />

28 EU countries without restriction. It’s also a Schengen area member, which grants free travel across the<br />

Schengen bloc.<br />

Another big draw for global investors is the ease of gaining citizenship in Portugal.<br />

Portugal’s Golden Visa program is a well-trodden path, seeing you first gain residency and then, after only five years,<br />

the ability to apply for full citizenship. That’s impressive because the Irish, Greek and Maltese residency programs offer<br />

no route to securing full citizenship.<br />

“<strong>The</strong> right to freedom of movement is a fundamental right preserved in the laws and constitutions of most countries,<br />

however we see evidence daily that this right is limited to the borders and visa restrictions of ones<br />

country of citizenship or lawful residence.”<br />

John Hanafin<br />

Founder | CEO<br />

Suite 1601 Lake Central Tower, Business Bay, Dubai<br />

+971 4 589 6434 | info@huriyaprivate.com<br />

www.huriyaprivate.com<br />



<strong>The</strong> Cypriot program is comparable as it offers investors full citizenship – but the required investment is many times<br />

higher in Cyprus.<br />

By far the most popular path to citizenship in Portugal is investment into real estate. <strong>The</strong> Portuguese real estate market<br />

is booming, and has been delivering typically excellent returns. To such an extent, that investment in both Lisbon and<br />

Porto real estate has been restricted from January <strong>20</strong>21.<br />

Portugal’s fast-growth construction sector means there are various good options for investment through the Golden<br />

Visa program. One of the most attractive has only just been announced – the Marriott LAPA hotel in Porto.<br />

Six weeks ago, Marriott announced 160 spaces for investors to gain citizenship through investing into their new<br />

government-approved 4-star MICE hotel in the UNESCO area of Porto. Proof of the project’s popularity, Marriott have<br />

already filled half their investment slots, so investors do need to move fast if interested.<br />

<strong>The</strong> deal is, investors invest EUR350,000 into the project for five years. Once the hotel’s completed, you’re guaranteed<br />

a 3% annual return on your investment – plus Portuguese residence cards for your family (so you can live and work in<br />

Portugal if you choose, and travel freely across the Schengen area) within 8 to 10 months.<br />

After five years, provided you’ve maintained your investment, stayed in Portugal for a minimum of 35 days over the<br />

five-year period and can understand basic Portuguese, you and your entire family will gain Portuguese passports.<br />

It’s also an extremely low-risk opportunity, as there’s a guaranteed buy-back on your investment after five years. Plus,<br />

if you do need your money out earlier, there’s an staggered early exit plan that sees you regain the large majority of your<br />

investment.<br />

In all, Portugal’s Golden Visa program is the fastest, most affordable and lowest-risk route to full citizenship in Europe.<br />

100<br />

Suite 1601 Lake Central Tower, Business Bay, Dubai | +971 4 589 6434 | info@huriyaprivate.com | www.huriyaprivate.com

NEW<br />

Member<br />



Royal Reed is the owner of Prestige Law, an award winning, rapidly expanding legal practice based in Auckland<br />

with an excellent cross cultural dispute resolution offering. She is well known in New Zealand for<br />

her fluency in dealing with cross cultural issues. Royal has extensive experience in the New Zealand legal<br />

profession, is well known in the Chinese community for her TV, Radio and Live Streaming work as a presenter,<br />

for her pro bono contribution to legal education and for her Australia and New Zealand Chinese strategic consulting.<br />

In her expanding consulting<br />

capacity, Royal’s<br />

expertise in marketing to<br />

Chinese has lead to an expansion<br />

of the practice to<br />

include:<br />

• Being a leading speaker<br />

in Chinese cultural behaviour;<br />

• Business advice to attain<br />

Chinese consumers to<br />

your business;<br />

• Strategic consulting for<br />

businesses to develop and<br />

execute a Chinese consumer<br />

focused business<br />

plan.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> and Royal Reed are hosting a speakers series of workshops to help New Zealand businesses<br />

attain the <strong>Luxury</strong> Chinese consumer. Please contact info@theluxurynetwork.co.nz if you are interested in registering<br />

for a workshop or would like strategic consulting advice.<br />


NEW<br />

Member<br />


STUDIOS: A<br />





Social Media Studios, a family<br />

operated photography and<br />

videography company, was<br />

founded in <strong>20</strong>10, which primarily<br />

focuses on commercial photography.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Social Media Studios team are<br />

passionate about what they do and<br />

they have a strong eye for detail.<br />

Specifically, they help people and<br />

businesses stand out by providing<br />

engaging content to help attract<br />

and convert their target audience.<br />


*Isla Chair & Ottoman in<br />

Blend Lagoon<br />


5 YEAR<br />






ealand.com<br />

NZ<br />



TLN<br />

News<br />






Last June 19th, Bonham Architecture & Interiors<br />

rolled out the red carpet to their showroom in<br />

Auckland on Friday night to <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong><br />

members and guests for an interactive evening of colours<br />

and textures. Guests selected the colour themes<br />

they were drawn to and arranged layers of colours,<br />

textures, stone, paint and finishes to create the ultimate<br />

colour scheme while sipping champagne and indulging<br />

in fresh oysters.<br />

<strong>The</strong> diverse team at Bonham Architecture & Interiors<br />

collaborate with their clients to create timeless, bespoke<br />

architecture and interiors that reflect their clients’<br />

style and taste. <strong>Luxury</strong> living, leisure and entertainment<br />

spaces like no other.<br />


TLN<br />

News<br />







On August 5th, Brent Sutcliffe, the<br />

master craftsman behind Sutcliffe,<br />

has jewellery in his blood. Brent’s father<br />

was also a master jeweller and set up<br />

Sutcliffe Jewellery 1968. However, prior to<br />

taking over the family business Brent moved<br />

to London to further craft his skills, during<br />

this time he entered and won the prestigious<br />

British Goldsmiths Craftsmanship<br />

and Design Awards, competing against 700<br />

British jewellers, he walked away with the<br />

industry’s top honours: Jeweller of the Year.<br />

We are now lucky to have Brent back in New<br />

Zealand, handcrafting bespoke jewellery,<br />

and as a member of <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong>.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> New Zealand hosted<br />

an interactive precious stone workshop at<br />

Sutcliffe Jewellery for an exclusive group of<br />

clients. Brent educated us on how precious<br />

stones are valued and how stones, looking<br />

fairly similar, can differ so much in price.<br />

<strong>The</strong> group had a lovely time trying on the<br />

beautiful jewellery and viewing newly arrived<br />

precious stones that will be turned<br />

into bespoke pieces for their lucky owners.<br />

This was a fun event accompanied by<br />

champagne and canapes, it is fair to say, we<br />

will be back!<br />


1A<br />

506-8 FILM NATURA BISSÉ 1B<br />

506-8<br />

1C<br />

506-8 FILM 2A 506-8<br />



Indulge yourself in one of our exclusive spas<br />





Affairs<br />




COVID-19 and its effects are<br />

being felt throughout the<br />

world. It is first and foremost,<br />

a human tragedy, where we<br />

are confronting loss at a scale never<br />

seen in our lifetime. <strong>The</strong>n another<br />

kind of loss has happened concurrently.<br />

Businesses have shut down.<br />

<strong>The</strong> work-from-home policies,<br />

while necessary, have disrupted<br />

the global economy with little forecasting<br />

as to what will come next.<br />

What has been learnt during this<br />

time, is the importance of effective<br />

and sustainable continuity planning<br />

for business resilience – and<br />

that’s where Evoke <strong>International</strong><br />

comes in – to help rebuild businesses<br />

in a new world created by<br />

the pandemic.<br />

Evoke <strong>International</strong> is a ‘next generation’<br />

global strategic communications<br />

company that has created<br />

a worldwide footprint of technical<br />

and intellectual expertise. Led by<br />

experienced communicators and<br />

supported by academics, journalists,<br />

media specialists, research analysts,<br />

data scientists and security<br />

experts, they advise private companies,<br />

corporations, governments,<br />

NGOs, faith groups and individuals<br />

on all aspects of Strategic Communications,<br />

Public Relations, Research,<br />

Data Mining/Management,<br />

Advertising, Media Buying and<br />

Campaign Implementation. But, like<br />

other businesses during COVID,<br />

they’ve taken a look at how they<br />

can do things better, differently<br />

and more effectively. <strong>The</strong> result -<br />

110<br />

an August relaunch that gave birth<br />

to an end-to-end service agency in<br />

a new frontier, with data-backed<br />

perspectives offering true results –<br />

creating real experiences that matter<br />

and telling companies what they<br />

need to know now, for the future.<br />

In a nutshell, they’re a data-backed,<br />

solutions-driven ‘Think Tank’ with<br />

full 360° implementation capabilities.<br />

With many businesses downsizing<br />

and redeveloping their business<br />

models and strategies, many are<br />

searching for ‘one-stop shop’ companies<br />

that can help them realign<br />

their services and products, provide<br />

digital transformation solutions<br />

and a fresh, proven approach<br />

– where risk is no longer an option.<br />

<strong>The</strong> problem is, their aren’t many<br />

around. Evoke <strong>International</strong>’s new<br />

offering provides that holistic approach<br />

through its exclusive Conflict/Commercial<br />

Analysis Software<br />

Tool (CAST). CAST is a ‘Why’<br />

machine, equipping clients with<br />

a complete 360° data-fueled and<br />

simulation-supported picture of<br />

the world, their competitors, their<br />

customers, and how wider events<br />

and the market, is and will affect<br />

their business.<br />

<strong>The</strong> approach, models and methodologies<br />

developed in CAST have<br />

been verified by the U.S. Government<br />

and independent bodies as<br />

having over 90% accuracy in predicting<br />

and shaping thousands<br />

of political, social, economic and<br />

business outcomes.<br />

This is a real contextualized understanding<br />

by translating data<br />

into useable information that generates<br />

insights for global, governmental<br />

and corporate strategies,<br />

investments, marketing and most<br />

importantly sales – creating a true<br />

understanding of why consumers/<br />

citizens are making the choices<br />

they are, who they really are, what<br />

they really want and how to deliver<br />

it to them. CAST can determine<br />

how to:<br />

• Close High Value Transactions<br />

and Negotiations with the Best Deal<br />

• Anticipate, Mitigate and Shape<br />

Political, Social and Economic Outcomes<br />

• Predict Current and Alternative<br />

Outcomes<br />

• Test Potential Tactics in Advance<br />

to Weaknesses, Risk and the Winning<br />

Strategy<br />

• Understanding Most Likely Scenarios,<br />

Risks and Uncertainties<br />

Through the 360° Contextualization

Members<br />

Affairs<br />

• Feasibility of Agreements on<br />

Commercial Negotiations, Anticipate<br />

Regulations or Political Influence<br />

Outcomes<br />

• Manage Stakeholder Complexity<br />

- Competing Perceptions, Interests<br />

and Capabilities - By Shaping Positive<br />

Outcomes<br />

• Predict Consumer buying habits,<br />

will to spend and why, and increase<br />

conversion<br />

• Digital Media Insights Planning<br />

Tool to plan effectively consumer<br />

segmentation, data driven personalization<br />

based on behavioral targeting<br />

and seeding.<br />

• Effectively plan digital media buys<br />

across multiple channels and platforms<br />

paid owed and earned.<br />

In response to the pandemic, Evoke<br />

<strong>International</strong> is also now offering<br />

models specially designed for corporations,<br />

governments and institutions<br />

grappling with how to develop<br />

current and future scenarios<br />

for COVID-19 including financial,<br />

social, political and supply-chain<br />

modeling leveraging big data and<br />

AI through CAST. Additionally, free<br />

assessments are available for customers<br />

in need of digital transformation<br />

solutions, with six modules<br />

or custom packages to choose from<br />

based on assessment results. Full<br />

content creation development and<br />

implementation for social media<br />

and other marketing/advertising<br />

needs are also on offer for companies<br />

looking to cut back on expenses<br />

and outsource those needs.<br />

For companies facing a reputational<br />

crisis in light of the effects<br />

of COVID-19, they often turn to<br />

law firms for confidentiality, who<br />

refer them to crisis management<br />

companies that have been around<br />

since the 70’s, problem is, many of<br />

those companies haven’t updated<br />

their core expertise, don’t understand<br />

technologies nor the depth<br />

of analytics. Evoke <strong>International</strong> is<br />

one of the few companies with the<br />

capability to asymmetrically handle<br />

the media, politics and markets in<br />

today’s complex and unstable environments.<br />

Reputation and perception<br />

is everything - especially now<br />

in a world with a global captive audience<br />

with more time spent examining<br />

and looking deeply into what<br />

and who they interact with. From<br />

people to products to services –<br />

meaning and impact are a requisite<br />

ask from a world so very in tune<br />

now with how finite life is.<br />

For businesses, institutions or<br />

agencies looking for support and<br />

the right bearings to return to a new<br />

world order, Evoke <strong>International</strong><br />

may well be worth bearing in mind<br />

for those who need to enhance<br />

their resilience to our new reality,<br />

mitigate against further pandemic<br />

aftershocks and future proof for<br />

sustainability and legacy-building.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y’re moving businesses from<br />

just ‘surviving’ to thriving.<br />

For more information on Evoke<br />

<strong>International</strong>, visit their website:<br />

www.evoke-international.com<br />


UNDER <strong>The</strong><br />

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<strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong> <strong>Network</strong> Nigeria in partnership with<br />

Business Day and Communications agency Robert<br />

Taylor Media, launched a national campaign<br />

titled Covid Heroes. <strong>The</strong><br />

campaign aims to recognise<br />

outstanding individuals<br />

and organizations<br />

making a significant direct<br />

contribution, or exceptional<br />

input, in any<br />

field to combat Covid-19.<br />

<strong>The</strong> campaign is underpinned<br />

by a passion to<br />

create a positive and<br />

inspiring narrative inside<br />

Nigeria – especially<br />

during these challenging<br />

times. You can read more<br />

about it here.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Covid Heroes campaign<br />

is part of a wider<br />

strategy designed to lend<br />

a new perspective to the<br />

conversation about Nigeria<br />

and boost the profile<br />

of the Nigerian luxury<br />

Industry. Prior to this, as<br />

part of a strategy to challenge<br />

the narrative about<br />

Nigeria, we co-hosted a<br />

panel discussion in partnership<br />

with the Financial Times in Mayfair, London,<br />

titled An Inspiring Conversation on the Future of <strong>Luxury</strong>:<br />

Spotlight on the Business of <strong>Luxury</strong> In Nigeria.<br />


<strong>The</strong> current pandemic, though extremely challenging,<br />

is yet another opportunity to change the narrative, by<br />

telling the stories of some of the inspiring individuals<br />

and organisations in Nigeria. Through the partnership<br />

with Business Day and Robert Taylor Media, we hope<br />

to highlight the work of as many organisations as we<br />

can, thereby helping to generate more funding, while<br />

also inspiring others to follow in same footsteps.<br />

Under <strong>The</strong><br />

Spotlight<br />

Shown above are some images featuring <strong>The</strong> <strong>Luxury</strong><br />

<strong>Network</strong> Team on an Outreach with Banky W and Lekki<br />

Food Bank. See the video here. For our interview with<br />

Mrs Bola Tinubu and the Cece Yara Foundation, click<br />

here. Over the coming days, we will shine the spotlight<br />

on the brilliant organisations we have selected including:<br />

CACovid, NCDC, Warif, UBA Foundation, <strong>The</strong> Food<br />

Project, Lagos Shapers; an arm of the Global Shapers<br />

Community (affiliated to the World Economic Forum)<br />

and many more.<br />

<strong>The</strong> campaign will culminate in an exhibition titled<br />

Survival Instinct, at our upcoming Bvlgari African Art<br />

event in the UK. <strong>The</strong> Art event, a partnership with the<br />

world-renowned Bvlgari brand, is designed primarily<br />

to lend a new perspective to the conversation about<br />

Africa. Alongside art from leading African artists such<br />

as Ben Enwonwu MBE, the 3-day event will showcase<br />

a selection of images from our Covid Heroes campaign,<br />

to provide an insight into how the most populous<br />

country on the African continent fought the<br />

Covid-19 crisis. This event will be held at Bvlgari Hotel<br />

in Knightsbridge London, on 4-6 February <strong>20</strong>21.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Covid Heroes campaign is driven by our ethos of<br />

working together and Creating Unique Partnerships<br />

between high-profile brands and organisations. Our<br />

primary goal is to stimulate a collaborative effort between<br />

key players in the Nigerian private sector – for<br />

greater impact in the fight against the coronavirus.<br />

We have already recorded some positive actions and<br />

a number of donations in direct response to the campaign.<br />

Together we can do more.<br />

We would love to hear from you if you want to make a<br />

donation to any of the projects, or if you wish to partner<br />

with us. Thank you.<br />


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