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DIT Foundation

Impact Report 2017

Dear alumni and friends,

I would like to thank you most sincerely for your engagement and support

over the past year. Together we continue to empower our students to reach

for their dreams and to achieve their full potential as engaged global citizens,

ready to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Your donations enables DIT to continue to realise our mission as a

comprehensive higher education institution, delivering academic

programmes - from apprenticeships to PhD - across a wide range of disciplines

for our students of all ages and backgrounds. The support of our alumni and

friends increases our capacity to produce cutting-edge research and deliver

much needed community related projects. Now, in partnership with our

sister Institutes of Technology in Tallaght and Blanchardstown, we are close

to achieving our goal of creating a Technological University that will serve

not only the greater Dublin Region but will be a beacon for higher education

nationally and internationally.

We are also succeeding in our ambition to develop an amazing 21st century

learning environment on our Grangegorman Campus for all DIT students.

We are profoundly grateful to our donors, supporters and friends for their

support in delivering what will be 140,000m² of purpose-built space for

academic, cultural, social, recreational and sporting activities, as well as oncampus

student accommodation, in the heart of a European capital city. We

have commenced construction on the next two major academic quads this

Spring, which will provide state-of-the-art facilities for 10,000 students by


We are very proud to be a central part of such a nationally significant

regeneration project, which will support the development of the city,

enhance cultural life and bring additional creativity and innovation to our

local community.

Thank you for placing your trust in us and supporting our development at

such an exciting and transformative time.

Warm regards

Professor Brian Norton

President, Dublin Institute of Technology

29% 20%

Part-time learners

International students

from 60 countries


Mature Students


of students qualify for

financial support




DIT is ranked in the

top 4% of universities


DIT is the 2017 Sunday

Times “Institute of

Technology of the Year”

DIT has over 800

researchers addressing

21st century challenges

DIT Foundation

DIT Foundation encourages philanthropic support from DIT alumni, friends,

corporations, staff, charitable trusts and foundations.

We are committed to demonstrating the unique culture of DIT and

unlocking the power of philanthropic support to the Institute.

Our fundraising priorities reflect DIT’s strategic objectives:

Capital Development – DIT Foundation is committed to supporting

DIT’s historic campus development at Grangegorman, Dublin 7 which

is transforming the learning environment at DIT and driving urban

regeneration in Dublin.

Supporting Excellence in Teaching and Research – supporting DIT in its

mission to be a culturally diverse and stimulating learning and research


Enabling Participation at DIT – working with our donors to support access

to education, enabling students to achieve their dreams and deepening

community engagement.

Message from the Chairman

On behalf of my fellow Board members I would like to express our heartfelt

thanks for the generous support of all donors to DIT in 2017.

The impact of philanthropy at DIT is far reaching and throughout this report,

you will see how donations help complement and enhance our existing

work. Together with a growing number of private individuals, companies

and trusts, we are providing even more support to the many students at

DIT who struggle to make ends meet, delivering facilities that encourage

innovation and creativity and developing programmes that address real

societal challenges.

We are committed to developing a meaningful and valued partnership

with all our donors in order to advance our mission as a comprehensive

higher education institution. We are deeply grateful for our donors’ steadfast

dedication and we are excited about the future as we develop a state-ofthe-art

learning environment at Grangegorman.

Jim Gahan, Chair, DIT Foundation

DIT Surveying 1970

DIT Grangegorman

Grangegorman Campus:

Enhancing higher education and transforming the urban landscape

The creation of a 21st century higher education campus

in the centre of a European capital city is both ambitious

and exciting. For the first time in its more than 130 year

history, DIT will bring together its wide range of disciplines,

research and innovation activities, and civic engagement

in one city-centre location. Possibly the most significant

capital investment in higher education in Ireland’s history, it

is also a flagship project for the redevelopment of the inner

city of Dublin.

The development of the site has been approached

sympathetically, with its eleven protected structures

painstakingly restored and repurposed. New state-of-theart

academic facilities are about to be constructed as well

as dedicated spaces for public exhibitions, performances

and lectures. The beautifully landscaped grounds provide

a publicly accessible green lung in a dense urban setting,

with walking routes linking neighbourhoods and local

communities, a children’s playground and playing fields

for soccer, rugby and GAA that are extensively used by DIT

students and local clubs alike.

Education, and Criminology – are also located on campus in

the restored listed buildings.

The Greenway Hub

The Greenway Hub was officially opened by Minister Richard

Bruton on 01 March 2017. The first new DIT building on

campus, it hosts some 90 researchers in the Environmental

Sustainability and Health Institute (ESHI) who are working in

laboratories using the latest equipment to investigate issues

relating to the effects of the environment on our food, water,

air quality, and health. It is also home to entrepreneurs and

high potential start-up companies, mentored and supported

by the tech transfer team in DIT Hothouse.

Funded by DIT, Enterprise Ireland and PRTLI the Greenway Hub

places research, commercialisation and business incubation in

a strategic location at the heart of the new campus.

In 2014, the first 1200 students and 200 staff members

moved to the campus. These include students of the

Dublin School of Creative Arts – including Fine Art, Visual

Communications, Furniture and Interior Design and Visual

Merchandising – and students of Photography, who are

currently based in the studios in the North House. Students

of Social Science – including Social Care, Early Childhood

Impact report, DIT Hothouse Incubator

Cross-City Luas

DIT Broombridge

Artist render of the East Quad at DIT Grangegorman

Dublin Bikes

DIT Hothouse is the award-winning Innovation and Knowledge

Transfer Office at DIT, responsible for the commercialisation

of intellectual property arising from DIT research

The next stage

In December 2017 the Head of the European Investment

Bank (EIB) visited the DIT campus and reconfirmed support

for the project. The construction of the East and Central

Quads have been guaranteed the financial support required

and DIT can prepare to move 10,000 students to the new

campus by early 2020.

Work has begun on the construction of the Central Quad

which will be the focal point on the campus for the sciences

and health, tourism and hospitality, culinary arts and food

technology. Built around a central courtyard, the 30,000m²

building will include lecture theatres, laboratories, kitchens,

and other facilities. A teaching restaurant, supported by

philanthropy from Musgrave Marketplace, as part of their

commitment to education and the future of the Irish food

sector, will be at its heart.

December 2017 also marked the arrival of the Cross-City

Luas, providing a major public transport link right to the

campus entrance. The Broadstone DIT stop will provide

direct access to the East Quad which will incorporate

a range of performance and exhibition spaces for use

by students and by visiting performers throughout the

year. As a Cultural Hub, the East Quad will bring together

over 200 arts practitioners from the creative, performing

and media arts, creating a year-round programme and

attracting audiences from around the city.

From the DIT campus, the Cross-City Luas proceeds to its

terminus at Broombridge – just two stops further – thereby

serving the DIT Sports facilities that have been developed

in a former industrial site where the mainline rail coincides

with the Luas. A full size all-weather GAA pitch, which can

also be used for two soccer or rugby pitches, has been

developed on the site, with associated changing facilities.

Creating Ireland’s first

Technological University

In March 2018 The Technological University Alliance for

Dublin welcomed the signing into law by President Michael

D. Higgins of the Technological Universities Act. The Alliance,

which includes DIT, IT Blanchardstown and IT Tallaght,

said the ambition now is to bring the TU4Dublin project

to fruition and create the first technological university in

Dublin. The new, enlarged institution will have more than

28,000 students based on three campuses – Grangegorman,

Blanchardstown and Tallaght – linked by a common

platform of online learning and services. It will offer a wide

portfolio of career-focused and practice based programmes,

supporting students at every stage of their lives and careers.

DIT and TOPCON on mission to fight blindness

Professor Brian Norton & Dr. Ray O’Connor

DIT’s School of Physics & Clinical & Optometric Sciences

has been educating students for over 50 years and enjoys

an international reputation for excellence. The National

Optometry Centre (NOC), situated within the School, supports

the delivery of the only undergraduate degree in the Republic

of Ireland through the provision of clinical training facilities.

In addition, The Centre for Eye Research Ireland (CERI), a

dedicated ophthalmic research facility resides in the School of

Physics & Clinical & Optometric Sciences.

CERI is one of the first research centres to locate to the

Environmental Sustainability and Health Institute on DIT’s

new campus in Grangegorman. CERI has a unique research

portfolio that aims to eliminate avoidable blindness and

vision impairment, improve quality of life and create

sustainable societal impact.

The DIT Centre for Eye Research Ireland (CERI), led by

Professor James Loughman, is observing a very significant

increase in eye disease globally. This is due to a range of

factors such as the world’s growing population, longer

lifespans and inadequate access to healthcare resources.

Our rapidly evolving lifestyle including changes to our

diet, exercise habits and potentially even the technological

revolution that society has experienced are also

contributory factors.

Topcon was founded in 1932 with a focus on developing and

manufacturing surveying instruments. Following World War

II Topcon introduced ophthalmic and medical equipment

to the market and is now a recognised market leader in

eye health and innovation. In the domains of healthcare,

agriculture, and infrastructure Topcon is dedicated to

providing solutions to these societal challenges.

Her Excellency Ambassador Myoshi of Japan & Dr. Ray O’Connor

Topcon has been a longstanding supporter of DIT,

providing much needed surveying equipment to the

College of Engineering and Built Environment and

ophthalmic equipment to the National Optometry

Centre. Topcon, a global leader in ophthalmic precision

instruments, has pledged €250,000 to support the Centre

for Eye Research Ireland. The Topcon Vision Science

Lab in DIT Grangegorman will facilitate significant eye

health research and the fight against blindness. Dr. Ray

O’Connor of Topcon travelled from California for the

launch in November 2016, which was also attended by Her

Excellency Ambassador Myoshi of Japan.

DIT Graduate Dr. Ray O’Connor, Senior Managing Executive

of Topcon, said the company was delighted to work with

DIT colleagues and to support what is vital health research.

“The research taking place in these cutting-edge labs on

the Grangegorman campus will be crucial in developing

“The research taking place in these cutting-edge labs on the

Grangegorman campus will be crucial in developing preventative

measures that enhance our health prognosis. Protecting and

prolonging the gift of sight is a great contribution to long-term wellbeing

in our population. This is an example of industry and academia

collaborating for a common good and my colleagues and I in Topcon

are glad to be working with DIT on this.”

preventative measures that enhance our health prognosis.

Protecting and prolonging the gift of sight is a great

contribution to long-term well-being in our population.

This is an example of industry and academia collaborating

for a common good and my colleagues and I in Topcon are

glad to be working with DIT on this.”

conducting two ground-breaking clinical trials: one

exploring nutritional interventions for glaucoma and the

other investigating myopia control in children.

Professor Brian Norton, President of DIT, said,

“The Topcon Vision Science Lab here in the Greenway Hub –

which is our centre for research and innovation in the heart

of our new campus in Grangegorman – will support research

that will no doubt play an important part in improving health

outcomes internationally but also here in Ireland.”

The Topcon Vision Science Lab provides researchers in CERI

with the latest in technology and equipment to pioneer

advances in eye health. The team at CERI is currently

Her Excellency Ambassador Myoshi of Japan & Dr. Ray O’Connor

Basis.point Junior Cycle Workshop Programme

The DIT Access & Civic Engagement Office provides a

broad range of supports to ensure that students from

communities and backgrounds where there is little tradition

of participation in higher education succeed in accessing

and graduating from third level education

Basis.point, a registered charity, represents the Irish Fund

Industry’s initiative to come together to help make a

difference to those in need. The Irish Fund Industry avoided

the worst of the recession that has caused considerable

hardship for many people in Ireland. Recognising this, a

group of individuals considered how the industry could

make a difference.

Basis.point’s aim is to help make a sustainable and tangible

difference to the lives of those living in poverty, particularly

young people, by supporting charities, which focus on

education. Basis.point does this by providing grants to charities

to fund programmes and initiatives that focus on education.

When DIT moved to Grangegorman in 2013 it engaged in

a consultation process with local schools and identified

a need to provide opportunities to engage local school

children with DIT, in order to promote higher education

opportunities. This led to the establishment of the junior

cycle workshop programme, which engages schoolchildren

from 1st – 3rd year. This programme promotes higher

education as a realistic and achievable ambition for

students from DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in

Schools) schools in inner city Dublin and has been running

for 2 years in the 4 neighbouring schools close to DIT’s new

campus in Grangegorman.

The Junior Cycle Workshop Programme marks the start

of a long term relationship with participants and schools

which spans the 3 years of the junior cycle. With support

from basis.point we will expand our existing programme

from four DEIS schools to the fourteen DIT partner DEIS

Students from St. Pauls CBS Secondary School

learning crime scene investigation skills with Garda

Students from Mount Carmel Secondary

School working on a renewable energy project

“In basis.point we have a partner who shares our ambitions to instil

confidence in these students and to sow the seed that higher education is a

realistic and viable option for them when they leave secondary school.”

schools in inner city Dublin on a phased basis this has the

potential to reach an additional 700 young people from

disadvantaged schools across Dublin’s inner city.

We aim to encourage a sense of belonging to the college

campus among the students and expose them to new areas

of potential interest such as design, science, engineering,

art and construction and the wide variety of career

opportunities made possible by higher education.

Dr Catherine Bates, Head of DIT Access & Civic Engagement

expressed her gratitude to basispoint.

“In basis.point we have a partner who shares our ambitions

to instil confidence in these students and to sow the seed that

higher education is a realistic and viable option for them when

they leave secondary school.”

Students from Stanhope St. Secondary

School taking part in a forensics workshop

Scholarship Overview

An increasing number of students at DIT are seeking additional financial support to allow them to remain in full time

education. Scholarships at DIT award students for their hard work and dedication. They allow students the opportunity

to focus on achieving excellence in their field and also shows our donors commitment to supporting Ireland’s future


DIT Foundation administered 43 scholarships in 2017, with a total value of €150,000.

New to 2017

Sirus Scholarship

Schneider Electric Ireland Scholarship

The two talented students awarded the first Sirus Scholarship were Zoe

Elliott and Pauric O’Connell, both fourth year students of Bachelor of

Engineering (Hons) in Building Services Engineering.

DIT and Sirus introduced the Sirus Scholarship for Building

Engineering in 2017.

The Scholarship was an initiative created with DIT Graduate

James Byrne(CEO) and Frank Caul (Managing Director),

who together set up the very successful Irish engineering

company Sirus Group.

“Sirus are always looking for good people, we prefer to employ

the graduates from Building Engineering in DIT as they are

able to hit the ground running and contribute to the company

quickly; this also means that these graduates climb the career

ladder very quickly.” Sirus Manging Director Frank Caul

Mark Keogh, VP for Partner & Industry Business with awardee Meda Sigekina

Meda Sigekina, a second year student of Electrical Services

& Energy Management in Kevin St was awarded the first

Schneider Scholarship in October 2017. This Scholarship

was created with Mark Keogh, a DIT Engineering graduate

who is the VP for Partner & Industry Business at Schneider

Electric Ireland. The Scholarship was set up to complement

and enhance their current involvement with the DIT

ESTeEm project, by encouraging and supporting female

enrolment in engineering courses at DIT. Meda will

have the opportunity to complete a summer placement

with Schneider Electric Ireland at their headquarters in

Maynooth as part of her Scholarship.

Sirus also generously donated a state-of-the-art recirculating

air conditioning teaching system to the college which will be

put into use in time for the next academic year.

This piece of equipment will support the learning of undergraduate

students and apprentices

Leslie Shoemaker, Programme Facilitator with students

from the ESTeEm Project

Panelto Scholarships

Conor Martin, one of the awardees provided an insight to

their semester in at Purdue –

“The time at Purdue was life changing. I think I can speak for

all the students and say if there was another chance to do it

all over again we would. With the scholarship were able to

fully immerse ourselves in the “American college lifestyle”.

The opportunities of studying other topics in college such as

psychology were extremely valuable in our development in

hospitality learning about the early stages of the way people

act/react and why.”

Brian Guerin with awardees Kate McLoughlin and Shane Monaghan and

Dr. Frank Cullen, Head of School of Culinary Arts & Food Technology

Ocean Edge Resort Scholarships

DIT and Panelto introduced the Panelto Scholarship in

Culinary Arts & Food Technology and Mechanical & Design

Engineering in 2017.

Three exceptional students from Baking & Pastry Arts

Management and from Mechanical and Design Engineering

were awarded the Panelto Scholarship by Brian Guerin,

General Manager of Panelto Foods.

As part of the Panelto Scholarship, the 3rd year students

will complete an internship and will have the opportunity

to complete a summer placement with Panelto at their

plant in Longford.

Marriott Scholarship

The DIT School of Hospitality Management and Tourism

was delighted to announce the new Ocean Edge Resort

and Golf Club scholarships in 2017. These scholarships

were awarded to two students of proven engagement and

academic excellence in the second year of the Hospitality

Management and two students in the third year of

International Hospitality Management.

In addition, the recipients will be offered a highly attractive

6 month internship with Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club

in Cape Cod starting in March 2018.

Aine Morris, Emilia Howarth, Niamh McAnana, Conor Martin & Jiawei

Sun at Purdue University

In March 2017, students from the Hospitality Management

Programme in Cathal Brugha Street were awarded the first

Marriot Scholars. This scholarship provided five students

with a grant to support a semester of study at the Marriott

Hall, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management,

Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA.

Robert Newman, the CEO of Corcoran Jennison Hospitality

and General Manager of Ocean Edge Resort and Golf

Club established this scholarship programme. Robert is a

graduate of Hotel Catering Management from DIT Cathal

Brugha Street.

Cait McCarthy, winner of the 2017 Wallace Family Scholarship Michelle Malone awarded the Mont Kavanagh Fine Art Scholarship in 2017

Wallace Family Scholarship

– Cait McCarthy

Cait McCarthy, a 3rd year student of Product Design was

awarded the 2017 Wallace Family Scholarship. During

Cait’s first year in DIT she aspired to give something back

and began in October 2015 by immersing herself in an

organisation for overseas voluntary work in Uganda where

she worked on a facility and programme for an IT Library

for aspiring students. Cait’s primary interest is in medical

device design and engineering; she has completed a level

5 Healthcare Assistant course to gain vital insight into this


Cait is also the head of ‘Women in design’ in the DIT design

society and is a mentor to those who have just recently

entered the course. Cait hopes to complete a Masters when

she has finished her degree in Product Design.

The Wallace Family Scholarship aims to support committed

students like Cait who have not only demonstrated

academic achievement but also engaged with the world of

engineering outside of the classroom.

The Wallace Family Fund for Engineering was established in

2016 by engineer Paul Wallace, a graduate of 1958 Bolton

Street. It was with the financial support of a generous donor

that Paul himself had the opportunity to study engineering

at DIT in 1958. He went on to have a long and fruitful career

as an engineer in both industry and academia. The fund is

supported by Paul’s family and friends.

Mont Kavanagh Scholarship

– Michelle Malone

“Being an Artist means surrendering my thoughts to endless

flights of fancy. It means letting your imagination run free

without binding it with conscious restrictions and blocks. It means

anything is possible. It means sleepless nights. It means having

an empty bank account. It means constantly challenging your

own process and development. It means buying materials instead

of socialising. It means striving to be unique and individual. It

means not being afraid to be honest and true to yourself. It means

wanting to cry because you are so happy with what you’ve made.”

Michelle Malone is a mature student studying Fine Art in

Grangegorman. Michelle was awarded the Mont Kavanagh

Fine Art Scholarship in 2017 for her outstanding portfolio,

academic excellence and successful interview. Michelle

spent eight years working in Visual Merchandising and

Display before beginning the Fine Art Programme in DIT.

She has built an excellent rapport with staff and students

alike, and was chosen as the class representative, working

hard to keep her fellow students motivated and organised.

In May 2017 Michelle assisted renowned artist Aoibheann

Greenan in teaching a children’s workshop in the Royal

Hibernian Academy School, an experience which encouraged

her to be more active both in college and externally.

Mont Kavanagh led Hardwicke Property Group for almost

twenty years, and was widely recognised as both an

industry leader and a pioneer in the development of

modern office accommodation in Dublin through the

1960s and 1970s. Following his untimely death, the Mont

Kavanagh Trust was established in his honour to seek

to promote through educational endeavour real estate

sciences, architecture and the visual arts.

New to 2018 - DIT Conservatory

of Music and Drama Scholarship


Keith Fahy at the peak of Mount Kilimajaro

DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama covers the broadest

range of performing arts disciplines in Ireland with degree

programmes in classical and Irish traditional music,

composition, musicology, music education, jazz, opera,

drama and (in association with partner colleges) rock and

pop music, and film scoring.

DIT Travel Scholarship in Renewable

Energy – Keith Fahy

Keith Fahy was awarded the 2018 Travel Scholarship with

Renewable World. Keith recently graduated with a Bachelor

of Engineering in Building Services Engineering, and in

2016 with a Master of Science in Energy Management

from DIT Kevin Street. He also holds a Bachelor of

Engineering in Civil Engineering from CIT and completed

an apprenticeship in refrigeration and air-conditioning.

He is currently a lead engineer, responsible for energy

management in a pharmaceutical company in Athlone, Co.


Keith reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro and also

trekked the Great Wall of China and climbed Mt Elbrus in

Russia. In 2018 he will take part in the Marathon des Sables

in Morocco.

Keith’s main interests are in geothermal systems and

pumping systems, carbon dioxide cooling systems and

absorption refrigeration systems, which made him the

perfect candidate for a placement with Renewable World.

Keith will travel to Kenya in June 2018 to design and install

a solar powered ice making system and to assist with work

on a solar micro grid.

The DIT Travel Scholarship in Renewable Energy is an

annual scholarship which provides an opportunity for a

high-achieving DIT graduate with a Masters Degree or PhD

to pursue a practical work assignment in a developing

country in the area of renewable energy. The recipient will

work for a period of up to 3 months on a project managed

by the international charity Renewable World.

Scholarship funding is a key part of performing arts

education around the world. In 2017 DIT ‘s Conservatory of

Music and Drama launched a new scholarship programme

to attract the best artistic talent and to provide motivation

and inspiration to current and future students. This

competitive scholarship programme can offer the most

talented young performers the financial support needed to

reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

This scholarship programme was launched at the ‘Past

and Present’ DIT Conservatory Gala Concert at the

National Concert Hall in November 2017. This concert

celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Bachelor of Music

in Performance degree.

2017 Scholarships

DIT Foundation would like to thank all of the donors

who contributed to Scholarships in 2017:

• Marriott Foundation Scholarships in Hospitality

Management & Tourism

• Mont Kavanagh Scholarships & Awards in Fine Art,

Architecture & Architectural Technology

• Morrison Scholarship in Architecture & Architectural Technology

• Musgrave Scholarship in Culinary Arts & Culinary


• Ocean Edge Scholarships for Hospitality Management & Tourism

• Panelto Scholarships for the School of Mechanical & Design

Engineering and Culinary Arts & Food Technology

• Wallace Family Scholarships for Mechanical, Manufacturing

& Design, Product Design or Building Services Engineering

• Schneider Scholarships for Female students of Electrical

Engineering & Energy Management

• Sirus Scholarships for Building Services Engineering

• Travel Scholarship in Renewable Energy


DIT Disability Support Service is committed to helping

students with disabilities achieve their academic goals.

We ensure that all 1,400 students registered with our

service are able to fully participate in, and benefit from, all

educational opportunities at DIT.

DIT Disability Support Service is delighted to partner

with eir on a ground-breaking assistive technologies pilot

project called Appventure, which focuses on the use of

technology tools to promote greater academic success and

enhance the student’s learning experience.

eir is the principal provider of fixed-line and mobile

telecommunications services in Ireland with approximately

2 million customers.

eir provided support through their corporate social

responsibility investment programme, the eir Fund –

Connecting Communities. In partnership with eir, DIT

Disability Support Service will identify and train Technology

Mentors from the student body. These mentors promote the

use of technology apps to fellow students primarily through

workshops. In year 1 this pilot programme will assist

approximately 500 newly registered disability students as

well as students already registered with the service.

The Technology Mentors will run15 workshops throughout

the academic year using different apps for mobile and

chrome browsers, such as speech to text and text to speech


Michelle Toner, Head of

CSR with eir: “We were very

impressed by the innovative

use of technology to create

a learning website, bringing

together all the information

needed to navigate life in

DIT. We have to commend

the work of Carissa and the

students who spent their

summer months researching

and working on this

programme. Well done to DIT

Disability Support Service for

continually working to ensure

students enjoy an inclusive academic experience during their

time with DIT. eir is proud to have been able to provide support

for this programme.”

The “eir Disability Champion Award” recognises the

leadership role of an outstanding Technology Mentor in

developing and delivering these workshops and has been

awarded to Carissa Smith. Carissa is a third year student

in Computer Science in DIT Kevin Street. In accepting the

award Carissa said

“Disability rights have always been very close to my

heart and I feel very honoured to receive the eir Disability

Champion Award”

Carissa is a passionate advocate for students with

disabilities and intends pursuing a career as an Assistive

Technology Officer once her studies are completed.

Appventure, an online tool for students aims to help students enhance their

learning through technology.

School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology

‘Re-Inspired Programme’

DIT’s School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology

has an international reputation for the excellence of its

graduates. It is the leading provider of education, training

and research for the culinary and food-related industries

in Ireland. The School’s mission is to position itself as the

benchmark for culinary arts & food technology education

in Ireland, embracing gastronomy, baking technology, bar

studies, meat technology, cuisine, entrepreneurship, food

product development and culinary science.

In 2014 the School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology

launched the Innovative Supporters of Professional

Industry, Research, Education Development (INSPIRED)

friends of Culinary Arts. INSPIRED is a voluntary group

with CEO members drawn from across the food and

culinary/hospitality sectors and underpins the School’s

connectivity with the industry.

This highly successful initiative entered a new phase

in September 2017 with the launch of the ‘Re-Inspired’

programme. In co-operation with Merchants Quay

Ireland, Homeless and Drug Services, Teach Mhuire,

Homeless Services & Rehab Treatment Centres and the

UN Refugee Agency, DIT is providing culinary training

for a 12 homeless people, and working with industry

to deliver employment opportunities in the food and

hospitality sector on graduation.

This ground breaking programme seeks to make a

sustainable difference to the lives of homeless people and

refugees. Under the watchful eye of James Rock, Lecturer

in Culinary Arts, this group develops and enhances

culinary skills, which will empower them to work as

professional chefs in the food and hospitality sectors.

We extend our thanks to Larry Murrin, CEO Dawn Foods/

With Taste and Vincent Carlton, Managing Director, Manor

Farm for their support of the Re-Inspired programme.

We are also very grateful to Mary Coppinger Uniforms

Ltd for supplying the uniforms to the participants on this


Intel supporting discovery & innovation at DIT

Photo - DIT President, Professor Brian Norton and DIT graduate Eamonn

Sinnott, Vice President and General Manager at Intel Ireland pictured at

the launch of a new strategic partnership between DIT and Intel.

In 2017 Intel Ireland signed a Memorandum of

Understanding (MoU) to establish a strategic partnership

that will undertake a varied programme of activity in a

number of key areas of mutual interest such as education,

outreach, research and innovation. The programme

will also include projects aimed at developing

and encouraging future talent and increasing the

representation of women in STEM professions.

Philanthropy is playing a role in DIT’s strategic partnership

with Intel who supported the establishment of the Intel

Internet of Things Lab at DIT Kevin Street in 2017.

DIT Engineering student

Claragh Patton Kelly

Claragh Patton Kelly is

an engineering student

working in the Intel Internet

of Things Lab. Claragh’s

project is to create a STEM

learning platform that works

with students to monitor

their local environment,

relay the data to a central

store and perform some

data analysis. This project is

aimed at primary students

and will be trialled in

schools surrounding DIT

Grangegorman and Kevin

Street in conjunction

with the Access and Civic

Engagement Office.

Recipient of Intel Ireland’s Women in

Technology Scholarship in 2017 DIT

Engineering student, Annie Dobbyn

(left) with PhD student Rachel Harding

PhD candidate Rachel

Harding is supported by

Intel in her research “An

Examination of the Gender

Differences in Spatial

Visualisation Skills and

their Impact on Success

and Engagement in STEM

Education.” As part of

Rachel’s research over 7,000

secondary school students

in 42 schools have taken a

spatial reasoning test and

work is underway to extend

testing to primary schools.

The Intel IoT laboratory compliments the development

of a new Internet of Things module within the School

of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. So far over 60

students have benefitted from the facilities supported

by Intel and the module is over-subscribed.

The Internet of Things is a

rapidly evolving area and the

support of Intel has allowed

DIT to keep at pace with

developments in tools, devices

and technologies so that our

students have the best of

facilities at their fingertips.

“Intel first made the decision to invest

in Ireland back in 1989 and what has

followed since has been a remarkable

journey that has seen Ireland become

home to one of the most advanced technology centres

in the world. This new memorandum which we embark

upon today with DIT represents an exciting new chapter

between our two organisations and I look forward to

exploring a number of ways in which we can collaborate

together into the future.”

General Manager at Intel Ireland and DIT Kevin Street

graduate Eamonn Sinnott

Access Fund

DIT has a long tradition of

supporting access to education

and we continue to strive to ensure

that students from disadvantaged

backgrounds and marginalised

communities are given every

opportunity to access the

education they deserve at DIT.

Our programmes and supports

have a wide impact working with

undergraduate students, schools

and our local communities to help

break the cycle of disadvantage

and open the opportunity of

education to all.

Donors to the Access Fund support

this work by providing financial

support for students in financial

need and for outreach activities

within our community right across

Dublin’s inner-city and beyond.

Adam Betts is a third year Business and Management student at DIT and is the DIT Access Student

Coordinator. He lives in Ringsend with his mother. He also landed his dream internship with one of the

worlds big consultantcy firms

CLiCnews.ie is a restricted

access website developed

by the DIT Access and

Civic Engagement Team to

support schools to deliver

literacy programmes to

young children. It currently

supports 2,000 students in

50 schools nationwide.

A Bake Off takes

place at St. Paul’s “The

Brunner” near DIT

Grangegorman and

Bolton Street as part of

DIT’s Transition Year

Skills Challenge for

local schools

DIT Graduate Network


DIT is committed to increasing its engagement with international

alumni. Having established an annual event in the calendar for our

alumni in London, this year we took it to Rich Mix art space in East

London and were joined by Professor Brian Norton, DIT President,

and staff from the Dublin School of Creative Arts and DIT Bolton

Street. 80 alumni attended from all schools, including pianist Adam

McDonagh (BMus ’15), currently studying for his MA in music at

University of Cambridge.

The Irish Embassy in Brussels hosted an event for our alumni in the

Belgian capital where we were joined by Irish alumni living in Brussels and

Belgian alumni who attended DIT as part of the Erasmus programme.



At home the Graduate Network attended 18 graduation ceremonies in

2017 signing new graduates onto the network. 4000 students graduate

from DIT each year. The ceremonies held at the historic St. Patrick’s

Cathedral in spring and autumn are a very proud day for alumni, their

families and DIT staff.

Continued Interest in Grangegorman Campus

DIT Grangegorman saw several alumni gatherings throughout the

year. MSc in Spatial Planning graduates were invited for a reunion

and tour of the new Campus with a reception at St. Laurence’s, one

of the two historic churches on the Grangegorman campus. The

event was hosted by the Spatial Planning Graduate Network and DIT

Graduate Network.

A large group of alumni from all Schools gathered for tours of the new

campus with guides joining us from the Campus Planning and Campus

Life teams. Four groups visited buildings including North House, St.

Laurence’s, the Clock Tower and The Greenway Hub.

School Reunions

DIT Conservatory of Music & Drama celebrated three decades of the

Bachelor of Music in Performance degree with an Alumni Gala Concert

‘Past and Present’ at the National Concert Hall featuring graduates of

the programme, including internationally acclaimed mezzo-soprano

Paula Murrihy, along with 200 Conservatory staff and students. The

concert celebrated the contribution graduates of the BMus have made

to Irish and international music.

4 5


Image panel: 1. DIT Brussels Alumni Reunion, Embassy of Ireland

2. BSc Marketing 1987 3. Product Design Celebrates 10 Years of Alumni 4.

DIT London Alumni Celebration 2017 5. Grangegorman Tours for Alumni

6. International Business & Languages Class of 1997 Reunion


Graduates in 2017


e-mail communications to alumni

Guests enjoyed performances by some of the many stars - and rising

stars - in Irish classical and traditional music who have emerged

from the DIT Conservatory over the last three decades. Introduced

by eminent Conservatory graduate, Liz Nolan from RTÉ Lyric FM,

the programme included vocalists, instrumentalists and orchestra,

performing both classics and exciting new compositions.



7 8


7. Chicago Alumnus Welcomed Back to Bolton Street 8. DIT Kevin Street

Celebrates Mathematics Alumni 9. DIT Conservatory of Music Celebrates

30 Years of the B Mus with a Gala Night at the National Concert Hall

10. DIT Bolton Street Class of 1957 Celebrates 60 Year ReunionEvent


Friends on Facebook


members on LinkedIn

The School of Mathematical Sciences held an alumni reunion event

for all graduates of mathematics and statistics at the end of March,

uniting graduates from across many generations, giving an opportunity

to catch up, network and meet both current and retired staff from

the School. The event provided a platform for graduates to initiate

engagement with the School on research or industry collaboration

(including work placements and internships) and to contribute and

influence the development of its programmes and graduates.

The School of Mechanical & Design Engineering, the School of

Creative Arts and the School of Marketing welcomed alumni of the

BSc in Product Design to celebrate 10 years of graduates from the

programme at a reunion at the Product Design Students End of Year

Show in June.

The DIT MBA programme welcomed MBA alumni to the Baldonnel

Aerodrome in November. Hosted by MBA graduate Comdt Jay

O’Reilly it included a ‘knowledge exchange’ from DIT MBA faculty and

Air Corps personnel and a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the base.

The School of Surveying & Construction Management welcomed

back John O’Dwyer (Surveying ‘84) to give alumni and students

a talk on Valuation in America. John moved to the States shortly

after graduating from DIT Bolton Street and is now President of JSO

Valuation Group in Chicago, a commercial real estate appraisal firm

that works in 30 states in America. John reunited with DIT at the

alumni gathering in Chicago 2016.

Class Reunions

There were several Class Reunions throughout the year. Mechanical

Engineering Class of 1957 celebrated a 60 Year Reunion in April

with a dinner in Bolton Street. Present with the class were staff,

students from the DIT Engineers Society and members of the DIT

Beta Society, a group of engineers intent on philanthropic support

and promotion of the mechanical engineering degree at Bolton Street.

International Business & Languages class of 1997 celebrated its

20 Year Reunion at DIT Kevin Street in June. Classmates travelled from

around Ireland, Paris, Nantes, Tenerife and Dubai.

In September the BSc Marketing class of 1987 celebrated 30 years

at an event in Dublin city centre.

Thank You

We would like to thank all of our donors in 2017 for helping is to make such a great impact at DIT both in terms of

our capital development, delivering innovative programmes and supporting access to education.

Donations to DIT Foundation totalled €642,549 for 2017. A full set of DIT Foundation’s audited accounts are

available on dit.ie/foundation.

Trusts & Foundations


Alumni & Friends






DIT Foundation accounts are prepared in accordance with the charity SORP standard of accountability and transparency.

DIT Foundation is a registered charity with the Charities Regulator of Ireland. Registration number is 20045807.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about the work of DIT

Foundation and how you can get involved please contact

Julie Stafford

DIT Foundation


Dublin 7

01 402 4137 | foundation@dit.ie | www.dit.ie/foundation


Chairman – Jim Gahan, Mr. Peter Coyle, Mr. Sean

Dorgan, Mr. Jim Gahan, Professor Neville Hogan, Mr.

David Kennedy, Mr. Bobby Kerr, Ms. Anna Marie McHugh,

Professor Brian Norton, Dr. Noel O’Connor, Ms. Angela

Brady OBE, Mr. Ian O’Herlihy


Anne-Marie Corry, Executive Director; Julie Stafford, Senior

Development Manager; Aisling Carr, Alumni Relations

Manager; Jill O’Lone, Administrator and Scholarships.



Donations to DIT support our mission to

provide an innovative, responsive and caring

learning environment for a diverse range and

level of programmes to students of all ages

and backgrounds.

DIT Foundation, The Clock Tower, Grangegorman, Dublin 7

Tel: 01 402 4137 Email: foundation@dit.ie Web: www.dit.ie/foundation

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