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2 Spotlight Ben Davis High School Indianapolis, IN May 21, 2021




Sweet Caroline- Neil Diamond

(1969). This popular tune has

grown even more iconic through

the years and was made popular

as the theme song for Boston Red

Sox games.


Buy Me

Love- The



- One of

the first hits from the boys from

Liverpool, England.

What A


World- Lou-




Ain’t No

Mountain High Enough-

Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell


My Girl- The Temptations



Aretha Franklin


I’m a Believer- The Monkees


I Want You


- The Jackson 5




The first Presidential debates

aired September 26, 1960. JFK

was elected November 8, 1960 and


November 22,


June 28, 1969, police raided the

Stonewall Inn,

which was a

gay club. This

led to six days

of riots, and

sparked the

gay rights movement, led by Marsha

P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera.

Martin Luther King Jr. gave his

iconic “I Had

A Dream”

speech in

1963 and was


in 1968. He

was the face of

the civil rights movement and was

both a political and cultural leader

of the decade.

“The assassination of

Martin Luther King is

something you never

forget. I remember

watching all of the

TV coverage surrounding

the assassiantion

and funeral.

For a 9 and 13 year

old, these were difficult

events to grasp

the actual magnitude

they had at the time.”

- LtCol David Thompson



In 1965, a 16 year old girl named

Sylvia Likens was held captive,

abused and tortured to death over

three months by Gertrude Baniszewski,

her children, and other

neighborhood children in the

basement of their east side house

in Indianapolis.

Neil Armstrong


Buzz Aldrin

were the first

men on the

moon in 1969.

“In 1969 I was on

a vacation in England

visiting friends

and I remember all

of us glued to the

TV watching Neil

Armstrong and Buzz

Aldrin become the

first men to walk on

the moon. I still have

the British newspaper

with all of the

photos of the moon

landing and walking

on the moon.”

-LtCol David Thompson

November 22, 1963 is one of those

days in American history that if

you were alive, you remember

exactly what you were doing when

President John. F. Kennedy was

shot while in a motorcade driving

through Dallas. It marked arguably

the most historic moment of a

decade that included a moon landing,

two other assassinations and

a counter-culture movement that

changed history.



Batman (1966

Series)- This Live

action TV series

based on the DC

character was

popular for its use

of graphics..

The Huckleberry

Hound Show-

A canine overcomes

different obstacles.

The Andy

Griffith Show-

This series

followed sheriff

Andy Taylor and

his family.



Romeo and Juliet

(1968 Version) - A

young man and

woman from feuding

families fall in


A Charlie Brown

Christmas- Christmas

TV special based

on the Peanuts comic


Breakfast at Tiffany’s-

A young

woman in NYC

meets a man who

moves into her

apartment building.

Godzilla vs The Sea

Monsters- Godzilla

and Mothra fight a



The Graduate

To Kill a Mockingbird

Easy Rider



Muhammad Ali beat Sonny Liston

in the 1964 World Heavyweight

Championship. Afterwards he said

he was going by his Muslim name,

which was


In 1965, Muhammad


knocked out

Sonny Liston

with one punch.

In 1964, Japan was the first Asian

country to host

the Olympics,

and 25 world

and 52 Olympics

records were


In 1966, Texas Western University

won the NCAA championship.

They were the first college team

with an



lineup to

win the



In 1969, the New York Mets won

the World Series. Until then, they

had never


past ninth

place. They


known as

the Miracle

Mets for overcoming a mid-season

deficit and winning the division by

nine games.

On October 16, 1968, two African-

American athletes, Tommie Smith

and John Carlos, each raised a

black-gloved fist during the playing

of the US national anthem,

“The Star-Spangled Banner” while

celebrating their gold and bronze

medals at the summer Olympics.

While on the podium, Smith and

Carlos, who had won gold and

bronze medals respectively in the

200-meter running event of the

1968 Summer Olympics, turned

to face the US flag and then kept

their hands raised until the anthem

had finished. In addition, Smith,

Carlos, and Australian silver

medalist Peter Norman all wore

human-rights badges on their


May 21, 2021 Ben Davis High School Indianapolis, IN Spotlight


at BD...

Ben Davis moved to its current


in 1965.



of 1966

was the

first to

graduate from this location. Prior

to this year, the high school was

located at what is now Ben Davis

University High School.

* * *

The Science Club won the 1965

Float Competition with their float

“Full of Steam for our Team.”

* * *

In 1965, Ben Davis had its first

gymnastics team.

* * *

BD went to “mod” schedules with

rotating classes and no bells in


* * *

In 1966, Ben Davis held an event

called The Giant Bicycle Race. This







the event, which was held

on what we know as the front

parking lot.

* * *

1968-69 was the first year Ben

Davis had its first swim team.

* * *

In 1961,

the boys




won the


state title. It is the first athletic

state title in school history. This

photo decoments the winning

team and hangs outside the pool.

* * *

Ben Davis wrestling won county

championships in 1961, 1962, and

1966. They won sectionals in 1965.

* * *

In 1965, Ben Davis basketball upset

the No. 1 rated and eventual state

champion Washington Continentals.

That victory is the top rated

historical moment on the Ben

Davis boys basketball web page.

The boys program has won three

state championships.

* * *

WBDG went on the air in 1966.

“It was just a crazy crazy decade.

You name it and it was


- Latin Teacher Bill Gilmartin, 1965 graduate

of Cardinal Hayes (New York City)



Ponchos became popular when

the flower children of the sixties

used it as a symbol of the

west. Clint Eastwood wore one

throughout his role in the movie A

Fistfull of Dollars, a sixties western.

Moccasins Shoes

Hippies started the moccasin

shoes trend in the 60’s. They were

comfortable, creative, and gave off

good vibes.

Peace Signs/Candles

The peace candle,

or as teens today

know it the peace

sign, becme popular

in the 60’s by

the hippies and

anti-war activist. The three lines

in the middle of the citcle resemble

a birds footprint, which is

a symbol of peace.

Jax Clothing

Jax was a small boutique. They

became very popular after model

Marilyn Monroe

revealed that it

was her favorite


Monroe would

be seen in many

Jax clothing,

including her

famous white dress photo shoot.

Tie-Dye Shirts

Tie-dye were first worn by the

hippies who were protesting the

Vietnam War, and were promoting

love and peace.


The headband trend was brought

over during the British Invasion

in the 60’s. Women of the UK and

the USA would been seen wearing

them with the Beehive hairstyle.

Pillbox Hat

The pillbox hat

was first worn

by soliders in

the 30’s, but became

a trend in

the 60’s because

of Jackie Kennedy, who wore one

all of the time.



DRAM(Dynamic Random Access

Memory) was created by Robert

H. Dennard in 1968.

BASIC Programming


BASIC (Beginner’s

All-Purpose Symbolic


Code) was invented

in 1964 by John

G. Kemeny and

Thomas E. Kurtz,

two Dartmouth


LED Lights

The first idea of LED lights came

in the 30’s, but the actual first LED

was created in 1962.

Direct Distance Dialing

Direct Distance Dialing was

invented in 1951, but it wasn’t

availabe in household until the 60s.

Light Amplification by

Stimulated Emission of

Radiation (the laser)

The first model of the laser was

built in 1960 by Theodore H.

Maiman at Hughes Research


Engelbart’s mouse (the

first computer mouse)

The firdt computer mouse was

invented by Douglas Englebart

in 1963. It was made out of wood

with a little red button.

Auto Cassettes

The first auto cassette

was invented

by Phillips Co. of the

Netherlands, in 1962.

The first ATM

Six weeks after Neil Armstrong

landed on the moon, the ATM

became avaliable to costumers. It

was created by Don Wetzel who

thought it was an easier way to

dispense cash.

Pop Culture Moments


“I remember in 1964 I was one of

the kids who were glued to the TV

watching The Beatles live on the Ed

Sullivan Show singing ‘I Want to

Hold Your Hand’. That created a

whole cultural shift to everything.”

-Latin teacher Bill Gilmartin remembering

the birth of The Beatles

on American television.

The Beatles dominated the musical

scene of the 1960s and led what

was called a British invasion of

American pop music.

Lava lamps

Lava lamps were the idea of British

entrepreneur Edward Craven

Walker. In 1963

he was wtching

a homemade egg

times in a British

pub that was

was made from a

cocktail shaker

filled with liquids,

as it was bubbling

on a stove top in a

pub. He turned that vision into a

cultural icon.

Black light

Although the technology for these

lights dates back to 1903, black

lights became widely popular with

the psychedelic fashion scene between

1967-69. Black light posters

are a icon of the 1960s generation.

Troll dolls

Troll Dolls were said to be good

luck, which led to

popularity in the

60s. They were

created in 1959 by

a Danish woodmaker.

“The 60s was this transitional

era that transitioned

the perfect 50s to what was to


- Latin Teacher Bill Gilmartin, 1965 graduate

of Cardinal Hayes (New York City)



If any event defines a generation,

Woodstock is that event. When

nearly a half a million

people gather

on a farm to listen

to music for three

days -- that’s an

event. This one

happened in August

of 1969 and

those who lived

through the decade say this free

event was the definig moment of

the counter-culture generation.

Barbie dolls

Barbie’s official debut

was March 89, 1959,

but these dolls became

hugely popular during

the 1960s. Barbie went

to outer space in 1965,

her dollmate Ken was

introduced in 1961 and Twiggy

became the first celebrity Barbie

in 1967.

Smiley faces

Contrary to what you learned

watching Forest

Gump, the smily face

icon was actually

created in 1963

as an employee

motivator for n

insurance company in Massachusetts.

The popular symbol has been

used by companies worldwide ever


GI Joe

The popular military action figure

was first released on February 2,

1964 and was the toy of choice

for boys growing up in the 60s.

It is part of both the toy and pop

culture halls of fame.


“For me, the 70s was a time of a bunch of great music

and some weird TV shows. We had everything from Led

Zeppelin to disco to cheesy TV like Hee Haw. It was a

fun decade to be a kid.”

- journalism teacher Tom Hayes, 1977 graduate of Chatard High School

Top tunes

Eagles, Hotel California

Released on December 8, 1976, Hotel California

went on to becone one

of the best-selling albums

of all-time. The fifth studio

album by this popular band

from southern Calirnia,

the album had three major

singles in the title track, “New Kid in Town”

and “Life in the Fasst Lane.”

Bee Gees, Saturday Night Fever

This 1977 movie splash is credited with

kick-starting the disco movement. The

soundtrak by the Bee Gees was No. 1 on the

album charts for an amazing 24 straight


Fleetwood Mac, Rumours

This iconic album sold more than 10 million

copies in the first month

after its February 7, 1977

release. Consided by many

rock experts to be one of the

top five albums of all-time,

every single on the record

charted in the top 100.

Stevie Wonder, Songs in the Key of Life

This album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard

charts and was named the top album

of 1976. The double LP was rated the fourth

best record of all-time by Rolling Stone

magazine and in 2005 was inducted into

the Library of Congress, which deemed it

“culturally, historically, or aesthetically


Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon

Released on March 1, 1973, this album spent

an amazing 957 weeks on the Top 40 album

charts. It was considered one of the first

“concept” album. This album and the band’s

1979 The Wall are credited with reviving a

slumping record sales industry during the


On the screen

All in the Family

This series defined the decade, running from

1971-79 and becoming must-watch television

on Saturday nights.

The iconic Archie Bunker

was a prejudiced bigot living

in Queens who battled

with his son-in-law Mike

over everything from

politics to pop culture to the proper way to

raise a child.

Star Wars

This 1977 movie had it all -- good vs. evil,

iconic characters and

enough toys and memorabilia

to fill any teenage boys

room. This was the start of

the most successful movie

franchise in history and

was easily the movie of the



This iconic television

mini-series captivated

America for eight nights in

1977, winning nine Emmy

awards and being nominated

for 37. The series

documented how slavery

affected America and was based on a 1976

best-selling novel by Alex Haley.


One of the most beloved sitcoms in television

history, this series

ran from 1972 to 1983

and featured Alan Alda

as Hawkeye Pierce. The

show is about a mobile

hospital unit during the

Korean War and its series send off in 1983

remains the most watched single episode in

television history.

Other movies and television shows of note:

Mary Tyle Moore

The Sting


Apocalypse Now

The Godfather

Animal House

Memorable moments

April 10, 1970

Paul McCartney holds a press conference to announce the release

of his first solo album, officially bringing to an end the career

of The Beatles, one of the most popular bands of all-time. A month

later, on May 8, the Beatles released Let It Be, an alubum that was

mostly recorded in 1969 but released shortly after their breakup

was announced.

March 23, 1971

Congress passes the 26th Amendment, giving everyone over the age of 18 the right

to vote. The Amendment was then ratfified on July 1 and marked a historic change in

voting laws nationwide.

June 17, 1972

A group of burglars were found breaking into the Democratic National Headquarters

at the Watergate hotel in Washington, D.C. That break-in would eventually

lead to the impeachment of President Richard Nixon.

November 29, 1972

The video game Pong was first released. It was released as an arcade game and cost

25 cents to play.

September 20, 1973

Billy Jean King beats Bobby Riggs in the “Battle of the Sexes”

tennis match. This historic event marked a change in how females

were treated as collegiate and professional athletes.

August 8, 1974

President Richard Nixon resigns from office after being implicated in the Watergate

scandal. He is later pardoned by President Gerald Ford.

April 4, 1975

Bill Gates and Paul Allen create Microsoft in a garage in Albuquerque, New


June 20, 1975

The movie “Jaws” opens in theaters and is

considered to be one of the first blockbuster

films. The movie is credited with starting a

trend toward major blockbuster movie summer

release dates.

October 11, 1975

The popular late-night sketch show, Saturday Night Live, airs for the first time.

April 1, 1976

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak create the Apple Computer Company in California

as the first company to manufacture and market personal computers.

July 13, 1977

Lightning strikes a transformer in the Hudson River, causing a massive power

outrage in New York City that would last for more than 24 hours.

November 18, 1978

Cult leader Jim Jones tells 900 members of his church, “People’s Temple”, to commit

suicide in Guyana.

November 30, 1979

Pink Floyd release the multi award winning concept album “The

Wall” with the top selling single “Another Brick in the Wall.” The

album also helped revive a struggling music industry.

May 21, 2021 Ben Davis High School Indianapolis, IN Spotlight


As soloists, Beatles left mark

By Denise Gimlich

opinions editor

On April 9 1970, The Beatles

officially ended, not with a

bang but a whimper.

The news didn’t come as too

much of a surprise to fans and

critics alike, though the odd manner

they shared the news with the

world at large did.

In a 1970 press release for his upcoming

solo album, Paul McCartney,

The Beatles bassist, answered

a series of questions and declared

his writing partnership with John

Lennon over and his time in The

Beatles done.

The media seized on the confirmation

they had been waiting for

— the long and winding road had

finally ended.

The main road might have ended,

but not the individual paths of the

four boys from Liverpool, as they

were known when they took America

by storm in the early 1960s.

Each member of the group split

Blizzard, Kiritsis

highlight decade

staff report

On February 8, 1977,

Tony Kiritsis went into

his mortgage broker

Richard Hall’s office in

Indianapolis, strapped a

shotgun to his neck and

instantly became the Indianapolis

news story of

the year, if not the decade.

Kiritsis kept Hall hostage for 63

hours and was live on WIBC radio

for most of the time. The standoff

ended with no one getting shot but

only after Hall promised Kiritsis a

$5 million payoff.

A year later, central Indiana --

and the entire midwest for that

matter -- was hit with 20 inches of

snow in less than 24 hours and the

entire area was paralyzed for five

days, with schools closed, colleges

shut down and hundreds of vehicles

left stranded on snow-covered


Those two major news stories

were the highlights of the decade

for central Indiana. Other local

news stories of the decade included

a quadruple murder in November

of 1978 when four employees of

a Burger Chef on Crawfordsville

Road were kidnapped. Their bodies

were found four days later 20

miles outside of Indianapolis. The

murders have yet to be solved.

In local sports, the Indiana Pacers

won ABA Championships in

1970, 1972 and 1973 and Indiana

University won a NCAA mens

How four boys from Liverpool influenced a generation of music

Paul McCartney

George Harrison

onto their own paths, leaving an

impact in the music industry individually

throughout the 1970s.

The 1970s was a decade feauring

classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin,

Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac and the

Eagles, but the four Beatles had solo

careers in the decade that made

them among the top artists individually

of the decade.

The Beatles were many things simultaneously:

they were the most

famous celebrities of their day, the

best songwriters of their age and,

ultimately, the most beloved band

of all time.

And one more thing: The Beatles

were also the most creative single

basketball championship with an

undefeated season in 1976. Notre

Dame football won national titles

in 1973 and 1977.

The 1970s was also a golden era

for the Indianapolis 500, with A.J.

Foyt becoming the event’s first

four-time winner in 1977 and Hall

of Fame drivers like Al Unser, Tom

Sneva, Rick Mears and Mario Andretti

racing during the decade.

Nationally, the Cincinnati Reds

won World Series titles in 1975 and

1976. Those teams were known as

the Big Red Machine. The National

Football League -- which did not

land in Indianapolis until 1984 --

also became increasingly popular

during the decade with the Pittsburgh

Steelers winning Super Bowl

titles in 1975, 1976 and 1979.

John Lennon

Meanwhile at Ben Davis...

“We had two brothers, Howard brothers, who would dress up in a purple vest, big flared purple pants, purple high

platform shoes, purple cap, and a top hat. They would dance before the basketball games and at halftime. They

could really dance and the crowd really got into it. Disco and break dance. The oldest we called Jiven Geno. They

would put the whammy on the opposing team. They were also our two running backs in football. Because we were

good in the sports, we had a lot of pep sessions. It seemed like most of the kids enjoyed those. It had been a long time

since we were good in sports so the faculty and students seemed ready to celebrate. Kids could smoke outside door

#2 or at least nobody would stop them. Teachers could smoke in teacher lounges. My favorite memories were

playing football, watching basketball, prom, pep sessions, and meeting my future wife in B205, Greek and Latin

Derivatives class. School itself was a great memory.” - assistant principal Kevin Britt, Ben Davis Class of 1978

Front page of the

Spotlight, November

4, 1977, recognizing

the band as state


Ringo Starr

force to ever hit popular music. The

band influenced generations, and

the group still continues to have a

profound impact.

The Beatles not only changed the

way music was being made, they

forever changed music.

Paul McCartney has undoubtedly

been the most successful solo

Beatle, although in a career lasting

almost five decades, there has certainly

been inconsistency. Still, because

of the long period of time he’s

been releasing records he has the

majority of the best Beatle solo records.

His album “Band on the Run

with his band Wings is among the

best selling albums of the decade.

After The Beatles broke up, drummer

Ringo Starr embarked on a solo

career. He drummed on albums for

John Lennon, as well as Yoko Ono,

and George Harrison, and he and

Harrison co-wrote the hit single “It

Don’t Come Easy,” for his 1973 album

“Ringo,” which gave him two

No. 1 hits in the U.S., and was his

best-selling solo record.

Harrison released several bestselling

singles and albums as a solo

performer. In 1988, he co-founded

the platinum-selling supergroup

the Traveling Wilburys. He is a twotime

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

inductee – as a member of The Beatles

in 1988, and posthumously for

his solo career in 2004.

Lennon became the most outspoken

of the four. His solo career

included the iconic “Imagine” releasd

in 1971 and his death in 1980

signaled to many the end of a rock


By 2012, Lennon’s solo album

sales in the U.S. had exceeded 14

million units. He had 25 numberone

singles on the U.S. Billboard

“In the 70s, the total student population within Ben Davis was

just about the same as it is currently. I had over 950 students

in my senior class. The one big difference was the building was

1/3 smaller. Today students and staff think the classrooms, and

hallways are over crowded. Imagine having the same number of

students in the hallways and the building being 1/3 smaller.

“While attending Ben Davis, I had two favorite memories.

The first memory was getting my picture in the yearbook, and

Spotlight. My senior year I borrowed an extremely large rock

from the neighbor, and it wound up in Mr. Ireland’s Algebra

classroom. It was a challenge from Mr. Ireland, and I received

100 extra credit points for getting the rock up to his classroom.

My second memory was of Mr. Clark catching my girlfriend

(now my wife) and I kissing in the R Hall stairway. To this day

he stills laughs about it.” - welding teacher Mike Morrow, Ben

Davis Class of 1976

A page from the 1973

Keyhole (left) talks

about the fashion of the

times. A Spotlight article

dated October 31, 1973

(right) details plans for

construction of what we

call the career center and


Hot 100 chart as a writer, co-writer

or performer.

There is no doubt The Beatles influenced

music for generations.

Rock legend Gene Simmons of Kiss

said it best in a 1980 interview.

“I’m a child of The Beatles,” he said.

“They created this sort of hybrid

white version of American music.

They could do it all: Little Richard,

country, pop, soul, psychedelia.

They had no rules.”

Groups from the Beach Boys to

Nirvana have credited the four individuals

who once comprised The

Beatles with changing modern music


Rock guitar legend Bruce

Springsteen summed up how many

felt while he spoke during a concert

after Lennon’s death.

“If it wasn’t for John Lennon,

we’d all be some place very different

tonight. It’s an unreasonable

world and you get asked to live

with a lot of things that are just

unlivable. It’s a hard night to come

out and play but there’s just nothing

else you can do.”

Randy Wittman,

Class of 1978, was the

first Indiana All-Star

from Ben Davis.

State marching band champions 1976 and 1977

Girls swimming state champions 1978 and 1979

Volleyball state champions 1979



Top Media


Although its debut was in late

1979, ESPN became one of the

definig television stations of the

decade. The

sports network


by televising

shows like


rules football and America’s Cup

yatch races, but by the end of the

decade had beome a major player

in college basketball. It’s signature

SportsCenter nightly show

became an instant hit.


Network news changed forever

when CNN debuted its 24-hour

news format on June 1, 1980.


This network changed rock music

forever. It debuted

on Augst 1, 1981 and

actually showed

music videos

throughout the decade.


This funny little network debuted

on October 9,

1986 and had

instant hits in

Married...With Children

and In Living Color. Ten years

later it had become a major player

in network television.


While not a TV network, this

movie retailer

changed the

way Americans


television. Not

many weekends went by after

its October 19, 1985 debut when

Americans didn’t flock to their

stores seeking a movie to rent.

Michael Jackson, Thriller

Released on November 30, 1982,

this album featured seven Top 10

hits and sold more than 32 million

copies in its first year. This record

solidified Jackson

as the pop start

of his generation

and his videos

helped put MTV

on the music

map. It was the

best-selling album in America for

two straight years and remains

the top selling album of all-time

with more than 66 million copies

sold worldwide. Jackson was the

music and video start of the decade

and his moonwalk was a cultural

moment when he debuted it on

television in 1983..


Considered the “Queen of Pop”

Madonna changed popular music

forever with the help

of music videos and

her ever-changing

wardrobe. Hits

like “Like a Virgin”

“Vogue” and “Like a

Prayer” made her a

hit among teenagers. She also ventured

into movies, television and

book writing and is the greatest

female recording artist of all time

with more than 300 albums sold




Teen movies dominated the decade

staff report

If there was ever a decade that

was defined by its love of teen-related

movies, that would be the the


From the iconic E.T. to any movie

made by John Hughes, the decade

was dominated by teenage-focused

movie releases.

In no particular order, Hughes either

wrote or directed (sometimes

both) movies like Sixteen Candles,

Uncle Buck, Christmas Vacation (and

the original Vacation), Ferris Bueller’s

Memorable Music


An American rock band formed in

1980 in Athens,

Georgia, R.E.M.,

their music

has been called

everything from

“college rock” to

“garage rock.”

R.E.M. made alternative rock

“cool” and paved the way for bands

like Radio, Nirvana and Coldplay.


Formed in 1987 in Seattle,

Washngton, Nirvana was the

poster child band

for what became

known as “Seattle

grudge rock.”

Their song Smells

Like Teen Spirit

became the defining

song for the grudge generation

and they have sold more than 75

millions albumbs worlsdwide.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Another alternative rock band that

went mainstream in the 80s, Red

Hot Chili Peppers

came together in

1983 in Los Angeles

. They had 13

No, 1 hits and had

25 songs crack the

Billboard Top 100

during their career and have sold

more than 75 albums worldwide

during their career.

John Mellencamp

One of the top Indiana musicians

of all-time, Mellencamp debuted as

Johnny Cougar in the

late 1970s. He became

a rock superstar in

the 1980s with hits

like “Pink House,”

“Hurts So Good,”

“Jack and Diane,”

“Paper in Fire” and “R.O.C.K

in the USA.” Mellencamp also

helped start Farm Aid, an annual

concert meant to benfit farmers in


The Bangles

The Bangles are an American pop

rock band that

formed in Los

Angeles, California,

in 1981. The

band recorded

several singles

that reached

the U.S. top 10

during the 1980s, including “Manic

Monday” (1986), “Walk Like an

Egyptian” (1986), “Hazy Shade of

Winter” (1987), “In Your Room”

(1988), and “Eternal Flame” (1989)

Guns N’ Roses

Often abbreviated as GNR, this

hard rock band

from Los Angeles,


formed in 1985

and recorded hits

like “Welcome

to the Jungle” and “Sweet Child

of Mine.” Considered by many to

represent the “hair bands” of the


Day Off,


in Pink,

W e i r d


Mr. Mom,

H o m e




and Autombiles and the iconic Breakfast

Club, which many claim to be

the defining high school movie of a


Hughes was a movie-making genius.


Alone, which


came out in

1990, was

his highestgrossing

movie at

more than

$150 million.

When he died in 2009, Hughes

was worth more than $150 million

and he had his hand in 38 movies

and six television series during his

time as a director/writer.

Michael J. Fox

From playing fun-loving Marty

McFly during the Back to the

Future series to donning a wolf

costume in Teen Wolf, Fox did

just about everything. He was a

regular on television as Alex P.

Keaton on Family Ties and later

in life became a spokesman for

Parkinson disease.

Harrison Ford

Ford portrayed the popular

Indiana Jones

character, was

Han Solo during

the Star

Wars series

and was one

of the busiest

movie stars of the decade.

Xenomorph 2

The xenomorph from Alien 1

was replaced by a better looking

xenomorph and far better

acting one for the sequel. The

only thing that wasn’t acting

was the xenomorph’s rivalry

with Sigourney Weaver who

also kicked up a fuss when acting

with xeno .


This R&B performer from

Minnesota put his signature on

pop culture with the release of

the 1984 album Purple Rain. That

album spent an increidble six

months as the No. 1 albu,m in

America, eaned him an Oscar

and stamped him as a superstar

of the decade.

Hughes’ movies weren’t the only

teenager blockbusters in the 1980s.

Other major releases included Stand

By Me, The Outsiders, Karate Kid, Back

To The Future, The Terminator, Scarface,

Ghostbusters, The Shining, Teen

Wolf, Poltergeist, Can’t Buy Me Love

and Say Anything.

Other popular movies during the

decade included the Indiana Jones

series, Die Hard, the continuation of

the Rocky series, Footloose and The

Color Purple.

It was a movie-driven decade.

May 21, 2021 Ben Davis High School Indianapolis, IN Spotlight


Likley no rivalry in the history

of the NBA defined an era quite

like Larry Bird vs.

Magic Johnson

in the 1980s. The

rivalry started

in 1979 for the

NCAA championship

and continued in the pros as

Bird played for the Boston Celtics

and Johnson for the LA Lakers.

Their battles in the NBA championships

(1984, 85 and 87) were

must-see TV for NBA fans.

Hoosiers shine in NCAAs

Indiana University won NCAA

mens basketball titles in 1981 and

1987 behind coach Bob Knight. The

Hoosiers and former Ben Davis

star Randy Wittman won in 1981

and Steve Alford led IU to the title

in 1987. Purdue also played in the

1980 Final Four held in Indianapolis,

the first time Indy played host

to the NCAA finals.

Meanwhile at Ben Davis...

In the 1980s, Ben Davis was known around the state as

“Band Davis.” The marching Giants won six state titles

in the decade (two of its trophies are pictured at right)

and marched in numerous parades around the country

including the Indianapolis 500 parade and the Rose

Bowl parade in California. The school also won its only

baseball state title in 1981 (team pictured below) and

started its reign as a state football power by winning

both the 1987 and 1988 state titles.

“I just hung out with friends, usually playing basketball

or tennis, or driving around listening to music.

I met my wife in a classroom here at Ben Davis in the fall

of 1986. I can still remember the first time I saw her.”

- Mike Lile, Ben Davis class of 1987

Top Sports

Colts come to Indy

On March 28, 1984, the Baltimore

Colts load up their front

office in moving vans and

moved to Indianapolis,

changing the course of

sports in Indianapolis, a

city that welcomed the Colts to a

brand new Hoosier Dome ..

Gibson gives LA memory

One of the definig sports moment

of the decade came when

Kirk Gibson hit a ninth inning

homerun in game one of the 1988

World Series. Gibson came off the

bench to hit his historic homer.

Tyson’s workout

Mike Tyson won the world




in 1986 and

held it for

four years. His workout routine

included waking up at 4 a.m. and

going on a 3-5 mile run. At noon,

he would do 10 rounds of sparring

and at 5 p.m. he would do 2,000 situps,

650 dips, 500 press ups, 500

shrugs then 10 minutes of neck


U.S. hosts historic Olympics

Los Angeles was the host city

for the 1984 Summer Olypics.

Americans took home 83 Gold

medals and 174 total medals. Track

star Carl Lewis was the individual

star. Four years earlier, the Olympics

gave the decade a historic

moment when the USA hockey

team won the Gold medal in Lake

Placid, New York.

...and what were students doing?

Other sports memories

Michael Jordan enters NBA

49ers dominate the NFL

Pete Rose banned from baseball

Note Dame wins 1988 football


“The student cheer section was very active. My friends

and I would spend hours making paper confetti with hole

punches to throw at basketball games. After the games, we

would all go and eat at Noble Romans.”

- Grace Schmitt, Ben Davis class of 1983

Baseball state champions 1981

State marching band champions 1982, 1984,

1985, 1986, 1987, 1988

Football state champions 1987 and 1988

Boys cross country state champions 1989

Girls swimming state champions 1980

Top TV Shows


The Cosby Show

This show debuted in September of 1984 and spent five seasons at the

No. 1 rated show on TV. Starring Bill Cosby, the show detailed the lives

of the Huxtable family, which included a doctor father and a lawyer

mother and their five children living outside of New York City.

Family Ties

Michael J. Fox won three Emmy awards for

his portrayal of Alex P. Keaton, a likeable

teenager from Columbus, Ohio, who idolized

conservative President Ronald Reagan while

Alex’s parents were liberals who grew up in

the 1960s.

Hill Street Blues

This police drama won 98 Emmy awards during its eight seasons, including

a record eight in its first season on the air.


Television in the 1980s might best be remembered for the “Who Shot

JR?” episode that was a cliff-hanger from the 1979-80 season. The episode

at the time was the highest rated TV show in history, surpassed

only by the final episode of M*A*S*H in 1983.


Likeable bartender Sam Malone and his gang

of bar friends “where eveyone knows your

name” debuted in September of 1982. The

show had a record 117 Emmy nominations

during its 11 seasons and led to the spinoff


Memorable moments

December 8, 1980

Rock star John Lennon was shot and killed outside his Manhattan

apartment building. Lennon was one of the founding members of The

Beatles and was the unofficial spokesman for a generation of musicians

who grew up in the 1960s and 70s.

January 1, 1983

The birth of the Internet when ARPAnet adopts TCP/IP protocols

which would allow data exchange among a network of different models

of computers.

December 17, 1984

Indiana native Ryan White is diagnosed with AIDS and becomes a

national figure for his battle to stay in school in his Hamilton Heights

school district. White was the face of the AIDS battle before dying in


July 13, 1985

Likely the cultural moment of the decade, Live Aid was a benefit concert

held simultaneously in London and Philadelphia as a music-based

fundraising initiative. It was attended by nearly 90,000 in Philadelphia

and 72,000 in London and was broadcast live throughout the world.

January 28, 1986

Americans watched in horror as the space shuttle Challenger exploded

73 seconds after takeoff, killing all seven crew members aboard.

The disaster caused a 32-month interruption in the space challenge for

the U.S. Approximately 17 percent of the U.S. population witnessed the

launch on a live television broadcast because of the presence of high

school teacher Christa McAuliffe, who would have been the first teacher

in space.

November 9, 1989

The Berlin wall crumbled, breaking the barrier that had existed

for years between East Germany and West Germany. The wall was a

symbol of the Cold War and tearing it down was a worldwide sign that

communism was on a decline. U.S President Ronald Reagan voiced the

famous “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” in 1987 but it took two

years before the physical barrier was destroyed.






1993: Jurassic Park

Directed by Steven Spielberg, Jurassic

Park became the highest grossing

movie of all

time, and

held that

title until


1994: The

Lion King

it was the


grossing animated film until Toy

Story 3 in 2010

1996: Independence


starring Will

Smith and Jeff

Goldblum, it

won an Academy


for Best Visual


1997: Titanic

This is the first film to hit billion

dollar box

office mark,

and won

11/14 of the

Oscars it was

nominated for

including Best

Picture and

Best Director.

1999: Star Wars: Episode 1- The

Phantom Menace

the highly


prequel to the

original trilogy

was not


by critics and



TV Shows

Beverly Hills, 90210- 1990-


Set in Beverly


CA, this

show was



it’s time

because of

the heavy


discuessed in the show. BH

90210 also demonstrated the hot

fashion trends of it’s time.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air-


Will Smith’s


role came from

this show

where he

played a fictionalized


of himself.

His role earned

him two Golden Globe nominations.



With the cast

ensemble led

by comedian



this show

described as “the show about

nothing” excelled because of it’s

comedy. It won 3 Golden Globes,

and 10 Emmy’s in it’s 9 year run.



This successful


ran for

10 seasons

on NBC,

making it

one of the

most popular

TV shows of all time.

remember VERY VIVIDLY how upsetting Titanic was,

and how amazing it was for the broke my heart

and I had never cried so hard at any movie! It also made

me never want to take a cruise.”

Top Tunes

End of the Road by Boyz II Men- 1991

Number of weeks at #1 on Billboard Hot 100- 13 weeks

I Will Always Love You by Whitney

Houston- 1992

Number of weeks at #1 on Billboard Hot

100- 14 weeks

Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix) by Los

Del Rio- 1993

Number of weeks at #1 on Billboard Hot

100- 14 weeks

I’ll Make Love To You by Boyz II Men-


Number of weeks at #1 on Billboard Hot 100- 14 weeks

I Swear by All-4-One- 1994

Number of weeks at #1 on Billboard Hot

100- 11 weeks

One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey &

Boyz II Men- 1995

Number of weeks at #1 on Billboard Hot

100- 16 weeks

Un-Break My Heart by Toni Braxton-


Number of weeks at #1 on Billboard Hot

100- 11 weeks

Candle in the Wind 1997/Something

About the Way You Look Tonight by Elton John- 1997

Number of weeks at #1 on Billboard

Hot 100- 14 weeks

I’ll Be Missing You by Puff Daddy

& Faith Evans ft. 112- 1997

Number of weeks at #1 on Billboard

Hot 100- 11 weeks

The Boy Is Mine by Brandy &

Monica- 1998

Number of weeks at #1 on

Billboard Hot 100- 13 weeks



-Allison Knudsen, Danville High School, Danville, IL, 1997 graduate

While many trends from the 90s

have started to make their return

(mom jeans, scrunchies, slip

dresses, etc.), many have stayed

safely tucked away.

The 90s were popular for their

bold colors and patterns, as well

as ill-fitting clothing. Animal

prints and sheer/mesh clothing

were very popular, and velvet/

velour were too. One of the most

popular hairstyles in the midlate

90s was called “The Rachel”,

based on Jennifer Aniston’s character

of the same name in NBC’s

Friends. “I watched Friends

every Thursday night with all my

friends and we all wanted to have

the ‘Rachel’ haircut”, says Paisley

Kleinhenz, 1994 graduate from

Hamilton Southeastern High

School. Other popular hairstyles

included wispy bangs, butterfly

clips, short

pixie cuts,

and crimped




and shoes

were very

in, and the


shoe brand

Doc Martens were just getting

their start. Leather jackets and

all-denim looks were also in.

Bucket hats and overalls also

became popularized, and are still

popular today.

Meanwhile at BD....

Ben Davis has always been known for their athletic excellence. The 90s

are no exception. Starting the decade off strong, BD won back-to-back

football state championships in 1990 and 1991. In addition to that, the

1991 football team was named ESPN’s national football champions. 1993

BD grad, and current teacher, Jon Easter recalls that special event saying,

“That was the most dominant high school football team that I’ve ever

seen. They were dominant in every way….It was a big deal. When they

won, we had a huge pep session that was covered by ESPN.” But, football

wasn’t the only sporting team that had success. The girls soccer team celebrated

a sectional championship in 1994, boys cross country won their

fourth state championship in BD history in 1996, and the boys basketball

team celebrated their own back-to-back state championships in 1995

and 1996. Although, sports weren’t the only thing BD excelled at. The

debate team won the first state title in BD and Marion County history in

1997 and the spanish team won their 13th consecutive championship in 1998. The Ben Davis marching band

performed in California and Arizona at different bowl games in 1993, the same year they were named state

champions over defending state champs, Homestead High School.

May 21, 2021 Ben Davis High School Indianapolis, IN Spotlight

Historic Moments

April 24, 1990

Hubble Space Telescope launched during STS-31 (Space Shuttle

Discovery mission).

August 12, 1990

One of the best T-Rex fossils was

discovered in South Dakota. It was named


November 22, 1990

Margaret Thatcher resigns as UK Prime minister.

December 25, 1991

Cold War ends when USSR is dissolved.

April 7, 1994- July 15, 1994

Genocide in Rwanda with an estimated 500,000 people killed.

May 10, 1994

Nelson Mandella become South Africa’s

president after the country’s first multi-racial


July 13-18, 1995

Heat wave kills 739 in Chicago, bringing

attention to the poor and elderly in extreme


January 22, 1997

Madeline Albright appointed as the first

female Secretary of State.


Clinton-Lewinsky scandal; President Clinton

accused of having affair with 22 year old White House intern.

April 20, 1999

Columbine High School Shooting; 2 students killed themselves and 13

others in Columbine, CO.

Technological Advances

The 90s were a very technologically revolutionary time. With the internet

becoming available for unrestricted use in 1991, more people were

beginning to be exposed to the web.

1997 grad and BD teacher Shannon Singleton

said, “We didn’t have cell phones or

social media, so there wasn’t all of the stress

or drama that comes with that. It feels like

they were simpler times”.

1998 brought the iMac by Apple. iMacs

were used in many schools at the time due

to their easily accessible nature. But the

internet wasn’t the only cool tech from that

time. Various


devices like the Talkboy and Yak Bak were

popular. Things like the Palm Pilot and

pagers were used to take notes and communicate.

Before iPods were a thing, people

used Hit Clips to listen to music. Other

toys like Tamagotchis were beginning to be

popularized as well, and wouldn’t become

even more popular in the 2000s.




USA Women’s soccer team wins

first of four world cups





star Magic


says he is

HIV positive.


The “Dream Team” dominates in

USA’s olympic representation in



Christian Laettner hits the game

winner in the 1992 NCAA basketball

championship game.




takes Nancy

Kerrigan out

of Figure

Skating US

World Championships.


The 1996 Olympics in Atlanta

experienced domestic terrorism in

the form of multiple pipe bombs

which killed 2 people and injured





Kerri Strug

wins USA

gold medal after completing vault

with broken ankle.


Mike Tyson bites off the top of

Evander Hoyfield’s ear, and his

boxing license was temporarily



Tiger Woods

wins his first Masters.


Lance Armstrong wins Tour de

France after cancer diagnosis.

“I feel so thankful that I got to live through Michael Jordan’s career. It was

truly amazing and exciting. I remember when he won his first championship

against Magic Johnson’s Los Angeles Lakers. There was a distinct

feeling of the torch being passed to the next great basketball superstar.

I remember how shocked I was when Jordan retired the first time. And I

especially remember when he returned unexpectedly two years later. His

first game back was against the Pacers and the buzz in Indianapolis at the

time was insane. “

-Joe Belser, Franklin Community High School, Franklin, IN, 1998 graduate


Diana, Princess of Wales

On August 31st , 1997, the beloved Princess Diana tragically

died in a car accident while fleeing from paparazzi.

“It really bothered me. She

was such a role model. I remember

watching her wedding

years earlier and just

thought she was a perfect


-Marci Royalty, Madison Consolidated High School, Madison, IN,

1990 graduate

“Princess Diana’s death shocked the world.

She had fans around the world. Even though

you didn’t personally know her, you felt like

you knew her. I cried when she died and I

didn’t even know her.”

-Marci Theobald, Shelbyville High School, Shelbyville, IN,

1991 graduate

“Princess Diana’s death was shocking and

tragic. She was such a famous person. I think

it underlined that famous or not, you just never

know what’s going to happen from moment

to moment. I wonder what she might have accomplished

as a humanitarian had she lived a

longer life.”

-Jon Easter, 1993 Ben Davis graduate

Culture-Defining Moments

August 6, 1991

The internet becomes available for unrestricted commercial use

November 24, 1991

Freddy Mercury, lead singer of Queen, dies at 45 from AIDS


Declared “Year of the Woman” when a record number of women were

elected into high office positions in the U.S.

June 17, 1994

95 million people watched former NFL

running back OJ Simpson lead a 60 mile police

chase over several Los Angeles highways

June 26, 1997

The first book of the Harry Potter series is published.

August 27, 1997

The popular streaming service, Netflix, is founded in Scotts Valley,


August 31, 1997

The beloved Princess Diana dies in a car accident only a year after her

divorce from Prince Charles.

August 15, 1998

Apple reveals the iMac computer.

September 4, 1998

Google is founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in Menlo Park,


December 31, 1999

The Y2K bug was a problem in coding of computer systems threatening

a digital rewind to 1900 instead of 2000.

10 Spotlight Ben Davis High School Indianapolis, IN May 21, 2021


In the 2000s, Britney Spears became

very popular

in the music

industry. Spears’

biggest hits

include: “Womanizer”

(2008), “3”

(2009), “Oops!...I

Didit Again” (2000), “Circus”


and “Toxic” (2004). Due to Spears

“losing control” of her life in early

2007, she was sent to a psychiatric

hospital and had to stop making

music. Later in 2007, Spears

decided to make a comeback when

she was better.

Nelly was also

a popular artist

in the 2000s.His

songs “Dilemma”

(2004), “Ride

Wit Me” (2000),

and “Promiscuous”

(2006) are only a few of his

biggest hits. His album “Country

Grammar” is his most selling album

with “Nellyville” following it.

Destiny’s Child became a popular

girl band in

the early 2000s.

Their songs “Say

My Name”(2000),

“Jumpin’, Jumpin’”(2000), and “Independent

Woman Part 1”(2000)

all became their biggest hits. Not

long after their songs became a big

hit, Beyonce decided to leave the

group and go solo.

Her songs “Halo”(2008), “Crazy

In Love”(2003), “Single La-

Top Music

dies”(2008), and

“Diva”(2008) were

some of the songs that

made people love her

and her music. In 2007,

Beyonce decided to


up with Samsung

and release

her own branded


P!nk is one the

artists that was popular back in

this decade and was still making

music until her break in 2020.

“Most Girls”(2000), “Lady Marmalade”(2001),

and “So What”(2008)

were just a few of her most popular

songs. The

album “Funhouse”

was her

most popular

album which

include songs like: “So What”,

“Please Don’t Leave Me”, and

“Glitter in the Air”.

In the 2000s, Alicia Keys referred

to as the “queen of 2000s” or even

“an icon for the music industry.

She won about 15 Grammy awards

in her whole

music industry


Some of her

awards were:

Female R&B

Vocal Peformance (4), R&B/rap

Song (5), New Artist, R&B Album

(3), and a few others. Her top hits

include: “If I Ain’t Got You”(2003),

“My Boo”(2004), “Diary”(2003),

“Empire State of Mind”(2009),

“Rock Wit U”(2000), and many


*NSYNC was very

popular in the

2000s and even

though they are

o longer a band

together, their

music still gets

played today.

The boys included in this band

are Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez,

Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey fatone,

and Lance Bass. Some of their

most popular songs in the 2000s

include: “Bye Bye Bye”(2000), “It’s

Gonna Be Me”(2000), and “This I

Promise You”(2000). They were

nominated for 8 Grammy awards,

won 3 American Music Awards,

won 5 Billboard Music Award, and

7 MTV Video Music Awards.

The Black Eyed Peas seemed

to have a lot of songs that were

popular during

this time and

their first

major hit was in

2003 with the

song “Where

Is the Love?”.

Their top 5 hits were: “Don’t

Lie”(2005), “Shut Up”(2003), “My

Humps”(2005), “I Gotta Feeling”(2009),

and obviously “Where

Is the Love”(2003). Unfortunately,

a few years ago Fergie left to focus

on being a mother for her child.

Their new female singer is now

Jessica Reynoso (J. Rey Soul).

Other artists of note during the



Michael Jackson


Kelly Clarkson

Linkin Park

Fountains of Wayne


Kanye West

Katy Perry

“NSYNC. My favorite group in high school. I STILL love Justin Timberlake.

I went to my very first NSYNC concert and Britney Spears

was the opening act. Not many people knew her then, but very

shortly after she was catapulted into stardom.”

- Jessica Earnest, 2003 Ben Davis graduate


September 11,

2001 happens to be

a historic moment

for the United

States. The terrorist

group, Al-Qaeda, attacked the Twin Towers around 9

in the morning in Manhattan, New York. There were 25,000

people injured and almost 3,000 people killed. Since this situation

was planned, there are different types of attacks listed.

Those attacks include aircraft hijacking,

mass murder, suicide attack, and terrorism.

There’s a memorial at the World

Trade Center in honor of those who were

affected in this attack. To this day, Americans

participate in charitable services and other good deeds

for those around us.

“I was in 8th grade science class when

I first heard the news. We

watched the news in all my

classes that day and the

school was even on lockdown

because there’s a naval base

nearby that could have been a targeted


- Ashley Owen

“I remember the school day being a bit

chaotic. So many kids left school early. After

school, my family and I went to

my grandparents house, and

we spent all afternoon watching

the news. We spent hours in

front of all the television watching

the planes crash, the buildings go down,

the country in collective mourning.”

-Caitlin Crouch

“ I remember getting to come to school

late due to standardized testing. I left

the house to meet friends for breakfast

right when the first plane hit one of the

towers. I will never forget

the look on my dad’s face

and the confusion that we

were all experiencing. The

rest of the day at school we

went from class to class with each TV

tuned into the news. We were somber,

quiet, and scared”

- Jessica Earnest

May 21, 2021 Ben Davis High School Indianapolis, IN Spotlight


In 2001 the

Apple Computer


released the

original iPod,

which was then

followed by the

2nd gen iPod in 2002.

A reloaded iTunes was

launched in 2003, with more

music, storage space and options

for sharing

Google bought YouTube for

$1.65 billion in stock. Since then

YouTube generates roughly 10%

of Google’s revenue earning them

$15 billion a year on average.

Tom Anderson and Chris De-

Wolfe, wmployees of the internet

marketing company euniverse

created MySpace in 2003. The

app still runs today.

Three years after

the launch of the

music stremaing

platform, the one

billionth song is

bought on iTunes

In 2003 Elon Musk launched

Tesla, five years later they eated

and sold their first car.

Apple continued to rule the 2000s,

releasing the

first iPhone in

2007. iPhones

are now the

most owned

phones in


In 2007 a private beta version

of the streaming app Hulu was

launched. In 2008 the general

public recieved access to the app’s

finalized version, and since then it

is one of the most popular streaming

apps there is.

Bluetooth headphones


sold in mainstream

stores for

the first time in

2004. The first

pair of stereo

headphones hit m markets and

blew up instantly.

In November of 2005 the XBOX

360 was released. It was the second

of the XBOX gaming consoles,

and so far the longest tenured


Despite bring almost 30 years old

Ugg boots hit an all time high in

popularity in the early 2000s

British fashion designer Alexander

McQueen introduced low rise

jeans in a fashion show and they

instatly became popular

Hats were a main stay accessory in

the early 2000s,


beanies and

trucker hats.

Both were apart

of the early

2000s skater

frenzythat filled TV, movies and


Skinny jeans made their craze call

in early 2005 when Kate Moss

modeled a pair of the tight denim

in Paris Vogue.

Cargo pants and camo

print were extremely

popular in the mid

200s, specifically




the jean trends there

were boot cut and kick

flare jeans. Both styles

of jeans are very much

in fashion today as


Crocs are

one of the

most popular


in 2021,

but did

you know they actually were very

popular among kids in the 2000s?

The shoe was born in 2002 and by

2006 had gone into stores everywhere.



Two of the top baby names in

2009 were “Jacob” and “Isabella”.

Possibly because of the Twilight


On June 25th, 2009, the world

lost one of the

most influential

artists of all

time Michael

Jackson. He

passed away at Age 50, his funeral

was televised and one of the most

watched events of the year.

Before YouTube

could be bought

by Google, it had

to be released.

YouTube hit the

internet early in


Side by side with skateboarding

frenzy of the 2000s was the introduction

of parkour. It became

popular in the early 2000s and

is still popular today, much like


The first season of weekly episodic

television show American

Idol was held in 2002 and won by

Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson is now a

Grammy-winning artist.

Hit TV



Gilmore Girls

The show piloted

in October of

2000, and became

a flagship show

on the old WB

network. The

show was praised for its cross

genrational appeal, and wit. It ran

for seven years and was once the

second most watched show on the

WB network.

The Bachelor

A dating and relationship reality

series that debuted in March of

2002. The show has been so successful

that is the mother show of

several spin-offs, as well as international

adaptations of the show.

Drake & Josh

This sitcom designed for Nickeloden

follows step brothers Drake

Parker and Josh Nichols as they

live together despite being polar


Reality TV in the 2000s

Led by hit show Survivor, the

2000s was the decade of a reality

TV explosion. The Hills, Keeping Up

With The Kardashians and Amerca’s

Next Top Model were a few of the

top realiy series in the 2000s

“I certainly loved finding my niches in high school, especially the newspaper staff and swim team. “

- English teacher CaitlinCrouch, 2008 Ben Davis graduate

Meanwhile at Ben Davis...

On March 7, 2009, a record crowd of 13,449

filed into Lucas Oil Stadium to watch No. 1

ranked Ben Davis play No. 2 rated South Bend

Washginton for the Class 4A girls basketball

state championship. The game also decided

the mythical national championship, which

came to Ben Davis when sophomore Bria Goss

banked in a running jumper from just inside

the free throw line for a thrilling 71-69 win.

Her winning shot came with two seconds left.

This cover from a special section produced by

the Spotlight documented the exciting moment

in Ben Davis sports history. The girls finished

30-0, becoming the only team in IHSAA girls

history to win 30 games.

“Some of my fondest memories at BD revolved around taking tons of art classes and being in percussion. I have always had an

interest in different mediums of art and BD gave me the opportunities to explore them.”

- Art teacher Cody Haddix, 2009 Ben Davis graduate

“For me, sports was a major part of my high school experience. For football, we got to play in front of huge crowds almost every

Friday, but those Warren games were truly special. Then, my senior year, my friends and I started Purple Rain (we just named

it- we obviously didn’t invent Student Sections); being a part of that for basketball games was always fun and something to look

forward to every weekend.

I had some amazing teachers at Ben Davis (many who have moved on or retired- but some still around like Coach Vanderbush

and Mrs. Roberts) and it made coming to school enjoyable each day. I also was lucky enough to be part of the Spotlight staff for

3 years and sports editor my senior year, so I got to be part of a group and make friendships that I probably would never have

had otherwise.

- Kyle Cox, 2005 Ben Davis graduate

A page from the 2002 Keyhole (left) covers the end of the

football teams 2001 perfect 15-0 season that ended with

a win over Valparaiso in the Hoosier Dome. The school

finished a $54 million facelift in the fall of 2002. The 2003

Keyhole (right) highlights the expansion, which included

what we now call AA hall and the construction of the media

center and student services areas. Ben Davis won seven

state athletic titles during the 2000 decade and the Spotlight

was named one of the top 10 high school newspapers in the

country by the National Scholastic Press Association in


Football state champions 2001, 2002

Girls basketball state champions 2000, 2001, 2009

Girls basketball national champions 2009

Boys track and field state champions 2008, 2009

12 Spotlight Ben Davis High School Indianapolis, IN May 21, 2021


Top music


According to Rolling Stone magazine,

Swedish singer Robyn had

the No. 1 song of the

decade in “Dancin

on My Own.” The

song is a relatable

hit of heartbreak at the club, with

a chaser of empowering uplift —

exactly the disco anthem needed

for the decade.

Taylor Swift

Swift had four smash albums

and won multiple


awards during

the deacde and

was known

for her songs about relationships,

including the 2014 hit “All Too


Lady Gaga

A versatile singer who

went from country to

jazz during the decade,

Lady Gaga had one of

the pop sensations of the

deacde in “Shallow,” the theme

song from the movie A Star is Born.

Maroon 5

This Los Angeles-based rock




No. 1 albums during the decade

and sold more than 120 million



One of the top

R&B artists of all-me

Usher won eight

Grammy Awards and

has sold more than 80 million records

worldwide. He had five No. 1

albums during the decade.

Other musical acts of note:


Fall Out Boys

Panic at the Disco!

Miley Cyrus

Top tech


Apple is credited with redefining

modern day tablets with the

creation of the iPad which was

released in 2010. This prompted a

new wave of touchscreen tablets

with the Nook, Kindle Fire, and

other large handheld computing


Virtual Assistants

The first modern-day virtual

assistant came in 2011, as Siri was

featured in the

iPhone 4S in 2011.

Other assistants

such as Alexa,

Echo, Cortana,

and Google Home can be found in

many American homes.

Eighth generation of video

game consoles

The eighth generation of

consoles began in 2012 with the

release of the Wii U. Then the PS4

and Xbox

One arrived

in 2013, and

the Nintendo

Switch in

2017. The

eighth generation ended in November

2020 as the PS5 and Xbox

Series X/S were released.

Rise in social media

Social media was moderately

used in the 2000s but it became

a part of everyday life in the

2010s. Older apps like Facebook

and Twitter saw their usage rise

greatly while new apps like Instagram,

Snapchat, and

TikTok successfully

became popular, especially

with younger generations.

Cloud Computing/Cloud Synchronization

The use of “clouds” became very

popular in the 2010s. Services such

as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud

Drive, and OneDrive made it easy

for people to synchronize much of

their data with different devices

and different people. This synchronization

is a large reason for the

rise of technology in professional



In 2011, Uber officially launched

their mobile app and completely

changed transportation. Uber

and other ridesharing apps have

diminished the use of taxis and

other public transportation


These apps have

been controversial

at times due to the

lack of safety and poor treatment

of drivers.

Online food ordering

Prior to the 2010s, pizza companies

were the only consistent

online ordering services. But apps

like Uber Eats,

DoorDash, and

Grubhub became

reliable options for

those that did not want to drive or

walk to get their food.

Wireless Headphones

Listening to music and other

things on your phone became

a lot easier as just about every

headphone company came out

with their own wireless bluetooth


Top sports

Butler Final Four runs

Brad Stevens led the Butler

basketball squad to back-to-back

national championships in 2010

and 2011. A Gordon Hayward

half court heave just missed at

the buzzer as Butler lost to Duke

61-59 in 2010. In 2011, Connecticut

defeated Butler 53-41. These are

the only Final Four appearances in

team history.

Fever 2012 title

The Indiana Fever were the sole

pro sports team in Indiana to win

a championship during the 2010s.

The Fever defeated the Minnesota

Lynx 3 games to 1 to win their

only WNBA Championship ever.

Tamika Catchings won Finals

MVP after averaging 22 points per


Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck was possibly the

biggest sports star around the city

in the 2010s. Luck was drafted first

overall in 2012 and led the Colts

to the playoffs in each of his first

three seasons. After missing all of

2017, Luck returned and brought

Indy to the playoffs again in 2018.

Andrew Luck shockingly retired

weeks before the 2019 season


Indy Eleven

Indianapolis got a new pro soccer

team in 2013 as the Indy Eleven

arrived. The Eleven played in the

North American Soccer League

(NASL) from 2014 to 2017 and

joined the United Soccer League

(USL) in 2018.


Cubs 2016 World Series

Tiger wins 2019 Masters

LeBron James and his “decision”

New England Patriots win three

Super Bowls

Indy hosts 2012 Super Bowl

Steph Curry brings “small ball”

to the NBA

“Being in high school during the start of the social media age was chaotic. While

the kids happily pounced on the opportunity to use social media in their everyday

lives, the teachers and administrators were spanghewed into uncertainty by the

very same thing. It was really a matter of perspective: teachers thought we were

becoming more cliquey and too open with our day-to-day lives, while we saw it as

becoming closer to our friends. At the start, I think the rise of social media alienated

us from most of our teachers, which is unfortunate because the negatives

attached to social media made those connections with teachers and mentors more

needed than ever.”

- Spanish teacher Gage Cook, Pendleton Heights Class of 2015

Top trends


These date back to the

19th century in Europe,

but reemerged in 2015

when celebrities like

Kendall Jenner and Bella

Hadid wore them.

Skinny Jeans

Its curve-hugging

attributes, versatility,

stretch fabrications, and

soft fabric is what made

skinny jeans one of the

defining pants in the

previous decade.

Tiny Sunglasses

These tiny pairs of sunglasses

are arguably one of the most controversial


trends in the 2010s

and has spiked in

popularity among

instagram influencers and celebrities.

Whether to love or hate tiny

sunglasses is such a popular topic.

Ripped Jeans

Also known as distressed jeans,

these kinds of pants

were commonly worn

due to people overusing

them and also as a way

of expressing themselves.

They emerged

out of certain subcultures

as well such as Grunge,

Punk, Metal, etc.

Dad Sneakers

These are no more

than basic tennis shoes

that have been around

for decades, but became

popular in the mid-

2010s when seen on celebrities.

“I had a bunch of

silly bandz at one

point, I know

that. They

were useless

and yet, so fun.”

- Kaitlin Flood, Class of 2013

May 21, 2021 Ben Davis High School Indianapolis, IN Spotlight

“I remember the hallways always being

so packed and trying to get from

one hallway to another in six minutes.

I remember the student parking lot

being a mess to get in and out of. It felt

like I was around such a diverse group

of people every day. You had this ability

to know so many people and still

know no one.”

- Kaitlin Flood, Class of 2013

Memorable moments

July 1, 2013

Black Lives Matter (2013-present): #BlackLivesMatter was founded

in 2013 as a response to the acquittal of Travis Martin’s murderer. Black

Lives Matter Global Network Foundation is a U.S., U.K., and Canadian

global organization whos mission is to build local power to intervene in

black community violence as well as eradicate white supremacy. This

was again brought up in various global protests after a police officer suffocated

George Floyd to death.

December 12, 2015

Meanwhile at Ben Davis...

The Winter

Guard squad

was one of the

most successful

programs of the

2010 decade, winning

three state

titles. Here they

are performing

their 2018 show

titled “Once

Upon a Chair.”

This squad was

rated No. 3 in the



The day the Global Climate Change Agreement was

signed. Also known as Paris Agreement, it’s a framework for

global climate action that intends to limit global temperature

rise to 1.5 degrees celsius, provide a framework for monitoring

a country’s emission-reduction targets and mobilize

support for climate change mitigation in developing nations.

January 20, 2017

Donald Trump gets sworn in as the 45th President of the United

States. Trump wins the 2016 presidential election

and has pulled a few feats: he broke the blue wall

by winning Michigan’s votes and became one of the

five presidents to lose the popular vote but win the

electoral vote. Trump’s presidency is clouded in controvery

as he spends much of time on Twitter. His presidency ended in a

riot on the U.S. Capitol.

January 21, 2017

The largest Women March in history. The idea of a women’s march

began on facebook the day after Donald Trump’s election, when Teresa

Shook, a Hawaiian woman, voiced her opinion that a pro-woman march

was needed as a reaction to Trump’s victory. 500,000 women participate

on the march the day after Inauguration Day, responding to the exposed

2005 recording of Trump crudely commenting about his celebrity status

allowing him to prompt numerous women to confront him about past

inappropriate sexual conduct.

The 2014 football (above and at right) were the comeback

kids as they came from behind in six games that year,

including overcoming a 17-point deficit to beat Carmel in

the state title game. The teams theme that year was “We

Are One.” They and the 2017 squad each won Class 6A

state championships with the 2017 team going undefeated

and finishing No. 5 in the national rankings.

Two state titles in a row is what

the boys bowling program brought

to Ben Davis, capturing both the

2018 and 2019 championships. Here

they pose with their 2019 state

trophy. The school won 12 state

championships overall during the

2010 decade.

The 2017 boys basketball team got hot when it

counted the most and brought home the schools

third boys basketball state title with a win over

Fort Wayne Northside. The boys gave the school

a signature moment when Josh Brewer nailed a

buzzer-beating three-pointer for a win over favored

Castle in the Seymour semistate.

September 20, 2019

The Area 51 Raid. Matty Roberts got inspired by Joe Rogan’s podcast

about his interview with Bob Lazar, a UFO circle cult

figure, and posted a joke on facebook: “Storm Area 51,

They Can’t Stop All Of Us.” The ‘plan’ was to meet

everyone in Rachel, Nevada - closest town to Area

51-in the early morning of September 20 and see if the

government hid any aliens. Plans have changed and

only 150 people arrived at Area 51 while 1,500 others participated in alien


December 31, 2019

The novel coronavirus originated originated in Wuhan,

Hubei Province.On December 31, 2019, Wuhan Municipal

Health Commision reported clustered cases of a mysterious

Pneumonia, which is now known as Covid-19, corona,

coronavirus, etc.

Girls basketball state champions 2010

Boys track state champions 2010

Football state champions 2014, 2017

Boys basketball state champions 2017

Boys bowling state champions 2018, 2019

Girls Show Choir state champions 2011, 2013

Winter Color Guard state champions 2014,

2015, 2018


“Thank you Giants for your perseverance,

determination, and flexibility.

You have experienced history and

you have prevailed. I am confident

in our future because we have such

amazing human beings graduating

who will lead our world to a better



in review

A look at the year in photos and messages to the Class of 2021

- Principal Sandi Squire

“Use your experiences (good and

bad) to help shape your future. Think

about yourself and how you can

change things or how you can react

to them...once you have yourself in

check, the rest is so easy.”

- Art teacher Allison Knudsen

“Be flexible. Everything changes, and

you will need to change, learn different

things, and grow with the changes.

You are uniquely equipped to do this

as you have gone through more than a

year of being flexible with numerous

changes beyond your control.”

- Business teacher Debbie Diss

“My parting message to my

seniors is always, ‘don’t forget

to vote!’ Or at least speak out

and take action when you feel

our government needs to act.

We’ve seen a lot of turmoil

in the past year. People have

struggled on many levels. Try

to remember that your government

works for you, but it can

only be its best if you and the

American people hold it accountable.

Democracy is a participatory

sport, and I hope you

find a way to be involved.”

- Social Studies teacher Shannon Singleton

May 21, 2021 Ben Davis High School Indianapolis, IN Spotlight

“I would like to express my amazement. The optimism, poise

and general ruggedness of the class of 2021 is undeniable. You

have made the struggle and fear that best defines this pandemic

year as something for lesser beings. You have been an awe-inspiring

sight with your Chromebooks, bottles of hand-sanitizer,

masks, and hoodies drawn tight. I am sorry to see your glorious

class leave us, but I am inspired to do my job every day by your

dogged determination to make it to graduation and to continue

living your life no matter the circumstances or the impediments

placed before you.”

- English teacher Tim Payne



Lexie Bordenkecher

Opinions editor:

Denise Gimlich

Lifestyle editor:

Mary Adams

Sports editor:

Zion Brown




Aaron Ayala, Allison Flores,

Sophie Dorrance-Minch, Frida

Fonseca, Laura Fowler, Raelynn

Hughes, Atzel Nunez, James

McNeal, Aliyah Mitchell, Corbin

Robinson, Brooklynn Sharp,

Brentton Wharton


Tom Hayes


Sandra Squire

“Be where you are

supposed to be, doing

what you are supposed

to be doing and things

will work out.”

- English teacher

Paisley Kleinhenz

“Who would’ve ever thought that during

your junior and senior year you would

go through a pandemic?! You have

shown so much grace, passion, and perseverance.

Thank you for choosing Ben

Davis High School and congratulations.

The future is bright.”

- Assistant Principal Jessica Earnest

Spotlight is the official newspaper of

Ben Davis High School. It was created

and is maintained by the Board of

Education of the Metropolitan School

District of Wayne Township as part of

the curriculum of the school district.

Its purpose is to allow students to

develop and refine their skills as

journalists under the supervision of the

principal, Sandra Squire, and faculty

of Ben Davis High School.

Spotlight represents and exemplifies

Ben Davis High School and is not a

public or open forum. The principal

and faculty of Ben Davis High School

are therefore charged by the Board of

Education with the responsibility of

exercising editorial oversight to ensure

that contents of Spotlight reflect

Wayne Westside Community Values,

which may be found on the Wayne

website and are available upon request

from Ben Davis High School.

It is the policy of Spotlight to accept

letters to the editor from all readers.

All readers must be signed and

verified for permission. The editor

reserves the right to edit the letter for

journalistic and grammar purposes as

well as to maintain a safe environment

and to exempt prohibited material.

Letters to the editor can be submitted

to Tom Hayes in room X109 or to the

editors. Letters can also be e-mailed to

Tom Hayes at tom.hayes@wayne.k12. or to the editors.

Readers who submit letters sent via

e-mail must see either Tom Hayes or

the editors for verification if they wish

to be published.

Businesses interested in advertising

in Spotlight should contact Tom Hayes

at 317-988-7148. Spotlight publishes

at least six issues per school year and

the online version can be found at Advertising

rates are available upon request.


“Education is the passport

to your future, for tomorrow

belongs to those who

prepare for it today.”

- inclusion teacher Anglea Eastridge








Oculus Quest VR2 headset

What do you get when a social

media company


to do video



Oculus Quest 2! With Resident

Evil 4!

PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo

Switch Lite

Alongside the non-existent 9th

generation consoles, Nintendo


a smaller

and more



of their 9th gen, the Nintendo

Switch. They call it the ‘Nintendo

Switch Lite’.

Apple Watch Series 6

“It’s the ultimate device for a

healthy life” - Apple




straight into

your ears

from the

monopoly in



Microsoft Surface Go 2

Microsoft’s newer model of a

hybrid tablet-laptop. Pen and case

sold seperately.



The school year was delayed

two weeks by Covid 19. The

school year finally began on

August 12, 2020. The most



were the


lunch room,




and everyone

was required to wear


School began on a hybrid

schedule with students last

names A-K in school on

Mondays and Tuesdays and

L-Z in school on Wednesdays

and Thursdays. When not in

school, students did remote

learning from home devices.

In November, the Covid

numbers got so bad in Marion

County that all students in

the county were sent home

for remote learning. Teachers

at Wayne Township still

reported to the physical buildings

and taught remotely.

Everyone came back to fulltime

school by the first week

of April.

Athletically, our football team

advanced to the semistate

round of

the Class

6A state


for the



year and

our boys

basketball team captured a

sectional crown.

“MONTERO (Call Me By Your


By Lil Nas X

This song

sparked controversy,

and is one

of the greatest

music moments

of the year,

especially for the

LGBTQ+ community.


By Cardi B

This song is a fun experience,

for everyone.

Plus, she totally

killed it at the

Grammy’s with

this performance.

“Driver’s License”

By Olivia Rodrigo

This title blew

up on Tiktok, with

covers and general

love from the community.

This song

is an emotional

title, and is just a


Ever since quarantine struck, most

people spent their time binging

their favorite shows and such. but

what were those shows?

Fate: The Winx Saga

Fairies attend a boarding school

where they learn to master their


Law and Order: Organized


Detective Elliot Stabler returns

to the NYPD to fight crime. He’s

been away for a decade, and since

he’s been gone the department has

changed. He has to adjust to the

new system and rebuild his life.

The Irregulars

Group helps Dr Watson and Sher-


Outriders is a third person shooter RPG.

Your character begins searching for a planet

after human destroys the earth. However,

after being frozen, the planet has been


New! Pokemon Snap

Pokemon Snap came out in 1999, for the Nintendo 64. And now

it’s being remade for the Switch!

Hitman 3

IO interactive released the last game in the

World of Assassination trilogy, which started

in 2016. Hitman 3 is vast, and beautiful,

with many new executions and an amazing

finale to this trilogy.

Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares is a puzzle horror title,

with beautiful graphics, terrifying creatures, and an amazing art

style. And that’s all I can say to keep this spoiler free. Play it. It’s


Resident Evil Village

What might possible be the most awaited title on this list,

Resident Evil Village is

the most terrifying fun

I’ve had in a while. With

amazing sound design,

freaky foes, and a 9’ 6”

vampire lady, it’s no

surprise that Resident

Evil Village is on many

people’s minds this year.


lock Holmes solve supernatural

crimes. The show was canceled

after one season.

Tell Me Your


As the truth

unfolds, three

people deal with

their pasts as they

become more and

more confusing.

Jujutsu Kaisen

High schooler, Yuji Itadori joins

a secret organization for Jujutsu


My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya is born without

superpowers, but dreams of becoming

a superhero.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Sam donates Captain America’s

The Nevers







Who Killed Sara?

Alex is framed for his sister’s murder,

and he tries to find out who

actually killed her.


Wanda and Vision move to the

suburbs, but get suspicious of

what’s happening.

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