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THURSDAY, MAY 20, 2021

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Shopping centre traffic a

nightmare for residents

Neighbours drive

to avoid crossing

Langdons Rd

on foot

• By Bea Gooding

IAN WILKIE still has to drive his

wife to the Northlink shopping

centre even though they live across

the road from it.

He does this to avoid fearing for

their lives every time the elderly

couple brave yet another attempt to

cross Langdons Rd to go shopping.

The nightmare began when

the centre opened more than a

year ago. As more keen shoppers

flocked to the complex, so did the

number of cars they brought there

with them.

To mitigate the increased traffic,

the Papanui-Innes Community

Board is now awaiting results on

a safety audit currently under way

to determine how to make the area


“Nothing’s changed, it’s still

a hard place to cross and traffic

hasn’t diminished in any way,” Ian


• Turn to page 4


Langdons Rd

resident Ian

Wilkie has

to drive his

wife, Roz, to

the Northlink


centre out of

safety – even

though they

live right

across the

road from it.






Tariq Kundan

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2 Thursday May 20 2021

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as sign citizenship or rates rebates


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Tuesday is cribbage and Wednesday

is euchre. All welcome. $2. Phone

Alan on 021 173 3388.

Wā Kōrero: Storytimes

Tuesday, 10.30-11am, at Fendalton

and Shirley

Fendalton and Shirley libraries

Storytimes is an interactive

programme including books, songs,

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Scottish Country Dancing

Tuesday, 7.45-9.45pm

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Thursday May 20 2021 3

Dismay over removal of on-street bus finders

• By Bea Gooding

“WHAT ABOUT us old


That’s the question Rosalie

Griffith posed when she discovered

“with dismay” that

hundreds of on-street bus finder

modules were being removed

from bus stops on Harewood Rd.

The bus finders allowed passengers

to press a button which

determined how many minutes

away their bus was due to arrive

at the stop they were waiting at.

But now the Bishopdale

resident was told by workers removing

the finders that she will

need to rely on Metro’s app and

website to find out when her bus

was arriving – something she

was not confident with.

However, the removals were

part of a wider city council

project to install 100 new and

improved bus locators across the

city, which were selected with

accessibility in mind.

Said Rosalie, who is a regular

bus user: “What is wrong with

the present ones? I don’t like

apps, I don’t know how to work

them and I’d have to get somebody

to do it for me.

“This move is an injustice to

older or handicapped folk who

do not or cannot use smart


Having the on-street finders

in place allowed older people,

people with disabilities, school

children and even tourists an

accurate time frame of when to

expect their bus without needing

to use the internet.

For passengers like Rosalie, it

meant she could retreat to the

comfort of her home if the bus

was not due to arrive for another

20 to 30 minutes, rather than

waiting outside.

Her usual bus stop on Harewood

Rd is not sheltered from

the elements and has no seats.

The move was enough to


Regular bus user

Rosalie Griffith

was concerned

to see hundreds

of on-street bus

finders being

removed at stops

along Harewood

Rd – but some are

being replaced

with new and

improved locators




tempt Rosalie into using her car


But that was the opposite of

what the city council has been

attempting to discourage as they

continue working on improving

bus and cycle lanes across


Said Rosalie: “The proposed

cycleway down Harewood Rd

with single parking only is bad

enough, so removing our very

useful and much appreciated

electronic bus arrival signage

is another show of disrespect

shown by our council to a considerable

sector of our residents.”

The original bus finders were

introduced more than 20 years

ago, but many have not been

well used since the increase in

mobile, app and website use.

The new locators are meant to

be easier to see, hear and operate,

and are being placed at an

appropriate height for wheelchair

users. Satellite-fed data meant

that bus arrival times will be

exact rather than estimated.

They are currently being

installed over the next month,

but will not be fully operational

until July.

However, not every stop will

get a new locator, therefore passengers

will still need to refer to

Metro’s online services, or to the

printed timetables at the bus stop.

A variety of factors contributed

to identifying stops that will

no longer have bus finders.

These included sites where

bus routes intersected, such

as transfer stops, areas where

passengers may have less access

to smartphones or mobile

coverage and busy bus stops such

as malls and hospitals.

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4 Thursday May 20 2021

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Festival to


annual event

OPEN Christchurch – the festival

that showcases architecture and

well-designed spaces by giving

people the chance to nosy around

buildings – is going to become an

annual event.

The inaugural Open Christchurch

festival was held over the

weekend and attracted thousands

of people through the doors of

some of the city’s most iconic


Attendees took the opportunity

to explore 46 buildings and

participate in more than 35

architectural-based activities that

were part of the programme,

including booked-out visits

to homes of architectural

significance, architectural tours,

children’s workshops, behindthe-scenes

tours and access to

buildings or parts of buildings

not normally available to the


Mayor Lianne Dalziel shared

the views from her office on

the 6th floor of the Te Hononga

Civic Building, hosting close to

350 people in her office across


Open Christchurch is

scheduled for April 30 and May

1, next year.

‘We want a pedestrian crossing or lights’

• From page 1

“There are people who use

motorised wheelchairs trying to

get from A to B and it’s crazy –

it’s only a matter of time before

someone’s going to get injured,

or killed.”

Ever since Northlink opened

last year, safety concerns raised

by Ian and neighbouring residents

intensified “by ten-fold.”

The increased number of cars

parking and travelling down

Langdons Rd caused a lack of

visibility for residents exiting

their driveways and made it

more difficult for pedestrians to

cross the road.

The safety audit is designed

to look at changes to the traffic

along the road.

Aside from the audit, the only

safety improvements Northlink

carried out so far were the installation

of right-turn lanes and

no-stopping restrictions at the

entrances towards the end of last


Ian wanted two traffic islands

installed to help people get to the

other side but in an ideal world,

traffic lights should be installed.

“We want a pedestrian crossing

or lights, but I understand

that’s an expensive thing for the

council,” he said.

“In the shopping complex [car

park] I counted 38 pedestrian

CONCERNED: Ian Wilkie watching traffic on busy Langdons Rd. PHOTO: GEOFF SLOAN

crossings, so we’re only asking

the council for one.”

It was hard for Ian to be

happy to see progress on safety

improvements in spite of the

ongoing safety audit carried out

by Northlink’s developers.

A lack of communication

regarding progress from the city

council and the Papanui-Innes

Community Board was to blame.

Said Ian: “The concerned

residents of Langdons Rd seem to

think we’re not part of the conversation,

we don’t know what’s

happening behind the scenes. It’s

frustrating because I was assured

last December that the council

and community board would

keep us in the loop.

“If we continue to be ignored,

then I’ll be forced to make a


However, community board

chairwoman Emma Norrish said

the board has not received any

complaints or feedback since the

issue was initially raised.

But getting to the bottom of

the concerns was something the

board prioritised in its board

plan and recent Long Term Plan


“We still have concerns at the

roundabout outside the library,

staff have been looking into possibilities

into making that safer

for cyclists as cyclists are at risk

at this intersection,” she said.

NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Canterbury news at

Thursday May 20 2021 5

Two reserves bestowed new names

• By Bea Gooding

TWO RIVERSIDE reserves have

been renamed to better reflect

the significance of the area.

Following public consultation

in February, Styx River Reserve

No.2 and the Kaputone Esplanade

Reserve are now known

as Te Waoku Kahikatea and Te

Waoku Kapuka, respectively.

The names were gifted by local

rūnanga Ngāi Tūāhuriri based

on the use and type of trees at

the reserves - a move that was

approved by the Papanui-Innes

Community Board.

“It’s mainly because the [old]

names were generic and didn’t

have meaning,” said board chairwoman

Emma Norrish.

“This gives it a name that actually

means something and relates

back to what’s happening there.”

Te waouku means the forest

and the reserves are home to the

trees of kapuka and kahikatea -

New Zealand’s tallest native tree.

The new names followed

extensive planting work carried

out at the reserves by city council

staff and volunteer groups such

as the Kahukura Māori Healing

Group, the Styx Living Laboratory

Trust, and New Zealand

Conservation Trust, who pushed

for the names.

SIGNIFICANCE: Styx Reserve No 2 is now known as Te Waoku Kahikatea – one of two reserves in the area

that was gifted with a new name.


Although the majority

of responses during the

consultation process were

positive, there were calls for a

dual-name approach in both

Māori and English.

The board supported this

approach, but it was too late to

apply it to the current reserves in


However, it has been taken

into account for future cases

when the city council reviews the

current policy for the naming of


SAY: Should

a dual-name

approach in

both Māori

and English be

applied when

naming public

places? Email

your views to


reserves and public spaces later

this year.

The board also want to change

the name of Kaputone Creek in

Belfast to Kā Pūtahi.

Kā Pūtahi is the original spelling

of the creek but it was misspelt

when it was initially named

Kaputone many years ago.

The New Zealand Geographic

Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o

Aotearoa, who is in charge of

naming places, is expected to

consider this proposal in July.



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Thursday May 20 2021

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Pupil’s colour run raises more than $15,000

• By Bea Gooding

ISLEWORTH School pupils

took matters into their own

hands when they were left

without a playground for

nearly half a year.

So with the help of the

school’s PTA, the pupils

collectively raised more than

$15,000 towards the cost of a

new one through a fun run

bursting with colour last week.

Complete with a sausage

sizzle, nearly 300 pupils

ploughed their way through

many obstacles while plastered

in colourful powder.

PTA treasurer and colour

run organiser Kara Harden

said the school had never

run a cross country like this

before, therefore the outcome

was a surprise.

“It’s amazing and I’m blown

away, everyone’s done a really

good job. I don’t think anyone

expected that much,” she said.

Student access to the senior

playground was barred at the

beginning of this year as it

deemed unsafe.

Another playground at the

school still clung to life, but it

only catered for the juniors.

Year 4 pupils Piper Wills (front) and Brooke Shearer, and year 3 pupils Scarlett Angus and

Tanaya Barot are sprayed with powder during the fun run.

Year 6 pupil Rylan McGiffin and Keilim McCausland,

year 2.

Organisations like Aviva,

(formerly Women’s Refuge) do

great work in our communities

and I enjoyed being part of the

Northern Christchurch collection

team last weekend. Thank you to

all those at Northwood who gave

so generously to this great cause.

School holidays wouldn’t be the

same without a visit to Willowbank

wildlife reserve with the kids.

We’re fortunate to have this great

educational facility on our

doorstep, with its successful

partnerships that are helping to

protect some of our most

threatened species. The kids

especially enjoy competing to see

who can spot a kiwi in the

nocturnal house.

It’s important for New

Zealanders to have access to all

the facts around how we’re

tracking in meeting our nation’s


needs. That’s why,

as National’s Mental Health

Spokesperson, I called on the

government to publically release

missing data from the Mental

Health annual report when it was

released without important

statistics. I was disappointed the

government blocked my inquiry,

which would have revealed vital

information around how targets

such as wait times for children

and adolescents are being met.

Government has severely

underspent and in some cases

hasn’t even spent a single dollar

on some of the mental-health

projects it announced. Hiding

negative statistics and then

bullying the mental health

organisations who call for

transparency is not a fix. This

week I will be announcing

National’s alternative mental

health budget ahead of the

government’s Budget on 20 May.

We’ve got your



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Thursday May 20 2021 7

for new playground

“It means that half the school

has been without a playground.

They still had the field, but the

playground is a really important

part of lunchtime for students,”

said Harden.

“The sooner we can get the

money, the sooner we can get the

ball rolling.”

The PTA has already

committed $15,000 to the

estimated $45,000 price tag

for a new and improved


Future fundraisers to cover the

shortfall have been locked in –

from school discos to selling pies

and pizza.

But it might be a while before

pupils can see the fruits of their


Harden said construction

was not expected to start until

work to refurbish the school

was complete, which has been

earmarked for next year.

The refurbishment is currently

under way as part of the

Christchurch Schools Rebuild

programme, where

115 earthquake-damaged

schools will either be rebuilt or


Jayah McGiffin

Year 1 pupils Alexandra Zinoveva, Astrid Burch, and Emilia


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Thursday May 20 2021 9

Rotary club funds contribute to new centre

FROM OPENING a new wing

at a drug rehabilitation centre to

the recent success of a mammoth

book fair, the Rotary Club of

Bishopdale-Burnside has been


For more than 30 years, Odyssey

House has been involved in

the rehabilitation of drug and

alcohol offenders. Until recently,

the Burnside facility only housed


Following a $12,000 donation

raised by the rotary club, the

facility can now host women

formerly housed at a Motukarara

retreat through the construction

of a separate, eight-room block.

The block was proposed as

earthquake damage repairs

proved too costly to make

changes to the existing Greers

Rd facility.

It is designed to enable women

to move on from the rehabilitation

programme, offers opportunities

for further education or to

take part in a work environment

This enables them to achieve

a reintroduction to society and

a much-reduced risk of reoffending.

Said Foundation chairman

David Conroy: “Bishopdale-

Burnside Rotary, thanks to

funds raised from major

fundraising activities, were in

a position to provide a sizeable

HOME: Rotary Club of Bishopdale-Burnside chairman David

Conroy (left) hands a $12,000 donation to Odyssey House clinical

director Nigel Loughton towards a new facility for women seeking

drug and alcohol rehabilitation. ​

donation toward the building

project and also identified an

additional need to furnish each


“To this end, we set about

encouraging seven other rotary

clubs to contribute to the joint

venture project.”

The building is now up

and running with the first

few women in residence All

bedrooms have a plaque

recognising each Rotary club’s

part in the project.

Meanwhile, it has been back

to business for the club’s annual

Bookarama event, which was

recently met with success.

The event enables book lovers

to browse through thousands of

titles donated to the club, with

each purchase going towards

youth, school or charity projects.

With the cancellation of last

GIVING BACK: Book lovers browsed through

thousands of titles at a charity Bookarama event by

Rotary Club of Bishopdale-Burnside.

year’s event due to Covid-19, this

year’s one saw more shoppers

and donations than the club has

ever seen in 15 years.

Rotary members were “on

a high” knowing their efforts

would allow the club to offer

significant support to needy

projects in the community.

Said Keith Walker, of the rotary

club: “Maybe lockdown meant

people saved their books for the

project; cleaned out cupboards

and shelves of unused books, or

maybe they just spent more time

reading while confined to home.

“It was wonderful to see

families enjoying the atmosphere

and buzz that is Bookarama

and to see children head off

home with just as many books

as the grown-ups to keep them

occupied over the coming


Love the


Summerset on Cavendish’s village residents

have put their range of talents to use and

are holding a winter craft and bake sale to

raise money for their 2021 charity of choice,

the New Zealand Flying Doctor Service.

Residents’ have utilised the fabulous

facilities in the resident workshop to

craft wooden toys and home items. The

Stitching Sisters group have stitched and

knitted a selection of clothing, toys and

craft and our resident cooks and bakers

have been creating the tastiest of jams and

homemade baking.

Come along and experience the best of

Summerset life when the village comes

together to support a great cause, and

the perfect opportunity to buy gifts or

treats for yourself knowing your donation

goes to help others.

We look forward to seeing you and thank

you for your support.

Winter Craft

and Bake Sale

Monday 24 May

1.30 - 3.30pm

Summerset on Cavendish

147 Cavendish Road, Casebrook

03 741 2330

To find out more about Summerset, visit


10 Thursday May 20 2021

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Thursday May 20 2021 11

Merrin School’s rebuild under way

• By Bea Gooding

THE DELAY is over for the

community at Merrin School,

which has been waiting more

than three years to see their

facilities rebuilt.

The school’s $5 million

redevelopment project was

meant to start in early 2018

and be completed by 2019, but

contractors were not able to start

until this week.

The work is part of the

Ministry of Education’s

Christchurch Schools Rebuild

programme, where 115

earthquake-affected schools will

either be rebuilt or refurbished.

Principal Lisa Dillon-Roberts

said there had been delays with

the entire project and that the

setbacks were frustrating.

“It’s behind due to delays with

the project contractors,” she said.

“But we will be very happy to

have new facilities soon.”

Finding the middle ground

between a good school design

that is fit for purpose within the

budget that MOE was prepared

to allocate was also a challenge.

The school has not seen any

considerable building work

in decades so the project was

welcomed, but it did not mean

it was using facilities that

were unsafe.

By the end of next year, Merrin

School will have a new hall

and a block with five teaching

spaces, and all other buildings

will either be demolished or


The Government has invested

$1.3 billion to rebuild, restore,

and renew schools across the city

in a 10-year programme.

It includes flexible teaching

spaces with the potential to

be expanded or reduced, and

energy-efficient buildings with

the latest technology.

Although half of the redevelopments

are now finished, the

whole programme was meant to

be completed by 2023.

REBUILD: Merrin School’s redevelopment started this week.


Volunteers shape mountain bike park

• By Samantha Mythen

THE KEEN mountain bike

riders of Heathcote are pumping

their pedals through the valley,

planning winter working bees to

continue the build of a mountain

biking skills park.

Their first get-together was on


The working bees will continue

on the second Sunday of each

month throughout winter: June

13, July 11, and August 8.

Although more than 250

people are members of their

Facebook group, Heathcote

resident Grant Brokenshire

said usually only three to four

people turned up to the previous

working bees.

“The park’s progress is based

on the number of people who

come to help,” he said.

“If 20 people show up each

time with wheelbarrows and

a good attitude, it will be


Brokenshire is also calling for

anybody interested in helping

build platforms and other timber


The bike park is next to

Truscotts Rd by Ferrymead

Heritage Park.

The idea for the park started

out as a family project. Last year

during lockdown, Brokenshire’s

two sons and their friends

wanted somewhere local to play

on their bikes. There were some

basic features already around the

place, but they were all quickly

improving on their skills and

wanted more of a challenge.

More and more features and

tracks were built, and it was

eventually decided they would

create a fun space where riders of

all ages and abilities could meet

up, play and learn new biking


Last year more than 300m³ of

clay was brought in to create over

50 features from beginner to

advanced skill levels. One such

feature is a 1.5m high step down

named Bob.

Brokenshire said more than

1000 hours of work have been

put into building the park, and it

has all been from volunteers.

“We want to promote

community engagement,” he


This year they are hoping to

plant 500 native plants and build

50 more features, including

trials features for those keen trial




riding the

trails of the


biking skills

park in the






bikers in Heathcote Valley. A

trials bike does not have a seat.

They are built this way to allow

the rider to work on difficult


Brokenshire said: “Our longterm

plan is to incorporate the

park with greater bike trails

being built around the

Port Hills.”

Treat yourself to

a luxury escape.

Every night.

50% off *

selected Sleepyhead Sanctuary Beds

You don’t need to go far, to get away from it all. And handcrafted,

NZ made beds bring luxury closer than ever. The Sanctuary range

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Offers valid until Tuesday 25th May 2021, while stocks last, unless otherwise stated. Some products on display in selected stores only – please call 0800 764 847 to check availability. Personal shoppers only. *Apple, selected computers, game consoles, gift cards, clearance items and some

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12 Thursday May 20 2021

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Keep cosy with

RD Petroleum

this winter

Pick up some pork and

try something different

Pork is often

considered a treat,

but there are many

ways to present this

versatile meat

Sirloin roast pork

with stuffed baked



Serves 3-4

500g trim pork sirloin

roast or mini roast

1 tbsp olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

4 small apples

3/4 cup fresh breadcrumbs

2 tbsp finely chopped sage


1 shallot, diced

1tsp crushed garlic

2 tbsp table spread


Preheat oven to 200 deg C.

If using a traditional

roast, brush it with oil

then season with salt and


Core apples with an apple

corer. Using tip of a sharp

knife, cut through skin

around the circumference

of each apple.

Combine breadcrumbs,

sage, garlic, salt, pepper and

shallot. Mix in 1 tablespoon

of spread. Stuff apples with

this mixture.

Dot tops with remaining


Place in a roasting pan

with pork. Cook roast

for 35min according to

packet instructions. Cook

traditional roast for 10

minutes at 200 deg C.

Reduce heat to 160 deg C,

and continue cooking for


Cover and rest roast for

10min before carving.

Remove apples once soft

and cooked. Keep warm.

Great served with a kumara

mash and steamed green


Pork sirloin and stuffed apples are a good

combination for the dinner table.

Mustard and

pomegranate BBQ


Serves 4


500gm pork steaks

1 tbsp wholegrain


¼ cup pomegranate glaze

1 tsp Chinese five-spice


Cut steaks into four portions.

Combine mustard,

pomegranate glaze and five


Brush over cutlets. Cover

and refrigerate for 30min.

Preheat a barbecue or grill.

Remove steaks from fridge,

scraping off any excess

marinade. Grill on mediumhigh

for about 8-10 minutes

depending on thickness,

turning often.

Brush with reserved glaze

near the end of cooking.

Great served with risotto or

creamy polenta.

Schnitzel with Asian


Serves 4


300-400gm pork schnitzel

½ cup flour

Flaky sea salt and freshly

ground black pepper to


1 large egg

2 tbsp coconut milk or

plain milk

1 cup dried breadcrumbs

3 kaffir lime leaves,

deveined and finely


2 tbsp each: chopped

coriander leaves, mint

2-3 tbsp rice bran oil


If necessary, pound

schnitzels with a rolling pin

until thin.

Combine flour, salt and

pepper in a shallow dish.

Whisk egg and coconut

milk or milk in another

shallow bowl.

Place breadcrumbs, kaffir

lime leaves and chopped

herbs in a third shallow


Coat schnitzels with flour,

dip in beaten egg, then coat

with crumb mixture. Chill

for 5min.

Heat oil in a large,

non-stick frying pan on


Add schnitzels. Cook

for 1-2 minutes each

side, until golden. Serve


RD Petroleum (RDP) is a familiar sight

for farm and rural residents around the

Canterbury region, however now days urban

residents also enjoy the same excellent

customer service for which RDP is known for

in rural communities, through their home

heating diesel.

RDP began its home heating diesel delivery

service to the lower South Island’s main urban

centres of Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin

and Invercargill a number of years ago.

Customer demand has continued to increase

year upon year, and RDP has responded

with specialised improvements to its delivery


The trucks that deliver RDP’s home heating

diesel in each urban centre are drawn from

the company’s extensive vehicle fleet. This

means they have the latest communication

and GPS tracking technology on board, so

the operations team always know where they

are and how far away they are from their next

delivery stop.

RDP’s home heating diesel trucks come

equipped with a specially-designed hose,

through which the diesel is pumped from

the truck into house tanks. The length of

the hose allows the trucks to access tanks

without having to enter the property, avoiding

damaging the driveway. RDP is the place to

go if you require diesel conveniently delivered

to your home and as a loyal RDP customer

you’re offered discounted pricing and can

become eligible for value-added benefits.

For all enquiries please phone

0800 44 00 14, or visit the RDP website at or

signup at

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Thursday May 20 2021 13


Get the balance

right this winter

Enviro Master has been helping

Cantabrians get the balance right when it

comes to choosing the perfect heat pump or

air conditioning system for their home or

office since 2002.

Their team of expert sales people, qualified

electricians, heating and refrigeration

engineers, help to supply and install

Christchurch’s widest range of heat pumps,

and because they have no affiliation with any

one brand, you can be assured their advice

on the benefits and differences between each

product is unbiased.

They will recommend the most energyefficient

and cost-effective system for your

individual situation, and will have you

regulating the heat in your home or office in

no time.

Nowadays, customers are often wanting

whole home solutions to be able to maintain

even temperatures throughout the home both

in Winter and Summer. This can be achieved

by using ducted systems or multi systems

and Enviro Master are experts in designing,

installing and commissioning these systems.

Help is currently available with a

government subsidy covering 90 per cent of

the cost of a new heat pump up to $3000.

The subsidy is part of the Warmer Kiwi

Homes initiative and is available to Home

owner/occupiers with a Community Services

Card, a SuperGold combo card or who live in

a low-income area as determined by deciles

8-10 on the New Zealand Deprivation Index.

The applicant’s home must also have been

built before 2008, have insulation up to code

(insulation subsidies also available) and have

no fixed heating in a living area, such as an

existing operational heat pump or fireplace.

With new regulations coming in for

Landlords to provide heating in rentals,

now is a great time to beat the deadline.

Inadequate heating and ventilation can lead

to mould growth and dampness in your

property, leading to costlier maintenance

and an unhealthy living environment.

Providing a fixed heater with a higher heat

output and lower running costs, like a heat

pump, will enable your tenants to heat the

area effectively. Enviro Master are well

experienced with the Tenancy Services

software to ensure that you are meeting your


To ensure you choose the right system for

your home or business, one of Enviro Master’s

experts will visit to assess your individual

situation, offer advice and answer any

questions you may have. This consultation

is at no cost to the customer and is always

provided before a heat pump is installed.

Anyone wondering about their eligibility

for a subsidised heat pump are welcome to

get in touch for details and help with the

application process. To find out more, call

Enviro Master on (03) 366 0525 or visit

their website

Bathroom ventilation

The extraction of air from the bathroom

should be a priority for all houses and

commercial buildings.

Bathrooms can generate a large quantity

of steam and odours. It is important

this compromised air does not circulate

around the house.

Bathroom odours can be unpleasant,

especially when near living, sleeping or

working areas.

The moisture generated by showers and

baths can be damaging to your home and

furnishings and be a major contribution

to condensation. Damp houses are not a

healthy environment for anyone to live in,

especially for children or other vulnerable


By extracting air from the bathroom to

outside, warmer air from inside the house

will move in to the bathroom. Whereas

opening a window can draw cold air

into the bathroom and blow the smelly,

moisture laden

bathroom air into

the house.

Modern houses

are built to be

very airtight and

require mechanical

ventilation such

as extraction fans

or heat exchanger

systems. Although

older houses can

be draughty, the air

often flows in the

wrong direction.

Therefore, they also

usually require mechanical ventilation to

keep the air quality higher.

The quality of the air we breathe affects

our health and ability to perform. We

breathe in and out approximately 20,000

litres of air every day. It is therefore very

important to ensure good air quality

indoors through adequate ventilation.

To ensure the quality of your air, contact

the experts. Smooth-Air Products can

calculate the required extraction for your

bathrooms, and look into air exchange for

your whole building. Smooth-Air offers a

wide range of ventilation equipment, from

air vents to ducting for fans, for both the

commercial and domestic markets.

They have an extensive range of

fans and ventilation components

in-store but they can also provide

innovative solutions tailored to differing

requirements. You can contact Smooth-

Air on 0800 SMOOTH (0800 766684).



Amazin’ autumn Specials!!



Warmer KiWi HomeS


*Eligibility criteria apply

• We will offer you the best quality brands and

option of heat pump for your home/business

• Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 19 years to Cantabrians

• We personally guarantee all our products & installs for 5 years

(providing annual maintenance has been completed)

Phone us today for your free consultation & quote


PHONE 03 366 0525

“A local team for local people”


Ventilation Equipment Suppliers




Smooth-Air has a wide range of

ventilation equipment to bring

fresh air into your home.






Remote Extraction Fans

Ceiling Mounting

Wall Surface


Wall or Ceiling

Mounted Fans

T. 03 376 4608 E



(0800 766 684)

264 Annex Rd



03 343 6184

Monday - Friday

7.30am - 5pm

14 Thursday May 20 2021

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eXhibitoRs Wanted!

Christchurch Arena, 2-4 July 2021


Reach over 10,000 potential customers across three days!

The perfect opportunity for you to personally engage with

and grow new customers!

Showcase your business in one of our general areas or feature in a specialized zone below! Limited stands available, don’t miss out!

a new

addition to

the show!

We have stands available to suit all budgets!

If you want to grow your business, contact Lisa now on 021 800 809 or email

for a no obligation quote. Payment options available. Terms & Conditions apply.

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Thursday May 20 2021 15

Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Community Events

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services



want to have a drink that’s

your business. If you want

to stop, we can help. Phone

0800 229-6757


& Supplies

Gardener available for

maintenance, weeding

pruning, spraying,

planting, advice. Qual &

exp. Pensioner discount

25%. Ph Richard 0274 918

234, 03 349 4022



Service, repairs, tyres &

hire all at affordable rates.

South Pacific Motorcycle


03 3120066 (Mandeville)


Wanted To Buy

AAA Buying goods

quality furniture, beds,

stoves, washing machines,

fridge freezers. Same day

service. Selwyn Dealers.

Phone 980 5812 or 027

313 8156

TOOLS Garden,

garage, woodworking,

mechanical, engineering,

sawbenches, lathes, cash

buyer, ph 355-2045

TOOLS Garden,

garage, woodworking,

mechanical, engineering,

sawbenches, lathes, cash

buyer, ph 355-2045



Exposed Aggregate

Stamped Concrete Plain

Concrete Resurfacing

Things we offer...

Competitive/affordable pricing

Attention to detail

Professional service

free quotes/insurance scopes

Cell 0278 145 848

• Interior and exterior


• Small-medium size/


• Minor plaster repairs

• Timber window repairs

Ph: 0800 462 758 Ph/txt: 021 314 319 Mark Taylor


Long established local company


George Lockyer. Over

40 years bricklaying

experience. UK trained.

Insurance work, EQC

repairs. Heritage

brickwork & stonework

a speciality. No job too

small. Governers Bay.

Home 329 9344. Cell

027 684 4046. E mail


New builds, alterations,

decks, fencing. 30 yrs in

the trade has given me

ability to build to a high

standard. Free quotes. Ph

Brent 027 241 7471


Exp. Repairs, uplifting,

relaying, restretching.

Phone John on 0800

003181, 027 240 7416


Mature lady avail to

clean houses, will also

do ironing & messages if

necessary. Ref’s avail. Ph

Mary 021 236 7485


local professional, int/

Ext,roofs,wallpaper, call

or text Corban 027 846



Fully qualified, over 40

yrs experience. Ph John

027 432-3822 or 351-

9147 email johnchmill@

Painters and Decorators Ltd

Canterbury Owned and Operated

A husband and wife team

Specializing in:

• Roof Painting

• Interior/exterior


• Small commercial



Noel 027-411-3596

kemp painters and decorators



Rope & harness

a speciality,

no scaffolding


30 years of




20% OFF other

roof quotes

Exterior staining,

exterior painting,

water blasting.

Moss and mould

treatment $300.

Phone Kevin

027 561 4629

We offer

free quotes

Quality not




Earthquake Repairs, Grind

Out & Repoint, River/

Oamaru stone, Schist,

Volcanic Rock, Paving,

all Alterations new & old,

Quality Workmanship, visit or

ph 027 601-3145


Best price guarantee Tony

0275 588 895


Flooring - Splashbacks -

Wall incl tile removal, reg

master tiler, ph Dave 027

334 4125


& all camera tapes converted

to DVD or USB. Video

taping special occasions,

ph 03 338-1655



Call us now for fast friendly service.

Get your problems sorted out

quick smart - on time!!

Phone for a


quote now.

Phone 03 377 1280 | Mobile 021 898 380



advanced film solutions

99% uv block

fade protection

heat control

reduce glare

25 Years Experience

privacy films

frosting designs

non-darkening films

Workmanship Guaranteed

Lifetime Warranties on Most Films



Free Quotes Canterbury and Districts

03 365 3653 0800 368 468


JUL-AUG 2020








Stunning Kiwi-built Tribute Car





SEP-OCT 2020












FROM $49


0800 624 295

16 Thursday May 20 2021

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What is the difference between an appraisal

and a property valuation?

Both appraisals and valuations are

methods used to help determine the

market value of the property you are

wishing to sell. Before deciding on

whether you want to have an appraisal

or a property valuation it is important

to understand how both of them work

to determine which process will be most


What is an appraisal?

Appraisals can be loosely described as

a guide to what the true value of your

property is. The aim of an appraisal is

to assist you as the seller with a rough

idea of where your property sits in the

market, providing an idea of the possible

selling price. An appraisal is carried out

by a real estate agent and is generally

free of charge. The actual value figure

is calculated based on the real estate

agent’s own understanding of the market

you are selling in combined with their

assessment of your home, land, house

position and quality of the build.

Arranging for an appraisal on your

property is generally a quicker process

than a valuation, with no formal process

to go through, but it is important to

remember that an appraisal should

only ever be used as a guide and not a

definitive value. To get the best appraisal

possible, always choose a real estate

agent that is local or experienced as they

will have a better idea of the market in

your particular area.

What is a registered valuation?

A Registered Valuation (as opposed to

an E-Valuation or a Desktop Valuation)

comprises a site visit by an approved

valuer and a subsequent valuation report,

which will state a market valuation of the

property. This valuation will consider the

valuer’s inspection and also comparable

sales in the area. This is now the value the

bank uses to lend against.

Unlike an appraisal which can be

completed by any real estate agent, a

formal property valuation can only be

undertaken by a qualified valuer.

A formal property valuation is an

impartial calculation of the value of

a property that takes into account

factors such as the size and aspect of

the property, the land the property is on,

number of bedrooms and bathrooms,

quality of the building materials, council

zoning of the house, features of the home,

the condition of the property, any hidden

property damage, environmental risks

to the property as well as the influence

of the market on the sale price of the


When Will a Bank Request a Registered


Banks will request a Registered Valuation

for a number of reasons, but here are the

main ones:

· You are building your own home

· You are buying a “turn-key” property (off

the plans)

· You have less than 20% deposit and

want to buy an existing dwelling

Who Can Perform a Registered


All valuations now have to be done

through the respective bank’s preferred

Valuation Portal. You can not nominate

your own valuer.

Costs and Timeframes?

Expect a valuation to cost between $850-

$1200, depending on the type of dwelling

that is being valued.

Valuations usually take up to four days

to get done, and then they need to

be submitted to the bank for sign-off

approval. So, it’s important to get your

strategy correct with your advisor to

ensure that there is time to do everything.

As there are potential limitations on

any offer that requires a Registered

Valuation, a good, robust plan is the key

to success here.

Content originally appeared on the real

estate voice www.therealestatevoice. and http://www.velocityfinancial.

Vanessa Golightly

Licensee Agent &

Business Owner

027 664 9292

Stuart Morris

Licensee Agent

& Auctioneer

027 422 6395

Tracy Thomson

Licensee Salesperson

027 440 3035

Claire Morris

Licensee Agent &

Business Owner

027 662 4822

Katrina Green

Operations Manager

Property Management

027 606 0030

Richie Eggelton

Licensee Salesperson

021 089 65594

Vanessa Golightly,

Business Owner

and Licensee Agent

Ray White Papanui

027 664 9292

Maria Paterson

Licensee Salesperson

027 543 4689

Paul Nicholson

Licensee Salesperson

027 921 2160

Let’s Talk About What’s Happening in

the Canterbury Rental Property Market

Olivia Hendry

Executive Assistant

Estelle Schuurman

Property Manager

There has been a lot of chat around what

the Government’s latest changes for

landlords would do to the market and

while there are some Government officials

still saying they could not see how these

changes would impact rents, those of us

in the industry are certainly seeing this


The impact of the changes to tax laws

in particular will put a strain on a lot of

landlords. This will mean one of two things

in all likelihood:

• They decide it is no longer viable for them

to own a rental property as it is costing

them too much, or

• The rent must go up. Contrary to a lot of

commentary out there, a high percentage

of rental properties are run very close

to the wire and, in fact, a fair amount of

landlords will be topping up the cost of the

rental from their own pockets as overall

the cost of a mortgage, rates, insurance,

maintenance, compliance and professional

services outweigh the weekly rent.

With operating a portfolio of properties, we

always see natural attrition, with landlords

needs changing resulting in selling their

property, or a change of use of the property,

however in general this is countered by

new investors joining the market. There

are of course still investors around looking

to purchase, however there is an overall

feeling of “pause” with these at the moment

while they see what is going to happen in

the market, and of course there are those

changing tack and heading for the new


So, what will this mean to the rental

market? I would predict that we will end

up with a lot of wonderful newly built

properties which is fantastic, but this is still

12 months or more away.

On the other side of this, it costs more to

build a new home and that means they rent

for a higher price. Will there be enough

more-affordable properties available for

our tenants? I guess time will tell!

My advice to investors is to hold fast and

see what happens. There is certainly no

need to make panicked decisions as the tax

changes are being implemented over the

next four years and who knows what will

happen in that time.

In my opinion property is still one of the

best investments you can have and of

course they provide very important homes

for tenants throughout New Zealand, which

is a win for us all.

Katrina Green,

Operations Manager

Property Management

027 606 0030

Cassidy Sprott

Property Management


Georgia Tuuta

Excutive Assistant

Joy Coughlan

Mortgage Broker

027 223 3572

Mel Cook

Property Management


Level 1, 7 Winston Avenue, Papanui

Phone (03) 352 0567 | | /RayWhitePapanui Morris & Co Limited | Licenced REAA 2008

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