Low Ash News- Summer 1


In this issue, read all about Mrs Meer winning Head of the Year, learn all about our Captain Tom 100 Challenge and discover the learning that has taken place across our school.

Edion 17, May 2021

Head of the Year!

In this edion:

· Captain Tom 100 Challenge

· Online Safety

· Golden Learners

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Year Three News…………………………..……………… 12

Year Four News……………………………….……………. 14

Year Five News……………...…………….………………. 16

Year Six News…………..………………...……………… 18

English……………………...…………………………...…….. 20

Golden Learners………….………………..……………… 21

Homework Challenge…………………..………………… 22

Online Safety………………..……………….……………… 23

Stars of the Week……………………...……………..… 24

Mental Health…………………………….………………... 26

Saying Goodbye……………………………...…………….. 27

Prince Phillip………………………………………..………… 28

Bradford City Memorial ……………..……………… 29

Baby News………………………………………………..…… 30

Captain Tom 100……………………………….…………… 32

Fishing Experience……………………...………………. 33

Up and Coming Stars!………………..………………… 34

Head of the Year…...…………………….……………… 35



Welcome to the latest edition of the Low

Ash News! The last few months have been

varied, to say the least, with lockdowns,

remote learning and now, happily, everyone

back in school together. The last half term

has been busy and extremely positive with

everyone settling back into school and life

beginning to seem (dare we say it?!) faintly


We hope you enjoy finding out a little more

about your child’s learning this half term

whether it be about Minibeasts (Nursery),

the Yorkshire Dales (Year 3), or the Vikings

(Year 4).

We also think that you will be pleased to

hear some of the ‘extra’ news in this edition

— new babies, messages from staff leavers,

interviews with pupil celebrities-to-be, and

much, much more.

And finally, a big well done to the Low Ash

News Team on the creation of the new

edition of Low Ash News. Producing it

despite restrictions and complications is a

great achievement.

We wish you a fabulous half term holiday

and look forward to seeing you back in school

on Monday, 7th June.

Mrs Fiona Meer & Mrs Beth Medhurst




Website:: www.lowash.bradford.sch.uk

Contributions by: the staff and children

of Low Ash Primary School.

Headteachers: Mrs Medhurst & Mrs

Meer Design: Mrs Nellist & News Team

Publisher: Mrs Nellist, Mr Handley &

News Team

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produced by:

Low Ash Primary


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place on such information is therefore strictly at

your own risk.’

Low Ash News 3


This half term we have been learning all

about minibeasts. Our core book is ‘The

Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. We

have very much enjoyed reading the story

and doing lots of work around caterpillars.

We have found out all about the

life cycle of a caterpillar. We

have even got our own


They were tiny when we first got

them, they have eaten lots and

have now turned into a chrysalis.

Soon the cocoons

will need to go

into the butterfly

house so they can

go through the

last stage and

become a


The caterpillar in

the story eats lots

of fruit. So we had

a tasting session

and tried some of

the fruits. We

made a tally chart

to see what our

favourites were.

Low Ash News 4


Another story we have enjoyed is ‘Superworm’.

After reading this story the children wanted to

design their own super bug, and to make our own


Outside we have been very productive and made a ‘Bug Hotel’, so we can

observe all the tiny bugs that will live there. We have also very much

enjoyed planting flowers, bushes, trees and looking after them all.

Friday is

yoga day. We all

love this!!

Low Ash News 5

Low Ash News 19


Out topic this half term has been ‘Growing’. This has included looking at

ourselves, plants and animal cycles. We hope you enjoy reading about all the

activities we have done.

At the beginning of the term we arrived in class and found some

magic beans! We were all very excited and predicted what we

thought they were and what would happen to them.

We were amazed when we arrived in class the next day and the magic beans

had grown into a giant beanstalk. We all wanted to climb it to see what was at

the top! We drew pictures and wrote sentences to show what we

thought was hiding above the clouds.

We read and retold the story of Jack and the

Beanstalk. Another of our favourite things was

singing the songs from Jack and the Beanstalk

story. We love singing songs. We would sing

songs all day if we could!

Another story about a beanstalk we enjoyed reading was

Jasper’s Beanstalk. We enjoyed reciting the days of the

week and seeing what Jasper did to his bean each day. We laughed when he

mowed the soil but cheered when he watered it. His beanstalk eventually grew

and it helped us to know what to do for when we planted our beans.

We then planted our own


We looked at some flowers in detail and

painted them. We made sure we used the

correct colours.

A tulip by


Low Ash News 6


We had great excitement in Reception when some tadpoles arrived! A big thank

you to Daniel’s mum and dad for providing these. We learnt what tadpoles need

to survive and what they looked like before they turned into tadpoles. We are

excitingly waiting for them to change into frogs. We check them everyday to

see their development and changes.

After we had looked at how plants and animals grow we discussed how we

have grown and changed. We brought baby photographs of ourselves and

compared them to how we look now. We discussed what we needed to survive

when we were babies and what we need now. We had fun guessing who was who

from the baby pictures. It was really hard with some people’s photographs.

Mrs Nellist’s baby photograph was in black and white. That took some


Our Outside Area

Have you noticed the changes in our outside area?

We need to say a very big Thank You

to all the parents and carers who provided us with resources from tyres,

plants, seeds and containers to actually building some wooden planters for us.

A special thanks must go to Lily’s family, Noah G’s and Noah H’s parents.

This is still work in progress. Keep

Low Ash News 7

Year One

Friends in Year 1

This half term we have very much been focusing on opportunities for

children to talk, play and share their thoughts and feelings. We recognise

this as being the important interactions that children may have missed the

most during this pandemic. We are very proud of all our children and the

way that they have returned to school since the end of lockdown. A super

example of their ability to work as a team has been during our PE sessions

where the children have learnt the skills needed to dance around the

maypole. They have enjoyed learning dances such as: Riding in a Buggy,

Spider’s Web and Barber’s Pole.

English and Science

Our core book this half term has been Tattybogle and it has fitted

beautifully with our work in Science. The children learnt lots of new

vocabulary about the seasons and were able to design their own scarecrow

and write a story about it. It also opened up opportunities for talk around

emotions and feelings as Tattybogle felt sad and happy at various points

throughout the story.

In Science the children have loved learning about plants. We have explored

our own school garden learnt the name of some common plants and

discussed how they are similar and different. The children have named

parts of the plant. They have done an experiment over time by planting a

bean, measuring it and reflecting on how it has grown.

Low Ash News 8

Year One

Creative Carousel

In Creative Carousel, we have been learning about the local artist

David Hockney. We used his famous painting of Garrowby Hill as

inspiration for our artwork. We introduced the children to

perspective and talked about how objects looked smaller when they

are further away. By adding this to our own artwork, we made our

landscapes look 3D. At the end we had a mini class exhibition to

celebrate our amazing efforts!

Garrowby Hill—By David Hockney


The children have really enjoyed learning about where we live and the UK.

We have learnt the names of all the countries, their capital cities and

located them on the map. As the children have designed a picnic hamper for

the Queen as part of their homework task, we will be celebrating all their

achievements by sharing a picnic on the field (cucumber sandwiches and

fondant fancies will be on the menu). This will lead into next term’s topic,

where we will learn about Queen Elizabeth and our capital city, London.

Low Ash News 9

Year Two

In English, we have been reading some of the Katie Morag stories.

We used a Venn diagram to compare similarities and difference

between two of the stories. We have also written a setting

description of the beach on the Isle of Struay (the island where

Katie Morag lives!).

In Maths we have been measuring lengths

using centimetres and metres. We have

also been looking at fractions and can now

find half, quarters, thirds, two quarters

and two thirds of numbers and shapes!

Low Ash News 10

Year Two

In Geography, we have been learning

about the UK’s coastline and seaside

towns. We have learnt that waves

cause erosion of the cliffs. We have

also looked at the sea arch at Durdle

Door in the South of the UK.

Lewis, 2R

My favourite subject is

Science. We have been

learning about minibeasts


habitats. We went

outside to find some

minibeasts in their

habitats. I found 3

worms, 2 slugs and 2

spiders. We then

recorded what we found

on a pictogram.

Loren, 2G

Low Ash News 11

Year Three

This term we have started a brand new

geography topic called ‘The Yorkshire

Dales on our doorstep’.

We are planning a visit in our

minibuses to see the Dales in all their

majesty! We can’t wait to see all that

we have been learning about become

more real to us.

We have enjoyed linking our English

lessons to our geography topic and have loved

reading and writing about the Secret Garden,

which is set on the Yorkshire Moors.

The book that we have used is by Claire

Freedman and is a retelling of the original story

by Frances Hodgson Burnett. We have loved

exploring the book and talking about whether it

was the right thing to do to open the garden

door. We have then written some brilliant

setting descriptions of the garden before and

after the children tended to it.

We are now moving onto writing a letter to

Colin’s father asking him to come back to see

the Secret Garden.

The class text this half term is

also linked to the

Yorkshire Dales: Little Alf by

Hannah Russell. This is a true

story about the adventures of

a rescued Shetland pony and

the bond that it has with


Low Ash News 12

Year Three

Continuing our link with the Yorkshire Dales in Creative Carousel we are

recreating a scene of a landscape from the Dales. We started with a wash

and then we are going to lay our work using card and collage materials. We

are taking perspective and the vanishing points into consideration with our

masterpieces. Our classroom displays have been the inspiration of our work.

As this is the first Low Ash News this year we thought we would share

some of our favourite bits from earlier this year!

· We loved the learning about the Stone Age especially creating our own

cave art paintings.

· The Egyptian Cinderella was an amazing book to read and we all had fun

writing a diary entry for Rhodopis, including when she married the


· We have read the classic story of Ironman by Ted Hughes. We wrote a

setting description of a scrapyard linked to the text.

· During lockdown we absolutely loved our guided reading work based on

the book The Twits by Roald Dahl. We had to consider the different

characters’ feelings and personality.

· Also during lockdown we learnt all about Pompeii and even managed to

write our own newspaper reports at home!

Low Ash News 13

Year Four

We have been doing a lot of work in Year 4 on the Vikings and in

English, we have been learning all about the legend of Beowulf. We

learned about his battles and we had to write our own description

of the dragon.

We have linked our work on the Vikings and Beowulf to our

Creative Carousel lessons and we have made some clay dragon

eyes and we made some clay Viking long ships too.

Low Ash News 14

Year Four

We also learnt about ‘Flanimals’ in English; these are creatures that are

imaginary and we used our imaginations to write all about our amazing

flanimals. Some of them live in deserts, some live in the ocean and some live

among us! They have many different features that help them to survive the

climates that they inhabit.

We have done a wonderful job completing our homework in Year 4.

It will be very difficult to pick winners this half term! The children

have spent a lot of time making their own habitats for animals.

Low Ash News 15

Year Five


In Year 5, we have been thoroughly enjoying our latest class book, Holes by

Louis Sachar. We have loved reading the story together and were even

allowed to watch the film as a special class treat! In English, we have used a

“lost chapter” from Holes as a stimulus for a fantastic piece of writing.

Below are some pictures of us taking part in some drama activities to inspire

our writing:

We had to put ourselves into the position of a character from the story

called Zero. As a reader, we feel sympathy for Zero because he has had a

tough life and has never been taught to read or write. We loved getting into

character and trying to imagine how Zero would feel at various points in the


Low Ash News 16

Year Five


In Science, we have been learning about Materials and their Properties. We

have taken part in lots of practical activities in our science lessons including

classifying/grouping materials on the basis of their physical properties and

experimenting with dissolving and evaporating solutions. We also carried out

an investigation into testing the effectiveness of certain materials as

thermal insulators and conductors.

Learning Challenge

This half term, our history Learning Challenge

topic has been based on the Mayan Civilisation.

We have found it really interesting to explore

the Mayan achievements and compare them to

our pre-existing knowledge on the Egyptians.

We have even been on a virtual tour of the

ancient Mayan city Chichen Itza, without even

leaving our classrooms!

Low Ash News 17

Year Six

Year 6 are now in their final term of primary

school! They rose to the occasion with

maturity in lockdown both at home and in

school and, since returning, have worked hard

to learn the rest of the primary curriculum to

be ready for secondary school in September.

In English lessons, they have been applying

their best writing skills to write stories of

survival based on the young Spartan warriors

of Ancient Greece. They are busy typing these

up ready to be published by local author and

once pupil at Low Ash, E Rachel Hardcastle,

and are very excited to soon be real published

authors like the Y6 students before them.

In Learning Challenge this term, Year 6 have

moved to a geography based topic where they

are learning about globalisation, trade and

technology and the advantages and

disadvantages of this. They are particularly

enjoying choosing how they showcase their

learning using a range of graphics.

Low Ash News 18

Year Six

One of things we love to do in Year 6

is explore concepts and ideas


We have done this recently in Maths

as part of our work on angles and

angle facts.

As part of this lesson, we were asked

to make predictions about a variety

of angle facts such as ‘how many

angles we think are found on a

straight line’ etc.

Then we tested our hypothesis by

measuring large diagrams of various

angles on our desks.

It was great fun measuring and

recording our results practically.


We are delighted to announce that, after over a

year without any productions or live performances in

school, our Year 6 pupils will performing an end-ofyear

production extravaganza for the whole school


The title of our production is ‘Pirates of the Curry

Bean’. This will be the first time that any year

group has performed this production and we are looking forward to sharing

this with you all either live (following the easing of COVID restrictions) or

via recording on our school website.

We look forward to sharing photos of our production in subsequent issues

of Low Ash News!

Low Ash News 19

Reading Planet Online

All children now have login details for My Rising Stars Reading

Planet. This is an electronic library that is aimed at supplementing the

reading opportunities that take place daily within school. Once children

have logged on to the reading platform they will be able to access the

books that have been set for them by their class teacher. There are

also quizzes to engage with, which will assess your child’s understanding

of a text.

For our younger children in Reception and Key Stage One the books that

your child will read will be largely decodable, meaning children should be

able to read the books with increasing fluency by applying their phonic

knowledge. In Key Stage One we recommend that the children read each

book 3 times. It is a good idea for your child to first of all listen to the

story being read on screen, then have a go at reading along with the

narrator before finally reading independently.

In Key Stage 2 reading books are also chosen carefully by teachers to

ensure that all children engage fully with the text. In all Year groups

children will have the opportunity to read both fiction and non -fiction


The feedback that we have received so far regarding Reading

Planet is that the books work better if accessed on a laptop, rather

than a hand held device such as a phone or ipad. However the books can

be read on any electronical device, even if the questions are not

answered. Once your child has completed a book they should click

Finished and it will be removed from the My Books section.

If you need further help with accessing your child’s Reading Planet

books then please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Happy reading everybody!


Mrs Robinson

(English Leader)

Low Ash News 20

Golden Learner

By Arjay and Maia

Here are Spring term 2’s Golden Learners.

These children shown resilience,

determination, independence,

collaboration and communication amongst

many other skills.
























Low Ash News 21

Homework Challenge

This term we started our homework challenge again.

Below is what some years have for theirs:

By Hannah & Brooke

¨ Year 1 – Spellings, Number bonds to 20,







Year 2— Spellings, Maths, English

Year 3— Art work related to their Learning Challenge,


Year 4— Designing, Researching, Spellings, Maths, Reading

Year 5— Cooking, Art, Researching, DT

Year 6— Maths, Researching, Experiments, Reading


This includes free reading, Book Wars and the new Rising Stars Reading



This includes MyMaths, Paper homework, Times Tables Fact Packs and also

learning the properties of shapes.

Rewards in Key Stage Two

Children win a bronze medal for 3rd, a silver medal for 2nd and a gold medal

and book on their class topic for 1st.

Each class has its own unique topic for their homework.

Message from class teachers:

Please make sure your child completes their homework by the due date in

their homework book for the chance to win a medal!

Low Ash News 22

Online Safety

By Mr Handley

Firstly, a huge congratulations to all parents on successfully

navigating their way through our recent spells of home learning,

remote learning and general home provision for the children!

Please find a selection of useful information below regarding the

safety of your children when online.

Disney+ has been one of the most popular

streaming services in the UK in the last year. Scan the

QR code to learn more about the parental controls and

privacy settings you can apply for worry-free


National Online Safety

have produced a free

app that provides

brilliant support and

guidance on all things

Online Safety.

Why not download it


Childnet has produced this guidance to help Parents and

carers and their children talk about the important issue of

online sexual bullying– specifically when this is happening

between children of the same age (9-12 years old).

Visit shorturl.at/hyzPR to read the guidance and watch a

short video.

Low Ash News 23

Stars of the Week

By Ubayd

EYFS & Key Stage One



RH Joseph




Emily F













Isaac H



Riley T

RN Daniel O Theo J Darcie K Emily S Ethan R

1R Esmai D Mollie M Charlie


Jake M

Talia K

1RG Layla P Shaun S Adam Y Paige W Reggie I

1W Ethan B Jack J Ametha

Rose P








Sienna M

2G Ellie M Cian R Libby A Emily C Ethan M

2R Finley H Lily T Aiden S Daisy G Woody P

Low Ash News 24

Stars of the Week

By Theo

Key Stage Two






















3DB Tom S Jake B Harry B Dharam H Sabah H

3JB Henry R Sophia D Maria K Meysam N Olivia W

4BR Amelia C Mllie D


4BU Ndey N Craig S Thomas



Lucy H



Robyn C


May P

5C Harpreet S Lewis D Jack S Addison C Serenity




Camero S Renee-


Amiera P

Charlie W Lily EW


6LH Ella F Alex B Maia S E Sophie W Reuben


6TH Theo B Alyssa C Brogan S Patryk S Maisie B

Low Ash News 25

Mental Health

We all want to support our children to open up and

speak about how they feel but it can be really difficult

to know how to start these conversations. This is a

website with some helpful tips:


The website below offers suggestions about how we can

encourage our children to grow into happy, healthy humans.

This is how they describe themselves:

“We aim to improve children’s mental health through movement,

equipping them with sustainable, transferable skills and coping

strategies to thrive during the complex demands of growth into

adult life.”

If a young person is experiencing a mental health crisis and needs

support, they can text Young Minds Crisis Messenger for free. This

is a 24/7 support service.


It is free and confidential to text from EE, O2, Three and


Low Ash News 26


By Evie M and Maia S

Before the Christmas break we had to say goodbye to Mr Morton.

With Covid-19 restrictions lifting slightly, Mr Morton was able to

come to school to meet us outside and we interviewed him.

How is your new job going?

Very well. Its very different as I'm not working with children. I'm

just sat at home looking at a computer screen all day.

Do you miss teaching at Low Ash?

Yes every day!!

Are the people at your new job nice?

I actually haven't met any of them yet because of Covid-19 but I

have seen them and talked to them over Microsoft Teams and they

seem very nice.

What do you miss about Low Ash?

I miss coming in every morning and seeing

the students. I also miss when I come into

school on a morning and all the children

would make me laugh and just make me


Low Ash News 27

Prince Philip

By Amber T and Molly Jo

Recently, the Queen’s beloved husband Prince Philip,

otherwise known as the Duke of Edinburgh died on the 9th

April 2021. The Queen has had much support from her

wonderful family and we just wanted to say R.I.P. to a

wonderful man!

They had been married for

70 years! They got married

on 20th November 1947.

Did you know?

Prince Philip was known for his distinguished career with

the British Armed Forces, including the Royal Navy and the

Royal Air Force.

Low Ash News 28

Bradford City

By Amber

At one of their meetings the School Council said they would like to mark the

anniversary of the Bradford City fire. Mrs Horne, who is responsible for the

School Council, is a great Bradford City fan so she definitely agreed to this!

On May 11th 1985, Bradford City were playing Lincoln City in the final league

game of the season. They had been crowned the Division Three Champions

and this game was supposed to be a day of celebration, which turned into

tragedy. Five minutes before half-time a fire started in one of the stands.

Unfortunately, due to the stands and seats being made out of wood and lots

of rubbish below the seats this fire quickly got bigger and bigger. People

tried to escape but it left 56 dead and at least 265 injured.

After Hillsborough the Bradford City fire was the second worst sporting

tragedy in England.

The School Council felt that a good way to mark the event would be for

everybody to come to school wearing claret and amber, City’s colours.

Everybody in school talked about the fire and some members of staff

discussed where they were at the time and how it had effected them.

Mr Byrne had actually been at the game

that day and had to escape down a grassy

banking after been dragged over a fence.

Mrs Nellist used to run Hospital Radio at St

Luke’s Hospital and she interviewed many of

the survivors for the radio station.

Mrs Horne had been upset because her

parents had said she couldn’t go to the

game but her father and brother had

witnessed it.

Low Ash News 29



By Brooke and Amber

Recently, Karl had some exciting news as his wife

gave birth to their second daughter.

She was born on 20th February at Bradford Royal

Infirmary. Her name is Aleeyah. She weighed 8lbs 9oz.

Karl said that life is very different with two children but

he was loving every minute of it, even the night feeds!

He said Hallie is very good and loving with her new baby


Low Ash News 30


Miss Lawson

Recently Miss Lawson has just had a baby girl.

By Evie M and Hannah M

How is your life as a mum?

My life as a mum is quite busy but I'm

enjoying it very much. It is nice to have a

little baby again as my two other children

are teenagers now!

How is your baby doing?

My baby is doing very well. When she was

born she weighed 6lb

1oz. She is now 2 weeks old and has

put on 12lb since she was born.

What is the name of your new


My new baby is called Nancy Rose.

How is maternity leave going?

I am making most of my maternity

leave, as I’m sure it will go very

quickly and I will be back in school before I know it!

Low Ash News 31

Challenge 100

On 30th April it would have been Captain Tom’s

101st birthday. His family had asked people to

celebrate this by doing 100 things! This could

include anything as long as it was done 100


Low Ash asked each class to come up with an

idea for 100 things.

By all of the Low Ash

News team.

Throughout the school there was a variety of different activities

taking place.

Year 6– Took part in

100 different



Year 3– Picked up 100

pieces of litter.

1R– Named and drew 100

different story characters.

Year 5– Completed 100

laps around the playground.

Reception - Sang 100 songs.

Low Ash News 32

Fishing Experience

In early May, a number of lucky children from Key Stage 2

had the fantastic opportunity to go fishing at a lake near

Cottingley. The children caught around 40 fish altogether.

They showed a lot of patience and concentration throughout

the visit.

Thank you to Lee and Caleb from The Bradford Community

Play & Development Service for making this happen.

Low Ash News 33

Up and Coming


By Hannah

Low Ash have two children in school who have parts in the

upcoming film The Railway Children

Return. We interviewed Paige and Leila, who have just

started filming.

What part in the film are you playing?

Leila: I am an evacuee and Paige is a village child.

Have you had to prepare yourself in anyway for the


Paige: We had to have our hair cut so it was the correct style for the year

the film is set in.

What are you most looking forward to?

Paige: My friends and family seeing me in a film.

What is the most exciting part of filming?

Leila: I am looking forward to going on a steam train!

Paige: I am excited about the fact that I have to milk a cow!

What is the most boring part of filming?

Leila: Waiting for your turn, sometimes there is lots of hanging around and

repeating scenes over and over again until the director says they are ok.

Have you met anyone famous?

Leila: I saw Freddie Flintoff.

Paige: Not yet but we will later.

What advice would you give to somebody

wanting to go into acting?

Paige: Just have confidence in yourself.

Leila: Try again and again, don’t give up!

Low Ash News 34

Mrs Meer

By Evie, Mia and Brooke

Our very own Mrs Meer was announced as Head of the

Year during Covid at the recent Telegraph & Argus awards.

We asked her some questions about it.

When did you hear you had been nominated?

I was told I had been nominated only the week before the ceremony. Our

school staff had nominated me!

Which other heads were in the final shortlisting?

There were two other head teachers in the final shortlist. They were from

Beckfoot Secondary School and Ashlands Primary School.

How did you feel when they announced your name to say you had won?

I think I was speechless at first, then surprised, then shocked and finally I

felt it was a great honour.

Why do you think you got the headteacher award?

I think the fact that it was my first year as a head teacher and with Mrs

Medhurst on maternity leave, I had to deal with an unprecedented event on

my own.

Has the award boosted your


Yes, very much.

What did you do to celebrate?

I went for a long walk with my


Low Ash News 35


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Ash School office, with payment, for inclusion in

the next issue. Display artwork can also be

emailed as a PDF or JPEG file to


Phone 01274 582927 or email pamela.nellist@lowash.bradford.sch.uk for our next publicaon date and copy deadline

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