Things to consider before joining CBSE schools in Pune


CBSE schools in Pune clear most of the critical points in terms of admission process like location, safety, review and so forth.

must have CCT V monitoring and essential security measures.

● Ranking

It’s important to look for a CBSE school that ranks well, as it explains how

well the faculty and school authorities take care of their curriculum and

pays attention to students. Also if a site has a website, check it out to find

out what rankings the school holds in your city or state.

● Fees structure

CBSE school fees range from average to high according to the school’s

facilities and reputation, so it’s better to discuss the fee structure with the

school authority. Some schools allow paying fees in easy installments.

● Schedule

Some schools begin early morning or between afternoon and evening,

so choose a school with timing according to your convenience. For

example, if you are busy or live at a significant distance from a school,

then it’s best to find a school with afternoon timing so you will have

enough time to reach school without getting late.

● Transportation

Make sure there is a transportation facility available to reach school on

time. Transport includes a school bus, auto-rickshaw, school van, or if

you drop your kids to school drive-through, then make sure there is a

good roadway to reach there.


Finding a good school may take a few efforts and some research, but you

know, it’s worth doing for the greater good. So what are you waiting for?

Visit your nearest CBSE Schools in Pune. Or if you are from Mumbai and

want to admit your child to IB schools, search for IB schools in Mumbai

and find out more.

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