SJC Towards 2024 Strategic Plan

SJC Towards 2024 Strategic Plan

SJC Towards 2024 Strategic Plan


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Towards 2024



St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan / 1


St Joseph’s College Toowoomba enjoys a

rich heritage as a result of its transformation

from a Christian Brothers all boys school, to a

co-educational College in the Edmund Rice tradition

in 1983. Our College Mission Statement calls us to

provide a liberating education that is inspired by

Christian principles that permeate all aspects of

College life. In this way we provide every avenue

for our young people to be respectful of the truth,

open to reality, community orientated, and willing to

strive to grow as individuals who make the most of

their unique gifts. As an active learner at St Joseph’s

College, each student is challenged to demonstrate

endeavour by striving to achieve to their personal

level of excellence in the areas of faith, academia,

culture, and sport.

We are immensely proud of the opportunities

that are afforded to students here at St Joseph’s

College. With wide ranging co-curricular, cultural,

and sporting programmes, our students are given

the freedom to explore their interests and talents

beyond the classroom. This coupled with excellence

in learning and teaching, and faith formation

and prayer life, enables us to partner with you in

developing young people who are prepared for the

challenges and possibilities of a dynamic world.

The staff of St Joseph’s College have a deep passion

for ensuring that each student is provided with the

opportunity to engage in an exceptional, holistic

Catholic education. This passion is combined with

a commitment to the ongoing development of

modern educational facilities, and the allocation of

resources to improve student outcomes, making St

Joseph’s College an inspiring school community in

which to belong.

In 2020 St Joseph’s College began a process

of strategic planning for the years 2021 to 2024.

This process considered factors such as the

College’s history, its commitment to its Edmund

Rice Charism, its understanding of the needs of its

students and their families, and its response to the

ever-evolving education landscape. The St Joseph’s

College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan builds on the

considerable achievements of the students and staff

of the College and we look forward with hope to the

continued fulfilment of Edmund Rice’s vision for

providing a liberating education for young people.

John O’Brien

Chair St Joseph’s College Board

Kort Goodman

College Principal

St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan / 3



St Joseph’s College acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands from across Queensland. We pay our

respects to the Elders past, present and emerging, for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and

hopes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the state.



St Joseph’s College was established on the eastern

side of Toowoomba in 1956, by the Christian

Brothers, at the request of Bishop W. M. Brennan.

The campus plans were drawn in July 1955, with

The Foundation Stone being laid on the 15th

December 1955 and 116 boys attending in January

1956. In June 1982 Bishop Kelly announced that

St Joseph’s College would become a Catholic

co-educational College in 1983 and in January that

year, 27 girls commenced studies in Year 8. In the

decades that followed, the College consolidated

and gained a reputation in the district for providing

a holistic, inclusive, and engaging education in the

Edmund Rice tradition. As a part of the Toowoomba

Catholic Schools Diocese, St Joseph’s College is a

co-educational Catholic school for approximately

900 young people in Years 7–12.



Almost two hundred and thirty years since Edmund

Rice commenced his first school for boys in

Waterford, Ireland and over one hundred and fifty

years since Brother Ambrose Treacy stepped onto

the dock at Station Pier in Melbourne, Catholic

schools in the Edmund Rice tradition continue to

share the prophetic mission of the Catholic Church

in doing the work of Jesus.

Operating within an increasingly challenging national

and global context where the Church has less

authority and the demand for Catholic

education continues to be strong, we

strive to ensure that the charism of

Edmund Rice is lived out faithfully.

This Edmund Rice charism of

liberation, compassion and

presence drives us and

draws us into closer

relationship with

Christ, with each

other, and with

the earth


4 / St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan


St Joseph’s College has four key values that underpin

all aspects of College life: respect, endeavour,

compassion, and dignity.

In living out these key values, The Joey’s Way

provides all members of the College community

with specific imperatives. Each imperative is further

linked to a dimension of Edmund Rice spiritualitythinking

(head), feeling (heart) and acting (hands).

The Joey’s Way is our way of bringing to life the

touchstones of a Catholic Education in the Edmund

Rice tradition: Liberating Education, Gospel

Spirituality, Inclusive Community and Justice and



The Strategic Planning process is integral to

achieving the College’s vision and mission. St

Joseph’s College is intending to adopt a fouryear

strategic planning cycle in alignment with

the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Diocese School

Renewal and Improvement Procedure.

The development of the St Joseph’s College:

Towards 2024 Strategic Plan has taken place under

the guidance of the Toowoomba Catholic Schools

Office, critical friend and educational consultant

Dr Judy Smeed, and the St Joseph’s College

leadership team. Input from the above groups and

the College Board, College P&F, students, parents,

and staff has resulted in the establishment of the

strategic intents and initiatives that will be pursued

over the next four years.

The St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan

acknowledges the importance of individual growth

for our young people, while setting aspirational

targets and benchmarks. The strategic intents are

presented according to the domains outlined in

the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Diocese School

Renewal and Improvement Procedure. The domains

are: Teaching and Learning; Mission and Identity;

School Renewal and Improvement; and Stewardship

and Strategic Resourcing. In alignment with The

Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Education Declaration,

St Joseph’s College continues to promote

excellence and equity in a manner that

enables all students to become confident

and creative individuals, successful

learners, and active and informed

community members.

St Joseph’s



St Joseph’s College is an educational community

focused on the Spirit of Jesus.

St Joseph’s College


Faith Education:

Christian principles permeate all aspects of

College life. St Joseph’s endeavours to create an

atmosphere where Christian Spirit and values take

precedence, so that students’ gifts of faith may

be nurtured, internalised, and integrated with the

culture of our times.

Intellectual Goals:

St Joseph’s College cultivates intellectual values

in students and promotes integrity, respect for the

truth, openness to reality, and respect for scholarly


Personal Development:

We help students grow as

individuals, by allowing them to

discover their unique gifts and develop

positive self-esteem. This ensures that

recognition is given to many aspects of

personal growth, so academic achievement is

not seen to be the only means of success.

Community Orientation:

Parents, students and staff of St Joseph’s College

form a Catholic Christian Community in which they

demonstrate care and respect for each other. An

awareness of the total human family will be fostered

through involvement in the wider community.

St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan / 7


The St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic

Plan acknowledges the importance of individual

growth for our young people while setting

aspirational targets and benchmarks.

Input from staff, students, parents, and the wider

community has resulted in the establishment of our

strategic intents and strategies to be continually

strived for over the next four years.

St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 draws on the shared

vision for providing an exceptional co-educational

experience that:

> > Engages our community with our Edmund Rice

Charism through developing a personal faith

and willingness to Serve Him in Others.

> > Acknowledges that we are all learners and as

a staff, we seek continual improvement and

growth in teaching and learning, enabling

our students to graduate from St Joseph’s

College as caring, capable, and positive

contributors to society.

> > The College empowers young

people to pursue their passions

and aspire to excellence

to meet the demands of

their future pathways.

8 / St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan



St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan / 9

Teaching and Learning




As an aspirational learning community, St Joseph’s

College embraces a culture of learning to empower

young people to pursue their passions and meet

the demands of their future pathways.

Key Improvement Strategies:

In relation to Teaching and Learning practices, the

College will:

> > Develop and implement a St Joseph’s College

Teaching and Learning Framework that

incorporates high impact teaching strategies

and target teaching to ensure there is an impact

on every learner.

> > Foster a culture of teaching and learning that

aspires to excellence and agency for both

students and staff.

> > Continue the student academic care tracking

programs across the school to monitor progress

towards measurable improvements.

> > Utilise evidence to inform targeted programs

and track impact.

> > Share responsibility and accountability between

teachers and the Enhanced Learning Team to

maximise student learning and differentiation

through Planning for Personalised Learning.

> > Monitor and extend high potential learners.

> > Use digital tools that improve learning and

continue to respond innovatively to the changing

needs of learners through the implementation of

the eLearning plan.

> > Achieve:



100% of students

graduate with a QCE


100% of students graduate

with a pathway


90% ATAR above 60.


28% ATAR above 90.

In relation to the National Assessment Program

for Literacy and Numeracy, the College will achieve:



At least 3% above the National Mean in all

domains in Year 9 of NAPLAN

Show continual growth in all domains from

Year 7 to Year 9 NAPLAN.

10 / St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan

Teaching and Learning



St Joseph’s College delivers a rigorous, diverse,

and inspiring curriculum to challenge students to

pursue their passions and aspire to excellence.

Key Improvement Strategies:

In relation to curriculum structure and provisions

the College will:

> > Commit to developing a rigorous and robust

Professional Learning Community.

> > Continually review the current curriculum

offerings and structure.

> > Ensure all teaching and learning programs

address improvement in literacy and numeracy.

> > Initiate a career education program ensuring that

all students graduate with a pathway.

> > Develop strong connections between academic

and student engagement team.

> > Use Impact Cycles to improve student learning


> > Aspire to high student participation in all

co-curricular activities.

> > Aspire to excellence in co-curricular activities.



St Joseph’s College maximises engagement in

learning and the wellbeing of students to grow as

valued members of our community.

Key Improvement Strategies:

The College will enhance staff understanding and

exploration of Relational Pedagogy through:

> > Implementing Relational Pedagogy and the use

of the Ignatius Room.

> > Developing a sustainable method of gathering

student voice to maximise engagement and


> > Knowing our learners through student

engagement data.

> > Implementing a mentoring program for our

at-risk learners.

> > Continuing to develop and implement year level

specific programs based around The Joey’s Way


> > Using The Joey’s Way as a model of pedagogy to

maximise student engagement in learning.

> > Embedding The Joey’s Way curriculum,

built around the ACARA Personal and Social


The College will attain 95% student attendance rate.

St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan / 11



12 / St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan

Mission and Identity



St Joseph’s College embed research-based

religious pedagogy and curriculum aligned praxis

to ensure our learners are actively engaged, and

critical thinking religious citizens.

Key Improvement Strategies:

To promote the role Religious Education plays within

the St Joseph’s College community the College will:

> > Engage with best practice pedagogy in Religious

Education through the Illuminate Project.

> > Support staff to acquire the relevant knowledge

to engage with scripture and the Pedagogy of


> > Support staff to use high impact teaching

strategies in Religious Education.

> > Use student voice to inform the development of

curriculum and classroom teaching.

> > Support staff to increase involvement in mission


> > Implement praxis experiences and connect

service learning to the curriculum and key

content descriptors.



As part of the life and mission of the Catholic

Church, St Joseph’s College deeply commits to the

formation of staff and students in the Jesus story

and Edmund Rice charism. The St Joseph’s College

community is empowered to critically inquire and

explore faith in action for a lifelong engagement.

Key Improvement Strategies:

To develop and implement a clear, relevant, and

meaningful staff formation plan aligned to our strategic

goals and staff voice, St Joseph’s College will:

> > Educate staff and students in the Edmund Rice


> > Join the Edmund Rice Education Australia

association to make connections and take

advantage of opportunities from the wider


> > Respond to staff needs in empowering them

with the skills to engage with the Pedagogy of

Encounter and Dialogue.

To nurture a distinctive and contemporary Catholic

Identity, the College will:

> > Be a leading example of recontextualising our

faith through the Joey’s Way.

> > Clearly focus on the Edmund Rice Charism through

prayer and celebration, assembly, classroom

prayer and reflection, and Joey’s Way lessons.

To provide for the formation of students in the Joey’s

Way, our way of living out faith and the Edmund Rice

charism, the College will:

> > Introduce explicit formation lessons within the

Joey’s Way curriculum.

> > Embed scripture and the story of Edmund Rice in

the Joey’s Way elaborations.

> > Educate staff and students on the process of

restorative practices and its alignment with our

Catholic Identity and Edmund Rice charism.

St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan / 13



14 / St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan


Continual Renewal


St Joseph’s College fosters enduring connections

and engagement with and beyond our community

by focusing on collaborative partnerships and

innovative strategies to enhance educational


Key Improvement Strategies:

To engage with the community and foster

partnerships to provide opportunities for our

students, the College will:

> > Ensure continued communication that is open

and transparent while creating opportunities for

parent and student voice.

> > Develop Alumni connections for the purpose of

creating social and mentoring opportunities for

current students.

> > Engage the community in leading and

contributing to the St Joseph’s College

Enrichment Program.

> > Strengthen the promotion of the profile of St

Joseph’s College.

> > Nurture and develop the positive and

active engagement of parents.

> > Enhance communication strategies.

St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan / 15




16 / St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan

Strategic Resourcing and Stewardship



St Joseph’s College provides an inspiring, nurturing,

and supportive learning environment that promotes

excellence and wellbeing. Staff are committed to a

shared vision of learning through collaboration to

build capacity for student outcomes.

Key Improvement Strategies:

To build capacity, self-efficacy, and the wellbeing of

staff the College will:

> > Ensure all staff are part of a Professional Learning

Team (PLT).

> > Ensure all staff will develop individual Professional

Growth Plans (PGP).

> > Implement formal recruitment, induction, and

professional growth processes to cater for all


> > Foster a positive, connected working environment

for staff.

> > Support leadership development.

> > Ensure a ‘cross-training’ model in the workforce

to promote sustainability.

> > Deliver high-quality staff professional learning.




Through responsible and sustainable planning

and resourcing, St Joseph’s College optimises

exceptional educational experiences. To operate

as wise stewards of all College resources in

accordance with our mission, St Joseph’s College

delivers innovative and agile resourcing, systems,

and practices.

Key Improvement Strategies:

To ensure the College remains well-resourced and

sustainable, the College will:

> > Maintain appropriate stewardship around

finance, governance, and resourcing.

> > Investigate the sustainability of College resources.

> > Continue to review human resource structures

and roles to ensure sustainability.

> > Work towards providing excellent facilities.

> > Keep abreast of technological advancements

and improve the efficiency and effectiveness

of the use of ICT across the College, through

developments in infrastructure and staff capacity.

> > Review and develop a new College Master Plan.

> > Manage the maintenance of school resources

and property.

> > Apply for grants.

> > Ensure marketing and enrolment practices

strongly affirm the College as a leading

co-educational Catholic school in Queensland.

St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan / 17



Realisation of the St Joseph’s College:

Towards 2024 Strategic Plan

Whilst the St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024

Strategic Plan reflects significant consultation within

the broad College Community, it is important to

appreciate that the strategic context in which the

College operates is constantly changing. Federal

and State Governments, the Toowoomba Catholic

Education Schools Diocese, the broader Church,

and an increasing number of groups- such as the

Queensland College of Teachers- all make demands

on schools. These demands must be accommodated

within the planning cycle, while the College responds

creatively to local circumstances.

In collaboration with parents, students and staff the

College Leadership Team is responsible each year

for the development, implementation and reporting

of Annual Action Plans.

Each Annual Action Plan drawn from the St Joseph’s

College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan will require

that the College reflect anew on its situation

and adapt to an ever-evolving educational

environment. As a result, the College

plans to maintain and further develop a

regular process of consultation and

evaluation with stakeholders.

18 / St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan

St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan / 19

(07) 4631 8500

PO BOX 577, Toowoomba QLD 4350

54 James Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350


20 / St Joseph’s College: Towards 2024 Strategic Plan

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