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The Fashion Club:

Club Advisor: Shannon Scheepers

Club President: Irene Crespo


Irene Crespo- Editor in Chief

Daniella Castillo- Head of Graphic Design

Julianne Karake- Graphic Design

Emma Bouscayrol- Editorial advertiser

Natalia Pellecer- Designer

Fátima Girón- Designer

Isabella Callejas- Writer

Celina Bouscayrol- Styling

Alexandra Paiz - Designer/makeup

Shannon Scheepers- Club Advisor

The timeless language of FASHION

Irene Crespo

The relationship between humans and their clothing dates back tens

of thousands of years and fashion’s historic impact on our evolution is

limitless. In this issue of POSE, Renaissance will take center stage as we

look closely at how trends from this magnificent period in history are

coming back to life in our modern era. The artistic freedom that the

Renaissance period brought is now inspiring modern fashion by

teaching us how humans can adapt, evolve and blossom after

restricted or limited periods of history. Just like Renaissance was a

“rebirth” from the Middle Ages, so is now a time in our own history

where we are beginning to rise again from the constrictions of the

Covid pandemic. It is no surprise to find that the pieces of fabric that

we wear on our bodies, colliding into beautiful pieces of art, are now

reflecting many of the same inspirational ideas from the Renaissance

periods, teaching us that fashion is a reflection of humanities’ state of


The timeless language of FASHION

This last spring break, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit

New York City, a place where so many raw human emotions collide, often

opening a path to the most bizarre and conflicting clothing choices.

During my trip, I found myself analyzing the garments individually and

what they came to represent when they were worn together. I found

three insights that I immediately fell in love with, and found consistent

with our Renaissance issue:

1. People, one way or another, are always wearing history. Every piece of

clothing we wear, whether we know it or not, has its origins based on the

period it was conceived in and it’s shaped by the historical context of

such time.

2. Clothing is wearable art, we are always wearing someone else’s spark of

creativity and we inject their pieces of inspiration with our own styling

uniqueness, allowing for the work of two creative souls to intertwine in

our outfits. This is what makes fashion such an alluring concept, we all

have the ability to put ourselves out there standing on the shoulders of

someone else’s talented efforts. Those of us allured by fashion should

always keep this in mind every time we are choosing an outfit.

3. Fashion is a language of its own, no words necessary. As the lavish and

colorful outfits of Renaissance times spoke to us of the rebirth of

humanities’ creativity and love for the arts, so today humans send

constant messages in the way we dress; with every garment and

accessory, we are choosing the first impression we want to give to the

world without having to share one single thing about ourselves. As I stood

in NYC contemplating and admiring peoples wearable pieces of art, I

understood that fashion has always spoken louder than words ever since

the dawn of humanity.

The timeless language of FASHION

With these insights, I was able to immerse myself in the teachings that the

Renaissance period has left in the fashion world. As I visited many

museums during my stay in New York, I allowed myself to view each

work of art through the lense of how the artist and the model spoke to me,

not only through their painting or sculpting techniques, but specially

through the clothing they chose for a particular piece. I saw how the

details of color, fabric and accessories chosen spoke of the artist’s and the

models mood, their upbringing, their reality. And as I contemplated many

of the paintings, I was also allured by the choices in clothing of the people

around me. I began seeing great correlations between the art being

experienced and the humans actually experiencing it. I was dumbfounded

seeing how people were mesmerized by pieces of art that reflected the

same mood their outfits reflected to me. In the Metropolitan Museum of

Art’s Renaissance art aisle, the clothing that people were wearing screamed

Renaissance and I just couldn't believe my eyes! I saw how many of the

visitors were wearing modernized versions of the garments that were

painted and hanging right next to them. This room full of 17th centuries

corsets was being stormed with modern clothing resembling them, all the

way from Urban Outfitter bodices to Miu Miu slippers that heavily

imitated the ones on the paintings. I actually approached a girl who was

visiting the museum and asked if I could take a picture of her precisely

for this article (see the picture below). Her beautiful and creative corset

being worn right in front of all these 16 and 17 century artworks seemed

to melt time right in front of my eyes and scream to me that humans, no

matter what era they belong to, have and will always be eager to express

themselves anyway they can. It is in such expression that our humanity

shines the most.

This makes us wonder and it is what we will be exploring with you in our

Renaissance issue, is fashion a link that ties humanity together? If we

could speak to the models that hang in the walls of our museums, would

they speak as loudly as their clothes do? Or is fashion a language that

touches on realms that no words can express? Let POSE invite you today

to a journey through time where fashion reminds all of us that clothing is

what ties humans together.

The timeless language of FASHION

Renaissance is a

French word that


“rebirth.” It talks

about a period in


civilization that

was marked by a

revival of

Classical wisdom

and learning.

ex Paiz

Royal Blue





Stained Glass

Aphrodite wearing “fox” eye makeup, natural brows, blush,

highlighter, and glossy lips.

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Alexander McQueen

Via. Pinterest

Alexander McQueen

By: Julianne Karake

Spotted!Emily Ratajkowski

wearing a corset, indeed, a

passionate fan of Vivienne


·Emma Bouscayrol:

Celebrity inspired-

Renaissance Outfits·

Obsessed with this floral

corset accompanied by white

elegant pants and a one of a

kind green velvet/beige large


We can observe the

puffy sleeves added

with a built in corset in

the dress.

This was in the Brock

Collection for the

Spring Summer fashion

season in 2020.

The rebirth of Renaissance trends

Irene Crespo

Fashion is a staggering approach towards expressing emotion. We

tend to see trends repeating themselves over and over again. Does this

have to do with the emotions that we are feeling? Do continual trends

signify we are going through the same sentiment and sensations others

were experiencing when the trend first set in motion? Renaissance fashion

is set to prove this theory.

The Renaissance experienced an awful pandemic, The Bubonic Plague,

also known as the “Black Death”. This calls out our attention in the fashion

industry since recently the world itself and our society has been

struggling to adapt to the “COVID era”; and just when this has been

transpiring, numerous Renaissance pieces have quickly overlayed our gaze.

Our social media is overflowing with Vivienne Westwood pieces,

influential people like Bella Hadid, wearing corsets (Vivienne Westwood

1993 collection), brands like Victoria Secret selling out of their bustiers tops

which significantly resemble Renaissance undergarments, and many other


The Pop Culture movements have been filled with Renaissance

fashion, especially with new movies like Emma which was released in

2020, in the midst of the pandemic. This movie provided an overall

beautiful aesthetic. It represented Renaissance statements phenomenally, for

instance, the waistline underneath the bust. Within the ravishing pastel

pink jacket shown below, lies so much history. This jacket was originally

based on the picture we can see beside it. The original lies in the Chertsey

Museum, United Kingdom. The jacket dates back to around 1815, coming

from a type of garment that was created around the 1790’s. These

garments came about by necessity, deriving from tailcoats which had

become a fire hazard so it was decided the bottom fabric should be

cropped. It is no wonder that centuries later we are still talking about

revolutionary pieces such as this. That is one of the most delightful appeals

to fashion, not only does it send a message or in some cases hides one, but

it creates a silhouette 100% based on history.

The rebirth of Renaissance trends

Fashion coming from a period that signifies rebirth contains both its

vigorous and youthful aspects as well as the more toned down angles. The

modernization and amalgamation of these features are very complex and

beautiful. The world has witnessed countless refurbishments to what we

know as Renaissance fashion. Coming from adaptations of paintings and

translating these into exquisite runways and collections is something that

we don’t dive into enough. For instance, the Moschino Fall

2020-Ready-to-wear collection completely reconstructed the famous

Marie Antoinette quote: “Let them Eat cake”. Jeremy Scott created this

collection relating the 1780’s to the current times. He did so by designing

looks that consisted of a voluptuous silhouette and exaggerated wigs. This

collection was made with the goal of merging luxury fashion with the

sentiments of entitlement and political instability which not only

demonstrate the feelings that were going around during the 1780’s but it

links them with the emotions current society is facing. Once again

exemplifying that fashion accurately reflects points of views from current

and past controversial matters.

So the answer is yes, trends do relate immensely to our feelings!

Renaissance fashion and its multiple comebacks could not have manifested it

better. With our emotions and fashion changing and developing every single

day side by side, trends continue to reappear at the right moments. Creating

room for conversation and especially for innovation, provoking for the

industry and the talent to keep growing and creating bewildering pieces

that will continue to be talked about for centuries to come.

The rebirth of Renaissance trends

Renaissance + Chunky Rings

Natalia Pellecer

Natalia Pellecer

Best Chunky rings on the Market

with a touch of the Renaissance

1) Lilac Knuckle Duster

Le Manso

This ring in particular has caught the attention of influencers and

celebrities alike for its colorful statement and form. Perfect to

combine with a pastel dress or skirt.

2) Poolside Resin Ring

Kate Spade New York

A pretty pink resin ring that you can mix and match with

neutral colors, such as a beige vivienne westwood corset, to

make your outfit pop. A ring that you can wear solo or

stacked, your choice.



The power lies in accessorizing:




Fatima Girón

Fatima Girón

Isabella Callejas- From the Outside in.

Renaissance is defined as rebirth, it is the revival of the old with

what is current. It was a period of time in where Europe was

transitioning from their old practices to a new and more modern

society. It was a time of revival and fashion was a big part of it,

women would wear their puffiest dresses and their tallest hats to

show their power. Although, there has been different people who have

defined renaissance in a different way, we all want to grow and

evolve. But, guess what? You can do that. Through...Fashion. Yes, the

clothes and the accessories we wear today work as a part of our

rebirth as people. You can do that, incorporating the styles that your

grandparents used when you were growing up with a good pair of

those Golden Goose sneakers you love so much. Our grandparents, or

at least my grandma had small yet valuable pieces she loved when

she was young, her rings. She loved wearing all types of metals

alongside her beloved marriage band, she loved it. So, I decided to

match that, but with my own accessories. I loved the idea of those

childhood rings with the faces of the princesses on them but making

them fashion. That's where the new La Manso style rings work in, a

fashionable yet nostalgic spin on the Disney Princess rings.

Isabella Callejas- From the Outside in.

Rebirth shows growth as well as the desire to change the bad past

while still looking forward to the future. As fashion lovers, we have

seen these types of revivals in eras like the Renaissance in where

artists like Da Vinci and Michelangelo stood out. They were known for

their ideals to look above and beyond their current world. With our

idea of wanting to rebirth ourselves incorporating renaissance aspects

like tight corsets and silk dresses we can start renewing ourselves from

the outside - in. Doing this by starting with our looks, and, raiding our

grandmas closet is, I think a great way to begin.

Now, how can we be classy, clean and dressy while including those

new thrifted mom jeans you love. When looking at Bella Hadid we can

see a clear example of what wearing Renaissance and 2021 look like.

An outfit being true to 2021 fashion yet still turning eyes with her

corset tops before seen on the women of the highest class in Italy

during the 17th century. I love it, love it how fashion can and will

continue to evolve and change throughout the years. I love how things

we thought would never again be seen on mannequins somehow

creeps its way back to our closets. But, like it or not that is fashion,

fashion is an art that is constantly being rebirthed, constantly growing

out the old and incorporating the new but never forgetting those key

element pieces that once walked the streets years ago.





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The timeless language of FASHION (Irene Crespo)- all pictures were taken by me from the

following museums:

- Metropolitan museum of art, New York

- Guggenheim Museum, New York

- MoMa Museum, New York

- Museum of Fine Art, Boston

Renaissance Patternshttps://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fimage.freepik.com%2Ffree-vector%2F






























Isa Callejashttps://www.pinterest.com/pin/35465915806694314




Renaissance Flowershttps://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fi.pinimg.com%2Foriginals%2F44%2F4f%2Fdd%2F444fdd8189457f5















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