On many occasions, artists have prophesied the path of their career, the course
of their life and many other things surrounding them including life and death. A very specific one is Jean Michel Basquiat, the artist that we have chosen for the cover of the second edition of our magazine.

From the kid living in a cardboard box on the streets of New York at 17, to a superstar millionaire artist at 21, to his tragic death at the age of 28 to a legend that inspires millions of artists, Jean Michel Basquiat has captured the imagination of the world.

The purpose of this publication is to see how contemporary artists present themselves
and their works to the viewers and to connect them with a wider audience.

Boomer Magazine (#2) Boomer Magazine (#2)

Shereen Tabet

Andrew Samuel Harrison

Shereen Tabet is a Scottish Lebanese abstract

Andrew Samuel Harrison is a self-taught artist

expressionist artist based in Clapton. Mostly

living and working in Richmond, VA. Building

self-taught, her work is inspired by Colour Field

upon single-line drawing, his current collage work

and Action Painters. Her practice explores an

emerges from a process of cutting, gluing and

obsession with colour, light and texture through

ripping figures painted on paper. A willingness to

mixed media painting. Acrylic, oil, pencils and

run with spontaneous ideas combines with these

pastels are applied using brushes and adapted

iterations to create suggestive abstract forms

household tools. Her work incorporates subtle

set on framed backgrounds and named with a

use of pattern, juxtaposed with fragments of

playful love of language.

bold mark making and sometimes inclusion


of ‘hidden’ figures, inviting the viewer to look

closer. With recurring themes of family, femininity

and relationships, Shereen has an interest in

how our memory interprets the past and shapes

the future. Her work captures a sense of vague

fleeting memories, feelings frozen in time,

interspersed with moments of clarity, sometimes


joyful recollections of past experiences, people

and places, other times tinged with melancholy.

No Woman Is An Island

Is This Normailty

Mid Step Mating Dance

Electricity Perched on River Rock


Mixed Media, Acrylic, Caulker, Pastel, Graphite

and String on Box Canvas

60 x 40 cm, 2021

Mixed Media, Acrylic, Caulker, Cardboard on


100 x 80 cm, 2021


Acrylic and Paper on Panel

35.5 x 50.8 cm

Acrylic and Paper on Panel

35.5 x 50.8 cm

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