On many occasions, artists have prophesied the path of their career, the course
of their life and many other things surrounding them including life and death. A very specific one is Jean Michel Basquiat, the artist that we have chosen for the cover of the second edition of our magazine.

From the kid living in a cardboard box on the streets of New York at 17, to a superstar millionaire artist at 21, to his tragic death at the age of 28 to a legend that inspires millions of artists, Jean Michel Basquiat has captured the imagination of the world.

The purpose of this publication is to see how contemporary artists present themselves
and their works to the viewers and to connect them with a wider audience.

Boomer Magazine (#2) Boomer Magazine (#2)

Aysha Mendes

Kat Piera

Inspired by pioneering colour masters like Claude

At kindergarden my sister and I were hair stylists,

Monet, as well as contemporary artists such as

my parents were in shock when they saw

Scott Naismithand Julia Badow, Aysha Mendes

our mohawk-like haircuts. 1st grade thinking I

is a colourful and passionate mixed-media artist

was a mad scientist as my friends and I made

based out of Oshawa, Canada. As a South

“cheese” by leaving old milk in lockers. In

Asian British-born Canadian, with parents from

second grade I started my very own company

east Africa, and having lived in eight cities, she

Pencils Incorporated with my close friends. Every

comes from a colourful background too. As a

night a new classmates pencil would be first

result, she loves connecting with diverse people.

stripped of its paint with scissors and then dipped

Known for her use of stunning colour, Aysha

in whatever fun smalling soap we could find; to

combines fluorescents with pastels to create

us, these sticky slimy pencils were the next great

vibrant abstracted landscapes and florals that

feat of engineering. Later I was a scientist as

feel uplifting and energetic, yet surreal and

the fourth-grade lesson on ants led me to ask

serene. Though always a creative, Aysha has

for ant farms for Christmas and ask to visit my

only recently delved into painting despite no

Grandmothers house so I could observe the ants


formal arts education. Her work features mainly

acrylics on canvas or paper but she loves to

that for some unknown reason she kept trying

to kill. I am still that same little kid holding a pair

play with new materials such as inks, spray paint,

of skissors after coming back from the hiar sylist

watercolors, markers, pastels and even the

or an apiring pencil engineer. I learn new things

collage of physical objects.

from the world around me.

Island Vibrations

Pastel Rapids

Coffee Morning



Acrylic and Oil Pastel

25.4 x 25.4 cm

Acrylic and Oil Pastel

25.4 x 50.8 cm


Acrylic on Paper

12 x 16 cm

Acrylic on Vinyl

164x164 cm

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