On many occasions, artists have prophesied the path of their career, the course
of their life and many other things surrounding them including life and death. A very specific one is Jean Michel Basquiat, the artist that we have chosen for the cover of the second edition of our magazine.

From the kid living in a cardboard box on the streets of New York at 17, to a superstar millionaire artist at 21, to his tragic death at the age of 28 to a legend that inspires millions of artists, Jean Michel Basquiat has captured the imagination of the world.

The purpose of this publication is to see how contemporary artists present themselves
and their works to the viewers and to connect them with a wider audience.

Boomer Magazine (#2)

Boomer Magazine (#2)

Parham Ghalamdar

Sir Mbonu Christopher Emerem

Born in Tehran in 1994, Parham Ghalamdar moved

World-class painter, Sir Mbonu Christopher

to the UK in 2015. His background as a graffiti

Emerem, born on December 8, 1957, hails from

artist, and his experiences of authoritarianism

Uburuekwe, Isu L.G.A., Imo-State, Nigeria.

in Iran, have undoubtedly impacted his

Multi-award winning autodidact visual artist, who

thinking and practice. Resistance to oppressive

graduated in 1983 as an Economist (Specialising

ideology is especially evident in the nature of

in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics)

the drawings, in their medium, stylistic quality

from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, before he

and undeniable audacity. But across a wider

answered his natural calling by distinguishing

practice, Ghalamdar draws on other influences

himself as a resourceful, versatile and prolific

too, including Western and Middle Eastern Art

artistic genius.

History, Soviet Realism, animation and traditional

Extensively exhibited across the globe in

Persian miniatures.

Ghalamdar’s paintings depict sagacious worlds,


prestigious museums, galleries, etc, in more

than 8 countries including: U.S.A., Argentina,

unique and profound, threaded together in

Romania, Italy, Mexico, Dubai, United Kingdom,

community. Motifs, objects and scenarios appear

Nigeria, etc.


and reappear, introduced and examined. They

echo the frames of a storyboard, but this story

Works, selected by International Jury, form part

of the Permanent Collections, International

is fractured, futile and dysfunctional – a story

Dynamic Contemporary Arts Museum, (MIDAC),

undone, an anti-narrative.

Terra dell’ Arte, Italy.

The Lobsters’ Dream

That’s Us

Left To Contemplate

Trapped in The Dance of Destiny


Oil on Pearlescent Paper

42 x 29.7 cm

Oil on Paper

42 x 29.7 cm

Acrylic on Canvas

122 x 137.2 cm



Acrylic on Canvas

122 x 137.2 cm


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