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295 Boston Road, Billerica, MA

Office: 978-667-2301


FOR SALE: $1,375,000 LEASE $7500+


70,000+/- SQFT LAND



33 Dover St., Suite 124, Brockton, MA 02301 • T


CALL TODAY! (508) 580-8440

This home has 6 rooms

& 3 bedrooms, insulated

windows and doors,

central a/c, kitchen with

2 sided breakfast bar will

feature a new countertop

range. The family room

with new slider opens to

a 26'x12' trex deck

overlooking a large

fenced backyard with 2

storage sheds, great

location. Don’t Miss this!

Offered at $359,900


Bringing People Home.

323 North Street, Saco, ME 04072


WATERBORO - (67acres Deering Ridge Rd, Waterboro)

Nicely wooded lot that has 46+ acres in Waterboro and 20+

acres in Hollis. The Road frontage is on the Waterboro side

with 2 entrances that go back to where the lot opens up.

Great location just 30 minutes to Portland and 20 minutes

to Saco/Biddeford area. Possibility of Subdivision with

Town Approval.

MLS #1480129

Call/Text Jane Frankland 207-229-6261



Can electrical

fires affect you?


Springtime is peak home-buying and building

season. And it’s critical to protect one of the

largest investments you’ll make in a lifetime —

as well as your loved ones.

May, National Electrical Safety Month, is a

good time to brush up on potential electrical

hazards and learn more about Arc Fault Circuit

Interrupter (AFCI) circuit breaker technology,

an important life and fire safety device

for any new or newly-renovated home — and a

National Electrical Code requirement.

“Ensuring your home is outfitted with

life-saving technology like Arc Fault Circuit

Interrupters is critical,” says Ashley Bryant,

National Electrical Manufacturers Association

(NEMA) Low Voltage Distribution

Equipment AFCI Task Force co-chair. “AFCIs

are smart devices proven to detect dangerous

arcing in damaged wiring behind walls,

as well as in damaged electrical cords under

furniture or connected to unsafe appliances,

preventing deadly electrical fires from occurring.”

Fire, 6

2 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021


Plant parenthood among Millennials

and Gen Z has been on

the rise in recent years, and time

spent at home throughout the

pandemic has inspired even more

people to start houseplant collections.

In fact, over the past year,

searches including “indoor plants,”

“buy plants” and “plant delivery”

spiked, as many set out to create

beautiful, calming sanctuaries at

home and spruce up their Zoom


Why the sudden interest? Houseplants

are grounding, keep you

connected to the Earth and even

help reduce stress. Their care

also provides an excuse to take

a much-needed break in the day.

Plants make your world a happier

place and add immeasurable

value to everyday life. Whether


New to plant parenting?

Here’s what you need to know

you’re preparing to purchase your

first-ever houseplant or you’re expanding

an ever-growing collection,

learn how you can return the

favor by being the best possible

plant parent.

Understand your plant’s needs

While plant purchases tend to

be spur-of-the-moment, there are

plenty of steps you can take once

you get home to ensure a great life

for your plants. Explore the wealth

of care instructions and guides online

outlining recommended watering

schedules and other necessary

considerations. For busy

plant parents or those looking to

build collections in their office

spaces, low-maintenance plants

are the way to go. If your space is

short on windows, seek out adaptable

low-light plants that thrive

outside of direct sunlight, such as

ivy or spider plants.

Don’t forget furry friends

If you’re already a pet parent

too, don’t worry! Many houseplants

won’t pose any threats

to the fur babies in your home.

Top pet-friendly houseplants include

Curly Spiders, Baby Rubber

Plants, Echeveria, Gasteria, Haworthia,

Peperomia, Nerve Plants,

Fluffy Ruffles Ferns, Rabbit’s Foot

Ferns and Staghorn Ferns. When

in doubt, foliage and succulents

brand Wild Interiors helps potential

plant and current pet parents

by offering a handy online guide

and paw print icons indicating

pet-friendly options.

Not-so-green thumb

Finally, as you embark on your

plant parenthood journey, avoid

common houseplant mistakes.

When it comes to indoor plant care,

many problems stem from loving

and caring for your plants too

much! Overwatering, over fertilizing

and over adjusting the plant’s

location or pot situation can all do

more harm than good, despite your

best intentions. Also keep in mind

that many plants require less care

and attention during fall and winter


Ready to test your green thumb

and take the leap into plant parenthood?


to explore more plant care tips and

keep an eye out for its collection of

succulent and foliage plants at a

retailer near you.

And if you ever find yourself

wondering if you need another

plant, just remember: plants are


May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 3



Licensed in MA, New Hampshire & Maine

295 Boston Road, Billerica, MA 01862

Office: 978-667-2301

Fax: 978-667-7779 •








CHELMSFORD - $1,250,000


Developers, builders and investors. GREAT opportunity to

develop on 9.4 acre site with residential/industrial zoning.






High Traffic & Visibility with waterfront on River, multiple uses.

Convenient to Rts 3A, 3, 4, 129, 128, 495 & trains to Boston.

FOR SALE: $1,375,000






2,500 SQ. FT. - $1,700/MO






Great location to start your own sub shop. All

equip-ment included, franchise possible. Drive-thru

possible, needs approval.

NOTE: This listing is not for the sale of the existing businesses,

they will remain as tenants if buyer is agreeable. Arakelian RE,

Inc. Affordable Lock and Key and The Vacuum Doctor. 26,017

sqft. lot. Located on busy Boston Road, Billerica, MA. Building

footprint is 2,496 sqft Much Potential. This is an exclusive listing.

Contemporary style General Business zones building. Suitable


RELIGIOUS uses. Convenient to Rts. 3A, 3, 129, 4, 62, 495 and

95 TRAINS to Boston.

• 1050 SQ. FT. - $900 + $200 FOR UTILITIES

• 1050 SQ. FT. - $1500 + $200 FOR UTILITIES

• 1050 SQ. FT. - $1500 + $200 FOR UTILITIES








UNIT A - 934 SQ. FT. - $2,000/MONTH + UTILITIES

UNIT 1 - 295 SQ. FT. - $700/MONTH + UTILITIES

UNIT 2 - 181 SQ. FT. - $500/MONTH + UTILITIES

UNIT 3 - 100 SQ. FT. - $300/MONTH + UTILITIES

UNIT 4 - 600 SQ. FT. - $1,000/MONTH + UTILITIES

The property is in a great office condo complex. Currently great

location for your professional office.

• 1182 SQ. FT. - $900/MONTH + UTILITIES

RETAIL/OFFICE space in strip mall with High visibility

and high traffic. 1200+/-sqft Parking for 35 cars,

Excluded tenants: Nails, Sub/pizza, bakery, and

beauty shop.

Call Today!

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DIY kitchen makeover ideas you

can complete in a weekend


Whether you’re putting down roots

or putting your home on the market,

kitchen upgrades make a huge impact.

Not only do they have daily “good feeling”

appeal for current homeowners,

they can offer a great return on investment

when it’s time to sell.

So it’s no surprise that kitchens were

the second leading site of home improvements

made since the pandemic,

according to Hippos’s recent “State of

Homeownership Survey.”

Boost your kitchen’s beauty and

functionality with these DIY makeover


1. Countertops. Tired of boring countertops?

When using the SpreadStone

kit from Daich Coatings, an elegant new

finish requires only the ability to paint,

roll and sand. Working well on existing

laminate, cultured marble, formica and

other solid surfaces, the result is a dynamic

stone finish that provides shimmering

mineral accents and color highlights

found in natural mined rock. The

three-step process includes applications

of a stone base coat, decorative stone

coat and stone clear top coat. Finished

countertops resist heat, stains, abrasion,

impact and household cleaners.

Available in 10 colors, including Oyster

and Volcanic Black, each kit includes

application tools and required coatings

to complete 30 to 40 square feet of space.

Kits are available online at The Home

Depot and at

2. Decorative boards. Add warmth

to bars and kitchen islands, or an entire

wall, by installing decorative wood

boards. The ready-to-install S4S Decorative

Boards from Ornamental Decorative

Millwork provide a rich, clean appearance

and are available in Ambrosia

Maple, White Oak, Black Stained Aspen

and Gray Stained Aspen profiles.

3. Track lighting. For a cool look that’s

also highly functional, install track

lighting above all areas of the kitchen

where you slice, dice and sauté, or use

it to highlight design elements. Kits


make installation easy and are available

in a range of designs complementing

any style. Add specialty lighting in

other areas of the kitchen to give the

room a warm glow.

4. Floating shelves. Add floating

shelves to keep spices handy, hold favorite

cookbooks, stack plates or display

decorative accent pieces. Lightweight

and easy-to-install in just

minutes, those from Ornamental Decorative

Millwork can be easily painted

or stained to complement other design

elements in the room.

5. Wood beams. Add architectural style

and warmth to your kitchen (or any other

room) with lightweight Rustic Beams

from Ornamental Decorative Millwork.

Whether it’s adding straight beams, creating

a center beam with cross beams,

or crafting a coffered ceiling, home design

creativity knows no bounds with

this DIY project. Made of real wood,

these pre-stained U-shaped beams and

wrought iron metal accent brackets are

available at Lowe’s and come with everything

needed for installation.

6. Outdoor kitchen. Building an

outdoor kitchen is an amazing way

to make better use of your backyard

and enjoy fresh air as you cook and

dine. Using VertiStone Roll-On Wall

Texture, you can ensure the space is

beautiful. Without prep work and in

little time, you can use it to completely

transform any drywall, block, masonry

or concrete outdoor kitchen surface in

such finishes as smooth polished marble,

natural suede, parchment, dream

lace and linen. Then, to protect the

newly-coated surfaces, simply add Hi-

Build Ultra Clear Coat, a tough coating

that resists water, U/V rays, chemicals,

impact and abrasion.

Thanks to a variety of products making

DIY easy, you can affordably give

your kitchen that “wow factor” in an

afternoon or weekend.

May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 5



3D design process helps

visualize and customize

your new home

All prices include delivery and set-up on your foundation

COLONIALS Starting at $136,250

CAPES Starting at $99,300

RANCHES Starting at $88,000

6 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021

According to the National

Association of Certified

Home Inspectors (NACHI),

some of the top things to look for in

a home are: insufficient electrical

service, inadequate overcurrent protection,

and dangerous, damaged or

noncompliant wiring and wiring connections.

To help you ensure the home

you’re buying or building is protected

from future electrical problems, consider

these additional tips:

• Hire a certified and licensed home

inspector. A professional home inspector

can tell you a lot about the safety

of a home’s electrical system and what

may need to be repaired and updated.

To ensure you’re hiring someone qualified,

visit the NACHI website at

• Meet National Electrical Code requirements.

Make sure your home’s

electrical system meets National

Electrical Code requirements, including

AFCI circuit breaker installation,

which offers key areas of the home


Your home may be at risk for electrical fires


From 1

protection from electrical fires. While

there’s a common misconception that

this technology is unaffordable and

hard to find, the average cost to protect

a new 2,000 square foot, four-bedroom

home is only $300, and AFCI

circuit breakers are available at electrical

supply houses, home improvement

stores and online, according to


Rooms where water is present, like

kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms

and outdoor areas, should be equipped

with Dual Function AFCI/GFCI circuit

breakers. GFCI stands for Ground

Fault Circuit Interrupters and work

with AFCI technology to help prevent

possible shock and electrocution. If the

home doesn’t have this protection, be

prepared to ask the owner or builder

to make updates in accordance with

your state electrical and building

codes, or be ready to hire a licensed

electrical professional to install these

life- and property-saving devices once

you move in. A great resource for more

information is

• Practice safety at home. A few

simple steps can be taken around

the house that will help protect your

home from electrical fires and keep

your family safe. Check to see that

light bulbs are the correct wattage

and tight in the socket. Make sure no

furniture is placed on appliance cords

or up against plugged-in receptacles.

Protect valuable electronics by installing

surge-protective devices and prevent

circuit breaker tripping by not

overloading any circuit.

• Ask the right questions. Ask the

seller if they made any updates to the

home’s electrical system. Be sure to

find out if this was a DIY project or if

a licensed electrician did the work under

a permit.

“During the often overwhelming

process of buying or building a home,

understanding a bit about electrical

safety can help ensure you’re making

a sound investment and offer you

greater peace of mind,” says Bryant.


May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 7



Vaccine Information

The Lynn Community Health Center and Lynn

Department of Public Health have partnered to open

free COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Lynn.

Schedule your appointment today!

Please bring the following information to your


- A government-issued identification or license,

employer-issued ID card that includes your name and title

- Health Insurance card

*Lack of driver’s license, social security number, or insurance is not a barrier to

receiving the vaccine.

Schedule an appointment!

(781) 595-7747



Lynn Vocational Technical Institute

Field House, located at

80 Neptune Blvd:

Lynn Community Health Center

269 Union St, Lynn, MA 01901

(781) 581-3900

8 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021


Keeping your household wellstocked

of items you need to run

things smoothly is essential, particularly

during the spring cleaning

season. But whether it’s home

improvement supplies or laundry

necessities, selecting the best products

may be a bit more challenging

these days. Not only are new products

introduced to store shelves all

the time, if you’re like many consumers,

you’re staying home more

with fewer opportunities to compare

products in-person.

While researching product reviews

can help you discover what

other consumers have already

tried and loved, it can be a fairly

time-consuming process. For quicker

insights, consult crowd-sourcing

resources like Product of the Year

USA, the largest consumer-voted

award for product innovation. With

product winners determined by a

national study conducted by Kantar,

a global leader in consumer

research, 40,000 consumers have

voted on the best products for 2021.

“When shopping online or instore,

look for the Product of the

Year red seal of approval to quickly

spot the best new products,” says

Mike Nolan, Global CEO, Product

of the Year. “Our process of polling

40,000 independent voters means

you can genuinely trust the seal,

saving you time and money while

you shop.”

As you stock up on spring household

essentials and and personal

items, consider trying these 20 Product

of the Year winners, which stood

out in their respective categories:

• Car Care: Rain-X Glass Water-Repellent

• Cat Care: Pro Plan LiveClear


Save time and money on spring

home and personal essentials

• CBD Pet: Paw CBD 300 mg

Peanut-Butter Hard Chews

• Dish Care: Dawn Powerwash

Dish Spray

• Dryer Sheet: Bounce Pet Hair

and Lint Guard Mega Dryer


• Electric Toothbrush: hum by

Colgate Smart Rechargeable

Electric Toothbrush

• Green Laundry: all free clear


• Hair Color: Schwarzkopf Color


• Hair Styling: Remington Pro

1” Multi-Styler with Twist &

Curl Technology

• Hard Surface Cleaning: Microban

24 Sanitizing Spray

• Home Improvement: 3M

CLAW Drywall Picture Hanger

• Laundry Enhancer: Snuggle

SuperCare Scent Booster

• Laundry Pacs: Tide Hygienic Clean

Heavy Duty 10X Power PODS

• Liquid Fabric Conditioner:

Downy Intense Scent + Freshness,

Spring Rush

• Liquid Laundry: Tide Hygienic

Clean Free & Gentle Liquid

Heavy Duty

• Natural Cleaning System:

H2O e3 Cleaning System

• Oral Care: Crest Whitening

Emulsions with Wand Applicator

• Oral Hygiene: Colgate Keep

Replaceable Head Manual


• Outdoor Cleaning: Carbona

Pro Care Oxy Powered Outdoor


• Tableware: Hefty ECOSAVE

Navigating store aisles for the

best and most effective products

can be overwhelming, particularly

when you’re not physically in

the store. To feel more sure of your

choices, lean on the wisdom of thousands

of other consumers.


May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 9


373 Lincoln Avenue, Saugus, MA


























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Interior enhancements that

make a great first impression


First impressions are everything.

And while a lot gets said about exterior

curb appeal, what one sees upon

entering your home matters just as


Whether you simply want to wow

guests and the members of your

household, or you’re looking to make

a splash in the housing market with

an updated, modern look, check out

these interior enhancement ideas.

1. Go clean and modern. Did you

know that it can be easy to change

out your existing ho-hum balusters?

Check out the Concealed Iron Baluster

Installation Kit from L.J. Smith

Stair Systems. The kit is used for installing

1/2-inch square hollow iron

balusters to open treads and level

runs, resulting in a clean finished

look that’s totally contemporary and


2. Refresh mouldings. Looking to

upgrade base and crown mouldings?

You don’t need to replace them entirely

to get a fresh new look. Save

time, money and effort by simply

covering them over with CoverTrim

from Ornamental Decorative Millwork.

Designed to install over existing

mouldings, these primed and

ready-to-paint pieces are made of

durable medium density fiberboard

for an easy DIY job.

3. Elevate hardware. Replacing

door hardware is a simple way

to upgrade the look of your doors

and add a personal touch. Designer

brand Bravura Hardware offers

premium, environmentally-friendly,

scratch-resistant crystal door hardware

that conveys elegance and style

with sleek, smooth edges. Bravura

also offers a design-your-own-hardware

tool so homeowners can customize,

combining knobs, levers and

rosettes with a choice of seven backplate

designs and seven finishes.

4. Get sophisticated. The new line

of Hollow Iron Balusters from L.J.

Smith Stair Systems can add a touch

of sophistication to stairways. One of

the styles features a single acrylic

orb, a second design features sophisticated

ornate detail, and the third

boasts an expanded center diameter.

The marquis center of the fourth option

pairs well with the manufacturer’s

plain half-inch square baluster.

For homes with staircases directly in

the foyer, this is a project that can

make a particularly striking impact.

5. Upgrade interior doors and

windows. Instantly upgrade the appearance

of interior doors, windows

and cased openings with Craftsman

Crossheads from Ornamental

Decorative Millwork. The onepiece,

pre-built crosshead comes

in five common widths and can be

installed in less than 10 minutes.

Made of poplar and factory-primed,

once painted, it can be secured

quickly above a door or window for

a fast, custom-looking upgrade that

enhances the style of any room in

the home with minimal effort.

May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 11




List Price: $59,612


List Price: $64,860


56' 2 Bed

68' 2 Bed, 2 Bath

List Price: $83,845

List Price: $92,461

$77,995 $85,995

40' 3 Bed,

2 Bath

List Price: $105,628


48' 3 Bed,

2 Bath

List Price: $60,385


64' 2 Bed, 2 Bath



48' 3 Bed,

2 Bath

Homes From COLONY,




2 Bedroom


3 Bedroom (Base Price)


1,900 sq. ft. 2 Story

1st Floor Master Bedroom

12 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021


Tips to give bugs the boot this summer


Warm and wet spring and summer

conditions predicted for much

of the country are going to make

for an extra buggy season, according

to the biannual Bug Barometer

forecast from the National Pest

Management Association.

What’s more, ants, roaches and

stinging insects are well-equipped

at finding food and shelter in and

around your home, and they are

smarter than you may think. However,

you can take steps to prepare

for their arrival. For a safe,

healthy and comfortable season at

home, follow these pest management


• Don’t feed the insects: Without

proper precautions, your home

could inadvertently be the most

popular insect buffet in town. To

ensure you’re feeding just your

family and not a parade of bugs,


keep surfaces free of crumbs and

residue. Regularly sweep around

areas where food is prepared and

consumed. Wipe up spills immediately

and close food containers

securely. Be sure your kitchen garbage

has a tightly-fitting lid.

• Drain the swamp: Standing water

can quickly become a breeding

ground for mosquitoes and other

bugs (and lead to a host of other issues).

It’s important to know that

the problem may take some diagnosing,

and could require such actions

as changing the soil composition

of your lawn or grading the

land to encourage proper drainage.

However, managing this issue

is well worth the effort involved.

• Blast bugs without harsh chemicals.

Killing bugs doesn’t need to

put you out of house and home

for hours or even minutes. Today,

there are effective ways to kill

bugs using friendly ingredients.

For example, Zevo Ant, Roach and

Fly Multi-Insect Trigger Spray

works on a broad range of household

bugs using lemongrass oil

and geraniol as active ingredients.

Zevo sprays are deadly to bugs

and safe for use around people and

pets when used as directed, making

them a year-round household

essential. For more information,


• Safeguard entry points: Pests

enter the home most typically

through windows, doors and the

garage. To that end, patch any

holes or tears in screen doors and

windows, or better yet, replace

them entirely. Keep doors, windows

and the garage otherwise


While outwitting bugs is a bit

more challenging during summer,

with a few tricks up your sleeve,

you can keep your home safe and

more comfortable with fewer uninvited


May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 13




232 Glen Avenue | Berlin, NH 03570 | 752-0003


Berlin, NH

One level, 18,842 Sq.Ft building on 1.10 acres! Main Street/Route 16 location. Multiple areas with offices, show rooms and

garage space. Majority of the property is being used as an indoor and outdoor vehicle storage location. Inside storage ($35 a

month per vehicle). Outside storage ($25 a month per vehicle) $50 a month per outside covered bay. Large fenced in area with

gated access. A large amount of parking on site. Overhead doors. "Unit 1" features 2 offices, half bath and showroom. "Unit 2"

features office, office/lunch room, half bath and showroom. "Unit 3" features overhead door, showroom, half bath and storage

area. This property was once a car dealership and has large display windows and features 301 Ft. of road frontage. Would

make a great place to add outside self-storage units and continue the indoor and outdoor vehicle storage. Endless possibilities

to accommodate virtually any type of business. River views! ATV friendly area, ride from this property to the miles of the miles

of trails the area has to offer. Rare business and investment property. Need to view, to truly appreciate the amount of space this

property has to offer.

MLS# 4857865

Berlin, NH


Well maintained and cared for commercial building located in the center of downtown and situated on Main Street. 2 one

bedroom apartments on the 2nd floor, both are occupied, and the tenants are long term and pay for their own heat! There are

two spacious 1st floor retail/office spaces, or easily convert the two spaces to one HUGE 1st floor space for your business! One

space is currently occupied at $900 a month. The other space will be available shortly for rent or you can use for your own

business! Both 1st floor spaces have currently been renovated and have restrooms. Full basement. Newer furnace and hot

water maker, vinyl siding/brick and updated electrical. Super location in the heart of downtown with high visibility. Opportunity

is Knocking! 2nd floor apartments: $425 and $400 a month. Use one of the apartments for yourself and let the tenants pay

your mortgage and utilities!

MLS# 4839740 $149,900

14 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021


A remodeling fix

Pandemic lockdowns and ultra-low mortgage

rates helped spur many U.S. homeowners to

invest in remodeling their home in 2020, and the

trend is expected to strengthen at least into next

year, according to researchers at Harvard


The university’s Joint

Center for Housing

Studies’ latest leading

indicator of remodeling

activity, or LIRA, suggests

homeowner spending on

improvements and repairs

will climb to $370 billion

by the end of the first

quarter of 2022. That

would be a 4.8% increase

from the $353 billion

spent in the January-

March quarter this year.

Spending on home remodeling surged about

5.7% in the first quarter from a year earlier. The

increase followed another round of pandemic

stimulus aid from the federal government, which

delivered $1,400 direct payments to many


Researchers are

predicting homeowners will

tackle more costly

renovation projects in


If the forecast holds up,

the trends should continue

benefiting home improvement

retailers like Home

Depot, whose stock price

climbed to an all-time high


U.S. home-improvement spending

$400 billion


Fixer-upper: Many

people are using

stimulus money to

tackle bigger home





Source: JCHS at Harvard University



3Q 4Q 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q 1Q 2Q 3Q 4Q 1Q

’19 ’20 ’21 ’22

Alex Veiga; J. Paschke • AP

May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 15



Bringing People Home.

323 North Street, Saco, ME 04072


ACTON - (26acres Acton Ridge Rd, Acton)

BALCH LAKE! Desirable 25.81 wooded acres with over 600' of frontage on Balch Lake! This property offers hundreds of

feet of road frontage on a shared private road so you can choose your home or camp site from several desirable areas.

Balch Lake goes between Maine and New Hampshire, and offers many hours of fun and relaxation! Seller is willing to do

Owner Financing with an acceptable down payment. Call Text Jane Frankland 207-229-6261

MLS #1462619


CASCO - (15acres Martha Road, Casco)

Imagine! 15 Acres with direct level frontage on the peaceful Kettle Cove area of Sebago Lake! Over 1,100 feet of water

frontage, dock and boat launch site too. This has a field and a Red Barn Too. A wonderful piece of Maine, just outside of

town, with the feel of true country living! Possibility of 3 house lots! Just Imagine! Call today to see this property.

Call/Text Jane Frankland 207-229-6261

MLS #1467231


HOLLIS - (25acres Killock Pond Rd, Hollis)

25 Acres that are mostly wooded with over 472 feet of paved road frontage. This is a great buy with many options open to you.

This is near the Water Plant, Killock Pond and the Saco River! There is plenty to do here with trails and the brooks and rivers for

fishing and swimming. A great place for your new home. Call today to see this property.

Call/Text Jane Frankland 207-229-6261

MLS #1453207


16 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021


Improve your backyard life

with these lawn care tips


The backyard is one of the most

popular spots of the home to relax,

host and have fun. However, it

all starts with a beautiful lawn. If

you’re in the weeds — literally —

there are great resources available

to help you tackle lawn care so you

can make the most of your outdoor

spaces and have a better overall outdoor


One place that can help you get

started is Exmark’s Backyard Life

site. Exmark, a leading manufacturer

of lawn care equipment, created this

multimedia destination to provide

homeowners with everything from

barbecue recipes and design tips to

gardening and lawn care advice. The

fourth episode in the Exmark Original

“Backyard Smart” video series, offers

the following steps for repairing

bare spots in the lawn:

• Remove dead grass and weeds,

• Loosen the soil a few inches

deep. If it’s hard and dry, add

fresh topsoil.

• Next, sow seeds that match

your lawn type. Gently rake them

into the soil.

• Now, feed that new grass using

a granular starter fertilizer.

• Lightly cover the area with

straw to hold in moisture and

keeps birds from snacking.

• Water it and keep it damp at

all times.

• Sprouts will appear soon! But

wait a few weeks before mowing.

Experts also say that ongoing

maintenance is essential to keeping

that lawn looking great.

“One of the worst things you’ll have

to fight, no matter what type of grass

you have, is weeds,” says Exmark

partner Brian Latimer, a professional

angler and yard fanatic. “And

you’ll have to fight weeds all year.”

To ensure a lush, healthy lawn,

Latimer offers these additional

weed-fighting and green-up tips:

1. Fight Weeds. Although

hand-weeding works, applying

pre-emergent treatments to your

lawn can help combat opportunistic

weeds preemptively. Just be sure

any chemical being applied is safe

for the type of grass you have. Keep

an eye on your lawn and manage

weeds that appear.

2. Mulch. While weeds tend to

thrive in bare soil, they hate thick

mulch. Mulching can keep weeds

from germinating. Use landscape

fabrics beneath the mulch to keep

sunlight out, but you’ll want to be

sure it’s a type that will allow water

to still permeate your soil. You’ll also

want to prune plants and trees. This

doesn’t just include cutting back new

growth, but also cleaning out dead

limbs or branches, and shaping areas

that have become unsightly.

3. Scalp. To start the season, “scalp”

warm-season grasses like zoysia or

Bermuda. Removing old growth by

cutting your lawn super low will allow

sunlight in, which warms root

systems and soil temperatures. Bag

clippings so sunlight, fertilizer and

water can penetrate the soil.

More backyard life tips, advice and

video tutorials can be found by visiting

When it comes to better backyard

life, a beautiful lawn is fundamental.

Taking your cues from the professionals

can help you achieve lush,

green spaces perfect for grilling,

playing, kicking back and more.

May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 17



Real Estate

Is Our Life!

158 Main Street, Route 26

South Paris, Maine 04281

“Busy as

Bees to

Residential - Commercial - Waterfront - Land & Farms


207-743-9303 www.bizrealty .net e-mail:

1 T 23

Norway ME $390,000


Beautiful updated 3,600 sq. ft. home in desirable location. Spacious living room with french doors,

built-ins, hardwood floors, and fireplace insert. Eat in kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Dining

room with plenty of room for gathering and celebrating. Sunroom over looking backyard. Second and

third floor have spacious rooms with a balcony. Whole house generator. Close to country club and golf

course, enjoy the lake and hiking trails. Minutes to downtown.

Paris ME $32,700


Great location just outside of town. Country

setting, stonewalls, neat country club and

golf course. Build or dream home and

enjoy the quiet setting but minutes to

town. Modular homes welcome.

Woodstock ME $200,000


24 acres. Beautiful rural wooded lot with

potential views! This location offers privacy

and still iwthin close proximity to


Paris ME $550,000


Location. Busy RT. 26, great visibility. 1.25 acres. Two buildings, many options. Live in one, run your

business out of the other, rent the house for extra income. Currently used as a florist. Open concept

offers many different uses for the building. medical, offices, daycare, classrooms, retail.

Plenty of parking. Great investment property.

West Paris ME $132,000


432 square foot ranch style home with 1 bedroom and 1 bath. Set on a private 12 acres.

Call and schedule your private showing today




Harrison ME $66,700


Spacious former lodge building waiting for

new owner with ideas for use. Post &

beam construction, metal roof, endless


18 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021


Orchids add splashy color and style to any space


It’s no secret that spending the past

year in quarantine has made people

focus more on their homes. DIY projects

are at an all-time high. Painting.

Furniture fixups. Baking. Outdoor and

indoor gardening.

That’s right. Indoor gardening is hot.

During the pandemic, people searched

“Buy Plants” on Google more than

“Buy Shoes.” This may be because

plants add beauty and vitality to any

space and can even improve indoor air

quality and your mood, according to researchers.

Let your décor blossom

With their rich colors and unique

blooms, flowering plants make a bold

statement in any room. This includes

beautiful, blossoming Phalaenopsis orchids,

which are now considered stylish

— not stuffy – décor statements that

last longer and bloom again and again.

From classic to modern to a little bit

funky, there’s a perfect size and color of

orchid to match your style vibe. Whether

you’re looking to brighten a dorm

room, an apartment, your starter home

or a long-time residence, the experts at

Just Add Ice Orchids offer these tips for

picking the right, easy-care orchid for

your space.

What’s your size?

Traditional height and miniature

Phalaenopsis orchids, also known as

moth orchids, pack a style punch, especially

when it comes to versatility.

Mini orchids liven up small areas,

like a desk or console table. Group several

mini orchids of similar colors to fill

larger spaces, such as dining or living

room tables. For example, Just Add Ice

offers these tiny statement-makers in

single pots or packs of 12 and 20 singles

for effortless, whole-house decorating.

If you’re looking for a more elegant,

streamlined effect, use full-sized orchids

instead. It’s all about personal


Making a style statement

When it comes to colors, solid orchids

are the perfect complement to classic,

traditional décor elements thanks to

their simple, vibrant character. Pink.

Coral. Yellow. All effortlessly brighten

traditional spaces by adding a splash

of color.

For a more modern vibe, you can’t go

wrong with simple, white blooms. They

work well in minimalist spaces but also

deliver fun pops of color, unique shapes

and intricate patterns in bolder, modern


Orchids also have a place in funkier,

eclectic decorating schemes. Patterned

orchids with lines or spots in a bright

fuchsia shade add a quirky twist on the

traditional potted Just Add Ice orchid,

making them a great choice for less

traditional spaces.

Take your style statement a step further

by choosing a pot in your favorite

shape, color or pattern to echo your

style vibe.

Easy Care for Stylish Flair

Unlike other flowers, when you bring

an orchid into your home, you can expect

your plant’s blooms to last two to

three months. With proper care, your

orchid can bloom again, according to

the experts at Just Add Ice.

Be sure to avoid direct sunlight and

keep room temperatures above 65 degrees

F, but not too hot. And when it

comes to watering, add three ice cubes

to full-size pots and one cube to minis

once a week. Using this watering method

removes the guesswork from determining

how much water to use and

gives your orchids the perfect amount

needed to flourish.

To learn more about Phalaenopsis

orchids, ice watering or to start building

your own colorful orchid collection

of long-lasting blooms in different sizes

and hues, visit www.justaddicorchids.


When it comes to style and elegance,

orchids are a great choice for indoor

gardeners and DIY home designers.

May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 19


Cell: (207)-332-7544


galley style kitchen with granite counters and stainless steel appliances and serving bar overlooking dining room, open concept

living room and dining room area with slider to back patio, heat pumps with AC for perfect temperature year round.



Just steps to beach at this charming Bungalow style single family beach house with 3 large bedrooms, huge office area,

enclosed 4 season sunporch or den area, living room with beamed ceiling, built ins and fireplace, huge office with built ins,

galley style kitchen with plenty of storage, huge eat in kitchen area with built in bench, large laundry room with mud room area,

and full basement with workshop area. Fencing will be installed for small grass area off front of property.



LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Smell the sea breeze and enjoy sunrise and sunset from this bright and sunny fully

renovated 2 BD 1 BA condo just steps to 7 miles of beautiful sand. Fresh paint, new flooring and fixtures. Add mini splits for

heat and AC! Other units available but these will not last. Live year round, keep as summer retreat and/or rent for incredible

summer and winter rental income! Quintessential Maine living at its best!

$395,000 $269,900

20 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021


Of the more than 1,300 respondents

surveyed in the Harris Poll, a

surprising 65 percent of homeowners

admitted they rarely think about

termite damage when it comes to

their own home. Additionally, 20 percent

say if they saw termites in their

home, they would prefer to handle it

themselves—a mistaken belief that

using DIY methods for termite control

are as effective as using a professional.

“While Terminix treats for termites

year-round, activity really picks

up in the spring and early summer

when termite swarms impact cities

across the country,” said Lance Martin,

Terminix Senior Vice President

of Field Operations. “Once a home is

infested, termite damage repair can

be extremely costly, so having annual

termite coverage in place from a

licensed, professional pest management

company is the best protection

against these damaging and costly


Termite swarms are weather-driven

events that typically occur on warm,

sunny, calm days following a spring

rain. During a swarm, winged termites

leave their existing colony to find a


Misconceptions about termite damage

mate and establish new colonies.

“When a homeowner detects a termite

swarm, whether inside or outside

their home, it could mean the

house is infested and may have already

suffered damage,” said Doug

Webb, B.C.E., a technical manager

for Terminix with over 38 years of

experience with the pests. “Identifying

a swarm allows the homeowner

to take action and alleviate a problem

that may have otherwise remained


Termites are found in every state

except Alaska and cause more than

$5 billion in damage annually. Because

termites generally eat homes

from the inside out, they often go

unnoticed by unsuspecting homeowners.

Termite colonies can remain

hidden behind walls and other

structural elements for years before

they are detected and the extent of

damage becomes evident. Further,

termite damage is rarely covered

by homeowners’ insurance, leaving

unknowing homeowners responsible

for expensive out-of-pocket repairs.

While the help of a trained professional

is the most effective way

to eliminate termites, homeowners

can take simple steps to make their

home less inviting to these wood-destroying

pests, including:

Fix roof and plumbing leaks. The

moisture allows termites to survive

above ground.Clean and repair

gutters. Gutters that do not drain

properly allow water to accumulate

near the foundation.Eliminate

wood-to-soil contact. Any wood that

simultaneously touches the soil and

the home can provide termites with

direct access to the structure. This

includes keeping firewood or other

wood debris from being stacked

against the side of a home.Keep

mulch or soil from piling up directly

against the home.Schedule an annual

termite inspection with a trained

professional. Prompt treatment and

regular inspections can save thousands

of dollars in damage repair.

For more information or to schedule

a free termite inspection, visit

or call 1-800-TERMINIX.

The survey was conducted online

within the United States by The Harris

Poll on behalf of Terminix from

April 21 st – 23 rd, 2021 among 1355

U.S. homeowners ages 18 and older,

among whom 622 are first time

homeowners. For complete survey

methodology, including weighting

variables and subgroup sample sizes,

please contact

May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 21


Roger Whitehouse

Sally Arsenault

Diane Paterson

John Freeman

Rick Nelson

152 River Road, Mexico, ME 04257


Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it.

It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.

Rumford -


Exceptional 2nd floor office

complex with 8-9 rooms and 3-4

bathrooms totaling 3312 sf of

office space. The unit has

handicap accessibility with a

chair escalator. High Traffic count

being in the heart of down town


#2136 MLS# 1478679 $125,118

Mexico -


Commercial building with 6075

sf of retail space (3375sf of the

first floor) and (2700sf on the

second floor with original tin

ceilings)! a full basement garage

for 2 vehicles! Ceiling height of

16 feet +- property sits on 3 lots

totaling .33 acres with 245' of

road frontage right on busy

Route 2 and Main street with

exceptional high traffic count.

This is an exceptional great solid

building to start your business!

#2131 MLS# 1476961 $168,240

Andover - Residential

3 Bedroom home, newly remodeled

kitchen, 28 x 28 (2) car heated

garage set up for automotive

projects w/ separate 100 amp

electrical service & (2) 220 Outlets

#2059 MLS# 1430874 $89,000

Rumford - Residential

This 3 bedroom home has been nicely

maintained and offers a bonus room adjacent to

a bedroom which could provide an additional

bedroom, a sitting room or office space. The

property has had many upgrades including a

freshly painted exterior, fenced-in back yard,

new gutter system and more. This property has 3

stone wall levels to create a nice landscape in the

front. It is located in town and close to all

amenities. The property is currently rented

providing good income if you're looking for an


#2133 MLS# 1477726 $67,000

Rumford - Residential




#2018 MLS# 1417228 $25,000

1.5 Acre

This move in ready cape with 2 beds and

one bath sits on 0.9 acres just outside of

Rumford. Nice Barn!

#2074 MLS# 1436304 $88,000


#2030 MLS# 1417857 $55,000

2.45 Acres

Rumford - Residential

1890's 8 room farmhouse with 4

bedrooms and a detached 2 car garage

situated on 5 acres+- with spectacular

views of the Mountains and Valley! On a

dead end road and only a few miles from

Black Mountain of Maine Ski area and

close to ATV and Snowmobile trails.

Spectacular views!

#2129 MLS# 1476257 $228,612

Mexico – Commercial

This building is located in Mexico on

Route 2 where there is slow moving, high

traffic count. Plenty of parking and great

visibility. The building has been a

restaurant for many years. Sale includes

equipment and all furnishings. The

restaurant on the 1st floor has 2 seating

areas and a kitchen. The 2nd floor has a

lounge and an apartment. There are

apartments on 2 apartments on the 3rd

floor in need of renovation. Includes

parking behind the building and across

the street. Come take a look.

#2102 MLS# 1456513 $188,00


#2038 MLS# 1419364 $250,000

266 Acres


#2081 MLS# 1439711 $19,900

1 Acre


#2107 MLS# 1458870 $75,000

75 Acres


#2070 MLS# 1434425 $49,979

1.3 Acres


#2106 MLS# 1458487 $29,550

.3 Acres


#2122 MLS# 1472338 $34,000

4.15 Acres

Rumford M/U

Great Investment Opportunity! This a

well maintained 2-unit building,electrical

panels have been updated within the

last 4 years. The apartments

are spacious with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath,

kitchen, dining room, living room and

laundry hook-up. There is a full attic

accessed through the 2nd floor

apartment along with enclosed front and

back porches. Must See!

#2143 MLS# 1483464 $74,900

22 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021


Three ways housing counselors

can help during a pandemic


While the tireless work of medical

professionals, teachers and grocery

store workers has rightfully been celebrated

throughout the pandemic, you

may be less familiar with the work of

housing counselors. During a challenging

year that exacerbated the U.S.

housing crisis, those close to the situation

say that housing counselors are

the pandemic’s unsung heroes.

“Having a safe and affordable place

to call home helps lay the foundation

for wellness, dignity, and economic opportunity,

and throughout the pandemic,

housing counselors have continued

to help their clients avoid eviction and

remain in their homes,” says Eileen

Fitzgerald, head of housing affordability

philanthropy with Wells Fargo.

Most counseling agencies are approved

by the U.S. Department of

Housing and Urban Development

(HUD), making their advice objective.

According to Fitzgerald, here are three

ways housing counselors can help

during a pandemic:

1. Offer homeownership advice: Navigating

the process of home buying

and homeownership is extremely challenging.

Housing counselors provide

independent advice on buying a home,

refinancing, defaults, foreclosures and

credit issues, as well as advice about

whether a particular set of mortgage

loan terms is a good fit based on individual

circumstances, often at little or

no cost. During the coronavirus emergency,

they’ve also helped homeowners

understand their current options for

relief and protection.

2. Provide help for renters: Housing

security can be tenuous for renters in

the best of times. During a global pandemic

that caused widespread income

loss, unemployment and illness, many

found themselves unable to make rent

on time. Housing counselors helped individuals

leverage protections for renters,

as well as provided trusted guidance,

including enrolling renters in

need of assistance in plans to address

sustainable rent repayment, debt management,

and improve their long-term

financial health.

3. Close the housing gap: The work

of housing counselors addresses systemic

inequalities related to housing


in an effort to close the housing security

gap, particularly critical during

the pandemic, which has disproportionally

impacted Black, Latino and

Indigenous communities.

New Support

Recognizing the need to keep Americans

housed during the pandemic

and beyond, the Wells Fargo Foundation

has provided $225 million to

nonprofits that help individuals, families,

entrepreneurs and communities,

with a focus on assisting racially

and ethnically diverse people disproportionally

affected by the pandemic.

As part of this effort, the foundation

has awarded grants totaling more

than $80 million for housing-specific

initiatives, including:

• Grants to nonprofits that offer eviction

and foreclosure prevention assistance,

rental assistance and financial


• Donations to organizations providing

free or low-cost legal assistance and

representation for renters, particularly

vulnerable people disproportionately

impacted by COVID-19.

• Grants for Community Development

Financial Institutions serving

rural, persistently poor communities.

• Housing stability grants for national

nonprofit housing intermediaries

and local community-based housing


“Through our support of housing

counselors, we hope to inspire meaningful

change to a long history of systemic

inequality, injustice, loss of wealth and

housing instability experienced by people

of color, particularly during times of

economic distress,” says Fitzgerald.

To learn more, visit

During a stressful year of uncertainty,

more Americans experienced housing

security thanks to the behind-thescenes

work of housing counselors.


May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021 WWW.SUBURBANREALESTATENEWS.COM • 978-532-5880 23




20 Emery Mills Road Shapleigh, MAINE 04076




Springvale, ME – $899,900

plus additional building lot for $65,000

Located on the highlands of the Village of

Springvale, this Custom-designed/Custom-build

SHINGLE STYLE home will take your breath away!

4400 square foot home with American and Brazilian

cherry used throughout, the highest quality appliances,

four bedrooms, three baths, two fireplaces, open and

covered balconies, 4-car 2-bay direct entry garage.

Portland, ME

MLS 1481708 $260,000

This ''ready-to-move-in'' two-bedroom town

house is located in one of Portland's most

desirable neighborhoods. Tucked away in

GLENRIDGE (in the Rosemont area of the city),

it is conveniently located just two miles from

two different exits on the Maine Turnpike.

Sanford, ME

MLS 1451741 $250,000

Looking for business development

possibilities? This parcel offers 10+/- acres

with expansive road frontage on major route.

Effingham, NH

MLS 1489689 $234,900

If you're looking for privacy, Located for easy

traveling to North Conway, Wolfeboro, and Portland,

Maine, not far from the lake Kayaking, swimming,or

if you like golf Province's golf course is only down

the street. Sitting on over 2 acres of land, this home

has a large front yard, nice perennial gardens.

Waterboro, ME

MLS 1490831 $87,500

Level building lot, boasting 230' gradual sandy

bottom frontage on a quiet part of Lake

Arrowhead - offers serenity, nature and some

of the best bass fishing in all of Maine. Plan to

''put in'' your kayak or canoe and enjoy the

tranquility of lake life at its best.


Sanford, ME

MLS 1487477 $269,900

Classic 1938 Cape detached with a 2 bay

garage just off Main St. offering 2

lots.Hardwood floors throughout, a recently

updated kitchen with 3 bedrooms, a living

room, and one bath. The upstairs would make

a great space to be finished for a family room

or office. Back deck with a large backyard.


Shapleigh, ME – $699,900

MLS 1488167

Believed to be the second or third oldest camp

property built on Square Pond, this property

exudes history. The first part of the property, now

used as a shed and partial bath, was believed to

have been built in the 1890s.

Parsonsfield, ME

MLS 1488976 $42,500

Looking to get away from the ''busy-ness'' of city

life and enjoy the quiet of country living? Then plan

to build your dream home or weekend get-away

on this wonderfully wooded lot. Situated close by to

Province Lake Golf Club and only about two miles

from public beach area on Province Lake.

Sanford, ME

MLS 1488992 $229,500

Looking for an investment? Looking to live in

one unit and rent the other? This property is

located within a few steps from the center of

the City of Sanford - right off of Main Street,

in the heart of the city.

Ossipee, NH

MLS 1491840 $49,500

Beautifully crafted stone wall enhances this

wooded lot, less than ten minutes from Route

16 and five minutes from Route 28. Dug well is

already in place, as is the electrical power.

Expired septic design available for

three-bedroom home.


Berwick, ME

MLS 1490619 $289,900

This charming 1910 New Englander awaits

your family, ready for new beginnings and

memories to be created. Recent renovations

throughout blend with beautiful antique

hardwood floors and trim.

Waterboro, ME

MLS 1490830 $109,900

Dreamed of that AMAZING SPACE, where you

could locate to build your forever home or your

weekend getaway? Look no further.



24 SAY YOU SAW IT IN SUBURBAN May 25, 2021 – June 21, 2021


#1 Listing and Selling

Office in Saugus


335 Central Street

Saugus, MA 01906

Thinking of



offers 6/5 rms, 3/2+ bedrms, 3 full baths, second

floor unit is located on two floors, updated roof,

separate utilities, two driveways, corner lot,

located just outside Cliftondale Square


Call for a Complimentary

Market Evaluation of

your home. Take

advantage of our

knowledge, experience

and extensive Marketing

Program. It is truly a

Seller’s Market !

SAUGUS 1st AD Sherwood Forest

offers this 6 rooms, 3 bedroom Townhouse,

2 ½ baths, spacious living room

with slider to private deck, master

w/private bath, hardwood flooring,

garage, pool, great loc $429,000

SAUGUS 1st AD 6 room, 3 bedroom

Cape offers kitchen with dining area,

hardwood flooring, finished lower level

with possible 4th bedroom, deck, tiered

back yard, great side street location,

located off Cliftondale Sq


Thinking of


SAUGUS 7 room, 3 bedroom Garrison

Colonial offers 2 full baths,

sunroom, kit w/center island, finished

lower level offers family rm and second

kitchen updated roof, easy access to all

major Routes & shopping


WOBURN 1st AD Impressive 9

room, 3-4 bedroom Split Entry, 2 full

baths, granite kit, dinrm w/slider to

oversized deck w/awning, finished

lower level, 7 person hot tub, located

on great cul-de-sac


Let us help you get

pre-approved for a

mortgage and find your

dream home. We will

walk you through the

process step-by-step

from start to finish!

EVERETT Well established Auto

Body/Auto Repair shop, 6 bays, 3

offices, 2 half bath, ample parking,

many possibilities, close to all

major routes, public transportation

& Encore Casino


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