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Editor’s “N” Chief Statement

Empowering people of color to pursue their

entrepreneurial goals, however ambitious, is

the central objective of the Black Owned

Businesses (B.O.B.) Magazine. We strive to

provide to people of color of all nationality,

culture, race and ethnic background, all the

essential knowledge required to become successful

in all their endeavors.

We will present the journey of successful people

of color as an example for aspiring entrepreneurs

of color to follow.

We can assure our readers that we will be

committed to providing them with accurate

news of successful entrepreneurs.

We will strive to avoid all prejudice and/or

favoritism, thus advocating accurate

knowledge and experiences that will invariably

lead to success.



The Concept of B.O.B. Magazine is to

highlight the progress of our business

people of color in all walks of life all

around the planet. This magazine is

about reporting and empowering

young entrepreneurs who see themselves

as the future black business


The sterling examples of successful

people of color are among some of

the most powerful motivational forces

for those of the younger generation.

By carefully emulating those examples,

the younger generation of people

of color will be motivated to become

law-abiding and outstanding

citizens within their community.

Especially in the field of the Arts, Music,

Culinary, Theater, Farming,

Government, Politics and all the

other pioneers of our cultures

Past, present and future.




“Hear from community leaders and advocates about their understanding of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and the impact of

not being told or taught about history. Racial Healing starts with truth-telling. Greenwood Rising History Center paves the

way to help heal communities and start the journey to Racial Reconciliation.”




Meet Prince Hugh Thompson CEO




Prince Hugh Thompson born in 1966 Marlie Hill , St. Catherine, Jamaica.

His parents are Ivan Thompson and Valda Lewis . Prince was a prize child according to his Dad and Mr. Shaw, his

Godfather. Both reminded him that he was celebrated from birth. Bus drivers would stop and everyone smoking

herb, drinking, reasoning having a great time,

When I heard these things were happening I realized , that if as a child you're celebrated at birth, it meant that you

definitely were destined to be a celebrity.

I found out more and more that I was born to entertain after Entertaining for a while. I want to know more about

the fundamentals behind the scene, based on listening to Beres Hammond, Denis Brown, Culture, Joseph Hill, and a

whole lot more artists, the producers are robbing the artist’s revenue so I was more interested in learning about

public relations and marketing and promotions and all that.

After practicing these traits I realized media is a great part of the circle, so I went into Radio so I could play my own

music, if the dee jays refused to play them. And that felt good. Then I ventured into acting. I was in the Movie

“SCAM” starring Christopher Walken and Loraine Bracco.

By then Christopher Walken taught me how to conduct myself on a movie set. While on the set. I got a speaking

role but it was stripped from me for the strangest reason. The director wanted the baby to do a few more takes at

the airport scene, based on the fact that I was also the senior casting partner with Mr. Hart who later didn't recognize

my work, after I gathered about 150 mostly white people including the baby Annabella. The father of the child

didn't want to stay a another minute cause the time that the Director asked for was expired and the father wanted

to go. Now he wanted me to persuade the baby dad to stay one more hour. The guy insisted he was not staying not

even for one more minute. For the first time I realized I couldn't make this persuasion, which was unheard of . I can

convince an eskimo to buy snow in the winter.

So the director cut my speaking role. my second movie break was “TOP SHOTTAS” starring Kymani Marley & Lenard

“Louis” Ford aka Axe, Teddy Bruckshut , Louie Ranking was my real good friend. Spragger Benz, Wycliff Jean

Paul Campbell. Only this time I’m a member of the CAST not a cast coordinator LOL, the Director was black and

better yet seemed to be a Rastaman Mr. Cess Silveira so I

came to the realization again say I can do this it feels

good. I started writing my first movie script on the set .

By the time we finished shooting in Miami I had completed

the script.

I had so many interesting stories to tell, so I'm going to

tell them in my way..

So I'm currently directing my first debut film as a Director

and Star along with Henry Joseph and many more

in the cast ..

5 dayz to a Hundred Mill . its on (youtube.com )the


Since I love history I started a magazine named B.O.B. Magazine initiated from the notion that there will be a

SFBBD. South Florida Black Business Directory, with the Great Don Wiggins Jay Nik




What is it that white people want from us? We try to build our own society striving trading and staying welfare free, hoping they could see

of the African people, that they called Blacks. Decided to misjudge our standards and values, basically tried to belittle our integrity and our

makers of the City of TULSA, and invade us with bombs from the air and foot soldiers destroying churches, clergy men, kindergarten,

judges, lawyers, hospital doctors, nurses, clerks, technicians, teachers, mechanics, police officers, a whole municipality, markets, barbersho

fire stations, news paper company, radio stations ,animals (cats, dogs, pets ) everything looks like a war zone, even our veterans who came

soil. was ever charged for this horrible & heinous crimes against humanity. In fact the organization who did it is still alive and

. B.O.B. Magazine Prince H. Thompson



our ethics, morals and dignity. Instead a group of haters

characteristic ideals, by undermining the laws and law

woman and children, along with law-abiding families,

ps, meat shops,

supermarkets, police stations,

home from the war didn't survive this massacre on home

g .




In 1974 he got married to Vera Lee – Chin till

the present. Michael has a great sense of humor

and the talent of finance that most people

envy. Clearly he stands by his wife and his wife

stands by him.


“Michael Lee-Chin, OJ, OOnt, is a Jamaican-Canadian billionaire businessman,

philanthropist and the chairman and CEO of Portland Holdings Inc,

a privately held investment company in Ontario, Canada.

Lee-Chin was appointed to the Order of Ontario in 2017. That makes him

a Janadian …. B.O.B. Magazine

Prince H. Thompson

Dr. Omar Davis , MoF Ja. , Queen Vera Lee Chin


Gordon Arthur Cyril "Butch" Stewart OJ CD was a Jamaican hotelier and

businessman. He was the founder, owner, and chairman of Sandals Resorts,

Beaches Resorts, and their parent company Sandals Resorts International,

as well as owner of The ATL Group and its subsidiaries Appliance

Traders. Jamaica’s most prolific opportunity provider. We have lost a real


A true Jamaican who stood by the Jamaican people the very best way he

could. We miss Butch for that. An epic lost for Jamaica.

B.OB. Magazine Prince H. Thompson



The debut single "No Flocking" put a new name on the rap scene in 2014. Bill Kahan

Former President Donald Trump commuted his prison sentence which allowed him


Kapri a rapper born in Pompano Beach Florida to Haitian immigrants entered the scene as Kodak Black.

to become a free man.

A new hairstyle and a fiancée are also a result of

the new lifestyle for the rapper. His past and present

trouble with the law had it's origin in the

neighborhood he grew up in. His ambition for rap

started all the way in Elementary school and he fed

his passion for words through studying. Early on he

started using the name Black being recognized by

his fans this way.

Brutal Youngnz and Koylons where groups during

his initial rap projects. A boost to his notoriety was

given by Canadian rapper Drake. In October 2015

he became part of the Atlantic Records label.

In sheer contrast to Kodak Black's many unlawful

activities he showed a streak of humanity by generously

donating to various education projects. He

also gave money to survivors of shooting victims

and most prominently allowed financially Paige

Cook to donate pencils to under privileged kids and

set up a $10,000 scholarship for aspiring potential

science students B.O.B. Magazine


Here he is hosting a roast for his good buddy

Richard Pryor

This comedy great never failed to preform

up onto his last breath he would

be ready to do a gig.

Paul was a frequent performer at the

Laugh Factory and was very funny as


A well respected comedian at heart.

We miss you Paul. The comedy world

lost an icon. RIP .


In 1978 he played the international

superstar Sam Cook,

where he pretended that

these white boys were his

valet at a nearby hotel.

Mr. Moony was always one

who found it necessary to

highlight the struggle under

police brutality to Hollywood

disenfranchisement of African

American performers of the


He has never been afraid to

voice his opinion on these

issues .

Mr. Moony without a doubt is

one of comedy’s pioneers and

trailblazers. B.O.B. Magazine



His Excellency ,The RT. Hon Neville Oriley

Livingston OM. CD. OJ. OW. He left a huge

void in our lives that cannot be filled. He was

a man who lived his life on the Basic Principles

of Rastafari. The most charitable heart

of a human being and exceptionally humble.

He was a man who would cook and bring

you the food like he was the servant when

you went to his home .

One day B.O.B. Magazine visited 10 Darley

Crescent only to discover Jah B was doing a

dub plate for a sound system. While he was

completing it, a little boy from the garrison

walked in with his dad. The dad told Jah B

that his son needed books for school. He

didn’t know what to do. His spirit told him to

go see the Don Dadda. Jah B asked him how

much he needed ? The little boy answered

and said $16,000 JMD.

The person who purchased the dubplate had

paid just Jah B the exact amount of $16,000

JMD prior to the kid walking up.

Jah B gave the dad the $ 16, 000 JMD and

told him to go and get his kid the books.

In another incident I gave him a booking for

a show at the Roots Bamboo which I founded

as Wednesday night live Reggae Beach

Splash. I saw him with a Royalty Check for

$ 430,000 USD he had received from Simply

Red Cover of Love Fire. He cashed the check

at his Chinese friend’s supermarket. He gave

me $5000 JMD. Then he drove around the

Neighboring Garrison and give it all away.

When he returned to Darley HQ Jah B had

$28, 000 JMD in his Lexus 300.

I think whole heartedly that he always was a

gentleman. Because of him the Police of Jamaica

have eased the pressure on Rastafari

in Jamaica . R.I. Power Jah B

You will always be with us in true Spirit .

.B.O.B. Magazine. Prince H. Thompson


Another innovat

left us — Hon. W

Daddy U Roy.

Even though he d

art form that Jam

a man is holding

over an existing b

was the best at it

The first Rapper

then King Stitch a

Sporty. All these

the great Jamaica


But no one hit it

his own sound sy

Hi Power ) in wh

over the world. K

most cultural sou

Jah Love and Em

ic and Quaker cit

“Wake the town

“ Take you to the

biggest hits. King

changed the style

U Roy inspired m

footsteps like Jos

Jerrod, Charley C

who upheld his s

untimely passing

Shaba Ranks, lat



or and pace setter has

art Beckford O.D. AKA

idn't create the rap

aicans call DJ, where

a microphone toasting

eat. And Daddy U Roy


was king Majuki, and

nd you have King

men are pioneers of

n art form Reggae

big like U Roy. He had

stem ( King Stur Gav

ich he performed all

nown to be one of the

nd systems alongside

pire Faith, Stereophony,

Jack Ruby Sounds.

and tell the people”

ball “ are two of his

Yellowman came and

to more vulgarity.

any to follow in his

e Wales, Brigadier

haplin, Rankin Joe

tyle like he did till his


er crowned him King U


We will never forget our great leader and prophet John Pombe Joseph Ma

2021. He served as Minister of Works, Transport and Communications, from 2000 to

All Africans are called to continue his legacy making our ancestors proud and children


gufuli He was the fifth president of the Great Republic of Tanzania. He served from 2015 until his early death in

2005 and 2010 to 2015. He was chairman of the Southern African Development Community from 2019 to 2020.

happy and strong B.O.B. Magazine Prince H. Thompson


The source says when

we heard we were

going to Jamaica the

jokes started

inventing itself.

Ghana’s President

says Jamaicans don’t

need a visa to return

home to the mother

land .


“As Jamaica joins Africa in celebrating and recognizing Africa Day 2021, Prime Minister Andrew Holness states that

there are significant opportunities for lucrative trade, investment and tourism links between Africa and the Caribbean.

The Prime Minister says connectivity is the greatest link between the region and Africa. In his remarks during the

Africa Day webinar Prime Minister Holness highlighted major bi-lateral agreements signed between the Republic

of South Africa and Jamaica.

Agreements signed so far include direct flights from Nigeria to Kingston; additional flights are being discussed.

The vision is to create “a more powerful engagement and exchange of a range of goods and services between the

Continent and its Sixth Region.”

Additionally the Government of Jamaica recently appointed its first Ambassadors/Special Envoys for Investment to

Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Togo. Prime Minister Holness said the Government has been actively pursuing

trade and investment routes that support business opportunities.

“We are preparing to unleash new strategies for travel, trade and investment anchored in the will of our people to

unite. There is the need for Government policies and intergovernmental arrangements to facilitate contacts between

our countries to form even higher levels of trade and investment with economic returns to our people. This

will require us to define the goods and services for which we are globally competitive, and redirect our investment

and trade arrangements to include Africa and its Diaspora,” said Prime Minister Holness.

In the meantime the Prime Minister said the country is on a path to promote itself as a hub for trade relations and

investment arrangements between Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas. He noted that activating the African

Diaspora of the Caribbean and the Americas as the sixth Region of the African Union is therefore imperative .”


Andrew Michael Holness, ON PC is a Jamaican politician, who has been the Prime Minister of Jamaica since March 3rd, 2016 after the Jamai

I believe if we see or know something that the P.M. has done we shouldn't be disrespectful in anyways. We shouldn't allow to denigrate th

your concern in matters that concern you and other disgruntled citizens who share the same opinion. The other day a gentleman, a “pastor”

by closing down big gatherings that relate to Covid 19 . The Pastor was not preaching the gospel of Christ, when he was calling on the PM to

Christ Jesus raised the dead and never to kill anyone. And even when they crucified him his last words on the cross were “Forgive them Lo

same reason which he died for. The most high sake he has risen. We are out fighting the evil spell for a man of color to sit in Jamaica House

respect and love to the other 5% who don’t look like him. Based on common sense the P.M’s middle name is Michael. He was born in 1972

for a kid that grew up in the Spanishtown. As kids we had to survive poison flower, we had to survive political division, we survived Weebl

this was happening.


can general election. Holness previously served as prime minister from October 2011 to May 29th and currently still is P.M.

e office of the Prime Minister. A proper dialogue with the authorities in forms of peaceful demonstrations or a community letter and voice

and we all know to respect our pastors, was so upset about the PM. Taking drastic measures in keeping the Jamaican people safe,

die. He actually was taking a page out of the devil’s play book.

rd, for they know not what they have done”. Right there and then Christ acknowledged the ignorance in humanity that he was here for the

regardless if PNP or JLP. A man of color or a woman of color should represent the 95% of people that look like him and show the same

when PNP Michael Manley was the Prime Minister. His parents must have had the vision that the JLP need a Michael too. Look at him now,

y flower, we survived married grocery. We had the worst water crisis in the land of wood and water. Andrew was a kid like myself when all

Andrew made a deal with China

about the cockpit country.

We must always remember that most

of that land belongs to the Queen of

England and she owns 33% of

Jamaica. She still has a representative

who works for her as the Governor

General who she appoints. After the

independence the power vested in

the Prime Minister elected by the

people to choose a queen’s servant .

Jamaica needs more compassion for

this position with the responsibility to

keep Jamaica and its citizens safe and

prosperous. His salary is

$7.000,000.00 JMD annually .

Now if we had a megaphone and a

motorcade with just a little decorum .

we could get his attention without

wishing our little brother in High Chair

to die. I personally rebuke that in the mighty name of Jah Rastafari. On the other hand we must do our own investigation and research

in order to fully comprehend why certain transactions were made the way they were.

If it does affect you, then be nice about it. Have the church forum invite the media and other clergy members, he will get the

message. There is absolutely no need for an extreme threat and death wish on our legally elected leader. This is not the stone

Age. We must look deep in ourselves and become a better version and make our presentation and recommendations and allow

the PM to address our issue in due season. He is a busy man, so you need to give time to address it.

My opinion on the cockpit country is that the Jamaican Labor Party (JLP) under the leader name Sir Bustamante sold out our

bauxite for a shilling per ton at that time.

The only good thing about that deal was, that they didn’t have permission to mine the stones. Jamaica produces the best Pink

Marble. The Quartz is used in Chinese and Japanese Quartz Watches. Jamaican scientists and universities do the research on the

land for its ecological values. B.O.B. Magazine Prince H. Thompson




The People are saying its very clear, Alcee wouldn't have it any other way, look at this smile both men shared. And what makes it more obviou

sent the people’s progress than Dale Holness. No individual was more fit to represent the masses with equal progress for all. Under the Com

across Broward County, Hollywood , Lauderhill , Sistrunk , Pompano Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Dania Beach. Dania Beach is the first city in Broward

with a population of a little under 2 million. We all are grateful to him how he handled the pandemic during his Mayorship in 2019 -2020. F

We have seen a new airport runway expansion and the lists goes on. We have seen more visitors to our cities. Hastings left us before the cu

man briefly, which one of these politicians, he would recommend when he retired and he replied, without a doubt he replied, Dale Holness.


s, Alcee passed during the Commissioner Holness’s birthday week. The people of Broward county never had a better politician to repremissioner’s

reign we saw a great deal of progress throughout Broward county. We saw facelifts and new developments in all the cities

county, Sunrise, North Lauderdale, Tamarac, Davie just to name a few. Out of all 38 cities in a landscape of a little over 1300 square miles

ormer federal judge and Congressman The Hon Alcee Lamar Hastings has worked closely with Dale Holness on many successful ventures.

tting of the ribbon on the Lauderhill bus terminal. We are going to miss that. In 2019 November B.O.B. magazine spoke with the Congress-

Rest In Power Brother and Distinguished Gentleman ALH… B.O.B. Magazine Prince H. Thompson




There was something about this handshake,

smile of victory


A great milestone has been achieved once again in the city of Lauderhill. Meet Sharon McLennan has become the second

woman of color to become partners with prestigious Brokerage Group ,Coldwell Banker as she cuts the ribbon. She is also the

first in the State of Florida ,Left to right B.C . Commissioner Dale Holness Sharon McLennan & City of Lauderhill Mayor Ken

Thurston. It was a splendid evening hosted by the splendor group, music by Big Man Kelly, of Mature Life Radio. MC was Mike

Aitcheson AKA Mike A. The Cool One from Island Drum Beat show. Radio wavs 1170 am & 107.9 FM. finger food and refreshments,

overall a great splendid evening, and knowing the kind of queen, that Mrs. McLennan is , she wouldn't have had it any

other way ... Congratulations .B.O.B. Magazine




Michael Jeffrey Jordan, also known by his initials MJ, is an American International businessman and former

professional basketball player. He is the principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets of the National

Basketball Association.

“One day, you might look up and see me playing the game at 50. Don't laugh. Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often

just an illusion.”

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”


Michael Jordan is surely considered the greatest NBA player that ever played the game of all times. He is also

the richest former professional athlete in the world with a net worth of $1.6 billion. In ten years this might turn

into a $160 B. Either way we all have a pair or more of his shoes, only because they are very comfortable.

And thy are Jordan's which goes' without say

“There is no 'I' in team but there is in win.”



After winning six rings with his team mate Scotty and Dennis and the others he finds it very easy to go fishing



I know for sure what has been done in this wonderful game

of basketball, that Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete of

all times, but some say, LeBron is the greatest of all time

Now in all fairness, LeBron may be greatest player of all

times playing now but to say he is greater than Jordan, but

personally I disagree.

Michael Jordan won 6 Finals and had 6 Championship trophies

23 means Blackman in Jamaican Lottery, meaning if you

dream to see a Blackman, you would buy the number 23.

As the black Jesus of basketball MJ never lost a finals and to

me that is black excellence.

LeBron James on the other hand played in 10 finals and

won 4 championships.

LeBron got the opportunity to be greater than Michael Jordan

but did not capitalize on the jester.

Based on Michael’s track record if he were given that same

opportunity of 10 finals, Michael would have won 10 championships.

If LeBron even got 6 rings after he retires, he still cannot

compare himself to the G.O.A.T based on the statistics

In all fairness, I can say the Blackman who wears the number

23 will be the greatest of his generation of all times.

Even if and I say if LeBron got 2 more rings he is still not

greater than Jordan because he would have had to play 12

finals to get 6 rings when Michael used only 6 finals to

achieve 6 rings. If a player got the opportunity to reach the

finals, especially when he is trying be greater than those

before, you cant afford to loose a finals. If your name is on

the lost finals list. Then you have right to compare yourself

with Mr. Jordan.

And For that B.O.B. Magazine declares Michael Jordan The

Greatest of all time..

B.O.B. Magazine Sports Prince Thompson









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