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The student-produced newspaper at Van Nuys High School in Los Angeles, California. Awarded the prestigious NSPA Pacemaker Award, the CSPA Silver Crown and 2021 1st place SCJEA Newspaper.

theMIRROR | A R T S & E N T E R T A I N M E N T |

| JUNE 2021 |21


of it as a hobby because

I thought the only art

“career” out there was

animation. And while I

love watching animated

movies, people don’t

understand how much

work there is to even put

in one second of a smooth

animation and it wasn’t for

me,” Regino said.

Within this past year,

Regino has made it her goal

to get into an art institute.

Beyond animation, she

realized that there are

many different segments

within art that she is

interested in. Whether it’s

working as a concept artist

for video games or movies

or a freelancer working for

companies, Regino plans

on pursuing a career in the

art industry.

“Artist jobs are actually

very flexible,” Regino said.

There definitely is a

stigma to pursuing art

after high school because

all your life people tell you

that there isn’t any money

in pursuing art but there

is,” Regino said. “You might

not know it but artists are

actually the basis for the

movies and video games

that everyone loves today.

They bring the ideas of

people to life, and it’s actually

truly amazing.”

Growing up surrounded

by art, junior Jersey Vargas

also began her art journey

from a young age. Making

posters for her first grade

class and participating in

small competitions, Vargas

continued to dive deeper

into the arts.

Primarily using watercolor

and acrylic paint for

her pieces, she plans to

learn the ins and outs of

digital art.

“As of right now, I’m

learning how to do digital

art because I see how important

it is to have skills

in this area, especially for

more industry-based art

careers,” Vargas said.

However, her decision

to pursue art was not clear

cut. “It was difficult for

me to make this decision

because I’m academically

inclined,” she said.

But her clear passion

and enthusiasm for art

guided her decision. “I plan

on either pursuing a career

in animation or illustration

because I enjoy creating

stories and bringing compositions

to life.”

Like Regino, Vargas

was confronted with the

stereotypes placed against

pursuing art.

“I do feel that there is a

stigma attached with pursuing

art as a career and

I’ve often heard this sentiment

expressed by some

peers. However, I believe

that people aren’t aware of

the successes and benefits

that come with pursuing

art,” she said. “I believe that

others should become

more open-minded to

artistic careers since art is

an honorable career, just

as is any other job.”

As any other pursuit and

career option, hard work

and determination opens

many doors in the art field.

There are so many

different fields in the art

industry that give artists


SELF-EXPRESSION Revealing herself through her art, Jersey Vargas

paints detailed self-portraits like the one shown above. The artist

works on another drawing project (above right).

ample opportunity to be

financially successful while

doing something they are

passionate about,” Ms. Song

said. “They just need to be

persistent while improving

their skill with diligence.

They also need to use social

media to promote their

artworks and to make connections.

In addition, take

classes, listen to the advice

of other experts and believe

in yourself.”



ON-SCREEN Through digitally-produced

artwork and original drawings, Beverly

Regino is making her way towards an artoriented

career after high school.

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