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WHAT WE HOPED FOR | The Patriot Press June 4, 2021

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June 4, 2021 The Patriot Press | WHAT WE HOPED FOR.



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WHAT WE GOT | The Patriot Press June 4, 2021

...versus our reality

Despite being unable to participate in many of the traditional senior events, we’ve each had a unique and

unforgettable last year of high school.

Evicted & idle

Gabi Parrish, Editor-in-Chief

University of Washington


had no idea that fateful day in

March that I was not in fact

taking a six week vacation

but rather being evicted from

the home I had created over

the previous three years. As a

member of numerous clubs and

many long days and nights doing

extracurriculars at Liberty, but

some of my best memories were

made in between the activities.

Eating dinner outside the gym,

taking naps on the gymnastics

mats before practice, playing every

sport imaginable in the commons

(soccer, bowling, kick ball—you

name it) to pass the time. There

is something comforting about

walking through the empty

hallways at Liberty, long after the

sun has set and everyone has gone


A plant’s best friend

Khanh Dao, Editor-in-Chief

New York University

After taking part in the

pandemic sourdough craze,

plant parenting became

the next big thing for me and all

the other cool Gen Z-ers. A year

and some change later, I’m here

to say that I couldn’t have made

it through the good, the bad, and

the ugly of senior year without my

vegetative friends.

They say good friends are like

mirrors, and my plants have been

just that. I was thriving last spring,

and so were they—we would enjoy

refreshing showers in the morning

and bathe in the warm afternoon

sun practically every day! But

when the stresses of school,

college apps, extracurriculars,

and work piled on senior year, I

found myself not having much

time for my plants or even myself.

The more overwhelmed I felt, the

more their leaves began to droop

Mr. Anderson

subs for

Mr. Krein

When the pandemic started, it

was weird not spending all of my

time on campus, and I suddenly

found myself with an abundance

of free time and no idea what

to do with it. It took a while to

adjust, but this crazy senior year

has taught me not to dwell on

the things I can’t control and to

continue looking to the future. I

will genuinely miss my time at

Liberty and all of the amazing

people I met here, but I can’t wait

to keep looking ahead.

and wither because I wasn’t able

to care for them as well as I had


If there’s one thing I’ve learned

from my plants this past year, it’s

that when we don’t take care of

ourselves, we won’t have much

left to give to those we care about.

That being said, I’m happy to

report that my plant friends and I

are learning to thrive again. Will

you join us?

Still don’t

know what

color that

dress is

Vaccine queen

Naia Willemsen, Editor-in-Chief

Whitman College


could start this by talking about

March 12, 2020 or maybe the

September 2016, but instead I

want to start with today, May 20,


Today, I have school, followed

by a track meet, followed by a

few hours of work. This is not

abnormal; my senior year (and

the rest of high school) have been

playing three sports and volunteer

tutoring and working and being

the president of two clubs and

Editor-in-Chief of the paper and

so many other things I’ve spent

my time doing at Liberty.

While you may see this and

think “hasn’t she wasted her high

school experience being busy?”,

the truth is that I have no regrets.

I did the things I did because, as

KK-drama enthusiast

Kaitlyn Keyes, Editor-in-Chief

Rice University

We’ve done our waiting!

Four (well three would

probably be more

accurate, but I suppose we should

doubt) years of it! In high school!

Four long years of chemistry tests,

English essays, football games

(only three years of that), weird

schedule changes, and, of course,

sleep deprivation. And now, we’re

Granted, I think I speak for all

of us when I say that this isn’t the

senior year we always envisioned

reached the end. If this past year

has taught me anything, it is that

least resistance. Nothing will ever

go exactly the way you think—and

that is okay, so long as you accept

the change as a new reality and

don’t let yourself be beat down by




long months of quarantine, I

like being busy, and I like all of

the things I do. High school has

given me the opportunity to try

out everything I want—there’s no

way my freshman self would have

imagined being a member of the

gymnastics team or a leader of

the school paper. I’m grateful for

all of it.

the crashing waves.

Find joy in whatever you can

(for me, it was Korean dramas

and The Mandalorian), and don’t

let anyone or anything take your

smile away from you. Hwaiting

and saranghaeyo!


all our

sunglasses to

see the solar


June 4, 2021 The Patriot Press | WHAT WE GOT.


Armchair philosopher

Sam Battis, Staff Writer

University of Florida

Socially (long) distanced

Lili Harris, Beat Editor

Oregon State University

Wade through a hundred

enemies, sell your life

essence to Chaos, reach

the surface for a few glorious

hours, then die. Wake up, and

do it all again. This summarizes

the video game Hades, but it also

bears remarkable resemblance to

digital school.

My experience of quarantine

itself was initially quite positive.

When school was dismissed last

year, I found it easier to keep

busy than expected, as everyone

I knew was equally bored and

mountain biking and Civilization

campaigns, the period from April

to August proved novel and even


Then, September hit like a freight

train. Suddenly, everyone I knew

was sleep-deprived and apathetic

in the face of eight-period days and

piles of homework, particularly

me. Those months eventually

ended, but I remained haunted

by the way my motivation and

quality of life had been so quickly


Unexpectedly, I’ve found that

Hades helps put these sorts of

events into perspective. The most

successful humans have seen

dramatic lows and clawed their

way back to the surface, hardly

caring if it seemed a moment or a

lifetime away.


admit I am not very good at

running quickly, so the fact

that I’ve spent every year since

sixth grade doing cross country is

quite a shock.

Luckily for me, one constant

this past year has been the ability

to go out for a walk or a run, which

gives you a lot of time to think..

It has given me time to wonder

why in the world I will run a 5K

when, after being a constant on

the team, I still just barely crack

half an hour. That’s a lot of time

to dedicate to something, but I’ve

realized that, having nothing to

entertain myself like seniors in

years past had, I don’t actually

have to be good at things to enjoy


So maybe there haven't been

football games to play pep music

at or SciOly competitions to mess

around at, but at least I’ve grown

just as much as I would have

hoped to have were this a normal

year, looking into new hobbies

and keeping in touch with old

ones like running. At least the

The masked dancer

Raquel Rossi, Opinion Editor

Northwestern University

Artistic absentee

Bri Nelson, Creative Director

Bellevue College

If you know anything about

me, you know that I don’t have

much free time. I’m either

doing homework or dancing; I

have rehearsals right after school,

and I only return home at 9pm to

do homework.

Dance was one thing that stayed

consistent during lockdown, from

going to the studio to zooming

from home to feeling like a ninja

in my all-black uniform and black

team mask.

The dance concepts of agility

and speed also apply to my school

life, though, as I am an avid timecrunch


While I may have procrastinated

for all of high school (including

have my good friend Naia to pick

up the slack. Thanks, Naia, for

While looking back at the

beginning of lockdown,

most people talk about

that day in March when we were

told we were going on break early.

But, like many other days over

the past year, I missed that day of

school. The past four years have

been full of ups and downs—this

last year especially—but we are

Start student both my junior and

senior years, journalism has been

the only class that has kept me

connected to Liberty, and I am so

grateful for it.

I procrastinated A LOT in

high school and missed A LOT

I'm looking forward to what the

future holds, but I will always

hold the memories from Liberty

close to my heart.

Herald the

J-lab fish

passes away





a deer give

birth from

the J-lab




bus rides


ALL WE DO IS WIN, WIN, WIN NO MATTER WHAT | The Patriot Press June 4, 2021


Class of 2021 Medallion Winners


Allyson Mangus

Allyson is a brilliant math student, always

willing to do what it takes to be successful in

mathematics. Allyson is quiet in class, but she

makes her presence known with her competence

and willingness to help others. Allyson is uniquely

skilled at explaining math concepts to her peers

in clear, understandable ways. This makes her an

invaluable resource for other students in class in

addition to being an exceptional student. She is

enthusiastic, reliable and has great insight about

mathematics. You witness her commitment to

understand in class every day of the year. Even

when other students are starting to see the end of

Allyson remains committed and an outstanding

student to have in the classroom.

Pranav Nair

Pranav is a very capable, generous, and kind

student. He spent this year tutoring Calculus while

taking AP Statistics as he was already done with

tutor, Pranav was always willing to go out of his

way to help students who needed it and adapted to

zoom tutoring admirably. You know that Pranav

is always solving the math problem before him;

analyzing and critiquing his own work until he is

in so many ways. Pranav has an incredible work

ethic which will continue to support his personal

successes in the future.

-Angie Kruzich and Thomas Kennedy


Allyson Mangus

Allyson has consistently challenged herself in

science. She took Chemistry, AP Chemistry, AP

Biology and Honors Physics. She is curious,

works with everyone so well and asks questions

that indicate that she is not just learning. Allyson

is an exquisite problem solver and was a top

Honors Physics students in recent years. Allyson

Code Analysis during competitions for Science

Olympiad. As the current Vice President of the

support current and new members, as they prepare

in two years. She is an outstanding ambassador for

-Erin Stephens



Cody Tu

Cody has been learning Japanese for four years

with Ms. Abe. He has great energy and passion to

learn more each year. He showed great examples

to his peers and brought safe and trusted learning


-Motoko Abe


Gabrielle Parrish

Gabi has consistently challenged herself

accomplishments throughout her high school

career making her an excellent choice for

recognition by the English Department. Whether

the newspaper team, Gabi has done outstanding

work. The pandemic and remote learning, while

Gabi new opportunities to excel. Ms. Daughters,

journalism teacher and student newspaper advisor,

reports that “from the time we began planning

[remotely] in August, Gabi has helped create an

entire system for article drafts and editing using

Google docs, a way to communicate using Discord,

and taught numerous lessons on all aspects of

journalistic writing and using InDesign. She and

her team even put together a fun video on how a

newspaper is made - from brainstorming all the

and served as a leader in our remote classroom.

Gabi engages wholeheartedly in discussions,

helping to guide her peers in meaningful literary

conversations. She is open-minded and welcoming

level of maturity and sophistication in both her

comprehension of texts and in her ability to explore

nuanced components of the various stories we

read. She consistently writes clearly and elegantly

and seeks opportunities to continue to develop her

skills. Her friendly and positive attitude make her

a pleasure to work with, and we have no doubt that

-Jennifer Dragavon


Shelby Go

award the CTE Medallion to Shelby Go. Shelby

and has excelled in the classroom. Shelby

demonstrates a great work ethic, attitude and

professionalism that all teachers and employees

look for and try to instill in their students and


-Wes Benjamin



Ashlee Kennedy

This is with pleasure that Ms Maciel awards this

medallion to Ashlee Kennedy for her academic

excellence in French. During her 5 years of

learning French, Ashlee showed constant

outstanding growth not only in language skills

but also in maturity and character. As early in

her learning, Ashlee was always eager to learn,

speaking the language with pride going above and

beyond to perfect her skills. She became a brilliant,

determined and delightful young woman destined

-Nadege Maciel


Aspen Kroiss

Aspen was inquisitive about the social studies

material, challenged ideas presented in historical

when it came to both historical and contemporary

topics. Aspen was never the loudest in class but

when she spoke, she made an impact. She was

able to manage her rigorous academic work and

her many extracurricular activities without one

attitude and was our go-to student when other

students had questions. Aspen was a wonderful

High School.

-Brittany Fannon


Austin Evans

Austin Evans has been a standout person in our

PE department. He has taken PE every semester

the past four years. He has excelled in the weight

training program where he gained a passion for

the weight room. Between his sophomore and

senior year, Austin put a whopping 55 pounds

on to his frame and completely transformed his

body. Austin has had a great attitude in our PE

a PE medallion winner. Austin will continue his

education and passion for sports as he will be

playing lacrosse at Elmhurst University.

-Brad Anderson



Kathie Huang

Kathie is an exceptional student and leader. This

year she has taken 3 computer science courses

and excelled in all of them - including being the

only student I’ve had that has taken AP CS A and

Advanced Topics & Project simultaneously. She co-

High School’s Girls Who Code club. Additionally,

she and two of her friends competed in the 2020

Congressional App Challenge and their entry won

for Rep. Kim Schrier’s 8th Congressional District.

After graduation, Kathie will be attending Duke

University to study Computer Science.

-Jeff Woffinden



Jude Zamora

Jude always maintains focus, sets high expectations

for himself, is creative with Spanish and is willing

to take risks with the language in order to grow.

He’s a very good example for others and is an asset

to the class. He maintains academic excellence

while also keeping a demanding soccer schedule.

We’re sure that he has a very bright future ahead

-Mike Hausenfluck

June 4, 2021 The Patriot Press | ALL WE DO IS WIN, WIN, WIN NO MATTER WHAT.



Khanh Dao

Faith Ellis

Due to her exceptional leadership and

communication ability, Cadet Faith Ellis was

selected as the Unarmed Drill Team Commander,

Unarmed Drill Team Commander she led her team

year and guiding the team to the Northwest Drill

outstanding performance resulted in her selection

communication skills enabled her to ensure all 87 cadets were successful by maintaining constant

communication with the entire unit and that all

cadets were kept apprised of NJROTC assignments

and online classes.

team player.

-John Deehr


Katelin Moe

watching Kate use her strengths to demonstrate

her learning and undergird her weaknesses. From

in life, and has continued on to apply and start

college. In the years to come, we expect to hear

that Katelin has met and exceeded her goals.

-Kori Malone

Isabella Chavez

to make her classmates feel welcome and know

working in the LRC2 classroom, participating in a

-Dawn Chappelle


Katrina Nolan

The art department selected Katrina Nolan as

of her dedication and originality of work. Katrina

to continue her art studies in Graphic Design or

a year from now.

-Annie Cooper


Sam Sieler

sound, musicianship, and welcoming and funny

personality has made them an important leader

and mentor in the music department.

-Jared Tanner



Casper Kalmbach

Ceramics. Casper came to Ceramics 1 with a

and detailed drawings, ready to apply their

on Casper's attention-grabbing works. In the

Ceramics studio, Casper has displayed consistent

helping hand.

-Kelsey Helmick


Naomi Heller

Naomi Heller has been a consistent leader in

own needs for the good of the section and the

her needs and the needs of her peers, acting as

a liaison between the director and the orchestra.

on a regular basis.

-Jana Dalpez

Trevor Somsel

Eleanor Rowe

Eleanor Rowe has been a member of school choir

and high school, and has been a strong presence at throughout her middle and high school years.

the second soprano section, adding her signature

pure soprano sound to all inner harmonies and

time, he has distinguished himself as not only a helping the choirs to bring beautiful music to life.

dedicated, talented musician, but also as a leader

and Jazz Choir for four years. Eleanor's dedication

intelligence, boundless energy, engaging personality,

an excellent musical leader in the choir program.

a young man destined for a bright future. It is my


-Robin Wood

Alana Wall

an open mind and takes the time to genuinely

learn from others.

-Kristin Bell

Neftali Carrerra- Jiminez

his academic skills through the challenges of the

and a work ethic that pushes him to complete

and participation in classes and we wish him well

in the next step of his life. -Andrew Fickert


Abigail Prather

-Michael Butterworth


Gabrielle Parrish, Khanh Dao, Kaitlyn

Keyes, and Naia Willemsen

to remain an important link between students

and the larger Liberty community.

-Kris Daughters


Theo Koob, Ryan Bosch, and Kylie Wasisco

particularly challenging from a yearbook

accepted the challenge and didn't look back.

Countless hours were spent designing pages,

an amazing book that accurately captured our

-Amy Cooke


DREAMS COME TRUE | The Patriot Press June 4, 2021

Parting advice from staff members

“Travel as much as

possible, start a

retirement account as

soon as possible, find

a job that you’re good

at and enjoy, and be


Kris Daughters

“When you come

to a fork in the

road, take it!

Indecision is not

your friend.

Jeffrey Woffinden

“Be a good

human... but

remember a

little mischief in

life keeps things


Amy Cooke

“Get more than

two hours of

sleep a night.

Thomas Kennedy

“Be wary of

general, onesize-fits-all


Henry Level

“Travel to places that

are maybe outside

your comfort zone

because you’ll learn

more about yourself,

the world, and other


Andrea Noon

“Keep learning,

keep exploring,

and have fun with


Eleonor Schneider

Committed college athletes

Shaye Agnew ...

Austin Evans ...

Alexa Ford ...

Kailee Johnson ...

Cohl Radulski ...

Whitman College, Swimming

Elmhurst University, Lacrosse

Texas Christian University,


Santa Clara University, Track

and Field

Central Washington University,


Peysen Sweeney ...

Reese Tappan ...

Devynn Warns ...

Jude Zamora ...

University of Washington,


Washington State University,


Eastern Washington

University, Basketball

St. Mary’s College, Soccer

The Buchli



Ping pong

club fires

Mr. Level

Beating IHS

at their

hoco football



and I oop

June 4, 2021 The Patriot Press | THE NEXT CHAPTER.


Zoe Owens


will be majoring in

health sciences

with a pre-clinical

track at the University of

Central Florida! I knew UCF

was right for me because not only did

my dad get his bachelors in nursing there,

my sister is also currently studying kinesiology

there. Going back to Florida for college has always

been a dream of mine since my family moved

from Florida seven years ago. We are so

excited to be back together in the sunshine

state! I’m looking forward to creating

new relationships in college while

furthering my education and,

of course, attending football

games. Go Knights!"


plan to take a gap

year to teach

young students

the basics of golf. After a long

talk with my family, I decided to

take a gap year because I wanted to

pursue this opportunity but also take time

to reflect on myself. I had many doubts about

taking a gap year; I feared that I would lose a

lot of my academic progress when taking a

break from school. But in the end, I realized

that taking a gap year would allow me

to figure out what I wanted to

do with my life. That is much

better than studying a subject

that I am only half interested




Tori Cormier


will be attending


P o l y t e c h n i c

Institute in Massachusetts,

where I hope to pursue

biomedical engineering. WPI’s

curriculum focuses on project-based learning

with a large emphasis on undergraduate

research, so I’m very excited. Their study

abroad program is also amazing. They have

student government, which I will likely

end up participating in. Liberty has

served me well, but I’m pumped

to go to college and experience

something new!"

going into the

Dodge College of


Film & Media Arts

at Chapman and majoring in

creative producing. I can definitely

see Chapman helping me explore which

way my life is going to go—whether that’s

producing or as a manager at a talent agency or

a studio executive. I think I'd be really happy with

any of them. I’ve always liked movies, so when

I realized I could make a career out of that, I

didn't want to do anything else. I wanted

a job I knew I'd love. Now I’m ready for

a change of weather, I’m really

excited to meet new people, and

I'm ready for the next chapter

in my life.”

Makenna Weeks





war hawk cry)


out over

flooded roads

(climate =




(Kobe, Ruth,



ATLA gives

meaning to




I REMEMBER WHEN . . .| The Patriot Press June 4, 2021

Seniors, what will you miss about Liberty?

...not really

-honors physics exams

-sitting in the dark commons at school

-smelly bathrooms

-spending hours on CROs

-lunch (especially COVID lunch)

-lab reports

sports practice

-handbook videos


-locked doors

-not knowing where to go for evacuation drills

-tolo (because it never happened)

-the microwave line at lunch

-the long walk to school after parking at

Briarwood when you don’t have a parking pass

-the big puddles by the drains when it rains

-struggling through two AP tests in one day

-dynamic warmups at track practice

...okay, for real

-football games and basketball games

-great teachers!

-seeing friends at sports

-chocolate milk

-awkward teacher jokes (especially Mort’s)

-seeing the classmates we’ve grown up with

-Level’s conch shell

-the j-lab

-cramming for tests in the library

-wearing pajamas to school

-when teachers (cough cough Darnell cough

cough Kennedy) go on tangents

-spirit days and homecoming

-white boards in the hallways!!

-club meetings and getting free food

-people who open the locked doors

-bus rides to sports meets

-the cool posters in the hallways!

-knowing everyone in our classes

-buying food from the L Cafe

Art by Khanh Dao

Hot or Not: our school experience

What’s Hot

Dystopian novel obsessions

buzzfeed quizzes

Jamming out to Call Me Maybe

Maywood March Madness

dodgeball getting banned :(



stadium renovation our senior year

“Just around the corner”

What’s Not

Road tripping

to the SAT




outtages and

online school

don’t mix


an actual




Don’t sign

up for online

classes, ever!!

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