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Issue #65 July 2021

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Keep Pressuring

Your Opponent

Put Away Balls At

The Net

Pressure In Closing



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Dear Junior Tennis Players,

Know exactly before hand, what you are signing up

for, when you’re pursuing a career as a professional

tennis player.

Professional tennis, like other professional sports, will

immediately thrust you into the spotlight, and you will

have to be ready for everything that comes with it.

Seek advice from past and present players, who can

guide you through all the ins and outs, and the toll

travelling and hotel life can take on you.

Know that you are going to live in a fishbowl, and

someone will always want your attention. Only the

strong will survive. If that’s for you, go for it, don’t

let anything prevent you, from achieving your goal.

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Serveitup lays claim to the fact that we are real junior tennis.

Serveitup is the most unique, dynamic, cutting-edge junior tennis

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who they are. You will know about their Lifestyles, Fashion, Tournaments,

Health & Fitness, Achievements, Equipment, Instructions,

Goals, Passions, Training Methods, Travel and much more, before

they become the next tennis superstars.

We will strive for excellence in every issue. Every publication will

be specifically designed to deliver the most relevant resources to

educate, motivate, empower, showcase and interact with all junior

tennis players. We will chronicle the lives of the junior players, as

they begin their pursuit into that elite world of tennis stardom.

For this reason Serveitup is totally free and 100% juniors. We will

promote junior tennis players, whether they play the junior circuit

or the pro level. We intend to affect junior tennis globally by getting

Serveitup into the hands of current and future junior tennis

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July 2021


Keep Pressuring

Your Opponent.


Put Away Balls

At The Net.

in this issue





Power Comes From


Believing In Yourself

Is A Process.




Location Location


Cover Story

Who Is Dehan van Deventer

Who Is Dehan Van


5 Things You Need To

Know About Vision.



You Can’t Win

Playing Defensive.

Are You Coachable.

Don’t Have Any



Pressure In Closing


40 Footwork.




Never let up, or take it easy on you

moment you do, it will appear as

are nervous. This will instantly give

pressuring your opponent until th



r opponent, during a match. The

a sign of weakness, and that you

your opponent confidence. Keep

e match is won.




The ability to hit the ball with tremendous power,

doesn’t come from swinging hard, or how

much muscle you have.It comes totally from

the timing, when you’re using the proper tech-

nique. So if you are constantly struggling to hit

powerful strokes, even though you are swinging

as hard as you can, start by fixing your technique.

That’s where the problem lies.



Fanci Brown

Instagram: @fancibrown



Dehan van Deventer

Instagram: @dehanvandeventer

It’s total foolishness, for anyone to ask

you to believe in yourself, when they

know, and you also know, that you don’t

know how to hit certain strokes.

If you haven’t learnt how to hit a slice

serve, or a dropshot, or a volley, or any

other stroke, and you are being told to

believe in yourself, that is utter foolishness.

Belief comes from confidence, and

confidence is the feeling or belief in

something that you can rely on and

trust: which need time to develop.



Cause if you are learning how to hit a

stroke in tennis, it takes some time before

you know how to do it, and get

comfortable in playing it. That’s how

belief and confidence grows. Then we

move on to mastering the stroke... not


lieving in yourself

a process

put away


at the net

Balls at the net, should be a put away

winning shots. Your opponent should

not even be able to get a racket on it,

if you approach and play the shot correctly.

Be sure to angle them off the

court, and NEVER through the baseline.

you can’t win



Playing tennis all the way back at

the fence, and always reacting and

running down balls that your opponent

hit, is not winning tennis. Defensive

tennis, does not win. You

need to be more offensive minded,

and move closer to the baseline, to

have any chance of winning.

The location of where you hit the

ball always matter. Anytime you

hit the ball in the wrong spot, the

point is basically over for you. This

is something that’s going to take

some time and painful learning to

develop. Once you get it, your tennis

level will explode.





van De

Cover Story

From South Africa with love

Instagram: @dehanvandeventer



Hey everyone, my name is Dehan van Deventer

and I am 11 years old. I live in Cape

Town, South Africa where I get to train at

the Anthony Harris Tennis Academy with

and against some of the best players in

Southern Africa and Africa.

I’ve been playing tennis since the age of

5 and started competing at the age of 7

on the South African tennis circuit. It was

after watching my first live Professional

Tennis Match at the end of 2018 (an ITF

Futures event where current Top 50 ATP

player, Lloyd Harris played in the final)

that I realized, I want to be a professional

tennis player.

I do play other sports as well. I play field

hockey, which I really enjoy, and am also

a member of my school’s Athletic Sprint

team. But, it is the sport of tennis I absolutely


Tennis has has already afforded me so may wonderful

opportunities and experiences. I have represented

my District and Province at age group

level for the past 3 years and was a team member

of our Provincial Team when we won the Inter-Provincial

Synergy Cup in 2020 .

However, being invited in 2019 to play in the

XXIV Edition of the Smrikva Bowl in Croatia, is

by far the standout highlight. The Smrikva Bowl

is considered by most pundits to be the unofficial

u10 World Championships and many of

today’s ATP and WTA players played at Smrikva

Bowl when they were u10. (Go check out the


I made so many new friends and still have regular

contact with most of them! Another tennis

related highlight, but not one where I played,

was the 2020 Match for Africa in Cape Town. Not

only was a world-record set for the most spectators

at a tennis match, I got to see Rafa and

Roger play in Cape Town!

I am fortunate to be surrounded by a wonderful

support base. It is also good to have

sponsors who support me on this journey.

On Fire, based in Italy, is my clothing sponsor

and Head in South Africa, sponsors my tennis

equipment. I play with the Head Gravity,

a racket that really suits my aggressive game

style (It is also a great looking racket!).

My long-term goal is to become a professional

tennis player, but I realize that one

cannot take the elevator to the top, you have

to take the staircase. The goal for the next

18 months is to develop sufficiently so that

I may compete at an ITF Junior level when I

am eligible to do so, whilst keeping up with

my schoolwork.

It is a pursuit of a dream; the results and rankings

will take care of themselves.

Remember junior players,” Champions are

dreamers who never give up”.

You are more than welcome to follow me on

Instagram @dehanvandeventer

5 things

you need to know about


Contributing Editor

Bill Patton is a 30 year Tennis Coach He

is a certified USPTA Elite Pro, Professional

with PTR and MTM. He is the author of 11

Tennis books, Speaker, YouTuber (Infinite

Tennis Coach), Swing Vision ambassador,

60% Of Your Brain Activity Is

Connected To Your Vision

Close your eyes for a moment and you will probably

feel a better moment of rest. Avoid overthinking,

and over analyzing your game. Stay

away from people who talk too much when you

are playing, or let their words go through you.

When you let your brain get more busy with

things that don’t have to do with seeing the ball,

you don’t have as much brain power going to

that task.

You Can Train Your Eyes

There are some amazing apps that you can get

for free, or for only a few $, I have Apple, so I don’t

know what is on Android, but try out Hawkeye

visual trainer, and the Eye Excerciser Pro App.

Also, buy some eye patches, and wear them for

5-10 minutes at a time. They come in handy

when using the apps. Occlusion is a great way

to strengthen your eyes and help them track better

together. Try rallying for 5 minutes with the

patch on either eye.

No Two People See The Same

Your Coach doesn’t see like you, your parents

don’t see like you, nor you like them. Dr. Sherylle

Calder has tested over 100,000 athletes and no

two have the same visual strengths and weaknesses.

So, it’s a great idea to have a conversation about

how they see things and how you see them. Try

to be kind when you share this information with


Recently I shared this information with 180 NCSA

athletes, you might want to join that organization,

since they help players get into collegiate


Rest Is More Important Than


The rest phase of the 16 second cure should

mostly be about you going with soft focus on

your eyes. In fact, if you promise not to fall over,

you can close your eyes for a second or two.

On a changeover, rather than focusing, try closing

your eyes for 10-15 seconds. Get a quick rest,

and you can concentrate better than if you try to

drive yourself on like a goat. Not THE GOAT, a


Sleep Is Your Visual Super Power

Sleep is vital to having great coordination, reactions

and stamina. If you are drinking caffeine

drinks, you might want to measure how much

caffeine you get. Anything more than 5 cups a

day, and you could be disqualified for international

competition, but that much coffee or other

caffeine will affect your sleep.

If you can get a hold of wearable tech, that tracks

your sleep, it’s a great way to find out what your

ideal amount is. For teenagers, I strongly recommend

that you sleep way before midnight, and

try to get 9 hours. You will recover your energy,

avoid burn out, see the ball better and generally

be better able to perform.

I am the author of Visual Training for Tennis which

is now in it’s fourth edition and has a 5 star review

from Dick Gould, 17x NCAA Champion Coach.

Check it out on Amazon.

More About

Bill Patton

Bill Patton ~ Author/Speaker

YouTuber - Infinite Vision Coach

Master Tennis Coach

Sequoyah Country Club - Contributor

SwingVision Ambassador


to watch

Elias Harris


in closing


Experts tell you, that relaxation is

at the center of peak performance.

So whether it is sprinter or swimmer

etc , the coach will teach the athlete

how to relax to get maximum performance.

The same applies when

closing a set or matches. Players

tense up, because they get anxious,

and are unable to perform at their

peak, at these times... relax.

are y




Many junior players are not coachable.

They come to the court with an

attitude, that they know everything,

and never pay much attention, or

take things seriously, or give effort.

All these action are very destructive,

and they are only doing themselves

a great disservice.

don’t have any


For all those players, down through

the years, who played around, and

never really gave tennis their all,

even though they loved the sport,

they all lived to have regrets. In later

years they matured, and wanted

a tennis career, but it was too late.

Learn from them, and don’t make

the same mistake.


should always be

wide and balanced

Artist: Cat Lee

follow her on instagram @colacatlee

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