2021 Aerospace Media Awards brochure

The brochure to accompany the presentation of the 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

The brochure to accompany the presentation of the 2021 Aerospace Media Awards


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The 2021


Media Awards

Celebrating Excellence in

Aerospace Journalism and


June 2021

Announcing the 2022

Aerospace Media Dinner

Sunday 17th July 2020

Venue: London

Welcome to the 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Welcome to the Aerospace Media Awards, no

one is more surprised than me that we are

having to present the Aerospace Media

Awards online again this year. As always the

driving factor in presenting these awards is

that aviation journalists receive recognition

for their work, no virus or restrictions is going

to stop this happening.

Once again the number of nominations this year

has exceeded my expectations, especially as the

work being recognized was created during the

Covid pandemic. A new record of 414

nominations this year has given the judges a

challenging time in working through the

submissions. This increased number of entries

means that more judges have stepped forward to

help and I would like to thank the judges for their

hard, diligent, conscientious work and considered

opinion in reviewing the nominations. This really

makes my work worthwhile and I extend my

thanks to all those of you who took the time to

make nominations.

The sponsors deliver the valuable support that

makes this presentation possible. They are the

companies that step up and demonstrate their

support of the aviation press, not only here, but

throughout the year with their supportive attitude

of the aviation media. Without our sponsors there

would be no Aerospace Media Awards. Thank you

sponsors for your valuable support of this event.

Finally, I would like to wish the finalists every

success and applaud them for their achievement

of being a finalist for the 2021 Aerospace Media


I sincerely hope that I can welcome you to the

2022 Aerospace Media Awards in London next

July, fingers crossed!

The purpose of these awards is to celebrate the

very best in aviation journalism and publishing.

This is due to the gracious and generous support

of our sponsors, I would like to thank those

sponsors who have been kind enough to stick

with me and support the Awards. Our sponsors

for 2021; Lockheed Martin, Dassault Aviation,

Boeing, Eurofighter, L3Harris, Gulfstream, CAE,

CTT Systems, Pratt & Whitney and NAMMO.

Peter Bradfield




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A note from an AMD Judge

Adam Konowe, FRAeS

The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards affords us the

opportunity to recognize and celebrate the very best

in journalism from industry and mainstream press.

That task is becoming increasingly challenging,

thanks to the highest tally of submissions since

Peter Bradfield began this event nine years ago at

the Royal Aeronautical Society. Nearly 414

submissions across all categories demonstrate that

aerospace journalists take their work seriously and

value the accolades of their peers, joined by our

generous sponsors.

I'm often asked about the nomination process by editors

and reporters. One frequent element for success is the

surprise factor. Stories that demonstrate an innovative

angle or backstory to go beyond conventional wisdom

are more compelling to read than basic reportage.

A second route to shortlisted recognition can be found

in resourcefulness. Gaining rare access to a person,

aircraft, facility or other aerospace asset demonstrates

a commendable level of rigor. Finally, enterprise

journalism is almost always noteworthy. An idea that

doesn’t originate from a press release or other widely

known source, but instead leverages the full

investigative talents of a reporter to tell a new and even

controversial story, is valued more than ever.

Beyond that, I offer a simple suggestion: judicious

restraint. Journalists should pick their best single work

for each applicable category, rather than submitting

multiple pieces that can split votes in their favor. Call it

quality over quantity or less is more. Either way, a

singular piece of outstanding work with a supporting

explanation often represents the best route to the

shortlist. In turn, those of us on the judging panel pledge

to continue the thoughtful review process for all entries

in the ongoing pursuit to recognize excellence in

aerospace journalism.

I look forward to reconnecting in person with everyone

for the 2022 Aerospace Media Dinner on eve of the

Farnborough Air Show.

Adam Konowe

Vice President, Client Strategy,

TMP Worldwide


10th October 2021 – Washington

Announcing the fourth

Defence Media Awards

10th October 2021

Awards Presenter

Robert Mac

Robert Mac is an award-winning comedy veteran with over 25

years of experience in comedy clubs, casinos, cruise ships,

festivals and the infrequent television appearance. Clips of his

first Dry Bar Comedy special have garnered over 10 million views

online and his second special will be released shortly.

His act has been described as clean, cerebral, silly, brilliant, and a

little self-deprecating. He was the grand prize winner of Comedy

Central's national stand-up contest and the talent search winner for

the Jerry Lewis Telethon, and has performed at some of the nation’s

top comedy festivals.

He's been seen on NBC's Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central's

Premium Blend, The Learning Channel, and numerous programs that

are no longer on the air. Really.

Awards Narrator

Jonathan Wills

Jonathan is one of ITV's most experienced presenters, working

in London on the flagship news show, London Tonight, before

moving to ITN where he was a national Sports and News

Correspondent, and then to ITV News Anglia where he fronts the

nightly programme at 6 O'clock.

Highlights of his career include coverage of the Athens and London

Olympics, Champions League and Wimbledon Championships while

he was the first reporter on the scene at the 7/7 Kings Cross bombing

in 2005.

He has compered a wide variety of awards ceremonies and takes

great pleasure from celebrating the successes of others.

He is no stranger to the aviation world either working for two years

developing the TV offering for the Red Bull Air Race.




Nammo is a world leader in range extension technology and aims to revolutionize

both artillery and missiles. As one of the largest independent providers of specialist

ammunition and rocket motors, we combine expertise in both fields.

• Ammunition • Rocket Motors • Demilitarization


The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Best Young Journalist

The nominees for the Best Young Journalist award

Khalem Chapman

Lee Hudson

Oriana Pawlyk

Andrew Reilly

Nathan Strout

Yasmin Tadjdeh

The Aerospace Media Award for the Best Young Journalist goes to:


Sponsored by:

Past winners

2012 – Christine Boynton

2013 – Beth Stevenson

2014 – Joyce de Thouars

2015 – Aaron Mehta

2016 – Angad Singh

2017 – Lara Seligman

2018 – Ghim-Lay Yeo

2019 – Valerie Insinna

2020 – Garrett Reim



The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Best Propulsion Submission

The nominees for the Best Propulsion Submission

Dave Allport – Battle for the Buff - Combat Aircraft Journal

Gareth Jennings – Reaction Engines and Rolls-Royce partner on high-speed aircraft

propulsion – Janes Defence Weekly

Murdo Morrison – Is personal jet pack set for thrust into mass market? –


Keith Mwanalushi – Power up for recovery – AviTrader MRO

Jon Ostrower – Coronavirus shreds the engine maker business model –

The Air Current

Steve Trimble and Guy Norris – Pratt & Whitney Makes Hypersonic Revival As

Pentagon Pushes Reuse – Aviation Week Intelligence Network

The Aerospace Media Award for the Best Propulsion Submission goes to:


Sponsored by:

Past winner

2019 – Paul Seidenman and David Spanovic

2020 – Thierry Duboish


The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Best Aviation Image Submission

The nominees for the Best Aviation Image Submission

Jim Haseltine – Combat Aircraft Journal cover

Kimberly Henneman – Northern Lights

Lloyd Horgan – Vertical Valor cover

Jamie Hunter – Gripen E

Vincenzo Pace – British Airways 747 at sunset

Mark Wagner – PC-24 Splash

The Aerospace Media Award for the Best Aviation Image Submission goes to:


Sponsored by:

Past winners

2014 – Anthony Pecchi

2015 – Paul Merritt

2016 – Stephen Bridgewater

2017 – Jason Pineau

2018 – David McIntosh

2018 – Anthony Pecchi

2019 – Benoit Denet

2020 – Mark Wagner


Congratulations to all

the nominees and

winners, and thank

you for the continued

outstanding coverage

of the global aerospace

and defence industry.

CAE is a high technology

company focused on supporting

our customers’ training and

critical operations with digitally

immersive solutions to elevate




The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Best Safety, Training & Simulation Submission

The nominees for the Best Safety, Training & Simulation Submission

Tom Batchelor – Battling Birdstrikes – Airliner World

Jens Flottau, Sean Broderick, Guy Norris – Widebody Woes – Aviation Week &

Space Technology

Robert Moorman – Confronting The Blaze – CAT magazine

Oriana Pawlyk – The Air Force Wants to Overhaul Pilot Training. But It Has to Win

Over the Skeptics First – Military.com

Patrick Veillette – Slip Sliding on Snow – Business & Commercial Aviation

James Wynbrandt – Treating your ‘Get-There-It is – Business Jet Traveler

The Aerospace Media Award for the Best Safety, Training & Simulation Submission goes to:


Sponsored by:

Past winners

2012 – David Learmount

2013 – Thierry Dubois

2014 – Geoffrey Thomas

2015 – Matt Thurber

2016 – Elan Head

2017 - Robert Moorman

2018 – Beth Stevenson

2019 – Matt Thurber

2020 – Jon Ostrower




Better protected from virus and colds.

Better wellbeing. Better comfort.

Cabin air dehydrates people. A long distance aircraft requires active

earth. Discomfort with dry cabin air include fatigue, jet lag, red eyes,

dry skin, more susceptible to virus diseases, etc.


The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Best Passenger and Crew Wellbeing Submission

The nominees for the Best Passenger and Crew Wellbeing Submission

Lindsay Bjerregaard – Medical Mods – Inside MRO

Thierry Dubois – New Cabin Technologies May Help Restore Passenger Confidence

– AviationWeek.com

Emma Kelly – Blank Canvas or a Simple Retouch? – Inflight

Kathryn Creedy – Airlines Begin Examining Cabin Future – Aerospace Tech Review

Gregg Polek – Cabin germ-shield concepts raise feasibility issues – Aviation

International News

Pilar Wolfsteller – Pilots face career anxiety after coronavirus disruption –


The Aerospace Media Award for the Best Passenger and Crew Wellbeing Submission goes to:


Past winners

2020 – Alexandra Preston

Sponsored by:


The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Best Un-manned Systems Submission

The nominees for the Best Un-manned Systems Submission

Andrew Drwiega – Bright Horizons For Maritime Rotary UAVs – Armada

Tim Martin – MALE UAS: The Trump effect – Air Warfare

Stephen Miller – UAVS Evolve To Meet The Changing Mission – Armada

Garrett Reim – Record number of UAV shoot downs prompt new USAF tactics and

countermeasure pod – FlightGlobal

Richard Scott – Prize catch: Gremlins testing puts air-recoverable UAVs within

reach – Janes International Defence Review

Kelvin Wong – Winning streak: China hits stride in armed MALE UAV exports –

Janes International Defence Review

The Aerospace Media Award for the Best Un-manned Systems Submission goes to:


Past winner

2019 – Kelsey Atherton

2020 – Kelsey Atherton


The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Best Digital Submission

The nominees for the Best Digital Submission

John Walton – APEX/Inmarsat FlightPlan online seminars

Ian Whelan – Here's What It Will Take to Make Urban Air Mobility a Reality –

FutureFlight – Aviation International News

The Defense & Aerospace Report

Theo Leggett and Tom Burridge – Boeing played Russian roulette with people's

lives – BBC

Simple Flying


The Aerospace Media Award for the Best Digital Submission goes to:


Past winners

2012 – Arabian Aerospace

2013 – Aviation Week

2014 – Aviation Week

2015 – Runway Girl Network

2016 – Aviation Week

2019 – FINN

2020 – Corporate Jet Investor


The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Best Aerospace & Defence Business


The nominees for the Best Aerospace & Defence Business Submission

Bill Carey – Air Navigation Service Providers Angst – Aviation Week & Space


Adam Hadhazy – Flight shaming’s surprising power – Aerospace America

Emma Kelly – Reviving the Revenue – LARA

Aaron Mehta and Valerie Insinna – Chaos, cash and COVID-19: How the defense

industry survived – and thrived – during the pandemic – Defense News

Andrew McIntosh – Boeing Plays Defense – Puget Sound Business Journal

Jon Ostrower – Emirates' Tim Clark says Boeing 'not getting it' on 737 Max –

The Air Current

The Aerospace Media Award for the Best Aerospace & Defence Business Submission goes to:


Sponsored by:

Past winners

2016 – Peggy Hollinger

2017 – Max Kingsley-Jones

2018 – Jens Flottau,

Graham Warwick & Guy Norris

2019 – Peggy Hollinger

2020 – Jill Aitoro


The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Best MRO Submission

The nominees for the Best MRO Submission

Lindsay Bjerregaard, James Pozzi, & Lee Ann Shay – The Aftermarket’s

Recovery – Inside MRO

Kathryn Creedy – Tectonic Shift in Fleet Planning and Maintenance – Aviation


Charlotte Daniels – COVID 19 – Driving Digital & Remote Maintenance –

Aerospace Tech Review

Christopher Freeze – Maintenance Training: A gateway to a career – AOPA Pilot”


Keith Mwanalushi – A case for optimism and recovery – AviTrader MRO

Thom Patterson – European MROs Struggle Against the Pandemic – Aviation

Maintenance Magazine

The Aerospace Media Award for the Best MRO Submission goes to:


Past winner

2019 – Michael Gubisch

2020 – Victoria Moores


The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Best Rotorcraft Submission

The nominees for the Best Rotorcraft Submission

Mark Broadbent – HELIMED Rapid rotary response – AIR International

Andrew Drwiega – ARH – Stick or Twist – Asian Military Review

Elan Head – Surprise Ending – Vertical Valor

Jen Judson – Flooding the zone: Future aviation capability tightens kill chain at

Project Convergence – Defense News

Tim Martin – Heavy-lift helicopters: Heavyweight defence – Air Warfare

Garrett Reim – AH-64E teams with two UAVs to identify attack target – FlightGlobal

The Aerospace Media Award for the Best Rotorcraft Submission goes to:


Past winners

2018 – Dan Megna

2019 – Robert W. Moorman

2020 – Gareth Jennings





We’ve long had aviation down to a science. You inspire us to

reach higher. Every day, we spark innovation, apply passion

and perfect details. We advance aviation to an art form.

The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Best Business Aviation Submission

The nominees for the Best Business Aviation Submission

David Esler – Challenging Airports – Business & Commercial Aviation

Curt Epstein – Hangar fire foam systems: a solution looking for a problem? – Aviation

International News

Volker Thomalla – Business Aviation to the rescue – BART International

Matt Thurber – Dassault Adds More Smarts to Falcon Autothrottle – Aviation

International News

Alasdair Whyte – How to build an empire – Corporate Jet Investor

James Wynbrandt – Flying in the Age of COVID-19 – Business Jet Traveler

The Aerospace Media Award for the Best Business Aviation Submission goes to:


Sponsored by:

Past winners

2015 – Fred George

2016 – David Esler

2017 – Mark Huber

2018 – Curt Epstein

2019 – David Esler

2020 – Kate Sarsfield


Wherever you are in the

world, you can reach us.

Our corporate and international media team are based around the globe and ready to help.

Visit lockheedmartin.com/mediacontacts for contact details and follow

@lmnews on Twitter for the latest announcements and news across the corporation.


© 2021 Lockheed Martin Corporation

The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Best Military Aviation Submission

The nominees for the Best Military Aviation Submission

Megan Eckstein – Mission Capable – USNI News

Craig Hoyle – Where Eagles dare – Flight International

Valerie Insinna – The US Air Force has built and flown a mysterious full-scale

prototype of its future fighter jet – Defense News

Gareth Jennings – The Dark Art: Airborne EA becomes ‘the new black’ for mission

success – Janes International Defence Review

Paul Kennard – Bell and Sikorsky Share the Spoils So FARA, So Good? – Heliops

Frontline Magazine

Steve Trimble – Digital Reality – Aviation Week & Space Technology

The Aerospace Media Award for the Best Military Aviation Submission goes to:


Sponsored by:

Past winners

2015 – Bill Sweetman,

Guy Norris & Amy Butler

2016 – Gareth Jennings

2017 – Sameer Joshi

2018 – Gareth Jennings

2019 – Tim Robinson

2020 – Alex Quade


The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Best Commercial Aviation Submission

The nominees for the Best Commercial Aviation Submission

Jens Flottau & Guy Norris – In Transit – Aviation Week & Space Technology

Jonathan Hemmerdinger – 2015 FAA reports highlighted early concerns about

self-certification programme – FlightGlobal

Holly Hegeman – American Airlines’ New Revenue Czar Vasu Raja –

PlaneBusiness Banter

Emma Kelly – Waste not want not – Inflight

Andrew McIntosh – The Rise and Fall Of TTF Aerospace – Puget Sound Business


Tim Robinson – Airbus spearheads hydrogen moonshot – AEROSPACE

The Aerospace Media Award for the Best Commercial Aviation Submission goes to:


Past winners

2020 – Jon Ostrower


The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Best Breaking News Submission

The nominees for the Best Breaking News Submission

Bill Carey – Pilot’s Spatial Disorientation Caused Kobe Bryant Helo Crash, NTSB

Says – Aviation Week Intelligence Network

Chen Chuanren – Investigators Cite Thrust Discrepancy Behind SJ182 Crash –

Aviation Week Intelligence Network

Mark Huber – Helo Crash Kills Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant, Eight Others – AIN

Alerts and HAI Convention News

Gareth Jennings – UK bars South Korea from selling FA-50 to Argentina – Janes

Defence Weekly

Andrew McIntosh – COMAC Checks Out Boeing's Backyard – Puget Sound

Business Journal

Jon Ostrower – Boeing yanks eight 787s from service over structural issue –

The Air Current

The Aerospace Media Award for the Best Breaking News Submission goes to:



Eurofighter Typhoon – developed by Europe, for Europe.


Effective Proven Trusted

The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

The nominees for the Best In-depth Feature


The nominees for the Best In-depth Feature Submission

Khalem Chapman – The X Factor – AIR International

Charles Forrester – Industrial Action: Finnish defence-industrial capabilities – Janes

Defence Weekly

Joe Gould, Valerie Insinna and Aaron Mehta – Congress has secretly blocked US

arms sales to Turkey for nearly two years – Defense News

Craig Hoyle Tempest on target – Flight International

Gareth Jennings – Brewing up a storm: Tempest ushers in new era for UK combat

aviation – Janes International Defence Review

Jon Lake – Next-Gen Radar – Air Forces Monthly

Jon Ostrower – Boeing's MCAS on the 737 Max may not have been needed at all –

The Air Current

Oriana Pawlyk – After Fatal Jet Crash, the Pilots Got Blamed. Then the Air Force

Banned the Flight Maneuver – Military.com

The Aerospace Media Award for the Best In-depth Feature Submission goes to:


Sponsored by:

Past winners

2013 – Bill Sweetman, Dave Fulghum,

David Eshel, Michael Bruno

2014 – Amy Butler & Bill Sweetman

2015 – Gareth Jennings

2016 – Victoria Moores

2017 – Stephen Trimble

2018 – David Esler

2019 – Dominic Gates

2020 – Theo Leggett





People come to Boeing from different walks of life to build

their future. Boeing is proud to stand with those who unite

people and give them the opportunities to change the

world together.

The 2020 Aerospace Media Awards

The Bill Gunston Technology Writer Of The

Year Award

The nominees for the Bill Gunston Technology Writer Of The Year


Jon Harper

Emma Kelly

Jon Lake

Garrett Reim

Matt Thurber

Graham Warwick

The Aerospace Media Award for the Bill Gunston Technology Writer Of The Year goes to:


Sponsored by:

Past winners

2014 – Patrick Veillette

2015 – Geoffrey Thomas

2016 – Bill Read

2017 – Woodrow Bellamy III

2018 – Guy Norris

2019 – Bill Read

2020 – Elan Head


The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

The Aerospace Reporter Of The Year Award

The nominees for the Aerospace Reporter Of The Year Award

Peggy Hollinger

Valerie Insinna

Andrew McIntosh

Adrian Schofield

Karen Walker

Graham Warwick

The Aerospace Media Award for Aerospace Reporter Of The Year Award goes to:


Past winner

2019 – David Kaminski-Morrow

2020 – Sean Broderick

Sponsored by:


Constantly evolving technology

for a constantly evolving world.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners in this year’s Aerospace

Media Awards for the excellence in reporting on a constantly evolving world.

Visit lockheedmartin.com/mediacontacts for contact details and follow

@lmnews on Twitter for the latest announcements and news across the corporation.


© 2021 Lockheed Martin Corporation

The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

Previous winners of the Lifetime Achievement


Past winners

2012 – Ken Munson

2013 – Pierre Sparaco

2014 – Alan Peaford

2015 – David North

2015 – Pushpindar Singh

2016 – Michael J Gething

2016 – Wilson Leach

2016 – Mike Ramsden

2018 – Graham Warwick

2018 – Geoffrey Thomas

2018 – Patrick Veillette

2018 – Fernand Francois

2019 – Barb Zuehlke

2019 – Elfan Ap Rees

2020 – Tim Hall

2020 – John Morris

2017 – Jerome Greer


2017 – David Learmount

2017 – Bill Garvey


The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

2021 Lifetime Achievement Award

Roy Braybrook

An engineering graduate of Manchester

University, Roy Braybrook began his

career with national service in the Royal

Air Force, on loan to the Royal Aircraft

Establishment at Farnborough, working on

acceptance trials of first-generation air-toair

guided missiles.

Roy then rejoined the project office of

legendary fighter manufacturer Hawker

Aircraft (formerly Sopwith Aircraft, and

later a branch of British Aerospace), where

he had carried out his postgraduate

apprenticeship. He worked initially on the

preliminary design of future combat

aircraft and advanced jet trainers, under

the direction of the late Sir Sydney Camm,

arguably Britain’s greatest fighter designer.

His duties included a stay with NASA

during the crucial USAF-funded wind

tunnel tests that proved the feasibility of

the revolutionary P.1127 (later Harrier)

vertical take-off and landing project. On

the company’s behalf, he also gave

evening lectures on ‘Aircraft Design and

Development’ at the local technical

college, preparing students for the Royal

Aeronautical Society examination.

He was later responsible for providing

technical support for the company’s

patents office in litigation at home and

abroad, and for the company’s marketing

team in exports of the highly successful Hunter, Harrier and Hawk series. This involved extensive travel

throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

Roy resigned from BAe in 1980 (after 25 years with the company) to become a full-time freelance aerospace

writer and consultant. As a writer he is best known for his contributions to Air International, beginning in the

days of the Cold War with a series of design analyses of Soviet combat aircraft (especially well received by

RAC-MiG and Sukhoi), and later with his controversial ‘Personal View’ series, which ran for decades. He served

for many years as the Military Aviation Editor of the Swiss-based Armada International defence journal and the

US-based Revista Aerea Latinoamericana. He has authored 15 books, and has recently completed the text for

his next, analysing the Russian air intervention in Syria.

Roy is married to the distinguished South African archaeologist Dr Gabeba Abrahams, and lives in Cape Town.

He has two step-sons, Meekael and Kaamil Willis.


Aerospace Media Awards

Acceptance Speech by Roy Braybrook

Members of the Aerospace Media

Awards Committee, many thanks for

this incredible honour. To say that I was

completely blown away would be an

understatement. All us old fogeys aspire

to receiving a Nomination one day. This

is way beyond that. It forces me to look

back and realize how much my career

depended on the friendship of so many

people who gave me the opportunity to

do what I really loved doing.

I was born in 1933, when very few

countries had airforces. Going back even

further, my Dad (I have been told) used

to make compressed-air-powered model

aircraft, more like wire-bound cylindrical

explosive devices. I suppose it made

him a pioneer in the field of flying

bombs. My Mum made him stop. He

took me to my first flying display, some

flying circus in Yorkshire just before

World War II. I recall the wonderful

colours of the aircraft. After the war, my

uncle, an officer in the RAF Volunteer

Reserve, took me to see various

airfields, notably Scampton at the start

of the Cold War. The USAF had flown in

a wing of B-29s. They were parked

around the perimeter, and I remember

their massive coloured fin markings.

Each aircraft had an armed guard and


In my teenage years my interest in

aviation grew. It was already tending to

a fascination with Hawker products as

visits to smaller airshows allowed me to

see advanced developments of the

P1040 Sea Hawk. First came the sweptwing

P1052. I then saw the all-swept

P1081 with straight-through jet pipe. I

persuaded the Hawker PR people to

give me a tour of their Ham works. The

Production area was still filled with

seagull-shaped Sea Hawks, but in

Experimental I saw the bullet-shaped

P1067 Hunter F.2. I was sold. I had

found my passion. I wanted to design

fighters for Hawker Aircraft.

In those days (1951), it was very difficult

to study aeronautical engineering at a

university in England. So I studied

mechanical engineering at Manchester

instead. I feel sure my Mum was equally

proud, regardless.

I entered aerospace journalism almost

by chance. Around 1960 (at the height of

the Cold War) Derek Wood of the

London office of the Geneva-based

InterAvia asked his friend Hawker

Aircraft chief designer, Sir Sydney

Camm, to get one of his project

engineers to write a piece on where

combat aircraft design might be going

after the subsonic vertical take-off and

landing P.1127. Without reference to the

Defence Ministry security people, Sir

Sydney agreed, subject to his final sayso

on publication. The job came down to

me. Derek knew full well that Sir Sydney

(who never sought publicity) would back

off at the last moment, so went ahead

and published anyway. My career in

journalism was launched!

It was revived some years later, when

Francis Mason, Hawker historian, left

the company to become editor of RAF

Flying Review, the forerunner of Air

International. Frank asked me to write

an article on the MiG-21. This was the

opportunity of a lifetime, because the

defence press had got this aircraft

completely wrong. By analogy with the

F-86 Sabre and the F-100 Supersabre

weight-growth story, writers assumed

the MiG-21 would be a heavy fighter.

Then a Soviet MiG-21 squadron visited

Finland. A guard was photographed next

to a MiG-21 air intake and the cover was

blown. If you know how much air is

going in, you can estimate thrust,

weight and performance. We in the

project office did this every day of the

week on competitors' aircraft. It was

only a light interceptor, capable of

defending its own airfield. My reputation

was made, and a series of articles on

Soviet combat aircraft was


I have to say at the outset that I owe a

tremendous debt of gratitude to Sir

Sydney, my idol and mentor. He had my

back from the moment I joined the


project office in 1956. This coincided

with the Hunter losing it's Superpriority

status. Sir Sydney took it on himself

(unsuccessfully) to request my

exemption from National Service, so

that I could focus on designing fighters.

Many years later the directors of de

Havilland pressed him to fire me for

writing that their Sea Vixen was "a heap

of rubbish". Sir Sydney told them that if

"Braybrooks (an error I never dared to

correct) said it was a heap of rubbish, it

probably was". He came to me

afterwards and said " If you can't look

after your young, what are you?". I

suspect that my hatred of the Sea Vixen

came from my momentary (but very

real) belief that its DH.110 forerunner,

that disintegrated while approaching

Farnborough in 1952, was going to kill

me. Luckily for me, one engine fell short

of the airfield and the other passed

overhead, tragically killing 31 spectators

on the Farnborough Hill behind.

The other person to whom I owe such

debt is clearly William Greene, the

publisher of Air International. Among his

many achievements, Bill brought

together myself and Chris Wren for the

controversial "Personal View" series.

Chris was the greatest aviation

cartoonist, the only one I ever met who

could caricature both planes and people.

When he died, he was replaced by John

Weal, another great cartoonist, but with

a totally different style.

I also owe the Air International editor,

Gordon Swanborough, who took a lot of

flak on my behalf. Gordon was oldschool

English, the last person that a

foreigner should mess with. At one

stage a foreign manufacturer contacted

all my magazines, threatening to

withdraw advertising unless they

dropped me from their writers' list. I lost

one in Bonn, but telling Gordon how to

run his magazine was like poking a tiger

with a stick. All they got was an angry

lecture on the role of advertising in

aviation publishing and a suggestion as

to where to stick their promotional

material. Two years later, the whole

affair was forgotten and I was invited to

Paris for a friendly briefing.

The Personal View series brought me

widespread exposure, but it did not

bring me the financial return that I

needed to resign from BAe in 1980,

when my first wife's worsening medical

condition required much more of my

time and attention.

The solution to this financial dilemma

came from a chance meeting at a Paris

Airbus press lunch with Peter Stierlin,

publisher of the Swiss-based Armada

International. Only a publication such as

Armada could provide both the

necessary volume of work and paymentrate

similar to union demands. I am

forever grateful to Peter.

I suspect that BAe shed a tear of relief

when I left, but before long BAE head of

PR Robert Gardner very kindly and

generously offered me a freelance

writing job with salary equal to what I

was then earning. However, it had taken

me two years and a lot of help from

good friends to establish my writing

business, and I knew I could not do that

twice, so I had to decline. However, I

really appreciated that offer from Bob.

My Armada income was supplemented

by commissions from magazines such

as Elaine Asch's Revista Aerria

Latinoamericana in New York, Mike

Gething's Defence in Eton and Aircraft

in Melbourne.

I wrote for some years for Arab Defence

Journal, when they were operating from

an underground carpark in Beirut. Their

London office flew my contributions to

Cyprus, where they were put on a boat

for Beirut.

I was also helped by several other

writers, including top-of-the-range, John

W R Taylor (another ex-Hawker

employee), and Bill " Book of the Month

" Gunston. Also by my best friends Mike

Stroud, Mike Gething and Barry

Wheeler. Mike Stroud's son, Nick, went

on to become editor of the successful

The Aviation Historian.

I owe all these friends, and so many


In concluding, I feel I should have some

kind of message for young, aspiring

aerospace journalists. The fact is that all

businesses move on and the key to

success changes. My only advice is to

stay flexible, embrace change and work


Looking back, I had a great career, and

would change places with no-one.

In aerospace matters, Allah truly smiled

on me.

Thank you and Shukran.


Announcing the second


Media Awards – Asia

February 2022


For more details contact:

Peter Bradfield


tel + 44 1362 860061


The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards

2021 Lifetime Achievement Award

Fred George

Fred George has flown, evaluated and reported on more than 230 makes, models and variants

of aircraft during his more than 40-year career in aviation journalism, including virtually every

business jet built in the last three-plus decades. Outside corporate aviation, he’s also flown

aircraft as slow as the 35 knot Airship 600 [aka Fuji blimp] and as fast as the Mach 2-class

Rafale, as lithe as the Kit Fox and as hefty as the Airbus A350XWB, as meek as the Piper J-3

Cub and as muscular as the Airbus A400M Atlas, as old as a Lockheed Constellation and as

new as a Boeing B787 Dreamliner. Prior to starting his aviation journalism career, the former

Naval Aviator made three cruises to the Western Pacific, flying the F4J Phantom II and logging

more than 300 carrier landings. He’s a 6,600+ hour ATP-rated civilian pilot with six jet type

ratings. Out of the cockpit, his aviation reporting focuses on risk management, safety

technologies, legal issues and flight department best practices. After retiring from the Aviation

Week Group in late 2020, he launched Fred George Aero LLC, a firm that specializes in pilot

report videos, PR consulting and training programs.


The Judging Panel

Adam Konowe

Frank Jackman

Mike Savage

Chris Stellwag

David Dorman

Richard Hedges

Mike Gething

Adam Konowe

Adam Konowe is vice president of client strategy at TMP

Worldwide, where he specializes in business-to-business

and business-to-government communications, primarily for

aerospace and defense companies. Since 1999, he has

represented some of the industry’s most recognizable

brands while working for two firms, TMP and Sullivan

Higdon & Sink. Earlier, he spent seven years in broadcasting

with C-SPAN, BizNet and PBS The Business Channel.

Adam earned a BA from the University of Rochester and

an MA from American University; he’s taught undergraduate

and graduate communications courses at the latter as an

adjunct professor since 1999. His professional affiliations

include the Aero Club of Washington, National Press Club,

Royal Aeronautical Society (FRAeS) and Wings Club of New

York. His guest speaking credits include Flight Safety

Foundation, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the

Ontario Aerospace Council.

Frank Jackman

Frank Jackman is Vice President, Communications at the

Flight Safety Foundation and editor-in-chief of AeroSafety

World, the Foundation’s monthly journal. Prior to joining

the Flight Safety Foundation in April 2012, Jackman spent

nearly 25 years with McGraw-Hill’s Aviation Week. He

started as a reporter and financial editor for Aviation Daily,

and later was editor-in-chief of the group’s award-winning

Overhaul & Maintenance (O&M) magazine before

becoming editorial director of O&M and the World Aviation

Directory. After a brief foray into Lean Six Sigma and

business process management, Jackman returned to the

editorial side as deputy managing editor, civil aviation for

Aviation Week, and later served as editor of Aviation Daily

and managing editor, civil aviation, for the Aviation Week

Intelligence Network. During his tenure Aviation Week, he

also was involved in new product development, database

development and was an early and frequent contributor

to the highly successful MRO Conference & Exhibition

event series. Before moving into aviation journalism,

Jackman was a reporter for the Tampa Tribune and

reporter and editor for the Danville (Va.) Register.

Mike Savage

Mike Savage started his career in aviation at Hatfield as a de

Havilland Aeronautical Technical School engineering student.

He went on to carve out a very distinguished career as a

pilot in the RAF. On leaving the RAF Mike became a

Marketeer and publicist for Handley Page Ltd moving to the

British Aircraft Corporation, followed by spells at the British

Hovercraft Corporation, British Aerospace, McDonnell

Douglas (Middle East) and Saab Aircraft. So far Mike’s career

in aviation marketing and communications has spanned

more than 50 years. Mike is currently Media Consultant for

a couple of Scandinavian aerospace interests. He is a Fellow

of the Royal Aeronautical Society and a committee member

of The Aviation Club of the UK.

Chris Stellwag

Chris Stellwag is director of marketing communications for the

Defence & Security business unit at CAE, where he has

worked for 18 years. In this position, he has global

responsibility for trade media relations, trade shows,

advertising, social media and marketing content for CAE’s

defence business. Prior to joining CAE in 2001, Chris held

marketing andcommunications positions at BAE Systems,

Lockheed Martin, Delta Air Lines, and NCR Corporation. Chris

holds a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree

from the University of Dayton and a Bachelor of Science

degree in Business/Technical Communications from the

Florida Institute of Technology.

David Dorman

David Dorman has been an aerospace media professional

for over 40 years, the past 24 of which have been as a

self-employed consultant working for a wide variety of

aerospace companies from across the globe. During this

time David has worked on accounts dealing with

commercial aircraft, aircraft leasing and finance, air cargo,

business aircraft, defence, rotary-wing, on-board medical

equipment and, most recently, the aviation aftermarket

and supply chain.

Richard Hedges

Richard Hedges has enjoyed a thirty year career in

corporate communications within the aerospace sector.

He recently retired from the position of Director,

Communications, Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace, he was

responsible for the management of global external

communications for the business. He has a wide

experience of international aviation media with whom he

has worked throughout his career. Richard joined

Rolls-Royce in January, 2011 from American Airlines

where he spent over a decade as Director Corporate

Communications for its Europe & Pacific Division. He has

extensive corporate and marketing communications

experience. From 1986 to 1999 he was at what was

then the world’s largest charter airline, Britannia Airways

(now Thomson Airways), where he headed the

communications function. His experience covers the

management of major internal and external

communications projects, public affairs, reputation

management and crisis communications. His brief has

also covered management of marketing communications,

advertising and corporate identity projects. Richard is a

committee member for the Aviation Club of the UK and

serves on its PR sub-committee.

Mike Gething

Michael J Gething began his career in aviation/defence

journalism in 1973, when he joined the staff of the

Royal Aeronautical Society’s publication Aerospace as

assistant editor. In 1976, he moved to DEFENCE magazine

where he spent 17 years, eight of them as Editor. In

December 1993, he joined Jane's Information Group (now

IHS Jane’s) to edit Jane's Defence Systems

Modernisation which, in 1997, evolved into the Jane's

Defence Upgrades newsletter. In June 2003, he became

Editor of the Jane's Electro-Optic Systems (JEOS)

yearbook, with secondary responsibilities on the Air


Desk, contributing to the portfolio of Jane's defence

titles as appropriate. In 2012, JEOS along with three

other titles, were merged to create IHS Jane’s C4ISR &

Mission Systems – a four-volume module, covering Air,

Land, Maritime and Joint/Common equipment, of which

Michael remains as Editor responsible for the Electro

Optics/ InfraRed equipment entries. Between 1972 and

1986, Michael served as a Flying Officer in the Training

Branch of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. He was

elected a full Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society in

February 2012 and is a Member of the Chartered

Institute of Journalists. Michael also belongs to Air -

Britain, the Air Power Association and the International

Plastic Modeller’s Society (UK). He is married with a son

(in the RAF) and a daughter and lives in deepest Sussex.

Abby Singleton – MD Singleton PR

Abigail Singleton has worked in public relations for over

20 years. Her career started in the press office at Gatwick

Airport as a work experience placement. Post university,

she joined an international PR agency providing strategic

corporate communications, media relations, reputation

management and strategic counsel for a range of clients.

Abby then moved into financial PR in the City of London,

predominantly assisting Alternative Investment Market

(AIM) listed companies. During that time, Abby spotted a

need in the market for a PR agency specialising in

Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space. In 2007, to plug

that gap, she launched Singleton PR. With its

headquarters on the top floor of the Farnborough Air

Sciences Trust Museum, Singleton PR has become a

powerhouse for the Aerospace, Defence, Security and

Space industries worldwide and works with companies

of all sizes, from multinationals to start-ups. The agency

offers a wide range of PR services, including the creation

and execution of bespoke multi-media programmes on a

global scale.

Greg McCarthy

Director of Strategic Communications

Sierra Nevada Corporation

Greg McCarthy brings more than 30 years of

communications, legislative and congressional experience

to his work as director of strategic communications at

defense, space and aviation company Sierra Nevada

Corporation. Greg’s work has included overseeing a

coalition to support congressional funding for the U.S.

Navy’s aircraft carrier and amphibious warship programs,

providing strategic advice on the pursuit of the U.S. Air

Force’s next-generation fighter trainer and light-attack

aircraft, and securing corporate partnerships to promote

the 2010 U.S. Census. From 1999 to 2006, Greg served

as director of communications to U.S. Senator Jack Reed

(D-RI), a member of the Senate Appropriations and Armed

Services Committees. Greg is an enthusiastic follower of

the informative, boisterous and humorous conversations

of defense and aerospace journalists on Twitter.

Zuzana Petakova

Zuzana is the founder of WAPE JETS which specializes in

business aviation, mainly in the field of brokerage and

private jets sales. She started her career in business

aviation, where she focused especially on aircraft sales,

marketing, and brand communication in the international

area. Later, she expanded her experience to include the

segment of world-renowned luxury and premium brands.

Zuzana speaks English, French, and Russian and has

traveled the world over the past years. Thanks to her

experience, she can help you find the best solution for

your traveling and make your time spent in the air and

on the ground more pleasant while moving

to your destination. Security and client satisfaction are a

priority for her.

Oksana Smirnova

Independent PR Advisor, Cognitive Linguist, PhD

Oksana has 15+ years experience developing and driving

communication strategies on global markets ranging from startups

to large multinational clients such as Expo Universal

Exhibition, Facebook, KPMG, IKEA, Orange Business Services,

Renaissance Capital, TripAdvisor, Visa, and others. She has

worked with 43 brands across 26 industries - from Business

Aviation and Finance to IT and Telecom. She has recently

authored her first book 11 cognitive secrets for your texts and

business that is to be published later this year.

Charlie Miller

Charlie Miller has been steeped in the aerospace and

defence business on both sides of the Atlantic for almost

four decades both as a journalist and as a well-known

communications professional. Today, he is a senior

consultant with The Tantalus Group advising, training and

coaching global business leaders and organisations. Until

his retirement from Boeing in August 2020, he led the

company’s international communications for 12 years

with a highly diverse team in 17 countries supporting

business growth. As a journalist, he primarily covered

Defence and Foreign Affairs for the UK national news

agency, the Press Association. Concurrently, he wrote

weekly articles for US-based Defense News. He reported

extensively from conflict zones that included the 1991

Gulf War and the break-up of the former Yugoslavia. He

was awarded “UK Scoop of the Year” for breaking the

news of the death of Princess Diana in 1997. He moved

into communications in 1998 to jointly lead Corporate

Media Relations as Head of News at British

Aerospace/BAE Systems. He joined Boeing in 2001 as the

company’s first UK Communications Director before

leading the Europe, Middle East and Africa region for five

years. He moved from London to Boeing’s corporate HQ

in Chicago in 2013.

Richard Mumford

Richard Mumford is a lawyer and partner at REN Legal, a

leading specialist aviation practice based in London. Over

the past 20 years, Richard has covered a wide range of

the aviation market, including aviation finance and leasing,

airlines, parts and maintenance, business jets, tour

operations and the air charter market. He is a dispute

resolution lawyer with experience advising in relation to

more than 40 jurisdictions and is recognised as a leading

aviation solicitor by both Legal 500 and Chambers.

Richard is the former Chairman of the Air Charter

Association, is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society

and a member of ISTAT, ERA, the ACA and the Aviation

Club. He studied for an M.A. in Jurisprudence at Oxford

University and has written many articles on aviation

market issues, as well as writing a regular column for an

aviation publication.

Abby Singleton

Greg McCarthy

Zuzana Petakova

Oksana Snirnova

Charlie Miller

Richard Mumford


David Harrison

Nicola Neville-Smith

Anthony Phillips

Ghim Lay Yeo

David Harrison AMRAeS

David is a public relations and media professional with a

proven and successful track record in helping

organisations communicate effectively with decision

makers and opinion formers. David has broad experience

of corporate and marketing communications,

encompassing international programmes, product

launches, bid campaigns, crisis management, media

relations and public affairs. His career covers marketing,

communications, media planning and PR. He currently

runs his own company ADMI which specialises in

marketing communications and PR in the Aerospace and

Defence sector. David has over 30 years’ knowledge and

experience in media covering all sectors and is considered

as one of the foremost authorities in the business. Over

this time, he has established a global network of contacts.

He has worked with many clients, who include: Airbus,

BAE Systems, Elettronica and General Dynamics to name

but a few. He has also advised on several special projects

for Jane’s Defence Weekly, Aviation Week and Space

Technology and Defense News. He has planned and

implemented lobby, marketing and PR campaigns in

London, Washington, South Africa, Canada, Norway also

the Middle and Far East. Prior to the above, he was a

board director at one of London’s top 10 B2B advertising

and communications agencies. His responsibilities

included account management and liaison with the

agency’s key clients also media planning and advising on

PR opportunities. It was whilst at the agency he

developed his skills in marketing communications, event

management and PR. He is a member of The Royal

Aeronautical Society, The Air League, The Air and Space

Power Association, The Aviation Club and The Overseas

Press and Media Association.

Nicola Neville-Smith

Nicola has worked in Corporate Communications, Events,

Marketing, Advertising, Branding and Media sectors for

20+ years. Her main area of experience has been derived

from client mandates, she has also worked on the agency

side as a consultant for PR and Marketing agencies

seconded into companies to set up marketing and PR

teams, as well as the Principal’s Private Secretary to a

member of the ruling family in Abu Dhabi. Nicola’s

passion for the aerospace and defence industry started

early in her career while working for BAE Systems (former

GEC-Marconi Ltd). More recently she has moved back to

the UK currently working for Portsmouth City Council on

its Covid-19 Business Compliance and Regulatory

Services Port Health team on the new Border Control Post

(BCP) being built at Portsmouth International Port.

Anthony Phillips

International air transport industry communicator with 30

years of experience in Asia. Anthony Phillips has

performed a diversity of corporate/marketing

communications roles in Asia, Europe and Latin America

since 1980. Senior in-house and consultancy positions

focused on the commercial air transport industry have

predominated, but experience has also been accumulated

in the automotive, financial, telecommunications and

tourism sectors. International communications

consultancy activity undertaken out of Singapore, Geneva

and Hong Kong since 1990 has been undertaken for a list

of industry leading air transport companies and trade

bodies including the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines,

Aerion Supersonic, Air Astana, Airbus, Air Canada,

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Arianespace, Bombardier,

Cessna, Dragonair, Emirates, Gulfstream, Honda Aircraft,

IATA, Korean Air, KLM, Lufthansa, Rolls-Royce, Singapore

Airlines Cargo, SITA and United Airlines. Core strengths

lie in media, customer and industry relations, together

with crisis communications training/auditing and “on the

ground” implementation. Anthony holds a degree in

Economics from the University of Warwick, United

Kingdom and is married with two children.

Ghim-Lay Yeo

Ghim-Lay Yeo is Vice-President Corporate Communications

at the oneworld Alliance. Based in New York City, she

oversees the global airline alliance's external

communications, media relations and internal

communications with its Governing and Management

Boards. Prior to joining oneworld, Ghim was a journalist

with FlightGlobal for a decade, where she was most

recently Americas Managing Editor, managing a team of

US-based reporters covering the airline industry in the

Americas. While working full-time as a journalist, Ghim

earned an MBA (Distinction) from the University of

Warwick, where she spent six months researching the

challenges faced by female airline executives for her MBA

dissertation. In 2018, she was named Best Young

Journalist at the Aerospace Media Awards. Ghim grew up

in Singapore, where a childhood love for travel fueled her

interest in the airline industry.


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