Family Promise Metrowest 2020 Annual Report






Annual Report 2020



Looking back at 2020, we will remember a year of defining moments, a time that required

thoughtful decisions to ensure the health and sustainability of our families. Every day we

were confronted with new struggles, yet together we created solutions that averted crisis

and kept our families whole.

As you read this report, you will gain a better understanding of what our families faced

last year, and the resilience and strength they required to achieve success. You will

also learn how we addressed emerging needs and made changes as an organization,

moving families into hotel rooms, increasing direct subsidies, and providing remote case

management. Despite everything, our families never lost their motivation to change their

lives and with support, moved forward through our programs to reach their goals.

In 2020 we supported 50 families, 147 individuals with 89 children—more than ever in our


Last September, we began to look toward the future and launched our next strategic

plan. Over the next four months we met with over 100 stakeholders, sharing ideas,

discussing strategy, and creating building blocks for our future. The result is a thoughtful

blueprint to move us forward, using what we have learned to enhance our programs,

build partnerships, and strengthen our ties to the community.

Thank you all for taking this journey with us over the past year; we accomplished so much

together. Your compassion, generosity, and commitment to our families kept us afloat,

providing a compass to lead us out of the storm and into a brighter future.

With deep appreciation,

Sue Crossley

Executive Director

Carol Virshbo

Chair, Board of Directors

2 Family Promise Metrowest


Family Promise Metrowest’s

mission is to transform the

lives of families with children

who are facing homelessness

by mobilizing a diverse

community to provide

shelter, education, and

comprehensive support.

When family homelessness in the Metrowest region

began steadily rising in the early 2000s, this alarming

trend caught the attention of members of Wellesley

Village Church and Christ Lutheran Church in Natick.

In researching ways to help, they learned about

Family Promise, an organization in New Jersey that

was housing families facing homelessness in local

congregations. They quickly realized this model of

support could work here, bringing congregations of

all faiths together to address the crisis. Over the next

five years they laid the groundwork to create a Family

Promise affiliate, and in 2008, their dream took root.

Family Promise Metrowest opened its doors on a

chilly October evening with the welcoming of a

single mother and her five children into shelter.

We are now one of over 200 Family Promise affiliates

across the country, and as of December 2020, we’ve

supported 266 families including almost 500 children

that were facing homelessness. Our approach is

simple: by providing encouragement, guidance, and

the resources to reach their goals, we help motivated,

hard-working families move out of poverty and into

stable, sustainable homes.

Historically, our host congregations provided

temporary shelter by converting their classrooms

into bedrooms for three to four weeks a year. With

the help of additional volunteers from our support

congregations and the community at large, they

also provided meals, companionship, and overnight

staffing. Simply put, our shelter would not have

existed without them. Last year, due to COVID, we

moved our families into a hotel to provide shelter

while keeping everyone safe. And after a long

planning process, we’ve decided to adjust our shelter

model and transition to a permanent home next

year—one where congregations and volunteers will

continue to play an instrumental role.

In addition to shelter, we also offer the SAIL program

(Sustaining Achievements for Independent Living),

which supports families exiting shelter for one year,

and our LIFE program (Local Initiative for Family

Empowerment), which helps families avoid eviction

and shelter entry by providing subsidies for rent in

arrears and case management to build long-term

sustainability. Lastly, all families are supported by the

Steps to Success program, which offers educational

and career-building opportunities to help parents

increase their income and build a brighter, more

stable future.

Our staff provide intensive support to help our

families access community resources, secure stable

employment and childcare, create a sustainable

budget, and set long-term goals to address the root

causes of their housing insecurity. When our hardworking

families and passionate volunteers, staff, and

donors come together, lives are changed permanently.

Embraced by a community of people committed

to their well-being and progress, our families are

empowered to envision a new future, and then given

the tools and time to bring those dreams to life. ♦

Annual Report 2020



Our Families






















58 89























LIFE Program





remained in

permanent housing

at program






Steps to Success Program



of graduate

families increased

their income while

in our program





8 in

family members

were enrolled

college in 2020

Shelter Program




of families secured primary care

doctors for every family member







of families reached

their savings goal

of families reduced

their overall debt




of families with

preschool children

secured daycare



of families addressed outstanding

physical or mental health needs

of uninsured families

secured affordable

health insurance plans












of families with

school-age children

secured after-school

and vacation


SAIL Program



of graduate

families reached

their debt

reduction goal



of families assumed

full responsiblity for

rent at program








Donation Drives


Our Day Center is typically a flurry of activity, with families, staff, and volunteers buzzing

in and out of the building, going about our busy lives of work and family. When the

pandemic took root last year and our staff began working remotely, we all missed this

energy terribly. But even more poignant, as families entered and graduated from our

programs, many of us never even got the chance to meet them. However, school and

workplace shutdowns gave families more time to (virtually) connect with our program

coordinator Stephanie—a small blessing amid so many losses—so she always had plenty of

updates to inspire us. We’d like to share some of these stories with you...

Last summer, Stephanie found herself working

with a remarkable group of women. “There was

something different about these families,” she told

us, “They all demonstrated potential from the start.”

When families come into our shelter program, we

know they’re ready to work hard—it’s a requirement

for program acceptance—but it often takes a few

weeks to get organized. This was not the case for

these women. They didn’t need a safe place to land,

they needed a springboard.

Melinda and her daughter lost their home last

summer after her rent was raised and she was

furloughed from her job. They moved in with

her mother, but the crowded conditions were

unsustainable. When she called us looking for help,

although she had no housing or job, she was still

in school, pursuing a degree in health sciences. We

brought them into shelter right away, recognizing

that her determination to continue with her studies

despite all else was a sure sign of motivation.

During her shelter stay, she not only stayed on track

with her studies, earning As and Bs in all her courses,

she also renewed her driver’s license, purchased a

car, and paid off her school tuition balance using

her unemployment and stimulus payments. When

asked how she was able to stay so focused, she

replied, “This wasn’t my first time in shelter. However,

this was the first time I had a case manager to uplift

me. My mindset became empowered. The program

gives you your first stepping stone so you can fly.”

Melinda and her daughter are now living in our

Bacon Street home, and she’s on track to graduate

this fall and begin nursing school next spring.

Chantal was working full-time at the VA last

summer when her mother died and the house they

shared went into foreclosure. Despite the upheaval

of losing her mother and her home, she held onto

her job and kept her daughter on-track with online

school. This was our first sign that Chantal wasn’t

going to let anything get in the way of her progress.

6 Family Promise Metrowest

network congregations and Cynthia jumped at

the chance. Back in safe housing, she began a

new job while continuing to study. She sent us

an email recently, sharing what motivated her

and helped her achieve so many goals so quickly:

“This program believed in me and saw the

potential and drive I had buried after so many

years of struggling. This program will change

your life in ways you could never imagine, but

only if you are willing to show up and put the

effort in.”

Once settled in shelter, she got right to work. As

she told us, “Family Promise gave me a stable

place to focus on my goals and not worry about

where I was going to lay my head from day to

day.” She immediately mapped out a plan to earn

her GED, worked with a nutritionist to improve

her family’s diet, and advocated for a raise at

work so she could save more money. She also

started searching for additional community

resources that could get them back into housing

even more quickly. And sure enough, before

long she secured a housing subsidy through an

organization in Boston, paving her family’s way

back into their own home.

Cynthia has now finished her certification

course and is scheduled to take her licensing

exam this month. She has big plans as she

looks toward the future for herself and her son:

opening her own training studio. But in the

meantime, she’s achieved her greatest wish: “I

have regained my fire so that I am able to lead

by example for my son.”

All of these women are incredible examples

of how to lead yourself through crisis. Their

determination in the face of daunting odds and

a swirling pandemic is remarkable. We can’t wait

to see the change they will continue to create in

the coming years. ♦

Although she didn’t need a housing subsidy

from us, Chantal still wanted to enter our SAIL

program so she could continue receiving our

support and encouragement as she works

toward her long-term goals.

When Cynthia called us at the end of last

summer, the home where she’d lived with her

son had recently burned down, along with

all their possessions. They’d been staying in a

hotel, but the expense was overwhelming—

they needed somewhere else to live while they

mapped out their next steps. She’d previously

worked as a personal trainer, but her license had

expired. Within weeks of entering the program,

she began a relicensing course to get back to the

career she loved.

Shortly after entering shelter, an opportunity

arose to rent an apartment owned by one of our

The photographs illustrating this story were taken

during a family photography day this April—the

first time we were able to safely gather with our

families in over a year.

Annual Report 2020



The Family Promise Metrowest model of providing shelter engages

a network of 52 local congregations in addressing the issue of family

homelessness. Representing the Islamic, Jewish, and Christian faiths, this

diverse community plays a central role in providing support to our families.

In our original model, host congregations provided shelter by converting

their classrooms to bedrooms, while support congregations and a network

of volunteers prepared meals and offered overnight companionship.

However, in March 2020, COVID-related safety concerns required us to

move the families into a hotel where they could safely isolate. Despite the

closure of our rotational shelter, our congregations continued to support

our families, providing groceries and gift cards for necessities instead of

beds and home-cooked meals. And amid uncertainty about how COVID

might impact their congregations’ financial health, they continued to

provide monetary support for our programs. In short, their commitment

to our families was undaunted.

During this pause in our normal operations, we took time to evaluate

the shelter program’s strengths and weaknesses to map out a plan for

the future. Based on meetings with coordinators and clergy, in addition

to interviews with families, staff, and board members, we decided to transition from the rotational shelter to a

permanent shelter site. This fixed-site model, which has been adopted by many other Family Promise Affiliates,

will alleviate the stress of shifting locations for families and enable them to dedicate more time to working toward

their goals. This new model will also lighten the commitment for many of our congregations, shifting the focus

away from housing our guests and toward new volunteering roles that directly engage with the families. Our

congregations will remain essential to the Shelter program, providing support and encouragement, connecting

our families to the community, and offering their compassion and expertise.

This review process confirmed what we have always known: that our congregations are led by empathetic,

passionate, and flexible individuals who are committed to finding creative ways to provide dignity-centered

spaces to serve our families. They are an essential component of our efforts to solve family homelessness, and we

are deeply grateful for their ongoing commitment.

For a list of the 52 host and support congregations that make up our network of support for our families, please

visit our website at: ♦

Partnering with Family Promise is a fully

embodied mission. We are doing something

with our bodies, not just feeling and thinking

about the problem. Seeing that we could do

this moved our congregation from a mindset

of scarcity to a mindset of abundance.

— Rev. Nathan Detering,

Unitarian Universalist Area Church,


Various faith communities work together

toward one goal through Family Promise.

Connecting to other congregations is one

of the greatest strengths of the Family

Promise model.

— Alison Galley, FPM Coordinator,

First Parish Unitarian Universalist,


8 Family Promise Metrowest


As we say so often, Family Promise Metrowest would not exist without

our volunteers. They are the very core of the “community of support” that

welcomes and sustains families coming into shelter, and their expertise

powers numerous initiatives across our organization, from our tutoring

services to our event planning.

When we paused all volunteering activities last spring to keep our

supporters and families safe, the loss of the enthusiasm and energy that

all of them brought to our organization was palpable. So we worked hard

to identify family and organizational needs that volunteers could continue

to fulfill remotely, or safely in-person. Some of these needs were the same

as ever: moving support for families exiting shelter or deliveries of donated

groceries. But some were new: children needing help with the transition

to online learning, families needing furnishings with the closure of the

furniture banks, and fundraising events that needed to be completely

reinvented. We also wanted to find new ways to remind our families that

even when separated by the pandemic, a whole community was still

rallying for them.

And rally they did! The National Charity League Wellesley Chapter hosted

a furnishings drive to collect donations to outfit new homes. Countless

volunteers created summer fun bags, school supply backpacks, winter

clothing bags, and holiday meal baskets for families across all our

programs. And we launched an online tutoring program to help kids with

academic and organizational needs, pairing 12 tutors with 14 students in

the first semester of operation.

The transformation of our Keep the Promise gala into an online concert

and auction never could have happened without the tireless event

volunteers who helped plan the all-new event, promote the raffle, create

gift baskets, and coordinate auction item pick-ups. Volunteers also helped

with our Savers FunDrive event, unloading cars and packing a truck with

donations to raise program funding.

We would also like to thank the scores of volunteers who reached out over

the course of last year to help in any way we needed. Although we weren’t

able to call on many of you, your readiness to support us through this

challenging year lifted our spirits. As we’ve shared, with the shifting of our

shelter model to a permanent site, our volunteer roles will be changing

going forward. But we know that with this change will come many new

opportunities to share your skills and enthusiasm with us—so stay tuned! ♦

“I love being a witness to the success and dedication of the

families who come through the program. It is life-affirming to

be a part of people changing their lives!”

— Layne Clune, Day Center volunteer

Annual Report 2020



In 2018, we launched the “Cindy Lombardo Volunteer

Award,” named for a dedicated FPM volunteer and

member of Temple Shir Tikva. This award is given

annually to a volunteer, nominated by our families,

who fulfills and honors Cindy’s incredible model of

warmth and welcome.

Our 2020 Cindy Lombardo Volunteer Award

recipient was Barbara Ward. Barbara has been a

volunteer with Family Promise for many years as a

Coordinator for St. Andrews Church in Framingham,

one of our host congregations. She was a tireless

presence every host week, setting up bedrooms,

bringing dinners, and staying overnight—whatever

was needed to support the families. Barbara also

served as a weekend van driver for us for several

years—an unfailing presence every Sunday morning.

The families nominated Barbara for her compassion

and sincerity, which she has shared with so many

families across the years.

Barbara receives the 2020 Cindy Lombardo Volunteer Award

from Andre Lamontagne, our 2019 recipient.

In 2019, we initiated the “Family Promise Metrowest

Legacy Award” to recognize a person in our

community whose commitment and contributions

to our mission will have a lasting impact on our

organization and the families we serve.

In 2020, this award was given to Judy Mongiardo.

Judy has been with us from the very beginning,

Judy receives the 2020 Family Promise Metrowest Legacy

Award from Bob Murray, our 2019 recipient, and our Executive

Director Sue Crossley.

playing every conceivable role in the history of our

organization. As a member of Wellesley Village

Church, she introduced the Family Promise model

to a group of people from her congregation and the

community who were concerned about the increase

in family homelessness in the Metrowest area. Over

the next five years she worked diligently with others

to recruit congregations and raise funds, and then

joined our first Board of Directors.

As the organization grew, Judy left the board and

became our Network Coordinator, acting as a

liaison with the congregations and our growing

team of volunteers. Judy was an ambassador for

Family Promise Metrowest, sharing her passion for

our mission and inspiring others throughout the

community. Judy retired in 2019 yet her impact

on our organization and the families we serve will

continue for generations to come.

To grant these awards, we asked the prior year’s

recipients to gather outdoors with us on a crisp fall

day and surprise our unexpecting recipients.

Andre Lamontagne, our 2019 Cindy Lombardo

Award recipient, presented Barbara with her award;

Bob Murray, last year’s Legacy Award recipient, was

with us to honor Judy. Congratulations to both of

these women for their extraordinary contributions

to our work. ♦

10 Family Promise Metrowest


Just about everything at Family Promise Metrowest was reimagined

in 2020, and our events were no different. When our Day Center was

closed on March 13, our walkathon was only three weeks away, but to

keep all of our supporters safe, we cancelled this much-anticipated

event. However, our need for the funding that it typically generated

wasn’t cancelled. So over the next few days we transformed this inperson

event into an online “Campaign for Hope” and appealed to all of

our registered walkers and teams to keep fundraising, while reaching

out to the broader community about our need for funding. In the end,

this virtual campaign surpassed our goal for the walkathon by 60%,

bringing in $260,000 to fulfill our budget and meet the emerging

needs of our families.

Just a month later, we were faced with our next difficult decision:

whether to begin planning for our second major fundraiser of the year,

our “Keep the Promise” gala. The trajectory of the virus was uncertain

at this point, but the potential risk was great enough that we called

off this event too. So once again, we got to work. Our event committee

began brainstorming ideas and reaching out to volunteers, and we

ultimately created a three-part, all-virtual “Keeping the Promise

celebration. The main event: an online holiday concert bookended with

our first-ever cash raffle (with a $5,000 grand prize) and an extensive

online auction, featuring dozens of elaborate, themed gift baskets.

Assembling the program for the online concert involved one of our

most extensive outreach efforts ever, casting a net to the very edges

of our community to find musicians eager to submit their recordings

for the program. In the end, our line-up was incredible: the concert

featured seventeen artists and groups including national performers

like Livingston Taylor, James Montgomery, Ellis Paul, and Phil Stacey,

and local favorites such as Ali Haber, Stacey Peasley, and two Natick

High School a cappella groups.

On the evening of the concert, as a nor’easter swirled outside, WROR

radio personality Lauren Falcone, Executive Director Sue Crossley, and

program graduate Jackie Rodriguez took the stage at Amazing Things

Art Center in Framingham, while hundreds of registered guests settled

into their couches at home to enjoy the live-streamed show on their

TVs and laptops. In addition to the musical program, the show featured

family stories from program alumni that highlighted their resilience

amidst an unfathomably challenging year. In the end, the concert was

streamed more than 1,100 times on YouTube and the concert, raffle,

and auction raised over $177,00. This was more than enough to match

our budgeted need, but just as important, the event brought us all

together for a night of celebration when we needed it most.

In the end, this year of reimagined events, as challenging as the

process was, has opened new channels for connection and inclusion

with our community—ideas that will inform future programs and

initiatives as we continue to look for ways to inspire, create, and

celebrate in the future. ♦

Annual Report 2020



passion got me thinking, “We could do that. This is a

way to help level the playing field.”

So, when one of the apartments that Andy and I

rent out became available, I contacted Sue to see

if an FPM family could rent it. In fact, there was a

family that needed to move because their landlord

was raising the rent. If we lowered our rent to what

they could afford, they’d be able to move in. This

was our opportunity. As landlords, we were uniquely

positioned to be catalysts for change.

The story always starts with a family needing a home.

This was the story of my husband Andy’s family as

refugees from Vietnam in 1975, when a caring family

in Florida welcomed them into their own home.

And this is the story of all our families, at one time

or another, when someone gave us a break—be it a

job, credit, or simply the benefit of the doubt that we

would work as hard as it took.

I had volunteered for FPM as an overnight host at St.

Paul’s Church in Natick with my family for about ten

years—a passion that also led to service on the FPM

Board. During board meetings, Executive Director

Sue Crossley often said that if we truly want to live in

diverse communities, we need to make affordable

housing a priority. As a rental property owner, her

The staff made it an easy decision. We didn’t need to

go through a laborious vetting process, because the

prospective tenant had already been working with

FPM in the SAIL program. She’d been meeting her

financial sustainability goals with support from the

program coordinator, who had basically done the

screening homework for us. As someone raised by a

single mother, it felt like a perfect match to support a

single-parent family facing homelessness.

We’re so grateful to have this lively family in our

community and to watch them thrive. If I could leave

you with one thought, it would be this: one person’s

pinch can be another person’s privilege. In other

words, if you find yourself with spare income, you can

turn that into the privilege of serving a family in their

time of need.

— Maureen Nguyen, Former Board Member

In 2020, we had 2 private donors, 2 congregations, and 1 landlord

directly subsidizing or reducing rent for 5 of our families.

This generosity ensured that 9 children had a safe, sustainable

place to call home.

12 Family Promise Metrowest



Over the years, one area of development that has grown

considerably is the funding received from community

groups, grants, and foundations. In 2020, we had a record

year of 37 grants received totaling over $314,000. While all of

these donors are deeply appreciated and listed at the end of

this report, we wanted to share a few highlights from 2020.

In March of last year when we made the decision to move

our families into a hotel, we took a leap of faith with the hope

that our community would provide the support we needed to

take on an additional $10,000 per month to provide food and

housing for our families in shelter. At the time we thought

it would be for a few weeks or so, never imagining that we

would extend these expenses through the end of the year.

As the weeks turned into months and there was no end in

sight, the additional expenses were somewhat daunting, and

we began to carefully evaluate the feasibility of keeping our

families in hotel rooms indefinitely.

Yet we underestimated the compassion of our community.

Once the word was out that our families were in a hotel, our

community partners responded with a generosity that was

unsurpassed. We began receiving phone calls and emails

stating that they understood the challenges we were facing,

and they started sending donations to ensure our families had

a safe place to live.

Within months we received $122,395 of unsolicited funds

from our community partners including Digital Federal

Credit Union, Eastern Bank, Foundation for MetroWest,

Hopkinton Country Club Charitable Foundation, MetroWest

Health Foundation, Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation,

Parmenter Foundation, Sudbury Foundation, and the

Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club. We also received a

generous grant from a new donor, the Weezie Foundation,

that recognized our emergency needs and generously

donated unrestricted funds to be applied at our discretion.

We will always be grateful to our community partners for their

financial support last year, which ensured the health and

safety of our families. Yet it was their kindness and caring for

others that we will never forget in the years to come. ♦

Annual Report 2020







Cash $880,968 $362,688

Other current assets $98,314 $87,795

Property and equipment, net $1,366,310 $1,399,760

Total other assets $3,306 $4,906

TOTAL ASSETS $2,348,898 $1,855,149

Current liabilities $72,801 $42,485

TOTAL LIABILITIES $72,801 $42,485

Net assets without donor restrictions $2,199,043 $1,721,180

Net assets with donor restrictions $77,054 $91,484

TOTAL NET ASSETS $2,276,097 $1,812,664


STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES 12/31/2020 12/31/2019


Gifts, grants, and contributions $960,849 $635,662

Fundraising events $445,571 $313,877

Donated goods and services $56,861 $23,794

Interest income $474 $983

Miscellaneous income $2,800 $22,683

TOTAL SUPPORT AND REVENUE $1,466,555 $996,999


Program Services $660,004 $499,068

Management and General $166,744 $145,119

Fundraising and Community Outreach $176,374 $131,356

TOTAL EXPENSES $1,003,122 $775,543


Changes in net assets without donor restrictions $477,863 $478,596

Changes in net assets with donor restrictions $(14,430) $(257,140)

TOTAL CHANGE IN NET ASSETS $463,433 $221,456

14 Family Promise Metrowest



The Weezie Foundation


Robert & Janet Brack

Cummings Foundation

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation

Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Wellesley *

Cecilia Stone

TJX Foundation

Jay & Carol Virshbo **


Maria Chase

Kelli & Chris Connors

Digital Federal Credit Union

Foundation for MetroWest

Margaret Gallerani

Katherine & William Green

Jen Grinnell & Chris Gardner

The Merra-Molloy Family *

MetroWest Health Foundation

Joan & Bob Murray

Parmenter Foundation

Kate & Tom Piemonte

Daniel Pozen & Heather Garni

Johanna Ross

Sanofi Genzyme

The Sudbury Foundation

Wellesley Congregational Church

Wellesley Hills Congregational Church

Mercy Wheeler

Anonymous (1)


Roger & Karen Andrews

Douglas Atamian & Annelise Fortier

Joan Benzie

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Wayne & Veronica Bloom

Michael & Adrianne Canning *

D. Mitchell & Cynthia D. Coddington

Congregational Church of Needham

Douglas & Sue Crossley *

Robert & Harriett Hallagan *

Clifford Hayden & Kim M. Nicols

Gardner Hendrie & Karen Johansen

Highrock Covenant Church

Home Market Foods

The Hong Family

Hopkinton Country Club Charitable


Brad & Lisa Kimler

John & Susan Kirk *

Jack & Alison Langsdorf

Dennis Lombardo

Marilyn & Robert Marlette

Cathryn Marshall & Mark Lorson

John & Laraine Marthinsen

Metrowest Women’s Fund

Marc & Sandee Molinsky **

MutualOne Charitable Foundation

National Charity League, LLC

Needham Bank

Andy & Maureen Nguyen **

Ildiko & Kevin Nielsen

R.W. Holmes Realty Company, Inc.

Barbara & Edward Scolnick

Paula Ness Speers & Mark Speers *

Tom & Nicole Teich

Temple Beth Elohim

The Bear Foundation

The MathWorks, Inc.

The Village Bank

Steve & Melissa Webber **

Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club


Reuben & Christine Ackerman

Syed H. Nawab, PhD & Ghazala Alam, MD *

Jacqueline Allen **

Donna M. Richer

Howard & Leslie Appleby

Frank & Susan Armo

Asset Strategy Advisors

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Stephanie Barber

Amy & Keith Barnett

Ed & Iris Bassin

Blackey Family Foundation

Irene Bloomstein

Holly & Richard Bonomo

Jeffrey Kinney & Rebecca Bourret

Joanna Brach

Brookline Bank

Charles Brown

Barbara Buell

Fred & Barbara Bunger **

Elizabeth Cameron

Patricia Carr

Timothy & Diana Carroll *

Jeff & Anne Carter

Mary Chowdhury

Christ Lutheran Church

Catherine Chung

Eugene Clark

Michael & Layne Clune

Randall Colaizzi

Jennifer Collins

Tim & Jessie Collins

Audrey Colson

Ruth Colson

Common Street Spiritual Center

Commonwealth Charitable Fund

Commonwealth Financial Network

Christopher Connolly

Carol & Ken Conway

Chantal & Christophe Coudray

Mary Crabbe

Cynthia Crino **

Kyle & Lindsay Crossley

Gene & Gay Crowley

Charlie & Amanda Curtis

Heather D. Curtis

Melinda Davies

DCU for Kids

Angela DeBarros **

Donna Doody

Robert & Marilyn Ellsworth

Rebecca Epstein

Martin & Jackie Everett

Federated Church of Ashland

Vance Fernandez

First Church Natick, UCC

First Congregational Church of Holliston

First Parish Wayland

Elaine Fiske

Framingham Country Club Charitable


Framingham Rotary Club

Framingham Union Aid Association, Inc.

Mike & Beth Frary

Lucia Frenkel

Sam Galambos **

Angela Gerrard

David Getchonis **

Greater Boston Real Estate Board


Karen & Jeff Greene

Alison Guzman

Mitchell & Sylvia Haber

J. Wade & Heidi Harper

Yolanda Harris

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Gardi & Bruce Hauck

Michael & Catherine Healy

Hilding & Jane Hedberg

Highland Street Foundation

Roger Holmes

Hope Hotchkiss & John Shea

Howard Brothers Builders, Inc.

Enoch Huang **

Mildred Hutchinson

Islamic Center of Boston, Wayland

Annual Report 2020 15

John Everett & Sons Funeral Home

Kevin & Shari Johnson

JW Johnson Charitable Trust

Susan Kane

Arline & Nick Kardasis

Niall Keating

Jeb Keiper

The Keith Family **

David King

Rod & Dagmar Klinger

Pamela & Bob Koskovich

Tom & Anna Lally

Andre Lamontagne

Phillip & Marjorie Langsdorf

Peter & Evelyn Liffiton

Laura Lilly

Harold & Edith Lohr

Tiffany Lund

Lutheran Church of Framingham

Isabel M. Lyndon

Roderick & Joy MacLeod *

Paul Marecek

Lynn & Alan Marks

Joanne Marshall

Massachusetts Association of Realtors

Cara McCauley Lorion

Kelly & Matthew McCormack

Michael McMahon

Joe & Dee Meaney

Catherine Meyer

David & Andrea Meyers

Middlesex Savings Bank

Jeff & Karen Miller *

Elaine Mittell & Douglas Poutasse

Mohan Veena Consulting, Inc.

Jay Mudd

Seta Nazarian

Mary Ruth Negro

New England Waterproofing, Inc.

Newton Highlands Congregational


NorthStar Insurance Services, Inc. **

Laura O’Brien

Laurie & David Otten

Randy & Caren Parker

Dean & Stacey Peasley **

Sarah & Edward Pena

Judith Placek

Russell & Mary Pollard *

Russell & Mary Pollard *

Robert Redus

Elaine Reisman

Reliant MSO, LLC

Kenneth Rendell & Shirley McNerney

David & Tammy Retalic

The Riaz Family

Yvonne Richard

Dwight & Margaret B. Robinson

Rubicon Builders

Leo Ryan & Patty Magill

Savers TVI, Inc.

Curtis Schubert

Carl Schumann

Sandra Selvey & Paula Kane

Kate Shamon-Rushford

Donna & Bob Simek

Ron & Linda Smith

Ryan & Tracy Sockalosky **

Andrew & Alison Sonderfan

Laurene Sperling

St. John Lutheran Church

Jeffrey & Valerie Stark

Elizabeth & Adam Stavisky **

Barbara & Arthur Stock

Stonegate, LLC

Sudbury United Methodist Church

Ernie & Candace Sutcliffe

David & Jennifer Talmadge

The Altamira Foundation

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations

The Chandler Group

The Dover Church

The Pilgrim Church

The Presbyterian Church in Sudbury

Sarah & Stephen Tipton

TJX Companies

Tracy Boehme Realty Group

28Freight, LLC | TruckCourier | Marks


Unitarian Universalist Area Church

UU Society of Wellesley Hills

Eleanor Verrette

Village Churchwomen of the Wellesley

Congregational Church

Wells Fargo

Robert Willett & Rebecca Parkhill

Laura Woollett

DCU for Kids and DCU have supported Family

Promise Metrowest as we see the strides being

made to provide change and growth for children and

families battling homelessness. Having corporate and

community support is essential to making a positive

and lasting impact on those struggling to maintain

shelter, employment, food, and education.

— Maureen Spaulding, Foundation & Purchasing

Manager, Digital Federal Credit Union / DCU for Kids

Richard & Maureen Wooster *

Richard & Maureen Wooster *

Anne & Rob Young **

Stan & Ellen Zagajeski *

Anonymous (2)


Barbara Allen

David Allen

Marlene Allen

Reema Alshirawi

Diane & Tom Anderson

Avidia Bank Charitable Foundation

AVO Fence & Supply


Marcy & Edward Bailey-Adams

Bailit Health Purchasing, LLC

Julie & Michael Bailit

Jill Baker

Nicholas & Alison Balster

Jonathan Barry **

Linda & Seth Bauer

Terri & Doug Beckerman

Tom Berryman & Joan Ellersick

Diane & Chester Black

Tracy Boehme

Pamela Broderick

John & Carole Brodrick

Kevin & Kim Canning

Melissa Carella

Phillip & Julie Carson

Joseph & Phyllis Chartor

Robert Chizmadia **

Sarah Coates

Thomas & Lisa Colby

Paul Connolly

Janet Correia

Debra Cox

Greg Daneault **

Valerie & Peter Daniel

Michael & Klarina Donoghue

Julie & John Dowd

Embrace Home Loans

ERA KEY Realty

Theodore & Leslie Finn

First Baptist Church in Framingham

Shannah & Brian Frambes

Debbie & Dom Friscino

Connie Fukudome

Katharine Gibson & Walter Champion

Richard Gooding

Larry & Sherry Guzman

John & Susan Haley

Serena & Brent Hall

Beverly Hardy **

James Hartman & Karen Flathers

Tarah Hirschey

Hoffman Insurance Services, Inc.

Bernard & Barbara Horan

Joanna Horobin

The House Family

Emily Hunnewell

David & Ann Ingram

Patrecia & William Jackson **

Caroline Johnson Hodge

Dan & Margaret Jones

Michael Kane

Nora Keefe

16 Family Promise Metrowest

Maria Kempner

Susie Kennan

Adnan Khalid

Max Klau

Christine Lam & Mark J. Chistolini

Susan Lankton-Rivas

Jill Lenhardt

LePain Associates

Leah Levy

Danforth Advisors, LLC

Stuart Lubin

David Lubner

Stephen Maire

Laura & Richard Malnight

Molly Manning

Elizabeth Mcclendon

Andrea McDonald

Lindsay & Jimmy McGuinness

Joyce McKeown

Mark & Carole McNamee

Joyce & Roger McNeil

Memorial Congregational Church UCC

Mitsubishi Electric Train Cooling and



Judy & James Mongiardo

John & Paula Moran

Melissa Murphy

Cynthia Myles

Jim & Dorothy Nail

Nealon & Nealon

Lori Newman & Ben Supnik

Wendy & Adam Newman

Megan Nunez & Benjamin Lane

Dana Pope

John & Ina Portnoy

Amy Prigmore

Mary Prosnitz

Elisabeth Reynolds

Erik Rij

Roche Bros., Inc.

Kristin Romine

Rotary Club of Natick

David & Liza Ruether

Colleen Sadin

Mary Alice Sallah **

Scott, Kate, & Steve Salley

Juliet Seaberg

Daniel & Kerry Seaman **

Carol Sedewitz

Carol & Howard Seplowitz

Loren Shapiro **

Carol Shedd

Lecia Shronce *

Cynthia Sibold

Ann Skipper

Smith, Sullivan & Brown, P.C.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Allen & Margaret Steere

Jackee & Neil Stigliano

Fareena Sultan

Lucy Sur

Cean Tan

Kelly Taylor

The Tobin School

The Walking Company

Needham Bank supports Family Promise because

we share the same mission: building communities,

being there during challenging times, utilizing

diverse resources to create solutions, and

supporting families throughout life changes.

— Delisa Joseph, VP CRA Officer, Needham Bank

Thrivent Choice

Foss Tighe & Linda Colby

Rosalia & Sal Tocco

Catherine Tomey

Sarah & Christopher Toomey

Linda Trent

Carey Valli

Elaine Vildzius

Catherine Volic

Brenda Waber

Gary & Kathleen Walker

Anne Weaver

Wegmans Food Markets

Ann Houston Wiedie & Keith Hartt

Miss Woo

Gordon & Janice Woodbine

John Worrall & Cynthia Bakon

Frederick Wright

Angela Zachery **

Julie & Aram Zadow

James & Barbara Zebrowski

Shaohong Zhang **

Anonymous (3)


Farah Abbas

Anne Aisenberg

Caroline Akins

Alison Albers

Lois Alexander

Joanne Alfieri

Donna Allen

Laurie Allen

Scott Allen

Jeff Allstadt

Barbara Ambos

American Endowment Foundation

Ron & Barbara Anderson

Steve Anderson

Steven Anderson

Alisa & Thomas Andrews

William Andrews

Elizabeth Ann Angell

Eman & Essam Ansari

Sarah Arcese

Asvita Arjun

Shua Khan Arshad

Jill Ashley

Betty Aucoin

The Auler Family

Maureen Austin

Emmanuel Badoo

Eileen Bailey

Jocylyn Bailin & Jeff Alexander

Fatima Bajwa

Chris Baker

Marcia & Max Baker

Mariela Baker

Cathleen Balcom

Deborah & John Baldwin

Jay & Erica Ball

Aijaz & Saadia Baloch

Paul & Sally Banderet

Heather Banting

Michelle & Timothy Barrett

Jane Barrow

Joan Barsamian

Sarah Barton

Susan Basta

Elizabeth Bates-Cellucci

Susan Bathon

Vickie Batka

Christie Baxter

Maggie Baxter

Bay State Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Susan Bayard

Beth Bean

Rachel Beattie

Edward & Diane Bedrosian

Juliana Belding

Joanne O’Neil & Upton Bell

Katherine Belmont

Molly Benisch

Beth Benjamin

Michael Benoit **

Donald Benovitz & Martha Fagan

Carole Berkowitz

Jennifer Bethel

Fred Beyroutey

Masooma Bhaiwala

Lisa Bhatt

Renagene Bickel

Paul Bigwood

Edie & Curt Blodgett

Karen Blumenfeld & Andrew Nierenberg

Bobby’s Auto Service, Inc.

Nischal Bommareddy

Gregory Boucher

Kate Boucher

Andra Bowditch

C. I. Bowyer

Camilla Boyce

Deborah Boyce

Barbara Boykin

Eileen Brackenbury

Annual Report 2020


Family Promise

Metrowest is a muchneeded


for so many families.

We want to give back

to the community

and Family Promise

Metrowest provides the

exact service that we

wanted to be involved

with. We sell homes and

feel everyone deserves

a place to live and call


— Bill & Beth Chandler,

The Chandler Group

Kristin & Jeff Bradach

Stacy Bradford

Elizabeth Brady

Martha Brantigan-Stowell &

Christopher Stowell

Nancy Braun

Wilfred & Ruth Breden

Leslie Breen

Florian Briem

Ronald & Roxanne Broadbent

Irma & Jayson Brodie

Mary Bromfield

Carol & Paul Brown

Carrie Brown

Hugo Brown **

Kristen Brown **

Lisa Brown

Paula Brown

Robert & Michelle Brown

Molly Bruni

Erin Bryan

Janet Buchwald & Joel Moskowitz

Gary & Carol Bukuras

Linda Burgoon

Jerry Burke

Danny Burkeman

Roberta Burns

Joe & Jean Bussichella

Julie Byrne

Mary & Chris Canavan

John & Bev Canning

N. Carroll

Christopher & Phoebe Carter

Jennifer Cashman

Amy Catlin

Rosa & David Caulfield

Janice Cavanagh

Jean Chadbourne

The Chan Family

Cynthia Chapline

Charles River Rotary Club

Amy & Donald Chase

Nibedita Chattopadhyay

Shumaila Chaudhary

David & Bridget Chiaruttini

Barbara Chinetti

Abbas & Vazira Chipty

Nancy Chmielinski

Daria Cho

Rebecca Cho

Christ the King Lutheran Church

Andrea & Bryan Clancy

David & Susan Clapham

Mila Clark

Suzanne Clement

Margaret Close

Phillip Closuit

Joseph & Allison Cocuzzo

Kevin Cohane

Lauren Cohen

Deborah Cole

Linda & Stephen Collins

Darlene Colonna

Pat Conaway

James & Audra A. Connolly

Joanne & Jim Connolly

Sue Connolly

AnneMarie Connors

Diane & Stephen Conway

Rita Corey

JBG Corp.

Ali Corton

Christine Costello

Sue & Donald Cotton

Lino Covarrubias

Kathryn Craib

Helen Crary

Jodi Crimmins

Margaret Cross

CSL International

Alexander Cullen

Sarah Currie

Lori Curry

Betsey Cutler

Jo-Ellen Cymmer

Marisa Dad

Karen Dale

John Dalessandro & Marianne Swenson

Frances Daneault

Jennifer & Steven Dannin

Karen Dasey

Barry S. David

Scott & Lori Davis

Kathleen Farley & Sharyn Davis

Adam Dehner

Ashley Delahunty

Toni Jean DeLorenzo

Josephine DeMaso

Kristen & Edward Dennison

Ashley Denton

Anne Marie Desmond

Lisa Deveau

Rick & Dana Devereux

Swetha Dhanireddy

Willard & Amanda Dickerson

Jill Dietz

Barbara DiMento

David Dirks

Victor Divine

Emily Doerr

Lois & Paul Doerr

Ed & Susan Doherty

Kristin Donahue

Nancy Donahue

Maya Donoghue **

Andre Dostie

Dover Mothers’ Association

George & Janet Drummey

Joseph & Pamela Dudish

Jeanette Duncklee

Pamela Dunham

Laila Dunphy

Tanya & Pierre Dupont

Martha Dutton

Vani Duvuuri

Maureen Eagan

David Edelglass

Lisa Edgecomb

Eric & Courtney Edman

Meridith Edmonds

Amanda & Randall Elkin

Pauline Elkin

Jonathan Ellman

Diane Engel

Eva Engelmann

ERA Key Charitable Organization, Inc.

Mary Erickson

Carol Esbig

Dania Esterman

Christina Evans

Susan Evans

Laurie Ewald

Fair & Yeager Insurance Agency

Annelise Fair

Eric Falcone

David & Anne Farber

Christine Farley

Lauren Fawell

Dennis & Anne Feen

Maura Feheley

Hillary Ferrazzi

Deirdre & Robert Festa

Nancy Fewell

Tammy Fields

First Baptist Church in Needham

First Church of Christ, Scientist

First Parish in Framingham Unitarian


First Parish of Sudbury

Kenneth Fishman & Lisa Wendell

Fisk Memorial United Methodist Church

Barbara & Neal Fitzpatrick

David & Phyllis Fitzpatrick

Fritz Fleischmann

Carolee & Steve Fogg

Susie Fontaine

Rosalind Forber

John Foreman

Bernard & Kathleen Forletta

Patricia & Stephen Fountain

Caroline Fox

Framingham Friends Meeting

18 Family Promise Metrowest

Stephen Franks

Katie & Michael Frassinelli

Jamie Freidhof

Martha Frigoletto

Sheila & Don Friswell

Carol & Howard Frutkoff

Carrie Fuchs

Lisa Fusaro

Cathy Gallagher

Jen Gandel

Emily Gardner

Susan & Matthew Gardner

Dale & Robyn Garth

Geoffrey Gass **

William & Joan Gay

Kathryn Gebski

David & Pat Gentes

Chris & John Gentry

Stephen & Carol Geremia

Raafia Gheewala

Kerry Gibson

Pam & Bob Gibson

Susan Gibson

Beth Gifford

Trudy Gilarde

Janice & Ray Gilkes

Beth Gillece-Castro

Denise Girardin

Girl Scouts of Eastern MA

Ellen Gitelman

Jeanne Given

Glen Glater

Jeffrey & Janet Glidden

Carol Gloff

Sian Godwin

Martha & David Gold

Marshall Goldberg

Stacey Goodale

Peter S. & Nancy Goodall

Lisa & Thomas Goran

Abby Gordon

Kathleen & Gary Goshgarian

George Gotsis

Lynn & Philip Gotwals

Janice Gould

Timm & Kathleen Gould

Bonnie Gouveia

Marjorie Gove

Sidonie Granadillo

Grant & Pottackal, PC

Jacqueline Grant

Pamela Green

Glenn Greenberg **

Kathleen Greer

Kevin Greer

Maryellen Griffin

William Miniscalco & Sarah Guilford

Carolyn Guttilla

Chris Haberkorn

Richard Haberkorn

Hamilton Hackney

Paul & Claire Haggerty

Alia Haider

Rebecca Hajjar

Luke Halberstadt

Thomas Halchuk

Deborah Hall

Elizabeth Hall

Helen Hamel

Sara Hanna

Katharine Hanson

Charlene Harrow

Deborah Harrow

Charmaine Hartnett

Deborah Hastings

Jaclyn Hatala-Matthes

Kathleen Hauck

Gerry & Dale Hava

Kelly Hayner

Karen Head

Elizabeth Heiden

Helen’s Handbags

Janice Henderson

Donald & Beth Henrich

Carol Herman

Joshua Herzig-Marx

Clinton & Linda Heyd

The Heyden Family

Michael Hill & Christine DeVelis-Hill

Lawrence & Nancy Hines

Peter Hoffmann

Leo Hogan

Margaret Holland

Anne Holloway

Garry & Elaine Holmes

HOPE Sudbury

Jere & Kimberley Hornung

Barry Horwitz

Jack House

Lisa Howe

Sonja Huie

Richard Hunter

Michael Hurley **

Richard & Robin Hurst

Sohail Husain

Judith Hyatt

Grace Idzal

Marney & George Ives

Edward Tomey & Maich Gardner

Jon Jaboolian

Briana Jackson

Katie Jackson

Cynthia & Jeffrey Jacobs

Marc & Joanne Jacobs

Carol Jankowski

Joseph & Carol Jankowski

Deanna Jantzen

Ronald L. Jantzen

Howard & Cherine Janzen

Jill & Paul Jeter

Main Street Jewelry Grapevine, LLC

Melissa Johannes

Bruce Johnson

Susan Johnson

Tamara Johnson

Gail Johnston

Joanne Jones

Karen Joseph

Paul & Lena Joseph

Madhavi Kamakoti

Andrea Kane

Doris Louise Kane

Beverly Kapustiak

Jessica Kapustiak

Susan Karelitz

Victoria Karian

Brad Karrfalt

Sarah Lyn Kashou

Constance Kaufman

Kathy & John Kaufmann

Janine Kayser

Laura Kazanjian

Nazik Kazimi

Jeannine & Nathan Keedy

Grace Keeney

Mary Grace Kelemanik & Lorraine Horgan

Bill & Lois Kelly

James Kelly

Alyssa Kence

Dorothy Kennedy

Kenneth W. Van Blarcom, Auctionneer–


John & Patricia Kenney

Mary Kenney

Caitlin Ketner **

Kate & Armen Khachaturian

Afroz Khan

Amarah Khan

Masarath Khan

Niggo & Khalid Khan

A. Karim & Sajida Y. Khudairi

Ata Kiapour

Lynn Kim

Christine King

Janet King

Linda King

Christine Kingsbury

Kathleen & Eric Kirleis

Julie & James Kittler

Julie Koeninger

Judith & Tom Kokinda

Denice Koljonen

Christine Konys

We are honored to support Family Promise MetroWest

because of the impactful work they do to assist hardworking

people who are at a struggle point in their lives.

FPM prepares individuals to become self-sufficient so

they may take care of their families with pride.

— Annelise & Doug Atamian, Donors

Annual Report 2020


The Metrowest Women’s

Fund is proud to support

the educational dreams

of women and girls at

risk of homelessness.

The excellent work of

Family Promise makes

this possible.

— Rachel Sagan &

Rebecca Parkhill,

Co-Founders, Metrowest

Women’s Fund

Lucie Kooyoomjian

Carol Kosicki

Cyndi Koss

Naimesh Kotadia

Anne Kottler

Dolores Krasner

Donald Kraus

Sonja & Kurt Kreh

Nisha Kurian **

Jennifer Kurz

Melissa LaBarge

Sarah Labrie

Crystalle Lacouture

Philip Ladd

William Ladd

Lance LaFave

Marci Landis

Kathleen Lang

Phyllis Larschan

Rolf & Celeste Larson

Amy Law

Kathleen Lawlor

Rose Lawrence

Liane Leahy

Norm LeBel

Lauren Leber

Carolyn Lee

Roxy & Dix Leeson

Clark, Valarie, & Nicole Lefavour **

Beverly & Mark Lenci

Tracy Lenehan

Kathy Lentini

Paula Less

Brigitte Leu

Janet & David Levesque

Leslie Levine

Theresa Levinson

Nancy & Barry Levy

Andrea Lewis

Dino Liberti

Jean Linke

Kiki Loccisano

Jennifer Looper

Trudilyne Lord

Jackie Loren

Barbara Lorenzen

Kerry Loughborough

Louise Condon Realty, Inc.

Amy Lousararian

Donna Low

Leslie Lowe

Peter & Linda Lull

Paul & Marilyn Luongo

Christin Luttrell

Anne Lysaght

Carolyn MacGregor

Marilyn MacIlvane

Ann MacKay

Timothy & Rebecca MacLachlan

Marcia & Rod MacLeod

Kathy Madfis

Mary Mahoney

Jennifer Maiona

Naheed Malik

Ruth & Russel Mallett

Sue Mandell

Ron Manganiello

Carol Manna

Karishma Manzur

Mona Marimow

Rachel Marks

Richard & Lauren Marks

Michele Marotta

Jacob & Elizabeth Martin

Jennifer Martin

Karen Martin

Samantha Martin

Susan & Steve Mascioli

Jane Materazzo & Greg Kennan

Robert & Ronda Matson

Kristin Mawhinney

Michelle May

Linda Mazzola

Maureen Mccaffrey & Jim Lillie

Sean McCarthy

Myles & Alison McCormick

Kirsten & Lane McDonough

Frank & Tracy McGrath

Amy McGregor-Radin

Katie McKay

Chana McMillen

Ed & Sheila McShane

Joseph Meaney

Marilyn Medler

Elizabeth Meindl

Hal Merrick

Al & Susan Merson

Jim Merullo & Amy Harris

James & Jill Metcalf

Melinda Milberg

Amy Miller

David Miller

Jan Miller

Bill Mills-Curran

Mark & Sara Milone

Marge Mitchell

Patricia Mitchell

Tarra Mitchell

Cathy Molkenbur-Newman

Joanna Mongiardo-Coogan

Elizabeth Montemayor

Diane Montgomery

Whitney Mooney

Peter Moore

Kelly Morales

Jennifer Moran

Mario & Seeme Moreira

Dayanna Moreno

Marcia Morin

Michael Morrissey **

Jennifer Moshe

Sandy Moskowitz & Susan Wilcove

Janet Moyer Bronstein

Elizabeth Mubarek

Regina Mullen

Helen Murphy

Greg Young & Lori Murphy

Martha Murray

Lina Musayev

Donald & Susan Mykrantz

John Myles

Keiya Myles

Margaret Naeser

Sue Naja

Huma Najam

Natick Sports & Racquet Club, Inc.

Kira Nelson

Allison Nelson-Eliot & Adam Tierney-Eliot

Richelle Nessralla

Arden Nguyen

Sage Nguyen

Mary Jo Nispel

Judith Nitsch

Jonathan Noel

John O’Shea

Karen Oakley

Debbie O’Brien

Kellye O’Brien

Margaret O’Brien

Anne O’Connell

Young Oh

David & Christina Oliver

Richard & Lin Olsen

Tracey O’Rourke

Joshua & Jeanne W. Ostroff

Anne O’Toole

Benjamin Otte

Yasmine Ouweijan

Mark Owen

Evan & Miho Owens

David & Linda Palm

Bradley & Lisa Palmer **

Everett & Kyla P’an

Yan Pan

Nana Paresh

Tricia Parmele

Janice Parsons

Ryan Payne

Sandy Pease

Stephanie Peck

Laurence Perlmutter

Judy Peters

Olivia Petrasch

Mary Petrini

Patricia Phelan

Dorothy & James Phillips

Jackie & Eric Pierce

*Contributor to our “A Place to Call Home” capital campaign.

20 Family Promise Metrowest

Kenneth Pierce

Amy Podolsky

Alice Polley

Julie Porter & John Griffith

Judith Post

Katherine Potter

Cynthia Previdi

Naomi Price

Elyse Purbaugh

Ashley Quates

Gary Rabideau

Jill Rabideau

Judith Radley

Ganesh Ramachandran & Smitha


Gwyn & Robert Ramage

Susan & Henry Rauch

John & Sara Raveret

Judy Ravindra

Syed & Tahera Razvi

Deborah Redding-Sampson

Mahitha & Uma Reddy

Pooja Reddy

Shruti Reddy

Carrie Reepmeyer

Dianne & Dianne Rees

Paul & Ann Regan

Marcia Reinstein

Jason and Helen Rennie **

Thomas & Kim Reohr

Walter Reuning

Barbara Reynolds

Meredith Reynolds

Tracey & Amir Reza

Deborah Riester & George Bargamian

Chris Riffle

Karen & Ron Riggert

Frederic Ripley & Sharon Kirby

Paul & Patrica Riseman

Phillip Risinger

Lisa & Rick Rizoli

Marjorie Roberson

Cornelia Clark Roberts

Jim & Ruth Roberts

Philip Roberts & Gail Weston-Roberts

Lisa & Peter Roblin

Marjorie Rochon

Jane H. & Carl Roddy

Susan Rodman

Lynn & Pedro Rodriguez

Brian Roessler

Jaime Rogers

Lydia Rogers

Margaret Rolph

Lorien Romito

Beth Rosen

Marissa & Brook Rosenbaum

Carl Rosenblatt

Mikal Rosendahl

Jean Rosseau

Jessica Rubinstein

Steven & Gail Ruether

Melissa & Jon Rutherford

Jennifer Sabatini

Helen & Bob Sagan

Melissa Sagendorph

Evan Saks

Nadia & Carl Salerno

Noor Salman **

Carol & Roy Salvi

Kevin & Mary Salvi

Briton & Emory Sanders

Jeffrey Saperstone

Agni Sarmnoite

Sassamon Trace Golf Course

Tedd Saunders

Debra Sayre

Mary Schaefer

Lynn Scheller

John & Lily Schlafer

Karl Schlemmer

Andrei Schor

John Schorum

Amy Schraut **

George S. Schutte

Lisa Schwarzwald

John Scibetta

Donna Scott

Talia Seavey

Chelsea Sebastian

Shana Seidenberg

William Serjak & Betsy Blackmer

Paul Shackford

Robin & Afroze Shaikh

Jenna Sharkawy

Andi Shaw

Zahra Sheikh

Elizabeth Sherwood

Kate & Raleigh Shoemaker Jr.

Sara Siciliano

Irshad & Nafisa Sideeka

Marvin & Joan Siflinger

Joyce Simon

Dustin & Nikki Simone

Sisco Berluti, Inc.

Michael Slattery

Susanne Smart

Donald & Sybil Smith

Erika & Jaime Smith

Richard & Wendy Smith

Sandra Smith

Debra Socia

Marc Soloway

Amy Sommer

Trudy & Stephen Sonis

Rosemary & Dave Sortor

Liz Sower

Sara Spalding

Lynda Sperry & William Wiberg

Naren Srinivasan

Beverly & Larry St. Clair

Robert St. Germain & Roberta Jackson

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

Erinn Staley **

Jessica Stanton

Candace Steingisser

Tammy Steinman

Linda Stepzinski

Randi Sterrn **

Diane Stevens

Erroll & Karen Stevens

Sylvia Stevens

Joyce & Geoffrey Stewart

Pamela & Craig Stirrat

Wayne & Anita Stolle

Diane Stone

Lyndsy Stopa **

Steve & Laurie Strout

Katherine Sullivan

Weslie Surman

David & Elizabeth Sutcliffe

Julie Sutherland

Bonnie Swart

Ann-Marie Sweeney

Kirsten Sweet

Michelle Syed

Mary & Jay Sylva

Arthur & Marianne Talis

Elizabeth Tangerini

Reva Tankle & John McArthur

Jared Tardy

Diane Tarlin

Janet Tarlin

Kalyan Tatavarti

Gail Teach

Rachael Tearle

Amee Tejani

Chris & Anne Ten Eyck

Jane Thompson

Amy Till

Bruce & Debbie Tofias

Kristine Tomey

Joyce Toomre

Scott Tougas

Thomas & Janis Townsend

Elyse Trockman

Family Promise Metrowest provides an array of

services and supports that can truly change the

trajectory of families facing homelessness. They

are flexible and creative and, most of all, they run an

organization immersed in kindness and compassion

that treats everyone with dignity and respect.

— Marilyn Martino, Executive Director,

The Sudbury Foundation

Annual Report 2020



Allison Turner

United Methodist Women

United Methodist Women of Fisk

Memorial UMC

Christina Van Dyke

Anne VanArsdell

Phil Vance & Deb Crossley

Angela Vanderslice

Kris & Michael Vanin

Christine Velyvis

Joy Vemula

Jeanette Vernon

Neetha Vuppala

Gerald & Margery Wadness

Michael Wadness

Janet & Dominic Walsh

Nancy Walton

Susan & Jim Walton

Aimee Wang

Barbara Ward

Natalie Warren

Lisa Watanabe

Mike & Pam Webb

Michael Webber

Daniel & Kristine Weddle

Karen Weierman

Jennifer Weiner

Joe & Mary Anne Weiss

Susan Weiss

Fran Weisse

Christine Weithman

Liz Welburn

Heidi Wesolowski

Christine West

Susan Westmoreland

Pamela Wetherbee

Dana White

Kathleen White

Anna Whiting

Joan & Bob Whitman

Steven & Edith Whitney

Al Wiegman

Heidi Wiesel

Jane & Jack Wiggin

Gil Williams & Susanne Rheault

Brianna Wilson-Byrne

Craig & Chris Winterfeldt

Mark Wirling **

William & Lauren Wirth

Greg Withers

Robin Wolk

Halina Wong

Jodi Wood

John E. Wornham Charitable Gift Fund

Polly Broman Wright

Beth Wyers

Barbara Yates

Michael & Ronda Yeomans

Mark Yerkes

Robin Young

The Yunus Family

Janet Zambuto

Raymond Zambuto

Britta Zecher

Farhana Zia

Catherine Zimmerman

Jeffrey Zonderman

Anonymous (15)

Pro-Bono Service Donors

Goulston & Storrs PC


Painter’s Pride


Matching Gift Companies


Abrams Capital Management, LLC

Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Amica Mutual Insurance

Arbella Insurance Foundation


Bank of America

CNA Insurance Companies, Inc.

Dell Technologies

The GE Foundation


Great-West Financial

Guardian Life Insurance Company of


Hewlett Packard Enterprise Foundation

Knowing that our family is helping empower others

to make positive changes in their lives is gratifying

and leaves us hopeful that if everyone makes

the effort to support one another—no matter in

big or small ways—our world will be a much more

equitable place.

— Chris & Kelli Connors, Donors

I support Family

Promise because the

work they do helping

families is crucial to the

wellbeing of our world.

— Mercy Wheeler,


Intel Foundation

John Hancock

JPMorgan Chase

Liberty Mutual

Mass Mutual


MFS Gives





Sanofi US Services, Inc.

State Street Foundation, Inc.


Vertex Pharmaceuticals

VMware Foundation


Wellington Management Company, LLP

Wells Fargo

We also extend our gratitude to the 895

additional donors who gave under $100

in 2020. We are grateful for each one

of you.

While every effort has been made to

ensure the accuracy of this list, we

apologize for any errors or omissions.

Please contact us at admin@

with corrections.

* 2020 contributor to our “A Place to

Call Home” capital campaign.

** Donation includes matching

corporate gift.

22 Family Promise Metrowest

Our Staff

Susan Crossley, Executive Director

Carole Brodrick, Director of Development

Amanda Elkin, Assistant Director

Eliz Portal, LIFE Program Coordinator

Stephanie Di Dio, Shelter Program Coordinator

Paula Brown, Outreach & Network Coordinator

Kathy Rodman, Family Program Assistant

Bianca Hudson, Administrative Assistant

Tamara Nevens, Finance Coordinator

Sharon Mann, Van Driver

The resilience and

tenacity of our families

is incredibly inspiring.

I love helping them

create lasting and

generational changes!

— Kathy, Family

Program Assistant

Our Board

Carol Virshbo, Chair

Kelli Connors, Vice Chair

Dan Seaman, Treasurer

Heather A. Connolly, Clerk

Emmanuel Badoo

Karen Patterson Greene

Harriett Hallagan

Delisa Joseph

Jeffrey Kinney

Dayanna Moreno, Esq.

Jason Rutherford

Thomas Teich

We would like to thank Donna Richer, Yusuf Kalule, Maureen Nguyen, Tammy Retalic, and Maureen Wooster

who all retired from our board in 2020 and 2021. These valuable members all played essential roles in guiding

and supporting FPM over the last few years. We are deeply grateful for their lasting impacts on our organization

and the families we serve.

Annual Report 2020


Contact Us:

6 Mulligan Street, Natick, MA 01760


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